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Quick Fuck: Seduced secretary


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theman19946 2017.10.21
I love pussy and creampies

BonerMan 2017.09.30
Awesome girls...my finger worn out from clicking :)

Domenik 2017.09.26
Very hot game with good story and graphics

arnorich11 2017.07.30
Really cutes girls quick and sexy game.rn

Tiodor 2017.05.12
Nice photo, but missing animatione

TMAMA 2017.05.04
Too much clicking for me thanks

Poisoned 2017.05.01
Very hot women. Should be longer and maybe some video feeds.

ianjames 2017.03.14
beautifull girls very sexy

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Simple gameplay, decent graphics...not that much in the way of storyline, but it is what it is: enjoyable eye candy.

masterofdesires 2017.01.03
naughty girls are always fun but the story line was weak .


pornzoo 2016.12.03
i disliked that they wasnt any video or better animation but it was an ok game

shucky 2016.10.12
really nice game but too short.

gopi7891 2016.09.03
good gameplay well animated

misterj 2016.08.27
Great game, adorabel women with perfect bodys!!!

mohamedrami 2016.07.18
Love lesbo sex nice tits sara haha :D

Zoix 2016.06.24
Very hot girl on girl action and graphics are top notch.

exidon1 2016.06.19
Shame there is only one story line. Nice pics though

suzhaku 2016.06.19
like the pic but not the game play

JimKill 2016.05.31
More storylines/dialogue options would help to get this game a rating of 90+

MoiZi 2016.05.24
Hot girls but the playthrough is not so good!

crypticedge 2016.05.21
Hot girls but no real decision points, single path

laxiscool27 2016.05.11
these two girls look amazing what a good game

drtyguy82 2016.03.20
short and sweet. not many choices tho and graphics could of moved better

hman05 2016.03.20
kinda short, would have loved more interaction with the models. Great models though

Gazimir 2016.03.14
Good game, nice girls, but some aweful spelling mistakes that shouldn`t be there. 8/10

pberke 2016.03.14
Two hot girls having lesbian fun. Beautiful pics, but short game.

Drspeedy 2016.03.12
nice photos with hot girls! suitable for a quick..... "play"

Jackrabbit66 2016.03.08
I love the real life imagery. Shame about the gameplay, but I guess thats why its called a quick fuck!

cambridge4453 2016.02.22
Hot girls but not really related to the narrative

latinagr 2016.01.25
Very good game like it a lot

ranran 2015.12.28
maybe i am not enough into pathetic lesbian girls but i stopped "playing" (if you really want to call it a game) at slide 4

WPLVR 2015.12.09
Excellent game. Worth playing again.

nbrockz 2015.12.09
Lesbian sex with real pictures. 6/10

canavas01 2015.12.05
mmm....really hot babes...i love this

delaymyjuly 2015.11.02
I was pleasantly surprised by the lesbian aspect, and a little intrigued by the actual people thing. Maybe instead of shitty animation, they could try GIFs? The story wasn`t really there, at all, but I don`t think it needed one. It`s simple. Nice for a quick wank.

whisper 2015.10.20
very very nice graphics but so easy

jackson001 2015.09.29
gameplay, graphic, animation nice but have to improve

LadiesMan3175 2015.09.24
Loved it really good game

147258369 2015.08.30
Easy, but a nice game with nice graphics!

GinnyDFleur 2015.08.25
Liked the way the game was generally constructed, the women were well chosen and it was a good early work. Clearly the wording was poor and it would be nice to see someone go back and polish this up and expand the story.

twotouch 2015.08.16
nice game not bad to play liked the inter play

dcsnoone5 2015.07.28
good game, short adventure

alanwake 2015.07.25
nice girls, short advanture...

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.19
IDK if it`s cuz I`m a guy, but I almost never chose the right one first, or maybe it`s just me... Pics were hot, story was clich??. It was alright

cuntman31 2015.06.15
great game it was a little easy for me wanted to see more action

James80 2015.03.19
hot chicks too short of a story

Zeblast 2015.03.16
very hot game but to short of interactions

Featherrtop 2015.02.20
I can see why this is called quick fuck. A little too short in my opinion.

RandJ1078 2015.02.06
very nice game.. great dialog

CheyenneC07 2015.01.28
great game really liked it

Brian2015 2014.11.25
Game is good wish it had sound with it. Would have made for better experience I think anyway. Love the women models both sexy as hell. Hearing their moans of pleasure would have been better I think.

MidKnight38 2014.09.29
The story line for this one was a bit simplistic but the over all game play as well as graphics were great.

jdillon250 2014.09.16
no sound. hot girls not enough game play

redrumhotel 2014.08.26
It was exactly as it stated quick and to the point.

Zariaswell 2014.07.29
not playable with left hand = BAD !

xeen2012 2014.07.27
short but nice lesbian game. They should do more of these games

morpeus 2014.07.11
not that good but a good way to kill time.

Ikaros_X 2014.07.06
This really good. Nothing can get out that scenes from my mind.

MikeyWh 2014.07.05
great game with excellent pictures

ankit.c.dave05 2014.07.05
this game is not so good but it is ok it is realy time pass item

santiagohotsex 2014.06.28
great graphics! i like it

Safsbro 2014.06.10
not bad at all pictures are nice

Sexy007 2014.05.24
Game is not that challenging...but the women are smoking hot!!!

Cyberpepere 2014.05.21
Beautiful graphic pictures but too short.

kwita 2014.05.12
Good game but a little short, enjoy it

ziko2510 2014.04.24
easy game nt intersting good graphics

katiesmiling 2014.04.17
I really liked the graphic pictures! if you had a fantasy of your secretary this game is fun to play. the only down fall was that i was having some issues with the mouse being recognized.

Vego Clicker 2014.04.11
The girls are very HOT ! Nice pictures ! Instant boner !!!!

