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Passion Hotel


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Sidi78 2018.07.12
Nice graphics, great game, but endings not loading in and the bonus pics too..

bianca29 2018.07.09
Nice, but the Sex Scences are hard to play

maimun 2018.06.30
So how are you supposed to proceed after stripping her? Coz neither thigh stroking nor fingering affects her arrousal and I`m stuck

pancakeman29 2018.04.21
one of the oldest games here, quick and fun

Tomy722 2018.04.03
Super!!!!!!! These games are awesome because they go for a realistic kind of look, instead of an anime style for a change.

torres213 2018.02.06
It is an okayish game, I guess.rn

polo73 2018.01.25
good story line and graphics but to easy

KH4L1D 2017.12.18
This game is nice and not that hard which is good

anu992 2017.12.16
good quality and good graphiesrn

KH4L1D 2017.12.12
The game is absolutely good and it is also nice has a good storyline


panguache 2017.11.21
such an amazing game i really enjoy it.

Domenik 2017.10.25
Very good game. Nice graphics and animation.Easy one

BengerBang 2017.10.19
Not his best, but definitely good. Interactive scenes were a bit more difficult to control than usual, but not too bad. Good game overall

Tiodor 2017.10.09
Very good game. Love the graphics and animation.

kicker1223 2017.09.30
a great game and great graphicsrn

KitCarsen 2017.06.26
Fiddley with the rings and needs more path options but good graphics.

memeforce 2017.06.21
Great graphics! Enjoyed it!

RADOST89 2017.05.27
Good graphics, cool chick, but need more action

Poisoned 2017.05.05
The circles sucked. Otherwise fun game.

SexyLady42 2017.03.13
This is a descent game. Wish there were more path choices.

ianjames 2017.03.08
beautiful girl with a great body good graphics

bubi3375 2017.03.02
Oh yes......just a Motel and a Woman

bubi3375 2017.03.02
Is there a part two to this game?

Dolphyn 2017.02.24
While it`s a great idea, I had a really hard time after they into the room. I couldn`t get the dress pulled up... it`s rather aggravating

Lucifer1815 2017.02.09
Decent game but the story is a bit slow and the options are limited.

nbrahul 2016.11.16
great game, i really loved the girl and the graphics

bimbobaggins 2016.11.13
So badly written and boring

bimbobaggins 2016.11.13
Codes for artwork (case sensitive): emote, imago hocus, grape.

mlubbe562 2016.10.05
guys what is the secret code for the bonus artwork

alexander70 2016.07.28
Excellent graphics but very slow gameplay which is quite annoying.

Lesbianlover4534 2016.06.25
good game good graphics good story

KaraiShimoda 2016.06.03
Are there any additional codes? It feels that there could be 3 additional ones starting either with an A, a D or a G. Perhaps I`m wrong and it`s just the eight codes.

KaraiShimoda 2016.06.03
One of my favorite games, it`s one of the original games that brought me to this site. Also the storyline draws you into wanting to succeed.

divineunity 2016.06.01
Damn! Carry`s hot.. tanned body made me cum so hard :D

motherfucker12 2016.05.25
stuck at when i enter the hotel

yeas 2016.05.07
the girl in the game is amazing waiting for more such games

trailsman 2016.05.05
a fun play, good graphics, could be a little more graphic with the sex scene but shes hot

brettymac38 2016.04.28
Okay Game, could have been longer. The Graphics were awesome, could have used more endings.

Aaron2345 2016.04.27
It`s pretty good, hate the music wish there were sound affects instead

Ryantc 2016.02.28
i need to play this game over and over

cambridge4453 2016.02.03
story not a pleasant one; really wanted them to give up before anything happened

The_Illuminati 2016.01.18
Love this game,. Very hot.

rickyojhat 2016.01.15
Very good game made by lopteam

adragon707 2016.01.09
Super hot game. Well done!

FazeReagan 2016.01.03
Great graphics good storyline

LzKido_o 2015.12.05
Awesome game i love it.

bossofawsome 2015.11.21
This game is sexy, i like it

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
One of my favorites, a very good game.

guy moon 2015.10.22
awesome game,it was the best game i ever played

fuckballs 2015.10.13
Whoa dude, what a baller game this was. I liked the part where they had sex. It was neat.

SharkTailTank 2015.09.20
good story line and graphics

DESOUSA 2015.09.05
fun game , very addictive and has great graphics

DESOUSA 2015.09.05
pretty good fun game story and graphics

dono1234 2015.08.23
good game its easy to play

twotouch 2015.08.15
good game nice game play, good graphic`s

peter1678 2015.08.05
good game, easy to play, graphics are fine, but there should be more options to do things..

alanwake 2015.07.26
high level graphics, easy 2 play, like it...

SGrunge 2015.07.22
Nice little diversion. Love these games for acting out fantasies!!

Erand 2015.07.21
Old but golf, I guess hehehe. Since when this games were out there???

LordSlima 2015.07.16
ill give this hotel a 5 stars ***** and 5 more sexyness *****

alguien 2015.06.09
Great sexy game. Nice endings and nice graphics

mack6700 2015.06.03
not bad, It would be better if she didn`t seem so reluctant

dal00 2015.05.24
cool having both perspectives. i thought the sex animations were not as good as some other lop games but still good game

dhfghfhf 2015.05.17
This game has great graphics was one of the first games i`ve played quality s very good

elkhour 2015.05.03
nice game with multiple interactions

ostater69 2015.05.02
That white circle prompt is pretty bad

Firekiss 2015.04.25
A litile bit difficulty to control but still a good game

doncrue 2015.04.10
njoyable game, a little short but good ending

sexamaniac 2015.04.08
well didn`t have the ending I expected but it was fun

geminus123 2015.03.26
I really wanna play it again and again in other words its so very addictive

Zeblast 2015.03.16
good game and great story

pulz 2015.03.14
great no words to say..i ;ll try all ways ..great

pulz 2015.03.14
try & try my friends you can find the differ ways to enjoy life ..

pulz 2015.03.14
the best game i have played yet. wanna try to other ways to ending with her.. i love her..

pulz 2015.03.14
oops once i play this i cant control ..what a game..

darksector 2015.02.01
i wish there was sex sounds but in all still a great game

bicks26 2015.01.20
one of the best games on this site

jimbohones 2015.01.14
Mostly a fun game. Some of the dialogue is pretty poorly written/edited though.

frank37 2015.01.11
great game and good animation thought story a bit short

horny horner 2015.01.03
great but i found it a bit too hard :p

Cristiano R 2014.12.18
Really amazing graphics. Never see anything like this before

vanesska16ww 2014.11.26
Really good game and can someone post the walk through for the game

dadohl 2014.11.22
really nice game with good graphics

RP1212 2014.11.03
Brilliant game, but a bit short

Mr. bond 2014.11.02
great game loved the anal sex best anal sex game so far loved the finger with gell going in her ass

Shakma 2014.10.22
Great story, hot woman, so sexy, loved it.

Digiman 2014.09.22
Good sex scenes, game a bit short, could do with some more variables for different outcomes

domee37 2014.09.20
very nice sexy and fucking game. I loved the game.

pobre 2014.09.18
god game but i like to control more in sex

fcmetro 2014.09.12
took to long to load and it didnt read very well

guaxxx 2014.09.02
amazing game, but short

handsome007 2014.08.31
Great game, congrats to the lesson of passion team for yet another successful game,

anab 2014.08.29
this game fun and interactive.

darkridr25 2014.08.26
Excellent graphics. Much nicer variety of sexual positions. Not the best out there, but still rather nice.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.08.22
Mmmm yeah! I really liked this game.

Lcypher1234 2014.08.17
one of the original lessions of passion games and still interesting

judedski 2014.08.02
im stuck in this part where you have to put your pants off :(, nice game tho

rufo37 2014.08.01
short and enjoyable. easy to finish with pretty average graphics. I give it 5 out of 10

DieNowLeavEarth 2014.07.22
Not my favorite but it was okay. better graphics wouldve been nice

bitz94 2014.07.15
Excellent graphics but very slow gameplay which is quite annoying.

DavorDacho22 2014.07.10
i just love these girls so sexy animations are great

DrKink 2014.07.06
Great game if only a hotel like this existed in real life

grasshoppapron 2014.06.22
This one was ok; decent sex scenes with a hot girl, but no sfx and animations were fairly weak.

Mrak666 2014.06.01
I love this game!surprise ending!)

rand09 2014.05.28
this game was awsome, srry about the story line

HuhWhatWellOkay 2014.05.27
This game had a very gripping story - it was so gripping I was gripping my dick the whole way through

Safsbro 2014.05.26
Interesting game , good story line .

Iceman85201 2014.05.23
This was an awesome game

jissaddict 2014.05.23
Good game, they are various endings and the bonus let see the sexy girl in differents dress

lol20080 2014.05.21
its nice, but i am stuck....

ab181275 2014.05.17
Really great game but graphics should be real good and different sorts of music should be added.

Dick_in_Son 2014.05.17
Yet another great game by Lesson of Passion, I love those guys

deffy duck 2014.05.16
good graphics i like this games

elliot26 2014.05.12
great game - she is gorgeous! sexy dress

Vectra 2014.05.11
great lop game like the good graphic

BverComander 2014.05.08
great game, great graphics.. added to favorites

elgard123 2014.05.08
that`s one of my favourite lop games. great work

Safsbro 2014.05.08
interesting game . Graphics are ok . :)

LazaWarrior 2014.05.07
great story and great annimation

Daniel Benton 2014.04.30
Nice graphics, beautiful girl, great story

Dudemanrocks 2014.04.26
Not my favorite because of the graphics but not a bad game.

Red559 2014.04.24
Good game good quality good hot girl

ggmarco 2014.04.24
Great game! It was missing some sound effects but the graphics were incredible!

blackbart 2014.04.23
Good games, very exciting and funny to play

toddyxxx 2014.04.23
Very erotic indeed. A must!

