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Nite with Kelly


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MartiBlank 2019.03.19
To "win" the game, to get the best ending, you have to stop yourself from coming twice.

maethor90 2019.03.18
This Game was so Good. Kelly is very hot.

manred 2019.02.26
kelly is the best model here

BackBone07 2019.02.20
Nice looking new game, cant wate for it to be finishrn

slinsol 2019.01.28
Another good one from lesson of passion really like the music in this one.

Badman.SP 2019.01.19
Game where your answers will determine different results, making the game interesting, also good graphics and easy to understand, make this a good game to play.

rojolocosex 2018.11.30
Good game, nice storyline...

mihaly zichy 2018.11.26
bagrni cant bearrnhold it romeornsend them winernrn*at home*rni dont know beautiful womenrnkiss herrnthat was a very selfish stripteasernfinger her pussyrnkelly what if..rnrnChoice:rnA. Breathe some life back to me will make Kelly go down on you but you will cum and she will be disappointedrnB. Resume our activities >> sexrn*i chose B*

mihaly zichy 2018.11.23
MMM Kelly you are soo beautiful

Devilman122 2018.10.25
This game is one of the best ones on here!


Tron70 2018.10.21
nice, straight to the point, wonderfull graphics

sexynhigirl 2018.10.16
I love this game. It`s very goodrn

Ken123 2018.10.14
the graphic are son great for a game like these i love it wish they could make a bigger game for free

Matty9745 2018.10.08
awesome game and a very sexy girl

UnknownNull 2018.10.06
Really simple game with decent scenes and great graphics! Was hoping that you could catch the guy and Wendy fucking when he told him that Wendy`s waiting!

bluvirage 2018.09.28
Fun and not to hard to figure out sex scenes are pretty good

Kakashi551 2018.09.28
it was a bit to easy to get kelly it should have been a bit more of a challenge

Stormspell 2018.09.23
Nice game, love the multiple endingsrn

Fabien60 2018.08.05
Kelly is a beautiful girl.

Dazzler197 2018.07.29
This is one of the better games

looner 2018.07.27
kelly is amazing, canpt wait to see more of her

FuckiMCFuckfuck 2018.07.22
are she kelly aka missvlog?

Zed_Uchiha 2018.07.21

Rule 2018.07.21
graphics are amazing kelly is amazing

lukerage121 2018.07.15
cute game graphics really good thanks for this game

hammertime44 2018.07.12
Solid game play your responses will determine different outcomes. Makes the game interesting, also good graphics and easy to understand mechanics make this a good game to play.

mostergrand 2018.07.07
good game makes you think about your decisions

qball7601 2018.07.01
fun game with good graphics

hammertime44 2018.06.28
Simple and straight forward. Still enough to keep your interest and good graphics. Where do you meet a girl like that. Fun and games.

Peglynn 2018.05.03
Great story. Ending 4 was hot.

supertrucker 2018.04.29
loved playing with Kelly. can`t wait to play some more. great story and graphics fast moving game.... I liked it alot.

Arjen 2018.04.24
wish there were more games with this sexy lady

drk1998 2018.04.13
Great Game and a Nice Story. id like to see more of kelly in games, also just a little short

supertrucker 2018.04.10
sweet game can`t wait to discover more of Kelly....

Luis Otavio 2018.03.19
This game is so good! This woman is hot!

Emp3r0rr 2018.03.14
Kellly is the hottest of those girls out here... we need mroe of her games and events

pancakeman29 2018.03.11
This is a good game especially for being five years old! I wish it was a little longer though. rnrnAn updated version would be great!

sexylover90 2018.03.02
nice liitle game and a goog graphic

Manotto15 2018.02.20
I greatly prefer your older games to the new ones. The new ones are too long and take too much work. I like these simple dating sims.

polo73 2018.02.19
really nice game with a fucking hot Kelly

Vasco223 2018.01.22
This game was cool escpesailly the graphics

sroper32 2018.01.21
Awesome game but wish you could choose where to cum

SOmeoneLOL 2018.01.14
kelly looks hot af she needs her own game !!!rn

GreenKA 2018.01.13
One of the best lesson of Passion girls.

cacotrepa 2017.12.27
such a cool game. kelly is so hot....

WeeLadMad 2017.12.20
Super hot game! Kelly needs to be featured in a bigger game.

kebabaz11 2017.12.11
Quite simply game, scenes are clunky

papa222 2017.12.06
i assume that other gamees of kelly you need to achieve or smh idk?rn

seedeer2 2017.12.02
Another good gameernKelly is goddesrn

sexydude69 2017.11.27
Kelly is absolutely stunning...wish she was in more games.

