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Office Pranks


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Domenik 2017.10.14
Sexy Girl and scenes. But very short

Tiodor 2017.10.06
Very short game and easy to complete. Only one girl

BonerMan 2017.09.30
short easy game...where are the pranks

D1NGBAT 2017.09.09
Rather straight forward, no real challenge, needs more talk and more sex options.

cambridge4453 2017.02.02
It looks okay but the usual problems with bad English and ridiculously oversized breasts. Very short.

Taliesen 2016.12.20
Very short, graphically dull distinct lack of depth. Not a great experience unfortunately

viko25 2016.10.22
I think its a good game and also have a great graffic

MikeyH74 2016.10.22
Ridiculously short, dull graphics and a complete lack of story line. Not really worth playing.

badboy0815 2015.12.09
This Game is really short. And the Graphics are also not really good

WinnerLoserKirk 2015.08.08
Not to bad, nice short game. I prefer longer more challenging games, but oh well!


kamran_bored 2015.07.08
Short and awful game! How did it get such a high rating?

pornman6969 2015.05.20
nice game but it needs to be more fluent

dandraft 2014.12.19
hot girl and graphics are good,its not the most complicated game but easy to figure out and there is not an extensive amount of clicking ,4/10 for this one not too shabby

ARTAlive 2014.11.26
Short simpe and Cool .... Need more actions

Digiman 2014.10.09
Not much effort went into the making of the game - and it shows

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
This game is short. Has a nice girl in it, though. Good graphics.

stoad69 2014.07.05
Good short game. Graphics were ok.

lovestogodown25 2014.05.19
stupid game, horrible sex scene

REEESES 2014.05.13
This game was kind of a let down for me because it was so short and the sex scene was awful.

simson122 2014.05.12
doesnt really related to the topic of the game which need improvements in graphics as well

qwert99 2014.04.07
nice short game ..didnt see any pranks thought

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.17
The game was alright. But why is it so short. It has great girls and only one you get to fuck too bad!

Jokke 2014.03.08
No good !!! Terrible English, poor graphics and a story that reads like a Cue card.
There is only one good element about this game: It`s short ;-)

heroman 2014.02.04
um, where were the pranks advertised in the title? (I really didn`t see any; did anyone else?)

yanki 2014.02.01
this is a really great game but so short

blokhuis 2014.01.30
This was really short and the graphics could use some work

primo163 2013.12.26
i like this gameplay and good graphics

smarak3 2013.12.20
nc game but was a short one.

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
Game was pretty mediocre, but the laugh I got from the Rod Stewart song coming on suddenly at the end made it all worth while, lol.

Badvoc 2013.11.12
not quite sure what happened there normally these games have 5 or 6 girls to fuck but was just finishing the one when i get a crappy synth recording of rod stewart. where`s the rest of the game???

wdelement1 2013.11.10
Too easy and too short.
I hope it`s better

ramezz 2013.10.03
it was intersting and fun. i am glad to have played this game.

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

4Finger 2013.08.24
It`s bad is soo short this game.....

DaveRoberrt 2013.08.06
this game had to be the most boring one I have ever played

rangealone 2013.06.15
it`s so short ang lack of exciting

Pauley909 2013.06.06
probably the best game i played here nice man

sam6415 2013.05.09
nice but too short...girls are sexy

heffaklump11 2013.04.06
To me it seems like a bad MeetandFuck clone

doe boi 2013.04.01
decent game but way too short and easy

minikingy43 2013.02.10
good game but very short, i think it could have been longer, and more challenging

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

aviv74 2013.01.26
nice graphics but a little bit to easy and to quick if you compare it with the other versions, maby try to concentrate on making one version with all the girls in it to make it more challenging ?

Yoshi_w1 2012.12.25
very very very dissapointed the fraphics were good untill the sex scenes.

shyman44425 2012.12.15
Very sexy lady. very short game.

Zaeron 2012.12.11
Cool enough, but way too short. Kinda careless SPaG, and only one actual scene?

sunny0908 2012.11.27
great story
wth evn better graphics

lovebunny 2012.11.25
nice graphics
could be longer though

gastaue 2012.11.13
sound effects could be better

hanibal194 2012.10.23
nice one could be longer...

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Short game but enjoyable, wish HR looked like her where I work

drvwghia 2012.08.29
good graphic, terrible storyline, but its hentai right. It looked like a knock-off anyway but hot chick. receptionist would have been cool too.

rageboyfat 2012.08.27
Animation was great. But the game was too short. overall a ok game but not worth replaying.

