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Passion One


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crimsonfrog 2017.11.06
good game good graphics still trying to find all endings

BengerBang 2017.09.18
Again, another great game from LoP, played twice with both Katy and Chloe, and have to say, both stories were as great as the interactive scenes and fantastic art and animation, but the link to my ending was once again broken and I couldn`t access by manually putting in the URL either. Hmm.

Slapone 2017.09.17
I love the game but the close ups of drake`s face were a turn off

dropgunx4 2017.09.05
The girls are really hot, so that makes the game worth playing through.

kemode 2017.07.12
Great game...very sexy girls!

KitCarsen 2017.07.02
Great scenes, great characters but a bit short.

Tiodor 2017.06.28
Two hot girls, awesome graphic and nice sex moments. Play and enjoy.

smallsbeaz 2017.06.19
great sex scenes. thoroughly enjoyed the game. was a little bit to linear

Tiodor 2017.05.14
nice and easy to play good game.

Bw86bw86 2017.04.25
A little too linear, need more options.


PopoLicker 2017.04.17
This is actually a sick game!

tightgnome 2017.03.28
this game is so great

AnalCumSlut 2017.02.28
Short but sweet, good amount of challenge, loved getting all of the endings!

jacob2141 2017.02.21
The game was short but has a nice story plot.

dumbass04 2017.02.09
great graphics, beautiful characters, decent game.

kemode 2017.02.03
Not too hard to play. bathroom scene is hot

Ggy12 2017.01.18
Great game. Wish it had a threesome.

pussy2323 2017.01.15
This is one hell of a game

bond314159 2017.01.12
Best part of the sex is when you are getting close, it goes to a very nicely drawn face shot of her for a bit.

tetashentai 2017.01.02
This game is very good, I like the history.

ccraft29 2017.01.01
amazing story line and awesome graphics

kuperusm 2016.12.07
game was awesome nice graffics. Different endings would be nice.

Vulkan_101 2016.11.30
One problem I find with the game is the loading time. I can deal with it the first time, but I want to perfect the thing all the way through and I have to restart it to do so. Takes a long time to load.

nbrahul 2016.11.16
both the girls are fucking hot wd nice boobs n prfct figure.....i wud really like to meet one such babe in my life for a hard wild night.........

hp1919 2016.11.05
awesome game very tricky to play

jupa1985 2016.10.11
pretty good game, nice to have fun fora while

alextrack10 2016.09.30
I like it. I`ll play again to find another endings

whiskey 2016.09.23
this game had some really hot chicks

artemiz 2016.09.17
great game, nice animations, different ending, just what i wanted oon this site

mcphan1 2016.09.12
Wow this game is great!! Love all the endings. Chloe was HOT!!!!

mr.zero1 2016.09.12
Overall an OK game. But I`m not the biggest fan of the "click here" function in the sex scenes doesn`t really add to the "interactiveness" of the game and overall just distracts from the action.

Ps: If you guys take the katy route don`t lock the door ;)

kaftos 2016.09.10
Mediocre game..Sexy girls but very short story and not many options to choose

MegaJMGuzman 2016.09.04
Very Kinky...Love the graphic

bonder 2016.08.26
pretty cool game, wish it has more options though

AegisFrost 2016.08.12
The girls were just amazing in this game! I cant stop playing it!

snakevenom645 2016.07.26
sometimes in the game the bottom right corner wouldn`t let me click so I couldn`t reach certain pars of the game

cal407cal 2016.07.23
PREETY GOOD but its kind of short

stach56 2016.07.10
Great girls, ok story and great graphics

Yeeeez 2016.06.17
Really enjoyed the game. Nice animations.

jasonmccallahan 2016.05.30
Very short game if you don`t do everything just right. Excellent graphics though

BlueAngel 2016.05.14
Stupid "game" I lose my time THANKS TO GOD I DONT LOSE MY MONEY ?

LalaLew1 2016.05.02
one of my favorite games. Love these kind of games

brunodeter0 2016.04.17
really good game love it, i really think your site need to do more of those

Smifffy 2016.04.17
Love it. Some great scenes and i still have 2 more endings to go back and get to.

fakeacountname 2016.03.23
great fucking game. cant stop playing.

Acid66 2016.03.03
Amazing game and i love how Cloe keeps her shoes on in the sex scene.

ccu001 2016.02.01
The game is great. But I don`t know how to reach te ending 4.

coolspain 2016.01.10
I love this game. The graphics are great and the bathroom DP scene is mind-blowing!

alonsoalejan00 2016.01.07
I cant stop of play game is very nice and have good graphics

cipanbusuk 2015.12.27
good game. graphic is good overall. but story too short

Mr. Dick 2015.12.20
awesome game but who to chose?

EE138 2015.12.15
Wow, Chloe is hard to get with! No room for error with her :)

McMMaMko 2015.12.11
It`s a good game with a nice story and great visuals.

Marchant 2015.10.19
awesome game , great story

noobietalk 2015.10.14
very nice.. Chloe is really very beautiful. Nice ending with Chloe too.

droopy1988 2015.10.14
awesome game would like to play every day

droopy1988 2015.10.14
great game love the black haired one

abcdefgxyz007 2015.10.13
Great game. Very good graphics. Great build up

MaxDillion 2015.10.11
Great Gameplay, well Built....However, it could be improved with few more girls as options....

toadofsky 2015.09.22
finally i can get all the endings

.L1L$QU4RE:: 2015.09.20

xslayermkdx 2015.09.17
i tried many combinations i found only three endings pls anyone howmany endings are possible or if theres threesome i`ve seen pictures of this game both girls together any possibility for threesome or possible walkthrough sry for bad english

ddeke 2015.09.17
Medium to mediocre graphics. Really need full screen mode

jessica4223 2015.09.11
Very nice, once I figured out what the right answers are.

boytoy57 2015.09.01
how do u get cloe to have sex with you?

DESOUSA 2015.09.01
Great graphics Good Game. i love... Chloe.

dizzles25 2015.08.27
This is one of the best games one here. Love it

Darkwalker 2015.08.17
fun and fast paced game with exciting choices.

jacob11947 2015.08.17
the game play is really good but the lading..... it is way too slow!

jaxed44 2015.08.17
A great sexy game...and the girl is beautiful but loading is slow

ballistic 2015.08.15
good grpahics good gameplay

csmith7166 2015.08.10
Both girls are super hot but I prefer the black-haired one

EveWilliamS103 2015.08.01
Awesome game with good graphics

VertaMoon1 2015.07.29
Played this game a good time ago, it`s as good now as it was then!

conank 2015.07.28
great game both girls very sexy

Lzlo 2015.07.20
But I like Chloe more, than Katy.

Lzlo 2015.07.20
Nice graphics and story. Like it!

Lzlo 2015.07.20
Perfectly well. 9,510.

SGrunge 2015.07.17
Really love these games. I will get through them all!

fergal 2015.07.12
Really good game, lots of choices and endings are good.

l3io_l3io 2015.06.28
Great game with very awesome quality! Felt realistic and enjoyable.

EvilMonkey478 2015.06.24
I`ve played this game multiple times and still seem to find new things. I love the story and the graphics.

gruntn7 2015.06.17
this is a very good game in my opinion one that actually has a bit of a story line.

hian 2015.06.16
Awesome game. Interactive parts are good too.

snh69 2015.06.06
Usually one girl seems to be hotter than the others (and not always the "main" girl) but here both are so sexy and with great graphics.

anglsweet 2015.05.31
great game and great graphics

dalagninja 2015.05.29
amazing game, Cloe was hard to get but worth it when you achieve it.

DarkangelXXX 2015.05.26
It was an amazing game, although wish there was more animations.

NatalieLes101 2015.05.17
I love this game so much, great story line and great graphics.

hideyoshibakalen 2015.05.16
Nice game playing through, nice graphics too

bleh1993 2015.05.16
Not bad. The graphics were really great, but the scenes were kind of lackluster.

littlejrc 2015.05.16
This game is awesome and the graphics are great

stallion007 2015.05.13
this game is fantastic its story in good and graphics too

devil12344321 2015.05.06
Good game ..Little more graphics needed..

Aq1234d 2015.05.04
the gameplay is very nice, the graphic is beautiful and the animations are awesome
got all the endings

damndude 2015.04.23
I really loved the story and the graphics...

john milton 2015.04.19
a good game at the time, i liked it a lot, thank you guys!

Star4599 2015.04.15
Took a while to load but it was really worth it.

doncrue 2015.04.04
good game.....the graphics were absolutely amazing..

Dicksmash Ironcock 2015.04.03
Game looks great, though the mechanics are terrible.

shaurya18799 2015.04.02
damn these games just keep getting better. I love the game play of this though.

Zeblast 2015.03.31
Great girls and graphics, nice story. It`s still missing an ending with both girls.

Justme22 2015.03.29
Today I played this game again and I enjoyed it very much, as always. Cloe and Katy graphics are gorgeous, with a great definition.

Yanaga 2015.03.28
wowowo just a great game , nice story

ploto87 2015.03.28
I like it... The graphics are awesome!

1996 2015.03.26
I really like the story,characters are great also

pulz 2015.03.14
I m very happy about this game ,but unfortunately i cant get reach these chicks with my apartment ..oops really disappointing

guitarsurfer 2015.03.07
Took forever to figure our Cloe...but I;m glad I did...

messi12345 2015.03.02
super game with great music and graphics

messi12345 2015.03.02
good game great story and great graphics

messi12345 2015.03.02
fantastic game great graphics

messi12345 2015.03.02
such a sper game great fun

messi12345 2015.03.02
super game with good graphics and sound

saintnick 2015.02.25
fun game with lots of four play

mehomeho38 2015.02.23
SUperb game...girls are great

hal222 2015.02.21
sex with the blonde is the best

skc123 2015.02.17
very nice game, nice story and grapichs

Nicholas_Hanz 2015.02.17
Excellent game with great graphics. Loved both the girls..both are super hot.
and great ending to the game!!
i love cloe.....
This is one of my favourite games!

