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Prima Ballerina


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evilbob1234 2017.11.15
Fun game and pretty good graphics. Kinda short but nice options.

Talan25P 2017.11.10
Good game, fairly linear.

rls83 2017.11.04
great game, good graphicsrn

raycis 2017.07.02
Wish there was more gina in this

jhomilo 2017.06.07
very good graphics, even thought is not one of their newest games it stills being awesomern

Tiodor 2017.05.28
Nice game, good graphics and interesting story

RADOST89 2017.05.28
Super hot game, good graphics, thanks.

JoeMan 2017.05.05
Loved it other options were a lot of fun

purplefangs23 2017.04.19
The Story was good, but i stop alway on the same ending

glenneke6 2017.03.18
nice game love the story and amazing graphics


akhilgupta31 2017.03.08
super hot n sexy game...i liked it too much

sporecap 2017.02.17
really great game but i was expecting a threesome

emanuelciuhan 2017.02.11
good game. i recommand. good graphics

kemode 2017.02.03
Excellent game and beautiful girl...not too long

ken2017 2017.01.25
this is the nicest game of all the internet good job lop

in784 2017.01.20
this is such a hot game and i love the graphics.

gdlevy 2017.01.13
Sexy game. s a threesome avalible

ooglieoog 2016.11.21
great game scenes arent too bad just cant seem to get the main character to become the prima ballerina without losing all the sex scenes!!!!

Konstantin666 2016.10.26
Nice story but it could have been longer. Nice graphics though.

aleksandarpejas 2016.09.30
This game is amazing. Graphic is perfect

woofwoof 2016.09.01
Loved the story and very awesome graphics

Cole_XXX 2016.08.15
it would have been better in my opinion if it hade lesbian scene

cobras81 2016.08.11
god game but I want to see the blond girl naked

cobras81 2016.08.11
Nice looking new game, liked it very much

stach56 2016.07.26
Great Game. Very hot graphics and story-line.

adamb07 2016.07.21
For me this is the best game on play force one.

CLkz 2016.07.18
Nice looking new game, liked it very much

crimeslime 2016.06.10
it`s unfortunate that you cant just focus on one

asinble 2016.05.30
that game is extremely hot

zorrie 2016.05.28
great game but very short and hot sex

JimKill 2016.05.27
They could really extend the game, y`know
I really appreciate the efforts taken in this, we all do.
But seriously
There should be more.... substance

cpiersall3129 2016.05.20
Game could have been better with Gina more involved.

trailsman 2016.05.12
this was a fun game, great graphics and story line, the scenes were hot, had a lot of fun playing over and over trying to unlock the different ending, still alot of fun playing it over

ninja0073ra 2016.05.03
I don`t joined this game.

davecrow 2016.04.27
Nice different endings. A bit too short.

knight09 2016.04.16
Graphics are really strong in this game. Cool game!

sethh88 2016.03.19
I really enjoyed this game story line was excellent

dontcutyourhairnash 2016.03.01
this game is beautiful and very fun to play 10/10

aazadparinda 2016.02.14
this game has nice user interface and animation

davo2k17 2016.02.12
great game love the characters in it well made love this website

gaosex 2016.01.22
really good bisexual game

Troubadour 2016.01.14
I also think there should be a lesbian scene in it

Crustyfur 2015.12.08
Excellent storyline & gameplay

Jhodee 2015.12.07
It was a short but fun game. girls were beautiful

bbwkatie92 2015.11.26
graphics are great, and the blonde is very hot. a bit too short story for my taste tho. but nice game

Hoakah 2015.11.15
this game is very interesting

Scissors 2015.11.14
good one but not the best

mdsaccoccia 2015.10.09
I want more interaction. more choices.

Bigdicks311 2015.09.27
the desire levels are great for the trying for the sex positions ,so great

LadiesMan3175 2015.09.24
Really a good game I loved it

razvandlr 2015.09.20
love this game is tell a real story

weerwolf9 2015.09.03
heel luik spel en heel sexy

Snowstorm122 2015.08.29
Very fun game. The sex scenes are very great. Have fun making the choices.

heftigerloerris 2015.08.24
very nicedesigned chars but to much text to have fun while the game

randyply 2015.08.22
The game was fun I enjoyed it.

Marko_bgd 2015.08.14
good game, only if Crissy and Gina can hook up...

twotouch 2015.08.13
good gameplay nice graphic`s good art work

ArthasMenethil88 2015.08.10
this is too hard for me cause this game just mostly for girls :(

Jackyll 2015.08.06
nice game wish you can have a threesome with the blonde

Kira1970 2015.07.30
good game nice graphics enjoyed the sex scenes

haool123 2015.07.27
love this game it tells a realy nice story

nicinick 2015.06.29
beautiful game i enjoy it

DaPlayer777 2015.06.23
Loved the story and the graphic

theboss2234 2015.06.17
i love this game awesome gameplay

xxrowanx 2015.06.14
Good gameplay and nice animation.

DrLecter 2015.06.13
I love the gameplay,girls are so hot and the story line is good.Love the game!

cloneforce 2015.06.04
This is a nice game but I would only get to one ending and could never reach the rest

pakrat1967 2015.05.31
good graphics and interesting story

liorio 2015.05.30
i like the game but i can`t reach ending 3

rk18 2015.05.26
muy bueno like the graphics very good

bladesmanlou 2015.05.16
fun game enjoyed playing different endings

blindheart 2015.05.10
I thought this would be something better, maybe this one wasn`t for me.

