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Rivalries part 1


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Tiodor 2017.06.26
I like game. Graphics are good but some parts of the game I was stuck.

sushil.shinde07 2016.10.28
really a bit complicated bt really good game

Hoglegged 2016.08.18
great graphics but hard to get the concept once at the house

Eomas 2016.01.07
definitely tricky to figure out without a guide, but are there plans to bring the second game on site?

636356 2014.08.18
Hot game but quality isn`t so good

Truedaemon 2014.07.18
This game is challenging yet extremely rewarding once you figure it out

morpeus 2014.07.10
good game play and decent story line.

mmnia13 2014.06.04
Great graphics and gameplay

ab181275 2014.05.21
Very good game with average graphics, animation and gameplay.

disturbedhrt 2014.04.12
nice looking game need a wider screen


DerFinne 2014.03.15
One of my favourite sharks game - I like it when Girls are fighting for a man

littlecletus 2014.02.19
really fun game takes a bit to figure out but a good time

dgkesquire 2014.01.25
Gorgeous graphics and animation (I love Shark`s Lagoon games), nice possibilities with multiple storylines. An easy 100 rating.

henblue6 2013.11.20
The game makes Its so challenging to accomplish my desired ending in which I believe I am choosing the right path to go out with one of the girls but in the end everything get`s messed up. I also had a hard time finding the cursor points for me to click on to move on to the next step. Overall the game was really fun and showed the possible actions of this fantasy very clear.

oldfart40871 2013.09.06
kind of hard at first till you figure it out keep up the good work

Heilou 2013.09.02
The storytelling is god here and there are many options but the graphics is not top level according standards of today.

cujo777 2013.09.01
love this game the graphics are awsome

tadasas 2013.08.25
Nice looking new game, liked it.

tommo1966 2013.08.23
sharks games are just great

linnsat 2013.08.19
nice game where is part 2?

SolidJoker 2013.08.13
I`m normally no big fan of these shark games. But this sort of breaks my hatred for the other games.
An actual story, although the same cluefinding is still a crucial part of the game.
Not bad. Could be better. Replace the cluefinding and it could make or break it.

ranoma1999 2013.08.12
I love this game
I adore
some one help me i will become crazy from this amazing site

aliboustani 2013.08.05
i like gaming and the story

Badvoc 2013.08.04
slightly better graphics than most sharks games, wish they would make the graphics more like LOP though but at lease the interface works better on this one

ad1021 2013.07.30
a great game with a wonderful storyline
looking forward to the next part

noogad 2013.07.24
Funny games ,sharks lagoon has both parts but great game

crashz1981 2013.07.19
Good game once you get going, but hard to figure out what to do in certain spots.

ANPL1069 2013.07.19
Great game. I like the choices. need part 2 on this site

salamanda 2013.07.19
i enjoyed this games it has intressting micanics

LalaAnastasiaLove 2013.07.16
I Really Enjoyed This Game...Let`s Have More Like This?

marck4 2013.07.14
great graphics, nice game

oneryson960526 2013.07.13
Nice grafic and very cool character

norbac77 2013.07.11
great game, i want play the 2nd part, where is it?

dorlas 2013.06.26
Good story, but when you get the target you just have to guess. No sense or hints about what to do next.

black2 2013.06.20
good game that offers a variety of choises

cobra1347 2013.06.19
Really nice game to play it will definitely make your cock rock.

narago 2013.06.18
Good Story and Sexy Wife...roar

khafan 2013.06.18
I don`t know why but shark`s games are my type

enteralterego 2013.06.17
shark`s games just keep getting better, maybe the graphics should be improved though

unknown16xxx 2013.06.17
great game but hard to follow got stuck so many times

Smil4TRE 2013.06.16
great graphics, nice job from shark`s

Smil4TRE 2013.06.16
Hot girl for hot game. A very good feeling for this game.

BettleJuice 2013.06.15
not a huge fan of this kind but its pretty good if you have time

bigbroom 2013.06.13
as usual great game cant wait for part 2

smouty 2013.06.12
verrry hot turned me on alot

Nightel 2013.06.11
Graphics are good but some parts of the game I was stuck

licius80 2013.06.11
Great game. Can`t wait part 2!

Boss2000 2013.06.10
Great game. I like that there are many possibilities with different results

shermperm 2013.06.10
good game hope for another

bigolr 2013.06.09
Good game, for basic game play but it can be upgraded.

