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Pandora Part I


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supertrucker 2018.04.28
great game super intertaining with great out comes

pooiii 2017.11.11
Great story, looking forward for the next episode

T H I C C 2017.11.04
I really enjoyed this game. So far, the graphics are great so is the gameplay. I hope, Pandora 2 will come out soon....

Bicudo_SA 2017.10.08
Magnifico, like all games of this pair

Tiodor 2017.10.02
The girls is lovely but look very young .

champ909 2017.09.19
i love this game, great story, graphics and well thought out scenes. I love that every action you make has an impact later in the game.

Joester 2017.09.08
Enjoyed this game hope part two is very soon

tluciotti74 2017.09.05
Not my favorite game but worth playing

unknowndud 2017.09.01
After playing the whole game not to mention the full version, I think this game is ok and quite creative due to the fact that almost everything takes place on a boat/yacht/ cruise(?) and the personalities of all the characters are very unique especially maggie, if played smoothly, she goes from being very shy to something like a more than a good friend and because of your help, you and maggie were able to find what you were supposed to find, that is alantis, of course. So far, hats off to this game!

dropgunx4 2017.08.30
I hope that part 2 comes out soon because this game was really fun and it has great scenes to go with a good story


Trokkar 2017.08.28
Interesting to start, but can become mundane as you move along trying to reel the story in.

mlarson04 2017.08.19
Great game i love every minutern

Rainhard52 2017.08.16
Wow amazing storyline and nice graphics.

nyetmare 2017.08.08
This game is awesome can`t wait to see where the story goes in the chapters

sebeju 2017.08.01
Very exciting with awesome graphics. If you want a good game, this is it.

JK1922 2017.07.30
Excellent game, though part two has been released and definitely improves on it. Not quite the same graphics quality as their other few games, which doesn`t make sense to me since the partner of the two who did this one is their artist.

Jimbo44 2017.07.26
great game, can`t wait for the next part of the story

richardb1285 2017.07.23
I love these Mortze games, the animation is on point. Not sure why part two hasn`t been released on this site since you can play it online elsewhere.

samsmith1169 2017.07.21
Different type of game, still sexy and fun!rn

kelok1234 2017.07.19
amazing i love it so much

goldenrider 2017.07.16
This was really good keep it going

littleGamer 2017.07.04
coll game, nice girlsrnenjoyed plaing ... rn

KitCarsen 2017.06.27
top notch game...really enjoyed it.

w1drng22 2017.06.21
Women are incredible. Love the save feature. Let`s you try out something and then undo it.

Error 22 2017.06.16
The plot is okay, but there are only two sex scenes as far as I can tell, and they are not very good.

Crane1 2017.06.09
Will we have the complete version of the game here on PF1?

amarde 2017.06.05
Very good game but so frustrating . Cant wait for the other parts.

AJ09 2017.06.02
Added to favs, also is tough for me

fuckerfenil 2017.05.14
Hey guys! Good news!! Pandora part 2 is complete. You can download or play online the full game on Mortze`s website. Enjoy!!!

fuckerfenil 2017.05.11
Guys good news!!! Part 2 is due in the next few days say 10 days for the patrons on "Tora productions" and maybe it can even be a public release! Can`t wait.rn

ravenken 2017.05.06
awesome game. it is great and fun. amazing work.

bubi3375 2017.05.02
Please do Part 2 soon. I cant wait :D

GBear 2017.04.29
This game is one of my favourites now. Like this style of game

Smifffy 2017.04.17
Not finished yet but loving it so far. Can`t wait to work through all the endings and then seeing all this talk of another part to come ....... excellent

DzChAoX 2017.04.17
this story is one of the best

peterboxine 2017.03.22
good game not much gameplay but great story and art.

nightan81 2017.03.17
Good game, looking forward to the next one!

marKus730 2017.03.16
Not a bad game this one. Not as much on the sex front as other games, but a decent amount of story. I have yet to find a way to get it on with Maggie, other than that I`ve been very successful in the game.

shevdan007 2017.03.12
great game, cool graphics and very nice storyline. a must play game. I really enjoyed it

kevin014 2017.03.10
Good story but as a game it is a bit lacking

Filhodob 2017.03.09
Longer game, but definitely an interesting story. Can be slow at times but scenes are rewarding.

bubi3375 2017.03.08
Where can I Play Part 2?
Great Game

yoyo1 2017.03.03
Is it BEW and Pandora same author?

mr man 2017.03.01
the game took too long to load each frame

Darth Voltar 2017.02.08
My favourite game I can`t for part 2

cesaw70 2017.01.08
Looking forward to part 2!!

vssuarez10 2017.01.06
Personal favorite, a piece of art.

adyee 2017.01.02
Another good game by mortze & talero please also play redemption for jessika, dreaming with elsa & latest finding miranda

anidreams 2016.12.12
Canr wair for part 2, great job

wolfbane3131 2016.12.11
When will we get to play PANDORA part 2

cwan222 2016.12.09
i love anything made by mortze. cant wait for part 2. the graphics are just so beautiful

jerrybate 2016.12.08
great game im really exited for part two when it comes out

lolzman 2016.11.27
i love these kinds of games....favourite type of games.

komajz 2016.11.26
This is realy good game but you can fell that you missing something. It is only part one and i want to know when will be part 2.

Davidbilla 2016.11.21
great adventure game... I like maggies cuteness but I love the hotness of nikki and rita... looking for the second part

bobdawson 2016.11.21
Longer game, but definitely an interesting story. Can be slow at times but scenes are rewarding.

Kartann 2016.11.15
Normaly i love Mortze`s game but this one... The idees are great but i don`t understand why the game offer various way when only one link to sex with the (too?) young ladie. But we have to remember it`s just Part I. Maybe Part II will contain an end with each girl.

JacSavage 2016.11.10
Great Game,have your thinking hat on,don`t expect to master the first time thru

jemicofe 2016.11.07
is a fun game, i love it?

Andrioc 2016.11.06
I still want to play this a few more times to see other endings but so far its a great story. More animation during certain parts would be nice though.

Applepie7000 2016.11.05
Can`t wait for part 2!!! Great game, Maggie is soooo cute!

getsmoked47 2016.10.25
This is probably my favorite one.

ashio 2016.10.24
i like the game very much

ssbbssc 2016.10.22
we need part 2 definately and as soon as we can i dunny what i can also wrirte here

dementedjedi 2016.10.15
nice graphics but why on different page?

TheWitcher211 2016.10.09
nice gameplay nice graphic is okey

player03 2016.10.08
couldn`t see the points. is it just me or anybody else too??

jupa1985 2016.09.29
great game, just enjoy it

LooneyDude 2016.09.29
Great game-play. Good graphics, and the story is appealing as well.. All and all it is a good game to play.

jed-peter 2016.09.26
Great game looking forward to part 2. My only complaint is that they kind of force one of the characters in the game a little too much. Some people like me probably personally find her character a little dull and would like to see a little bit of a more fair balance between all the lovely women in this game.

