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PM: Business trip


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KitCarsen 2017.10.03
Loved the graphics and the story.

Duzzy 2017.08.15
Who created this game is incredible rn

LarrySA_01 2017.08.07
Good graphics,, not too hard

Greenside80 2016.11.21
Fun quality game......enjoyed playing....not to hard

stach56 2016.07.10
amazing game but it`s really hard want i fuck the girl

asinble 2016.05.29
this game is very hot and sexy one i like the hot secretary very much

merlin14 2015.12.05
great one, only thing is the sound so fake, and i loved the anal part ;)

bbwkatie92 2015.11.21
i love that body.. a bit too much museaction needed tho...

cerisa 2015.10.31
great game and The graphics and concept for the story were pretty good

DESOUSA 2015.09.04
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game. the story were pretty good


adragon707 2015.08.08
Good game but to short & not enough options.

ariez 2015.07.29
Great game. I hope to see more like it.

ravenbabe 2015.04.29
i gave up trying to play this one couldnt quite figure it out

john milton 2015.04.19
too predictable, there wasn`t enough point of views, sex can be even fun...
don`t worry this game is just an exeption, you always do a great work

Jaat boy 2015.04.01
this game is sooo beautiful
the animation, graphics, sounds ..just so interesting

cameronw 2015.02.11
strong game and well worth a look. Enjoy

nahid123 2015.01.06
really good game although i couldn`t got it correct very 1st time but appreciable....

hollow11 2014.12.30
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

bannaking123 2014.11.30
awesome game,and great graphics

pieffepi 2014.11.18
Very well made game - sexy and entertaining. I like the sex sequences and the meters are reasonably easy to be progressed

Becca_may123 2014.11.18
wow great game it was short and i wish it went on for longer

MadMax118 2014.11.06
great game, great graphics, loved it all around

Futuros 2014.09.16
Delicious babe being so naughty. Makes all the sense.

Honest67 2014.08.06
Gameplay is really good so is graphics and the storyline

Freak1334 2014.08.05
Love the game. Gameplay is good and so are the graphics.

stoad69 2014.07.31
Awesome graphics and great scenes.

maxa 2014.07.30
Great game.Nice graphics,and story.Very sexy!

w1drng22 2014.07.13
Stuck at the end. Graphics very nice.

bitz94 2014.07.12
What a graphics. Its just so hot.

Archaon 2014.07.04
hot scene hot girl hot game

hornycock007 2014.06.21
great graphics really cool game perfect

Abraxis 2014.03.21
This game looks great, but that is where it stops. Some of the parts are unclear as to what one should do next, and during the sex parts, I felt I had to fight with the game to get anywhere. Leave this one alone, there are much better designed games here.

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.20
i loved this game a superb game

kingjohn55 2014.03.18
great graphics really cool game

Penafj 2014.02.25
The graphics and sex scences were great, just wish there were more hints towards the next steps.

jason_ 2014.02.03
this game wasn`t to hard

Lamgirl 2013.11.11
super great game with lots of interest

nu01 2013.10.21
Very erotic game. Graphic is very good. Like it.

mannmeister 2013.10.19
The story felt rushed, but otherwise a good game.

Herold 2013.10.07
Beautiful girl. Got a surprising end...

abcdefghaiqal 2013.10.05
Not bad..but sexy game...

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

madmax68 2013.08.31
This game was awesome, graphics could have been better but gameplay was amazing.

joshwist55 2013.08.25
this game is so good and hot

w1drng22 2013.08.16
The graphics are good. The story is short and basic but decent. The English is horrible. They need a proof reader. But all in all it was a hot story and got me hot along with it. I guess I sort of liked it.

noogad 2013.07.31
nice game and good graphic

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Nice game with great animation and nice graphics.

Hotguy29126 2013.06.08
great game! nice grapchics and HOT!

DeadlyAlias 2013.05.25
Fun, but a little too much repetition, and a few quesswork scenes.

Kikigee 2013.05.23

This game is a really great game

mattp95 2013.05.12
was an entertaining game to play however it could use additional scenes and was quite easy

99rd 2013.05.10
what a grt game/........
fucked the hot chicks nicely
i luv it

kohtet 2013.05.04
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

gwazz 2013.04.22
got stuck kissing naked body indicator would help

poop1234 2013.03.30
a little difficult but still very nice and sexy game

devilmou 2013.03.14
Great game. Great graphic. Good to have the opportunity to make different choices on the way.

yogaa 2013.03.08
oh its awesome and enjoing game

madmax68 2013.02.28
Game was easy and not too difficult, exactly how it should be .

pilot8 2013.02.16
this game is sooo beautiful
the animation, graphics, sounds ..just so interesting

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.07
She is so cute. I love this game.

Tusher 2013.02.05
oh its awesome and enjoing game

irull245004 2013.02.01
that was a awesome fucken game

vgvet 2013.01.29
excelent graphics. good gameplay but kinda hard to know you have to kiss her and where when she gets naked. good game though.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice game , but way too short and simple.

sexdosex 2013.01.19
nice game that i played too many times.....

Mr. Magic 2013.01.08
What a secretary. Talk about dick-tation!

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.03
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

bigman8 2012.12.28
graphics are exelent pretty awsome game ill play again and again

TYSONKING 2012.12.21
wow these games r so hot

UnknownName 2012.12.10
Good theme to it. loved it

Long Dick 2012.12.08
Like this game,she is hot but a bit of a bitch. Like it.

AaAaA88 2012.12.03
easy game.. but nice one..

mankiecad 2012.11.27
Good game, easy enough to play.

iram 2012.11.25
wow what`s a nice game !!!!!

sexiemama 2012.11.20
good game, but wished the screen interacted with my mouse a little better...

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


allcaps8 2012.11.16
great game great graphics best game ever

LoserBoh 2012.11.12
I don`t know why people are saying this game is too short, I thought it was the perfect length. Graphics were beautiful, I liked the tattoo.

BloodyRomeo 2012.11.10
Very nice game , & graphics 2 , details needs more attention

Keep trying till you nail the baby ass ;) only before her orgasm winks

Blesshand 2012.11.07
Damn, this game IS hot. The tattoo on her thigh is soo sexy.

magnumhot888 2012.10.30
nice but a little bit to short...

thomas564 2012.10.20
Great game, even though my ending wasn`t the best, but still great game.

tai97190 2012.10.18
very beautiful game i like it

reeteeree 2012.10.17
love game it makes me wet

rung83 2012.10.08
the graphics are grreat i cant stop playing it

erpoly 2012.09.26
best game,nice graphic,nice sound.and nice game play...so excited...love it

Bodine 2012.09.25
Great graphics and sex positions. Would love more story line.

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Game was going well, then stuck after I took her panties off.

SpxGuy7 2012.09.23
Great game! However, I`m stuck. What do you do after you take off her panties?

akb481 2012.09.17
girl is great, but the story is a bit short

Peloquin73 2012.09.12
not bad game, good looking babe although it is a bit easy

EvaAsh 2012.09.07
the graphics are grreat i cant stop playing it

misfits 2012.09.03
Great graphics,hot secretary gameplay is perfect

cexysmithing 2012.08.28
Incredibly difficult to fuck the girl, so I think it`s a bad game and needs to be worked on.

valyrian 2012.08.26
one of the top games here, and the girl is great

chain 2012.08.25
great game! loved the many different endings that was possible.

aidenko 2012.08.18
it is a very good game! recommend

iloveboobs92 2012.08.17
Excellent game. Good graphics and gameplay.

cokey55 2012.08.12
Love the different endings to get Gina to finish. Great graphics

cokey55 2012.08.12
Nice game, good story line that needs to be on business trips ! Nice graphics

Cowgirlup223 2012.08.11
Awesome! The girl was hot. And the story line was good.

zr77z 2012.08.10
what do you do after you take her panties off and she is standing there naked

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

bigdick90 2012.08.03
nice chick great gameplay it`s perfect

nikolaskavez 2012.08.03
sexy secretary thats the thing

Carni 2012.08.01
Great Gameplay ! I would be nice if you could add a possibility to persuade the chick to beg for / love anal !

dk37 2012.07.29
great game good graphics hot chick

Dark_sun 2012.07.26
good graphicand good scene and the premise is interesting.

diary 2012.07.25
great game as usual,nice endings

chief007 2012.07.23
love the girl....one of my favourate...amazing graphics.love to have some more games like this,with longer play.

DAGEE 2012.07.20

crugh2112 2012.07.08
First LOP game that I played. Got me hooked. Don`t let your excitement take you down a bad road in this one.

king aro 2012.07.04
100 for this game
i like it so much
and great graphic it had

banes 2012.07.04
Good graphics. Excellent game with a very hot girl.

elton.alex 2012.07.02
Great game can`t stop playing

ECRIDER 2012.06.30
Definitely makes you want more

JamesBlack 2012.06.28
great game got stuck after removing her panties

Fhrozen 2012.06.26
Another good game. Love this series!

Killa00 2012.06.25
Once again good graphics but the mouse motions really take away from the game.

max1819 2012.06.20
im stuck i kissed her breast and i cant do anything else

joseph1 2012.06.16
not my favourite to complatcated

joseph1 2012.06.16
im likeing this game alot

hoptita 2012.06.14
Great graphics , hot girl

bbbbiiikkklllgg 2012.06.11
this is a good game with a good animation

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.11
Nice game and funny ! good job

PgNmBr01 2012.06.08
great game, but the gameplay was kinda annoying. Constanlty rubbing the mouse was a bother, but still a great game with good animations

Eduados 2012.06.06
very cool , but other games are better

Zantet 2012.06.05
Great, althought irrritating to move the mouse so much.

timaeus0 2012.05.31
love the graphics seems surrreal n love the storyline

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

wildlolli 2012.05.18
Great game, but not my favorite.

Bigbrada 2012.05.15
Anybody else having problem with this game? I`ve stuck after i pull off
her panties. Whatever i do nothing happens?!!

ohayoyo 2012.05.13
Why is there only one bonus picture?(nin)

Thunderwrath 2012.05.13
Graphics are quite good and gameplay is excellent.

hornyharry 2012.05.12
Gave me some trouble, after you had to take off her panties.
Loved the rest of the game and one of the hottest girl`s here on playforceone

dyl1570 2012.05.09
good graphics, more of a story and options would be nice.

KiDLiStEnSCuDi 2012.05.05
I feel that the graphics are really high quality and it fas fun overall

Taytay101lov 2012.05.04
this game was amazing the graphics were great...

greatgorba2 2012.05.02
yeah, taking forever to load today

aliseeena 2012.04.24
the game wont even start

Anducar 2012.04.24
A good game with interesting graphics

Jones94 2012.04.21
nice graphics and good game

qazxsful 2012.04.19
whoah.... what an addictive game... try it...

