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Office secretary 2


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Tusher 2017.10.02
Simple game but enjoy it

SongLing 2017.09.26
The sex is amazing, but there is no story whatsoever and it makes it really boring.rn

Darksoul_5674 2017.08.31
Like the auto option, pity about censorship

dropgunx4 2017.08.28
Not really challenging at all, but it has nice scenes so it`s worth playing.

KitCarsen 2017.08.21
Anal, facials, DP always a plus!

tnt2 2017.08.16
good story too easy and too quick

king27kong 2017.08.10
it is not sexy. need more atraction

yinyang770 2017.08.02
its an ok game just very basic gameplay

ZerKhanZen 2017.07.10
Very sexy girl loved the gamern

Ke 2017.04.23
Way to easy and what is with the blurred out bits?


acamate 2017.04.19
l like so much, the game i really exited

ninetailsjinchuricki 2017.04.05
Very nice game, love the fact that they added the automatic mode.

SharnieBae18 2017.03.20
such a great game played it a few times before love the moaning sounds she makes

hohenheim3 2017.03.15
Good game, if you like hentai animation this is for you, great sound of the girl, didnt like the sound of the ejaculation, but a good game overall.

ianjames 2017.03.10
the censorship spoils what seems to be a pretty good game

victor298 2017.03.09
girl looked cute but not an interesting storty

BrownRiceBro 2017.03.02
not a BAD game, but not incredibly interesting either

notoneofyou 2017.02.19
Really like the graphics for it. Great one

ZombieAge3 2017.02.04
I Play this Game many times, i like the Graphics of this game, specially when she`s moaning its pretty Good. Keep up!

pablin 2017.01.23
like the moaning. good graphics.

Everneth 2017.01.12
I liked the office sex but could use a bit more dialog

digIe71365 2017.01.10
Not bad. Pretty good game. I like it.

XenoWarrior 2017.01.04
Not bad, easy to get into.

gfunk69 2016.12.24
graphics are ok, liked the auto mode

killaaaah94 2016.12.23
awesome game and very good graphics

akajam79 2016.12.19
Graphic levels should be increased.Rather good story.

jmax312 2016.11.25
the graphics are abit off

elrik13 2016.11.13
good game shame bout censorship

Mieliemeel 2016.11.09
like the moaning, too bad about graphics

Corgath 2016.11.05
good game. decent grahics

caramelcutie18 2016.10.12
a very great game turnrd me an a bit with all the moaning

Bruno83 2016.09.26
to bad is censored but good game.

draco1921 2016.09.25
Would be better without the censorship, but otherwise ok.

MrX567432 2016.09.02
It`s sad that the important parts are blurred but it`s still turning on as she moans a loat.

viko25 2016.08.29
Great grafic i rhink its good game

NegrofeoC5 2016.08.23
Needs less censorship though.

HugoS 2016.08.18
Hot girl, like the graphics.

cazmo 2016.08.07
i liked the graphics but not much in terms of story or anything.

curan 2016.07.31
Awesome, sexy and no brainer game! Loved it.

vaggi 2016.07.12
Cool, short and super sexy. I will reccomend this to anyone.

fapperforgirls 2016.06.28
this game i very addictive, amazing graphics

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Hot girl but i was wanted more plot for that story

math_24 2016.06.05
graphics are really hot would love to keep playing

krishnan1688 2016.06.01
sweet and short hentai beautiful graphics

cambridge4453 2016.05.27
Linda looks great but that`s pretty much all that can be said for this game

thegrim 2016.05.25
a very awesome game. everything is great

ThatDude 2016.05.21
Dang, dis game makes me horny.

69jimpo 2016.05.11
i dont like these kind of games

stiffler1969 2016.05.10
games are very erotic and fascinating

claire11 2016.05.09
Good graphics and also the sounds

county 2016.05.01
Nice game but lacking nice graphics.
Story is fine

leo76 2016.04.27
great game a Little samll thou

fuckerfenil 2016.04.14
Nice one.. It was amazing

singsing852 2016.04.09
nice graphic sound . sexy woman!

