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Pamela Casting


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Domenik 2017.10.14
Nice game. Poor graphics

Machintrucbc 2017.10.08
Could have nice graphics if wasn`t so pixelated. No real story, sadly : just several questions to chose before action.

KitCarsen 2017.09.27
A nice game but shame about the pixelation.

D1NGBAT 2017.09.03
Bit simplified but not bad, needs more.

Mineraft 2017.04.22
The graphics where good but the plot confused me.

BigDaddyDave 2017.03.06
Censorship was incredibly disappointing... The story was stupid and too short....the sex would have been cool and the girl was sexy but due to these things it was a disappointment

CapnMorgan 2016.12.08
I just wish with these games they translated the English better. Otherwise, I thought the graphics were pretty decent :)

Bruno83 2016.09.26
To bad for the censoring part, sexy girl, and weird timed mini games.

stach56 2016.07.24
great game nice sex scenes but didnt like censoring

zorrie 2016.07.02
didnt like the game....lot of sex yes but no story realy


cambridge4453 2016.02.21
massive jump from casting questions to sex. Blurring not appropriate when the sex is so easy. A well drawn girl but that`s all

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.02.05
So amazing so cool game :)

damkat 2016.01.06
game was just ok. To short and graphics were just decent. The censorship was a killer for the game.

alb1954 2015.12.01
Good game, but it was not long enough.

dgkesquire 2015.11.08
Good animation for what it was. The graphics were okay. The censoring mosaic just killed it. Also, the game seemed too short.

ModestBomba 2015.08.17
good game, but, why pixel the bush

dcsnoone5 2015.07.28
its an ok game i don`t like censored

dysr 2015.05.20
veryinteresting game and graphics

Zeblast 2015.03.16
graphics ok but a poor and short storyline

cambridge4453 2015.01.30
Pamela looks sensational but the storyline creaks and the English is appalling

Delafonsoa 2015.01.07
Some of the dialogue sounded stilted. See if you can make it sound more natural.

olyg7 2015.01.06
Good views, but kinda boring and short.

dgkesquire 2014.11.25
simple gameplay, good graphics; I can even deal with the mosaic and still enjoy this game

Futuros 2014.10.08
Censoring cuts down on enjoyment.

raven34 2014.09.22
Game would be very good if : no censoring, bigger window.

IvyTeaLeaf 2014.09.22
I find the blurring in this game to be unnecessary, but I wonder if it has something to do with laws where the game was made.

w1drng22 2014.07.14
Liked the storyline. Maybe got into the sex a bit quick. I hate the fuzzing up of the private parts. It just seems silly. But maybe there are laws where these games are created.

Akkin 2014.07.12
The graphics are good, it lacks voice and sound to make it perfect. The gameplay is fairly easy to access.

morpeus 2014.07.12
good game and graphics a little blurry though.

frank1974 2014.05.31
good game,good graphics, but a little bit too short

GP69 2014.05.23
Love the idea of this game! Just wish they wouldn`t put the censored pixels on it!!

dgkesquire 2014.04.25
Great treatment of the "casting couch" genre. Graphics, gameplay, and animation all first-rate. Too bad about the censoring...otherwise, a good game.

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
gameplay too simple - but mechanics were a nice change

motorbebek2010 2014.03.24
very good game! nice story!

kaladrumer 2014.03.21
amazing animation but too easy gameplay... but loved the scenes

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
nice motion, resolution is a bit low, sex attributes censored, not one of the best

girlygirl89 2014.02.06
nice game needs better graphics

Fuckher21 2013.12.29
Great Game and nice graphics but way to short :(

X.man 2013.12.17
too short game . and it was also easy !

dickmax 2013.10.04
bleah... i can`t stand censorship!! it is also way to easy ... don`t really like it

jerrylw 2013.09.20
was too easy
found it boring

noogad 2013.09.20
Really good. Hot chick. Good graphics.

finroz6 2013.09.01
nice gameplay.but a little bit improvement is required regarding graphics.

sweatymanpons 2013.08.23
the censorship completely ruined it

Sam2013 2013.08.07
graphics ok but why do the japs have to pixellate genitals even in games?

alexanderdarksky 2013.07.22
it a great game and nice grapic

*paris* 2013.06.27
There is no challenge, poor graphics, and censoring... why?

gdb026 2013.06.17
nice graphics but if the story could change a little it would be nice

rangealone 2013.06.15
the girl is so cute, I `ll replay then.

Nitesco100 2013.06.11
Absolutely fantastic game, censor is annoying but still...

Spenc044 2013.05.19
It was pretty easy, and the graphics aren`t very good, but I thought it was actually a pretty hot game.

addaxe115 2013.04.26
it would be a lot nicer if it is not censored

madmax68 2013.04.26
Excellent game, loved the final scene

madmax68 2013.04.18
Not bad but would be better without the fuzzy black outs

the_mist666 2013.04.13
omg this game was amazing exellent graphics

kpjr278 2013.02.09
Pretty good about 8 outta 10, censorship? Huh?

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

oscar500 2013.01.21
nice game nice girl but next it woult be better uncensored

vikrai 2013.01.16
good game but the graphics could be netter

pusshound 2013.01.05
Nice game. Options are a little limited. Hate the censored shots. Still worth trying.

chairman066 2012.12.17
nice pics, sex scene is a bit repetitive, but sexy, wording needs work

edmark123 2012.12.15
it would be a lot nicer if it is not censored. the graphics 3D id great!!!!

RomeoHeat 2012.11.25
Excellent, except for the blurred parts.

Long Dick 2012.11.18
the best part of this game is the way her tits bounce around.