Outcast92 2015.05.09
Its a great game, only in the first scene where she gives him a bj his body seems to be to white, it`s just a white field with a dick attached to it

grontbil 2015.04.23
Does anyone know how to get ending 1?

john milton 2015.04.19
not bad, the blond girl was so damn beautiful and tempting
i hope we`ll find a similar one in the next future

Ernest20 2015.04.18
The game was quite good but I coudn`t get all the endings, I liked the relaxing music.

flightbuy550 2015.04.17
fantastic game. could have better animations and more endings though

apres1a 2015.03.31
it`s a very nice game and nice girl

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Nice story and Graphics!!

moebus 2015.03.25
great, fun, nive girls...

Bushie42 2015.03.16
Great fun The stuff of dreams Ballerinas....

Zeblast 2015.03.15
good graphics, hot girls and a good story

lionfool1957 2015.02.26
sexy girls, beautiful graphics,great game.

peterr 2015.02.22
love this game it just needs one or two more endings

jr5000 2015.02.13
Fun game. good programing. Be the bad girl or good girl and see how it turns out.

haseo2412 2015.02.12
This is good game, got all 5 endings

Manlee 2015.02.07
Ending 1 - Fail Audition, Accept Anal, Get Married
Ending 2 - Fail/Refuse Audition, Refuse Anal, Get Cheated On
Ending 3 - No Ballerina, Eaten out by Friend
Ending 4 - Say no to Zahary while Drugged, Get Cheated On, Become Megaslut.
Ending 5 - Say yes to Zahary, Become *Famous* Megaslut

Ending 1 requires 100 Desire and is my favorite
Second favorite is ending 5

Manlee 2015.02.07
Interesting comments, I will have to try this and let you know what I think.

jdfe 2015.02.04
this game was really good I enjoyed all of the endings. This game is one of the best out here.

bob247 2015.02.02
this was a good one really good graphics but not a lot of options

rambo12001 2015.01.25
It was a very very very bad game .

It was the most bad game I ever see .


rambo12001 2015.01.25
If I play 1 more game and put 1 more comment , I will got the new episod of Kelly .

haha , it will be cool , because that my 2 account here .

haha , good game and fortune for all sex players .

rambo12001 2015.01.25
I did open all ending .

I finish the game more then 10 times .

It wasn`t cool but I wanted to open all ending .

rambo12001 2015.01.25
it wasn`t so bad .

but I didn`t like this game .

I will go play more sex games .

kdr198 2015.01.20
Having a hard time getting to ending #2. Can the two girls hook up in this game?

sex-ayback 2015.01.07
I like this game it is nice. nice graphics, nice story, I just like it

lillianaire69 2015.01.01
Loved the ending I had. gonna play more to see all the other endings

jc369 2014.12.31
Not a bad game. Graphics were awesome.

pepujo 2014.12.26
good game interesting

tcco 2014.12.16
a nice game but i only get te first ending

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
beautiful female characters but i can`t find a way in the storyline

Josh wilson 2014.12.08
this game is awesome apart from not having the anal sex

luv2drinku 2014.12.01
i liked the part that she licked her friend pussy and then kissed him its hot

shinocksa69 2014.11.18
I think there should be a lesbian scene in it

mrsbig 2014.11.18
I like the story. The whole ballerina concept is different. Though I think there`s something more that could`ve been done with it. Graphics are good and sex scenes are nice. A threesome with Crissy and Gina would`ve been a nice other ending

JayP69 2014.11.13
I love this game, although I would prefer to have more options for the girls.

mikaj17 2014.11.11
great game with hot girls

the4beatles 2014.11.08
the story was great and i loved the endings i also thought the graphics were perfect

mike899 2014.11.08
loved the story and the graphics

Equinox_Flame 2014.10.29
I loved this game. I`ve always loved anal sex and this one take the cake.

smok87 2014.10.28

Glde8er77 2014.10.15
really like all the different ending you can get.

jp14295 2014.10.12
fun game that makes you want to keep playing through all 5 endings

davechize 2014.10.11
awesome game amazing graphics

Tanta 2014.10.09
Fun game. Good story and graphics weren`t half bad

MyxDream 2014.10.08
Great game. Love the graphics

warebear 2014.10.05
this game was rather interesting and i liked the graphics and story behind it

Futuros 2014.10.02
Chrissy should have her own game.

MartVR 2014.09.23
how do I get another ending then 2?

PikaFiend 2014.09.21
Short and to the point story that changes quickly, I like it.

letto1986 2014.09.21
I keep playing this game! Awsome

Kaby1209 2014.09.18
Awesome graphics, awesome gameplay, its just an awesome game

jaspreet1 2014.09.16
the story is very short but nice game

jaspreet1 2014.09.16
i like the game very much

Excalibur2o14 2014.09.16
the graphics are great i love this girls but the story is to short

Futuros 2014.09.12
The subtle nature of this and graceful characters are the high point. Good interaction.