Ripperd 2016.03.29
Nice game to pass the time, good graphics and that toothbrush lol, shame about the censorship.

hotshotzach 2016.03.25
interesting game but needs options

digbig69 2016.03.24
One of the best games. And that girl dahm

jbaby 2016.03.20
the graphics are alright but could use more excitment

Jfk1 2016.02.24
Not bad for a clicker game, made me horny

bluedevilcindy 2016.02.18
Nice game but not much choice about what to do you just follow the directions.

ak123 2016.02.10
I have played it 2 or 3 times but not the best as compared to other games

latinagr 2016.01.25
If you forget about those censored shit it`s an awsome game with a lot of good sceens

alyroshdy5 2016.01.14
Not great graphics or sound effects

Pajk 2016.01.07
Linda is really sexy horny hentai secretary...Too bad that some parts are censored.

Mej 2016.01.07
Love her sparkling eyes and ... the toothbrush

Sinfuldesire722 2016.01.05
game is good and hot straight forward and easy to play. sexy fantasy

maatii93 2015.12.31
Animation for me is very good , some good scenes , but why not 2 girl 1 men :P.

tridibesh 2015.12.31
better animation would have made a MUCH better game!

tridibesh 2015.12.31
graphics quality and gameplay is good

tridibesh 2015.12.31
the gameplay is good, and the graphics is relevant

tridibesh 2015.12.31
graphics and animation is relevant

amcVortux 2015.12.30
Like the game, really easy and straightforward, but wish there was more story into it and different varieties of sex. Overall great game

Paulinio 2015.12.21
Really like this game - really sexy girl and hot scenes

Jacko san 2015.12.14
Wow.... Great move for mike and his pal. Linda gonna wet

JohnGinx 2015.12.03
I`ve played this before. It ain`t that bad of a game, but not the best.

rudolf.cousin 2015.11.29
Graphics and animations are quite good, but a bit boring (switched to auto after the first 3 scenes) due to a lack of story.

jinx404 2015.11.26
it was simple but kinda funny and weird

Splashbrother30 2015.11.21
Good, just put every scene on auto

katsan 2015.11.20
cute girl. kinda boring though.

theredwolfi 2015.11.19
Interesting game... Kinda weird, but fun!

hottielove123 2015.11.11
everyone on try the game it has a lot of quality !

hottielove123 2015.11.11
the quality is the best I love it cheek it out

bfxr8v8 2015.11.06
awesome game and graphics

porman 2015.11.01
it var en very bra game

jack_rock 2015.10.25
good game nice graphics should have been more...

tmcanu 2015.10.03
simple game, nice graphics except for pixilating the genitals.

plokij 2015.09.25
long load time but its kinda worth it

pyruxe12 2015.09.25
It takes time to load but is a good game

Chairman1966 2015.09.22
Linda is a lucky girl, so many orgasms
nice enough game

mista0317 2015.09.19
henti games have good graphics but the editing sucks

nicklegames 2015.09.17
Very nice game but it is a little to short of a game

Mistigri 2015.09.14
I love this game, very exciting one with this damn hot secretary

denny33 2015.09.09
shes great were can i get one just like her

fran34 2015.09.07
it is kind of hard but it is fun

varun2396 2015.09.03
there isn`t much that we can do

Marko_bgd 2015.08.31
Points for the auto-function.

Tyrian 2015.08.28
Pretty decent, but lack of choices made it a bit monotonous. Plus points for the auto-function, though.

Nxlm 2015.08.23
I like the game plus the story which i saw was pretty good.

theskycraftian 2015.08.20
wow, it bugged at the first screen

Windsurfer01 2015.08.17
good game with nice gameplay

TheBeastishere 2015.08.17
Nice game, though graphics need improvement.

master115 2015.08.15
awesome, can`t stop playing ;3

TheHardcoreIcon 2015.08.04
I liked the game pretty much but it could have been better

tedybear1973 2015.07.30
The game was a bit of a letdown. no story to speak of. Just a bunch of sensored action that could have been much better

Ki11erMonkey23 2015.07.27
Sexy game, but i dont like the pixelation

Latvian 2015.07.25
Honestly, I didn`t really like the sound (Both the sound effects and the music), but otherwise it was alright.

