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Orgasm Girl 2


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BonerMan 2017.10.15
Fun short game...fun to play

Domenik 2017.10.14
Decent game but very difficult to make progress

KitCarsen 2017.08.14
Not really interesting if you hit the right spot but still fail!

KitCarsen 2017.07.11
An enjoyable game all in all.

ianjames 2017.03.09
i keep failing on the first girl what am i doing wrong

BrownRiceBro 2017.03.02
great game, need to be careful though and have to act quick when u use power ups

sexyboy102112 2017.01.20
The girls are too sensitive

mykel4445 2017.01.18
kinda boing over all eh

Holger 2017.01.08
great graphics and definitely a good game

dx_12 2016.11.27
nice game, although it is really hard to get progress on it though, but still amazing game throughly


Bigdean91 2016.11.10
Pretty good, like how you can unlock concept art

glukos37 2016.10.30
That was fun...kind of cheezy, but fun

scythe41 2016.10.25
a very difficult game. but a good challenge.

PansexualPixie 2016.10.20
This was a bit more difficult, it was rewarding in the end but it was still a little tough to reach the end

alextrack10 2016.09.30
I had play the first orgasm girl before.. you have to be caution to win...

mrmusic26 2016.09.30
Kinky game, but a little challenging! Might not be my cup of tea when i`m feeling impatient.

MrX567432 2016.09.02
It`s quite hard to find the right spots and to keep the girls eased, I like it very much!

divineunity 2016.05.30
i started arousing them.. and suddenly the game ends! :-(
Come on creator... u are too hard on us :/

rtdriver 2016.05.02
there is a walkthrough for this game

MCbuttertits 2016.04.29
cool game and hot chicks.

BadRhinoHorn 2016.04.19
I dont seem to understand the controls.....

MikeJGee 2016.03.31
A really strange one. I did not get it...

DOMINATE23 2016.03.14
Good game, but i don`t like the way that it is so long until you finish, and that you have to start completly over in order to go back to a certain point.

tcblazin67 2016.03.10
game play is simple but has a long time til it is finished.

hlb1990 2016.03.05
Oldie but a goodie. It`s challenging, but rewarding ends. Love it

Jfk1 2016.02.24
Nice graphics but unsre about game play

mandeklaas 2016.02.21
i used to play this for fun a few years ago but its still fun to play

Mr. Dick 2015.12.20
awesome game but hard good graphics

kk61298 2015.12.16

emrenano 2015.12.05
grafics are good ? thing

Timeonmayhand 2015.11.23
nice but need sensitive

deadx 2015.10.16
i didnt like it it was to hard to get her off

daya2015 2015.10.03
Good game good quality great

marco_mat 2015.09.09
wel it can give atleast revard video or smthing similar

nutz104 2015.08.27
fun game. interesting concept, a little tricky but fun.

robsamhar 2015.08.16
Fun, a bit difficult but fun, and wish there was more of a save system

kanther 2015.08.06
sadly no retry on the first girl. but overall its fun.

Tyger1950 2015.08.03
game did not work for me,bought incense never woke up.Seems to be not working at this time.

Songe 2015.08.03
Some graphic bugs and the game is a little puzzling

Leogalo2000 2015.07.19
This game is great. The sounds of moans and orgasms are awesome.

loailee16 2015.06.26
Is really a good tease to try hard jajaj

RezyTV 2015.05.22
Its a nice tease game you can do daily.

Qldjace 2015.05.17
a difficult but fun game not enough scenes

bladesmanlou 2015.05.16
Not the best game ever but still fun for a short time

diver453 2015.03.23
So happy there`s finally a sequel. And it`s even way better than the original!

MikeyH74 2015.03.19
Have to say this wasn`t the best game I`ve played on here.

holystoner 2015.02.28
well put together game - not my type- I like more story - but 6/10

B.L.A.C.K13 2015.02.21
quite a difficult game. needs a replay

trispere 2015.02.20
great game, with a great story.

k4ttbajs 2015.02.03
Touching sleeping sexy girls... perverted but awesome 6/10

tyr70 2015.01.30
this game could be much better

vllad 2015.01.20
good but not great, would like to see more of this but still needs work

daddiestickem 2015.01.15
nice game alot of study time if u never knew bout how to make pussy cum!!!!!!

Draken5 2014.12.24
would have been better if there were animations for the orgasms

nakata 2014.12.02
nice game with hot girls but a short one.

dickboy3 2014.11.17
A nice and sexy game that i can good understand

Lola_Watts 2014.10.16
After removing the clothes.. it`s very hard to do anything else.. the graphics are not really responding to the cursor moves :/

bobwho123 2014.09.28
i felt a bit creepy playing this, turned on as hell though

dandraft 2014.09.26
its an ok game,pretty amusing when you get the hang of it,but i think everyone wants more kelly action,thats why we all keeps making comments .the sound is exitinng on this one if you dont mind the soloaction,but theres a lack of male particapation in this one,4/10

goldenmanz 2014.09.11
fun but confusing would play it again if someone helped me

philyaw 2014.09.07
I am going to have try this game again and see if I can figure out to get some of the other unlock stuff

savster622 2014.09.04
really good game liked it

pussycat123 2014.08.17
im stuck i removed her clothes but i cant do anything please help

jonnyquid 2014.08.15
this is the only game where I found it fun and interesting.... plus really sexy

darkridr25 2014.08.11
It was confusing at first, but not bad, once I started getting into it.

morpeus 2014.07.12
not a bad game fairly simple.

frostmourne 2014.06.25
i think its hard and it needs replay

nonsidewiperxxx 2014.06.18
her moans were too much for me and we came together, still a fail.

saitej92 2014.06.06
The overall graphics was good and Ashley was the best girl

ifuck2 2014.06.03
great game and hot girls =-]

frank1974 2014.05.31
Nice graphic the girls were hot

YouKnowImRockHard 2014.05.28
i really enjoyed this i love moaning and especially when you get on the last girl her moans were great

Stuger70 2014.05.26
not my favourite game, not enough variety

sexplz 2014.05.26
nice game i enjoyed playing it

Kill@0815 2014.05.22
It was a nice game, good graphics. failed at the first one becasue i didnt know what to do ^^``.

BverComander 2014.05.16
nice game ..... nice graphics

simson122 2014.05.12
im waiting for the 3rd version. keep it on

graghost 2014.05.12
Great sound effects, too bad you can`t replay without reloading the game.

pussyloving 2014.05.12
its so hard every
time help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pussyloving 2014.05.12
awsome game great graphics too short

uaua2014 2014.05.08
i love this game. i like very much for its plot

Aneash Dharun 2014.05.07
The was nice and was very easy to play .. it is good for timepassing

firedog12046 2014.05.07
very fun game wish it was longer

nahc108 2014.04.21
Need a good mouse. Too hard.

amnon3325 2014.04.16
Fun, but would like a second chance.

7900 2014.04.01
not the worst game i have played not the best either would be grat iif you failed to make a girl orgasm that you could try her again without restarting the whole game ;)

conner129 2014.03.29
awesome so sexy I love this game

lavenderhouse15 2014.03.06
I like the game but the controlled where dificult

littlecletus 2014.02.26
very fun game some of the levels can get a bit hard but still worth playing

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
Really nice graphics, unfortunately I just couldn`t get into it.

epochtt 2014.02.23
easy thing. this is not game at all.

codyhoon1 2014.02.18
This game is fairly easy because I played it a lot. So easy.

Mintrex 2014.02.14
Not simple, and there is no replay, that`s bad.

darkpurple 2014.02.04
i give up lol to hard but very very hot

bone11780 2014.01.30
great game and easy to play

x3killabytes 2014.01.30
It is a great game and all, but I don`t think I would play it again

bullgod 2014.01.24
Good Game but difficult

Stanules 2014.01.22
love the way the girls have orgasms

avfc59 2014.01.22
Needs more animation! & obviously more girls

wizardking228 2014.01.08
Fun but difficult. Needs more girls. Would like to see more of games similar to this.