Asghan 2012.11.06
why would anyone censor a cartoon?
would be an awwwweeeesome game if it wouldn`t be censored...

kryptkeepr 2012.10.30
great game nice sex scenes but didnt like censoring

dgkesquire 2012.10.22
Like the graphics (except for the mosaic). Takes a while to figure out all the game play (cursor not always responsive).

xDSaloxD 2012.10.15
good game with good graphics but a major difficulty for me but this fantastic

ChicoF 2012.10.05
Wow, lots of movement towards the end of the game!

Jokke1 2012.09.24
Nice game with good graphics and a sexy girl, too bad it is cencored !!!

pothole 2012.09.09
why would anyone censor a cartoon?

drvwghia 2012.08.29
stupid Japanese censors. great game tho

hias 2012.08.28
pixeled pictures - why???

Bigbossy 2012.08.26
nice but short, why must it be censored??

Dipakk 2012.08.24
Nice game!! Graphics was better!! Pamela looks cute:)

sam6415 2012.08.13
game was good but the graphics cud hav been better

cherry_s 2012.07.30
nice and easy to play.
graphics looks good too

diary 2012.07.26
would be an awwwweeeesome game if it wouldn`t be censored...

john charter 2012.07.12
I like the animation and nice graphic, but not the censored.

xxxPeanutxxx 2012.07.10
Hot Girl. Annoying Music. Poor Gameplay. Nice Attempt

king aro 2012.07.05
nice action
great movement
and nice games

king aro 2012.07.03
i love it,great games.nice animation

chris_avril 2012.06.11
I liked the girl very much.

redrick123 2012.06.01
excellent game with nice girlsssssssssssss and hot girlssss.......

SexyBeauty0426 2012.05.28
Nice, but too bad about the censoring

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Very nice girl grafic and game

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.07
excellent game with nice and hot girl

freddie74 2012.05.05
Not bad, but damn censored

fill ur hole 2012.04.29
good animation, find it funny with the blurred genetalia like we dont know what we are looking at

jackbone 2012.04.26
a well organized game. should`ve been longer than the usual ones. but it still a great game.

Tammoul 2012.04.19
Frankly poor game, but still, I had a good time.

meast 2012.04.03
i injoyed that game , the game play was good and so were the graphics

FyreGuy5713 2012.03.28
really great game love the graphics kinga short though and needs sound

nauman.ali11 2012.03.07
after i play this game
me and wife make love
really enjoy this game

bobrick 2012.03.06
Pretty good. Game is like a movie.

needsum 2012.02.26
Girl is hot. Pix-elated. Silly dialogue.

shinfyq 2012.02.22
best game i never played it`s great like a movie

Nemo2222 2012.02.10
Neat little game. Nice graphics.

gorex 2012.02.09
excellent game with nice and hot girl

moose1717 2012.02.07
excellent graphics and animation.

VentusLau 2012.02.04

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Really great game with good graphics, I love it.

bucka1 2012.01.28
besides the fuzzing of the genitals, it is a fun game

Gnomon 2012.01.26
Excellent animation. I love the way the tits move - better than most games I`ve seen. The story is a little abrupt in the way it goes from just getting her outer clothes off, directly to a blow job. You`ve just barely persuaded her to take off some of her clothes, but then she immediately sucks and fucks with no further persuasion.

dandy01 2012.01.21
Other games that why can not ya

dany_29 2012.01.16
Not a bad game. Hot girl. The sword fight at the beginning was a bit frustrating but Ok after you get through it.

wwejosh1985 2012.01.13
game play ok graphic bad sound bad aimation good

nandan46 2012.01.09
simple and great story with great graphics

xxxhorusxxx 2012.01.05
it is a wonderful game but the graphic is not so beautifull

Guillaume 2012.01.03
simple but enough to appreciate

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
a good game with great animation

pornguy85 2011.12.22
Great game and very good graphics.

bitangcor48 2011.12.18
Good game.graphics are great.

ilafantoma 2011.12.14
Good graphics and pamela was so hot!

magnosmago 2011.11.28
The best sex i met in this site
the positions is very interesting
and the movie is very good

hcb36 2011.11.28
Not very challenging. Nice animation, though

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

likimeya 2011.11.23
Awesome graphics, more a look at game than real play, but worth a try

tvm14122011 2011.11.21
geart game for graphic and animation!

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

lazy boy 2011.11.20
nice game .. good graphics.. .

medjai 2011.11.16
great graphics and kinda fun

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
None of the answers really matters. Great 3D graphics.

wbailey 2011.11.12
Pity about the censorship, otherwise not bad

rww23 2011.11.12
Good control, nice options too

C.C. 2011.11.11
i love this girl. How about more adventures with her. It would be better to uncensored though.

borisbrown77 2011.10.31
i think it`s pretty short and no sound from the girl. the graphics are a little blurring. more interactive stories it will be nice.

Veshiy 2011.10.30
good game just wish was not censored but over all not bad

superdick132 2011.10.30
best game I`ve seen in a while. Probably because Pamela looks like my girlfriend :)

razvanm 2011.10.27
great game, kinda easy and short tho

Hobgoblin67 2011.10.18
Nice game with lovely graphics but it let down slightly by the censorship.

darknesslight43 2011.10.13
this is a really good game

blanca 2011.10.11
pamela is so sexy that`s for sure

avernus 2011.10.11
good game just wish was not censored but over all not bad

ikaruichijoe 2011.10.10
very pretty sex vid but lame as a game

dent4l 2011.10.08
Really like the amount of animations in this one. Otherwise rather dull.

canuck2011 2011.10.01
great grphics .... trouble with the action scenes... but another gret ..LOP game...might be too hammered ...lol


dgkesquire 2011.09.28
Awesome graphics, great animation, definitely replayable!

Bruce_D 2011.09.26
average game.... the girls is awesomely fine but there`s censorship and actions are a bit limited... hope for a longer sequel too

avada 2011.09.20
the graphics are okay apart from that there`s nothing in the game

(Kate) 2011.09.20
ok game, could definately use a little more play

arkyasa 2011.09.17
nice game, variety of camera views does add more value to the game.
but maybe it could be made longer.