CodeGlass 2012.04.18
Damn What A Nice Game For All Adults

Stijntje288 2012.04.12
lesson of passion games are always good especially this one

fuck u my love 2012.04.11
great game, by the way good graphics

ashy14 2012.04.10
Great game but not as fun and sexy as others.

Fastnick 2012.04.08
Great game, graphics and sfx, nice work....keep going

backlink-butler 2012.04.06
Hi, i love this game.
perhaps you can make the animation a liitle bit more natural, not only up down two pics?
when yes i am sure, the games will be great hits

Vellu 2012.04.04
great graphics and gameplay

rupert4 2012.04.04
Great game, graphics and sfx, nice work....

stucool 2012.04.01
Amazing Girl ! Love the pink Tattoo!! She is still shaking!!

TheGAMEE 2012.03.31
a very good game with a nice story^^

MrSPARTAN117 2012.03.30
nice game not the best but nice one

sam00spade 2012.03.30
how many endings are there in this game

sam00spade 2012.03.30
Good game but after asking for anal the game restarts.

sam00spade 2012.03.30
This game is awesome... great graphics

Ben2mine 2012.03.28
great game and great graphic

murej 2012.03.28
Game was fun starts out quick and kinda easy but doesnt take long to get into it

batman3094 2012.03.26
what going on? is there a glitch in the game. it always stop right when i take her panties off

TacticalSpy7 2012.03.24
This game is really amazing, I love the whole setup of the story behind this and it just turns me on. And also the girl is one of the hottest girls on the site.

titlovr316 2012.03.19
awesome graphics, fun game, lovely women and a solid ending....

lingga 2012.03.19
i hate it when i failed to satisfied the girl lolz

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

shibo32 2012.03.17
great gameplay.....and good graphics

mann234 2012.03.14
great gameplay, graphic, animation...... loved the game

zupaman 2012.03.13
how many endings are there in this game ????

madman1954 2012.03.12
Great game....good graphics....sexy lady and it makes you work a little to get to a good ending

Mrtinybigman 2012.03.12
I`m stuck, I took her panties off, and she replies, "What are you--," then I have no option to do anything

rememberme 2012.03.10
the game makes everyone play all the games.

coojohn 2012.03.10
a buisness trip where you get busy genius game

Dansama92 2012.03.07
The game was a little easy but the graphichs are getting better

tikiy20 2012.03.06
great game nice graphic..

talibum 2012.03.06
A middle of the road game. I like having more options.

johakym 2012.03.03
Graphic good and easiest story.

suicidalpie 2012.03.03
not bad takes some finesse to get to the best ending wish it continued with the other one as well

WEGAS 2012.03.01
i want to have such beautiful secretary!

finalf10 2012.02.29
wow , graphic is nice, girls are sexy ... GOOD

johnnyrawkers 2012.02.28
kind of bothered me that the endings were kind of abrupt.

iwantithot645 2012.02.26
i like this game straight to it. not a lot of build up.

jimbornk 2012.02.25
really sweet, straight to sex, she`s hot!!

MEL84 2012.02.24
Excellent game, I loved the graphics and animations and especially having sound. Thank you.

sansantenna 2012.02.24
The his&her pleasure meters make it that much hotter.

isal78 2012.02.24
I loved this game, because it`s about girl cheating her boyfriend

torque2802 2012.02.22
like how the game is simple to get from scene to scene you don`t have to complete any mini games or build up to get to the action

jbuk 2012.02.21
good fun, but not as complete as some other games

trias 2012.02.20
very nice game,good graphics,make me curiously

kitesurfer1984 2012.02.20
Nice animations but a little predictible where it was going. I enjoy a little more challenge.

hockey star 2012.02.16
very fun... loved the graphics

Steelswan 2012.02.14
good game - not predictable outcomes - interesting story and characters

conner99x 2012.02.14
A very good, simple game. It was fun to play.

shinfyq 2012.02.13
i love this game and this website is such great!!!!

Dragon6801 2012.02.11
its a cool game just a little short

mikeydrew 2012.02.10
Great game with lots of multiple endings! Like all the games of this style the girl just looks amazing!!

james22 2012.02.10
alsome game good graphics

Riseagainst183 2012.02.09
Great game, really good graphics, shame there wasnt much story but still very good

boywantsex 2012.02.08
nice game
i jerked 20 times

rx7g6k 2012.02.06
Very nice game, very interesting

CasteL 2012.02.06
nice animation, gr8 graphic & gamplay, will have to play it a few times for all the endings..

ph3nixx 2012.02.06
Nice graphics and action...gina was definitely smoking!

nptess71 2012.02.05
really loved this game. a lot of fun

radiantatwork 2012.02.03
wow, fun game! nice graphics and good action A++

dragonj 2012.02.01
very nice game.
lovely girl.
would like some more close ups though

stoick 2012.01.31
Most of jacks comment make him seem like a jerk.. try avoidin those option

shootermcgooger 2012.01.29
This game is great because everyone dreams of being with their secretary. I found this one was pretty hard though

johny carter 2012.01.28
such a nice game so horny and sexy

ian_custler 2012.01.27
very nice game....hmm....would like to play it over and over again

Lizzie 2012.01.27
Sexy hot body. Enjoyed the game immensely..

15mepitcock 2012.01.27
That was great i really enjoyed it

Jizzgar 2012.01.26
Loving the gameplay on this one, graphics are pretty nice (Especially for Gina`s body, HOT DAMN!) and animation isn`t half bad either. 5 star!

ben_500 2012.01.26
great game, great graphic and animation and she is hot...but where`s the ending? i didn`t see any...i`ve gotta play it again

jpsacrey 2012.01.26
the graphic was great and the girl was hot

lkjhgf911 2012.01.25
Good graphics, wish it was a bit longer though.

yoda 2012.01.25
game was ok, straightforward and easy enough, could use some more options though

kal2sm 2012.01.25
Is it me or it is the gameplay that always make you stuck when u go for wrong answer?

jwiseman 2012.01.24
Good game play great game

blinxlee 2012.01.22
This game is perfect for me!!!

mjckid 2012.01.21
i seem to get stuck after taking her panties off

PlayforceoneMN 2012.01.20
The game seems nice, but i always get stuck with no more options. Is it me or the game?

peteski197804 2012.01.20
Jack`s the boss - very nice little game LoP - well done again

Semnick 2012.01.20
My favourite game of ever, five stars to history, graphics and images.

illig12 2012.01.19
awesome game, but i got stuck on it a couple of times, can improve.

Player666 2012.01.19
eautiful, makes me envy the fact of not having a secretary like that! I really like the multiple choice answers

Zhadower76 2012.01.19
Good graphics of the game is so interesting

Gene0877 2012.01.18
what a great game.....my bus trip will be like this

ghtyu 2012.01.18
good quality game and i got arrested at the end :)

xpiorixp 2012.01.17
nice game! hottes Girl. Perfect!

mtippie129 2012.01.16
things that are good:graphics,quality

the namek 2012.01.16
great game awesome graphics but to short

situation1 2012.01.16
the graphic was great and the girl was hot

Killjoy81 2012.01.15
The sex part is a little too mouse dependent. Can get a little annoying.

lol7 2012.01.15
nice game mayby a litle longer

jush 2012.01.14
really nice game nice graphics!!!

gardelis 2012.01.14
this game is very short but it was fun

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
great game with nice girl its hot

HeartcoRemo 2012.01.13
nice story and graphics nice 3d effect

jack11 2012.01.12
GREAT GAME 3:D good graphics :D

Guillaume 2012.01.11
I like the woman in this game, story could be better though

jbcarlos 2012.01.11
a gorgeous game with lots of actions and good graphix......

faybang 2012.01.11
I thought the graphics and story were really good, my only problem with this game is that when she gives him a blowjob, the moans are still from gina which didn`t seem right. Apart from that great game

Xzar 2012.01.11
I played several times because i love this game! the girl is hot and the ending is a lot. Thanks to th programmer

1flaguy 2012.01.10
This is fun and sexy game to play excellent graphics and a bit tricky at times but with patience easy to work thru.

luiza1000 2012.01.10
i like the game but ... is too short

lenni61 2012.01.09
wow, very ot game with a exelent graphik

andri 2012.01.08
average game, i could say. the ending is just pic? but, it`s nice and good game.

jdoberman 2012.01.08
Awesome Game....great graphics!!

hotbaby 2012.01.08
easy is very good love it

hotbaby 2012.01.08
very sexy wish i do it all the time

zomalagasy 2012.01.07
a bit short but the girl is so hot! like it!!!

jwp1156 2012.01.06
great game. graphics are great and the girl is so hot

joshkyledina 2012.01.05
the game is hard but cool

lacey2914 2012.01.05
WOW, good game that have exelent graphic

turk 2012.01.04
FUn took a couple of times to figure out.

latin16 2012.01.03
this game is great, the grapics are awsome its a really good game

ronaldo1010 2012.01.03
great game awesome graphics really cool

rickofthec 2012.01.03
Fun, but I got stuck a few places and didn`t know what to do to continue.

uten 2012.01.01
i love it >.< i wish i was this busnisman

uten 2012.01.01
great game i love the girl maybe smaller boobs though

janhay 2011.12.30
good graphics and hot game !!

NikkixSmooth 2011.12.30
Note to self: do not play these if your mouse is acting up. It took me FOREVER to rub her crotch.

jcc1985 2011.12.30
good game great graphics cute girl little lacking in story

samkin 2011.12.29
I love this game, just hard enough to get to the good stuff quickly, great graphics and god gameplay, maybe the story is a little thin, but who cares...;)

LuckyOne1 2011.12.29
This is a very sexy game :) Graphics are greatt !!!

krais1206 2011.12.29
Interesting style of game. Shame if you aren`t into cheating people though.

krais1206 2011.12.29
not to bad, could have been a little longer

chumak 2011.12.29
Game is good, though the cheating part of the plot/story is not my cup of tea.

iloveme 2011.12.28
This was ok..I think it couldve been better

brit_man33 2011.12.28
Stuck at Gina naked!! How on earth do you continue?

dobrica 2011.12.27
the pretyest girl I have ever seen in game

hans111 2011.12.27
Quite good game - but I think it`s rather complicated to come to an end...

myxa 2011.12.27
very nice graphics,love it

Kracker70 2011.12.27
Just finished one ending of Business trip how do Iget the experience points?

wally98 2011.12.25
Enjoyed the game although I was unable to finish it.

cheerQT 2011.12.24
it was an okay game. i got bored with it after a while

pornguy85 2011.12.24
Great game and very good graphics.

suckdboobs 2011.12.23
a gorgeous game with lots of actions and good graphix......

louis_fir 2011.12.23

blaze9121993 2011.12.22
short, but good game nonetheless

indah 2011.12.22
very nice graphics,love it

sam00spade 2011.12.22
Great game, girl is really hot and the graphics are awesome

sam00spade 2011.12.22
the game play is easy enough. The animation is a bit choppy, but a great game over-all

sam00spade 2011.12.22
this game is awesome, especially the graphics being high quality

sam00spade 2011.12.22
How do I get her legs open?

