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Rob the unfaithful


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Tiodor 2017.07.20
Hot girl and nyce graphiks.

godley 2017.06.15
sexy ladies i liked this 1 alot play again

lucasenko 2017.04.24
Great game, no complaints with having to play again and again for all the endings

pieffepi 2017.03.12
Short but nice. Could do with a sequel

kevin014 2017.03.07
not a very long game but it is ok. during the game, to move your cursor all the time is a little annoying for me

curan 2016.10.22
Short but good game. You can`t have the two girls, too bad.

kaftos 2016.09.12
Very good graphics but very short game

Loako 2016.07.22
Short, but great
These girls are sexys!

pieffepi 2016.07.18
Nice game - a tad short, but enjoyable

stach56 2016.06.08
A fun little game and the graphics as usual extra


Misterdqm 2016.01.06
Very good as always with lop games

Tapinha 2015.12.28
Love the "slut style" of the girls.
Nice graphics too.

112112321 2015.10.29
awesome game I love it keep up the good work

marco_mat 2015.09.13
cool game... I really like it...good graphic and hot chiks

alanwake 2015.08.15
good catfight, but i blew it, high-class gameplay anyway...

farius 2015.08.10
The Gameplay was easy, the 3D Models are very good

ish_kuffs_kash 2015.08.04
nice scenes and graphics

PaulIsGood 2015.06.11
There was no sound for mine. Is it a glitch or is it my computer.

jediknight91 2015.05.31
amazing game I always take jasmine over Rob`s wife some I do the wife path but in 10 out 10

CashMorgan 2015.04.18
A good game with nice girls and good endings

neverendless 2015.04.06
it was a short game and a nice one too

Zeblast 2015.03.16
It could be threesome, but grat graphics and game

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12
its very short game need to be include more content

j3hj3h 2015.03.11
It`s a good one! Like the others I wished for a threesome option (I thought having Jen hide in the bathroom and seeing her masturbating to the sounds I thought there was a possibility), but was not to be!

TOT-TOTO 2015.01.28
Great graphics. Loved the different endings,Its good, but like what everyone else things, perhaps a threesome and some more scenes?

gunnerboss 2015.01.19
Good game if you need a quick fix.

bin2015 2015.01.16
Interesting storyline and good graphics

mrchow 2015.01.15
how many ending does this game have ?

jimbohones 2015.01.14
All in all a wonderful game. Love Vivian`s tits.

frank37 2015.01.13
great story the sex scenes are the best

whyro 2015.01.07
interesting and dramatic... thumbs up!

jesskmar 2014.12.26
awsomegame great animation very pretty

silentpeace 2014.12.16
great storyline, sadly i can only find three endings

AntiagoMunez 2014.12.15
Amazing game with a great graphics as always

Mark13 2014.11.19
a nice game, Animations are great

gallows88 2014.11.12
Great graphics. Loved the different endings,

limited 2014.11.07
the graphic and the animation is good enough

Powermad 2014.10.13
good but it lacks something

xanderke123 2014.09.20
great game not my favorite

Raio10 2014.09.17
Liking these games more and more with each play this website is awesome.

parkerb93 2014.09.16
decent game. could show a bit more during the sex scenes

Futuros 2014.09.15
The graphics have amazing quality. A little too predictable endings, though.

akshit11 2014.09.12
he is really unfaithful with good graphics ^-^

kichi 2014.09.04
game could be bit more long, there isn`t much interesting.

Karic 2014.09.03
good game great quality yet needs more choices in the actions i think

samon 2014.08.16
owesome game... far better than what i thought

deepakduttatreyapadhi 2014.08.12
the animations aren`t really that good but the game is awesome

aliraza 2014.08.01
i like to sex huh with boobs and pussy

barekman 2014.07.22
This game is alright.. not too bad at all

HimaLaya 2014.07.22
AMAZING gameplay! I managed to get all the endings

julio1980 2014.07.22
Its a fun short game. I finnish all the endings an i was hopping to get the two girls in bed. But its ok. Nice graphics. The girls are hot.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.19
the game is awesome..the graphics are amazing and the endings awesome

jg007gill 2014.07.19
really enjoyed this game

morpeus 2014.07.16
Cool game a little short and sound would have been great

network22 2014.07.13
great graphics but short game

lilkid44 2014.07.07
this is really great game

Rahat1212 2014.06.28

Almeho 2014.06.26
Ending 5 was actually VERY funny. I thought Ending 2 was sad...all I could say was how messed up that was. Ending 4 had me thinking that there was a threesome in the makings and Endings 1 and 3 were straightforward. Both girls were great lookers but I felt that Jen was the better looker - even though Viv was the most devoted.

Zas69 2014.06.18
Very Good Graphics
But Very Short Game

AngryManatee 2014.06.16
Good game. A threesome option could have been better.

nikhil2611 2014.06.13
best game played ever bst grapics
and amazing story

Karliah 2014.06.09
Is a good game want to see other endings too though

onoki7 2014.06.09
good game nice story line

BverComander 2014.06.05
great game.... great graphics

CrisR7C 2014.05.26
Good game. Hot babes!!! Fun

planlos2002 2014.05.07
Loved ending 4, others to come

gigicurcan 2014.05.05
Nice game nice girls ! Love this kind of games

rockstar69 2014.04.30
great game can`t wait to find the other endings

uknight 2014.04.26
nice game, i enjoy more with jennifer through...

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.21
For me this game was okay like I thought it was alright, I may play again. On the plus side of things the girls were cute, there was great graphics, nice storyline, I liked how much you can interact with the characters.

hiroshi123 2014.04.20
Good ... but not enough long

hussy34 2014.04.07
i love the game but 3some would be great

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
short and sweet - nice plot

funguy61 2014.03.23
man WISH THEY Would please put some type of label it would help to know if something is in you are turned off by if there rape or interracial gender benders what ever cause some might not want to see it and don`t get mad and judge me we all get turned on or off be different things I respect yours you should respect mine. Don`t lie about your room

Abraxis 2014.03.23
Trying to keep up with the dot is frustrating, got sick of this one

anri 2014.03.14
i like,nice graphic, but the story is a little bit boring and short.

kalbs 2014.03.05
this game is so hot! i played it like a dozen times. i love the curves on these women :)

voynar88 2014.02.25
Please, make this game a bit konger - there`s a lot of a story still to tell ;)

davecrow 2014.02.20
The funny ending was amusing. Oh to be a bellboy again.

Sleeepy 2014.02.15
Cute girls, good story, congrats guys!

cetiop 2014.01.26
nice game and great girls

Dy56gay 2014.01.16
This is the first playforceone game I have ever played. Huge fan of the graphical design, makes it very sultry and enticing.

male619 2014.01.09
its not a bad game and the blond was fucking hot ;)

dsa72409 2013.12.22
Interesting story twists make this game quite interesting.

X.man 2013.12.19
nice , but too short ! i wish there was a threesome !!

X.man 2013.12.19
nice game . but too short !

herokyh 2013.12.15
nice graphic but should get mroe action or more chracther

w1drng22 2013.12.13
Busty girls. Thought the moving ball was an irritant. OK story though.

lordsauron 2013.12.09
nice gameplay can be improved !!!

joker00 2013.12.04
I love it good graphics nice girls the blonde girl is hot

Knuckle55 2013.11.29
liked it but too short.. more scenes would have done the trick

skr369 2013.11.17
good game..but doesn`t tempt me..except the secretary..

TPhantomOE 2013.11.17
FANTASTIC game with fabulous graphics. The girl is amazingly hot too!

asdewq85 2013.11.03
i love this game, the blonde is just amazing

mavgunnery2 2013.10.30
very hot but would have loved to see more action and cumshot sequences

tintin2013 2013.10.28
pretty straightforward, not much twists. all in all average!!

darksoul396 2013.10.28
hot game.sexy girls. wish there was a threesome though

ccu001 2013.10.28
i love this game, the blonde is just amazing, but the brunette is fine as well, i wish there was a way for a threesome

bobem2534 2013.10.23
The fifth ending is probably the worst. It doesn`t tell you anything that happened after that night.

maxim204 2013.10.19
A little short but still a good game :)

Pauley909 2013.08.30
hot chicksand great endings XD cool game

bee555 2013.08.25
multiple endings, nice graphic, and good story

noogad 2013.08.09
Great game, nice graphics

smilenow 2013.07.30
awesome game...but piump the graphics ;-) story is great..what a tricky choice

IrishDude85 2013.07.21
An awesome game with very good potential, but needs to be a little bit longer, and maybe make it possible to have a threesome with both Jennifer, and Vivian. Nonetheless awesome game with awesome graphics, and very hot women in it.

kevinloop007 2013.07.07
For ending 4 you need to:
Ending 4 - Get BJ, Tell Truth, go to Bathroom, Answer the door - Ask Secretary to wait in Bathroom - keep going

anshul7j 2013.06.27
very good game
good graphics and sexy girls

Htooax 2013.06.19
It was a good game with nice graphics. I liked the wife the most and I would like to see another game with her. I liked the 1st ending the most.

Hotguy29126 2013.06.08
very nice game
nice graphics and cool story

lilly654 2013.05.24
this is a great games. Even for females

gwazz 2013.05.23
nice game though I preferred the wife more of her please

kasbro 2013.05.22
great game. hot girls and great sex

ju5tf0rfun 2013.05.14
I thought this was a good game but in truth it was hard playing it without a mouse.

gwazz 2013.05.06
good game but a bit short still enjoyable

mcjesus 2013.04.26
That was way to short.
you could make it a bit longer!

mglover 2013.04.04
girls are so hot on this game

jagare 2013.03.27
Nice game, graphics are also nice

kristol 2013.03.27
For ending 4 you need to:
Ending 4 - Get BJ, Tell Truth, go to Bathroom, Answer the door - Ask Secretary to wait in Bathroom - keep going

4queijos 2013.03.26
Wow, awesome game, really good graphics! Keep up the good work!

Katmissed 2013.03.19
Great game, I enjoyed it.

