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Play with us: Episode 1


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cheldee 2017.10.17
Decent game. A little too short but I liked it.

sexandglory.cf 2017.09.11
I like the concept. I`ve gotten three endings. Working for fourrn

Trokkar 2017.09.01
A good start, but part 2 of this has many more options to explore.

Trokkar 2017.08.28
Good game, moves a little slow, but good graphics and a nice ending ;)

dropgunx4 2017.08.28
It can be a little frustrating having to restart if you mess up, but it`s worth it to see the end of the game. Hot girl with good graphics.

marcus747 2017.08.26
Pretty solid game, I really wanted to get all endings, which I did, and would do again!

TIO NACHO 2017.08.21
Slow to start, but after playing a while you get to know the rhythm of it all and her voice is soooooo sexy

ghostjar 2017.08.06
this game is awesome and i want to play the restrn

LITTLEBILLDID911 2017.08.06
Great graphics & sound fx, not bad animation, either.

cambridge4453 2017.08.01
Even with Ralentando`s Walkthrough this is a really difficult game to complete. Like Palmer`s other games it is difficult to load and even more difficult to download onto a computer. The first section is okay and you can get the three endings quite quickly if you don`t read all the dialogue all of the time. You need to save it after that and then comes the tricky part which is really frustrating. Hopefully later Palmer games will flow better and the ending will be easier to understand how to achieve.rnThe artwork is great, the scenario was great, the sex was pretty good and I am looking forward to art two... but only just.


Laelith 2017.08.01
visually brilliant and immersive story .. is a little long to playrn

TWM42 2017.07.31
Wow the Quality of this game is awesome. Best Graphics I seen in awhile. Very nice sex scenes.

Chevy 2017.07.12
Game is good but as said by others, it have too much text in comparison with options. In the opposite, this makes game more easy to play. Hope to see soon the second part!

artfor 2017.07.08
good game, but it could appear here, instend of on another tab

Chairman1966 2017.07.05
this is hotrncant wait for ep 2

jojo1994 2017.06.23
good game good graphic and animation

littleGamer 2017.06.15
well painted nice game - even I don`t really like `anime` stuff

cambridge4453 2017.06.11
Still haven`t got the night scene despite lots of tries. Disaappointing but the rest is great

cambridge4453 2017.06.09
I really like this game although there is a lot of dialogue, and not many choices. It is just sooo erotic with a great girl and promise of more to come. Fun and sexy, its just a good erotic game without being too demanding. No idea why the fromt picture has agirl on a beach this game is about a girl at a school

ap992616 2017.05.04
stunning graphics, great scenes, characters are extremely hot. If there is a way to see her tits tho i havnt found it. Or any good outcome of when shes sleeping.

GBear 2017.04.29
Adventure games are great

martyloco 2017.04.24
seems like a lot of dialogue boxes to click through

billybib10 2017.04.24
Another fun one would recommend

torollforlife 2017.04.23
Interesting story - continues to develop with Palmer`s PWU 2. Nice independent work by an author and a gdesigner, but emphasis is on the story with Palmer (evidenced by Palmer`s other AIF games). I would say I don`t know what the delay always is with games, but I truly think that Palmer only releases perfection, which makes the games all the better. Bravo.

blackcat84 2017.04.17
wow! I love this game! Very nice! Love it!!

fenix34 2017.04.01
stunning graphics, great scenes, characters are extremely hot. If there is a way to see her tits tho i havnt found it. Or any good outcome of when shes sleeping.

hotpussy777 2017.03.25
This game is was great. Wonderful graphics and great mechanics.