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
very nice to play, i like it

savber6 2014.04.17
nice game,i not enjoyed it but i REALLY enjoyed it..

CountZero 2014.04.16
pretty good graphics. story was so-so.

krazyklown 2014.04.09
fun to play plus the main female character is smoking hot

Malkoch 2014.04.08
That look not bad, but very short game

hussy34 2014.04.07
a 3some would hav made game more arousing

hussy34 2014.04.07
This was awesome. I really liked the models and lighting in this game. Very hot

hussy34 2014.04.07
gr8 game i like the story n graphics r amazing

hussy34 2014.04.07
i love this game bt i didnt gt the othr grl

coolkid3530 2014.04.04
good game just needs a bigger circle for the game

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
pretty good story and graphics - bit short

KidWhisky 2014.04.01
Fun Game! I like the the bhind closed doors kind of fun. Dangerous

lordcums 2014.03.30
I love ebonies and anal sex.

yohmama 2014.03.29
Good thing they put the help option in-game. Just some issues with grammar.

bastenaken 2014.03.26
it helps to read the help, to figure out what to do where, good game

batmanbeman 2014.03.26
the graphics of this game are amazing!!! playforceone is the best!!

Supercanon 2014.03.24
Very nice graphics and gameplay

rand181 2014.03.24
Did not like this one as much as others.

moffiss 2014.03.19
Such a hot game so good. wow

JAC8 2014.03.18
Still one of my favourites

Can`t beat a great bit of interracial anal

chaffy101 2014.03.17
sure is a nice game enjoy myself cant wait to play more

technoclement 2014.03.16
I don`t really now why, but I don`t like this game :/

stat3425 2014.03.14
man this got me realy hard fuck

probolle 2014.03.14
fun game, but the controls for the scene`s are sometimes abit dodgy

schiz 2014.03.11
i dont know why i become love ass because this game youu know i like it so much

lilblkbirdie 2014.03.07
I liked the graphics and the ending was nice as well.

lavenderhouse15 2014.03.06
I like the graphics but the controls for doing blowhob were difficult. Other than that was nice

anti1990 2014.03.04
Much different from the other games here but still good.

jfab 2014.03.03
The controls were a little odd, it wasn`t my bag of chips at all.

Unibosspatel 2014.03.01
THe girls are all amazing. I love the story line. The graphics were amazing. Overall a great gameplay experience.

Speedbear34 2014.03.01
The story wasn`t exactly what I expected but it was okay.

somers69 2014.03.01
had a kind of strange story line but overall it was a good game

savion 2014.02.27
best graphics in my opinion

Architect12 2014.02.27
A really good game I played a lot and always tend to return too, just for the fun. But also the story. Quality is very very nice here.

yuv565 2014.02.26
passion hotel is real game of pleasure.

lester008 2014.02.25
beautiful ending and great graphics

sexyboy33 2014.02.25
very graphic intense and arousing game....best virtual game ever

MaccaMan 2014.02.24
Good Game . . maybe I should have used a condom :-P

zikas 2014.02.24
good game with high graphic and i love it

lovaboyz9 2014.02.23
i love it my favorite game on force one

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
the game with the sexiest poses! And verrry well done skin textures! Really enjoyed this one! Just the bee like dress of the girl in the epilogue is a NO-GO. But as always, just a opinion. Was glad that she waers something different during the date.

freepass 2014.02.18
easy game play and good graphics!

steven155 2014.02.17
Great Storyline, Decent Questions/Answers Good game overall

WillyWucky 2014.02.16
Mmmm yeah! I really liked this game. Amazing! :D

dam00008 2014.02.15
great storyline with gooed endings

johnj9525 2014.02.15
the game has a good ending.

Sexygf 2014.02.14
Great game and good graphics.

darrenleong124 2014.02.08
so hard to play but it a good game

k0rk3y 2014.02.06
Awesome game, graphics are great, i just wish there was more to the story

nspagna255 2014.02.03
good game love the graphics

BigD4U 2014.02.03
Great Gameplay and Graphics. Super Sexy

bigcock8017 2014.02.02
Really good graphics and animation

Haseo365 2014.01.30
Game was fun hope they make a sequel.

lordbbc 2014.01.29
i love the interactions in the game

fighter0304 2014.01.29
nice graphics, i like the anal thing! Animation of the endings is very good.

bugX 2014.01.28
GREAT game, only too short and could use some more options

cloudleonheart 2014.01.27
its good but, its yet to see any progression

omgujust 2014.01.23
The game was fairly easy, but different to others due to the motions you have to do with the mouse.

madfam 2014.01.21
Good game and the story is realy interesting

bluindaplace 2014.01.14
it`s a really good games with good graphics and easy gameplay

HKPOPO 2014.01.06
great game. Good qualitity

FuckMe1425 2014.01.05
Amazing game! A little short,i had expected more to the story.

Essim 2014.01.03
Great game, it`s the best form of game because of being a choose your own adventure type game with different endings !

kaladrumer 2014.01.01
Nice graphics and good ending

JEN98 2013.12.31
not as good as i expected but nice game

zxcvbnm123456789 2013.12.30
i really like this game,wasnt too sure about the girls though

Youcantknowmyrealname 2013.12.26
This game is really great, I will play it again

ired 2013.12.23
Very nice ,managed to find all secrets and make her dance,
Question tho how many secret codes are they only got same 3 tho i found 4 endings?

ilovemyselfalot 2013.12.20
one of the best storylines i`ve ever seen in a flash game..

X.man 2013.12.17
nice graphics , nice story , great game !!

XauzzieXx 2013.12.16
this game is top of its class

herokyh 2013.12.15
nice aNd exciting!! WELL but should have more choices and not only 1 gal

sida988 2013.12.13
it feels so good to see this

aljohn22 2013.12.12
very fun game with an extremely hot girl

Cianobe 2013.12.11
the girls are very hot and i like the story of the game

Mmaster 2013.12.06
it is really nice game,
is it possible3some with hotel girl and Carry?

Mroversex 2013.12.04
best game i ever played on this site

slash23 2013.12.03
nice graphics but questions are some tough

sperm25 2013.12.01
it was a sexy game i loves the graphycs

Knuckle55 2013.11.28
This game was ok. a bit short.

dieyson 2013.11.28
Excellent graphics... Good history

wash226 2013.11.25
shoddily made not as good as most

derp234 2013.11.24
The girls were sexy, but the grammar could be better.

Shaggyrel 2013.11.23
I cant find the spots to make her cum wit her dildo

Archand 2013.11.20
I liked it but it could be improvered
Good job

skr369 2013.11.18
excellent graphics..nice story

akhildhonironaldo 2013.11.17
nice artwork, good concept and its worth its points :p

supernovapeet 2013.11.16
beautiful gameplay and women one of the best games on this website

testg 2013.11.15
Both is not an option?
The darkish tan looks amazing.

ragr 2013.11.10
this is really great i am having a nice time feeling good.

sakura123 2013.11.08
i like the graphics ... quite a work there

emingway 2013.11.07
Very hot and sexy but slow. Very entertaining

bertje71 2013.11.07
good game althoug it was a bit short and easy

Razgri88 2013.11.05
good story and a pretty fun game

cal319 2013.11.01
i can`t pull up her dress maybe some more action too

wickedomen 2013.10.28
very awesome game, one of the best without a doubt

zzzaaapppggg 2013.10.26
amazing game nice graphics

ateivisftw 2013.10.25
really good scene and fabulous graphics.. i enjoyed it, thanks

venku 2013.10.23
i enjoyef this game a lot

loveugal 2013.10.22
the game graphic is really good its really fun to play.....

ohnoki7 2013.10.20
I love the graphics,but the circle control was tough

Amy21 2013.10.18
Super good graphics, a bit tiring with all the "cirkling around", otherwise great!

berandal 2013.10.18
Very excellent game. Love the girls

Contageous0 2013.10.17
Fun game, very interesting, The shaking is a bit irritating though.

JasonJames 2013.10.15
very impressive graphics, its gonna be fun

mike21 2013.10.12
good graphic and nice girl

sexmaster29 2013.10.12
im awesome and so is this game

its cool

RELLI-RELL 2013.10.12

robby(rob) 2013.10.09
great game . i love the graphic . and mentioned the babes . its awesome

pok1715 2013.10.05
Love this game - CLASSIC LoP old style controls but super hot!

olympiakos 2013.09.28
this is a beatifull game i llove it!!!

nanangsubandono 2013.09.27
nice and make hard my brain

thomr 2013.09.26
Good game, nice graphics. Only thing bothering me are the circles, but them aside or something!

BJDON 2013.09.21
Animation`s Good. Girl Is AWESOME. I love the interracial factor. Seductions kinda easy though but really good game. Thanks a lot.

noogad 2013.09.20
Great game... girls are hot!!!! WOW

Serban123 2013.09.20
this game is great. the graphics are amazing. one of the best ones ive played so far.

Dregon84 2013.09.20
Nice game and the help section did help out with controls nicely

usgrants68 2013.09.19
The game was ok but would like to see a little better interaction and controls.

rupz315 2013.09.19
really a great game to play with good graphics and cool ladys

OnceUponATime 2013.09.18
there are many grammar mistakes

Sam2013 2013.09.17
Good graphocs but story didn`t work for me. I`d prefer sex with Susan if playing further gets her.

vadkan21 2013.09.16
Nice graphics, mmm this hot girl

Yonutz92 2013.09.14
Graphics are awesome, Carry is beautiful and incredibly hot... The only downside is the story

johnniewalker328 2013.09.14
I very much enjoyed this game.

lozas 2013.09.10
awesome game but would like

lozas 2013.09.10
awesome game but would like to have better ends

joey88 2013.09.06
Good game, although a little easier than I remember.

meee 2013.09.05
one two three four five six god game very good awesomeness oh yeah good game

meee 2013.09.05
that was awesome and good oh yeah

meee 2013.09.05
god game awesome oooo yeah

mattlarr 2013.09.04
Graphics are awesome, Carry is beautiful and incredibly hot... The only downside is the story... I really think this game had much more potential for a deeper story... Perhaps a second part?

pradish 2013.09.02
Passion Hotel is precious hotel for cum winners.........precious time i`ve spent to see and masturbate myself.........why don`t these come to my home in reality to having sex.................OMG...........now i barely need a pussy right now.........

pradish 2013.09.01
precious time i`ve spent to see and masturbate myself.........why don`t these come to my home in reality to having sex.................OMG...........now i barely need a pussy right now.........

bjarmins 2013.09.01
awesome graphics but i wish i could say the same about the game

johlut91 2013.08.31
wow. so freakin hot! i really love it

dency6 2013.08.30
awesome game
i have played it many times

lastcowboyscout 2013.08.30
One word classic...great story and nice graphics...interaction slightly challenging

tomf379 2013.08.27
very good graphics, loved it

tbone357 2013.08.27
Sexiest girl yet. I love the darker skin complexion.

milka 2013.08.25
Very very nice. Not to difficult. Looks to be a good number of different endings, although those are not too difficult to find out. Loved the bonus art work. All in all a great game!