BigTim09 2013.03.13
Pretty good game, really good graphics, hot girls. Just a little short though.

mindatplay 2013.03.11
Outstanding secretary. Sheesh!Worthy of dreams.

49fp 2013.02.25
Good graphics would like to see more of them together.

dafy 2013.02.21
his game has nice pictures and an awesome graphic

CB54 2013.02.16
Only average; great looking girls, but limited action control.

bigkane29 2013.02.10
love this game the girls are sexy

samurai0902 2013.01.31
good game but a little short

TankPotato 2013.01.30
Amazing! One of my favorite games!

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

vgvet 2013.01.23
good game as always by leo. not too easy but not too hard. just right.

saladin96 2013.01.04
Jesus christ is game is sexy

DarKnight2698 2013.01.03
really nice game my fvorite was the secretary

dummi1 2012.12.27
i give it 7/10 was a bit easy

Lynn11 2012.12.22
Short and to the point. His wife`s boobs were enormous and I think ugly. He was hot though.

jack1994f 2012.12.03
great game good graphics
all round great

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


LincolnSense 2012.11.17
Great game, good line choices too

Supaslyda 2012.11.10
I can`t figure out what to do with Jennifer.

nana123nana 2012.11.10
i just love them big tits sexty

blackhawk_86 2012.10.27
very great story...girls are awesome...felt sexy

Djule 2012.10.25
Great game, nice graphics

JD48044 2012.10.23
Great graphics. Loved the different endings, have gotten 2 so far

woody300 2012.10.19
Very short story, but good indeed. The sex scene could be a bit longer. Sometimes i couldn`t find the spot, where my "digital hand" was, when i was supposed to rub. But nice game.

Aerrow 2012.10.14
the graphics are pretty good, but ending number 2 just makes me depressed. I think it`s a little extreme to say that she eventually commits suicide and NO ONE CARES

sidsarang 2012.10.12
needs some more action...
cumshot atleast...

gamer88 2012.10.07
aaa, excelent. great game!

sanfran 2012.09.22
this game opened a closed gap, finally good quality!! good game

goOn11 2012.09.17
i love this game! both so sexy girls!!

Jokke1 2012.09.16
A passionat game from "Passion". With sexy ladyes and the best graphics as always

howydowy 2012.09.08
graphic is great as usual but i only like clicking parts

MiroMasry 2012.09.05
short and nice.. excellent graphics

t9x 2012.08.31
This was a good game, bit easy and short. Liked the endings

Soulbrood 2012.08.30
a funny and sexy game but a bit short

valyrian 2012.08.27
sexy and funny game, but you could have made it longer

rocking1991 2012.08.21
Fun game, but a bit on the short side

kkkk9903 2012.08.19
good game want to see more like it

aidenko 2012.08.19
cool game) many funny moments

dorazz 2012.08.18
i really love these lesson of passion games
they were always the best

viperattack11 2012.08.15
Not bad.... needs more sound

uthsh 2012.08.14
the animations were good and loved to play the game

yoda 2012.08.13
an easy game finding the endings wasn`t hard

abby1689 2012.08.04
not the best but good enough

curan 2012.08.01
Good game: the scenario is very exciting. The click`n play sessions are a tad tedious and it lacks sounds (moaning, etc.) but apart from that it`s a great game.

Hackapel 2012.07.24
Not bad, could have used ore dialogue during scenes

silentscream 2012.07.22
the game was great, but too short
we still need more action

paadab 2012.07.16
An excellent game. The multiple endings provide a variety of gameplay experiences, and the graphics are, as always, great.

mikicostanza 2012.07.15
very nice game with nice girls its very funny

rumxes 2012.07.13
As always Lesson of passion game is beautiful and lovely. A special Thanks!

kyai 2012.06.26
Average due to my opinion & also too short,
looking forward improvement :)
Thx & G`Day

cewj1967 2012.06.21
This was a fun game. I got ending 5 first and it was funny. I like the graphics and the gameplay. And the girls are "HOT AS HELL"!!!

smuggler 2012.06.21
wonder games i cant stop playinnng :D

41064105 2012.06.12
I like the ending, which make me want to fuck my gf

chris_avril 2012.06.08
It was a good game. i really liked it.

telece 2012.06.02
Cheating games really are the best of all

Artie21 2012.05.28
please make more cheating games!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
Not the best scene , but still pretty cool.

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game and story! Both sexy girls!

Gray Warden 2012.05.10
gteat story animation and graphics good

rubinr 2012.05.08
I don`t like the controls during the sex scenes. It`s too hard to pay attention to the actions.

Edward77 2012.05.03
sexy game..........vry good to play

Patric676 2012.05.02
good graphics, nice story

Ulysses 2012.04.30
Outstanding artwork and graphics. Great game and characters.

slitplayer 2012.04.30
Good game played it ten times to get all five endings.

CSRJMZVL 2012.04.17
i get 3 endings, really good game

Atlas500 2012.04.17
I enjoy the two choices, although this could have been a tad longer, just saying

kotor2 2012.04.15
good graphics, nice story. a good game.

flowmotion 2012.04.13
It`s a good game, Hot girls. But we still need some more action

skcris 2012.04.13
like how you can reunite in the end with the wife good endings

billybig1 2012.04.11
i like how the actions in this game seem more realistic comaperd to the other games.

ashy14 2012.04.10
fun, hot game the women are sexy and it has been made in good detail. Awesome!

bobytt 2012.04.06
Not the best scene , but still pretty cool.

longdrag 2012.04.05
It was good but it felt a bit too short and well the ending could`ve been better. But otherwise a brillant game from a brillant company

Carameltje 2012.04.04
the graphics are great the girls hot but it was way to short

packerfan23 2012.03.27
Great game, I really enjoyed this one. Graphics better than most, would have liked to have more options.

111tigersun 2012.03.26
Nice game and funny ! Lesson of Passion`s games are always the best

mercksrule 2012.03.21
Lots of fun, needs more action. :(

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

toboi1345 2012.03.16
Lots of fun, great graphics and story

horny31 2012.03.07
Impressive game! Such nice graphics!

talibum 2012.03.06
hot game.. would have like more choices

udyr 2012.03.05
good game, getting too all endings is relatively sasy! certainly has some nice graphics!

playforcegeoff 2012.02.29
bon jeu, facil a jouer et court. ya mieu,c sur !!

Reckoning 2012.02.25
only am able to get ending number one, stupid.. but nice girls

MEL84 2012.02.24
Loved it, outstanding game, with great graphics and story lines.

maxblade 2012.02.20
Good idea but little bit to short

kluy 2012.02.18
my page was error cant load it wanna play

Taraborn 2012.02.14
I found it hard when i let the wife give him a blowjob but figured it out

reaper194 2012.02.13
Ending 4 was amazing, if i was in that position i would have done the exact same thing in real life :)

dino200 2012.02.10
i`m stuck in this game at the end, help!

monsterlovingcookie 2012.02.09
liked it a lot. secretary was sooooo much hotter than the wife. too bad she killed herself tho.

Jason Bourne 2012.02.05
threesome ending wud have been awesome...to see both secretary n wife in bed together...but all in all gr8 game...rily hot girls

Jason Bourne 2012.02.05
Love it...both girls are awesome but god damn that secretary is the hottest!!! she is gr8...

daviejones 2012.02.03
good game and both girls are hot so its a win win with who ever you end up with

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Awesome game with sexy girls.

VentusLau 2012.02.01
Beautiful graphics and good plot!
And I love the fifth enDing =)

wilson78084 2012.01.26
in my opinion..i think Robert`s wife,Vivian is prettier,i have no idea why Robert wants to be unfaithful towards her wife..

wieisdat 2012.01.25
it was a great game actually. but i just don`t like how he become a good husband after he cheats.

Hardinuk 2012.01.23
need to see more cumshots otherwise good gama

Semnick 2012.01.21
Good graphics but the girls are not beautiful as in the other games

nauragar 2012.01.20
Great game,I`ll sure be back to find all endings,the only thing I missed was sounds.

prokiller 2012.01.17
passion force one has a good fuck,and sexy,hot chick

brit_man33 2012.01.17
I really liked the play style. Good looking chicks too.

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
a very cool hot game awesome this game

heretoplay 2012.01.10
these games are all great, but this one is a little short

Guillaume 2012.01.09
Awesome graphics, great endings.

S0uCe3 2012.01.07
THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joel08 2011.12.29
i really enjoyed this game

jasontidus 2011.12.25
good graphics, nice story. a good game.

louis_fir 2011.12.24
Awesome game.. i agree the girls are all realy hot...but i want to see more of kelly and monica..

xpeeksaboo 2011.12.17
good gAme not bad graphics

bsalover47 2011.12.12
a really hot game got all 5 endings

UKfuckman 2011.12.10
Good game but really short

pfone2011 2011.12.09
Superb game, quick and easy to play no hassle just options

Benny100l 2011.12.07
great graphics and a good game

Akrasjel 2011.12.07
Very good game with awesome grafics

kaz_devil 2011.12.06
one of my favs well done
Could have been longer though

polp 2011.12.06
good game love the endings

smd916 2011.12.06
That Game Is Just Hot Awesome Graphics Plus Sexy Girls

lesk15 2011.12.01
The game is really nice, the only thing i felt it would have added a great ending, would have been with the two girls, something awesome. Greetings

lesk15 2011.11.30
Great game, have to be very aware of the little details, you don´t want to miss the other endings.

joun 2011.11.30
finally made it to the end of a game, pretty short but other than that great game (:

squirrel754 2011.11.26
THe game is a little too short

Hornyme14 2011.11.24
really nicee games. but it is too short =))

Jipaco 2011.11.24
The best game ive ever play...endings too hot...

cherries-girl 2011.11.20
one of my favs love this game

Krueger 2011.11.20
I`ve posted there 3 times because I want to be sure that all will read and will know how to not fail it ;)

HarSlan 2011.11.16
This is great game... I like it very much...