Khairil 2014.01.03
the orgasm at the end made me very horny but the game is too short and you had to restard the game everytime you fail

conando98 2013.12.23
Good game but sadly after u failed u need to restart all over again by pressing f5

Krag1733 2013.12.15
Always loved the Orgasm Girl games. A bit challenging if you lose focus =D

CumSlutForever 2013.12.04
It was a good game, though a little short

thisguyisbored 2013.11.29
fail on my first try i was looking at the rong meter lol

bobnim 2013.11.27
pretty hard but really sexy

John_hodge 2013.10.19
a bit hard game but it give me some interest

V3NZ 2013.10.01
Not very fun not every boring..

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

Andyjm2uk 2013.09.01
Found this a little frustrating. Lost interest which is a shame as it seems quite good at first.

wessmith 2013.07.21
kinda boring game, really surprised by the high score

toughguy0318 2013.07.18
I guess this just isn`t by type of game. wasn`t into it at all, and wasn`t fun. graphics were just so so. it`s too bad because I was excited when I saw the blond on the title screen

donatellont 2013.07.16
a sexy sexy challenge and alot better than the first one

marck4 2013.07.15
great game love it but to easy

Andrea81 2013.07.14
I first saw this game elsewhere, but it`s definitely one of the better of it`s type. It`s not easy until you get the hang of it and know what you`re doing, but it can be fun. I`d volunteer to be one of these girls, but I`m bad like that. XD

Araeros 2013.07.14
this game is too easy ...

lok14 2013.07.11
The girls were hot but the figuring out what to do was hard.

ChrisCums 2013.06.19
I wasn`t sure what I was supposed to be doing...

pea.brain 2013.06.12
brain? brain the brain i have no brain i`m so bored -.-

titanic1415 2013.06.07
a few more instructions would have helped but a good fun game overall

Myababez 2013.06.01
gr8 game stuck on some parts

d645 2013.05.23
nice graphics,,, luv it.. ty

fuck me till i bleed 2013.05.17
difficult game....loved it

Rajubbb 2013.04.30
very diffuclt but i like it very much

SoulEater821 2013.04.28
This game has wonderful graphics but the gameplay is a little difficult

casey miller 2013.04.21
i am stuck on how to use the grab feature any help

jgagnon14 2013.04.20
Dont understand why is it a fail every time if i get the blue bar all the way up???

gwazz 2013.04.17
graphics very good girl in intro exelent

gwazz 2013.04.14
nice game with good graphics pity no restart added

matt9001 2013.04.09
I played the first one and found it very difficult. This one was almost too easy by comparison. Still, it was a fun game and I really enjoyed playing it.

dmaan 2013.03.29
loved the first one and the second one improved on everything. nice

generic99 2013.03.22
nice game, easy to learn. it would be nice if there were an option to reset without reloading (i`ve failed several times early on).

driftingskater 2013.03.11
simple but a very fun game i would reccomend it

jaekae 2013.03.08
these graphics are awesome

77out 2013.03.03
this is the kind of game im looking for

madmax68 2013.02.28
Excellent game, better than Orgasm girl 1

yannos11 2013.02.27
the game is awesome would like more option

JarheadHME 2013.02.20
fairly simple game, fun and the orgasm sounds are nice.

Elerias 2013.02.17
the redhead is nice. great graphics.

4pollo 2013.02.13
Not an amazing game. You must restart all the game when you fail which is kinda lame.

rocky22 2013.02.08
great game alittle to easy though

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

marmadukexx 2013.01.24
Nice game...... but would be better if we have stories in it

gartal 2013.01.18
wel it can give atleast revard video or smthing similar

pusshound 2013.01.05
Just a mediocre game. Just rubbing-no sex. Short and sometimes difficult to figure out-even with a walkthru

underworldon 2012.12.27
had fun playing the girls, but not so intresting

Trojan Strecher 2012.12.26
I have played better games expected more

CalebIronside 2012.12.13
interesting concept but can go by quickly. Needs some improvement.

pika999 2012.12.08
good graphics but I`m not really sure what I have to do to win and the picture is too static

Diablos 2012.12.07
Very enjoyable thought hard to work out at the beginning but I still enjoy it.

MV2150 2012.12.06
An excellent game. Once you know how the gauges work, it`s a piece of cake. n//n

babygirl6462 2012.11.30
a really good game could use more people but is more challenging

Theosopher 2012.11.29
sounds could be more exciting!

thebluecow 2012.11.28
Splendid game, but wish i could hold on to the unlocked items for when i come back to play ugh.

Anez 2012.11.17
Challenging, and the achievements are a nice touch.

BobHope 2012.11.11
Decent Game. Could use more girls!

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Excellent game loved it. Tricky you must search around much. Wished for some more "deep" interaction so to speak.

Gr3cx 2012.10.22
I had a hard time to understand what to do xD

tittyboy 2012.10.21
great game love it but to easy

Amayari 2012.10.20
The game is pretty hard to get through, but it was fun trying to get through each. I had fun with it and wish it was longer.

morgano 2012.10.16
good game it does strain the hand if ur using a laptop tho

Jack Cracker 2012.10.04
A bit tricky but a good game to pass the time.:)

benboe 2012.10.02
Never been able to get the hang of this one

drobbo18 2012.09.19
it wouldve been a better game if it actually worked on my laptop

TayeDinero 2012.09.19
i like it the music is relaxing but i think the girls could look more realistic like at the title screen

harrywibowo 2012.09.05
Need more clue, am absolutely clueless dunno what to do ... give 1 star

Froizmann 2012.08.27
great game love it but to easy the 1st was harder

Vrykolas2k 2012.08.19
Couldn`t figure it out in time, but pretty good...

jimbo090 2012.08.17
good game too short tho nice graphics

stevie 2012.08.16
nice game godd effects it was great i will play it again

nbmrsl 2012.08.10
İ like ``orgasm girl`` more

iamwise 2012.08.09
great game but i did not like it you can not replay it

drmuhrasheed 2012.08.07
good game i enjoyed the game but short game and cant enjoy the unlocked items

felipealviraa 2012.07.15
great game, should be longer and girls repeatable though

kooka 2012.07.11
As stated a lot of times here worst part about this game is not being able to replay any of the girls.
Other then that good game. Just have to work out the last two secret unlockables

89LX50 2012.07.05
Lets hear it for Nipple Stand! Awesome!

cav_leoes 2012.07.04
after you know what to do it`s too easy

AlexiBoraden 2012.06.13
Game is easy to play. Alittle hard at first to know what to do, boring graphics.

mauskis 2012.06.09
wel it can give atleast revard video or smthing similar

petrik.vitek 2012.05.31
Not bad game, but it`s so easy. I prefer games a little harder. That`s my opinion

pierro1969 2012.05.30
i wish i could repeat a girl, restart is boring

imlovinit19 2012.05.28
this game was so fun it made my pussy wet

Billy_77 2012.05.26
Great fun to play, simple is sometimes the best

bahamut86 2012.05.18
bad game don`t like it, good grafic

KiDLiStEnSCuDi 2012.05.11
I thought it was good but it could have been longer

lalo123 2012.05.02
nice game godd effects it was great i will play it again

justin19862 2012.04.25
its ok but the timer is a little to quick and its just a little difficult to know the right spots

Arabeske 2012.04.19
would have been nice be able to retry if failed one

KOPPA340 2012.04.19
Bit too easy if you just go for the clitoris.

Sound effects are great but would be better if you were rewarded with images or video when she orgasms

xXzombiexeffectXx 2012.04.19
this is one of my favorites

rupert4 2012.04.17
the sound fx are great.... need more visuals to go with them.

pornstar69 2012.04.16
little too hard to find some points

MrSpecial 2012.04.08
sometimes a little dificult too figure out what to do

myrrdin 2012.04.06
nice a little to easy though

KASEM7 2012.03.22

uber50 2012.03.13
Pretty easy, third girl was totally hot.

