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Pandora part 1 and 2


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ILoveKellySoMuck 2019.05.13
its my favorite game i love the story and the characters and i love all of it

rukkerdrukker 2019.04.11
these people make the best gamesrn

fans 2019.02.20
awesome game wonderful graphics

Matty9745 2019.01.16
really good and interesting storyline with gorgeous girls and choices

brownbag 2019.01.06
good game,I like that you can go on several pathsrn

NICONICONI 2018.12.22
great game and graphics love the story

thumbrub 2018.11.23
Quite long but great nonetheless, hopefully the next part will be out soonrn

Casper_000 2018.11.14
great game nice graphics good work

Matty9745 2018.10.09
really nice game, good story to it, awesome graphics and the girls are awesomern

BigCock168 2018.10.06
This series is easily one of my favorites of all time! The story is excellent and the girls are super hot


bkd 2018.09.23
grate but too long game before sex scene . thats boring

Luis Otavio 2018.08.24
Thiis game is one of the bests here. Great history!

Kakashi551 2018.08.08
It was a nice game kinda wish that you could have choose who to end up with.

AstridFolcard 2018.08.03
I liked the story line. This is an involved story with one very preferred plot line. The underlying Atlantis story is a fun twist.

looner 2018.07.27
Wanna get them all... all girls are hot

ranma2 2018.07.12
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koiranosPlay 2018.07.11
Beautiful story! Excellent graphics! I would love to see more options for sex scenes.

Bbaqw3 2018.07.03
Enjoyed this game. Suppper sexy game.

cgra 2018.06.21
Great game, simple to use and I like the save function. I enjoy trying the different scenarios. This is certainly one of the best games I`ve played. Well done to the creators.

MikeyH74 2018.06.19
Love this series! Can`t wait to see where this one takes me.

The Reaper 2018.06.03
My number one favorite game on this site. Graphics and animations looked great! Cant wait for part 3!

carrotadrian 2018.05.18
I lost track of how much times I played this

jjhhh 2018.05.07
great game looking forward to the next part

edy777 2018.04.26
Nice looking new game, liked it.

supertrucker 2018.04.23
I loved playing this game could not stop till I got to the end.

BigX 2018.04.08
Wow! what a story line! Had me gripped the whole time, couldn`t ask for a better game!. The one thing that could be changed is the placing of the text, if it was integrated into the scenes say in speech bubbles rather than above the images it would be a lot easier to follow and therefore more enjoyable. :)

ski9072 2018.04.01
Definitely a great story. Graphics were amazing, and the story was actually a story that you could follow. I`ll be waiting for the next chapters, that`s for sure. Only complaint I had was no sound. but hell, ya can`t have everything.

alex_k 2018.03.28
This game overall is amazing, the graphics are really well done and with great detail put into, and I also like the storyline for the most part. But I felt the game put too much attention on Maggie, would have liked if you had more freedom of choosing which girl you wanted to pursue.

adragon707 2018.03.15
What a good game but easy to get stuck at an early end. If you do get stuck try searching for a walkthrough. I used the one on the blog AIF Sans Mystery to get through both chapters. Even so save often to allow you to experience all the available options.

carrotadrian 2018.03.13
very nice game and easy story to follow i the story is also long

BSlick 2018.03.01
A fine game from one half of the Tlaero/Mortze team. I like the Greek mythology in the modern world story line. Part 2 was definitely better than 1 in my opinion. I hope Mortze can continue the story along with the "Elsaverse" too. These games have become my favorites on PF1.

Pizzaolle232 2018.02.26
one of the games with better graphic and animation

bob247 2018.02.24
One of the better games on here. Fun and full of content.

96399639 2018.02.23
Very nice game. Story is good and newest chapter is wonderful.

stevesmith755 2018.02.17
Sad that there wasn`t more explored between the other girls.

OdinsGate 2018.02.15
Awesome story line! One of the best erotic games so far. Hope they keep them coming.