McOnion 2014.04.09
DAMN this game is so hot! Amazing girls :)

Nikkki 2014.03.06
Great game, it would be better with a complex story and a video every now and then.

dennos123 2014.02.25
nice game with real pictures i am enjoy this game.

marco1969 2014.02.18
good game with real pictures but awful controls

rider00 2014.02.18

nice game,but a little bit shot

powder_puffG 2014.01.27
A little too easy, still fun though

freebandz15 2013.11.10
Nice game with real pictures, but can use better grapichs

opaxxx 2013.09.23
hot game, had fun. it was a little quick but cool

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

nymphio 2013.08.28
Loved this game, mainly because it`s one of your few lesbian based games.
Being a lesbian myself I found this really hot, but I`d love to see you guys make a hermaphrodite lesbian game as I would be SOOO turned on if you did.. mainly because I am hermaphrodite myself as well

sklavincari 2013.08.26
nice game, but text could definitely be improved

vencent93 2013.08.21
great game only wish it was a lil longer

Lesbianblaze 2013.08.15
This game makes me so horny

hotrod69 2013.08.14
These girls were HOT!Wanted to jump in between them...

Clash66 2013.07.28
very hot girls, but too less options

w1drng22 2013.07.27
They have some pretty good games. But Seduced Secretary was not one of them. The girls are very hot, don`t get me wrong. But the dialogue was very poor. There were many many grammar errors, usually just missing words. Sometimes the wrong word itself was used.

QQmaels 2013.07.27
the game goes as the name. quick.
fair enough.

Dawings 2013.07.26
Going straight to the point and no other choices ...

XxSirTazxX 2013.07.20
A little short, but nicely done

63ted 2013.07.05
Graphics ok for short game with sexy girls.

wayward00 2013.06.16
nice pictures
beautiful girls
that`s all

wessmith 2013.06.15
great game but a little too easy

johndoole 2013.06.06
its great picture,however it`s too simple...

gwazz 2013.05.04
love these games with real women we need more of them

jrjr567 2013.04.25
pretty nice, i liked the models

madmax68 2013.04.19
Both are very sexy ladies

gwazz 2013.04.16
two beautiful girls having fun whats not to like

dster 2013.04.09
brilliant graphics and great game play

shadowfriend 2013.03.31
fantastic game with great graphic a little short but really meaningfull need a sequel

chrisa 2013.03.18
Great game, one of my favorites

xerria117 2013.03.18
A little to simple but the girls are cute.

Duke63 2013.03.07
The models were amazing. The game was little too simple with very little variances in possible outcome.

49fp 2013.02.25
Two naked hot women making out. What`s not to love?

pussaypatrol12 2013.02.10
nice game but a little short and too the point

hanibal194 2013.02.08
beautiful girls but too slow and simple

kpjr278 2013.02.06
Very hot, like the realistic animation!

sexdosex 2013.01.28
I love the plot line of this game. It could do with a bit more interactivity though.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

shyman44425 2013.01.22
A simple little game with amazingly beautiful ladies.

vgvet 2013.01.21
short but decent enough. it needs more dialogue options too.

vikrai 2013.01.17
not good enough at list for me

draven100 2013.01.16
anetta keys is simply awesome...

ytu.yaya 2013.01.05
Nice pictures but slow game

Bestest_01 2013.01.05
awesome reality game.........................

Bestest_01 2013.01.05
sexy pussy and all that....................................awesome 1.

draeven17 2012.12.21
Girls are gorgeous, quick fun game, animations aren`t the greatest thought. Still a very enjoyable game

busu34 2012.12.14
Like the title says it is a quick fuck. It is pretty good, but if you are looking for a long game, this is not it.

akthegreat 2012.12.08
the game`s good but it`s too short

IsabellaRain 2012.11.27
not too bad - interesting format - odd that the faster you click, the faster the meter does not rise...there is a method to it...but whatever...nice to have real pics...animation is bad though

teranderson 2012.11.20
Pretty girls, but much too short of a game

heavymetalcowboy69 2012.11.19
i think its a little to short and dont show enough

Bossian 2012.11.16
Nice gaaaaammmmmmeeeee love how you keep making good games

Horgretor 2012.11.12
Very nice game. I like the concept very mucha nd the pictures. Also lie that you cant lose lose.

rossmcgolf 2012.11.04
Great pics. Not easy without a mouse ie laptop

simonst6969 2012.10.31
Great graphics, short quick game which is great too

andy001 2012.10.31
nice one there i would like to be the secretary

ldixon 2012.10.29
the girls are really pretty

ampdsmith 2012.10.28
This game was right to the point. Hot lesbian action always great.!!

tiedyeguy 2012.10.18
Fairly straightforward, but incredibly hot pictures make up for lack of innovative gameplay.

MaybeIllRemember 2012.09.30
It`s an okay game, the women are sexy and the controls simple and easy but the animation is lacking and the game lacks any real fun after a few pictures.

erpoly 2012.09.21
wow...nice girls...that real....but no juice out....but i get feel it...good game also...but need put some sound...

thatsasecret 2012.09.09
love this game especially the part where they stary using the dildo

pothole 2012.09.07
really pretty bad; not worth the clicks

Hrd4u_247 2012.09.01
hice looking girls, action could be more realistic

saquib.khan966 2012.08.28
love the part where she got fucked with the dildo

Sexy_Bunny 2012.08.28

nice short and sweet , although the licking could use some improvement cause it hurts my hand to rub the mouse on my lap top

honeykb 2012.08.17
brilliant lesbian show........thr shud hv been a male for threesome......

viperattack11 2012.08.15
Short and sweet.. perfect

Raju888 2012.07.30
Fantastic Virtual girls, amazing creation, please create wazhoo game like this...

lovebro 2012.07.29
not one of my favorites
i like lesbian games but this was so boring

rskibbe 2012.07.29
i would like to lick both of these girls anytime

Digger69 2012.07.29
Amazing girls...therefore, quite amazing game as well. :)

ayushk45 2012.07.26
Can`t only wait for some follow-up of some sort!

scozman 2012.07.20
Good game with real women but could do with more bit story realy

sventhecoward 2012.07.16
Having real women instead of computer generated was a nice change........but overall not one of my favorites

elton.alex 2012.07.14
Great game cant stop playing

farkas 2012.07.08
Very stunning secretary girls, the game is easy playable but is little short story i,.I give 7/10 points.