Ty3opByH 2014.09.11
enjoyed the story very much

rororom59 2014.09.10
i like anal scene in that game

lordaegnor 2014.09.09
why this game so short? but great graphics

Noswad98 2014.09.09
Great game good grapics as well

jonnypb 2014.09.08
enjoyed this one too, got ending 2, good graphics

thebad 2014.09.08
i really liked the animation of this

baddboy1972 2014.09.07
great graphics good gameplay

okoskamail 2014.09.03
Loved the story of this game, and it has good graphics

LeeDN82 2014.09.03
Struggled to get ending 1 but as its the best I guess it wont be easy. well worth it

guaxxx 2014.09.02
game is awesome, good grapich,.,.

Simon85 2014.08.31
What I wish is during the sex scenes instead of just having music you had moaning and sex sounds. Decent game but.

saltycaleb 2014.08.31
Great game and graphics

khlsea 2014.08.24
good game gracchic and short but like

joshshiffer 2014.08.24
Loved the story and very awesome graphics.

imppub 2014.08.24
game looks good and the girl is perfect, athletic and trim.

Mr. Lag 2014.08.21
Good game good sexual scenes and good girls

kinou21 2014.08.21
awesome graphic and girls, but a little to short ...

kevoso69 2014.08.20
very well not a bad game got only 2 endings

kevoso69 2014.08.20
Oh my god I love these games and their amazing graphics

Renegade1 2014.08.19
Wish there was more lesbian scenes.
Overall good game

alias98 2014.08.19
Short and sweet with amazing graphics 8/10

cooljoe12345 2014.08.19
Pretty great game liked the scenes.

zeroexe 2014.08.17
The story is short, but overall i liked it

Zakattack9090 2014.08.17
It was a good game with a great story

wampire 2014.08.16
good graphic , pretty girls , I wish I was there

klucz13 2014.08.14
Very entertaining. Got all the endings, sex scene and overall graphics are very nice. Thanks!

jenggotapi 2014.08.14
love this game, the girls are hot

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Great game! Too bad she can`t put out for her boyfriend and be prima ballerina, too! Oh, well. I guess life is full of choices.

cottencandy 2014.08.11
they have got some nice pussy`s in this game id eat it all up in real life

cottencandy 2014.08.11
i love this game very good graphics fun to play over and over

LickThePussy82 2014.08.08
Fast to become sex ever... maybee 3 minutes... boring

pseeker1234 2014.08.07
good game good graphics liked a couple of the endings

kosinkayos 2014.08.05
Had fun with this one. Wasn`t too difficult to get all five endings.

sparlin3 2014.08.04
can`t get the last ending

becalala 2014.08.04
good gameplay, realy nice graphics, animations are cool too

Esmeralda13 2014.08.02
i love this game makes me feel horny

yoga1102 2014.08.02
girls are both very hot and beautiful

TomTwoToes 2014.07.31
A little short, but a lot of fun and the girls look amazing.

aiden13 2014.07.26
the graphics are really nice

DeadlyDrwg 2014.07.22
enjoyed the story very much

butch84 2014.07.19
Good story and graphics.

Nuke67 2014.07.18
I really enjoy the graphics in these flash games, this had a pretty good story as well.

jsfrts 2014.07.18
Very good game very interesting, nice to play.

DeadSnake4 2014.07.12
Man, I loved this one! Awesome graphics. Good gameplay.

panteek 2014.07.11
one of great game dude i`m lovin it

SunnyRae 2014.07.11
Is there a way to hook up Crissy and Gina?

Ashlynn Brooke 2014.07.08
Amazing graphics. Nice sex scene. I love this game.

mooli 2014.07.06
different ending? good idea. i think it was one of the best games in the site.

bitz94 2014.07.06
Love the graphic quality & the story. Good job I must say.

snapdo 2014.07.05
Nice game, good graphics, animation was alright.
Overall pretty good.

ZmeyTooth 2014.07.04
games hot and wall made game i love it nice sex scene. good game.

ohantom2850 2014.07.04
nice sex scene. good game.

benpope2 2014.07.04
games hot and wall made game i love it

zmaj 2014.07.03
amazing graphics, great difficuty, loved the story

hans22 2014.07.02
nice game.i love the story

elishacuthbert 2014.07.02
Ending 1 - Fail Audition, Accept Anal, Get Married

Ending 2 - Fail/Refuse Audition, Refuse Anal, Get Cheated On

Ending 3 - No Ballerina, Eaten out by Friend

Ending 4 - Say no to Zahary while Drugged, Get Cheated On, Become Megaslut.

Ending 5 - Say yes to Zahary, Become *Famous* Megaslut


sensei 2014.07.01
Have all 5 endings nice game

hubba69 2014.07.01
they should always add an anal part to every game... it`s the best !

Ograqi 2014.07.01
I don`t like the animation

lop12lop 2014.06.30
It alway`s gets me at the point she has to choose between Andrew and study. Oh well. Good graphics, sexy girls.

kalbs 2014.06.29
Really good graphics, especially the girls

MikeyH74 2014.06.29
Cool game. 1st ending done. Now to try for some others!

shadowlad 2014.06.29
Great game, Great graphics :)

RhettSF 2014.06.28
quite entertaining, i enjoyed it

dezxter 2014.06.28
Looking forward to playing this one. It looks great.

mystery666 2014.06.27
nice graphic and hot girls

porkasaur 2014.06.27
pretty hot, like the gameplay

Drakefyre3 2014.06.27
the gameplay is really awesome

okyjohn 2014.06.26
wow nice game....make me horny...anygirls wana fuck with me?

tyson1993 2014.06.26
very nice game, had a good story and some nice sexy scenes.

