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Pumpkin Kickup


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sushi1963 2017.11.07
I don`t know, my mouse was not able to make longer streaks. only got 5 streaks.

bullsextra 2017.10.22
erotic. pretty good story play

Capiche71 2017.10.22

Joester 2017.09.04
well it took a while but loved it

LuciusM 2017.08.18
Good idea, I like it, it it too long. Graphics are awesome!

Turin1 2017.08.12
Clicking these damn pumpkins is fucking addicting.

Laelith 2017.07.28
hot graphics, sexy animations...horny ladies

biobirth 2017.06.14
Very challenging but fun game overall

Ryan4990 2017.03.31
VERY challenging, but worth it!!

ETRock12 2017.03.07
Not bad but it got a little bit boring until I got the hang of it


ciccio84 2016.11.01
this game is very exciting, specially the witch..very sexy
It requires good skill with the mouse

drae1987 2016.11.01
really like it but it needs a gallery to see what you misses, can`t stop to look during a long streak

JEDIE_SHARK 2016.10.03
Pretty fun nice to have a challenge for once

bcgcpro 2016.09.11
Only got to 30.. multitasking

galm70 2016.08.31
gameplay and graphics are good

Aztetos 2016.08.26
Fun but in the end just annoying how the pumpkin just jumps around, like OMG. It can`t be clicked when it goes supersonic speed. It will pass the mouse before the mouse even has registered it passing through. Missed to many clicks because of it.

MoonLight01 2016.08.15
Nice game, more then 70 points. Ty

stach56 2016.06.08
I can not do this move. Animation I jams .... max 20 points

trugrow 2016.03.08
very sexy and very interestingt

bitchy asshole 2016.01.29
omfg hot sexy i love this

brian110 2016.01.14
Hard game, it`s very fan and good idea.

Troubadour 2016.01.14
That`s a nice game, but it is a bit frustrating to "kick" the pumpkin....

manimal1 2016.01.13
this was a very frustrating game as the hit box on the pumpkin was crazy and there is no way to stop it from flying around like crazy

edgar1942 2016.01.09
This is a very addicting game, due to the challenge involved. The graphics are appealing. But a speed adjustment of some sort would be a big plus.

UzuWolverine 2016.01.04
this is a fun and addicting game, that has good graphics and the game makes you strive to try and get one more to your streak than the last time.

jonkieofstick 2015.12.15
good and hard game the girl i pretty nice.

markus7759 2015.12.13
it is a good game she is very hot

markus7759 2015.12.13
its a good game she is realey hot

Expendable00 2015.12.03
really hard to hit the pumkin 40 times.

cowboymike-1970 2015.11.18
Way to hard can`t get past 8 streak but the graphics are great.

porman 2015.11.01
en valdigt bra spel mycket bra

Berowulff 2015.10.25
ok, but there are better games...

Bloaker76 2015.10.11
Very nice graphics, allthough the game itself tents to get a bit boring :)

play40 2015.10.08
that witch on Halloween Pumpkin is so hot and the game is so addictive

dodoro 2015.10.02
i love lesson of passion hee maked so hot computer games

raven.warrior.eternal 2015.09.22
hot graphics but so hard that pumpkin is everywhere which takes away a lot of enjoyment in my own opinion

DESOUSA 2015.09.02
It is a little boring , its really dificult to reach a best strike of 40 ore more, Nice grafics

KerzeG 2015.08.25
The gameplay is not very fun. Also, a lot of times, when you click the pumpkin, nothing happens, you have to see the hand icon.

dragonracer1 2015.08.17
i couldnt get into the game not enough sex

Marko_bgd 2015.08.15
It is a little boring, probably would not play again.

kronos2120 2015.08.03
Great game! worth a playthrough by anyonw!

nuc 2015.07.31
Naah, not my style. Got boring as the difficulty increased.

Ki11erMonkey23 2015.07.27
Sexy, but gets too hard, can`t get past 8

karen18f 2015.07.17
Way to dificult for a mouse user, cant go over 7 that say the art is great.

Jania_Shan 2015.07.15
Rather boring, probably would not play again.

KerbaxSiltero 2015.07.09
2 fucking hours
loved it

WainzLegacy 2015.07.08
yes i like this one, favorited.

loailee16 2015.07.03
a rwally hatd game to play

spartan225 2015.06.23
Hard game to play. I usually stop at 25 to see this hot chick naked.

Owen66 2015.06.20
Well this game is good...worth trying but its hard to kick the pumpkin when it starts moving faster

absporty2013 2015.06.10
The quality is pretty good. Love the scene

Sethanos 2015.05.24
The people saying this game is hard, it`s really not, just don`t click the crap out of the pumpkin. One of the easiest, and hands down sexiest keep up games I`ve ever played.

xarminx7 2015.05.19
sexy witch but i cant undress her my score was33

Wolfy40 2015.05.17
Found it a little hard once the punkin started moving fast but,all in all good graphics and a hot witch!

USMCalpha19 2015.05.15
Almost not worth the effort to hit the pumpkins

abaza2013 2015.05.11
really too hard for fun, ? couldn`t make more than 7 click

anon_yme 2015.05.07
it`s a bit hard clicking so many time on the falling pumkins but she`s hot

ravenbabe 2015.04.29
the game was awesome goood graphics and addicting

Sennin713 2015.04.24
got up to 21 streak, it is hard to hit the pumpkin once it moves around fast but still fun game to play to kill time

invader045 2015.04.21
Nice idea to make a retrogame.
Really fun..

Ulf45 2015.04.13
Very nice Little Game but ist Hard Work with the Pumkins

fergal 2015.04.10
Like/hate this game, tough but good!

ZelenEagle 2015.03.22
if you`re having problems just right click on the screen then spam your left mouse button on the pumpkin i got a 312 streak with that tactic

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
The game is fun, and keeps you busy. Hard to click the pumpkin, and my eyes get tired fast, but fun.

asmasb 2015.02.25
Good graphics but tough game too much.............

CaptCaveman 2015.02.14
This game is hard when you use a track ball, try just a regular mouse with the ball or lazer.

LocusSpartan69 2015.02.13
It`s kinda a hard game. Can I ples get some help? Like controls? Can i change them?

Hanger27 2015.01.31
it is very difficult. i just hit 17

monsterinc6666 2015.01.31
fun but aggraviting at the same time.

nick54379 2015.01.31
all you have to do is click on the pumpkin and the witch at some points will get naked. (Also great graphics)

jan_cuk 2015.01.23
nice games but i can only hit 20 points max

vinevide 2015.01.21
Yikes. Hard on most laptops I imagine. best to play this with a mouse.

exilebeast 2015.01.21
Only problem is you can`t see all scenes if you are good at clicking because you cant go back :(

Squid909 2015.01.05
fun game enjoy the different levels of achievements

zelo 2014.12.25
The animation is great. Good works!

Jacked98 2014.12.23
fun but difficult game little hard to click the pumpkin

lolagedy 2014.12.08
i didnt like this game as much it was too basic

SpaceGhost53 2014.12.06
Nice quirky game of bouncy ballwish it was eaiser to click on the pumpkin.

Dustoori 2014.11.28
An interesting diversion for a few minutes. I can`t e bothered going for the higher totals.

Kixx 2014.11.04
fun little game.need patience to get all the pics.hot looking girl tho

nick333 2014.11.02
extremely fun game, but really difficult. THe pumpkin isnt a sphere, making physics hard, but well rewarding

lassiter69 2014.10.04
hard game but good graphics and the witch is hot

IDontMatter 2014.09.27
The graphics are nice and so is the witch, but the gameplay is a bit too difficult, especially with a trackpad.

Foolish_BigJ 2014.09.23
challenging but addicting

Y2Jericho 2014.09.07
girl in these game sis realllly hot good graphics on the witch.....

dfg84 2014.09.01
So addictive , the lady is beautiful , i love it .

jeremylemings 2014.08.31
ok game but the achievement pics are disappointing. I was also hoping for an ending.

gekami 2014.08.30
ncie graphic but someitmes is too hard

Hellward 2014.08.30
This game require some skills but it still quite good

DanielRH0333 2014.08.30
Gsmeplay is too hard but good quality and very adictive

joeb1974 2014.08.08
graphics are good the witch is sexy the game is hard as hell perfect for hollowween

dogcrafter225 2014.08.06
It`s not the best game, but its decent. quite hard, as she is distracting

lemlem 2014.08.05
Nice graphics, good concept, but gameplay kindof too hard

robbyhots5000 2014.08.05
Kinda short but still fun to play, simple too which was nice.

stoad69 2014.08.04
Simple eye hand coordination is all that`s needed in this game.

stratocaster911000 2014.07.31
amazing game which i really enjoyed playing

duplicategj 2014.07.30
nice game but a bit too hard
should strip according to more points than biggest streak
anyway awesome graphics
soundtrack is good too

Luderi 2014.07.29
amazing game and charming girl

cimcim 2014.07.28
Love to play this game it`s absolutely amazing.

nhojohn17 2014.07.21
The lag made this game almost impossible to play

drunkenacid 2014.07.20
Game tends to get boring....clicks don`t register all the time and the achievements are a little lacking in the reward and take way to long to even get to.

LincolnLogs 2014.07.08
Hot Witch. Hot Snake. Way too long. The image updates solely based on longest streak, in intervals of 5. I got up to 55 before getting frustrated and stopping.

Sennin 2014.06.17
great game
though at times clicking the pumpkin dont work

DoctorWho 2014.06.14
Game with nice graphics, but boring....

WesReck 2014.06.10
It`s annoying when clicking on the pumpkin isn`t a hit sometimes.

ryanblender 2014.06.08
kinda fun but definately not a game for a trackpad

thesaturn 2014.06.07
Great game, but needs to fix te timing problem.

PhantomPlay00 2014.06.04
Nice game, but very boring.

cale22 2014.06.04
Hot chick, but the game is a little too boring.

ladiesman2125 2014.06.01
great game but i wish that they would add more unlocks and rewards

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
again great jobs and great graphics great game for me

tardarus 2014.05.30
love the graphics and the intro but i found it was ocasionally clicking on the pumkin when my mouse wasnt over it and didnt click when i was dont think the target is keeping up with the pumkin..

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
Good graphics
Not the best

tymeris 2014.05.24
great game but gameplay too hard for a beginner

mateo323 2014.05.23
I find this game quite Challenging. I love the graphics but is difficult to play with the touchpad of my laptop.

milba 2014.05.20
mouse reponse is pretty slow

onebigbird4u 2014.05.09
hard to keep the pumpkin up but the with looks hot

arip123 2014.04.30
Great game, but it is really difficult getting past 30 hits. I liked the rewards for the points, nice pics

arip123 2014.04.30
cool idea for a game. is it any easier with a mouse, rather than a touchpad, though? I cant seem to get a streak going beyond 10 or so because it either misses my clicks or the pumpkin flies off in some erratic manner. intro is funny though

arip123 2014.04.30
cant pass 21 kick :( ,its hard but nice pick

arip123 2014.04.30
great halloween game very sexy!!!

