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Ryan Blender


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lolkidmaster55 2017.11.05
The graphic and the animation looks good

bearbear 2017.11.04
What a incredible game, with so many endings

archer295 2017.10.24
Awesome game with some of the best graphics and has fantastic girlsrn

Tiodor 2017.09.13
Nice game with very hot and slutty girls. I take all of them

tonyanytime 2017.07.21
A great fun game, with lots of pleasure, I will play it again

mani-king 2017.07.20
it was so good and amazing

tmramorniy 2017.06.28
She tried to lie.. She`s got a revenge :) Good story, good game!

greenpepper 2017.04.15
Excellent game definetly in my Top choose is the blonde and brunnette girls are soo hot and they use very sexy outfits,

TheGon 2017.04.11
A good game and awesome graphics, the girls in the game are hottest

ianjames 2017.03.15
best game so far great graphics


fixa 2017.03.09
This game is good! Sexy chick!

potato1234 2017.03.01
Very good game. Story is good and interesting

potato1234 2017.03.01
How to get money for the key?

BraZZer 2017.02.22
You must aks your client Blue Santana for the money in advance. Right when the story starts. The sentence is: "Ask about some money in advance." (It´s the third sentence from top. Hope that helped. (R??do se stalo.)

buu2003 2017.02.14
very short but very cool and exciting game!

Brayzon 2017.01.11
Great story and a very good game

Brollo 2016.11.29
nice game. really good quality

kappa123 2016.11.09
awesome girls awesome graphics and great story just and all round great game

seeker1966 2016.10.29
Not a bad game a bit laggy thoe

Solo228322 2016.10.28
Best game Story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

pervet1997 2016.10.28
Open the door --> no real difference
Wait till it stops --> no real difference

(you talk to a woman, there is 5 dialog options + "Analyze the tone of her voice" + "Read her body language")
(you can select what you want, but you need at least 3 options to select an option that lets you continue)

I suggest you to make sure that you select "Ask about some money in advance" to get $100. Later you will be able to fuck a woman thanks to this.
Select the other dialog options that you want and finally...:
"Okay, I believe that I have all the information that I need right now. We`ll be in touch."
...to continue.

Take the flashlight near the window.

(then let`s do something that is not needed:)

(not needed for an ending, to fuck the woman on the boardwalk)
City map.
Talk with the "sad looking girl"
City map.
Joe`s bar.
Talk with Joe
"Could you help me fix a broken car key?"
"Pay for the key"
(Return to the Boardwalk)
Talk with the "sad looking girl"
(to fuck her you have to select this:
"Say sure, but you will keep the key and e-mail it when payment is received"
"Touch her thighs" If you select something else, it`s the end of the scene with her)
(click on her ankle, to fill up the gauge)
(click on her thigh, to fill...)
(click on her breast...)
(click on her belly)

Oral sex scene:

Handle it in 3 parts:

- part 1: move your mouse from the left to the right, like on the red arrow, to fill up the gauge.
- part 2: move your mouse from the left to the right, like on the green arrow.
- part 3: move your mouse from the left to the right, like on the yellow arrow.

Shoot your load on her tits--> you ejaculate, end of the sex scene
Throw her on your chair--> you continue to fuck her
In this order, until it fills the gauge: "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration)
end of the sex scene.
(/not needed for an ending)

City map.
Blue`s apartement
(click on the glove under the bed)
(click on the mud traces on the carpet)
(click on the blood stains on the wall)
(finish the inspection)

Talk with the gardener
(you can ask him what you want but it`s not really needed)

- To get ending #1:
Go to Blue`s room.
"Confirm Mario`s guilt and call the cops right away" --> ending #1

- (To continue:)
"City map".
Joe`s bar.
Talk to Joe.
"Do you know Mario? This gardener working for the Logan`s?"
Return to Blue`s apartement.
Talk with the gardener
"I`ve talked with Joe about you..."

(you need to have the flashlight that in on the window of your "office")
Use flashlight
Find the "stolen painting".
(select the 2 dialog options)

- To get ending #4:
"Say, that she can explain everything to the police"
- (To continue:)
Listen to what she has to say

- To get ending #4:
Reject her proposition
- (To continue:)
Move closer and kiss her

(handle the oral sex scene like the previous one)

(not needed to get an ending, to have sex with Blue)
Go to Blue`s room.
Demand something more - the case is quite difficult
Remove her dress
Start to touch her
(handle the sex scene how you want)
If "Ask her to explose her ass": clitoris, pussy.
If "play with her body": face, knee, boob, pussy.
In this order, until it fills the gauge: "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration")
(/not needed to get an ending)

City map.
Joe`s bar.
Click on "howard" in black.
Buy howard a drink.
City map.
(talk with her)
City map.
Joe`s bar.
Joe: order a drink for Jasmine.
return to the beach and give the drink to Jasmine.
("Grab her boobs")
(talk with Jasmine again)
Agree to her proposition (only option)
Return to the bar.
Find "Grab his phone" at the right of the guy in black.

To get Ending #3, go to Blue`s apartement and Blue`s room. --> Ending #3

To get Ending #2: city map, go to Jasmine`s place.
Return to the bar.
Talk with Mario, with the yellow shirt.
Ask him about Jasmine`s proposition.
go to Jasmine`s place.
(Click on the Drawer at the left of the screen)
(With the blindfold, cover Jamine`s eyes)

(Handle the sex scene how you want.)
If Mario: you go directly to "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration", below.
If oral sex scene with Ryan: (handle the oral sex scene like the previous one)

"Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration"

Click on her buttock, then on her asshole to fill up the gauge.
"Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration"
--> Ending #2

johnd2233 2016.10.17
this game was very difficult but loved it

Personal favourite of mine. If only there were more options.

mynameisjeff123 2016.10.04
this is a very good game i love it

alextrack10 2016.09.30
I got ending 3. I`ll play again for others endings. Nice game.

aleksandarpejas 2016.09.30
This game is amazing. Graphic is perfect

funky96 2016.09.12
A very interesting story, I like it.

bulgurlupilav 2016.09.10
Really reaalyyy ? love this game wonderful

RudolfoV 2016.09.02
Interesting story, characters and even the music is good!
Enjoy playing it - repeatedly

martinmatin 2016.08.26
This game seems to be older than the others but it`s still a good game. I liked the story but the graphics are a bit too old

Steveywonder 2016.08.21
Nice looking game, liked it a lot. Got all 4 endings

Tazzman37 2016.08.14
Nice good detective work.

xVeNNoMx 2016.08.10
Great game, hot girls, pretty good story line.

maxxman980 2016.08.05
fun to play has replayability

drummerboy5000 2016.08.05
phenomenal game and phenomenal graphics!!

stach56 2016.07.26
Very good game, great womans, fine story. Just a little short

CLkz 2016.07.18
Very good game. Story is good and interesting

TheHermes12 2016.07.07
i liked it the story was fun to play out but i didn`t like how i couldn`t get all the endings at once

ahmet123 2016.06.11
one of the best games i played on this website

ssaxonator 2016.06.05
Decent game, I liked the animation. Girls were hot too!!

DevilzDick 2016.06.03
The game is not laoding and doesnt start up on my computer

zorrie 2016.05.28
great game but too straight forward

LadySybil 2016.05.26
This game is super awesome!

lucifer palkesh 2016.05.20
the story was awesome and the thresome really uped it..

converse 2016.05.11
Really fun and enjoyable. Great game to pla

converse 2016.05.11
Incredible game. I had a lot of fun playing. 10/10

Ohdear 2016.05.08
Not a hard game but a good time none the less.

ckfoolery 2016.04.30
Well, when I finally got a scene the mechanics were awkward and the game crashed. Waste of time. Too bad too because I liked it until then. Auto animation would be good.

leo76 2016.04.27
easy game not so mutch happening but nice Girls any way

terrem 2016.04.21
was instaplay, because of icon) nice graphic

CapsLock 2016.04.21
Nice game, simple and short, but good story

Anarchysex 2016.04.18
The graphics were amazing. good game.

stillnotsleeping 2016.04.14
sex animations were pretty stop start poor. game seemed to glitch when having sex with blue and the scene wouldn`t end. Not a good gome

Hoxton 2016.04.11
fun to play nice girls as well

leoxxx5 2016.04.04
The best ending is with jasmine after fucking with the young girl and blue. First the young girl, then you don`t accuse blue but you fuck her and then jasmine with or without mario.

meapster 2016.03.27
the graphics were incredible and the sex scenes were really hot

sserigne323 2016.03.26
Good graphics quite a few hot scenes great story have to play it a few times to obtain different ending of could have been a lil longer but overall very hot game . It was fun!