undeadsee 2014.06.24
nice game, a little slow to start but gets moving towards the end there

johndutch 2014.06.24
the girl makes my dick plead for her

genkaw 2014.06.24
this is a fine game, i like it

pim 2014.06.23
anyone was known where from this fuckin game?

cetaphil 2014.06.23
i dont like it, very short

CHorton 2014.06.22
great game liked all the different endings

PUSSYLOVER120 2014.06.19

yannos34 2014.06.19
loved the game wish I was better lol

BobJoy 2014.06.18
Good game, but not the best I`ve seen from the PF1 team.

aussimal 2014.06.17
nice game but not yet seen and done all endings ,but like the game.

krevan0407 2014.06.17
only got one ending didnt pick my intrest

CMRG 2014.06.17
Great game, good graphics, and beautiful girls

madison17269 2014.06.16
cummed once, and loved the game

anvesh21 2014.06.16
amazing game with super sexy girls..... worth playing

adragon707 2014.06.16
Fun game but takes some time to get to the action.

randy06 2014.06.16
yes again another great story and sexy ladies and great sex secenes again love to try and finsh but i will and more storys as well

FastNick500 2014.06.15
nice game, great story, great graphics as ususal...more of this........congratulations

abbel 2014.06.15
i like this...nice game

Klopsi 2014.06.14
great girls, fun to play!

nikhil2611 2014.06.13
bst game played
nice grapics
and sexy girls

niceboy1231 2014.06.10
great Graphic game and some great endings

MissMmh 2014.06.10
Makes me melt .. Even though I couldn`t get all endings I love it

Alfherin 2014.06.09
Great how many endings there are! Makes the playability good!

Romaxa 2014.06.09
nice gameplay, graphic, animation

joepervert 2014.06.08
Good Looking girls
Good story only played once (she became a kinky wifie down girl)|
after one play threw it would be nice to go back to choice X or Y

ratteesh 2014.06.07
great game with sexy graphics,horny storyline.its so awesome that it made me cum in my pants

Lexboub 2014.06.05
The Story was good, but i stop alway on the same ending

thechachris 2014.06.05
good graphics for this game

grasshoppapron 2014.06.03
Good game - nice graphics and gameplay, and replayability with 5 endings.

thking69 2014.06.03
very good game well done once again.

L0L2487 2014.06.03
just like all lesson of passion games

L0L2487 2014.06.03
the graphics and endings were good

Mrak666 2014.06.02
Outstanding graphics! good game!

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
good game though like Always :)

hornynurse 2014.05.31
that was hot and the noises made me wet but having hard time getting to an ending where they dont break up?

assfucker1 2014.05.31
i like the game style graphics everything

lampac2010 2014.05.30
nice game, good graphics and story

hotvoter 2014.05.30
The girls are very nice ande beautiful. I`ve found out all endings, very nice. More lesbian action would be very great.

Voldren 2014.05.30
The girl is so hot, love this game

divide 2014.05.30
very nice game. hot women .interesting story .will play again.

Mighty2000 2014.05.29
Nice graphic, cool gameplay.

Lamchops 2014.05.29
For now this is the best game i played on this site very nice :)

dxd_xl_snh 2014.05.28
nice ends but story very repetitive

Tinkerbeth 2014.05.27
Really hot, sexy game... can`t wait to find the lesbian ending!!

xabi 2014.05.27
its a dificult game i never get all endings

randy06 2014.05.26
another great sxy game finshed another chapther and yes great so hopefully to finsh all soon

TaiSorrow 2014.05.25
Super hot women. Like the number of options. Good fun play.

assal 2014.05.25
really good game with awesome graphics.

Floortile 2014.05.25
I like that the endings occur at different parts of the story and are so different.

dawer222 2014.05.25
imteresting girls and good game

dee2009 2014.05.25
loved the story and amazing grapics

xTonyDude 2014.05.25
The story was awesome and the graphics... just amazing.

Hichigo 2014.05.23
The graphics on this game were legit, the story wasn`t that bad too.

vicbordex 2014.05.22
Graphics and animations are awesome, i enjoy a lot the story too

bdaman 2014.05.22
this is a great game all of you must play it

kSlay 2014.05.21
It should have been a three-some, but the graphics were great.

nikj10 2014.05.21
great game i loved the storyline and graphics

Montrovant 2014.05.20
really two hot girls, i love them both (gina a little bit more)

Porcel 2014.05.19
I think it is too much text for me. I like more action!

keshakat7997 2014.05.19
Great animation, loved the variety

bubbles9995 2014.05.19
Incredibly sexy game, a little bit short though

judeo 2014.05.18
excellent animations.. very pretty girls..