Xavy_AWSM 2015.07.15
Not great graphics or sound effects, yet i love the plot

coldfireknight 2015.07.13
A decent game if you`re just looking to get right to action, but the pixelation ruins it for me.

welltodo07 2015.07.06
Graphics OK, very simple and simplistic. Good if you need to quickly get to the action without any thinking required.

complice72 2015.07.03
interesting game with a lot of animations of this horny girl, and an easy "auto button"

tututu100 2015.06.30
Good game, but it is a little bit too long.

turtle420 2015.06.26
great game but alittle long

sebss 2015.06.23
good game, fun to play and long enough

Kevin316 2015.06.22
that is some game to play!

danielsosexy 2015.06.13
this game is sooo sexy haha

bluedevilcindy 2015.06.12
The graphics on the game are not very good.

nirajh 2015.06.10
if the game was longerr it would have been fucking good

timothymy69 2015.06.04
good game good graphics

Sthyll 2015.05.31
This is a very good game but end comes to quickly.

tfklinda11 2015.05.30
nice game. I do not like it.

blood89 2015.05.27
Nothing special, could be better.

Nice graphics.

DarkangelXXX 2015.05.26
Meh could`ve been better. too awkward in my opinion

Upercyclone 2015.05.24
Amazing game, Hope to see more :D

Sethanos 2015.05.24
The hentai graphics were ok, but the real selling feature of this game is the "auto" feature.

FlygonSal 2015.05.22
Game was too easy. Required zero effort. No storyline what-so-ever. Censoreships killed it. The only good thing about this game was the girl. Gotta admit, Linda was pretty much beautiful.

PlayboyBD 2015.05.22
Short, amazing animations and sound!!

appletown 2015.05.22
Not very exciting but the girl looked good.

meisbored 2015.05.22
not best nor worst game ive played

treeks87 2015.05.17
i really liked playing this game

Qldjace 2015.05.17
Good graphics easy game but fun

gamer100 2015.05.16
great game but it is too short
nice graphics too

Varek 2015.05.07
not challenging. not interesting

sak 1092 2015.04.25
really good graphics. game is way to short and linear.

mjocham 2015.04.25
Wish there was no censorship

Mesut_Sharper 2015.04.21
why the fuck are there some censors? the are kidding us.

jd07coke 2015.04.15
Shame about the censorship... Good idea, but just a little repetitive..

Ulf45 2015.04.13
hmmm nice Little Game,liked it.

fergal 2015.04.10
good animation, nice game

narud07 2015.04.08
it is a marvelous game with okay graphics

immi26ex 2015.04.06
Good game, a lot of animation.

Aidriaon22 2015.04.05
Yes Great Gameplay and The Graphic look Unreal

SammyG117 2015.04.04
Really sexy and cool fun game

Sikkor 2015.03.23
Amazing game graphics and sounds are good but not great

kingshyla 2015.03.23
very hot game, the addition of the auto button is a great step

awilson 2015.03.22
Very hot game, but the censorship kind of annoyed me.

moebus 2015.03.19
nice sexy game, cute girls

casanalei 2015.03.15
this turned me on so much

Zeblast 2015.03.14
Unfortunatly that is censored but it`s a easy and quick game

sexbeast40 2015.03.10
was ok but i played better ganes

Demonic_Wolf 2015.03.03
take out the censors and it would be an awesome game

hornydan 2015.02.28
Ok game, would be better w/o censor

holystoner 2015.02.28
would be amazing if not censored

atlas991234 2015.02.26
Nice game. Unfortunately is censored. Also would be good if it wasn`t so easy.

asmasb 2015.02.25
OK not that good one..............

