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Peyton and Avery


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Bloodbath2 2017.11.13
The game has a great story and the girls are gorgeous.

TEX TIGER 2017.09.25
The game is excelent and simply for play.

hdjeep93 2017.09.11
great game to play and very nice graphics of everyone

MasterSir 2017.07.02
The game has a great story.

plasmal1 2017.04.14
quality ame great endings

sporecap 2017.02.17
i would love to see a threesome

Gurkmjea 2017.01.26
Exciting game hope for more

mr johnny cena 2017.01.09
I would love it, if there was a part two, Avery is amazing im in love

praneshvijay 2017.01.04
a very good entertaining game love it

mr johnny cena 2016.11.26
very good gamee, amazing graphics, avery is very hot


nbrahul 2016.11.16
both the girls are fucking hot wd nice boobs n prfct figure.....i wud really like to meet one such babe in my life for a hard wild night.........

kingkylie2016 2016.10.30
this game was amazing great graphics can it be a part 2

pfo.com 2016.10.23
Ending 1 is making me somehow

pfo.com 2016.10.16
one ending is completely serious

Sullen 2016.09.25
Fun GAme and the girls are great. though the models seem just a bit off

SpartinMartin 2016.09.21
Quality game, trying to have all 6 endings

welshninja1972 2016.09.17
quitw good but so so good as some of your games

Punkette47 2016.09.14
Stellar graphics on this, and while I wish there were more dialogue options, I love that Avery has such a good anal scene, not many of these games do.

BondGwick 2016.08.14
fuck i like cheating games!!!
sexy avery

Jxxx 2016.08.10
awesome game and great graphics

river1032 2016.08.01
I love all things in this game

KEV_in 2016.06.27
One of the best played game on this site! Great plot and graphic. Peyton and Avery looked so sexy!

jotacharro8 2016.05.16
kinda hard to find all endings, but very sexy game and good girls, both are amazing, great game

Battkiddxx 2016.05.14
loved the game played it over and over

beardedone 2016.04.24
im stuck how do i get past stables with avery please help

iaguar89 2016.04.23
Good graphics and a cool ending!

Maddog82486 2016.04.15
I love that you can choose between two hot girls.

Ladiesman127 2016.03.25
Itts a good game with good grapic. I would rate a 5 out of 5. It had a really nice ending.

OmahaSettler 2016.02.26
good game. Glad to see different endings, but still have you get the girl. Not just end up with nothing or the other option.

7inchMaestro 2016.02.14
Love everything about this game and the hot women

datdick69 2016.02.07
I love the graphics of all these games . And they make me sooooooo horny

bowkerratedr 2016.02.03
brilliant game. great endings. one of the best

jsilva0110 2016.01.30
great story, graphics, and overall speed of the game

davo2k17 2016.01.25
Liked the game really good well made

fr0ste 2016.01.10
first time got 5 and really like the ending

joshuagilmore98 2016.01.09
great graphics, good gameplay

Peanut2653 2016.01.01
very good and fun game, the second girl is better in my opinion

tvk 2015.12.28
Awesome game. Found all endings.

BigBandFuck 2015.12.19
why avery looks horny all the time

CaramelPieces 2015.12.18
i got to all the endings i love it

MAQBBW114 2015.12.14
Awesome game Beautiful women and nice game play very fun game

sethboarders 2015.12.10
good game as usual, hot girls good story good graphics

obito uchiha 2015.12.08
high quality game that is really good when played right and the girls are srsly hot

Mother Chucker 2015.11.27
awesome game!! great graphics and thrilling..

FaZeBigD69 2015.11.26
Great Graphics and Animation. Game did tend to get a bit boring later on but was still a good game

Splashbrother30 2015.11.21
Ending choices are sorta difficult but I got through

adiiancu 2015.11.20
Excellent game. Got all the endings. A threesome with both girls would be great.

FaizanBhatti 2015.11.18
Great Story..You Should`ve Added 3Some Between Them..

Scissors 2015.11.15
this game is so interesting and fun

Chesterjames1911 2015.11.15
This is a high quality game with lot of replay value. The girls are very hot!