Krueger 2011.11.13
The game was awesome. Good graphics, nice story. One of the best games. I like it very much.

masshi 2011.11.12
ok i like but more stories will be better

nunofakir 2011.11.12
loved it threesome would have been good though

Lippi1983 2011.11.12
awesome game, like the graphics and the gameplay

S0rcy 2011.11.12
This is a good game. A little simple and very easy to get to some of the endings.

zenginoglu 2011.11.11
This is great game... I like it very much...

tommo2085 2011.11.08
A must play game really sexy

viperattack100 2011.11.07
Great game and a creative series of ending possible. Overall an A game.

coolin 2011.11.06
Beautiful game with wonderful design!!!

elluko1997 2011.11.04
Great game with good graphics, amazing endings!!

jay2050 2011.11.04
sexy wife or sexy secretary, so many possibilities

diamonddog 2011.11.04
good game with lots of ends so u can play it over and over

jonygame 2011.10.28
very is great game good quality and graphics o yeah sexy girls

Akkyshan 2011.10.28
Really short one but good fun :)

REIVAJ311 2011.10.27
oh hell, what a great dilemma, fuck with my wife or my secretary, could not be the two together?

EAGLES420 2011.10.27
that was ok. i thought that it needed more options, but overall pretty good.

lshone501 2011.10.26
picking chapstick makes bad ending

M_A_K_O 2011.10.23
good graphics and god idea

Richard123456 2011.10.23
I really enjoyed this game! one of my favs.

seb39 2011.10.22
Great game; And what an ass!!!!!

TBar39 2011.10.20
Great action and artwork (as usual), but I had high hopes of having a 3-some with the sex-retary getting turned on in the bathroom...maybe a follow up later?

C.C. 2011.10.19
How about working in a threesome with both women? Would be great.

chybays99991 2011.10.15
Good game, good graphics and good idea

kk13 2011.10.15
Wow, that was a fun. I will play again.

alertpleased 2011.10.13
good graphics and god idea

bauerpower 2011.10.12
robs wife is so sexy a cant see why he would be unfaithful

heplay 2011.10.09
I like the ending no 4 & 5!

kevin 1 2011.10.06
very amazing and unfaithful game

madmikenmolly 2011.10.04
Alright game....nothing mindblowing.....graphics were fine, but the controls were annoying...could really do with some sound effects...

unnis1709 2011.09.30
it wasnt as good as other games. could have made vivian luk better.

playboy1982 2011.09.27
this game is cool intresting gameplay and a cool story.

rob2555 2011.09.22
Pretty cool! I sure intend to keep playing this one!

DreamTim 2011.09.21
very hot girls. good game. too bad the game is too short...

Watkins1 2011.09.20
I really enjoyed this game because it had a nice story line.

vonquote 2011.09.20
A little short for a story, but then again action galore

hammuh 2011.09.19
love all the different possibiliteis

smeg-in-the-head 2011.09.19
not very challenging but then again ppl on ere dont want that lol

smeg-in-the-head 2011.09.19
Very good game 1 of the best

VELTSU 2011.09.18
good game with good story

Seyenne 2011.09.18
Good Graphics and excellent Story! The different endings gives a nice touch to it.

Artibor 2011.09.17
Great game, sexy, juicy girls, all beautiful, all cute and still very interesting. ..

Cas88 2011.09.16
Wonderful! And my ending (n. 5) was really LOL =D

arkyasa 2011.09.16
great graphics as usual, but the storyline is too short.
maybe a better plot will help improve this game a lot.

LightningFistAce 2011.09.14
its an ok game but i cant seem to get ending 4

UnstoppableBoy92 2011.09.14
This game is really cool!

Schmalen 2011.09.13
Sexy Girls and great action! I love it!

amilama 2011.09.12
This was great.. Lots of action and quick. No real head games to play and graphics were pretty good.

juan_887 2011.09.11
Hmm, ending number 1 is very romantic, but there`s just a blowjob

Melimelo 2011.09.09
not a bad one, but way too easy and short.
Nice graph though, but the secretary could take her sunglasses off to fuck.

genai 2011.09.08
good one and like the graphics :)

elishacuthbert 2011.09.06
that secretary could have been hotter with the glasses off

shadowmere 2011.09.06
one of my favorites, oh yeah !!!

bonez28 2011.09.04
this a cool game hope there`s a part two of it..

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Hot babes in a good game.

cogitom 2011.08.29
Ease to play and has nice endings but nowadays i expect more this.

jedidave 2011.08.28
Great game, really enjoyed it! I`ll be playing more of these.

steflonk 2011.08.27
very nice game very nice graphics also

TBG1972 2011.08.25
I liked the game but felt it was too short. Jen is hot!

Packz 2011.08.22
I`ve only played like 5 of the games so far but this is defiantly my favorite.

bart15 2011.08.22
the girl jen is fucking HOT!!

DonnyZZ 2011.08.22
I really liked all the games in play-force one. Everything is interesting.

chad225 2011.08.21
this game is pretty awesome

chad225 2011.08.21
lesson ofpassion`s games are always the best.
hot babes.But we still need some more action

kapo 2011.08.20
the game is great!!! it deserves to be one of the best!!!

Grendel_100 2011.08.19
good game, nice chiks but short story

kimkim 2011.08.18
I like this game but its to short

PussyLickingBitch 2011.08.17
Great graphics and story line, a bit short though
Hot girls

adamj32293 2011.08.17
very erotic gameplay with very hot girls

Jonlee 2011.08.13
not a grt start, divorced and mistress both leaving,but gd game though

orion532 2011.08.13
Kinda short but the gals were sexy so dont mind

mortadelo76 2011.08.11
Sexy girls! Spectacular story!

unfire119 2011.08.09
Lessons of Passions`s games are excellent. Great girls more internal cumshots would be great

NatureFire 2011.08.07
Awesome game
Great Graphics

breeolson10 2011.08.04
very good game i like playing it

snow01 2011.08.04
graphics are only OK, there are many better games around, this is a low for this site

Narakanec 2011.08.02
cool game, great graphics i like the idea

mc3991 2011.08.01
Good game. Jennifer is really hot, something I`ve come to expect from LOP.

davidnr85 2011.07.27
very awesome game.. it`s very interesting in how many different ways the story ends

Silver2018 2011.07.26
Good game, but was too short

NeRo826 2011.07.26
really loved the game i need to see more from that now

veselqku 2011.07.25
cool game, great graphics i like the idea

pinnaclewm 2011.07.23
Pretty decent game, but a bit too short for my liking

bceltsau 2011.07.22
great game, remarkable storyline 4/5

derda 2011.07.20
love the graphic but it too short great game

photu 2011.07.20
excellent game cool graphics

liquidog 2011.07.19
beautiful curvy blonde. I had fun cheating on her xD

jyhan07 2011.07.19
I love this game. It has nice graphic and story

n0b1t4 2011.07.17
this game is quite funny, cant help myself bursting into a laugh at the ending no5

lolol66 2011.07.17
great story line and good graphics

CleriC 2011.07.16
a little short, but the girls are very good. keep up he nice work

dixienormous94 2011.07.16
be better if there was an h scene between him and his wife

erevis 2011.07.15
i hoping the game be more longer but overall not bad

WishyTheCrazy 2011.07.13
Nice game, lots of possibilities

Wyvern101 2011.07.13
game was pretty good and definitely made in 3D graphic though it doesn`t move in 3D quality. Nevertheless, it`s awesome

dejuke 2011.07.12
Very nice game. Nice graphics,and very nice gameplay :)

darrelq 2011.07.11
Nice game with beautiful graphics. But abit too short

Annajolie 2011.07.10
How many endings it have?

triple 2011.07.09
quite awesome........
dream job....

lonesniperwolf 2011.07.08
verry fun game good grafics all round great game

thorin4 2011.07.07
Nice game but little short

Jaky 2011.07.07
My wife is really beutyfull

pussylicker43 2011.07.03
Lesson of Passion`s games are always the best.

besogrone 2011.07.02
hot game, hot girls, maybe should make return with his wife having a threesome (mmm... Delicious)

runninemcrazy 2011.06.27
love the graphic but it too short great game

PRDX4 2011.06.23
way too hard but the graphics are good

chip chipperson 2011.06.20
way too short. that red dot was a pain with a touchpad

Ped1200Q 2011.06.17
Great game overall, graphics and storyline... Although I knida fell bad for the blond chick I got to the first ending and she commited sucide, ouch. Anyways nice game 5/5 stars. :)

Orange69 2011.06.17
Great games..I loves 3d games like this.

Ubber1 2011.06.16
You guys are the best at these games.

sincubus 2011.06.16
Cool game with excellent graphics, but unfortunately too short.

jdogpkka 2011.06.15
Lesson of Passion`s games are always the best.
Hot girls. But we still need some more action (cumshot, please!)

zucriy 2011.06.12
The game was fairly decent. Still needs a quality control option.

jpsacrey 2011.06.12
good games hot girls and lesson passion is best

JCtheMan 2011.06.11
One of my fav games here. Love the girls!! keep it up!

rohan2011 2011.06.09
THis game is yet another gem from LOP
HOT GIRLS and good endings

Fixius604 2011.06.09
Great game. Love the different endings. Well Done.

BallIdiot 2011.06.07
Amazing game and graphics. Both Viv & Jen are gorgeous and the story line is very erotic. The variety in the ending are good: some are erotic, some realistic, and 1 funny one. However, a longer oral sex scene would be nice. Lastly, the interaction by following the red dot sliding on the bar is interesting.

JjS2 2011.06.06
great games i love the graphic

toffy 2011.06.05
good games hot girls and lesson passion is best

fadi11 2011.06.04
brilliant game with high graphics

neeke91 2011.06.04
Great detail and artwork. Short game though

monokini 2011.06.04
this game is very good and detailed. i love it

m4t0n 2011.06.04
hots girls makes this game superb

closetfreakk 2011.06.03
the secretary is hottt beautiful graphics

deb1234 2011.06.02
that was a great game! however i thought the wife was hot too!

incredible 2011.06.01
very nice game. excellent graphics and gameplay

C.C. 2011.05.31
Two hot women but not enough options. Some of the dots didn`t seem to do much other than move the story along. Not bad, but could be better.

pryce 2011.05.30
good easy game. could be longer though

kodab1994 2011.05.28
All it needs now is sounds

misse 2011.05.27
I tried again.
Now game play was mot that nice - nearly no one tough my hair.
Is this a ping pong, or a sex game?

misse 2011.05.26
Dang - I`m not good at being unfaithful - I got to try again...