Xeradon 2015.02.22
amazing but the blur tho kinda killing it

INJCK70 2015.02.20
the game was good, love it

INJCK70 2015.02.20
i love the game, it has good graphic

INJCK70 2015.02.20
I like the game, it has best sex part

rohan66 2015.02.17
realllly awesome nice games and wonderfull graphics

polishtango 2015.02.17
great graphics and decent audio; game got boring at times, needs more of a story.

jeevesfsw 2015.02.11
decent game extremely simple and boring at times

tigersex420 2015.02.07
Nice, but would be better w/o censorship

Roxas69 2015.02.06
I`d prefer to play uncensored games but overall a good game.

erik950 2015.01.30
good game i want the same secretary with pretty ass

markg1991 2015.01.29
this game is very easy but the secetery is smoking hot

gwazz 2015.01.29
nice easy game with good graphics but agai n with the blurring

timmy78a 2015.01.28
nice funny game, sexy girl

dehkid215 2015.01.28
Fun game nice gameplay switch on auto if your just passing the time

smaximus 2015.01.25
the chick is nice but the games is too boring

JackFish 2015.01.24
I found this game to be a little boring. Contains short interactive

gunnerboss 2015.01.19
Nice graphics but not much of a gameplay.

Broomfondle 2015.01.19
Fun game that lasts a long time.

wldsxwizz 2015.01.14
good game fun gameplay graphics good overall good game.

cambridge4453 2015.01.06
Lovely girl and some nice sounds but oh dear just a mouse click game and bad English

Pigfortune 2015.01.04
Not the most exciting game. I little robotic and silly. This game is likely to cause friction burns on your fingers from trying to get these unenthusiastic dudes to fuck this office tart faster.

twistedlover2420 2015.01.03
Holy crap this was just non-stop pounding!

kellykopoi 2015.01.03
game is easy to play, luved the gal, awsome

Dalton34 2014.12.31
I love this game. It is really fun.

Jay2O 2014.12.29
I love this game, and the secretary is really hot

lexiid 2014.12.27
THIS IS A VERY COOL GAME I like it a-lot

bubba97 2014.12.26
I really enjoyed the game

zelo 2014.12.25
that`s really good and fun games. the girls also beautiful.

karaprens 2014.12.24
sound ok, music eh, graphics ok, interactivity ok, auto mode is good idea, there is no big deal in story. Average game.

My rating: 47 / 100

poopop121 2014.12.21
awesome game, easy to understand and play. good length.

johnrico 2014.12.04
fucking awesome secretary and i hope my office have like that one :D
good things

Dustoori 2014.11.28
Alright for a few minutes diversion. Nice enough scenes.

genec54 2014.11.20
nice grahpics easy game to play wish it lasted longer

katisnota 2014.11.17
not bad, but there isnt much to the game

geoman 2014.11.16
nice and hot story with nice drawing

daveydave 2014.11.04
Nice graphics and a fun game with a very handy auto feature

sensualsofia 2014.11.04
good graphics and love the auto feature

limited 2014.11.01
I like the secretary

ccraft27 2014.10.27
the game needs improvements

tomm18 2014.10.26
i love games like this. very sexy and a great game.

brit_man33 2014.10.22
She`s great...I wish I worked in her office!!

wildsxwizzard 2014.10.16
great game love these short clik and play games keep them cumming

isse2014 2014.10.15
the auto feature is awesome and nice gameplay. il like the graphics too

warebear 2014.10.09
i liked the game on manual but next time ill see what the auto is like

Jebusthegoat 2014.10.02
the game was good but graphics could have been better

Sundown 2014.09.30
The sound was kinda weird sometimes, overlapped and the split screen wasn`t that good either, not mentioning disapearing organs:-/

Digiman 2014.09.30
Graphics not great, gameplay not great, overall not a good game

Guiforte 2014.09.28
The graphics are a little poor, but the button auto turn the game more usable.

INT3RACT0R 2014.09.25
Kool game with potential, if only they got rid of the mouse pointer having to be in the designated area. To avoid that just switch it from manual to auto and it`s like watching a hentai movie.

maing 2014.09.21
I love this game. the gameplay was really great. The graphics were good. The animation was awesome.

philyaw 2014.09.13
the game just wasn`t for me it was fun but the was just something about it I did not like will let you know if figure it out

ru2l8 2014.09.12
I did not like the mouse control

esi25 2014.09.07
A good game with Good quality. i like it.

wishacker 2014.09.05
game is ok.. not outstanding....

VegasDude 2014.09.03
Sweet, i like the auto effect

wolfphoenix 2014.09.01
Nice graphics, but why are the dicks not sharper?

