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Re:Maid Chapter 1


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loper123 2017.07.30
verry good games for an beggining start :D

Emperrorr 2017.07.24
Not so good game, pretty boring in the start, but storyline is ok...... could be a lot better

nechapacka84 2017.07.14
nice girls but too many words, a little picturs

littleGamer 2017.06.30
nice painted game - enjoyable

rockarolla 2017.06.07
I really liked the story but there is not so much sex but the graphism are good.

beneathuk 2017.05.13
Dull as shit. Too wordy, doesn`t really go anywhere, not interactive enough, kind of juvenile.

ninetailsjinchuricki 2017.04.01
Great game, was very stimulating.

rockyraj 2017.03.23
lovely game with love girls cartoon

DGCBadger 2017.03.22
love this game one of my favorites because of the story and gameplay

ianjames 2017.03.15
not a bad game but the sex scene was pretty tame


shevdan007 2017.03.12
great game, cool graphics and very nice storyline. a must play game. go for it

bigtim89 2017.03.12
not too bad, the artwork is amazing but i felt that the chapter was kind of short.

ianjames 2017.03.09
very slow igot bored and quit

wi sky 2017.02.22
not bad game and nice story

soul1995678 2017.02.21
good but i wish it was longer

smiletodie 2017.02.15
pretty good game with avarage graphics

martinmatin 2017.02.10
I like the story behind this game. I was a nice moment and the graphic style is different from the other games

mickeymouse55 2017.02.07
The dialogue can be a little boring at times but the graphics and game play are pretty good. Overall good game

ZombieAge3 2017.01.31
This Game is Great! Love the Graphics....hahahaha?
Love this Game keeps you HOT.!!!

Gurkmjea 2017.01.26
I love this game, wish there was more

Calebfuller 2017.01.14
Awesome game could be a little bit longer though.

jacky09 2017.01.13
beautiful girls and good story

vssuarez10 2017.01.06
Excellent game, one of the best I`ve played here

D3VCHA0S 2017.01.03
this game is interesting it caught my eye

Madno 2016.12.30
great game, cool graphics and very nice storyline. a must play game. go for it

Younggreen1212 2016.12.29
This is The Best Game Ever

KamenAgito 2016.12.15
okay this game is incredible

irock 2016.12.09
This was suprisingly a good game.

wellhung93 2016.12.04
Not a bad game love the graphics

r3v.12 2016.11.22
great game its really fun made my night with my sister and bro

rango34 2016.11.10
Too much text but the story felt pretty cool, I can`t wait until chapter 2 comes out.

aznbobhope 2016.11.09
Great game, great graphics. Waiting on the next part

Roedebard 2016.10.14
well done, bt to long texts with static images. the turns done with the decisions are so distant, that the outcome of them is hardly visible. waiting for another chapter.

Gandalf7843 2016.10.09
Looking forward to trying the full game

VivekTP 2016.10.08
its gud game i like it its not like other sites

JEDIE_SHARK 2016.10.03
Good plot great game in general

Bruno83 2016.09.26
Erika goes "blind" sometimes thats creepy and weird, plus the random loud sound effects kill the mood of the plot.

Alvaro1234 2016.09.14
good story and awensome graphic

hherkatic 2016.09.13
Great game, can hardly wait for the remaining chapters!

GemLord 2016.09.08
Great game with great story line , could have more endings ad be lil longer but over all worth a few plaays ;)

Armstrong 2016.09.02
its a fun game thought it would be a little longer though

pablo26 2016.08.29
Grat game and good adventure

viko25 2016.08.27
Grat game great graffic

connor123q 2016.08.27
Brilliant game, amazing graphics and i`m loving the excitment of find all the endings.

francium 2016.08.27
Full version is out there. totally worth

bimp 2016.08.23
Well, that is good game with good stories. I like it

Bossfiend 2016.08.17
Game was well done, graphics were spot on, and art style was fun and enjoyable

Atreyusan 2016.08.13
great game amazing story lines

elturrero 2016.07.28
Nice one, but it could have some animations instead of pictures at the end.

mariusosaure 2016.07.27
The game is extraordinary but it`s long to see what happen in all the paths and i need to see what`s in the next chapter :D

Naitoxx 2016.07.25
Good story and graphics,i really enjoyed this

EyalAndOmer 2016.07.20
short game but the story and graphic are very nice

backbackback 2016.07.14
Great game really likeit

stach56 2016.07.14
its graphic was really good...i love it...the woman was very beautiful...best game..