Dzeko19 2016.03.24
i like Jasmine the most, very good game, nich story and great graphics

rod9usa 2016.03.22
Very nice game! nice girls too

javierputra 2016.03.15
this was awesome i play this eveytime i borring

Antoinas101 2016.03.07
very good nice scenes love the animations on this one

1rins1 2016.03.01
awesome graphic, much appreciated

Ryantc 2016.02.27
sexy game but a bit boring

yashar 2016.02.27
Great game. Great graphihs. I Loved this game.

sex u up 2016.02.19
i love the game fun to play

Rocco Siffredi 2016.02.10
I really like this game, it`s well done, nice sounds and graphic, good job to who made this game :D

neil_64 2016.02.08
Very good new Game. It have a good story and good gameplay.

latinagr 2016.01.30
Nice game story with good definition graphics and hot lookin girls

jschmo 2016.01.19
Very nice. Blue was really jot.

qazplm001 2016.01.16
i found this game to be very hot, great graphics,awesome story

jjbigcock 2016.01.13
this games was actually really good

manimal1 2016.01.13
mystery wasnt challenging, but it was hot

someguy469 2016.01.08
Great game when it was released. Maybe a future classic.

Broadan23 2016.01.02
Very enjoyable game. Kind of short and easy to figure out, but Blue and Jasmine make this game awesome.

Milkit23 2016.01.01
Are there any more scenes with blue?

ranran 2015.12.28
one of my fav games here - nice point and click adventure (even if the dialog choices are like no challenge ^^) and hot sex games :)

rorshach 2015.12.25
Very good game. Story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

mitsu96 2015.12.21
Having some trouble with the basement scene. I click on the ghost and the hand turns green but nothing happens no matter what I do.

PapaShu 2015.12.20
another great game with a nice story line

BigBandFuck 2015.12.19
sydney is so hot but i think she robbed the car

PlayForceOne0597 2015.12.18
great game but I wish it was longer

markus7759 2015.12.13
great game good graphics good story line

Simonb30 2015.12.13
good game story is interesting

ChrisG 2015.12.10
Nice game, exciting, funny and good graphics

Gordon80s 2015.12.09
Not bad game.
But a litle short.

xxxneo 2015.12.09
i like the story
this kind dating sim-rpg games are great.

sahz12 2015.12.07
Good game. Story has enough detail to make it interesting.

LzKido_o 2015.12.05
Is there any other game like this?

LzKido_o 2015.12.05
the game ain`t even loading.

devildave001 2015.12.02
great game and graphics as always it really good to play well worth a look

phazes 2015.12.02
Story is great. Really engaging. I loved the girls. Keep up the good work!

katrinaqq 2015.11.26
loved it. story is beatiful and great game

5678wasd 2015.11.25
really nice game, good graphics

Sinful_69 2015.11.17
Love the game and the story line. all the girls areee smoking hot. espcically syndey and blue oh my....so sexxxy

katsan 2015.11.14
Interesting but the choices are somewhat limited and its easy to get stuck.

preach3993 2015.11.07
Awesome game, could be longer tho...Lol !!

xkayleighh 2015.11.04
Good game, i like the story and the the girl is sexy.

srigopi 2015.11.03
great game, nice story and endings

bollek 2015.11.02
A really good Game with a nice Storyline. Graphic and Animation is really good too

Masal 2015.11.01
i really like roleplaying a dedective while gaming and this is the best one i`ve played so far. Might have more different endings tho a little short imo

godsebose 2015.10.27
graphics were good and i liked the ending

pukk 2015.10.26
Love the graphics, smooth play

sansex123 2015.10.24
pretty awesome game.graphics was little slow.overall it was a great game

drk1993 2015.10.17
she hot i would fuck her also

whiten13 2015.10.14
this game was cool i just wish there was more movement from the girls

rod.m 2015.10.13
nice one... some cool easter eggs and a great and funny threesome

badboy0815 2015.10.03
Great Game. Good Story and good animation.

kiloblaze1 2015.09.20
The girl os pretty i have to try it again

kiloblaze1 2015.09.20
I find it hard since i`m new

farkas 2015.09.15
Very good story, stunning girls, playable game. Sidney is amazing.
I wait the sequel of this game.

troy_lambourne 2015.09.09
Amazing game. Awesome Story

fr0stb1te 2015.09.05
got stuck in the bedroom scene, got the bloodstain and gloves, what else?, the graphics are good but no hints or details makes the game hard

Pljusha 2015.09.05
3 of 4 found... not bad at all

DESOUSA 2015.09.05
Very good game. Story is good liked it.

badass101 2015.09.04
i love the model in thhis one

azerty1323 2015.09.01
it`s a very good game with an interesting story

simonking23 2015.08.30
good graphics excited for more

DcMixKing 2015.08.25
awesome gameplay great animation

Tomiese88121 2015.08.25
good game with interesting gameplay and the graphics are AMAZING.

SmallTarzan 2015.08.22
I cant wait for other games. I really liked it!

hentailover75 2015.08.21
love the gameplay, storyline and graphics

MarkL 2015.08.19
probably the best adventure ive played so far

sammy357 2015.08.17
Good graphic and sexy girls.

Pates41 2015.08.13
Sexiest gil ever 10/10 :D D:

Slimmy2 2015.08.09
any help , someone could post a walkthrught?

Shepherd1945 2015.08.03
Great job! All the girls` sex scene are wonderful, especially for Blue`s scene. XD

vishnu007 2015.08.03
good graphics and good length of the game

pete58 2015.08.02
would be nice to have both end at same time

Mike82 2015.08.02
Blue is terrible in every way, Sydney is hot and exciting, and Jasmine has quite the body. The story is quite good, the music also.

thijsdb 2015.07.26
awesome game, great scenario and good graphics :D i`d rate 10/10

ariez 2015.07.26
Good story just wish it was longer.

Triple D 2015.07.23
I finally get to control the blowjob, and it`s extremely difficult lol

hot_angel 2015.07.23
I love this game it was hard at first but I figured it out . The story is great

rixykbr 2015.07.22
I`m stuck when jasmine and howard were sitting together help me!!

johnnyrotten 2015.07.21
Now, how does one get the girl with the broken key? ;-) Fun game!!

johnnyrotten 2015.07.17
Whoa... there are more than one endings! Lets go!

danielgomes1980 2015.07.14
amazing endings and great story i loved it

DUXOFSEX17 2015.07.13
very good game good graphics

DUXOFSEX17 2015.07.13
fantastic graphic godd sex scenes

ashleydiidii 2015.07.09
the game is interestinggg

Semc 2015.07.05
The gameplay is challenging yet entertaining, and the graphics are fantasic.

rt327 2015.07.05
graphics are not that great storys interesting

chengren168 2015.07.04
The game looks great !But i cannot play it good.Maybe i need to play it more.

tututu100 2015.06.30
Very good game, with average story but great scenes!

Dumbnugget 2015.06.29
love the graphic and the game play, but realistic!

Bigmonster21 2015.06.28
The girl on the boardwalk is the best

dukefan123 2015.06.24
WIsh it wasn`t as restrictive with the women

kenadams15 2015.06.16
awesome storyline with great girls. probably one of my favorite games

bibatrda 2015.06.15
very interesting story! cool

dale69 2015.06.14
Loved this game, Jasmine is beautiful

Vrba 2015.06.13
great game. awesome graphics

XSAM4 2015.06.13
A nice game, but seems a bit short. Could do with some more interesting endings.
When you go back to Jasmine after getting the phone it seems to end very abruptly.

AceCoolz 2015.06.08
this game rules! i can play this all day!

stiletto9 2015.06.07
Good game play but graphics aren`t as good as newer games.