VIP303 2012.08.27
Very good graphic this game has

luka v. 2012.08.08
This is a great game, but little to short

crazyblade23 2012.08.02
Alright it is okay game, just too short.

chap74 2012.07.21
really nice gameplay and graphics

lngbrdr22 2012.07.17
Nice graphics, but really short

xxxbunny 2012.07.07
it was ok i guess just too short

stoney2296 2012.06.22
nice styling good graphics, but a lil short

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.25
I`ve seen her from a original hentai story. this slaps it across their faces, bad form.

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Bad grafic and short game but nice girls

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.06
nice game, good graphics but way too short and easy

faltu.d 2012.04.28
looks like the game was built in a hurry

xtren 2012.04.06
She so sexy but little bit over

slitplayer 2012.03.28
Sexy babes extremely short game.

Jzmiarovich 2012.03.18
The babes are sexy. but the game is to short

BlackHawk1980 2012.03.15
this game has nice graphics, the babes are hot too, but the game is a little bit too short

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.
excelent animation.
sweet game.
like to see more
this girl is purely hot and nasty...
i`ll dream she all the night...
you should play immediately...
it`s hot hot hot

Chop2005 2012.02.18
too simple to complete. and also very short.

tara.dinho-sp 2012.02.10
Nice game, but is too short...

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
A nice game but really too short...

adam111 2012.01.30
barely started and it was already over...

agram97 2012.01.30
That was.... quick... -__-

DevilDST 2012.01.30
Very nice graphics but too short and not enought interaction with more girls.

ben_500 2012.01.24
nice game, good graphics but way too short and easy

dragonspawn8161 2012.01.24
liked the game but way too short and easy

Grukilo 2012.01.03
That was way too short to even be called a game.

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
a nice little game but cool great girl

pornguy85 2011.12.22
The story is way too short for me.

johnnylush 2011.12.15
Short..Short short...The title Office Pranks has nothing to do with this game.

taiyou1992 2011.12.14
too short... i think it will be long story...-.-

Tzumba 2011.12.11
awesome game.....need more characters

josebatuta 2011.11.30
This is great game... I like it very much

la sportsman 2011.11.30
Game is boring. Graphics aren`t all that either.

VinceVega03 2011.11.30
too short and boring...the storyline (if there is one) is a joke.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

bigbubba97 2011.11.21
There was really no story line

lazy boy 2011.11.20
short game .. but still nice .. .

wrnyhuise 2011.11.19
end result in this left a bit to be desired

medjai 2011.11.16
nice game, too short. No pranks.... and what about the first girl? That one too would have been nice.

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Very short game. Graphics looks a bit odd.

Rudy4u 2011.11.04
Short and easy but very good graphics

Veshiy 2011.10.30
Nice game, i like this one.

Kaylababygirl4eva 2011.10.30
This is a great game! love her huge boobs

kxtqf0 2011.10.08
Good graphics. Needs more characters

tutu45 2011.10.08
make some more games like this

Avi0411 2011.10.06
Hope they build this kind of games even more

djens 2011.09.23
good but , to short could have been with more women in the story

57chevy 2011.09.20
too short could have been with more women in the story

weapon2020 2011.09.08
a little short but good none the less

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game, i like this one.

cancel 2011.08.31
too short but good graphics

babygirlari 2011.08.28
its too short i wish it was longer

kasuga 2011.08.26
game too short but great animation

xerxxes 2011.08.26
fuckkkkk i hate this one :D

zzzzzzzzzzzz 2011.08.16
so short but i liked it not so bad

wolman2060 2011.08.15
This game was way too easy and short.

htowngul 2011.08.13
cool game, but not long enough

snow01 2011.08.07
easy game not much fun, graphics were good however

qpwoeiruty 2011.08.06
This game was way too easy and short.

mariov1978 2011.08.02
the game is not bad,but its wery short.

tman29 2011.07.31
i liked it but it was pretty short.

noOne19 2011.07.20
one of my all time favorite but I wish it was longer

Daemonshadows 2011.07.13
good game, too short, needs more options

essien5 2011.07.12
really short and very disappointing :(

gnomo951 2011.07.08
Kinda small and the sex scenes weren`t very good, but the chic is great, I love big boobs.

fbc 2011.07.05
good game and good girls

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Kinda poorly made still a goood game.