Arbiter909 2016.09.25
Great Grapchics and story

umair115 2016.09.19
this was the best ever game i have ever played

stussyquavo 2016.09.17
this is freaking cool game please play it

kaftos 2016.09.09
Im waiting Pert 2..The game was good but not better from a lot other games..Maybe Part 2 is way better from this

Sxeebytche 2016.09.09
Great characters and oodles of sexy fun!!!

pablo26 2016.08.29
Grat game and good adventure

Bigballz2000 2016.08.29
i fucking love this game would rate it 7/10

danny182661 2016.08.17
gave me a huge boner like 7 and a half. But what a great game

JonSnowKnows 2016.08.14
Another great game by MortzeArt and Tlaero. I`m surprised this game is under 90. Can`t wait for part 2.

braly007 2016.08.08
when will number 2 come out?

judith28 2016.08.08
Cool game - as so many others I#m waiting for Part Two. By the way: The girls look a littlebit to young .

pfo.com 2016.08.08
perfect game that i love t Play. when`s pt II next?

luv2pleaseu1973 2016.08.08
Great game, very intriguing and kept my attention. Nude scenes were pretty decent.

AfroMan8 2016.07.31
I like maggie and even if you did have more options with the other girls she`d still most likely chose her but I can still see why people more interaction with the other girls.

Arismetal 2016.07.23
Did`nt like the game, too boring at the start

Maxblue 2016.07.21
Excellent story, VERY MUCH want to see more of it!! -- I can see how some of the complaints as they are have been valid to a point. I have no problem with the story requiring the player to play within the parameters of the character, that is what makes this a game-- a very good game -- however, I DO like it better when I can see how I am progressing in that regard. The walkthrough was crucial for my being able to enjoy it, while the teams other games were more intuitive -- to ME anyway.

Note to players: This is VERY linear and story driven: However, it is a VERY GOOD story, a book I would very much have enjoyed reading on it`s own... call it a book with benifits (smile)

JapanSeven 2016.07.17
Very good game, but there is no endings with Nikki, Kaori, the pilot or the Doctor, which is very sad. The ending with Maggie is sad too.
But good story!

HopeEater 2016.07.16
wow is so good, i like it , i just dont like the protagonist that much

crouton13 2016.07.15
The game doesn`t load for me. Any help?

stach56 2016.07.10
very good game. I am waiting new chapter.great graphic

123denny 2016.07.08
a wonderful game! I can`t wait for part2

HaroldGamgi 2016.07.05
Holy hell it was hard... somehow it took me a long time to get trough this

Gtrxuaiq 2016.07.02
Love this game! Cant wait to see the part2!!!!

guypenny67 2016.06.28
great game nice graphics easy to play please add part 2

skylerbronze 2016.06.26
interesting story lines

funtime23 2016.06.18
this game is great and i love everything about it

ILoveYou78 2016.06.15
Wow i really enjoyed this game good graphics

polop06 2016.06.08
when well be the part 2 ? Please

Archer40 2016.06.07
Good game. Please release part 2 soon.

sembei13 2016.06.02
somawhat a bit linear for now... And that`s all the bad things I can say. Nicelly rendered, written, at the end you just want the rest of the story & even moar !

cicciop 2016.05.31
I like the plot but there are too many "continue" scene o scene with only a single choice. It will be nice to have the possibility to intercat also with other caharactres

edujara 2016.05.30
nice game, not my favourite but its good

sexghod 2016.05.28
Great game, cant wait for part 2 :)

Ramses93 2016.05.27
I want Rita ..... Elisabeth Looks to Child like

zorrie 2016.05.23
loved this game very much........cant wait for second edition

Twist_21 2016.05.21
Looking forward to part 2, hopefully will have more options with more of the girls! But a good intro to this set of games!

Peekaaboo 2016.05.17
Nice game with potential .. nice grap tho.. can`t way for the next episode of this.

harlequin84 2016.05.11
loved the game. perfect scenario

cheapmillinaire 2016.05.09
amazing game with lovely characters

richmound 2016.05.07
congrats for making good games like this

Huntsman25 2016.05.07
Fun and long game. I like it. A little hard but that`s the fun part.

neil_64 2016.05.04
Awsome please hurry with part 2

bleaubyou 2016.05.02
Girls are hot and I appreciate the many paths to completeion.

esteban69 2016.04.29
I dont know why i found this game kind short...
Is awesome by the way

I want more things and even the girls on the boat... are too many and only 2 you had something...
Nurse, Rita, Pilot and Nikky, i believe Nikky is can avaliable for Pandora II..... too many maggie will be suck!

I like this game i hope the part II come soon

aybrk54 2016.04.27
Damn this is some good game! Really nice art, I must say. Can`t wait for part 2!

Jlexa-aJlexa 2016.04.26
I look forward to the second part

Randy don 2016.04.24
Waiting eagerly for Pandora part 2

waffl3 2016.04.21
It was a good game with a great amount of sexy girls but in my opinion was a little too long and the save system would always put me at the beginning of the thing

Dienerkorns 2016.04.20
Love it hope their will appear more of it

MelbiPL 2016.04.18
Need Part II ASAP. Gosh I love bath and Maggie staff.

Gangstabill1984 2016.04.18

Impressssive 2016.04.16
good game, need the next part

knight09 2016.04.16
Love this game. Part 2 is a must have, WoW! I hope that we find out what is up with Rita. I`m not sure I`m doing the right moves to see what`s her deal. Well, save it for part two I guess.

Maddog82486 2016.04.15
Great game I love that there are multiple girls and tons of scenes and amazing graphics.

godzilla58 2016.04.13

RowdyRod 2016.04.11
This is a great game. The multiple save/restore options really help you to explore multiple story lines and long sections.

The sex in the hot tub with Roos was awesome, I love the Star Wars references - Think about Jabba and Han Solo shoots first... nice one! I didn`t think I would enjoy the exploration in the sub with Maggie, but you proved me wrong, it was exciting.

I can`t wait to see what the next part is going to be like!

PlayForceOne9705 2016.04.11
long and nice game enjoyed playing it

possum62 2016.04.09
This has got to be one of my favourite games. Will most definitely play again.

damndakj 2016.04.07
this is an amazing game/ love playing it

Boozer61 2016.04.06
Good Game, Good Story. strategic answers that decide the end is just awesome

leoxxx5 2016.04.04
I strongly recommend you to use the "save and restore" to get all the scenes without needing to restart all the time

Marcus Crassus 2016.04.03
Lineair game with nice graphics.

truedeath 2016.04.03
Great game! Loved every second of it. 10/10

ahmet123 2016.03.31
It was very fun i am playing again and again and i think i will find out new things in new trys

MikeJGee 2016.03.31
This is the most amazing game I`ve seen for a long time. Really, really good. Cuase it`s nothin` with "only rimmin`" I like it. I`m eager to see the next part.

Myzz 2016.03.30
Great game! Can`t wait for Part 2!

slim shaggy 2016.03.29
gotta love it cant wait for part 2

ashketchum 2016.03.28
want to play it again and again. very good game

ShepMM 2016.03.25
Another good graphics game

Matrix2799 2016.03.25
Great Game, story and graphics are great, can`t wait for part II :P

yian71 2016.03.25
great game i cant waiting fror second part

sethh88 2016.03.24
it was a good game but I couldn`t figure out how to go further lol oh well still a good game

jpb811 2016.03.23
this is a great game! little bit long winded in parts but i really enjoyed it! roll on part 2!

adim 2016.03.23
really one of the best I played here

hman05 2016.03.21
man this game is fantastic, loved playing it and have gone back several times to play again.. Can`t wait for part 2!

nightwing2004 2016.03.21
awesome graphics and game play. love it

Mikom5ota 2016.03.21
really love this game, great grafik and very good Play. a Little more Maggie in the second game?

darthzman 2016.03.19
I love it beautiful character, smooth animation , Professional story line.