Azaz2005 2016.07.13
Great game! And very great graphics! I really like this game!

baseball529 2016.07.13
pretty good game lots of text though

johnjonh 2016.07.11
guys canu help me i am stuck

redhwk 2016.07.07
Good game with decent quality, a little wordy but overall nice

SavageBoy2002 2016.07.07
Good game.wish there were more dialougue options though

seboxxxy 2016.07.03
That`s a lot to read, maybe a bit too much but worth it

jyuhf 2016.07.03
not bad game, great graphics!

buik2 2016.07.03
This is a pretty good game and graphics but there is lot of reading.

Laura07 2016.07.02
This game is realy cool i want more

tybernexus 2016.06.30

Numenorean 2016.06.19
Great demo version of the game, played the full game on the newgrounds website, BEST BLOODY HENTAI GAME OUT THERE TO DATE! Ah, the music is great, the story is long but very interesting. Hopefully there`s more to come though I hear there`s premium choices if you`re a patreon sub.

steff258 2016.06.13
not really my kind of game
but good graphics

excable69 2016.06.08
alright game but a little to much talking and reading

wolf 123 2016.06.06
short games but the graphics are nice

Epicbob5000 2016.06.05
amazing game, great graphics

infomusz117 2016.06.03
Quality game, I love it, with all of my heart

lifetimehacker 2016.06.01
awesome storyline and great graphics

HornyAaron 2016.05.31
fuck yeah this game is good
i was masturbating when i was laying
so sexy

drizzt101 2016.05.31
The full game is out and has been for awhile. No idea why its not on this website.

Its on Newgrounds, so i recommend that you go there if you want to play it properly.

Sucks911 2016.05.30
has anyone know how to get our ending with Erika

jt5151 2016.05.29
good game but hope there may be more coming in this genre

JimKill 2016.05.27
The game`s totally worth it
Please release the full version

doctom 2016.05.24
Has potential, but not much to it. Only a brief glimpse of tits, then nothing--what`s the point? Needs to be more explicit, more action and less tiresome dialogue. Perhaps if the rest of the game were included, I would be more favorable.

bozo1512 2016.05.23
Fantastic gameplay, awesome storyline and astounding graphics!

Frogmin 2016.05.22
takes a while but it`s worth it

Na9a80y 2016.05.22
Decent Hentai. Way to much dialogue

wldsxwizzard69 2016.05.22
ok game but wouldn`t play much

MikeyH74 2016.05.20
Can`t say I enjoyed this game. Too much clicking through irrelevant text.

forceiser7 2016.05.18
Great game cant wait for the next chapter. When is Chapter 2 out?

pac82 2016.05.14
not bad needs better animation

iamshy 2016.05.11
Good game, but it lacks animations, A shame that it`s only 1 chapter

LPS1 2016.05.09
Very good game but it`s too slow to charge!

cheapmillinaire 2016.05.09
Fantastic story, would play again

Hoswell 2016.05.08
tough game but fun made gettign the endings kind hard

richmound 2016.05.07
good game but too slow to charge

dxy395 2016.04.29
good game but need more teen girls

Maddog82486 2016.04.15
Great game cant wait for the next chapter.

lebricaun 2016.04.14
I love this game!!! Nice art style, good story... Im really looking forward for part 2

Chairman1966 2016.04.06
i really enjoyed this game,
the story has a lot of quirks and was fun to work through.

