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Quick Fuck: Double Take


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Biofreak 2017.11.05
A bit short and no real story.

mhoffman213 2017.11.04
Short game but has two amazingly hot girls in it.

Domenik 2017.10.09
Short game , but very hot story and excellent pornstars.

KitCarsen 2017.09.18
Lovely looking girls but the game was very short.

godley 2017.06.15
aletta very sexy pornstar two thumbs up

AJ@2 2017.06.12
Good Graphics, Hot Girlsrn

Tiodor 2017.05.07
Very good game, great graphic and good editors choice a model.

Poisoned 2017.04.24
Beautiful women with good graphics. Great combo. Would have been nice to spend a little more time with them.

ianjames 2017.03.14
geourgous girls but a bit short

cerberus123 2017.03.02
Gameplay is a little stillted, but the photos were good and they chose great pornstars in this game


Raziel94 2017.02.06
this was a great game, I loved it

pornzootp 2017.01.13
great graphics awsome actresses and ok sex sceans

Corgath 2016.12.18
great game. fantastic graphics

viko25 2016.10.22
Ooo great game great graffic and great editors choice

misterj 2016.08.26
Great game, simpel and sexy!

JapanSeven 2016.07.19
Very boring game, is has no story and we cannot fuck the woman in the drugstore.

Zoix 2016.06.24
It would be nice if you could have a threesome with the girls. Otherwise a good game

coolbrz 2016.06.14
great game really liked the graphics

argo2016 2016.06.09
a great game one of my favs

latinagr 2016.01.31
So hot if it has some moving scenes the it will be perfect

oliveira_web 2016.01.17
A decent game although the finish leave a bit to be desired. Better if you could work both girls together.

coolspain 2016.01.10
game`s ok. graphics are good but the routine is too simple

play40 2015.10.11
good game , the two babes are realaly hot!

GinnyDFleur 2015.09.27
Okay game but would options were to limited and straight forward on how you had to progress through the game. Also Anetta mentions getting together again tomorrow but the game ends before this happens. Also would like to see the guys ass removed and show her pussy being penetrated from a different angle that shows off her body not his but.

Dogtoffee47 2015.09.14
an absolute cracker of a game

Ner0 2015.08.29
driven me crazy those animations

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.19
Short but sexy. Wish there was more with Anetta, though

mack6700 2015.06.03
it would be good with actual scenes

tony4309 2015.04.24
better than other games i have played

vipmonkey2 2015.03.17
it was ok. I think it should`ve been longer

j3hj3h 2015.03.16
Didnt really get into it. Plus you go back to your girl with condoms but then still cum inside her? Inconsistency...

Zeblast 2015.03.16
Love the girls and graphics, hope bith girls could have a lesbian scene or even threesome.

lussy.jeba 2015.03.14
nice game beautiful graphics

umager 2015.02.24
nice game, it could be longer.. overall sexy

RandJ 2015.02.05
Nice game. Does anyone know if there is a way to finish with a threesome?

HanHub 2015.02.05
I like the games with the "real" girls! Really good.

gwazz 2015.01.26
great girls but it needs to be longer maybe a threesome scene

valumiere88 2015.01.20
Not a bad game just needs some polish. I really like the live models

Delafonsoa 2015.01.07
Could use some music. Feels kind of dull without it.

Beedge69 2015.01.05
Ok game, B- could do better

techman007 2014.11.30
Not too many options to choose from either you guess right and get them both or you don`t.

ARTAlive 2014.11.26
Good n small ... big need more realistic graphics

Iva_bigun_12 2014.10.14
Great game I like it, Really nice pictures

vombat 2014.09.29
Good game with real girls )

Digiman 2014.09.27
Game is easy and the too slow

Futuros 2014.09.26
interesting game but short. graphics were not as great.

miracle2004 2014.09.10
nice graphic and pics...a little slow

j3rre 2014.08.11
This is the best game ibve played. nice tits

HipHop 2014.08.09
I really enjoyed this, great concept

sclong 2014.08.06
I didn`t like the south park animation

BigG81 2014.08.01
good game but way to short

stoad69 2014.07.29
Awesome images and story line. Would recommend this to others.

bitz94 2014.07.17
Poor game I`ll say. Its definitely a thumb down for me.

morpeus 2014.07.12
nice game still to easy to play

lop12lop 2014.07.01
Great looking Girl, but not the slickest game ever. Not one I will go back to.

mrwiggles 2014.06.18
Pretty fun overall, although the sex scene with the girlfriend where all you see is the guy`s ass is awful.

ReallHotHornyGamer 2014.06.02
Lisa Ann the pornstar in a flash game, what more can you ask :D

zappo06 2014.05.30
spend some quality me time with great women

Sexy007 2014.05.24
Two of my favorite girls to...um, spend some quality me time with :)

simson122 2014.05.13
this game was too easy, but the graphic are really eye-catching, hope to see more

kaps1122 2014.04.23
ok ok nice game not so bad

McOnion 2014.04.09
Sexy game! Aletta is very hot, perfect body, nice tits and legs, perfect pussy...

cool115 2014.03.19
nice game but too short

vinvega 2014.02.24
Great game!! I like games like that

heroman 2014.02.04
are there different endings to this game, and if so, what are they? (I can only get one ending so far)

Fandeff 2014.02.02
Some basic sound effects would be great

Firechef15 2014.02.02
Damn Aletta Ocean is hot

johndark 2014.01.12
very,very,very again easy to play and fantastic graphic and animation

auetim 2013.12.31
Hot! but I could have seen less of the guys pimply ass.

POKEFREAK102 2013.11.23
I like the real pictures, and is a nice change of pace from the others

nu01 2013.11.06
It`s also fun with real photos. Nice game.

tony78 2013.09.20
i liked the game really good fun

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

Arthasia 2013.09.17
Jeux cool je le sur kiff !

krazykuzz 2013.08.29
i failed not once but twice

sklavincari 2013.08.26
game is nice, but could be much longer, same is true for conversations

downbb 2013.08.26
love this types of games..with real photos

Dukefan9 2013.08.10
good graphics but i wish you could get with both

Maniek150 2013.08.08
good game and good graphics. Enjoyable but easy.

Sam2013 2013.08.07
not brilliant. pictures ok but story dull and why no sex with second

giant32 2013.08.06
the graphic of this game is amazing.

SummoningDark 2013.07.22
Not overly impressed, to be honest. Text was poor, some of it missing... gameplay was sketchy... Didn`t like.

kikaros23 2013.07.08
i love aletta !!my fav pornstar

gjovanni76 2013.06.12
good game, short but girl fantastic

Nitesco100 2013.06.11
I enjoyed this one thoroughly, though I couldn`t find a way to actually penetrate the second girl.

calvino9 2013.06.10
good game, easy but short.

champion1980 2013.05.31
nice game me i decide to be faithful so gota try again and do my boy

cedrickg 2013.05.30
Nice graphics, not too hard to finish.

magicman23 2013.05.03
beautiful girls great graphics

gwazz 2013.04.26
need more games like this very sexy eyes on that girl

madmax68 2013.04.26
Great game, wanted to get the second girl as well

Noeil 2013.04.23
tres bon jeu avec de magnifiques graphiques

Askeon 2013.04.16
Nice Game,with good Graphics.But Sadly you cant take the 2econd Woman and Have fun with her.

gwazz 2013.04.15
enjoyable game with a very sexy girl

themoronic1 2013.04.05
Is there a way to get them both?

Jeti 2013.04.03
game is good. Could have little more twists in it though.

gartal 2013.03.19
Some basic sound effects would be great

Paul239 2013.03.14
Really good game! I like it!

rephnox 2013.03.10
Why the use of photoshop with porn actresses? They`ll have had some loads on their face before surely

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
The dude`s bum is horrible. Make it invisible!

Thesmaulo 2013.03.03
good gameplay and good ending

kpjr278 2013.02.26
English traslation-bad, game overall, good. I`ll try for different ending next.

49fp 2013.02.25
Two hot girls good. One guys hairy butt bad.

anubys 2013.02.21
not a very long game but compensated with some nice pictures with aleta

ADHIEE 2013.02.02
wow nice graphic , i love it

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

lookingboobs 2013.01.24
I musst agree with that to fuck and see your ass is not so nice but the girl was too hot I am sure that I will dream this girl when I go to sleep

Supafly 2013.01.16
Its kinda wierd the chicks love and hate similar answers gotta play good cop bad cop by yourself.
......Wait its super realistic

oscar500 2013.01.15
need an indication of what awards could still be won. graphics/motions are not very realistic

milesnai 2012.12.31
the condom thread was superfluous

imlonely 2012.12.30
i love games with real person so much

riggerhaha 2012.12.26
Totally agree with the part on the butt being a turn-off. Will be great in side view and as for the car scenes, they are quite redundant. Nevertheless, graphics a great!

riggerhaha 2012.12.26
It will be great if this can be combined with the ones like ``Dating Christine`` where the graphics are replaced with those such as this one but using the storyline/ game play from ``Dating Christine``.

Prince Heart 2012.12.24
i just loved the girls :p i got good boy first time so tried again to become a bad boy :p

kkroto01 2012.12.24
the women model for the game are simply stunning. LOVE THEM

giantomnisquid 2012.12.22
Great choice of girls and fun system

teranderson 2012.11.19
good game, a bit too easy, but pretty cool and stunning women!!

sexyback2068 2012.11.10
A great game to play. I wish the game was longer though

bismarkstorms 2012.11.10
The game play is a little bit simple in this one, but the hot pics of these stunning ladies more than makes up for it.

rossmcgolf 2012.11.04
Excellent graphics. Good close ups

kryptkeepr 2012.11.01
good game lovely ladies was fun

ampdsmith 2012.10.28
I liked this game!! Where do they find these sexy women? Makes me wanna play again.

gjohnson 2012.10.24
Splendid graphic...could use some more actions though...

topos1999 2012.10.05
Silly game, very boring...

Cyraxel 2012.09.23
Great game but would rather not look at the guys butt when he has sex with her

steven123023 2012.09.20
i liked the game all the way though it was great and i had a great time playing it

Jokke1 2012.09.16
An old but hot gamewith ok gameplay and sexy girls

harmsedition 2012.09.11
my wife and i loved this one give it a try

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.09
I had only Sex with the the Wife ;((((
Next Time...