MrMister71007 2011.05.25
Fantastic game again.. loved it...

IDWTGU 2011.05.24
Great game! I like all the endings!

Soha 2011.05.24
I like this game.Its short but satisfying. Iam craving for more.

salope666 2011.05.20
i like this game girls is hot

kitten88 2011.05.19
cool game, great graphics i like the idea

Asghan 2011.05.18
Nice game with good animations

ramp187 2011.05.17
nice game wid sexy looking graphics

SciaSophylax 2011.05.16
Nice game with good animations

painfull565 2011.05.15
Wonderful game game girls were very hot

Abhishek02 2011.05.13
wow what a game enjoyed a lot...

Lesbiansex 2011.05.13
sexy chicks and great storyline

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
Short game, but two super hotties and some good endings

dr.dirty 2011.05.11
suberb game great grafics. sexy babes and a good story

raegor 2011.05.09
nice game n very sexy looking

priyajassmine 2011.05.08
nice game wid sexy looking graphics

vegetrunks12 2011.05.06
nice game and nice graphic and the story line perfect.

HAhartman 2011.05.04
great game especially the ending where u catch viv accidently fucking thr room service guy

madato 2011.05.03
really great fucks the only advance could be a nice threesome with both girls.

Skarn62 2011.05.03
This was one of the better games to play. The different endings make it interesting.

numbmonster 2011.05.02
great graphics, hope will be much longer

Random25 2011.05.01
Nice game. I expected nothing less from LessonsofPassion

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

charonos 2011.04.29
Hell, i cannot find last ending... But never mind, they are too hot, boths, so why hurry?

thesphinx 2011.04.26
I`ll have to check out other endings, 5 was hillarious

Hos 2011.04.25
wow next grat game, wife is superb hot!

RingTime 2011.04.25
I would have liked to see a bit more.

josueo 2011.04.24
great game, exellent graphics. Just One ending short you getting them all, but will hopefully get it soon. Good Work

lupedude 2011.04.22
It was really short but it was still a great game!

Jaydog0120 2011.04.21
great game, like both girls

zarapastro 2011.04.20
got caugth red handed worst ending possible

Romulus 2011.04.19
the secretary is so hot, this is a very good game.
This was pretty awesome - not all that long, but still, for what it is it was well made and executed.

qwayne 2011.04.19
Omg please reuse both the wife but in a different role

ltworf1 2011.04.17
Good game, the 5 endings are a plus. I got all five. wish it had a 3some ending. one of my faves games

h1r0 2011.04.16
great game nice graphics i couldn`t get all the endings though

rickymuthu 2011.04.15
i love to play this game . it toooo hot

southpole2306 2011.04.15
wow the game is great and the sec. is beautifull

james38 2011.04.15
This game is really fun i love the passion of the game

flesh28 2011.04.12
great graphics, hope will be much longer

DracoD 2011.04.11
great game, exellent graphics. Just One ending short you getting them all, but will hopefully get it soon. Good Work

mendragor 2011.04.10
loved this game alot very very sexy i love it

Tyreich 2011.04.09
fun game with lots of endings and easy to play

herry0012 2011.04.09
great game, nice and to easy

Spirit123 2011.04.08
Nice optic but not very much than just to click

rking8778 2011.04.07
Fun game to play and girls are very sexy. Who could ask for more?

Zeus69 2011.04.07
Very poor story and very short...

ravy-baby 2011.04.04
this game is dope.i hope they got some mo games like dis because this game was cracking.

rohrerby 2011.04.04
This was one of the better games to play. The different endings make it interesting.

redcobra 2011.04.03
An excellent game. The multiple endings provide a variety of gameplay experiences, and the graphics are, as always, great.

Gray Warden 2011.04.01
great gameplay graphic and animation

tacticalillusion 2011.03.31
Very awesome game. But I wish it was a bit longer.

Freedou 2011.03.31
Very good game and great quality and graphics

pain_123 2011.03.29
Nice game the two girls are hot

Lippi1983 2011.03.29
Nice game I like the looks of the girls, they are very hot,Lesson of Passion`s games are always the best.

advokata 2011.03.29
good one, but too short. Maybe you should make him back to his wife `n` stuff :)

darklust 2011.03.25
How i wish there are more animation to this story. the wife was gd

fuckyea123 2011.03.25
loved this game alot very very sexy i love it

barfiemm 2011.03.25
This game was amazing! I loved it so much! Cant wait to play another one! Force One your the BEST SITE EVER!!!

saikat 2011.03.23
Nice game I like the looks of the girls, they are very hot

saikat 2011.03.23
yes really like all games real good

saikat 2011.03.23
Omg please reuse both the wife but in a different role

saikat 2011.03.23
this game is awsom with sexy chics

saikat 2011.03.23
This was pretty awesome - not all that long, but still, for what it is it was well made and execute

hotcoffe 2011.03.23
this game is really nice.....

Tommy.lenguyen0710 2011.03.23
this game is awsom with sexy chics

brian2318 2011.03.23
awsom the chick was hott

dreyer1357 2011.03.22
yes really like all games real good

Kyouyaa 2011.03.21
Omg please reuse both the wife but in a different role

Arcan 2011.03.20
Nice game I like the looks of the girls, they are very hot

bangkai 2011.03.19
this game was awesome but the women is hot

chickenabc 2011.03.18
good game but i like lesson of passion better
hot girls in this but need more action !

Neurotic 2011.03.18
The secretary was way sexier than the wife.

grt.sozinho 2011.03.18
The wife is so hot! But the secretary is also fantastic!

stieven 2011.03.18
The secretary is really nice, like her thong, good game.

tonyxierowell 2011.03.17
you know its exciting experience.

FFFfcp 2011.03.15
grafics good but the history is small

techgnosi 2011.03.14
Some of Leonizer`s hottest women.

drake3969 2011.03.14
Good, could have used more alternate endings.

love is gud 2011.03.13
this game is real awsome

love is gud 2011.03.13
thi game was real gud on of the endings was sad when he who just go too work evey time too fuck jen and stuff and leave his poor wife alone at home :(

guy1982 2011.03.12
the secretary is so hot, this is a very good game

1uke11 2011.03.11
awesome, y can`t they make ps3 games with these graphics

1uke11 2011.03.11
all these girls have nice tits

fastjonny411 2011.03.11
Good visuals, nice plot, overall a good, fun game. Like to see them last a bit longer though.

derekto 2011.03.09
woah!! what a good game. it´s not very long but it has a lot of action.
graphics are good

dragonj 2011.03.09
this game was good i like how it can be diffrent each time you play

drart2 2011.03.06
great game good story wish there was a three some ending

gclg74 2011.03.06
superb game, little short though

angel_of_chaotix 2011.03.05
Classic game, the bad ending would be hilarious if it played the benny hill theme song and had like a cutscene of the main character run around. :D

onetwothree 2011.03.05
The game was good overall. The cum pictures could be drawn a little smoother, but that`s a minor issue compared to the excellent quality.

hardtnmale25 2011.03.04
Pretty sweet game...love the tits on the secretary...

rabkalufias 2011.03.04
unbelieveable,. i get some cum when a play this game.
ohh god,. how this can happen to me

rabkalufias 2011.03.04
Munchman:To get the Different Endings the Choices you need to Make are if you get BJ from Wife, wether you Lie about Room Number, Where to Go after conference (Bathroom or Bed), and If you Answer the Door with Secretary In Room or In Bathroom.

Ending 1 - Get BJ, Go to Bed. (Okay Ending)
Ending 2 - Don`t Get BJ. (Good Ending)
Ending 3 - Get BJ, Tell Truth to Room Number, Go to Bathroom, Secretary in Room. (Bad Ending)
Ending 4 - Get BJ, Tell Truth to Room Number, Go to Bathroom, Secretary in Bathroom. (Good Ending)
Ending 5 - Get BJ, Lie about Room number, Go to Bathroom. (Funny/ Good Ending):

ok i tried this and ca n only get 1 2 3 and 5 so what im i doing wrong other then that graphics and animations are great game play would be better with out the red ball

ichigo_k95 2011.03.04
The graphics are great!!! ALTHOUGH limited storyline. but a good game.!!

rvach 2011.03.04
Lesson of Passion`s games are always the best.
Hot girls. But we still need some more action (cumshot, please!)

heavychevy90 2011.03.02
this game was good i like how it can be diffrent each time you play

bananababy 2011.03.02
nice game
pretty straightforward
the wife`s hotter than the other bitch though

threesneveracrowd 2011.03.02
Good game - typical - I got caught our first time! LOL

klevs 2011.03.02
really nice game. loving the wife and the sec, the wife especially. best game here in my opinion.

J1995s 2011.03.01
A great game. However, in these kinda of games, could you leave the hand rubbing her body during teasing?? And please have some sounds

apoorv 2011.02.28
That was one hec of a hot wife and secretary !! didnt find a way to get a threesome though

thechamp24 2011.02.27
the secretarys body is pretty sweet

Burnzy 2011.02.26
Good Game not many bad endings but entertainging to say the least

He_xu 2011.02.26
Cool this way how, here is create those ends. I very more intrested play game more than once becouse ending types is so meny and you can handled for self.

anshulfucksu 2011.02.26
i am stuck please help me

manchasd 2011.02.26
girl and boy are hot can expect more from lop

Shantres 2011.02.25
The ending doesn`t start...

silver12 2011.02.25
the animation was moving too slow for me

Nightfire 2011.02.22
One of the better games i`ve played

shan 2011.02.22
enjoyed the graphics....a little short though

thechamp24 2011.02.21
graphics are good, could be little longer

alcatel521 2011.02.21
Nice game...amazing graphics. Sound addition would have made it a better experience.

balancedpyro 2011.02.20
graphics are amazing both girls are soo hot

mab93 2011.02.20
Love game. Both girls are hot.

bigmarcus 2011.02.20
hah this is a great one. Got to say loved the 5 ending hah.

r_jay 2011.02.19
great endings with different scenarios

scorpionback 2011.02.19
very good graphics game...thumbs up

day21696 2011.02.19
great game amazing graphics

steamroll2012 2011.02.18
Great game,ending 5 is very funny ,to have unknow sex with a complete stranger

racata21 2011.02.18
Great game, love the endings!! hahahaha

r_jay 2011.02.17
good funny endingnif you lie

thapieroxx 2011.02.17
OMG that game have a greate interaction and the grapich is so nice , i play this game 5 times becouse the story is a very good idea ...

urbigdaddyjj 2011.02.17
the graphics are kinda dull wish there was animation too

hatton95 2011.02.17
loved it threesome would have been good though

damiancho 2011.02.16
exelent game i lvoe it yea really very well

x0203046 2011.02.15
I love it
i agree the girls are all realy hot

Tiger21 2011.02.15
Great graphics, extremely hot women and a good plot.