I order you Part II NOW !!!

nuaze 2016.03.16
very good, can`t wait for what`s next

Gazimir 2016.03.16
One of the best games I ever played. Very nice females. As Always when Mortze and/or Tlaero make a game, I know it will be good. I prefer games with story over brainless click games and they always provide :)

Can`t wait till part 2 comes out!

PS: Roos`s reactions in Dutch were a fine touch, appreciate that kind of detail.



papy007 2016.03.09
The scene at the jakuzzi with the girls is amazing! Very nice game with nice interesting girls and lot`s of choices.
I enjoyed playing it!!! I love it

tatertot101 2016.03.09
the fuck scene in the hot tub is awesome

jhordan001 2016.03.06
most entertaining game ever

yoyohoneysingh 2016.03.01
Amazing game great story

Vigoss 2016.02.29
When is the next part going to be launched ?

gary1179 2016.02.26
I hope the the next part comes out soon great game

mhgd0 2016.02.24
great graphics and plot! wish it were longer!

pberke 2016.02.22
The scene at the jakuzzi with the girls is amazing! Great game! Looking forward to the continuation...

jatin729 2016.02.21
great work mortze.i love that game

braden 2016.02.20
this game is so awesome little short though

nfamos1 2016.02.19
Very fun game. Waiting for Pt. 2!! Animation is really good. Storyline is well planned.

AndyPanda 2016.02.18
great game, waiting for part 2.

gary1179 2016.02.14
What a great game can`t wait for part 2

Cronos93 2016.02.13
Such an incredible game, great graphics, great storyline, i hope the next partwill be as good as this one

1947hulk 2016.02.13
, great art and great girls.
It is a bit linear, but that`s ok for the first part of the story. I`m sure the more meaningful choices come later.
The only real problem is a lack of skip button. You should be able to skip the intro

lilika2000 2016.02.13
amazing plot, but really?? its cut

ziost 2016.02.12
Nice story just can not wait for next installment

npritikin 2016.02.12
I can`t believe how far technology has come since the 90`s This was amazing

thederphunter 2016.02.11
An outstanding game, but part 2 needs to come out soon!

Bodysuit 2016.02.11

cambridge4453 2016.02.03
Its really excellent until you get to the utterly implausible sex scene between Kean and Maggie that contradicts what has gone before and spoils it for me. Kean has fainted at the opportunity to touch boobs and said he has never been near a girl but does and expert finger job. Maggie is a virgin so the finger should not have been able to get inside her pussy so easily in the first place. So much storyline and so little to show for it. Fabulously done though; top quality presentation and graphics

blumpybimp 2016.02.02
this game was awesome, I look forward to part 2

latinagr 2016.01.30
A lot of chating and few action need a lot of improvment in the next sequals

gunzen 2016.01.27
Dear Mortzeart and Tlaero.

This is a good game. Not great.

To get a good ending, you need to roleplay as true to the character as you can. If you act like a pervert, you lose the game.

Important point number one: That is very sad because it limits the game play. People have different preferences. For example,

1) I like Kaori.
2) Some like the chopper pilot because she`s smoking hot.

People have different preferences, and you did not give them the chance to play for their preferred character.

Important point number two: this is a sex fantasy game. People like to play around, whatever their sexual orientation. You forced the game to one good ending. If you did not choose the one right girl, Elizabeth, then you lose the game. For a sex game, that`s very limiting.

I did not get to play around with one or two girls. Instead, I had to remain with Elizabeth, which I didn`t want because I wanted Kaori. Like I said above, you limited our choices right at the start.

This is a sex fantasy game. Allow us our choices. Allow us to play with one or two girls, etch..

For the technical side:

Game play is too long.
For repeat players, have a "skip" option available. For example, the part where the MC and 3 girls are in the room talking about Atlantis and Pandora. The scenes are too many. Loading times are slow. This extends game play unnecessarily. A skip button would be good.

The part where the science team, dive crew and the ship crew are introduced to each other should also have a skip button.

If there are no other choices, then make a simple dialogue box to click so that players do not waste time doing mouse overs on the whole game screen. Its a waste of time. Because game play is long, most people won`t get to finish playing the game in only one session.

ninini 2016.01.22
I would like to see red head getting from her ass

Toprider22 2016.01.20
Fantastic ass on the redhead, Can`t wait until the follow up is commimg.

Marcus Crassus 2016.01.18
Great game. Interesting what part 2 becomes. Lot`s of choices (I hope) Graphics are exellent.

gavin316 2016.01.18
smooth gameplay and great graphics. ready for part 2

Avatar4400 2016.01.18
Awesome game , really liked the story and the graphics were great too. Cant wait for part 2!

ScottS69 2016.01.18
Good graphics and story line.

Barryyy 2016.01.17
how do i get an ending with maggie? can only get to sex with roos in the tub

tightpantz 2016.01.17
amazig game cant wait for the second part

Paulie55 2016.01.14
Hello, when will be chapter 2? thanks :)

olwen29 2016.01.13
Extremely long in depth game, love all the save slots.

connor_boii 2016.01.13
very good animation! well done

ityrvilitarpa 2016.01.12
Must play, can`t wait for the next one

jdog2245 2016.01.11
gameplay is actually ok its a good game

BabbeN 2016.01.10
Amazing game, amazing graphics, amaxing storyline.
Keep it up!

koyoo20 2016.01.09
great story and development, also make me looking forward for the next episode.. haha

ghost12345 2016.01.07
this game is the best so far. lovin it

jacksmith1 2016.01.07
this game is the most epic game on this site.

Knoppo 2016.01.06
The best game I`ve ever played in this site till now

miamanga66 2016.01.05
That`s a really good game, i like design, story,... he deserve fame.

rockstarro 2016.01.05
how many endings are there in part one so how many times would i have to play this game to get all of them?

The game is great! Very original. The scenario is good and the graphics are too and the girls are sexy. What else to ask?

user11223 2016.01.04
Great game, leaves me longing for the next chapter!

starking43 2016.01.03
i love the gameplay and graphic

Jake371 2016.01.03
Very good storyline and graphics, but it takes a while to play.

Broadan23 2016.01.02
Super excited for Part 2. Loved the graphics, the story is interesting and a really good part 1 overall. Mortze doing some great work on this.

ShadowWo;f 2016.01.02
Liked the story and ending, good graphics

rockyrover 2016.01.02
a very interesting game but the story should have been a little more big

Peanut2653 2016.01.01
Amazing game, just wish you could get farther with her in the sub

Rumpelmuk 2016.01.01
My hints:

1) Achievements is a must have. It is very easy to do and makes you play much more.
2) This game is heavy on story telling. I like it but if we are in "story mode" make it easier to continue. Don`t make people search for the continue-field all the time. Just make 1 option "continue" at the bottom.
3) Put all text below the image so it does not move all the time.

These are just the technical things. They are really easy to do and make the game much better already. When you know you are in story-mode, you can lean back and just click 1 button and you know for sure, that there was nothing to choose. This way the game feels less complex - like it really is - and expectations are not so high. Right now I feel like I "worked" a lot and got too little for it :-).

I like that there is no porn around every corner and you take time to develop a story and characters. Just make it easier to use and add achievements (!) When I know there are only 4 things to achieve and the rest is just story, the game is really good already.