Griffoneron 2017.03.25
Love the branches in the story line got stuck on the sexy ending for a bit, but I figured it out :)

gunneren98 2017.03.18
i loved this game so much

defcon87 2017.03.18
A very long story but a good one. Need to be patient while playing. Animation is good. A little more choices could be good

udav650 2017.03.13
All the actions in the game bug skirt not to remove, etc. Why?

oscarddh 2017.03.11
gret game a ot of fun and secy

victor298 2017.03.09
great game, great graphics, i like this game very much, waiting for the next episode

badd8t1 2017.02.26
i like the gameplay and the story line that goes with it cant wait to see how it continues

sawfield 2017.02.20
great game! graphics are awesome! and the story too! i hope someday release the ep. 2 in this page... kind of impossible anyway

Kripah 2017.02.16
This game was great ! I really loved the interaction scenes and the story. It`s was a bit short but still enjoyable.

quicksilver69 2017.02.16
its a good game overall

wdqdwq 2017.02.12
I had fun and the girls were hot
and thery hot believe me butt for masturbating I recomment other games

Zamasu 2017.01.25
The Holy Grail of Porn games.

Tomo7 2017.01.21
Its a very good game, when ep2

tlcspook 2017.01.13
Really good game! Definately worth playing

vssuarez10 2017.01.06
Great game, waiting for ep. 2!

KingEdwardTheBrave 2017.01.01
A good game overall, had great effort put into it.

lav2 2016.12.31
really entertaining game, good gfx

sandman356 2016.12.27
Been looking at the load screen for about five minutes. At least the girl on it is pretty.

Jerem8P 2016.12.27
it takes a lot of time to load

McTitty 2016.12.26
It takes forever to load.

Alpino 2016.12.20
Loading takes too much time.

Ken123 2016.12.16
this is a solid game, really sexy

jhomilo 2016.12.14
it`s a good game, however I wish it could be played in this website and not some random window

fakkuthrowaway 2016.12.14
Does anyone know when episode 2 is coming out?

mank_rcks 2016.12.14
visually brilliant and immersive story .. is a little long to play

donex 2016.12.13
Some one help me with 2achivments in classroom, how can i get Em told you to stop playing with skirt/tits?

afrikabroder 2016.12.12
very boring actually good grapchics

joelb 2016.12.12
nice game i like the animation

nwculver5 2016.12.12
This was a really great game with good graphics and easy gameplay

maurice1973 2016.12.10
nice game, cute girls. Hope to see more soon!

cwan222 2016.12.10
game is too short. hopefully we get more when episode 2 comes out. the graphics and girls are so amazing and cute tho

KinkyPhoon 2016.12.09
the game was superb, loved the artwork.

coolw 2016.12.07
It was an enjoyable game, it had a good story and I`d recommend it.

chamundalal 2016.11.30
A nicegame with good graphics and a brilliant story line.
I had fun and the girls were hot

StonedWatcher 2016.11.27
Awesome game with hot scenes

DaBoobies 2016.11.27
this game is nice i recommend it

komajz 2016.11.26
I played play with us 2 demo and it is awesome. You should try it too.

adityabh22 2016.11.26
its a good game i loved it

parzival 2016.11.25
fun game really like the graphics

silencio277 2016.11.24
nice game , cant wait to part 2

popojojo890 2016.11.22
Immersive graphics, engaging story and 10/10 gameplay

lonewolf2552 2016.11.18
I loved this game it was great. but challenging at the end but otherwise great

nbrahul 2016.11.15
interesting game, good graphics

ethanhunt1212 2016.11.12
really love the game..awsome graphics and sexy bueatiful girls

rango34 2016.11.10
Nice game but a bit short, you don`t have to do a lot before `things` happen.

Orbmakram 2016.11.09
Enjoyed trying to get the three endings

GirlFucker 2016.11.06
Good game, waiting for second

Corgath 2016.11.05
great game. When can we expect episode 2??

Tommy007 2016.11.04
too much klicking before action. but nice graphic

daniel Amini 2016.10.31
i cant get enough of it , i played over and over

daniel Amini 2016.10.31
i say the animation and the graphic is perfect

daniel Amini 2016.10.31
i love the gameplay and the graphic

snakeskin99 2016.10.31
As many others have said - the graphics are beautiful, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. It`s more challenging than most dating/sex sims of its type.

memer 2016.10.29
so vibrant and sexy need episode 2 asap

JEDIESHARK 2016.10.29
Great games dont get why people think the eyes are creepy

stephenreaycastillon 2016.10.27
the graphics are so good

happaa 2016.10.27
nice intro and good color

janhuahua 2016.10.26
Nice game overall. Great graphics and sex scenes.