TheDude79 2014.04.28
Good Game , it takes a lot of practice , Think of it like a Soccer Pumpkin , However you will need a very good mouse for this game , and a lot of practice and timing is the key , you must time exactly where the pumpkin is gonna drop and make sure you don`t kick it too hard.

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
best arcade game I`ve ever played. Girl is really hot and game difficult

Dudemanrocks 2014.04.23
I`ve actually played this game a couple of times. It has a challenging aspect to it that`s enjoyable. I like it.

MalachiSwift 2014.04.20
I feel like the objective is to get to 40, but the pics for the other achievements are great. It`s a fun game, just lost an hour to it.

danhock 2014.04.17
Great but it`s a little hard!!

flskvnd 2014.04.15
This game is damn near impossible to play with a mousepad.

qwert99 2014.04.07
a little on the difficult side but enjoyed playing

GrayTiamat187 2014.04.06
I got stuck at best streak of fifteen, please help.

Kaedo66 2014.04.03
Hot girl but gameplay is boring

jfhenny 2014.03.23
the graphics of the witch are really good, makes her so hot

Hutche 2014.02.25
Fun game but frustrating when you fail on a long streak. Still a good game overall.

hmans5 2014.02.17
girl is hot but the game is hard

steven155 2014.02.17
This game is easy at the beginning but frustrating at the end xD nice game overall tho

timmerman12297 2014.02.12
Better than most in this arcade genre, but not the best.

lallalala 2014.02.09
i think this is da best game

iPownBoy 2014.02.06
So hard to cross the 50, never came further...

Rhage 2014.01.29
The girl is hot but is realy hard to hit the pumkin when it gets fast.

cloudleonheart 2014.01.27
ive played this before its not hard if focus

dandraft 2014.01.23
well i think shes a hot witch n all,but its just way to hard to play on a laptop, and that pumpkin is to unpredictable it just bounces allover the place,not a very good game pfo,3 out of 10,beacuse the witch is hot

Mde69 2014.01.20
a lot harder than you think but not too bad

TheIronWeasel 2014.01.11
hot, but too hard for a porn game

rockitgood 2013.12.27
not as easy as it looks for sure

conhard 2013.12.22
lovely big sexy tits it was so good

mees 2013.12.18
Hard game and a bit of agrind to get higher scores

akakingkong 2013.12.07
A very hard game, I don`t have enough time to play it haha

test25236 2013.12.02
I absolutely love the girl, but sadly, the game is so incredibly difficult. The only thing that`s really enjoyable besides the stripping is the achievements, but 1,000 points is pretty hard to reach on most of our schedules. I couldn`t get beyond 41 clicks, so I couldn`t get to the end.

nick4iezos 2013.12.02
Difficult game, but nice tits on the witch. Any tips for doing this on a laptop, it`s difficiult? I tried using both hands but it`s tough

LSDSeal 2013.11.29
I love this, downloading for sure ;)

JorranG 2013.11.25
Way too addictive clicking a pumpkin around while distracted by a hot witch. Shouldn`t have looked at the achievements I had to get the streak one, just because I knew I could... eventually

Devran91 2013.11.24
Somewhat entertaining, but the withch`s really hot so that makes up for it.

pfcrazor 2013.11.22
really good game but hard to beat.

mattstest118 2013.11.20
My only gripe is that the pumpkin can move too far to the left, out of visible range. You run the risk of the mouse leaving the game window, making it useless.

MaxxV2150 2013.11.08
Good game, but difficult without some seriously smooth mouse control.

Datbody1 2013.11.08
Goddamn this is a hard game just like my dick

willwheker 2013.11.06
nice games i wont to play again

willwheker 2013.11.06
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Cody0980_X 2013.10.27
Cool game lots of fun and challenging too

Ziemniaki 2013.10.20
Love this game, make more of that

DaneAxe 2013.10.18
Nice little game, but gets hard very quickly -- neat little hussy of a witch ;-p

xninja 2013.10.17
very hard game but love the witch

littlefury 2013.10.01
It`s a hard game, but I LOVE the witch ;-)

steele 2013.10.01
its a very challenging game in the higher levels. nice graphics and smooth gameplay

teddy0123 2013.09.28
The girls was so hot and the game is very good

sanii 2013.09.23
Very nicely drawn game, but a maximum of 20 points, what I got

eyeball001 2013.09.23
Nice pictures, great quality, but to hard ;/

omegasui 2013.09.20
Graphic is awesome.
Gameplay, on the other hand, is rather tedious.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

YourRoyal 2013.09.11
Sexy girl. I found it easy to get her naked, a little harder to get some acheivments

jmoney$ 2013.09.06
it gets boring fast and hard to get anything good achievements are ok should have more

F0SM 2013.09.03
good grafic, but boring game, the first achivement was promising, but not motivating enough to play through it

smokinthunder 2013.09.03
sexy girl just so diffuclt to play

supermegamanbob 2013.08.26
I really think this game needs to be a bit easier O.o it becomes really hard to keep going after about 20 "bumps"

Benaiah 2013.08.25
This is a good game, but it is hard to progress. Good graphics also.

Cameron09 2013.08.22
Fun little mini game to play when your bored. Enjoyable

money907 2013.08.20
this game had a good challenge to it

mmmarco123 2013.08.16
took awhile to play but a fun game

SweenDog 2013.08.14
The witch is incredibly hot, but the game is a bit tough

Knorti 2013.08.13
Really good game, although i am not that good at it

noogad 2013.08.09
becomes very repetitive quick

Maniek150 2013.08.08
good game and good graphics. Enjoyable but easy.

szk 2013.08.06
hard game without mouse, really nice witch

Shawnsan 2013.08.06
Really good game but a bit to challenging after a while.

sexy1999 2013.08.05
Not a Big Fan of Arcade Sex Games

Badvoc 2013.08.04
nice of LOP to do an arcade style game but could have been better, probably best played with a mouse as opposed to laptop touchpad

ahparparr 2013.08.03
A lovely witch. The story is simple.but I love this

ad1021 2013.08.03
a funny hot game
it was fun to play it

jenny0192 2013.07.27
becomes very repetitive quick

jamesdl665 2013.07.24
Game is very hard and pretty dull when it comes to content

grimes 2013.07.23
Pretty boring to be honest. Not what I expected.

biobirth 2013.07.19
it stops changing at 53 my top streak was 218

Chadster 2013.07.18
Nice model, really smooth gameplay.

qwerdsa 2013.07.17
love festive game....
The pumpkin passes through the mouse even if I am clicking repeatedly
but overall its good...

cashmoney5991 2013.07.15
ehh kept me entertained for a little while.

Jacolo Hoopero 2013.07.14
I`m sure it`s because i suck at this game but i found no arousal playing it.

Cadefear12 2013.07.04
Not as amusing as i thought.

Iz035 2013.06.29
It`s really hard to get that 40 streak, but the game stills good

BigD32 2013.06.28
id like to kick up her pumpkins

somedude0 2013.06.27
I like the graphics in this game more than in most other games. Pity it`s just a minigame.

ShadowStriker579 2013.06.26
the witch is hot, but gameplay is bad

11max2001 2013.06.22
it was a bad game because u always get distracted from the right

Avatar4400 2013.06.22
Good Game, very challenging

asinble 2013.06.22
wow sexy and horrible time woth sexy girl

shadowstorm 2013.06.13
this game it not so hard once you get the hang of it

Mac007 2013.06.08
Bit boring but has some thing to try for......................

The chick is actually sexy.........................

Arok_BE 2013.06.05
incredible how fast this gets boring

Vadlor 2013.06.04
Interesting idea. Different game (and welcome by it)

tomdvord 2013.05.29
long, boring but that chick is pretty

sexybitch300 2013.05.23
this game is awesome. i love the witch she is fucking hot

PainKiller1020 2013.05.18
The girl is hot but clicking the pumpkin is very boring

BossDuck999111 2013.05.17
She was hot but the game was really tough.

Parklies 2013.05.13
Impossible with certain mouse types, sadly :(

ionut81s 2013.05.09
clicking a bouncing pumpkin is quite boring

nathantoko 2013.05.05
Very hardcore game but if you click slow it work better

Existence 2013.05.02
Decent graphics but the clicking seems temperamental at times

thelew 2013.05.01
Love it! very entertaining, great animation and easy enough to play on a touchpad

sexyman1213 2013.04.29
ome of the most amazing games ever and i also love thge graphics

SoulEater821 2013.04.28
Very addicting gameplay but extemely aggitating

corndog85 2013.04.24
does anything happen after 40 streak? my best so far is 42.

Erica217 2013.04.19
This is almost the best one I have played on this site so far

sj13 2013.04.18
a little boring but loved the girl

Tman683 2013.04.14
love the game, really hard tho

bidphil 2013.04.06
cool game,best streak was 8 wil come back and play again

Bonnie18 2013.03.30
good game i like it but to easy

thecarn3000 2013.03.30
it is a hard but great game could use a bit of work but otherwise great

Blueberryredd123 2013.03.27
it took a while to play had to refresh other than that greatgame

doe boi 2013.03.26
i played on a laptop so this game sucked to me i couldnt get more then 7 in a row and the heffa never got naked lol

chrisa 2013.03.18
Great game, one of my favorites

fireman19 2013.03.14
This game is hard but it is really fun

ogmonster 2013.03.13
not a bad game but not the most exciting

morganboii 2013.03.11
one of the best games iv playd very good graphics but cood do with voice in it.

stashio78 2013.03.11
this game is actually fun to play and to watch

bignate83 2013.03.09
Achievements easy to get, graphics are good but this game is hard

Arty_McMuffin 2013.03.06
Very, very gorgeous model, but the oval shape of the pumpkin makes it hard to focus. Not the best game on the side.

aethers 2013.03.03
I thought the game had great graphics and was fun to play.

Rene22 2013.02.23
AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme.

anubys 2013.02.21
hard to keep the pumpkin up, but slowly and without looking at the girl it is possibe

willrf 2013.02.20
shes hot but this kickin is lame

firekit 2013.02.20
got bored at about 34 but the rewards kept me going for almost 2 hours until i got to 50 though i must say i prefured her with the blach hair

Elerias 2013.02.17
hard game, but super hawt witch chick

Englebert 2013.02.16
Very difficult game but fun

zankro 2013.02.14
like the way Ideas get put into practise.
For what it is , it`s good.

valerievegas2264 2013.02.12
this is an awsome game. i love this game it cool and sick

peter3366 2013.02.11
Not bad. Girl is hot. She should undress with how many kicks done, not how many in succession. It is hard with a laptop. totally agree

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
gorgeous model but stupid game

rockhard567 2013.02.10
the game is great and has good graphics

strummer 2013.02.06
d`oh! Touchpad! Suggest a warning that a mouse would be advantageous (before loading).

vampireking 2013.02.04
It`s pretty hard but it`s very fun

Herodes 2013.02.01
This is really great game nice grapihics but really hard

BlackShadow 2013.01.30
Awesome game The best game i played so far i`m going to play it again

Yousuf 2013.01.26
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

chavecito 2013.01.26
he game is very difficult but Love the Halloween theme.

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Wery hard to play i didnt even finish the game.

DirtyIrish 2013.01.25
The game is very difficult, and I was unable to see more of the girl than the first stage of the strip. I got one achievement, but I was too bored to play any more.

vgvet 2013.01.22
good game. but does it ever end? or do you just play to see the achievements?