Jigger 2015.11.13
Awesome game, interesting story and worth playing more than once 10/10

Sexlover9009 2015.11.12
Great game and love that avery chick

xkayleighh 2015.11.04
Fun game but i didnt like the endings that much.

112112321 2015.10.29
nice quality keep up the good word

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
I like this game, not too short.

ab7jr 2015.10.22
great graphics.. great women.. ought to be the best game ever

Xef2000 2015.10.11
im stuck i cant find ending 4

Xef2000 2015.10.11

great animations this game is so osome

Bloaker76 2015.10.10
I love these games... very nicely done...addictive :)

jeff21 2015.10.05
good game great graphics

bastard071 2015.09.25
Very good game, love to have chance with both

Volleyballbabe19x 2015.09.25
It was a good game, but a little clunky.

kiloblaze23 2015.09.18
How to get Avery to be your gf? is it possible

kiloblaze23 2015.09.18
Kind of tricky, almost had sex with Avery but manage to be an ass. guess i`ll try again

ruby0309 2015.09.13
Long game but definitely worth it to see peyton in bed

Kayel123 2015.09.12
the choice of the characters is really great.

Pervy-Sennin 2015.09.11
Chose Avery. Best decision ever. Short but hot

Renver 2015.09.04
Super sexy game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

varun2396 2015.09.03
loved the story and the girls were really hot

uniquemonique1 2015.09.01
great quality. i have reached ending five and still have not made it to ending 4.

simonking23 2015.09.01
great game and good story

pod283 2015.08.27
a little short but worth it in the end

budman1345 2015.08.27
story is a bit short but the rest is nice

lievelust 2015.08.26
wow such a good game and hot 2 litle short

Filioccer 2015.08.25
This game is amazing but i would love a threesome or lesbian scene!

randyply 2015.08.22
I actually liked this game a lot its difficult at first but you get it eventaully

Xlaxx 2015.08.22
Great game good story and amazing graphics, love it!

mathadore 2015.08.20
Ending 2 reaches ... a good one!

theskycraftian 2015.08.20
story is a bit short but the rest is nice

mathadore 2015.08.19
Hey Peyton you looking great!
Good game!

svensson 2015.08.18
I`ve gotten to stage 1,2,3,5 and 6 but not 4. Does anyone know how to get to 4?

Jolate 2015.08.17
The sex is just incredible , was nice to play

DoggieD 2015.08.17
This is my favourite game

mrscf22 2015.08.16
Peyton could not be any sexier, her body is perfection. Loved every minute, sexy game!

xkcd12 2015.08.12
Great Game! Loved the tension between the girls.

GH603ST 2015.08.11
Peyton is really hot! My favorite girl in any of these games so far. And you get to do everything with her. good game play and graphics

Joliped 2015.08.10
Really good amount of dialog, love the multiple story lines.

MasterLord 2015.08.08
Peyton is really hot! My favorite girl in any of these games so far. And you get to do everything with her.

glukos37 2015.08.06
he game is really thrilling

thottyboymir 2015.08.06
nice graphics but it`s just a wee bit to short a story

Mike82 2015.08.03
Quite good game, the classic dilemma. Peyton is better looking, but you will do more things with Avery - at least this is what I`ve experienced.

pjp 2015.08.02
Good game with different endings

majorefiction 2015.07.29
played it twice aand i love both of the endings that i got

jssexe 2015.07.29
nice all around game the only problem, i think, its the ordinary graphism

pedro-r 2015.07.28
great gameplay and good graphic

JMHenriques 2015.07.27
THe models are not the best but above average. The game is a little short.

akajam 2015.07.24
a verty cool game loved it

Jeremiah3141 2015.07.20
i think everyone should play this game because it is fun and awesome

rocky1905 2015.07.15
lop always give us a good stuff. awesome game

bgbgbgbgbg 2015.07.13
graet graphics nice story short but good

dd121 2015.07.08
fun game, lop work seems to get better and better

Jelyes 2015.07.06
Wish there was a threesome part

startedover 2015.07.05
short game but perfect for those dont have time to play moments
did take a little long to load
overall...worth the wait

assassina 2015.07.05
Love this game. Could there be more?

lexisuarez 2015.07.04
It`s a shame it takes so long to load, maybe it`s my internet...

sct5220 2015.07.03
both girls are sooooo hot...had to play multiple times to see all the endings

pleazure 2015.06.27
The game has really good endings

rastafarians 2015.06.17
good game, nice girls, but to easy i think, good work tough!

