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Olga: 20 dollars girl


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arcticc 2017.11.10
Easy game, but very cool. Many photos

Tiodor 2017.10.10
Great graphics and nice gameplay. I like Olga and the whole game

devil123456789 2017.09.23
The graphics are great, but the game is way to short and easy

KitCarsen 2017.09.13
Enjoyable easy game to play with a hot girl.

noname24x 2017.07.26
Good graphics, nice girl, but the story too short and easy.

ianjames 2017.03.16
great graphics exelent sex scene to short is there any more of olga

halt99 2016.12.19
I really like olga..fun short game easy to navigate

Greenside80 2016.11.21
cool game....easy to play......enjoyed it

nbrahul 2016.11.16
Poor content, below average animation, almost 0 eye-candy. It`s linear, without-a-choice "game". Pull yourselves together guys! :)

MikeyH74 2016.10.19
Cool game! Sexy chick and easy enough game play.


xXxVeNoMxXx 2016.10.04
Great game, great graphics and story. Keep it up.

Atreyusan 2016.08.11
cute girl, great graphics, hilarious dialog

HotChick13 2016.07.15
Not as good as i thought it would be

jonnhy 2016.03.14
Olga was hot but it could be longer

tyriba2000 2016.02.20
one of my most liked games

mynk 2016.01.15
this game does not have enough content

zware 2015.12.13
Amazing game. Olga is hot

artieruther 2015.11.25
may have been better if there was a bit more challenge to it.

Scissors 2015.11.16
not interesting enough. kida bored

soltero43 2015.09.29
It may be short, but it packs a good punch when it comes to the sex scenes.. No need to answer mundane questions or click repeatedly,just straight to the sex.

highonpotenuse420 2015.08.16
The game has good graphics but seems to skirt around the business end of the actual sex if you choose to have sex with her.

bloodscryans 2015.07.14
Definitely agree it needs to be longer.

phins55 2015.06.03
Over kinda quick, but fun.

hooah1775 2015.03.23
igt was a good game wish it was longer

long385 2015.03.11
Very short game but very sexy, i would gladly pay 20

RamanS21 2015.03.08
short game but a nice one

umager 2015.02.23
nice game, sexy woman, just bad it is so short..

thirstttt 2015.02.16
The best part of that game was the bonus pictures but Im not even bothering to play again to see the rest

cameronw 2015.02.11
Loved this game. If only all girls cost $20..

roro_qween 2015.01.16
great graphics nice gameplay loved olga loved the whole game

nirt10101 2015.01.13
good game in general, good graphics but the lack of sound is disappointing

nahid123 2015.01.06
Good graphics but maybe a little too short..

jc369 2014.12.31
very good graphics fun game

haydenk698 2014.11.01
great game nice and short maybe more options

deathsniper 2014.11.01
nice one. always dreaming college cunt milking my gun

Shakma 2014.10.23
Cool storyline, graphics are great, and Olga is really sexy, great game :)

ingvi121214 2014.10.02
that game was really good animation was beautifull

Matthew97 2014.09.05
great game the graphics are okay

Iwantu 2014.08.31
Good Graphics but a little short on gameplay.

jonnyquid 2014.08.15
Loved the girl and the story... but the guy looked too much like stephan harper

Aelous 2014.07.17
good graphic at all but is too short and too easy

bitz94 2014.07.11
The graphic quality is amazing I must admit.

bigbankhank128 2014.06.30
this is a good game two thumbs up .

LocusSpartan 2014.06.24
Beautiful girl it should include more

BigDailyCock 2014.06.22
great graphics she busty afffffffffff

6166542 2014.06.18
Too easy, there is only two paths: a blow job and sex, so it is not really a adventure, and what is the point to the questions at the beginning?

GP69 2014.05.16
Not a bad game! Simple and easy to follow!

Shadow101 2014.05.11
good animation. but its a bit short..

Tony1209 2014.04.20
nice game but too short & not enough to do

Damann2323 2014.04.14
Too short, but the animation was good.

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

kira3895 2014.03.12
great game with good graphics, enough easy for me :D and also great story

anti1990 2014.03.04
Too short but had pretty good animations.

Rindevar 2014.03.03
I have no idea of what else can happen but it is damn short. Good graphics quality though, and OK animation. Not outstanding but this seems to be an earlier endeavour: I love that big numbers loading percentage...

zikas 2014.02.28
very good game but it was short story

johnyrocker 2014.02.23
good game graphics was good, a little bit short could have really expanded more..

melonboxxx 2014.02.12
it was ok but ive played better

vinniekill 2014.02.11
Really nice game, good graphics. Nice girl

MakeUScream 2014.01.11
great game with good graphics

mysteryinlife 2013.12.30
fun game to play , but is very quick

artyomkass 2013.12.19
game is very nice, but i think it`s too short. give me more :)

DJJunHao 2013.12.16
this game is great. just like all play force one games.. kelly! im coming for you!

rafaspartan117 2013.12.14
hot olga love her so much story is great

Asher101 2013.12.14
A short game but a good one
the graphics are average but the gameplay is good, although a few more options would have been better

whiterun 2013.12.04
Short, but it was great. With good graphics

lits1993 2013.11.22
gr8 game!!!!!!! wish to play more

eXten 2013.11.12
Cool, but really really short, but I played it 5 times and it worth it.

onlyme555 2013.11.04
this game is fantastic i cant stop playing it

asdewq85 2013.11.03
It´s very short but nice pictures to see

csasso 2013.10.29
Ok game. Some options at the start but less at the end. Some POV during sex would be good. The games kinda short .

ghost1021 2013.10.13
great and easy game i in enjoy it

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

kahnan 2013.09.23
Good game,nice graphics but story can be longer.

lcarb 2013.09.20
great graphics, love the simple story line; could have a bit more options

Serban123 2013.09.20
Good game,nice graphics and nice story

bugem832 2013.09.07
easy game pretty fun but not to long or hard

Lizzie 2013.09.03
Loved the ending to this game! Awesome.

Jay1982 2013.08.25
too bad it`s such a short game

hornyboy501 2013.08.24
Lovely game...love to play it again. Fantastic Graphics also!

denianhanzo 2013.08.23
nice game but olga verynice

zooligan123 2013.08.22
olga is a beauty nice graphics and awsome storyline

ecchiboy 2013.08.15
Gameplay and visual as usual satisfying but the story quite short which make it quite disappointing

lilouback 2013.08.15
finally. Very good game. How about a pov game

sophiesaint18 2013.08.14
nic egame made me nice and happy getting my toys out now after that yes please.

Clash66 2013.07.28
Very sexy, but too short and not enough options

noogad 2013.07.26
amazing! very interactive and pleasing.

Feblih 2013.07.18
very sexy olga, good graphs.

rames44a 2013.07.14
Good concept, but not really enough options or long enough

terrykal 2013.07.10
Way too short, what a bummer :(

Dannobio 2013.07.05
This game is a hot one. I love the girl when she fuck the customer and give him a nice time.

TwiztidRoman 2013.07.04
Interesting story but it is a little to short :(

denny60 2013.06.26
I enjoy this every time, good responce!

shyguy2662 2013.06.24
Not bad, but way too short. I wouldn`t play it again

joker1389 2013.06.22
Great game I liked the graphics really would of liked it if it was a little longer and if i could of had some more choices

Cox3 2013.06.20
great game olga is so sexy i wish i was scott.

SpxGuy 2013.06.19
Graphics were not bad, but the game play was very short. A longer sex scene(s)=better, but the sex scenes were good though.

Avatar4400 2013.06.16
Awesome graphics, to bad it didn`t last longer

licius80 2013.06.11
Good animations but too short.

Tyesh 2013.06.11
I wish that this game had expand further down and had not been so short.

calvino9 2013.06.09
the animation is great, but the game is too short.

david1998 2013.06.08
Really cool game and graphics, I love it ! It would be nice if there were other games like this one.

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Deafprevet 2013.06.01
I must admire that girl look hot wish she is real.

skdaftary 2013.06.01
The game needs to have better englist and more convincing secquences

jake99 2013.05.31
okay game grapic are nice loved all the endings

unforgiven69 2013.05.29
awesome game, a little too short with such nice models and animation, in another words should have lasted a bit more, hehe, . its a greay game from a great company...and I love the ending lol.