Mantas 2011.12.21
Great game. Graphic is very good, the new gameplay is prety good.
Game is a lot of fun:

Dersrtedmax1 2011.12.21
good game and very simple

theGhost9956 2011.12.20
good game but she is shouted me for the anal..

penesas 2011.12.20
Excellent graphics. Short but good ...

stargold4 2011.12.17
what do you do after you take on her panties

mpinaire 2011.12.16
Game was to short and too slutty. I want more to my girl than this.

thanhpi 2011.12.14
i guess it was ok but i dont like the way u need to touch her body its like u cant really find where to so it takes a while.

ucok02 2011.12.14
good game, but why i got yelled when i try anal to her?

messeratti 2011.12.14
it was ok. i liked it...short though

jaklakai 2011.12.14
im stuck at the first part

lalalal 2011.12.14
nice game and good graphic

harry23 2011.12.14
best game i love it so much

ashish0808 2011.12.13
Not one of the best games...kinda ok...

axemilia 2011.12.12
amazing graphics but after i get all of her clothes off what do i do next?

nightwalker69 2011.12.12
great n cool graphic but short storyline
anyway i like it

pontiac20 2011.12.11
She was hot, definately a game worth playing.

valentineml 2011.12.11
great game I loved the challenge I completely failed the first time. Lovely graphics.

haha1234 2011.12.10
cool game perfect graphics

Alastiss 2011.12.09
Interessting Story, Gorgeous Girl, pretty nice Scenes

anishgts 2011.12.09
One of the best games ever, amazing scenes

pfone2011 2011.12.09
Good graphics, easy enough to play good game overall.

Benny100l 2011.12.08
Great Storry, She is so hot

Sumanta 2011.12.07
great game game endings are well graphics well

amir1444 2011.12.06
great very goooddddddddd

natsubrand 2011.12.06
not too much animation and action.

Snooker1970 2011.12.06
Good animation -like this one

Billo1311 2011.12.06
after removing her panties what should i do? i got stuck here

baard2re 2011.12.05
Good game, but not too much animation and action.

johan14 2011.12.05
One of the best games ever, amazing scenes

johnnylush 2011.12.05
Nice game...short but nice.

vsk94 2011.12.05
this is one of my fave games it in the top 10

mannertt 2011.12.05
Good setting and I really like the looks of Gina, she`s hot.

satellitehorn4 2011.12.05
went a little to quickly but over all it was still a good game

poeticdiva 2011.12.05
the game was pretty good... i think the graphics were awesome i just wish it was longer

Les 2011.12.05
Easy game graphics were okay, could have been a bit smother on the cursor acton. Story could also use some expansion.

tigerpirro 2011.12.05
A bit hard to find the spots to kiss, actually reloaded once thinking the game had broken.
Otherwise an excellent game

Hroft8888 2011.12.05
great game. graphics are great and the girl is so hot

motbot 2011.12.05
good game, controls could use some work though

mow 2011.12.04
Where am i suppossed to kiss her?

Xerox375 2011.12.03
im stuck in this game the part where i take her panties off standing nakde

cbruno 2011.12.03
Amazingly good fun game... Kept me cuming back for more...

woolfy1 2011.12.03
nice game and nice graphics

JohnnyGreek 2011.12.02
pretty easy game but the blonde girl is amazing..maybe the hottest here

brucnit247 2011.12.02
was pretty good game,and the graphix aren`t bad either

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

theattack 2011.12.01
gina was reeeaaaaallllly hot, good game, great animation

kyleo123 2011.11.30
I cant find the screwdriver, but great game overall

ryand 2011.11.30
i cant finish d game,, good game but delay of sound,, less fun playing d game..

rumxes 2011.11.29
Good game... But can improve :-)

TheDoRon 2011.11.29
Lips keep disappearing ???

zander943 2011.11.29
Great game though controls aren`t thet great and the game is overall easy to play

fada 2011.11.29
very nice game, I like it

astro123 2011.11.28
controls can be a little shaky but great game

galio 2011.11.28
nice but a bit simple, isn`t it?

sunas 2011.11.28
Wish it had better animations but having such wonderful graphics makes me think it might not be a very very good game but its worth 95 out of 100!

FUCK ME NOW 2011.11.28
Great game , not to difficult but worth playing

w98yohanes 2011.11.27
one good game with nice graphics

flynnlives 2011.11.27
Good game with decent graphics, but there could be more story.

jayjay 210 2011.11.27
this game is easy and fun

anis97 2011.11.27
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

sex_ira143 2011.11.26
this is very sexy game

GiGi420 2011.11.26
Nice pics... she is sooo hot!!! O.o

asueper3 2011.11.26
I love this game, it`s amazing. You need your mind very opened

molock_v 2011.11.25
I love this tipe of games but I dont kwno why allways the ass fucking is prohibited

cyclonic 2011.11.25
Interesting premise. I`d like to see more variations and endings.

overmind815 2011.11.25
very nice picture. i am enjoy it

b0bby 2011.11.25
wow, that was an amazing adventure!

molock_v 2011.11.25
a really good game, and tghe girl is really hot

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

carson 2011.11.24
good game could be better

kjcallday51 2011.11.24
great game. graphics are great and the girl is so hot :)

liverpool726 2011.11.24
graphics are really good but it is easy

Jipaco 2011.11.24
Great game, but hard to seek movement with mouse (2much distract :P)

woogityboogity 2011.11.23
This game was way too easy. Sex scenes could have been a lot better too.

bacflash 2011.11.23
if i had gina as a secretary, i would find it hard to go home. great game. more pls.

hunted 2011.11.22
Graphics are good but not much of a story line

ballon2424 2011.11.22
Good game, I recommend to all

shavfd 2011.11.21
I stuck where i have to kiss her left boob my courser doesn`t change to lips

Phreek 2011.11.21
this game was VERY good I played it over and over

rww23 2011.11.21
Great game, just real hard to get to the ending.

jennyxxx 2011.11.21
game is a little simple, a longer story line would be good

paxwax 2011.11.21
I seem to be blocked after removing her panties... No more options available. Do I miss something, or is that yet another problem caused by me using flash with Ubuntu?

schbob 2011.11.21
Good grafics, hope to get some more different ends

karrde_2oo7 2011.11.20
Awesome quick game. The animation was quite good.

jomi 2011.11.20
cool graphics but its hard to get to the end

creature 2011.11.20
great graphics and fun game to play

Azurite 2011.11.19
Good game but too bad there isn`t a threesome ending

camaro97 2011.11.19
Great game, just real hard to get to the ending.

robindc 2011.11.19
I wish my secretary was hot

Krueger 2011.11.18
Exciting game. Good graphics. I like it very much.

BDC 2011.11.18
A good game but slightly mared by some what poor controles

Mcsexy2015 2011.11.18
this game is really fun and i love it

lilie235 2011.11.18
HI everyone i need help!!!

ctl1980 2011.11.17
SToryline a bit short but overall was good....the graphics is nice and the game was easy...

ctl1980 2011.11.17
Game is good but the moves are a bit troublesome....story is a bit short too....would love to have a longer storyline

CallmeSir1 2011.11.17

hickstorm 2011.11.17
i love the separate paths you can take

HarSlan 2011.11.16
very nice games i love all the games they are really good

Makiierug 2011.11.16
Wow! So amazing! Little Hard but Sooo enjoy!!! I reall Love it!

b4lk4n 2011.11.16
Graphics were pretty good

tim82 2011.11.16
great game good anamation

DareDevil 2011.11.14
nice one, i "stucked" in the middle of the game, but nice

Gurnen 2011.11.13
Game very good, but a bit simple.

dri 2011.11.13
This is great game... I like it very much...

Krueger 2011.11.13
It was awesome. Great game and very good graphics. I like it very much.

booger123 2011.11.13
love it it was very nice game to play

lokot 2011.11.13
This Blond is so sexy. I like kind of office games. Graphic nice, but kind of short :(

rocketman9 2011.11.13
known this interaction from lop! greaaat!

ghost04 2011.11.12
This is one of the sexiest situations I can imagine. Definitely tease her as much as possible, she likes it and you can get into some... kinkier.... situations.

monster.swag 2011.11.12
great graphics. good plot. hot girl

sexyguy774 2011.11.11
Amazing graphics... game is hot too...

alexitah 2011.11.11
great game i really like it

teemonster 2011.11.11
It`s a good game, though the stoyline could have been better.

abc123456 2011.11.10
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

Dave Yelich 2011.11.10
To easy! There should be some way to win her! D.

zenginoglu 2011.11.09
This is great game... I like it very much...

Ezio123 2011.11.09
This game okay, but the girl makes it for me...she should be in more games

no matter 2 2011.11.08
goood good game very nice

vernonk 2011.11.08
very nice games i love all the games they are really good

Freaking Mad 2011.11.07
Great Game ! The sound Gina made make me feel so horny!

blindman331 2011.11.07
She`s really hot, but some of the controls are a bit... Irritating and difficult to use.

xoxolove234 2011.11.06
awesome game x the graphics are really good but the story could be improvws

clarityone 2011.11.06
The post that says how to get good anal says to fuck doggy style but I don`t have that option, have I missed something?

draxx 2011.11.06
Wonderful! I like this hot game!

teju 2011.11.05
this game is awesome and gina is really hot

texasviper77089 2011.11.05
great game good graphics lots of fun wish you would make foot fetish games also

paja96 2011.11.05
What a good game, and Gina is really hot

paja96 2011.11.05
Really good game, Gina is so hot

angel_sparkz 2011.11.05
i love this game
its soo awesome

jay2050 2011.11.04
great game and Gina is hot

Gustave 2011.11.04
I can`t get the good anal ending to work. On the screen after you ask, it says I can pick up the dildo, but when I try to click it, it won`t pick up. I try to double-click it and sometimes my cursor changes into the shape of the dildo, but as soon as I move my cursor off the dildo, it changes back to the usual cursor and nothing happens. Did I miss something or is the game bugged?