Sis 2014.05.18
loved the story and very awesome animation e graphic

Sis 2014.05.18
graphic and animation perfect

Sis 2014.05.18
nice graphic and animation

Sis 2014.05.18
graphic good, animation good much

Sis 2014.05.18
animation good and graphic

wezel87 2014.05.17
Good Graphics and a nice story!
Girls look fine

Diablos-21 2014.05.16
it was so interesting that i cummed

Diablos-21 2014.05.16
I really love that game and the girls

Diablos-21 2014.05.16
awesome game good graphics

deffy duck 2014.05.16
nice story great graphics.like this

JackieeBoy 2014.05.16
Looks great, will probably play it again.

raiha024 2014.05.16
nice game.. great story... and yes, great graphics as ususal...

mialynn15 2014.05.13
This game was awesome i will definitely play this 100 times

Seiryu 2014.05.13
I got 2nd ending, still pretty hot though.

ranayasir01 2014.05.12
very awsome graphics and really hot game i m ery impressed

Petro28 2014.05.12
god game but I want to see the blond girl naked

triveni 2014.05.11
zoo cool
awesome graphics
play it

kalle2002 2014.05.10
great and fun game to play. cant wait to the next one

planlos2002 2014.05.10
very short game but nice, not that hard to get all endings

nyon 2014.05.09
graphic is ok, the girls are beatiful,the story is good, the gameplay simple and no boring, well done

rocky1905 2014.05.09
nice game, loved playing it, nice graphics

ocelot620 2014.05.09
Good story loved it and also great graphics.. Loved the game.

AnnaRainbow 2014.05.08
As always, beautiful design an art, with better articulated motion. The storyline is interesting, with a nice ethical aspect we don`t see very often. Actual gameplay is a bit limited to just a few choices, that could be richer. But over all, another good game.

kristin121 2014.05.08
and blondinkoy how to play?

thehelp 2014.05.08
Great game and story. Keep it up!

Tript 2014.05.07
Great story, interesting endings, overall good game :)

Aneash Dharun 2014.05.07
Nice story with good graphics ..loved the game

DJdick777 2014.05.07
I think this is a good game, just like all Lessons of Passion games.

dmoboy1981 2014.05.07
Great story, great graphics.

TankCmdr 2014.05.06
Good game with ok graphics.

Anatik 2014.05.05
hot girls, good story, nice graphics 100% :)

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Interesting story and great graphic!Lovin it

the7ghost 2014.05.05
very fun game...good graphics, love the animation

Kilopio 2014.05.04
Good graphic but too short e too easy

lucyadams123 2014.05.04
a really good game tho. nice graphics and detalis

whiteshadow1 2014.05.04
Really good graphics, especially the girls

vjmpune 2014.05.03
amazing graphics and animations are the best

westoy 2014.05.03
It has a different story. Unique from others.

glukos37 2014.05.03
Nice looking new game, liked it very much

dantrap123 2014.05.02
The girls were cute but over all it was a boring storyline

steven.wijesinghe 2014.05.02
hot stuff really good game i invite all to play

Daniel Benton 2014.04.29
Very fun game with amazing graphics really good story

GamerWC 2014.04.29
Good graphics, i wanted to have lesbian sex :(

enkelad 2014.04.28
plot interesting, but sorry that the game is short

Totto2706 2014.04.28
awesome graphic and girls, but a little to short ...

Sparky411 2014.04.28
Good game but a little too linear with the choices.

K Whitzz 2014.04.28
Awesome graphics and great sex scenes!

Zonlanski 2014.04.27
yeah,it`s what i call a game and amazing graphics

ziko2510 2014.04.27
well its good game ,good graphics but i rate 35

roonilwazlib 2014.04.25
Glad I got one of the boyfriend endings, the old guy was a bit sketch. Beautiful graphics, and I liked the music.

aron5345 2014.04.24
This game is very enjoyable. Really good

Dominion101 2014.04.24
Loved the story and very awesome graphics.

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
A weird one but girls are pretty hot. However sex with old guy is creepy...

darthbiscuit 2014.04.23
Enjoyed this game a lot nice artwork good story music`s annoying but that is what mute is for

Djshuks 2014.04.23
A decent game, but not the best I`ve ever played.

mari0620 2014.04.22
This game was okay, but it could`ve been more exciting. It was good though

Adalric 2014.04.22
not to impressed with this one

Shadovelle 2014.04.22
Love the multiple endings, great graphics

sausageb88 2014.04.21
Pretty cool and sexy......lots of fun

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.21
This game for me was very interesting, I am sure I have never played a sex game like this in my life :) I totally recommend this to other people as this is very unique and surprising. Love the story line! Awesome game!

dharker 2014.04.21
Hot girls. Anyone know how to get a full lesbian scene?

xenoformer2 2014.04.20
Great game, looks good. Is super hot and has a nice story as well

lusty23 2014.04.20
this game is awesome the ending is spectacular

lusty23 2014.04.20
this game is awesome this game has an awesome timeline i play this game all he time

saber671 2014.04.20
love this game . play it every time i log on .

thedreamer2000 2014.04.20
Enjoyed it and played to every finish. But the girl/girl curiosity was dropped too soon.

another name 2014.04.19
Good game. I like how you can play it strait and still achieve one of the endings.

cabritomanco 2014.04.19
Nice! Very good graphics, congrats!

bobikow 2014.04.19
Another successful PROJEKCE game with good graphics and interesting storyline.