ParaphiliaKitten 2012.06.30
Wow.. I absolutely loved this! I`m -barely- bisexual. Like.. 87% Lesbian and 13% Straight.. So you can imagine how much I enjoyed this game. Hehe.

qazwsxedc1 2012.06.16
nice game...graphics are good

MadnessUK 2012.06.06
I prefer photo stories over drawings. So not surprisingly I enjoyed this game ;)

gjohnson 2012.06.03
A little short, but nicely done! I`d love to see a sequel.

DAN24 2012.06.01
To simple to keep going forward if you pick wrong. Hot women though.

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
Great game, cant wait for the next game in this series..

omarlfc 2012.05.29
excellent game except for one thing, the sound, the music

WantsToPlay 2012.05.26
simple and easy to play...with two hot bodies to watch

adarad83 2012.05.26
Nice pics, but a little bit short

cubsfan079 2012.05.25
game was too short but I always like a good secretary scene/story

Fyrefly 2012.05.23
Clever with nice use of images...would be nicer if the dialogue were edited a little better (not a critical thing, just something that would make the game look more professional.) A nice diversion!

lezaddict 2012.05.21
I wish I had a boss like her!

rlt 2012.05.17
this game sucked its too easy it made me want to stop half way through

derda 2012.05.15
she looked like she could need clothes on lol.

Skysnake 2012.05.14
nice pictures, but morphing photos to simulate moving bodies is not a good idea

bahamut86 2012.05.10
beautiful grafic and very sexy game!!!

bobby1234556 2012.05.09
hot girls did not like how you played though

dyl1570 2012.05.09
The game could have been longer with more options but i like that they used pictures of real girls and they are HOT!

Edward77 2012.05.03
sexy game ........nice sexy girls..

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.24
I like the way they used real people that was great.

LoyalteJailee 2012.04.22
nice graphics, but more slideshow then game

CSRJMZVL 2012.04.18
i love the game, pretty good

john9411 2012.04.15
this is the best erotic game i have played i liked it very much

_bombb 2012.04.10
i love lesbians
they are hot

meast 2012.04.03
a very sexy game.the two babes were very horny

slitplayer 2012.03.28
Another game to wornout the wrist.

tcorbett 2012.03.27
OK game, though my arm got tired in some parts.

iulian1963 2012.03.24
relatively easy game play ,decent animation,but beautiful story and girls

u2man69 2012.03.20
Sexy girls but the game was short and the choices didn`t matter.

ohnib 2012.03.05
wow very sexy girls,good game

jptmaila 2012.02.21
awesome game. real girls are also great..

v4ustranger 2012.02.20
great lesbian action in the game

schbob 2012.02.18
that is a good exercising for your fingers nice ladies and good text

Ricardo919 2012.02.14
Easy game, beautiful women. Love sexy lesbians. Like being able to control some of the action.

mr514 2012.02.13
decent game would like to see more lesbo action

Royal1 2012.02.13
Gameplay was relatively easy.

mpf0214 2012.02.12
Girls look nice, but I don`t like the lesbian games. I`m a guy so... playing as a girl is weird.

Phenruss 2012.02.09
Gameplay wasn`t as good as some other games here, but the women in the photos were very attractive, so that helps a lot.

goldener 2012.02.04
NIce game with nice looking girls

DevilDST 2012.02.01
good graphics but wished there were a little better and longer interaction

Ryoxxx 2012.01.30
Beautiful women, the game is very easy

rockon 2012.01.27
i really want to see some cock to fuck those two

magus82 2012.01.23
very very hot girls!!!!I like it

Ari2015 2012.01.18
Hot sexy game with 2 sexy hotties!!! I like

redudd 2012.01.16
great game! pretty original and gorgeous pics.

the namek 2012.01.16
nice game !!! love the graphics and story line

mentalslug 2012.01.14
a little boring after a few scenes

Secretmister 2012.01.12
good game with great interaction.

BallIdiot 2012.01.10
Beautiful women and very easy game play.

Stathis 2012.01.04
It was too short.It left you with something..

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.04
Nice game, the girls was so beautifuls.

Hex 2012.01.04
This is a nice game. The photos were good and the premise, interesting. I`m not sure if I got stuck in the game at the end or it the game was too short.

sexyman111 2012.01.02
two hot girls with hot tits-a little too much clicking tho

Guillaume 2012.01.01
Easy game with 2 hotties.

brit_man33 2011.12.30
Would have liked to have seen some stockings maybe.

Danesz2012 2011.12.28
secretaries turn me on , this game is making me horny

Triton400 2011.12.27
GREAT looking girls but a little to short of a story.

deVries 2011.12.25
Great game, tho alittle to mutch clicking for me tho :)

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
great game with two hot girls

derda 2011.12.23
Sort of okie dokie... :) and okie graphics

joewolf 2011.12.18
Rather simplistic compared to the other games here... The models would look better as stills.

DiegoC 2011.12.18
short story but really hot game

zeusj2 2011.12.15
really fun and sexy, but a little bit of realistic motion would have been nice.

superfreak102 2011.12.11
that was a fucking hot game gimme some more of that

paulfool 2011.12.07
liked the game but a bit to short. nice girls

Grukilo 2011.12.01
I like the way they used real people that was great.

rumxes 2011.11.29
Photos was good but graphics could have been better

Busky3 2011.11.28
Good game with great gameplay

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

lazy boy 2011.11.19
very ggod game i love it .. thnx

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
Was ok pictures good story was a little short but it did everything its supposed to

henriquedaniel 2011.11.16
maybe the story..its too short

crzyone 2011.11.13
Not too shabby, good graphics and story line, but would be better with more options and a longer story. :)

Give us more!

htrdfrmr 2011.11.08
great game loved the graphics, and play was supper

REIVAJ311 2011.11.04
Ay Caramba! is season deals! two for one, thanks!

pipiolo 2011.11.04
que lastima que sea tan cortito, es calieente deberia durarmas

genghis 2011.10.31
always good to be involved with lesbians..