Clugg 2011.11.04
Great game, Graphics are nice, Gina is hot

danielsyd2 2011.11.04
so hot but i am stukk after the dildo sceen what do i do

webtastec 2011.11.03
good game got a little boring but enjoyable all the same

asds 2011.11.03
loved playing this game, amazing graphics

dolerhyde 2011.11.03
Game is o.k but not one I could play again. Didn`t like the scenario much either, not enough scope for expansion.

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.02
what an experience playing this game very hot indeed

tdot123 2011.11.01
fantastic. all the ending are very qell mad.e

devillover 2011.11.01
Well if I have some minutes left it`s fun to play it - not really exciting story but nice graphix.

abuelotopo 2011.11.01
good gameplay and more good graphic

preto_nharro 2011.11.01
no storyline or whatsoever but i like games this way, when i have some minutes to spare and wanna have some fun... ;) gameplay of the movement scenes were a realy turn off though

eheyder 2011.10.31
Woooooooooow, very sexy game, why so perfect??

jjwert 2011.10.31
got stuck after the panties came off.. blue balls.

kmoney44 2011.10.31
It won`t let me do anything after i take her panties off. kind of disappointing.

samarsavla 2011.10.31
i really like this game coz its got evrythng u need to reach till the end

JasonKuroson 2011.10.31
Graphics are Awesome, i must say. Gameplay was okay, but great game nonetheless

brownkaty 2011.10.30
after removing her panties what should i do? i got stuck here

knoll 2011.10.30
good fun, great graphics and choices

praztyo 2011.10.30
Really like this game, one of my favorites

jim34hippie 2011.10.29
great gamethewomen are hot

Lucifer Orange 2011.10.29
Another great game with a hot babe in it

yiukwan4 2011.10.29
Damn I had a very bad boner half way through the game and the girl looked super sexy but i still like Kelly and Meghan more. Very nice graphics,

jonygame 2011.10.28
esta bastante entretenido say yes

Helcaim 2011.10.28
Really like this game, one of my favorites. Great graphics and game play.

Babbu06 2011.10.28
what a great hot game, but too short =)

kalle69 2011.10.27
great game and she was sooooo hot

thinlwin 2011.10.27
i`n not finish.this game.good story.animation very nice.

sionx7 2011.10.27
Super nice graphic makes me horny

tdaynis 2011.10.27
nice game..................with good graphics n story line......

buddhika 2011.10.27
nice interesting games.. getting more exited..

MrPhil 2011.10.27
The game is okay. The artwork is nice.

The pixel hunting mini-game for erogenious zones after removing her panties was terribly designed and shouldn`t have there in the first place.

apophis1 2011.10.27
good graphics.........and lots of options. great work, that is well done.

Kinkyboy69 2011.10.26
amazing game....... depicting my real life fantasies

lshone501 2011.10.26
gotta watch how you talk to her lots of options

Spigot 2011.10.26
Only way I found to get anal was warm up with the dildo.

Controls in this one are shameful though.

d.a 2011.10.25
The same i do in trips)realistic game

shuvobd 2011.10.25
Really nice graphics story was decent ... but Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

nightbird 2011.10.25
great graphic and gameplay. girl so hot

d_lover 2011.10.25
good game, but can dont know what to do after her panties are off

texasviper77089 2011.10.25
great game, super graphics still trying to figure out the game . good job to the designer

xianyun9527 2011.10.23
What a great game! I really like it!

danny572006 2011.10.23
Nice story line. Good interaction. Fun Game.

connor0397 2011.10.22
Nice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once yoNice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughu haNice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughve completed it once though

pieter129 2011.10.22
great game. wish it was longer and had better animation

ozorne_6 2011.10.22
how do you get her to orgasm b4 shooting into her mouth? limited angles, limited options hot looking chick.

M_A_K_O 2011.10.22
great game. the girl wonderfull

17mkauff 2011.10.22
this game is great it has a great story and is a game to be played by everybody

roxana 2011.10.22
going to try go to the anal sex next time:D

macgivred 2011.10.21
great game, nice graphics and sexy gameplay!! play it now...

playpal 2011.10.21
Great game with great graphics. But it does stop for me whenever he tries to actually do her

sexyboy4uonly 2011.10.21
game is awesome.great graphics

EAGLES420 2011.10.21
nice graphics but it stopped for me also after removeing her panties.

RustyNail 2011.10.21
i really like this game! very hot and sexy!

Lennart95 2011.10.20
great game, love the graphics

DPSchreber 2011.10.20
After stripping her panties game stops. So, no points. Sorry.

rlt6547 2011.10.20
good game. shall try to get the anal scene next

pietje119 2011.10.20
i don`t get it i just don`t get it after all good graphics

C.C. 2011.10.20
Still trying to find new endings. Most are fairly disappointing. Looking for one that isn`t.

2be.not2be 2011.10.20
Hehe, easy is good, LoJo !
Though, it`s not such an easy game at all. Not an `easy` game. Sure you`d agree it is a very interesting `arcade` , if I may say so .

By the way, played it numerous times and it has so many possible endings. Anyone playing it should try to reach as many possible, just out of curiosity .

- thehe - the dialogues are funny and straightforward .
10 out of 10 .

FunkyBuddha 2011.10.20
great game, nice graphics and sexy gameplay!!

Lorky 2011.10.20
Good game good graphics but easly

kalu 2011.10.20
i just love this game..great graphics

dri 2011.10.20
nice game she looks so fine

alexthestud123 2011.10.19
Really nice graphics story was decent i give it a 4/5

jjjl234 2011.10.19
didnt care for this game i think it kinda sucks

dri 2011.10.18
amazing quality of graphics for the game

crazyguy338 2011.10.18
Another great game which really is great to play. Excellent Graphics and gameplay

lucik93 2011.10.18
god game and awersome graphics love this game

hardly106 2011.10.17
A bit of an unlikely story but aside from that quite good

Dark Lord 21 2011.10.17
Nice game, excellent graphics but weak storyline. Needs more improvement :/

jimiren 2011.10.17
Good game,e excelentee Graphics

vefor23 2011.10.17
graphics kick ass in this game, hope to see more

jimiren 2011.10.17
But fun,gameplay complicated

sexy phantom 2011.10.17
nice game she looks so fine

Thaloo 2011.10.17
Funny story with a cute girl and interesting personalities. A bit short but the sex scenes are fun.

blackfire13s 2011.10.16
great animation and graphics! I kinda dislike the gameplay though. it`s a pretty easy game. great game overall

crazyguy338 2011.10.16
I love these dating simulations!

Blourock 2011.10.16
nice game, good graphics.

broadway57 2011.10.15
loved playing this game....the graphics were really good

Rudy4u 2011.10.15
What a wonderful game, good graphics and well to play

brikadams1 2011.10.15
the game was okay. the story line was a little weak but graphics were good

kool4dudes 2011.10.14
amazing quality of graphics for the game

windd3vil 2011.10.14
graphics are very good. But the story line quite weak

thinlwin 2011.10.14
too long for loading.i think good game.good animation.

dukaricas 2011.10.14
N??o gostei, ?­deia ultrapassaad !

Paulyp1993 2011.10.14
The Game is Good Just gotta think about what a women was like if u was in the same situation..more like a game of common sense. Quality Graphics.

randones 2011.10.13
Interesting game good animations hard mouse moves

shoutayemate 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

opo 2011.10.13
very good game one of the best i really recommend this one

VertaMoon 2011.10.13
I think the game ended a little too soon.

VertaMoon 2011.10.13
Amazing game with excellent graphics

mrcrow 2011.10.13
excellent graphics,as usual....a bit short....

ivefuckkelly 2011.10.12
nice game, good graphics.

mercurytryst 2011.10.12
enjoyable but I seem to always end up with the same ending

Kalderza 2011.10.11
nice game, little short and lacking in major action

Khalid21 2011.10.10
Enjoyable game...I just loved it...Especially when she was pleading that her boyfriend might not find about it...It made me horny n i wanted to fuck her...

stickinthebush 2011.10.10
Greqat game what did i do wrong ended just as we were getting really going have to go back again

j-man831 2011.10.10
Nice. very good graphics.

playpal 2011.10.10
This is a great game with great graphics.

mikesandello 2011.10.10
the graphics are unbelievable and the game was really good

DreamTim 2011.10.09
It`s a cool game with good graphics but a little too short

jaralddorrel 2011.10.09
the game was great had great graphic to

hembrom 2011.10.09
Nice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view NNice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughall available endings once you have completed it once thoughNice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughNice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to Nice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughview aNice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughll available endings once you have completed it once though

hembrom 2011.10.09
Nice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all avNice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once thoughailable endings once you have completed it once though

hembrom 2011.10.09
Nice short game and typically great artwork. The story is pretty lame, would have liked few more options and maybe a little more hardcore action. Well worth a play though. I doo feel this type of games sh0ould have an option to view all available endings once you have completed it once though

sameer989 2011.10.09
great game but needs more endings

habnab 2011.10.08
actiually scratch that it was really enjoyable

habnab 2011.10.08
this one was less guideed and more broing tbh

timmoe 2011.10.08
wasn`t able to get over the panty scene :(

rlt6547 2011.10.08
Damn trying to get to anal again

labbe38 2011.10.08
graphics are perfect...and the storie, correct

The Guru 2011.10.08
fairly good game, although the moving the mouse parts annoyed me at times

keitoman 2011.10.08
not the best game here, a bit too short and too few options.

princessjessica 2011.10.07
wow, that a great game, nice graphics

huvuna 2011.10.07
Got stuck after I removed her panties maybe some kind of buggy thing. Trying it again to get past that point.

VaultExile 2011.10.07
grrat game excellent action sequences

sexy48 2011.10.06
i like this game very much

Riswords 2011.10.06
Very awesome game, a bit short though.

mrbranton 2011.10.05
Great game - she is really hotttt and the action is sexy

Wulf1976 2011.10.05
Game was really short. Fun though

cooldragonsnshit 2011.10.05
I wisah my buisness trips were like this..

rockman 2011.10.05
wat a business trip all the games in pf1 are amazing

laywer 2011.10.05
Great game. Got the anal sex ending first.

Elfe 2011.10.05
Sex, sex and sex... Only sex, pure sex. This game is good but need a little more than sex to be the best game.