Peloquin73 2012.09.08
Really enjoyed this game, is there going to be a part 2???

hias 2012.08.28
Quick in and out with the dumb one - now trying to get the othen! lol

Dipakk 2012.08.26
wow!!! great game with good graphics:)

honeykb 2012.08.17
both the girls are too hot...wish i cud also fuck anetta.........

zr77z 2012.08.09
Nice game. Both girls were hot. Need more games like this

Guenther78 2012.08.02
very nice gameplay and graphics

jafo69 2012.07.23
kind-of boring and repetative...easy

smithmichael 2012.07.23
Nice pictures and graphics. Unique gameplay!

Duragon31 2012.07.22
not a whole lot of options but a good quick game

Ben18 2012.07.16
the graphic of this game is amazing

elton.alex 2012.07.14
Great game cant stop playing

corotand 2012.07.13
the eyes of the girl don`t deliver her emotion. it`s a little drawback.

farkas 2012.07.08
Good game, interesting story and nice graphics.

blondeslayer 2012.07.01
wow!!! angelina seriouly !! dammn really made my day or shoul i call my "night"

WayneB 2012.06.26
need an indication of what awards could still be won. graphics/motions are not very realistic

Barry4675 2012.06.25
good game very sexy girls

stoney2296 2012.06.22
that was a fun quick game

crazy93 2012.06.15
good game liked the graphics apart from they guys butt blocking the veiw

M4rsh4ll 2012.06.14
Nice graphics, and control

chris_avril 2012.06.11
it wasn`t much great. the girls were beautiful.

phillipcast209 2012.06.11
game was awesome and i recommend it to everyone!

phillipcast209 2012.06.11
it wa a good game but it had no complexity!!!!

hornyviking 2012.06.08
great game! the pictures to go with it were amazing!

redrick123 2012.06.01
this game is so awesome.. really great game.

cybervampire 2012.05.23
great game very easy once you learn what to do

ReinoGol 2012.05.21
Like that game.....both chicks are awsome

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Good game, hot girl and beautiful grafic!

ozorne_6 2012.05.13
He, He, lovely little Game, I wish I went through my Girlfriend Girlfriends. lol

hippy 2012.05.05
it needs more awards n some complexity

Ruffy091297 2012.04.15
really great game good pics of the girls

notnafire2 2012.04.12
exelent graphs and funny game i realy enjoyned it

daddybadboy 2012.04.12
the girls in this game is hot and one of the best i`ve ever played

alysha.lover 2012.04.10
mannnn really a gr8 game.....more of this type of games should be made

mr. qwerty 2012.04.06
great game 100%.they need to make another of this type.

jcc1985 2012.03.29
alright game a little short good graphics

ekrachess123 2012.03.27
It`s a bit stupid when the guy is banging her.. :S

glukos37 2012.03.11
Why do I have to stare at the guys ass when doing the girl. That is just annoying.

Synful 2012.03.09
very short,mindless game.

Bthrasher63 2012.03.07
It was good to relaxx with not a lot of thinknig in valued. Just mindless fun.

someone123 2012.02.27
HOT beautiful game beautiful woman!

Mike77 2012.02.16
A very boring game I think. No sound and no music. Graphics are ok.

legend69 2012.02.12
That was ok. Kind short and uneventful.

thief1234 2012.02.10
Why do I have to stare at the guys ass when doing the girl. That is just annoying.

Nemo2222 2012.02.10
Nice little game. will play again.

Notme373 2012.02.07
not my favorite but interesting enough for me to follow through to the end.

DRROXX 2012.02.05
This game ROXX!! One of my favorite games yet.

sammyshambles 2012.02.03
ok game, not much interacton with the girls. not hard to complete or a game to keep you hooked!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Its a good game, but a little short...

lasion123 2012.01.29
the game is good the only thing is I wish the guy was was not in front of you when you do your girlfriend

LBeatz 2012.01.23
Good game, and the interactiveness was well done. The game is too short for my liking though

pacific123 2012.01.20
good game, i liked Annette more than the other woman though

dany_29 2012.01.16
Not a bad game. Hot girl. The sword fight at the beginning was a bit frustrating but Ok after you get through it.

greedisgoof 2012.01.16
fun and really interactive

Larry Joe Bob Jr II 2012.01.14
Nice game, lacking the action it needs to make it great. Could be longer.

snakeman 2012.01.13
great game. too short. both chick are super hot. too bad there isnt a way to get them together ;)

cjoyner77 2012.01.10
Good game loved the girls both beautiful.

john194 2012.01.09
a very good game the girl is very attractive !

arthur101980 2012.01.09
quite short and mechanical women are attractive however

Jack2711 2012.01.08
wow amazing game altough its a bit short :)

Netch 2012.01.08
Girlfriend is hot, second one not so much. sex scenes suck also.. And car scene too long

deadman64 2012.01.05
good game with good quality

Guillaume 2012.01.02
Not the greatest game but hot girls inside.

Danesz2012 2011.12.28
i can`t get enough of these games. they make me so horny

mikicostanza 2011.12.27
good game with hot girl awesome

pornguy85 2011.12.22
Not the greatest game but it was fun.

johnnylush 2011.12.15
Game was great till the butt got in the way...ruin the game.

masiania 2011.11.29

hcb36 2011.11.28
Great graphics but static animation. Nice multiplicity of options

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

Stinkton 2011.11.24
a very quick and easy game....not the greatest

Jipaco 2011.11.24
Great animation and scenes (except ass ****ing aletta...thats now awesome!!

stangdriver44 2011.11.23
I enjoy and It was okay but the story was a little bit short.

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

Faetter_BR 2011.11.13
Nice graphics and plot, I like the game.

tololbgt 2011.11.07
wow...that`s really great simple interesting game, with really hot girls.
but i don`t like that guy ass so much...

jaja0625 2011.11.06
i am really a good boy XD

SexyFuckingBitch 2011.11.04
It was a very good game but it would be better if the man could fuck both the girls! :P

truenfree 2011.11.04
love the real graphic`s of her hot pussy

KiKi3 2011.11.04
nica game, shame that you couldn`t fuck both girls

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.04
Real graphics makes the game so real that you feel really there doing all actions ,Real pussy wow

xSev 2011.10.31
great game it has excellent graphics hot looking girls

Ops123 2011.10.31
kinda simple and a little boring

jbarcarr 2011.10.23
The graphics were promising, with real photos of the girl, but i hated seeing the dude`s hairy ass during the fuck scene.

Valquath 2011.10.23
Good game nice graphics (except when looking at my own ass.) could have been a bit longer.

dri 2011.10.21
good game.. though i wish the girls is having actions too...

outrage 2011.10.20
nice, fun and fresh, I really like that one

crazycrab 2011.10.19
good really sexy real girls need more like this

REIVAJ311 2011.10.19
I have not a BMW, I`m not Ocen Aletta man, nor of Anetta Keys, did not know, but today and fuck the two ...

richie1976 2011.10.17
hot girls allways work for me

onwards 2011.10.17
its an alright game...not too bad :)

roni4uhi 2011.10.16
wasnt very muh fun, the graphics were ok

Aragog64 2011.10.13
A toeasy game. The graphics are ok.

Scorpio69 2011.10.09
Fine.... a have both of them :D

Bruce_D 2011.10.09
a short game, but has some nice pictures and options.

quils 2011.10.08
the model is gorgeous..nice one..

tighill01 2011.10.06
A good fun game. loved it!!! yum yum!!

madmikenmolly 2011.10.04
That was a really sexy game...would have preffered sound effects.....the models were incredibly hot...anyone know their names?

joskev 2011.10.01
Great game , love the graphics

canuck2011 2011.10.01
another amazing LOP title....the graphics continue to amaze me..and they dont repeat stories,,,,

Caduceus 2011.09.26
Fairly straightforward and easy. Need to try again for the long-lost friend.

j_wat1 2011.09.26
Who doesn`t love damn near anything that aletta ocean appears in?!?!?

ramlak 2011.09.23
i am so much impressed i am waiting for a chance to fuck any one interested

sweet_fucker69 2011.09.20
good game.. though i wish the girls is having actions too...

Seyenne 2011.09.18
Nice game though the last scene could use some modifying can barely see the girl. And a Threesome ending wouldn`t be bad either. Really nice girls though.

dennis 10 2011.09.18
Interesting game, though more alternate endings would be nice.

pipsickle 2011.09.15
a game/porn. Not computer generated imaging. Real pics

Oliver Johnson 2011.09.14
Not a bad game,but the bad thing is the guy ass could be cut off!

RRonnie22 2011.09.13
good story and graphic.. it`s can make really horny

elishacuthbert 2011.09.12
good story and graphics....but in the end i want to see the girl and not a man`s butt

amilama 2011.09.12
finally got to have relations with annette. Would have like to have sex with her though.

amilama 2011.09.12
Nice and easy. Both girls were hot. Need more games like this

no2all 2011.09.09
very easy but a lot of fun. BTW, no one would leave Aletta for Anetta. LOL.

Hamed Khaz 2011.09.09
Scored both! Pretty easy! Anetta was hot hot hot!

dicken 2011.09.09
I enjoy and It was okay but the story was a little bit short.

mhtsos 2011.09.07
excellent game with good graphics and great story

dv_knight121001 2011.09.05
nice game with goos graphics

appleninja24 2011.09.03
deliciously awesome pics, but gameplay is too short

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice and hot game, liking it.

mehito 2011.09.02
great game nice girls all best

Big Dog 63 2011.09.02
Interesting game, though more alternate endings would be nice.