Rekluze 2013.08.25
Interesting game, bit hard at first but VERY good

katiescrewer 2013.08.25
it was diffucult and the graphics were good

Deluxe_24 2013.08.21
Very good games and girls, great graphics,

XxCuteElfxX 2013.08.20
Whoa, beautiful graphics, Carry just looks stunning!

The only negative point is that in the scene where Carry fucks herself with the dildo, there is no white circle visible, so bringing her to climax is a guessing game

nakarams 2013.08.19
That game is really amazing.

dreamweaver09 2013.08.18
Awesome game and graphics. made me wet

goofygamer 2013.08.17
im loving this game. makes me horny ;)

hydester 2013.08.15
good graphics and an enjoyable game

lilouback 2013.08.15
great game, good graphics, looks very real

vampypassion 2013.08.15
i love this game its awesome

mdhrk 2013.08.14
not difficult enought but top notch graphics

Knorti 2013.08.13
Was really fun and not too challenging

richard_akiki 2013.08.10
amazing graphics nice gameplay and superb animation

josephwar 2013.08.10
Not my favorite game and most of the words were wrong so i didn`t get the full affect if you fixed the text it would be an awesome game!

nightfire2004 2013.08.06
had some trouble with the mouse controls at first but was a really good game enjoyed the endings

sirdd69 2013.08.05
Great game to begin with ...

Shadow2103 2013.08.05
Good game with a great end twist during my playthrough

Dimismann 2013.07.31
Good game , nice graphic.

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
Nice game... enjoyed it....like the game play and all.

RoberrtC 2013.07.30
Awesome game, really enjoyed playing.

Mmhr 2013.07.25
Very nice! I liked her thoughts of shame, almost ENF.

spectrumamstrad 2013.07.25
good game and great graphics!

mahelgaens 2013.07.25
good game and nice animation

morfidmx 2013.07.22
Love the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

smartsex 2013.07.22
having the affair and secret motives makes this game interesting

Hephaestus 2013.07.22
How do you make the bitch dance?

jawg79 2013.07.22
Good game with decent play. I`d like to see some improvements on the animation overall in these games but I like the style. Perhaps playing with body parts while fucking would be a bonus.

loubegas 2013.07.17
Awesome ! Very good story ! Great gameplay !

marck4 2013.07.14
great and really hot game with super graphic and good gameplay

Jacolo Hoopero 2013.07.14
Great game, what this game lacked in GRAMMAR it made up for in game play and sex appeal. Though i wish one could visually see more and have more control of some aspects of the sex, i do realize this a free game and shouldn`t expect top shelf quality. As far as game movement, I found it to be one of the easiest games to play enjoying a nice blowjob, some great doggy style vaginal penetration, and two amazing anal angles. I give this game top marks for allowing the user to decide whether to throw his load on her vaginal area or in her mouth; however, I do have to dock it points for the circular movement control finding it distracting because of the level of difficulty it presented me and my touch pad. I give this an overall score of 91.

Zack143 2013.07.12
Didn`t really get it but I guess I enjoyed playing it.. Got stuck at the end though

marck4 2013.07.12
good game and good graphics

raiha024 2013.07.11
as always, a very good game from leonizer... great graphics and gameplay

terrykal 2013.07.10
All the endings depend on her mood and only directly by the last choise

Avatar4400 2013.07.09
Very Nice Game. The girls are awesome.

bored1234 2013.07.06
Love this game!!!!!! but I am stuck when she is on the couch and he is touching her, and can`t get past

Username4321 2013.07.06
Excelent game ... good choices and graphics

hHurb 2013.07.05
I figure out how to get both girls to join only once at a time

Leon602 2013.07.05
Nice game, but only a few option to choose

DelilahO 2013.07.04
Hot game, loved the whole storyline, really want to go to a hotel just for sex :P

p.s.a. 2013.07.02
it will be nice someone to write walkthrough

suee314 2013.07.02
Great Game. Good graphics

d-man951 2013.07.01
It`s pretty good, not a bad game

dcph 2013.06.30
good graphic and lovely girl

inehea 2013.06.30
awesome and awesome the girl was tight

jackhunter2211 2013.06.26
boring game with bad graphics and plot

JUUHUUU 2013.06.26
This is the best game , I want more of this game . Its so sexyyyy

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
If Play Force One had a classic section on this site this game would be one of them

i like the overall gameplay, the girls are hot and the dialogue is very catchy unless you pay attention to it then you will figure out how to proceed from there

113027 2013.06.24
The breasts and the graphics are awesome

Evee 2013.06.22
Its a pretty good game bt we should be able to go back 2 change the sayings

zxcvbb 2013.06.17
the graphics are so good!

sparkledash 2013.06.14
Wow.. This game was pretty hot!

ultimatesex 2013.06.13
wow this game is amazing!great graphics and sexy girls

moudibeirut 2013.06.12
i really loved the girl and the graphics

Radoo5 2013.06.11
My dream come true! Nice girls, excelent grarphics, it really tease me!

DeadlyAlias 2013.06.09
Not too hard, not too easy, just right and very sexy.

sukurboobs 2013.06.09
nice storyline and really nice graphics

opt 2013.06.08
amazing game, any guide ???

Carbon171 2013.06.08
Loved the story of the game

billythekid283 2013.06.08
i will play again again im addict

benc33x 2013.06.08
Great game. loved the graphics, and the storyline.

socrat207 2013.06.08
wow i played it like 3 times and every time i discover something new

dunder 2013.06.07
good graphics good story and nice gameplay

snukkie 2013.06.06
good graphics, good gameplay, not enough options

shafadXD 2013.06.06
great graphics and good gameplay

luiskong7 2013.06.04
nice graphics and wonderful gameplay.

eldestroyer 2013.06.03
a nice interracial and interesting endings with a hot girl and hot sex

eldestroyer 2013.06.03
really nice graphics ,another awesome game, a easy game

eldestroyer 2013.06.03
i love it is an amazing game

Noguy 2013.06.02
J`ai bien aim?? ce jeu. Un peu court peut-??tre mais en tout cas, j`aime toujours cet esprit de jeu ??rotique qui cultive le respect mutuel et surtout le respect de la femme

I enjoyed this game.Maybe a little too short but whatever, i`d still like this spirit of an erotic game that put at stake mutual respect and most of all respect of women.

hxpsk0 2013.06.02
good game and nice graphics....enjoyed it...

akb7525 2013.06.02
I really like this one
Got to love a No Tell Mote

SexPanther 2013.05.30
loved this game nice cross over with i love lauren and i love the story

hot_n_wet28 2013.05.29
THIS GAMEPLAY SUCKED!!! Graphics good. Everything else

honkytonk 2013.05.29
Wow... was my first game and now i want more and more

manilla 2013.05.28
Its a wonderfully done game, much more fun than a lot of the others.

smbotimer 2013.05.27
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

pottyoy 2013.05.26
very very very good graphics and game

63ted 2013.05.26
Good graphics in simple game.

nzdavid 2013.05.26
Good game, great graphics. Would`ve been better if it were longer.

traxex28 2013.05.25
Very good game good graphics Very beautiful

hahahorny2 2013.05.24
a nice interracial and interesting endings with a hot girl and hot sex

PFO180 2013.05.23
Love the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

playless1 2013.05.22
really nice graphics ,another awesome game, a easy game

CreativeMind 2013.05.22
Great game, but very easy

night.mare56 2013.05.20
I knew this from before, my favorite one. so nice and amazing

J_Dymo 2013.05.17
great game play and graphics

Weegie91 2013.05.16
Great game and sexy pictures. Circle controls hard to get the hang of though!

mats000111 2013.05.13
i like this game my favorite

ice3105 2013.05.12
good game, nice pictures.

gandalf11 2013.05.11
great game nice sex but not so great tits because you see i am a titsoholic

magicman23 2013.05.03
if it would have had more action it could have been better

croniusz 2013.05.03
Love this game, but its a bit slow imho!

St3fan123 2013.05.01
good game and nice grapihic

delfman4 2013.04.30
good, but a lot of dialogue

Kelly_Girl1234 2013.04.20
good game...and the animation and graphics are great!!

Erica217 2013.04.20
this was such a great game i love this site and all the games on it

TeenageDirtbagBaby 2013.04.20
very good game.. the animations were a little low quality but overall it was great

kekse1975 2013.04.18
Very hot graphics would like more story could be extended...

jamesbond23 2013.04.15
liked this game at some time i didn`t know what i was supposed to do but i got through it.

jakehammer 2013.04.13
one of the best sex games i`ve played....yeah!!!

andotrota 2013.04.13
awesome game, good endings, nice graphics but the storyteller could be wiped out

mrgentlesir 2013.04.12
once again an amazing game, but the controls are weird

DikkeLu 2013.04.12
Not a bad game. Graphics are pretty good but the circle control is not so good

ladiesman420 2013.04.09
GOt HORny during game....
Now this is good. If your careful you get to a great ending the first go :) Circling does not work too well but other then that great game.