Brad-Pitz 2015.02.12
Fun Game, great graphics. Unfortunately, one wrong answer and the games practically over...

cameronw 2015.02.11
Really enjoyable game with a great story line

soulthaan 2015.02.09
great plot, nice graphics

jujuzimm 2015.02.07
A really fun game to play, i enjoyed it !

bobovindo 2015.02.06
one of my favourites on the site

sex-ayback 2015.02.05
Nice game, very horny now these games always make me SO horny!

cambridge4453 2015.02.04
Chloe is indeed gorgeous but its really about learning the right answer to the questions. Trial and error, but the endings are good

Wolfie31 2015.02.04
Hot girls and good graphics. Needs a bit more plot.

xslayermkdx 2015.02.03
is there possibility for ending with threesome with the 2 girls at the same time?

ixeatxpeoplex10 2015.01.25
Love the multiple endings

ixeatxpeoplex10 2015.01.25
Slightly challenging but fun overall

handsome007 2015.01.24
hottest game in the site. the girls are great, i had thought there would be a threesome

sirdeadjester 2015.01.23
good game chloe is definetly my favorite

xslayermkdx 2015.01.22
i seen pictures of the girls together is there possible threesome ending? sry for the bad english

saavudaa 2015.01.20
graphics was awesome and the gameplay was a little tougher than other games

Sportkissen 2015.01.20
really nice one, i like it

cdude1994 2015.01.15
I loved this one, I felt so compelled to see how man endings I could get!

nonamesleft1977 2015.01.11
Fun game with good endings

warrior65 2015.01.07
Great girls, ok story and great graphics

Dzeko19 2014.12.28
really good graphics and a good story
its funny

tricky.caudensiya 2014.12.22
best game ever. good graphics

RysOnoKon 2014.12.15
don`t know if this took last time:
but only complaint that i have, is when you go to the dance with Chloe, you still have to sit through the opening scene of the dance with Katy... or is that a glitch? cause it happens every time for me..

reking1 2014.12.14
great game love the story line to it

red&blackfire 2014.11.21
nice game, both of girl are hot but i prefer the brunette

ilovemypc 2014.11.19
needs more scene but weell made

shinocksa69 2014.11.18

I like katy fucking 2 dudes

JimMorrison 2014.11.17
Nicy story and very good graphics!

phoenix2014 2014.11.16
very good game, nice story and girls

ApockaSex 2014.11.15
this game is really good l like the fact that you can choose two girls 8 of 10

Petri33 2014.11.15
Cloe is soooo sexy girl, i want girl like her :)

HentaiKing 2014.11.14
This game offers the classic conundrum of picking either the "Ho" or the "House Wife" >_< lol.
it was a fun game the only thing is..... i would have liked to know the possible number of outcomes before hand, rather than playing and playing and playing

ttt1 2014.11.09
wow this game is really hot!!! awesome!

ozzywolf 2014.11.05
very great geame i like it

jordantech29 2014.10.31
one of the best games i have played on here and i love the fact that you can get differant endings.

lalalasextoy 2014.10.14
its a good game i love that you can have 4 endings of the game

Tenn2002 2014.10.12
I wish that after you got katy inn the bathroom you could go back and take chloe home also but great games

narmytrooper 2014.10.06
loved the slutty katy and banging her ass

kellykopoi 2014.10.02
thought did everything well, but dont know where did i go wrong. oh god i am getting addicted to these games

goldendick 2014.10.02
what just happened? im really confused

angel_one 2014.09.30
Great game, good graphics and gorgeous girls, fair enough

HadesDivision 2014.09.28
a truely sexy game, no more words :p

kalzan2061 2014.09.26
i cannot figure out how to get chloe

Futuros 2014.09.23
Enjoyed the sluttiness of both female characters at the end :)

Jinzo12 2014.09.12
amazing game, love the graphics. Great story line

Gershyn 2014.09.12
Great girls, and fantastic graphics. The interface was a little clunky but outside of that A+ job

fcmetro 2014.09.12
i love this series, always gets me hard

masonalex 2014.09.05
the is so easy and nice scerr shoot

Daniel01 2014.09.05
The sex scenes could have been a bit longer, but overall great work of art

kichi 2014.09.04
nice game, it was really tempting

marshog 2014.09.01
GG, the sex scenes where a little short but overal a very good game.

thezombie123 2014.08.31
I played this game 5 times it is awesome

Hellward 2014.08.30
really nice game and, like allways, good grahics

yashwasd 2014.08.30
Great game, nice graphics, I love both the girls but kelly `s my favourite.

MasterApple 2014.08.22
The slut or the classy girl, pretty fun choosing.

Tegan200 2014.08.21
Good graphics great story line:)))

puffsalena65 2014.08.20
Great game and i really like the graphics

deepakduttatreyapadhi 2014.08.11
i`m always playing this but i`m not able to get the good endings plz help me tell me all the correct options plz

rockstar65945 2014.08.11
this is one of the best games i ever played on my opinion

pseeker1234 2014.08.10
doing Katy in the restroom was good. but doing Cloe is the best. graphics could have been better and would have liked to have seen their pussies

Gulinator 2014.08.08
Humor and beautiful women was a great combo, nice job on the game

Gulinator 2014.08.08
I loved the graphics, both girls are really hot

Dadog 2014.08.02
One of my favorites I love it. Very fun to play!

helenaa 2014.07.31
great graphics i loveee this game and thge animation is great too

julio1980 2014.07.29
Very good game, one of the best. The storyline is great and great graphics. Chloe is hot!!!

beye 2014.07.28
i like more the story with katy :P

buroo88 2014.07.28
i love both girls endings so much this game

MStorms 2014.07.27
Trooper at attention and says this game is on point.

Goldenguardian 2014.07.27
great game and nice graphic

gustisenar 2014.07.24
Great graphics and story. Hot girls too. It`s
really hot game... and very diversive endings. yeah

jbutch350 2014.07.24
amazing game I love the graphics

goldbear3 2014.07.21
hard to play without a mouse but still a beautiful game

stoad69 2014.07.20
Great graphics and story. Hot girls too.

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.18
This is my favorite game so far...like the girls...like the action...;)

Mercury89 2014.07.14
Nice and exciting Datinggame!

bitz94 2014.07.13
Awesome game with great graphics & such a lovely story line.

saraxxx 2014.07.08
this game is so hot and chloe is so sexy! love it!

parkerb93 2014.07.07
is there anyway to fuck both of them?

tonacho 2014.06.25
This is a very nice game it`s good

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
This game is great. I like the many options and endings. Always a repeat play.

bochumer 2014.06.22
first game i have ever played at pf1..and still love it !

grasshoppapron 2014.06.22
Definitely one of the better LOP games on here.. Chloe is unspeakably HOT! Don`t settle for the Katy route =]

doubleG 2014.06.17
Great game can`t wait to see the other endings.

aussimal 2014.06.16
real great game still trying for chloe ,but kate is so hot real good graphics and good storyline.naturally real hot gels.

Almeho 2014.06.13
I actually thought a threesome would have been possible. After seeing how much the two girls hated each other, I though they could have turned it around. Regardless, I loved this game. Cloe is my girl of choice and I played it again just for her ending. Katy was far too easy. Both were gorgeous, though. I also really love the song and bonus points for Drake`s hilarious face while cumming during sec with Cloe.

kervin36 2014.06.08
the graphic are so awesome and both girls are so sexy

ixsigmaxi 2014.06.02
great game, graphic and story, a threesome will be great

RP1212 2014.05.20
Katy is the finest piece of work. She is bloody hot

grimsigh17 2014.05.16
nice game with decent graphics but a threesome with bot girls would be much better.

jb2022 2014.05.10
I get stuck on the hand rubbing

planlos2002 2014.05.07
as allways the classy chick is harder to get, but nice

SerenaThea 2014.05.02
Play as drake or visit outcast academy ? Can`t decide.

SerenaThea 2014.05.02
sTill on the 2nd ending. ugh!

uknight 2014.04.27
nice game,
the animation is good

toddyxxx 2014.04.23
Truly thrilling...time to have another go and try for the other chick!

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
Best things about this game is fact that U can have both of these girls!!

Hassan05 2014.04.21
Great graphic, it has sexy girls in it, cool

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.21
Okay so this game is officially one of my favorites! It was a fun game and I will play again. This was a great simulation game and I hope to find more games as good as this one. There was very nice graphics and the girls were good looking.

PoisonedMorgue 2014.04.18
Great game, loved the girls. One of my favorites

Dvader0116 2014.04.17
The graphics weren`t bad at all.

gakatokan 2014.04.05
great graphic, lovely girls

Cum Cannon 2014.04.03
Amazing graphics and a story with two hot girls to choose from

Jinks 2014.03.28
it is a good game and nice graphics

pitexs 2014.03.25
cooll game graphic so wow nice to play

rand181 2014.03.25
Fun game...i enjoyed this one.

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
Cloe & Katy are really hot best final is with Cloe, Good Graphic and animation really exciting. Tried all endings.

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.18
i liked this game. it was interesting but i finally completed it

joy vedanta 2014.03.15
very very cool game.... katy is very sexy

vedantamendiratta 2014.03.14
my favourite .....just hope that after fucking katy she would be only mine

sensai24 2014.02.27
Great graphics! Can you get both together?

vitorpingas 2014.02.25
Very good game the graphics and its fun.

raylancea 2014.02.24
great graphics good game love it!

IanMacD 2014.02.08
Great game, wouldn`t change anything about it.

wilsonbond 2014.02.01
i very like this game, i`ll try my best

jcooky69 2014.01.30
love this game, well worth playing... excelent gameplay

ilovegames 2014.01.27
this game is brilliant ........really good designed........

akatar 2014.01.27
I got stuck in the bathroom scene with Katy. can anyone help me?

lovegamesss 2014.01.25
this is the best game i have ever played......good game.....i love it...

madisonheartly 2014.01.25
brilliant everyone is so sexy it was a great game and its the best so far

lesbian15 2014.01.21
Katy is a lot hotter than Chloe is I would take Katy over her anyday

dl1006851 2014.01.21
very sexy, great graphics and an awesome game to play over & over, i love it

pommede 2014.01.20
Very very nice hot blond

Xilthio 2014.01.20
Very much one of the best games I have played. Diverse storyline, and addicting. Love it!

kunla 2014.01.16
hot girls,great graphics,lovely endings

Sniffer83 2014.01.15
good and many choices to make as well
This is one game I will play more than once

valentinodp 2014.01.12
i prefer the blonde one

male619 2014.01.09
nice game and a good ending

joshuakane22 2014.01.07
but i stuck when i with katy

joshuakane22 2014.01.07
very good game i want play it again

Pogi12345 2014.01.07
Got both girls, but I wish there was a lesbian ending!

xxqueenxx 2014.01.02
Really good game with fantastic graphics! Played once. Now i will play again.

tonscorpio06 2013.12.27
Nice graphics, hot endings, gameplay is very good. played it multiple times, the animations of the girls are spot on.

freepass 2013.12.22
easy game play and the girls are really hot, chloe is classy and sexy while katy is hot and seductive. love it.

rocky65 2013.12.20
love this one has great grafics and the girls are super hot

thebestcrapule 2013.12.19
Really like this one. Nice graphics and nice comparison between both of the girls.

mkmk 2013.12.15
Good game with good graphic

Craig28 2013.12.14
love this game. fine ladys within.

akshayuiop123 2013.12.14
Good game ! The animations were the best.

onnitrix 2013.12.14
great graphics and great storyline

Asher101 2013.12.14
You will love this game
the girls are hot too
good and many choices to make as well
This is one game I will play more than once

Hannibal-king 2013.12.11
I have played 3 times keep getting shut down, I think the trick to Katy is treat her like a slut but got no clue for Chole

socal89 2013.12.09
it was a fun quick game. im going to be playing it again to get to different endings

u02bgs 2013.11.29
Another Awesome Game! Great Graphics, awesome girls, intriguing gameplay, sexy as hell!

naemnikat88 2013.11.16
very hot game, nice detailes

MaxxV2150 2013.11.16
An awesome game! I forgot how fun it was to play as Drake. n_n

demongamer68 2013.11.12
Easy gameplay controls, good graphics. Worth playing through multiple times.

zeldaskyrim 2013.11.11
Well that was a lot of fun.