Bigblackstick 2013.06.09
Was kind of confused on what to press but really great game

billythekid283 2013.06.08
campus its always have great moment

Kracker32 2013.06.06
good game .I can`t wait to play campus Game when it comes out!
Sharks lagoon is my favorite site

Q+W+E 2013.06.05
interesting about the episode...sexy game

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

JOBBB 2013.06.03
really enjoyed this game, great graphics and animation, took several plays to get the endings for each girl doing everything

alfred2 2013.06.01
gameplay was awesome and story was good.

coboypunk 2013.06.01
very nice game, and good story... hope more free games ....

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
A great game as usual from Sharks.

MalachiSidhe 2013.05.30
To much hunting and clicking for me. It`s not bad, but the graphics aren`t good enough to put up with the irritation of just clicking on everything.

gigiolo69 2013.05.29
another great game from shark good job

Aryavan 2013.05.29
great game. like the choices

kerleth 2013.05.25
These games can be good, but frustrating. Try typing "house" if you are stuck. (You don`t need to type it in anywhere, just type it on the keyboard).

minoumilan 2013.05.23
I am looking for a woman who wants to have sex with me

aicio 2013.05.22
great fun with Ashley, hope this comes true in the near future ! Sauna scene was great

Cole_Renfew 2013.05.22
another great game from shark good job

freaky220 2013.05.20
game is pretty fun graphics could be better but all in all was a good game

austin23 2013.05.18
loading takes too much time yea some body plz help me how to load fast i wanna play alot

outfeilder 2013.05.18
great game. like the choices

txstud4 2013.05.17
hey Poof89
try typing in the word "luigi" and it will give you a hint

hope this helps

txstud4 2013.05.17
Great game!.....and can not wait for the next one!

Poof89 2013.05.15
i`m stuck at the beginning where you choose to take a shower or explore the house,i chose to take a shower and now i`m stuck at the back massage part.what do i do?

girthy 2013.05.13
excellent game, very hot girls
lots of choices, good endings, but, would like some different choices that make more sense - s/b able to get Lola and Evelyn just like Lola best ending

bubs 2013.05.13
Good shark game. Not as good as the first installment, but this is a good sequel. Hot and sexy.

DiegoJAyala 2013.05.12
El modo de juego llega a hacer aburrido.

SanD94 2013.05.10
I played three times to see all scenes and all of them is good

derda 2013.05.09
great game and graphics with nice story

blazing4u 2013.05.05
the graphics where really good i enjoyed this game so much

cachomen 2013.05.03
Why are Shark Lagoon games so difficult sometimes? I mean, they`re fine but so many times just to find the exact point to click is so hard.

jamalhussain 2013.05.01
t is my best game of this site

sexybabe12345 2013.04.28
really cool games love the graphics

ashish411 2013.04.28
very challenging and additive game

pilotmaster01 2013.04.28
Nice game and very interesting story. This one has a many dead ends.

r47131307 2013.04.27
really exiting a little short but great.

corndog85 2013.04.25
part two is on shark`s website, why not here too?

Dammit777 2013.04.25
This games is good, and the graphic is good too. When is part 2 coming out?

JccJ 2013.04.24
I love all sharks games I cant to wait the part 2

big99999 2013.04.23
The graphics are really bad

mohamedd56 2013.04.19
i like the sex gamessssssss

harbing3r 2013.04.18
the graphics and gameplay are great, overall a good game

crooney7 2013.04.18
A wee bit too long winded for me

addaxe115 2013.04.14
I like all of these games

Jumpingforce 2013.04.14
Nice looking game and fun, even if more challenging than other simple games

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
I like all of these games, game play is good and so are the graphics

yini111 2013.04.11
the animation in this is really realistic

banone16 2013.04.11
Love your games. When is part 2 coming out?

heniek 2013.04.10
These games are tough, but Shark is a great gamemaker.

Tyrchon74 2013.04.08
The graphics are ok, the girls are pretty great, but it`s too distracting to try and figure out where to click and whether you are supposed to hold and move, jut lick, click and hold, click then quickly click somewhere.... it actually takes quite a bit away from the gameplay.

bolo098 2013.04.07
another great game from shark good job.

kelly-1 2013.04.04
wonderfull game and geraphic

Jp0n33 2013.04.04
These games are tough, but Shark is a great gamemaker.

branknock 2013.04.04
as always shark makes very good games. keep up the good work

gartal 2013.04.03
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

gwazz 2013.04.01
i cant seem to get anythjng to happen in the car//

shyman44425 2013.04.01
Another great game from the Shark team. Made it through without the "house!"