Doom Eclipse 2013.01.22
hot chick addicting gameplay even though a bit hard

egane 2013.01.18
hard game wery hard to play

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Hard game. Really hard to get combo. I didnt even finish the game.....

simonp 2013.01.11
rubish game dint like it atall

eli ranor 2013.01.11
i want to fuck her so bad

sharky187 2013.01.10
game is too difficult just for the 5 achievements at the the end

bobberbob 2013.01.09
hard to enjoy the pics of the beautiful girl when trying to bounce the pumpkin

tater827 2013.01.02
its a good game hot girl YUMMY

player23 2013.01.01
That pumpkin is hard to keep up, slow clicks work a lot better

player23 2013.01.01
This game is very challenging

veleno72 2012.12.30
It`s very hard to play it using a notebook touchpad....

AtzeGeil1977 2012.12.30
she makes me feel that i real touch her skin

daddypstick 2012.12.28
great graphics good looking girl but keeping that damn pumpkin up in the air is so damn difficult

kojotemperior 2012.12.26
Good game AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme.

sudhanshu 2012.12.24
wat afucking witch............. once more

m3260 2012.12.24
this has very good graphics

bigdick68 2012.12.23
great game i love lesson of passion

itsme68w 2012.12.22
the girl is incredible but it seemed to miss some of my clicks.

4 2012.12.17
its an awesome game with good graphics

sele81 2012.12.16
very hard game! but very addictive! i like!!

4 2012.12.12
its a great game but really hard.

zzwarrior 2012.12.11
nice game but liltle competitive
n nice graphixx would love to see the girl in other game

jsant123 2012.12.10
the graphics are cool and the game is fun

skullzfreak30 2012.12.08
this game is epic it makes me horny!!

idontcarereally 2012.12.03
this game is too hard,whats with that weird pumpkin?,its totally unpredictable and flies allover the place,i didnt like it. the girl is smokin though and i would love to see her in another game

bananabrace 2012.12.01
one of the most boring game on this site.

nockie 2012.11.26
awesome art style, real sexy model and direction, unfortunately incredibly boring

Long Dick 2012.11.24
don`t care for this game. the pumpkin is to hard to hit.

supper 2012.11.23
love festive games, nice difficult but fun game

xpepicekx 2012.11.19
Sorry to write this, but this is propably one of the most boring game on this site.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


RawrQC 2012.11.09
good graphics interesting gameplay

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Awesome funny without getting boring needs some skills. And sound :P

scrubby 2012.11.05
Good game, beautiful girl, nice photos but more be better. good quality.

wicked2001 2012.11.03
hepl me i am stuck at the games

RowdyRod 2012.10.30
I got to 45 streak, after about 1800 clicks.... Graphics are nice, the reward pictures are a bit lame but nice high res quality. My fingers need a rest now!!!

zyrken 2012.10.29
This is way too hard for me too complete

jahe 2012.10.28
too hard
but the graphics is great though

Volution88 2012.10.24
The games alright i don`t mind it

Riero000 2012.10.21
Finally I did it. Disappointed a bit -- achievements are not GOTH enough... Should be of leather and latex (dark and kinky). And them needed to change ones or twice a month, you know, to keep up the interest to the game.

manfuck98 2012.10.20
Even its little hard , but it wass soo hot

explosive455 2012.10.19
fucking good game,i love it

tiedyeguy 2012.10.18
Every now and then, I come back to this game. Love the pseudo-tentacle content.

derrabe77 2012.10.17
really nice girls!! very hot game!!! nice!!

thansen 2012.10.16
Repetitious, but not bad. As always the art is good.

gamerdude2cool 2012.10.14
its not bad, pretty hard but i like it

tjlovesyou22 2012.10.09
very sexy game i loved it

Paulius 2012.10.08
This game is kinda hard to play, but i like it

glitchedout1 2012.10.07
Fun game but mouse clicks are buggy.

martinz 2012.10.03
fairly good game... but hard

leverone 2012.09.28
Simple yet addictive, I lost 30 minutes of my day before I realized it.

jeffs 2012.09.25
nice game..pretty girl...maybe for this halloween you could update it with another girl maybe someone from another game..like keeley....rachel....lisa...something like that

LongHorn9 2012.09.15
Enjoy the game. However it is a bit to hard..

etuinho 2012.09.13
Can they please make a game featuring this girl without the bloody pumpkin?

Whitezilla 2012.09.09
max 51 for me ....got her blonde hair and bouncing boobs ;)

Snowbill 2012.09.08
too hard to keep the pumpkin airborne, any tricks to keep it there !!!

0hz0n3 2012.09.07
i really like the girl in this one but this game is a bit too difficult for my taste

bigboyjoe 2012.09.05
i like this game good graphics but it is difficult it gives u a great challange

Kamael34 2012.08.29
man the pumpkin thing is so hard come on!!!

Pusher 2012.08.25
only for those with time to kill

manyk85 2012.08.21
I like kicking pumpkins as much as the next dude, but that hot goth chick is really distracting. Haha, fun.

iFuckedYourHoe 2012.08.15
if you bored as hell and want to play a looooong ass game....this is for you

digger2168 2012.08.14

reempie 2012.08.12
not very interesting, tho nice girl...

rickroll24 2012.08.11
This game should have been set for a full screen mode , small resolution monitor forces you to have to scroll up and down to play

wolfman 2012.08.10
this game is too hard,whats with that weird pumpkin?,its totally unpredictable and flies allover the place,i didnt like it. the girl is smokin though and i would love to see her in another game

Raziel83 2012.08.06
hard game, not easy to reach high levels

olio22 2012.08.05
it isin`t good, butt isin`t bad either.

lula 2012.08.04
good graphics, but quite challenging. i couldn`t get past a 26 streak.

moderater 2012.08.04
this game is not very fun

MarcoXXL2245 2012.08.03
what a shit this game and its to short

gobias 2012.08.03
The girl is nice looking, but that game has awkward mechanics. Plus, I don`t like games where you have to mouse-click over and over. Unique idea, but not something I`d likely try again.

Lament 2012.08.02
Great game love the graphics.

riplead 2012.07.27
Gotta agree with a lot of other people. The girl is hot, but the game is pretty tough, and I want to be able to enjoy the pics without staying completely focused on the game.

gamerfm 2012.07.27
37 and i can not score more .... hard game with nice graphich

sexyboy 2012.07.26
not hte best game bit it´s ok

ruker 2012.07.25
good game, but that score 50 points is almost impossible

josten 2012.07.21
I wish they would have included this girl in something else

evil_eddie 2012.07.19
too difficult! i only hit 9 :(

Nastycookie 2012.07.16
really great game ! But that pumpkin made me crazy

acdffdca 2012.07.15
i call it :"hood mood for a rich girl"

Raven King 2012.07.15
it`s all right, but too much effort for too little reward. got past 30, said heck with it. Not going on my top 5. Amusing little diversion, 50/100

Sternenstaubdrache5 2012.07.14
the qualiti is good but your computer shouldnt be too slow

owenja 2012.07.11
fun little game got 20+ strek

awesome32123 2012.07.08
im stuck and i dont know how to play this

Mario1969 2012.07.07
I am to old for this ad is a little bit to boring.

cav_leoes 2012.07.03
eheheh... suttpid crazy game... I loved her outfit but I think that it can be boring after a while. They`ve asked too many clicks on the pumpkin

bradee27 2012.06.27
wow this game is awsome almost lifted my desk!

jukio2011 2012.06.26
don`t like this game, but pictures are very nice!

wooooow 2012.06.26
I don`t like it,it is boring

chris_sync 2012.06.23
Great game! Most people who commented never reached high streaks, ha-ha. You thought that pictures are rewards? Actually, the witch undress herself after each five streaks. And she`s like "wow!".

P.S. Though the last one, (50 streaks) is not the hottest.
P.P.S. 62 streaks. Totally worth it! Though last twelve were just to check that 50 is the last with new pic.

Bufniboss 2012.06.21
Oh my god.. 77 streak. Got her with blonde hair. That was awesome! Anyone else who did break the 77 record? Fuck yeah!

The game is awesome. Finally I did it.

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.20
never really got a streak going. I had over 20 but it is way too hard for such limited reward. Not going to make my top 5.

Dirlik 2012.06.17
awesome game and i just love it

imabmee 2012.06.15
this is such a fun game i so glad i signed up 4 this i think my pussy is wet ahhh i wanna fuck a girl so bad

mcskrillex 2012.06.14
It was hot I loved her outfit! Fun game!

Spifferus 2012.06.14
Its fun... but i tend to get distracted by the girl LOL

craigc 2012.06.13
Jin is sexy, but the game is hard esp if you are using laptop trackpad

Bufniboss 2012.06.09
My best streak was 21 so far. My aim is to reach 40 and then I can die peacefully, haha ;)

Awesome game. The witch is just hot. ( FAP FAP )

Blueberryreddd3445 2012.06.07
this game is great i really like it its alot of funn

chris_avril 2012.06.03
The witch is sexy. But the game is difficult. it needs to be made easier.

elluu 2012.05.30
This game is a very good example of a wellmade flash-game! Good job, thanks!

helloppl34 2012.05.29
very hard but worth it in the end as it entertained me

torque2802 2012.05.27
get annoyed with games like this, no mini games just make it a story, or make the pumpkins movements less eratic at times

lemi 2012.05.26
would be better with a gallery

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
this the BEST game i ever played

Nezerith2 2012.05.20
21 points.. but hard to keep the pumpkin at one place.. it just hops hardly into the sides.

bob247 2012.05.20
good game but wish it were deeper

isaiahgay 2012.05.13
the game sucks too much work and not enough reward

V354 2012.05.07
Another great game. Nice girl

sexidonni22 2012.05.07
this was a prettiy difficult game but the witch is hot !!

cubfan1012 2012.05.06
This game was hard but I liked it.

KiDLiStEnSCuDi 2012.05.05
its a bit tedious to play. could be easier

Lippi1983 2012.05.01
It`s a good game, but quite difficult. I was so close to getting the best streak.Great game despite being simple. Definitely like the streak rewards the best!

kellylovefucker69 2012.04.29
The witch is sexy as hell! I just wish I could get her naked. I got to 18 point streak with a total of 602 points when I stopped. I got her half-naked, and that was hot. But the game is too difficult. It needs to be changed to be easier, then it can go onto my favorites. Take into account possible lag; not everyone plays this game on a supercomputer!

Johnmcgregor79 2012.04.24
Hot Chick,very difficult game

Mathewxxx 2012.04.21
Really good game but quite difficult

Arabeske 2012.04.19
never was able to get over 18 points :(

batista_john_cena2000 2012.04.14
I dint get what does game was ?

rumxes 2012.04.14
The base story was good but the game on the whole is not great.

Bramadon 2012.04.12
Good game like tetris but easily

logical 2012.04.11
WOW I Like this game a loot halloween a good time

funmacker 2012.04.11
great game i must admit

Hickypop 2012.04.10
my gourd is sore from being popped so many times

bobytt 2012.04.06
This episode was really great.