Lolaredd 2015.06.03
Nasty! I was looking for game like this!

sogeking 2015.05.30
good graphics and awesome game

merlin789 2015.05.29
gets me so horny and hard

kuroko10 2015.05.29
good game and an intresting one

Toriko69 2015.05.29
Very good game. Story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

kuroko10 2015.05.29
i wanna kiss her love it

Idealhen3972 2015.05.28
great game just wish it was a bit longer

FireWaterBurn 2015.05.27
It was ok. I liked some parts but overall the game felt like there should have been more. Still, it was fun. :-)

haseck 2015.05.26
very good game, nice sex scenes and story, one of the good games you can play

cerisa 2015.05.24
nice and good work
its very good
im very hot

Mmike 2015.05.23
woaw what an amazing game with hot girls now that`s what i`m looking for :D a got a new favourite game now :D

frankline 2015.05.23
i liked this game so much and loved playing it and the animation is so high and although the graphics but the story is not perfect

Ryan065 2015.05.22
I liked the game overall, although I never really liked the whole move your mouse thing to progress sex scene... Other than that, a good game :)

jayjayisjay 2015.05.21
This game is nice but I wish it was longer. Sequel please!

bleh1993 2015.05.17
Not to shabby. The story was a little short, but the graphics were good. I was wondering if there was a way to get all three scenes though. I felt like the final scenes were a little underwhelming except for the ex-wife one.

luisito93123 2015.05.16
amaizing game whit special graphic

OntarioliaB 2015.05.12
Liked the game but sad that Sydney didn`t have a bigger role, is she in any other game?

Mrcreepypasta 2015.05.12
not bad story i love the game play doe

nina20122020 2015.05.05
defintely one of my favorites! love the girls and the story..... gr8 game!

Erotic Bang 2015.05.04
Like the great detailed animation! HOT!!!!

polishero 2015.05.03
this game was very exciting, got me wet right away

elkhour 2015.05.03
nice game but short and needs better graphics

steelfish 2015.05.03
While the game was entertaining, it wasn`t riveting. The graphics were fairly good but the story dynamics and games play were very formulaic. A little more imagination would have been better for the game.

fergal 2015.05.03
not a bad story, ok game.

Jacobi 2015.05.02
Amazing game, but the animations coyld be better

jaikumar 2015.05.02
beautiful game and awesome graphics

Damnsexxer 2015.04.27
Graphics could be a bit better.butStill a good and sexy game.

Azio 2015.04.26
1 of the best..... vote for 5 *........ (y)

ksalexander001 2015.04.24
lol what a nice game
Very good game. Story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

camox777 2015.04.24
awesome game gret gurlssss

john milton 2015.04.19
one of the best game in this period, i enjoyed it a lot
great girls, you`re always the best

Mesut_Sharper 2015.04.17
great game and great story but the text font is hard to read and kinda ruins it abit also some graphics things and textures.

AgentLincolnLee 2015.04.14
Nice game, graphics were amazing and storyline sexy

josh67 2015.04.13
The game was really good.

zarif 2015.04.11

zarif 2015.04.11
This game made me super horny!

endenn 2015.04.11
Very good game. nice gameplay

rutteger 2015.04.10
Another thoroughly enjoyable game well worth replaying to see all the endings.

TXRaistlin 2015.04.10
Great game, keep up the good work!

fergal 2015.04.09
Good graphics, good story, enjoyable game!

Wahooguy 2015.04.07
great game and great story but the text font is hard to read and kinda ruins it abit

deadpool7 2015.04.06
more options would be a nice additions to this game

DemonicWolf 2015.04.04
this was a pretty good game for a detective game

riley99 2015.04.03
Very Good game . I Love It

JamieXd24 2015.04.02
Great graphics and good gameplay love it gave me a hard boner

Zeblast 2015.04.01
A very fun game, nice graphics and girls.

sexstar69 2015.04.01
hmm, I wonder if there are any scenes to be unlocked

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Very interesting Story. Great Stuff!!

awsm 2015.03.29
You must aks your client Blue Santana for the money in advance. Right when the story starts. The sentence is: "Ask about some money in advance." (It´s the third sentence from top. Hope that helped. (R??do se stalo.)

hammy1234 2015.03.26
I would like to see something like this again but with more options!

hammy1234 2015.03.26
You will probably be as pleased as me, good one!

hammy1234 2015.03.26
Really good game, try it out!

Bigcam19 2015.03.24
good graphics excited for more

wamenw 2015.03.23
Very good new Game. It have a good story and good graphics.

alexspark47 2015.03.21
Gameplay is decent, but the graphics for me loaded too slowly.

vex.tesk 2015.03.20
Pretty fun, although mostly only once through

rata76ve 2015.03.17
Good game but I have problems with the speed of the graphics is too slow

pulz 2015.03.15
nice game. i wanna know more about this game. how can i earn the money to play the drinks?

pulz 2015.03.15
nice graphics .i would like to play this very well.. story is very good and interesting..nice one!!!!!!!!!

Ellanox 2015.03.14
cool and long game very good :)

ninjastyle77890 2015.03.14
how do i get money for the key?

pulz 2015.03.14
just going to play my sweet sex games..hope its nice story..graphics are looking good

j3hj3h 2015.03.13
@Nico3 - Yes, you have to get Jasmine to pay you up front so you can get the $100 you need for the car key. Then when you present the key to the girl, you need to answer that you`re going to keep the key until she wires the money; she goes back to your office with you.

Stud84 2015.03.11
The music, the characters.. the sex. Love this one. Cool beach theme too.

ben123angelo 2015.03.11
Fun game. The graphics are cool too

Nico3 2015.03.10
I would preffer another typo, but good game.

Is there a way to go with the girl with the car?

iniknik 2015.03.10
I enjoyed playing the game. It has amazing graphics and is very realistic.

wildtiger 2015.03.07
really a hot awesome girl she is... wanna cum in her pussy... a good game with good graphics.. but a lil easy it is

NickJones 2015.03.05
Great game and story, one of my favorites

Danlovesfeet 2015.03.04
I love this. Good story and easy to do.

RamanS21 2015.03.03
nice game and nice story too

omega3597 2015.03.02
interesting and fun game but can be better

swaggerjagger 2015.03.02
one of the better games, keep these coming

rajatmittal 2015.03.02
amazing game you should have to play it again

lazypokemon3 2015.03.02
Game seemed a bit too easy, but fun otherwise.

jokr 2015.03.01
good game rather easy though

Danboi 2015.02.28
Gameplay is amazing and the graphics as well. The story is a must play.

ktgweatherley 2015.02.23
both graphics and animation were awesome

mehomeho38 2015.02.23
Really good game...best part is girl with broken car

samischlam 2015.02.22
The graphics are really nice and the plot makes this very interesting ive gotten to all endings its very hot

FreakyDeaky 2015.02.22
I freaking love this game has so much to do

peterr 2015.02.22
i have one issue with this game i find it hard to read what is being said

nobo3000 2015.02.21
second time playing it
love this game

nobo3000 2015.02.21
loved the storey line

Clouffie 2015.02.17
Beautiful women. Great game interface. Story was good. Music was catchy. Great game, 8/10

rohan66 2015.02.16
really this game is awesome one and does have superb graphics in it

James19 2015.02.16
awesome game. nice gameplay

derpofthegods 2015.02.15
good graphics and choices

anandha 2015.02.14
The animation is good and the gameplay is good too

jr5000 2015.02.13
Ok I like this game. Get more girls. if you didn`t, try again. enjoy ;_)

Dave1998 2015.02.13
Super storyline and graphics. Wish they were videos and not animations.

haseo2412 2015.02.12
very good game, good story

Ryota 2015.02.11
Simply it`s incredible game.