jj11824 2016.04.05
cant wait for part 2 great story

RickyBlits 2016.04.03
Loooove this game way too much

lolwulf1234 2016.04.03
really good game. loved the style and animation of the characters.

ata2201 2016.03.29
The graphics of this game are amazing, this is one of the best sex games I have played so far.

goofballz777 2016.03.29
Great game with a lot of options and great dialouge

naeryus 2016.03.26
nice anime graphic, great story

brink7000 2016.03.23
Where`s the lesbian stuff from the picture??? Not cool...

kitsuneko 2016.03.19
Great but the pic isnt even in the game (lol)

sexboy1 2016.03.15
really good game but hard to play

pieffepi 2016.03.13
quite an ok game but sex scenes are non existent

Matty2072 2016.03.12
good but the picture does not link up with the game

GunHoser 2016.03.11
Not bad... the cover picture doesn`t represent the game though... false advertising. :p

Chenz15 2016.03.10
the story is to long , maybe a little more of action and interaction between the characters.

johnnyrotten 2016.03.09
That was way to long. I liked the graphics, but the game... Meh. Could do without.

kts2112 2016.03.08
great game...one of the best....just too big story line

gp1234 2016.03.08
great story good graphics, love it

irereinz 2016.03.05
not really my type of animation but game is short and quite nice. enjoyed it.

dead angel 2016.03.05
not a bad one..but not that awesome

Acid66 2016.03.04
This game is amazing and Hana is soooooo sexy.

bimbobaggins 2016.03.03
The text is FAR too long but the quick scroll feature kinda makes it ok.

dontcutyourhairnash 2016.03.01
this game is great and really fun and kinda hard to play but i would still play it everyday 10/10 would play again

Ryantc 2016.02.27
good game really liked it nice graphics

elishacuthbert 2016.02.27
I had finish 2 Ending,Cant find the last one

This is one Masterpiece,So into the japan Style..Love it

bigguy686 2016.02.26
good game, hope the next chapter comes out soon.

martel9 2016.02.26
not a bad game, hope they manage to keep it good all the way to the end.

ceaser 2016.02.25
nice game.good graphics and sexy girls

devood 2016.02.23
I wish they would update to the full version

Chichainc 2016.02.23
nice game... good graphics and smooth interfase

pberke 2016.02.22
Loved the Japanese environment. Long text is not disturbing, quite cool graphics.

Mslooj 2016.02.22
Just couldn`t get interested to be honest

RktDx8 2016.02.21
it was pretty good over all

jessy555 2016.02.21
enjoyed this game...3some posability and lesbians...woot

gimmino77 2016.02.19
simply game...nice graphic

lsnowboxer 2016.02.17
I enjoyed it mostly but it dragged on a bit and there was no animation.

beneathuk 2016.02.14
Boring. Too much pointless text and the dialogue is terrible.

aazadparinda 2016.02.14
lengthy but great game. love it

gary1179 2016.02.13
The game was alright I like other games better

lilika2000 2016.02.12
not my type of genre but i enjoyed it.

thederphunter 2016.02.11
linear game, but fun once you get to the brunt of the story`

Thanatos197 2016.02.11
Great game! I actually like the large amount of story.

Nme 2016.02.10
I`m still waiting for the second part, pretty good anyways

artik 2016.02.09
great game. although i didnt get to the sex bit. its a bit hard

Borneheld 2016.02.08
The full game has been released for a while on an an another popular games` website.

RodHardStaff 2016.02.06
Love anime style games like this.