Hentaigirllover 2014.08.29
well I love how it`s longer, but I don`t really like the graphics, they need work

polo2u 2014.08.27
A little bit longer than another games in style, not good
need improvement

polo2u 2014.08.27
Nice game, though graphics need improvement.

booomer21 2014.08.26
it was a fun game. liked it

faptastic 2014.08.24
The auto mode is a nice option, but even in manual mode it doesn`t feel very interactive.

b2k 2014.08.22
this is fucking awesome bitches

boss12ka4 2014.08.17
nice graphics ,good game and i always liked anime

bigawa20 2014.08.16
i would like it better if it didn`t have pixels but nice little game and simple but hot story

DaddySpaz82 2014.08.12
Perfect game I love the grphics

darkridr25 2014.08.11
Another very enjoyable game. Very hot, lots of positions.

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
nice and great graphics of the game

cottencandy 2014.08.09
this game is so much fun, i love it!

stoad69 2014.08.03
Great simple game with awesome graphics.

izick 2014.08.01
it will`ll be better if there a bit dialogue

jackhammer665 2014.07.28
Overall decent game just needs a better story and interactive workings

niko987 2014.07.26
Not bad,but played better games

Vaulantis 2014.07.22
Actually has nice grapics pretty good story line.

kirituna 2014.07.21
good graphics, the sound effects were a bit strange. good game overall

MonkeyRojo 2014.07.17
Great game, girl is sexy.

frank202 2014.07.15
good game. the girl is sexy

wezel87 2014.07.10
good game! But I expected more

Rumfred 2014.07.08
graphics nothing special - gameplay a bit boaring

yannos34 2014.07.07
good games but still want more

Ikaros_X 2014.07.06
This really amazing. I can not forget her cute face.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.05
Great game, Great Graphics

stoad69 2014.07.04
Amazing graphics and not hard to figure things out on what to do next.

Ograqi 2014.06.30
Amazing graphics and face expreasions

wyldogg 2014.06.29
it is a marvelous game with okay graphics

romanreigns 2014.06.23
good graphic and good quality

Xandinaril 2014.06.22
Good graphic, lots of scenes I like it, fun game

benboe1 2014.06.21
This was a great story to this game but then everything else let it down especially the monotone sound effects. It has a lot of potential for version 2.

mallutubexxx 2014.06.19
great graphics, loved the game play

Zas69 2014.06.18
Pretty Good Graiphics
But Nothing To Do In The Game

fernandz2103 2014.06.16
great game, one of my favorites

IvanDrago18 2014.06.16
It is slightly boring, with very little variety. I liked the auto feature though for when I got tired of shaking the mouse.

UltimateHairyGuy 2014.06.16
Awesome game! I love anime! This anime is the best ever!

nickstallone 2014.06.16
graphics where bad on this. i played one of your games last night and the graphics where awesome, but this one was poor.

Stijng 2014.06.15
lots of sex but almost no story. still it was good

pjames 2014.06.13
Decent variety but needs better story development and user interaction.

yannos34 2014.06.12
ive seen better but still good

DD420 2014.06.12
The game needs some more story!!!!

DoctorWho 2014.06.10
Nothing interesting for me in this game..... Not interesting story.....

spider122 2014.06.08
its quite a good set game the audio is a tad out but its still good

juventus 2014.06.04
not bad for graphic, need improvement on sound
btw auto mode is very helpfull.. lol

ixsigmaxi 2014.06.02
needs more story but dp was great

Bruno24 2014.05.29
game had good graphics but it wasn`t challeging what a shame...

YouKnowImRockHard 2014.05.28
good game, loved the music they had the best though

eltonelex 2014.05.28
great game!! can`t stop playing!!

kSlay 2014.05.21
Could have been more interactive just not mouse usage

igandlore 2014.05.20
ok. game but more story needed

duplicate 2014.05.18
graphics is good
but should have more story

Json81 2014.05.14
good graphics and game play was ok.

adamant 2014.05.13
she`s got the most amazing boobies, wow !