Sola_KMT 2016.10.24
I love this game, awesome graphics , hot sex scenes, an interesting game play. I made it to the end but missed a few points somewhere. This does not seem to work on firefox but works fine on chrome. I also played the demo of Episode 2 on another site and it looks like it will surpass this one when finished!

mrmusic26 2016.10.24
This was a great game with easy to follow dialogue. It`s getting added to my favs!!

scootneil 2016.10.19
Extremely exciting game, Girls are really hot ,waiting for more.

Corgath 2016.10.17
great. Need second episode

LimpLizardLover 2016.10.15
What options to choose for 3rd ending?

Roedebard 2016.10.14
awfully bad loading times. please make sure to inform us about the file size in advance.

Ryedo 2016.10.11
Great game! Waiting for the second chapter

jnat 2016.10.09
Great game can`t wait for the next episode

JEDIE_SHARK 2016.10.03
Good game i dont see why the eyes are creepy for so many people

ladiesguy 2016.09.27
i like the concept great game

justjoe47 2016.09.26
I`m stuck, I`ve managed a 96% completion, but am missing something in the classroom. I`ve played with her tits, and clit, removed her panties, been told to stop playing with her tits, spread, and licked her pussy, and made her cum. What am I missing?

Mslooj 2016.09.26
Pretty good...if a bit simplistic. Great graphics. Hopefully the sister can be incorporated into a sequel.

Bruno83 2016.09.26
Nice game overall, but night scene almost feels like rape, and after all that talk does not seem natural.

KoRaZon 2016.09.20
This is a great game, but and the Episode 2?

leon.ken 2016.09.17
very Interesting with beautiful Graphics and Animations that make the player hot. Gameplay is easy,just click your choosen comments and find the right Hot Spots to come to the finish.

Datz53 2016.09.15
Game would not start so can`t really make a comment

astroman 2016.09.13
Again, start button does nothing (meaning the game won`t load), so I will have to rate it a 1. IE 11 on Win 7.

elemanu71 2016.09.13
fun game and will have to see all endings.

miki81 2016.09.12
Nice game not bad..Good graphic...

pooncho 2016.09.09
love this game....wheres the second

GemLord 2016.09.07
I enjoy these kind of games , keep em cuming and cant wait for next episode ;)

AlexLetar 2016.09.05
Very good game! Sexy girl and good graphism

gopi7891 2016.09.05
good gameplay well animated

spyral77 2016.09.04
good game kind of short and it took me a while to find the right combination but it was entertaining, can`t wait for the next episode

kaftos 2016.09.01
Very good game..I love to see from now on here on play force one incest-taboo games

misterj 2016.08.31
I really like this game, the graphic and the girl

Flyingbanana 2016.08.29
never loads for me, on edge and windows 10. Looks like it would be nice game too

clarkcasual 2016.08.28
OK. Nice graphics. Plot thin.

killmexd0213 2016.08.23
if they had more of these i want to playyyy

killmexd0213 2016.08.23
wow this is real 3d i really like it

Recall_1337 2016.08.21
Nice Game good graphic and various endings. Just the animations are not so good

iocapu2 2016.08.17
Not bad, but too short. Overall enjoyable though. Graphics were very good, the animation was solid, story was pretty good too.

tranqo 2016.08.16
I like the concept. I`ve gotten two endings. Working for three.

dennyjc 2016.08.15
Cute girl would have liked to see her tits . Fun game . Can`t wait for Episode 2.

MoonLight01 2016.08.15
have some lags with link. :(

MoonLight01 2016.08.15
but it`s also can be better

MoonLight01 2016.08.14
Nice and creative game, good graphics. Ty.