49fp 2013.05.24
Graphics and girl good but short and simple.

derda 2013.05.23
very nice, well made game, wish there were more of these types. i think there are only two others i can find ;(

timeline 2013.05.20
Nice grafx and animations, but no options and to short

freaky220 2013.05.18
this game is really hot nice graphics too

daledenton 2013.05.17
short and simple but one of the best games going

fuckme22 2013.05.15
This games has great graphics but its to short

Faouzi25 2013.05.12
very nice game, to bad it`s not so good like the lake party Game

99rd 2013.05.09
nic game................hot girls
grt sex positions

sergant11 2013.05.07
Great Game and good Graphics and Gameplay as usual.

Love it ;)

bionu.org 2013.05.06
i hope i will meet girl like her

1311teddybear 2013.04.30
nice graphics but the story too short

pussypounder89 2013.04.26
this game is excellent it almost make dick stand up

LickmeKissme101 2013.04.21
short and simple my most favorite game everr

shishkabob 2013.04.17
The game play is only average, but the story line (esp. the ending) is very good.

brit_man33 2013.04.14
Good game. I like the cautionary tale of cameras at the end...lol.

ilovegirls14 2013.04.12
it has great graphics and a great theme

heat_alucard666 2013.04.07
nice graphic but hopefully with longer game

mglover 2013.04.04
a good game but would be better if there were more options and it was longer

themoronic1 2013.04.04
Love the twist at the end

travelmatt 2013.04.02
The Graphics we pretty good. It would be nice to be a bit longer.

pedja979 2013.03.31
this game is have quality

MagnusTide 2013.03.29
that slut is so delicious :D

hunted 2013.03.29
good game great graphics i love the girl hot

ymailsuresh 2013.03.27
this game is fucking great

venrus 2013.03.24
its pretty good but too short for my tastes

Dave719 2013.03.24
Could have been so much more, felt a bit rushed

codie25craft 2013.03.21
awesome game a little short should make more with this girl

cangkemsuwek 2013.03.19
good graphics, short story but entertaining

sexycock 2013.03.17
awesome game and cool graphics

Smoots 2013.03.15
awsome game beautiful girl and everything

Dillinger82588 2013.03.14
A little bit short and it have less choise than the orher ones... but i enjoyed it! ;)

drVeron 2013.03.12
sweet games and very good graphics

julius7791 2013.03.08
Nice graphics, with good animation but the game is a little short

hazelnut 2013.03.07
It`s a good game but it`s way too short. I`d like it much more if it were longer.

Keira19 2013.03.07
Sexyyyy! Short but it is very entertaining.

x7-SA 2013.03.03
One of The Best Games Ive Ever Played

0904038 2013.03.03
the game was far too short- a bit of a disapointment really

charliejohnson 2013.02.28
incredible, i cant believe how hard i came after playing this!

jakeme77 2013.02.26
This game is way to short

cde93 2013.02.22
Not a bad game at all but the story is too short

Shadow_Twisted 2013.02.19
Great graphics, but it all felt too... short. Granted you`re not exactly looking for lengthy discussions with a prostitute, and the ending was a nice twist. Still, the guy just seemed so full of himself it was a little hard to enjoy.

Halberdier 2013.02.17
Great graphic, great seductive girl :)

a715jjr5 2013.02.15
pretty girl and some of the options work, but everyonce in a while I get stuck in a loop and nothing happens

jackme42 2013.02.14
Funny, but really short. Does it have different endings?

Steve41982 2013.02.14
This game has awesome graphics

bweek 2013.02.12
Sweet game! Kind of upset she raised the price but oh well :)

NFraunhofer 2013.02.11
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

opopmand 2013.02.09
Good game but way too short

crank 2013.02.08
hot one, but need to be more interactive

killa12345 2013.02.02
cool graphics,animation,andgameplay

Hardmanlol 2013.01.31
was definitely too short for me

jack9th 2013.01.30
good game interesting story

joetrippy 2013.01.29
i need help getting passed the main lobby part

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic but way too short.

marmadukexx 2013.01.24
I love eastern europe girl...... pls create another game with eastern european girl. Btw, love the story although quite short and great graphic details

pepsiorange 2013.01.22
Good game, excellent graphics and I love the animations and animation controls in this game. Only downside is it is way too short.

aceelvin09 2013.01.21
beautiful girl!!!!!!!!!!!

peterpanski 2013.01.20
very short but nice pictured.

metalgod13 2013.01.20
short, sweet and to the point. Fantastic gameplay. Great graphics. Olga was beautiful

Pilot1313 2013.01.19
lol I love the ending. (not sure if there are more), good animations, and an ok story.

sexdosex 2013.01.19
too short game with good graphics,,

big99999 2013.01.18
Very short and very boring. Graphics were good though.

afpereira 2013.01.17
this has no challeng at all

CB54 2013.01.16
Sexy model; great animation; not much story; too short.

easygoing 2013.01.16
very nice, too short though

sex seven 2013.01.10
nice and great game, make me want explore more

bobberbob 2013.01.09
great graphics but way to quick and no options

call1114 2013.01.08
Very good graphics but I thought it ending really quickly

markfred 2013.01.07
graphics ok story too ok...need to improve

numnuts11 2013.01.07
i love this game its awesome

Ollieda 2013.01.03
Not a great game. It is just clicking through the options, there`s no risk of getting it wrong therefore the end isn`t really a reward

john3312 2013.01.02
nice and great game, make me want explore more

Lupus20 2013.01.02
nice one but there are better once

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. i loved much...

Hieblan 2013.01.01
great game, good pictures, very hot girl that Olga, she make me hard

netpersia 2012.12.31
fun gameplay but i would love to now when LOP 3 is coming????

legion145 2012.12.31
great game but hard to keep up with talking

Billy Bob 2012.12.29
Great, i like the graphics, but unfortunately its a very short game.

starboardchef 2012.12.29
what a dirty girl this is

Germantiger 2012.12.29
short game, not chalenging

katakana132 2012.12.28
Only sos on this one. It`s way too short to get a chance to enjoy it. Maybe longer with multiple encounters with Olga that lead to her gathering more evidence or becoming more adventurous

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
this game is some interesting the animation is very good the graphics are very coolness i love it

ballsac 2012.12.25
I think I won! Great graphics, nice gameplay. Of all the games I`ve ever played this is, without a doubt, the latest.

Buick 2012.12.20
A good russian photo but the game is rather short.

EmerikQ 2012.12.18
graphic is good, Ogla is good too and cheaper than Jordan :D

ferdixon 2012.12.17
great game the graphics are okay

kingzues 2012.12.17
game was alright i like all the endings.

divox 2012.12.16
Various endings is what makes this game so good.

Mr. Magic 2012.12.15
Nice looking girl. Not much of a game though.

ptalgh 2012.12.12
quite a not very large game.. but okay with it

ivcosic3 2012.12.08
Very short and not so many options in game!

sexytexan18 2012.12.03
They should have made it harder

Intreflants12 2012.12.02
That was a really good game with even better graphics!!

Tusher 2012.12.01
the girl in the gane really drive me crazy . she really is a fucken hot sweet and cute 20 dolars girl

bananabrace 2012.12.01
Not a lot of possibilities.

AaAaA88 2012.11.30
quite a not very large game.. but good one

weezydadon 2012.11.29
easy but worth it loved this game

ar-ar 2012.11.28
hmm..wow so very game i like this game play

xes9960 2012.11.27
wow, sexy russian.. love it......

sam786 2012.11.27
great game!!! Awesome graphics

VeNNoM 2012.11.27
Well done, very, very hot.

bigdickferrell23 2012.11.27
not a bad game just not long enough

moaning 2012.11.27
great game the graphics are okay

joseph vijay 2012.11.26
good game and super graphics

Telos377 2012.11.26
Very good game needs a pt 2

shivers1 2012.11.26
both the story and animation dissapointing did nothing for me

luigi3324 2012.11.25
this was the best game i ever played

iram 2012.11.25
very great game, very nice graphism

Long Dick 2012.11.24
liked it but needs other options to make it more interesting.

Stallerpanzer07 2012.11.24
I love it very good graphics and gameplay all around

alaine 2012.11.22
very short game n 2 easy

loloxx 2012.11.20
short game and too easy. Not as good as the others.