Razgri88 2013.11.05
good graphics and a great game

doecke83 2013.10.23
Lots of options and good story too.

demon8207 2013.10.23
cool game but a short game can u fuck her?

fuckmypussy 2013.10.21
The graphics are great and the gameplay is exciting with the mood of the characters` at the side. Hope to see more of these games. ;)

Ajeje84 2013.10.19
Beautifull Game!! A little bit easy

johnsucker 2013.10.15
never get tired of playing this cool game

TheBigBear 2013.10.14
Many different options, wonder if there is away to have both girls

Fe2SO4 2013.10.12
Great game, good graphic also !! The girls are hot

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Sam2013 2013.09.19
Good game. Hot girls. Enough variety in the responses to keep it interesting. Worth playing for all 5 endings

ravensmoon666 2013.09.14
It is a very good game, quite difficult at first. It did take me a few times to get the hang of it but once I did it was great. Cloe is so sexy.

eaa 2013.09.10
great but its hard i like it

tattoosunny 2013.09.06
i like katy this is very nice girl

master84 2013.09.05
i love this game..., woooohooow.... it`s great, i love both character women

dcvoltman 2013.09.02
great game !!!.............. wonder if there`s a 3 some ending ?

beansta 2013.08.31
fun game to play but i wish it was longer...

natsgaming 2013.08.23
This is a really fun game and it has decent graphics.

sweatymanpons 2013.08.20
fun game. decent graphix action.ok storyline.

dannehboy 2013.08.19
This game is awesome! I like how there`s a lot of different endings

murfda 2013.08.16
great game really hot girls

kavez 2013.08.16
it is sweeat when the girl is ready to cheat on boyfrend just to get even

Ashleymariekitty11 2013.08.15
amazing game really sexy

dmbers90 2013.08.09
great game bit tricky enjoyed it tho

noogad 2013.08.05
Excellent game with great graphics. Loved both the girls..both are super hot.

himal 2013.08.04
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

MonkeyJer 2013.08.04
Damn I wish this happened to me when I was in school!

max369 2013.07.26
great graphics really hot girls , plaid it a couple of times to reach e goo ending . but this a really great game

Dawings 2013.07.26
Can we get the two girls ?

TeaserTongue 2013.07.21
Another one of this author`s greats.

Despite the fact there is a little glitch in the setup with Cloe when you enter the club. Suddenly it seems that you are there with Katie instead.
Workaround: just continue as if you were there with Katie, as soon as you can dance with Cloe go back to dating Cloe as if nothing had happened.

Would love to see the interaction with Cloe though.

Drake7733 2013.07.17
very nice game, entertaining and fun to play through more than once

powerranger123 2013.07.16
nice good game i chose chole every time i wish you could do chole in other sex postion

conman29 2013.07.13
Great gameplay and also some nice characters

tbrad123 2013.07.09
great game great endings.

Dannobio 2013.07.05
This game have to really nice girls- one of them is blonde and one is brunet to. I play the game many times and I all ways like to play it when I can find a now places to see.

crimson4875 2013.06.24
This is one of my favorite games, they have to make another

ShadowFactor 2013.06.23
Good graphics and gameplay, I like the brunete more than the blonde.

asinble 2013.06.22
i really nees a cheater sexy girl like her

alphapet 2013.06.17
damian has honeyed words and great cock

alphapet 2013.06.17
katy has great legs ass and costume designing to the max

alphapet 2013.06.17
i wish that katy had great boobs like cloe

alphapet 2013.06.17
cloe has great tits ass and legs and wonderful pussy

alphapet 2013.06.17
I wish that rebecca was in this for you to fuck

ad1021 2013.06.15
Excellent game with great graphics. Loved both the girls..both are super hot.
and great ending to the game!!
This is one of my favourite games!

piankast 2013.06.09
nice girl need to chk all finals...

slonoautomatic 2013.06.09
the graphics in the game are good as well as the storyline

ps80 2013.06.06
very good game, great story, nice characters.

Pauley909 2013.06.06
dam good game i keep playing it ten times a day nice work

kalindrius 2013.06.04
excelent game is the best part is final

FaridderBanger 2013.05.28
good game and ladies, but i missed a threesome

Romeo87 2013.05.27
i play this game many times and i think this game is very nice ;)

49fp 2013.05.24
Enjoyed game but threesome with both girls would add to it.

denster1991 2013.05.21
graphically good simple mechanics just a little short for my taste

LoganW 2013.05.19
Great game.. Is the fourth time I play it...

jtestba 2013.05.18
good animation good sound good game play. best game for me to play again

timeline 2013.05.13
Added to my favs, Great game, and grafx...Cleo is the best.

JimTB1010 2013.05.11
great game good graphics but only got to ending one

fffback 2013.05.05
Good new game, I loved it Girls looks good and story is fine.

SilverDiamonds 2013.05.04
I loved this game, it`s sexy. I wish these girls were for real

dark-minded 2013.05.01
wow, great game, hot girls, good story and very good game play.

lynerbarsett32 2013.05.01
it`s a great games..the girls are super hot especially chloe.. story are good either

St3fan123 2013.05.01
great graphic and animations and good gameplay

gwazz 2013.04.27
i will be realy interestd i finding the other endings

William257 2013.04.27
This game is fun to play and easy too, once you get the hang of it.

lucanvalerius 2013.04.25
Great game, nice graphics, good storyline. One of my favourites.

Oblivion_Blade_0 2013.04.25
I love this game, I`ve played it a few times already, and the story never grows old for me.

mattoe 2013.04.23
Wow, what a great game, awesome graphics.

mika17 2013.04.22
great game with good graphics

kaw_kaw 2013.04.22
the girls are hot in this one^^

LickmeKissme101 2013.04.21
Greastest game ever guys and espically the girls look great and sexy

Hotguy29126 2013.04.21
nice game! great graphics and hot ass babes!!!

TheTempest 2013.04.21
This game some of the best graphics and game play ever, i love it.

Olmand 2013.04.09
This game has one of my favorite endings!

Folemeister 2013.04.08
great game needed more money to discover all the endings

Nadim16 2013.04.07
one of the finest games loves it so much

flyer10 2013.04.06
great game. but watch what you say when they are dancing.

gwazz 2013.04.02
good graphics and hot girls but i kept getting rejected

JohnW123 2013.04.02
like it very much...not easy...many mistery

FreddyFredson 2013.04.02
Favorite so far, great game with great girls.

Valkorn 2013.03.30
Game is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.

RiseOfHell 2013.03.30
Nice game , and nice girls :) !

angelst 2013.03.30
good game nice storry love it

revometik 2013.03.28
nice game with nice graphics

jagare 2013.03.27
Nice game, graphics are also nice

lordnarwhal 2013.03.25
The story is fine, nice graphics, hot girls, it was great.

Atrajs 2013.03.22
great game good grafuk nice girls

doctorwho123 2013.03.22
i love this grame the best girl out the two is cloe because she sexy than katy good graphic and good ending would to cloe in more postison

supershadow2021 2013.03.21
i love this game! i got a little stuck though

Katmissed 2013.03.19
Great game, the graphics were pretty good.

bigchull 2013.03.19
i love this game its fantastic

happ388 2013.03.16
fun game but not sexy enough to get me excited. more instructon to get a better foreplay

Agenteusa 2013.03.14
Nice and enjoyable. Girl is cute.

barbie perez 2013.03.13
i love this because theres a big tits

Subripper 2013.03.12
Just loved getting to see Chloe`s tattoo and yellow lace thong.

arnoldkent 2013.03.11
Another great game from Lesson of Passion!.

jon111killer 2013.03.09
this game is amazing hot bitch damn

saaolovely 2013.03.08
The Kelly`s tatoo should be more atractive.. And this game quite good. I love it..

hazelnut 2013.03.07
Great game. The graphics are great and the storyline is great. I loved it!

warren1820-01 2013.03.07
a bit tricky though but i find it fun to play,............ I love this game

Babelover100 2013.03.04
Good new game, I loved it

Sir_Loins 2013.03.04
Now you know real girls tee hee.. Great game going here. Going for it again.

Aravium 2013.03.03
decent game but i wish there was a threesome with both girls.

Graphics and animations are good, the scene in the bathroom is just great!

Maverick14 2013.03.02
Very good! ;) The character are wonderfuls and lots of possibilities. More!

warren1820-01 2013.03.02
im so sxcited to finish the whole story

blinx605 2013.03.01
i prefer just the girls

pruha07 2013.02.28
ok. very good game. Kelly very sexy girl

MI6killer 2013.02.24
fucking awesome game crazy hot girls but needs more music or different music

DaoraX 2013.02.23
Great Graphics although the 3 way sex scene could use improvements i still enjoyed it!

DaoraX 2013.02.23
Great Game with many difrrent Endiings! I have only found two though, so i;; keep trying! :)

Jarlaxle69 2013.02.21
Game play was really well done, though I did encounter a bug where I was on a date with Cloe and it jumped to me being on a date with the other girl. Thankfully it didn`t spoil the ending.

Superlars 2013.02.19
Entertaining game story, although it is still buggy at some points:
1) When dating Cloe at the club, suddenly the game jumps to Katy as if Drake dated her for the party.
2) During caressing the game sometimes gets stuck.
3) After Cloe is finished talking to Steve on the phone and the caressing starts, the dialogue of the phone call appears again.
More possible endings would also be cool, e.g. threesome with Cloe and Kathy. :-)

kripple 2013.02.16
awesome game still messing up but im getting the hang of it

jacky sherin 2013.02.16
animation is powerful
i am stuck in this game with beauty,please help me

mfarhoud1 2013.02.15
Amazing endings i prefer zoe and drake together though

buckeyejacketnut 2013.02.13
Thank God you can mute the music. Other than that the game is pretty good. Love the threesome scene.

asskicker55 2013.02.12
I love these games, the girls are so sexy

mantas19 2013.02.12
one of my favorite game by the way great music

killerbeast 2013.02.11
great game enjoyed playing it alot good graphics as well

rila_128 2013.02.10
Great graphic, great animation, interesting endings.