Nerdology 2014.05.13
very good game, ilike it!

keiranmraine 2014.05.11
Good lenght, nice artwork, great to have the auto mode, but no challenge

triveni 2014.05.11
so good loved it
girls are hot graphics rock play game

boobies69 2014.05.10
feel liking fucking right now

meneerdocent 2014.05.09
I thought this game was boring, the graphics were oke but i hate censorship in cartoon games

rocky1905 2014.05.09
nice game, loved playing it, nice graphics

BverComander 2014.05.08
Game was good, a little to easy

uaua2014 2014.05.08
i like this game but it can be more still

dgkesquire 2014.05.08
Poor sound overlap, only okay graphics (mosaic notwithstanding), simplistic storyline.

Aneash Dharun 2014.05.07
the game was good and the young cute girl was soo sexy.. Hoping for more games like this

firedog12046 2014.05.07
dat ass in the beggining

tjsandhume 2014.05.06
The girl is cute+hot. Nice game but not the best.

MytyKoste 2014.05.06
i dont like this game, even the girl looks too young.

MarcuwSchnook 2014.05.06
It`s not that challenging.
Graphics sort of ok, to bad the penis is blurred (why?)
Sounds and actions too repetitive
Not much of a story.

Cashy99 2014.05.05
Very weak game, not much point in trying this one.

planlos2002 2014.05.04
needs more story and less pixeled

barbiesex 2014.05.03
it us a good game but too short

LongZao 2014.05.01
simple but had it`s good points like the option for auto and didn`t drag along. a little more to the story would be good.

dada395 2014.05.01
not a game of great interest

Totto2706 2014.04.28
pretty good game, hot girl, but to short ..

macca757 2014.04.28
very good game, but to short

SexyBasje23 2014.04.25
die gast die dat net schreef was berry
gr. bas

SexyBasje23 2014.04.25
hoi ik ben berry en ik vind dit spel super tof]

sausageb88 2014.04.22
good animation....fun to play but the blur on the penis has to go.....we are adults!

baronaut 2014.04.20
that game is pretty hot, the text is kinda funny

thedreamer2000 2014.04.20
Great girl and positions. But a bit more story (and no blurr) would make the game great.

raiha024 2014.04.20
nice game.. although no blurring would be much better

ak74india 2014.04.19
Most sexy secretory
Wish to have one like that

ak74india 2014.04.19
Animated but still a very good game

bobikow 2014.04.19
No excessive emotions, but estimation of 50 can be.

carlos92 2014.04.18
loved this game, short but very cool

ImagineBreaker 2014.04.18
Girl is adorable.

Needs less censorship though.

supernova510 2014.04.17
awesome game ok graphics

alsas1975 2014.04.16
Cute girl...would`ve preferred no blurring though.

thetallone 2014.04.16
Game was ok. Could have been a little longer

hiddenkiller09 2014.04.16
good game but could do with more of a setup

Ghent 2014.04.13
Nice artwork but I would have preferred a few more concurrent actions and a bit more variety in the sound effects.

FlowerPwner 2014.04.12
Nice game, graphic could be better.

KillamanKaoz 2014.04.09
Could be better wish itt was

anip20 2014.04.09
Not great graphics or sound effects

Laurent10 2014.04.08
Good game.
It seems that someone takes pictures during the actions.
Is there a gallery of these pictures?

katherinepierce 2014.04.08
AWesome sex but could use some more hardcore sound

an8246 2014.04.08
nice graphics and gameplay

megod100 2014.04.06
the girl is cute but everything else is blurred .... that`s not nice :P

SammyG 2014.04.06
cool game really liked it

lizzythelezzy 2014.03.30
very cool it was very intresting

perker.drake 2014.03.30
really good game. Great storyline and one I will enjoy playing for a long time to come

conner129 2014.03.29
this game was awesome I mean she was so sexy too

chieffyboy 2014.03.29
not a bad game, shame things are blurred out

ohaily 2014.03.29
Could use a little more setup. Decent graphics.

sxyboy 2014.03.28
big waste of time , it was too booring..

thatman212 2014.03.28
it was nice overall i feel

trose 2014.03.27
nice game but needed more story

JCK524 2014.03.26
Fun game with nice graphics

scupatore 2014.03.26
bel gioco, grafica media

juanperezaa 2014.03.26
I didn`t really like it, the gameplay is boring and the sound effects are bad.