120489 2012.11.19
I would like to have sound in this game or maybe that was just my computer

SexyWomanFucker 2012.11.19
game is amazing they really should make more games like this

smarcs58 2012.11.19
not as fun as other ones ,, but cool

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


hitsushi 2012.11.18
nice graphics, nice animations, but poorly too short

Act132 2012.11.16
Graphics were good but it could have been longer and more difficult

JJ2 2012.11.16
Great graphics but it could have been longer

droopy1988 2012.11.14
you ll love the graphics. quick short and hot

James_1 2012.11.13
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

MB78 2012.11.13
this is a good quick game, that is not too hard to get through and get a decent ending.

noti 2012.11.13
a very fun but short game

droopy1988 2012.11.13
great scenes nice photos would love to play the game all the time

TreeMe4571 2012.11.11
I love these games I`m going to play every one

sexyback2068 2012.11.10
This was a good game. I love how the guy gets caught in the end

virtualpervet 2012.11.10
Nice animation but a little too short

shamtastic 2012.11.09
I like the game (Maybe short). It has good graphics but the sex scenes I think could have been better

andy_regresa 2012.11.09
great game, play it and you will enjoy it

jiawei95 2012.11.09
Omg loved it ! quite short thou, haha

cjisback 2012.11.09
sexy but i dont really get the point

abcdqwerty 2012.11.08
hot ass fucking busty chick

dragtoto 2012.11.07
great pleasure with this game

rang122 2012.11.07
the girl in the game was blazing hot although games meaning was not that good!

voynar88 2012.11.06
Too short story, and there should be more endings. Olga well animated.

denny60 2012.11.06
It was to the point! Would like to more endings.

ghosteye 2012.11.06
awesome game loved it alot and i want to play it again and again and again

hunterbonx 2012.11.05
a very fun but short game

Evil Dick 2012.11.05
Beautifull girl! Story is a bit short ...

funchevyman502 2012.11.05
Pretty hot. Olga is well animated :)

Ringo70 2012.11.04
This was a nice diversion, but fell short of my expectations. It was to short, and to linear. Graphics were excellent, and it had potential.

Empiq 2012.11.03
Too short but graphic is awesome

i_sexmaniac 2012.11.03
Not up to the usual standard. Has a lot of potential. Beautiful girl. Interesting story line. But choices don`t seem to make that much difference. Too simple with no good ending that I`ve found.

Ryoxxx 2012.11.02
Short game with good graphic

Jim1973 2012.10.30
Not the best but good graphics at least.

hangem 2012.10.30
very good graphics,story just a little short

scrubby 2012.10.30
to short, but still looks amazing. Very good graphics but the animations are "mechanic". More option way in the game is prefered.

TGxViiperzx 2012.10.29
ome on. Lieutenant. Nobody would believe you of all people got lost.
So nice night we are having
-At least you are not bored anymore.
-So what`s a special forces like you doing in a place like this?
You know I just noticed something.
-Is that "Shime Waza"? Pretty basic. Don`t you think?
Listen. From professional to professional
-I planted a video-loop. Took pressure plates off-line. Checked guard routines.
-I need to know: What happen with that subordinate?

Slip from her grasp

Lieutenant I`m not the only one who came in here empty handed.
Of course it is. And. As any game. As long as it isn`t boring...
End conversation

Drop your belt.
Remove your shirt.
Remove pants.

Well Lieutenant you gave me an order, didn`t you?
Are you going to let them get into our fun?
Thing are looking up... If I don`t screw up.
Why don`t you sit down and we`ll start negotations?

Careful do not spam click the dialog here.


Take her on the couch


Get your hairpin (Click your hair)
Pick the lock (Click the handcuffs)
Handcuff Audra (Click her hand)

Those handcuffs... they aren`t like you.

masterking 2012.10.29
great scenes and great graphics

bicho 2012.10.27
Goog but, it was too easy and a bit short

busu99 2012.10.27
this game is awsome i luve the girl in this one

londo 2012.10.27
137 Points and nothing went bad :)
nice game! need some attemps to find the right path

bobdafische 2012.10.26
great game i lpve the graphics and gameplay

Theosopher 2012.10.26
conquering a bitch is easy.

hanibal194 2012.10.25
olga is so hot damned this one game is very good

Dadetheos 2012.10.25
This game was nice and short and very fun.

railhunk 2012.10.24
A little short, but very sexy!

hanibal194 2012.10.22
olga will burn your brain out nice gamemany ending

Tanatos 2012.10.22
The gameplay was boring! But good graphig.

razvan 2012.10.22
woowwwww nice game n verri nice grafit y like

derrabe77 2012.10.21
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

wateshito 2012.10.20
This game its ok, i dont liked very much

Mr Tickles 2012.10.20
Wasn`t sure about this one to start with but it turned out to be most enjoyable!

J i i z 2012.10.19
Good graphics, good game , good pleasure !!!

DickieDo 2012.10.18
kind of boring, not a big fan

Bigmyth 2012.10.18
Not a big fan of this one! Gameplay was rather boring!

mmitch88 2012.10.18
its a pretty good game but way to short and the graphics are alright

margera2 2012.10.17
Good game, nice view, but a little bit to short. Wish it`d be longer

reeteeree 2012.10.17
very good graphics . it made me cum

xxdragonxx 2012.10.16
very nice game wish this is a reality lolx

Fugubob1 2012.10.16
Awful gameplay but ok graphics.

biggsreddy 2012.10.16
Nice game action very robotic graphics very good

binks 2012.10.16
graphics are great but game is slow

cloretscool 2012.10.15
gameplay is good.. graphic is very real

thinspiration 2012.10.15
the graphics are rly good

zylasty13 2012.10.14
This game by Leonizer a little dissapointing- too short for m.e. Good graphics as usual though

ch4mpagne 2012.10.14
I cant get all endings... but cool game!

biggrk 2012.10.14
Great game , cant wait to find all the endings

salope 2012.10.14
not lo,g at all, im so sad :D

pimpin_impala69 2012.10.13
Good little story! Hope there`s more olga to come!!

dickerotto 2012.10.13
it very nice one of the best but it is to short

Big Hun 2012.10.12
great game! graphic is very good, and the model is hot. very nice!

Bortan 2012.10.12
This was a ver good game, i really iked it.

dante godhand 2012.10.11
That was great game. very nice graphics and story

Kertac 2012.10.11
the story twist at the end was well done.

StrangerLove 2012.10.10
This game is great and have a good graphics

l0lwut 2012.10.10
Pretty nice game. I like longer games though.

C.C. 2012.10.09
Great graphics. Good story. Great girl. More!!! Maybe take her to a room and have a lot more options with her.

trolalo 2012.10.09
nice game. good graphics but its a little bit to short in my oppinion.

hoppster 2012.10.09
Great hooker and very sexy game

sephiroth2099 2012.10.09
Olga is super hot!wish there was more of her..

pavrisha 2012.10.07
Excellent graphics but short story... i like it

moltres 2012.10.06
very good graphics great story i loved it

yasharz 2012.10.06
This is a great game... and i like it very much...

midgriff 2012.10.06
A bit short, and not many options, but overall ok

jay_long 2012.10.03
Excellent graphics but short story... i like it

pyrotech12 2012.10.03
it was alright but it could have been longer

Twister19 2012.10.02
really good graphics and fun idea. would have loved a longer experience with this girl

thedivine 2012.10.02
Really nice game nice story

googleplay 2012.10.02
i only get 2 endings, can someone explain to me how to get the best ending please?

derda 2012.10.01
good game play and awesome graphics

jennah88 2012.10.01
need another one like this and maybe longer for the next

omega908 2012.09.30
loved the games great story sexy russion

ertywe 2012.09.29
sexy russian babe niccccccce

747Jackpot 2012.09.29
Well... a little short, but interesting

yasharz 2012.09.28
This is an excellent game...


Jan.Tyo 2012.09.28
Although the game is too short, the graphics are good. The game could be made better with more exciting challenges as it is too straight forward.