Balintka47 2015.06.16
Graphics are good, and I like this game, but I think Peyton looks a bit ugly. Also, I`d really like to see a threesome option.

bibatrda 2015.06.15
i really enyojed that game because of hot girls

hian 2015.06.15
Pretty good story and graphics!

Quasta 2015.06.13
Short game but very hot girl too bad there is`nt a threesome ending

deadlight 2015.06.11
the game is very thrilling

cjhayalebac 2015.06.10
good graphics and exiting :)

Destiny332 2015.06.09
OMG i got sooooooo wet.... i loved it....... wish i had sex like that all the damn time...... i love cock, and pussy, it tastes so good.... lol
:D :D :D :D

dteuing 2015.06.09
very arousing! would be better with 3some ending though..

absporty2013 2015.06.08
The game is smal but very nice

stiffmeister234 2015.06.08
nice game, ii enjoyed it truly !!!

An7iHero 2015.06.07
good game. i really enjoyed it.

Sparky01 2015.06.07
I could only get to 3 of the endings . But i loved the music .

dimis1 2015.06.06
The game is smal but magnificent

azizmass1000 2015.06.03
yes..this game is so nice and the animation is so good..i love to play this game

jellydogejello 2015.06.03
I can only get the ending with them masturbating. Are there any actual sex scenes?

ccckkc 2015.06.03
good game i like it ,let me crazy

irubcheeseonmynips 2015.06.02
I love this game! the music is great, graphics are great, and the girls are great!

Lolared 2015.06.02
Nice game nice graphics

Bilingo 2015.06.02

Good story, good looking girls, but a little short.

Toriko69 2015.06.02
nice game and graphics but the game is small and nice storyline

Mcgyver 2015.06.02
Great game to play; a bit short and I would have loved a threesome, but the sex scenes were choreographed really well! I liked it!

bobovindo 2015.06.02
redheads all the way, Avery is awesome !

wezel87 2015.05.30
Nice game! Great graphics..

I love it! Thanks

cerisa 2015.05.24
not bad at all. How can you get ending 4?

frankline 2015.05.23
i loved the game graphics and loved fucking peyton and avery it is the best game ever

sexyfucker21 2015.05.22
love this animation so unique

PlayboyBD 2015.05.22
Really realistic gameplay and amazing animations!!!

kjkbbk 2015.05.22
Great Game! Love the graphics

lordtrex 2015.05.21
I love the quality of the graphics

pornman6969 2015.05.20
Great game with a decent story

Venusz 2015.05.19
Got all the endings! Yay! Don`t really know how though... Good graphics though.

DylannB 2015.05.18
nice game, love the ending with Peyton and love that Avery and Peyton argue

savagefury 2015.05.18
Fun little game and lots of fun. Great job with multiple endings and the women are fine!

bybob30 2015.05.17
extremely awesome game, well thought out

Cazzag98 2015.05.16
Good game, fantastic graphics, amazing animations

luisito93123 2015.05.16
well we have 3 endings which is better?

hmmmmj 2015.05.15
I really enjoy playing this game

soegaard81 2015.05.14
great game and as allways very nice graphics

Beybe 2015.05.14
The game is a bit short but nice

darkknight15 2015.05.13
cant get ahead of peyton licking cock or licking averys

stallion007 2015.05.13
Nice game, played it several times!! Got all endings

darkknight15 2015.05.13
nice game actually and with great graphics plus i really liked that you can easily flirt with both at a time and it doesn`t get you busted for it

The Beholder 2015.05.13
It`s always a little irritating when there`s a game with 2 girls, which doesn`t include some difficult, secretive way to have a 3-way.

drdreez02 2015.05.12
I just love the Meet and fuck games

abaza2013 2015.05.11
can be considered too short, but i think enough to have fun

Devilsangel 2015.05.11
Great game. Enjoyed the storyline.

classyplaya 2015.05.11
defintely one of my favorites! love the girls and the story..... gr8 game!

pulla25 2015.05.09
verry good end educative game.i like it

spidder100 2015.05.07
Great game, good story line

HellNoKitty 2015.05.07
I`m having trouble getting Peyton back to the apartment....any tips will help

anonyme01 2015.05.06
not bad at all. How can you get ending 4?

shyman44425 2015.05.06
Need to incorporate a 3 some to complete the game.