SecretJ 2011.08.30
Your girlfriend is hot, but I couldn`t figure out how to nail the other chick.

xyphoide 2011.08.27
nice game, better if it was a threesome

mbig 2011.08.26
Great game...I`m going to have to play this one some more

farkas 2011.08.25
Very nice game with stunning Aletta Ocean. I wait Doubletake Quick fuck Double Take sequel with more stunnig models and similar story.

marutu19 2011.08.23
Great Game
One of my favorite game

nestorandres01 2011.08.19
i imagine than i could fuck this two grils together....

larry4871 2011.08.19
mad game love the fuckin love the girls

cogitom 2011.08.16
Tricky game but fun to play. Its fun trying to score double and satisfy both ladies.

cas26 2011.08.15
good game great looking girls like always

The_Who 2011.08.15
Like all LOP games, well worth the time!

brattydude2001 2011.08.09
not really my kind of game, but still congrats on the idea

muper2 2011.08.06

anshavjain 2011.08.03
very nice game but too short

Serg1 2011.07.26
This is rely game. Nice girls.

jjmore 2011.07.24
Very short, not many things to do, but the pictures are nice.

tbmyh 2011.07.24
a short game, but has some nice pictures and options.

kingdongii 2011.07.23
As the name suggests, it is a quick fuck, there is nothing wrong with that and as such it makes for a good quick game with some high quality photos!

jryan 2011.07.22
Bit short and pale flabby man ass?

benz609 2011.07.16
Very short, not many things to do... Average...

shermanmunster 2011.07.15
Pretty simple and fast......

souza111188 2011.07.14
great game, incredible scenes

Sgt.Viper 2011.07.07
its like we where in the game

marques131 2011.07.05
o so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sso so so so so so so so soso so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so o so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so coooooooooooooolllllllllllll really cool

PhilG92 2011.06.30
Great game, I like it, thats it

mitzy 2011.06.29
really good game i like aletta she has really pretty eyes i love her

johnnyrockets 2011.06.23
It was alright, but final scenes kind of sucked

snow01 2011.06.21
game play was great, next time I will get both girls

jormunguard 2011.06.21
Good game, but ending scene kinda sucked, don`t really need to look at a guys ass.

tora 2011.06.13
not really a favorite but a good game all the same

BallIdiot 2011.06.12
Not my favorite LOP games. The real pictures are not as erotic when used in animations and scene interactions.

toffy 2011.06.11
good games beautiful games

but this games is too short

M0NG00S3 2011.06.09
Great game but final sex scene with alletta is ruined by havong a giys ass in your face

dragonman1961 2011.06.07
games ok, she is hot, but the sex part just simply sucks..

Serg1 2011.06.07
hots girls makes this game good

jpsacrey 2011.05.30
good game loved the actual chicks very sexy

Ravenmadd 2011.05.29
The chicks are both hot, my only complaint is seeing a hairy man ass. Unattractive.

armagedon 2011.05.28
More of the same, the only difference is the subject of the questions. I would like to see more origanallity.

MerinTB 2011.05.27
The models are attractive, but the story feels very, very simplistic and the game mechanics leave something to be desired. Overall it doesn`t feel too much like a game, as much as these titles are even, but it wasn`t horrible either.

gilang 2011.05.27
great game with real beautiful girl

white 2011.05.23
fantastic picture..what amazing storyline

l_morefudd 2011.05.23
good game loved the actual chicks very sexy

ramp187 2011.05.17
pretty good game. like the real chicks.

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

m4t0n 2011.05.14
hots girls makes this game superb

badb457 2011.05.12
pretty good game. like the real chicks.

TTboy 2011.05.05
really enjoyed this game! top ladies n easy enough

seroquel 2011.05.04
Definitely a fun and hot game...love playing it!

mecrob420 2011.05.04
cool game. I like how they put in real chicks and not cartoon ones

dojo128 2011.05.04
eh i didnt really enjoy this game, thought it was a little boring

manish123456789 2011.05.03
very hot game much interesting in the end all guys play it

mrtye 2011.04.30
Awsome!!!!!!!!!! super hot, great grahpics, good gameplay.

jameskan 2011.04.28
I love this game, its awsome!

The_Who 2011.04.24
A very sexy game. Play it now!

srilankan 2011.04.22
hated that guys ass all over the screen

saturnus 2011.04.21
awesome game ? really like it..

wabbithunta 2011.04.21
Not too bad. some options would be nice in this game as well and a "reward" at the end of the game, as others have suggested too.

gensai34 2011.04.16
Had good animation though the lack of music took away from it.

najib101 2011.04.16
i love the story line on this game its the best need more like it

tempo3 2011.04.16
hot girls, guy`s ass has to go

southpole2306 2011.04.15
nice game and funny parts also

vtheghost 2011.04.13
i find this one the hardest out of all games,

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
fun game hot girl. great graphics

C. C. 2011.04.12
Still working on this one. Can have sex with the first girl but can only play around with the second. Is there a secret that lets it happen?

long55 2011.04.09
nice game but is too short......

jblarney9 2011.04.09
tried to figure a way to goback and fuck the friend the next day. like the action

round 96 2011.04.08
excellent graphics, animation a bit simple though.

Counter99 2011.04.07
Lacks just simple sound effects but the overall quality of the game is great

willsee 2011.04.07
t00 much mouse moverment.. good pics though

Skarn62 2011.04.06
Nice girls, but game is too short

sexACE 2011.04.02
Nice Game Love the real girls

kyo84 2011.04.01
i liked this game it had pretty girls

conbron 2011.04.01
cool game. good idea with real girls :-)

pandawesome 2011.03.27
This game was a bit lacking... and the mouse waving is a bit frantic.

. . . . 2011.03.27
It`s sexy and hot and all, but when it`s game over it sucks that you have to go back to the beginning.

Tiege 2011.03.25
Good game, hard to figure out some of the reasoning of the women, but hell... they are women!!!

kullii 2011.03.22
Gorgeous girls and nice game, but a bit too easy.

yeahyeahyeah897897 2011.03.22
amazing game !! loved it!

Shooterboi 2011.03.17
pretty good game. like the real chicks.

fra 2011.03.15
nice game but is too short

playacurt 2011.03.14
great game it has excellent graphics hot looking girls and you also get to have sex with 2 girls

ws1000oryx 2011.03.12
i dont know how to fuck the second girl ...

dragonj 2011.03.11
Great grafix...gotta see about the old school flame next. Fun play!

etch 2011.03.10
This game is ok, but at the end I really dont like staring at that guys ass. The ending everything is blocked

Ray_man 2011.03.02
Nice girls, only to easy and a little short.

m12345 2011.02.27
game a lil to short and easy

m12345 2011.02.27
could have been better but o well

Black_Tidus2 2011.02.24
das spiel ist nett und bitte mehr davon

sexychik9091 2011.02.23
lovvveeeeeddddd it both girlss were fukin hot.... how do you fuck the one you meet when buying condoms?? xx

nightman1869 2011.02.19
An ok game. I`ve played better.

coolash 2011.02.15
good game!!!

I like itgood game!!!

I like it

thekraken 2011.02.14
Decent idea, could use some better animations, and perhaps proper English?

015510 2011.02.12
great graphics, game was good too, though there was not too much room to move in story tho

m4lv1n 2011.02.12
not bad could of used a bit more animation,okay !!

babo_23 2011.02.11
really nice pictures. But a bit to little action with the "other" girl though

Roni16 2011.02.10
nice game & graphics
sexy & hot blonde

Nick2 2011.02.05
Interesting game with hot and beautiful girls.

Krausxh 2011.02.04
An ok game. I`ve played better.

askksa 2011.02.03
good girls with goog games

red_barun 2011.02.03
graphic is great , game is very nice

iyeSCREAM 2011.02.02
awesome game, very awesome graphics, turned me on everytime.

Ray_man 2011.02.01
Nice game and verry hot women. I like them.

dannydanny 2011.01.31
Great game, great graphics and animation! Makes u wanna cheat!

drjj 2011.01.27
like it, girls are so hot

paolo13 2011.01.26
Gotta go along with those who prefer not to see the screen 3/4 filled with a male ass in a climactic scene.

killalldjs 2011.01.25
A hot little game. Great photos

MagicalCondom 2011.01.20
Quite good but having to watch my own ass while having sex isn`t very pretty.

lemojo2988 2011.01.20
good game with good graphics like it

luk81 2011.01.19
lovely pictures and nice game

wazaa 2011.01.18
interesting game, but you really leave one fuck in the middle to try to fuck another lady?

mizunoguy8 2011.01.18
great graphics, need more like this

tonito 2011.01.17
can someone tell me is there any possibility of having a threesome

ratonius 2011.01.15
Nice game, but the achievements should give some kind of reward and some basic sound effects would be great

GoOFy23 2011.01.13
nice charachters, good game....

Pikelivan 2011.01.10
great pics. this game rocks.

unclemonkey 2011.01.08
fairly good pics but otherwise not very good

Aminadab 2011.01.07
nice game with nice pictures, but to short. More endings need

Joeyy 2011.01.06
nice game but pretty short, could be longer for more fun

SolStar 2010.12.31
nice game birds are fit as fuck

R_bOnEz 2010.12.31
again another great game ,gotta play again to try an do the other babe

nairo 2010.12.29
good game, with hot girls but it could be longer

kingdong 2010.12.28
good looking girls and a easy control method well done

flintstoneflop 2010.12.26
NIce game, decent graphics. I agree it could be longer and more interactive. It would be nice if the women were more busty

dxkt 2010.12.25
it was ok could be longer

Danji 2010.12.25
Good game but it was too easy. Could`ve been longer.

Gemman67 2010.12.24
Love this one , just wish it went farther , lop does great games....

J00NNY 2010.12.24
Really good game i loved it this game is fantastic

ujuu7 2010.12.23
total amazing graphics and gameplay

shivansh 2010.12.21
never seen good game like this

shivansh 2010.12.21
what a game very very very very very very very very very very very very very good good good good good good good game

shivansh 2010.12.21
fastastic game
very very good game

shivansh 2010.12.21
very god and intresting game

aloncltr19 2010.12.18
great game!!! aletta is SO HOT!

hawknico 2010.12.18
I liked this game so much, even the graphic was terrific

weromont 2010.12.17
Great game, can we get this hot girl to feature any other of the games? Good graphics!