SoloDrifter 2011.06.23
way to short..one Q&A and a couple arrows and that`s it. BOOO!!

DrMcCrank 2011.06.21
its far too short and no pranks

Wet Pussy 2011.06.18
Its too short. Could be longer

NoOneX 2011.06.17
great game but could have been longer

SEZAR-H 2011.06.14

lucasbrasi 2011.06.13
waaaaaaaaaaay too short just one girl :(

kakko 2011.06.06
the gameplay is trivial and this makes it boring.

bookie_boo 2011.05.31
Sexy game with very good graphics
will make people very horny

speedballz21 2011.05.28
Nice looking girls, but the game is far to shor

zyksixkon 2011.05.27
the game was too short, and it is not that challenging..

bungabunga 2011.05.23
a little bit simple to play, so for that it is 2 short

Picca74 2011.05.22
It`s too easy! A bit boring!

zie_knight 2011.05.22
Too easy and too short..., I hope it`s better

shakezulla17 2011.05.19
I liked this game but it was super short!

thesphinx 2011.05.17
very short, but the girl was cute. hoped to play with the receptionist too.

m4t0n 2011.05.15
hots girls makes this game superb

darkvoodoo 2011.05.14
the game is too short!needs more girls :P

R.H 2011.05.05
the game is to short and is to easy to play

cavalier 2011.04.21
Have to agree with others. too short and not variation

secretadmirer 2011.04.20
too short i think..need more story

JonAlmighty 2011.04.18
Too short, could have made it better

Hobnob101 2011.04.16
graphics are shit hpt but its way too short

goldee 2011.04.16
this is a short game but good graphics and animation

C. C. 2011.04.13
Nice women but not much game here.

mike cook 2011.04.12
Nice looking girls, but the game is far to short.

Skarn62 2011.04.07
Here is a not interresting game.
No interaction, only one girl...

Quinn 2011.04.04
that game is definitely to short

4077123 2011.04.02
way to short could have been a great game

Asghan 2011.04.01
A little too short of a game.

Apple_Angel 2011.03.31
not that good, too short and not very exciting

stewuk10 2011.03.30
I havnt been able to get passed tit wank scene, is that it finished?

Smyxter 2011.03.22
Either this game is really short or I`m doing something wrong??

Lunarmage 2011.03.19
A little too short of a game.

hornyreaper 2011.03.17
its an alright game not much to do

DeaconFrost 2011.03.16
I am not sure this is actually a game, would be worth to show it as a preview.
Just one girl and the shortest scene I have played, one click and done.
You can`t be fired answering wrong either....
Less than average.

sexii_Lexi 2011.03.10
not nice at all brought down my mood

bhutonk 2011.03.09
this game just like an advertisment

lobao 2011.02.23
Not good. Very shorty and easy.

onlytodl 2011.02.21
too short. want more action

theman619 2011.02.20
sexy game, great graphics... just great.

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

nightman1869 2011.02.17
Fun game. Would be better if it were longer

randy06 2011.02.17
needs more action and girls

silver12 2011.02.14
Kind of an anticlimatic ending

Nick2 2011.02.05
It is a nice and good game.

wannadoit 2011.01.29
really good nice sex scenes

swigman 2011.01.28
wow that was way too short

jake_23 2011.01.24
Fun game. Would be better if it were longer

ybsy 2011.01.23
it is good but way too short

ecock 2011.01.20
pretty good game.needs better grapics and needs to last longer

snozzo 2011.01.16
short, stupid, not well translated and no pranks the title was pointless.

billdale 2011.01.15
very good graphics but very short

ratonius 2011.01.14
Very nice girls and good graphic design,but a little too short.

atori 2010.12.28
nice short game,good graphics,easy:D
no pranks tho...

netherto 2010.12.18
this game was awesome and i enjoyed it a lot, even though it was somewhat short.

weromont 2010.12.17
Great game, can we get this hot girl to feature any other of the games? Good graphics!

mick149 2010.12.16
an ok game but nothing really to do

HotSpot 2010.12.15
this game is very short and the graphic is also didint good

fat boy 2010.12.12
far to easy and far to short

beasonisbeast 2010.12.01
way to short but good game tho wish it would have been longer

ahclem 2010.11.29
This HAS to be just a promo sample of the FULL game, yes?

mikolo401 2010.11.28
to short needs to be a bit longer

m4lv1n 2010.11.28
waaaaaaaaaaa too short just one girl,,why ?