Amincoy 2014.03.25
not so good... make me ilfeel

chiku 2014.03.24
fabulous game want to play again and again

Motherfucker9000 2014.03.23
fantastic game cant wait for a sequel

qwert99 2014.03.22
graphics could be better. i liked it

gta5 2014.03.21
the game is fun and the girl is hot but I wish you would
see her pussy

mikado0001 2014.03.21
loading time is very long and game is censored. very bad

Akrasjel 2014.03.21
Everything about this game is average

jaymad12 2014.03.21
I like the game the graphics are good.

lemfrog18 2014.03.20
the girl is cute. but the game needs improvement. but thanks for the game though. play force one rules!

Shevexs 2014.03.20
Good graphics but terrible history

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.17
I think this game was one of the worst ever sex game. Not erotic not even sexy really compared to the other games on this site.

BiigD 2014.03.16
Alright game although no story and pixelated so overall not great

adhex1 2014.03.15
Not great graphics or sound effects

morrowmts 2014.03.15
Everything about this game is average

emaznboy 2014.03.13
I don`t really have high expectations for games like this, and for good reason. Not particularly engaging, nor interesting. On a plus side, it had an auto button as well as a lot of scenes. Maybe too many scenes...

Blitzkriegbob 2014.03.09
this game is a turn on, but its too cute to realy hit me hard. The gameplay is easy though.

kueller 2014.03.07
Easy game. Set auto and go.

blabla2 2014.03.06
too borroing, just voice helped this game

erpoly 2014.03.06
not bad...i enjoyed play this game...nice voice...

motorbebek2010 2014.03.06
Nice looking game, liked it.

blackdhoom 2014.03.05
Good Graphic, Gameplay and else...

Gipzor 2014.03.05
graphs oke.
but borrrrrrring

lavenderhouse15 2014.03.04
Awesome game I like the graphics and the guys

Lukeanatar 2014.03.04
I like the girl its really hot

marinoo sis 2014.03.04
this game really make me horny

somers69 2014.03.04
this is a kind of weird game

johnny19952014 2014.03.03
a very good game one of the best i played

sexyboy921 2014.03.03
Interesting game good graphics

LadyBookQueen 2014.03.03
I like this game, nice anime

lolopo_nino 2014.03.01
nce and great graphics of the game

ECRIDER 2014.03.01
Great graphics. While the play is simple, it is great when you are just passing time.

voynar88 2014.02.27
Not good game - no possibility to choose action or sdth. Weak graphics with censorship.

gimmino77 2014.02.27
simply graphic and story...not the best game in the site

DavidWilliams 2014.02.27
Good job making this game,its awesome

WARDOG77 2014.02.25
all in all a decent game but not challenging. just click and go

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
A bit linear but quite fun, very sexy graphics.

Bebop 2014.02.24
Very nice game with threesome and dp. Very rare

nbcman 2014.02.24
Simple game and dull. No interaction.

wawesome 2014.02.24
I don`t like this game, interactions are no good

slavianodin 2014.02.23
not interesting. animation not great

epochtt 2014.02.23
this game is very boring. not good at all, little motions, it`s more fixed.

dgkesquire 2014.02.23
The graphics (mosaics and all) were just `okay`, the sound quality wasn`t the best, but the action itself was satisfying.

hanibal194 2014.02.22
hosrt and easy but the girls is hot!!

LoganW 2014.02.22
Not a bad game, but I`ve played others better...

drakx 2014.02.22
way to easy of a game not all that good

dudeisbored 2014.02.22
meh not a big fan of this one, way to easy not a game in my opinion just click on auto and bam youre done

Daniel_Martin 2014.02.21
Overall I enjoyed the game. The animation was wonderful.

I thouroghly enjoyed the option between manual and auto in case your hands are busy.. :)

There was very minimal storyline and I noticed she never seemed to be nude. There was always some type of clothing on, which I don`t mind, but it would have been nice to have a full nude scene. It was also censored but it didn`t interfere too bad. You still get mostly the full view.

Fenix79 2014.02.21
good graphics but simple game.....