Folemeister 2013.04.08
one of my favourites yet glad i had a mouse for the circle control

erotic gamer 2013.04.08
graphics are cool and Carry is hot!

G-Forc 2013.04.06
Really loved this game had a good time playing it.

Sir_Loins 2013.04.06
Now this is good. If your careful you get to a great ending the first go :) Circling does not work too well but other then that great game.

roxas4444 2013.04.05
Not a bad game. Graphics are pretty good but the circle control is not so good

Noizekickz 2013.04.05
What an awesome game ! loveit ! only whised it goes a little faster !

doe boi 2013.04.01
by far my favorite thus far...excellent graphics and its not too easy but not difficult at all. ill b playing this one for a while lol

The Rock King 2013.03.31
hot girl great game but the circle control is way too difficult

toporopo 2013.03.31
The story was a bit short but overall a good game.

chrisc4 2013.03.30
fun game, like the idea to the game

onlyurs 2013.03.28
superb game and great graphics

JimTB1010 2013.03.28
it was nice but it was like any other game and good graphics too

sachinmahesh90 2013.03.28
good graphics and i love this game and this game is soo great and super its my favorite

GaryMisson 2013.03.27
The nice one,
good endings, nice control.
Good, Good, Good

Atrajs 2013.03.22
love the grafik and nice mouse controls

feelri8 2013.03.20
This Game Is Great With Brillient Graphic...

gggg1234 2013.03.20
great graphics and fun game

jav 2013.03.19
The girl`s hot, although the guy looks weird. Fun game, could be a bit `faster`

jakeshadow 2013.03.19
i was looking for darker skinned girls and this one gave me a boner!!

triskel92 2013.03.17
good game good graphics

ThePhantom 2013.03.17
Yes, I`m very like all game this web Force One. I`m horny...

MsLovieDovey 2013.03.12
it was hot! I feel something wet down here....

wyrsa 2013.03.10
Wow, all the typos are a definite turn off. Otherwise the blowjob scene is too hard to figure out. Perhaps some mild indication other then a circle? :S

Animeniac 2013.03.09
Sexy game! I`ve got a thing for brown-skinned beauties and this one delivers! The action wheel thing took some getting used to but otherwise no gripes!

luckydrum 2013.03.07
Nice but nothing special.

papi24499 2013.03.04
Really sexy girl. should create more games with her

sexycock25 2013.03.01
its a very sexy game i liked everything about it

cool_sandeepp 2013.02.26
nice story and game play....but lacks in camera angles and no penetration can be seen

Petuharius 2013.02.26
Hot story. Wait more than that.

mouta12 2013.02.26
not bad hot girl graphics can be better

simodido 2013.02.25
that game is good graphic but the control circle is not so visible

BigC2679 2013.02.25
This game was alright the controls were a little crazy would have loved more options

jtgjrock 2013.02.22
love the graphics good game circle control could use a little bit more work

kelhus 2013.02.21
game could use more options

zlatorogSLO 2013.02.20
avrage game not very god gameplay a litle boring but graphics is nice :)

arland_2004 2013.02.18
i like this game shes hotttt

Elerias 2013.02.17
The girl in this game is gorgeous. Second only to kelly herself

Eveylulu 2013.02.15
Wonderful game. So sexy.!

hotzack 2013.02.13
what a sexy girl emmm i think this game will be my favorit

bigkane29 2013.02.10
the girl in this game is jus amazing

Zdravkov 2013.02.10
black girl... this is sucks.... why are you puting fucking blacks in games they are fucking ugly and disgusting

sexlovefun 2013.02.10
i am stuck on the end ughhhhhh annoying

PlayForce00 2013.02.09
This one`s ok but not the best LOP game, just ok storyline.

leon9145 2013.02.09
the graphics` nice but the story runs a bit slow...

kpjr278 2013.02.06
Nice game and graphics, like the multiple endings

Leodred312 2013.02.03
good game, easy to play, graphics are fine, but there should be more options

Lucien69 2013.02.01
awsome game. pretty easy to play and fun. love it.

jinxerar 2013.01.31
Nice storyline, animations are lovely and the graphics were amazing! keep it up.

hotzack 2013.01.30
This game is really awesome, i like the graphics

stanleeleon 2013.01.29
when cary is laying wid dildo not sign to excite her

stanleeleon 2013.01.29
nice game .. enjoyed the story ...really good one

gartal 2013.01.29
good game but id like it to be longer.

TankPotato 2013.01.28
Great graphics and very good. The fact that you control most of the things is awesome!

alphanew99 2013.01.28
I enjoyed this game and the different endings makes it great.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

gartal 2013.01.27
Okay Game, could have been longer. The Graphics were awesome, could have used more endings.

PatRay 2013.01.27
nice game, great graphics, and love the many ending.

EroTsukune 2013.01.24
Even the music of the game is good, I recommend this game.

pilas1 2013.01.23
very fun game my wife and i realy like it great animation keep it up

sexbitch900 2013.01.21
Great game awsome graphics what`s not to like I could play it all day

Jason5k 2013.01.21
excellent game ply
good options realistic responses and good graphics. sexy

ShexiiShuttergal 2013.01.13
Ohh my wow I`m all hot and sweaty and I feel slutty. I hate the circle control part.

asslover342 2013.01.13
great game and graphics but a little short

Amir_lp 2013.01.13
This game is really awesome

Melonnaise 2013.01.13
This game is awesome, a little hard, but totally worth it in the end :)

jehra 2013.01.12
very good this game,l like kelly caracter

megalita 2013.01.12
Wow i did not know you can have this much fun in a game.

sadvayne 2013.01.10
this game is so hard, i`ll try again later

dirtyhornysecrets 2013.01.10
enjyed seeing the two points of view. Toy was great.

VeNNoM 2013.01.09
Great game, you guys should make one with Susan the desk clerk. God I just love redheads.

Schwalbe 2013.01.06
Quite simple story, but very nice graphics

veleno72 2013.01.04
Nice gameplay and awesome graphics!

jurben 2013.01.03
nice game with good graphics

codytall 2013.01.03
I love this game it`s made me kinda horny

Hieblan 2013.01.01
Great game, the girls is super hot, love the anal play...100% recomended

shivers1 2012.12.30
reat game...??ove the white outfit

superslayer 2012.12.29
brilliant absolutely brilliant, more of it please!

marek015 2012.12.29
good, hot game, 9/10 - some better sound would be great !

serenity69 2012.12.27
great game...??ove the white outfit

gman3399 2012.12.26
grat graphics, hot girl and different ways to get to ending

OW91 2012.12.26

giomaniacio 2012.12.25
one of the best games I`ve seen.good graphics and hot girl

kornass 2012.12.23
The best game I played so far, awesome models but I would add some voices to the games.

m3260 2012.12.23
i think this game would be better if it had more playable characters

Foxhound777 2012.12.19
Many different ways to get to your goal. A very entertaining game

mrbiggstuff 2012.12.19
The graphics are so real! Great quality. Love it

laker77 2012.12.18
super hot chick in this game and great graphics

CaptainHammer 2012.12.18
Great game! Fantastic design and graphics.
Aside, though - from a website perspective, it would be so much easier to post comments if you didn`t need to scroll past all 2000-odd comments before reaching the comment box.

waqas111 2012.12.17
incredible game, highly recommended to everyone whos eager for lust and sexual expierence :)

AKB 2012.12.17
This was a cool game
Wish I could cut deals like that

Chrisojj88 2012.12.16
Enjoyed the game, especially liked the ending where you dont listed to her proposal , you sure do get whats coming to you.

killdead 2012.12.15
This game is awesome and graphics is nice.

LoP123 2012.12.14
I love this game! Great graphics and animations!

EmerikQ 2012.12.14
Excellent graphic.... I felt passion.. and I like Carry (my type of a girl) ..... but still.... Kelly is better game

troyandabed1 2012.12.13
Love all of the endings in this game.

Mr. Magic 2012.12.13
Good game. Easier than others. WIsh I could have ended up with Susan. She is hotter.

xxshaggyxx1 2012.12.13
ah very beautiful and hot game. But the circle control is not so good

kpman22 2012.12.11
graphics are great.......enjoyed it a lot

sex11 2012.12.10
I love this game because it is so realistic

Zach1698 2012.12.07
I love this games . So realistic

ToxicWheelz 2012.12.06
Great game, I`m actually surprised it`s a flash game with graphics like this.

exavio 2012.12.03
the graphics are good and the animation it`s pretty weak

wildman20 2012.12.03
really well done game but i felt it was to short of a game. the graphics were a blast to look at, it was like eye candy

ShadowRyku 2012.12.01
great graphic, nice story
but the control during sex is circumstantial

ksexscene 2012.11.30
great game.........amazing graphics and story

ksexscene 2012.11.30
graphics are great.......enjoyed it a lot

supper 2012.11.23
graphics on this game are great, enjoyed it very much

bobtotempole 2012.11.23
I love the story progression

themanattarget 2012.11.23
Very good game. Love the graphics and animation.! Especially the anal

C.C. 2012.11.21
One of the slower games, but worth playing anyway.

revol 2012.11.18
The graphics are very good. The girls are great too.

sokomo 2012.11.17
it has good graphic. I love it

Malethikus 2012.11.16
Fun Game, with a good story, great to play

Hiyabusa 2012.11.12
ah very beautiful and hot game. But the circle control is not so good.

joe3434 2012.11.12
i think the graphics in this game are quite good and so is the gameplay

pabloD12 2012.11.10
cool girl. gameplay was too short

sanfran 2012.11.09
thanks! love the smooth edges graphics as always :)

futureyankeepg 2012.11.08
Great game, nice graphics

krasskk 2012.11.05
wow!! nothing more to say

mystic_m 2012.11.02
it`s short and with not many options.
the girl is hot though

Empiq 2012.11.02
Good game, nice graphics, easy to play.

david101 2012.10.31
this game was so good. iloved it. best graphics.i liked the music.but the circular motion could have been better.

appin 2012.10.30
awesome game as a;ways pf1 delivers to my expectations
great game play and wow graphics

bicho 2012.10.27
The girls is so hot and the graphics are awesome

manon89 2012.10.26
oone of my favorites. like it alot.