Colvin 2011.02.14
Great game, good graphics

eng551 2011.02.13
this is a great game will play again

canlee1983 2011.02.12
the CG is awesomely good.....

preciousbabae1234 2011.02.11
at first it was hard but in the end it was fun

ken3ma 2011.02.11
I love it. Will play this on again.

Ray_man 2011.02.10
Verry good game, i like this kind of games.

trickyboy 2011.02.07
Great game, could do some more audio

marcelino21 2011.02.06
a simple game with fantastic graphics

Jerezano 2011.02.03
is a very good game i like to have more history but is good!!!

onebto 2011.02.03
good game and great story line

PatrickKane 2011.02.03
Very good game, the way to pleasure the woman was new and pretty cool.

Shadow085 2011.02.02
nice game with great quality and graphics

seratu 2011.02.02
Wonderfull game hot and sexy, it is really hard to decide wich chick to bang there ^_° both are hot

Boykoff 2011.02.02
super game... simple, interesting, HOT......
ang girls are perfect

islandchick268 2011.02.02
fun game play great graphic

sincere 2011.02.02
this game has nice graphics

haa 2011.02.01
good game thought threesome would have been great

old_ironside78 2011.02.01
Quite good gameplay, but a little bit short!

ranirodrique 2011.02.01
cool game..the graphics are also excellent

kurokoi792fuji@gmail.com 2011.01.31
Good set partners, and the possible choice of getting off home free or burning-- good games have the potential danger risk of getting caught, making it great. ^^ (the follow-the-ball was unique , too)

jojomi89 2011.01.31
this is my favorite game.

cherry_puss 2011.01.29
its a good game but sometimes boring

raunak96 2011.01.28
nice endings ....luv dis game

raunak96 2011.01.28
nice endings ....luv dis game

Wilyam 2011.01.26
I love games with multiple endings

jcc1985 2011.01.26
liked the game good grapihcs

sunschayn 2011.01.24
a good game with good graphic and amasing girl

wishwash 2011.01.22
Awesome game those girls were awesome

Zonkko01 2011.01.22
Good Graphic, good Story, hot Girls .... all is Great and i like it!!!

Zonkko01 2011.01.22
I love the game. Hot Story, great Girls and cool great graphic! Give me more :-)

arsenal91 2011.01.21
he is so unfaithful in the gameplay

jdeere2000 2011.01.21
I really like the multiple endings!

midena1 2011.01.20
I love this game and it has nice characters too. The graphic design in the game is really good

jawel 2011.01.20
This is an axcellente game!
thanks a lot for all!

fordsd 2011.01.18
ok game

mugambo 2011.01.18
Superb graphics, as every LoP game.. a bit too short though

tonito 2011.01.16
excellent options to choose

tonito 2011.01.16
very very nice game only I had difficulties hitting the dot

Tanakia 2011.01.16
it is a great game. I enfonyed it very much

PinaColada 2011.01.15
Great game but needs more sex action.

avesmazzic 2011.01.14
If you could combine these characters with the animation of play force one, you would have a massive hit on your hands.

avesmazzic 2011.01.14
One of the first games I played. I love the wife, and you need to remember to be clean when you hook up with the secretary, otherwise you go nowhere. Also, a sequel where you can have both of them would be prime.

lovelykiddy 2011.01.13
some of the endings were deep but still.. that`s one hot secretary.

awesomeness 2011.01.13
this game is good but too short

phano 2011.01.12
this game is so hot. DAMMMM

wasser 2011.01.11
grear girls, but game was too short i think

Kuppz90 2011.01.10
Awesome girls! hot as hell , loved the game =)

Joeyy 2011.01.09
very good girls, but game was too short i think

edwin4483 2011.01.09
nice game very good graphics too

Dzjorsj 2011.01.08
being unfaitthful never felt so good ;)

pennarello55 2011.01.08
good game but you are costricted to have sex with the secretary

NDR 2011.01.07
Superb graphics, as every LoP game.. But too short.

ryuki 2011.01.07
Nice game seriously , would be better if there is a threesome or more girls involve .

helianemaine22 2011.01.06
nice game hope more girls we have

shadowsnake_x 2011.01.05
Liking these games a lot....Maybe instead of music,put in some sound effects instead???

subvert 2011.01.05
god damn. great game. blew like two loads.

psu91 2011.01.03
ok game..wish it would have been longer but the girls were hot

66Ryan 2011.01.03
needs more quality time with the wife:P haha great game

raven47172 2011.01.03
Really great game. Great to try to get all of the endings. This is one of my favorite games.

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
good game but its to litle sex scenes

zoidburg 2011.01.03
is there a ending where you get both girls?

kenny_la 2011.01.02
really nice graphics, though threesome would be nice

dajasand 2011.01.02
this is a good game not too hard but not as easy as others i have played.

Genocider 2011.01.02
Good Game i`m very interesting.....but the story too predictable

whatcrackcrack 2011.01.02
a guilty pleasure of a game. however, i have been trying to get a threesome...and i haven`t succeeded yet. can anyone help? i`m not even sure there is threesome haha but it would be an awesome scenario.

glimma 2011.01.01
Nice Game beautiful Girls play t it over and over

Xagan 2011.01.01
Very cool game, I hope for an update sometime.

shishkabob 2010.12.31
This is fun little game, pretty fast. As the name suggests, its more fun to be unfaithful :-)

simh86 2010.12.31
Awesome, great story, nice animation

edward99 2010.12.30
awesome, but better graphics on the cumshots/facials is really needed.

robbygr8 2010.12.30
hey i`m stuck in the game when rob is with jen and have fun with her ....please help

robbygr8 2010.12.30
the girls in the game are really hot .......the script is good too .....good game

gensai34 2010.12.30
This is the best game I have played to date! Good job to whoever put this one todether.

tarantela 2010.12.30
good history and graphics
nice game!

mjwm54 2010.12.29
Great game. Jennifer is AMAZING!

VDiesel88 2010.12.29
The graphics are good, but can`t more be added on to the storyline?

kingdong 2010.12.28
nice game really good looking girls

nightwillo 2010.12.28
i like some of thegames some i just dont gethow to use ..some dont seem to work with mouse wel...

nairo 2010.12.28
This game has nice pictures and an awesome graphic

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.28
Another good game, but only ok, like Dirty Pictures and a few others, it`s all linear with only dialogue creating different endings. Saying that, Ending 5 was amusing, the girls were hot, not keen on the ball but then I`d prefer the sex scenes to be animated rather than interactive anyway.

leorrixx 2010.12.28
nice game with good graphics hehe its awsome

awesomatron 2010.12.26
love the way the girls look in this one! great game!

Miller1675 2010.12.26
Great game with multiple endings

Mezi2010 2010.12.25
The game was great especially with the beginning

Infoyo 2010.12.25
nice endings! and the game is quiet okay, but it is a bit short

Danji 2010.12.24
Great game with great graphics. Going to try and get all 5 endings.

Gemman67 2010.12.24
Very nice , only did 1 ending so far so cant wait till i get the rest...

yayyan 2010.12.23
Buena mamada de la esposa

dee dee 2010.12.22
the girls really impressive and the games story absolutely hot love this so much but is there next episode???? wait for that otherwise

immanis 2010.12.22
very hot game and good grafics!

username2010 2010.12.22
nice game! are there any more girls other than the wife and assistant?

KisaJrII 2010.12.22
Great game i would love to play it again

lolly 2010.12.22
cool game like the looks of the girls

gotpwned 2010.12.21
good game and graphics are fine too

dalmatian 2010.12.21
This is a just wonderfull game. A little simple to get to some of the endings.

castilho 2010.12.21
Very sexy girls, is there any chance to end up with both of theme?

punyu 2010.12.20
hot game..
i got all the endings..

igigig 2010.12.19
great game, the girls are hot, only thing is that i cant seem to get more than two endings.

kira105 2010.12.19
awesome game, hot girls and nice graphics :*

ilovethesegames 2010.12.18
These games are great. I love the graphics, the actual plot to it. The affair. It`s amazing.

hiliaiz 2010.12.18
i love this game and the craphic is awsome

mick149 2010.12.18
i got caught serves me right fir being greedy :)

weromont 2010.12.17
Beautiful graphics toy is a good

homeboikirei 2010.12.16
Slow start. Can`t wait to see more like it with better interactions. Keep up the good work!

ricardos 2010.12.16
its a realy good game but a litle short

ken23 2010.12.15
I prefer brunette hot secretary
Good game!

sexman2.0 2010.12.13
sex with hot chicks, cha-ching

kyropyro420 2010.12.13
that was cool having so many different endings

hellostranger88 2010.12.13
i loved this game.. and i loved different endings

thenny 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

yakov12322 2010.12.12
it`s a great game but i prefer more games like jordan 500 or lop2...

fox123 2010.12.12
this is my favorite game!!