Luis Otavio 2017.11.14
Thats a hot gril! I love it!

pirateon420 2017.11.10
Great sex scene. Lots of playthroughs.

stevstev 2017.11.09
This game is a great, i`ve been trying to remember what game this was for ages.

06awmahmood 2017.11.05
the game was awsome but difficult if you didnt know what to do

SteelCurtain08 2017.11.03
Kelly is very hot in this game...she needs her own series of games ASAP

tmramorniy 2017.11.02
You say I need to visit you.. I`m there! Where are you. where are my quest? :(

kingtut8910 2017.10.24
Kelly is very hot but the sex scenes are very robotic and it kind was a let down.

Capiche71 2017.10.22
game was wonderful loved the different endingsrn

Apocrypha 2017.10.16
This is a relatively old LOP game, but the graphics and the scenery is still amazing. Again, LOP creates some of the best background music, but noticed that the soundtrack overlaps itself every time you continue the game for other endings (It`s probably too late to mention that :P). I had difficulty with finding her keys, but I suppose that`s a part of the game. A lot of us feel that Kelly needs a bigger story, and noting how much history this character has, LOP should do a big premium game on her.

StarO 2017.10.15
A good game with good graphicsrnGreat game! Very beautiful girl with nice tatoos!

Luka11 2017.10.04
Great game! Very beautiful girl with nice tatoos!

Redbaron24 2017.09.25
The Graphics were great! One of the best I have played so far!!!

BengerBang 2017.09.20
Though another game where the link and URL to my ending were broken (maybe it`s my iPhine browser app that supports flash), this was another short but very fantastic game! The Kelly model is super hot and I just love the art styles of n these games. They at least don`t look like the typical DAZ models and backgrounds seen in other similar games. And the positions for the sex scenes were incredibly hot. Overall, good stuff! Now I just need to figure out how to get more quests from Kelly.

Everton83 2017.09.19
Excellent graphics anda interasing game

9372 2017.09.10
Really good game, just wished it went for longer.

dropgunx4 2017.09.05
Not a super long game which is nice because it`s not hard to replay and try and get the best ending

Joester 2017.09.04
i want to see more of kelly loved it

Joester 2017.09.04
loved this game will play all endingsrn

kazuki96 2017.08.31
More game like this please

lolxdgetrekt 2017.08.27
Like the game, but feel like kelly should be a girl you can only meet when u make your account.

Leo1996 2017.08.27
Really good game like the rest but I enjoyed the overall graphics.

hardcok 2017.08.25
loved the game love being with Kelly loved shooting my load on kellys butt

Peila 2017.08.24
good graphic and good game, but to short

BrandNew31 2017.08.15
Good Looking girl glad she is the mascot of the websitern

tnt2 2017.08.14
really enjoyed this game nice looking girls thanks

jellypie 2017.08.12
great graphics the boobs look so real

tinvenc 2017.08.06
I like this game, maintaining a good image before asking for date.... a have a nice ending in balcony

Dhil 2017.07.29
i love this game and so nice ..good job

slickstud23 2017.07.26
What can I say. Wow very hot and detail was supreme.

DRAGONBORN123 2017.07.10
Game is really fun and Graphics are fantastic.

Ademix100 2017.07.02
I love this game thank touu developpersrn

Ademix100 2017.07.02
Very good game I love itrn

pjames 2017.07.01
Kelly is such a great character. She`s so gorgeous.

KitCarsen 2017.06.28
Kelly is one dirty chick....loved this game!

Nicalos 2017.06.10
Reallyliked the game but the animations aren`t that good. the graphics are great!

LX0809 2017.06.09
Kelly is lovely. PS.. don`t forget to stop during oral sex and you`ll give her more pleasure and the end of No. 4. ;)

koop55555 2017.06.08
Nice and easy game for a quick fun time

littleGamer 2017.06.06
just made me - looking for more about Kelly ... :-)

JoeMan 2017.05.31
wonderful game great sex and so worth the wait when it happened

RADOST89 2017.05.24
Kelly is incredible and the game is good

RADOST89 2017.05.24
A great chick and a fun game, BRAVO of the creators

RADOST89 2017.05.17
Good graphics, cool chick and fun game

GBear 2017.05.01
Love it, graphics were great

intandint 2017.04.29
good job and good game.I lile the end.

juarman 2017.04.25
I like kelly face she is very hot girl

damnfuck 2017.04.20
yes a great game usually addictive

Mindroth 2017.04.07
Great game! Definitely want more of this...