Tzzman 2014.04.19
pretty short game, could have used more endings

dogfight1234 2014.04.18
cool games and graphics i enjoyed it

dogfight1234 2014.04.18
great game made me cum twice

dogfight1234 2014.04.18
nice game good graphics great girls

dogfight1234 2014.04.18
great game nice girls good graphics

PoisonedMorgue 2014.04.18
Loved the innocent girl look

giacomo25 2014.04.17
very lovely game. It was nice trying to figure out all of the endings especially ending 1 as it hard to get that desire up

xxxserioussamxxx 2014.04.17
oh wow, i got the lamest ending with no action

Dvader0116 2014.04.17
I still can`t get ending 3.

hanibal194 2014.04.15
always beautiful design et nice many endings love it!!

bigbaus 2014.04.15
amazing game really good great endings wowowow

farkas 2014.04.15
Very nice game with interesting endings. I wait thw sequel of this game.

central62 2014.04.14
great game, needs a little more animation

Roedebard 2014.04.14
Nice storyline as always with these games. The immense shadowed masses of text are to hard to read. Drop those shadows please.

johnluigi7 2014.04.14
Nice game. Definitely gonna replay for other endings.

gatesj09 2014.04.13
very lovely game. It was nice trying to figure out all of the endings especially ending 1 as it hard to get that desire up(lol kidding).

disturbedhrt 2014.04.12
loved the story good graphics

spirek 2014.04.11
I liked this game it is really good

ojuego 2014.04.11
Though some more complexity to the Story would have been great

ojuego 2014.04.11
great new game with hot Story - liked it very much

sansoul 2014.04.09
nice game, good graphics, gina is very hot

silentred 2014.04.08
the girls are sexy.really. but the game is quite short. Overall is Good Enough

Nothing2Say 2014.04.08
Great game. Nice story line and yeah. I love the story line.

lcarb 2014.04.07
bit short but perfect graphics!

damnalex 2014.04.07
Perfect Graphics and a very hot game!!!

Aliyah1 2014.04.07
I like this game very interesting and so real!

qwert99 2014.04.07
Great game got all endings

BTheBullturbomicro 2014.04.06
I loved the animation and the story behind it

megod100 2014.04.06
the game has great graphics... and the crissy character was nice !

mandrone 2014.04.06
Sexy game the animations could be better though.

deniscyril 2014.04.05
Very sexy dancers work hard during classes and so need to relax after! ;)
Nice graphism as usual : many thanks PFO!!!!!!!!

blingo454 2014.04.04
very nice game, but i miss more options

a1xyz 2014.04.04
Fun to play, good story and graphics.

randy06 2014.04.04
not what i thought but ok play agin to get all but sexy ladys as well like always

adriraj 2014.04.03
It was a fantastic and cock Straighting experience.

w1drng22 2014.04.03
Good looking characters. Decent story. Love the back and forth among them.

jcox1021 2014.04.03
a little short great game though

bluesmanjax 2014.04.01
decent graphics and plot - just a little short

tommieboy18 2014.04.01
too bad that there isnt a threesome

johnyrocker 2014.03.30
good game but there should be a way to get a 3 some.

freepass 2014.03.30
chrissy in the costume is so hot!! love it!

aron101 2014.03.30
crisy is so sexy i feel like banging her

machalix 2014.03.29
great gameplay and great story, the girls are hot!

Bulldog69 2014.03.29
great game ! good graphics and story line, will have to se if I can find the other endings

Lutz 2014.03.28
nice graphics, good game, the girls are hot

ladiesman420 2014.03.28
wat else i can say...!!!
LOP...kudos... to u!!!!

amanda200 2014.03.28
the poor girl was really broken. awesome game guys

thethirdman 2014.03.27
how do you get ending 3?

danno202 2014.03.27
Great game. Loved the one ending I got. Can`t wait to try and get the others!

banes 2014.03.27
good story line and god graphics. Loved the game.

memnoch343 2014.03.27
Love this game. I likw how these games are drawn and not just a click game.

Nazgul62 2014.03.26
Very nice game with good endings.
Very good music too
A must see!!

hunted 2014.03.26
Great game.... Awesome.... Nice graphics... Nice story

Mizz03 2014.03.26
Woah I want To Fuck Zachary. He is hot. Make him a bit younger though....

Mizz03 2014.03.26
I Think that when Chrissy Fucked Zachary Gina should`ve been fucking Andrew...Make magic happen please

Mizz03 2014.03.26
Just Fucked Zachary!!! It may need to go on a bit longer though...PLEASE

Mizz03 2014.03.26
More action of sex between 2 girls please. need to see some more FUCKING!!!

hackerbate 2014.03.25
This game is amazing.this game was amazing. I was completely horny for a bit but this was a good game to play

jimmin34 2014.03.25
Enjoyed the game, endings need some work, more interaction with the threesomes please

Mr. Derpy 2014.03.25
LOPs graphics are always top notch. Good story as well

randomliew 2014.03.25
The graphic is AWESOME!!!! Animation is WONDERFUL.!!!!!Gameplay is the BEST!!!!

Supercanon 2014.03.24
Really liked the game and its gameplay

rand181 2014.03.24
Loved the game. Very fun and well executed.

lughbelenos 2014.03.24
It was just ok for my taste but well made as usual.

sida9000 2014.03.23
it was so interesting that i cummed

Shadow1980 2014.03.23
Loved the game especially the pool scene

piebot 2014.03.22
Great game, love the ending.

hageman 2014.03.22
Girls are hot GAMPLAY good

nissehult 2014.03.21
Totaly amazing love the endings

WARDOG77 2014.03.20
Not a bad game over all. didn`t care for the story all that much but the controls where nice.

zantha 2014.03.19
Not a bad game. A bit short, and the graphics were good but typical.

Hotguy29126 2014.03.19
A great game indeed. I love the graphics and I actually hoped that they would have been lesbians

big daddy ed 2014.03.19
great game, would have loved to see the two girls together but all in all in was great

Terryriffic 2014.03.19
Nice. Choices lead to very different endings. Three some would have put it over the top!

ferdiesummers 2014.03.18
Great Game. Very hot graphics and story-line. Would have liked to see a threesome, but overall really good.