JonSmite 2018.02.13
Both parts, awesome games, graphcs, story line! Want more like them!

cacotrepa 2018.02.09
Great game, one of the bests at PFO. Starting part 2.

christopher00195654 2018.01.28
great game wonder when the next part will come out

DeeKay82 2018.01.27
Very nice game. The graphics are great and the characters are interesting. Too bad the ending is kinda abrupt.

76 2018.01.26
Good quality and many options

Cyber1 2018.01.26
good stuff! Nice graphics

blyszcz 2018.01.26
great game. looking forward to next one. sex scenes are very hot

HellovaCock 2018.01.20
This is simultaneously a game for fans of ancient Greek mythology, mariners, and masturbaters. Absolutely phenomenal characters.

tazcristi 2018.01.17
its a great game amazing graphics, but it could use some more acction and i really hope there will be a 3 part

Rodiak 2018.01.16
great story arc and nice graphics

Dan the Man 2018.01.15
Any comment that I could make here would be an understatement of this game.rnSimply take the time to play this and find out for yourself. I am hooked on this and all of the others made by these people. Try it and try it again. Discover all the different variations.rnWell worth the effort.

RedHotChiliPepper 2018.01.10
Great plot! Very nice game. One of 2 games, that I would like to translate to my own language (Russian) for enjoy all the story completely. I hope in some days I`ll found time for contact creators.rn

alta!r 2018.01.10
this game builds up slow but it very worth playingrni expect more parts to come up soon

Crux 2018.01.09
Great Game, Nice Graphics

kemode 2018.01.07
Goof game with great looking girls but the main character is a bit dorky

cambridge4453 2018.01.06
This is simply the best of the best, I have some small quibbles with the portryal of virginity - he gets a bit expert at the end all of a sudden and nothing happens by easy stages - but it is the best depiction of a virgin encounter I have ever found; the artwork is great, the storyline is sexy and intricate, there are choices that really matter and even though it is long you are left wanting more. It`s pretty much in a class of its own. Mortze and Tlaero have produced something extremely erotic yet a genuine work of literature and art. If that sounds too highbrow it isn`t. Just play the game and enjoy.

WinterSkySong 2018.01.06
Excellent game...great storyline, deep characters that made you care about them!

oradas 2018.01.05
great graphics and screenplay- I loved it so much- Thanks

GINO1 2018.01.05
nice game and like the graphics!

mcfly5 2018.01.03
This game was great and had an amazing story line to it!rn

Oconner 2018.01.01
Its an adventure rather to understate it as a porn game...Making a girl lose her virginity was off the hook

Microb 2017.12.31
Loved the game. Great graphics and i shure love the storyline. Can`t wait for the sequel.

w1drng22 2017.12.31
I finally got it. There are choices on some screens. Just move the mouse around. You don`t have to be caught in the engine room. That made the difference for me. Save a lot so you can try out the various scenes such as with Cassandra. The dream sequence with Rita was awesome.

w1drng22 2017.12.29
I must have done something wrong on part 2. I only saw a kiss. Part 1 had lots of ... stuff.

dk47 2017.12.29
Part 2: Got with Maggie a few times, Rita once in a daydream, and part with another girl whose name I can`t remember (spanish maybe, dark hair, but bad option). Am I missing anyone?

w1drng22 2017.12.29
My goodness this is fantastic. Finally a story with a storyline.

active 2017.12.28
hey guys any information about part 3. i wanna fuck nikki

Microb 2017.12.27
I loved the storyline and the graphics. could have used more choices though. but everithing considered, it was a great game. can`t wait for the sequels. ;)rn

Amara_Kali 2017.12.27
Tlaero and Mortze are my favorites developers. rnThis time with Pandora, I think they created the best story, somehow, the sex parts, are better in other games such as Redemption for Jessika or dreaming with Elsa. rnIn any case, they have made a great job!!