90% thanks for good work :-)

Milkit23 2016.01.01
imo i don`t really like maggie and I feel that the game just assumed that I find her cute but overall the game is pretty solid!

viper23 2016.01.01
cant wait till part 2 is out

Cometi 2016.01.01
Took me ages to get the last scene with Maggie, but I finally got it. It was kind of a let down, but the others scenes are good.

tf_talon 2015.12.31
Awesome game, ended too soon. Need more please.

viper23 2015.12.31
one of the best recent games to come out

m_wanted 2015.12.31
Finished, With a game over. Too bad the paths are so strict and the game so short. I hope to see a lot more on Pandora, it really has great potential.

m_wanted 2015.12.30
I`m not finished yet (I`m at the legend narration) but I already gave the best possible vote for the game. Really well written with really interesting characters, I just hope there will be space to interact (wink wink) with them all and that with choices there will be different paths or events.

jlrudge 2015.12.30
This was a really fun game to play with great storyline. I kept trying and trying!!!

tododoto 2015.12.29
i love this game so much! the choices are very interesting - played through a few times just to explore everything. girls are very realistic and felt very invested.

rickyllkoeg 2015.12.29
Can`t wait for the next part to come out!

nifowolf 2015.12.26
Awesome game with great quality graphics.Nice little story line. I can not wait for part 2!

rorshach 2015.12.25
Superb story `n graphics .................
Feels like real life movie

Artem1582 2015.12.20
How long we have to wait for part 2? Anybody knows??

Dan the Man 2015.12.20
Loved this new game. A bit on the long side (it is a novel rather than a game) but going through it again I discovered the additional plot lines that I missed the first time.
Can`t wait for part 2.

Mr. Dick 2015.12.20
awesome graphics and game play

MalcomEvergreen 2015.12.20
Realy nice gam awesome graphics and gameplay

PlayForceOne0597 2015.12.18
great game can`t wait for part 2!

irishidiot1987 2015.12.17
love the game can`t wait for the next

JustMeHere 2015.12.15
This game is awesome, one of the best if not THE best game on this site.
The story is very well organised with a lot of different ways in which it can be developed. One great thing is that the choices you make change the way people see you and it is crucial if you want to get until the end.
The graphics are incredible: very well made, respecting every detail and one of the things I like the most is that the women`s represented are not all super hot, but have different kinds of beauty, and we can see it in Maggie, Roos, Kaori and Nikki.

I really can`t wait to paly the second part of it to develop the storyline with Maggie. Sadly I coulnd`t do anything with Kaori, which was the girl I liked the most.

Can`t wait to play part 2! Should be good!

Nishit 2015.12.15
frankly, this game is better but there`s less eroticism. You could have made it more adventurous in the first part itself. Besides, leaving that behind hoping you would consider all possible things in next part like going with all the girls one by one.. then 3some, 4some and once with all the girls. Adding some ending stories and also something like atlast after having every girl there, they only have Kean Jeong(the character/protagonist) in their mind forgetting all other men and they daily dreaming about him only.. something like never ending.. ETC ETC ETC.. People would actually love if it`s like that.. that`s all for now.

mimmata 2015.12.15
Great game. The best of the "adventures" in the site so far.

zeddicus75 2015.12.15
Excited for part 2. Wonder if we`ll get more romance options?

buttbutt1 2015.12.14
Very amazing game looked great :) I loved the artwork

famat123 2015.12.14
This is by far one of the best games. Its entertaining and has many endings, cant wait for part 2.

grevantime 2015.12.13
Whoops! I was not done with my post, so here`s Part 2. I highly suggest that the hot tub and shower be far more exploited. Also, since they`re a good ways into the ocean, a storm and survival, with or without the chopper, opens many possibilities. I do congratulate the team on taking the high road and the graphics and the texture of the various story lines.

Those crying for a walk-through ,to figure out Maggie, fail to understand the simplicity and complexities of almost any given woman`s mind. It was easy first shot. I did take the precaution of the 4 saves. The only tricky part was when they were getting to watch the movie. You made me think on my answers.

grevantime 2015.12.13
Well, this is a good to almost very good game, as it is right now. I rated it an 80, with subtractions for two reasons. All the rest are tolerable. Minus 15 is for when Maggie essentially reveals to Kean on the deck that she`s "the right person," there should have been that first romantic kiss. There`s actually very little eroticism in the game and given the rich story lines, that`s acceptable, as long as the ball is not dropped in the second part. But, come on, you have two virgins, essentially made for each other and no kiss? Sorry, but that`s lame. Then there`s a minus 5 points for Kean sticking his finger inside a virgin. I know it`s an easy thing to forget, as I attempted it years ago. It doesn`t happen, unless one drives the finger through and that would probably break the deal for a girl, like Maggie.

I started the game with the frame of mind of trying to think how Kean would think. You made Maggie to jump out onto his radar. That was good. Too many posters that are older somehow cannot relate to girls looking so young. It`s really our perspective... get over it. There`s nothing creepy about Maggie. Each character, in the game, is quite realistic.

eLLa1990 2015.12.13
help me plz.. im stuck in the game

ron4u1350 2015.12.13
Great game. Arguably your best yet. Can`t wait for the second part.

BjornAke 2015.12.13
I absolutely love this game, there`s so many different caracters and scenarios to play that you could play this forever.

ranran 2015.12.11
sadly not working from scene 2 (heli1b.htm) :(

victimsim 2015.12.10
Absolutely great game Way to go.

mike.ceara 2015.12.10
I really liked their previous games. Let`s hope this comes up just as good.

elmaxkrapula 2015.12.08
I love this game. The graphics are fantastics ande the story are very interesting, only I´ll likes more sex scenes and I want´s fuck nikki, she is gorgeous.

Jhodee 2015.12.07
I love this game. Graphics were done beautifully and the story is pretty well done too.

sahz12 2015.12.07
short but a very good game

SexDareDevil 2015.12.06
hey does anyone know wen the next part of this awesome game will be coming out?

xxxPeanutxxx 2015.12.05
Really great game. Great story, great characters, great art and great girls.
It is a bit linear, but that`s ok for the first part of the story. I`m sure the more meaningful choices come later.
The only real problem is a lack of skip button. You should be able to skip the intro, and skip the other info sections, like the greek history etc.
Great to see the first time, repetative and annoying after the 6th.

Other than that, keep it up, one of the best games I`ve played, keep it up!

zqdanger169 2015.12.05
So good! I can`t wait for Part II!

Mondoblasto 2015.12.04
Mortze collaborated on Dreaming with Elsa and this is his first solo project. Search "MortzeArt" for more details.

helmatides 2015.12.04
great game...should have included more content in this episode

gullwing 2015.12.02
I think the loading times are a bit of a problem but otherwise can`t wait for the next part.

Mnmusky 2015.12.02
Great game, looking forward to how the story develops.

SilentWind12 2015.12.01
Cannot wait to play the next part :D!

RalphiusMaximus 2015.12.01
It`s more of an animated story for most of it. There are very few actual choices to be made. That being said, it`s really well done with quality art and story.

Adelfos 2015.12.01
Is there a reason it opens a second tab instead of playing on this page? Not complaining, but it is kind of inconvenient.

ICE415 2015.11.30
I need to be able to make more choices and it does need to be cut a bit like the beginning or just add a skip scene button their are alot of uneeded scene`s

Gn0me96 2015.11.28
This game is long and has a lot of scenes that probably could be shortened. I like the innocence of the two lead characters as they start to explore their sexuality. Can`t wait for part 2.

royce of babylon 2015.11.27
its more lengthy as i expected ,oh man the game is great good length and graphics for a free game. jus that my internets a bit slow so it lags but i woul give it 100 stars cant wait for more

ben_aughty 2015.11.26
Tricky to win - but one of the best so far.