RRonnie22 2011.09.13
nice graphic 3d game.. i like it

ankit0710 2011.09.10
though model is really awesome...... censoring shoudnt have been done

ankit0710 2011.09.10
well not that amazing..... but real fun

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game, i like this one.

xerxxes 2011.08.26
i want to copy teks.. and translate it at google but it cant .. >__

snow01 2011.07.29
graphic were great game is silly

Reaper-tds 2011.07.14
graphics could be better

fra1110 2011.07.01
Some Days are Better Than Others is a poetic, character-driven feature-length film that asks why the good times slip by so fast while the hard times always

SoloDrifter 2011.06.23
blurry graphics...simple yo play game!

xabhinandan 2011.06.13
good game, but a little boring

Soma89 2011.06.12
Too easy, pity that it`s censored.

icebruin 2011.06.11
nic e graphics, eay game, girl is hot

Ronnylogo 2011.06.10
Very nicely game with good clips. But why a little scenzsed

superhuman23 2011.06.09
nice graphics but if the story could change a little it would be nice

Garius 2011.06.04
a bit to much pixel for me but interesting

chell 2011.06.02
Her body`s very sexy... simple but enough too appreciate.

bookie_boo 2011.06.02
Good game short and sweet but the quality was a little low. Probably a result of the video.But i might play it again.

Ravenmadd 2011.05.29
Loved the graphics, enjoyed the gameplay but just didn`t understand the need for the pixelation. Boggled.

wert123 2011.05.23
das mag ich nicht es macht zuviel arbeit aber die 3d-graphic ist toll ^-^

shakezulla17 2011.05.19
Good game short and sweet but the quality was a little low. Probably a result of the video

wabbithunta 2011.05.15
A simple, easy game. We all know it`s porn.. it`s on a porno game website! So why, oh why, pixelate it?

m4t0n 2011.05.15
hots girls makes this game superb

best065221 2011.05.12
very good game is non uncensored
i just say best if non uncen >.,

R.H 2011.05.05
it`s ok but for the cencoring

tk5 2011.05.01
realy great game, pitty it`s censored and lacks the ending

josueo 2011.04.26
good game and not hard to beat. could use something to bring you back to play

kyle01 2011.04.23
graphics were great and good story line

secretadmirer 2011.04.20
good graphics bur need some story n no censoriing

goldee 2011.04.16
good game slow at the starting it would be better without censor

jsmith77 2011.04.15
game would have been better if it wasnt for the censoring

C. C. 2011.04.13
Would have been beyond awesome if it hadn`t been censored.

vtheghost 2011.04.13
Good game, except for the censoring

Armour 2011.04.12
Really enjoyed this game. Just unfortunate it was censored,

cronos23 2011.04.11
Extremely good model and video! I would like to see a sequel. :D

Skarn62 2011.04.07
Good game with lot of position, cute girl.
Just too easy.

koomar 2011.04.06
This games is only ok, it could have been a lot better

Big Bob 2011.04.05
Good game a bit fuzzy tho

Smyxter 2011.04.03
Could have been a great game if i wasn`t censored

arnauld 2011.04.01
nice game, but with hidden cock.

jimdragon 2011.03.31
one of the bast games good graphic and story

4nik8 2011.03.30
Great game, keep them coming

boss41700 2011.03.26
great game but slow start

tubs 2011.03.25
nice game, could use a bit more work though

kguy5 2011.03.22
A pretty good game. Nice easy game play and great graphics.

vincecold 2011.03.18
nice music and hot sex scenes

pavel203 2011.03.18
This is a nice little game, very enjoyable to play

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Regarding the storyline, classic casting situation, not bad `till the game hit us with the scene, couple of sentences more to justify it would have been better than a girl going from shy/pondering to dropping her clothes asap...
But it is well made, lot of sequences during the sex scene, various actions required to fill the meter (without knowing if there is any effect in game failing at them since they are pretty easy).
Graphically nice, bit blurry maybe, It would have been better without censorship...
Adult game after all... Written all over it...

garan 2011.03.15
very good game, lot of video

Flyboy718 2011.03.14
Great animations and graphics, good story to start, a little slow at the end.

Bigg26 2011.03.12
graphics were great and good story line

bhall13 2011.03.09
a little bit of action, but after it is almost like a video. Great rendering though and i have to say i really like the girl

dragonj 2011.03.09
Great game, lots of sex positions, easy to follow, quick, great animation. Could use a hotter girl and no censorship.

hardtnmale25 2011.03.03
Very nice....love a good hot asian fuckk

Magnanimus 2011.03.01
Its good but a little bored and slow

mattmsand 2011.02.25
fun interactions, really enjoyed the music too!

sexychik9091 2011.02.23
I loved the girrlll and the dick. But the graphics were not good. I loved the creampie at the end. Overall OK game. xx

specs 2011.02.20
well, i rather prefer uncensored... in terms of graphics...i like it

scorpionback 2011.02.20
nice game but need bit more action..

randy06 2011.02.17
yes great game and needs a bit more action

CapnMorgan 2011.02.13
cute graphics but this is a bit too linear.

m4lv1n 2011.02.12
nice game nice girl but next it woult be better uncensored

belcro 2011.02.11
muy buenos grafico y buenos videos tambien

nayah 2011.02.10
A little too easy for my taste but fairly orriginal - a nice alternative to playing a meet n` fuck game you`ve allready played before! mais pas trop original malgr?? tout

Luis4x 2011.02.06
Overall nice game but man got to get rid of that blur,really nice looking chick though.

zafri 2011.02.06
good quality game-play... wish make it long storyboard...