Maxx_Tyger21 2017.12.26
I love a good storyline, so this one definitely works out well for those that love a well laid-out sexual tale!

Midcoaster2017 2017.12.23
Great Game. I would love to play a game based on the doctors adventures. hottest character imho.rn

spanner 2017.12.17
Great game so much better than the first one but did enjoy them both

BriLa 2017.12.17
This is probably the best flash game I`ve ever played. Awesome story, wonderful graphics and it`s left me wanting MORE. I pray to the Flash Game Gods that the story doesn`t end on a cliffhanger. rnrnThank you so much for such an incredible adventure. I love it. Please continue the story! There`s so much more to say.

bobbyg77 2017.12.15
love the game but i cant seem to get more than 1 ending

Hi Power 2017.12.13
One of the best. Play it several times to get all the girls.rn

blyszcz 2017.12.10
great graphics and story. Enjoyed a lot

roxehify 2017.12.07
Enjoyed playing both parts. Wish there was some more sex scenes.

GuyFox 2017.12.05
Really great adventure! Cool animation! This game much better than another! I like it!

Ddom33 2017.12.04
great game great story line (also i am just wondering if anyone can tell me how to post an avatar for the kelly adventures) looking forward to continuing this game!!!rn

tazcristi 2017.12.01
a really nice game, great graphics and sound. to bad the game has ended here. hope there will be a new part to it.

leechung838 2017.11.30
i really do like this game all round good game

GP69 2017.11.28
Not bad! Bit long winded though!

johng0d 2017.11.28
i like the graphics. very good game

j0hn1234 2017.11.27
i like the graphics. very good gamernrn

vukalo 2017.11.27
Too bad that scene with Rita was fake.

Leonar13 2017.11.26
Incredible game and very nice scene!

brink7000 2017.11.25
Good game for what it is. Needs more lesbian stuff.

Robert1309 2017.11.25
Great graphics, loved the storyline

cafs71 2017.11.25
Excellent new Chapter i love it

zalag 2017.11.24
Can`t wait for part 3, i love this game cause it makes you care about the characters, not to mention the great sex scenes that seem realistic

urgoth1 2017.11.23
this game is amazing wish you had a bit more freedom to pursue other girls but very good game

Greatmaw247 2017.11.20
Great game can wait for next installment

Badger 2017.11.17
great game play good endings

sexeddict 2017.11.15
Loved this game for a quite accurate depiction of the discovery of sex, diving into teen fantasies!

BullseyeCSZ 2017.11.14
Great story, fantastic graphics. This is a must-play!

milia0379 2017.11.12
It is very hot game, it is very difficult to reach the achivements, you have to maitain score the girl is very hot...storyline is good

vixen131619 2017.11.12
I love the combining of the chapter, the new part is really great.

felz 2017.11.11
Such a beautiful rewarding game

Danny King 2017.11.10
great game, long but never boring and great visually. One of my all time favourites

muncher`1233 2017.11.09
with out a dubt my fav game ever

mitchc187 2017.11.09
Great graphics and story line. Nice game.

perpep 2017.11.08
560/5000rnWonderful game.rnGood scenario with suspense, the drawings of the girls are superb (a little less the guys but it`s still good).rnI hope that in the future you can also integrate Jessika and Elsa into an epic sequel.rnIt`s a nice story and you`re incorrigible romantics.rnHowever, it`s an adult game, so I hope the following will be a little less romantic and maybe a little more ... exotic (maybe a touch of bdsm or lesbian sex could be more innovative .. .).rnAnyway, congratulations, I can not wait to play next.rn

xMik 2017.11.06
cool game !?who knows how to fuck Nikki?

RADOST89 2017.11.05
Asome graphics, loved the storyline.