Dansama92 2012.03.07
Only reason Iit wasn`t 100% was because it was too short and couldn`t replay

Dansama92 2012.03.07
Well this game is certainly a lot easier than the first one 10/10

ynot 2012.03.03
fun and fairly easy. got all 3 within the first few tries.

noirceur 2012.03.03
great game love it but to easy

jellybean 2012.03.02
Really difficult, the only thing i knew how to do was to rip off
her clothes -.-

moonkee 2012.02.28
I have such a hard time on this game even WITH the walkthrough... patience... patience...

needsum 2012.02.26
Interesting, but kind of easy....too short

Thumper_1 2012.02.23
Thought I`d try just collecting their panties and rubbing. Well it worked so if you`re lookin` for quick results, there ya go. lol

j3ssie 2012.02.20
really good
sometimes a little dificult too figure out what to do

j3ssie 2012.02.20
i liked the animation, good quality and true to the source. it would be nice if there was some more manual action and the end of each sequence seems a bit sudden

Jeadye 2012.02.14
Decent but a fail means you don`t get to try again would like to go over each girl more than once

Royal1 2012.02.13
Great game, just be patient. Wish you could go back and play them to unlock all the things.
How do you get The Transfer?

nightrider 2012.02.11
How to play it? lol, everytime i touch the clitoris, it failed.. :(

Darloman 2012.02.11
Overall graphics were cartoonic but good, game play was fun , a little easier then the first one and the sounds were very convincing giving it a 6 out of 10.....nice game for as short as it was.

CoMIYC69 2012.02.08
Cool but a little boring imho...not worth trying more than once or twice

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game, I loved the story of this one...

brit_man33 2012.01.31
Pretty easy, third girl was totally hot.

badmofo06 2012.01.30
hard to go through game tired of clicking and nothing happens.graphics was good.animation was boring

Tubs24 2012.01.26
like both the first and second games

imthebest69 2012.01.24
the girls look great, although the game play could be better, but still enjoyed it greatly overall

Zweibein 2012.01.23
Great game, though it would`ve been nice if you could actually see the girls while they have an orgasm.

pitl55 2012.01.19
great game, but i think you should be able to play the girls again without having to restart the whole thing

gdl 2012.01.14
Easier than the first and too short but other than that a good game

john194 2012.01.09
this is very awesome game i like all the girls !

Guillaume 2012.01.03
good game with some good girls

man really addicting, i love girl #3`s pussy;D, very great graphics

Dugorf 2012.01.01
Fun game not enough action for me though. Too much click click click

jodownik 2011.12.30
great sexy game with pleasure giving. Nice sounds.

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
very good game i love to make an orgasm

Triton400 2011.12.27
good game. Not to hard tho.

frozenparody 2011.12.18
I really enjoyed the first one, and this one was also a very good game as well

aldyboy 2011.12.15
Very good game. But too easy.

mike1282 2011.12.15
really, really loving this game, pity its to short tho.

rahul007 2011.12.11
not able to complete but gud game

lexxxluck 2011.12.11
I could not get the X to work.

Mistress 2011.12.07
Fun but little mindless and simplistic clicking around the screen.

Drago2 2011.12.03
Very nice game. Doing this to these girls in real would be great

Kalan 2011.11.26
A little difficult, and end wouldn`t play

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

Gnomon 2011.11.22
I can`t seem to get anywhere with this game. I don`t know what I`m doing wrong or what else to do. Nothing seems to have any effect.

blizzardaw 2011.11.22
Very Nice Game.. Different but great quality

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

jeanmimel 2011.11.17
sounds great and nice graphics

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Good graphics and facial expression.

mac12122 2011.11.13
i find it vary hard but it just me

leedoh300 2011.11.11
i`m 18 - I search for a girl for sex - account will be banned

dri 2011.11.11
funny game,good choice of girl

lazy boy 2011.11.11
I like these game good play.

farkas 2011.11.10
Simple game, short width too basic graphics.

CharlieBigger 2011.11.07
Good Game, the girls are awesome!

maddog52 2011.11.01
Far too easy once you figure out what works best.

hobbit 2011.10.31
fun and entertaining! logical sequences graphics are good, sound is exceptional.

rogerpoger 2011.10.29
Good but very difficult game

thinlwin 2011.10.26
i`m stuck in this game.this game is not bbed.

Miladiou 2011.10.20
nice little game, easier than first

nniffar 2011.10.15
a nice game with too simple graphics, but good

bedebah 2011.10.13
cum on, i need some sound right there!

kiyuragood 2011.10.12
such an epic classic they should make a number 3 with 3d renders

usar101 2011.10.11
It`s all about finding there spot.

t3gtman 2011.10.10
takes a while to understand,but once you figure it out,not hard at all,would like more than three girls ,once your given all three orgasms. games over.

Hot Head 2011.10.02
the game is hard to understand

soakingfingers 2011.09.27
i liked it at first but got bored

andymckl 2011.09.25
not all that great played better games could do with more content

playboy1982 2011.09.24
Extreamly short,and the ending sucked but cool grapghics.

denny1234 2011.09.15
way way too easy but ok if i have to be honest

milfeater 2011.09.13
That was fun...kind of cheezy, but fun

dednik 2011.09.12
funny game,good choice of girl

telfung 2011.09.09
It would be a little better if it was harder because i found it a little to easy, it was a good game though

Erickson11 2011.09.08
Great game. A little too easy, but atleast it`s not frustratingly hard.

hello25 2011.09.06
okey why does it say failure

darkestnight 2011.09.05
No repeat isn`t very good. The game itself has such a great idea too but it was also a little obtuse on what to do.

PlayNiceNow 2011.09.03
This game was to difficult for me to figure out, i couldn`t get very far.

cas26 2011.09.02
good game takes you allitle while to work everything out hot girls

maria94 2011.09.02
i` keen on it and those beautiful girls and their litle bodies

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.31
nice game but like others have said,why can`t you try again if you fail.

kober98 2011.08.31
difficult to get a hand on it!!

lucier9494 2011.08.29
Loved the first one because it was actually difficult, this one was really easy to succeed and great graphics but gotta love the challenge

wajeeha 2011.08.27
nice game liked it!!!!!!! at first difficult to understand but then orgasm.............

chandraagus88 2011.08.26
confusing game... i not like it

kingflash27 2011.08.24
this game was well made i loved the graphics i really enjoyed it

ujang 2011.08.20
One of the goods games, great game, very nice and easy played

dragonman1961 2011.08.17
ok game, but i agree with everyone else..it sucks you cant replay them..

Tost 2011.08.15
stupid that you cant replay them

titsrmyfavorite 2011.08.15
i wish it were more life like though

titsrmyfavorite 2011.08.15
i deffinatly cummed in my pants

3t 2011.08.15
it took me round an hour from the point i remove the panties till knowing what to do next

Darusdia 2011.08.15
hard as hell to play but awesome game

DealTehCards 2011.08.11
Good game, but would`ve been better if we could replay all of the girls.

jloofock 2011.08.04
nice. I just knew the first...

plotter 2011.08.02
that was alright hurt my hand doing it lol

Veeckmansg 2011.08.01
good graphs but easy playthrough!

spokxx 2011.08.01
great funny game i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! more sucha games please........

The_Who 2011.07.31
Great fun. Worth playing. Go on - try it!

Henshin 2011.07.31
I`m probably just repeating what everyone else has said, but not being able to replay any of the girls is a huge minus. I`d understand if we could replay them after we`ve completed all three, but they didn`t even do that.

Other than that obvious complaint, I`d like to point out that it`s been a really long time between the original and this sequel. By now, you have to have learned how to animate a girl having an orgasm. I know you`re talented enough to pull it off.

Honestly, this game feels like a step sideways more than a step forward. That doesn`t mean it`s a bad game by any means. It just means that the problems with the first one have been ironed out, but they`ve been replaced by newer ones.

koobly 2011.07.29
Hate restarting but great game!

siralexferguson 2011.07.29
hard game and no animation with hand

porsche 2011.07.27
thought a bit short , shame not easy to repeat

Sataniszcze 2011.07.26
a bit hard and you should be able too repeat the girls

derda 2011.07.25
great game too short tough and its bad u cant repeat without restarting the whole game

bobirdsell 2011.07.22
played the first one and was looking forward to the second very much. I am so happy it came our but it seems a bit too esay

ereboz 2011.07.19
hhhmmm it was great...!!
simple but touching my heart..hahha..

plotter 2011.07.15
good game hate restarting game though

naughtynorm 2011.07.12
really fun without being too complex

nonamee 2011.07.12
This is one of the best sex games ever, right after the first part:) Surely could be a bit more difficult.