Futurus 2010.12.16
nice game with a good story.

alfredbeni 2010.12.14
the game is very good. i love the story.

mick149 2010.12.13
played this before very good shame you have to return to see different output

Fisher 2010.12.12
A good game indeed could be better with threesome.

ian12345 2010.12.12
does anyone know who the girls are because i swear ive seen them before

budbro 2010.12.10
should have let the scenes run longer hot girls

Kaze 2010.12.07
It`s too short but the girls are really hot.

zeretet 2010.12.07
They should make the scenes longer

chimpi 2010.12.07
Nice and realy hot game!

aboodas 2010.12.07
It is fun actually, hot girls...

Bocado80 2010.12.06
hot girls. easy playing. nice plot.

anilraj 2010.12.03
good game but use of keyboard would be better

jpsacrey 2010.12.02
nice game, very good to play, with fun

ahclem 2010.12.02
Really simple, Really short, and having the FINAL scene be a view of a guy`s ass? YUCK!!!!!

rollercoaster 2010.12.02
gameplay was awesome graphics were awesome animations were awesome

Erik_romance 2010.12.02
nice game, very good to play, with fun

king2pm 2010.11.30
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

scrip 2010.11.30
fun game that doesn`t take a lot of time

popcorn2002 2010.11.30
Not a bad game the girls a beautiful.

badass 2010.11.28
good game but should be a better story with it

badass 2010.11.28
very sexy game with sexy girls

hanazawarui07 2010.11.27
i wonder if i can have sex with those girls

juan123456 2010.11.21
the graphics were good and the game play was awesome would of been better if it was longer

Gamezie 2010.11.21
Game was ok, graphics were good but gameplay could have been better :) Still enjoyed it

Pietr Vlaminsky 2010.11.17
A short game but yet a good one

kurosakiz 2010.11.16
pretty short game , an OK game for me .

dragonguardian13 2010.11.16
Not a bad game the girls a beautiful.

starracer0101 2010.11.15
awesome game, like the graphics and the gameplay

tuff_987 2010.11.13
hmmm not bad but a little confusing...

shakeandbake278 2010.11.13
its an ok game could have been better with music

jjjjj 2010.11.09
Good game, to short though

randomguy530 2010.11.06
the girls they use are hot, got ending 3

skye808 2010.11.05
sexiii game!!!! i love the pikx

kingpin626 2010.11.01
good game , love the fact they used real pics

Moki 2010.10.31
Good game, needs more and also sum sound.

kmita 2010.10.27
Nice Game, but it could have any video sequences while they do it

mackaie 2010.10.25
An ability to skip the waking up scene after playing once would have been nice. Fun game, two pretty ladies, decent story, easy enough actions

chete79 2010.10.24
good story an good graphics.

trsss 2010.10.23
good game, a little too short though

sexxatron5 2010.10.23
nice game... quality and all... nice work ^^

manutd2772 2010.10.23
awesome game only downside is it is too short

paddywhack 2010.10.21
good game too much clicking

cpgibson007 2010.10.17
this is a sex game right....and you what a comment on it. well it looks like a sex game should

necrotwo 2010.10.16
can u have sex with both girls

ranmagh01 2010.10.15
Pretty boring. Not as good graphics as other games.

Kotton24 2010.10.15
Good game with good graphics

xxalfalfa 2010.10.12
Nice Game, but it could have any video sequences while they do it

mick33 2010.10.12
good game : good story, hot babes. could be better if it was a bit more longer with more action with his ex classmate

kyledemi23 2010.10.12
Good game but to short it needs to be longer

dazza30 2010.10.08
really good game loved it..

steveaaron07 2010.10.02
this game was awsome the graphics are incredible. the girls are really hot and the only thing that could have made it better is if it had a real scene

jeanmimel 2010.09.30
girls are amazing nice picture

akthorran 2010.09.25
Okie Dokie... Nice graphics though :)

fmeyen 2010.09.22
Very nice graphics, a good game.

Be a good boy and get your prize.

lilipollo 2010.09.21
i foud a bu and an achievment keeps appearing and appearing

Cpt Tightpants 2010.09.20
Nothing particularly special - the girls are nice but the game itself is average

phucee 2010.09.20
good game but hella short could be longer unless there are alternate endings

Black-Bishop 2010.09.19
Damn, That`s a good game. I loved the story

jcoll35 2010.09.15
easy to play big reward with graphics

elvis87 2010.09.15
Very good game and story, easy playing and good choose of babes ;))

max29 2010.09.14
good enjoyable game. need more stories. i love it

inboxme 2010.09.13
girls are hot but the guy gets in the way

JezzBug 2010.09.12
how do you cum inside her if you just bought condoms? Oh well, fun little game.

azariel 2010.09.10
good game,lack of a back button, still good game.

boots007 2010.09.09
girls are hot but the guy gets in the way

MUFC999999999 2010.09.07
awesome animation but music was lacking

AJS 2010.09.02
The animation is good and the women are very good looking, too bad the guy`s butt is in the way.

NickC 2010.08.29
yeah the chicks are hot, specially the wife but it should have more action with both girls

nibounet 2010.08.29
Nice game with very good graphics even though you can`t see much action with your wife as your own butt is in front...

saprakap 2010.08.29
The game play was just too short and the graphics could be better.

twenty3 2010.08.27
sexy game with hot chicks

rontoo 2010.08.25
The game-play was interactive, which was nice but it would have been nice if getting the different achievements gave a reward, like a picture or something like that.

daftx 2010.08.21
No clear instruction but good game

honorableone11 2010.08.20
not a bad game, the arm kissing thing was a bit annoying. took a while the first time

mrcoolerz 2010.08.20
Great game!
despite the certain difficulties in getting laid by 2 girls, overall it is nice

keyla 2010.08.17
nice games, but i stuck when touching his arm

anantara 2010.08.16
good enjoyable game. need more stories. i love it

kidd91 2010.08.14
nice game very interesting

deadbydayinblack007 2010.08.14
Good game, shame there is no sound thou. And it would be better if there was n option to have both at the same time. Oh well

markh 2010.08.11
good game,, i personally find the shaky camera a bit confusing - would prefer a fixed view

justalonery 2010.08.08
nice games, but i stuck when touching his arm, , , T,T

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
good enjoyable game. need more stories.

chrisattewell 2010.08.01
the game take too long for the acshon

papasmurfdoozy 2010.07.30
wasnt a big fan of moving my mouse back and forth over the dudes ass. but both girls are hot, too bad theres no sound and the gameplay was short, meaningless

alantor 2010.07.29
good game!!!

I like it

Synne 2010.07.28
Overall a really fun game , shame it didn`t last a bit longer.

arnor 2010.07.27
I like this game. Just a quick and funny sexy games with cutes girls...

m4dness 2010.07.26
sexy hot and horny is wot this game made me

dreadwolf 2010.07.26
game play, graphic, animation are good would be better if you could do both girls

hellaz 2010.07.26
Great Sexy game a bit short but it`s good anyway

Dude817 2010.07.24
the game was great good graphics good gameplay

Triggerheart 2010.07.23
YES: Good game, could be better...

coldhot87 2010.07.22
this game is sexy, but a little too short.

douglas 2010.07.20
Good game. Would be nice if you could make it with Aleta also (or better
yet with both of them at once). graphics were good and animation was nice
(except for the guy`s ass when making love to girl friend)

willsflake 2010.07.11
Great Game..Awesome!! Like it!!

birkhenrik 2010.07.11
Great game, fine plot, joyfull

Baddibu 2010.07.11
Damn how can a woman be so much beautyful ?! :P

pittsboy313 2010.07.10
sexy as hell i loved it it was great

lenman 2010.07.06
Beautiful gals. Both of `em. Loved the game. Wished it was longer and really wanted to go back once again to the other gal. Nice realistic and real photographic images add flavour and spice to this game.

nameit 2010.07.03
I like the game, it was nice and cool, nice pictures

dreadwolf 2010.07.02
game play would be better if one could fuck anetta instead of just playing with her graphic are good animation could be better

thrillbill 2010.07.02
not bad - just alittle easy.

Gunshot1 2010.06.30
great game wish you didn`t have to reset constantly if you mess up talking

dpcc 2010.06.18
good game but could have better sex shots

thingssuchas 2010.06.11
loved it!!!!!! but it was pretty easy

spospospo 2010.06.03
graphics are good but it could be boring sometimes . :(

zzacc 2010.06.03
Great game , a bit annoying with the trial and error especially at the end but overall very good

Sin4u 2010.05.29
Short story,lack of choices,good but could be much better

emetiel 2010.05.29
nice game I seem to be to nice to get both girls :((

adamgob 2010.05.23
tpical lesson of passion. straight to the point though. i liked it

Gruenling 2010.05.22
"Great Game" It`s Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

daadennis 2010.05.22
love the graphics but game was pretty easy

ORLANDOWOLF 2010.05.19
nice game but a little short

hockey0096 2010.05.19
Pretty good, although the part where you have sex with your girlfriend is a bit weird since its a real picture of a girl and an animated guy.

Eguy 2010.05.17
an exciting game. very sexy. though its too short. you gotta make it longer

sHorTTHunder 2010.05.09
nice graphics but i wish there were more scenes but in the end great game

chris18 2010.05.07
Good Game, nice replay value for achievements

DerSkipper 2010.05.07
Nice game but notr very funny to play using a Citrix-connection

boinky 2010.05.06
great game, very hot girls

adadunham18 2010.05.03
she is beautiful easy on the eyes game was not challenging enough

Macho 2010.05.02
Excellet game the girls are hot but it is very short

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Nice but a little bit short

snow12fox 2010.04.29
this is one of my favoret games

LP83 2010.04.28
Sexy ladies!
Aletta is one of my favorites

Ricoh124 2010.04.26
Good introduction, leads you astray rather than keeps you loyal.

arjayty 2010.04.23
Good graphic and gameplay. Bonuses for the achievments would be nice

shazza85 2010.04.22
It was ok until the achievement kept popping up

rochemback26 2010.04.22
why cant we continue and have sex with the 2nd girl? this should have a continuation...
apart from that, pretty cool

bamtyson13 2010.04.21
cool graphics it was awsome

laperra70 2010.04.21
great game, but the questian are very easy. good grphics.

lioodas 2010.04.20
wow. i really liked this one :)

Kwather 2010.04.20
it`s a very good game but too short

Ph30n1xzero 2010.04.20
Fun game Aletta is so hot!

deathstar08 2010.04.19
this game rules. the girls are so hot

Antiawsome 2010.04.19
hell yes 2 very hot chicks love it

big8797 2010.04.18
love those pics the gf is amazing

Kain0025 2010.04.18
The gameplay was interactive, which was nice, and I liked that there were different ways it could end, but it would have been nice if getting the different achievements gave a reward, like a picture or something like that.

snaky 2010.04.17
beautiful girls, nice story, a little short, but still great game
look forward to a second part

mxq145 2010.04.17
this is one very sexy game

Vyper 2010.04.16
really good game, i love it

naruto69 2010.04.16
good game, good graphics, a little bit short.