DevilHound 2011.10.19
Great game, but not on the graphics.

xxxxx342 2011.10.18
Game is quite good if a little short.

geno909 2011.10.16
they need to make another game like this , but more longer.

Aluc 2011.10.14
straight forward game with hot girls

kxtqf0 2011.10.08
Hot women but the game is to short

Ironman365 2011.10.04
A bit boring, but the girls are smashing

Gurneyhal 2011.10.01
Game is quite good if a little short. Some sequences could be a little more revealing and elaborate.

twostepper48m 2011.09.30
great game full of suprises great graphics

DreamTim 2011.09.26
the girls are pretty cute but the game is too short and too simple.

DonKim 2011.09.25
i think this game is just a little bit boring

Teodore 2011.09.25
more photos less story not my thing after all

anon667 2011.09.22
Ok, first of all it doesn`t seem to be animated very well. And there`s also a lot of misspellings. But the girls are attractive, and the story isn`t over dramatic. Which is good for a porn game.

vonquote 2011.09.21
nice pics, but no gameplay and no art to the game

pipsickle 2011.09.19
Not much of a game. Straight up lesbo porn.

Bahamut0 2011.09.16
very nice would like to have co-workers like that

arkyasa 2011.09.16
i have to admit, the girls are hot.. but the game itself is old, is it one of the first LOP game? because it`s so simple and easy.

Chelsea 2011.09.16
Very easy and very sexy game

elishacuthbert 2011.09.12
In version downloads for the game begins in a parking lot, but you can not do anything, anyone have any ideas? However the game is average.

predatorhood 2011.09.11
Nice game, but a little too predecided

neatlydone 2011.09.10
the game play was not challenging

no2all 2011.09.09
The girls were hot, the game was lame.

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
awesome gilrls, awesome colthes.... unfortunatly they become naked

bonez28 2011.09.04
good game but its kinda short...hope there`s a part two of it

Armour 2011.09.03
NIce game with nice looking girls

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Hot lesbians in this nice game, more.

messyparty 2011.09.02
This game is easy and very sexy

Dreken136 2011.08.30
short,sweet, and to the point. overall good game

chad225 2011.08.25
nice game but abit too short

magik220 2011.08.25
definitely not one of my favorites

busu99 2011.08.24
good fun, hot chicks, good game

mortyfear 2011.08.24
that`s a very good game but it`s too short likes other games of the same kind

NeoZeon 2011.08.16
like the game but kinda slow pace

vastorelorde 2011.08.13
i like lesbian now after lookin at this game

elo77 2011.08.12
nice pictures
beautiful girls
that`s all

mchoudhu 2011.08.08
This game is so good I actually don`t mind lesbians anymore

iop 2011.08.02
good game, just too short

Joshfatninja 2011.07.28
Sex With The Secretary Is Already A Hot Idea, But i Would have Never Thought To Use 2 Chicks, Especially 2 That Gorgeous!!!!! Nice Job LOP!!!!

bonsaiboy 2011.07.28
Game was ok. Girls were very hot but gameplay element was not really up to par.

madquest 2011.07.26
Okay game but I actually prefer the cgi games, plus English is clearly not the authors first language.


dennisdemennis15 2011.07.15
Very hot game, very sexy girls and lovely scenes

raperonzolo 2011.07.12
Nice to have actual photos but the story is purely linear.

derda 2011.07.11
It is an easy game, but also a great game

bzikool 2011.07.11
small satisfaction, but nice girls

Jaky 2011.07.06
pretty girls in this game

pogiako 2011.06.30
this was very entertaining.. i like how the game drives u in

lovedove 2011.06.26
it made me horny like really hornyyyyy

busu99 2011.06.26
This is great game and i like it...

Ronnylogo 2011.06.26
Hot pictures from megahot girls, but that was it. Bad and boring story

raphale 2011.06.25
Great game lots of fun hope there is more to follow

bmsmcr 2011.06.25
Real girls, just clicking, no actual play, okay though

snow01 2011.06.21
grreat graphics, i will ply this again

ayeshi 2011.06.17
it is a nice game but very short. the story is not very interesting.

DevlinDog 2011.06.13
At least the chicks were hot... lack of any enjoyable gameplay

jojo123 2011.06.13
good game but storyline could be longer and more sexscenes

sexmannn 2011.06.12
really great game, a little to boring though.

manio7770 2011.06.08
Nice game with real pictures and multiple scenes.

kesar 2011.06.07
that real sex game, i like this game

C.C. 2011.06.07
Two hot women, good story line, but way of taking actions leaves a lot to be desired. Could be more interesting.

rohan2011 2011.05.31
Great game, cant wait for the next game in this series.

strangestat 2011.05.31
I think the graphics are a little corny

jpsacrey 2011.05.30
great game with beautiful woman

soyoungandsexy 2011.05.21
Not much of a sory to it but the great sex scenes make up for it

kalbs 2011.05.20
Great game, cant wait for the next game in this series.

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

asterakisasteras 2011.05.16
Boring Game Do Not Play It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dwaters 2011.05.16
I wish it had more actions for if you chose a wrong line. great pics however.

girlz4ever 2011.05.14
this was great really erotic im sooo horny i need sex now lol i wonder what my boyfriends up to xxxx

The Bob 2011.05.13
Pics are ok, as far as games play...you can lose...it holds your hand all the way

speedballz_21 2011.05.09
not a good game from a good company with good games

derek32725 2011.05.05
great game with beautiful woman

tk5 2011.05.04
only still images - nice but boring

qwerty17 2011.05.03
that`s kind of short story But girls are amazing!