Iandude 2012.09.28
It was good and the story was nice but somewhat shallow and the sex scenes were good but not as good as they could have been.

robbery 2012.09.28
Fun game. A little too short but great graphics.

digotueio 2012.09.27
NIce positions, good evolutions and very short

a715jjr5 2012.09.27
the game is a little two short with not many different endings -- but the graphics are superb

pranav king 2012.09.27
i like the animation of graphics of the game

ChicoF 2012.09.27
Nice graphics and movements but limited on developing options.Very pleasant anyway.

ajsponge 2012.09.27
A little more could be added, other than that, a great game indeed.

pritesh_khalashi 2012.09.26
This is good game and good graphic but when he and she doing sex dosent show pussy or cock...

sexyguyxx 2012.09.25
good game hot girl what more can i say

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Good game, nice twist at the end.

vadonka 2012.09.23
it was a bit short but good game. girl is hot

hotbrian1000 2012.09.23
It was hot and olga was hot to look at. Wish it was me with olga.

luboslav 2012.09.23
very good game and very good graphic.

luboslav 2012.09.23
Very good graphic and sound is passion.

kevinsankar 2012.09.22
the game is extremely good

sanfran 2012.09.22
Loved every bit of it, played for 3 hours!! thank you love the graphics

akitta 2012.09.22
schort one,but very nice!

erpoly 2012.09.22
good game and best graphic..i enjoy it...

Mr.H67 2012.09.22
good quailty. a little lacking in story and options.

pokpokerska 2012.09.21
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

pokpokerska 2012.09.21
good game, just too short

lucifer lucy 2012.09.21
abit short but cool graphics

shademage 2012.09.19
Olga went too linear, not enough choices to sway anything one way or another.

rangorango44 2012.09.19
sexy girl for sure.................reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly

pasat 2012.09.19
Good looking graphics but a weak story with no options.

NCC2184 2012.09.19
Very good game I liked it a lot very hot.

daed 2012.09.18
story a little boring, but fun nonetheless

jayrjay101 2012.09.17
the artwork amazes me.. and its like it was rea,.

larrry02 2012.09.17
Great game, a little to linear, but I really liked it.

fall3n 2012.09.17
way too short and linear :(

bricefrost 2012.09.16
the gameplay is to short and the graphis is ok not the best

Mace1245 2012.09.16
I love the girl, She`s so cute. It`s a little bit too short, though

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Pretty hot game, good graphics and a hot looking girl

smexxiangel123 2012.09.15
this is a very good game nothing like a sexy woman to turn you on.

DirtyDave56 2012.09.15
very erotic needs to be a bit longer

Huhwell 2012.09.15
Liked it, the twist is cool. But to short

Scarface81 2012.09.15
Good graphics but maybe a little too short..

jimbob1234 2012.09.15
A bit too short but really fun

Bigg31 2012.09.14
great graphics but not a lot of options

bjk2012 2012.09.14
ok game but it was to short for my liking could have been good if it was longer

unbelievableuseless 2012.09.14
like this game, different scenes much longer than the last one =))

dddyyy 2012.09.13
the graphics are hot, but i could have been longer

gsmack1108 2012.09.13
Good looking graphics but a weak story with no options.

diontor 2012.09.13
beautiful animation, what a sexy game

craiglumet 2012.09.13
That was fun game. very nice graphics and story

mann234 2012.09.12
lovely game, nice graphics& animation but game is lil short...

Kilopio 2012.09.12
Goog graphic, nice game but quite too short and easy

estong 2012.09.12
Good graphics but a bit too short for.

stefanher14 2012.09.11
Game is way to short and realy very simple

jahe 2012.09.10
Great,but the story is a little bit short
olga is pro..

texasviper77089 2012.09.10
game was short but good olga was very cute

ploops89 2012.09.09
The game is a bit too short but i still like it!

mattv1 2012.09.09
it was a good game , just a little shorter then expected

mrtooka 2012.09.09
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

robbielennon 2012.09.09
Animation was excellent, but no journey.

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.08
A little Action with Olga in the Garage....funny

geurede 2012.09.08
good but need improvement on animation and graphic

hugo93 2012.09.07
very good game, but its to short and there are no sounds

Messer13 2012.09.07
The graphics is so good that I think she is worth a 100 dollars.

jorge40 2012.09.07
kinda short but a very good game

GoncaloBP 2012.09.07
The game is a little short, but it`s really good

discreteplayer 2012.09.06
kinda short but a very good game

EvaAsh 2012.09.06
short but fun i liked it the graphics are good

mystic_m 2012.09.06
didn`t like this one. too short and hardly any options to play around.
graphics are also not of the level as seen in some other games.

As34an789a100 2012.09.06
Very good game.
I want to play with kelly. Can I play these games offline? Can I download these games?

DarkAce777 2012.09.05
Better, than having to pay for all the dinner and stuff, haha

harrywibowo 2012.09.05
Need more improvement at the story, sometimes erotic journey is quite better ...

dragonborn 2012.09.04
cool, if only this happens in the usa

paolo13 2012.09.04
Enjoyed the game. A bit of a longer build-up might have improved the experience.

keyz3513 2012.09.03
the game was good and easy to do. like how they did olga`s character. overall good game.

jallinostin 2012.09.01
Loved the graphics. Olga`s look is really fantastic and the "easy" ending option was nice for a change.

rock21799 2012.08.31
great ending loving the graphics

Tiger21 2012.08.31
Very short and very linear. Not much replay value.

sexyfrank 2012.08.31
too short, and these fantasies should always have anal at least as an option.

xxzzz65 2012.08.31
would be better with anal

cashman1 2012.08.30
asome game just a little bit short could have gone a little bit longer

jhnsmth117 2012.08.30
great animation, but short

hazephoenix 2012.08.30
Awesome game, nice graphics as usual. But the storyline`s too short.

brad7060 2012.08.30
Good game, with good graphics

Coranthor 2012.08.29
Well done. Simple with good graphics

belic 2012.08.29
This game is nice and short game. quick play

Steakpie 2012.08.28
Good to see these little short games, they make for easy play

Steakpie 2012.08.28
Good game but it could benefit from some more interactivity

Andalon 2012.08.26
excellent game, with a very hot chick

Dewillion 2012.08.26
As a feeble ... Animation is not bad, but in general somehow boring ...

AllyB 2012.08.26
This girl is so hot and amazing, definitely worth playing and I really enjoyed it!

sexyman0121 2012.08.25
nice game but it was rather short and lacking all the other parts of sex that the other games apply

serkuz23 2012.08.25
short but sweet. Nice graphic`s but wish it was longer. Very good

kedekakus 2012.08.25
(+)great graphic
(+)great girl

(-)short story
(-)short gameplay

antihero 2012.08.25
A little short but I really liked the graphics on this one.

Pusher 2012.08.25
Nice, but too easy and short

drvwghia 2012.08.25
Nice game, easy though. Not a fan of the long L.O.P. intro but the gameplay was fine. Great graphics.

Jaxen 2012.08.24
great game wish it was longer and had more options

tdaynis 2012.08.23
oh ho1 sexy game...graphics good...gameplay good...girl hot... what else would u need to make a sexgame hit:)

mapcabra2 2012.08.23
very realistic game,cool
i recommend it

cooljin12345 2012.08.23
o what a nice fuck game

vllad 2012.08.23
great game, love the ending, but not a lot of options to choose from in play. would like to see more of this with more options

yoda 2012.08.22
neat little game, but rather short with little options

cooljin12345 2012.08.22
it is a nice game and everyvbody must play it cool

ilikeappes 2012.08.21
Oo I like the plot twist at the end!

Thermorium 2012.08.21
Great game, good quality, nice graphics

goobers12 2012.08.21
Good game, loved the end and how it turned out. It was too short though.

gecko812 2012.08.21
Could have more content in it, more of a storyline

TheBlackReaper7 2012.08.21
Really quick, but fun game.

Duh_777 2012.08.20
I cannot dounload some games, white screen... flash player - last, firewall and antivirus - off... can help me?

ryan94 2012.08.20
quite a short game but very fun

pasat 2012.08.20
Great game, but it was too quick and simple.

curan 2012.08.19
The game is way too short, even if Olga made me pretty horny.

sedrickduncan48 2012.08.18
Awesome game. Love the end pics!!!

FrazerB6 2012.08.18
hot enough game but theres not much to do to be honest, could barely say theres and actual gameplay, its just a matter of going through the motions, wont be playing it again

Alex101 2012.08.18
good game game but way to short

jimbo090 2012.08.17
this kind of game i like but too short and too simple

Blackopz 2012.08.17
Great game, but it was too quick and simple.

sexmachine59 2012.08.17
The graphics in this game is pretty good and i love the endings. Although I am stuck at the part where u see her tattoo

smurphy 2012.08.16
good game game but way to short

rotcman11 2012.08.15
nice game, but a little too short for my likings

coon 2012.08.15
I liked it, but it is pretty lineair and short.