Ross6 2017.03.25
graphics are good but the story is short and easy

maxamilion 2017.03.11
Great graphics and nice little story, I`d love to see more games with Kelly.

ianjames 2017.03.08
good graphics and a very sexy girl

adyee 2017.03.07
This game is very sensual & hot good storyline & graphics..

BigDaddyDave 2017.03.05
Hot story Hot girl enough said

wavy 2017.02.15
This game is really fun I enjoyed it alot

CartoonFan 2017.02.15
Great game, if a little quick.

dumbass04 2017.02.09
enjoyable game, wish it have a part 2.

Lucifer1815 2017.02.07
Really enjoyable, well developed game with great graphics.

sinfonia 2017.01.29
really good game well developed

gianoo4 2017.01.27
This is a very hot game, looks great

Art97 2017.01.21
Great scenes and a nice story even if it is a bit rushed

DarkLordDiablos 2017.01.08
I enjoyed this so much I played it through afew times.

sexplayer111 2017.01.07
The game doen`t have much choices but it still has hot girl

pieffepi 2017.01.06
Not a bad game overall. Only the story is a bit weak and there is no option (pretty much)

bossco 2016.12.31
in one of the top 4 endings

@Nizam 2016.12.29
no walktrough ? :( but well its so nice

deadhappy 2016.12.28
great scenes and kelly looked brilliant

flush828 2016.12.19
CANT get enough of Kelly~~~ SO HOT

GirlFucker 2016.12.18
very good game, want more

adyee 2016.12.16
kelly is very hot ever i first met her...

blackflesh 2016.12.09
I really liked this one. It was great.

adamek02 2016.12.01
hmm really interesting game, shame it`s not longer

jaehaerys 2016.11.23
Great game! I just wish the sex scene was longer, cause Kelly is gorgeous!

bigbobbyd 2016.11.16
Kelly is gorgeous. Wish she was real

nbrahul 2016.11.16
well anything with Kelly in is always a great game can not wait for more of her

Sovanis 2016.11.13
This Girl make mi so Hard

witwebolte 2016.11.11
Liked it. Although the sexscene could be longer...

lvr 2016.11.08
Man, this game is sexy. Need more of it!

blaze9196 2016.11.06
love the animation and kelly`s boobs

jimpoi 2016.10.25
this game is very beautiful and the girl is very hot

draconis0719 2016.10.09
great game easy to get the endings done girls hot as all ge out

hotacctplayer 2016.10.09
Very enjoyable and exciting. I love everything about it!

IceTeaFoot 2016.10.05
Humorous and erotic. I usually fail as I do in these games, but this hurts less and is a lot more fun.

jayjentorlaw 2016.10.03
this chick is the best of all

vikynor 2016.10.02
the graphic and animation is very beatifull and the story is the best

Mausecat 2016.09.26
Good, the chick was hot and animations too. Enjoyed it. ;)

Maurisfloresc 2016.09.16
This has been one of the better games. I would like to see Gina in more games. The sex scene was very good.

sasuke220 2016.09.16
Mr. Polite achivement - take the 500 euros ask the boss man then option 2 whare you dont press the mater futher

AlexLetar 2016.09.05
Simple game but good endings

King101 2016.09.03
this game has a little bit of everything

nik001 2016.09.01
kelly is so ho i love this game

xtreme666 2016.08.25
good game. simple but good.

Freestyler9310 2016.08.25
Nice adventure, gr8 graphics....Kelly is really one beautiful woman with best qualities

SuperNeymar 2016.08.24
Kelly is sooooo hot, hope they can have another game of her

WillieJohnson23 2016.08.16
Love this game. Its so hot. Amazing graphics

fuckmehard_69 2016.08.07
loved everything about this game it made me so hornyy

fuckmehard_69 2016.08.07
perfect graphics, i got so wet playing it

anoniem93 2016.08.03
great graphics and a very beautiful girl! one of my favourite games!

JDM_Stud 2016.08.01
Kelly is one hot babe ..My favorite among LOP girls

BondGwick 2016.07.29
i cant bear
hold it romeo
send them wine

*at home*
i dont know beautiful women
kiss her
that was a very selfish striptease
finger her pussy
kelly what if..