DomHOH 2015.02.10
nice short story...but no sound effects

hamster19 2015.02.05
Great graphics and good story.

spartanbatman 2015.02.05
amazing graphics and gameplay

Alkaid 2015.02.04
Ryan has a nice model. I am straight but a ten is a ten

JFruit 2015.02.03
This guy is a player. Loved the game and storyline.

pera90 2015.02.03
I played this game a couple of times ! I think it has a good story :)

TerastiosNL 2015.02.02
I love LOP games, unlike most games there is a good story attempt behind it

darksector 2015.02.01
excelent game as always with pfo keep them cumming!!!!

antib 2015.01.31
Very good games... nice graphic and story.....

nHairy 2015.01.26
nice graphics, fun gameplay, wish there was more to it

xslayermkdx 2015.01.22
nice girls good graphic cool story will be nice if we can see more episodes

xbig_mac 2015.01.22
this was extremely enjoyable game, it had beautiful graphics, and the animations were fluid. this was an amazing play keep up the good work!

smaximus 2015.01.21
nice story but the ending is kinda unexpected

kazkum 2015.01.20
Another great game, fun and enjoyable.

exilebeast 2015.01.20
I love how they took pablo escabar as a gangster name

mazal 2015.01.20
Very good games... nice graphic and story.....

First of all, i think when ryan discover the one who stole the painting is ms blue.. it will end..
but there is more.......

reach one ending... will play again... because i don`t know where the girls that has broken key

kennydied 2015.01.19
Great game not what i expected

koyoo 2015.01.19
the animation is good but the sound of the character is a little.... nah...

Olympus 2015.01.18
My dick is really hard now :3

bunnyjoe115 2015.01.16
these graphics are amazing the gameplay, just amazing

baugustine321 2015.01.15
great game, not hard, but fun

James451 2015.01.12
This game is really good the 3 way was hilarious with the "gangster"

Adam_35_lat 2015.01.11
One of the best LOP games. Interesting story and nice sex scenes.

- Very good story (and writing)
- Nice selection of girls
- Some think required
- Not all choices/girls are given the same level of attention (but all are still good)

bullray43 2015.01.11
I love the game nice graphics

zakor 2015.01.11
Very good game just long enough

whyro 2015.01.05
awesome game and great story line... love it!!

mstapleton8706 2015.01.03
this game was awesome....i like how you can choose multiple options

ocholoco 2015.01.01
Very good game. Story is good and graphics good.

JohnXxXx 2014.12.31
I like this game, This game is very good, I`m recommend this game, is sexy...

hollow11 2014.12.30
Great game, Great graphics. Love it!

nude_boy23 2014.12.30
this one of my fave.. when the other one will out??

nude_boy23 2014.12.30
great game, great story but too short..-___-

andre991 2014.12.29
very good game. love the story plot.

ash ketchum 2014.12.25
i loved the game .great graphics and animation

saramone 2014.12.23
This game was good had good quality and a nice story

aasic 2014.12.22
good graphics, but a little quick

Monster911 2014.12.22
A very good game. I enjoyed it very much. Have a great story and 4 different endings. So I play it over and over again! :)

boomboomffs 2014.12.19
poor graphics but expected on older games

Lutzifer47226 2014.12.18
Very good game. Story is good and interesting. Nice , nice , very hotty

Asaakira 2014.12.16
Pretty good but Lake Party is better

GoldenVodka 2014.12.16
Very good game i love its goo story and great graphics

searone 2014.12.15
Nice game, graphic`s are just awesome.

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
It`s o.k. but more Special Scenes with the women had been smart

moses54 2014.12.14
great game, good graphics, nice girls
a lot of fun to find all endings

godtehgodliest 2014.12.11
Brilliant game, animation is a not too smooth. Also, I suggest maybe some extra scenes with jasmine and sydney or even another ending with sydney.

Semyon 2014.12.10
I`m stuck in Blue`s apartment

spiker1984 2014.12.06
Haha. Funny story line and pretty good game play. I wish the text was easier to read.
It`s nice to have a bit of a change from the usual types of games here.
More variety is excellent!

nightinggale103 2014.12.05
I like how this game had a twist to it. Loved how you could choose from 3 girls.

Gencorius 2014.12.04
Love the Game it`s nice to play it with the story

johnrico 2014.12.01
nice game, love the story and graphic and i have well played too :)
u rock blener

Pendergast 2014.12.01
Very good game with great story and graphics

Heracles1321 2014.12.01
This is a good game, so good game

Rangor 2014.11.29
Great game with a good graphics and story!)

arathor 2014.11.27
nice game, great story and graphics

RichBCGuy 2014.11.27
pretty easy and plenty of options and variety!!

maysally77 2014.11.23
good game and story, like the graphics of other games better... still enjoyable!

Seth_Voss 2014.11.20
Great game one of my favourites

mrsbig 2014.11.18
Good game and good graphics. More options would`ve been nice and I think this plot could expanded even more into a series of a full-fledged LOP Gold game

papillon 2014.11.17
not a bad game good story

Maxim3190 2014.11.17
Great story line. Love the various possibilities; and as always, the graphics are great.

bryce1982 2014.11.14
Lots of fun and good replay. Graphics were ok not the best as the others.

bryce1982 2014.11.14
Great game, good graphics. Would like to see this as a series perhaps and with more options.

kotokkotok 2014.11.11
nice game, love the story and graphic

pornbear 2014.11.04
Great graphics, nice gameplay

pornbear 2014.11.04
Great gameplay, super graphics

pyanzabraham1980 2014.11.04
very good game & grapic was awesome..

nova123 2014.11.03
very good cop story is interested and sexy as are the woman in it a another prefect game from lesson of passion

dallasty 2014.11.03
not a bad game animations ar good but cant figure out all the endings but overall a good game

nova123 2014.11.03
I lobe cop game and the girl are sexy as fuck plus the sex scene are great

ozzywolf 2014.11.02
This game is very good and amazing i want more.

rock_star 2014.11.02
enjoyed a lot in this game. super fun!!

deathsniper 2014.11.01
nice, but may be much more fun if his ex-wife impregnated in the end but don`t know who did it

FuckAllNite 2014.10.31
i could not finish the game, but i managed to fuck Blue, and thats satisfie me.

pacify22 2014.10.27
fun, sexy game. loved the story line and the graphics

J.Prasetyo03 2014.10.26
Nice graphics and game play......

network22 2014.10.26
Good fun game. Not too hard but has lots of different options.

mika9867 2014.10.23
the graphics was amazing i couldnt help my self but to play it again

just_bored_forever_18 2014.10.22
Interesting story just wish there was ending with the blond girl other than that it was amazing

deadraja2424 2014.10.18
The gameplay is awesome!!

VS4549 2014.10.17
this is the third game i tried today, and it seems kinda hot ,, i always had a fantasy of being a detective with hot babes cases and stuff lol

Justme22 2014.10.16
good game. It has a small Difficulty level that makes it very interesting

mik2000 2014.10.15
This is a very cool game

DancyPants 2014.10.13
This is a great game, good quality ! love it

christopher117 2014.10.11
very good game story is good and interesting. great one

hansfurd 2014.10.09
Great game. Will play again for sure!

Multiman 2014.10.09
Good game and nice graphics but the music could be changed to match the game and the scene!

RdmNo6 2014.10.07
good game but I wouldnt mind more animations

Johno51 2014.10.05
Enjoyed the detective story and the girls were all hot. Good endings.

zhix 2014.10.04
i also want to say that blue is very, very hot nice job creators!

zhix 2014.10.04
this was very high definition and very great quality very nice :)

darthjayvus 2014.10.02
wow another great game in the LOP series!

Futuros 2014.09.30
My suggestion is to have another sex scene with Sydney (after the one at the office). Everything else was great including graphics. Women are beautiful.

YouNeverWin 2014.09.26
this game is great just like this web.

freofan2 2014.09.25
Straight up one of the best sex games I have ever played, great graphics great fun

mariositio1 2014.09.22
great game and so hot stroy....

mariositio1 2014.09.22
great game. Story is good and interesting

sexmann 2014.09.22
Very good game. Story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

heymoa 2014.09.22
really nice game with a very hot girl!