Nick2 2011.02.05
It`s a very, very hot game.

hornyman100 2011.02.03
superb game and excellent graphic...

antib 2011.01.30
I love it, nice... i hope will be be created more like this.but cenzure is not good

tonito 2011.01.29
very nice graphics but the story could have been better I think

nosrej08 2011.01.27
I love it, nice... i hope will be be created more like this.

drjj 2011.01.27
nice girl, like this game

jcole 2011.01.26
This is too easy, i don`t even know if i got the options correct, but still manage to do the gal.

paolo13 2011.01.26
I am with some of the other players - would like to have had the blur gone. Otherwise a well-put-together game. Brief, but made good use of graphics and story. Girl was very pretty.

farmer7 2011.01.25
The details are very good but the censored areas kind of make the game a bit dull.

dragonguardian13 2011.01.20
definitely a Japanese game. Everything Japanese censors the crotch area. Kinda makes it not so much fun. But graphics and detail were nice.

luk81 2011.01.19
don`t like the censored part....

snozzo 2011.01.16
much of the sceens looked familar to another game, also the blur was just stupid. What were they going for here a pc13 rating

l3gle 2011.01.16
click click click a little to easy after a nice strory line had started

rosie 2011.01.06
good game for newbies like me easy to understand

chris20 2011.01.05
was a good game ending was not to bad.

makeuf33lg00d 2011.01.03
would be good if it werent censored

Genocider 2011.01.03
awesome body.....but the scene too shorts.....

cardsman25 2010.12.29
man that made me hard ;) i wish it want censored thou

Gemman67 2010.12.29
Overall nice game but man got to get rid of that blur,really nice looking chick though.

nightwillo 2010.12.28
it was good sep for the blurr over the goods whats up withthat?

Futurus 2010.12.27
nice game, but the censoring sucks.

shadowsuta 2010.12.25
good gameplay and graphic, but will great if no cencored

garfield170671 2010.12.24
very good gameplay
and animation

trustweber 2010.12.23
cool game! the hiden members not good

castilho 2010.12.21
Nice boobs and nice sex scenes..................but the going through could be a little bit more challenging!!!

domodomo 2010.12.19
pretty simple game. graphics are very great!

LoXX 2010.12.17
good game, excellent graphics and easy control.

mick149 2010.12.16
strange way to cast a film , i wonder if there was one in the first place?

Bill46 2010.12.06
Good control, nice options too

zeretet 2010.12.06
gran juego, muy buenas grafiacas

hash19 2010.12.02
Slow start is erotic and then the sex is plentiful. Too bad it is censored.

king2pm 2010.11.30
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

scrip 2010.11.30
to easy to play, maybe some more levels or endings

ahclem 2010.11.29
Japanese censorship rules seem SO strange...ACTUAL genitals must be digitized (ESPECIALLY when engaged in sex acts), and yet bukakke and tentacle rape are rampant in both print and video media

m4lv1n 2010.11.28
Not bad. Too bad it`s censored in all the right spots.

freddxl 2010.11.25
Its a good game ,with some actions,but needs more playtime

brosurt 2010.11.25
Great graphics but it was a little too short and the translation to English could have been much smoother.

alikss 2010.11.25
good game, needs a little improvement on graphics but still a good game,the story longer more better

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.24
fun game but needs to be a little harder

damnedforever 2010.11.21
liked it... But the sex was too long... she had a nice body

FrancoisF 2010.11.16
Her body`s very sexy... simple but enough too appreciate.

dragonguardian13 2010.11.16
It was a little short. Could have done without the censoring too. But all in all still a nice game.

thegrail 2010.11.12
a little bit on the short side but nice graphics though,

tionghan 2010.11.12
Cool graphics. it just awesome...very reality

vagoolian 2010.11.08
Abit short but overall It is a good game, mainly due to the graphics.

PieWie39 2010.11.08
Not that good; it`s oke but find bluring parts anoying and game is a bit slow.

pytheas 2010.11.02
final fuck is too long and no that interactive.

mikefrost 2010.10.29
the game quality was good, had good graphics, a little slow but good overall.

steve1112 2010.10.29
Good flow of game, great ending

prats 2010.10.28
hot game and super amazing graphics.....even i hate the censored part....pamela is raelly cute...

north262 2010.10.27
good game but i hate sensoring

pezhman 2010.10.22
superb game and excellent graphic used

fckmerotten 2010.10.21
good game better graphics needed

mwafaq 2010.10.20
good game, needs a little improvement on graphics but still a good game

tkerr5197 2010.10.18
A pretty good game. Nice easy game play and great graphics.

devil989 2010.10.17

Very Good Game Almost like Real. More & More Games must be of this Type & include at least 10 - 15 Hot Babes.

necrotwo 2010.10.17
nice game if not for the blur

cyber409 2010.10.16
would have been so much better with a slight clean up and uncensored.

bshdaddy1 2010.10.16
good game not the greatest for this site the graphics are grainy and there is no expression on the girls face. also why is it censored that sucks

Armour 2010.10.14
Good game with nicely varied sex. Translation and censoring let it down though.

chumak 2010.10.14
animation is good, though Horny Maid looks better in my opinion. the story is somewhat jumpy too...

draco532 2010.10.13
Lovely Graphics =) liked it very much

dadofmatthew 2010.10.13
great game pitty about pixelation

allyouneed101 2010.10.11
It looked so real great game.