Lundklan 2012.08.15
You can`t actually fail this game... So pretty nice compared to some of the other games where there is a 75% chance of failure ;-)

satelitic 2012.08.15
this one is really simple compared to the complexity of the other games.. or I"m missing something

Jeti 2012.08.14
A kind of nice, but too short. Would be nice to make it out several days and develop relationship somewhat.

bleen 2012.08.14
Iteresting game? but very short ^(

aidenko 2012.08.14
i like this game. very sexy girl

LMiller1675 2012.08.14
Great game and great graphics :D
However its length is...lacking

shadowabir 2012.08.13
great graphics, not such a great story

chunky007 2012.08.13
good game game but way to short

NWEVIL 2012.08.13
Short game but its a good one.

user1234567890 2012.08.12
good game only problem ive had with it is if you try to look at the tattoo at a part it woodunt let me click anything in game.

loginokj 2012.08.12
too short, wish there were more options

johndellsman 2012.08.12
sexy and hot ...nice overall

wankstar 2012.08.11
sexy, but way too short. some fucking would have been nice.

CTSharp13 2012.08.11
this game is ok but way too short

surip 2012.08.11
Way too easy, almost lame in it`s simplicity.

donysabox 2012.08.11
the story is good.
the graphics for this game is amazing as always.
i enjoy it still its too short.

kilxgore 2012.08.11
Good game, I liked the concept. I wish it had been longer though

zeroxman2 2012.08.11
simple but one of my favorites

bob123123 2012.08.11
lot of fun, good graphics great game

Jeti 2012.08.11
Little one minded story, but interesting

davduckie 2012.08.10
good artwork, story a bit too short for my liking

bags 2012.08.10
nice game, but with limited options, and way to short

Nimrod 2012.08.09
Way too easy, almost lame in it`s simplicity.

manyk85 2012.08.09
Great girl! Short, but very entertaining.

stranger333 2012.08.09
this game is great, real sexy

andy12 2012.08.09
this is great the gameplay is awesome and the animation too!

scalemdls 2012.08.08
short but fun, wish they were longer but i wonder if there would be issues with bandwith limits or something like that.

Zalbar 2012.08.08
very short, too bad the endings are limited, good graphics though, could use some noises

cnosman 2012.08.08
simple but very short game.. not very satisfying

bsdfxmm 2012.08.07
games was shrot but sweet

Super sexy girl and this game

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

Cole5982 2012.08.07
Interesting style of game, I really enjoyed playing it

ticedaice 2012.08.06
Kinda short game though. But good graphics.

sveinn1 2012.08.05
good game and good graphics

matague 2012.08.05
girl is wery hottttttttttt.to bad not many choises

protagonist1989 2012.08.05
it was a very short one, not a lot

buakjon 2012.08.05
A little short but good overall as always

abby1689 2012.08.04
another great game,if only real girls looked this hot

AdidasGirl 2012.08.04
Good game and sound too ;)

sexmaxter 2012.08.04
Good story line and easy to follow. The game wasn`t fitting int the screen right. Ever thought about an expand/fit button.

Aether1098 2012.08.03
too short too simple... but graphics was greeat

geoplans 2012.08.03
way to short needs more options

pornster 2012.08.03
ok story, not enough options

Daniel_Martin 2012.08.02
Good game, Olga looked great. It was a little short, and the dialogue could have used some work.

Definitely worth playing.

groky 2012.08.02
really funny, i love how she talks like yoda

rfswagger 2012.08.02
this game i did not think was very well

Guenther78 2012.08.01
Good game but a bit to short

vagvagvag 2012.08.01
the graphics are amazing not stuck in the game very good game

tomislav 2012.08.01
A bit short, i also regret there`s no anal option

rexxxar 2012.08.01
I love the girl Olga~~~ but the storyline is so short... i hope they would make another one with longer storyline out of Olga~

GrimRpr 2012.08.01
very good graphics and game

407LG 2012.07.31
very nice game but a little too short

scttwith24 2012.07.31
very beautiful girl and great game

BigD63 2012.07.30
not the longest game ever but still pretty good

scarface2473 2012.07.30
even though it was short i liked it

ovshitgat 2012.07.30
i hate russian girls but this game good

je1232 2012.07.29
girl is wery hottttttttttt.to bad not many choises

bambarbio 2012.07.29
I think this is really short game.I want longer games.

Zero Loveless 2012.07.29
Short game but fun. I liked the ending bonuses.

mmthedestroyer 2012.07.28
really good game, enjoyed the graphics

Jason123456 2012.07.28
good graphics, the girl was really hot but the game was short

riverrock 2012.07.27
this game is too short. But i like that you show the lint url for the endings.

sizzling12345 2012.07.26
nice game...nice graphics..i want to play more of it everyday

samarkand66 2012.07.26
why does it make the game better for me that she uses broken english?

Jumpingforce 2012.07.26
Too short! Needs more, great otherwise.

bladium 2012.07.26
good graphics, the girl was really hot but the game was short

Dark_sun 2012.07.26
Nice graphis and very hot but really too short.

oliver155 2012.07.25
love this girl such a great game wow

oliver155 2012.07.25
nice game, but i would have liked more sex scenes

amrilim 2012.07.24
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

FreakyLikeMe 2012.07.23
The graphic is good but the game is kinda short and poor...

montylove 2012.07.23
awesome game..........cool graphics

AwesomeSex 2012.07.23
this is great the gameplay is awesome and the animation too!

abc1945 2012.07.23
Good, too short. But a nice game.

Voland23 2012.07.22
a nice game with quite a good start, but it was very short, just a little longer and it would be a lot better

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

Asghan 2012.07.22
This game is not so interesting.. But I liked the girl in it as I do for the other girls here...

msbunny1221 2012.07.22
It got me started but I agree that it is very short in length and the dialogue for American English is choppy but overall, it gets things heading in the right direction

shandin 2012.07.21
This game is not so interesting.. But I liked the girl in it as I do for the other girls here...

Drinkas 2012.07.21
love this game, good graphics and naughty girls:P

starblade123 2012.07.21
the game is to short, i am little bored

icebruin 2012.07.21
Good graphics but little too short... Olga is hot

wongsiewsia 2012.07.21
nice game anyway...like it

Fuckmehard2012 2012.07.21
Itz about bit short of a game but iit was very good

Sayer 2012.07.19
this game was a good game to play

lttqs 2012.07.19
i m surely going to play this game so many time until i get all of the endings

pietje119 2012.07.18
good but short game... could be a little longer

Invinc 2012.07.18
It`s really short and actually kind of boring.

If only there were more endings.

chiller 2012.07.17
There are better games on the website but its okay. Too short though really. Passion one remains the daddy

thefishman 2012.07.17
this was the best game i played tooday. sweet graphics and a smokin chick

thelumpage 2012.07.17
fun game, not long but it gets to the point, good graphics

Nastycookie 2012.07.16
not bad but with sounds it could be better, and a bit short

acdffdca 2012.07.15
girls in this series looks very tight

Schwalbe 2012.07.15
Hey, why do you always loose my login, you morons???

Schwalbe 2012.07.15
It has too less possibilities, but the end is really funny.

Hasan.64 2012.07.15
Please anybody read my comment! I can not reach to download link /please help me/i am very lonely and sad boy/i need a friend please please please please . . . . . . . .

Messyparty009 2012.07.15
A bit short, but a good game nonetheless

tdogg1267 2012.07.15
wish that 20 dollars would really buy a sexy piece of ass like that...

Planb 2012.07.15
It would have been better with sound, but nice game

chap74 2012.07.15
really a great game just like he othe ones
i enjoyed playing it

AnonG 2012.07.15
Well game is litle short but still nice 8/10

Raven King 2012.07.15
not a bad little game. ending made me lol. 70/100 Music could use work...