Ryan 1222 2012.04.05
This games is hard but fun at first but is boring over time.

BozPaggs 2012.03.29
It`s a good game, but quite difficult. I was so close to getting the best streak.

iammonkey 2012.03.29
gave up. i dont have the attention span for this game. i wanted to see more of her pumpkins lol

bobo99 2012.03.25
that game is boring, just clicking on these pumpkin. it takes hour doing the same action...

John G 2012.03.19
A lot of mouse clicking fore the reward you get.

uber50 2012.03.19
Not nice, but more busy and difficult to keep clicking,gets boring after a while

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

Lippi1983 2012.03.17
kindda anoying u deppend on luck for the bounces but a good game non the less
AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme.

Lippi1983 2012.03.17
Well girl is beautiful but game is tu hard and pumpkin is not responding every time. I wish to see all pictures :(((((
Hard game. Really hard to get combo. I didnt even finish the game.....

shibo32 2012.03.17
A game with a good graphic cool....

mhkhim19 2012.03.16
make it more interesting takes too long to finish game

tacobell123 2012.03.16
not very good, that or I just suck at it

Timma 2012.03.14
This one is kind of challenging but overall quite fun

opeeto1 2012.03.12
funny game, but it tooks to much time..

darkstar2012 2012.03.11
it was very hard to play the game with out looking at the girl but good game play maybe tweak it so its easier to get streaks , very good animation , and graphics were good.

zaguna 2012.03.08
Good graphics... damned hard though.. want to get further but I`m not good enough!

Aphiliuswb 2012.03.07
Entertaining game, good imagery, though the rewards and end game could use a little more interactive fun.

danielsyd2 2012.03.07
quite fun at first... got enough of the kicking after a few hundred points though. nice pictures

hotstuff76 2012.03.04
Great game. These get better every time a new one comes out

kaig 2012.03.04
AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme. what can we ask for :)

airforcewun 2012.02.28
such a bad game dont like it

InfamousAzn 2012.02.26
way tooooo. boring. great images though, good quality, bad game. sexy witch 6.9/10

slitplayer 2012.02.25
Slow and boring game, got up to 577 I gave up when I saw the next target is 1000

KDRULES 2012.02.24
Hard Game, Great reward at the end.

DDupont 2012.02.23
too hard to keep it in the air and boring

instantclassic 2012.02.23
Interesting game. It was different and had good graphics

Johnw 2012.02.22
Not interesting enough to keep me going.

J.R 2012.02.21
i think this game is a tad boring. takes forever to load

thyssen 2012.02.20
quite fun at first... got enough of the kicking after a few hundred points though. nice pictures

caiusballad 2012.02.16
The girl is gorgeous, but the task required to take advantage of said gorgeousness is so frustrating I didn`t finish.

nefarious1098 2012.02.15
OK game, but found it a bit labourious for my taste, graphics good but not enough to keep me interested

mit2389 2012.02.15
nice game requires skill and patience

brit_man33 2012.02.13
Super hot witch. East to get to 30...but I just can`t get past that.

hitu 2012.02.11
ok game not much there to enjoy just passing time

boom13 2012.02.09
this one was alot harder than it looked

Notme373 2012.02.07
this game is way harder than I thought it would be.

LissianaNikole 2012.02.04
Eh... I dont have much to say about this game... I didnt really like it.

downonu99 2012.02.03
So much harder than looks

Alectra 2012.02.03
I guess it just takes practice but if the place where you can kick the pumpking wasn`t soooo narrow, I guess It would be easier to take it this game.

lesbian54 2012.02.02
this the BEST game i ever played

KnowingEyes 2012.01.31
Good game. I like how the pumpkin slows significantly between kicks.

VentusLau 2012.01.28
I can just got 16 :(
how to get more >"

maniacalking 2012.01.28
A fun time waster, gets old fast though!

lionarslan 2012.01.27
Funny game. A perfect time eater

Jackpot_pimp 2012.01.27
very nice game, very entertaining, and very hot girl

nandi 2012.01.27
I liked the fact that they try to reward your efforts for keeping your streak going but how am i supposed to keep kicking anything if im too busy staring at this witch, who by the way is hot!

wolpheyez 2012.01.26
way way too difficult to get anywhere fast

searvok 2012.01.25
i did not get into this game at all the pumpkin is definitely to fast, the best i could do was 13 streak

SAARussian 2012.01.19
Good graphics and storyline!

ben_500 2012.01.19
a medium difficulty arcade game (cause she distract a lot) that requires good reflexes...i had 52 best streak and now she is blonde after being titty-fucked and fucked by snakes...i don`t know if at better streak she`ll do something else...gonna try again

reicos 2012.01.16
Fun game... Best streak I could get is 13..

betelgeuse49 2012.01.15
Nice graphics but darned near impossible to do with a touchpad. Even with a mouse that pumpkin moves way to fast to get the 40 streak. Best I managed was 7. Takes way too long to get any sort of result. If the pumpkin was slowed down it might help but it would still be a lot of tedious clicking to get anywhere.

mrmmg123 2012.01.15
mildly entertaining. the witch is hot. but playing on a trackpad is very difficult. :/

gdl 2012.01.14
Entertaining and humorous but a little hard to do it right with a laptop touchpad.

Ghem67 2012.01.13
Not interesting and stupid.

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
a cool little game but its hard to win

lightbulb 2012.01.10
this game is far too difficult at times! especially without a mouse.

noname1986 2012.01.10
MAgnicifent gmae. good graphics!

drewbie1 2012.01.10
frustrating game to play on a laptop. best combo I got was 12. but the rewards were nice and the girl was smoking hot!

Guillaume 2012.01.09
The girl was hot, but the controls needed to be more responsive.

robert123 2012.01.05
Challenging, but fun. Took a while to get the timing down.

jflip 2012.01.04
pretty simple but lame results

ouroboros 2012.01.02
Didn`t really like how you had to click the pumpkin, it was really hard to play with a laptop.

$exyguy 2011.12.31
i love the title pumpkin kickup, this gets 10/10 for me and i will always play it

Darls 2011.12.31
good graphics and nice boobs

nytroj23 2011.12.30
awesome game, love it, but i wanna taste her pumpkin for real.

jukio 2011.12.29
Very nice game with a very hot girl

joel08 2011.12.29
a hard game with good graphics

pineapples 2011.12.27
interesting story and the graphics are great

snow01 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

Xerox24 2011.12.21
Awesome but this is hard still.

theGhost9956 2011.12.20
it is very hard but good game!

aliercukaak 2011.12.17
simple,funny,challenging,,,one of the cool games.

Connychiwa 2011.12.15
A cool game...i like the way halloween and sex are combined

grenadeboy05 2011.12.14
Man, this game has me so frustrated! I can`t get all of the pictures, and if I keep missing the balls, the pictures go back and keep going back. I wish this girl was in a storyline, it would`ve been MUCH hotter to play. So please make it a storyline?

aphrodite_j2003 2011.12.13
i could not get over the first level. The pumpkins are hard to kick

suckdboobs 2011.12.09
nice arcade game.................... a good time pass with good graphics

cmanisha 2011.12.09
good game to play in liesure hours

amir1444 2011.12.07
very hard really interesting

jesusbig 2011.12.07
i beat the high rank with the pumkin.

vegeta21 2011.12.07
Very difficul Game. But worth it.

Malb1 2011.12.06
That`s a true game: both funny teasing and sexy !

loserpaul 2011.12.05
good but can`t get past 50

danilipe 2011.12.05
funny game but gets boring after a time

rhika_yhana_07 2011.12.05
the game is fun and i am very happy to play this game..

haha_pmfas7 2011.12.03
Why is it so hard to keep the pumpkin up? ;_;

Danbe 2011.12.03
this was a bad game but the achievements were great. but also the graphics were bad except the dialog and the witch

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

wateshito 2011.11.25
difficult but great game, i only get true 46 bounces

amalica1 2011.11.23
looks good but hard to control

temp47588 2011.11.23
Addicitive game, however hard to play on laptop, recommend mouse.

rb813 2011.11.22
The girl was hot, but the controls needed to be more responsive. Most of the time it hit the ground was because I clicked it and nothing happened. There should also be a gallery for reviewing the poses you`ve unlocked.

Daz_Joker 2011.11.21
i like the girl in this one shame though i cant review the process after hitting 50 in a row. the achievements are very time demanding and the one for a 1000 hits i really not worth it.

although would really like to interact more with the chick:P

Krueger 2011.11.20
Any way to get the girl completely naked? I think it`s too hard srsly... Any strategy or something?
Great game btw... If I could undress her faster it would be better ;)

Krueger 2011.11.14
Hot game. It is hard to look at the witch while trying to click on the pumpkin. Now seriously... How do you wamt us to get over 100 points? If the pumpkin is down we loose all right?

medjai 2011.11.14
Nice game, funny gameplay

Blackstone 2011.11.14
Pretty, hot girl. Frustrating game. Pictures are nice, but there`s no much here for those who are challenged with slower reflexes.

hazer6 2011.11.13
nice graphics but no way to concentrate on the pumpkin when try an get a look at the girl

24AWSOMEDUDE 2011.11.12
She`s hot, and you would need fast reactions to beat it. Good luck to all yous slow-pokes

pussylover88 2011.11.12
this game ist very sexy for me. puzzle games

maspencer 2011.11.11
Very hard game. To much clicking. Getting carpal tunnel.

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

celyana 2011.11.10
funny at the beginning, too hard to reach the goal

nlpcb 2011.11.09
After a long time of clicking, i win the last picture, this game is fun, but ihave prefered another prizes, just six images for 1000 clicks, it`s a lot frustate

S0rcy 2011.11.09
Great graphics. Pumpkin interaction could be better.

hunterfury8 2011.11.08
awsome game lol its great

ctsDanny 2011.11.06
It`s a nice concept and cool graphics. But the calibration is a bit off. Sometimes you click right on the pumpkin as it falls and it does not register.

draxx 2011.11.06
Nice game, but pumpkin flies too fast :(

JRib70 2011.11.05
Hot chick, but difficult to keep the pumpkin in the air for very long.

marceline3 2011.11.05
Kind of fun... hard to play for me though

miki100 2011.11.04
struggled with this game, hot girl tho

PeterJorer1 2011.11.03
nice game. quite amazing indeed

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.03
cute game but difficult to keep pumpkin in the air for long

brightboi 2011.11.03
"Can you stop I have to answer the phone" wat

menathol 2011.11.01
Sexy girl, but I had trouble keeping the pumpkin in the air.

Terax 2011.10.31
I`ll be seeing pumpkins in my dreams tonight. :p

ryan1101 2011.10.31
This is quite a challenge... I`ll have to practice a bit more...

rbwconnor 2011.10.30
Its ok but very repetitive at times.

maddog52 2011.10.30
Clever idea, but way too tedious.

ManiKa_Xc 2011.10.30
Love the theme. great game love the graphics ^^

knoll 2011.10.30
pumpkin awkward in movement, cute game though

babtiser 2011.10.28
I got to 57 seems its not that cool

Vaclav72 2011.10.27
she was so much better looking before she became a blonde with huge watermelons on her chest.