Lots of unnecessary scenes - but far more great scenes.

Ending is a little dull as they want you to play part 2 - so don`t save your cum until the end.

jinx404 2015.11.26
it was great, but not my fav

Nelis87 2015.11.25
When is the second part comming? Can`t wait

israce 2015.11.25
M A S T E R P I E C E !!!!!

nbh 2015.11.25
the game was okay, not my fav but okay :)

FrAb 2015.11.24
So, it seems as if you should go for Maggie, but in my opinion she looks and behaves too young.
Kaori looks really hot, and so does Nikki. I would like to have some more interaction with them. Getting any of them into a threesome would be amazing.

temporakes 2015.11.23
i don`t think the end is good. but the game is promsing. can`t wait for series...

Zorex 2015.11.23
Amazing games: Great girls , great end. 10/10

jdsjnkjzxnk 2015.11.22
Any walkthrough for this game?

Moartl96 2015.11.22
great game i love it pleas more of it

xxxneo 2015.11.22
great story im waiting for the second part i hope you cas get something with rita

leemuh8 2015.11.21
Great graphics and storyline, but the interaction is somewhat lacking. The game has the feel more of a movie than a choose-your-own adventure. I`d like to see more variability. There is a lot of just clicking through things, and more options would make the game more interesting. For instance, it would be nice to have a way to get with Kaori. But overall, very fun.

GollDll 2015.11.20
i`ve never seen such a great game

HuntaKilla 2015.11.20
This game is awesome. Turned me on so much!!!

Dersonrn 2015.11.19
Nice, Cant wait for next part. Goodfull

saladinn 2015.11.19
if any one here want to make money just email me.

Mashin 2015.11.19
Nice girls, nice story so far. Would love to see more!

Julio123 2015.11.19
The best game I`ve played here so far

dragon1912 2015.11.18
Absolutely great game Way to go.

bigandfluffy1993 2015.11.17
This was a pretty awesome game.. Slightly disappointing that the only one you can penetrate is Roos though..

idcbaby 2015.11.16
Great graphics and great gameplay, cant wait for part 2!

Asterixxx 2015.11.16
Very nice artwork and it seems that there will be a lot of story - nice mythical background as well. I might be nice though if longer text passages could be skipped for replays.

bholder801 2015.11.16
best game by far
nice girls
good stuff

steelb 2015.11.15
fun game interesting choices with different fun ends. Although there is no vaginal penetration the scenes are highly erotic. fun hot game

SychoO 2015.11.15
Nice, Cant wait for next part.

cccnola12 2015.11.15
cant wait for the next one

igna0401 2015.11.14
very good game but i would like to know if there is an ending with an another person that it is not Maggie

t3l3tub 2015.11.14
Great game, can`t wait for the next part.

dre10000 2015.11.13
good game but the game over part sucks wish there was more

swtrse 2015.11.12
I am the only one that thinks that the gods looks deranged? There eyes are creepy.

Melee 2015.11.10
The pointing system has to be balanced, if you don`t say you have a girlfriend and don`t hook up with Roos you can`t miss the ending with Margaret, if you hook up with Roos you don`t have a chance for the right ending even if you quit after giving Roos the handjob.

MoparScotsman 2015.11.09
Enjoyed the game, will look forward to part 2. Anyone want to tell me how many possible scenes there are to unlock? I know I`ve found most of them, just want to be sure!

C.C. 2015.11.09
Love this game. Can`t wait for the next part. All girls are great.

Troik 2015.11.09
Enjoyed this game a lot. After a few tries I made it to the final scene with Maggie (with help from Pirmin`s comment). But shortly before she cums, Maggie stops, did anyone actually manage to get her off? Or maybe it`s just part of the story?

nomnom789 2015.11.07
Amazing storyline. Can`t wait for Part II

longp390 2015.11.06
Great story telling .....
The graphics are breathtaking.

remoremoit 2015.11.06
Incredibly storytelling, can`t wait for part 2.

vampirebitch 2015.11.06
the graphics are amazing but I didn`t like this game I had to download to play

me 2015.11.05
Lengthy story, but well elaborated. There are a lot of tripwires, but luckily there is a "save" function. Use that often to avoid repetition!

garvit arora 2015.11.05
very interesting game must play guyz

Swagathore 2015.11.05
One of the best games ive played in this formatting. Waiting for part 2. Small issues with the spelling and just overall dialogue, but it can be overlooked.

dark raider 2015.11.05
this game is awesome..hope you will be able to have sex with all the girls..

papy007 2015.11.04
I Cant wait for the second part,
Absolutely great game

allmysenses 2015.11.03
What an awesome graphic... Its not the game for few minutes but god its worth it! I hit the pool with redhad :)

blazenero 2015.11.03
I love adventures. The fact that this game has a sequel just makes me more exciting.

Nelis87 2015.11.03
Cant wait for the second part,
Can you do something with Rita?

eagleata 2015.11.02
very good game. I am waiting new chapter.

xNone 2015.11.02
When comes the next chapter ?

JNZ25 2015.11.01
One of the best games of this web.

perto 2015.11.01
Great story man! keep up with the amazing work

STNeish 2015.11.01
I have to say, I`m rather enjoying this one. For me, CONTEXT is crucial for the game to be stimulating. I`m really looking forward to the next installment.
I did notice, there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors. If the authors would like to send me their script, I`d be happy to go over it and correct any such errors.

Blitzkriegbob 2015.11.01
Nice gameplay and graphics, but sometimes a little harsh on players.

anggar37 2015.10.31
the animation is really good, the gameplay is very intrenting and a wonderful graphic

Artem1582 2015.10.30
This game have cool gameplay

unknownwanker 2015.10.30
Can`t wait for the next part, gj !

Stark13 2015.10.29
Great game with interesting story-line and nice build ups and characters too. 10/10

Cornflake 2015.10.28
Great Game. Graphics are great with a nice mix of characters. Hopefully next one will allow more interactions options....

Shivx07 2015.10.28
This is a great game, graphics and storyline wise. Looking forward to the second part.

nizze 2015.10.28
Very nice game, love the consept :) but can`t figure out Rita`s ending.

Elfe 2015.10.28
This is a very nice game! One of the best. Hope we won`t wait to long for part 2...

mjarbejde 2015.10.27
Great start ?? can??t wait for the next update, please hurry

stardreamclothes 2015.10.27
i`m looking forward to the next game

vaelyn 2015.10.27
Very well done Mortze. I absolutely love this and Dreaming with Elsa. Both are top notch stories and quality animation.

Nerdyalien 2015.10.27
I am having a hard time , maggie always avoid me and rita always cry

kandidat 2015.10.26
Good game, as always from these guys, but I can`t go anywhere with Rita. A walkthrough for how I came to the point where she touch my cheek should be great!

Hieblan 2015.10.26
looking forward through the next episode!!!

Jameson569 2015.10.25
How can I get a hand on the cheek with Rita?

es 2015.10.25
Great story line, beautiful characters, awesome graphic, can`t wait for part 2!

Mike82 2015.10.25
The story`s subject is really interesting, and the gods` scenes are well done, but most of all, all the characters are having a personality which should be developed in the next parts of the game. Of course, the girls have good graphics and expressions, & Maggie is really sweet, when others are simply hot (Laura and Nikki for example). I hope we can discover more of the story soon.

puresoul 2015.10.24
Finally a game with not only beautiful girls but also a very good and interesting storyline.
I liked all the different characters, and in my opinion there migth be even more options/possibilities. But never the less, one of the best games on pf1, I can`t wait for the next part to come out.