Vincent711 2015.05.06
one of the best games i have ever played, great graphics

cowboys10 2015.05.06
pretty good game. the girls are hot

nina20122020 2015.05.05
good game, nice girls, but to easy i think, good work tough!

blumpybimp 2015.05.05
I love the LOP games, and this is one of the better ones, kinda short though

eskelet 2015.05.05
that was really great and enjoyable game.

Butsch28 2015.05.04
Good Story , like the brown haired Girl the blond is stupid was fun

elkhour 2015.05.03
great game, love all the alt endings

ilikeindiana 2015.05.03
Multiple endings are good

Venusz 2015.05.02
Great game with great quality. May be a little short, but the game was definitely very interesting. Didn`t get all the endings though so will be playing for them!

etsh 2015.05.02
i get the all endings
very good game
i play it several times

SynisterXXX 2015.05.02
i really like this game im playing for the second time

sexyman0111 2015.05.02
Very fun game, I enjoyed the sex scenes

Clipse 2015.05.02
Very good game, slightly high in terms of difficulty though.

jaikumar 2015.05.02
i liked it a lot wonderful game...............

sexlust 2015.05.01
nice game but a little bit difficult

hotc 2015.05.01
good game i am going to play it again

Edward123456 2015.04.30
The game is very simple, liked it very much!

whathuh 2015.04.28
Its a good game but i get stuck on some parts which get me upset but whatever i`ll figure it out

Aleytha 2015.04.27
Good game, and great grafics, some more options would be great like a threesome!! Keep on with the hard work!!

Pierel 2015.04.26
Sexy game! Peyton is cooler, IMHO)

Valletta69 2015.04.26
This is a fun little short game.

AlexTheGreat 2015.04.26
Overall a great and fun game.

sak 1092 2015.04.25
Great game and story line keep it up

CoolBlue87 2015.04.25
great game good story and hot babes. must play

big0520 2015.04.25
great game and animation, but no threesome ending

ikedas1 2015.04.22
A fun game! Solid scenes with a variety of positive endings even with the same girl. It took me a couple of tries to get somewhere on the Avery storyline. It threw me off when you have to do something she doesn`t want to do to get further with her, but it kinda makes sense when you think about her motivations.

jayden576 2015.04.22
the graphics are excellent and very hot

nitrosonny 2015.04.20
Love the graphics. Can`t say the same for the girls, but they were fine.

john milton 2015.04.19
payton is a an amazing girl, i was just a little disappointed beacause of the virtual sex... it could have been developed better, anyway thanks for it!

Trixie_tri 2015.04.16
fun game good graphics need s more naughty

daltonray 2015.04.12
good endings for both, wish more options

CashMorgan 2015.04.11
A really nice game, maybe a little short, but relly fun playing it.

LordIronCock65 2015.04.11
love this new game very hot

minion69 2015.04.10
great graphics and girls ;)

Blitzkriegbob 2015.04.10
good graphics but the story is too short.

fergal 2015.04.10
good game, good endings, havent finished each one yet!

sexamaniac 2015.04.08
nice graphics. the game is super hot and fantastic

Simon85 2015.04.07

When I get payton back to lucas`s in the sex scene on the pull out couch. Shes starts to give lucas a headjob then he asks her to go faster. How do you make her go faster. I see the little flashing button near the end of his cock and have tried clicking moving everything and can`t get the scene to move on. What am I doing wrong.?


qazxsw123 2015.04.07
gameplay is alright, good overall

alegtb99 2015.04.06
do you know how to get to all the endings?

pringle 2015.04.06
that was a good ending I liked the graphics to

immi26ex 2015.04.06
Cool story and love the animation. good game

sisilamifa 2015.04.04
very nice graphics ! great game !