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

arthas 2010.12.11
this is actually a very good game .. and i`ve seen a lotta trash by the way ..... seriously good

HornyPorny 2010.12.10
good game, nice graphs and good story

Karl Urban 2010.12.09
very fun game with easy to follow controls. can`t wait to play again for the different endings.

matthew601 2010.12.09
this was a good game like all of then keep them coming

xxkittenchow6xx 2010.12.08
i love this game ive got all 5 endings

Manijak 2010.12.08
Well, this game is quite ok though. Not bad

pimppi69 2010.12.08
good game so good graphics and differend endings

qwert123 2010.12.08
nice game and nice endings
a little bit to short

lemonadez 2010.12.08
overall it`s a cool game, with a good replayability factor to get the different endings. Great graphics, as usual. Love this games.

wloo175 2010.12.07
Very enjoyable lok forward to finding all five endings

guisir46 2010.12.07
I liked the secretary. I would like get the same at job.

matthi 2010.12.07
i think its a god game butt not great. it isn´t my favorite

Gradstone 2010.12.07
Good game, very sexy women, good graphics, but I can only get 2 endings.... How to get the others?

230250 2010.12.07
Beaucoup de possibilit??s tout au long du jeu, tr?s bon jeu, beau graphisme.

freylex 2010.12.06
great game i really enjoyed it

saul878 2010.12.06
gameplay is nice and storyline is interesting with numerous outcomes so u worth playing more than once

steven69 2010.12.05
Great game, the wife is hot and the graphics are great

rumpelstekin 2010.12.05
Great game.Funny and hot game.

Andy78 2010.12.05
Great game! Girls are awsome,so hot(especially his wife),graphic is good, I really enjoyed playing

spurs56 2010.12.05
good game as usual great graphics

Ranma 2010.12.04
Again, it is what I`ve already said about others already. Needs the characters to be more animated, rather than a moving background that distracts too much.

freezrick 2010.12.04
Did anyone manage to get to an interaction between the 2 ladies? Because I found only two different endings so far.. Thank you

zeretet 2010.12.04
Good graphics and a bit boring

paolo121 2010.12.04
they just keep getting better all the time quality

alby21 2010.12.03
A little short. Not much interaction. Good graphics though.

kingdick223 2010.12.03
this game was really awsome

maxim_reality 2010.12.03
OMG... I love this girls :))

aaar 2010.12.02
i can only get one ending

BokyS 2010.12.02
grafic is awsome but i dont like the story

appointments 2010.12.02
it seems to be encouraging infidelity. His wife seems to have done nothingwrong

guy23xx 2010.12.01
game was alright was a little to short for me thou

beasonisbeast 2010.12.01
good game nice title lol wish you could do more tho

seidoubah 2010.12.01
graphics are nice and the story is good with interestings endings !!

darthzman 2010.11.30
Totallyis very good but but cumm scence is not smoot. And is possible I want charector can movement mor then this.

Sturmy81 2010.11.30
Ok, i got it this time...

Sturmy81 2010.11.30
Really great game, but how do i get to the second end???

dralathan 2010.11.29
Another great LoP game, though a threesome with both girls would have been the best option (or maybe it is and I just haven`t found it...?)

blindwrite 2010.11.29
I found this more difficult than the others, I keep trying. Nice graphics

schrottie 2010.11.28
good graphics, nice story lines but a little too short.

Rawlitz 2010.11.28
at least some background music would be nice.

x3n0s 2010.11.27
another good game, but a little simple

mjwm54 2010.11.27
This one was reaaly good. I hope there will be some sort of sequel to it.

Graeme Green 2010.11.27
great game..easy to follow..enjoyed every min..

4loco 2010.11.27
sound would be nice none of your games have sound

joshniel 2010.11.27
hot game. pretty easy to achieve the endings

vizard-d 2010.11.27
i like this game. but hate the fact it`s only 100 days....

okokok111 2010.11.27
Amazing game!Well playing!

Kazual 2010.11.26
it`s good game with great grafic and hot baby but simple

Dmitri779 2010.11.26
A fantastic game, great graphics.

goldger 2010.11.26
i really love this gameee that blonde bitch is pretty

fradellasera 2010.11.26
One of my favorite games! Look for the continuation and I hope for a more interactive

arcedon 2010.11.26
i like this game . it gives me lots of excitement

ThickMia 2010.11.25
i really love the game except the ending was kinda already known. but the game was completely interesting i love to see what happen between rob and Jennifer so yea kept up the good work

teijgertje 2010.11.25
good graphics, nice story lines but a little too short.

marcodeg 2010.11.25
Great Game and great 3D graphics

marcodeg 2010.11.25
I can`t understand the editor`s choice.
No story, as a story could be, really. Bad animation.
Another way to see porno photos, only

hackerhami 2010.11.25
awesome game but a litle hard but still loved it

dsvjr19 2010.11.24
Great game although for the moment all I can get is ending number 1

Magnanimus 2010.11.24
I love this game, but it`s too short

webstocker 2010.11.24
another great game, but chasing that red dot was anoying

dewamps 2010.11.23
Awesome graphics, great endings. can`t wait for more

Iceswords 2010.11.23
Good game, but I would have liked some more scenes.

Daddy0927 2010.11.22
Ther are great ending to the game

caliche1985 2010.11.22
Relly cool game, but, how many endings does it have?

mart1n1 2010.11.22
Great animations, loved the endings with you and your wife and your wife with the black guy. Particularly amusing.

Thundercracker 2010.11.22
Great graphics, superbly good looking women, good plot. I would suggest adding sex noises to the sex scenes (moaning, spanking, orgasm screams, etc). Maybe even have one of the ladies squirt for a fun suprise. The red ball is hard to master. Overall another well made game from leonizer.

kings1668 2010.11.21
Nice graphic! love this game, got all the endings!

soulflame44 2010.11.21
this game is a great game and very good grapics

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
very good and satisfying game but it must be longer

Bahmed 2010.11.21
Absolutely great game. Kind sort, but the multiple endings and cute girls improve it.

zelda2112 2010.11.21
good game could havee more thp

rob12 2010.11.21
another great game from place force one

lucasjoe 2010.11.20
c`est trop bon ce jeux, j`aime !!!!!

androsjy 2010.11.20
Another masterpieces from playforceone. Great game for storyline & graphics...

hok122 2010.11.20
good example of why i like these games.

martinne2008 2010.11.19
love the twists, and that what makes this game worth playing... again and again and again!

freederm 2010.11.19
I love this game I Can`t wait until I can go away on a trip next

squibblezombie 2010.11.18
I agree with DavieJones... I like the wife

DavieJones7 2010.11.18
I think that the wife is hotter

dragonguardian13 2010.11.18
i game is nice but im curious why do all the girls have HUGE tits. What ever happened to normal non porn star tits.

Bonnierider 2010.11.18
I will play again this game....is amazing

JAC5388 2010.11.17
Great game too bad that there is no threesome option

tiger006 2010.11.17
Gorgeous woman. Wish it teased a bit more

FrancoisF 2010.11.16
Not have all endings, but really funny ;)

joe901j21 2010.11.16
good story like and pretty easy to play

artista 2010.11.16
very good and satisfying game but it must be longer

boobear07 2010.11.16
good game but wish it was longer

cronner 2010.11.16
beautiful girl, great game

starracer0101 2010.11.15
awesome game, like the graphics and the gameplay

donkilla10 2010.11.15
great game, wasn`t long enough though

tubs 2010.11.15
I liked playing this one, needs more endings though

suprec 2010.11.15
nice game but some are better

starracer0101 2010.11.15
Very good game. Nice graphics. Liking all the games...

johan 2010.11.14
graphic looks very good animation is great i love the game

brooktrout 2010.11.14
This is an excellent game with great graphics. Enjoyed it!

Brandon19 2010.11.14
Great Graphics, again =D loved it

xtum 2010.11.14
grafics good as always and the chars were good and good gameplay

Pietr Vlaminsky 2010.11.14
Good Game Too. Also in my favourites. could be a little bit longer too. keep the good working.

contractor 2010.11.14
Nice game. Wish it was longer though.

Apac20 2010.11.14
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

thaura 2010.11.13
A very good game, great graphics. Does need to show more.

wow123 2010.11.13
i cant get all the endings but i love the graphics

kabayan47 2010.11.12
i think i love the wife more .
esspecialy with the maid outfit. . that was damn good

kaplanadze 2010.11.12
grafic and animation good but it would be longer

thegrail 2010.11.12
love the twists, and that what makes this game worth playing... again and again and again!

fulham1fc 2010.11.12
Awesome game little simple though

tionghan 2010.11.12
awesome game, gorgeous women. i wish i am robert. Cool!

Bigred1990 2010.11.11
Great game its better than i thought it would be.

prcko 2010.11.11
one of the best games,got all the endings,girls are so hot:)

coolboy18 2010.11.11
cool game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the girl was very hot

guy2000 2010.11.10
love the girls, especially the secretary, so hot!

Fly88xx 2010.11.10
Great idea with the red ball

ahclem 2010.11.10
Mostly great. red ball is tough for those with a slow mouse. threesome option would be GREAT

scrip 2010.11.10
the game is great, girls are great but it lasts to little, I want to play it for longer time

dees666 2010.11.10
unfortunately its too short. the graphic was beautiful. but still the story still lack. but thats alright. the chick are so hot.

SkylineR34GTR 2010.11.10
Most enjoyable. Great game.

ultimaporn 2010.11.10
love these games they kind of show you what life is like

SkylineR34 2010.11.10
Very entertaining, very well put together/

frain_efren 2010.11.09
funny because i reached the ending where his wife was fucking with a black guy!

vagoolian 2010.11.08
Great graphics and was long enough.

cadexx 2010.11.08
nice story and plot....wish i could play as robert...hmmm...

darknesslove 2010.11.08
extremely sexy, wish they were mine. :)

trackman77 2010.11.08
i liked the graphics. maybe a threesome. how to get all the endings?

yy2 2010.11.08
Thanks for your comments Munchman, I like having an easy guide to the possible endings. I agree w/ those of you who would like to see a three way or lesbian ending.

showmelp 2010.11.08
well,great game with lots endings..perfect

gario69 2010.11.07
the game was great and the ending No. 5 was funny....XDDDD

loadedgunx24 2010.11.07
decent game. not as good as some of the others. not really a fan of games involving adultery

santiflas 2010.11.07
super juegasoooo!!!! no tiene nada en contra!!!!

ismo115 2010.11.07
This game was a little bit dull but fun too play and great graphics!

mercury88 2010.11.07
I like these types of games

redplane1 2010.11.06
This is soo hot.. Nice game guys who made it. Keep it up.