Max727 2011.10.04
Great game. Got the anal sex ending first. Going to try to get the others now!

tuqueen 2011.10.04
One of the bestgame from this website, it is underated!

fasinf 2011.10.04
Great balance of sex and story. Thanks.

zodiaccc 2011.10.04
I really like this game, keep it coming

madmikenmolly 2011.10.04
I love this game...the girl is so sexy....the graphics were good and the sound effects were amazing...

gmanator99 2011.10.04
Really Nice Graphics. The girl is really cute and the story is good. Too bad this probably couldn`t happen in real life.

alimta1968 2011.10.03
Nice business trip. I hope I have such luck on my next business trip. The conversation is very important when seducing ladies for such lucky.

djacko 2011.10.03
this is a good and funny games with a nice story

doddi 2011.10.03
Why is there only one bonus picture?

yasminyasminy 2011.10.03
its not so bad but i cant get to the end

senadasanada 2011.10.03
wow, that a great game, nice graphics

Quaax 2011.10.03
I really liked this game, its not too esay... but a bit too short.

cherubim 2011.10.03
Briliant game, a bit short but with very nice end. I hope there will be a second part.

monk_punk 2011.10.03
Glory to this game the ending is amazing

monk_punk 2011.10.03
this game is awesome, it would be beyond awesomeness if it is longer

nikka09 2011.10.03

gideon2000jura 2011.10.02
im stuck after take panties dont know what to do

jonespita 2011.10.02
Good storyline. Graphics were very nice. Good animation and action.

negativeimpact 2011.10.02
Not the best that theyve made, deiniatley to easy but still pretty hot. good game

Maikelvr 2011.10.02
Would`ve liked it a bit longer and a little more difficult. Still a fun game though.

sunchild93 2011.10.02
Grapic and animation is OK, dialogues little bit weak.

acmcfkr 2011.10.02
I played this game The graphics don`t suck, and i sorta like it

BrianBB 2011.10.02
I need to play this one more before I decide what I think. It`s OK so far.

jpsacrey 2011.10.01
i like this....so amazing...great graphic and sexy.

draksterxx 2011.10.01
Had great graphics and really took care of my boner

bobo23 2011.10.01
much like all the other lop games

SidAsrani 2011.10.01
The graphics were of the hook.

cruise 2011.10.01
i like this....so amazing...great graphic and sexy.

horair 2011.10.01
nice game, too easy and too short, but still hot.

kanf 2011.10.01
Nice graphics and a different twist in interactions (from other games), but too short :(

Sexy Lesbians 2011.10.01
Game is ok
Girl: not too hot
Animation: Fine
Could`ve been longer...

Sexy Lesbians 2011.10.01
This was a nice game because of the animations but I felt like it could have been longer.

MaxCherry 2011.09.30
Gina really does have the shapeliest butt of all these ladies. Especially nice during the fellatio, though it would have been good to have some close up of that.

MaxCherry 2011.09.30
The endings definitely seem abrupt. She`s not very transparent. Well, I guess that makes her more like a real person.

MaxCherry 2011.09.30
Great balance of sex and story. Thanks.

firion69 2011.09.30
the girl is hot as always =)
though this one felt a bit short...
and the controls were a bit iffy in some parts :(

soakingfingers 2011.09.30
Kind of an annoying game, didn`t get very much out of it :(

galio 2011.09.30
great game can´t wait to play it again

sparticus 2011.09.30
Game was fun except for a couple of the controls. The arrows did not give very good directions on what I needed to do but Gina is hot.

Yagi 2011.09.29
one of the best games in a long while :P

Mastermind 2011.09.29
Wow, nice games, nice graphics, just as usual :-)

giridhar 2011.09.28
what do i do once i got her panties off

Last_Virgin16 2011.09.27
Yes..Yeah..So Good..I like it..

azerot 2011.09.27
great graphics a secretary very hot great sex positions

azerot 2011.09.27
great graphics a hot secretary

remedy 2011.09.27
not bad at all could do with a better intro make the girl more interesting

BillnWa 2011.09.26
Thanks for making a fun and entertaining game. I really enjoyed it.

Caduceus 2011.09.26
Very nice, but a little abrupt for the ending I got. I thought I was doing well and she ended it.

fet 2011.09.26
nice game and good loading

mfitzh 2011.09.26
Great game, but hard to get some of the motions. a good length also

BrianBB 2011.09.26
More business trips should be like this....omg it rocks

Slipmeister 2011.09.25
nice game, if a little short

terry1126 2011.09.25
Thx for sharing such a grear game. I would like to play with all endings

prettynatural88 2011.09.25
Very hott game although it was hard to hit some spots

Yossarian15 2011.09.25
I love these games with anal

pfiffie 2011.09.25
what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy.

puchi 2011.09.25
good game but i think its really too short

weberg 2011.09.25
awsome game. great graphics and plot

Edschiedam 2011.09.24
Great game , not to difficult but worth playing

playboy1982 2011.09.24
the game is pretty cool,i enjoyed it.

herpaderpz 2011.09.23
I thought this game was great, but maybe a little too easy. At least it`s better than the other PM game.

zilly 2011.09.23
undress pantyes then what i have to do ??? it looh like blocked

Numbuh24insane 2011.09.23
I have to say good game yet I`m stuck where she says jack what the...

Gplow 2011.09.23
Great game but too easy for me.
But easy is not too bad at all :)

darsan 2011.09.23
How come Jack is so pale? Is he too busy to go to the beach or use solarium?

sexybitch564 2011.09.23
definitely playing this again

Slayershini 2011.09.22
Had some problems with the mouse movement, but it turned out quite well in the end. Nice game :)

rob2555 2011.09.22
Not too crazy about the routes this game takes from your choices. I`ll keep playing.

Nicovince 2011.09.22
I can`t help with the mouse movements. I`m quitting this one

so31398 2011.09.22
near the end it got impossible to complete

robomech9 2011.09.22
Good game, the girl was hot, but it didn`t seem like there were many options.

TheDarkWarfare 2011.09.22
Hey bro when i take off her panties the game gets stuck on me

cristan 2011.09.21
too difficult on changing positions.....

Naughty.Physician 2011.09.21
hot girl, great animations , nice views , horny guy and interesting music .. I like this this game and this site

tehn00b 2011.09.21
Amazing graphics and Gina is hot

solace1000 2011.09.21
Business dream trip, but mouse id difficult near the end

vbhv05 2011.09.21
really good game although i couldn`t got it correct very 1st time but appreciable....

Icandoit 2011.09.21
A game that makes me really horny und feel good after playing.

fukwit001 2011.09.21
What do i do after i get her panties off?

hotdiggitydang 2011.09.21
great game, but i got stuck on the part of her asking about the dream, there`s no instructions on what to do.

hcroft01 2011.09.21
i like this game business affair is a classic

Papaman 2011.09.20
game play is quick and easy. Fun to play

katong 2011.09.20
i`m stuck in the middle of the game :o

C.C. 2011.09.20
One more interesting ending. I`m still trying.

load210 2011.09.20
I`m stucked up in the middle.

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
hot game but very short,

Brookeishorny 2011.09.19
Not in my top ten but it is a good game.

floater5981 2011.09.19
Good content and graphics but got stuck after I took her panties off!

sweet_fucker69 2011.09.19
ahhh!!!! why im always stuck where i pulled her panties off???

joejoe666 2011.09.19
Good game but the mouse movements are irritating!

jrizzle 2011.09.18
This game is ok, but the mouse movement at the end is too difficult.

grondoll 2011.09.18
this game is great but i found it hard to play

newjjman 2011.09.18
good story and good graphib bot somthing missing

garonbrown 2011.09.18
Tough game. not too much action though. Not really worth the bonus pics

kk77 2011.09.18
good game, but i got stuck in the midle of it D:

Seyenne 2011.09.17
Really Nice! The sounds contribute to an amazing game.

99walle 2011.09.17
great game loved it just a little more action at the end

itsmods 2011.09.17
nice game, although it could use more scenes

elhefe75 2011.09.17
i get stuck after i have taken off her panties, please help me

MisterNoob 2011.09.16
Talk about hot. This is so well made.

ThePrettyLittleBitch 2011.09.16
I love this game.But the girl leaves :(,and i`m bored to play again =)).

atakan22 2011.09.16
great gameplay and graphics like it

arkyasa 2011.09.16
nice storyline, and the variety of poses makes this game more interesting.

Matthew6515 2011.09.16
this is a really nice gameplay

NightStalker73au 2011.09.16
awesome gameplay and graphics

Valiare 2011.09.15
Great graphics and great gameplay. This is easily one of my faves.

j_wat1 2011.09.15
I love this game..yikes how can i download/purchase some?

Cyclophane 2011.09.14
This game is absolutely great. I loved playing it and the graphics are amazing.

1eyedsnake 2011.09.14
Fun game... got stuck but read other comments and got through. Haven`t got to a great ending yet.

matrix529 2011.09.14
A very good game. It is realaxing and educational. You have to be quite polite to get the girl.

animeloverx 2011.09.14
why is this game is so hard??
but i like this game

fill ur hole 2011.09.14
good storyline, nice graphics

player663 2011.09.14
Why is this game so hard???

Andrewinfire 2011.09.13
Man, she is hot, but the guy is a douch.

Muschi-oO 2011.09.13
Thats a great game. Nice graphic and a Woman is awesome

wewwewwew 2011.09.13
Coolest game ever very very nice game

marcs58 2011.09.13
i love the graphics , and i like the different endings

alyster1 2011.09.12
an awesome game! i like how its not too short or not too long

Schmalen 2011.09.12
Great Game! But stuck after taking of her panties

jeanmimel 2011.09.12
nice & beautiful girls & graphic, but if we done one of their game, its always the same thing

mgh 2011.09.12
good storyline pretty east challenges

TagawaSuzuno 2011.09.12
Best one ever. Nice story.

decconan 2011.09.12
thanks to "elishacuthbert" for 7th photo. and i want to know how to get it!

decconan 2011.09.12
thanks to "elishacuthbert" for 7th photo

rukiz0r 2011.09.12
graphics are very good , but have any problems in this game D:

estong 2011.09.12
Very nice graphics. a bit easy though.

audax666 2011.09.11
A very good game. It is realaxing and educational. You have to be quite polite to get the girl.

piscos 2011.09.11
I enjoyed it, but sucked having to start all the way from the beginning over and over again, maybe some kind of save point would be nice :)

megalomania 2011.09.11
IT is sooo nice game!
I love it! :))

sexualkarnage 2011.09.11
loved it, hot girls and a fairly well thought out story line

Wolf-1979 2011.09.11
I enjoyed this, it is short but has a number of mildly challenging endings and a very hot girl!