dsvjr19 2010.11.26
Played this game before and it it awesome

prats 2010.11.19
very very short and very very easy

infinitusvox 2010.11.19
way to short and easy to complete

Armog 2010.11.11
way to easy and short to be a great game

abhishekbh 2010.11.11
The "game" consists of finding the right spot to click to proceed (patently obvious), or choosing the correct answer from a group of three (also patently obvious). The only part the really requires any thought on behalf of the player is the brief "quiz" near the end, and even that is terribly easy. The sexual content continues these standards - pretty, but thoroughly dull and yawn-inducing. My suggestion is to pass on this one

roxy1887 2010.11.08
very happy..........good game

sonic 2010.11.02
it reallly was too short and toooo easy

Toboshi 2010.11.01
Wait... That`s it? Okay...

Charles1981 2010.11.01
Rather clumsy and a bit clunky...

sanji 2010.11.01
im happy with this game, im really enjoy it

bryanzf1 2010.10.30
Way too short but enjoyable

Chaos_Warlord 2010.10.29
Sweet, but this is pretty short.

north262 2010.10.27
it`s a good game but it`s too short

chencho198 2010.10.25
Could be better if it was longer, but it is a nice game

jay2956 2010.10.25
A nice game short but nice

ITI 2010.10.23
DEfinitely TOO short. Could be better.

sccowboy 2010.10.23
the game was way to short and very easy need more action.

shabi_nsu 2010.10.23
the game was too short i wish it was big

Kotton24 2010.10.19
Nice game could be a bit longer

andiyan 2010.10.16
I think it`s to short!!!but nice to play!!!!

chumak 2010.10.14
need more action than that

peko 2010.10.13
not so hard as what happens when it comes to the end

PussyLicker92 2010.10.04
it`s ok wan it longer and more sex

bustlover38 2010.09.27
easy short game nice graphics

bnwhite21 2010.09.27
that was the best boss ever

spida 2010.09.22
a short but fun game to play

djchern 2010.09.19
too quick to play
Sex scene not so hot

ranmagh01 2010.09.16
What was that? I think that was one of the worst games I have ever played.

hornyemo 2010.09.12
Extremely short game, not enough sex and alright-ish graphics...

kjo_cl 2010.09.01
nice game but really short

Dragon123 2010.08.30
Need to have made this longer.

corporate player 2010.08.29
This game is really nice but short

gstrawn 2010.08.29
Very short game, easy, but short.

HottieStaceyXxX 2010.08.28
This game is way to short but i like the graphics

vad05 2010.08.27
It`s too short & too simple,
but graphic is good.

rontoo 2010.08.24
The game is goodThe end is comming too quickly too

kdogg 2010.08.24
gameplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great.

stewartc1 2010.08.23
good music - game just a bit short

raijin 2010.08.22
It`s too short and needs more plot. Overall it`s fun

max29 2010.08.20
nice game ......fun to play

zlicher 2010.08.17
good graphics nice game play

markh 2010.08.11
very short but quite nice!

Outlawcowboy 2010.08.06
WOW Easy game beautiful lady short but fun

wyskas 2010.08.05
too quick to play
Sex scen ont so hot

rednack74 2010.08.04
I love this game, but I am a boob man

readyforfun6960 2010.08.02
why pranks!?
anyway, quite nice graphs and easy story!

rockie101 2010.07.27
i love this game.

bonzi1989 2010.07.26
nice game.... i wonder shy they call it office pranks...

Szar1313 2010.07.23
Easy game beautiful lady short but fun

radman64 2010.07.19
Not worth the time to load the game. It is way too short and has too many musical pieces!!!

lenman 2010.07.19
What in the world were the makers thinking when they made this game? It`s too short and pointless. What`s the use of playing the game if the end results are not worth it? Can be infinitely better.

bsucik 2010.07.18
really short game with bad graphics

algerloo 2010.07.16
how many endings are there? i only get to do it with the interviewer..

jwa 2010.07.16
good short game with nice ending

wildcard 2010.07.05
Very short, but nice graphics

Law 2010.07.04
played it befor, a little short but still good

Ekinx 2010.07.03
overall very good, too bad the story are to short

bubbles22 2010.06.26
it was a good game but the story was too short.

bubbles22 2010.06.26
interesting graphics.....looking forward to more

bubbles22 2010.06.26
nice game ......fun to play

wasltweasle 2010.06.24
now that is a very hot game.

wasltweasle 2010.06.24
now that is a very hot game.

dpcc 2010.06.18
short game, wish it was longer

gamerhell 2010.06.12
this isn`t the whole game... the original is longer and has more scenes :D

engtav 2010.06.08
The game is way too simple

shhreddy 2010.06.06
Good babes should have been long

Tweek64 2010.06.03
Way too short bad english but decent pics i guess

Sin4u 2010.05.29
Average graphics and animation...