Keif 2016.02.05
decent game but not full version

blumpybimp 2016.02.02
This game is pretty interesting, a little slow

pepexd 2016.02.01
i hope the full version is out soon i look forward to it

Timalay 2016.02.01
Hana walkthrough
>ask for her help
>get this over with
>pretend you didn`t see her
>you`ve waited enough already
>turn your head towards the shower door
>go to sleep
>"Hi Hana"
>tell her you moved in with a girl
>say she`s cute, maybe
>go for it
>order the eggplant pasta
>tell her you like it
>tell her about Erika
>lie and say you do
>go dutch
>check out her room
>take them
>begin to masturbate
>say you have one more class
>tell Erika you have a date
>find a karaoke bar
>go for it
>cum (at your leisure, whatever)
>say she`s your girlfriend
>accept it
>go sit by yourself
>let her be
>go sit down with Hana
>ask her how her week has been
>invite her
>a bar of chocolate and beer
>tease her lightly
>ask her if you can have the fried chicken
>the power to travel in time

Dr_Joe 2016.02.01
Its my type of games... More

cambridge4453 2016.01.31
takes along time to tell the story and Nishi is a bit pathetic

pandaisme 2016.01.30
This was a great game. It is a must play.

cookieman 2016.01.30
Good story but very long. Not that great animations. Quite good in general

Stormyqq 2016.01.30
I hope this is allowed to post as I just want to help. people if you want the full version search in google.
Re:Maid FULL (18+) newgrounds 669567
and first link.

oranjeboven 2016.01.30
1 Million clicks , nothing really happens. Too Long to read all. Not my game.

Nagato798 2016.01.29
fun good gameplay and graphics sucks its not full version

shahoo316 2016.01.28
Good game but dragged a bit.

tj74 2016.01.28
Where to play or download the full version?

Stormyqq 2016.01.27
This is a good game, they uploaded the FULL finished game in newgrounds, but unfortunately, you have to pay $5 and above to have the lesbian path.

shepard408 2016.01.26
Very good game with nice graphics

poopmonster 2016.01.24
it was an okay game, kind of disappointing because the dialogue is so long and the plot kind of goes on by itself

imwildcat54 2016.01.23
The graphics were good,, and the gameplay is fun but short. Is there a way for Erika and Hana to have sex?

redskull945 2016.01.22
this is an amazing game with action and adventure

justin0007 2016.01.22
short story, but graphics is nice

wavypencil65 2016.01.21
One of my favorites cant wait for the next part

spc129 2016.01.21
Nice work again. Can`t wait for the next episode.

PacificOreo 2016.01.20
Good quality. Looking forward to the full game or just the next chapter.

sexyboi402 2016.01.19
Not my favorite animation, but fun gameplay

incorrect 2016.01.19
Amazing game! It`s lovely even without H scenes. Enjoyed very much!

The_Illuminati 2016.01.18
Like this game. Hope next chapter is as good as this one.

silverush11 2016.01.17
its graphic was really good...i love it...the woman was very beautiful...best game..

obeylegend69 2016.01.17
this game was a really good game with good graphics and anyone how played mapyl syrips previes games should know that this would have benn a good game

kaezae12 2016.01.16
The graphics were wonderful

rickyojhat 2016.01.15
Very good game made by lopteam

hentaimaster69 2016.01.13
a nice sort of visual novel game .graphics are good i like it

Hunter202 2016.01.13
Omg It is the best quality in all the games

pielandia 2016.01.13
Great graphics,love the endings

pielandia 2016.01.13
Really interesting story,hope they make a sequel

Kishan018 2016.01.13
Graphics are well done, the detailed shading really brings out the curves and contours you`d might miss. Totally it`s a nice game

olwen29 2016.01.13
Pretty sweet game, I can`t wait for the next chapters to come out!!!

frajdej 2016.01.12
nice game, waiting for chapter 2

mkra 2016.01.12
pretty good game great graphics

CapnMorgan 2016.01.10
There does seem to be a little too much narrative and not enough action. Overall it`s good, but it`s also clear that there`s no way to get to the teaser picture since the girls pretty much hate each other no matter what choice you make.

hampire 2016.01.10
Beautiful women! Great diversity in gameplay.