DSony 2010.04.15
Great game great graphics and great girls

wesmcf 2010.04.15
Thought the animations were a bit rubbish and who wanted to see some guys ass when the shagging started?? grat game

rodney 2010.04.15
The game is good except for the sex at the end when you can only see the guys ass.

sandboxboi2002 2010.04.14
I think this would have been a better with animated girls... gives the creator a lot more versatility

sandboxboi2002 2010.04.14
Decent but not as good of a story or interactivity... would love to see something more placed in like items or more things to do.

asdfasdf321 2010.04.14
i really love playing this game

different 2010.04.13
great graphics love the game alleta looks so hot

hard7in4her 2010.04.13
fun to play and the girls are hot.

dodds40 2010.04.13
i like the game and the gameplay the graphic are alright

tafnam 2010.04.12
graphics werent great but ok

alowan 2010.04.12
good game with nice graphisme

3ezrayel88 2010.04.11
i wish i could fuck the 2 girls but really it`s a good game

pfiechtner 2010.04.11
I wish it had a back button for when I blow it (no pun intended) with the second girl. Sucks to start over again... otherwise really good

cetla 2010.04.10
good graphic really good game funny,just I hope to see more action and

Wndrbrwr 2010.04.10
very good game i very like beautiful girls

Wndrbrwr 2010.04.10
wonderful game love the pictures.

HUTHTHA 2010.04.09
oh that games sucks specially with that guys ass

Myth5870 2010.04.09
A bit easy, but everything else was good.

atomicboy7729 2010.04.08
Nice game! Don`t like the hairy butt hiding aletta.

LavitzReinhart 2010.04.08
fun game great hot girls but the ending was alittle lame

obidos 2010.04.06
yer it was good would have bee kl if u did a threesome instaed tho

magnikarp 2010.04.06
Overall it is a good game it is just that the controls are confusing.

vicious 2010.04.06
the girls are both very hot, but i can`t menage to have the second one...

s3rv3dandpwnt 2010.04.05
This games really nice and both girls are hot.

haplo 2010.04.05
nice girls, but not enough action

jerdyster 2010.04.05
This game is a good quick one. Doesn`t get boring like a lot of others.

dragon109 2010.04.04
wonderful game love the pictures

Wicked 2010.04.04
nice game, hot girl but for me not enough options...

124578 2010.04.03
Good game, just possibly a little too short IMO.

KellyKelly 2010.04.02
The graphics are great, but the game needs more options.

jkrauser 2010.04.02
I loved this game.Too bad i became a good boy lol >.

slapchop 2010.04.01
Thought the animations were a bit rubbish and who wanted to see some guys ass when the shagging started??

funeralchild 2010.04.01
Too linear needs more options and sex

onurfener 2010.04.01
the different endings thing is great. definitely great.

myserio 2010.04.01
Not bad, maybe a bit too straight forward though.

651person 2010.04.01
definately fun to get all the different enndings. if you havent tried, you should

JVVOLF1 2010.03.31
wonderful game. Worth playing again and again and again to see all the possible scenarios and endings, and try various combinations of them.

1911 2010.03.31
Great grafix...gotta see about the old school flame next. Fun play!

mattkingg 2010.03.31
its a really good game it would be better with a back button but otherwise great

tigrisch 2010.03.31
hey managed 3 endings are there anymore
pretty straight forward game though

grubber 2010.03.31
cool game, not very hard though, i got all the achievements in like 5 mins so it was really easy acutally

fadetoblack23 2010.03.30
this is a great game, love the variety and different choices available :)

mastermzs 2010.03.30
short game, the girls are hot but the guy ass could be cut off the game

SilverLynx 2010.03.30
Fun game, good content, slight chalenge

hotgirl 2010.03.30
hey managed 3 endings are there anymore
pretty straight forward game though

ingo1605 2010.03.30
That was a nice game, like it

uijuijbnyuhj7yu 2010.03.29
good game, love that different options are rewarded differently. however, was very disappointinf to have to look at dude`s ass at the end

gbenki 2010.03.29
Not quite sure how to go all the way with Sex with Anetta

crazyme 2010.03.29
i really like this game, the fucking is so good!!!

kohi 2010.03.29
Surprisingly good game. Quite familiar style, but still a bit different. The again I`m a LOP fan. Would love more endings (found three, assuming that`s it), but I guess this is as much as one could expect.

Selrac 2010.03.28
To easy to fuck those beatifull girls.... Very nice game!

kneedropp 2010.03.27
i think its a good game , the buttens are hard but its fun

kuniz 2010.03.27
great game atleast the< got some real porn hotties in it i so love aletta ocean

zync 2010.03.27
not bad was really short tho :(

JARJAM 2010.03.27
Didn`t care all that much for the ass in your face at the end. Otherwise good game.

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
I liked the game; the graphics were great and the women were sexy. This game was very entertaining and fun.

BorisDIrish 2010.03.26
it was great some things are disappointing but mainly great

yntb 2010.03.26
nice game,but a bit short

ancienthydra 2010.03.26
Gorgeous women, sadly the game was too short

jbird0789 2010.03.26
wow these girls are gorgeous. the quality of girls in these games are great

alexmahler2000 2010.03.26
hmmm yeah the game is very hot , like the grafics :-) but a bit more control would be nice ;-)

flayer 2010.03.26
the game is very hot and the girls beautiful, but is too short

abott_hero 2010.03.25
i feel better after meet both of girls.

Rammstein 2010.03.25
This game is awesome. Just wish u could have sexy with the other one.

chriscogs 2010.03.24
great game had lots of fun

silthe 2010.03.23
Short, but nice story and excellent pictures.

ericd 2010.03.23
Another game with an orignal story line, but also a bit short. But also very good.

pennhills13 2010.03.23
Very hot girls...kept me entertained the whole time...should make a sequel.

tsoulis 2010.03.23
Good game - great graphics too.

shalimar 2010.03.22
nice game with lots o achivements

shalimar 2010.03.22
endings are preety amazing and the game is different too

FasterThanLife 2010.03.22
Wow, the interactivity and endings were great!

kouleifoh 2010.03.22
pretty fun if i do say so my self

Residenthazard 2010.03.21
Good game, I like the interactive parts.

mrbj11111 2010.03.21
Both chicks are really hot, but I didn`t like seeing the guys ass during the sex.

Baby123 2010.03.21
I like this game it is fun

loogan 2010.03.21
Nice game, well made and good graphics. Much better than the average.

krozze 2010.03.20
Good games are produced by LOP... graphics are always great and they give interactivity to the players.

poisenedluv 2010.03.20
this game was fun, very sexi girls

rawrkins 2010.03.20
excellent, sexy girls :-)

Thundercracker 2010.03.20
The women are very sexy. I tend to not like the "up close and open" shots, but in the game those shots were not too bad. I did not like the guy`s backside shot during the sex part of the game.

danielson21500 2010.03.19
good game a little to short nice pics

marko 2010.03.19
Great game I like it, Really nice pictures

sean13 2010.03.18
good game, but controlls are kinda messy

SAugust 2010.03.18
Loads of Fun! I had to play couple of times to see different endings.

patriotcowboy28 2010.03.18
would have been better if you could have gone further with anetta, but hopefully another one will be made to continue the story

source217 2010.03.18
Fun but tricky game like most of the LOP games but well done and with beautiful models.

qwerty21 2010.03.18
good game, it was rather short though

Snejbjerg 2010.03.17
Simply just loves these girls, damn its hot!

shabs 2010.03.17
The gameplay was interactive, which was nice, and I liked that there were different ways it could end, but it would have been nice if getting the different achievements gave a reward, like a picture or something like that.

6768 2010.03.15
Girls are good. Brunette just sexy lady
A better story could come up with. And add the possibility to enjoy all the characters

hubi 2010.03.15
great game. aletta she has a great looking body

walanwaters 2010.03.14
to easy, but good looking girls

choker81 2010.03.13
good game, good graphics, a little bit short.

Dude7500 2010.03.12
beautiful women. fun game.

cold 2010.03.12
great game, one of the best on here, very sexy too

Menfu 2010.03.11
A good game with very good graphics, maybe a little short

cooldude0912 2010.03.11
two sexy girls to have sex with. what more could anyone want?

weagleweagle 2010.03.10
great game! needs a do-over button and more options!

sonic gold 2010.03.09
ya that game was awsome i do agree it needs a back button

trial 2010.03.09
would be nice if you could get further with anetta

ShaggyMonkey 2010.03.08
awesome game, gorgeous women

saintz27 2010.03.07
great game.really good game i like aletta she has a great looking body

bonehead 2010.03.07
very nice gonna play again to get other ending

robert23 2010.03.07
is good the girls are so hot...i like it

snake69 2010.03.05
very interesting love action game....... i like it.

LoLB 2010.03.05
very nice game, maybe just a little bit more action

sinner666 2010.03.04
is good the girls are so hot

edwsqa 2010.03.04
I didn`t really like it, not enough options

stillman 2010.03.04
this was a very enjoyable game, and i will probably play it again

jay50 2010.03.04
the game is funny but would be nice if there was somekind of checkpoint so u dont have to start all over again...but again its a small game so dosent take long to complet....all left now is hope there comes a follow up ^^ and maybe longer

scotman87 2010.03.02
i like this game its very good

rekol 2010.03.02
good game , fine pictures but still game is too short

Victorio 2010.03.02
i like this game. hot chics, nice graphics

a_dude 2010.03.02
this game was booring it was like just pictures

chimx 2010.03.01
lack of back button is kinda meh but still good :)

scorpio41 2010.03.01
Very nice graphics, nevertheless the action should be a little bit more interesting. Storyboard it is also very nice

Rawker12 2010.03.01
Good game, but not long enough.