JAC8 2014.03.18
A little disappointed that you couldn`t play some of the endings like the lesbian one

bdchua 2014.03.18
i wish they would do more scenes from the guy`s point of view, i dont wanna see another guy`s dong

pork1212 2014.03.18
this game has nice graphics and i wish to have sex with those girls inside, will definitely try to get all endings.

drakx 2014.03.17
very great game needs to be a bit longer

FelipeK 2014.03.17
Didn`t played yet, but I think I will love this game

C.C. 2014.03.17
Still trying. Always seem to get ending 2. Will we ever be with Kelly again? I miss her.

NightStalker73au 2014.03.17
Awesome game play and graphics.

bigcock2799 2014.03.16
best game ever reommend it

technoclement 2014.03.16
Very nice game ! Technoclement aproved =D

SGreasly 2014.03.16
Good story and graphics. Game play was pretty neat too.

johnyrocker 2014.03.16
if only there was a way to get a 3 some in the game..

girthy 2014.03.16
great girls; weird personalities

farfallaz 2014.03.16
Good game. nice gameplay. good ending. i love this.

yzenginoglu 2014.03.16
Great game. Nice graphics. LOP is no 1

ionutionut 2014.03.16
good game...the girls are hot and hot scenes...i like ending 5

patrico 2014.03.16
Worst game the Lop team has made in a long time.

grimreapercomes 2014.03.15
i like the graphics but the game is just too easy no challenge at all

sosna1999 2014.03.15
I cant understand this game. I got stuck in the moment where i give blowjob to this old guy and theres nothing lefy to do

pussi1 2014.03.15
I like this game. The options are defined very well.

pusshound 2014.03.15
I liked the game. Girls are hot. Graphics OK. Can` believe there is no threesome. Guys are complete jerks. Worth playing, but would like more sex with Gina. Worth playing to get the various endings.

letsdoit231 2014.03.15
The game is somewhat plain, it needs something more arousing than this.

Also I got all endings 1-5

joy vedanta 2014.03.15
crissy is very sexy and hot....the game should have been more long

vitali 2014.03.15
2 hot girls. I like the game!

undeadzombie 2014.03.15
good game with sound but to short and hard to get a few endings

dadykid 2014.03.15
Both girls are hot, nice game anyway. and the graphics are good

madmax68 2014.03.15
excellent game, loved the story line and different endings

farfallaz 2014.03.15
nice game with good action and nice ending.

madmax027 2014.03.15
"androsjy 2014.03.13
Ending 1 - Fail Audition, Accept Anal, Get Married
Ending 2 - Fail/Refuse Audition, Refuse Anal, Get Cheated On
Ending 3 - No Ballerina, Eaten out by Friend
Ending 4 - Say no to Zahary while Drugged, Get Cheated On, Become Megaslut.
Ending 5 - Say yes to Zahary, Become *Famous* Megaslut
I can get Ending 2-5, how to get Ending 1 ?"

To ending 1 - rise desire level, fail audition, look patience of andrew...

JK03 2014.03.14
Really good game, just wish it were longer. Also wish you could play out ending 3 instead of just seeing it as a picture in the end

fmeyen 2014.03.14
I did like the gma. Nice grphics, nice girls. Each chapter could be a bit longer story.

anri 2014.03.13
Good music, good game for spend your free time with hot girls

birkhenrik 2014.03.13
It is a great game, same high standard as the other similar games

SmilesGB 2014.03.13
Thanks Marko047 i was stuck along time..

Great game and graphics, litte short!

Ubber1 2014.03.13
This is an excellent game, love the graphics and the game play. Great Job.

swegfez 2014.03.12
How do i stop from turning in to dress for ending 3?

dandydon 2014.03.12
I felt this was one of your hottest games to date!

geunie 2014.03.12
It is my opinion that this game, needs more options during the game!

tdog2014 2014.03.12
i liked the game, wish there were more options

Marko047 2014.03.12
Ending 3 - Don`t change into Zahary`s dress

Tiger21 2014.03.12
For an LoP game this one didn`t do it for me. Graphics OK but lazy action, storyline a bit sketchy, male characters complete assholes & not enough of the girls. 7/10.

nomzamo100 2014.03.12
cool game totally life effecting life changing

SmilesGB 2014.03.12
How do you get ending 3? got all other endings

mrcoolerz 2014.03.12
cant get ending 3. But the game had a new and interesting plot, great game!

Nikkki 2014.03.12
cool game and graphics, i enyojed it

VeNNoM 2014.03.12
Fantastic game, the girls were truely some of the hottest you`ve ever made. I do however agree with LexArturo, the boyfriend is without a doubt a complete d-bag. Any man that really thinks like that is a discredit to the male species, and a shining example of white trash male pigheadedness. But aside that, it was very entertaining. Good job.

pruha07 2014.03.12
great game, though unable to score 80 points, all the time, only 76. can someone tell me where flying past.

vonquote 2014.03.12
would like to see a threesome mixed in there. also graphics where nice but choppy.

CapnMorgan 2014.03.12
not too shabby... but they`re getting lazy with the sex programming.