CJ 101 2011.10.27
Awseome game annoyingly difficult but awesome none the less and very good graphics.

TrayZett 2011.10.27
funny game! keep up the good work. nice graphics and funny gameplay.

tinkerbell 2011.10.27
ilove this game i played it all the way

ajay3672 2011.10.27
Nice game, very addictive.

Faun 2011.10.26
nice views but bit boring after a while... it should be he total points that count

lshone501 2011.10.26
very sexy witch but not fun game

Lednacek 2011.10.23
not worth the time. pics in hd. nothing else.
one would think that having a longer string woould get you more point but no. not relly though through this game.

qwerty545654 2011.10.18
That`s one hot witch. The game is pretty hard to play

aion 2011.10.16
good game, with hot chick.. they could use this chick to other games... but soon becames a litle boring, and at certain point, a litle too hard, to control the pumpkin

triballik 2011.10.15
apart from the achievements, is there any ending or smthing??

qcwarlord 2011.10.14
game is really really really though and the rewards are not that great for the time you spent to unlock them so you beter try another game

helmet420 2011.10.14
this game is way hard and the rewards arnt that good lop truly dropped the ball on this 1

Avon1991 2011.10.14
Not easy but really worth it !

lllriplll 2011.10.13
very good nice way to persuade focus out of game by those sexy pics and well-done physics momentum!

Mr.pain 2011.10.10
its an okay game, seems like the pumkin wouldnt be clicked unless it wanted to no matter how many times my mouse was on it and clicked before it passed.

timmoe 2011.10.08
its kinda annoying... my best shot where 15 times...

doute 2011.10.08
its so difficult. Anyone made it all the way?

whuutdafiretruck 2011.10.07
that game was wayyyy too easy!

PFBob 2011.10.07
art is good but the mechanics of the game are kind of annoying.

misShae 2011.10.03
This game lost its appeal the second you realize how hard it is to "levitate the pumpkin" with one hand. I forced myself to reach 100 just for the sake of getting a prize.

jaredjuh 2011.09.29
i loved how her hair changed when i passed 50 ups sadly though that`s as high as you get a change i really would have liked it to have more changes cause my high score is 114 still an awesome game

Yagi 2011.09.29
Interesting game but kind of boring and not so much cool to be just "jumping the pimpkin" didn`t really like it...
AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme.
Just a thought....can LOP make a game that sucks...because everything they make is an instant FAV.
clicking a bouncing pumpkin is quite boring.
though the graphic is good, it`s not a good game.

MkVb 2011.09.29
Beautiful girl, can`t wait to see her in another game. Not a fan of this kind of game, too difficult for me :(

Scarpia 2011.09.29
LoL, damn bouncy pumpkin, and the witch always ditracting...

Videye 2011.09.28
Hmh, it`s only nice for a short time and than gets boring.
Easy enough game play to get her naked and some magic stick inside her... :)

Caduceus 2011.09.27
Kind of fun, but loses it`s appeal fast. I didn`t have the patience to get her completely undressed.

herpaderpz 2011.09.23
Man, this game is hard. The girl is hot, though. That`s always a bonus.

BubbaBeBop 2011.09.22
Wasn`t for me but still fun. She needs to be in other types of games, imo.

R3dC0br4 2011.09.20
Not the best, and I wish this girl was in a better game, but overall not bad. Little too long between pictures, but not much to complain about otherwise

mangaman1234 2011.09.20
Rather low quality for this site, but I have played worse.

vonquote 2011.09.18
Did not really enjoy the game. Graphics and the woman is great, might change the type of vegetable for higher skill. and not so long between pictures.

AmazonQueen 2011.09.18
Most worthless game ever. Such a total HOT chick in such a total LAME game. I`d give 100,000 dollars to anyone who kills this programmer. WORST GAME EVER on here.

AmazonQueen 2011.09.18
For such a visually `exciting` game... this HAS to be about the lamest game out there. I HATE it.

dd@filzmail 2011.09.18
this game is really fun but really hard

Quadralisk 2011.09.17
Pretty nice pictures, but this is really too long... Just clicking a flying pumpkin is boring.

ThePrettyLittleBitch 2011.09.16
Nice game,good graphics but i reached only 250 points >.< [i`m on laptop TT_TT].

LightningFistAce 2011.09.14
really great game this is easy and nice graphics

iserlohn123 2011.09.14
im stuck in 1 minutes and its fixed

amilama 2011.09.12
I wish you got more reward for you you did. A bit slow. Graphics were good!

decconan 2011.09.12
bad game, i have never gotten all the pictures!

mauzayat 2011.09.11
Interesting game but kind of boring and not so much cool to be just "jumping the pimpkin" didn`t really like it...

banes 2011.09.11
this game sucks, its monotonous.

madkrow 2011.09.10
challenging and not very rewarding, too much clicking..

samurairanger 2011.09.10
man this game is so hard but addicting!

DaXoN 2011.09.09
Too difficult to keep the pumpkin up. If I wanted an action game i would shoot the pumpkin. :-)

drubie4 2011.09.09
a bit tiring for not much, good looking though

Saniiro 2011.09.08
its a fun game bit tiring but great graphics and alota clicking

BarbieSlut 2011.09.07
hot lady but the action is boring

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
it`s too difficult ald slow

JigokuKensai 2011.09.06
a bit difficult to play with one hand and the rewards aren`t worth it

tiny98 2011.09.05
boring and a lil hard to play and the girl should be in another games

smackal 2011.09.02
Nice game and very hot chick but wish they more costumes.

Portable 2011.09.02
Has anyone actually finished this?

Jaaru 2011.09.02
I like LOP games, but this one, eh.

burkt 2011.09.02
It`s getting harder with your progress

vtwner236 2011.09.02
Art work for the witch is great! However the game play is difficult and boring after a certain point. Concept is there but needs some tweaking.

boltedcock 2011.08.31
interesting concept for a game

playforcex 2011.08.30
very nice i love it and nice game :D

farkas 2011.08.30
Good graphics, litle hard to game. I wait Pumpkin kickup release 2.0 width new girl and poses.

zenkiae86 2011.08.30
good game but a lil to hard

smokindog 2011.08.29
gets redundant quite quickly. nice theme

themadfireman 2011.08.28
Could use this girl in another game

dragonight 2011.08.27
good game, with hot chick.. they could use this chick to other games... but soon becames a litle boring, and at certain point, a litle too hard, to control the pumpkin

steflonk 2011.08.27
great game sexy girl maybe best of arcade

Sagres 2011.08.25
Funny game, but after a time it becomes boring...

dirtydeeds211 2011.08.22
The hit box seems to be off, or mouse lag is getting me or something. couldn`t get very far

glopglop 2011.08.22
nice graphic but boring gamen don`t like much

Krapylius 2011.08.22
interesting game, but a bit tricky

Aiphyron 2011.08.22
Not my game but the idea is not bad

chad225 2011.08.21
love the new halloween game

chad225 2011.08.21
awesome, a new lop game

Derrien 2011.08.21
this game is very dificult

Herrushingu 2011.08.18
Its too hard... Lulz. Really. I cant bit more than 30 :(

Vox 2011.08.17
Simple, i guess the football lovers will play this game a lot, it`s a little hard when the "ball" falles down, but it`s a good game.

Bi_Love_01 2011.08.17
I Liked the graphics a lot... but i didnt like the game much all together.

blaidd 2011.08.17
this is a good game with good graphics but its hard

djsimix 2011.08.16
its kind of difficult but it make it interesting

Xinja 2011.08.16
ok game was kind of hard but the pics were great

Arkaide 2011.08.15
dont know if it is worth the effort, although the witch is certainly doing her part in `encouraging`

hiouuu 2011.08.14
awesome game but to short

padme 2011.08.14
Good animations and good graphic!!

highmiler69 2011.08.14
alittle bit hard for me but still fun

mbig 2011.08.11
Really hard game to get the 40 kicks in a row. Great graphics though.

Chesterfield 2011.08.11
Hard game. Really hard to get combo. I didnt even finish the game....

RickDickles 2011.08.11
As other have said, pretty difficult, and crazy time consuming to get the 1000 kicks achievement.

xITozz_Legend 2011.08.10
great game but does it only change her based on how many in a row or also off how many done period?

smokeyy69 2011.08.09
pretty fun game good for wasting time

bo12 2011.08.07
nice graphic and animation but pure gameplay

Ripett 2011.08.07
Nice girl. But a bit too hard at moment... and frustrating when game doesn`t recognize your click.

kfcmc 2011.08.06
nice pics but repitious wonder if you see more if you can get more hits in a row

chap74 2011.08.06
great graphic. nice stories. but pumpkin kick ups? it really sucks! especially when you are busy looking at the hot girl and you have to concentrate on the pumpkin. you didn`t even have to realize that there is change of graphic etc, the girl is taking her clothes off.

nicole13 2011.08.05
it`s ok , but you cant play this on a labtop.!! :)

loverboy2011 2011.08.04
thr bitcher game was awesome love the graphics and d

spokxx 2011.08.04
good game but hard to play on laptop
fine graphics
not to hard -100 in row its ok

TANMAN1969 2011.08.03
ok it was to hard to play on a laptop

nessiecookie 2011.08.02
I actually really liked this game, the graphics were good, and the story was okay..

lagunner 2011.08.02
Love this game! A sexy take on an old classic. a little glitchy though.

Leafing 2011.07.31
really nice game but a bit repetative. On to the next...

tman29 2011.07.31
good game, but a little hard to get the pumkin

neoninja 2011.07.29
not the best game out there :/

dadannman 2011.07.28
good game would be better if you only had to touch the pumpkin with your mouse like one of those uppity games if that were the case it would be 100 but since it isn`t it only gets 50

wekatm 2011.07.28
its kinda difficult to play but the graphic is not that bad

DroxanjVII 2011.07.26
Rather difficult... but worth it

mhead187 2011.07.24
boring...I mean clicking a pumpkin? lame.

Ludo837 2011.07.24
WOw amazing wanna have more of these gmaes

tallneb13 2011.07.20
Pretty difficult with a pumpkin instead of a soccer ball.

GoldenGamer 2011.07.19
Not a bad game, but very difficult. Got up to 51, but that`s it. Anyone know how far you can actually go?

ayosylver 2011.07.18
I need to rest my hand after playing, lol... I`m done...

Lamp 2011.07.17
great graphics but so repetitiv

iron131 2011.07.16
it´s not best game but it´s really funny

JackB1708 2011.07.15
Just a thought....can LOP make a game that sucks...because everything they make is an instant FAV.

plotter 2011.07.14
i dont find it in my top 5 games:(

R12T0 2011.07.11
okay game but not the favorite game

J3T 2011.07.11
love this game! Nice Graphics!