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.05
The graphic and animation was good

DavidSamuel346 2017.11.05
the game was ok, the pace ell slow. storywise around good. wonder what`s the next game gonna be

bearbear 2017.11.04
Cant we have sex with his friend?

umair11220 2017.11.02
stucked somewhere in second chapterrn

Norbeast 2017.11.02
Amazing story, I`m excited about the upcoming games created by them!

savagebeast1227 2017.11.02
This novel was really enjoyble for me. I cant wait until chapter 3.

winthr0p 2017.11.01
Ignore my last comment, there was a lot I hadn`t gotten to I found out later. Still really solid.

gdlevy 2017.11.01
Great graphics and nice looking womenrn

winthr0p 2017.11.01
I remember liking 1 pretty well for actually rewarding treating Maggie with respect. This one is a little less respectful, which was disappointing, and felt really short and linear.

liowho 2017.11.01
really enjoy the graphics

Saturas2 2017.10.31
One of my favorite games. Played it several times, with changing results and finals. Worth playing it!

trueffel 2017.10.31
great graphic , the story ... love it

Mia Susan 2017.10.28
perfect to play... amazing graphics

pawacoteng 2017.10.27
A step up from chapter one for sure. I don`t mind it focused on Maggie - she is super hot even though a tad on the young side. More branches would have added to the replay value. Plus, after the "climax" so to speak, it would have been nice to have a full sexy scene with the main characters like with earlier games like Getting to Know Christine instead of just a couple of images. The creators are a great team, looking forward to the next adventure.

rhawke 2017.10.27
facorite game on this site!

tomgochi 2017.10.26
One of my best. Very good story, excellent graphics and beautiful girls.

blagovivan 2017.10.26
I love both chapters. Very interesting.

xdjmx80x 2017.10.26
asome graphics loved the storyline had fun playing

Dackeskogen 2017.10.25
Nice game.rnBut to few choises let you keep playing

archer295 2017.10.24
Nice game and quite a brilliant storyrn

TubaTeam 2017.10.24
It has a great story to it and great sex sceans.

antharesia 2017.10.23
rnPretty good, decent story, my biggest complaint is there is only one ending. You can have sex with some of the other girls beside Maggie. But, if you do it leads to a game over. Wish there had been alternate endings depending on what girl you pursued. The true ending being the one with Maggie, but at least a few alternate endings would of been nice. I liked Rita more to be honest, would of liked to seen a way to end up with her.

gp2170 2017.10.22
the graphic in this game are wonderful

harry789 2017.10.22
loved it i can`t wait for a part 3

Capiche71 2017.10.22
loved it i can`t wait for a part 3

Ggy1 2017.10.21
Great game. Too bad the other girls lead to dead ends.

koiranos 2017.10.21
I liked the game very much!! It has a very good story although the plot some times is very long and the sex scenes are way apart from one another. Overall I enjoy playing it and I am waiting for the continuations!

Jaaru 2017.10.21
Nice looking new game, liked it,

bullsextra 2017.10.21
super sexy play. erotic awesome

frnmel5731988 2017.10.19
is there going to bee part 3?

marcool47 2017.10.19
really great game. It is very fun to see the different choices we can make, the only negative thing i got to say is that you only have one way to end right,

Norbeast 2017.10.18
Very good game, I really liked the characters, each one was different and had a different personality.

files 2017.10.18
chapter 2 is amazing, chapter 1 is in my opinion kinda slow and boring

ekk 2017.10.16
Why cant i just get over with this gamern

HornyCollegeStudent 2017.10.15
Enjoyed the game, very well done. Wish there were a few more options when it came to the sex scenes. There were quite a few moments in there that seemed like it was heading to something sexy and sexual but then didn`t. Still like it though, so I guess that`s what the upcoming games are for!

azakah15 2017.10.15
I really love Maggie and how she acts innocently!

qaz.. 2017.10.15
i dont know wat to do, get stuck aat start itselfrn

dts3001 2017.10.15
nice graphics and story..

marcos20xds 2017.10.15
Nice looking new game, liked it.

iivailoo85 2017.10.14
its like i don`t have internet,and i have!

iivailoo85 2017.10.14
I like it very mach bud i have some strange problems with starting the game!