CharlyHarper 2011.09.10
sometimes to hard to hit the spots - but great graphics

drubie4 2011.09.10
bonus pictures not worth the time

jameskan 2011.09.10
Good game but unfortunatelly the sex scenes is to hard to controlled

staggerlee 2011.09.10
Really hot, a little repetitive to get to the different endings...

brink7000 2011.09.10
Kinda hot, but not enough options. Could be more involved.

IamBri 2011.09.10
Fun game. Different angles would be nice or maybe get a little moe creative with the couch. Graphics are top notch. Don`t be a meanie by calling the cops though. Everyone takes it up the ass at work once in a while...:)

xiaobailong 2011.09.10
What am I supposed to do with the lips? It won`t move

ankit0710 2011.09.10
loved it....... wish i too had such an amazing secretary

ankit0710 2011.09.10
amazing game....... depicting my real life fantasies

Melimelo 2011.09.10
Definitely not one of the best games here ...
Graphs aren`t as good as usual, no real story ...

@koji208 : move your mouse under her right breast, when it becomes a mouth, click, then search for next spot ... ;)

@amilama : you have t be carefull to the order you take the diff action, when she blows her boss, change position before he cum or it the end, pay attention to have the max stars possible, and keep the dildo for when the boss asks for anal ...

If there`s something more I didn`t find it ^^

By the way rewards aren`t really worth it, no happy (ar sad or angry) ending, just a pic ...
As I said at the begining, just an average game, I don`t see any reason to get to it another time, not like a lot of other games here ^^

koji208 2011.09.10
Anyone have any tips on what to do after i take off her panties thanks

PFrush52 2011.09.10
Solid game. Def one of the best PM games currently

amilama 2011.09.09
I enjoyed how quick and interactive this game was. I`m not sure if there was a bug at the end or not, but it seemed like it was suppose to go further. If it ends with her standing naked, then I finished. If not, I would like to know how to advance.

farber 2011.09.09
nice game, good story but it would be better with a longer story

adenmanaf 2011.09.09
this is game have to try many many times and enjoy fucking the secretary.
Good to have this game

jma342 2011.09.09
The dialog is pretty fun. It brought me here, not bad

rockymaxton 2011.09.09
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

SurrealSadi 2011.09.09
Not a bad game. Graphics are pretty good, gameplay is easy, like some have said.

koisanjie 2011.09.08
I enjoyed this game. Gina is really hot. One of the better flash games out there.

Erickson11 2011.09.08
Great game. Very hot. Lots of fun.

man0n3gra 2011.09.08
This is a great game, but to short story.

your mom 2011.09.08
great game but i hate those move mouse up and down things :p

Roko95 2011.09.08
I really enjoyed this game, great graphics and gameplay :)

doesan 2011.09.08
What am I supposed to do with the lips? It won`t move

smarcs 2011.09.08
ist a good game , but i got stock ..

kelvinrichards11 2011.09.07
good game but it gets stuck in between

ozpaqm 2011.09.07
really nice game, one of the best, just a little bit short

Duster 2011.09.07
nice game, good graphics, good story, i like it

thekazer88 2011.09.07

Dark-schneider 2011.09.06
A bit too quick but still a nice game, graphics are quality as always

BarbieSlut 2011.09.06
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very cool !!!

berserkaa 2011.09.06
Great game. Great graphic. Good to have the opportunity to make different choices on the way.

Bon-Bon 2011.09.06
Good game but unfortunatelly the sex scenes is to hard to controlled

luciferpride 2011.09.06
interesting, good graphics, story, but gameplay`s ok

NovemberOSL 2011.09.06
Its was a good game, but it seemed to get stuck after the panties came off.
Hmmm...maybe it`ll get fixed later, who knows?

androed17 2011.09.06
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

canbok 2011.09.06
Another good release.
i loved this girl

traag 2011.09.06
good game, shame there was no way to make her enjoy the anal

hornyarse 2011.09.05
superb! but tough gameplay though! had my fingers hot rubbing on the touch pad

maikeljoe 2011.09.05
wow, what a game..... soooo gooooood

Zorg1 2011.09.05
great graphics and great game.
but too easy.

rkpol 2011.09.05
good graphics but simple game. i wish it were a bit harder

ploter 2011.09.05
good game. it`s really exciting game

rohan2011 2011.09.05
Good game but after asking for anal the game restarts.

hotty123 2011.09.05
WOW! Gr8 game. i love Gina. she is super hot. And i love the scenes. Good animation and all.

1994GMC 2011.09.05
Good game graphics are good- blondes are hot

crisdenom 2011.09.05
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent

Derako 2011.09.05
wow great game. wish it was longer though. graphics are awesome.

pa88 2011.09.04
Wonderfull graphics like ever. But the story is to short.

Shadez1112 2011.09.04
Awesome ass game! I really enjoy it!

bitvypr 2011.09.04
Kind of a pain in the butt. Getting up to the final act is pretty easy, but the timing on coitus is just painful.

airgod 2011.09.04
great game and graphics. could use more story line and action. Still overall great game

wewntcake 2011.09.04
good graphics excellent plot i love this game

elishacuthbert 2011.09.04
Another good release.
i loved this girl
if anybody got one ending they could modify the file name in the address bar to ---
p1_hhfjdfjdh, p2_dsdfjkgfj, p3_ututututr, p5_lllalakss, p6_ooyouiiyi, p7_bbvxvvvxx

mixtapehero00 2011.09.04
the game had great graphics, the game play wasn`t too hard and I love the animations

karthik 2011.09.03
Very horny the graphics is good and the game is good but it should have been a little longer...

hockey star 2011.09.03
kinda quick.. nice thoigh

grayaus 2011.09.03
I did not like this game way to sort. the girl wasnt that hot 3-10

lazerus13 2011.09.03
Game rocked. One of the best gameplay experiences I had on the site. Only thing I found wrong was the guys design. Just my opinion but the eyebrows and hairstyle don`t go together and make him look ugly. The chick was great though.

ttoonnyy54321 2011.09.03
Good game good graphics =)

txcowboy0026 2011.09.03
great game i love the different endings and different options to fuck the girl with

Olo2 2011.09.03
kinda difficult but totally worth it. very good game with a really pretty girl

bangbangman 2011.09.02
The game is pure awesome. great quality. fun game. keep it up

arathor 2011.09.02
awsome girl, very good game

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Another very nice LOP game.

Boogeyman 2011.09.02
slow down from time to time :)
really nice game

anonymous_john 2011.09.02
I appreciate the natural bush, I wish she had natural boobs to match.

Armour 2011.09.02
Control interface needs a little tweaking but other than that good game

lucky14 2011.09.02
Excellent game! Graphics are awesome.

messyparty 2011.09.02
It was awesome how she was so willing in the end

Tomahawk 2011.09.01
nice game, great quality, obviously worth to play

liz88 2011.09.01
This game is great and sexy

GeLamota 2011.09.01
awsome game. the sex part is a little dificult.

danm189 2011.09.01
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

danm189 2011.09.01
good game great graphics I recammend it

yodawg2323 2011.09.01
i love these pm games so great

fuckdemon 2011.09.01
this game is great and sexy

Rand 2011.09.01
Way better graphics than Business Trip 2.

coffeezombie12 2011.09.01
pretty lame, the girl looks kinda funny too somehow

fw190pilot 2011.09.01
I liked the graphics and the story. Found the 2 meter action too fussy.

emaznboy 2011.09.01
alright. not particularly realistic. got stuck after the panties came off D:

shishkabob 2011.09.01
The game is fine, she is attractive and the animations of the sex are good. The story line just leaves me feeling slimy and exploitive.

bigfeat 2011.09.01
Good game, she just seems to get "upset" very easily though.

jwood272 2011.09.01
this is a great game and it looks so real but i cant get past the part where you take her panties off?

abazalgette 2011.08.31
amazing game but it`s really hard want i fuck the girl

s.e.x. 2011.08.31
AMAZING game, i really liked the graphics and the story was pretty nice also, although it would have been nice if there wur save points in tha game

blackburn5368 2011.08.31
wow this game is nice but a little easy

xyphoide 2011.08.30
nice ending and nice graphic, but the story is just too short

jcc1985 2011.08.30
great game awsome graphics hot chick

paard 2011.08.30
Nice game, but come on, the motions are really too tough. Plus, didnt like the setting much

dudebri 2011.08.30
graphics top notch but I want to see more movement and easier gameplay

klokkie72 2011.08.30
i love this game it`s verry real i think

lamepuff 2011.08.30
really nice game, one of the best, just a little bit short

guitman69 2011.08.30
Some of the sound effects are garbled. And I can`t do anything after I get her panties off.

moungoung 2011.08.30
Awesome graphics.I really enjoyed it.

sinsear1071 2011.08.30
adding my kudos to the list!! a very fun and interesting game, looking forward to unlocking all the endings!

playforcex 2011.08.30
good game, number one :) i like it

05collinsr 2011.08.30
This game could definately be longer, they need to upgrade a new game soon!

proudster 2011.08.29
I like the woman in this game, story could be better though

Ninio 2011.08.29
reAlly good game a pity is to short

Pringi 2011.08.29
Nice grafic. It`s a pity u can get all the final pictures even if u play always wrong.

prats 2011.08.29
very hot game...loved the graphics n different kinds of endings..liked the different positions too..nice climax...

orlandoo0 2011.08.29
very nice game, awesme graphics

rmg 2011.08.29
good work for the programer

johndh 2011.08.29
fun and entertaining. i like the graphics

speedballz21 2011.08.28
nice game with a storyline

Energy66 2011.08.28
A beautiful game by LoP :) And the sound makes the game more ... real xD The gameplay is a little bit hard sometimes =S

Good job ^^

botaku 2011.08.28
I really enjoyed this one, liked the audio and the graphics. I found myself watching this one multiple times.

es 2011.08.28
great games, like the sex scenes and multiple positions

Zus 2011.08.28
there is anal in game...depending on your choice you can have nice anal and rape anal

nakay 2011.08.28
the game is sexy. really nice and love it.

markimarek 2011.08.28
Nice graphics, I like this :) But game is too short and not to much choice. No anal :(

Zus 2011.08.27
like the game....hope that story will continue

DarkRanta 2011.08.27
fantastic game and the graphics are good as alwaxs

pratik5887 2011.08.27
there should be such secretary with every businessman.....

kingofch 2011.08.27
Boy oh boy do I wanna go on a business trip after this? Hell yeah!

hankhank 2011.08.27
good game. but would like more options.
Graphics are great as always

bigdaddyshawn 2011.08.27
good game,but i wish it had some nice endings

Zarko 2011.08.26
Nice game. I would love more actions....

C.C. 2011.08.26
Would like more choices. Let him earn her.