§ 2013.03.31
nice story and the quality is good

moethout 2013.03.31
This game is very bast !

dogmean5 2013.03.31
Always good games. Tricky put fun

poe_raven 2013.03.31
Played this loads of times and still enjoy it. Could update graphics though

mdv89 2013.03.29
never can pass this game

hunted 2013.03.29
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

mackshayster 2013.03.29
I find the control system frustrating and ineffective; sharklagoon in general is very disappointing in my opinion.

elishacuthbert 2013.03.28
Ending 1: Nicole chickens out, stays with Justin, wonders what might have happened
Ending 2: Nicole goes ahead with tryst, ends it abruptly by refusing to be tied up and then ass raped, ends with Justin but fantasizing about women.
Ending 3: Nicole gives herself completely to new gal, leaves Justin, eventually becomes stripper
Ending 4: Nicole goes ahead with tryst, stays with Justin, eventually gets caught

jagare 2013.03.27
Nice game, graphics are also nice

mutrommi 2013.03.26
There is simply nothing like a Shrk-Lagoon game.

nicky14723 2013.03.24
that was quite something if you asked me

oranjeboven 2013.03.23
They manage to keepup the great standart!
Kee on going.

Dave719 2013.03.23
Played this loads of times and still enjoy it. Could update graphics though

shyrosie 2013.03.23
I did not like this game at all it was very hard for me and i was stuck at the begining

gartal 2013.03.23
Like always, sharks lagoon brings us a amazing game!

gartal 2013.03.23
maybe is too complicated or strange.... sooo many times i get stuck for long time...

Tonchik 2013.03.22
good grafic very nice game. i love this game.

hepo 2013.03.20
thanks cappy220 with the help with "house". i went blocked and i didnt know how to pass it thanks a lot ;)

maverick23 2013.03.19
sharks game are always very good ...very seductive, lusty and hot

SVC 2013.03.17
I had a few problems on the beginning but the rest was great

steelfish 2013.03.17
A good continuation of the babysitter, fun playing with a few gotchas to keep you from blindly clicking from one scene to another.

BallIdiot 2013.03.15
Good game with various endings to move onto part 2.

matthewt9731 2013.03.15
one ofthe best date games that I have played

BigBen18 2013.03.12
Made my 9 incher really hard.

Acolmiztli 2013.03.12
Always good games the shark`s ones.
I`m waiting for sequel.

Madelene 2013.03.11
Good game, and it looks really promising for the sequel. :D

Scappy220 2013.03.11
If you type "house" you`ll get a hint

Imskel 2013.03.10
I like all of Sharks-Lagoon games this is is really good I like the multi endings. I don`t like the fact that the one female forces herself on you though it is a good plot.

mickvani 2013.03.10
graphics need to be upgraded

duckray69 2013.03.09
very good game waiting for part 2 hope it`s as good as this one

amit627 2013.03.09
all i can say its amazingly spreading in india

chabachang 2013.03.09
nice looking game awesome graphics

JRiddley 2013.03.09
Always love the sharkslagoon games.

fmeyen 2013.03.08
Nice game with diff possibilities in endings, nice graphics. Love that kind of game ...

yogaa 2013.03.08
elevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

tingirl06 2013.03.08
i love this great great great game

gartal 2013.03.06
I loved this game can`t wait for to play part 2

bmod 2013.03.06
What naughty fun, I will play this game again.

63ted 2013.03.05
Great graphis but hung in hallway.

sinsear1071 2013.03.05
It`s an okay game, but all the random clicking and holding with minimal action gets very tedious after a while. Here`s hoping part 2 is more action and less pointless click/hold.

geunie 2013.03.04
@ KOOLGAL : click and drag on her thigh`s, then click and drag on her face, click and drag on her head
This should get you going!!

geunie 2013.03.04
It took me a while to get the wright finish! Great game! But grafics could be "more realistic"

alexknight99 2013.03.04
relevant comments gameplay,graphic,animation

Koolgal 2013.03.04
im stuck in this game when they are in the car please help

wateshito 2013.03.03
Sharks, game all his games are reaaly awsome... ikeep making great games

memosex1990 2013.03.02
great games , cool story , hot action , bretty girls , and the hot ending
great for shark

hant 2013.03.01
good game with nice theme..waiting the part 2.

grzymek 2013.03.01
I love all sharks games I cant to wait next one

RingTime 2013.02.28
I always like sharks games!

jrock420 2013.02.28
good game and good quality

izkaprisca 2013.02.27
Like always, sharks lagoon brings us a amazing game!