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

Amiyah88 2011.07.10
Good graphics, decent gameplay. Not a big fan of the keep it up games. But still a little fun.

solaarsslave 2011.07.08
too chalenging for me, i couldn`t play it to the end

rokyuo4657 2011.07.06
Nice storyline but the pumpkin is way to hard to keep up in the air

dv_knight121001 2011.07.06
great game despite being simple...and god quality

Weebacca 2011.07.05
I want to fuck her so so hard.. MMM fuckable girl

stainy101 2011.07.04
hard to get past 20 i think but fun none the less

tut 2011.07.02
cant beat last level good animation thou

kjdehn 2011.07.02
very fun game but need my kelly

whiteheat 2011.07.02
clicked on button to move game along and would act as if i clicked kinda frusterating plus only could see her if i messed up

zansarr 2011.07.01
great game, but a bit to hard

Sin666 2011.07.01
graphic were amazing but i found it to be boring

caloooo 2011.06.30
great graphics i said this before but some if the best i have seen

sisange88 2011.06.30
i think i`m boring with this game

Shadow Viper 2011.06.29
Hot girl but the game needs a lot of work. It`s broken, half of the kicks don`t even regisiter.

ResinWolf 2011.06.29
It`s not that bad.. The chick is really hot, and I like the dark theme, but the pumpkin seemed a little wild, and it`d be nice if it were easier to get her naked. I was so focused on keeping the pumpkin in the air I didn`t really get to see the girl.

Trone01 2011.06.28
did not like this game was too boring

jormunguard 2011.06.26
Love the halloween theme but needs work on collision detection.

Al Jizzera 2011.06.25
Thank god that chick is hot because that is the only reason I played the game for so long. Couldn`t make it past 30. Very difficult for little reward.

random.rawr 2011.06.25
AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme

N1990 2011.06.24
Wow, it`s very hard to keep that pumpkin ... good graphics and good response to click

zybaxos1 2011.06.24
Fine game, takes a lot of concentration, pumpkin is a bit erratic.

goldensteve73 2011.06.24
great looking girl. hard to concentrate on pumpkin

antoine123 2011.06.23
nice theme, but gets boring quite quickly.

canhtoan 2011.06.23
love this game..love hd graphics,good!

superdavid 2011.06.21
good graphics and love the hd pics

Mushqua 2011.06.20
interesting none the less but boring instantly...

corsaru 2011.06.20
The girl on this game is very hot !! But the game is juste too long and difficult !

fording30 2011.06.16
took a while but i finally got everything.
tip: keep at it youwill get there eventually

postulatevox 2011.06.16
Hard game, very long to play, and the girl in the back is quite a bit distracting.

zier101 2011.06.16
This is a fun yet challenging game the achievements keep you playing the graphics are great

capitanawesome 2011.06.15
this was getting me frustrated itss too hard but the chicks hot

crabbs 2011.06.13
Really nice game like the arcade twist instead of the usual adventure genre

muerte2k9 2011.06.12
Its a Funny game but after a short while gets boring.

kpiper88 2011.06.11
gotta love a 3d arcade game

shadow91 2011.06.08
The girl is really hot but the game is just too hard

Ronnylogo 2011.06.08
Sexy girls but a baller game

Alexlesbo21 2011.06.08
This game is totally cool.

topdart 2011.06.07
good game with sexy girl but way to dificult

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Good graphics on the witch. Too time consuming to play though.

mole 2011.06.06
I got 90, so i assume there is no change after streak of 50? the achievement pictures are really amazing

Zeroc152 2011.06.06
Graphics were fantastic. Loved the commentary that came up too. Messed me up every time she said something.

The gameplay however is poor. When the pumpkin reaches a certain velocity it becomes unclickable. Dunno if that is a game mechanic or just a bug, but it was highly annoying.

beastie 2011.06.06
good game with sexy girl but way to dificult

TheCin 2011.06.05
hard but good game
the girl is beautiful and the story make fun
Graphic-style is great

shadowfox79 2011.06.04
Not a bad game. Really hard though.

Mikeydu1 2011.05.29
This game is a lot of work for what may be a smoking hot girl but its very hard

surfer8312000 2011.05.28
wow great game, you just keep going and going!!!!!

redninja88 2011.05.26
This is one of those "waste time for the sake of wasting time" games where you know you`re pointlessly wasting time. Playing keep up with your mousepointer? C`mon....

gergdegf 2011.05.25
I`m not sure the pumpkin actually does what it should doesn`t seem to be any reason behind it.

joic0002 2011.05.24
good graphics and love the hd pics

tmac09 2011.05.24
a little boring but good graphics

WPandrew4418 2011.05.24
that was fun...but it kinda takes awhile...but still fun n hot

jykg 2011.05.23
dam,n this is hot very good game not too easy

toogrumpy 2011.05.21
That was fun, but I`m not too quick!

doorstop 2011.05.20
I didnt like it. I couldnt control the pumpkin.

spikerer777 2011.05.17
Pretty nice for the Halloween theme! but a little bit boring - no combos!

Schwalbe 2011.05.16
A great idea, even if I got the 40 not yet. Hope we`ll see some more games like this with different exercises-

Owen221 2011.05.16
High resolution graphics! excellent game!

RaZer90 2011.05.15
great game and very good graphics.

coldhell 2011.05.15
great game play. wish it was longer

samsross 2011.05.15
good music and good characters

delauro 2011.05.14
hot graphics, and addictive

zoper 2011.05.13
animation an graphic is very good but have to play long

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
Fun game and hot witch but need to be quick

livinforgirls 2011.05.11
the game is totally awesome

Damien747 2011.05.10
Somewhat of a difficult game because after a while, it is hard to pay attention lol.

prtorresv 2011.05.10
Buenas graficas, pero no muy divertido

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

fabio_nascimento 2011.05.08
I did like the game. Good history.

dudette 2011.05.08
awesome game with awesome graphics

pascal66 2011.05.06
P game has released. but haha

pascal66 2011.05.06
think it is very great game with so it game has released.

Taldi 2011.05.06
Nice graphic, it is a bit boring trying to bounce a pumpkin.
LOP adventure games "play" in another league.

Nickatol 2011.05.03
good game couldn`t get pest her breast though

numbmonster 2011.05.02
great game, super girl and a lot of fun

sexboy05 2011.05.02
not as good as some of the others

Faye 2011.05.01
I love this.
The graphics are COOL!

Deckard29 2011.04.30
Not one of the best games of this page, no dude.

rasto161 2011.04.29
I bet there is better games

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

Adm94 2011.04.28
nice game graphic nice , like hallowen themes

darkskin 2011.04.28
game funny but undressed a girl with a bounving pumpkin is ....is very senrvant,,,,,

phantom_hawk 2011.04.26
hot pictures but very hard to play on a lap top

Alerik 2011.04.25
Good game but very difficult to control the pumpkin though

bladium12305 2011.04.25
this game sucks i got stuck on 39 this is lame

cochese99 2011.04.25
Challenging, but fun. Took a while to get the timing down.

FrankC 2011.04.22
So... So graphics Chic is hot... challenging to keep pumkin airborne

emaznboy 2011.04.21
Fun for a bit. Wish I sucked less. Beautiful graphics, but there`s no way in hell I`m bouncing that pumpkin 40 times in a row.

Opp123 2011.04.20
ipnotic pumpkin, hot girl...
and at last I managed to get over 40!

..49.. ?_?

arkhange 2011.04.19
great graphics but so repetitiv

coach_hoop 2011.04.17
This game is too hard to play on my laptop, when does she get completely naked?

miki111 2011.04.16
great game, super girl and a lot of fun

Killer1974 2011.04.15
AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme.

olivia069 2011.04.15
it was good but controlling the pumpkin was complicated

jpsacrey 2011.04.14
It was alright but way too difficult to control the pumpkin.

fameasser 2011.04.14
like this game..graphics are good

Vosblo 2011.04.12
awesome graphics but after a little game play i got bored

dlman91 2011.04.09
Just random clicking it seems, not much fun

pamei09 2011.04.09
click...click.....click ......its not that comfortable

dfs3 2011.04.09
sorry, not wild about this game. girl is cute, but the graphics are a bit laggy and the pumpkin is hard to click on as a result

devin008 2011.04.09
pumpkin bounced way to randomly even with the tips to get a higher score i still couldn`t get past 30 points.

Gnosis8887 2011.04.08
A simple game of hackysack but with a pumpkin.

Graphics are as good as PlayForce One offers, but it is a bit simple compared to other games they have made.

It is what it is, a simple tribute to Halloween, I believe when it was released last year?

Hellfinder 2011.04.04
Game can be a bit hard to get the hang out of, but it`s worth it at the end. The girl is hot, but it could use some more animations for the streaks: I kept trying to get higher and higher to see if there`s anything new.
Nice game, though, keep them coming.

Immerhin 2011.04.03
gameplay was a bit like strippoker, but a lot harder

wusser 2011.04.03
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more of this kind of game!!

hesteng10 2011.04.02
esy but ok game... nice chick...

kyo84 2011.04.02
it was alright but way to hard to control the pumpkin

Zardoz2112 2011.04.01
Almost impossible to play.

Gryphon 2011.04.01
Nice game and the graphics are great but toy need to be patient and fast ...

AragornI 2011.03.30
great graphics but really hard to reach descent scenes

hentai1337 2011.03.29
hot graphics, but game is too hard

good man 2011.03.27
this game is really fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deiderata 2011.03.26
The graphic are amazing but its a to hard game

dap97 2011.03.25
Good game but it could do with a little better graphics.

ninjasmoke 2011.03.25
fun but kind of boring graffics are good

NudeRaider 2011.03.24
A fun game to pass time. Not much else to say.

kaneraven 2011.03.22
fun at first, a little difficult, then kinda goes no-where...

hasil 2011.03.22
A good game is accompanied by images and animations are nice too

Actionjackson 2011.03.21
Fun at times but rather frustration. But the graphics and design are wonderful.

joebkc 2011.03.21
nice game but i dont really like it..give 50....

sakurali 2011.03.20
hard to play but OMG she is so hot i love witches more than everything else

heca 2011.03.20
Halloween is here with a hot chick!

UrbanMarksman 2011.03.19
this game was really to get the hang of but it was worth the practice i suppose

BlooVD 2011.03.19
hard to play but OMG she is so hot i love witches more than everything else x3

weliuscaesar 2011.03.18
gameplay was a bit like strippoker, but a lot harder

dadakara 2011.03.18
Good game. Difficult though. It had good graphics too

speedo92 2011.03.18
very diffucult game . best streak is 24

Dirter 2011.03.18
I find this quite difficult. Maybe it`s just me but could get harder more progressively.

areuwithme 2011.03.17
cant play this game with my mac

conbron 2011.03.17
is better to play with IE, with Firefox is it to defficult

conbron 2011.03.17
not new graphics over 70 ?

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
I couldn`t ever get a streak over 29, I really don`t like games that require twitch reflexes. The chick in it is ultra hot and I would have loved to complete it. It really needs a difficulty slide of some kind for those of us who don`t move so quickly anymore.

ebunny66 2011.03.16
game is pretty good, had a hard time with the pumkin a lil bit

pinned 2011.03.15
My best streak - 73. Funny moments and hot, text is very funny

marcelino21 2011.03.13
awesome, a new LOP game has released. love the halloween theme

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
The achievements rewards are pretty soft, but cute. I had few problems with the controls, especially when the pumpkin was sliding on the sides of the screen, looks like it more difficult to click on, might be a few glitches regarding controls then.
I barely managed to get the 40 streak, and all rewards , the game itself isn`t that entertaining, but it sounds like she is going more and more pervy (wonder what is after the snake episode since I ran out of patience and stopped after getting all rewards), does she have more pose than that ? Anyone patient enough to try ?
Graphically fine, her comments are sorta funny.

zabuza948 2011.03.12
the chick is hot but the game is boring all u do is kick a stupid pumpkin its

eve1200 2011.03.12
this is such a fun game!!!!!

madduxxx 2011.03.11
Game is a little boring... You just kick a pumkin around.

wulf 2011.03.10
This game is to defficult i can`t beat it ma self.