Random25 2011.05.01
Very nice game! It`s my favourite

Steelthwood 2011.05.01
Very hot game, very sexy girls and scenes

m4t0n 2011.04.28
a good gameplay. sexy girls

_Gioy_ 2011.04.26
sexy game! sexy girls :-)

josueo 2011.04.26
Though this game was alittle touchy to get through, it had everything you coudl pretty much want!

cavalier 2011.04.21
Hot chicks,... what more can I say.... give me some

GR8284 2011.04.20
Man oh man... that was incredible
The girls were smoking hot
The scenes were insane

secretadmirer 2011.04.17
nice real pict there....but maybe u must add sound

gensai34 2011.04.17
No real challenge however the animations was ok.

CorvaXer 2011.04.16
Nice pictures but not my kind of game... There is no challenge in it

sorethumb 2011.04.15
beautiful girls, too short, not enough action

vtheghost 2011.04.13
Good game, except for the censoring

zie_knight 2011.04.12
Good picture, but i prefer hentai then this, plus no sound in this game. Too Bad

gauravei 2011.04.11
very nice pictures quality but its more sexy game if add some moaning sounds in this

C. C. 2011.04.11
How about part two where the husband gets pulled in?

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
great game very entertaining

Gewoontje 2011.04.07
Nice graphics poor gameplay

3rdson 2011.04.06
too quick and easy and little animation with no sound...but the girls r fucking awsomely hot!

conbron 2011.04.06
very good game with pretty scenes & girls. good make & idea

crazylover2468 2011.04.06
Great lesbian game, but it would be better if it was more of an adventure.

Skarn62 2011.04.06
really nice girls, but gameplay is too easy

ski9072 2011.04.01
I expected a little more, but still was a great game

noname23 2011.04.01
not so good but the grafics is good

vanee98 2011.03.29
they really need to make more games like this, could`ve been a little longer, but it was pretty good

. . . . 2011.03.27
A sexy game and a favorite. If only this was longer...

kullii 2011.03.23
Chick are cute, but the game is too short and easy.

Smyxter 2011.03.22
I sure wish this game was longer. Two hot chicks going at it I`d play it all day.

upstep395 2011.03.21
What a game the fucking part was awesome!!!

upstep395 2011.03.21
It is the best game ive played!!! girls fucked!!!

phasedave 2011.03.19
Really easy to see that it`s one of the first Lesson Of Passion games, and I still love them all.

NightNinjaXVII 2011.03.17
Nice game with real pictures and multiple scenes.

fra 2011.03.15
nice girls but there are few actions

playacurt 2011.03.14
awesome game love the girl on girl action and also it had good graphics love the twist to it as well

Matis221 2011.03.14
Great game, sexy photos and everything

Gracerus 2011.03.13
My fingers grew tired from clicking first, if you know what I mean.

lll 2011.03.13

Nick2 2011.03.12
Very, very amazing game with such beautiful girls.
I like such ones.

Bigg26 2011.03.12
nice game but a little simple

adityajadia 2011.03.12
I really like that game, very sexy

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.09
Quick and simple this game is really worthing it

marcelino21 2011.03.07
nice game, but a little bit short

CapnMorgan 2011.03.02
When this was new it was probably really good, but with the graphics and complexity that some of the other games have, this is a C- at best.

Nunnzii 2011.03.01
wow That is awesome they are both gorgous

WolfWarrior 2011.02.28
Oh yeah, hot lesbian action; it`s short but sweet.

dragonj 2011.02.28
nice game. would like it to be a little longer

fritosorlays 2011.02.24
Those girls were sexy, wish I could do them

brink7000 2011.02.21
Great game, more options, more girls would be nice, but for just a quick game, this is fantastic! Lesbians!

Nick2 2011.02.19
Very, very, very hot and amazing game with beautiful girls!!
I like it!!!

pietasty 2011.02.19
graphics was good! game play was good!

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.18
didn`t care much for the controls of the game and the lack of video.

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

trla666 2011.02.16
this game was nice to play good lil story line to

randy06 2011.02.13
graet game and love th graphics and yes it was hot more like that

Whimper61 2011.02.11
Not wild abouth this game

ratonius 2011.02.04
Ok but could have a bit more action and interactivity. Its too easy, but nice girls

Ray_man 2011.02.02
Verry hot girls, the game is nice to

kamill 2011.02.01
thay are amazing it`s so fucki`n hot game. Love them both

hornyman100 2011.01.30
beautyfull girl and pics... very good game!!!!!

prince asher 2011.01.29
game was nice and erotic both women were beautiful hope there is another part comming

sanane807 2011.01.28
very good graphics bit of a short game though

1NT0X 2011.01.27
too repetitive with the mouse motions. but nice graphics and "storyline"

smilinjym 2011.01.25
Ok, I`m a sucker for a good story. That combined with the action make this a great game. One the down side some of the dialog was not translated well, but that does not detract from the action.

killalldjs 2011.01.25
Those girls are sexy. Bit more interactive would begood though!

phillip1001 2011.01.21
Some nice touches maybe could have done with different locations? Home and Bedroom?

papy_rem 2011.01.20
great game with nice photos shots !

Popsickle278 2011.01.20
very good game with very hot women

MrBiggzXX69XX 2011.01.19
omg that was so hot i wish i was in between them two and sucking and licking omg im hard as a rock

MAX1963 2011.01.17

jpsacrey 2011.01.17
good fun, hot chicks, good game

yy2 2011.01.17
get a guy in between those hot women! also, how about an anal scene? What about a scene where they shave each other`s pussies?

roo 2011.01.13
good fun, hot chicks, good game

GoOFy23 2011.01.13
attractive game but a little bit to short

lvcvcb 2011.01.11
game ok, if you are into lesbianism. hot woman in game.

jaguarty 2011.01.11
models are relly gorgeous , but the game is short and little silly.

kalbs 2011.01.11
great game. could have a bit more action and interactivity.

prats 2011.01.09
both the girls r hot........n really hot pictures....

bsco26 2011.01.07
had a great story and even better pictures

desgeiter 2011.01.05
Awesome game!Hot babes!Too bad for those spelling errors...

calinsneeds 2011.01.04
tres belle filles, game a bit too easy, but so exiting!!!