Xoxo44 2013.02.08
end 5 - good end - date Cloe
end 4 - bad end - cloe leave your appartament
end 3 - good end - doubleteamed Katy and have fun
end 2 - bad end - fuck Katy but late she leave you
end 1 - bad end - all alone in appartment

pinker 2013.02.06
Great game, got to endings 1, 2, 3 and 5, might try to get to 4 just out of curiosity. Cloe is hot and the game play is great, you just have to keep being nice to Cloe until when she`s back at the apartment and her boyfriend phones her - then you continue to seduce her instead of letting her talk to him.
I would`ve given the game a higher rating if-
1. Could have fucked Cloe in more positions (would have loved doggie and reverse cowgirl) and carry on doing so until I`ve decided ready to finish
2. Has the choice of cumming on her tits or in her mouth rather than just cumming inside her, after all no condom was worn and the story could have been that she didn`t like bareback cumming inside.
3. A choice of seeing his cock penetrating her pussy as well as a POV shot of her boobs and face whilst being fucked.

killdead 2013.02.06
girls are not really beautiful and the story could have been better

marksmanx25 2013.02.05
Great game, great storyline.

Airo 2013.02.02
this game has amazing graphics

Axl_86 2013.02.01
Great game with great graphics

rlh2429 2013.01.30
awsome game, good graphics and hot girls

taker3345 2013.01.29
great game and has some hotties up in it love it

Baronen 2013.01.28
Great game!!

i really love youre games and i hope you,ll keep making them

Frontier 2013.01.26
There is always a lot of clicking, but graphic is nice and story is cool too.
Another my favorite game!

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice story and grafic , good game.

Grammarcles 2013.01.21
Nicely done. The cattiness between the girls kind of bugged me, but then it irritates me when that happens between real people I know, so I suppose I should be giving props for realism there. So far I`ve seen every ending but #4; of those, #5 with Cloe is easily my favorite, as that`s basically my ultimate personal fantasy.

At any rate, an excellent introduction to the site. Here`s hoping all PFO fare is this good.

vgvet 2013.01.21
good choices and gameplay. good graphics as always from leo. i found it way too easy to fuck the slut though. but i guess thats why she`s a slut.

afpereira 2013.01.17
This is a great game, i like it

ab tak 56 2013.01.15
mind blowinnnng gameeee really seductive

kasmir98 2013.01.14
I love the graphics and the plot and the sex

Amir_lp 2013.01.13
Great game the best graphics ever

maycombios 2013.01.13
one of the best games. needs to be longer

IanWill 2013.01.12
Really good game. Excellent gameplay of having to weigh up whether a response to one girl will reduce the other girl`s mood. Katy`s easier so focusing on Chloe`s mood earlier on.

richcohee 2013.01.12
this is a really sexy game, it gets me off every time

derek96 2013.01.12
Great game and wonderful graphics

Rau2220000 2013.01.11
I love this game.Great Graphics

dkrcat 2013.01.11
This is the best game on this site!

nettox7 2013.01.10
Great as usual, but I was kinda hoping for a threesome with the girls...

gengenx 2013.01.09
i like cloe. is the an ending where he end up with both girls?

Mr. Magic 2013.01.09
Nice game. Both girls are hot. Liked how they had such different personalities.

CB54 2013.01.07
Absolutely awesome game; 10/10 in every way.

kotokkotok 2013.01.06
i love playing this game, this is awesome !

dirk762 2013.01.05
love this game and the choices you make

woodenn 2013.01.04
great graphics on this one specially chloes.

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.03
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

curan 2013.01.02
Chloe is really, really hot but Katy is by far the sluttiest. She`s a real turn on! The graphics are great, it`s just too bad that there are no sfx.
Also, the music tends to get on my nerve. But really great game anyway!

zaynboy 2013.01.02
this is so fucking great!!

tyler mcghee 2012.12.31
the scene with clhoe at the end is one of the best here

dragoon1976 2012.12.29
I am still working on this one but so far it is good

21bigdick21 2012.12.27
great game, expecially the graphics. I really like it

stinger1437 2012.12.26
Great game, believable storylines and dialogue!

im3xbuck 2012.12.25
like it very much...not easy...many mistery

ayesha 2012.12.23
omg this is the best game i have ever played i love this game reallyyyy

mikichanxx 2012.12.23
Wow. This game is amazing. The graphics are awesome and it made me so hot!

laker77 2012.12.19
i liked it alot it was the first game i played on here and i loved the graphics

alaine 2012.12.18
not very good game 2 say bcoz it dont have passion of love and sex

waqas111 2012.12.17
incredible game, highly recommended to everyone whos eager for lust and sexual expierence :)

x212 2012.12.17
i didnt love it it doesnt have the passion of sex

qwerty361 2012.12.17
great game a bit short but it makes up for that in its graphics and its story is okay

droopy1988 2012.12.15
love the scenes. would love to actually be in the game. nice and beautiful women.

mattchew1224 2012.12.15
amazing game with amazing graphics

fucker123@ 2012.12.13
coe is absolutly amazing . but how to have sex with her thats hard

sky8117 2012.12.13
I like Katy & Cloe alot great bodies & lots of action

cshree 2012.12.12
got ending 5 with Cloe trying with kate

jimion 2012.12.11
its a great game, excellent graphics, really hot good girls and interesting endings.

Diablos 2012.12.07
I love this gay, Cloe is so HOT!!!, I would so want to get with her if she was a real person.

Jethro Gibbs 2012.12.07
the game is awesome i keep playing it over and over again i don`t find that it gets boring and who would with that hot lady

bananabrace 2012.12.01
A shame, not a ending with a threesome,...

ksexscene 2012.11.30
the girls are super hot........

mankiecad 2012.11.27
Great ending, another top game

oranjeboven 2012.11.25
very hot girls.
Great action.
Very creative story, keep it up.

supper 2012.11.23
by far one of the best games, nice and challenging aswell as rewarding

vllad 2012.11.22
great game, i like the fact that you can choose between two girls

BulletBait 2012.11.19
Game is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


hotsexyfuckinglady 2012.11.16
wow!Its um, a good game, i guess

firstbraveking 2012.11.14
nice game great endings and scenes

joe3434 2012.11.12
i like the game it has pretty good graphics and decent gamplay

labmunky 2012.11.11
love this game and the choices you make

Blesshand 2012.11.10
Really a great game. Loves the girls, loves the story AND loves the choices.

pabloD12 2012.11.09
it was ok. nothing to special. too basic

lordstriker01 2012.11.05
Great girls. Gorgeously done.

nikolica 2012.11.05
The 3 ending is even better

nikolica 2012.11.05
exelent cheating girlfriend

247chevy 2012.11.05
i never stop playing this game its so amazing and challeging lol

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.04
Great ending with Chloe - beautiful!!

Empiq 2012.11.03
Awesome Graphics and Wish that you could get with both of the girls

derajkceb 2012.11.03
the game is really good and i will definetly play it agian

jpsacrey 2012.11.02
Awesome game!!! Love it!!!

Powerhouse 2012.11.02
cool game only quite hard to play, not for dummies

Jokke 2012.11.01
One of the best games from the LOP Team. Really hot girls and very good graphics !!!

alfred riedl 2012.11.01
a very great game, i wanna play it more

masterboy307 2012.10.31
i really enjoyed thanks a lot

masterboy307 2012.10.31
wonderful game with hot girls

rine0045 2012.10.31
i really enjoyed this one. made sure to play multiple times. there were many scenarios to explore. had good graphics

Raiko 2012.10.29
I love this one, one of my favorites

twilight14 2012.10.28
I love how many choice that i can choose from. GREAT ANIMATION.

blackhawk_86 2012.10.27
very good graphics....nice storyline with sexy girls...enjoy

MrDarhson 2012.10.26
Yes , The Graphics Were awesome , hot girls , horny noises!

sau01 2012.10.26
Yes!!!! I open 5 (all) ending!!!! Yooooo!!! Cool game!

Murad 2012.10.26
awesome girls, great story!

freak3425 2012.10.25
Both ladies are smoking hott

Theosopher 2012.10.23
the audio can greatly complement the visuals. Nice to have facial expressions zoomed at a different angle.

RowdyRod 2012.10.23
I like this one, good pace and options.

rahulcurrent 2012.10.21
Wow incredible chicks.. gave me a hardonnnn

cookielord 2012.10.20
it`s a shame there is no threesome between both of the girls, other than that it was a great game

Davyroo 2012.10.19
I`d like it if there was a possible route where you could get something going with this Rebecca girl! Otherwise, this game was amazing!

Davyroo 2012.10.19
Amazing game, realistic sad parts of the story and then the wonderful sexy parts.

veratyr01 2012.10.16
I like the chloe ending so much better.

ahvee 2012.10.16
great graphics. i love them

thinspiration 2012.10.16
I love these games, the girls are so sexy

chris o 1 2012.10.15
this game is the best game ever so good to play ever day so good

JaK3sT 2012.10.15
very good game just as i expected. hot girls, the choises. just awsome

a3452 2012.10.14
i really love this game

chr24sziie 2012.10.14
great game. the animation was great. loved the story

anaspen 2012.10.13
super graphics
nice orginality
super game
super body parts

shimul61 2012.10.13
nice the chicks lookin sexy

8incher 2012.10.13
realy nice girls and awsome graphics

8incher 2012.10.13
the sounds were a little annoying but luckily i could turn them off

8incher 2012.10.13
the game has awsome grafics and great girls thanks who ever made it

8incher 2012.10.13
realy fun game,but the path to cloe did not work.

bluetick 2012.10.12
Just getting into the story, but what another great game.

sweethearts 2012.10.11
i like the game and has nice animatons

Jenks21 2012.10.11
pretty good game, one of the best i reckon

arieqhaptra 2012.10.10
Gotta love a game that features Keisha and that amazing ass. When will she get her own game?

Keely is a lovely blonde too!

michaeldennis 2012.10.09
this game is quite good, i really enjoy it

amonnjerro 2012.10.07
i play this game many times and i think this game is very nice ;)

reallytycho 2012.10.04
hottest girls out of any LOP game.

TinaSLaya 2012.10.03
game is sawlid asas vince is such ah horny guy lol

Buggerit 2012.10.03
Good game, glad I could turn the annoying music off :)

Twister19 2012.10.03
simple game but the two girls are beautiful

CarterXXX 2012.10.02
Hell yeah (: thats what i like

wakoo 2012.09.30
GAMEPLAY is too the girls are amazingly hot and good graphics

magnumhot888 2012.09.30
great games...nice graphics..

cypher0298 2012.09.28
great game, love the choices

a715jjr5 2012.09.27
great game especially deciding which girl to go after. I like all the options it has

ENERGY7734 2012.09.26
fantastic and stunning game!!Great graphics!

marchixxx 2012.09.26
Great game can`t stop playing

mikicostanza 2012.09.25
very cool game with gorgeous girls it`s awesome

erpoly 2012.09.23
not bad this game good music background and nice graphic...