Berowulff 2015.10.24
Great game, can`t wait for the sequel!!

ttstom 2015.10.24
Played this one 3 times, lots of potential, all in all job well done. Thank you :)

OldCuteBoy 2015.10.24

If you would have read thee other comments, you would know, that there are no penetration-scenes at all!
This is one of the points, which are mostly criticized ...

There are different "Sexscenes" also without penetration and one possible penetration-scene in the bathtub, which leads to the same "fail-ending" like all other sexscenes (BJ/HJ) in the tub ...
The only sexscene which doesn`t change anythig seems to be the HJ with the doc ...

But because the storyline is pretty well, and the game just starts, I think, this doesn`t matter. If you take this as an "Intro" to the rest of the game, there is a lot of potential in this game ;-)
There are 2 female Charakters you actually cann`t interact with, 2 fem. Chars you just seem to prepare for further actions ...
So hopefully the Dev. keep up the good work and deepen the stroyline and interactions.
It would be nice to have more choices in the game with part2 or an update for part1...
As I told before, it`s a bit boring after the 3rd or 4th playthrough to have "click-orgies" of 13 and more clicks without any choice - like the one with the stories of Greece Myth, there should be something changed ;-)

All in all I think, most of us look hopeful forward and await the upcoming ideas with expansions or at least part2 of the game, because we all see the potential in there ;-)

Best regards OCB

SexDareDevil 2015.10.24
oh and does anyone know how to fuck maggie instead of just fingering her and playing with her tits?

SexDareDevil 2015.10.24
dis game is totally awesome, i cant wait for the next one :D

Blaze74 2015.10.23
Awesome game, really good story

zegabriel 2015.10.23
Hi ! Playforceone (guys) you did a great job again , is the first time that i comment on this thread ., btw i`m from Per?? ... this game has georgeous girls (i like Nikky), a nice story , many and interesting choices , good graphics ,etc ... everything is absolutely amazing :D .....waiting the next episode that i`m pretty sure will be good :p ...

VeNNoM 2015.10.23
Fantastic game, great story and beautiful characters.

ben_aughty 2015.10.23
good game - but the story goes on and is mostly, vastly unnecessary.

there wasn`t any penetrative sex in the final scene with maggie, which is a bummer - maybe I just did it wrong? Either way, i`m left here with a massive throbbing cock in my hand waiting to cum! Might have to play another game.

DarkScorpio 2015.10.23
this game was a great game

Pirmin 2015.10.23
[could`nt find a way to edit my last comment who as encoding issue, so I repost, and someone could remove the other comment]

I liked this game but after a few try ending with gameover I looked behind the scene.

Currently you can grow your popularity with two girls, Rita (rita) and Maggie (Shy), and a perversion variable (perv). The Rita path leads to nowhere apart a few discussion scenes in this first path, so I doesn`t about it here. To have the final scene instead the "game over" you will need to have at least 16 shy points and 6 perv points.

To ear shy points you need to be shy, coward, or give stupid answers. Perv points are more obvious.

There are long parts or paths that doesn`t change anything, apart rendering the story more interesting. I will only describe the key screens to earn points (or avoid losing so many).

(text) : click on the image, [text] : dialog option

** start **

The second screen you see Rita:
(are those here...?) perv +1

Rita climbing on the triton
(She`s presenting you with a great view) perv +1

Your reverie is interrupted by Rita yeling ""What the hell Kean!! You are listening or what? The volt!?
[Err...Yeah sorry. Here it is. I`ll go back now ok?] Shy +1

Farik approaches "Don`t waste your breath guys. She`s is very stubborn!?. Rita sneers at him in french -Eh oh, c`est bon la?? Kean, get inside!? she adds.
(I think you should consider the rotorcraft speed in that math plus your body`s resistance to acceleration and upon impact against the sub`s walls.) Shy +1
You go to the back, trying to ignore Rita yelling at you your cowardice. You hear some conversation coming from the right.
(You see the cute girl in the reflection)
(Keep staring)
(Quickly, look away!) Shy +1

Rita looks at you with - must probably fake - begging eyes, "Please, pretty please, will you help me now?" But before you answer you hear someone calling your attention.
(Look at your left)
(take the luggage) Shy+1
(Continue down the hall)
[That`s ok, thanks. I got this.] +Shy
(Keep quiet and listen)
(Look at the girl, smile like an idiot and keep listening) Shy +1

** > team presentation > lesson **

"Sit there, next to Margaret. You`ll help her with any technical doubts." Farik says. You can`t avoid their stare at you and that makes your nerve scale rise.
[Ok, I`ll try] Shy +1
(Does the redhead have her wetsuit that open??) perv +1

Still smiling. "You won`t tell me your name? I heard it earlier but I forgot. Sorry again..?
[I`m Jean Keong. No! I mean, Kean Jeong.] Shy +1

"Wow. You do know about this stuff. You dive too?? she merrily asks.
[No. I am kind of...afraid...] Shy +1

* Nothing particular to do until the interruption of the greek story **

Kaori interrupted "There is no need to be so...graphic Roos. That`s not particularly in the myth? Roos, replies smiling "What? That would be totally normal considering Greek culture and mythology. You don`t mind do you?? she asks you two. "I...I don`t mind no.? says Maggie.
[Sure. I`m totally ok with those kind of details!] perv+1

** watching nikky in the tub **
Here at each screen you can continue to watch Nikky or leave. If you get caught by Maggie you will gain 5 perv points (plus another 1 perv point in the discussion following) but loose 5 shy points. So we will avoid this but as we are perv, going so far as we can.
(Stay hidden)
(Focus on Nikky)
(Keep watching)
(Leave before she notices you)

** The doctor **
All the crazy doctor scene has no influence for the game now, so just enjoy.

** submersible scene **

"Kean, were you staring at my...chest?? she inquires suddenly.
[I was, indeed] perv+1

"Do you...Do you have a girlfriend?? she hits.
[...No] Saying yes results in shy -40, ouch!
"Did you before...in the past? Have girlfriends I mean.?
[...No] Shy +1

"Yes?? she turns to you.
[I`m...I`m sorry about your mother. That`s very sad.]
[I heard you, yesterday night...talking to Miss Lindberg.] Shy +8 (jackpot!)

Maggie climbs the stairs up.
(Stare at her ass) no need for a reward for that!

** Star wars **
Be careful here, cou can loose all your points often.

"Do you...do that too when you watch these...cartoons?? she inquires.
[Err..] just don`t answer not (result in shy -40)
[Shoot] (other answer is Shy -40)
[No...Never] (other answer is Shy -40)

She is calmly sleeping, freed of any sorrow and bad memories. You close the movie application on your computer.
(Let her sleep and leave) Shy +2

** bath **

"Getting a good look?? asks Roos. You got caught!
[I...I...] Shy +2

"Oh, come on guys! Let`s try it! Come on Maggie. Just topless. We won`t see a thing under the water anyway.? She insists "Kean will promise not to stare, won`t you??
You can go perv [I will certainly not promise anything of the sort!] perv+2 but you have enough perv points, instead you can choose [promise] and maggie will remove his bikini too. (but no point earned).

They laugh at Roos` warning. "What about you Kean? Any girl back in England?? asks Kaori.
[No, I don`t have boobs.] Shy+2 Perv+3 !! (saying yes result in gameover +1).

Feel free to check what you went after that until the Roos scene.