Cptrexer 2016.08.14
Forces me to go to another screen, but never load. Looks like it would be a nice game if it worked.

john000001 2016.08.13
Very fun to play. But it`s a little bit short

HornySlut69 2016.08.11
it was a fun game to play but the game time was too short

veck620 2016.08.08
this game has very good gameplay. the graphics are also really good.

Luchs473 2016.08.01
nice, to short Game with funny Story. Graphics could be better.

Cysilis 2016.08.01
Graphics are good, can`t wait for Episode 2!

nniffar 2016.07.30
nice story, ok graphics - too short

bubco21 2016.07.28
guys where is the walkthrough for this game? i cant find idt

SylWrathe 2016.07.28
Nice game, I like the graphics, it kinda sucks the author is making it `better` [I looked its not :(] anyways, looking forwards for the sequel

Aardvark515 2016.07.27
Help - this does not load. Any answers?

gopi7891 2016.07.25
gameplay,graphics and animation is super.love to play

redridinghood69 2016.07.24
good gameplay and graphics

ertenx 2016.07.24
This is a nice game for this site

brox 2016.07.22
Fun little game but to short. I can`t wait for the next one

WolfSpittexCZ 2016.07.20
This game have a really awesome graphic, i love games where is many options. i cannot wait for nexts epizodes

dalton2326 2016.07.19
anyone know when episode 2 comes out

elturrero 2016.07.19
Nice one. I had fun getting the 3 endings, but I found it too short: I`d like to spend much more time with that pretty girl. Hope Episode 2 is longer.

stephenreaycastillon 2016.07.16
this is a really great game

LightningStorm 2016.07.15
Eh too much talking you cannot skip and very little options. Graphics are ok but I`ve played better.

crouton13 2016.07.15
The game doesn`t load for me. Any help?

Phoenix9812 2016.07.15
nice graphics but a little too much talking although that can be skipped

baseball529 2016.07.13
The girl is really hot but i can never do the night scene

hfighfidndhdid 2016.07.13
great game very interesting and cant wait for episode 2

vitali 2016.07.11
I do not like the games where too much dialogues.

tacos8910 2016.07.09
Not bad in general graphics are decent.

Piccolo2 2016.07.09
This is a great game, but and the Episode 2?

redhwk 2016.07.08
This is a great game, cant wait for the next part!

SavageBoy2002 2016.07.07
Help it gets stuck and does not load

PeterDickz 2016.07.06
Great game, even doe the eyes of the girl are a bit creepy. Looking forward to the next part.

lilskipy 2016.07.06
it doesn`t load and for that i cant really comment on it but you should really fix this.

shiffos 2016.07.06
taking too long to load and a lot of talking

Aardvark5 2016.07.06
game is stuck, It will not load?

PLATEROVM 2016.07.02
Game won`t start ,freezes at start

jackee888888 2016.06.29
Quality game, I love it, with all of my heart

guypenny67 2016.06.28
great game nice graphics easy to play part 2 ?

fapperforgirls 2016.06.27
this game was awesome, i love graphics and end of the game too, i releved all tree endings. Good game

Dan the Man 2016.06.26
Brilliant game. Love the way it going to go in the next episode, can`t wait.
A bit slow in loading, but maybe that`s just my old computer?

Wolf_of_fate 2016.06.25
Fine game for anyone who like this

pheonix29 2016.06.24
This game was really sexy

momoga 2016.06.24
Really nice, but so hard to play

des14 2016.06.19
Good graphics and gameplay.

astroman 2016.06.19
Why doesn`t the start button do anything?

Mattstr 2016.06.17
Nice game but girl is little bit creapy.

Honolulu69 2016.06.14
Really nice! But what is the last dot in Fellatio?

chicoguapo35 2016.06.14
Got the sex ending and it was so hot. she is super pretty. Love it

sleepy_lazy_alex 2016.06.11
Nice game. I`m not a fan of this particular style of graphics, but all in all, it was a good game.

Knave 2016.06.11
Stuck in the classroom... feel her boobs, lift her skirt, but then it`s over. Help?