Korns 2010.11.06
Got hung up for a bit trying to warm the secretary up, but other than that, it was a pretty good game.

randomguy530 2010.11.06
i like these types of games, but i can only get two endings =/

clouseau 2010.11.06
Nice and short. I actually managed to get all five endings for a change.

mathiasf 2010.11.06
Ce style de jeu est purement excellent, mais du coup on en veut toujours plus. h??h??.

Froom7 2010.11.06
I really like the graphics of the game. Nice story too. But I would never cheat....

monsterdick 2010.11.06
the game is nice with great graphics

monsterdick 2010.11.06
is there any way to have sex with both of them

lkjh 2010.11.05
I like the story but i want more action between the girls

monkey980 2010.11.05
Great game sexy ladies was hoping for a threesome scene

acpreston13 2010.11.05
Good Game - I am now looking forward to playing the 2nd episode.

Karter 2010.11.05
Nice Game.... the ending is amazing.

samueloon 2010.11.05
awesome game plz create more

liperadugui 2010.11.05
the game os awesome..the graphics are amazing and the endings much better....

playforce8 2010.11.05
I really love this game, the graphic was great

poppin123 2010.11.05
good example of why i like these games

jdh20 2010.11.04
i love this game alot, i like the endings alot to, god they make anyone horny for this stuff

bigsmoke 2010.11.04
Good game, but too short, maybe a sequel in some dating sim, rpg game would be a blast

sutty 2010.11.04
good game,two hot babe`s graphics ok too short sequel would be good.

tequillaxxx 2010.11.04
to bad you cant let the 1st one do a blowjob in order to fuck the brunette

walrus13 2010.11.04
graphics are always great on your games

Simpson 2010.11.04
to short for a really good game

barry23 2010.11.04
idealna girka,fantastyczna grafika i switna historia,naprawde rewelka

mirageshiva 2010.11.04
i love this game, short but satisfying... i`m craving for more...

kjdehn 2010.11.03
i would never heat on a girl like that if i had here

pussypleaser4u 2010.11.03
great game love the graphics.

BigG520 2010.11.03
Sweet Game. Both girls were real hot.

darlinth 2010.11.03
nice game wish it was a bit longer

hugo57 2010.11.03
good graphics...great women...should market some as playing card sets to promote and market
these games...posters..game could have gone on more ..over all an A-..would`ve been nice if the wife and secretary turned the tables on cheating husband..stretched out a lesbian story line or
even a three some

Patches62 2010.11.03
This is a pretty good game, I`m just not a big fan of the red dot system.

Arty 2010.11.03
the game is ok, but it`s too short(

filoufix 2010.11.02
i found all ending . a great game

broutillez 2010.11.02
wonderful and thrilling game

luke76 2010.11.02
very good game. it only need a few more sex scene.

poisike1000 2010.11.02
Love the girls, but it is too short

pytheas 2010.11.02
This is not the best one. Finishing the game is pretty easy.

kunal00731 2010.11.02
It is undoubtedly a nice game but it takes too long too load. However it was very enjoying.

Rekcur 2010.11.02
I liked this game. The women were hot, the graphics were nice. I don`t know what else to say :P

Moki 2010.11.02
Great graphics, good story needs sound.

mamaface123 2010.11.01
The grpahic of this game is great!

pontdoggah 2010.11.01
rob is an absolute champion. love the game

Glorygld 2010.11.01
This is a good game. A little simple and very easy to get to some of the endings.

Kabul77 2010.11.01
The graphics are great. The plot also, I love making a slut out of my wife

Dna10 2010.11.01
Long waiting but it was worth it!

arcedon 2010.10.31
nice game and endings, wish it has more ending secquences

hot1234 2010.10.31
Really was hoping for a threesome, but got all the endings and found the wife to be hot!

xradu 2010.10.31
nice story behind this game ... I like it!

HornyPorny 2010.10.31
great game, really hot and sexy

aardappel 2010.10.31
sexy girls, i love the game, one of the best

dbrvr 2010.10.31
hot girls , but need more close ups on cum shots

noneed999 2010.10.31
good game n sexy characters

noneed999 2010.10.31
tis game s good n hot n has a good 3d quality

butterfinger 2010.10.31
Really good game but way too short. Still good quality, nice looking girls...

evilution.666 2010.10.31
This is a good game. A little simple and very easy to get to some of the endings.

Love it!

wc47 2010.10.31
great game....hi5 to this game...bit confusing though.

registrade 2010.10.30
i would die for that secretary! :D

Soulafein 2010.10.30
Another awesome game, with great graphics and good options, even it could have mote actions viable.

vipor56 2010.10.30
good story line cool grphics all in all good game

write2varun 2010.10.30
it is a awesome game but the level was not up to the mark

cyclops14 2010.10.30
good game but it is a bit to easy i think

renonly69 2010.10.30
its a great game looks almost real

mikefrost 2010.10.29
This was a nice game, except it was kind of short and there weren`t that many endings.

walkwithme 2010.10.29
At the beginning I thought the game is a bit too simple, but then I discovered endings 3-5 which made it up for me. Nice graphics, too. It would be nice if it was a bit longer.

drake1 2010.10.29
loved it! wife = hella sexy

arathor 2010.10.28
outstanding, just outstanding, great game and great girls

aviane2145 2010.10.28
really awesome! it needs more detail though. other than that, 10 out of 10!

Damianos 2010.10.28
Amazing graphics and awesome fantasy plot that most guys can understand.

Carpot 2010.10.28
I love the lession of passion games! Waiting for more!

medmarine2 2010.10.28
great game enjoyed playin it

trueguy1964 2010.10.28
this game has some really good

Towy 2010.10.28
the action is good, just need to work out all of the endings

magic2hr 2010.10.28
good game but i like lesson of passion better
hot girls in this but need more action !

themoda 2010.10.28
Jajajaja I enjoyed very with the endings, good game, and good grapphics

cooldt11235 2010.10.27
i love this game, the blonde is just amazing, but the brunette is fine as well, i wish there was a way for a threesome

Urim 2010.10.27
nice, i like the girls in this one.. i`m really enjoying these games

jack robson 2010.10.27
good game but i like lesson of passion better
hot girls in this but need more action !

ZZDrum 2010.10.27
Really wish their was a threesome option, otherwise great game. LoP games are great! :D

steviewonder 2010.10.27
whats the best of the lessons of passion games? looking for similar to this

steviewonder 2010.10.27
animations are hot and the variety of endings is entertaining

Damia 2010.10.27
capativating story. But lousy movements.

dannie1 2010.10.27
It is good to see a game where the main male person is not bald :)

liam2923 2010.10.26
2 hot girls good game just the gameplay was bit hard

the_killer 2010.10.26
This game is nice, too bad there isn`t a threesome ending, that would be cool.

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending.

blingy24 2010.10.26

rivan88 2010.10.25
great endings awsome game

defleppard27 2010.10.25
its just too short dude...

defleppard27 2010.10.25
great animation,nice story,overall, I LOVE IT!!!

chencho198 2010.10.25
nice game, the girls are hot but is short

reido1986 2010.10.25
playforceone graphics are the best on the net - this game is pretty short though!

star-dust 2010.10.25
good game... nice to play and so so hot

dreams.awoken 2010.10.25
I`ve played a couple of games now and so far this has my favourite graphics.

bensun 2010.10.25
another great game, but a bit short

paddywhack 2010.10.25
managed all the endings not too difficult

kellylover12 2010.10.24
Man both the girls in this game made me cum so hard wish they were real.

fedavid 2010.10.24
Nice game, good history and graphics!!!!!

BxBr 2010.10.24
Very, very good requires thought

chete79 2010.10.24
Really good game. So good

DangerMan 2010.10.24
brilliant game
loved girls in it

eelover08 2010.10.23
My first game here, so I don`t know how to compare it to others. Liked the graphics, though.

lunarhugs 2010.10.23
Lotta these new Leonizer games have a suicide ending.Whats with that?

danielgomes007 2010.10.23
the game is great loved the graphics

ilpipin8 2010.10.23
nice game, great girls, so sexy!!!

bspence3 2010.10.23
Nice game, Beautiful women and not very difficult, but fun.

Rex Hayashi 2010.10.22
i love this game and the endings you can get

phreaky1 2010.10.22
I like dirty pictures better than this one

TheSexiiJuanito 2010.10.22
the game is great loved the graphics

marcoco 2010.10.22
Awesome girls several endings, great graphics hot women and pleasant animations. great

Bjorn13 2010.10.21
Very good game with nice and varied endings.

Bloodfenris 2010.10.21
Great game! Love this style of game.

Mackishe 2010.10.21
im very happy with this game it is amazing

Jonnyboytoy 2010.10.21
these games totally bring you into the action! excellent

xxrammherxx 2010.10.21
Great game and it had a pretty good story twist

xxrammherxx 2010.10.21
This was an awsome game and i highly recomend trying it to anyone

hari027 2010.10.21
nice , could be a bit longer

sneedusmc99 2010.10.21
Low and Behold the very reasons you dont cheat on your wife! lol This was a good game both women were amazing and had great bodies, love the storyline too

urban70 2010.10.21
I like it, good graphics, nice plot, a little sad though

gagoka 2010.10.21
i already played all the endings

johnny_g 2010.10.21
graphocs gameplay was great but more work on the animation ould of made it the best game

johnny_g 2010.10.21
gameplay was great along with the animations and graphics

johnny_g 2010.10.21
graphics were awesome but if the animations were like mnf gamesw, it woulda been the best

johnny_g 2010.10.21
im stuck and im trying to figure out how to get the other endinds

pigtae 2010.10.20
Lesson of Passion`s games are always the best.