Ian888 2014.09.21
i had lots of fun playing it was hot

Choco Renza 2014.09.21
nice game, i love the graphic, the game play is great

fifik 2014.09.20
how cen i get the 2 ending

SnOwMaN08 2014.09.16
Love the game . liked the story

rocky21 2014.09.16
can i get the guidelines

yauto 2014.09.13
this game play is good and the graphic is good

slavegirla 2014.09.09
hot game, but i`d like to be in blue`s shoes....

lordaegnor 2014.09.09
easy game story is good but short

n0b1t4 2014.09.08
funny and nice graphic game

sirenx 2014.09.01
Awesome game, amazing graphics and ryan and blue is hot

johnnyistheman 2014.09.01
Love this one. Really felt like a detective and pimp at the same time. However, the only thing i didn`t quite enjoy was the "blowjob" part. I felt as if "i", as the player, is giving blowjob to the guy (i`m a male player). I think it would feel more sexier if the blowjob scene is from a top down angle so you feel like `you`re" the one getting the blowjob. Other than that, great work!

madmike03 2014.09.01
Good game with lots to discover.

thezombie123 2014.08.31
cool game with nice graphics

Crywill 2014.08.31
Good game, but they have better games.

blackninja206 2014.08.31
very good game , and hot girls

aldion 2014.08.27
this was a really fun game

phoenix20141 2014.08.27
Nice game, simple and short, but good story

black15 2014.08.27
Pretty easy, Nice sex scenes tho.

pandeyaryan 2014.08.26
great sex scenes expecting more from this game

gusballard 2014.08.22
Great wife sex scene, could be longer, good graphics

old_player 2014.08.19
great storyline, the graphic is perfect, just need more on the animation

qwerty42 2014.08.19
All endings (except one) are great =)
Wonderful game again with a nice story.

SEXY961 2014.08.19
greatgraphice and good sex

patoramone 2014.08.19
it was realy good i like this game a lot

sdlilstarr91 2014.08.17
Love the story of this game! I love how sexy Blue looks, and the girl that was on her way to the beach with her father`s car. They are sexy!

Zakattack9090 2014.08.17
Kinda a long story for me but still a great game

Peter_1678 2014.08.15
Pretty easy. but still fun. Got the ending where I gave her the phone..

julio1980 2014.08.14
Great game, nice storyline and interactions. I think would be great a finish story with de hot girl from the key.

Evanator120 2014.08.13
this is the best game ive played its really fun to play

ChiefHoofer 2014.08.12
Great game, love the different endings!

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Great ex wife sex scene! I wish the game was a little longer, but what`s there is good.

tigress1418 2014.08.08
nice looking game. i liked it a lot

pseeker1234 2014.08.07
good game & graphics. awesome graphics with the girl at the office almost looked real.

Matthew.Mellison 2014.08.02
Go to the beach to meet the broken key girl

ab1228 2014.08.02
Very good game, LOP games never disgusting

Verus 2014.08.02
Good game, but how do i get the broken key girl?

addy13 2014.07.30
wow . im start to love this game so much

Matthew.Mellison 2014.07.29
I didn`t get beyond the scene with Ryan and blue. I found the glove and blood on the wall and nothing else.

puffypunch 2014.07.28
i love it.... it make me so wet i love this games

Hi-Lo 2014.07.26
good and well balanced game one of the best on this site

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.23
great game, great graphics, just a little short

rain2222 2014.07.23
I really like the game play and the graphic quqality

omie 2014.07.22
love the game, great story but simple game play.

Darix 2014.07.21
I loved the game I can not stop playing, good graphics

butch84 2014.07.19
Great game could have some more endings.

jsfrts 2014.07.18
Really liked the game. and i really loved those different endings.

Schmitzekatz 2014.07.17
very nice, it makes horny, can´t get enough

ExtremeGamer 2014.07.16
Wow all games on this site are awesome definitely recommend it to anyone here

kjdehn 2014.07.16
wish Kelly was my victom need sex with kelly

stoad69 2014.07.15
Great game with awesome graphics. Has a good story line and hot women too.

ZaijunLai 2014.07.15
Quite a great game, but I think it will be better with more alternatives~

The Big Bang 2014.07.14
Is there a way to fuck the blonde girl.....shes hot

Mercury89 2014.07.14
Nice game with many Options!

sclong 2014.07.12
the graphics were a little lacking, kind of hard to read the words sometimes

RedStar 2014.07.11
man this game had some good graphics

asdzxcqwem 2014.07.10
Nice and hot game. Multiple options. I just didnt like the format letter.

ratteesh 2014.07.10
cock fucking pussy licking hell of a horny game one of my best

morpeus 2014.07.09
good game just needed a longer story line.

Starkark 2014.07.07
this is an amazing game i want more

bitz94 2014.07.06
Short & Sweet game. Graphic quality is nice as always as the story.

trotskythered 2014.07.05
the word graphics totally killed it for me

rileyw 2014.07.05
great game. love the detail

lesbo4 2014.07.05
good graphics nice game nice animation stuck at blues apartment

quinnster 2014.07.05
graphics were great, animation pretty good

ohantom2850 2014.07.04
Nice story, but short. Sex scenes were good.

zmaj 2014.07.02
graphics were great, blonde was so hot

hans22 2014.07.02
nice.that game is awesome

IN-Duke 2014.07.02
Really liked the game. The Redhead was fu**ing hot and i really loved those different endings.

botzal 2014.07.01
I liked this game. The grapgic is awsome and the gamplay is as well. There are so many options and endings. I prefer the ending when you still visit Blue for have fun.

mattlwolfe 2014.06.30
i love this game,, nice graphics

Maro95 2014.06.29
Wow great game.Really various choices.

David95 2014.06.27
Very nice game and the girls are like sex goddesses

Safsbro 2014.06.27
nice graphics , good game play

yowad 2014.06.24
The graphics are amazing and the story is great

psycadelix 2014.06.23
Great Game!!!!! Awesomeee!!!!!!

drakcorian 2014.06.21
great game! only managed two endings though. =/

maryanne 2014.06.20
i love blue a lot but i want to know how to get to maria

Auxerrois87 2014.06.19
What a incredible game, with so many endings

PUSSYLOVER120 2014.06.19

pat1969 2014.06.19
makes fun
Grafig And design is beautiful

anvesh21 2014.06.18
amazing game with some nice skills to try .... fun

6166542 2014.06.18
Good game, but shame there is no ending for the blond girl though.

BobJoy 2014.06.18
Always a great game from the PF1 crew.

deffy duck 2014.06.17
very nice game great graphics fun to play

doubleG 2014.06.17
Interesting game. I`ve gotten one ending so far, I will have to try for the rest.

FastNick500 2014.06.15
very nice game good quality we want more

hotstuff1290 2014.06.15
GREAT GAME! love all the endings and especially the college girl with the lost keys

LincolnLogs 2014.06.13
Nice selection of endings

Almeho 2014.06.13
Decent story. Bringing the blonde from the beach back to the office for a session was a nice touch. The star of the show for me was the gardener. Acting like a Mexican gangster? Hilarious!

rsound13 2014.06.13
Awesome lots of endings, good music, and good graphics

rsound13 2014.06.13
Well done!! I loved the the blonde that you can bring back to your office

belac 2014.06.13
truly hot and a must play

niceboy1231 2014.06.10
it is a really great game. and it a good story

Jolupa123 2014.06.10
good game liked it alot one of the better games

Obvious 2014.06.09
not my favorite but still good!

randy06 2014.06.09
great game and great sex scenes and sexy women again

elliot2432 2014.06.08
Amazing game. we should all play this

ratteesh 2014.06.07
fucking sexy game i really love the bodywork of all the sexy ladies

gemstone 2014.06.06
nice gameplay and good animation. little easy though

stefano71 2014.06.06
very nice game good quality a little bit easy

Demonzora 2014.06.05
good game could be better

Verethragna 2014.06.05
not too much but still nice

Badbelieber 2014.06.04
grt game , grt graphics
i m lovin it

Badbelieber 2014.06.04
fucked each nd evry model
liked it a lot

Badbelieber 2014.06.04
got every ending really like this game

ratteesh 2014.06.03
intresting storyline with awesome graphics really nice game

Jaden2258 2014.06.03
Simple, engaging, enjoyable. It wasn`t too long or short, nor too difficult or easy.

pete1252 2014.06.02
Really cool story line and graphics were satisfactory enough

L0L2487 2014.06.02
Nice and better story than far cry probably

chloe32189 2014.05.31
I think there should be some lesbian stuff in this game

chloe32189 2014.05.31
They are the hottest 3 girls on this website

chloe32189 2014.05.31
I would love to be that man

2b4ever 2014.05.31
sungguh sebuah game arcade yang sangat menarik.

lampac2010 2014.05.30
really good game, excellent graphics and histories

backstabbin 2014.05.29
Love the game
great endings
good game all around

ladiesman420 2014.05.29
very good game....
nice graphics...controls looks good...
sexy models....recommended...
great storyline

namikaze 2014.05.29
very nice...good fuck game

ayush98 2014.05.29
Great game love the 3d effects

Hotguy2592 2014.05.29
bestbgame i`ve ever played.... controls are easy and the hot outfits are even better

rickhunter1 2014.05.25
Good gameplay and animation. Wish there had been some more side missions

frenzyzone 2014.05.23
Fucking hot and awesome game

jissaddict 2014.05.22
Very good game, great womans, fine story. Just a little short

msch210671 2014.05.21
great game good story great graphics hot girls

Porcel 2014.05.19
Fantastic game, the three girls are just perfect!