Jumpingforce 2013.02.27
Difficult set of games but the fun makes up for it...

Damdimvi 2013.02.27
This was a good one. I wish there had been more choices to make, though.

dexgrif14 2013.02.27
good game, nice graphics

5x4t9 2013.02.26
If you get stuck type house. Great game.

samboob007 2013.02.26
graphic is nice but difficult to play

esteban69 2013.02.26
maybe is too complicated or strange.... sooo many times i get stuck for long time...

kalbs 2013.02.25
Great, great game, one of the best.

BigC2679 2013.02.25
I loved this game can`t wait for to play part 2

Wolfy38 2013.02.25
For those stuck when lola arrives try clicking your old proffesor and his wife to make the diolog continue.

glukos37 2013.02.25
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Frank Sinatra 2013.02.24
This is a good start. I`m looking forward to part 2!

witchhunter12 2013.02.24
This games is fun. there is no hard part and its extremely hot

gartal 2013.02.24
good gameand good quality

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

kenny1 2013.02.23
good game can`t wait for the next part.

hussainrashid 2013.02.23
the best game ever and great graphics

Wolfy38 2013.02.22
Awesome grafics,easy game play.Great Quality.Sharks did it again.Can not wait till the second part!

chesty 2013.02.21
Sharks Lagoon does it again, great game.

gartal 2013.02.21
nice game waiting for part 2

sweetwildcat 2013.02.21
Like always, sharks lagoon brings us a amazing game!

Stijn25 2013.02.20
great how you can write your own story

lol fuck 2013.02.20
uuuuu ohhhh fucking baby....

shruthika 2013.02.19
good gameand good quality

1NT0X 2013.02.19
thanks for the hint word, makes the game a lot better, graphics still not great but playable, also enjoyable storyline

yoda 2013.02.19
good game score continues into part two for different endings

ilikethat 2013.02.19
a nice a game and good graphics.

fuct_up 2013.02.19
good game, i replayed a couple of time, can`t wait for part 2

ron57 2013.02.19
fun game worth many replays

imabelieber2 2013.02.19
im stuck in where she touches her legs on the car and idk where to go from there. please help me

C.C. 2013.02.18
Love these games. Challenging but not impossible.

LTews94 2013.02.18
good game the story is good

pelerinul 2013.02.18
For those that are stuck: the hint word is "house"... (without "" of course)

Vallheruh 2013.02.18
Another great one from Sharks Lagoon. Many thx
Its nice to play different times with the girls

gorex 2013.02.17
great game and story with very nice graphics

macky14 2013.02.17
another great game out of the lagoon....thank you

thehotboy 2013.02.17
can anyone help me, i don`t find different hints only the main spots! can i go with lola in the park or something??? please help me

stevie 2013.02.16
Great game. Always like a good sharks lagoon game.

andrey2203 2013.02.16
What a game... I`m curious for part 2. Cannot wait any longer.. :)

jack sherin 2013.02.16
i`m stuck in this game the beauty of that girl, please help me

dirtyblonde22 2013.02.16
What do you do when they are done eating?

dgkesquire 2013.02.16
Great SL game...great graphics and animation (as always), gorgeous characters (my personal fave is the young virgin), and what looks like a promising beginning to a great hentai game series.

eagleata 2013.02.15
İt`s great. i like sharkslagoon`s games too. thnx pf1

092101891 2013.02.15
what should i do when they are eating something?

dennyjc 2013.02.15
Great game. Always like a good sharks lagoon game.

a715jjr5 2013.02.15
game has potential but it is very hard to figure out what to do -- random clicking

xoxox55 2013.02.15
game is fantastic,graphics is also quite nice, like it

davet25 2013.02.15
Need help to move on from when Chris meets Angelica outside Lola`s room?

Frank Sinatra 2013.02.15
Nice Game! The girls are fun. Hopefully not too long until part 2.

tony41 2013.02.15
fun game. played both parts on sharks lagoon.