Djule 2012.10.25
Great game, nice graphics

hanibal194 2012.10.22
very nice game love the character!!

Schanell 2012.10.19
such a hard game..i always struggle

kittylover65 2012.10.17
hot people nice game cold be better

branman59x 2012.10.14
Nice game! very sexy girl!

sweethearts 2012.10.12
i love this game and the graphics are amazing

arieqhaptra 2012.10.10
This game was seriously amazing! The graphics were great.

Dragoneyes 2012.10.10
Great Graphics Loved the Story n Multiple Endings Very Hot Game!

Snoman 2012.10.07
Least favorite game so far just didnt interest me

ihit0103 2012.10.07
great grphic n awesome gameplays

kain980 2012.10.06
for this game i have not played i hope it will be an awsome game

BitSpyder 2012.10.06
its a bit short, but the girl is really gorgeous..

moltres 2012.10.06
I loved this game and the graphics

smallfry_isa 2012.10.05
Wow....this game really excited me. Great job.

Twister19 2012.10.03
Good graphics - great concept - little boring gameplay

derda 2012.10.01
Very hot! I like very much! great animations

alumah56 2012.09.19
Pretty standard, but a good game.

goOn11 2012.09.17
nice game! really sexy girl

KyannayK 2012.09.16
good game would be better if they moved alot more all in all a good game

dirtymind2112 2012.09.16
love this game, played it somewere else once but lost it

unbelievableuseless 2012.09.14
like this game, different scenes much longer than the last one =))

UnShoCkaBle 2012.09.10
The graphics are not very good but the story excited me ! Not a bad game

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.09
Fuck - Meeting in the Hotel....why not ;)
One more good Game...and dont forget....
Enjoy it...

ernestos 2012.09.07
nice... but not very easy... but sexy...

debonairdeviant 2012.09.07
always enjoyable to play a quality game.

tomo23 2012.08.31
The girl is absolutely stunning. I had great fun playing this game... :)

paramecium100 2012.08.29
wow, cool game. I want it more :D

biochm98 2012.08.28
fun game..trying to get ending 1..have 2 and 3

Ronny_MrD 2012.08.28
Graphics are pukka, the thought bubbles are awkward though :/

Cupcake1234 2012.08.23
I love this game. It makes me feel good

WARDOG77 2012.08.23
1 of my favorites of all time for sure

hias 2012.08.22
interesting - story as well as graphics

tonptitpignouf 2012.08.22
One of my prefered games. Story line and graphics are great. I want the next.

flintstoneflop 2012.08.19
Good game, nice graphics, easy to play.

steeve 2012.08.18
sexy game with hot graphix and sexy girl

Swordfish 2012.08.14
I like this games here, better than other platforms

CTSharp13 2012.08.11
love the scenes in this game, easy control

Superdawg18 2012.08.11
really good, the graphics and gameplay are well done; could definitely use some more Carry in other games though

leskip 2012.08.11
not that bad. decent graphic and gameplay. little bit short

dreamhhs 2012.08.09
gotta say, i wishi had a hotel time like this

ticedaice 2012.08.06
Nice hotel. Where`s it located?

trinadad 2012.08.05
The game was both entertaining and easy to play, plus the different choices make it more fun to play.

olio22 2012.08.05
nice graphiques and prett chalenging

pornster 2012.08.03
good graphics nice scenes

Daniel_Martin 2012.08.02
Great game. It was a little slow paced in a few areas but the graphics made up for it.

Carry looked phenomenal. I would love to see more games featuring her.. Preferably unclothed.

saintnsinner 2012.08.02
nice game... i was a bad guy and did send her home without a deal : >

cnosman 2012.07.31
graphics are epic and story is pretty good , too

cnosman 2012.07.31
very nice game... totally worth to play ..

scttwith24 2012.07.31
this was such a great game

jlocdagunna 2012.07.30
i wish my hotel experience is like this =(

purple666 2012.07.30
my hotel experiences are never like this

flder 2012.07.29
its all in the game and it was fun

BelindaBabe 2012.07.28
I love how domineering he is...I like a man who fucks hard.

badb0ys009 2012.07.26
this game a bit confusing. But the game was really fun i reccomend it. The graphics` nice. i like 3d famale. it good.

diary 2012.07.24
nice game,kinda confusing though

mycockishuge123 2012.07.24
this was not the best game a bit confusing

mycockishuge123 2012.07.24
this game was really fun i reccomend it

bobcat245 2012.07.23
I like the graphics but I found it a bit confusing

lovesexPL 2012.07.23
good game very good graphic and video easy 10/10

updown66 2012.07.23
It`s ok, but could be better.

otictaco 2012.07.12
A nice game like all the LOP games

kasap84 2012.07.10
not the best game. Sex scenes are not good enough...

crugh2112 2012.07.08
Found the game to be muddy looking. Not a favorite.

stealthyotter 2012.07.01
good gane, good gfx. sound got a bit annoying but too dul with it off.

sexyone1 2012.06.24
i like the graphics and good game

Downola 2012.06.21
Nice game but iv`e seen better

lasting 2012.06.14
Good game but there are a some tiny grammar errors, still makes the game great though!

Pampuska 2012.06.14
Nice and hot storyline, several endings. I love it.

kiva_bat 2012.06.11
cool games & Its so great

chris_avril 2012.06.11
It was ok-ok. it didnt have that great of a story or graphics.

Tiamatty 2012.06.11
There`s something incredibly hot about a black girl in white stockings. It`s a really nice contrast.

sillysilvio 2012.06.10
One of my favorites. I especially like the fact that she`s black, i think there is to few of them.

Eduados 2012.06.06
i like this game, the ending is very cool

jinga11 2012.06.05
nice and cool game..Nice story..

Dix89 2012.06.04
really nice game and good graphics

dyl1570 2012.06.01
Good graphics, the girl is very sexy. more of a story and options would have been nice.

redrick123 2012.06.01
i really like this game.. awesome..

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
she is awesome, really hot. love it, particularly their thoughts

rossoblu 2012.05.28
really love this kind of game.. great gameplay, and great graphic

jordy897 2012.05.27
good graphics great game 2 play

MrBean 2012.05.27
nice game, god graphics and i love it

nabur76 2012.05.26
this was a fun game i had a good time playing i will play it over and over

bahamut86 2012.05.21
Nice game, good grafic and various ending

blaqpunk 2012.05.21
...loved it...getting a blow job was kinda tricky but i love the ending

sittingduck58 2012.05.17
Execellnt!! I would negotiate a deal with Carry any day.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.17
very sexy game. i loved it

intikhab2 2012.05.16
this is one of the best games i have ever played!

rommelsarmiento 2012.05.12
this game make everyone hot...
it`s cool becoause you can finish in more different ways...
images are clear and very nasty...it`s gonna tease every part of you

cookienuk 2012.05.11
i like the graphics. The game play was pretty good. All In All keep up the good work

dyl1570 2012.05.09
The game and graphics were good. the girl is very hot!

xorelin 2012.05.08
very nice, more games like this

Veecon 2012.05.07
Ok game but could be better graphics, like the music background

christpa 2012.05.07
i like the circle motion idea for increasing the bars

nomnomnom55 2012.05.04
Brilliant game, really enjoyed playing it, but the music was annoying

DF12 2012.04.30
Good Story But Graphics Were Not Good. But Loved The Chick

fill ur hole 2012.04.29
Great sex scenes controls at times are a bit frustrating. Hot girls wish there was a way you could fuck susan as well.

derda 2012.04.27
A nice game, love the interaction

T-Dawg 2012.04.25
Great game, good graphics..

loveme1245 2012.04.24
nice game and graphics but has too be faster

music1375 2012.04.23
very good graphics. The moving the mouse around is kind of annoying

raimillend 2012.04.22
one of the best game i have played

bigone1921 2012.04.22
very boring not much to do

juno123 2012.04.21
can someone help me ? i can`t see the game .. T_T

millendrai 2012.04.21
this is one of the best games i have ever played!

123qwer 2012.04.21
Good game and easy to play! Like it!

rokey_triikz 2012.04.19
I like this game and it has great graphics

helgasts 2012.04.18
the gameplay is good , the story is good , but then it took quite long time for me to load . Great graphic as always

XiaLeeTong 2012.04.14
Great game, it`s the best form of game because of being a choose your own adventure type game with different endings.

andotrota 2012.04.13
the graphics are good but not sex animation

elsharaawy 2012.04.11
thought it was very sub-standard. Non-ituitive controls (read the help text as there is very little clue from changes in the screen icons or image). Makes me laugh when people praise the animation. Totally unerotic and unconvincing during the sex scenes and distinctly sea-sick inducing movement at other times. There are far better graphical effects in games like Farmer`s Daughter and this publisher needs to up their game if they are to compete. They could start by employing a native english speaker to check spelling and grammar. I mean seriously, seamen instead of semen! Must try harder!

fuck u my love 2012.04.11
i m enjoying the cool graphics and the game

fuck u my love 2012.04.11
nice girl and the game , keep going

Richard20 2012.04.08
it was
hard got stuck at the very begining

Cerebres 2012.04.08
Enjoyin the cool graphic game 2 endings down 3 to go lol

aceasd 2012.04.07
Good grahpic, hope to hav a walkthrough though stuck at some parts.

bobytt 2012.04.06
I love this one. Its great

whizzie 2012.04.04
good game and story but a little on the short side.

piterman 2012.04.02
really great game and girl

princessjessica 2012.04.02
this game took awhile but was worth it

princessjessica 2012.04.02
great game great graphics, thumps up.

tyren10 2012.04.01
I didn`t really like the circle control, and the first time through trying to take her clothes off was a bit confusing, not being able to see the hotspots. Good game though.

ozzie123 2012.04.01
hot game, but circle control is indeed not so good.