A. Breathe some life back to me will make Kelly go down on you but you will cum and she will be disappointed
B. Resume our activities >> sex
*i chose B*

SylWrathe 2016.07.28
:( When she calls the cops :D

herdis 2016.07.26
amazing graphics. amazing models. amazing story. unbelievable game!!

gokudera143 2016.07.18
Kelly is one of the most hottest Girl I played in so far

nico20998 2016.07.15
Kelly has to be my favorite girl

stach56 2016.07.11
nice game the best erotic game, but i belive that it can get better sounds!!

Popcon-Dude123 2016.07.11
Kelly was beautiful and I think i will play untill i get all the endings. Great game!

nattybbss 2016.07.06
great game i could play this over and over again

nattybbss 2016.07.06
kelly is gorgeous, love the game

nattybbss 2016.07.06
great animation, the guy quite hot

nattybbss 2016.07.06
great game, great graphcs also

nattybbss 2016.07.06
stuck, cant get passed car

titslim 2016.07.05
the animations are great, as always

Lover78 2016.07.05
This game is my second favorite game it`s very good!

billthornton6996 2016.07.03
It`s a decent game. Seducing a girl by the pool can be a fantasy for some so.

invi1993 2016.06.29
Good game, good graphics. LOP games are perfect

jb5599 2016.06.26
Kelly is so hot. one of my favorites

GIMMY 2016.06.25
Perfect graphics, very nice

AlexPapineau 2016.06.21
Im love this game it cant get any better

AlexPapineau 2016.06.21
This game is really fun

zorrie 2016.06.18
great game...nice story... abit short...sexy lady and faulous sex secenes

iamshy 2016.06.13
Honestly one of the best games that there is out there

cookiemonster323 2016.06.11
kelly is super hot and the games has pretty good graphics

joshf5769 2016.06.05
Easy, but definitely great!

BigBalls8056 2016.06.02
This Graphics are good, a bit too easy but overall the game is good

JFDI09 2016.06.01
More games with kelly pleaseeeeeee this was great

edujara 2016.05.30
my favourite game, its perfect the girl

pjjeremy 2016.05.23
awesome game great graphics

Krisstofer 2016.05.17
The animation isn`t perfect but everything else is great.

cheapmillinaire 2016.05.09
mark is the most relatable character

drew0118 2016.05.02
good game, could be a little better.

Marck03 2016.05.01
Great game with nice graphics and a good story
I love the games of lessons of passion they never dissapoint me

gammablade 2016.04.30
Amazing graphics and the choices we can make to choice are own ending I love it.

Stuffguy111 2016.04.30
Won`t load the game please help

BossDuck999111 2016.04.24
Still one of the best games on the site after all this time. Not to mention it gives you a peek at Kelly early

huy00000 2016.04.05
love this game good graphics

jblxxx 2016.03.30
One of the greatest Game stories I`ve ever played ...
liked the face of kelly ... makes me mad ..lust and all kind of kinky thougths

kevsev 2016.03.29
this game was the bomb..great story line with great visuals ...thanks for reading

buttlover2169 2016.03.20
amazing game, absolutely love it

Spidi 2016.03.20
Cool game but not quite what i expected

hendrix100 2016.03.18
Awasome game Cool story and Nice graphics

vedmendiratta 2016.03.07
great game nice and easy to play

50shadesofforce 2016.02.29
In spite of a lacking story, I find this game to be rather entertaining. Kelly is an interesting character, like many of the characters in LOP.

OmahaSettler 2016.02.27
Alright game. Wish the routes had different outcomes rather than just the ending screens.

lookin_4 2016.02.22
Great fun game graphics are great & the plot is a little fun

SPF60 2016.02.22
one of the good games that came through the site

Shinburedo 2016.02.22
A standard game thats playable

PleasureIs Mine 2016.02.19
sorry missed the `game` part

PleasureIs Mine 2016.02.19
KELLY if only the was high on substance and length don`t know if i would get my eyes of the website

ViperOrtonRKO 2016.02.13
MMM Kelly you are soo beautiful

davo2k17 2016.02.12
I love the game it is my fave on the website yet again its well made

Rocco Siffredi 2016.02.10
nice game, nice graphic, i like this game at all.

LuciferTheFallen1 2016.01.30
meh i failed my first attempt but great game
nice graphics and stuff

truslashr 2016.01.30
its a good game decent graphics I would like to see a more pov one though

latinagr 2016.01.26
Tense and hot game Kely is a sin the gay on thw other hand is like frankestein why;;

utakbakal 2016.01.25
Another loading again every restart, should be one loading only.