Darkmoor 2012.07.14
Nice enough game but there are many better games on this site, its not a patch on christine, but worth trying once or twice

clivesinger1986 2012.07.14
Not much depth in this game at all. Disappointing.

arvils26 2012.07.14
The game was very seductive

kuydster 2012.07.14
Wow, the game is one of the most erotic ones. I will definitely play again

joepie 2012.07.14
short and simple gameplay, graphics are ok.

melobaby 2012.07.14
fun game needs more ending

junglemidgett 2012.07.13
I like these games, but this one is just way to short

surfkungen 2012.07.13
Ok graphics but not so good gameplay

ppillo 2012.07.13
I don`t know if it`s too short or I`m missing something. Always ends with the video thrill?

emmuz 2012.07.13
nice game, but very short and easy

emmuz 2012.07.13
good game had a nice time

Zalbar 2012.07.13
awsome graphics, the Story was a little short, would have been better if there were more options and places to meet Olga.

sexyplayer21 2012.07.12
The girl is okay but the name Olga is just weird

busu99 2012.07.11
nice game, cute girl, just a bit limited and short, but cute story anyway

ImrtlWolf 2012.07.11
I think the game is a little short for my taste and think their should be more interaction

Hasan.64 2012.07.11
I need a girl freind because i am alone give me your id for chat thank you honey

Hasan.64 2012.07.11
Please a sexxxxxxxy and beautiful lady give me an email address for chat please please please

timotimo12 2012.07.11
Nice game but a bit short

BallIdiot 2012.07.10
Sex scenes are not very "co-ordinated", but overall a decent game.

hash19 2012.07.10
nice game, but very short and easy

Hasan.64 2012.07.10
Where is download link? Please help me now !

xxAubbiexx 2012.07.10
This is a great game, good quality

kn0mthis 2012.07.10
nice game! took me a little bit to figure it out. i suck at these dating type question games...

Valos 2012.07.10
nice game with old idea :-)

peta 2012.07.10
sex in garague? such exciting experience!

xkenkyakux 2012.07.10
Good game but there wasn`t much in terms of gameplay. Liked the graphics and animation though.

Murkis 2012.07.09
I like this game, but I agree with other It should be longer !

texasviper77089 2012.07.09
fu game great graphics good story line like the ending

kalypzo35 2012.07.09
The game is abit short. Other than thal its ok

Deeek 2012.07.09
Bit short. Otherwise good. 7/10

tommy81 2012.07.09
this game is awsome i luve the girl in this one

jubijub 2012.07.09
it was a good hame but i reckon it needed more positions

bjartiz 2012.07.09
this is really good, liked the graphica aswell

Montesquieu 2012.07.09
Very clever. The parting shot at the end about divorce court begs the question: is there a sequel in the works?

glangaria 2012.07.08
it`s a shame the story wasn`t very put together, that`s the one thing special that lesson of passion games have when compared to other games

seikouchan 2012.07.08
I hope this story can be further explored and maybe this time, we can find her increasing her charge rate.

circa1984 2012.07.08
the game is great however im stuck at the point where he is giving olga a thorough examination

vonquote 2012.07.08
a bit short, but love the graphics, also perhaps add blinking to show a more realistic woman

Sawyer909 2012.07.08
Good game, shes hot, not sure what she is grabing on to in one of the scenes.

Tataigor 2012.07.08
Not the best of games but qute one

jsexstar 2012.07.07
holy fucking shit this game put me in a mood so good it left e with a boner for 45 minutes

speedofthought 2012.07.06
Definitely agree it needs to be longer.

jacob123great 2012.07.06
it needs to be longer but is good otherwise

lennybar10 2012.07.06
good game !!! good graph !!!

anine 2012.07.06
great game with good graphics

legendkiller060 2012.07.05
Good game, great animation and very interseting story.

shackles 2012.07.05
Way too short but maybe we will see an extended version?

ski9072 2012.07.05
Very short, but oh so sweet. Yummy

89LX50 2012.07.05
Best $20 cum shooting money can buy!

chairman066 2012.07.04
nice game, cute girl, just a bit limited and short, but cute story anyway

IamBri 2012.07.04
Good graphics and a little short, but has the potential to be expanded by the teaser pictures at the end perhaps? Storylines that go with them would put this game over the top.

sfalke 2012.07.04
Good game but a little short

shoewitt 2012.07.03
the game is too short, nice graphics, maybe needs more of a storyline to make it more personal.

Arishook 2012.07.03
good game mechanics but very short and not so many options

SmilesGB 2012.07.02
To short is my opinion, Great Graphics as with all Passions games! ++

toni_84 2012.07.02
It`s a very shot games without many options. Despite it, it has good graphics.

john9411 2012.07.02
best erotic game i played...........but short

husten 2012.07.02
Like this short game and most notably the girl.

flintstoneflop 2012.07.02
Good graphics, easy controls. Story OK.

Gerbzilla 2012.07.02
Nice game, but would like to see something longer and perhaps with multiple endings.

whitedradon613 2012.07.01
wow the ending was great never seen that coming

rumxes 2012.07.01
its a short and sweet game. I love playing it

stealthyotter 2012.07.01
this game is really really short, its ok but no where near the best

ken3ma123 2012.06.30
I liked this game very short thought but still a good game.

butman 2012.06.30
This game was shocking we didnt have to do much to reach sex sences 3/10 to short

johndoe14 2012.06.30
Nice graphics, alright story, bit short, but all in all not bad.

Surfdude1001 2012.06.29
Great game, good in dept, and very playable!

howyoulovinU 2012.06.29
Interesting for a short game. Quality makes up for quantity of gameplay. Alright overall.

akramkok5 2012.06.29
Game was very short with few choices. Dialog choices before the elevator seemed to have no effect at all sex scene still ended with a blow job, I like LOP`s games, but this one seems to have been thrown together very quickly, excellent artwork, and hot girl.

mrcoolerz 2012.06.29
it is too short, nevertheless, the graphics were great, game was well done.

fredastaire 2012.06.29
Olga is fabulously sexy and wonderfully drawn, but I wish that the game could have been lengthened so that she would have been shown in many more really arousing scenarios. Although the commentary was rather well written, the dialogue was so incredibly poor that it reduces my pleasure in playing the game. Can`t the developers of this game grasp that a person with very sophisticated English language skills also plays this game and other adult games? The mismatch between the improving quality of the art and the declining quality of the dialogue is very discouraging to me.

yoyoyo1234 2012.06.29
too easy no challenge would like game to be longer

harrywibowo 2012.06.29
More n more please ... the movement is much natural ... Love it !?

augustus66 2012.06.28
I cant play this game . My game stopped in front of elevator

ribud79 2012.06.28
Arrghhhh!!! Too Short....
The Graphics Good... The Animation.. okay...
But Then Again... Toooo Shooortttt :(

houndspear 2012.06.28
its kinda short but good story good graphics.

ilikeappes 2012.06.28
LOL actually tried going to the website

randy06 2012.06.28
love the story and love the sexy lady and more sex scenes and do it all to her

Sciakal 2012.06.27
good graphic, but very short game... Too short...

stefan88 2012.06.27
good game really enjoyed it

robert11096 2012.06.27
the game was very short but i liked it

Ed67 2012.06.26
Not bad, but I think too short and was a lot interaction.

jukio2011 2012.06.26
Good graphics... Olga is a very exiting girl... but little short game

mustaine7 2012.06.26
Good game, wish that the story was a little longer and had more than one ending.

epseudoo 2012.06.25
very short game, the story is very simple

arie26 2012.06.25
very good game, the graphics and the surround, they are very good!

Daywid 2012.06.25
An overall great game with nice graphics but just too short.:D

Silveralpha 2012.06.25
too short and cheap. It is not LOP.

veselqku 2012.06.25
Good gameplay, good graphic , many endings. I like game!

Killa00 2012.06.25
An overall great game with nice graphics but just too short.

moutheater 2012.06.25
to short, but still looks amazing

meowmage 2012.06.25
I`ve got to agree with just about everyone else. It`s too short. the Graphics are great as always... but it just seemed to fall short for me

mike201 2012.06.24
Good graphics, however these linear games have been way to common as of late. I miss being able to actually mess up and have to start over

Taavi Kosonen 2012.06.24
very good game, but short too!

barnard3 2012.06.24
great game wish it was longer

Chrischy 2012.06.24
Nothing special... Well, nice graphics at least...

markimarek 2012.06.24
too short and cheap. It is not LOP.

Ubber1 2012.06.24
this is an exce3llent game, with great graphics.

SpudLD 2012.06.24
great game though, bit short. and might have been a bit better to have to chase a bit more for results

mt57 2012.06.24
Game is too short but nice graphics.