Flashman007 2012.03.29
Really nice game, real plot and hot pic

stordan 2012.03.28
cool game. good quality. like that kind of games.

Doriane07 2012.03.28
Really good graphic and the games is amazing !

ladysjoy 2012.03.28
great game the girl in this game was so SEXY wish she was real

nicolasp13 2012.03.28
it is a great game, really enjoyed it, great graphics

1179g 2012.03.27
Great Game hoping to find all endings

rupert4 2012.03.27
nice work, needs some good sfx

packerfan23 2012.03.27
Great gameplay, nice long sex scenes, need more of that!

Cerebres 2012.03.26
This is a really awesome game to play PF1 you`ve done it again with the beautiful graphics :D

glukos37 2012.03.14
ah very beautiful and hot game. But the circle control is not so good

opeeto1 2012.03.12
good game good graphics and good animations, put up more games like this!

jpsacrey 2012.03.11
good game and good graphics

Hroft 2012.03.10
that was a really good game with great graphics

piddepeter 2012.03.08
really nice game great time, easy but not to easy :)

hitman-don 2012.03.06
Had some great qualities.
1. Great Storyline
2. Great animation.
3. Great Graphics.
A walkthrough would be helpful though.

amrhady 2012.03.06
nice game becouse I love that girl or woman that brunette color or latin and curvy woman by all that game lovely sexy game

Lomae 2012.03.05
Good game, as always. Models realistic, animations perfect

jmw3811 2012.03.05
great game!! good job on the multiple endings, but it could be a tad bit more interactive yet STILL very good

hotstuff76 2012.03.04
Great game. These get better every time a new one comes out

kaig 2012.03.04
it was great can`t wait for latest version

newpalballa69 2012.03.03
Dildo scene made me loose interest

Badman99 2012.02.29
good game and good graphics

Tawlney 2012.02.28
Short but nice. The circle control was a pain, but graphics were great.

LineKK 2012.02.28
Good game, but very short. It`s a shame.

brimorse20 2012.02.27
they need to spell shit right but i like it though.

someone123 2012.02.27
HOT HOT HOT beautiful gameplay with beautiful graphics

OrdinalChaos 2012.02.25
Very enjoyable game although the grammar was a bit distracting

Pipen07 2012.02.24
graphics are like in all other games: perfect

jbuk 2012.02.21
pretty cool - but fairly linear - would be great to have a few more options

mustanggaz 2012.02.20
great game and good graphics

rasetsu88 2012.02.18
like it....little tricky but is funny to play

asdfqwer123 2012.02.18
indecent behaviour guys;) sneaking away to a hotel...

Celestia 2012.02.18
I like this game. Its different and original

adi.shr09 2012.02.18
the game is toooooooooooooooo sexy...........

sexysexy101 2012.02.18
the game is great, but alittle tricky at some parts

eapoe6669 2012.02.15
A little shaky on the controls

1d3d9d 2012.02.15
wow, cool game. I want it more :D

dino200 2012.02.14
rwally good game but it`s pretty hard

canada2010 2012.02.12
great game good graphics and such

boom13 2012.02.09
there are so many great endings,circle control was bad

bunty0001 2012.02.09
oh i love this game good game much better game good and fun

bunty0001 2012.02.09
fun fun fun and fun nice game good graphic i like its nice and hot

aoenkroy 2012.02.08
wow, cool game. I want it more :D

WHU-96 2012.02.08
that was a really good game with great graphics, loved every minute of it and the story!!

dickman 2012.02.08
that was a great adventure

jcauthern 2012.02.06
I had a lot of fun with this one!

beforeiforget669 2012.02.06
this is a classic one... it was my first LOP game... and is a great one, simple and effective

theadriann 2012.02.05
I really like this game!
The graphics are good.

Kings Of Kings 32 2012.02.04
This game is really COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VentusLau 2012.02.04
good game although i want to fuck susan more >"

IRNOOB1337 2012.02.04
the graphics is good the animation is good as well but control is not that good

DerJenige83 2012.02.04
The look is as always really good. I had good 5 Minutes with it but it could need more options and scenes

Jumpingforce 2012.02.03
not many options, but good graphics n story tho

josh_big1 2012.02.02
fantastic game with great graphics...
love it..

BlackDragon6969 2012.02.02
This is a great game with great graphics and bonuses for finishing in different ways. Truely a game that represents what Play Force One is and is capable of. In the future, why not make some games with space, western or stone age feel in this great graphic style? These are the best type of games, in my oppinion!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game with good graphics, loved it.

multiplex_1 2012.01.30
for taking off susan`s shirt just bring condom and do the rest. how do you find the phone? please help.

multiplex_1 2012.01.30
clicking on Susan`s shirt doesn`t do any thing. is there a trick to it?

Barendd 2012.01.27
I enjoy all games with anal and wish there were more games on here including darker girls

ben_500 2012.01.26
a really great game, good graphics...and what is that `interview with passion` about??? a new game coming soon???

grendel55 2012.01.26
great game, good graphics. Could do with more options during play though.

spoonbill 2012.01.25
This was a good game. Some of the scenes were a little difficult to master at first, but it is worth the effort

m3992010 2012.01.23
Wow - this is a really hot game. The best I`ve played on here!

betelgeuse49 2012.01.23
I thought it was very sub-standard. Non-ituitive controls (read the help text as there is very little clue from changes in the screen icons or image). Makes me laugh when people praise the animation. Totally unerotic and unconvincing during the sex scenes and distinctly sea-sick inducing movement at other times. There are far better graphical effects in games like Farmer`s Daughter and this publisher needs to up their game if they are to compete. They could start by employing a native english speaker to check spelling and grammar. I mean seriously, seamen instead of semen! Must try harder!

Semnick 2012.01.20
One of the bests that I have played here, very good indeed

riki666 2012.01.18
Anal is always appreciated. Great game!

zaksoar10 2012.01.16
cool game but the guy could shave his beard some

redudd 2012.01.16
great game, but they should make the white circle a little bigger

Shimmer 2012.01.15
nice graphics, slow story

johnnylush 2012.01.15
Very nice game. Excellent progression of game. Worth playing several times.

Boomber 2012.01.14
easy playing, good game and hot girls

potterbhoy 2012.01.14
graphics were good but not the best game on here

jack gillll 2012.01.12
a very good game , with good graphics

newone 2012.01.11
good graphics, needs a sequel

Drink 2012.01.11
great game, hot chick and sexy scenes

layne16 2012.01.11
Good game like the animations.

Xzar 2012.01.10
Great game, with a beautiful grafic and plot. I love Carry, she is a sexy bomb

ianlong4944 2012.01.10
i love this game. very sexy girl

heretoplay 2012.01.10
i love all of the different endings

dshehan0 2012.01.09
the game was very good in terms of graphics

mr.redd 2012.01.07
i love the game good graphics,slow gameplay,looks real

rumxes 2012.01.07
This is a awesome game with beautiful story and good graphics.

Guillaume 2012.01.06
good game and nice girls and graphics

themoda 2012.01.06
Amazing game! too hot and awesome graphics

hungman84 2012.01.05
very sexy game. i loved it

mikicostanza 2012.01.04
this is a hot game good story

mafsuas-3 2012.01.03
Very nice, maybe I play it again.

honry69 2012.01.02
cool game and fun graphics... but the circle controls can be annoying at times

samkin 2012.01.02
Another favorite, very hot game, and good story.

bigdick14 2012.01.01
Great gamem with sexy graphics

hightide79 2011.12.30
Nice game.. good graphics..

Seppo_ 2011.12.28
how to get all endings help anyone?

myxa 2011.12.27
very nice game, loved the graphics

iker 2011.12.27
great game. Good qualitity

jasontidus 2011.12.26
the graphics are amazing but the story itselflf nedds work.

red belt 3 2011.12.25
nice game but lesbian games are nicer.

omega1 2011.12.22

SwangIce 2011.12.21
Fun game. The girl is hot, needs some some hot girl moaning sounds.

Goschlong 2011.12.20
Great Game, Good Graphics!

Zac74 2011.12.14
This game is great ! I love it.

lennard 2011.12.09
great one which there is one which u can doo all the girls in the story as well like leave after u are done and go do the repceptioin and other lady that tells u about story be great and many more like it

philipebody 2011.12.09
Awesome game wonderful graphics love the endings

bylyfyzytsyf 2011.12.08
Love this game, very interesting story, and as always beautiful graphics

melver 2011.12.08
good game and good graphics. i got ending 2

dalen72 2011.12.07
good game... got ending number 4 and btw that girl is HOT!!!!

xhema 2011.12.04
beautiful game, exellent graphic and the girl is really sexy

or163 2011.12.04
Great game I love the end scene

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

molock_v 2011.11.29
greate sex escenes evan an anal sex escene

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

Knaack 2011.11.24
Wow just amazing game, liked the story alot

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

wdamio 2011.11.23
really good game, really good gameplay

lazy boy 2011.11.23
good game .. and very beauti girl .. i got 2 ending

Phreek 2011.11.21
good game, A little short but still fun

paxwax 2011.11.21
Very nice game. Easily playable, superb design. Just what I like.

gambithaery 2011.11.20
i think this kind of game is bored

112233q 2011.11.20
The game`s ok, pretty easy to get all the endings without really thinking

Vleergon 2011.11.20
Very nice game, but it could have been longer and it wasn`t very hard

cuanwahana 2011.11.18
the game will be best with sounds

alexanderelkins 2011.11.17
Very hot and sexy but slow. Very entertaining

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

observer 2011.11.16
totally not feeling this game at all. I thought carry is too ... big?

HarSlan 2011.11.16
Very good game...Fun to play...Nice black girl and good endings

Drachen5ARG 2011.11.16
Decent game. Could have probably used a bit more to it, instead of a quick and easy to understand game, all in all though, it`s a very good game.

dri 2011.11.16
cool game but the story is a bit slow but graphics are good

Blackhawk85 2011.11.15
Is there no way to get her to fuck bareback?