Ricoh124 2010.05.26
Not universally liked but well worth playing.

crzycwby9 2010.05.21
outstanding short game. really liked the interactive parts and graphics

Marx 2010.05.20
this game is absolutely great, but unfortunately it`s too short :(

allerym 2010.05.19
is a great game......niceeee

monkey.lover69 2010.05.19
nice graphics but what a short game, only one woman too.

wahooman48 2010.05.19
waaaaaaaaaaay too short just one girl

Eguy 2010.05.16
Waay too shoort. the pictures are great, but the english is bad. could use some work

amanda 2010.05.16
Way too short, terrible English, but decent pics

spenracq2 2010.05.10
nice little game just needs to be longer

gunnar26 2010.05.09
well the game has a nice graphic and some great eyes lol but it was a bit short though and another thing office pranks i did not notice any pranks.

gromlen 2010.05.09
this game is not bad i would like more but loner games of this

superbowl_48 2010.05.08
the game could have been longer but nice game any way

bored120 2010.05.07
this game was short, and why is it called "office pranks" anyways?

DPhoneix 2010.05.07
loved the boobs,but they have to make it a bit more long..

jeff1532 2010.05.07
not that great i wish the game would let us fuck that secretary

boinky 2010.05.06
too short, no story and kind of boring. Have seen better games like these even from these makers

australis 2010.05.05
Needs a lot better graphics and more interaction, pranks? mmm don`t see any.

fatstomino 2010.05.04
way to easy, way to short, not really that good

Kalaam 2010.05.02
to easy and not so good game

BUGSY033 2010.04.29

comecloser 2010.04.28
that is a very short game ??

Nergal 2010.04.22
Game was a bit short, nonetheless a nice looking boss. ;)

frango 2010.04.18
Where is that interview again????

alient 2010.04.16
game is a little to short

therose2007 2010.04.15
short game but a cool one

argonidas 2010.04.11
pretty short game, but nice

Jabba 2010.04.07
one of the most borin games iv played in a while id pass on this one

biggsreddy 2010.04.06
nice game although very short alittle longer with more action and quizzes would be really cool

redman69 2010.04.06
A good game, but it was way too short.

haplo 2010.04.04
good game, but way to short

Artoox 2010.04.03
game is very nice, but little short.

starneo 2010.04.01
it was a good game but the story was too short.
It may be nicer if having something interesting with the front desk lady...

hotgirl 2010.03.30
The "game" consists of finding the right spot to click to proceed (patently obvious), or choosing the correct answer from a group of three (also patently obvious). The only part the really requires any thought on behalf of the player is the brief "quiz" near the end, and even that is terribly easy. The sexual content continues these standards - pretty, but thoroughly dull and yawn-inducing. My suggestion is to pass on this one.

jammu 2010.03.25
good game but its tuff i will keep trying

shane7402 2010.03.25
Ok game, but unfortunately, too short.

sasuke32 2010.03.25
this was a verry funny one

rossp11 2010.03.25
too short but still a good game

ROB83073 2010.03.23
This was an okay game but it ended too quickly.

HornyPorny 2010.03.23
a little short but still a nice game

mike the monster 2010.03.21
it was pretty good overall, a tad short for my liking though

lorenzocar064 2010.03.21
another level 1 ,very hot women but still very short...i still liked it.

docrx1991 2010.03.19
too short. interactive nature of graphics OK but not great. Girl is great though

sean13 2010.03.18
nice girls, but the title should change

Nemru 2010.03.18
Yes, that game was very short, but a beautiful anime chick with huge tits is very nice.

shyghost 2010.03.17
Good graphics, but too short and too easy. Too much talk for so a short action.

patbeau19 2010.03.16
this is a good game, a little short but good, the only minus was the graphic when we are in the action, by the way i am french so excuse my english

kendalinho 2010.03.14
it was a good game in idea, but very short

destronaut 2010.03.13
it was an okay game wish that it could have been longer and you could interact more

sonic2_red 2010.03.11
very short game but the picture are great.

sentaiblue 2010.03.10
a very nice game nice pixs to short

braindead48220 2010.03.09
the game is to short and to easy

der 2010.03.08
i found this game a like shot

snake69 2010.03.06
awesome.... convincing game..... playable.

r2043man 2010.03.02
not to bad a game to play very sexy

Gryfoon 2010.02.28
I wish you could have at the "receptionist".

xx76 2010.02.23
Very Short.. any other ways to play?