GruntRage 2011.08.26
Nice game and easy to play. But storyline is short.

cartoonscomics 2011.08.26
great game, but kinda sad that u can`t choose between path and no ending story, only ending photo

nagla 2011.08.26
very huge that site . it let me fall in fuck

NerdyBoy 2011.08.26
Good graphics but more of a storyline needed!!

Witcher666 2011.08.26
Graphics were pretty good. I like to see a more story driven game but I did like the premise. Otherwise room to improve.

jc644 2011.08.25
nice, Good game but after asking for anal the game restarts.

mrastounding2 2011.08.25
I dont know how to get to any of the ends; please help

xerxxes 2011.08.25
ohh i just confiused about language >__< cuz i am asian xD

jonnyjinma 2011.08.25
Pretty good game, quite short and easy.

pkripper37 2011.08.25
Another fast and short one. But good. I thought they should allow more exploitation on this one.

Sexy_slut 2011.08.25
great game! awesome graphics and hot girl!

Innocent 2011.08.25
this game is so awesome!! especially the graphics

juliaa2 2011.08.25
its very nice, i think i will have the same in my job in future :)

carterjay91 2011.08.24
great game the graphics were awesome game wasnt to hard all around good game

Firo_44 2011.08.23
This is a really good game. More blowjobs scenes would be nice.

marutu19 2011.08.23
Great Game
One of my favorite game

pinned 2011.08.23
so so but so boring. i counted for more....

Cylorn123 2011.08.23
great game, wish there where more endings, and less ones that ended in her pissed off lol

plinko13 2011.08.23
Super hot sex scenes! Plus, the dialogue and story were pretty decent.

looool 2011.08.23
good game and girl but to easy

marutu 2011.08.23
Very nice and funny game with very hot girl!!!

elishaski 2011.08.23
Girl is hot but the game play is weak.

Packz 2011.08.22
I got stuck i na spot I really wanted to finish it =(

FlorianX 2011.08.22
the woman is so damn hot, great sex

fletch818 2011.08.22
not a bad game imo....wish the girls would wear stcokings more in these games.

Thund3rhawk 2011.08.22
Sex scenes are difficult to keep up on a laptop but game was fun

Xavimg 2011.08.22
,,I really like this game..

dirtydeeds211 2011.08.22
good graphics, I liked ending three the best

Phoenix274 2011.08.22
Games was okay gt stuck afta the dildo part though

csg 2011.08.22
great game wuth great graohics and easy to play ....

csg 2011.08.22
I`m waiting for it to load the game but it looks promising ...
Will comment after play.

Akriadw 2011.08.22
The game was nice but there was some... change missing, theres quite some scenes but not enought story behind it :/ Still i liked it

andy_regresa 2011.08.21
great graphics, nice story. more sex scenes like in the another games!!!!! i like iT

jpsacrey 2011.08.21
Awesome game. Oh the things you do for a job.:)

ValveXD 2011.08.21
Like many others have said: It really hasn`t got a story, that makes it worse

johncock 2011.08.21
Love the girl but bad sex act!! I would prefer there`ll be with a story,
It`ll bring out the passion. Not playing this anymore

MadMan31686 2011.08.21
Well this is a great game and I would play it again.

Maxim3190 2011.08.21
The graphics are pretty good, but there is really no story here. Maybe it`s just me, but I prefer a game with a little more of a background/story/plot to it.

gune 2011.08.20
This game was good except I couldn`t finish it on a trackpad it just kept resetting the meters and was not raising nearly as fast as I wish it did.

Skylink 2011.08.20
not bad and its graphics arent bad either

worzi2 2011.08.20
Nice Game, Great Artwork!!

holmes1701 2011.08.20
Awesome game. Oh the things you do for a job.:)

asymonds998 2011.08.20
superb quality with very nice animatiom...

kapo 2011.08.20
this game is really great. but i am wondering when will the new episodes with Kelly will arrive

Khrogin 2011.08.20
great game, so easy though

Shadowninja 2011.08.20
Nic gameplay but game is too short :(

larry4871 2011.08.19
not a very good game sorry but thats only because i didnt last very long lol

Chelsea 2011.08.19
like my grandfather said: "Do not forget to have fun at work"

WireDawg 2011.08.19
Game has amazing graphics and really sexy scenes! Definitely added to my favorites

Whitney 2011.08.19
good gameple, good graphics, good story

PY666 2011.08.19
this game is incredible, very sexual, very real
my favorite

Grendel_100 2011.08.19
easy game, not difficault, good graphics

alageyik 2011.08.19
excellent game cool graphics

fistrojander2 2011.08.19
Great game!

The only drawback are the bad response of some of the controls, that makes quite difficult to advance in some parts of the game.

kraziezie 2011.08.18
kinda short but nice various endings

kimkim 2011.08.18
Nice graphic and animation

Megaforce 2011.08.18
Pretty good game it could have been better, not as good as others

E.Incubus 2011.08.18
really good game .. I like it

dangrello 2011.08.18
Its kind of short, but overall the games and the graphics are good!

PussyLickingBitch 2011.08.17
Great graphics kinda short, but overall it was pretty awesome. Hot chick

jessetheboss 2011.08.17
This one is slightly annoying, very easy, wish it would`ve been a better challenge.

maniipoohbhad 2011.08.17
the game was good so was the graphic

mowzoon 2011.08.17
Really good game. Quite a bit surprised at my ending. but otherwise it was really good

mmcrazy 2011.08.17
the graphics are very good quality but i dont like the momentum bar it takes away the fun of the game

sutty 2011.08.17
really enjoyed this game hot and sexy gina cant wait for next business trip.

irul 2011.08.17
i`m love sex

cparks247 2011.08.16
one word to discribe the graphics excilent

cogitom 2011.08.16
This is fun to play. Quite easy to guess girls thoughts but still challenging to get to the final.

gotcha212 2011.08.16
good concept but too hard to get anywhere.

pietje119 2011.08.16
fine game like almost al the games ofleeson of passion

djsimix 2011.08.16
nice animation great story

photu 2011.08.16
excellent game cool graphics

stitcherz 2011.08.16
It would have been much better if it wasn`t so crazy hard to get the exact right motions.

G8284 2011.08.16
OMG. Gina is so hott, what a game

alcatel521 2011.08.16
Nice game...Liked the girl...Figuring out where to click did give me a hard time though.

Berserko 2011.08.16
I liked it but as some other people have said, the end parts seemed unnecessarily difficult. It seemed as if even though I was moving my mouse exactly as I should have been, the meter took far too long to fill.

lightshadow500 2011.08.16
greater than other games i have played

lightshadow500 2011.08.16
must epic game in the century

stern92 2011.08.16
this game is really good like it

incor 2011.08.15
bon jeu mais un peu trop rapide a mon gout

0904038 2011.08.15
enjoyable enough. found the controls a bit hard though

edward9891 2011.08.15
man it really expands your d**k

daplaya069 2011.08.15
good game and very good sex scenes and positions, greath graphics as well and multiple endings is good, but the game is too short and the cursor too big, the game was too easy it could have more difficult and more sex scenes, and more storyline could be better for games like this... like other games of LOP.

kaal 2011.08.15
maybe just me but i found the end a little difficult.

cocopops268 2011.08.15
incredible game, very exciting and fun, hope you publish more games like this

decconan 2011.08.15
Anyone can tell us how can we get the 7th endings? Thanks very much!

JTex 2011.08.15
great game but no challenging areas

mytre 2011.08.14
good game. it`s really exciting game although really short

lughbelenos 2011.08.14
yep! thats another good one from the boys at LOP

John G 2011.08.14
Boy, Jack sure knows how to spoil the mood with his big mouth.

Arrmagedion 2011.08.14
Nice game play, great graphics, but i think theres better games out there.

jimmyklcc 2011.08.14
so interesting got a advance game

mick149 2011.08.14
i ended it wrongly it was easy though - e.g. it lights up! :S

rakafergie 2011.08.13
Good game, good graphic, good animation.

DimS 2011.08.13
Excellent game, nice graphics and hot spicy set up. I hope we`ll get an add on to it soon

sincubus 2011.08.13
great game with excellent graphics and multiple choices.

retvx 2011.08.13
good game. it`s really exciting game

busu99 2011.08.13
It`s good game. It`s nice girl.

irenius 2011.08.13
Wouw, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind......easy is good :)

tkdjinkix 2011.08.13
WHAT THE ? this is a hard game .. and very tricky .. but two thumbs up .. nice game ..

pinkpong 2011.08.13
the games has tricky quests .but it is so sexy

silver12 2011.08.13
Finally, an LOP game with erotic sounds. Great game. Keep more like this coming

Hardheart 2011.08.13
Really sexy game. graphics are good. maybe a little too short but still good.

blackmagic 2011.08.12
I like that you get feedback in this game. It makes the game more interesting.

shadownanto 2011.08.12
Very awesome graphics and so many different ways to play. Loads of fun PF1

Armour 2011.08.12
Typically good game from LoP. Grphics are becoming smoother but the mouse was hard to keep on the direction arrow

kingofch 2011.08.12
Yet another fantastic game by PF1

blibul017 2011.08.11
Great game!! I think the graphics are easily your best yet. Once the english gets tightened it`s almost perfect.

ironmaiden 2011.08.11
this is a great game but a little easy...gameplay is nice...good game overall.. :)

RickDickles 2011.08.11
Good game. It`s sometimes a bit hard to find the right place to click, and I wish I didn`t have to start from the beginning to get the other endings.