Krueger 2011.11.13
The game was good. I enjoyed it. The graphics were also good. It was awesome.

lokot 2011.11.13
Thats sexy. I love the girls skin and stockings . Really nice.

elitetrooperjoe 2011.11.13
great game but need a little more graphics

castall_11 2011.11.12
wish they had more sex scenes in it, but besides that great game...

Kline 2011.11.11
ok game, the circle controls gave me a problem on one part but the rest of it was fine

amilama 2011.11.10
A very enjoyable game. Would like to see more graphic sex scenes though

no matter 2 2011.11.08
goood game very hot girl

richy22 2011.11.08
quality game, great endings and stunning graphics

MandingoTy 2011.11.08
Very fun and very sexy. Great endings.

tommo2085 2011.11.08
very sexy. I liked that game.

blindman331 2011.11.07
Better game controls than some of the games I`ve played, and the girl was hot too!

xoxolove234 2011.11.07
cool game but the story is a bit slow but graphics are good

certainsomeone 2011.11.07
My god I loved the intro menu song, I actually LOVED, thats the kind of song that keep u awake during long games

jpsacrey 2011.11.06
a little short but it was still worth the play

Aryavan275 2011.11.05
Awosome game with good graphics

makol132 2011.11.05
it was a good game. good graphics. just kind of boring at times

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.04
very dull game and poor graphics,no excitement

hallzy2011 2011.11.02
good game and not bad animation enjoyed it

1asd123 2011.11.01
great game, cool graphics, loved it

cliffybaby 2011.10.31
great game. gorgeous girl, needs more animation though

jjwert 2011.10.31
a little short but it was still worth the play

beezzeeb 2011.10.30
great game and her first anal...classic

mrloversss 2011.10.30
the graphis of the game was really beatiful and the girl too

Cerberos 2011.10.30
Good and long enough game, maybe a little hard but great

kydonuts 2011.10.30
the motion control could be better but it is a sexy game.

damnmadadd 2011.10.29
superb game; great graphics

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.28
great game and animation

Artis 2011.10.28
A wonderful and of course beautiful and interesting game ... good story, you can continue with and expand the boundaries to add characters to the plot was quite linear.

wabaki90 2011.10.27
awesome graphic and gameplay and of course , they`re all hot :D

q246810 2011.10.27
this is a pretty good game, its just that the puzzle part are too easy and obvious. it would be alot better if there are more secrets

ayush1 2011.10.26
OH! what a cool game. eveery one should check it out

ryaner7 2011.10.26
good game with good graphics gameplay could be longer

texasviper77089 2011.10.25
did not like the way the controls worked in the game. the graphics were good

Chris1997 2011.10.23
this game has extremely good graphics

17mkauff 2011.10.22
This game waas really awesome great story and This hotel Idea was great.

bubba90 2011.10.22
Great game. Very realistic story

zozo123 2011.10.21
greet graphic and gameplay

sexyboy4uonly 2011.10.21
awesomegame. nice graphics

oaix 2011.10.21
Awesome game, I really like all the options of girls

sha1vfd 2011.10.20
I`ve never played such this game it`s awesome the lesson of passion team make great games with great graphic

CaptainFalcon 2011.10.20
sometimes it was a bit difficult to figure out what to do with the mouse.

sluggrj10 2011.10.20
Fast game but I wish there was more action...

ron57 2011.10.20
great game ..fast moving and pleanty of action

Noramil 2011.10.19
Definetly a great game, though I`m having trouble figureing out when the code words show up.

AngelStorm747 2011.10.18
Ahhh till now the game with the sexiest poses! And verrry well done skin textures! Really enjoyed this one! Just the bee like dress of the girl in the epilogue is a NO-GO. But as always, just a opinion. Was glad that she waers something different during the date.

kateysyz 2011.10.18
it`s a great game. and hot. but the story a bit slow. umm -_-
anyway like other games, great graphic! :)

crippe23 2011.10.18
the graphic is awsome ihoppe fore some more :D

blackbettyuk 2011.10.17
Decent enough game - quite short but the game play was okay.

arial1 2011.10.17
good gameplay with a nice & hot story.

outrage 2011.10.16
nice graphics, quick and easy, I like

faithcool 2011.10.15
it was really fun to play i loved it. i keep on playing this game over and over and it is on my top 5 list i love lesson of passion games they are really fun

roni4uhi 2011.10.15
It was a great game, love the graphics looked so real.

kool4dudes 2011.10.15
bad gameplay slow story and average game

jackinoffnow 2011.10.15
good game. i like the different endings

zilly 2011.10.13
good game but not very hard

henrysahng 2011.10.13
this was a very good game reallyg good graphics

AwesomeCCB 2011.10.12
Good graphics, and decent story.

Aragog64 2011.10.12
good gameplay with a nice & hot story.

vampiere 2011.10.12
its a bit slow to load but good one

jbarcarr 2011.10.11
Good game -- easy to get to the sex. Wish there was some graphics for the penetration.

kiyuragood 2011.10.10
now this took me a while to figure out how to get that bar on the side to go up but the gameplay isnt bad

hellsing 2011.10.10
This is a good game like how the character`s look

goat69 2011.10.10
great gameplay with a nice story

snic 2011.10.08
great game, but i think it is to hard for me

VaultExile 2011.10.07
Aways wanted to do it in a hotel

MADARA10 2011.10.07
great game but little hard

MADARA10 2011.10.07
thnks for this great game

MADARA10 2011.10.07

MADARA10 2011.10.07

xyzzzy 2011.10.06
awesome game... the content is good !!

sexy48 2011.10.06
i like this game very much

pliek 2011.10.04
great graphics great scenes good game

pliek 2011.10.04
really nice game. also hope there will be sequels.
one thing - is it possible to get her to dance?

kinglear 2011.10.04
great story, great graphics, one of your best games.

Highlife1366 2011.10.04
Hot graphics and right to the sex. Controls were crap though.

madmikenmolly 2011.10.04
It was a pretty hot game...however, the controls were a tad old school and the lack of sound effects wasn`t a plus either....the model, on the other hand was incredibly hot...

elo2man 2011.10.01
The game is too dark for me. Some indicators are difficult to see. The rest is fine. Good game. LOP rules.

bobo23 2011.10.01
good game, great graphics

pippo007 2011.10.01
I love this game, It was interesting to play

gcgdawg 2011.09.30
this game is fucking awesome

vlanker 2011.09.29
this game is amazing! there are a few part that are hard to do but awesome game

Simon Hunt 2011.09.28
i prefer the gameplay on the newer games

thinlwin 2011.09.27
i`ve loading problem.waiting for so long to play.

Liehovar 2011.09.25
maybe the best game on playforce!!

jeremy122 2011.09.24
Good game!
n ice graphics
I enjoyed it :)

playboy1982 2011.09.24
a lot of load time,but good story line and awsome graphics.

Storm3 2011.09.23
I love this game. Really good graphic and story.

Slayershini 2011.09.22
Good game as usual, but could`ve been a bit longer.

(Kate) 2011.09.21
good game, although controls are not very effiecient

vonquote 2011.09.21
Nice game but hate that the key sits in the way of the faces.

DreamTim 2011.09.20
this is a bit slow and too linear but good game

james02 2011.09.20
the game takes a lot of time to load.... its a bit slow

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
super hot, one of my farvorits.

Brookeishorny 2011.09.19
good game but id like it to be longer.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.19
awesome gameplay and graphics.

stanos88 2011.09.19
great graphics great scenes good game

bubbles 2011.09.19
great, but dont like circle controls

Seyenne 2011.09.18
I´ve played this game before but I got a much better ending now. I like it very much.

djyadigg 2011.09.18
great game and great graphics

99walle 2011.09.17
now I ended it for the 20 time but i hate the circle thing

99walle 2011.09.17
nice game with great endings an awesome game shull play over and over again

musicace2 2011.09.17
Not very difficult and a little short for my tastes

masterman 2011.09.17
good game but not my favourite, there are better games

Evandrob 2011.09.16
good gameplay an nice girls

marshae 2011.09.16
Graphic are cool.. i really dont like the circle control though..

mirsch 2011.09.14
Love the multiple endings, nice graphics, all and all a good game.

Bzare 2011.09.14
Good graphics and gameplay

Andrewinfire 2011.09.13
The multiple endings is a good way to keep it interesting!

Guggit 2011.09.12
Man, just done abusing myself daft to Getting to know Christine and now this has me going all over again; top marks and thank you. Great graphical style and the character models were excellent.

mgh 2011.09.12
one of a kind good graphics very hot game

marios874 2011.09.12
i lov this game the graphics are great

Marvin6905 2011.09.10
I love this game, It was interesting to play

dandrik 2011.09.10
The graphics were good, very straight forward game though

adenmanaf 2011.09.09

Erickson11 2011.09.09
Great game. I always love the animation in these types of games. Favorited it.

yaz 2011.09.09
Why we cannot have fun with the police? :( Police only show up to get us in trouble. Should be able to have fun with her too.

Crazyinlove2001 2011.09.09
this game is awsome I like it the reason it has so many comments

never_fear19 2011.09.08
good game, with lots of new positions, i loved it

messi10 2011.09.08
good great game but nuce enough game nice

travestyAU 2011.09.08
Dirty sleazy sex, love it

Jaymz29 2011.09.07
Simple game but does the job with good graphics too

zwen 2011.09.07
a great game from lesson of passion. i luv it

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
Cool game, though it seems a shallow compared to the ones where you can get different girls

kradz 2011.09.06
Great game and very attractive one

geurede 2011.09.06
i like the graphic but give more improvement like more girls

beterbocu 2011.09.05
Great game, liking it a lot.

alies1024 2011.09.04
its beautiful, but also hard to control.. though everything else is the BEST

Melimelo 2011.09.04
Great game and most gorgeous chick so far !
I`ll have to play it again to see the different endings and to lokk at this bomb some more times ! ;)

jovo 2011.09.03
need more games like this. was fun played it before

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Great game, liking it a lot.

fuckdemon 2011.09.02
that man is very, very lucky. i want to fuck that girl too

grvlohia 2011.09.01
The ending is really nice

grvlohia 2011.09.01
This game is really fun............ Must Play

coffeezombie12 2011.09.01
fun game good ending, but i want to see more penetration in a game like this

Haunse 2011.09.01
Fun game, loved the ending

skychi 2011.08.31
nice graphics and a hot game

s.e.x. 2011.08.31
Great graphics, addicting game, and nice gameplay...Once again L.O.P. triumphs

69pilot 2011.08.30
I love the graphics, but it`s too confusing

jamiewan 2011.08.29
The game is very sexy. Iwant to play it every day.