Sex_boss 2016.01.10
Expected a little more from the game as there is barely interaction btwn player and game :(

dd34417 2016.01.09
i like the style of this game better than the others

wrex456 2016.01.09
Aw man, thought this was a yuri game at first. :(

joshuagilmore98 2016.01.09
great endings, quite varied

tj74 2016.01.08
Let us know when the new episode available

Ascension 2016.01.08
game is short and quite nice. enjoyed it.

brian110 2016.01.07
It`s a good game, I like it.

tj74 2016.01.06
Great game. Looking forward to Part 2.

LordOrion61 2016.01.06
Slow and too much detailed realism in no involving storytelling.... Did the game really need to get split in parts?

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.06
Interesting game, I like the story idea.

CyrJ 2016.01.05
I earnestly tried to get into this game, but I`m sorry... too much interminable clicking through text. Which I`ll do for interesting text, but not for this. Found myself wondering why all the pictures of empty rooms and why anime games so often seem determined to cast the player in the role of an annoying virginal doofus, so I guess those were my main barriers.

jckiller32 2016.01.04
This game is nice a bit short though can`t wait for part 2

newmax 2016.01.04
how can i see the endings after resolving the game?

aston190 2016.01.04
so how do you get the third ending?

jerrycom1234 2016.01.04
it is super hot game nice graphics

Raichulvl69 2016.01.03
i`m really hoping for the full game, i`m interested in all the outcomes.

Lillie91 2016.01.03
great game, loved the graphics

Broadan23 2016.01.02
Cool to see a visual novel be hosted on a site rather than as a download. Good game though, really enjoyed this glimpse.

Stud84 2016.01.02
Okay game. I really liked the atmosphere and sound effects, and the feeling that the main character is new to Tokyo.

Just like in real life, weaboos/otakus/whatever act like you should know everything about Japan like they do. I know the characters all live in Japan, but it just reminded me of that for some reason, seeing how they throw all these names and places at you that I earnestly know nothing about.

Anyways, it seems the game is incomplete, but I liked everything so far. Wish there was more of a storyline with Erika, but I might have done something wrong or didn`t pursue her enough, etc. Didn`t mind the extensive reading and text, as I actually thought it fleshed out the characters and story more. The main character didn`t seem like a creeper like some others on here think. I thought he came off more like a typical shy/nerdy guy which I assume are most people that play games like this.


icrazyur2 2016.01.02
umm really guy and girls this game is lame

Mike82 2016.01.02
I`ve loved the characters, the drawing is amazing & the girls so cute.. I can`t wait to play the second part.

werty500 2016.01.01
its not that good make it better

sexyboiii12 2016.01.01
I love this game sooo sexy

Gn0me96 2016.01.01
Not a bad game, the graphics are pretty good but wish there was more animation during the sex scenes.

Mondoblasto 2016.01.01
Graphics are well done, the detailed shading really brings out the curves and contours you`d might miss.

Stormyqq 2016.01.01
yeah like adragon707 said I also like to see Hana and Erica start dating and our guy starts dating the Blue haired girl in the class. we need more lesbian relationships in games, the typical heterosexual relationships are now a bit boring.

STNeish 2016.01.01
Some great potential, but a lot of black screens, empty rooms and glitchy images (such as eyes not appearing). Some issues with the text in a few places (such as being told "no more drinks" even though we never had any drinks, or asking if I play the flute even though I said I play tennis or something).

It`s not BAD, but it lacks polish.

sexisgood69 2016.01.01
That David Bowie reference though (Suffragette city). Stay classy porn game. Stay classy.