JapanSeven 2016.06.11
Great game, very good graphics!

stach56 2016.06.11
Super Game and great graphics. I look forward to the continuation of

Seinaru 2016.06.10
Great game. I love the adventure feel and the graphics are beautiful.

kusaj227 2016.06.09
love this game, its beautiful:)

bforeman33 2016.06.06
Great game, could have continued it bit more, otherwise, great

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.06.05
One Best of games in this site :)

morbidno 2016.06.03
can some help me how to get angry end

qball3821 2016.06.03
interesting game, good graphics

Sucks911 2016.05.30
short game but good gameplay

billurx 2016.05.29
very nice game, cool story

frank1974 2016.05.29
really a good game,with good sex scenes...hope to see soon episode 2

Calisippian 2016.05.29
Awesome graphics and good story. Only downfall I see is the playtime is too short . Waiting on the next installment.

adragon707 2016.05.28
Fun little game but to short. I am looking forward to the next one, ( I have a thing for red heads).

JBangLang94 2016.05.25
awesome game really enjoyed the story and graphics.

motherfucker12 2016.05.25
amazing graphics want more though

zorrie 2016.05.23
One of the best i have played...cant wait for the next episodes !!! SExy girl !!!!

sexmen7775 2016.05.22
You should upload more games liek this is perfect

Frogmin 2016.05.22
very good but leaves a little to be desired at the end

seyber 2016.05.22
Ow, The graphics are amazing! And the story... OMG!
I really appreciate games with a very good Story line.
Congratulations !

LongJohnMaster 2016.05.21
I had seen this game before but never played it, and I can safely say i`m impressed, the combo of VN and interactive games is a good mix that i enjoyed.

Disorder 2016.05.20
like the simple gameplay and the hot girl

zorriekie 2016.05.20
Loved the story cant wait for sequel

bluedevilcindy 2016.05.19
What a fun and sexy game. Emma is totally sexy.

MikeyH74 2016.05.19
Not bad but a bit heavy on the dialogue.

spinal23 2016.05.19
realy great game cannot wait to see more parts of this

Peekaaboo 2016.05.17
Good game

nice graphic .. good start on the story so i look forward for the next one :)

icrazyur2 2016.05.17
umm are they on vacation have got a new game in awhile lol

gary1998 2016.05.17
second best game after jessika`s redemption. both the games are too hot and interesting. liked the graphics and gameplay both......nothing surprising from play force one you know.

flyingbananatree 2016.05.16
big fat 0, doesn`t load even on their own website. Please look into it, I cant be the only person with standard firefox!

drew0118 2016.05.12
Interesting game, a little slow though.

rckhrd69 2016.05.12
Nice graphics in this game. a bit slow but that`s just my computer. I will surely replay for more endings.

Icefirex 2016.05.11
I got addicted to this game quickly. The ending was a bit confusing to figure out. It could have a different ending. Amazing detail.

lunsanaata 2016.05.11
this is a waste of time as it doesnt load. maybe there is a problem at my end but i request the publishers to look into it as other games are running smoothly. i am enthusiastic to play the game after reading all the positive comments. please help

cambridge4453 2016.05.10
iTS OK; THE PICS ARE EXCELLENT BUT NOT THE ANIMATION; THE STORYLINE IS PRETTY GOOD , but the conversation at the beginning gets a little tedious There is some interraction and some choices, and the promise of better things to come. Its a good idea that needs a little more class and some better animation

giroform13 2016.05.09
Pretty good game, but you need to do alot of stuff over and over to get everything, so it gets kinda repetitive

player2016 2016.05.08
what a great game ... cant wait for the next episode!!!

mickdundeejnr95 2016.05.08
does anyone have an idea as to when the second episode might come out?