Clarky 2011.01.03
Quite a good game but spelling mistakes! come on that`s old school, nice photo`s though.

Razaa 2010.12.31
Great game, cannot wait for the next series

Ranggasaurus 2010.12.28
nice game , great girls.but need more big tits

Liuck55 2010.12.28
Good game, hot girls. To much easy to play. And short.

Tim36 2010.12.27
Really hot girls, shame there isn`t a little more and maybe some more endings, but great game.

archonarchon 2010.12.26
they really need to make more games like this, could`ve been a little longer, but it was pretty good over all

castilho 2010.12.21
A short game but the pictures are really nice. However, it feels a bit too simple.

Glencannon 2010.12.19
Simple, straight forward game. A little too point-and-click for my tastes.

aloncltr19 2010.12.18
strange game... but nice till

Futurus 2010.12.16
Nice models, but the game could have been longer.

mick149 2010.12.14
very good graphics bit of a short game though

lummpy 2010.12.14
loved the live action models

Nadin 2010.12.09
good game, just too short

q123 2010.12.09
nice girls, bat a bit short

matthew601 2010.12.09
wow great both the girls were sexy and love the girl on girl

zeretet 2010.12.08
Great game, can`twait for part 2!

wipeoutau 2010.12.07
attractive ladies, but simplisitic game

freylex 2010.12.07
good game, just too short though

Bocado80 2010.12.06
Good game, hot girls. To much easy to play. And short.

csandhmech 2010.12.04
Its a fun game and the two chicks are very hot but you have to move the mouse 10 times for every 1 action. Some scenes just take longer then they should. Not to mention the bad English and spelling errors.

gray 2010.12.02
it got my slip and slide active

rider21126 2010.11.30
Quite a good game but it was too short and involed clicking and moving the mouse only plz make it more interactive thanks

bbguhh 2010.11.29
Wild hot, a nice change from animations

badass 2010.11.28
was a good game, a little too strait forward but hot girls

schteek 2010.11.28
The shots was great, the "animations" however sucked. Everyone gotta love lesbos though :)

SloAn01 2010.11.28
great game one of the best dating games ever

teijgertje 2010.11.27
beautiful girls, little animation, a little simplistic story.

JeanMarc 2010.11.27
pretty girl good game a little too short.

mendohighlander 2010.11.26
Nice girls. Short and basic though. more interactive would be good.

Kotton24 2010.11.25
Very sexy game, very good choice on the girls thumbs up

bsnell0 2010.11.24
Great game, can`twait for part 2!

Ncode 2010.11.24
great game, and great girls too

gastud 2010.11.24
was so hot made me rock hard

Xeonse 2010.11.23
Very nice game, but a little too short for my tastes...
Quite the beauties though~

dragonguardian13 2010.11.22
the blond was beautiful. very nice game but a little short.

jamesr28 2010.11.19
i like it graphics were good to

Bigred1990 2010.11.15
i didnt really care for this game but the girls were hott!

wiltzu90 2010.11.15
Game is OK, Not too hard or easy

tuff_987 2010.11.13
my first game on PF1 with original pictures..

drake42 2010.11.08
it was ok but it could seriously use some animation

tartard 2010.11.08
gameplay could be better but the girls are so freakin hot, they make me forgot about the bad points

sutty 2010.11.07
pics good game play ok could be better

DoubleShadow 2010.11.07
nice gameplay and wow very hot girls :D

i liked to play it again and again

north262 2010.11.05
not bad game, the girls are incredably hot!!!!

Moki 2010.11.05
good game needs sounds. great pics

costel 2010.11.03
kinda boring, slide show appereance, woluld be better with a few choices along the story

huterex33 2010.10.29
boring gameplay, just a slice show would be better

groar 2010.10.28
Good game but a little short

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

Kotton24 2010.10.20
Hot girls just wish it was more real

redev999 2010.10.20
not the best game I`ve played

karthik 2010.10.19
aw man lesbiams....i didn like it.....

karthik 2010.10.19
wow almost real......really good..

flamez 2010.10.13
Beautiful game. Great graphics and very interactive. Beautiful girls too, especially bess!!!

chumak 2010.10.13
i see there is no middle in boob sizes in these games ;)

Asimov 2010.10.13
Quick, simple, and straight to the point, they could just have ignored putting some conversational choices in the game though.

Spaz1na 2010.10.12
lesbians i love this game, more games like this will be good

dadofmatthew 2010.10.10
lezbo sex!! so sexy game brill

Mateus123 2010.10.09
Who doesn`t love lesbians? And if it`s in a game? MASTERPIECE!

dazza30 2010.10.08
good game the bitches are hot as..

Elecman687 2010.10.01
meh, not a huge fan of the click games

baalsex 2010.09.28
Very nice game, easy and sexy....

akthorran 2010.09.25
Sort of okie dokie... :) and okie graphics

fmeyen 2010.09.22
Bad animated game, the pictures are very good, boring after all

kial 2010.09.16
nice pictures but bad animated and the gameplay is boring

blondelover83 2010.09.07
sweet game but more user control would be good

berrie101 2010.09.06

SilentForce 2010.09.04
I can`t load it, why is it?

hammer1 2010.09.02
good game concept,great pics

PLAYER01 2010.09.02
Nice babes but gameplay was a bit boring

Bosbrand 2010.09.02
Not too bad, but it could do with a bit more gameplay.