Inuyasha2005 2014.02.21
I LOL`d at the climaxing sound. The story.....could`ve been better. I wish it had more detail and text to draw us into the story so far, but minimal wording just barely got us through the story.

bullgod 2014.02.21
sorry too lame!!!
not a good game

stevie 2014.02.21
good game nice graphics should have been more

geunie 2014.02.20
I realy didn`t like the horrible noise when pointing at the "next" button! And what was that noise when they were comming?????
I am not a fan, this was one of the worst games I ever played!!

whisper 2014.02.20
only good graphics and story but not game

BeaverCB18 2014.02.19
Okay game but censored -.-

Lizzie 2014.02.19
not much of a game really. graphics were good. Nice arse thats for sure!

TakeshiKawa 2014.02.19
i like the story, but the game is kind of needing improvement. Some scene is not quite resonable, not match with other scene. Nice drawing but why censored?

Gogs 2014.02.18
Not bad,but played better games

madmax68 2014.02.18
Very basic but enjoyable game

cyrilb 2014.02.18
love the girl...hehehe....

eagleata 2014.02.18
it`s ok game... But i like good graphics and good stories...

fmeyen 2014.02.17
It`s not a game, a sory maybe. Vey poor graphics,

pusshound 2014.02.17
Not really a game. Graphics just OK. Not much of a story. Good threesome action, though.

HarrietGarmin 2014.02.17
The game drags alittle, censors everything decent out, sound effects are annoying and the storyline its self doesn`t make alot of sense. However saying all of this i did still kind of enjoy it and is very easy to navigate

Q+W+E 2014.02.17
needed graphics and control to be improved

NightStalker73au 2014.02.16
good game play and graphics

Allahu 2014.02.16
Not good at all, graphics are about 5/10, gameplay is 0/10, not even a game.

desb 2014.02.16
a really cool game.... keep going

stefano71 2014.02.16
not very good game, too easy

sexpe 2014.02.16
Linda`s so hot !!! And nice gameplay

toriyazaki 2014.02.16
Well, not an interesting game at all!!! In fact, not even a game...

mick149 2014.02.16
good game to play quickly but not a very good story line and quite repetitive :)

mann234 2014.02.16
the game is not bad but could have been better with some improvements.

Stathis 2014.02.16
Well, Linda`s hot but other than that...not much. The other guy was just looking, thinking "quit hogging all the fun!"

oranjeboven 2014.02.16
It´s more a story than a game.
Why make a sex gsme when the explicit parts are pixeled?

dandraft 2014.02.16
the animation is not the best ive ever seen,and the action parts is kinda meh,the sounds are quite the same and the same.not a very goodgame,not even for passing time, 1/10 for this one i have played better i must say,give us some new kellystuff instead,this one is booring

Test1234 2014.02.16
Great game but could be better animation and arts

King Duffy 2014.02.16
good game but needs improving,

Psmith3080 2014.02.15
Graphics quality was fair, but it was a decent game.

drufus58 2014.02.15
it was hot but the blurred cocks make no sense

banes 2014.02.15
Did not like this game at all.

ionutionut 2014.02.15
OMG...what is this game?it too tloong game,became borring,i dont like,dislike this game

Damien82 2014.02.15
The fact that it included sound was nice, but the sounds were usually just poorly overlapped, but there was some diversity in them among actions so that was nice. The graphic quality was good, but some of the animations were very poorly done. The text was probably the worst part though, very poorly worded descriptions between the different "scenes". Overall though the game was okay.

themoda 2014.02.14
A little bit longer than another games in style, not good

aragorn90 2014.02.14
I don`t like it much, but it is a bit over average.

dandydon 2014.02.14
better animation would have made a MUCH better game!

vinniekill 2014.02.14
Nice looking game although i didn`t like it that much

DreamTim 2014.02.14
just average game. the graphics are ok but... nothing special

MMSkullkid 2014.02.14
It`s alright. Love her ass and the stockings, but they don`t really move much. It`d give it a six cause the art is good.

chiefsfankc 2014.02.14
No a great came. I have played alot better. Graphics were ok though.

Hotguy29126 2014.02.14
Nice game! But it needs better graphics

jcc1985 2014.02.14
good game nice graphics should have been more

Sexygf 2014.02.14
Nice game, though graphics need improvement.

Jaaru 2014.02.14
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Ricoh124 2014.02.14
Not great graphics or sound effects

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