Tdub888 2010.02.28
it was pretty good, kinda tough though. but hott chicks!

hhhhh 2010.02.28
nice game but not yoo long. but good

ajfklajkf 2010.02.28
Good game, nice pictures, but it was a little short.

virx1234 2010.02.26
Nice graphics, but i`m stuck on the second girl.

Zach 2010.02.25
That game was pretty good.

select 2010.02.25
good game it is not easy to have sex wiyh 2 girls

OOG 2010.02.24
Just finished getting both - wish there was more action with the second chick! She`s hot as hell, really good game

OOG 2010.02.24
Pretty good but kind of boring sex actions- and wtf is with the pimply ass in the single chick sex scene! Nasty!

Convall 2010.02.23
The game was fun, a bit short though. Great art work.

Evil Dave 2010.02.23
Girls are beatiful and the idea behind it is good, but the payoff isnt nearly hot enough.

xx76 2010.02.23
good game
,i like aletta she has really pretty eyes i love her

honeyrr 2010.02.22
As always, great graphics. good game,lack of a back button can b annoying,altho it does mean it isnt 2 easy

FunSeeker 2010.02.21
Nice game, only no checkpoints. Real photo`s are way nice!

frank50 2010.02.21
That had to be one of the hottest games around.

sexybond 2010.02.21
good game it is not easy to have sex wiyh 2 girls

DoctorKev419 2010.02.20
It was good how actual pics were used and it felt great cheating on your girlfriend :)

demonicwerewolf 2010.02.20
the game is funny but would be nice if there was somekind of checkpoint so u dont have to start all over again...but again its a small game so dosent take long to complet....all left now is hope there comes a follow up ^^ and maybe longer

saad2605 2010.02.20
fun game but to short. graphics were ok

MR Love 2010.02.20
Honestly, this game is really good to play

Doffer 2010.02.20
not a bad game well made lots to do

clash9 2010.02.20
theres only one word to describe this game wll actualy two awsome and sexy

clash9 2010.02.19
good game very sexy gets you hard

alwaysconfuse 2010.02.19
the Lesson of Passion games are always good.

noone 2010.02.19
Very good game, with nice girls.

guy15 2010.02.19
not bad could of used a bit more animation

kuku 2010.02.19
very good game,one of the better games

k75strider 2010.02.18
It was pretty good. I wouldn`t mind seeing some actual animation rather than just moving stills...

k75strider 2010.02.18
Fun game with multiple outcomes.

teamsex6 2010.02.18
I basically love this game. So incredibly hot.

kil333 2010.02.18
very good game,one of the better games

gqman2 2010.02.18
I liked the game but could use a bit more animation rather than canned movements.

shotcalla 2010.02.18
its good, but half the choices you make don`t affect the outcome whatsoever

mercury64 2010.02.18
nice game, would have loved it to be a little longer

bazza67 2010.02.18
The girls look amazing but the gameplay isn`t the best.

Stevie B 2010.02.17
ok i like it but to short is there a part 2 to this game if not that bad

jethro 2010.02.17
i am big fan of the games with real women - and not just the CGI

pbmaxxx 2010.02.16
eh wasn`t very interesting. Got bored with it

capro 2010.02.16
repetitive game. I don`t like it.

devildog 2010.02.16
pretty cool game the graphics are amazing and i love the storyline

wculverton 2010.02.15
Really good game. Easy interface, and I like the multiple endings.

drok 2010.02.15
great game but could use more action visuals

LMarcy8 2010.02.15
the game was awsome, hard on throughout the game. great storylibe to.

sfox 2010.02.14
game was fun i played for 3 hours

jamal 2010.02.14
this game is the best i played it for 2 hours

Berem 2010.02.14
This game is impressive!!!

sweetwildcat 2010.02.14
Alleta Ocean is so damn hot... :D

mokelo 2010.02.14
good game hot girl but lame ending

Starforge 2010.02.13
It was simple, yet that didn`t detract from the fun. Animation was lacking, on the other hand, and really broke the immersion at points.

k2k 2010.02.13
nice, but more action would be great....

charles1 2010.02.12
She looks like angelina jolie.

charles1 2010.02.12
Best game ever liked the game .

Crh1991 2010.02.12
pretty good game simple enough game play

Nolson 2010.02.12
really good game congratulations!!!!!!!!

bornspanish 2010.02.12
this game was put on quite quickly and not with very much fixes on virtualdategirls.com, its owner`s site where are other awesome games! this one is maybe buggy and not that long but has two endings with two hotties and some tricks to pull off before getting laid. great game as usual!||||

Hendrix73 2010.02.10
Good game, easy enough, getting both girls was key. Liked the point of view up until the last scene when the guy`s behind shows. Good game overall.

nzbadboy 2010.02.10
Nice game - too easy though and only one ending (other than an epic fail at the start!). Would have been better with multiple ends and true sex with Aletta

skyman1 2010.02.10
i dont know how to finish the game but i enjoyed the parts i did see

Cam200 2010.02.09
nice game sexy girls bad ending

Cam200 2010.02.09
very nice game the girls are very sexy

7z9 2010.02.09
good game but lame ending

jay50 2010.02.09
Beautiful women. Could have done without the hairy man butt obstructing the view.

DonR 2010.02.08
The game was ok, but I didn`t really care about looking at the guys ass the whole time.

spartans1 2010.02.08
Seriously hot chicks in this game....WOW

oshi60 2010.02.08
very good game i very like beautiful girls

ildrums 2010.02.08
I love this game. its so hot.

niei2206 2010.02.08
I love this game, its awsome!

Top Cat 2010.02.08
great game... ive bookmarked it

bbb 2010.02.08
awesome game. would be better if u could do more

AnyBloke 2010.02.07
Beautiful women. Fun. Could have done without the hairy man butt obstructing the view.

Ally 2010.02.07
Awesome game, graphics were great would of like to go all the way with is friend, could do without the guys hairy ass

tuzigoot13 2010.02.07
very hot game! need to add more girls though or have a threesome with both girls

jay50 2010.02.07
This was a fun game. I enjoyed the interactions with the girls and the graphics were great.

Nos 2010.02.07
Love the hairy man ass. Hott!!

hewgo 2010.02.07
pretty good game took awile to get started tho

branman34 2010.02.07
good game but lame ending

wesley_9 2010.02.06
i really did enjoy this one, but ive played better

bendover 2010.02.06
Not bad - pics are good, story is interesting

smig 2010.02.05
good game, only played it the once i take it they different endings

mummy28 2010.02.05
The game is nice but a little short also more different storylines whould be cool

Bird 2010.02.05
nice game, but a little too easy. too repetetive with moving the mouse back and forth.

dochoff 2010.02.05
good game. could have done without "my" ass on the screen while fucking

davj5 2010.02.05
it alright not too addictive like the others, hot chicks but interested on it.

cpt_hook 2010.02.04
I have to agree about the ass picture. When we can actually see the girls without a giant ass in the way, they are hot. Dialogue could use some work.

aberation 2010.02.04
Excellent use of photos rather than Lesson of Passion`s usual CG approach.

rdubbs96 2010.02.03
This was a fun game. I enjoyed the interactions with the girls and the graphics were great.

jackbarger 2010.02.03
nice game but would have been better without the guy in front at the end

cambuse 2010.02.03
wow, this one is really nice
nice graphs and nice play
and 2 girls are gorgeous
need more action by the way !

Leviathan 2010.02.03
Usually I am not a big fan of games that use photos of actual people (often they don`t match up with the storyline); however, this game was well done and the photos actually followed the story.

mikey 2010.02.03
absolutely yummy yummy yummy. better placement of the dialog boxes would improve this game alot and perhaps some sound too :-) Great game though!

bob12345 2010.02.02
aletta & anetta are so hot !!!

nice game but kinda easy

tommyboy1121 2010.02.02
a little slow and boring need more action

7z9 2010.02.02
nice pictures of nice girls, nice game

ctf_fancore 2010.02.02
great game, took me a second to realize the characters were real

paco55 2010.02.02
a little slow and boring not enough action

mr. proper 2010.02.02
Good, but threesome would be even better!

hugozvelehor 2010.02.02
this ones a little to simple for all the moveing around

hugozvelehor 2010.02.02
Thats it!Great game!I like it!

bob1235949 2010.02.02
Good game, but a threesome scene would be a welcome addition.

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.01
nice pictures of nice girls, nice game

morespl 2010.01.31
Sorry but watching some guys ass as the "payoff" is not on the top of my list for good endings

ElNudae 2010.01.31
the game beautifully done, but the cars stuff went on too long , the giant ass covering the girl was just wrong needed better angle so we could see the girl as well, and why not have a threesome scene ???

Dengar 2010.01.31
Great game with lovely pictures and story

harry72023 2010.01.31
this ones a little to simple for all the moveing around

Lil keeper 2010.01.31
Amazing game and amazing girls!!!

pakito 2010.01.31
good game but cant get the other girl :S

Zorba 2010.01.30
good game who challence you a little

Kudzu 2010.01.29
Good game but wish you could score with other woman. Wow

Crazylogan 2010.01.29
Great game, very sexy would like to see more of this type

alexus68 2010.01.29
this game is pretty good. interactive and high quality

a_dub 2010.01.29
it would be alot better if u could skip the driving scenes

madhatta 2010.01.28
Nice Game, like the different ending, just lack sound

erised 2010.01.28
Good game. I`ve played it on the original site before. I finally scored with both girls. pity it was too short. is there a threesome in this game?

Tbird 2010.01.28
Pretty good. Should be longer.