Dom72x 2011.07.11
good game the girls where hot but still wasn`t much of a story line

ikziejwel 2011.07.07
this game takes alot of time but it is one of my favs

ikziejwel 2011.07.07
omg this sucks
i failed all

bulass 2011.07.07
how do i take the first girl bra off?

Crerigan 2011.07.05
The first was good, the second even better ^^ love this game

Batthory 2011.07.04
Not a bad game, girls were cute.

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

tukangpoto 2011.06.30
this games pretty good and its pretty easy

alex1971 2011.06.29
very basic game in terms of animation and interaction. you can tell it was from 2009

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Could be better with some penetration.

snow01 2011.06.25
game was ok graphics wise

Jorden-500 2011.06.23
der one of the harder Hentai games out there

snow01 2011.06.22
could have had a few more graphic scenes

Cameltoe 2011.06.21
GREAT game, and not too easy

anab 2011.06.21
I enjoyed this game, the animations weren`t the best, but they made the game a LOT easier than the original. I liked the idea of the `Unlockables` which gave a little sense of purpose to the game. The sounds were all right overall and the items helped immensely.

argalouz 2011.06.21
some problem to understand how it works at first.

renthestinky1 2011.06.18
Pretty hot, nice to have a game with sounds.

vinci1243 2011.06.13
hula hula gema.. hona buri cho .. fontasstico ...

aseel4you 2011.06.13
great graphics and animation

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
nice game addition, is there a third?

sincubus 2011.06.10
Easier than the first Orgasm Girl. But great graphics and 3 girls this time. Always a plasure to play.

long55 2011.06.09
live long game to play . it´s fun

vinci1243 2011.06.09
very easy to play.. game is good ..

demanderx 2011.06.07
the game is easy with a mouse that don`t deviate to right :P but with a good mouse yeah might be acessible

Serg1 2011.06.07
this games pretty good and its pretty easy

Soloak 2011.06.06
Thisis one of my Favorites.Ithink it a geat game.

Texean 2011.06.01
Short but somewhat fun game. Interesting store though ;)

Sirius228 2011.05.30
takes a little getting use too but it was fun.

moterboater 2011.05.27
to me it was to hard but if it was easy it would probly be verey fun

Grom 2011.05.25
the principe is good, but it`s boring to reload everytime... hope a new version !

loredofbunnyz 2011.05.24
a bit hard and you should be able too repeat the girls

gayaaa333 2011.05.23
Great game, easier than the first one, maybe too easy

Nights 2011.05.22
you should be able too repeat the girls and same w/ everyone else, too short.

mik3y 2011.05.19
not enough clear instructions and a bit boring...

megamad80 2011.05.17
Very short game and too complicated... It should be easier and simpler.

Heppo841 2011.05.17
Good sound and the graphic is ok. But pretty short

mathias1981 2011.05.15
don´t like the way you can repeat

bubkal 2011.05.14
agree with most everyone else...need to be able to repeat without a reload.

patty23 2011.05.13
nice game liked it!!!!!!! at first difficult to understand but then orgasm.............

ghostb 2011.05.13
very very good game good sound and not bad graphics

numbmonster 2011.05.06
Nice grhapics, but short game nice sound

Skarn62 2011.05.06
this games pretty good and its pretty easy

dwolve 2011.04.29
Finally, version 2! Version 1 was fun, 2.. even better!

sefman2 2011.04.29
i love this game i think its really great

money2012 2011.04.26
Preetty cool game. Like the story line.

inastisya 2011.04.25
great game,possibly 2 easy?
dont like the way u cant repeat without restarting entire game tho...

branknock 2011.04.22
not a bad game, once you get the hang of it

radpchick92 2011.04.22
Played the first one, but this is definitely better. Still difficult though. Loved it

r12456 2011.04.19
Fun! Better than the first, still a challenge though but not as infuriating. Maybe number 3?

kalbs 2011.04.14
i love this game you should play it

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
not extremely entertaining but great graphics

pavel203 2011.04.08
I have always liked this game
very entertaining

hentai1337 2011.04.01
interesting, would like better graphics and animation

ticoplayer 2011.04.01
easy gameplay, i like the girls, just perfect to pass the time

alston 2011.04.01
quite difficult to me. ya. nice game anyway. have to keep playing.

hentai1337 2011.03.31
instructions were not clear at first, but once i figured it out it was good

jaepussi32 2011.03.29
this game is ok i really wasm`t that into it

mick149 2011.03.27
pretty dull-boring! :( ...

Unknown1 2011.03.26
I enjoyed this game, the animations weren`t the best, but they made the game a LOT easier than the original. I liked the idea of the `Unlockables` which gave a little sense of purpose to the game. The sounds were all right overall and the items helped immensely.

gbear3 2011.03.25
very hot slightly difficult and instructions a bit confusing but ok

Billpie70 2011.03.23
I cant figure out a damn thing

nniffar 2011.03.21
a very erotic game - very nice

quinton19 2011.03.18
graphics were amazing, wish it was easier

jblarney9 2011.03.16
couldnt get any good response. better ganmes out there

howsthis14u 2011.03.15
Had trouble catching onto this one. Will try again soon.

chris2569 2011.03.15
i did not know wat was going on

penraab 2011.03.13
this game made me orgasm all over my boyfriend

trey9wli 2011.03.12
not bad, not terribly exciting

TyMan3176 2011.03.08
Could have more items to use, maybe toys, but still a good game

adityajadia 2011.03.06
the girls were hot but it wasn`t that hard

dragonj 2011.02.28
funny game , was a little hard to understand it but when i did great to play

hasil 2011.02.28
I really like this game. I was so engrossed in playing it and enjoying it

Sculpture80 2011.02.26
I love these games. They are my favorite. Easier than the first one.

ski9072 2011.02.25
Interesting, one you actually have to work at a little.

quam 2011.02.25
really hard game to learn but fun to play

phatbaboon 2011.02.25
Great graphics and game play...great audio as well. Would like more interaction with them and maybe more movement.

roudrosk 2011.02.25
this is the kind of game im looking for..... difficult and fun

hdwb 2011.02.22
Very very difficult game, but a lot of fun to try and beat.

brink7000 2011.02.21
Pretty cool, I`d like to see the girls in action together, though.

blaz 2011.02.20
amazing game.
hot girls and overall a lot better than part 1.

i_letit_be_known 2011.02.19
very funny gamme i like the concept

bronzecin69 2011.02.19
simple but effeective game, love the girls though

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

Eitage 2011.02.17
this game is hot,, the game its self is very arousing

r_o1_s 2011.02.17
i love this game and Very hot girls... amazing!

alcatel521 2011.02.17
easy but lovely game! enjoyed playing it with Ashley...

maxii15 2011.02.17
great game,possibly 2 easy?
dont like the way u cant repeat without restarting entire game tho...

goglicious 2011.02.12
interresting game, achievements make it an even greater challenge, but sad thing you cannot try the same girl twice

MasterTech 2011.02.08
Very nice game. Much better than the first one.

tonito 2011.02.08
I think there are not sufficient tools to satisfy her properly

ratonius 2011.02.07
Quite hard to make them orgasm ,decent game its Ok...