Adolf69 2014.05.18
Really entertaining game. Go ryan ;)

judeo 2014.05.18
great game.. great graphics .. and great story..

gimmino77 2014.05.17
on other grat game. Grafhic abd story was fantastic and interactive

sir56 2014.05.17
great graphics recommended highly

grimsigh17 2014.05.16
the graphics are stupendous...

network22 2014.05.16
Good game - you have the choices that make up the different endings - good graphics

raiha024 2014.05.16
nice game... the story is interesting....

deffy duck 2014.05.13
good graphics and nice ending,nice game

kristin121 2014.05.07
All games on this site sheer fraud, and many games are generally not available to play. The same Eleanor the site has and can`t play, only one advertising. I razocharovana this site. Sploshnoe Nai.......

tjsandhume 2014.05.06
Awesome game. very nice story and blue is hot!

Anatik 2014.05.05
good story, nice graphics, Mrs Blue is amazing nice work :D

whiteshadow1 2014.05.04
Nice game with very hot and slutty girls

dada395 2014.05.01
nice game but poor graphics

miskas 2014.04.30
Loved it the story and the ending definitely one to replay

aguilablanca 2014.04.29
Great game, awesome !!!!!

K Whitzz 2014.04.28
Great game, awesome graphics!

expatinthesouth 2014.04.27
it was a pleasure to discober the burgler.

TheDude79 2014.04.27
I Wish that there is more episodes of "Ryan Blender & Agent 69 , once again "Lesson of Passion" Did Fantastic Job

uknight 2014.04.26
nice game, i like the girl in blue.
hopefully see her in more game

airwaves182 2014.04.25
nice game, nice story, nice sound, nice girls nice everything

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
nice scene with wife at the beach. She is truly slutty.

This_is_MicrO 2014.04.22
Very nice!! The girl is really hot

SachinAgnihotri 2014.04.20
super good game of my life

hiroshi123 2014.04.20
Very good game. Story is good and interesting.

Nightblender 2014.04.19
good story. great graphics

Tzzman 2014.04.19
A well crafted and brilliant game

Stalku 2014.04.15
Nice, can be better, but... good graphs and nice story.

sertyuio 2014.04.15
Good games,a little short i might say,same problem like the rest of the games...it reopens in another tab

farkas 2014.04.15
Very good game with stunning girls. I give 9/10.

gatesj09 2014.04.13
like the game but very mad that we don`t get to screw the wife well besides the blowjob she gives ya i mean more like interact with her lol. nice game 4.5 out of 5

white 2014.04.13
what the fuck story..very amazing..awesome..great pictures..the story make me feel HOTT!!

dalcfr 2014.04.13
just regretting the blonde girl doesn`t have a bigger part

Nazgul62 2014.04.12
Beautifull graphics and good story.
Top game!

Lucifer164 2014.04.12
Very good game. Story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

damnalex 2014.04.07
i`ve really liked this game! loved the story and the amazing graphics!!!!!!

fatal12 2014.04.07
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

alltimelow 2014.04.07
good graphics and a nice game

david jones 1995 2014.04.06
awesome quality great game got all endings ;)

Jabob 2014.04.05
Good story, good story lines development, i like it!

dragocold 2014.04.05
Great game. Interesting Story!

Jeffreysexbomb69 2014.04.05
Great game
I love it shes so sexy

droopy1988 2014.04.04
great graphics. fun to play. story is good and interesting

Dartin 2014.04.03
it`s an amazing game i enjoyed it

son0fmoon 2014.04.02
the graphic is good, and very interesting story.

DemonOfWarX 2014.04.01
love this game great graphics

bob13579 2014.03.31
great all around game, i just wish there was longer

tommieboy18 2014.03.31
i loved the threesome, quite original

funguy61 2014.03.31
pretty good like most but the guys slut of a ex-wife she just makes you mad trying to torture him asking him for what she does he even says it if he goes there alone. I loved the the blonde that you can bring back to your office she should have her on thing just as long as they don`t turn her into a escort, whore or something.

a1xyz 2014.03.31
Good game! I like having 4 endings, can be expanded to more endings.

SGreasly 2014.03.30
Not a bad game. Nice graphics

wezel87 2014.03.30
Good graphics!
Very nice store.. and a nice gameplay

moonwolfking 2014.03.30
Great game and the replay value just to get the different endings are nice all in all its a great game with great animations

danno202 2014.03.28
really good game. Great storyline and one I will enjoy playing for a long time to come

ladiesman420 2014.03.28
highly erotic and hot game....
just going to cum....
all girls are hot...
nice graphics and gameplay

JCK524 2014.03.26
Cool game and great graphics

Pride 2014.03.26
Very good game with great story and graphics.

neercool 2014.03.25
i m struck at blues apartment please help

jcool8488 2014.03.24
good game with actual story line and plot.

Eisblume23 2014.03.23
really nice game and good story

pitexs 2014.03.23
Good game loved the super sexy succubus. Only thing that was bad was the dick up the guys
and i love play this game

Godskrieg 2014.03.22
DAYUM these chicks are fiiiiii-iiiine!

quantas 2014.03.22
Good game and graphics. loved the woman

DinoSaur13579 2014.03.22
interesting enough, the story line is interesting, and hard at times.

jmor69 2014.03.21
this game has amazing graphics and chics are fine! ; )

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.18
superb game i loved it lot really worth of playing

pork1212 2014.03.18
this is one of my favorite game with awesome graphics and sexy girls inside.

er22as44 2014.03.17
The girls in this game are awesome...as always

AristoN 2014.03.16
It`s realy great and hot game!

joy vedanta 2014.03.15
very good game...nice story...hot girls

steamroller 2014.03.15
great game. love all three girls. interesting story

stat3425 2014.03.14
such an erotic game i loved it

morrowmts 2014.03.14
Got all endings, good game

anri 2014.03.13
Good story, i love music and such hot girls

GingerMon 2014.03.13
Really fun and super hot.

meeloshian 2014.03.12
Girls are so sexy. Graphics are great. Hope they make a sequel!

schiz 2014.03.11
ooooh great I like it soo muc i will play it every day every month every year this abig game make me hot hahaha my cock now is big

stnick 2014.03.10
quality of the graphics is not as good as it should be, story is simple enough and the music sucks, would play this only a couple of times.

feelthebasse 2014.03.10
really great game its graphics are good.

erpoly 2014.03.06
wow very best game...i love this game...i played this game again and again with long storyline...very hot 3 chicks....

onthefirstpag 2014.03.06
graphics are great, gameplay was alright.

Nikkki 2014.03.06
Good game, wish it was more complex.

blackdhoom 2014.03.05
Good Graphics, Gameplay and all...

flinstone24 2014.03.04
Very nice. Looks like reality! I wish Blue is my girlfriend

samuelreinz 2014.03.04
the graphic is cool and detailed,i like this kind of story,with quest,that makes this game intresting

flinstone24 2014.03.04
Really a fantastic and beautiful game. I really enjoyed! Great graphics.

Baronen26 2014.03.04
Really such a good game. Good graphics

glukos37 2014.03.04
very enjoyable, great graphics. 1 of the best free games released recently, good work

zacefron 2014.03.01
Wow i really love this game!