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.09
Nice skills game altought i`ts not the easiest

hottie12345 2011.03.08
i really liked this it was cool! it was awsome!

outerheaven 2011.03.07
this one was kind of a pain

robot0073 2011.03.05
Very hot witch, great graphics, and very tricky game.
It`s just about finding your rithm, but after a while it really gets too difficult...

bibolt 2011.03.05
I like the atmosphere of this game. The game is also different from usual.

phantom101 2011.03.03
It`s boring with the pumpkin

fameasser 2011.03.03
muaaah on this game.what a chick..loved her.i wish i culd find someone like her :P

mrghosterly 2011.03.02
This game is pretty hard with a laptop touchpad.

godzson 2011.03.01
game is pretty good, had a hard time with the pumkin a lil bit

mwbajkster 2011.03.01
great fun. glitch (looks like it does not except klick sometimes) was disturbing 4-5 times,

labrie 2011.02.28
ILike this game iJust cant get past the pumpkin kickoff!

vvlvitor 2011.02.28
Like most of the other MNF`s out there, not too good, but not too bad either, a bit short though.

brandedbevis 2011.02.27
all that clicking got boring fast.

Paris155 2011.02.26
Best streak 69... I own :)

judytabooty 2011.02.26
I suck at this game. The graphics is ok. After a while it gets boring cause she extremely slowly strips.

m4rtin30 2011.02.26
quite like this game but its a bit hard on a laptop mouse

Sculpture80 2011.02.25
Decent game. Good pictures, but gets boring after a while.

silver12 2011.02.25
too much clicking and no animation, this game is pretty lame

getrou 2011.02.24
Oh Yeah!!!! 49 kickups!!!! that part is when she got striped and having sex with a snake

thats nasty 2011.02.24
This game is hard and i like it..

getrou 2011.02.24
woo managed to get to 23kicks hehehaha

sparks 2011.02.23
great game, difficult. love the witch

cake22 2011.02.23
I love this game, I was able to unlock all of the achievements but I can`t get the girl to strip. I was only able to get 5 pumpkin kickups. Is there an easier way to complete this game? I would really enjoy completing the game.

steamroll2012 2011.02.22
Too difficuilt to maintain over 25,need to put in a shortcut or faster way to do it.I give it a decent score for the model.

firbit 2011.02.22
Awesome game! cld go a lil quicker though...

theman619 2011.02.20
i need to learn that ritual

Carnedringh 2011.02.17
Great game but i really wonder how high the maximum streak on this game is, while getting new poses ... ;)

wirenut 2011.02.16
This game is kinda kool but a little weird

shark101 2011.02.16
Very sexy images. Hope to see her in some future game of yours.

fanch666 2011.02.15
I like this kind of game, but its quite easy

voltz 2011.02.14
Lesson of Passion rocks without doubt. I hope they make a full BIG game in the near future :-)

daxamgrave 2011.02.13
Too hard to be enjoyed, great graphics though

sleepdeprivedkoala 2011.02.13
this game is nice to play a couple of times but gets pretty boring pretty quickly

changhyon_92 2011.02.12
i think this game is pretty goo for a quick break

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
fun game to play for about 5 minutes. too long after awhile to get to the next achievement. did like the witches comments which were pretty funny :).

mustermanmax 2011.02.12
nice game, but hard to get to the end

jimmyswizzle 2011.02.11
More addictive than it really has any right to be. Needs some kind of multiplier system to speed the scoring up, and the number of times it fails to register a click is unforgivable, but it`s strangely hard to stop playing.

Tourer 2011.02.11
Bit of a silly game but the graphics are hot.

xdarkxdark 2011.02.10
this game is awesome! great graphics! and her tits are amazing!

ratonius 2011.02.09
Not nice, but more busy and difficult to keep clicking,gets boring after a while

thelumpa 2011.02.08
girl is hot and the achievements r cool

fredyc 2011.02.08
pretty fun game to kill tim especially with the stripping

justanothermember 2011.02.08
it is too simple, we need action!

Death6God 2011.02.07
These are the type of games that should not be games. I mean, this is so stupid. I hate these games having to keep clicking and clicking on a stupid object and get a streak. This game is really dumb.

Mando66 2011.02.06
Kind of a boring game, if you like clicking a pumpkin this is totally your game though!

marcelino21 2011.02.06
fantastic game, nice graphics that gives to players the sensation of reallity

Fabi 2011.02.05
cant get past 26... but nice graphics

AD8 2011.02.04
I never did like these styles of games

noodlemeister 2011.02.03
It was alittle to tricky to keep my intrest after 29 click streak

Dunedane 2011.02.03
I love this game, its great

heatround2011 2011.02.03
The stupid pumpkin kept kicking my butt

coolash 2011.02.03
the witch in this games is super hot. i think my favorite part is after you get 40 bounces.

Albertinho 2011.02.03
It`s not so hard..but it gets harder when you want to look on the pic and click in the same time..I cant rewind and see all the pics..That`s not so good!

demonmike 2011.02.02
nice game!
good graphics

Shax 2011.02.02
Not bad, however it`s a bit hard to control. I have to give it a +6

kimicum13 2011.02.02
Awesome and beautiful but little hard.

Cube 2011.01.31
The tip someone posted in about double-clicking definately helps, but still it`s a bit too random to be considered a good game.

Eyrie 2011.01.31
Great job. LOVE the graphics!

MasterTech 2011.01.31
I love this game. Just wish there was more to do after you fully strip her.

Fly88xx 2011.01.29
This game may take some skill and/or practise but the Model is definitely worth it

mickeal 2011.01.29
i thought this game was to hard

dirtygamer83 2011.01.29
not all that great of a game. its slow and the mechanics could of used a multiplier to get achievements easier. otherwise its too annoying.

rossirocker12 2011.01.28
Kind of just a filler game. Couldnt really stand to keep playing after ten minutes

solace1000 2011.01.28
Not great, but more busy and difficult to keep clicking

DarkRay 2011.01.28
very good game, but seems like endless.

shadeaod 2011.01.28
love the art. basic concept. just seems execution a bit off. the clicking on the pumpkin doesn`t always seem to register and get incredibly frustrating. mybe simply taking the top barrier off would make it feel more natural

whalerack 2011.01.28
cool game. but its really hard on laptop. the chick should get naked aready

nosrej08 2011.01.27
Cool, its great, nice, kinda hard to kick the pumpkin but its good..

nathanblake 2011.01.27
Cool halloween theme but thatsss about it lol

richardlt 2011.01.26
the game is hard to paly with a mouse

tonito 2011.01.26
I was expecting more entertainment from this game

Wabbledont 2011.01.26
its a classic arcade game that needs a little more challenge.. but overall its good

kaizon 2011.01.26
This is a pretty fun game. I played for a quite a while

rrs2624 2011.01.25
this game is awsome...i love it

Diesel123 2011.01.24
Needs More Work It Was Very Pointless

Patmatticus 2011.01.24
Game is too hard to be fun. cannot read what chick says and keep bouncing. would like to see this witch in a LOP game.

caffinehigh620 2011.01.23
very hard to hit the pumpkin

krystal4ever 2011.01.23
its too hard. It was good but too hard.

zembot 2011.01.23
hot chick,,,but its very difficult
im only 52

gulldench 2011.01.23
kind of difficult but still fun

ptalgh 2011.01.21
the graphics is nice, but the game where a bit bore

fistrojander2 2011.01.20
The game is interesting, but the pace is a bit too slow for my taste.

nyolen 2011.01.19
the raphics is amazing, the game is not realli easy but....... it`s funny :P

Kires 2011.01.19
Amazing graph, but game very dificult

decconan 2011.01.19
Who can tell me the last pic`s address? thank you!

Somm 2011.01.19
Hot witch. But its pretty hard to get past 20 ups with this game.

mbe32405 2011.01.18
Good graphics. A little monotonous

twon 2011.01.18
wow this is a really hard game the witch is hot and should be put into other games

wtflolwtf 2011.01.17
This game really is pretty hard to do

thehotboy 2011.01.17
Who can say me, how i can Visit Kelly to get a QUEST (on my account)????

pls answer

arhangel222 2011.01.16
Personally it was pleasant to me, but the mouse doesn`t allow to do good results

PinaColada 2011.01.15
Game is way too hard to complete all achievements. Would you guys mind making some of these games a bit easier?

dominator 2011.01.14
the chick is hot but the game is very very dificult

GGGK 2011.01.14
there`s nothing after 55?

lovelykiddy 2011.01.13
chick was hot.. they should put her in some of the LOP games.. but this was hard as hell.........

aragorn90 2011.01.13
This game was quite hard to play to get all pictures. In the beginning it was frustrating to get over the 20`s, after some tries went up to 36, but it was really hard to go over 40. Finally succeeded.
I played it for days to get used how to get the points and to rise counts.

jaguarty 2011.01.13
dificult , slow little boring.

axlwestern 2011.01.13
very like this game but i have to admit it`s to difficult

iQQso0 2011.01.13
it is really hard to keep the pumkin going with the naked girl right there.

citynight 2011.01.11
It quality is really great but gameplay is VERY difficult

sexwolf 2011.01.11
not a easy game but she is deffantly hot

windscar54 2011.01.09
gets pretty boring, nice pics tho

Kuppz90 2011.01.09
Cool game tho ;P but gets boring

MIKEy847 2011.01.07
this games ok got good graphics but kinda hard to keep the pumkin going

korzakorza 2011.01.07
nice graphics and good quality but the gameplay is dull

NotAnAmerican 2011.01.06
The graphics are good but the game itself is hard and boring. I was never a fan of KickUp Flash games.

skeltis 2011.01.06
she is incredibly hot but this game is so difficult

Joeyy 2011.01.06
well first of all really sexy chick in this game ! but its kinda too hard to hold a streak and if you hold it she strips a bit too fast, no time to read what shes sayin ..

curtis357 2011.01.05
it is really hard to keep the pumkin going with the naked girl right there.

petrus88 2011.01.03
Way to hard. And when you are on a streak you can´t see whats she is saying

killer_kella 2011.01.03
fun game just like all the others

Geoff 2011.01.03
Great game abit hard other then that its really good :)

kamandog9999 2011.01.03
nice one i wanna fuck her now hehehe 8==========D---------

krabster92 2011.01.02
very fun game. hard to click on the pumpkin at times. highest i got was 38 so close to 40 just couldnt do i though

andre95 2011.01.02
nice game but bery hard

tommylee 2011.01.02
nice game, good idea, very good graphics but a bit dificult

tender 2011.01.02
Great game/comcept but too diffcult, highly addictive thgh graphics are great

wolf33 2011.01.01
nice game idea, but way to hard and long, I do love the idea of a witch and her graphics are great, it`s a shame that it`s not a a different method a of playing.

puma420 2010.12.30
looooooooooooved it, could play all day long!

unknowntender 2010.12.30
Apart from practice, I find that double clicking instead of single clicking tends to `hit` the pumpkin more often :)

Graphically, very nice, although i preferred the pre `boob enlargement` spell look :)

kevlarspeedboat 2010.12.29
The Game is good, but very difficult.A good portion of the time, when you click on the pumpkin, it doesn`t respond.

vgab 2010.12.27
Nice idea, but poor gameplay:

- the pumpkin "tunnels" your clicks all the time:
even if you click at the (physically) right time, you might click right between two animation frames, and the game will miss your click when the pumpkin is moving so fast that it is ahead of your mouse in the previous, and behind your mouse in the next frame.