Ohdear 2016.05.08
Game i`d absolutely recommend, good fun.

richman3 2016.05.08
Only played it once and got the friend ending. But I will absolutely play more when I have time. Only suggestion the music was a little silly but overall I enjoyed what I did see. Thanks guys keep up the good work.

agigagoe 2016.05.07
Good combination of the story with the interactive scenes. Totally worth playing it! Keep up the good work.

asunayukki 2016.05.07
the best game i ever played ....

yeas 2016.05.07
amazing graphics would recommend to others

Huntsman25 2016.05.07
fun tell the end! cant wait tell part 2!!!!

chuck1995 2016.05.07
also i cant wait for episode 2

chuck1995 2016.05.07
this is a really great game i would recommended it to alot of people

proffutopia 2016.05.06
i like the various endings. however, there are no scenes where you get to see her naked! only her ass and pussy, but never her breasts.

toulavej58 2016.05.06
I have been waiting for this game to load for 10 minutes ...10 minutes and still not done most likely it`s on a microsoft platform Microsoft SUKS forget it.

PatrickWilding 2016.05.06
Can´t wait till the next episode comes out. Would love to see what happens with the sister

puresoul 2016.05.05
Easy but enjoyable game, sexy girl, I`m curious about the next episode!

Draco1975 2016.05.04
this was totally awesome
can`t wait for episode 2

neil_64 2016.05.04
Great game cant wait for the naxt one

Cutie_LovesYou 2016.05.03
Awesome game....Love it and its so cool... u will never hate it !!!

Mondoblasto 2016.05.02
According to the developers, they recommend running this in Chrome/Firefox, but I would personally say that you MUST do so. Running in IE, it will work but you won`t get the soundtrack and possibly miss other details.

cantorsjw 2016.05.02
Good game with nice graphics, but the amount of dialog puts me off a bit

CrimsonPirate255 2016.05.01
interesting, definately a good start. cant wait to see more

LonleyMen 2016.04.29
Intersting good Game, but a little short

peko 2016.04.29
just a black screen after hitting start.

Corgath 2016.04.29
Kind of stuck. Cant get get the last achievements in the classroom or fellatio headings. I am missing the 3rd in classroom and last in fellatio. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

nfamos1 2016.04.29
Tried loading 3 times...each time just a black screen after hitting start. Fail.

DOMINATE2332 2016.04.28
LIke the game as well as the graphics, hope that you make more of this game.

pieffepi 2016.04.27
Nice game, great graphics and a nice storyline. The unlocking of additional scenes is a bit awkward

feelthebasse 2016.04.26
pretty good game looking forward to next episode :)

Jlexa-aJlexa 2016.04.26
Good graphics and gameplay.

me 2016.04.26
Nice graphics. You need to save now and then to keep you from repeating the lengthy discussions.

hardcock71 2016.04.26
a good game with a cute girl nice storyline to go with it. would of liked more sex options for e.g anal sex with her would of made it that more betteri finally got to 100% took a few go`s

pberke 2016.04.26
Nice game, cool graphics, but strange sleep sex scene. Makes the handling challenging though.

smaximus 2016.04.26
Nice graphics and gameplay. I enjoy it

warpdavis 2016.04.25
Quality was pretty high. Story was a bit linear and sometimes these "blind luck" stories drive me nuts, but this was pretty good overall.

souli81 2016.04.25
Nice graphics and gameplay. I like it ;)

Anarchysex 2016.04.25
Love this game the graphics were AMAZING.

lord_dragon 2016.04.24
when will part 2 come out?

stillnotsleeping 2016.04.24
very dialogue heavy and the sex `game` part is kinda fiddly.

flirted with being good but skirted around the edges.

leparty1 2016.04.23
I don`t fing it to good. I`m don`t like to lie about it sorry

flyingbananatree 2016.04.23
Just a black screen after clicking start. Disappointing!

VeNNoM 2016.04.23
Great game, very sexy, looking forward to the next one.

Jaaru 2016.04.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Ripperd 2016.04.21
Overall nice game and good graphics, kudos to the creator keep up the good work.

Dremeldude 2016.04.21
I have to echo others and say the graphics are pretty slick, but the gameplay is a bit...lacking?