Qvorum 2010.10.20
Amazing game. Both girls are super hot

Zilos 2010.10.20
Excellent game, hot chicks!

niknak 2010.10.20
bit short but two of the hottest girls created

puma420 2010.10.20
grrrrrrrrrreat game!! loved all bout it!

mwafaq 2010.10.20
good game, needs a little improvement on graphics but still a good game

redev999 2010.10.20
good gamebut a bit short as others have said

bigboi2128 2010.10.19
great game both women were hot

jimbio 2010.10.19
Amazing game. Both girls are super hot

funface1 2010.10.19
the two hottest LOP girls, hands down.

g.murat 2010.10.19
Super game, more action in graphics and it will be better

beastial 2010.10.19
Got 3 of the endings not sure if the 4th or the 5th one are best

sammy7838 2010.10.19
this game is awesome and i like it so much specially the position selection section

jb007 2010.10.18
I can`t get to ending 4 or 5

jb007 2010.10.18
Ending three is not good. I`m still looking for a threesome.

jb007 2010.10.18
I keep on getting ending 2?

jb007 2010.10.18
I`m trying for the threesome

jb007 2010.10.18
Are there any endings with a threesome?

jb007 2010.10.18
Their are five fun endings for this game/

jb007 2010.10.18
This game is fun, but alittle too easy.

xxrammherxx 2010.10.18
great looking girls and a good ending

aj22 2010.10.18
its just a fun game with good graphics

aj22 2010.10.18
why do they have chicken pocks waaahh

hellooo 2010.10.18
I like the game , but it`s very simple. graphics good.

laurajones 2010.10.18
LOP continuing with their fine work - great graphics and good story. The girls aren`t the hottest they`ve done but that may just be my own taste. Hoping one day they will make a huge day with more than 5 endings and more than a couple of girls

coolerguy 2010.10.18
good game, wish they had characters with smaller boobs tho.

freddy791 2010.10.18
great game enjoyed playing it

Dasroth 2010.10.18
Great game always enjoy there stuff

bookie 2010.10.18
good game, nice graphics, needs threesome

Ceaxy 2010.10.17
great graphic an gameplay

Jackson7722 2010.10.17
eines der besten bisher! weiter so

RunawayHydra 2010.10.17
Great looking girls and I love that it was so open ended. Great job!

ian12345 2010.10.17
great game enjoyed playing it

Stylishman 2010.10.17
Good game... but I would have wanted more options.

nullion20 2010.10.17
A bit short? Could have been a little longer? But otherwise a good game!

Zeka 2010.10.16
nu tut vabwe ni4evo interesnova

rotcman 2010.10.16
Can someone help me get the third ending. I am having trouble with that one.

dpinter 2010.10.16
I can`t get the third ending! How do you do it?

dubidu 2010.10.16
gosh i loooove this game! it is so fucking hot i came like 4 or 5 times :D

arcedon 2010.10.16
great game has a lot and hope to do all the endings soon

ookami 2010.10.16
Great game, nice graphics, a little too short, definitly Viv takes the cake as the hottest of the two.

chrisgrinch 2010.10.15
the game ended far to quickly for me on my 1st go i was not impressed

Piercingaze 2010.10.15
This game was way too short. Extremely linear plot line, not much deviation. Good storyline though, could use slight expansion in options.

Renaultus 2010.10.15
i wish there was a chance at a threesome.

scienze 2010.10.15
great styling of the girls, thanks also for this game

HenryWarrick 2010.10.15
Pretty short game. The part where we had to caress Jen`s hair was a bit useless I think. Animations are great though.

retros1 2010.10.15
Very good game, but i want to more scenes. More options

noamiko1 2010.10.15
A nice game...not much more than that.

s@nt!no 2010.10.15
Short and boring. The endings are lame too.

humbucku 2010.10.15
Great Game and great 3D graphics

sexy1 2010.10.15
Great gameplay. Girls are hot as.

ghostwalker187 2010.10.15
Awesome game as usual. Love the creative story lines and magnificent artwork.

AhzianRai 2010.10.14
very hot... the mouse was a bit laggy though... try to make it flow next time

OmgMike 2010.10.14
The Best game Ive played so far. Amazing graphics. And Sex scenes is Awesome =D. Keep it commin.

raider10 2010.10.14
realy nice grafiks but i wish it was bigger with more action.but still a great game.

bt5121 2010.10.14
This is a very cool game and the girls are very very hot

Fulcrum 2010.10.14
Nice one, though a threesome end would have been nice

astro123 2010.10.14
option where wife doesn`t show up at all be nice

shabi_nsu 2010.10.14
it was great game i wish you include sounds in it

STOWA 2010.10.13
A good game with good twists, and options to choose between :).. which is what many of these games lacks lately.. so nice to see

Lollo92 2010.10.13
Yeah! This is a great game. Nice sex scene.

Vinny778 2010.10.13
a little to short but still very sexy

draco532 2010.10.13
Really nice Grafics and the Girls look really pretty now,liked it very much =)

kamouloxx 2010.10.13
This is a really great game, very funny and sexy.

Baril04 2010.10.13
a little short but so sexy
This game is one of my favorite

Mikeymac13 2010.10.13
Short game, but great animation. Would be nice to have an option with your wife and secretary.

Spaz1na 2010.10.12
the graphics are excellent

Asimov 2010.10.12
Missing one of the endings, but too repetitive. Be nice if there was more to do to this game.

supremelord170 2010.10.12
Pretty good game. Found ending 5 to be hilarious.

xpto 2010.10.12
Cool Game another one right on the spot keep the good work going

Delete Coockie 2010.10.12
A very good game. I like all games of Leonizer

UDEAD 2010.10.12
its a gre8 game but needs more scenes and a better ending

k4rg00l 2010.10.12
Jen is one of the best girls on this site ;P

ursusson 2010.10.12
very good game but could be more challenging

gregdog316 2010.10.12
great story line and good graphics

burnout420 2010.10.12
another good LoP game. cant wait for the next one.

chumak 2010.10.12
Very nice and HOT game. Though the ending with Viv and black guy seemed cut short of the actual ending ;)
And introduce sound to the game, please

DBlake17 2010.10.12
pretty hot game, nice graphics and a sweet story

andylp 2010.10.11
this game is too hot just love it

mConte 2010.10.11
Nice but a little too obvious

garvh 2010.10.11
Very nice game only i cant find ending 4...

allyouneed101 2010.10.11
Graphics are great wish it had sound.

douglas300 2010.10.11
this game so hot. Very nice!

maffemich 2010.10.11
Hot girls with nice endings, premium game

Wexxle 2010.10.10
Good stuff, but you miss out on a lot just because of the little things you need to switch up to get a different ending. There should be more major differences.

belfir3 2010.10.10
this was a good game im still tryin to find all the endings

rebyc 2010.10.10
Hi! This time two plays, two ends.... wife in interracial sex :-)

mayor 2010.10.10
This series reminds me of a business you make trip was very exciting

pussymaniac23 2010.10.10
I give this game an perfect 30

Perfect 10 for it`s gameplay
Perfect 10 for it`s graphics
Perfect 10 for it`s animations

RiesenKopf 2010.10.09
I wish Lessons of Passion could work with Pusooy team as they could make a perfect team I guess. Both make great games, but the jokers are different. If only they could ...

jimmythedriver 2010.10.09
Fantastic! Another solid one from PF1. Love the replay-ability of these types of games.

kakag 2010.10.09
great game but it is too short

kakag 2010.10.09
really good game but too short

kakag 2010.10.09
great game but should have more action and too short

tetrashade 2010.10.09
Great game, but it`s a bit short. The girls are HOT though.

pilotmaster30 2010.10.09
Very excited game, with very good animation, could last a bit longer with more interactive scenes.

juggernaut13 2010.10.08
loved how interactive it was

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.08
Awesome graphics! I love this game, and unlike a couple of the others similar, I was able to find all the endings

BaraTaz 2010.10.08
is there a way to fina a walktrough so i can easyer get to the endings

coragio 2010.10.07
o man that game is really hot damn

aradon 2010.10.07
Seem to be stuck getting some of the endings

longroadhome 2010.10.07
way too short, but otherwise not bad

wahooman48 2010.10.07
these type of games would be better with some sound

Jermuu 2010.10.06
Great game!! Some sound in there and it would be perfect.

rudess269 2010.10.06
Fun game, but couldn`t find threesome option...they should make it if it does not exist

nexo 2010.10.06
i love these type of games and would love to see more of these

jjtower2 2010.10.06
good game! Maybe little short! would be better to have more endings ih one game!

davduckie 2010.10.06
nice scenario and beautiful girls

bigone12 2010.10.06
hey gr8 game loved playing it shame there aint a 3some ending

Papi123 2010.10.06
there are great ending to this game they should have more games like this

prasa94 2010.10.06
short game but pretty awesome

flaviusa 2010.10.06
the secretary is mad hott

biller43 2010.10.05
this game is so awesome

fire1515 2010.10.05
great endings for this game

Chloud 2010.10.05
Nice game, played it a couple of times and still good game.

ktm450 2010.10.05
Have chosen lie & truth with no different outcome. chose bed or bathroom always sex with secretary

Avenged 2010.10.04
cool game great girls just perfect

keriloth 2010.10.04
Hahahaha it`s so funny when you lie about the room number... you got to try :D

kansasboy6 2010.10.03
Amazing game and the girls are so fucking sexy

adisor906 2010.10.03
ilove this game i hope it will make more like this

Cabulary 2010.10.03
omg loves her dress and her moves above me! she knows how to work...

jadgkiller87 2010.10.03
very good game, hot and funny. the only thing it`s that its a little short

Sollis 2010.10.03
amazing! really! loved it! only criticism is it`s too short

jodiedavies 2010.10.03
Too short, but good game.

alpetpet888 2010.10.02
I wish it could of been longer

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.02
A dope game you cant miss.

hanshotfirst 2010.10.02
Great game, no complaints with having to play again and again for all the endings.

aradon 2010.10.02
I really like this game but seem to get stuck and cant get some endings

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