AnnaRainbow 2012.06.23
As usual, beautiful art and design. But with this one, there is very little "game play" and the storyline (what there is of it) is not too engaging. It`s not much more than an exercise in mouse-wiggling and kind of a shug-off. But the look and styling are great, so a gold star for art design.

darsan 2012.06.23
I think Scott, this successful Austarlian manager is racist and imperialist.
He goes to Ukraine and supposes everybody there speaks perfect English. And makes fun of if they don´t. I think Olga might be much more intelligent than Scott, at least makes herself understood in English. I bet Scott does not speak a word of Russian, or maybe a couple.

darsan 2012.06.23
Hi there!
Somebody to tell me, how to proceed! I´m stuck in this conversation and don´t find a way to go on. I have tried with the arrow every inch of the scenes, but found nothing. Which ?page? and where to click?

hansgun 2012.06.23
very short game, the story is very easy

funcrazycreator 2012.06.23
the history is short, but the girl is excelent

bags 2012.06.23
nice game, but way to short and predictable

dscali 2012.06.23
easy but it was interesting on the controls.

Voglioso94 2012.06.22
easy game but cool at the same time

rahulkrishna1234 2012.06.22
a bit short game...nice graphics and a nice women

sexydawg 2012.06.22
Good game that i found myself coming back to it repeatedly

randy06 2012.06.21
another great game and great sex scenes and hope to get all if there is`

mojojojo1000 2012.06.21
I find this game quite offensive. Don`t you know that human trafficking is a serious problem in Eastern Europe?

kurtrussell 2012.06.21
There are better games on the website but its okay. Too short though really. Passion one remains the daddy

smuggler 2012.06.21
wonderful games cant stop playing

smuggler 2012.06.21
I really had fun playing this game . Nice graphic and animation .

glukos37 2012.06.21
too short but pretty good

zebra 2012.06.20
short game but nice graphics.

mr. anderson 2012.06.20
not their best one but alway ok

Ironimus12345 2012.06.20
To easy, but anyway nice graphics

Balaji 2012.06.20
I enjoyed playing this game i wish to keep playing

nniffar 2012.06.20
nice grahpics, but too little variation possibilities

killerkan213 2012.06.20
ood game, not complicated, simple and to the point

kari69 2012.06.20
short but sweet. Nice game

Destracto 2012.06.20
Good game, needs a bit more challenge

pusshound 2012.06.20
Short and simple. Graphics OK. Story line is too easy. Funny ending. Some of the lines hard to understand.

ahsan_zkk 2012.06.20
very easy and nice.....also nice animation....

anteantic 2012.06.19
game was too easy and short it doesn`t give you any aternatives for the ending

torchtouch 2012.06.19
This game was too easy and had no real alternate choices to it. It did not matter what answers you gave you still ended up with either one of two sex choices and there was no way to avoid the "losing" ending. There should be a way for the Australian to avoid being taped and still have sex with Olga. Games like LIVING WITH KEELY, and DAYDREAMING OF KEELY are 2 of you best games - many choices, great graphics, challenging but achievable. Looking for more like those 2.

frulpo 2012.06.19
good gameplay, good scenes and animations

vaultzy 2012.06.19
i really enjoyed this game

Iwaves 2012.06.19
This game is fast sex. I would appreciate it a greater scenario.

toptop1 2012.06.19
Good graphics and gameplay. Enjoyed it

Demonhawk11 2012.06.19
Great game enjoyed it alot

lichkitten 2012.06.19
short simple and to the point, even the very poor english was appropriate for the charater.

Gemman67 2012.06.19
To short,To easy,but lots of potential.

hotbambie 2012.06.19
the grahics were good but the animation could have been a little better

Bruza 2012.06.18
Fairly typecast characters, little too the plot, good graphics

toni_84 2012.06.18
Good graphics but so simple. It`s so easy and the story is very short.

electro*** 2012.06.18
That was too short game...

C.C. 2012.06.18
I`ve tried different ways. Always comes out the same. Seen all the pictures. Is there anything I`m missing?

primus21 2012.06.18
To short of a Game but the girl in it was hot

dragonj 2012.06.18
nice graphics just a little easy to play

Salander 2012.06.18
love it, more interaction will be good

clint122 2012.06.18
Graphics were good at bit stale animating though and no sound=(

hpl 2012.06.18
Very good graphics but little too short... BTW Olga is hot ;)

1NT0X 2012.06.18
lesson of passion has done it again, great game! looks good, nice to play

Acmos20 2012.06.18
Nice game. Very good graphics but too short :/

randy06 2012.06.18
another graet game and its has great sex secenes and could been more but going to do it again nad get all endings

Allanon 2012.06.18
Nice as usual but too short. I`d like to see another game like "The bitcher"...

wolf83uk 2012.06.18
great game love the girl keep it up

ozzie123 2012.06.17
olga is veri nice grapphic, like the oily look. Mouse work good, so more to discover?

derda 2012.06.17
Many strange motions and amusing lines during sex.

proc71 2012.06.17
Wow, I was really impressed with the graphics after playing other games like this...show me more:)

lebeau317 2012.06.17
nice story and the game was worth playing

chanterry0201 2012.06.17
this game has a good graphic but it is too short!!

lackstar 2012.06.17
yea graphics are beautiful an the girl is amazin

julio c 2012.06.17
wao! this game is so good! i enjoyed very much

mannyhattan 2012.06.17
great views, not enough twists

Dirlik 2012.06.17
very ggod game, a bit short but great graphics

Arquel 2012.06.17
I like the game (Maybe short). It has good graphics but the sex scenes I think could have been better

chap74 2012.06.17
Didn`t see that ending coming...caught with pants down and dick in mouth. Scott only thought he was smart. Ha Ha. Olga is super hot.

bitchesplease 2012.06.17
good graphics a little short though

weliuscaesar 2012.06.16
for this kind of game, bad gameplay and lousy graphs.

Fuckman16 2012.06.16
Good Game a bit to short but good graphics though

Calicojack 2012.06.16
great graphic but not a little too easy

CelestialTroy 2012.06.16
The game was good but was way too short

speedy1981 2012.06.16
great graphics and gameplay

Whitney 2012.06.16
good gameplay, good scenes and animations

Flasher1 2012.06.16
Far too simple and short. Wish it were longer with more locations. almost feels as if game was rushed

long55 2012.06.16
this is a cool game with a sexy girl , like it too

GregShore 2012.06.16
Short and not quite as well choreographed as usual, but I did enjoy the twist at the end.

dragon1886 2012.06.16
The girl is hot, the comments funny, all in all a good game, a little short, but quick and to the point

pjw5328 2012.06.16
Okay, but not up to Lesson of Passion`s usual standards. Feels more like a quickie than a full-fledged game.

zelkin 2012.06.16
Their new animator isn`t anywhere as good as the old one..wow..this was....bleh.

Ravenmadd 2012.06.16
Far too simple and short. Wish it were longer with more locations.

Bigboy94 2012.06.16
A little too short, but really hot. Graphics were amazing as usual.

lagom 2012.06.15
much too short, even though she is hot...

abott_hero 2012.06.15
simple, pleasure and nice games

KingClint 2012.06.15
Too short to really be enjoyable.

smurphy 2012.06.15
Great game, but short.
Pretty good graphics, as usual.

Soul Assassin 2012.06.15
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games. Very nice!

lucianodpa72 2012.06.15
bom jogo, gostei mesmo... rapido e facil....

perropoya 2012.06.15
i think if i was him i`ll pay 2000 dollars

m3992010 2012.06.15
Hmm... I didn`t really enjoy this one. The story is non-existant and the graphics aren`t up to the usual standards.

ECRIDER 2012.06.15
Good story line and easy to follow. The game wasn`t fitting int the screen right. Ever thought about an expand/fit button.

jpsacrey 2012.06.15
It is a bit to short i think. But sweet and fine graphics.

McCluff 2012.06.15
Very short. Olga looks amazing!

lenni61 2012.06.15
yeah this game is great and it have a good graphik

wildlolli 2012.06.15
It is a bit to short i think. But sweet and fine graphics.

Shadow109 2012.06.15
The game was good but was way too short

hendryanto 2012.06.15
way too short but still enjoyable

BonesMD 2012.06.15
Good graphics, average animation, average dialogue, fair plot; good overall, though way too short.

BobbyTally 2012.06.14
Is it a teaser? The game is so short.