smnpeter 2017.10.14
Very easy to understand nice extra scences and different options to chosernVery nice graphics quite realisticrnNice interactive sex scenes and nice animationsrnBoth chapters are very good and the story is nice as well

antegeia 2017.10.14
part 2 could have more options like part 1, anyway it is a good game

Cirinian 2017.10.13
The game is alright. Nothing all that special about it

OswaldOl 2017.10.12
Love this one, either Part 1 and 2.rnGameplay: many choices / click to continue; some skipable parts (informal content)rnGraphics: very goodrnAnimation: only somernArousal: slowly but steadily growing

Darv94 2017.10.11
Maggie is perfect. I`m really in love of that character

Bicudo_SA 2017.10.11
The continuation does not really disappoint, if you like the first part you will surely like the second

spanner 2017.10.11
Loved both chapters roll on the next chapter

nickyhutch 2017.10.10
Fantastic games, love the graphics, can`t wait for part 3rn

Luch1986 2017.10.10
When will we get more Kelly`s episodes? There has not been one in a long time.

des14 2017.10.08
Fantastic game. Superb graphics, as expected. Great story line. Can`t wait for the next release playing as Farik!

marco_mat 2017.10.08
WWWaaaawwwww... what a grad game

arpitjosh12 2017.10.07
a very good storyline enjoyed it very muchrnjust one thing can be improved the sex scenes

sam6695 2017.10.06
This game is a fantastic little tease, just when you think you`re gonna get it in...you get so excited and...well!

lsy 2017.10.02
Amazed by the quality here. The story line is too good to not be on the movies and it was easy to imagine myself as part of the mission, with very realistic graphics and crazy fantasies. Looking forward to the sequel, which I hope will fill in for the lack of choice in story line in the first two episodes.

gamer12345 2017.10.02
Wow! that`s all i cant say lol

es 2017.10.01
good game, very hot scene, the story is good too, but the part 2 seems to end too fast compared to part 1, nonetheless, good one

LordCorinth 2017.10.01
I want to thank the makers of this game for making one that rewards the player for being respectful and kind. It`s refreshingly complex and the stories are compelling. My only complaint would be that there are too many sequences that just involve clicking through the story, which though usually interesting, just go on too long.

Turin1 2017.10.01
Excellent sequel. The main path is pretty straightforward, the other ladies are harder to access. rn

Jokee 2017.10.01
Is there a way to get in with Nikki?rn

Ombresournoise 2017.09.30
Very good game, thinks for french language.

ab934 2017.09.30
nice story....but i didn`t understand wellrn

rypt 2017.09.29
very complete history, i`d have liked to do more on the ship, like go to the doctors office, another rorms, etc.rn

adyee 2017.09.29
Graphics are good you should try different choices & with while game playing girls are hot....

KaiOti 2017.09.29
Part 1 was enjoyable as was part 2 but 2 was so linear that I was kinda disappointed. 3 looks interesting though.

ritzN 2017.09.29
the best game ever palyed good story and fantastic grapic very sexy and sensual game

randy1 2017.09.28
Very interesting game, I enjoyed it imensely .It was well put together.

jjgamer02 2017.09.28
Pretty good, decent story, my biggest complaint is there is only one ending. You can have sex with some of the other girls beside Maggie. But, if you do it leads to a game over. Wish there had been alternate endings depending on what girl you pursued. The true ending being the one with Maggie, but at least a few alternate endings would of been nice. I liked Rita more to be honest, would of liked to seen a way to end up with her.

OzzyGuy 2017.09.28
Fantastic game. Superb graphics, as expected. Great story line. Can`t wait for the next release playing as Farik!