DaFool 2012.09.22
yet more great graphics from this site

imperatrix 2012.09.21
Very interesting and sexy game. In this game it is very pleasant to make a choice... even between two girls))

lucifer lucy 2012.09.21
this game has beautiful girls and good graphics i likkkkkkiittttttttttttt

honeykb 2012.09.20
both the girls are fucking hot wd nice boobs n prfct figure.....i wud really like to meet one such babe in my life for a hard wild night.........

joeshmoe 2012.09.19
Wonderful artwork, as always, regarded as one of my favorites.

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Another passionat game from Passion, with hot girls great graphics as usual !!!

henry4545 2012.09.12
got stuck alot but its all good

Darth Revan 2012.09.11
good game!!! like the way you can go 2 ways

chap74 2012.09.02
Game is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.

keyz3513 2012.09.02
i reached all the endings in this game. and i have to say i am pleased with all of them besides 1 cuz he doesn`t get a girl.

Soulbrood 2012.08.30
both girls are hot as hell

Stanifica 2012.08.28
They are both really hot

valyrian 2012.08.27
it`s short but it`s amazing

ilikeappes 2012.08.25
Omg great artwork, it`s so sexy!

MephilesAuditore 2012.08.25
a well thought out and enjoyable fuck

appu55 2012.08.22
great game and good graphics

Shikimori 2012.08.22
I really like this game,specially Cloe`s ending.
It`d be nice if there was a sequel and the player had the chance to improve their relationship( like Living with Britney which is also one of your games)

mapcabra2 2012.08.18
the best game I ever played
I want to found one of those hot girls in the real live, don´t you

sexmachine59 2012.08.17
Girls are great and the game is pretty damn hard.

Flux 2012.08.16
Please help me. I can`t find the end with cloe.
If anybody has a walktrough please give it to me. thx

Rivers 2012.08.15
hey am stuck here..the little hand? how am i suppose to proceed?

aidenko 2012.08.14
I like this game! cool girls

derda 2012.08.13
Enjoyed it, it was challenging and rewarding. Could use a little more detailed graphics plus it gets a little confusing in the club when it is as if you switch girls.

slapp 2012.08.13
this game rlly awesome wish there was more

dhruboPassion 2012.08.12
Loved the ending with Cloe...She is sweet and hot.....Drake u lucky bastard!!!!

CTSharp13 2012.08.11
cloe and katy are both so hot, makes for amazing replay value

digbicksallday 2012.08.11
has to be one of my favorite lop games, good story, greeeaaat chicks and fun to play

loginokj 2012.08.11
commenting should be at the top of the page and not reload the page

peroxidos 2012.08.11
Another great great gamo from LOP. playing it all around to discover all the endings.

twister2496 2012.08.10
this game is great just like the rest of the LoP games, you just can`t go wrong with these

3Xter 2012.08.08
very well game and fine graphics.

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

jaybot21 2012.08.06
Good game for the most part and as usual the graphics are well done.

OSIRISNYDER 2012.08.05
loved the game grate graphic and hot chicks

moderater 2012.08.04
the music in the game is great

mapcabra 2012.08.02
it`s a very good game and the girls look pretty
also ilove the graphics

ImrtlWolf 2012.08.02
very enjoyable game i do wish there were more interactive options though

Carni 2012.08.01
Good game but there should be a possibility to do Cloe anal and of course audio effects within the game!
Nevertheless, good game!

BigD63 2012.07.30
LOP never fails to impress

Starry777 2012.07.29
Great game, nice graphics and good storyline.

alguem123 2012.07.29
exelent game, with goo grapics and great story

fodasse 2012.07.28
awesome girls, great story! wonderful game that just needs some debugging!

vin87cent 2012.07.28

riverrock 2012.07.27
I really wish their was a threesome ending.

rskibbe 2012.07.25
wow I ill still try to win these games yet

chief007 2012.07.23
i really love all the LOP games....this game is also very hot..really nice plot and girls.;]

fnhoon 2012.07.23
chloe ending so much hotter

elton.alex 2012.07.20
Great game can`t stop playing

gr0mek 2012.07.20
both girls... oh, so sexy, but Cloe`s ending much better

swagnific 2012.07.16
dating chloe just had to be achieved. great adventure great girls and Brain? `Smooth`

sfalke 2012.07.13
Please help me. I can`t find the end with cloe.
If anybody has a walktrough please give it to me. thx

plato27 2012.07.10
this is one of the best, should be continued!

crugh2112 2012.07.08
You have to take your time with this one to get through all of the scenarios. Good adventure.

pleasureboy 2012.07.04
not bad just hard to figure out

bigdick97 2012.07.03
man oh man there was nothing wrong with this game 100 percent

me2409 2012.07.03
awesome game. great graphics and hot girls

snowdoan 2012.07.01
i love this game not cause "sex", i love it cause the story of game is so cute!

robd_7 2012.06.30
Love this game and trying to get all the endings!

jamsterkk 2012.06.30
great game with awesome graphics and great 3d support

Killa00 2012.06.28
A top tier game with everything you can ask for.

kyai 2012.06.26
1 of my Fav`s, really stunning both storylines and players :)
GREAT !! Thx a lot & Keep Up Ur Good Works, G`Day

Ryxros346 2012.06.25
the game was cool and i love the endings but i wish there wer more endings for cloe. i like her very much. wish lessonofpassion will make more great games

Allfather88 2012.06.24
this game wasretty good with good graphics and great girls thx

anteantic 2012.06.19
great game one of my favourites

1179g 2012.06.19
I like Katy & Cloe alot great bodies & lots of action

hpl 2012.06.18
Nice game, with lots of ending and nice graphics. I cant decide, What girl is hotter :P

anadu2012 2012.06.18
very good graphics and animations

Asyraaf11 2012.06.18
i realize that all lesson of passion games are great and have good graphics.

Asyraaf11 2012.06.18
it was a good game... and graphics were good too. this was my second time playing though.

surfkungen 2012.06.17
Very sexy girls and good graphics

craigc 2012.06.13
Katy was easy to get to fuck, but choloe she is so complicated, does anybody know how to seduce her? By the way when you get to the part on fingering Katy`s pussy you move the mouse around to make the meter go up

rickynewbie 2012.06.13
great games.. awesome girl.. i really like cloe :D shes hot

rickynewbie 2012.06.13
this game has a great animation.. but so many option to choose,, im kinda confused -__-

hoptita 2012.06.12
good graphics and gameplay, very nice girl

Nappo 2012.06.11
very hot girls and a nice gameplay. funny interface

otaivirus 2012.06.11
please don`t let me out of this game

EROS_013 2012.06.09
loving all your adventure games ..

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.09
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

yungjinx 2012.06.09
the game had great options between the two girls but lacked in dialogue

darkwow 2012.06.09
wow, i definitely liked the 2 girls 2 paths aspect, really fun

Codot 2012.06.09
I Really Like it this Game
Very Nice

funguy1686 2012.06.05
great game.. Hot girls and plenty of story options.

thomaskia 2012.06.02
Awsome game as most LOP games.

SlickGamerPS3 2012.06.01
awesome gameplay really amazing graphics and animation

Soul Assassin 2012.05.30
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

Artie21 2012.05.28
i wish this one has the following episode

digbicksallday 2012.05.27
my favorite game by far.... needs sound effects tho :/

KDGRfm 2012.05.26
i love the styling of the women and the game play is well done

bahamut86 2012.05.26
Great grafic and story! Very hoy girls

Akash82 2012.05.25
nice game, good choice between blonde and black haired women :)

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

rockd01 2012.05.24
story is good but its too short

Jokke 2012.05.24
Lesson of Passion have the games with the best graphics. Very good games with mutiple endings. HOT

deathb4disorder 2012.05.24
Graphics are nice, story is ok, and isnt too long or too short. 8.7 of 10 from me. My only real complaint is there is basically zero replay value after you get the 2 main endings.

gabotalks 2012.05.22
great game,i think its the best ive played so far

ReinoGol 2012.05.20
Nice graphic great gilrs.....really really great

gjohnson 2012.05.20
Great game! One of the best on this site...at least so far :)

ap_bhoot 2012.05.19
one of the best game which i have ever played

roni@cox 2012.05.17
Decent game, good graphics, love the different possible outcomes! very enjoyable game! keep up the good work!!!

Giexa 2012.05.11
nice game. graphics are awesome, as always

MummyLove 2012.05.09
Cool game, the animation is very well done, and Cloe is very hot chicken.

adejean12211221 2012.05.07
fun game. nice and long just like me

inamo 2012.05.06
animated endings are great! really like how cloe ends up talking dirty

royro2011 2012.05.06
love the graphic and good ending

alamn 2012.05.05
Great game! The conversations with the characters are good and the sex scenes are fun and well animated. Shame there isn`t a threesome with both girls, but with their different personalities, that just wasn`t going to happen!

alamn 2012.05.05
really really great game!!!!!!gonna play again next time for sure!

ChaosDMNS 2012.05.04
The game bugged at the nightclub after talking to Cloe, suddenly I was at the club with Katy.
But I just had to get to the point where you can talk to all three, and then just talk to Cloe again, and then dance with her. and we`re back on track.

lgarthy 2012.05.04
I LOVE the LOP games, but this one is one of my two favorites (this and Tori500). Chloe is the hottest LOP girl EVER! More Chloe!!! thanks!

likemeornot 2012.05.04
Very good game nice and easy

mikemike99009 2012.05.02
this game is so easy and fun

darrian10 2012.05.02
good but not great.. less sec scenes

reyuba 2012.05.02
really really great game!!!!!!gonna play again next time for sure!

DF12 2012.04.30
Love The Story And The Girls Are So Hot.

domo098 2012.04.27
lop always has great graphics, storylines, and games in general

lilrascal 2012.04.26
really good game took a while tho

ynhg 2012.04.26
I mean the graphic is perfect and especially they are awesome

blz 2012.04.25
Good gameplay and animation.

freakout 2012.04.25
Good game, cloe is hot and the choices were easy. didnt have to replay 5 times just to get a decent ending. High quality graphics.

acedragon 2012.04.24
Hot, sexyness, awesome graphics, what more can i ask for in a game

beckem007 2012.04.23
click here was kinda annoying other than that nice game

Hotspur 2012.04.22
Great game! The conversations with the characters are good and the sex scenes are fun and well animated. Shame there isn`t a threesome with both girls, but with their different personalities, that just wasn`t going to happen!

bigbellend7 2012.04.21
A nice game to play. Chat the girls properly and get to ending 5 for hot sex.

spixen 2012.04.18
This game is really great!