NoWhereMan 2011.02.06
not bad, not bad at all, interesting

MasterWa 2011.02.06
Progression in game was not clear on how to do so

nimbulan 2011.02.05
just make sure to let the meter reset a little and you should get them to go

nayah 2011.02.04
ually not a big fan of tease game but this one is very challenging and hence fun. nice graphics as well,
Vraiment pas mal fait et assez chronophage au final

youcanwinnar 2011.02.03
A very challenging game that was fun to play and worth the effort

decoy004 2011.02.02
Very good game. However, it is a little difficult to complete successfully...

karmilia 2011.02.02
niceeeeeeeeeeeeee but difivult to play ,,mm some one knows how to play

albinos 2011.02.02
usually not a big fan of tease game but this one is very challenging and hence fun. nice graphics as well

willeryartillery 2011.01.23
Fun game! Quite hard to make them orgasm so I will try again.

kyv6 2011.01.23
It`s an awesome game. Quite hard to get the unlockables though.

ocandela 2011.01.15
This was an awesome game! I can`t believe that I hadn`t played it before!

youngblood 2011.01.14
too hard to get the unlockables

axlwestern 2011.01.13
to hard play cause the games its to complicated

yy2 2011.01.12
The difficulty in progressing makes me not want to even try to finish.

Orexis 2011.01.12
Nice game and some nice unlockables.
Like many people said to bad you can`t play the same girl twice without refreshing.

Kiljaedan 2011.01.10
this game really is cool and exciting

mrcrow 2011.01.10
cool game ......but it was a little bit to short i guess....

Aero_2012 2011.01.08
nice game very funny but too hard

Aero_2012 2011.01.08
I love this website its the BEST

manny619 2011.01.05
i love this game you should play it

sweetcum 2011.01.04
really intersting game needs more people though

madchad360 2011.01.04
coooll game ... ill surly play this again

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
good game but a bit slow sometimes

dajasand 2011.01.03
cool game wish there were more like it.

jaska 2011.01.03
great game too short tough and its bad u cant repeat without restarting the whole game

NicoleSpraker0809 2011.01.02
nice game, deff should have a repeat without having to restart, but all in all a pretty good game

angelina6977 2010.12.28
gameplay was excellent and very exciting

griever 2010.12.26
yes, but i think the gameplay is quite good

jmalbec 2010.12.26
nice improvement over the original.

brookshickman123 2010.12.24
absolutely awsum!!!! fucking loved this games playability

Gemman67 2010.12.23
One of those games way to hard to figure out , Other then that i love it , lol

quack93 2010.12.22
I Can`t Beat this game!! Help!!

jasmith247 2010.12.19
not a bad game but could be more dynamic though

boldoman 2010.12.18
awesome game,great graphics,perfect animation it should have showed orgasm...overall 9 of 10

deathcount 2010.12.16
not bad, could use the ability to play a girl more than once

artemis666 2010.12.13
Really great game, only negative is that you can`t play a girl twice, so it`s really annoying if u want to get all the unlockables.

rhubarb 2010.12.08
not bad bit simplistic but enjoyable

klarkiscool1 2010.12.06
what are the best items to buy?

Fredyx 2010.12.05
I like these game good play

donysabox 2010.12.03
not that bad . . but i prefers more pose

holzwurm 2010.12.01
nice game. graphics is not so good

scrip 2010.11.30
enjoyed this game. Much better than 1

Elfe 2010.11.27
I`ve already saw most interesting game. When you mist something its doll

upelikan 2010.11.27
This one was much better than first one. First one too hard.

dsvjr19 2010.11.26
This game was awesome and so much easier than the first one

TMAN81 2010.11.21
That must be the best job ever

bazbadasss 2010.11.21
enjoyed the game music is annoying though and was not sure what I was supposed to do

chennaite 2010.11.20
Superb game, great graphics, cute girls, very horny game

conker11 2010.11.17
great game, better than the first

dcronin1981 2010.11.13
great second version of the game

niceguy107 2010.11.10
great game was very intersting to play great garphics

hot boy 2010.11.09
itis sexy game i wantto fuck hom tonight

showmelp 2010.11.07
well,not a bad game. a little too hard for me though

groar 2010.10.28
good game but a bit hard for me

alecai165 2010.10.27
Can somebody please help me with the second and third girls

lasvegas 2010.10.27
great game very tricky tho

DoubleShadow 2010.10.26
Wow i love this game!

I`ve already played Orgasm girl 1 but this is much better ;D
Maybe there is a third version? *hope*

121213 2010.10.25
this gae is great a little difficult at first

shooter32 2010.10.24
good game needs more interaction.

mr. anderson 2010.10.23
ql game hot chicks
some animations were great

skyradio 2010.10.22
nice game. only succeeded with the last girl.

otony 2010.10.21
cool game hot babes sexy interaction

cyber409 2010.10.16
Love the series, really ike the collecting aspect and achievements

colinjfrancis 2010.10.14
Nice graphics and sounds? When can we expect Orgasm Girl 3 (maybe with 3D graphics)?

Geppetto 2010.10.13
It`s so hard. Why items can`t be purchased more times?

Asimov 2010.10.13
Great game, not sure how to get all achievements though, such as the Transfer and Candle master however.

kamouloxx 2010.10.13
That`s a nice game to play

rainbird 2010.10.12
cool game but it sucks that you cant replay the girls to get all the unlockable stuff

koth19 2010.10.10
i don`t like how if you fail you are done

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.08
What do you do with the grabbing hand tho? I tried grabbing her tits, but that didn`t do anything. Anyone know?

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.08
Once you get the hang of it, it`s a great game!

hippolyte 2010.10.05
Some demanding birds here, but worth making them chirp

ErickXXX 2010.10.05
ITS a little hard and i dont like that if u fail u cant try it with the same girl

Vane 2010.10.04
great game really love it!

jambtwo 2010.10.03
nice game, like the art, high quality.

brandy97 2010.10.03
love it the girls are just soooo sexy!

hayden1 2010.10.03
cant finger it out too hard

mrglisar 2010.10.03
nice game. do better next time.

do2nero 2010.09.29
It is easier than the first which was impossible...

boyzsexx 2010.09.26
great game really love it!

redman69 2010.09.25
Great game, but I couldn`t finish her off.

paul72002 2010.09.23
nice easier than the first but very good

suaxoday 2010.09.22
i don`t like this game so much except the sound

Cpt Tightpants 2010.09.19
Once you get the hang of it, its quite satisfying

Play_Boy 2010.09.18
Cool Game,good as the first one but too slow to load the game

sumdumnoob 2010.09.17
i love this series!!! cant wait for orgasm girl 3!!

tophe35 2010.09.15
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

lobaum13 2010.09.15
The ending don´t have any action?

brich1 2010.09.13
game is very interesting,,, alot of fun and sexy for sure

Jesus05 2010.09.10
Hard but interest game, i play in first part

pipatwatt 2010.09.09
great game, good artwork, but too short

durban 2010.09.07
good sounds but lack interactivity..pity

star 2010.09.07
great game, good artwork, but didn`t have enough info.

dalton9195 2010.09.02
much easier then the first orgasim girl

Nimrod 2010.09.02
Decent game, needs better graphics. Maybe the more realistic 3D graphics have me a little jaded, but even better regular animation would be better.

you01 2010.09.01
how do i get past level 1

vad05 2010.09.01
Awesome game.. love the idea & good graphic too.

bjnbenner 2010.08.31
i little too easy, but very good game

Kotton24 2010.08.30
another really good game

tanis798 2010.08.30
love the concept, good difficulty, awesome graphics, great game

awall59 2010.08.29
Working this kind of game into a more complex dating game would be sweet.

htas4 2010.08.29
simple game ? dont like it

Ministerio 2010.08.28
I really think this game could be better in some terms but anyway it is ok

sexyman1231233321 2010.08.25
its an OK game it needs some work though

driver10 2010.08.25
its an alright game need more items

DigBick 2010.08.25
Wow I wasn`t aware there was an orgasm girl 2, guess I`m waaay behind. Love the game though, nice animation considering it`s kinda old.

stewartc1 2010.08.23
very clever gameplay - a good game

kpyrinikos 2010.08.23
simple game and nice graphics , not the best game.

bosjorne 2010.08.21
good graphics and a good idea i found it difficult and gave up before i finished it

NightmareGER 2010.08.19
This game is really awsome the setting is nice.

It`s a little harder than most games since you sometimes get to excited playing them and you screw yourself up and have to do it again hehe.

bobag 2010.08.15
I liked this one. I heard that there was a third one coming out as well.

chesika 2010.08.14
i not really enjoyed this game , i find it boring

bubba89 2010.08.11
A whole lot better than the first one, which was still a good game.