Robbie1981 2010.10.06
i enjoyed this game,really pretty girl

ktm450 2010.10.05
Good game need better graphics

Solufuge 2010.09.28
i liked the game very much but it`s a bit easy

Linzy 2010.09.17
reale nice game...........
like it......

kial 2010.09.15
real nice graphics but it is to easy to play

freewheelin 2010.09.15
I liked this game. Very easy to play compared to other games.

engineer1993 2010.09.14
fun game but needs to have more interaction. good graphics though.

bensen88 2010.09.10
cool game with nice graphic

MUFC999999999 2010.09.07
superb graphics, awesome animation

tentalestall 2010.09.04
Very nice graphics in this game. Shame about the censoring

Bulweif 2010.09.01
Great game, but a little slow gameplay

yokbok 2010.08.31
really great exavtly to my taste a movie game!

newshoes4youtx 2010.08.30
nice graphics, good game, could use a litte more animation

rmlong1974 2010.08.30
ok gameplay, graphics would have been better without it being blurred out

saprakap 2010.08.29
The game could do better with a new pleasure meter. Sorry.

ace7 2010.08.28
loading time could be faster though....

vad05 2010.08.27
Wow.. the girl is hot.
Great game with good graphic.

diabian 2010.08.27
i like this game .. its a wonderful game .. and all the games on this site are great

kpyrinikos 2010.08.27
Good game, grapics could better end the game was short. The girl is hot

Lance15 2010.08.25
very nice game except for censoring

rontoo 2010.08.24
The game is goodThe end is comming too quickly too

yeah_9xxx 2010.08.23
This game is pretty good men, but it loads so slow

beanieboy 2010.08.22
nice looking girl over a bit to quickly

mrcoolerz 2010.08.20
the girl is damn hot!
nice 3D animation:D

bloodbaron 2010.08.17
Extremely hot girl , just loved the animation

UnknownNL 2010.08.17
Good game, grapics could better end the game was short.

eswr 2010.08.09
nice game, but the censored pretty much put me off and a longer game play would have been made it better. the chick is hot

wyskas 2010.08.05
good graphism but too scripted

argosx 2010.08.03
Very Good game, great graphics and moves

ssmrgrim 2010.07.31
Wretched Japanese imports and their mosaics. Other than that great game with really hot girl

unup91 2010.07.31
Gud graprhics. music isn`t so well !! whys there blur ??

az89 2010.07.27
cool game with nice graphic. pamela such a cute character. love it

SuperRichie 2010.07.27
music is annoying, could have been a better one there

BrandonMars 2010.07.26
great graphics,good game,little slow at times tho:(

Dona 2010.07.26
Good views, but kinda boring and short.

LyssLoves20 2010.07.26
Not a fan of the quiet idea... graphics r fine... but why blur images?

johny1baby 2010.07.25
not bad, good graphics, pretty Pamela :)

Dude817 2010.07.24
The graphics are kinda blurry

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Annoying music, but good game overall.
Easy enough.

noeyes317 2010.07.15
great look but too quiet like someone else said and the music was crappy

bsheezy54 2010.07.15
cool game, good graphics, sweet scenes. not a fan of the censored stuff or the "quiet" chick

blackcat402 2010.07.15
great game hope there is more coming

PureHate 2010.07.11
this is an OK game, its not good but its not that bad either. the story is ok, the graphics was good, sound was bad.

loco666 2010.07.08
very good game i like it a lot nice one

Toni9 2010.07.06
great graphics,good game, slow at times tho

BigD279 2010.07.04
This Game is O.K. I like the Graphics in it.

megamansm 2010.07.04
great game not too long not too short

riela 2010.07.04
good game but we need new games in every week

lenman 2010.07.01
Nice sex sequences. What the hell did you guys censor the game for. It`s supposed to be a sex game right? Anyways, simple game. Could have beeen a lot better with more involvement. The sexual interaction was great but the censoring took away from it.

Cypress84 2010.06.30
very nice game to bad its censored

Loslobos 2010.06.29
Good game, I like graphics to be clearer but it was a fun game to play.

nenasiten78 2010.06.28
great game,i want more like thisone

Yumi ;3 2010.06.26
Good views, but kinda boring and short.

silver12 2010.06.24
Great game, lots of sex positions, easy to follow, quick, great animation. Could use a hotter girl and no censorship.

samantta 2010.06.22
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation oxo

gp78 2010.06.20
the game would be much better if it wasn`t censored

ghostwalker747 2010.06.09
surprisingly a good game be playing this again

NeoFlex 2010.06.07
good game but short.
The graphics were okay.

MADMAD 2010.06.07
a very very sexy n nice game

simon32177 2010.06.05
I like it, but a bit short ,

zeretet 2010.06.02
The game is very cool and very sexy

abdel 2010.06.02
Maybe it`s too short and the transition between casting and fuck is too short to. But good animation.

chiller10 2010.05.24
very decent graphics...game could have been longer...maybe ,multiple girls

monkey.lover69 2010.05.19
short game with pixelated graphics. not too bad though

boxershorts03 2010.05.18
good gameplay short, funny, graphic is not very good

iizi 2010.05.18
The scenes in this one are great

amanda 2010.05.16
great graphics,good game,little slow at times

amanda 2010.05.16
I would be better if the resolution was not distorted

midas 2010.05.15
Girl are hot. Game are smooth.

ROB83073 2010.05.12
its an ok game it could have been so much better though

sexydj 2010.05.12
great graphics,good game,little slow at times tho:(

val2062 2010.05.11
this game has always have been one of my favorites...je suis tte excit??e lool

kjmi123123 2010.05.10
its a good game but i think that the graphics could have been a little better

ernie1985 2010.05.09
interesting game. but the graphics can be better

gunnar26 2010.05.08
it has a interesting story although the girls name was a bit strange since she is japanese but maybe she is born and raised in America.the animation is very good and does alot for the game there is no original sound in the game but the music that plays through the game is fair enough in al this is not a bad game at all

fatehveer 2010.05.08
gud game,but lil bit boring

XenoLibra21 2010.05.08
game was alright, graphics could be a lil better

boinky 2010.05.06
animations are good, but the game was reptetive and boring

vlad01 2010.05.05
Pretty boring, not so fun.

kennykonif 2010.05.05
Pretty good animation, needs sounds for the woman though. Basically an interactive movie.

fatstomino 2010.05.04
controls could be better over way to quick and to easy

Kalaam 2010.05.02
this game has always have been one of my favorites

pete23 2010.05.02
Hmm, the game was good, but would be nice to have some sounds other than the music playing.... good graphics though...

big8797 2010.05.02
i thought that was a very bad game very boring!