MADDRUMMER 2012.04.17
good game with nice graphics

DAN24 2012.04.17
Cloe was so hot in this and the bathroom scene was great

urbich 2012.04.15
Good story,good graphic,good game.

XiaLeeTong 2012.04.14
Great way to show both the naughty and nice in people. Great storyline and it feels like each title gets better as the games come

mider55 2012.04.13
Awesome game, just took a little while to get the exact option down.

skcris 2012.04.13
love chloe ending she was always passionate and really hot

kinou21 2012.04.12
another awesome entry, as usual. like other LOP games, it could use more options and endings, but whats delivered is immensely enjoyable

ben763070 2012.04.12
this game is fucking hot and sexy

logical 2012.04.11
really nice game
like to fuck two

csaszi1 2012.04.09
Ttook a long time to figure out everything. Challenging game.

TanmoyDas 2012.04.08
Good graphics and plenty of endings. I really liked it. Got all the endings.

bigdaddy05 2012.04.07
really good game got all the endings.

yaomingcousin 2012.04.06
Great game. Really like all the different endings and all the in game options.

bobytt 2012.04.06
Really nice game, i loved both ends :)

longdrag 2012.04.05
Love the graphics and the girls. Definately a good game to spend some time on...now if I could only get all the endings.

Ryan 1222 2012.04.04
This game is Very cool with the good graphics. Messed up at first but now love it.

Keesxxx 2012.04.04
Hot girls. a bit easy though

mystery743 2012.04.04
this game is awesome!!!!!!! i have played it many times!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a VERY good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

akp_007 2012.04.03
Another game that has me addicted to finding all of the possible endings.

Sebastian211 2012.04.02
Very good sequal for 1st part. graphix r good as usual and "story" goes on well.

ddog978 2012.04.01
this game took awhile but was worth it

phillip20 2012.03.31
got ending no 1, 4 more to get

1179g 2012.03.31
I like both of the girls Katy & Cloe enjoyed the different endings

VD13 2012.03.31
another awesome entry, as usual. like other LOP games, it could use more options and endings, but whats delivered is immensely enjoyable

mattmc68 2012.03.30
the game has good graphics and plenty of endings. I really liked it.

sensationfromtheappalachian 2012.03.30
This game was fun. I like this series cause it has an actual story and isn`t just random sex for no reason.

sam00spade 2012.03.30
Best game on site.. especially the blonde in stockings!

sam00spade 2012.03.30
One of my favorite games. The graphics are great as well as the gameplay

otherguy 2012.03.28
Awesome game! so many options.

murej 2012.03.28
Fun game and great girls. Need to find out more endings

u2man69 2012.03.24
Petty good, kind of short though. Love having multiple endings.

ike121951 2012.03.23
fun game all endings are easily achieved with a little imagination

jojofish 2012.03.22
Cool , I wish I had one like this :(

XenoFAPS 2012.03.20
I loved all the scenes they were so incredible

John G 2012.03.19
Really like these games with a plot twist.

Speedy369 2012.03.18
Good game and graphics. Love the girls

Vellu 2012.03.18
Good graphics and animation

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

aade007 2012.03.15
The best game i have ever played

madman1954 2012.03.13
Really enjoyed the games with all the different endings....hope you add a threesome to it....with the two girls that is....still really good game :)~

gr3yf0x 2012.03.13
One of my favorite games, Grapichs are also great

dreefyfr 2012.03.13
I love the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zupaman 2012.03.13
Cloe is incredibly sexy in the first costume

moron687 2012.03.13
a great game i loved it

chanandlerbong 2012.03.11
I think I`m in love with Chloe.

derda 2012.03.11
another graet game and hope there is more to come and other great games

milesex 2012.03.10
Exceptional graphics as usual for PF1 :). Dialogue and characters are witty as usual but seemed to be too divided along good -Chloe and naughty - Katy. Also hope for the fantasy of them both, but great game nonetheless.

mctaco king 2012.03.09
One of my favorite games. The graphics are great as well as the gameplay

renegadewolf 2012.03.09
Also a fantastic game, one of my favorites.

zaguna 2012.03.08
Second best game on site.. especially the blonde in stockings... holy crap!!

Ajam97 2012.03.08
this game is so hot
the girls are sexy
and the game play is good

espadax 2012.03.07
i got this off the 15 diamonds page at the bottom , click to check out more games like this one

Dansama92 2012.03.07
The game was awesome and I liked all the different endings.

luga141 2012.03.07
Game is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

talibum 2012.03.06
Nice game. I found it hard to get a good ending though. Its annoying when you have to follow a very strict path.

nauman.ali11 2012.03.05
so realistic
like real jerking

JL_Beast 2012.03.04
Love the way the blonde looks naked...really realistic

richard6541 2012.03.03
so amazin and them gurls r fine ass hell also great graphics u can see the creater spent time on this

Kevo550 2012.03.02
Animation not so great.. storyline was cool and cloe was sexy!!

mayne 2012.03.02
The excitement keeps getting greater. Your doing a damn good job people. Love the creation of the girls and the fun it gives me and my lady. :)

laimbob 2012.03.02
good game with nice graphics, so far have gotten two of the many endings

unlimited 2012.03.01
what a great game. sex in the toilett (mmf) and blindfolded on the bed. great!

optimus_laurence 2012.02.29
nice game.cool graphics!! I like it!! it`s hot.

optimus_laurence 2012.02.29
nice game.cool graphics!! I like it!!

catrider55746 2012.02.28
great game two hot chicks chloe is hotter

xshadowgamerx22 2012.02.28
Good game, I`d prefer more options with the girls like take Cloe into the bathroom and double team her instead of just Katy

tiny87 2012.02.28
great! hot girls plus nice animation and graphic!!! more ladies plz

macky14 2012.02.28
great graphics, and good gameplay...maybe a bit more environment interaction between dialogue would be nice, or even a little bit longer total gameplay...still worth going again for the different story lines

420stickyleaf 2012.02.28
really good game great graphics

metalhornyguy 2012.02.27
this game is sooo amezing. The grafic and everything. One of the best games here!

iwantithot645 2012.02.26
both girls are smokin hot but the chloe takes the cake. she looks better at the party anyways.

boop 2012.02.24
gotta love the choice you can make blonde brunette

DaKidder 2012.02.22
By far my favourite game. Storylines are awesome, & gameplay is smooth and well done

nono69 2012.02.22
this games is very good! i like it!
as most LOP games, girls looks good and story is fine.

Rauhe 2012.02.22
Its a bit much i know but a mean scene with the two main girls would be nice

ohwtflol 2012.02.22
Good game, bit disappointing there`s no threesome with the two girls though?

Dravish 2012.02.22
i`ve gone through the katy sequence and that was pretty good, but i have no idea how to get anywhere with Cloe...anyone know how to get to the stage where you get her in the taxi?

J.R 2012.02.21
are there anymore. i love the grafics

thinlwin 2012.02.20
good ending game.graphic is nice.

babysexy 2012.02.20
this games is more give quality than but quantity but it`s nic graph

andaru 2012.02.20
The contrast of Chloe vs. Katy is well done. I thought Chloe was more believable.

iisonroids 2012.02.20
The girls in this game are just gorgeous and the graphics are amazing!!

mcgooner 2012.02.18
perfect game absolutely loved the graphics and story are great. cloe is by far the best.

Thumper_1 2012.02.17
Loved this one. Can`t wait to go back and see if I can seduce Katy, easy as she is. lol

sexyslut2012 2012.02.17
this is a nice game i really in joyed it.

lumiere3188 2012.02.17
I love Chloe more than any of the other females in the series because she`s a dark haired brunette and very hot

hornyjay1 2012.02.16
Great story line and ability to choose how it goes, great animation 8/10

Mike77 2012.02.16
This is one of my favorite games here. Really nice graphics, good dialogs and different endings. Very good!

pioste 2012.02.16
That game was my first in LoP. And so nice graphic and textes i wasnt expected

clitgameanytime 2012.02.16
cloe so nice i wish i carried on

luxnar 2012.02.15
very hot game, nice detailes

ben12 2012.02.15
awsome game and nice graphics

conner99x 2012.02.13
Great game, love both girls. Even like the soundtrack, but it could use maybe one more loop somewhere.

edisonj 2012.02.12
amzaing game I hope there is part 2 in near future, both of the girls are so acctractive

novo1987 2012.02.12
wow! I mean.... wow! It took forever to find Keisha`s special ending, but totally worth it!nice game play but i wish it can be longer and do both of them at the same time

paeanoah 2012.02.12
good gameplay n nice story for everyone

chrisa 2012.02.12
nice game..really great grafics.

deadludwig 2012.02.11
Impressively done. Plenty of replay value, the poser models are fairly well done. The dialogue could use some tightening up in spots.

parasauras 2012.02.11
The blonde is so hot. The brunette is sexy. Great game

saas 2012.02.10
I have a very pleasant time playing this.

Great game but i couldn`t get the ending with cloe????

sansantenna 2012.02.09
It`s almost too short, but maybe that`s because what is there is so good.

marcel1970 2012.02.08
another joyfull game...loved playing it :))

Akira_Joe 2012.02.08
Amazing graphics, unique characters and a fairly good story. Can be a little more action, but is generally satisfactory. Bravo for the work.

1poop1 2012.02.07
This is by far one of my favorite games...pretty girls

Bigdreamer 2012.02.07
I have a very pleasant time playing this. Good graphics, good girls. good game

jcauthern 2012.02.06
Great game! challenging to get all of the endings. I still need one more, I am hoping it is with both girls!

CasteL 2012.02.06
nice animation, gr8 graphic & gamplay, will have to play it a few times for all the endings..

steele123 2012.02.05
wish there were more games like this

Rajkumarmalhotra 2012.02.05
Both girls are hot. How about letting Chloe lose the blindfold during sex. Maybe a threesome with Katy and Chloe

sss1233 2012.02.05
nice game..really great grafics.

cfriasb 2012.02.01
Good game nice actions... wish there was a threesome wherein you could have both girls

betelgeuse49 2012.02.01
FINALLY - got the blasted arousal meter to move. No real logic to it - just depends exactly where you move the hand and when you pause it seems. Pretty rubbish game play and although the characters are nicely rendered the animation is pathetic. Seriously bad - just alternates between two key frames all the time. No variation and totally unerotic. Half the time they don`t even look properly placed compared to the background. Much better games on here. Don`t understand why people are raving so much about the LOP games.

playforcegeoff 2012.02.01
the game is very good and very hot. hmmm, i like !!!

anandcrazy 2012.01.29
Amazing Plot . Good Graphics.. Competitive to make the girl convince and have sex..