** Ros sex scene **
"Come on Kean, help me out here." she almost beggs you, "I`ll show you how to please a girl and...I`ll return the favor." Does she means she`ll...
Here you have 2 options

[Look. You`re drunk. I think we better not.]
[No, really Roos. I think we better stop this. I`ll help you back to your cabin.] Shy +15

[Ok...] => After fingering her you will have a chance to stop, or choose to fuck (-20 shy), to have an hand job (-15 shy) or a blow job (-20 shy). These malus makes you loose Maggie...

** Maggie scene **

Here you can`t fail until the sex scene. There is points to lead Maggie until climax, but I will let you discovers how to achieve that :)

Beast091 2015.10.23
Is there away to be with Kaori

drakki 2015.10.23
Kaori was so nice!! Rita was awesome too... All the girls are hot. Very good gam,e, nice visual novel, Mortze did it again!!!

nuc 2015.10.22
I like it. The visuals are really nice and the story is one of the better ones I`ve played through.

shyman44425 2015.10.22
Very interesting game. Loved the story line.

YzarcEboran 2015.10.22
This game is absolutely amazing! The story - the thing which can often be rather cringe-worthy, and a necessary evil you need to live through - is so engaging I was almost annoyed by the presence of sex scenes. Almost, but not really; because they fit in very nicely and naturally, and they`re really great, too (the only thing that could be better is more animated scenes).

I`ve gone on two quite different paths so far, and as far as I understand, there may be a third one that doesn`t end with the "game over - try again (because you didn`t do a good enough job)" kind of scene(?)

HornyCollegeStudent 2015.10.22
Overall I would say that this game is decent. I liked some of the scenarios from the story but I felt that too much of it was already a preset path that you couldn`t deviate from. I would like to see more development in pursuing other characters other than Maggie.

Also I feel like the addition of being able to move around and talk to people on you own would be a great addition to the game, especially since I think some characters were in the game all of 2 times. Example: Instead of being forced onto the deck by the story line you can choose to visit the doctor or check out other rooms.

Lastly, I don`t really like the idea that if you do something in the hot tub it`s automatically game over. I think it` d be great if you could talk you`re way out of trouble with Maggie if you did mess around in the hot tub. Otherwise I`m looking forward to the next part

PZF 2015.10.22
It is a great piece. The story is great and presents some good starters for further development in future episodes.

There are lots of typos to correct in the text but it`s really promising.

lopin1 2015.10.22
I need to have walkthrough please provide us with one.

ltworf1 2015.10.22
I enjoyed the game. The only issue I have have is the same other have said, about the age of Maggie. Great graphics, cant wait till next game. Keep up the good work.

OldCuteBoy 2015.10.22
It`s a great idea to use the Greece Mythology in an erotic game ;-)
There are a lot of nice ways to check out ...

But also there are some things to get a bit better.
First of all, the third heli-pic has some problems by loading it, it needs to long - perhaps a wrong file-size?
Second, in my eyes there is a lot of "Continue" - there could be more decisions implementated. - For example: the Greece-Myth-Stories become boring after the 3rd or 4th try to find other lines - there are no decisions to be made, so you could cut this with a skip-button, it wouldn`t matter ;-)

Third, the endings without Maggie are a little abrupt, it`s unsatisfying like that ...
May be I missed something, but the end with Rita seems to be a maximum of getting her touching your cheek, that seems to be a bit disappointing for the end of the storyline ...
Also I`m missing interactions with Keira at all and the interactions with the blond boss lead to nowhere ...
A few more decisions with one special girl to go with, would be really helpful to go special pathes the players want to follow ...
I myself am no fan of Maggie, she looks a bit anorexic and is definitely too young, it feels like abusing her ... - So I would prefere every other path than the petting with her.
Also, I miss "kisses" and getting a warmup befor or after petting, that scene is like having sex with a prostitute, no feelings nothing more, than meaningless and feelingless sex for getting an orgasm - the text during the scene says the same ...

But by all the criticism, it`s a nice game with a lot potential which I hope will be implementated with the coming versions or updates ;)
How I told, I like the idea and many of the different ways to go.

Best regards OCB

boris3005 2015.10.22
Maggie is my least favourite girl in the game. Everyone has their own taste, but I think she`s too young, too naive and too sad and vulnerable. I feel like a creep going after her while she`s so immature and mourning the loss of her mother. Even with our character being an awkward virgin, it still feels wrong to me. The other women are far more desirable, so I`m not too keen on being pushed towards the one girl that I don`t like (not that I can get her anyway)

The game itself is great (one of the best I`ve played here for ages) but could do with a way to cut past the Greek myths so I don`t have to sit through those stories, which have no options or impact on our story, when I replay the game.

Is there any way to get Rita to actually talk to you at the end? (my favourite girl along with the doc and Kaori) I`ve tried every combination I could think of but she always tells me to go away.

pawacoteng 2015.10.22
Great game. I like the Maggie character myself - not sure why people on this and Sharks forum hate on her. Sure she looks young, but young, hot, innocent is part of the fantasy.

For those having trouble getting her ending (I was getting quite frustrated myself) one thing I kept missing was after the movie and you look closely at her sleeping, there are two options to either wake her up or let her sleep. You need to let her sleep.

At the hot tub, you need to find combo of choices when Maggie will take off her top after beers. I think that means you do need to look at Roos`s boobs closely when you get the chance (but not confirmed if a must).

If that happens, she will still look away the next morning but when you go for dinner Maggie will come a-knockin`.

stroodlebobbins 2015.10.22
@adahe that`s a massive over simplification. I have tried every possible combination of dialogue choices I can find and cannot get Maggie yet I know you can get Maggie. I`ve been true to her, ignoring anyone else, focusing solely on her, sympathising with her over her mum`s death and every time I get `Game Over`. Same with Rita. I never keep her waiting (where the option allows) and ignore all other girls. I try to talk to her and am just yelled at. I DON`T get the option to defend her at breakfast which you`re supposed to get, nor do I get any kind of dialogue involving her back story. It simply does not work. So yes, some of us need a walkthrough or my game is bugged.

MrBosingwa9 2015.10.21
The concept of this game is great, really enjoying playing over and over trying to find new paths. I can`t wait for more to come and am really looking forward to picking up the story. Most of the time you make decisions it makes very little obvious difference to the outcome which is different from most games and makes it harder to know what the best option is which adds a realistic element to it.
Slight concern over Maggie`s age... seems a bit young if you ask me...
Kaori is very hot but Rita is incredible, by far my favourite in this game - if not my favourite of all time.
Fantastic effort!

smithy10 2015.10.21
Great game, only wish you could be with a few more of the girls, can`t wait for the next part!

adahe 2015.10.21
For those of you having difficulties, think of the game in two parts: the girls and the mission. The key to the mission is Rita who is going through some stuff and needs a friend,

prolite5 2015.10.21
awesome game, great story and perfect build up to part 2

theiner85 2015.10.21
Can someone describe how to resist in the hot tub?

tunci1131 2015.10.21
Is there a way to be with Rita? She`s my fav in this game, but I can`t seem to find a way to be with her...

TigerSi 2015.10.21
Fantastic game and storyline which is building up nicely towards part 2 .
Would love to see a 3 some with the two main characters and the doctor (so sexy)in part 2 , maybe around some relaxation techniques if Maggie is too tense the 1st time they actually try it , just so the doctor maintains the "helping medically " pretence .
A+ guys.....well done!

Summer92 2015.10.21
Can Someone Make The Walkthrought ?
Damm The Game is Nice , But feeling Incomplete. Everyone seem to get the same
game over again and again. And only get the red chick in the ending.