Susipicous 2010.01.27
not easy to get both girls.. the idea is great

angarf1 2010.01.27
Great game, with a good trama, nice animations and those models..... wow!!!

mcknipau 2010.01.27
cool game, had a tough time getting the other girl

hentaifreak 2010.01.27
really enjoyed this game the girls are hot

kimtoxta 2010.01.26
Girls are just too beautifull. Nice game

Clancy 2010.01.26
a sweet but too short game

Wonsky 2010.01.26
Girla are really hot but I think that game is a little bit too short

mike21 2010.01.26
nice game and really nice and hot girls...

saveyou 2010.01.25
Good game... definitely would like to see them both together.

sentaiblue 2010.01.25
i love the game very nice picks wish thers some more girls in the game it one of the best to play

coiso 2010.01.25
i don`t know the name of the other girl, but aletta ocean is simply the most beautifull girl on porn industry... Thanks for this

J-HIZZY 2010.01.25
the game play is different great pictures overall not to bad one of my vavorite porn stars

shibby 2010.01.24
nice pics, but lame gamplay

Moriarti 2010.01.24
Both of these women are fine as hell! Too bad you can`t seem to get them both at the same time...:( Simple gameplay is always nice, no tedious finding the right spot to click as with some games. Great graphics and sexy ladies.

Rezman15 2010.01.24
top game with good quality.

quelani 2010.01.24
one down and one to go gorgeous

nbc390 2010.01.22
is there any way to get more than two achievements?

chrose 2010.01.21
this one is fun choose ur route and its not long

heartless 2010.01.21
Nice game. But the ending lacked interactive gameplay.

lc002 2010.01.20
Very good visuals in the game. The clear pictures are great

jun 2010.01.19
the game seemed kinda short, a 3 some version would have been nice

Ricoh124 2010.01.18
Wonder if they`d ever get it together as a threesome?

dimebag 2010.01.17
the end was a bummer... literally... all i could see was his bum... not pleasant! maybe i should try again and find another way to fuck her

catdog 2010.01.17
good game it would be better if you could have sex with 2nd girl as well

Rizzy 2010.01.16
It was ok. Nice pictures but after massaging the other girl u shud get sex. The first girl ammused herself anyway. thats all it was lacking. Or an option to have both at same time.

ElSlowhand 2010.01.14
Not too impressed with this one. Nice pics, but the game play is crappy.

ogunt 2010.01.12
i know people said its short and all as to repeatability wise its not that short for me but i have a question hence the name can have both woman at the same time .. cheers

paranoid 2010.01.11
The game as really nice girls. I didn`t like the butt at the end tho...
Also I think it is a little short. Some more action with anetta would`t hurt.

tequiladave 2010.01.10
really nice game but can we fuck both of them in the same game ?

tongue81 2010.01.08
great game with sexy girls but i have the problem that I can`t have sex with anetta although I got her so far

Kathole 2010.01.08
i enjoyed this game it was fun

fuzzyt 2010.01.07
if one real life was this easy... what a world that would be

pronsander 2010.01.07
Thanks for seversl endings. it is allways great with different holes to explore

sigurdnorbert 2010.01.07
Great games, hot girls. i play like other games.

captainc22 2010.01.06
Not a bad game could have used some work on the kissing part.

Crado 2010.01.06
A bit short but very nice graphics - but the big butt in the end...disgusting :-P

madmar 2010.01.05
Good game, really nice pictures. But a bit to little action with the "other" girl though. How get all achivements?

sombondrolo 2010.01.04
that game is awesome...aletta its really really hot

toma8in 2010.01.04
very nice idea... could have been longer

ayaroht 2010.01.03
the car scenes really slow things down and made it annoying. great girls. could use some stripping action. could use a meter to show how you`re doing in the game.

angels1 2010.01.03
I love how the graphics change as you interact with the girls.

helloyou 2010.01.02
good graphics worth the playing

Badboy93 2010.01.01
This game rocks!! I can spend my whole day here

spartan071194 2009.12.31
great game, but need help getting other girl

liam900 2009.12.30
great but i would like more girls

sexybond 2009.12.29
this game is awesome and graphics r too good

punk44244 2009.12.28
I thought this game was decent. Kind of a letdown at the end.

aceelite 2009.12.28
interaction was great but i would like more girls

raziel 2009.12.28
nice game, nice with interactive stuff

zuilazui 2009.12.26
That`s so extremely satisfied.

catoncrack 2009.12.21
nice game, nice with interactive stuff

cungol 2009.12.21
any way to have sex with anetta

redhot666 2009.12.20
i love this game. one for the ages

roger 2009.12.20
more animation, but hot babe

lovelyowl 2009.12.19
girls and animations are wonderfull.. espically i love BMW car too..

Lt2r3x 2009.12.19
Damn , this black hair baby so hot.. but game can be more animation..

Paris155 2009.12.19
Nice game but i played much better than this

Abbzy 2009.12.17
good stuff keeo making such games

koz31 2009.12.16
i enjoyed this game it was fun

themendezfactor 2009.12.15
this is a good example of the publishers games, good but bit short

arcelo 2009.12.14
it´s a nice sexy game

i like it

Rollle 2009.12.13
i love these games. girls are always sexy, story is pretty easy to follow. i like that there isn`t one set story line and you have control over what happens.

nillax2k 2009.12.12
cant see much effort going into this game looks like it was done by the newest intern you could find

gezzalee 2009.12.11
awesome game there should b a lot more of these

wilhelm123 2009.12.09
gud game u should bringout more of them

sierra 2009.12.09
nice game. more girls and more sex would be better. but it was good idea.

funkyviau 2009.12.08
Really great game interresting and entertaining lot of fun

imtheone 2009.12.08
The game was truly awesome felt like heaven...............................

yyc 2009.12.05
The girls are very hot bus maybe more sex would be better

squall8 2009.12.03
i really enjoyed this game.gave you choices and not just fucking straight away

mayank16 2009.12.02
very hot and sexy game,
i pleased to play this.............

Puntsch 2009.12.02
Wonderfull game... but a little bit short. The grafic is o.k.

slippy 2009.12.01
the game is good but i can not get with the other girl

sadthecardslost2 2009.12.01
Not complicated, but the girls are hot.

snuggles142 2009.11.30
good game could do with beeing bit harder ,graphics are good for the most part

NCStar32 2009.11.30
This is a good game but I think it is wayyy too short

ziggy 2009.11.30
good game is a bit easy though should be part 2

tomcalova 2009.11.29
nice but not contains goog strories. I see betters

sweetguy286 2009.11.27
great game but the button thing keeps coming up

Rider 2009.11.27
Good Game, wish there was a back button. But over all a good game.

slippy 2009.11.26
game was enjoyable but how do you get the other girl

009 2009.11.26
good game, but where is the threesome?

elljaz 2009.11.25
new lop game would be tight

rookie 2009.11.25
good game pity no action with girl you me

nissehult 2009.11.24
cool game i like it, i like aletta she is really hot

roxac 2009.11.21
this game so good, turn me on, nice game

wardaddy 2009.11.20
Good game a little choppy. Bad ending didnt like seeing the guys ass for the end.

walrus13 2009.11.20
good game except the ending scene, you could have used a different angle so i`m not lookin at a mans hairy butt

logandan 2009.11.19
cool game but the right moves a bit hard to figure out with the high school chick..

logandan 2009.11.19
Really nice game.. should get more of them

grazr24 2009.11.18
Nice game i missed some sounds but thats ok.

Digi 2009.11.18
good game , maybe a little short and too easy

giantswin 2009.11.17
sexy babes - tough, but not too tough

ba ghost 2009.11.15
getting sex takes too long
but good game in the long run

vexum 2009.11.15
nice game, better if more interaction and longer a bit

Binkie 2009.11.15
Mooi spel en vooral met al de details vond ut makkelijk te besteuren dus ik zeg helemaal top!!!

johnj 2009.11.14
This is an amazing game. keep it up!

bd582@scn.org 2009.11.13
The women are beautiful. I`d prefer if the game were a bit longer to make it more interesting.... but it`s a good start!

KingCalifornia 2009.11.13
good game hot girls and good graphic

coldice 2009.11.12
very good game and good grapics give me a boner

jacksamrose 2009.11.11
The girls are hot. The graphic are great and the animation is ok. The game will be much better if it has more action.

dabomb329 2009.11.11
Graphics look great and the girls look hot.

vheemskerk 2009.11.11
great game, i love it. graphics are good so is the gameplay

Larin 2009.11.10
A Lot of fun nice looking girls

anthony41 2009.11.10
fun game, really exciting to try and get both girls in the sack.

German 2009.11.10
the girls are hot I really liked it but it could be more erotic

sgtken69 2009.11.09
awesome game loved the use of real photos

rahnkev 2009.11.09
fun game. good use of still photos to make real. but made the simulation a little choppy/

chiefherron 2009.11.07
i liked it and only played couple times

fallenslayer 2009.11.07
amazing graphics and great interactivity all in all fun and easy to play

king_matthias 2009.11.07
Yeah the game was fun but a back button would be helpful. Starting over is a pain.

masseur59 2009.11.07
very nice graphics ! a lil long to play

powpow 2009.11.07
Nice gameplay great storyline, beautiful girls

Battlebobdes 2009.11.07
A threesome would have been a cool option...

DarkGuy 2009.11.06
ok this is a good game gameplay 10/5 i think so short but its ok 5/5

buckeye87 2009.11.05
Good game but wish there was an option to go back to girlfriend or stay with Annetta. Also the guy in the last scene could have been omitted.

prelux 2009.11.05
Great game, but I`m missing sounds. Will be great if there were some basic sounds. More of them will be fantastic, e.g. sex with both together ;)

darkwolff 2009.11.05
good game nice perfect girls also

dimabilly 2009.11.05
I liked the game..the models too.

oriole 2009.11.04
great game -- the girls are good looking -- always like the games from this developer

beast 2009.11.04
it is a good game, but it doesent last long

ryanv999 2009.11.04
Good games are produced by LOP... graphics are always great and they give interactivity to the players...

Spunkmonkey 2009.11.03
I think I could have done without man ass at the end. Kinda spoiled it a bit.

b3d0w 2009.11.03
good game, needs more attention to detail and more options more girls, could easily be twice as long

Rein 2009.11.03
Nice game, but it seems to me it was made with minimum effort :P Not that I complain, though...