DevilDST 2012.01.29
not bad a little short great graphics and hot girls

adultmt 2012.01.28
Lots of paths, not to tough, lots of hot action.

zabionicsis 2012.01.27
Good concept. it feels a little short to me though. Mabey make it a little longer.

Barendd 2012.01.27
Good game nice actions... wish there was a threesome wherein you could have both girls

Jizzgar 2012.01.26
Excellent game, played it A LOT of times and got all the endings, LOVED IT! Graphics are brilliant and animation and gameplay are just outstanding. 6 star for this one!

Djshadow13 2012.01.26
i like thats you could have eather or on the hot girls in the story. great game!

jpsacrey 2012.01.26
great game, great graphics and hot girls

trunks172001 2012.01.26
Amazing game from the LOP Series. The girls are amazing!!

raikkon 2012.01.25
Good game i like it got to try all other ending though

John G 2012.01.25
Love the game but still trying to all of the endings.,

jackee88888 2012.01.24
gameplay, graphics, animations are good

deadozzy 2012.01.24
well worth the time to play.

israfeli 2012.01.23
I`m unable to progress past the first stage of arousal with chloe in the taxi..

betelgeuse49 2012.01.23
Still haven`t figured out why I can`t get any reaction from the arousal progress bar when in the Taxi with Chloe. Cursor is the hand icon ok and have tried moving it all over the place, with and without mouse buttons held down but still no joy. Can anyone help PLEASE? It is only the LOP games I have problems with so I don`t understand why these arent working. As the LOP website doesn`t offer any help I`m reliant on thos ethat have played the game to tell me either where I am going wrong or suggest why my browser (IE9 with latest flash player) isn`t working with this game.

gazougazougazou 2012.01.22
Cloe`s adventure is a good one, but gee I love Katy. I would do her everything she wants. Great game, I loved

sexybi 2012.01.22
I keep getting the same ending, help me pls

sexybi 2012.01.22
Hooray, I fanilly reached one of my endings

lauren1096 2012.01.21
Very entertainment game who made me have a good spending time

John G 2012.01.21
Great game-play but STILL trying to get all endings.

Semnick 2012.01.20
Veru good game, but a litle hard to play I think

erumpent 2012.01.20
This is a fun game with pretty realistic dialog and reasonably realistic and involved sex scenes.

sex girl in a world 2012.01.20
it is great for me be becouse me and my boyfriend do like this

McGowne4win 2012.01.20
The game is really well made but the limited choices really brought this game a bit. The graphics are good and the animation is decent but there are games I would rather play over this one.

Snowieee 2012.01.19
Great story and I like the different endings!

bachferguson97 2012.01.19
the girls are great, and the contents is interesting

Renath 2012.01.19
Great Game with very hot Girls very beautiful animations scene:)

ben_500 2012.01.19
great game, good graphics, nice story...and chloe is really hot...i hope 4 another game with her

bigbubba97 2012.01.19
One of the best games on here.

thundertim22 2012.01.18
it`s a great game with good graphics ;P

Bigballerj 2012.01.18
great game, great graphics and hot girls

Diaspar 2012.01.17
One of the best games i played here

xpiorixp 2012.01.17
Grest Game, Lovely girl, good ending! Perfect new game!

betelgeuse49 2012.01.17
Can roam the hand icon all over Chloe when in the taxi but get no reaction from her or the progress bar up the left side of the screen. Most of the other games work ok and detect mouse movement and clicks, but not these LOP ones. Presumably some browser or flash setting needs a tweak. Anyone suggest a fix?

xSnipingGloryx 2012.01.15
i wish there was a way to fuck both of the girls

gardelis 2012.01.14
great game.but how can i have a threesome with both girls?

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
very cool game with hot girls

Tantalus 2012.01.13
Fun game. It`s nice to find one where both the girlfriend and the slut are just a bit more fleshed out. Not that i`m expecting depth from a game like this (though i would consider it a necessity for a longer one), but a little back story never hurts. The epilogues are a nice touch too

timoow16 2012.01.13
Hot girls and good story line. Great game.

Andrew64 2012.01.12
This game was amazing, but very difficult. You can only miss about 1 dialouge choice to succeed.

Guillaume 2012.01.11
Interesting story. Quality graphics. A very good game.

repoort 2012.01.10
one the best dating games. nice storyline and graphics. Loved to figure out the endings. There could be some more alternatives in the sex scenes, when you get there its pretty straight forward. The scenes on the toilette are great, nice idea. What i don`t like so much is this flash interactive stuff where you have to move the mouse the whole time and so on

JohnDoeCRO 2012.01.10
Staggering game! Loved it!

RougeRivers 2012.01.09
great game beautiful graphics and storyline

azzoking2 2012.01.09
great game liked all of it

altres 2012.01.08
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

bryanmoo54 2012.01.08
im impressed... great graphics

max.humbert 2012.01.07
Wow! that was one of the best!

bprince 2012.01.07
Good game but needs more endings. Maybe a threesome?

Thracian 2012.01.07
Good game...great graphics hard thou

Marinois13 2012.01.06
great one. very hot and fun

stemctost 2012.01.06
great game but i think that the story is short

darkmax29 2012.01.05
it was a good and nice game

Acessedlight 2012.01.05
graphics are really good but this game is really difficult

aliskiren 2012.01.05
it is very good to choose that blonde slut;) The ending is more interesting;)

turk 2012.01.05
fun game good graphics. THese are the cool games to play. ready for some new ones.

fffvsdsf 2012.01.04
The graphics were great.

oxx 2012.01.04
I got two endings for Cloe and was not interested in other girl; after Cloe she seemed like leftovers.

l33tmaster 2012.01.03
great game but ending number two was depressing

nytroj23 2012.01.03
Excellent passion one game!

mafsuas-3 2012.01.03
Sometimes a little difficult. But I love it.

fucku123 2012.01.03
it`s great game, the girls are GORGEOUS
love this game

golu8884 2012.01.02
nice game got all endings

mad_mike15 2012.01.01
great game with good graphics, Chloe is hot!

FraterBusujima 2012.01.01
One of my favourite.... there is choice and mystery about the scenes

LaPointe 2012.01.01
I love this one. This game is just amazing :)

king 98 2011.12.31
This is the best game. super story and graphic

wootyguy 2011.12.30
i just wanna play this over and over again just great gameplay

hightide79 2011.12.30
Quite hard.. kept on getting ending no3... not bad though!

wootyguy 2011.12.29
gameplays good as usual and just nicely hard

HornyFuck69 2011.12.29
However, I sort of get stuck with wooing Chloe!! Someone help???

HornyFuck69 2011.12.29
great gameplay, great graphics and a killer story line...

moondogg132 2011.12.29
i love the story line and the girls

sexy_bouy 2011.12.29
this game is simply awesome!!!

Seppo_ 2011.12.28
One of the best games in here

brit_man33 2011.12.28
Great game. I need to go back and explore the other endings though.

fallenangel48 2011.12.27
really cool game... i love the animation

deVries 2011.12.25
one of the best games i have tyed in here, its awsome!

Darren Tran 2011.12.25
great game awesome details bythe way its soo life like great game

seifered2011 2011.12.24
Awesome game as most LOP games

drkhalo 2011.12.23
Animation was great i love it

jack322 2011.12.23
Game looks really interesting. I like it but see it almost like a prototype for some new ideas. I love that there is some sound and that the girls expression can change. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

sam00spade 2011.12.22
Great game love the scenes! Graphics are great too

snow01 2011.12.22
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

tornfromhope 2011.12.22
Great game, I really appreciate this ending with Katy and Damian- threesome, it`s so hooot :D

chech 2011.12.21
Excellent game, the girls are so hot!

Dersrtedmax1 2011.12.21
pretty simple but didnt get a much things out of it

snow01 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

Sebastian118 2011.12.21
great game, but it is a little to short, I wish that it would be a little longer

Xerox24 2011.12.21
exllent the best game i played yet i should play part 2 anyway?

ballindawg 2011.12.19
great animation, graphics, gameplay and I even love the music god my head bopping I got all 5 endings and for those who don`t get cloe I urge you to try to

krosyap 2011.12.18
this is one of my favorite playforceone games. :) it`s really great and the girls are both so pretty and hot!

sexykiller 2011.12.18
good graphics and gameplay

pg7 2011.12.18
game play, graphics, animations are awesome

pg7 2011.12.18
game play, graphics, animations are nice
loved everything

Devil007 2011.12.18
This is an awesome game.... with great graphics

coeman3 2011.12.18
good graphics and animation

redlight 2011.12.18
The graphics and the story line are terriic a real challenge

sexlovr12369 2011.12.17
this is a great game and i love the graphics

Ralador 2011.12.17
very nice game loved the story but i cant seem to get the chick with the black hair

John G 2011.12.15
Really great graphics but another game that could use some sound.

sexman0121 2011.12.15
Amazing graphics and incredible outcomes. so far i have 3 and i cant wait to find out the others

Zac74 2011.12.15
awesome game and graffic is good

ucok02 2011.12.14
cool game, i like the endings, i got all of them. :D

lalalal 2011.12.14
quite complicated but nice graphic

harry23 2011.12.14
girls are sexy best endings by far in this game nnever done the one with katy tho

grenadeboy05 2011.12.14
This is probably one of my favorite games. I really like the storyline, although in the end, I really wish that there was no blindfold while having sex with cathy*? Really good game though, Keep it up!

nightwalker69 2011.12.13
WOW.......great game...interesting storyline....love it

energy8883 2011.12.11
This was really awesome game...!!!

tjpja 2011.12.11
the best game in this site

knightrider 2011.12.10
lve the gameplay and the graphics but i wish it was longer

drew330 2011.12.10
this game let me do what i thought wasnt possible back in in highschool, have a 3some. lol

cherryman 2011.12.09
great game, lots of different choices

sexrex77 2011.12.09
great, with many possibilities, i like it a lot

wanturbod 2011.12.09
Both girls very hot, but Cloe my favorite. nice option choices and endings.

Sumanta 2011.12.07
great game game endings are well graphics well

jesusbig 2011.12.07
the game was good,i passed the party.

John G 2011.12.07
Fun outcomes with different endings.

ANinja 2011.12.07
Varied and interesting. Recommended!

suckdboobs 2011.12.06
a nice game with some sexy girls

coooool 2011.12.06
aaawesome game. this is my second favourite after dirty pictures. cloe is the hottest after alice.just want more games like this.

Chon11 2011.12.05
Clean Graphics - Great Dialogue!!

Beautiful Female Characters to boot - This is a 95/100!