Falzar 2015.04.03
great game, love the graphics

DJONIK 2015.04.01
good game with nice grafics
got all endings with relative ease

sclong 2015.04.01
I cant wait to see the other endngs

fucker123@ 2015.03.31
flamma09 no when there is a scene when avery says something like come in here its hot and wet you have to click on a dude mouth

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Great Game and Great Graphics!!

Karl-Heinz2 2015.03.31
nice graphics, good story.

wolfisback1 2015.03.29
not bad good graphics story not bad

johnybullet500 2015.03.27
i liked the game sooo much but can anybody tell me how to get the 4 th ending

1996 2015.03.26
I really liked this game,great graphic and story.

Justme22 2015.03.25
Of course I like this game. The graphics of Payton and Avery are fantastic and a spicy and funny story

bitz94 2015.03.23
Don`t know about the other gamers but this game is filled with so many bugs which makes it unplayable completely. I didn`t expect such a game filled with so many bugs from the LOP Game Developers.

wamenw 2015.03.23
we seen better games on pf. That was only nice thouh.

LelaMarkov 2015.03.21
Fun game, though it was a little too easy I found

elven_steve 2015.03.20
This is a great game though a bit short. I really like the combination of hotspots and menu options. The threesome idea would have gone too much against the story so well done on not including one

sexycaramel 2015.03.20
Why do all my endings end up with loving peaceful households? lol

himynameisbill 2015.03.20
peyton is so hot good graphics good game overall

xslayermkdx 2015.03.20
cool game but to short scenes and need more sex scenes and longer

MikeyH74 2015.03.19
Enjoying this game, Hope to get all the endings

James80 2015.03.19
nice story line, love the exstab

babynicky007 2015.03.18
wow a very good game good work

gene55 2015.03.18
nice game kinda hard doing but its all good

bjarkeboy33 2015.03.17
quite a great game, i have only tried ending 5, maybe i should try another one?

Mr.Bombastic 2015.03.17
that was really something

denplayone 2015.03.16
The graphics are stunning and it is not predictable

oranjeboven 2015.03.15
Short game, but still many options.
Great scene with Avery.

Zeblast 2015.03.15
Got all endings, nice graphics and loved the girls!! Nice game

sexmadhatter 2015.03.14
im stuck after going out with Preyton can someone help me

Drowmer 2015.03.14
it`s a good game, but not many interesting

5H3M4LE 2015.03.13
Oh This game made me wetting.
And frantically sucked cock of my boy.

latin166 2015.03.12
All the games are amazing, great endings, i played this over and over i loved it every time, beautiful graphics. keep it up :D

andhind_arie 2015.03.12
nice game... litle difficult

dncn 2015.03.12
It was abit confusing at first, trying to please avery in everyway only to find that it leads to nothing. Only to find out that you have to follow through into the barn to get her to have sex with you

sifilis 2015.03.12
Peyton is fat and Avery has an ugly face. Nice game otherwise.

Ricoh124 2015.03.12
Chalk & cheese, cake and eat it?

stuhlmeister 2015.03.12
great game but a little short

gandalftheswaggy 2015.03.12
Its a decent game i guess but not one of the really good ones

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12
i love threesome its like turning me on

rot 2015.03.12
Good game. Both girls are pretty. Hot sex. Too short but that`s understandable. Yes a 3-some would be great, perhaps with some way of getting both girls to very high affection. Does anyone have a list of the endings. I think I`ve gotten them all but not sure. Be a shame to miss one, especially a hot one. I`ve definitely gotten the `all alone everyone hates me` ending.

Koenjo40 2015.03.11
Amazing game, animations are verys mooth!

long385 2015.03.11
both are very sexy, wish there was a threesome

sb12 2015.03.11
i m unable to get ending 4.what to do?

analpounder 2015.03.11
How do you get caught getting the blowjob?

cdr 2015.03.11
Brilliant! would be nice to have longer storyline with the same gameplay for another game in future

17JSSS77 2015.03.10
loved it !! great graf and story

Stud84 2015.03.10
I think this may be my new favourite game. It may be short, but that`s not a problem for me. Sexy women and a nice setting and plot.