- no control on the pumpkin`s speed and/or direction.
It just bumps around randomly, and there is no way to "calm it down" when it does not want to.

-extremely repetitive play:
No extras, no eastereggs, no "recovery" from mistakes. You need really long absolutely perfect sequences to progress, which is really hard considering the above.

Ace Lambert 2010.12.27
good Graphic, Full Satisfication, but really hard.. still best

hotel 2010.12.26
good game but very dificult

divadancegirl1 2010.12.26
i love this game but i dont get the point of it

shadowsuta 2010.12.26
i dont understand this game, it so difficult

pixxel79 2010.12.26
nice game, and interesting story.

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.26
Amusing dialogue, hot girl, but gets repetitive and is very hard, pumpkin doesn`t react to some clicks when it should, makes it frustrating, nice halloween game though, wd

lolitzme 2010.12.26
Not bad, good quality. I liked it. It was fun.

Infoyo 2010.12.25
the pics are great but its hard to reach this score >.>

xcage 2010.12.25
nice, but little bit hard with the pumpkin head

Gemman67 2010.12.24
Not bad , not really big on arcade type games , but wth enjoyed it.

assez 2010.12.24
Quite impossible with a trackpad

Zenodius 2010.12.23
i love this game relly good grsphics and the difficul is perfect

ifqvp 2010.12.23
funny but really boring quickly

username2010 2010.12.22
VERY difficult on a laptop, but hot lol

Soveriegn 2010.12.22
The game is way to difficult for the rewards it offers. And the pumpkin is too erratic in its bouncing.

scrip 2010.12.22
this game becomes boring after some time, really

charliebrown 2010.12.22
this game was so frustrating. I couldn`t even be bothered to finish

oblivious 2010.12.21
the witch in this games is super hot. i think my favorite part is after you get 40 bounces.

eriador666 2010.12.20
Hard game but it`s really addictive ...

torgalek 2010.12.20
coll game with good graphic but little to hard

hermie56 2010.12.20
not my kinda game. ok graphics,

LilJur 2010.12.18
Dont like the game that much, tho the graphics are great

Razzle 2010.12.17
A good game over all but the pumpkin should have been bigger.

az89 2010.12.17
i wonder is this game make people who play it tension or is it for people release their tension by kick the pumpkin?

Sciakal 2010.12.17
Fuuvy, but very simple game.

weromont 2010.12.17
Good game I liked to obtain 40

Sidyus 2010.12.16
Pretty good if you have the time. Some kind of multiplier would be nice.

vipsky 2010.12.16
reached 105 kicks 1000+ total points. the blond picture is the last one and the 1000 achivement is her as a sexy nurse
nice game :)

aquaticpyro 2010.12.15
a very good game to me good graphics

Slout 2010.12.15
Nice graphics, but gets very boring very fast
Like it

suckit123 2010.12.14
Not bad. Pumpkin should be bigger.

EDP 2010.12.14
Good graphic, but kinda scarce with the plot.

madbearuk 2010.12.13
Boring game, didn`t really enjoy it

Popsus 2010.12.13
good animation, but needs more action

DevenD123 2010.12.12
not a good game unless you plan on spending hours trying to beat it, and i dont have that kind of time.

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

bbowsin 2010.12.11
Really repetitive and boring game, wish the girl was in a better one.

Maxim3190 2010.12.11
The game could be fun, but it`s so hard that I wasn`t able to get anywhere. Maybe a multiplier or bonus would help.

maxxxy 2010.12.10
Boring. Not what I`d expect from the usually excellent LOP games.

Dangernick42 2010.12.10
brilliant game, downloaded it

wheezymcgee 2010.12.10
I thought it was a difficult game but very sexy. I made it all the way to the end and i thought all of the pics were sexy as well

planter 2010.12.10
clicking the bouncing pumpkin is a little repetitive it`s a good game overall

blobby 2010.12.10
it needs more rewards coz it goes on too long

zhaka 2010.12.09
kindda anoying u deppend on luck for the bounces but a good game non the less

JMS 2010.12.08
Way to hard, an not so good reward....

rhubarb 2010.12.08
good graphics but long and a bit boring

hazard3976 2010.12.08
found it very hard but im sure its worth the effort

CeasarV 2010.12.08
this is the game for long

xsketchx 2010.12.08
Looks good but not really worth the time

ketmakura 2010.12.07
Nice graphics, but gets very boring very fast.

dirtsurfer 2010.12.07
graphics are good but game to difficult on a laptop

Glendude 2010.12.06
Kinda a hard game, but it worked

dunckjosh 2010.12.06
OK. other that getting her naked, which is obviously a good thing, what`s the point?

direct_v 2010.12.06
very intresting and funny game

kenazu 2010.12.06
nice game with nice graphic but not easy

kenazu 2010.12.06
Not bad
I spend some time on it

Luzi 2010.12.06
i reached 70 clicks in a row, but theres nothing special, just a new pic which shows her completely naked..

but the graphics are very good

xzan 2010.12.05
I stopped after 6x clicks. all that happened was that she was undressed and had blond hair. Good game while it lasted though.

flameablex 2010.12.05
great graphic. nice stories. but pumpkin kick ups? it really sucks! especially when you are busy looking at the hot girl and you have to concentrate on the pumpkin. you didn`t even have to realize that there is change of graphic etc, the girl is taking her clothes off.

oh, by the way, i love the sweating parts. she really looks hot n real when she`s sweating.

cplwitt 2010.12.05
ugh wayy to hard to play on a laptop

smygerin 2010.12.05
Grrr! This is too hard. I cant get more than 32!! Good game tho

Azn52Fifty 2010.12.05
Just can`t get pass 46. Fun while it lasted but got too repeatitive

NickFisher 2010.12.04
lol way too hard, cant get more than 42

Chobitz 2010.12.04
very interesting and sexy game

highguy74 2010.12.04
decent game, got boring after awhile though

blackfox2 2010.12.04
Very good I like these games but couldnt finish.

mr. anderson 2010.12.04
the chick is awesome but the game is fuckin difficult. but great graphics . real good job

littlekk123789 2010.12.03
boring game mode, but the gal is nice
hope to be fine tune the game mode

bloodycharon 2010.12.03
Hard on a laptop but still a good game

paolo121 2010.12.03
impossible while on the laptop!!

thenewdeltaman 2010.12.03
Realy hard game.
Must be quick and accurate with the mouse

pjmatl 2010.12.02
almost impossible on a laptop!

newbie055 2010.12.02
Fun little game. Her comments are pretty funny. Simple gameplay but not much reward.

imperatrix 2010.12.02
Excellent drawing, but very eazy game and mediocre gameability.

Spooky727 2010.12.02
dawidek46? was there a trick how you did it? I can`t seem to get anywhere near your number of hits on a streak.. not even close

TornadoXIII 2010.12.02
Great art but the gameplay element is very tedious and isn`t fun at all.

saraman 2010.12.02
couldnt manage to see all of the endings...

supercum 2010.12.02
good game greate graphics got a bes streak of 44 whoo hooo

eris987 2010.12.01
Nice game, looks good, but a little too difficult

luckydude256 2010.12.01
awesome graphics but after a little game play i got bored

Babba003 2010.12.01
The Graphic is great, the game is a little bit boring and too hard. I stopped playing after a few minutes.

GrumbieTheFirst 2010.12.01
the game needs to be a little harder.. good graphics though

Jerryb 2010.11.30
A good idea i just found it difficult

Bigbob22934 2010.11.30
Alright game but definitely could have been better

king2pm 2010.11.30
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

Pfo3 2010.11.30
challanging, but boring at the same time. Grphs superb. hand-ache guaranteed :)

radman64 2010.11.30
Good graphics, however should consider reducing the times to reach new goals, also the pumpkin should be more sensitive to the mouse action.

nickbee 2010.11.29
Hard game, but nice visual! I love job made of Lesson of passion

biggsreddy 2010.11.29
This game is kind of dumb.My highest streak was 18

krazy 2010.11.28
simple game with great rewards, kind Hrd on Lptop with a bad touch pad

panbrito 2010.11.28
one of the hardest games to master really dificult

7900 2010.11.28
boring game but great graphics

Hadrian 2010.11.28
Great art and purpose but you too often hit the pumpkin and it doesn`t work.

slayer18 2010.11.28
Great graphics and idea biut this pumpkin really really sucks (

prb123 2010.11.28
I don`t get it...very hard...boring after a few minutes

gizzmo309 2010.11.28
nice game but cant get over 20 on a laptop very hard

bigbobslut 2010.11.28
The achievements made it really fun to keep playing

DeafScout23 2010.11.27
interest game witch look hot

tiein 2010.11.27
Way too involved to actually be enjoyable

wengkui 2010.11.27
this is too difficult :( i wish they`d make the reward better

jokester1801 2010.11.27
Pretty good game but it is not that fun

daman25 2010.11.27
nice game but it seems old

zeretet 2010.11.27
very interesting and sexy game

boba 2010.11.27
too hard . but good at the same time

shaydat 2010.11.27
all i gotta say is hard game

Bothead 2010.11.27
The game is difficult, but it is worth it.

tyson0 2010.11.26
this game was hard but it was not the hardest game ever.

Whitney 2010.11.26
hot graphics, sexy animations...horny ladies

daveyyjoness 2010.11.26
after a long time playing still couldn`t achieve a streak of 40. the pumpkin didn`t register or something. i like the girl though :)

atomicthrust 2010.11.26
Wanted to like it. But ultimately too repetitive and grew infuriating.

macmax 2010.11.26
Funny little game with almost perfect grphics and awesome storyline

nabur1976 2010.11.26
pretty tuff game,easy to play I liked the wich she was cute

girzabeast 2010.11.25
I thought that the game was pretty interesting..the witch was really hot.
getting a streak above 30 is a bit tricky though

killerbeezz4 2010.11.25
the gameplay is exiting, the graphics are amaxing and the animation are sexy! I like tis kind of game

king2pm 2010.11.25
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

marcodeg 2010.11.25
I had 104 best streak
but after 50 nothing change(proly, but maybe on +105)
at 40 snake fuck her tits
at 45 snake fuck her ass
at 50 she has blond hair

about achivements when u get them u can click on them and get foto in hd

marcodeg 2010.11.25
AWESOME, a new LOP game has released. Love the Halloween theme.

argosx 2010.11.25
buenas graficas pero no tan buena movilidad

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