John G 2011.12.05
Really good game but yet another one that needs at least SOME live action and sound.

teski 2011.12.05
great game, i ve love it.

Hroft8888 2011.12.05
really great graphics i reallly enjoyed the game

liverpool726 2011.12.05
awesome game loved the difficulty

sexyBBW 2011.12.03
awesome games love them, they turn me on!

TheXeroxBrother 2011.12.03
awesome game and graffic is good

Xerox375 2011.12.03
this game has good quality

cbruno 2011.12.03
Great game.. loved the challenge...

-Crank- 2011.12.03
ohh great game nice graphics and nice babes all ending are goood

Rob14 2011.12.02
Fantastic game great gameplay and graphics awesome

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

daykeyris 2011.12.01
I LIKE THIS GAME, whats not to like, hot girls with killer bodies,multiple endings, its sexy as hell.

erital 2011.12.01
Really cool game one of my favorites

bobkumquat 2011.12.01
cloe is hard! but other than that really good, loved the blindofld

bobkumquat 2011.12.01
really good, loved the multiple endings

morehead4life 2011.11.30
love this game very good graphics

Falader 2011.11.30
Very nice graphics and so many choices.
Love these styled games.

liverpool726 2011.11.30
love this game, girls are so hot

JJ A 2011.11.30
High quality games!!many open final,good characters and interesting story!!Good work

eddy1904 2011.11.30
never get bored we play everyday

eddy1904 2011.11.30
i want a girl like them. really good for guy.

eddy1904 2011.11.30
whao..i wanna get in there..

eddy1904 2011.11.30
really make me high when they have sex

eddy1904 2011.11.30
Its really amazing game. Make me feel closed to them. like real.

lovexx 2011.11.28
The graphics are great! I really liked the story and all the different endings!

FUCK ME NOW 2011.11.28
i stuck during the blowjob, crap

Saarland 2011.11.28
nice game i really love it

2008DOG 2011.11.27
i have with the action games

2008DOG 2011.11.27
i like my profile and friends

2008DOG 2011.11.27
the date with simon was awsome

2008DOG 2011.11.27
i like playing the teas games

forget 2011.11.27
The best one ever!!
Cloe is still not that hot as another girl.... the another one is so much better althought she`s slut but sad case that both of them separate....

letsseego 2011.11.27
chloe was so hot in this game.... katy was hot too but her sluttiness made her less attractive :( game was easy and only took 1 or 2 tries to get best ending with chloe :)

This was interesting...sex with a blind fold ha thought I done it all.

Kalan 2011.11.26
Sex without the blindfold would be cool

27 2011.11.26
im stuck on the dancing part

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

cyclonic 2011.11.25
Needs more endings! I really wanted to take Katy home for more nasty anal, also opening Cloe up and making her more of a slut in the bedroom would be fun too.

overmind815 2011.11.25
i like it very much . hope i can find the girl like her

JUDE17R 2011.11.24
The game play was great, graphic and animation were awesome.

blueclouds00 2011.11.24
this game`s good! two girls you can choose.

jimbo385 2011.11.23
Game is fucking awesome, makes me sooo hard

mcee 2011.11.23
the endings are pretty nice

mcee 2011.11.23
really great graphics i reallly enjoyed the fame

temp47588 2011.11.23
great graphics, stimulating game. A must play.

flightlover 2011.11.23
good game cant find one of the endings though

stangdriver44 2011.11.23
Good game with great girls

gizmoguide 2011.11.23
Its a good game but i can`t figure all the endings

magegrid 2011.11.22
i can`t get all the endings, what am i missing?

fuck101 2011.11.22
just cant get all the endings

Keeler 2011.11.21
Pretty good! Great quality like all other LOP games as usual!

rofe01 2011.11.21
I realy like the blond girl, nice game

JTAnimal 2011.11.20
amazing and very sexy. one of my favorites

relentless19 2011.11.20
One of my fav`s on here. great graphics, great girls.

henrisopretty 2011.11.20
loved the game played it several times and still hasn`t got old nice graphics good gameplay

IVANsh 2011.11.20
Very good game with very good graphics...

Ubber1 2011.11.20
Great game love the ideas of this game, great graphics.

barbe 2011.11.19
Nice game and sexy hot ladies.

fantome 2011.11.18
Recommendation; go for chloe. Be the good guy!

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
Excellent very good game and lots of endings really enjoyed this one. Graphics and sound ok to

Reinhart 2011.11.17
I love the multiple endings, definitely played through a few times.

marcdorcel 2011.11.17
super game, nice graphics and animation

plui003 2011.11.16
very nice games indeed... brilliant graphics as always from LOP

HarSlan 2011.11.16
Very good game...Fun to play...Nice girls and good endings

Drachen5ARG 2011.11.16
Great graphics in the game. the girls are sexxy as all can be. Was not a very hard game to play at all.

rafaelbr2232 2011.11.16
great game with a good history

Davidafyfe 2011.11.15
Pretty good game. Nice graphics, well drawn. A challenge to unlock all the endings!

texasviper77089 2011.11.15
game was enjoyable very ggod graphics wish you could devolpe a game for the foot fetish guys

dude101 2011.11.15
The gameplay was good but i wish there was a way to get both girls and have a threesome with them

Sexiboi180 2011.11.14
Entertaining game with many different endings, and two gorgeous girls :)

elishacuthbert 2011.11.14
I liked the variety of girls, and the questions were good -- not too challenging, but fun. Being breast-oriented, I would have liked all of the girls to be topless in their sex scenes, but that`s greedy of me.

geppetto17 2011.11.14
Wonderful game, a lot of options! there`s a way for a threesome?

Snake2905 2011.11.13
The contrast in this game is cool. You have a girl who`s typical slut and other classy girl which isn`t slut at all but hot in bed none the less :)

NoctisXDante 2011.11.13
Awsome game with a cool story

Krueger 2011.11.13
Awesome graphics and story. I enjoyed this game a lot. I like having sex with the slut in the club`s toilet. It was awesome. This game is really really good.

paparockroll 2011.11.13
i have played this game for like 4 times but i always get the same ending,and i think it is the worst ending too

roundtheworld 2011.11.13
GREAT GAME! Good story and graphics. I got two of the endings and I think I"ll keep trying until I get the rest.

dylan69 2011.11.13
cool game with some extreamly fit girls

lokot 2011.11.13
Got all the endings. Both girls are amazing. Toilet was really nice

jpsacrey 2011.11.13
Tried my hand at all 5 endings :) Great game with amazing graphics - one of the best in terms of visuals. The storyline is good as well with the girls staying true to their characters` personalities.

nunofakir 2011.11.12
I Game is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.

that`s my oppinion

singer123 2011.11.12
awesome game with great story line, i loved the 5th ending

Lippi1983 2011.11.12
Very good game...Fun to play...Nice girls and good endings

frost6 2011.11.11
Tried my hand at all 5 endings :) Great game with amazing graphics - one of the best in terms of visuals. The storyline is good as well with the girls staying true to their characters` personalities. Could have been better with different sound fx though

abraxis012 2011.11.11
Nice game,with great animation.Requires sound though.

djj9tra 2011.11.11
it cool i like the fact that you can choose between to girls

tnystr0674 2011.11.10
I wish there was a way to get both girls at the end!! Either way, the animation and the graphics are pretty cool!!

dodooooo 2011.11.10
this game is great graphic

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Ezio123 2011.11.10
Love this game sooo much. one of the best on this site

other91 2011.11.10
There needs to be a 3way option

Dave Yelich 2011.11.10
The girls are super and scenario as well! There should be more games like this one! D.

amigochen 2011.11.10
awesome game good gameplay and nice grafics

Decidedly Fishy 2011.11.10
Great fun. I love all the different choices and subsequent endings.

Flotok 2011.11.09
hot game but i hate the sex scenes

oODexyOo 2011.11.09
Very good game...Fun to play...Nice girls and good endings

zeromish 2011.11.09
love this wonderfull game you guys should play it forever

Crazysexman 2011.11.09
A really good quality game

petep11 2011.11.09
maybe lose the tatoo. or have an option to block certain things like tats and piercings

keasha11 2011.11.09
a nice game to try, smoothly ended

ayon243 2011.11.09
a nice game to try, smoothly ended

ZAguy 2011.11.09
Great game awesome endings

C.C. 2011.11.08
Cloe needs to lose the blindfold in ending five. Far too hot to hide.

ichiiixD1 2011.11.08
Great graphics, LOved the endings

MandingoTy 2011.11.08
Lots of fun, very sexy. Both girls are a great time. Is there an ending where you can have both?

blindman331 2011.11.07
Hot girls, blindfolds... need I say more? Awesome game!

Arcana3147 2011.11.07
Really good game ! Enjoy it !

xoxolove234 2011.11.07
good game but hard to get to all endings x

maniu 2011.11.06
really good game but can`t have both girls?

camhappy 2011.11.06
good branchin story line and well constructed graphics

lennert0345 2011.11.06
love this wonderfull game you guys should play it forever

luo0008 2011.11.05
mmmmmm a really short, but good story line to it nice!

jay2050 2011.11.04
fun to play and great action

castilho 2011.11.04
Game is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.

webtastec 2011.11.04
loved this game lots of fun but can get confusing

C.C. 2011.11.03
Both girls are great. Would love to see another adventure with a threesome with both.

T-Dawg 2011.11.03
Fantastic graphics, the story line is good to. Cloe is gourgeous.

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.03
interesting game but couldn`t reach a nice ending

rparadis 2011.11.03
this is a good one, very nice game play.

DragomirR 2011.11.02
nicce game i want to play the end the graphic and animation its great

menathol 2011.11.01
Solid game. Very fun. Love the animations.

preto_nharro 2011.11.01
very good, could use more fun oportunities before the party... ;)

asassin1011 2011.11.01
reallyhot game i love it one of my favorites

Pruts3r 2011.11.01
Guess this is one of my favourites. Both girls are stunnishing beautiful and the overall story is good. the graphics are awesome either.

Waaghi 2011.10.31
The game is good,the graphic is better.i like this game

jjwert 2011.10.31
One of the best games Yet!

Dark_1 2011.10.31
Awesome game. The responses that seemed to be expected caught me off guard a few times. The graphics are incredible. Top Notch!

Master1555 2011.10.31
Fun and fast game! Easy to play. Hot girls!

teju 2011.10.31
That game was really interesting and was really fun

sexyboyG 2011.10.30
why should the game reload once I leave a comment? That`s frustrating over a slower connection.

sexyboyG 2011.10.30
Why the hell should I have to scroll all the way down to the end of the page to be able to make a comment?

mordicus 2011.10.30
great graphics,cloe is hotter than katy ;)

jonygame 2011.10.28
is a good game more interesing and beautiful girls

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