RivKrey 2010.08.10
Huge improvement over the first game. A lot more fun.

lapine 2010.08.08
simple game and nice graphics :) not the best game.

camelot1985 2010.08.06
very sexy, good graphics, nice game but very simple

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.06
Average game but it`s fun to mess with once.

CDPII 2010.08.06
Girl #1 - Ashley

* Using the HAND, rub the following spots (the LOCATION indicator at the top will indicate which region you are touching): inner thigh left, inner thigh right, arm, stomach, left breast (bra), right breast (bra) and vagina (skirt).
* Rub her left breast (bra) until her nipple hardens.
* Take the SCISSORS and cut her bra.
* Using the HAND, rub her left breast, right breast, left nipple and right nipple.
* Rub her right nipple until she has a nipple stand.
* Using the GRAB, rip off her skirt.
* Using the HAND, rub her vagina (panty) until she wets her panties. [Unlocks: "WET ` N ` WILD"]
* Using the GRAB, collect the panties (be sure to select the COLLECT option). [Unlocks: "BIRTHDAY SUIT"]
* Using the HAND, rub her vagina and clitoris.
* Using the HAND, rub her clitoris until the state meter is ALMOST full, i.e. she`s almost awake. The unlockable notification will indicate that you were successful.
* Now to make her reach an orgasm: using the HAND, rub her clitoris vigorously until just before the STATE meter fills up. Wait for the state meter to go down and then rub again until it`s almost full. The state meter goes down quicker than the orgasm meter so after a few rub-and-pause sessions you will give her an orgasm!

Girl #2 - Raven

* Using the HAND, rub the following spots (the LOCATION indicator at the top will indicate which region you are touching): buttocks right, inner thigh left, foot and right breast (bra).
* Using the HAND, rub her vagina (panty) until she wets her panties.
* Using the GRAB, collect the panties (be sure to select the COLLECT option).
* Using the HAND, rub her vagina and clitoris.
* Using the SCISSORS, cut the carter strap and then using the GRAB, remove her stockings.
* Using the GRAB, rip off her bra.
* Using the HAND, rub her right breast and nipple.
* Rub her right nipple until she has a nipple stand.
* Now to make her reach an orgasm: using the HAND, rub her clitoris vigorously until just before the STATE meter fills up. Wait for the state meter to go down and then rub again until it`s almost full. The state meter goes down quicker than the orgasm meter so after a few rub-and-pause sessions you will give her an orgasm! You may have to buy an item from the store here to help you out. Use a low-cost item with maximum effect.

Girl #3 - Zoey

* Using the HAND, rub the following spots (the LOCATION indicator at the top will indicate which region you are touching): buttocks right, buttocks left, inner thigh right, inner thigh left, arm, vagina (panty) and anus (panty).
* Using the HAND, rub her vagina (panty) until she wets her panties.
* Using the GRAB, collect the panties (be sure to select the COLLECT option). [Unlocks: "AVID COLLECTOR"]
* Using the HAND, rub her vagina and clitoris.
* Using the HAND, rub her anus. [Unlocks: "ANAL WHORE" as well as "TOUCHY FEELY"]
* Using the SCISSORS, cut her bra strap.
* Purchase the SLEEPING DUST from the store.
* Using the HAND, use the purchased sleeping dust and simply rub her clitoris until she climaxes!

args2 2010.08.06
have played better but this is ok

andy557 2010.08.02
One of the better games on here. An improvement over the original thats for sure. Just a few minor imperfections, that could be easily improved on next time perhaps.

vanthalamera 2010.08.01
Nice grhapics, but short game nice sound

kulu141 2010.07.31
really nice game n easy also but to short.

Caine1379 2010.07.31
cant finger it out too hard

makkala 2010.07.28
awesome gameplay like the first good graphic very interesting

Bioshock 2010.07.23
I cannot figure out how to pass level one!

bdu5 2010.07.22
One of the best flash games here, or anywhere!!!

yuna890 2010.07.21
Hte game`s fun, when it`s not being bastard hard though

Hanak 2010.07.20
great game but a bit hard to get everything

Immortalking 2010.07.17
I must really suck at this game. Cant get very far without waking her.

hellman09 2010.07.17
awesome game!!
first game was great but this is even better!

algerloo 2010.07.16
very nice game.. good one here.. =)

linko 2010.07.16
Very fun game but needs more girls

LilLemon 2010.07.15
It was great needs more action for all the girls.

p3ac3mak3r 2010.07.14
Great game but a bit tough,even with the walkthrough

RustyDoober 2010.07.13
good graphics but I`m not really sure what I have to do to win and the picture is too static

Zoby 2010.07.09
Easier han he first one, and that`s not a bad things.
Graphics are just good.

kmerdigjt 2010.07.08
Not a favourite of mine. The artwork is good but the game interface is confusing, even with their walkthrough.

Fleischhaker 2010.07.08
great not easy but great
very cool the game

gnolruf 2010.07.06
had to keep play this to get it right good fun do

Nween 2010.07.06
a little obtuse as far as finishing the game...

xerojustice 2010.07.06
I`m glad they finally released a sequel, but it seems too easy in comparison to the first one. Also, the first girl is nice, but the other two are weird angles.

TRATC 2010.07.03
forgot to say that the graphics are really really nice =)

TRATC 2010.07.03
was confused at first but i figured it out

sun 2010.07.03
This is a very nice game, just too short

Dona 2010.07.02
difficult to understand the idea at the first time. but it`s a nice game

vipsky 2010.07.02
a realy nice game and a bit chalanging... i like it... just find the clitoris

diabloIII 2010.06.27
i didnt really like it was short and u couldnt replay them

Mattius 2010.06.26
Would be better if one could repeat without restarting. What is "the transfer"?

gargarjar 2010.06.26
Very sexy. Liked it alot!

cabeza 2010.06.22
this game was nice but i think they should add more stuff

capfriend 2010.06.20
this is a really good game great animation and graphics good challenge

joe782 2010.06.19
this game is pretty difficult but fun

biatch 2010.06.17
short game and to easy great music

dbsecurity 2010.06.16
Very different, but hot girls

mwafaq 2010.06.16
cool game, but earsy, my orefer is clhoely

arefin3d 2010.06.16
nice game, relly loved the sounds.

gman77 2010.06.15
not a bad game but i failed all of them

AceA433 2010.06.12
First one was brilliant this one is even better

Ricoh124 2010.06.11
A good game. Different from other similar games and better for that.

kronos87 2010.06.05
i love this game, nice idea, good graphics and well made

gtrunks2 2010.06.04
Alot of fun but could have been better.

arathor 2010.06.04
and insteresting game, but a little slow, its funny to try getting all the achivements XD

zeretet 2010.06.02
The game is very cool and very sexy

pavan803 2010.05.30
this is too hard but excellnt

save_yourself 2010.05.29
the first one was good, this one was better but i think a little bit harder

ArchAngel227 2010.05.29
LOVE it!! First one was good, this one is better

donovan907 2010.05.21
i totally cannot get past the stripping her down part but its still pretty fun

wahooman48 2010.05.18
game is redundant and slow

Eguy 2010.05.17
Great Game. A little to repetitive. also takes too long

Big Jay 2010.05.11
this game is pretty difficult but fun

spenracq2 2010.05.11
great game but like most others i found it a lot easier than first game and also would like option to replay any girl after orgasm

rockador 2010.05.10
Love this game. It`s a hot concept with hot girls.

darkhelix 2010.05.09
really enjoyed the game, a bit short thoughg

bullseye1976 2010.05.07
great game,possibly 2 easy?
dont like the way u cant repeat without restarting entire game tho...

progek 2010.05.07
this game was alot of fun i recamend it

johnnyrockers 2010.05.04
instant fails kinda bored me

ilikeeee 2010.05.04
THe last girl is awesome!

chuckster22 2010.05.03
thoroughly enjoyed it, three hot girls and different actions

Kalaam 2010.05.02
interesting concept, great game love it but to easy

xXMadMikeXx 2010.05.01
Good game. Can someone help me figure out how to get the two mystery unlockables?

magic2hr 2010.05.01
games like this are a little slow. and this one is a bit tough. easier than the first, but still not my cup of tea.

coza17 2010.04.29
Nice game, but it could use some more toys.

boinky 2010.04.29
great game, very challenging, but good to play once you get the hang of it

shimon103 2010.04.29
great game great graphics great everything

hardnhorny 2010.04.29
ok game wouldnt play often

asheme 2010.04.28
can I start again saving all my unlockables stuffs??