Stevie B 2010.02.17
its ok but could be a bit longer with more to the story

mcgophish 2010.02.16
Okay game, pretty short. Would be better to add a secretary option in addition to the boss.

funkymunkyx978 2010.02.15
i found this game a like shot

Sehviss 2010.02.12
I found this one rather boring.

Brittney931 2010.02.10
This game sucked dick. It was too short

enusrytteren 2010.02.10
i don`t like it.. bad grapics.. way too easy

soupkitchen11 2010.02.06
the game was waaay too short but i enjoyed it while it lasted

k75strider 2010.02.05
Not enough options to choose from and the animation stunk.

mago99 2010.02.04
lame. soso graphics and dumb questions. seems to much like a meet and fuck

wesley_duke 2010.02.04
awesome game but wish it was longer

bsymons 2010.02.03
cool game, not long enough

a_dub 2010.02.02
the game is way to short not enough q&a . Only one girl and no other options potential to be a good game but it needs work .

RicJay 2010.02.01
Very Short.. any other ways to play?

kg 2010.01.29
great game i love large boobs

madhatta 2010.01.28
too short, only one stage

alexus68 2010.01.28
way too short and easy. needs to be longer.

JOHNBOY78 2010.01.26
good game could have been longer

mike21 2010.01.26
nice game but a little short

jack1183 2010.01.25
nice game but way to short

mcmannanan 2010.01.25
Too short... Is there any way to get the receptionist?

ogueta 2010.01.25
The game is fine, but very, very short. What about the sounds of the babes...?

rossp11 2010.01.25
game was a bit short, but still a good concept

buaws10 2010.01.24
good but short...is there a sequel?

quelani 2010.01.23
Too short and why always such large boobs?

samishq 2010.01.11
best graphic overall , there should be some more games like this

songwolf 2010.01.11
bit boreing what with only one way forward and only the one outcome... or am I missing something?

jj26 2010.01.05
played it befor, a little short but still good

shannon6666 2009.12.29
hahahah funny game i liked it

Paris155 2009.12.19
HAHA cool little game music is the best

arcelo 2009.12.14
nice game
nice girls and good graphic design

az89 2009.12.07
need more action than that

Joker 1Up 2009.12.05
just what people want to have . sexy women

Osteve 2009.12.05
An easy game to play and a bit of fun too - maybe could be longer

Osteve 2009.12.04
simple and easy - she was hot but wanted too see more of her

squall8 2009.12.03
ok game a bit to short and easy

nissehult 2009.11.29
to easy and not so good game

Rider 2009.11.27
Way too short. Ok game. needs to have more to it.

wingseraphim 2009.11.27
it is very too short.... needs a little more improvement in the story

Manimal 2009.11.26
way too short and easy. needs to be longer.

thetheif 2009.11.22
Very short and easy but it`s good

bob54z 2009.11.21
good game but way way too short!!!

dominator 2009.11.19
not such a bad game but it is too short

big fat dick 2009.11.19
quite good but the images are orrible

Xyzzy 2009.11.16
An okay game, too short, though. Definitel8y influenced by MnF. Why does the protagonist`s penis look like a burnt sausage? ;-)

PaychecksDK 2009.11.16
a pair of nice anime girls but nothing super game wise

manuvolga 2009.11.16
very short indeed and quite old

Ryuukami 2009.11.13
Very short and easy. Ending scene could be more interactive.

stalker84 2009.11.12
a good nice game but definitly too short

Howie1 2009.11.12
game was really short and no pranks like thought

forbes 2009.11.12
good game but a bit short and direct

anthony41 2009.11.10
this game is pretty easy but kind of fun

German 2009.11.10
graphic is great as always on this site^^ I love these games

darkwolff 2009.11.09
little dispointed to short story ,to easy .
animation is nice

chagal 2009.11.09
nice game but little bit short

BigDick891 2009.11.07
The game was too short they should make a better one than that

wolfman76 2009.11.07
this is a nice little game but it is way too short it needs more levels and girls to fuck.

dannydartika 2009.11.06
nice game, with nice graphic...
i love the action but if it more melodramatic is better

yk zuvr 2009.11.06
not bad not too meny levels

nottswg 2009.11.04
oh wow, that IS short. hot girls, would have liked more to work with.

snoopy666 2009.11.04
okay but much too short and easy

bigone9816 2009.11.04
the game is too short and needs a little more chalange to it

rikyrat 2009.11.04
This game looks good but it is way to short and too easy.