Grick Rimes 2017.09.27
It`s a nice long game. My first comment might suggest there was nothing I didn`t like. I liked that there was a lot to do.... but it was just too linear for me. No real option to go for other girls. If there`s a part 3, and I`m guessing there won`t be, maybe add options for others? Like where it`s not a dream or fantasy or where you die! LOL! rn

jrlampard 2017.09.27
Next time playing as Farik with the choices of Rita, Kaori or Nikki. Can`t wait.

taso 2017.09.26
awesome game.spend hours. beautiful girls.

STNeish 2017.09.26
I loved this game, but was disappointed there was no choice in partners. If you didn`t pursue Maggie (to the exclusion of all others), you couldn`t finish the game.rnStill, very enjoyable.

akku 2017.09.26
amazing story line,,,,,rni was waiting fdr the continution rn

Toufik33 2017.09.26
Great story, interesting characters, very nice graphics, the best game so far

hardcok 2017.09.25
anal sex with maggie would of been nice

HH007 2017.09.25
was lame and not lot of options....

arnorich11 2017.09.24
Good long and sexy game. I love it.

xzdplay 2017.09.24
i love it so great game with Amazing graphic rn

xzdplay 2017.09.24
Great game! not only sexy but interesting plot i give her 10/10 rnrn

TEX TIGER 2017.09.24
The game have a stupid story, but nice graphics.

DarknessGaming 2017.09.24
Really good game. L0/E IT

KitCarsen 2017.09.24
My favourite game so far. Can`t wait for the next part!

ashketchum 2017.09.24
good game really enjoyed it

hunter2376 2017.09.23
love the cant wait for next part

sahz12 2017.09.23
The images are good and the story is interesting.

Diablo1802 2017.09.23
nice game i like it very muchrn

TBG1972 2017.09.23
Mortze and Tlaero continue to do great work together. Looking forward to the future stories from this universe. Support their Patreon if you can.

world76 2017.09.23
very sexy game. Chapter 2 i love especially

Troubledone 2017.09.22
Awesome story and graphics. Kean and Maggie were a bit timid for my liking. Can`t wait to play with Farik. Also introducing Hera and Athena was way to cool.

gunthermst3k 2017.09.22
Continued great work from Tiaero and Mortze as always. Story continues to entertain, and the graphics only keep getting better. Well worth the play through.

L1nk1980 2017.09.22
it`s a nice game and hope they are gonna make another game in this universern

7900 2017.09.22
great game, good graphics.rn if you don`t mind reading then check it out ;)

Grick Rimes 2017.09.22
Great game, but damn I can`t fuck Nikki or Rita? rn

cheese323 2017.09.22
if they made a game with Rita as the main girl i would never stop playing itrn

AlanErchiagrossa 2017.09.21
Love this game! Amazing graphics, great story, very hot moments... And as MadPAM said, it`s not so hard to find "Walkthrough - Pandora - Chapters 1 & 2"... ;-)

MadPAM 2017.09.21
A walkthrough for both chapters can be found on the AIF Sans mistery site...which of course I cannot link here withough getting banned...Google is your friend.rnThe new chapter is very nice!

Amir_HB 2017.09.21
who have walkthrough for both chapters???rn

rumpelstekin 2017.09.21
I have loved this second part. I am longing for the new story with farik

maddog3130 2017.09.21
Nice....would have preferred though if there were more sex scenes with Rita.

Darklord55 2017.09.21
Its a very interesting that has good graphics and choices make it even better

Mikkon 2017.09.21
Oh Jessika also appears on this game too! Ei wait, it`s not her, it`s another character but using same daz hair and model.. someone got lazy to make it different... sounds pretty weird playing different games with models that look so similar to other games.

AlexBig 2017.09.20
I`d like it`s graphics- still better and better! Thanks!

Bronco888 2017.09.20
Great game! not only sexy but interesting plot as well!rn

tluciotti74 2017.09.20
not a bad game, not one of my favorites but there are some choices that matter which makes it interesting at leastrn

dbob7419 2017.09.20
Love both chapters to this, lots of choices to make and it`s interesting!

masterironman65 2017.09.20
The new chapter is wonderful . I love it.

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