I like Lucas as a main character: he doesn`t come off as a chauvinistic douchebag and (if choosing Peyton) I can see that he really loves her. The fact that you can have two happy endings with her is a nice touch. Peyton`s my favourite and the sexiest of the two. Love the scene of her in the club ;) I definitely see them together as the `canon` ending.

I loved the banter between Avery and Peyton fighting over Lucas, thought that was really amusing. Avery was a bit hard to figure out, which made her fun in her own way. Def know a few girls like her in real life.

The music... man, I need to mention it. I have it open when I`m playing games too. Love it! So trance-ey. You guys sure know how to pick your songs!

The lack of a threesome doesn`t bother me either. It wouldn`t have made much sense in the context of the story. Def one of the shorter games on here, but with the good characters and storyline (the part about Peyton`s cat had me in fits of laughter) the length didn`t matter at all. Hope to see more games like this, Lesson of Passion. Kudos!

stefw 2015.03.10
good game with nice grafics
got all endings with relative ease

utes 2015.03.09
Awesome game. Found all endings.

omega3597 2015.03.09
awwww no threesome for such a good game and its too short

kagutsuchi 2015.03.09
That one is a really good one. Like Tester2 said, it`s been a long time since you put this quality in a free game

battletime 2015.03.09
It`s a simple game with plenty of fun endings. Just when you think you have it figured out one of the girls gets pissed at you.

C.C. 2015.03.09
Found a good ending with Avery. Looking for a good ending with Peyton.

ltworf1 2015.03.09
A nice short game, I would have like a 3-some option, but enjoyable none the less. I did get 5 of 6 endings... 3 with Peyton, 1 with Avery, and 1 alone, I have yet to find the 6th one yet...

Raio10 2015.03.09
another awesome game by the LOP team although a bit short but great game none the less.

ashish0808 2015.03.09
loved the game...would definitely liked a threesome

bigguy686 2015.03.08
great game and graphics just wish it was longer

asmasb 2015.03.08
very much short........................ no more scene with peyton.

Chris567567 2015.03.08
great game and great trance can i get an ID on the track?

farkas 2015.03.07
Good music and graphics but the story line is very simple.

braq 2015.03.07
I think after Lucas gets caught getting a blowjob from Avery and Peyton tells him she is going to fuck the first guy she see, Lucas should see her pick up a random guy. Then Lucas can decide to watch or not.

tiktaktik 2015.03.07
how to finish the first scene without kissing Peyton?

Koenjo40 2015.03.07
Looks good, still a bit buggy tho. Graphics look good tho.

pieffepi 2015.03.07
Nice story and amazingly beautiful girls. Only the sex scenes could be a lot better

xslayermkdx 2015.03.07
nice game but could be little longer more options, dialogs, characters more places otherwise cool game

Cardoso 2015.03.06
Great game. But a small detail: Avery asked that her heels have to be on. But where has her pantyhose/have her stockings gone?

Hinyamaru 2015.03.06
The graphics could be a little be better,the gameplay was okay i guess and the animation was nice.

HarrietGarmin 2015.03.06
Personally i really enjoyed this game, lack of 3some or lesbian scene which i was expecting but still great effort

Juliabitch 2015.03.06
quite a nice game but for me it seemed to easy

johnnybriggs 2015.03.06
Found a pretty big glitch in the game. When going after Avery, in the bar scene, no matter what I do or say, the meter drops to 0% when I ask her what she`s doing later and she leaves. Then she suddenly re-appears and asks me back to her place to fuck?

It doesn`t make sense?

Also, if anyone knows what are the full choice you need to make to get there with a high percentage on Avery, please post them!!

CapnMorgan 2015.03.06
the game is good, but short. I liked it. Avery`s hotter, maybe because she takes it up the ass ;)

GravnHD 2015.03.05
Love the graphics and the storyline! I think they could put animations to make it better, but still a good game! Love it!