152223 2016.01.19
Very hot girl, but the game is a little too easy

Erkos 2016.01.18
good game, graphics are nice, animation could be a little better

ewill 2016.01.16
Good game but wish it was a little more challenging.

MickeyMcFuck 2016.01.04
Kelly is so fucking hot...daaaaaaamn. Game might have been easy, but definitely worth replaying

rickyb68 2016.01.01
kelly is great and the alternatives in the game are intetresting ! a little short maybe

buzzndawgs 2015.12.29
Great game. Very exciting. But not enough choices to make.

Peperoni 2015.12.20
amazing game, however the dialogue can be improved

obito uchiha 2015.12.09
kelly is amazing omg she is so hawt loved the graphics

GrimjawDarkman 2015.11.28
Great game, nice graphics, took me a while to get the perfect ending but still all in all great

AZSxsmoke12x 2015.11.28
Great game, one of my favourites on the site

verrybigD 2015.11.24
Super fun game i like it a lot

Scissors 2015.11.16
kelly is super damn hot. she`s the best

SelcouthLOP 2015.11.10
This game is great, though it was a bit hard to get anywhere at first

AlchemistGr 2015.11.02
It`s a fun , hot game. Although blondes are not my personal favorites she has a nice style. Thanks for the game.

0826tiger 2015.10.29
The game is fun and kelly is super hot!!!the graphic is awesome!!!

SexyLady469 2015.10.29
Quite an easy game....but remember to stop her before u cum in her mouths

Hawri 2015.10.24
As always with this producer, to much "setting the scene". Graphics are nice. But the text is too improbable .

cccloud88 2015.10.16
Great graphics, good story line and the endings are great

InnatePlane 2015.10.11
i love the girl in the game but i feel that the animations could have been better

rohith6768 2015.10.10
Love Kelly`s Graphics please can we have some more

edwardnoel 2015.10.01
Kelly is so gorgeous. I love her so much

GreenRoman 2015.09.28
Holy Shit this game was really fucking hot

Emiya Shirou 2015.09.20
The entire thing seems a tad too forced in my opinion.

kiloblaze23 2015.09.20
how do you fuck kelly in your quest profile

rayjo 2015.09.15
She`s a fast and dirty machine! (Is she the same Kelly as the website`s host?) Graphics not the best I`ve seen here. More straightforward than some other games. Easier to know what to do. So far, I have got ending three twice, after a blowjob, cumming on her hair, and after cumming on her ass.

johndowe12345 2015.09.13
Nice easy game for a quick win

bkuester001 2015.09.11
cool game needs to pick up faster

Pervy-Sennin 2015.09.11
Kelly`s hot, graphics are good, and gameplay is easy enough to be enjoyable

DESOUSA 2015.09.04
Great Game with Great Graphics!

ImArchangel 2015.09.04
I REALLY liked this game, good animation and story

ryanblue2487 2015.09.03
This is a lovely game to play

megold1 2015.09.01
Very good game, great graphics. Kelly is super hot

simonking23 2015.08.31
great game but could be longer

Anonymouz1248 2015.08.25
kelly is suwhy becomng a pornstarier . gud game. want more games of kelly

Troik 2015.08.21
That was very enjoyable and the music was pretty good too. Can`t wait to see more of her.

dragonracer1 2015.08.17
this game is amazing it turned me on as soon as i started playing

nospamzpls 2015.08.15
omg this is super hot. so many endings available. Great job!

ExoCube 2015.08.08
good game worth the time

Tyger1950 2015.08.06
game is almost real,wish Kelly was real.

dj_pizzle1264 2015.07.16
damn that was a good one. had to find all the endings

vjaustin 2015.07.16
hmmmm a great and good game

idiotboss 2015.07.05
I wish she was real she is so fucking sexy

smashthatass 2015.07.05
sexy babe. amazing game play

Semc 2015.07.05
The gameplay is challenging yet entertaining, and the graphics are fantasic.

Lovingplayforce1 2015.06.28
Great looking babe, wish there was a way to get her forever but not always in the cards I guess. So pretty lifelike. Hot game though.

nutz104 2015.06.27
Good graphics. Really hot game

bigbill69 2015.06.25
the graphics is super , animation of this hot game is glamouros I love it

Daldal 2015.06.18
the animations are great, as always

Grimly 2015.06.11

This game is pretty cool. Wish it had a three way in it though.

waccojacco 2015.06.07
I am in love with her! Great game

xPlays 2015.05.30
Now this game has great graphics, really enjoing it.