Also the girl is not very sexy, she looks as a junky.

m2surf 2012.06.14
Why does this ol` white boy have a black cock?

thorm 2012.06.14
gampllay low, animation low, graphic good. Game not like

jackman2011 2012.06.14
gameplay, graphic, animation good a bit short

athossico 2012.06.14
Great game, but short.
Pretty good graphics, as usual.
Good as appetizer.

banes 2012.06.14
Nice graphics. Game way too short. Hope to see more adventures of Scott soon.

chook2109 2012.06.14
way too short but still enjoyable

stnick 2012.06.14
No choices as such, silly movements and limited graphic apeal, far from your best work, more like a work in progress.

bestia99rom 2012.06.14
Many strange motions and amusing lines during sex.

barry23 2012.06.14
very nice game , good graphic but game is too short

fada 2012.06.14
very good graphics, kinda short but good

long55 2012.06.14
nice game with beautiful graphics, like it

eagleata 2012.06.14
good game but short. thnx pf1

brookchar 2012.06.14
I love the girl. Girls with piercings. MMMM! You should have more games with pierced girls. The story was a little short and linear. You should have more scenes.

Thernielle 2012.06.14
Poor content, below average animation, almost 0 eye-candy. It`s linear, without-a-choice "game". Pull yourselves together guys! :)

punchomie 2012.06.14
very good graphics, kinda short but good

XxEJPxX 2012.06.14
good game, just too short

cocomicrob 2012.06.14
nice game. enjoied the bonus.

drakayas 2012.06.14
Not bad coulda been longer

Reggie77 2012.06.14
nice pretty game. But a little short... It would be nicer with a little longer story and many more choices...

farkas 2012.06.14
Good graphics, hot ukrayne girl but the game better if have sex scenes behind the elevator and the hotel room with plus girls (threesome for example with the hotel room maid). I wait the Olga II sequel.

acpreston13 2012.06.14
Gameplay seems a bit short, graphics were OK and Olga is hot but not many other outcomes.

Boogeyman 2012.06.14
nice graphics and storyline
but conversation makes no difference in the story
and only real decission is between sex and bj....

bdenra 2012.06.14
In a bar, a man walks over to the prettiest lady and asks her, "Will you have sex with me for a million dollars?"
To which the girl responds in a hushed, warm tone, "Why yes, I would."
The guy nods and asks, "So how about ten?"
"What? Fuck no! What do you take me for?"
The guy, with a smile on his face, replies, "We`ve already established what you are. No we`re just negotiating for a price."
Nice game, too.

M4rsh4ll 2012.06.14
I love this graphics its the first game i play here

Nic-Nac32 2012.06.14
hooray I beat the game with my first try, I like how the animations are being improved too.

dreadwolf 2012.06.13
gameplay, graphic, animation good a bit short

stefano71 2012.06.13
nice game perhaps too short and easy, good graphic

conbron 2012.06.13
Nice very short game with good graphics

stevie 2012.06.13
too short and pretty easy

dandydon 2012.06.13
too short! Would like to have had more variety of endings.

Raven68 2012.06.13
good graphics nice apetizer
liked the Quests more but it was Fun to play a quickie dough

marlin 2012.06.13
nice graphics, but game too short :-( only few choices

mikicostanza 2012.06.13
this is a cool game with a sexy girl

yoda 2012.06.13
very short indeed....definitely could use some more story to it

kjdehn 2012.06.13
great game love to see more kelly

marty87 2012.06.13
the game is great but it is too short for my taste. i would really appreciate a sense of danger to the husband sort of like he have to find public cameras to get rid of all the evidence

CapnMorgan 2012.06.13
The game is too short, and you have to play the same scenario each time just to get to the list of her `private pictures,` which is the same regardless of the `ending.` Not a great use of the gameplay. Oh well, generally these games are pretty good, and if this is filler while the next epic is being finalized, that`s great, but it barely stands on its own compared to the rest of the series.

Artis 2012.06.13
Super sexy girl and this game - excellent!!!

ashish0808 2012.06.13
not a very great game...pretty straight fwd

horned 2012.06.13
nice game but way to easy
liked the message about perils of whoring in public lol

DreamTim 2012.06.13
This is a nice game with good graphics like always but way too short

moromete2169 2012.06.13
it is a good game but is too short.

alfios 2012.06.13
Graphics are excellent as usual, but I prefer the previous games because ther are more actions.

spirek 2012.06.13
The game is short but still ineteresting.

xxxoxxx 2012.06.13
nice game with beautiful graphics

T M 2012.06.13
Great girl as always and the "action is getting better. Just wish there were more options and endings.

uhspsxcfhnd 2012.06.13
in my opinion it is too short but good graphics

az89 2012.06.13
pretty good. when will they continue their unfinished game?

Tolpan 2012.06.13
It is funny , but a littel bit to easy?

georgefilipe 2012.06.13
short but good story, nice graf.

1179g 2012.06.13
Wish the game was longer lots of potential for all kinds of action

C.C. 2012.06.13
Not up to the usual standard. Has a lot of potential. Beautiful girl. Interesting story line. But choices don`t seem to make that much difference. Too simple with no good ending that I`ve found.

grazman1980 2012.06.13
it is an ok game. Could have more content in it, more of a storyline

supermat93 2012.06.13
To be a Lesson of Passion`s game, it`s too short.

jmeoff 2012.06.13
Many strange motions and amusing lines during sex.

Tyomanator 2012.06.13
Liked the game, the language issues and the humor at the end, but animations are mostly weird. Hope they`ll be fine-tuned. Also, i waited for some choices. Without them, it`s more a short visual novel, not a game.

s@nt!no 2012.06.13
Too short, not enough variation. Boring .


jimmyk 2012.06.13
The graphics are great, but the game is too short and the movement during the sex is strange.
But the game is still above average thanks to the graphics.

Mars001 2012.06.13
Game is interesting and graphics are beautiful

darrytan 2012.06.13
this game was too short... but i was more want to looking for Kelly...

jerryonly83 2012.06.13
good game though a bit short, yet it has great graphics and a very fine looking girl!

theblast 2012.06.13
Too short and straightforward. Good graphics as usual.

chris_avril 2012.06.13
the game was short and it was kinda like a demo.

Agreatfucker 2012.06.13
If the game had a story
It was better playing

weedsmoker1st 2012.06.13
hort but sweet. Nice graphic`s but wish it was longer

thedoob 2012.06.13
Fun game just too short for me...

im000123 2012.06.13
Good graphics, easy to play (you have to a few things), what I appreciated the most are the ironic comments!
Just a bit too short.
Well done!

Kuhlmann28 2012.06.13
Bit too short but ok

Any Lady like RP´s ??
Than written to my ;-)

Jaaru 2012.06.13
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.13
Didn`t see that ending coming...caught with pants down and dick in mouth. Scott only thought he was smart. Ha Ha. Olga is super hot.

branknock 2012.06.13
short but sweet. Nice graphic`s but wish it was longer

Myself 2012.06.13
the artwork is good, story and choices could improve

garonbrown 2012.06.13
Not much to it. Hot enough for a start tho.

jafo69 2012.06.13
I like it for content. I`ve liked other LOP games more but this ones ok.

fan86 2012.06.13
Not alot of options but great graphics

Billy_77 2012.06.13
Graphics great but scenes and options very poor, shame could have been very good

gp78 2012.06.13
a bit short and easy for my taste, sex scenes werent all that either

lov2eatu 2012.06.13
good quailty. a little lacking in story and options.

TheCin 2012.06.13
this kind of game i like
but too short and too simple

The graphics, especially the woman was great
and the end was funny^^

Xyzzy 2012.06.13
The usual excellent artwork, and hot girl. Game was very short with few choices. Dialog choices before the elevator seemed to have no effect at all, so why bother? Fuck scene still ended with a blow job, so why bother? I don`t know.... I usually really like LOP`s games, but this one seems to have just been thrown together very quickly. Liked the snappy banter, though. Funny that during the fuck scene Olga dropped her Russian accent.

thehotboy 2012.06.13
this is a very short game, the story is very easy!
Not many options in the game, also all in one, a very short game, good graphic but not anything like as good as the other games!

funledupdave 2012.06.12
too short but pretty good

butman 2012.06.12
games was shrot but sweet

mick149 2012.06.12
this was a very poor and short game I think - one of the worst lop games yet!!!

themoda 2012.06.12
Very good graphics, and good game how is normal, in this tipe of games!

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