Tarkin90 2009.11.02
nice game but it would be if it was longer

HeinH 2009.11.02
It is moving so slow, not responding at all to the mouse movements, not nice to play

snoopy666 2009.11.01
In general a good game but gameplay is too easy and finished very soon.
For the next version please add sound.

midgetman 2009.11.01
good game, took me awhile to manage to get both though

Freed0m 2009.11.01
hot girls
nice storyline
only sex scene could be better

xravensfan 2009.10.31
Awesome game. Great graphics, which make for a great game. Nice interactivity

ram90 2009.10.31
not bad it looks good with real women, although more interactivity could be better.

playforceone31 2009.10.31
easy to figure out, hot chicks = great game : )

wunderseun 2009.10.31
nice game, controls can be confusing, but the girls are really nice :)

gpistelli 2009.10.31
The girls are very hot, but the games isn`t so good on the sex scenes, but that`a aceptable.

WolfWarrior 2009.10.31
Wow, this game is really good. The gameplay is nice and simple and the graphics are good too.

incubus08 2009.10.31
anything from from them is great

TomCox25 2009.10.30
Very good game, love the actions involved to play.

chaos19 2009.10.30
good game, good graphics, sexy girls

jmonke 2009.10.30
Loved the girls in this game. Wish there was more.

mkfrant 2009.10.30
I like it but I was expecting more

deadbrain 2009.10.30
really hot girls i love them - gameplay somtimes bad

tbmvcal 2009.10.29
the girls are hot I really liked it

hatch2256 2009.10.29
fuckin hot and the first chick is hot

RatedR12586 2009.10.29
This game is awesome i have played it a few time`s, The game is good and graphs are decent.

Aneirin 2009.10.29
generally good but variety is a question

Saurusman 2009.10.28
The degree of interactivity is pretty decent, although a bit more variety based on one`s choices would be nice. Also, there`s nothing more off-putting than having the woman in question almost totally obscured by some guy`s ass - it may be more accurate, but it`s pretty poor entertainment.

john87678 2009.10.28
Wow! this is an awesome game. Keep it up.

Bobo34 2009.10.28
Very hot women. Nice way to spend a few minutes.

Gigigi18 2009.10.27
I can`t really see the point...At least their other games had different endings and stuff. This one only seems to tell you if u had the good or bad boy status, but nothing more...Lil disappointed

misha 2009.10.27
good game, graphic is good

roberttx 2009.10.26
Pretty woman....I would like to see a back button, too.

Bladepower 2009.10.26
Not to bad, they are getting better.......

kyo 2009.10.26
good game hot girls and good graf

Pongo 2009.10.25
Nice game! Not the best, but still great!

thomc 2009.10.25
Fun game but using the mouse instead of the keybord is really annoying.

archangel 2009.10.25
very nice game, like the womens but indeed theres not so much to do than I first thought

Riese3 2009.10.25
A good game, but a little lacking in options. Also the sex scene is a little pointless. What`s with the guys backside covering the sexy woman?

herger 2009.10.25
this game is great, i love it

gt1xyz 2009.10.25
easy and good game, great that there are lots of options and achievements -> fun to play it again

bullchief 2009.10.25
good game with two hot naked chicks. bring on more like that

DBZ_Vegeta 2009.10.24
Good Game. Enjoyed it very much. Some good Pictures in it

tiefling 2009.10.24
Excellent choice of models and images. Agree with previous recommendations about changing the ending

zestie 2009.10.24
need hints on the kissing part.

matt0424 2009.10.24
i love the choice of betrayal

Blacko 2009.10.24
Nice game. Could be a little more action...

Pwlkane 2009.10.23
Got to do the 2 girls in the same game !
Just be honest with both !

hawk1184 2009.10.20
this game i great, could be a little bit longer, but definietly alot of fun as it is

Soraka 2009.10.20
Okay game you just need to click too much

Xizor 2009.10.20
Nice Game but some more Optionswouldbe nice

harryhardon 2009.10.20
sexy girls but a little boring, could use more options

charlie38 2009.10.18
great game i like a lot. splendid flash a little bit short

Steven006 2009.10.18
Good game. Hope they make another one.

Rusher 2009.10.18
too good but too short,i hope you`ll make a new one

Flame666 2009.10.18
Short but good game. Both the girls are hot.

Finalblitz 2009.10.17
Game is good but has some slow boring parts to it. all in all 8/10

mxx78 2009.10.17
good game but too short and not many options, should consider making multiple endings or something

blackraiden 2009.10.17
it was allright. is there multipul endings to this game

winni 2009.10.17
this game is great and i love it realy and the girl in the game

bill98661 2009.10.15
Good game, but you shoudl change it and take out the guys ass. dont wanna see that.

arch 2009.10.15
interesting game. could be longer but overall it was different. the option to go with the other girl during the buying of condoms was a nice touch

swizzard 2009.10.15
Over all good game but would prefer new LOP game

StanFilo 2009.10.15
Very good visuals in the game. The clear pictures are great. Although the game is too short.

chiuvas 2009.10.14
well, LOP: Black Edition was and still is the best of these :)

franky135 2009.10.14
the hottest game ever
the girls are really nasty

im2smart4u 2009.10.14
Durring the last sex scene, it was a bad idea to have a guys naked backside cover the view of the sexy girlfriend.

im2smart4u 2009.10.14
How many achievements are there? I found only 5. Is there a sixth?

DeepCore 2009.10.13
Way too easy, there`s no challenge at all. You can`t miss at least having sex with the first girl.

fuct_up 2009.10.13
nice girls but the last scene really sucks, i don`T want to see the ass of the guy

cloudly 2009.10.13
That Game is too easy ^^
Can you fuck the second girl at the end ? i haven`t done it if it`s possible

dx61005 2009.10.13
The game is fine but the story could be much complicated to bring out more funny.

vijay22 2009.10.13
very nice game i had ever seen

gaf 2009.10.13
i like this game one of the best ive played

bateri 2009.10.13
this is one of the best games i have played. really splendid! Really nice pictures, a bit to little action with the "other" girl though... No real challenge, but like I said, really nice pictures.

monkeyone 2009.10.13
Hot girls, but the sex scene at the end is pointless, you cant see anything

adam0935 2009.10.12
great game, lot of different options, nice graphics

god 2009.10.12
the graphic of this game is amazing

win93 2009.10.12
the second chick is hotter
why cant she have sex too?

ks 2009.10.12
this is one of the best games i have played. really splendid!

filmproject 2009.10.12
Not too easy, but still great game!

Boerschi 2009.10.12
Nice but a little bit short

dogma9821 2009.10.12
This is an awsome game. I am not sure I got everything out of it but i enjoyed every minute ;)

desu12 2009.10.12
Good game with beautiful women but the ending ruined it.

Vince777 2009.10.12
Two very sexy women and a 2 in 1 story makes this game possibly one of the best i have played

Greensea 2009.10.12
Another decent game, but again too short and too limited. However, there was two separate encounters this time. Along with achievements too win, this makes the game longer than the first in this sub-series.

mouse28 2009.10.12
Good game with great pics... although a little short

danishmale 2009.10.11
good game, i liked the two stories in one

NGomes 2009.10.11
very hot girls. very nice game

dx61005 2009.10.11
The story is a bit short. It`s ok not good enough.

Alendril 2009.10.11
Nice game, the girls are really beautiful. But a little short, and the man ass is really ugly. It could be better by being longer, too.

noked 2009.10.11
Anetta is the best!! Very good game.

bestia99rom 2009.10.11
i like this game but is too easy...

jerei 2009.10.11
fun game!they should fuck the girl then give her a massge

tronnikwong 2009.10.11
The game has nice pictures, but it is too short in my opinion.

brandon 2009.10.11
how do you get pass playing with her boobs

harry 2009.10.11
cool but the end is so boring

Dropkick 2009.10.11
fun games! Both of these girls are amazing!

pokejoe 2009.10.11
i love games by this company there amazing

mudnut72 2009.10.11
Great game! lots of fun and different ways to figure things out is cool:)

harry72023 2009.10.11
I like it I just wish there were more lovely ladys and more posisions

max95660 2009.10.11
Good game. really good gameplay. The girls are beutiful too.

Eric 2009.10.11
good game, as all from leonizer. storyline bit shallow, but quality is great.

acefan42 2009.10.11
Overall great game, both girls are sexy as can be, the intereactive part was a little weak

emoney692004 2009.10.10
i liked the game but it was a little too short but other than that it was good

mjDub 2009.10.10
Decent game, some of the english was a bit rough

droriii 2009.10.10
Decent game. I didn`t enjoy looking at a man`s ass though.

abdule 2009.10.10
not bad pitty there wasn`t much of the other girl

Hugeman 2009.10.10
Good game, except for the naked ass that takes up my whole screen. More Anetta would have been better. But seeing her naked was really nice.

hosking 2009.10.10
it`s nice game an have a lot of new things , but it`s kinda short

PhantomPrince 2009.10.10
The game was short, but pretty good. Both girls were beautiful, and both are well known, so overall, its a must-play.

Definitely recommended.

moonflow 2009.10.10
The gameplay was interactive, which was nice, and I liked that there were different ways it could end, but it would have been nice if getting the different achievements gave a reward, like a picture or something like that.

Anomander 2009.10.10
Good game, flash needs a little bit of work though

jlai006 2009.10.10
this game is pretty good. interactive and high quality

Recyclic 2009.10.10
great game need more of the same

jake13 2009.10.10
thia game is awsome i like to have a little more time with the girlfriend

scoot777 2009.10.10
Fun game. Video would also make it more realistic.

biggdogg23 2009.10.09
I love these LOP games - I highly recommend playing them all!

sexdick 2009.10.09
best game i have ever played! nice job

boyo111 2009.10.09
Not bad, easier to play than most and good quality pictures to boot

suryawinata 2009.10.09
Really nice game. Sexy girls in the game in really good quality pictures, but a little bit to short (only 2 SEXY GIRLS).

cdiehl69 2009.10.09
Bad game. Sex scene is blocked by dude`s ass

Zentrickester 2009.10.09
this game is fun but very hard if your on a laptop and have to use a trackpad

coolio 2009.10.09
very sexy game. wish i could get a 3-some.

animestudent 2009.10.09
nice game! but why do i have to buy condoms but cum in her anyway?? the male ass blocking the sight was a bit annoying.

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