Rindevar 2014.03.01
You can boom boom all 3 girls.. and that would lead you to be reunited with your ex. Ryan is damn lucky having Blue, Sidney and Jasmine. I wish you can get back to them.
Pretty girls, quite a good little story...
Excellent for this niche!

Adreed 2014.02.28
WOW!!! I love this game !

paras99 2014.02.27
to get 3rd ending is almost difficult

paras99 2014.02.27
how can i get money for the key

paras99 2014.02.27
i love this game amazing animation

fireraven121 2014.02.27
really great game its graphics are good.

yuv565 2014.02.26
it is the most sexiest game, i played in my life.

Master_Cum 2014.02.25
I got the first ending,... can some one tell me how to get the one with the ex wife?

johnyrocker 2014.02.23
Nice game the plot was really good.. Best part was the blond teen and her truck broken down.

sexylonda 2014.02.23
nice game i liked it a lot getting her x wife is hard

reinz4 2014.02.23
The game was so cool
The game was easy

kanpur 2014.02.23
super game.......lov it

TravisKay 2014.02.23
Great game, but it sucks that there isn`t a way for you to get each girl in order

hanibal194 2014.02.22
like many lop very nice girls and nice game

Ebeltoot1996 2014.02.22
i like this ghame! it is so exciting.. :)

Kowa 2014.02.22
Great game like the Story

xxxsofixxx 2014.02.21
very interesting and awesome game. nice storyline too

TheBeast4295 2014.02.20
Good game, good storyline, good graphics.

desh 2014.02.20
good game. lots of endings, good music, and good graphics. Thumbs way up. need more like this

dennos123 2014.02.20
nice detective game and good endings

LovelyJaaaa 2014.02.20
i like it. one of the best ones ive seen

madmax68 2014.02.19
Loved this game, love to fuck them all! I`ll keep trying!

abhinavk68 2014.02.18
short, easy and nice game.

littlecletus 2014.02.18
awesome game i think i have gotten four endings

hot boy 2014.02.18
cool game kik me girls-abhijeet70

Duclong 2014.02.17
this is a good graphic game

circle2015a 2014.02.16
Great Game with good graphics !
looking forward to seeing more similar games with more threesome scene !

mick149 2014.02.16
this game was good, it had an interesting story line, and wasn`t too long! :)

vnurimbergo 2014.02.15
Very nice game, i got so excited playing it

JCHANK 2014.02.15
The game was so cool
The game was easy

Sleeepy 2014.02.15
Good Graphics an story, but so much blowjobs... hehe

usopsanji 2014.02.14
pretty girls and awesome games graphics!

MrX99 2014.02.14
So much exiting, I like detective games and this is not the exception.

qwert99 2014.02.13
Great game should be ending with blonde thought

stewfnrocker 2014.02.13
The story is fun, hot graphics

shixblix 2014.02.13
pretty simplistic story and quite short. would be better with more interaction

Subtone 2014.02.12
Good game and I liked the different aproach of this one.

mohamed_big_hard_cock 2014.02.12
nice and good work
its very good
im very hot

mohamed_big_hard_cock 2014.02.12
very very good thanks for all
im very hot now

drizzt101 2014.02.12
Great game, I agree that there should be some kind of ending for the blonde but hey.
Good sex scenes and a good story if abit rapey at times.

miniheat 2014.02.12
great game love the graphics

labmunky 2014.02.11
good game, fun graphics and story. thumbs up

99rtan 2014.02.10
Very good game but kind of short, wished it was longer!

Cacatoes 2014.02.10
The gameplay and the storyline are simple but original and nice. The sex scenes are cool and hot, but you must act like an asshole to be able to see all of them, quite strange.

fifi09 2014.02.10
Good graphics and fun to play

lallalala 2014.02.09
i think this is da best game

Zephoxz 2014.02.09
Fun game. Just really couldn`t bother to find out other endings. Really nice though.

drpanda 2014.02.09
Okay game, the control could be better thou

Marty09 2014.02.08
nice game. wish it happen to me in real life. also wish we could see sex scene with wife instead of looking at it for an ending

bumby543 2014.02.08
nice but i think blackmails would be awesome

gariman8 2014.02.08
great superb ryan blender

furiouspyle 2014.02.08
Really like the game play in this one. Takes a while to get rolling but a fun ride.

kimtaehee 2014.02.07
Very good game. I like it

shyman44425 2014.02.06
Very good for a LOP game. As usual, interesting options and very sexy women.

Momotaru 2014.02.06
oh uhh that blonde and brunette were so nice..

ForzaLazio1900 2014.02.06
Awesome Game! I hope it happened in real life!

es 2014.02.06
very good games, get to have fun with all 3 girls

glen69 2014.02.06
another top game by the top team

elenasaunders 2014.02.06
like this game and it is verygood

meldrick023 2014.02.05
luv this game. it was great

Leorand 2014.02.03
pretty good story with really good graphics

All To Loud 2014.02.03
Interesting game, took a while to find all the paths.

elastomer 2014.02.03
Fun game with reasonable character development and a plot with a few good twists.

NightStalker73au 2014.02.02
awesome game and awesome graphics.

MisiekPLTCZ 2014.02.02
great game and hot chicks

JK03 2014.02.01
Another home run by the lop team :)

coolio789 2014.02.01
how do you get money for key

dynamic7 2014.02.01
good game, nice story and nice girls.

Horaldric98328 2014.01.31
Another great game from people at lesson of passion

l462 2014.01.31
Great game with an interesting story. Only complaint is that it was a bit hard to get "good"s for the blowjob as my cursor had to reach the very end of the screen.

raiderhawks00 2014.01.31
great game and lots of fun

marvelhulk 2014.01.31
Very fun and good graphics

oranjeboven 2014.01.31
Awesome story, really creative and fun.
And of course teally hot too.

raybans 2014.01.30
what a great game I had played

weird56 2014.01.30
wish could enjoy the cute girl as well

weird56 2014.01.30
nice game.. specially arousing was the threesome

FuckMe2Please 2014.01.29
good graphic and nice game. Like it

BlackJack012 2014.01.29
It`s a very good game, I like it!

JohnnyX9000 2014.01.28
Nice game, great graphics. Wish there was an ending for the beach babe though.

athossico 2014.01.27
Graphics: OK - Story: OK - Endings: OK
As usual a fully playable game

ilovegames 2014.01.27
i love this game ..... good graphics and sexyyyy model....including SYDNEY .......

goldenguy 2014.01.26
nice game really enjoyable

conone 2014.01.26
good game so god graphics

benamin 2014.01.26
good game with an interesting story

Muzsucker 2014.01.26
Good and simple game with great cutscenes.

daltonwoo228 2014.01.26
I love this game. Great length and story.

pusshound 2014.01.25
Nice game. Good graphics. Threesome is good and sll the women are hot. Not too difficult, which s good. Wish for more with the beach babe, but worth playing.

cetiop 2014.01.25
excellent game ...need more story line

hanagiri 2014.01.25
This game is so exciting!

Yosoyyomismo 2014.01.25
I really liked Blue`s design, very hot. But the game is too short and quite boring. I like the visuals (especially Blue and the blonde girl) but that`s it.

w1drng22 2014.01.24
Finally got to the ending (#2) that lets me take down both women. Is there an ending where I get the girl who broke the key? I like this adventure.

sexyboy 2014.01.24
to get another scene with Blue:

After the blowjob go back to her and you can fuck her.
This scene works just only before getting the cell phone
Try it

w1drng22 2014.01.24
Decent game, good looking girls, but the ending was cut short. I wanted to see some actual sex between the detective and Blue. I had ending 3.

duke51 2014.01.24
Very good story and graphics, nice girls and sex scenes, the most difficult for me was an ending # 1, but I enjoyed the others, Jasmine is a very old slut ....

ozorne_6 2014.01.24
to mfranks query : employ jasmines` help

ozorne_6 2014.01.24
Ryan`s just as bad as Jasmine, both are sluts and well suited for each other. The 3some with Mario/Pablo is hot. What`s the story with Sydney`s Phone number?
great effort would love to have it longer not harder hmmm maybe a smidgen.........hahahh

mfrank 2014.01.24
several posts mentioned that I`d have to steal a cell phone.
But I didn`t find it anywhere, help would be appreciated!

sharmajack79 2014.01.24
For those who are not able to fuck the blonde with car repair her key from bar then ask to keep her car until she pays you back then she goes you with office and you can fuck her hard

Sniffer83 2014.01.23
One of the best LOP games.
A little bit too short maybe.

sexguy23 2014.01.23
this game has really great graphics lots of fucking 10 out of 10

mattydul 2014.01.23
really good game! nice job

Djora9 2014.01.22
Good game, great graphics

ghotan 2014.01.22
I don`t know how to do with Jasmine, can someone explain, please?

lolikas1942 2014.01.22
Great game but a bit short

arryb121 2014.01.22
really fun game i enjoy it alot!!!

aragorn90 2014.01.22
Good game. This is one of the better ones. Like the story and the controls

yopyo3812 2014.01.22
nice game , with many ends and sex scenes, as alwais beaufull slut

zabol979 2014.01.22
A nice game, but seems a bit short

lovegamesss 2014.01.22
this game is easy and sexy too..Ms blue is really sexy slut......