GamblerPt 2010.04.28
easy to play pity only music tho no sounds from the girl!
great graphics,good game,little slow at times tho:(

mnd100 2010.04.27
easy to play pity only music tho no sounds from the girl

iwankawul 2010.04.27
nice game, i like that...

Andrewsag 2010.04.27
Also, just an advice to gooding and the team.

The flash is verygood, byt bare in mind to use some of Leonizers movie tricks toa ccelerate fuck speed.

Andrewsag 2010.04.27
Great game!

keep it up SHG

bballfreak 2010.04.26
girl looked amazing, but actions were too repetitive

meddo19 2010.04.26
Good game with beautiful graphic..
Bad that it`s censored..

crysalium 2010.04.25
it was okay.but it be better if we do all action choices like meet N fuck

Benson1982 2010.04.25
This is a very cute girl, and great graphics. The positions are very good, too, but its not good that the cock and the pussy are censored.

fraiga 2010.04.25
This Pamela chick is one hot dame. Nice game guys!

garba 2010.04.24
the begining is good but after it goes to fast

paultease 2010.04.23
Not very good. If a game has this much QandA it needs to be translated into english better.

capt5711 2010.04.23
dood game made my cock hard

virgos 2010.04.23
I want to se more of this. Great!!!

Darkshadow 2010.04.20
sweet actress, but censored made it boring

wpowder 2010.04.18
It would be alot better if it is uncensored

naedhc 2010.04.16
This game is only ok, it would be much better of the if it was not censored.

rparadis 2010.04.14
it would be much better of the if it was not censored.

jffitz 2010.04.13
interaction/story erotic but sex boring and video poor

flooox 2010.04.11
Not a really good one, too quick

evilv 2010.04.11
Not bad, a bit to quick into the action though. Blurring spoils the overall enjoyment.

jim32736 2010.04.11
Game has good potential, but lacks sound effects. Never could understand that censorship business.

argonidas 2010.04.11
nice game, but even better when uncensored

cooldude619 2010.04.11
great graphics the chick in the game is very hot !!!! loved the game !!!!!

singelman90 2010.04.10
it was a good game. tho it would be better uncencored

greywarden07 2010.04.09
ok game graghics could be beter and non cencored but in all ok game

rossp11 2010.04.08
good graphics, but not the best of games at all

niro 2010.04.07
nice game.....great graphics

slapchop 2010.04.07
blurred out!!!! what a load of rubbish

panat 2010.04.05
that was a damn good game.. gave me a har on.. hahahah ilove the way she sucked dick

Benvolio12162 2010.04.04
I had a lot of difficulty once I got her clothes off...

Hotfly 2010.04.04
I hate not being able to see her pussy and his cock while having sex.

unagi77400 2010.04.03
the censor should be removed but great game anyway

biggsreddy 2010.04.03
Hot game but Y the censor

geoskr 2010.04.02
the graphics could have been better

hapax 2010.04.02
jeu rigolo avec peu de reflexion

ginetto 2010.03.30
i like the animations real good YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation
YES: i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

hardcorechad 2010.03.29
Not a bad game. Graphic were great except for the censored stuff.The translation was a little confusing and sort progressed quickly without really realizing what was going on.

reaper613 2010.03.28
why the hell is it blurred out

Kedar 2010.03.28
I hate a censor. And too less choices.

conman22 2010.03.28
Pity about the censorship, otherwise not bad

KeithWWatson 2010.03.27
this game was quit good and makes u think that a real castings for films are realy like that lol

Niemy 2010.03.25
What is the censor here for??????????????????

chriscogs 2010.03.24
good game same about the censor

grnlwn 2010.03.23
the graphics would raise the bar without the typical pixalation.

BaNEFuL 2010.03.22
game was visually pleasing

Spongebob 2010.03.21
Little bit slow a bit confusing what to do but good graphics nice story too

aki555 2010.03.21
the game has good parts ...........i liked it

isy-i 2010.03.18
very good game! nice story!

Walshe 2010.03.18
good game but could be better

mpaialunga 2010.03.17
sensual game, vey nice... like it

Wolfer 2010.03.16
very nice game hope there will be some second part

MizzSISI 2010.03.14
very nice game, i love it

destronaut 2010.03.13
great game really enjoyed it

sentaiblue 2010.03.10
a very nice game needs sound very nice to play

The_Bard 2010.03.09
greaaat graphics, the job of this man rock`s !!!

lowerider007 2010.03.08
Great game. But loose the censer please.

sunski 2010.03.05
nice game i hope more coming....

justme601000 2010.02.28
OK....Short and she could have had a bit more emotion.

Zach 2010.02.26
That was a pretty easy game.

select 2010.02.25
Okay game although very short.

markenmac 2010.02.23
It was fun - too bad about the pixelation tho

Chobitz 2010.02.21
Pretty good. Too bad about the censoring.

FunSeeker 2010.02.21
great graphics, wish it was a longer game.

drok 2010.02.19
god game but shame about the pixelation

peter152 2010.02.19
very interesting game but could have been better

HardDick7891 2010.02.18
completly love this game womens pussy and boobs and tits

HardDick7891 2010.02.18
great game lovin the nude women

ruyven 2010.02.18
good game, I enjoy the 3d games more than any of them keep em coming

Danny King 2010.02.17
Great game. More like this would be great.

tanbir90 2010.02.14
wonderful game to play with acceptable graphics.

stomper91 2010.02.14
good game and nice graphics, but a little bit too short

kldxxx 2010.02.13
Good game, should of had a better ending, like a money shot all over her face or tits !

