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Panthea 2.3


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Blitzkriegbob 2018.08.10
so there is a white screen and nothing else? still?

xquietguyx 2018.08.02
reloaded multiple times but only got a white screen every time.

ghostjar 2018.07.30
so much potential to be a great game rn

drafter21 2018.07.25
game sucks need lot of improvisation....also faced challenge to start the game as it shows white blank screen tried almost 8-9 times post which game started

Berk66 2018.07.24
the worst I try to playrn

pancakeman29 2018.07.21
This game is ok but it needs some work.

alta!r 2018.07.21
mediocre game need to improve a lot but i had fun playing!

leonizer 2018.07.19
When you see a white screen instead of a game - wait couple seconds. The game is loading and there isn`t any preload.

Scootay 2018.07.19
Was just starting to enjoy game when error message ended experience. 1/10, don`t release non-functional games

christra448 2018.07.19
white screen. cannot play how sadrn


hornsfan35 2018.07.18
white screen. cannot play

Gangstabill1984 2018.07.18
My screen is white, cant play the game

welsjo 2018.07.18
screen stays white. cant play

lukeRage 2018.07.18
fun game thanks for the new game

meccano 2018.07.18
I get this message when talking to Jack during a coffee break.rnrnContext3D not available! Possible reasons: wrong wmode or missing device support.

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