Axx 2010.08.31
Nice photos, but kinda boring otherwise. :T

rebel3697 2010.08.31
nice game and the ladies were nice to look actions could be a little more user friendly

corporate player 2010.08.30
The gameplay was interactive

brightview 2010.08.29
Great game, looking forward to a sequel ^_^

leaky drop 2010.08.29
nice game, but a little bit short

nigahiga101 2010.08.29
i loved this game. it had excellent graphics. also the animation was spectacular.

rontoo 2010.08.25
The gameplay was interactive, which was nicebut it would have been nice if getting the different achievements gave a reward, like a picture or something like that.

bobbi5556 2010.08.23
I love the lesbian action.

livlyf 2010.08.20
A great Lesbian game.. and excellent graphics

kpyrinikos 2010.08.19
Great lesbo game. A little more action would be better

markh 2010.08.11
Graphics are suberb, but not sure i like this style of gameplay

lapine 2010.08.09
i do not like this game, but girls are really hot :)

colourcrew 2010.08.09
goog game and storyline though it was a bit short

camelot1985 2010.08.08
The babes are hot, the game is great but a little more gameplay would be nice

thochter81 2010.08.07
Anetta is hot and this game is great. i love it.

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
Very much enjoyed the game.

varunhs 2010.08.04
Great game liked the girls

microdd 2010.08.04
its so great game, i like it

kulu141 2010.07.31
verry easy game but girls are verry hot

shn01 2010.07.29
picture is good
too bad is les

Synne 2010.07.28
Really fun little game , would be nice to see a few more options in future versions.

mtw2662 2010.07.27
nice game, the brunette is hot!!!

larrybobby 2010.07.26
A short game but the pictures are really nice. Both of the women are hot. I prefer the brunette though.

someone232 2010.07.24
The game was a bit short, but the pictures were nice. Would be nice to include little movie clips.

tucire8 2010.07.21
nice game. those are hot girls.

righto 2010.07.21
my favorite part is when their boobs pulsate like their from one of the alien movies....just sayin

LilLemon 2010.07.15
Funn and the pics were great.

igivegreatoral 2010.07.13
ok game but it takes a bit longer to load

Baddibu 2010.07.11
the girls are the hotness in person!

bradpout 2010.06.28
great game. really enjoyed it. hot babes

animalistic 2010.06.27
it was ok
if it was longer it would of bored me lol
but its an ok game

stormprince 2010.06.26
nice pictures but prefer more story

wasltweasle 2010.06.20
now that game was soo fucking hot.

CENSOR 2010.06.07
excelentes fotografias,Nice game!

crash2268 2010.06.03
Graphics were cool and realistic

shadydick 2010.06.01
was good and had great senes and was just wow amazing

startabus 2010.05.30
If only it was that easy. nice game

Azure84 2010.05.30
It´s easy but the pictures are so amazing that i must admit that this game is good.

Sin4u 2010.05.29
Animations are slow,chubby,good girls

shakeandbake278 2010.05.25
that was one of the hotest games iv ever played

pmondriaan 2010.05.20
The storyboard with photographs of real girls is stimulating. The effort to play the game might be on the easy side, but then again, it is compensated by the photostoryline.

ORLANDOWOLF 2010.05.19
this is a great game, just wish it had more options

hockey0096 2010.05.19
pretty good game. i thought there could of been more interactions and a little bit longer.

cymboria 2010.05.09
Interesting if you like girl on girl action

dark_devil168 2010.05.06
nice game and graphics.like it very much

joshuabean12 2010.05.04
good game but i think it needed audio

boinky 2010.05.04
amazing girls, game could be better, but still fun to play

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Nice game with beautiful womens, but too short...

shawn12 2010.05.02
a good and quick to the point game

uomozi 2010.04.29
fantastic game with great graphic a little short but really meaningfull need a sequel

LP83 2010.04.28
Beautiful ladies, wish the game was better

stevie 2010.04.23
girls were hot. game play was kinda lame. not very good graphic sex

dave_gibbo24601 2010.04.20
the best feature of the game was the girls - gameplay was quite poor and interactions unconvincing

Kiristo 2010.04.12
Good. Lots of fun. Easy, but fun.

JerBJ 2010.04.10
storyline horrible, but the two hot pornstarts make up for it. great pics.

hotty wolf 2010.04.08
great game, that girls are very hot

haplo 2010.04.05
amazing girls, but lame game

rhynodjk 2010.03.31
exciting game even though its kinda short but awesome chicks

ingo1605 2010.03.30
nice game, horny too. it could be longer

FOOSHAMMER 2010.03.28

lexi66 2010.03.28
i love thise types of games.plus good graphics, should make part 2

shadowgo 2010.03.26
like this game a lot ,lop game are great

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
This game was ok and had gorgeous chicks, good graphics and but it needs more interactivity.

karlderkaese 2010.03.21
boring, very short but nice girls.

zedek 2010.03.20
quality game - hot girls. smooth interaction.

rossp11 2010.03.19
very repeptitive but good gameplay and graphics

marko 2010.03.19
realy nice game with hot weman

Nemru 2010.03.18
Beautiful women, for a okay game.. i wish it was a guy fucking those two women instead.. fake lesbos are alright.

weagleweagle 2010.03.10
game is too short but the girls are beautiful

holo9090 2010.03.07
damn i love them lesbians. always want to see them in action lol

axel1000 2010.03.05
It is an easy game, with some translation errors... but I don`t think many people are really looking at the words, if you know what I`m saying.

DAS1337 2010.02.25
translation could be better, and definitely in need of sound.

cpt_hook 2010.02.21
Seriously in need of some proofreading.

gqman2 2010.02.19
Nice and very good graphics, but like to see more actual movements

mcgophish 2010.02.18
It is an easy game, with some translation errors... but I don`t think many people are really looking at the words, if you know what I`m saying.

spida 2010.02.18
basic play but very sexy ladies, they kept me interested in playing

brandon777 2010.02.13
very realistic,it was a nice one

ildrums 2010.02.08
Sweet game. love to see girl on girl.

oshi60 2010.02.05
i like this game i very like lesson of passion

tiger_by 2010.02.05
Beautiful girls!!! Nice game.

RicJay 2010.02.01
Well, it`s quick - i`ll agree there. pics are good though.

Ricoh124 2010.01.29
Room to develop the characters, quite challenging and worth playing again.

bdleeesq 2010.01.26
quickfuck is much better than all games,keep it go for more ;)

jaykersh 2010.01.20
Its alright. I expected more.