Cometi 2016.01.01
Lots of text, but the sex scenes make up for it. I can`t wait for the full version.

adragon707 2016.01.01
Fun game but not enough endings. Also considering the screen shot on the main Playforce page of Hana & Eirca kissing and there are no lesbian scenes I feel cheated. I gave it 70/100. I hope there is a part 2 where the girls get together & the blue haired girl becomes a love intrest.

orihime 2016.01.01
two questions how to get Hana and Erika to kiss like the preview picture and Ending 3

Stormyqq 2016.01.01
beautiful graphics especially characters (9/10 for graphics) ,so much of potential, the story is okay, like the sound.

the game is not completed, short, too much of texts and fewer graphics (I meant characters don`t appear much in a lot of scenes, they are just empty with just texts), fewer ending (3), girls assume the guy might be a rapist without a clue (seems a bit prejudice and misandrist), no lesbian scenes, the creators earn a lot of money from donations, but they put less effort on the game so it`s not a good move. so I would rate this like 4/10

Blitzkriegbob 2016.01.01
seems to be uncompleted, but a nice game so far.

Stormyqq 2015.12.31
I thought this is a lesbian game but where are lesbian scenes? it seems so short.

NDMR 2015.12.31
Very nice game, if a little short with just three paths currently. Looking forward for the next chapters.

viper23 2015.12.31
good game but cant find ending 3

S3x_allday 2015.12.31
I like the game really nice realistic quality.

amcVortux 2015.12.30
Game is really straightforward and simple, could use some more animations but all and all its a great game.

yoloshashank 2015.12.30
this one is too hot for some people. but not for me ;)

RalphiusMaximus 2015.12.30
Ok, here`s a quick couple of walkthroughs.

Sex with Hana:
Ask for help
Get this over with
Walk up and say hi
Go brush your teeth
Hi Hana
Ask her what she thinks
Go for it
Order Eggplant Pasta
Tell her you like it
Ask what her favorite part of Tokyo is
Say it`s fine
Tell her the truth
Pay for both
Don`t masturbate
Agree to go
Go for it
==> Leads to rough drunken sex with Hana
Hana doesn`t seem to want to talk to you after this no matter what options you take.

Ask for help
Get this over with
Walk up and say hi
Go brush your teeth
Hi Hana
Ask her what she thinks
Make an excuse
Head into town
Tease her
Tell her she`s cute
Ask her to have a drink
Make fun of her

At this point you can have a drunken BJ or rape her in her sleep

Put blanket over her
==> Leads to a drunken BJ
Accept invitation
Knock on her door
Ask if she`s feelig alright
Compliment her or ask what she means.
Invite to the hanami

Help her undress
Snap a photo
Lift her leg and have a look
It`s not rape if...
Leads to ending 2

SuperBB2 2015.12.30
Good Straight forward game.

2b4ever 2015.12.30
good graphic, not bad at all.

nfr 2015.12.30
chapter2 coming on dec 30 ?

shyman44425 2015.12.30
Lots of dialog. Pretty cool game so far.

Faka 2015.12.30
cant call this a game, its just a click click clickfest..

Guntag 2015.12.30
It has potential, but I still gave it a bad grade because it`s incomplete. Please don`t start putting demos on your site.

boyo111 2015.12.30
Looks like it will be an indepth game, like one of the Japanese v-novel games that used to get translated. Could be fun once complete, but a lot of story for this portion. Very well done though.

lMaDBoBl 2015.12.30
Any one managed other endings than the Hana girl? a walkthrough`d be appreciated just the key points to pursue other endings can`t anywhere withe brunette/roommate

game overall has good graphics but too much reading and clicking

Dremeldude 2015.12.30
Too much clicking and reading for me. Seems a bit like an ad for a Patreon.

cheldee 2015.12.30
Decent game. Pretty good graphics

Summer92 2015.12.29
I had finish 2 Ending,Cant find the last one

This is one Masterpiece,So into the japan Style..Love it

Scootay 2015.12.29
Game looks interesting, but this demo version is far too short. I`ll try s re-play and see if there`s more to unlock

Ladiesman127 2015.12.29
Fun game. Awsome graphic. Can`t wait for full version.

KhuRro 2015.12.29
If I were looking for soooo much reading, I`d take a book...

Jaaru 2015.12.29
Nice looking new game, liked it.

tododoto 2015.12.29
not really my type of animation but game is short and quite nice. enjoyed it.

tododoto 2015.12.29
not bad game, great graphics!

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