Jokke 2015.03.05
Another good game from LOP. Sexy girls and good graphics as usual, a good story but not the best story from LOP!

funledupdave 2015.03.05
Top quality game. Best one for a while

aragorn90 2015.03.05
A good game from lop. It was a little bit too easy to get the endings. Also I would prefer more endings with Avery.

tester2 2015.03.05
Ok, best free game in a long time! Really great variety, loved it! Sex scenes are very nice as well.

Minor Complaint: No threeseome. But oh well, wouldn`t make much sense due to the story...

But with almost every other game, the sound balance is really off. Music is far too loud, especially in relation to the sound effects. Would much appreciate if that could get fixed!

95 %

wldsxwizz 2015.03.05
another great game from lop still playing needs 3some

androsjy 2015.03.05
Anyone mind to share how to get ending 1? For others ending 2,3,4,5,6 I have found the way...

Agonoize 2015.03.05
beautiful girls, great graphics and a good storyline, good game

Rapist Geoff 2015.03.05
Great game very entertaining

lionfool1957 2015.03.05
beautiful girl, great graphics, great game.

vincentkm2 2015.03.05
I`m surprise lop team made this game i though they would say we are making this game and uploading it when they are done like the rest of the games they are making, but it was a really surprising game and it was really exciting of what they did. I got all the endings on my first try. The graphic are wonderful.

NickJones 2015.03.05
Love this game it has a great story

NickJones 2015.03.05
Great game and story line keep it up

sasman 2015.03.05
the game is really great and was fun to find out all

johnyrocker 2015.03.04
good game but didn`t have a 3some could have a twist in the game where Lucas takes Peyton into the toilets for example another guy is watching or Avery walks in and start a 3some or Peyton could have a gangbang in the toilets . Always find LOP free games always lack a 3some for example my girlfriends a model.

Peyton is by far the better looking girl Avery reminds me more of the old looking LOP girls

but non the less LOP and sexandglory games are the best at what they do.

RamanS21 2015.03.04
nice game and graphics but the game is small and nice storyline

Akkin 2015.03.04
with avery it`s not a bug, just click on the floor next to the bed

VeNNoM 2015.03.04
Great game, good story line.

MacPau 2015.03.04
What can I say... I am a little disappointed. The graphics are decent but I think the story is too short. :) Too bad that there is no threesome options :D

jcc1985 2015.03.04
good game nice graphics wish it was longer

littlejohnny 2015.03.04
Should be able to have more fun with the Girls.. mayby togehter all tree...

leonizer 2015.03.04
I think that I`ve already fixed this issue with version 0.91.

kdr198 2015.03.04
Great game. Was able to get 4 different endings. Would be nice if you hada chance to have sex with both girls before the game ends.

Jaaru 2015.03.04
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Akkin 2015.03.04
Too short to me but it`s a free game, so it`s good.

NightStalker73au 2015.03.04
good game play and graphics

flamma09 2015.03.04
finally got all of them

Small Spoiler:

#1 just mess up everything
#2 Clean the boat with Avery, don`t kiss her.
#3 Don`t clean the boeat and don`t cheat (just go riding)
#4 Avery ending, don`t go to the stables. Accept her invitation to the bar when she calls.
#5 Clean the boat alone, do it properly!
#6 Just clean the dirty spots, go back home and meet her in the bar


When i kissed avery and went with her to the stables i get the blowjob. Afterwards i told her paython was better and she gave me a second chance at the bar, no problems so far. But i get stuck at the scene in her home where she says "come in here it`s hot and wet"! The dialog option just doesn`t dissappear and i can`t click. Did anyone else have the same problem? If i don`t go to the stable and right to the bar/sex scene it works just fine!

And i only gave it 95% because there`s not threesome!! Always make a threesome ending!

Anyway i did really enjoy the game, good work!

lucid 2015.03.04
for 3nding 5 get peyton score high as posible to the ship and when at the ship stay to clean and workhard and comletely ignore avery

lucid 2015.03.04
ending six is almost the same as 5 but you must clean the ship and do alone the dirty spot so you will see peyton at a bar

akku 2015.03.04
the game is really thrilling

flamma09 2015.03.04
Well i got to ending 1, 2 and 3 without problems but i can`t figure out 4 and 5! if anyone got them i`d like some hints!

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