Sehviss 2010.02.12
Pretty good. Too bad about the censoring.

heff2010 2010.02.10
graphics are great but in this day in age i believe we can loose the censorship

eazyman 2010.02.10
this gameis real cool, need more like it but without censoring it

7z9 2010.02.09
Graphics are nice even if pussy is blurry. Sound would be nice tho.

eazyman 2010.02.09
really good game could do without cenonrship

bilb0 2010.02.08
great game
i hope the author make a series or some other similiar games
censore is normal is not so bad

LG 2010.02.08
Lot`s of hot action in this one.

MrPalatClown 2010.02.07
this game have a cool graphic

Luzi 2010.02.07
censored but very cool game!

nintendofilo 2010.02.05
great graphics, fun game, but censorship :(

dochoff 2010.02.05
not too bad, but i hate the blurry graphics

micstr85 2010.02.05
this is a good nice game, i like it.

JazzzyJo 2010.02.04
Graphics are nice even if pussy is blurry. Sound would be nice tho.

rahulgupta 2010.02.03
the animations are quite gud ...but the story is a let down....

TantalEyes 2010.02.03
Very nice graphics. Simple game play, but effective enough.

Jess 2010.02.03
I like the game, but very short.

Flakint 2010.02.03
Good interaction with scenes, no spelling or grammar mistakes, the scenario matches with the used animation very well; definitely a favorite.

krivak 2010.02.02
its Impresive game. Very good animation. If the story will be little longer that will be better

whatttt 2010.01.31
The animation is good but it takes awhile.. but a great concept for a game

playa555 2010.01.31
great game but would be much better without the censoring

ocandela 2010.01.29
this game is pretty good. i want to be a casting director

amazinggeo 2010.01.29
almost the best game, it could be better , but its entertaining and hot

madhatta 2010.01.28
without the blurr and with some sound fx this would be one the coolest one

SgtCuvie 2010.01.28
Good game, except for the censoring

Gonrad69 2010.01.28
censored.. it is an ok game

alexus68 2010.01.28
Hmm, the game was good, but would be nice to have some sounds other than the music playing.

bigben2515 2010.01.27
having the censor kills the sex scene

Jabba 2010.01.27
very hot.some good sex secnes but get rid of the censor

Ricoh124 2010.01.26
Good game, idea but lacks character development and reality check.

Titon 2010.01.26
Damn that was HOT!! I HATE that censor... but awesome graphics make me forget about it

Vingate 2010.01.26
good idea & execution but graphics are bit too blurry

cambuse 2010.01.26
not bad, but could do better i think

jmalkovich 2010.01.25
great graphic... nice story.. more please

stalker415 2010.01.24
this game has always have been one of my favorites

dooodles 2010.01.20
it is a ``good` game, but has the potential to be awesome. It started off great, various methods of interactivity...but she gave in so easily and quickly...i would have prefered to lure her in more slowly, but once you mention the nude scene...thats practically it, the game flies by. but still enjoyable.

angarf1 2010.01.19
Excellent, is an awesome game

rexxx1957 2010.01.18
I liked the game. I would be better if the resolution was not distorted.

Roblue1 2010.01.15
I love your flash games,they seem so real I would recomend to my friends to try this game..I hope you put more games here

paranoid 2010.01.11
i like the animations real good.
The game itself isn`t too bad either... just the jump from shy undressing to giving head goes a little quick in my opinion.

gagadoudou 2010.01.10
not bad! pamela is very hot!

captainc22 2010.01.06
Okay game although very short.

hleland 2010.01.05
very realistic animation. Sexy. Game is irrelevant.

bubbanuts 2010.01.03
game was easy, but fuzzing out the penetration was not necessary.

komax155 2010.01.02
good game, very good grfaic of scwnes

8titulos 2009.12.29
good game, but, why pixel the bush? it`s unfair

walkwire 2009.12.28
nice graphic overall addictive game

Bowler Midnight 2009.12.28
not really a game but i want to become a movie director

wannabi 2009.12.26
i love it i surtenly loved the girl !!

nillax2k 2009.12.24
it would be better without the blurring

alvin456987 2009.12.23
it`s a pretty good game!!!

orochimaru 2009.12.17
nice graphic overall addictive game

sammmm 2009.12.16
grat game i realy like it but better was it when uncensored view

tybernexus 2009.12.11
great game ... once again wish it didn`t have "fuzzy areas"

Fernando47 2009.12.11
What a casting. And also a tender and handsome girl. Very exchiting

delldiag 2009.12.10
good graphics,good bit of fun

funnguy410 2009.12.09
Good graphics and movie, but gameplay is kind of repetitive

hornyT 2009.12.07
Not one of the best on here and music was annoying

toadmaester 2009.12.06
good game i hope there is another one soon

tsael 2009.12.04
gooood game, a real challange

Houserocka78 2009.12.03
Very stylish game with a high gaming-fun..just a little too easy:)

squall8 2009.12.03
good game, could have had better graphics but liked the start asking all the questions.overall good enough game

jason.thorn 2009.12.02
The game was really good but it could have used sex sounds instead of just the music.

niceboy007 2009.11.29
Hmm, the game was good, but would be nice to have some sounds other than the music playing.... good graphics though...

superice231 2009.11.27
Hmm, the game was good, but would be nice to have some sounds other than the music playing.