Blitzkriegbob 2014.03.12
outstanding graphics as allwaysm but sadly the games are getting more and more similar.

demongamer68 2014.03.12
Was not nearly as good as I expected it too be, game was a little dull and the up close qualities were less smooth and appealing then normal.

farkas 2014.03.12
Nice music, sweety and pretty girls and interesting storyline alternatives. Vrey playble game. I give 9/10 points.

john2 2014.03.12
The game was fun and kept me interested.

Badvoc 2014.03.11
Dare I say a bit dull. Graphics as good as always but LOP seem to be making all the male characters into bad boy chauvinists which is getting tiresome. The story could have been better, it`s not really a game as much as it is a graphic novel.

swegfez 2014.03.11
i need help to get ending 3 ?

LexArturo 2014.03.11
Ending 1 - Fail Audition, Accept Anal, Get Married

Ending 2 - Fail/Refuse Audition, Refuse Anal, Get Cheated On

Ending 3 - No Ballerina, Eaten out by Friend

Ending 4 - Say no to Zahary while Drugged, Get Cheated On, Become Megaslut.

Ending 5 - Say yes to Zahary, Become *Famous* Megaslut

Personally, this one bugged me. If I didn`t have stupid completionist tendencies, I`m not sure I`d have played for every ending. The boyfriend and Zahary are bitches. The boyfriend is such an asswipe, pressuring the girl into something she doesn`t want to do. Me personally, doing or not doing a specific sexual act should not be considered a punishment, nor should it end a relationship. *Especially* since this girl clearly has issues with identifying positively with her sexual urges. "Chrissy didn`t dare tell him she didn`t like it." The guy`s such a douche. I mean, "What use is a hot girlfriend if I can`t touch her whenever I want to?" Who even *thinks* that? You wanted unfettered access, get a toy. You want a hot girlfriend, you should try being an empathic human being, not a sociopathic one.

And that Zahary? Obvious bitch. No explanation needed.

dandraft 2014.03.11
its good game,crissy is not half as sexy as Gina though,cant we have a game with her?,pleeease
i was a bit dissapointed when none of the ending were with gina except for the picture of the boyfriend doing her. Not even got to see her blow that old ballet guy was it zachery?anyway it was really good but gina drew all of the attention,chrissy is nice enough but still, 8 /10 for this one,a scene with gina would have landed a perfect 10

hanibal194 2014.03.11
very nice designbut very simple keep going on

C.C. 2014.03.11
Played 2 times and got ending 2 both times in different ways. I`ll keep trying.

s@nt!no 2014.03.11
Mediocrity at its finest.


Lizzie 2014.03.11
Loved it! Awesome graphics !!!

anal flute 2014.03.11
Good game but music is annoying

BBsq69 2014.03.11
Beautiful girls and I liked the competitive ballet setting but was disappointed not to see more of Gina`s slutiness. Hope there`s another story with Gina.

hageman 2014.03.11
good gameplay, nice animation

strider08 2014.03.11
Great game and great story! Love how detailed the script is. But the graphics of sex scene at the end with Zahary and Andrew is being pixelated?

arathor 2014.03.11
very good game, the girls are amazing and the music is great

network22 2014.03.11
Hot girls - not bad story - will definitely play it again.

blafi95 2014.03.11
Good game, is there any ending with Gina?

erpoly 2014.03.11
Very good game...so good storyline...and good ending 5...all sound very nice...graphic also nice...thanks LOP team..good job..

Stathis 2014.03.11
Care to explain why you copy paste my replies @oranje?

63ted 2014.03.11
Nice quick game but more twists and threesome would be improvement.

elDona 2014.03.10
The graphics & sounds are greet, but story is short.

Joshdz05 2014.03.10
man the game play is really good, the graphic and animations are just as alway, excellent

themoda 2014.03.10
Good game, nice and exitind

stnick 2014.03.10
typical LOP game, rather lazy clunky and with a poor story that said the girls are always hot.

ronnyponny 2014.03.10
graphics is the best, but story is short.

blabla2 2014.03.10
girls are both very hot and beautiful

stefano71 2014.03.10
wonderfull game and graphic also. very good

j-u-l-i-a-n 2014.03.10
damn ballerinas are hot

prince cody 2014.03.10
loved the game but why is it so short? :(

Poseydon 2014.03.10
The graphics is best, but story is short.

Werehunter 2014.03.10
Good game, but ending 5 did not work for me either.

HarrietGarmin 2014.03.10
Quite liked this game, wasn`t too long and kept you interested

Magic Knight 2014.03.10
Nice looking new game, liked it very much

Julerz 2014.03.10
ending 5 wont open for me

jcc1985 2014.03.10
good game great graphics hot girls wish their was more

kwita 2014.03.10
Girls are very sexy. Good gameplay. Awesome graphics.

second 2014.03.10
nice game, like the girls love the graphics ^_^ still i do miss Kelly...when can we have an story with her again?

Stathis 2014.03.10
Once again, pretty good game overall and the girls are both very hot and beautiful. Good job LOP team. Too bad there is no more action with Gina other than the small thing in the pool...

For a reason, ending 5 won`t open to me...

opololk 2014.03.10
Love this game,the girl is so hot

Jaaru 2014.03.10
Nice looking new game, liked it.

kuracpicka 2014.03.10
Is there a way to hook up Crissy and Gina?

Immortalking 2014.03.10
Not a bad game. Got all 5 endings.

Moedaddy 2014.03.10
Loved the story and very awesome graphics.

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