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.04.28
Nice game, but it could use to have more toys.

zucchort 2010.04.28
I Like this game, but it`s hard,

g8rdavid 2010.04.26
nice sound effects on the moaning

Laidang 2010.04.26
nice game but missing some items

kelloke 2010.04.24
i understand now. need maybe more items

kelloke 2010.04.24
difficult to understand the idea at the first time. but it`s a good game

Kronix76 2010.04.22
That was a pretty good game a little hard but what fun is it if you don`t have to work for it

shishkabob 2010.04.21
I like the game play, it is challenging and engaging.

redenmity 2010.04.21
games like this are a little slow. and this one is a bit tough. easier than the first, but still not my cup of tea.

afrothunder 2010.04.17
this is pretty good the second girl was the best

kike716 2010.04.13
kind of hard to go to other stages fun but too simple, nice graphic but need somme move

argonidas 2010.04.12
kind of hard to go to other stages

.:Ghost1:. 2010.04.07

woggman 2010.04.05
much easier than the first one. Great game.

jackal35 2010.04.05
nice game very funny but too easy

peter_d 2010.04.05
didnt know what to do on this game and know help either not good

lesbohottie69 2010.04.04
This game`s alot easier than the first. still sexy though

Redrider 2010.04.04
good game, better than number 1, more girls!

Marty2911 2010.04.03
I must have been doing something wrong in 1st og game. (always woke up) Walkthrough was a big help. Good game & graphics.

floyd 2010.04.02
really good game, possibly too short. needs more.

ChadD 2010.04.02
this game is amazing
the graphics and everything is awesome

nul172 2010.04.02
Nice game, less of a challenge than part 1

jkrauser 2010.04.02
The items were a little useless.They should make us need to buy some items i think

LoLB 2010.04.02
difficult but nice graphics

biggsreddy 2010.04.02
Hot game more action required

jaeflash 2010.04.01
Very difficult, but the girls are cute, and the idea is sexy as hell!

HornyPorny 2010.03.31
great game, a little difficult but i guess there lies the challenge, right... ;)

Guffe1982 2010.03.30
good game :) but it is a little hard :( can anyone give some good pointers

Johnny811 2010.03.29
i don`t understand what i am suppose to do but otherwise great game

gekoc 2010.03.29
too hard for me... impatient me :(

spackler 2010.03.29
really good game once you get used to the difficulty

Balmoth 2010.03.29
nice game too bad if you fail you can`t redo the girl. but overall original idea

darthighest 2010.03.26
it fun for the same girl

seducer 2010.03.23
cool game with hot graphic

Henste 2010.03.22
Fun and easy game, would be better if we could replay the scenarios

BaNEFuL 2010.03.22
one of the funnest/easiest game on the site. thumbs up!

Rosco 2010.03.20
Good graphics and gameplay. Loved the game dude! Advise it to your friends.

kbcd 2010.03.20
the graphic is really good!

mikey 2010.03.19
sweet game... I was hard at the beginning and throbbing near the end...

Wolfer 2010.03.16
would like that play with some 3d girlies

tanbir90 2010.03.15
Nice but hard at start...then its easier to move on.

dittynz 2010.03.13
great pics but was a bit frustrating to figure out

elven_steve 2010.03.13
it`s a good game. Lot easier than the original. Very tough to get the panties wet though.

rich2779 2010.03.10
great game love it, bit hard to paly on a lap top or maybe thats just my fingers lol

malkybob 2010.03.10
Good game with nice graphics. Took a bit to get used to it but was OK when there.

tincanman 2010.03.08
Fantastic game. Can`t wait for Orgasm Girl !!!!

ejk5108 2010.03.08
I like the graphics this game uses

Sueyc1 2010.03.07
I liked the quality of this game.

amazinglauro 2010.03.07
I love these games. They are my favorite. Easier than the first one.

GreenBulldog 2010.03.07
pretty good game a little tough to keep mouse on perfect area great graphics

SNJorge13 2010.03.07
great graphics and animation Loved the game

ihavlust 2010.03.04
Too many games of this kind. Didnt enjoy much!

urahara1 2010.03.02
a good game but hard at first...

Runaway9995 2010.03.01
It`s pretty good, but I would like to be able to turn off the music, thanks!

Zach 2010.02.28
can`t figure out the first girl.

Evil Dave 2010.02.27
Good Game. Fun gameplay and terrific sounds. Models look great but I wish we would have got to see them cum/squirt/something other than fade to just sounds. Still a fun play though.

jules1903 2010.02.27
Love this game.Wet panties sweet.

Lameth 2010.02.26
really good
sometimes a little dificult too figure out what to do .

EasyLover81 2010.02.17
its a funny game the first girl is tough but the other both are a little bit easier

thomc 2010.02.14
I don`t understand this game...?

bozio 2010.02.13
it was hard the first time

7z9 2010.02.09
The first girl is hard to beat. But, if you win, the second and third are too easy.

Lalitalove 2010.02.08
loved the first one and the second one improved on everything

ildrums 2010.02.08
Really fun! But kind of easy. wish there were more.

krb42 2010.02.08
nice graphics, wanted more girls

bigdog999 2010.02.07
Good game, but soon over!!

Luzi 2010.02.07
nice little game, good graphics and good sound

stan631 2010.02.06
i don`t get these kind of games. looks nice though

Capnord 2010.02.05
nice one. a bit dificult, but ok

mr J 2010.02.04
i have been looking for this one for a time, but it`s so easy, compared to the original orgasm girl:(

JeiJei 2010.02.04
The first girl is hard to beat. But, if you win, the second and third are too easy.

Niemy 2010.02.03
Did not get my attention, not worh playing or even seeing...

flashist 2010.02.02
great game, bit too easy though... and wold love more girls ;)

UandMe 2010.01.30
A ood game with good graphics of the girls

angermanagement 2010.01.29
interesting concept...but you need to know the keys. Worth playing again

odieusg 2010.01.29
A bit simple but it was an OK game.....the unlockables are a good touch

brason1 2010.01.29
fun game to easy shame you can`t repeat

bomber6989 2010.01.28
Can`t get past the first screen

stonecold31 2010.01.28
the good : hot chicks cool gameplay

the bad : kind of hard to finish and you must start the whole thing when something goes wrong

alexus68 2010.01.28
good game thought it was a little difficult but def. better then the first one

Drizzil 2010.01.27
good game, easy but I enjoyed playing it. Hope there will be more of them.

randy06 2010.01.27
its ok off a game needs more to it

Sehviss 2010.01.26
Love the Orgasm Girl games. One of my favs

knightnight 2010.01.25
Not a bad game, but could use animation

usherxz5 2010.01.25
wow! this is really better than the last version, but the music is too loud and is too easy! mark 7.5

chrose 2010.01.21
this game is so much better than the first one if they keep making them like this i will keep playing

poussey 2010.01.19
great game. more dificult than the original

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
orgasm girl nice game.......so very dificulty.

graysub 2010.01.13
Good fun requires to much accuracy

cypruslt 2010.01.10
The girls are pretty nice and the orgasm girl herself is hot as hell. The game was not so entertaining though.. ^^

bigbluem 2010.01.08
great game.
difficulty is a bit lower than on the orgasm girl 1 but still challanging especially for those who played the click through "games" till now.
more games like this are highly appreciated
@sigurdnorbert: on the official page you`ll find more info`s

sigurdnorbert 2010.01.07
good but not enouhg info .

ayaroht 2010.01.03
cartoonish... too hard to play.... needs better instructions.

persaunna 2010.01.03
I agree with most of the comments: this is a pleasant enough game with easy playability. Would have liked to replay the girls without having to restart so that I could try different ways of bringing her to orgasm. Also, instead of just the sound of her orgasm, would have liked some video to go with that.

madsmelz20 2010.01.01
i think it should be longer with more animation!!! the sound was good though

alyssa3747 2009.12.28
she looks like a girl from next doorr....

pelerin 2009.12.26
i really like this game . it is a great sequel with a much better gameplay

trscroggs 2009.12.25
Not a game I am particularly good at, but with some assistance from another site I beat it.