Sciakal 2013.02.15
`m waiting the secon part

derda 2013.02.15
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

jenso 2013.02.15
game is fantastic,graphics is also good I`m looking forward to part 2.

pusshound 2013.02.15
These games all have the same lame random clicking challenges. Graphics are good. Girls are so-so. Worth playing but frustrating when you get stuck.

stanleeleon 2013.02.14
nice game waitng for part 2

sir54us 2013.02.14
How long before the 2nd part of this game AND Beach Party come out?

lonesttarr 2013.02.14
games suffers from a lousy controls, horrible lack of directions or hints and teeny tiny click areas. Is there a way to give negative stars?

jackme42 2013.02.14
This kind of game is not easy to play on a touchpad. I stopped playing it after a couple of minutes.

aadugowda 2013.02.14
game is fantastic,graphics is also good

aadugowda 2013.02.14
very good game,i will play it everyday and graphics is also good and finally what a superb game,i really enjoyed it a lot

DreamTim 2013.02.14
it`s a pretty nice and challenging game. good work

antib 2013.02.14
this has great graphics and amazing sex scenes love it

derda 2013.02.14
Great game, one of the bests of the Sharks

Cyberspark 2013.02.14
No rhythm or rhyme as to where to click as usual and the same typical tiny valid click areas. Quickly turns into a click-spam fest

blaylock78 2013.02.14
Great graphics and setting, as with every Shark`s game. Gameplay mechanics are improving as well.

Mikelfc94 2013.02.14
this has great graphics and amazing sex scenes love it

Mikelfc94 2013.02.14
brilliant game, one of the best ive played

Mikelfc94 2013.02.14
great game wish i had a lot more time on my hands to play more of these

Mikelfc94 2013.02.14
this game is just so freakin awsome

Mikelfc94 2013.02.14
this game is so good, im going to play it again!

zantha 2013.02.13
I didn`t care for it. The dialogue wasn`t very good, and the story needs a bit more work. I`ve never cared for the graphics in these games either. Plus, the controls are a tad confusing at points.

electro*** 2013.02.13
I dont like it why P.F.O. continue to create this games...

randy06 2013.02.13
nice new game its like all great games u have had on here and great sex secenes and lovely ladys cant wait for part 2

kikilo 2013.02.13
Good game , nice graphic.

jobbe1980 2013.02.13
great game, with a really great gameplay

mikicostanza 2013.02.13
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

Halberdier 2013.02.13
Amazing game, and very realistic graphics, I`m big admirer of this game :D

cocomicrob 2013.02.13
great game... i like the story line a lot... nice puzles too.

vikrai 2013.02.13
very good game like all from sharks lagoon.

RowdyRod 2013.02.13
Great game, another quality gen from Sharks Lagoon. The graphics may not be as realistic as the Passion ones but the story and fun finding the clickable sections more than make up for that. I`ve played this one a few different times, it`s worth playing again and choosing different options. Looking forward to Part 2.

pericka 2013.02.13
full game its on "sharks-lagoon.fr"

bestia99rom 2013.02.13
good quality game, even if the graphic should be better

pericka 2013.02.13
the best game...sexy story

egane 2013.02.13
i,ts a super hot and wer gut story game
nice endings

bmanjayhawk 2013.02.13
I`m stuck in the bathroom, not sure how to get past it.

jdango 2013.02.12
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

warpedwiseman 2013.02.12
I`m looking forward to part 2. Part 1 left me wondering what the final results will be and if a 3-some will be available ;)

Gordn3 2013.02.12
Good game , nice graphic.

Master_Joe 2013.02.12
Nice Game again. Perfect graphic from shark

peko 2013.02.12
A truly great game! The only down side i found was it sometimes crashed on me. For those who got stuck, search for the hot-pots, their mostly found on bodies.

mtginn24 2013.02.12
I`m stuck in the bathroom with anjelica

blackino1 2013.02.12
I begin to believe i am too silly for such game: when lola comes i cannot find anything to go on, maybe add some hints?

jojofresh11 2013.02.12
what am i to do after she touches her leg

stefano71 2013.02.12
good quality game, even if the graphoc should be better

sethie 2013.02.12
Hey, I am stuck in the beginning, after lola comes in and you hug her, I have no clue where to go from there

jcc1985 2013.02.12
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

themoda 2013.02.12
Great game, one of the bests of the Sharks, god grafics, hot scenes, awesome

icrazyur2 2013.02.12
sharks lagoon has both parts but great game

higados 2013.02.12
Great, great game, one of the best. Btw, the hint word is: house

Jaaru 2013.02.12
Nice looking new game, liked it.

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