Serg1 2011.08.11
It`s good game. It`s nice girl.

cuscus 2011.08.11
good graphics and very funny , a little short though

DealTehCards 2011.08.11
I get to take the panties off, but then I can`t click anything, what am I missing?
I`ve been following the guide and there`s no option to kiss under the left breast.

iornbug2010 2011.08.11
good game i had a little trouble a first finding all of the things you need to do but overall good game

branknock 2011.08.11
this is a really good game, graphic`s are great and the gameplay has got better. I like the new style off game play keep it up

tigerwoo 2011.08.11
Really sexy game. graphics are good. maybe a litle too short but still good.

legendkiller060 2011.08.11
Great game again, with another amazing girl. Wonderfull.

gorch 2011.08.11
the interface is different from the other games. faster?

keijonen 2011.08.10
Really sexy game. graphics are good. maybe a litle too short but still good.

tomtom1121 2011.08.10
Amazing story and game but it was short and recuried too much playing for the time limit.

powerjohn12 2011.08.10
wo, what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.

stonecold 2011.08.10
absolutely great gave you have to ask the right questions

hammers76 2011.08.10
great graphics and game just a bit short thats all

poison 2011.08.10
I wonder how will the other endings be like...

luvstotease 2011.08.09
Great visuals/story but the arrow moving back and forth is sort of painful/annoying on a touchpad =p

anton1616 2011.08.09
A bit short, but excelent graphics, as usual

max29 2011.08.09
omg such good graphics i love this game

witchergt 2011.08.09
The game is OK,grafics too.

theblast 2011.08.09
Exelent graphic, but very annoying gameplay - improvements are needed to bedone

elo77 2011.08.09
good game, quite easy but different ways for different ends
ths sound is good and exitant, i like it to listen the girl screaming

olascott 2011.08.09
got stuck in the part where she got naked

anonimo201 2011.08.09
didn`t like the game play but she is hot

lupicord 2011.08.09
Graphics pretty good. The story weak.

paddywhack 2011.08.08
fantastic game cant wait till next week she is smokin hot

limex 2011.08.08
fine graphics, bad gameplay, not good animation

C.C. 2011.08.08
Too many ways to end quickly and badly. I still think graphics could be better but still a pretty good game and I`ll keep trying.

rohan1800 2011.08.08
this is finaly a complete and arousing game

sunit10522 2011.08.08
its really good but too easy...................................

Registerer 2011.08.08
For those who are having problem on the 2 pleasure meter place, index finger has to be on the arrow while moving your mouse exactly that way.

kelvincsliu 2011.08.08
omg such good graphics i love this gmae

bRon 2011.08.08
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

thalionmel 2011.08.08
this is a great game exelent graphics and gameplay

tiger4u 2011.08.08
nice game...awesome graphics...

randy06 2011.08.08
greta game so far got o solve it but i will

husten 2011.08.07
Good game for me, but could not get past the 2-controls-part :( any hints?

speedballz_21 2011.08.07
good graphics but very weak gameplay

Ripett 2011.08.07
Great game. Thanks for guide to anal ending.

Just one question: did anyone get pic #7?

William0120 2011.08.07
I sure do like this game, but it ends suddenly even when I do all the right things... Did I do something out of the ordinary or is the game supposed to end just after I changed position?

LewyPL 2011.08.07
Great Graphics , very nice story but is not a best game!

jcc1985 2011.08.07
Good game needs better story and ending

Dr.Joe.88 2011.08.07
great game i wanna more of that

tisch23 2011.08.07
great game. i would like some different endings

m4lv1n 2011.08.07
in need of a real stroy.it makes game better......!!!

Simpleton 2011.08.07
Pretty good game but the circle parts got frustrating. they were stupid lol

TheAshigaru 2011.08.07
Great ending for this game!

anonimo201 2011.08.07
interesting game a bit complex at some points but fun

golthar 2011.08.07
prety nice game, new and fresh, nicce playing

b17777777 2011.08.06
good game abit hard at the beggining

aion 2011.08.06
not so bad a little bite difficult at the beginig but great

icebruin 2011.08.06
Fun game especially multiple endings and sound. The hand controls are a little bit difficult and take getting used to. Great graphics

kfcmc 2011.08.06
walkthrough per il anale buon fine grazie, il miele direttamente al lavoro di avere un corpo incredibile * strofinare le cosce * strofinare seni gina, dopo la prima volta * diffondere le gambe * diffondere le gambe * strofinare seni * strofinare figa ho bisogno di vedere pi?? * ascensore vestito wow * strofinare culo gina, pick up dildo raccogliere dildo inserire dildo * strofinare dildo prendere le sue mutandine * bacio sotto tetta sinistra * bacio ombelico * bacio a NO di capelli figa * bacio sinistra coscia * capelli figa bacio bene, che cosa l`occhio gina, diffondere le gambe * cerchio intorno a lei figa si ?¨ pronti gina, io sono il pi?? fortunato ho potuto baciare * baciare le labbra di guida mi selvaggio si `re quasi meglio * strofinare la testa cambia posizione * E io che cazzo * doggy stile * il suo cazzo in cima * chiedere anale * raccogliere dildo * strofinare dildo anale arrabbiati per porre fine saltare il dildo anale quando si chiede di porre fine figa arrabbiato, appena dentro di lei per il pompino rapida conclusione venire quando shes dando un pompino per il bene pompino farla finire al primo posto

nikooktarin 2011.08.06
nice game, good graphic . and hot. love it

kahi1287 2011.08.06
i like the game play and the sound effects

FooliganX 2011.08.06
Good game. LOVE the fact that this one has sound effects!

dsvjr19 2011.08.06
The game was ok, the girl was hot, and the game was easy up until when you actually get to do the girl and it shows two pleasure bars. I couldn`t get past that part.

chap74 2011.08.06
what a great game. Graphic is exelent, and the new gameplay better.
Game is a little bit easy, but nevermind

muper2 2011.08.05
game was pretty good not to difficult

icemanrian 2011.08.05
not bad but am not able to kiss her so wasnt able to move forward dono y

paoseland 2011.08.05
this game refused to load on my laptop, but it would have been a blast, i bet. Keep this post in mind if you using a netbook!

rparadis 2011.08.05
not to bad, could have been a little longer

chefsegers 2011.08.05
Sex scenes are difficult to keep up on a laptop but game was fun

franksands 2011.08.05
walkthrough for the good anal ending

thank you, honey
straight to business
you have an amazing body
*rub thighs
*rub breasts
gina, after the first time
*spread her legs
*spread her legs
*rub breasts
*rub pussy
i need to see more
*lift her dress
*rub ass
pick up dildo
pick up dildo
insert dildo
*rub dildo
take her panties
*kiss under left boob
*kiss belly button
*kiss NW of pussy hair
*kiss left inner thigh
*kiss pussy hair
well, what the eye
gina, spread your legs
*circle around her pussy
are you ready
gina, I am the most lucky
i could kiss
*kiss her lips
driving me wild
you`re almost better
*rub her head
*change position
And I sure
*fuck doggy stile
*fuck her on top
*ask for anal
*pick up dildo
*rub dildo

for angry anal ending just skip the dildo when asking for anal

for angry pussy ending, just come inside her

for quick blowjob ending come when shes giving a blowjob

for good blow job ending make her come first

hobbe69 2011.08.05
Great game. Great graphic. Good to have the opportunity to make different choices on the way.

thedoob 2011.08.05
This game is good...want more to it tho...Sex scenes are difficult to keep up on a laptop but game was fun

cheese101 2011.08.05
awful controls,graphics ok,wish more choice was available,and again AWFUL controls

chaneblade 2011.08.05
such a fun game and such a hot girl, great graphics and plot

derda 2011.08.04
Good game, challenging as all LOP games but this one could use a little work on game play.

HornyPorny 2011.08.04
again a good game as expected, but a little bit too difficult at some points.

Smyxter 2011.08.04
Game was just ok.Good graphics.Controls sucked.Sex scenes were boring the hid all the naughty bits.Sound effects were good could have used more.

breeolson10 2011.08.04
very nice game i like it

tansrednab 2011.08.04
Decent game, but the controls are terrible.

To get the good anal ending you have to have a very high star rating and make sure you use the dildo on her every chance you get.

captainx 2011.08.04
The graphics aren`t....well....graphic.

spokxx 2011.08.04
very god game with good graphics but hard too operate

nani007 2011.08.04
loved the game...little difficult but the girl was worth it a lot....great graphics...:)

3455dragon 2011.08.04
a really good game because the picture has good quality

Shadow Viper 2011.08.04
Not that great of a game, what is up with all of the fake looking breasts? Does none of these game artists know what natural big breasts look like? Google Erica Campbell, Jelena Jensen, Michelle Marsh, Sophie Howard for starters.

Fixius604 2011.08.04
Okay game. Little harder than most. Goo
d Grpahics and fun over all

ram95sam 2011.08.04
nice gameplay but spelling is wrong

erevis 2011.08.04
graphic is good but gameplay need to improve

georian 2011.08.04
very good graphics and storyline but a couple of spelling mistakes

Willy10 2011.08.04
wow - a good game - good graphics actually.

k22288 2011.08.04
Can`t get past when she first gets undressed?? she`s hot though!

steamroll2012 2011.08.03
Really a better game than you can imagine,in the las scene first you need to only concentrate on pleasing the woman,forget about the mans meter, it doesn`t matter any.You can either finsh with regular sex,or go to anal.If you care to choose anal you frist musat wait until the neddle is past the dark mark almost to the end of the meter,then you click on anal.When you go to that anal scene,you then only concentrate on the mans meter not the womans,however the ending will be not a happy one.Either way you need some patience and time to manuver the arrow of your mouse,you need to go back and forth real fast but inbetween the constraints of the motion arrow without going over the arrow points.Good luck sincerely yours George

mchoudhu 2011.08.03
This is one cool game, really hot chick

Nimrod 2011.08.03
What the hell is up with his knees?

Mighty2000 2011.08.03
Great game, really fun.

s@nt!no 2011.08.03
I`ve got 5/7 pictures and I don`t think I`ll be trying for the missing two. All in all I really hope this was to test some feature or something like that, because the controls were awful and the graphics was mediocre at best. IMO the weakest game in the series.


skynet420 2011.08.03
this is a decent game with great graphics. wish it was a little bit longer though

nunovale 2011.08.03
Love the game, but got stuck when I took her panties off.

Lippi1983 2011.08.03
great graphics, nice story. more sex scenes like in the another games!!!!! i like it

Madelene 2011.08.03
A really nice game, sexy! It is a bit bothersome with the double gauge thing, they fall back down way to fast, and it is near impossible, at least for me, to keep them at level with each other. Not sure that is needed yet, but makes me hope that brings another ending. :-P I would wish to see a second version of this where she was more into the role, not quite happy to cheat, but willing to do what her boss tells her to, to keep the job or promotion or whatever. Naughty thoughts, I know.. ;-)

vincentvalentine14 2011.08.03
Awesome graphics. Should make more of these types of games

MulchiMan 2011.08.03
very nice game ! good graphic and the girl is very sexy

snumbd 2011.08.03
Very impressive secretary, but too easy.

lagunner 2011.08.02
Yeah, this is a tough one, but as always, the girls are hot!

hp9 2011.08.02
The gameplay is more difficult than is truly necessary. Good story, good sex scenes. Horrible, horrible gameplay. 6.5/10

truenfree 2011.08.02
Wow love the moaning, and the way she goes down on his cock

SlayingAlive 2011.08.02
Very good game enjoyed it

stevezeman 2011.08.02
very good game, lots of fun and interesting

Delta7198 2011.08.02
im stuck after she gets naked

lala22 2011.08.02
fun game and a average graphic,still very interesting

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