wingseraphim 2009.11.26
it is good..... very easy though

WARDOG77 2009.11.25

nissehult 2009.11.24
This game i like, but it could be more difficult

rafystole 2009.11.21
just sublime, one of the best animated

walrus13 2009.11.20
nice game, one of the scenes was too quick with the time limit to figure out which way to move my mouse tho

bob54z 2009.11.19
good game needs anal though

big fat dick 2009.11.19
a really really fantastic game i like the ones like this

bombtech24 2009.11.18
Great Graphic very sexual game though it needed anal in it to many repeatative shots

mlongleaf 2009.11.18
simple play, straight to the point. everything that this type of game should be.

exiodia 2009.11.17
really nice game, beautifull chick :D, nice story animation and grafick are really good

Svin 2009.11.12
Nice graphics, ok music for a change, just missing some sex sounds.... But the gameplay, story and the English translation are all ridiculous.

forbes 2009.11.12
an awesome game in every way

sexyman 2009.11.11
the girl is hot and i mean hot

bossman2880 2009.11.10
not bad ive played better but not bad

darkwolff 2009.11.10
game is very good only i mis the sound of the players

jameson1287 2009.11.10
Hmm, the game was good, but would be nice to have some sounds other than the music playing.

maxxdoom 2009.11.09
nothing special - good graphs - poor scenes

deathstray 2009.11.09
good game i hope there is another one comeing sone aswell

chagal 2009.11.09
great game hope there is conitue

az89 2009.11.09
nice one, cool graphic, fun

dqnnhat 2009.11.08
great game!she look like yuna :D

troysale 2009.11.08
More thing you can do would be better but it is a good start

MiszteRNickZz 2009.11.07
good game but to bad it`s a bit censored

DarkGuy 2009.11.06
the game very very good the bad it get some censure but its so cool

pat48 2009.11.05
great game , hope you have like this

akella_man 2009.11.05
Good game with pleasant graphic.. Bad that it`s censored..

dimabilly 2009.11.05
Nice game!! Too bad about the censorship

jerryonly83 2009.11.05
average game.... the girls is awesomely fine but there`s censorship and actions are a bit limited... hope for a longer sequel too

tommer 2009.11.04
Not bad. Too bad it`s censored in all the right spots.

NOOBSAUR 2009.11.04
Could`ve been great, but it was a little slow and short. Hope they make a sequel and a better one.

akiyama1234 2009.11.04
the Graphics r great, and its really a great game

jojoonline87 2009.11.04
Great graphic but not the best game that I had play.

Tazz6699 2009.11.03
Not bad. Too bad it`s censored in all the right spots.

b3d0w 2009.11.03
liked the game, needs more options and more girls, hope they make a sequel

mkfrant 2009.11.02
Boring redundant did not like it

franky135 2009.11.02
ok there is not really much to do but the girl is sexy

poiuyt 2009.11.02
This game is awesome. really good

Namir23 2009.11.01
this game fucking awesome

spirek 2009.11.01
This game is really interesting as it has good graphics and the girl is really beutiful...

cagan 2009.11.01
not bad goog game i like it

Freed0m 2009.10.31
good graphics and the story line was ok

nate 2009.10.31
not bad but predictable and not very dynamic

wunderseun 2009.10.31
Game is ok overall, translation is not so good

mandrake 2009.10.31
this game is fucking excellent

hung420dude 2009.10.31
loved the creampie at the end

sucker1993 2009.10.30
the girl look so pretty i like her very much

sahabjee 2009.10.30
Nice girl. I really like her

kilgasisgod 2009.10.30
what is with all these sex games where no condoms are used? there should be an option to use one, and if you don`t at the end of the games it zooms to 9 months later showing a kid you gotta support, and the caption "you fail."

good game other than that.

chaos19 2009.10.30
great game, really fun to play

Bright 2009.10.30
Nice girl. I really like her.

Wojna 2009.10.29
good, game, girl is very nice =)

thomc 2009.10.29
The sex is nice, although it begins rather abruptly and some of the "click" actions seem either impossible to complete or incredibly easy

ravenman 2009.10.29
The graphics could be better, but a good game if you want to play something without having to work really hard to reach the end.

Aneirin 2009.10.29
not bad but predictable and not very dynamic

olle7 2009.10.29
a really good game but could have better graphics

raagric31263 2009.10.29
nice game love to be the guy

Saurusman 2009.10.28
The sex is nice, although it begins rather abruptly and some of the "click" actions seem either impossible to complete or incredibly easy with very little middle ground. The "question" period of the game feel irrelevant - it seems like your choices don`t matter and that portion of the game exists only to pad it out. Overall, however, not bad.

Xyzzy 2009.10.28
Pretty good game. Censorship is bad, though...

Ironclad_Oriatee 2009.10.28
Very good game, Defiantly will play again. Only down side, I hate games that require you to click like a Idiot.

tonyuk 2009.10.28
a nice little fun game. i will play it again

dman 2009.10.28
nice 3d graphics, and great sex positions

jerryonly83 2009.10.28
nice game... though player`s possibility are a bit limited... i like m`n`f best!

Zargas 2009.10.28
A little too easy for my taste but fairly orriginal - a nice alternative to playing a meet n` fuck game you`ve allready played before!

trayter 2009.10.28
Good game, should of had a better ending, like a money shot all over her face or tits !

bestia99rom 2009.10.28
its an ok game it could have been so much better though

Zephyr 2009.10.28
great graphics, but a little bit too short i think

Marti 2009.10.28
great graphics,good game, slow at times tho:(

Dropkick 2009.10.27
This games is only ok, it could have been a lot better

timewaster 2009.10.27
Seriously! How hard is it to find someone who can do a decent English translation? It`s laughable!

Tfrank 2009.10.27
Slow start is erotic and then the sex is plentiful. Too bad it is censored.

randy06 2009.10.27
great game hope there is more coming

woody 2009.10.27
its an ok game it could have been so much better though

cheese101 2009.10.27
great graphics,good game,little slow at times tho:(

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