Skelaturi 2015.10.21
For those who didn`t get it. Its part 1 of the game. 2nd part is under developement.

saavudaa 2015.10.21
is there any ending with rita???

stroodlebobbins 2015.10.21
I can either get the red head in the tub or no one. Tried four different paths and get one of the same two results every time. Anyone have a Walkthrough or any hints for the other girls?

kaxikayima 2015.10.21
fainting... Doesn`t matter.Touched a boob.

missingcase76 2015.10.21
Good looking game, but for what is supposed to be a sexual game, it delivers very little honestly. And that vague hint at "maybe" getting an extra scene at the end - did a retry, same result and seems very little options for other story arcs. Good graphics, good story, disappointing erotic content.

Stathis 2015.10.21
I like challenging games like this one. Though no matter what I do, I always get the same "Game Over" screen ("perhaps something you did wrong?" etc) and I`m afraid I`ve exhausted every option...

P.S. Nikki, Kaori, Laura (the doctor) are my faves. Maddie isn`t bad at all too.

pronsander 2015.10.21
Really good story..

End up with Maggie by resisting the temptation in the hottub..

Are there any scenes except
HJ with Doctor
Sex / HJ / BJ in hottub
Petting with Maggie


carolyn 2015.10.21
This game likes an promising superior bottle of champagne. but when you open it. Its almost empty. A lot of text for few actions. Without a walkhthoug is the game an empty bottle.

22icecycles 2015.10.21
A great game with a fascinating story to it :) The graphics is really well polished, and the girls/women looks hot as hell. Here??s hoping that the next one can continue the amazing story :-D

A few points keeps bothering me however. I really feel conflicted throughout the game, as to the age of the main character. On one hand he??s this marine engineer, capable of calibrating a large, deep sea submarine, calculating amounts of air needed to dive to specific depths, supporting the diving team as their sole lifeline to the surface during a dive, and even handpick for this opperation. Yet, on the other hand, he??s shy as hell, running after girls barely 18 of age, and doesn??t know where to start, when he finally get some much needed action.
The whole marine engineer makes me think of him as around 25 - 30 years of age, a nerd (of course) and super intelligent, but aside from the interactions with Rita, he behaves like a teenager, barely 18 of age, especially during the scene in the submarine with Maggie. I find it sad that you can??t chose between Rita and Maggie, and that you??re forced into being with Maggie. It??s also a bit weird if you keep in mind the main characters supposedly high intelligence, that he would be interested in such a young, insecure girl. Maybe even creepy..?

What do you guys think?

Looking foreward to the next episode :-)

Maybe think about donating to them? (www) Mortzeart (dot com)

ashk3562 2015.10.21
the new games theese days are good

Petro28 2015.10.21
the looks amazing one of the best games on this web site. I wish I have more free time to play thghrou, but its cool that the game is long and interesting.

zimzamzoo2 2015.10.21
Can someone post a walkthrough or something about getting the maggie scene? I under your hints termhuss, and think that I am playing with the spirit in mind that you suggest, but no matter what I do I get the game over after dinner. There are so many points where your only choice is to look at another character because there are no other possible interactions (e.g. looking at roos in the hottub).

DerFinne 2015.10.21
I really cant wait for the second part - really great game and very pretty girls - HOPE TO SEE MORE FROM THIS Creator

marioandlugia 2015.10.21
Perfect For Everyone Except Everyone Under The Age Of 18

Dutchy1233 2015.10.21
love the game cant wait for more

termhuss 2015.10.21
Hint: you need to commit attention to only 1 girl and not make her jealous. You cant just go around fucking everyone, you are a virgin in this game, lose it with your special someone, and we all know which girl is that.

termhuss 2015.10.21
This Game deserves the number one spot on this website. IT IS AMAZING. I actually read the story. You get attached to the characters easily. The story builds up very good which makes the sexual scenes more satisfying.

CHOICES MATTER, so choose carefully. Girls get jealous. If you think you are the only person peeking around then YOU ARE WRONG, others peek on you too. Make sure to save often, use all 4 saves, and save on especially critical decisions.
I am excited for part 2 and other parts of this game.


dowty90 2015.10.21
How do I do anything with Maggie, help please

thirevudd 2015.10.21
hottest game in a long time

lurking 2015.10.21
The first almost-sex scene with Maggie is available after the tub if you refuse to do *anything* in the tub, but seriously, she`s too hairy to be interesting...

Waiting for pt. II, I`d love to see more of Rita.

Dersonrn 2015.10.20
Cool game but I got a lousy ending. But nice good.

zimzamzoo2 2015.10.20
I have played this a half dozen plus times and cannot get past the "game over" screen the day after the hottub party. Maggie is always still mad, even I am sympathetic about her mother, watch the movie with her, if I don`t do anything with the nurse, and refuse to do anything with roos. What am I missing?

Skelaturi 2015.10.20
@renegadewolf you are wrong, the game and story has been made only by Mortze. Lady T only doing with the game is some feedback and little bit of coding.

on topic, 1st part is awesome imo.

Beoworf 2015.10.20
This a very good game with ggod graphic

HarSlan 2015.10.20
Can somebody write walkthrough please?

JustJeff722 2015.10.20
Cool game but I got a lousy ending. Guess I have to try again!

renegadewolf 2015.10.20
Just in case anybody was wondering...

This game is created as a team between Tlaero and (www) Mortzeart (dot com). Mortzeart is basically the replacement for Phreaky, who is the artist behind all these other 3d render choose-your-own-adventure games that everybody here seems to like so much.

They are generous enough to give you these games for free so I highly recommend to those of you who want these games to be more frequent and of higher qualify to support them via the support tab at the aforementioned site or you can support Mortzeart specifically at their patreon page (can also be found under the "support us" tab.

Be a good person. If you like the content, pause for the cause and donate.

P.S. I wasn`t able to find a patreon for specifically Tlaero, else I would have included it.
P.P.S. Tlaero writes the story, Mortzeart does the art.

dragonight 2015.10.20
someone has a walktrhought?

captainthrall 2015.10.20
Awesome game. I found 3 different sex scenes.... but I really wanted to bang Kaori

ryuki 2015.10.20
Superb storyline, it would be even greater if there`s more intimacy for us to enjoy. Greatly done overall !

MikeyH74 2015.10.20
Great game. Good story and very good graphics. I`ll be coming back to this one.

SilentWind12 2015.10.20
There is another sexscene at the end if you stay true to your characteur ;)

fredys 2015.10.20
Good game, but look like visual novel with great story.

carolyn 2015.10.20
Great game: but it need some more interaction with the girls. I mean more sex , orgie?

JD0304 2015.10.20
Pretty awesome game with good graphics and a lot of choices :)
i just have 1 question to you guys :
is there any more than 2 sexscenes in this game?
because i only found the handjob from the doctor and the sex scene in the hot tub yet and i wonder if i have to look for more :S

Jaaru 2015.10.20
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Tyr75 2015.10.20
Congratz to PF1, this games is very very nice!!!

lohhik 2015.10.20
Really awesome game and great graphics! One of these characters remind me Serena!

Nazgul62 2015.10.20
Very nice game with nice interesting girls and lot`s of choices.
I enjoyed playing it!!!

Ironman49 2015.10.20
Absolutely great game Way to go.

john milton 2015.10.20
this game is awesome, great story in it and good renders.
great work mortze, i hope the next part will be as good as this one!

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