Jello 2014.01.22
A nice game, but seems a bit short. Could do with some more interesting endings.

When you go back to Jasmine after getting the phone it seems to end very abruptly.

jk3guns 2014.01.22
Very nice game overall. Wish there was an ending with the blond girl or is there an ending to that? Also, I`d like to point out that some of the scenes (such as the beach scene and city map), have lagging.

rot 2014.01.22
Good game, nice animation, user controls are very workable. I liked the 3 girls. Maybe I just haven`t gotten to all the endings yet but I wonder about an ending with the blonde. Also, when you go back to Blue, the game just ends... I would have liked to see some sort of reward--in game--for all your work in fixing things up (i.e., another sex scene).

tsps1977 2014.01.22
I think this is best of free quick games-difficult to screw up too badly and good scenes expecially with blond

fkf,fq 2014.01.22
This game was awesome. Very hot

madfam 2014.01.21
The game is good, but it is too short i wish that it lasts longer

freepass 2014.01.21
easy game but all the girls are hot. really like the young blonde and blue. not so for jasmine.

Ricoh124 2014.01.21
Above average game with varity of endings

mta19 2014.01.21
Love the graphics, the young blonde is my favorite.

sara123 2014.01.21
can you help me finish the game?

eagleata 2014.01.21
good game, thnx pf1. I like all girls, fantastic..

alucard_262 2014.01.20
new favorite, cant wait to figure out all the other endings

dandraft 2014.01.20
nice game the young girl wth the broken key(sydney?),is definetly my favorite fuck but blue is nice too,jasmine has a bit of old used up whore about her.sydney i like ,a game with her would be NIICEE i think ;).but blue surely knows the art of fucking for sure ,its all in all a good game ,not to hard but i kept hoping there would be an ending where you could call the number that sydney gives you,but 8 out of 10 for this one.good work PFO

VeNNoM 2014.01.20
Ahh, great game. Definitely not a fan of Jasmine, but the other two... Mmmm mmm mmm. Well done.

brink7000 2014.01.20
No lesbian stuff, but a pretty fun story. I always like some lesbian stuff.

Jomati 2014.01.20
Very good game. The story is interesting, easy to play, great graphics !

C.C. 2014.01.20
Finding more endings. Don`t care for Jasmine but other two are hot hot.

ionutionut 2014.01.20
beautiful graphic.....hot scenes i like ending 2 and 3...very sexy endings

pommede 2014.01.20
More games like this, or more often

Mde69 2014.01.20
great game, loved it, not too hard.

weblerrik 2014.01.20
Enjoyed the game. liked the girls and teh graphics, though Jasmine ws a bit annoying (I`d never want her after readign what heppened with her and Ryan.)

hopet 2014.01.20
amazing game love the graphics

soporific111 2014.01.20
Great game! Love the girls.

stefano71 2014.01.19
great game one of the best. good graphic

HarrietGarmin 2014.01.19
One of the best LOP games for soome time give it a go for sure

Hotguy29126 2014.01.19
The story is good, the graphic is good, the whole game is good!!!

Thunderwrath 2014.01.19
Great graphics, hot girls

network22 2014.01.19
Good game - easy to follow and have whatever sex you want. Great graphics

strider08 2014.01.19
Great game and nice graphic,it has the vibes of 7 day quest + The Heist. By using chrome there`s some lagginess especially on beach. Keep up the good work!

toriyazaki 2014.01.18
Very good game with many woman to play with... A little bit too short maybe.

Stathis 2014.01.18
Lesson of Passion`s games really set the bar high and are the best the site has to offer-along with Kelly of course.

Blue and Sydney were very beatiful and hot. Jasmine not so much.

androsjy 2014.01.18
Nice game butter still can`t match with previous Keeley & Christine version...

Ending 1: Believe em Blue and acuse Mario after talking to him
Ending 2:: Steal the cell phone and go fulfill your promise with jasmine
Ending 3: Steal the cell phone and go give it to Blue
Ending 4: Go to the basement,find the painting and arrest Blue

Moe372 2014.01.18
Great game, the only problem is there is a bug with the threesome option, after speaking with the gardener and then going to Jasmine`s house no options appear after the initial dialog.

male619 2014.01.18
not a bad game but need some effort in it

mrcoolerz 2014.01.18
interesting storyline, great graphics as always. NAILED all 3 chicks.
gotten all the 4 endings. Great Game!

Poseydon 2014.01.18
Goog game! Good loop! Good story! But please, more position of sex.

Derppi 2014.01.18
Nice game, there was a bug with the threesome plot. If you talk with the gardener at the bar after agreeing to the threesome, and then go to the ex`s place, the game comes to a dead end.

shadow1983 2014.01.18
very enjoyable, great graphics. 1 of the best free games released recently, good work

Jokke 2014.01.18
A pretty hot game with some sexy girls and multiple endings ! Ok graphics but a bit easy. Enjoye

roundtheworld 2014.01.18
Good game. Beautiful, easy to complete, fun...but a little racist

FurryFanatic69 2014.01.18
Spoiler alert!!
In order to have sex with Blue, you must talk to to her about Howard, then go to Joe`s Bar and buy him a drink. After you are unable to distract him, go back to Blue`s house and choose the Demand Something More option. The rest is easy.

webby56 2014.01.18
Good graphics and good length of game

mbornste1 2014.01.18
Good graphics, not difficult to complete.
Little replay chance

Sionlord 2014.01.17
Very nice game and the girls are nice. Liked it

C.C. 2014.01.17
Is there a way to have sex with Blue? Oral`s OK but want more.

MMMVA697 2014.01.17

MMMVA697 2014.01.17
Excellent game definetly in my Top 3 Those blonde and brunnette girls are soo hot and they use very sexy outfits, as always LOP games are the best they should make more

rikyrat 2014.01.17
haven`t got to 4th ending yet. Still working on it. Great game!

dougstar64 2014.01.17
very good enjoyable to play, graphic and animation brilliant any more adventures please

themoda 2014.01.17
Very good game, LOP games never disgusting

DreamTim 2014.01.17
Like always with lop, pretty nice game with good graphics. Nice story too.

fmeyen 2014.01.17
Very nice game and also nice girls, Liked it!

jcc1985 2014.01.17
great game good story great graphics hot girls

blablabla123456 2014.01.17
Very good new Game. It have a good story and good gameplay.

Lucker 2014.01.17
nice game with nice story really interesting

Jaaru 2014.01.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

sparda0009 2014.01.17
I dont remember very well but im quiet sure:
Ending 1: Believe em Blue and acuse Mario after talking to him
Ending 2:: Go to the basement,find the painting and arrest Blue
Ending 3: Steal the cell phone and go give it to Blue
Ending 4: Steal the cell phone and go fulfill your promise with jasmine

luky555 2014.01.17
Anwer to kurapicka:

You must aks your client Blue Santana for the money in advance. Right when the story starts. The sentence is: "Ask about some money in advance." (It´s the third sentence from top. Hope that helped. (R??do se stalo.)

kuracpicka 2014.01.17
How to get the money for the key?

luky555 2014.01.17
Very good game. Story is good and interesting. Nice one!!!

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