Bille 2010.01.18
Its a nice game but it does get somewhat boring. For an adventure game, there wasn`t a lot of adventure.

booka09 2010.01.13
its an alright game. would be better with sound.

jj26 2010.01.05
loved it really horny now

deadbydayinblack 2010.01.03
nice little game..not to hard and nice graphics

zeal292 2009.12.16
find this gane abit boring . thou i like the idea of playing a woman for a change

sierra 2009.12.10
well, lop2 is the better game. but its good to have game where you "play" as a woman. more of that.

imtheone 2009.12.08
very nice stuff out there passionate till last

Adam_B 2009.12.05
I really like that game, very sexy

bitchhenry 2009.12.05
It is an easy game, but also a great game

az89 2009.12.05
not too great not too bad
just so-so

Xyzzy 2009.12.02
Easy game, terrible animation....but absolutely georgous women!

ba ghost 2009.11.29
great game but it is a bit easy

niceboy007 2009.11.29
wonderful game.... nice game play, nice graphics...

latinpassion 2009.11.26
Can someone tell how to drive a car in a download able version ? :) Cause this game is fun but I`m stuck with this car.

nissehult 2009.11.24
really cool game, no so difficult, but good

timmerz 2009.11.18
fun game with 2 hot chicks very nice

PaychecksDK 2009.11.16
ehh it was okay seen better though

joker 2009.11.12
the girls are hot but the game was short

yk zuvr 2009.11.06
not bad but yet not so interesting

HornySteffen 2009.11.05
really a nice game...a little short but hot girls

Regnak 2009.11.02
Great pics, game is a bit too short for me though.

randy06 2009.10.29
great game wish there was more

jessy 2009.10.26
nice game but a little to short

Serya 2009.10.26
Great game, cant wait for the next game in this series

DeepCore 2009.10.22
Nice game, but short. And a bit to easy

xenultima 2009.10.19
girls are hot...shot game though

hopple69 2009.10.14
very nice game but i hate the mouse clicking

ks 2009.10.14
the girls are really hot and the storyline is good too.

Greensea 2009.10.12
The game definitely has some good pics. Unfortunately, it`s too short and limited. I prefer the LOP2 of the orginial series. This game was longer, as it is has more girls, and more areas of play.

NGomes 2009.10.11
its a nice game. maybe to short.

faxilitator 2009.10.10
way too short and monotone bout great pics

Balthazar 2009.10.09
The only good thing about the game was the girls. It didn`t last long enough to get any real enjoyment out of it.

Trazgriz401 2009.10.09
I wish the game was longer

trpizza 2009.10.08
Nice games but to easy and short. i playd maby 3 minut

zabothe 2009.10.08
Very nice game, with amazing pictures. However, it feels a bit too simple and too repetitive with the mouse motions

leesmith 2009.10.07
nice game. very easy. good models

I3rutal 2009.10.07
loved the game.
keep going in that direction an combine this game with double take.
than the game gets more interresting

daman25 2009.10.07
it was to easy but i like it !! its nice to play this games

cheese101 2009.10.02
waaaay 2 easy,but nice models:P
wud have enjoyed videos in it,cuda been veeery good:P

che 2009.10.02
LOP games always fantastic!

vonk 2009.09.21
I love Anetta.... but I miss more options

Angel86 2009.09.21
Nice games but to easy and short. i playd maby 3 minut.

Angel86 2009.09.21
This game is pretty fun. I kinda wish there was more more interaction with some of the girls and not all of them were the same kind of fuck. Click here, Click there is great, but gets old quick. Overall a good game

Angel86 2009.09.21
Decent game. However, it feels a bit too simple.

nepolemo 2009.09.20
cute girls the game is somewhat hot but not so addictive

classypolice 2009.09.18
cute girls with a very hot game

wildcat64 2009.09.18
Nice game, good looking girls, kind of short

hoss3220 2009.09.17
great game. really enjoyed it. hot babes

Blank69 2009.09.17
I love the game, nice pictures

took 2009.09.17
Simple and nice model used in the game, I like it

xxdxbolaxx 2009.09.16
Its a very nice game i must say

zilver63 2009.09.15
Easy game, but beautiful women. Perfect game if you have a couple of minutes to spare.

misko26 2009.09.15
The pics are nice... but the game is so somple

Ifrit 2009.09.15
good game and nice pic set, could do with a bit more content

baramunk 2009.09.14
too linear but great pictures

mumbalia 2009.09.14
Wish this wasn`t a lesbian game, because I want to have sex with that girl, at least fictionally

tilgin 2009.09.14
Pro. would like more interaction.

countzero_66 2009.09.14
nice graphics, but more slideshow then game

SimonWolf 2009.09.14
i love it !!

nvwn1234 2009.09.14
too easy, but nice girls

RacerSV 2009.09.14
Great pics, but definitely a lack of challenge to the gameplay.

Wilfred 2009.09.14
Great game, could do with more gameplay

jake22 2009.09.14
The girls are oh so hot! But the game is short and there is no actual gameplay.

PowerZone 2009.09.14
Great graphics, but don`t like the parts where you have to move the mouse..

Pitt 2009.09.14
great pics, but only clicking

calorio 2009.09.14
too much simple game and short, but beautiful story and girls

luc 2009.09.14
+ absolutely gorgeus graphics
- short
- lack of gameplay as such

Sharky 2009.09.14
great game. could have a bit more action and interactivity.

petuchi10 2009.09.14
I love the plot line of this game. It could do with a bit more interactivity though.

qwertyqwery 2009.09.14
too repetetive and short, but awsome

sooner87 2009.09.14
too repetitive with the mouse motions.

sirnoobsalot 2009.09.14
Decent game. However, it feels a bit too simple.

td80c 2009.09.14
Great game, cant wait for the next game in this series.

lordedward 2009.09.14
Can`t only wait for some follow-up of some sort!

LazarusLong 2009.09.14
Nice game, but a little bit short

tomba 2009.09.04
I love anal and boobies - testing comments

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