JZ7 2009.11.04
pretty good graphics, could have more options though

spenracq2 2009.11.04
good game but far too short

taciak 2009.11.03
definitely game is too short. not enough concept?

dtdsora 2009.11.02
i agree with everyone, could be longer

colinjfrancis 2009.11.02
Very short game. It`s over before you even get started.

Tarkin90 2009.11.02
nice game but it cud be alot longer and some nice moaning would be nice

dennis 2009.11.02
this game cud be a little longer

johan 2009.11.02
game to short nice storyline

jojoonline87 2009.11.02
Graphic was so good. But the story so short

JesusIsMagic 2009.11.01
it seemed like a decent rip off of the meet and fuck games

Freed0m 2009.11.01
the game was ok
not the best but also not the worst

nate 2009.10.31
Not a bad game, not a great one

mandrake 2009.10.31
good game needs more interaction though and voice

chelsea_monday05 2009.10.31
Nice but short, very sexy tits :)

wunderseun 2009.10.31
good overall, but a bit on the short side

craigsmith9000 2009.10.31
Good looking girls, decent animation. Short and simple.

Dragonclaw1 2009.10.31
it is a short game but nice

akki89 2009.10.31
very short game
cud be more

chiefton 2009.10.31
Is there anyway to get the girl at the front desk?

krealis 2009.10.30
Not a bad game, not a great one.

dyingrabbit 2009.10.30
very nice game
i like this anime style

TomCox25 2009.10.30
Kinda short, not really anything that got me interested in it.

chaos19 2009.10.30
pretty good game, just wish you could do something with the receptionist

pizzanut 2009.10.30
this is a ok game. it took me awhile to figure it out.

jmonke 2009.10.30
I agree with the other comments. Way too short. Needs more interaction.

tonyuk 2009.10.30
ok for what it was. too short and no enough interaction or choices. played better

Bright 2009.10.30
I don`t like this game much.

liildriizzyy 2009.10.29
it was an ok game, Jus a little to short

thomc 2009.10.29
Not bad but not the best game i ever played really nice chick

ravenman 2009.10.29
A really short game, but the story lines in this series always entice me to play.

kid dark 2009.10.29
i always love playing these games because of th great story lines

RatedR12586 2009.10.29
This game is cool, I like it the graphs are a little low but a decent story line, But short yet works.

seprium 2009.10.29
Not bad but not the best game i ever played

boyo111 2009.10.29
Other than the graphics not much to it, the puzzles aren`t even that hard...and where are the pranks?

crankyseb 2009.10.28
Way too short and not very challenging. Okay graphics, I guess.

Saurusman 2009.10.28
The "game" consists of finding the right spot to click to proceed (patently obvious), or choosing the correct answer from a group of three (also patently obvious). The only part the really requires any thought on behalf of the player is the brief "quiz" near the end, and even that is terribly easy. The sexual content continues these standards - pretty, but thoroughly dull and yawn-inducing. My suggestion is to pass on this one.

dman 2009.10.28
short game, but loved the graphics

BJH51 2009.10.28
Way to short, liked the music

CARL 2009.10.28
not a bad game just to short and not much to do

jerryonly83 2009.10.28
short game... funny though... as the other from sexhotgames.com.... nice games though a little limited!

sairemo 2009.10.28
this is a good game but it is very short..

trayter 2009.10.28
Too short ! not enough action!

santa 2009.10.28
Good start but not enough action later on. Good graphics.

cwenzel333 2009.10.27
A little too linear and a little too short.

randy06 2009.10.27
nice sort game needs more actoin and story lines and more chicks

woody 2009.10.27
way to short could have been a great game

timewaster 2009.10.27
Way too short, terrible English, but decent pics. I agree tho . . . where are the pranks? Perhaps "Hijinx" would have been a better translation.

cheese101 2009.10.27
nice short game,good graphics,easy:D
no pranks tho...

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