RedMarx1784 2011.08.28
great graphics and very sexy

USMCGirl2012 2011.08.28
amazing! love the graphics, great storyline aswell.

takara 2011.08.27
ery sexy and hot game, very enjoyable......

Terragon32 2011.08.27
enjoyed mutiple endings, great graphics.

Priam 2011.08.26
This was a good fun game.

mentallyillbmw 2011.08.26
awesome game, one of the best ive played yet

Sexy_slut 2011.08.25
not that fun. good graphics though. carry is a hot chick.

jacktheripper 2011.08.24
have to play this one yet but i think it gonna be good

Playeer 2011.08.24
In which game appears the blonde of first secret? She is a background image of the lesson of passion

Nick88 2011.08.23
very perfect graphics tesekkurler

Derrien 2011.08.22
yes indeed a great game love it

mmgoescrazy 2011.08.21
Fun game, loved the ending

timcrwc 2011.08.21
The very best. And by the huge amount of comments, hundreds of people agree. Keep making great ones like that.

adamh20 2011.08.21
amazing! love the graphics, great storyline aswell.

bart15 2011.08.20
this is awesome nice!! great job!

kapo 2011.08.20
passion hotel game is one of the best games i have seen!!!

WireDawg 2011.08.19
Circles are a little annoying but overall great game with decent graphics.

JBxxx 2011.08.17
A little too linear quest for me. However, the graphics are fantastic and LOP choice is great as always.

vladimovil 2011.08.16
I hoped a little more. Very easy game...

stitcherz 2011.08.15
Nice story, very fun, interactive... good game.

diamondsexbabe 2011.08.15
this game is great it is making me very horny now my pussy is very wet

sophia 2011.08.14
yes i love this game getting me horney

poudy 2011.08.14
wooow !!!! this game is awsome i feel so horny now

Maxim3190 2011.08.12
A little too linear for my tastes. However, the graphics are fantastic as always. Solid effort overall.

codyt867 2011.08.12
Great game, I`m not a big fan of the circle control though, and it`s kind of short, but it was still a good one.

toshiharu 2011.08.11
great game. bit short but playful

chanedward 2011.08.11
Great game, fine images, plenty of possibilities with their own effect on story. Ift(s fun to try to get other endiungs and codes to look at good galerie

AvengingDemon 2011.08.11
nice game, great interaction between the characters, very easy to make a wrong choice in the game. Great graphics as always!

powerjohn12 2011.08.10
Brilliant Game, Short, Pf1 should start making sex noises and More Movement (:

padme 2011.08.10
Very good game, good graphic, good animation and a good story.

fw190pilot 2011.08.10
Great graphics and awesome looking woman.

patrickgazar 2011.08.09
The guy`s a creep, but that bitch is smoking hot!

goimon 2011.08.09
great game. bit short but hot.

francoz 2011.08.09
very good game interesting story

liaring 2011.08.08
Realy cool game man i wish i was there this made me so horny

LewyPL 2011.08.08
One of the best Passion games! Good work!

studiuse71 2011.08.07
Pretty nice game. There were a couple spots where circles didn`t seem appropriate, but Carry was awesome.

johny_mckay 2011.08.07
Graphics were nice, but thought it was a little short.

travis199 2011.08.05
good game just weird controls

wild001 2011.08.04
Great series, excellent graphics and interactions

Sollie 2011.08.03
Fabulous game, like the use of controls for a change

butthead99 2011.08.02
Good game, entertaining. I found the controls a bit jerky. Somewhat predictable plots, but you don`t play these games for the plots ;)

paerarru 2011.08.02
Not one of my favorites but still a good game. I found it easy to figure out and control during the sex scenes, I like that.

siradfiran 2011.07.31
very fun game, could have been longer but soooo entertaining

chickenwire 2011.07.30
nice game great graphics

snoo 2011.07.29
it`s a bit short but very entertaining

Maniac018 2011.07.28
This is a really good game. good graphics and action :)

Herrushingu 2011.07.26
Not a bad game. Graphics are pretty good but the circle control is not so good.

deman95 2011.07.25
Not a bad game. Graphics are pretty good, gameplay is rather simple but not bad, and like the endings.

lovesandyyy 2011.07.24
the game is hot sexy and erotic

mhead187 2011.07.24
wonderful game....great endings

gjg 2011.07.23
nice game i enjoyed it great sex

jryan 2011.07.22
Thought it was a bit boring to be honest.

NeRo826 2011.07.21
this game is really cool and the graphic`s are great

elo77 2011.07.21
bon jeu, avec de bonnes scenes de sex

cm punk 2011.07.20
soo good game with really nice graphics

but are you going to add a 2nd part ?

because its too short

crazyspartan 2011.07.19
This game is very high quality. Graphics are superb and the sex scenes are hot.

fernicus 2011.07.19
Awesome game. Fun as hell.

frullo 2011.07.18
Very nice storyline and the music is incredible !!!

jah508 2011.07.15
Good game, nice graphics, a little bit too short in my opinion.

ak_is_pro 2011.07.13
Pretty good game but its unforunate there is no sound

triple 2011.07.11
it`s amazing game with a lot of trick and bonus.....

thedoob 2011.07.10
This game was kinda exciting....I enjoyed the graphics and the gameplay was nice too

Djin 2011.07.08
Very good game , good graphics and history

photu 2011.07.08
excellent graphics and a entertaining game

JoeDiet 2011.07.08
These games are awesome because they go for a realistic kind of look, instead of an anime style for a change.

baodog 2011.07.07
the graphics are stunning, although i do not like how it takes a long time to progress.

DancerOfMusic 2011.07.07
Good game but kinda to ezy

builtyisawesome 2011.07.07
great game, great animation

brookchar 2011.07.05
One of the best erotic games ever.

ousman 2011.07.05
Great game from d look of things

venom1989 2011.07.05
Nice game! Good graphics, many endings. I like it.

andresgdl 2011.07.03
I like it. it is very fun and ver erotic!

coolron 2011.06.30
Very good graphics and animations

mitzy 2011.06.29
this game is beautiful.....and very hot....Ilike

tavian r 2011.06.29
love the gameplay the best game ever in my book

Silhan 2011.06.28
Simply perfect everything is okay

besogrone 2011.06.28
very nice game, grat story, great girl, great fuck date

BOYA 2011.06.27
This game amazed me not my favourit but fast

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
A kind of sequel of I Love Laura, gotta love it!

harleyrider695 2011.06.25
pretty fun game. She is very hot.

John G 2011.06.24
Great game play! Can`t wait to discover other endings.

dumdess1 2011.06.23
kinda hard but fun i need help

mhudar 2011.06.23
Nice ghrafics hot girl but a bit slow motion

cdr 2011.06.22
graphics and animation is beautifull !!!
I have a problem with the game control

superdavid 2011.06.21
the graphics was great and carry is very beatiful

akulll 2011.06.20
the best game here i played so far

unstoppable191 2011.06.20
really good graphics, got to the end

gonzo1991 2011.06.20
this is beautiful game with beautiful young lady

Raguna 2011.06.20
Animations and graphics are superb! However, game is quite short.

pamparam 2011.06.20
it`s a very great game, but a little bit short..

powerpuff 2011.06.19
is there an ending with the girl in the lobby?

classicalname 2011.06.18
I don`t know what it was about this game, it`s probably my least favorite LOP title.

flameroran77 2011.06.18
Beutiful game, but it`s a little hard to ell what to do sometimes.

fucker112 2011.06.18
i keep getting stuck when carry is "wet down there"

fucker112 2011.06.18
i keep getting stuck at the beginning

busu99 2011.06.18
Great Game. Good graphics

Ped1200Q 2011.06.17
Nice story, nice game , nice everything. You guys now what you are doing, awezing job. :D

Johnny Doe 2011.06.15
Wonderful game, will have to play it several more times.

dgkesquire 2011.06.14
Great game, gorgeous graphics...the gameplay is varied enough to keep the player interested. I also like the varied plotline endings...definitely replayable.

chrischaos 2011.06.14
An enjoyable game with a sexy woman.

danteking 2011.06.13
nice stroy and game play.u should make it a longer i think but its good

xabhinandan 2011.06.13
That was a great game.

girface 2011.06.13
The circle graphic makes the movement very complicated and is confusing...but up until then it had a good story

sincubus 2011.06.12
Well designed with good graphics. It`s bad that it ends so quickly.

toffy 2011.06.12
very beautiful games graphics is good
More girls would have was interessant

elriok 2011.06.11
excellent graphic and picture. was not able to get the secret code at the end. fun to play, very beatiful girl

legongg 2011.06.11
great. but one part is hard. :/ hahaha

Rude boi 2011.06.11
great game, cracking graphics and a good storyline

darthktempus 2011.06.11
Very good game; the only problem I would say I have is where we have to go around the circle

Moshool 2011.06.11
great game and great graphics.Love the game!

kris anne 2011.06.10
this game is nice...i really enjoyed it

fuxuhy 2011.06.08
sexy. kinda like zoe and vince i love it

wolman2060 2011.06.07
This game was awesome, I really enjoyed it.

JjS2 2011.06.06
good games i like the graphic

newcomer123 2011.06.06
fucking awsome game! good story and graphics!

MunkkiJoller 2011.06.05
Very exciting and looks amazing too. Gonna play this some more

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