Bonhart 2009.12.24
the game is a little difficult ;/ and i dont licke this game

vampchick25 2009.12.22
good game thought it was a little difficult but def. better then the first one

Micataur 2009.12.20
too easy i was bored no challenge

nogard 2009.12.18
good fun but game is difficult to follow.

kvs5150 2009.12.15
Good game. Better that the first one.

numskull34 2009.12.12
good game but a lil short and it realy needs a restart or replay

Dnai01 2009.12.09
Nice game, good graphics, far easier than the first one.

vorfolac 2009.12.08
This game is to short and easy.

darkrider010 2009.12.05
this game is hard. i failed each one and i dont even know why.

dominater 2009.11.30
i suck at this game cant get the girles to get an orgasm before they wake up, please help me

nissehult 2009.11.24
i like to play games like this, great graphics

machinegunkeser 2009.11.20
grreat gme loved it everyone loves it 100/1000

johan 2009.11.20
short game and to easy great music

eveready077 2009.11.16
i liked the first one better

dfish_44 2009.11.15
AWSOME!! Great game, sound was great. Could use some animation though.

Xyzzy 2009.11.15
The 3-D "cover girl" is kind of misleading. Also, animate the girl`s orgasms, since that`s the point of this game! Those issues made this game only okay.

lewa26 2009.11.13
nice game but i love it =D

shanekukacka 2009.11.12
Awsome ! I really enjoyed it alot :)

joker 2009.11.12
it was a good game with some good girls

Howie1 2009.11.10
game was easier then first but good game grafics could use little work.

lizzarick 2009.11.09
Overall graphics were cartoonic but good, game play was fun , a little easier then the first one and the sounds were very convincing giving it a 7 out of 10.....nice game for as short as it was.

s22514 2009.11.09
very good game, graphics could be better, sounds could last longer, could add more girls, but much better than the older one.

acmonger 2009.11.09
Graphic`s were a little iffy but doable but overall good game, not to hard but not to easy.

bestia99rom 2009.11.08
pretty short game. Ok but super easy

firewalker 2009.11.07
@cheese101: Agree! Very sad that you can`t repeat single episodes.
Cool sequel of the first game, which was VERY hard.

jcspider99 2009.11.06
It would be a little better if it was harder because i found it a little to easy, it was a good game though

storm 2009.11.06
Great game but too simple

dannydartika 2009.11.06
beautiful graphic....
the plot can be understanding....

spenracq2 2009.11.06
good but easier than original

matthewb918 2009.11.05
great game a bit on the easy side but enjoyed playing

calle84 2009.11.04
nice game but its to easy

jayrock22 2009.11.04
i dont like how you have to restart if you want to try a girl agin

rikyrat 2009.11.04
Great game. I love the graphics and the orgasm sound effects. Cool!

Blacko69 2009.11.04
Could be more action but a nice game.

Mandrab 2009.11.04
Easier than teh first one, liked it, more girls and fun

XTesteX 2009.11.03
nice one. a bit dificult, but ok.

poppy 2009.11.03
I foud this game to be a lot easier than the first one.

kvasir42 2009.11.03
Excellent! An improvement on the first - reasonably difficult, but not too bad.

b3d0w 2009.11.03
nice idea, could do with a sequel, more video scenes and less fade out on parts

coyote57 2009.11.02
Much better than the first one.

pabswikk 2009.11.02
So happy there`s finally a sequel. And it`s even way better than the original

Reejit 2009.11.02
great game this is alot better then the first one

DisneyPrincess 2009.11.02
Pretty easy and VERY fun!

conard2626 2009.11.01
this is the best game i ever played in my life

nate 2009.10.31
the game gives you a walkthrough if u need help

hatch2256 2009.10.30
this games pretty good and its pretty easy

jmonke 2009.10.30
Cool, another orgasm girl. This one`s a bit easier than the original. Love it

Jeebo 2009.10.30
a bit hard to play without walkthrough....

deadbrain 2009.10.30
nice game much better than no one

BurntMyToast 2009.10.29
It`s okay but I also wish they add an option to turn off music :P

runeminer 2009.10.28
great game better than the first

legolas86 2009.10.28
this is great. much more better than the first one

Bladepower 2009.10.27
cool game once u know how to play it

jaspion 2009.10.26
I dont understand the game, somebody can explain me what can i do when the girl is naked ?

bearded 2009.10.26
Wish the girls would have looked like the animations that were put on Newgrounds. Very similar to OG1.

Pongo 2009.10.25
Very nicely done. Only thing that would`ve made this game awesome were orgasm animations and the choice to replay girls. Other than that, really well done!

thomc 2009.10.25
This game is to hard to wanna play it much

SUNPEAKS 2009.10.25
Great game very challenging and love the choices that you have to make to go all the way.

dhedge 2009.10.25
hard, don`t really know what to do

paki74 2009.10.25
great game, bit hard at first, but after a couple of times its hot!!

leotonis1320 2009.10.25
great game a bit hard though

bullchief 2009.10.25
good game. easier than the first game.

gobble34 2009.10.24
fun game, but it lags a lot, and after the first orgasm the game freezes completely

spinner 2009.10.24
was a good game but it was way to easy

Blacko 2009.10.24
The game is nice, still could have some more actions

Dropkick 2009.10.23
Ok game, way to easy though.

weromont 2009.10.23
If it is honored first part of play I liked more. (-

juleverne 2009.10.23
fun, but too simple, discreet but not exceptional

dw4l1n 2009.10.23
not sex... just rubbing the girls... not a bad game though

seprium 2009.10.23
what a beautyful game i totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bateri 2009.10.23
Better than the first, but still a few things to wish for.

shabam28 2009.10.22
Very good game, I had a lot of fun!

metalsmurf 2009.10.22
fun game, good graphics with a good challenge

mailliw31 2009.10.22
oh my god... this game.... oh my god i love you

funphuk 2009.10.22
this game is too short and isn`t very good at all

imiko 2009.10.21
the girls were hot but it wasn`t that hard

Tfrank 2009.10.21
I find the time limit on use of the inventory items that are purchased to make the game difficult since once one has purchased an item one usually does not have enough points to purchase any others to see if they work better without starting from scratch. All prior ways of getting points no longer work. So this is quite a frustrating game.

DeepCore 2009.10.21
Better than the first, but still a few things to wish for.

davidp30 2009.10.21
Would love to see some type of replayability on the girls other than that a good game.

bill98661 2009.10.21
This was an ok game. When I saw the girl on the cover of the game, I got excited thinking it was going to be that kind of 3-d rendering in the game. So I was a little disapointed. But ok game. Good moans.

Tarkis 2009.10.21
it`s a shame that you can repeat a girl without restarting completly

diosde 2009.10.21
cool game, but earsy, my orefer is clhoely

dx61005 2009.10.21
the music`s nice but the overall game`s too simple to play and boring `cos no effect showing.

Cool Dave 2009.10.21
fun but too simple, nice graphic but need somme move

Snakeyes 2009.10.21
live long game to play . it´s fun . german edtion

twild 2009.10.20
I liked the game waited a long time for its release. It was made way to easy though.The first one was alot harder. They just need to make it easier to wake her up and it would be fantastic. I know they spent alot of time making this and it shows . Just change the awake meter. Please !

birdasu1309 2009.10.20
pretty short game. Ok but super easy.

fishman456 2009.10.20
great game love it but to easy

I Want U 2009.10.20
i didnt really like it was short and u couldnt replay them

cheese101 2009.10.20
great game,possibly 2 easy?
dont like the way u cant repeat without restarting entire game tho...

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