STNeish 2016.04.21
Adequate game. The character is pretty, but there`s precious little animations to speak of, and not a lot of options for the sex.
Hopefully there will be better installments, this is only chapter 1, after all.

genec57 2016.04.21
really good game love the girls in it very sexy

jdfe2 2016.04.20
Man the graphics were great and it was very fun. But getting ll the endings that was hard

godzilla58 2016.04.20
good game byt litle hard to find all endings

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.04.20
just amazing, but hard find last ending...

bigguy686 2016.04.20
good gameplay and graphics, little short and bit difficult but fun

zansteps 2016.04.20
Really cool game. Hope to see more like this

axu81 2016.04.20
not bad lovely girls and good grafigh

7900 2016.04.20
just amazing more please :)

demongamer68 2016.04.20
Enjoyed this one very thoroughly, my issue was the last classroom one, which was to get Emma off, just keep licking and she`ll blow. All of the classroom scenes are based around the touching her body scene.

sausageb88 2016.04.19
not bad.....cute girl......not crazy about the interaction

BadRhinoHorn 2016.04.19
good storyline and interaction. i like the art, but the actual scenes could have been more graphic. thanks!

NOTtheal 2016.04.19
i like the concept of the game!

tomh02 2016.04.19
Pretty bad, not gonna lie.

redskullbr 2016.04.19
very good game pretty easy to get the endings.

Smifffy 2016.04.18
Interesting game. Followed the walk through to get all 3 endings and on to the night scene but keep going to fast loll.
I`ll be back to it soon though to slow down and finally complete it.

MelbiPL 2016.04.18
What is the last segment in fellatio?

Ralentando 2016.04.18
Bit of a walkthrough:

There are three endings (Hostile, Friendly and Sexy) plus one extra ending once you`ve done all three (Sleep). It`s pretty simple to get these endings, for Hostile just choose all the mean options, friendly choose all the friendly ones and for sexy choose all the flirty ones. You can`t really go wrong.

When you`re back at Emma`s house, you can`t really go wrong here either. She`ll always "reciprocate" with whatever you say about having watched the thing you watched. However, you will need to replay this scene three times in order to get 100% for the fellatio segment, so make sure to make a save either before or after Emma`s question depending on if you want to read her reaction to the different responses.

First off, don`t do anything. Wait for Emma to jerk your dick and then lick it, this will unlock two segments (These were the two that I was stuck on before getting 100%). Then it`s just a matter of jerking off in front of her, making her suck your dick (if you can`t find it, move your cursor to the back of her head). Then cumming whilst making her suck your dick and then the last two you`ll need to be jerking off to get the options of cumming in her mouth or on her face. Again, you`ll have to repeat the scene three times to get those three endings.

Onto the Night scene. You`ll need to replay this four times, so make sure to make a save just before you finish talking to Emma and have the option to go home or hide. The key to this is subtlety. Don`t click or move the mouse quickly otherwise Emma will wake up. Rub her pussy slowly until some text appears, then move her panties to the side and do the same again until text appears. Slide the panties back and pull them down, finger her until text appears. Click on the dick outline, then choose either her mouth or pussy. Again just click the mouse slowly until the bar on the right fills up. You`ll want to go in both the mouth and pussy the first time in order to check both of those of the list for 100% completion. Once the bar is full you`ll have four options on where to cum, choose one and then repeat the scene again choosing a new option each time.

jamers 2016.04.18
great game. tips for night, go at the speed of the heart beat . if you fuck her just click the mouse, don`t hold it.

soldefar 2016.04.18
Great game, good interaction and creativity. Just wondering if anybody has progress 100%? I have 73% and need tips if anyone has especially for night scene.

C.C. 2016.04.18
I like the concept. I`ve gotten two endings. Working for three.

lurking 2016.04.18
Thank you, finally a new creative game again. :-)

Angelmar 2016.04.18
I like the game and the concept it implies. On one hand you have the story that is presented to you in a way the average visual novel would present it, and on the other hand, the scene that are just pictures in a vn, become interactive scenes. The combination works and is fun to play.

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