PlayboyBD 2015.05.26
Nice Gameplay but kind of ends up in the same place.

sthlmhustle 2015.05.25
Classic game! Worth playing

Davidlow 2015.05.23
Nice game and excellent graphics

digital_dave 2015.05.21
Great game. Will definately play again.

chalupa14 2015.05.17
Alright. graphics and hot girl

TopGun1980 2015.05.14
i liked the animation and the gameplay was fun

MrToothman 2015.05.13
Good game but as good as elenor

Cybernuke5564 2015.05.11
Eh kinda good but a little short.

Furnivis 2015.05.11
The graphics are amazing and the storyline was pretty good. 8/10

Krystal2323 2015.05.10
Damn Kelly must be one of the hottest girls here atleast for me.

yoyo12345 2015.05.10
kelly`s hot i love the game

Outcast92 2015.05.09
omg!! why did she left him, but i loved the graphics when they finaly made love together

Sickle 2015.05.06
The game is great. Love the sexiness and the graphics is great.

drunkenmonkey435 2015.05.05
please oh please do more of these games

elvinaervina 2015.04.26
Humorous and erotic. I usually fail as I do in these games, but this hurts less and is a lot more fun.

LadyNaomi1313 2015.04.18
This game is so great with kelly.Love her and her sexiness.

dodgas 2015.04.18
considering the other games available this game is too direct and easy but in the case of graphics and sounds it`s simply stunning

illusionbreaker 2015.04.14
No new updates in the Kelly series in the last 3 years, tsk tsk.

AK47908 2015.04.06
Love the graphics of this game, and I always laugh at the part when she actually says yes to going on a date! Great game none the less! 9/10

Cockatoos 2015.03.31
awesome tits would bag 10/10 rating

chile666 2015.03.28
Really great Graphics and gameplay are top she was hot

willemalm123 2015.03.27
actually its a really great story! and the graphics is great!

Zeblast 2015.03.26
Love the graphics and the girl, nice story!

garion 2015.03.25
love the graphics its a challenging game can never get the last ending

sb12 2015.03.19
This game was pretty good- The gameplay in the apartment after chasing the girl sure was more complex than I thought it`d be to get the good ending.more story should be added

mallepapa 2015.03.14
Interesting story line with something of a surprise with one of the endings.

gordogass 2015.03.13
great graphics, great game

j3hj3h 2015.03.09
I like this game because even if you don`t get the "best" ending, there are still a lot of paths and fetishes to explore in the other endings. Great!

MountainMan 2015.03.09
good one but to shortgraphics are nice animation is ok

Arkath 2015.03.08
This game was pretty good- The gameplay in the apartment after chasing the girl sure was more complex than I thought it`d be to get the good ending.
Though I must say the guy could look a lot better, lol

Black Wolf 2015.03.05
loved the game, decent graphic, beautiful girl and lovely scenario

bigcock444 2015.03.02
Really great game, the character should be used in lots more games to come, really nice

lazypokemon3 2015.03.02
The game was fun AND sexy. 2 in 1!

chicken5 2015.03.01
great gameplay, great graphics i reccomend to anyone on this site!

JackFish 2015.02.22
It was entertaining, but not a great flow.

Pyr0mani4c1 2015.02.18
good game, amazing graphics, would recommend

cameronw 2015.02.17
Really good game. Well worth the effort.

aki777 2015.02.15
One of the better games on this side. The girls is really sexy.

derpofthegods 2015.02.15
conditioned her hair

10/10 would condition again

Aeder1234 2015.02.14
Nice graphics. A little short though.

darren80425 2015.02.13
good game and fun game she was so hot tho

devildave 2015.02.13
great graphics Kelly is smoking hot

Steeljore93 2015.02.13
I love Kelly, I also love this games graphics

jeevesfsw 2015.02.11
Great looking girl, many different ways to enjoy this game

BakerBoy1998 2015.02.07
The storyline is so good

Hanger27 2015.02.01
Kelly is so hot. I can`t get enough from her

TheRealMachine 2015.01.27
Not the best game I played, but the girl is awesome

ChrisDevelish 2015.01.24
awesome game man, i really enjoyed it, i recommend it

darksector 2015.01.23
gooooooooooooooooood game to short though and to sensitive to utcomes

bunnyjoe115 2015.01.16
good graphics and great gameplay

Hiddendeath 2015.01.15
this is the hottest game here great scenes sexy model everything

James451 2015.01.12
Love this game keep it up

bigman123456789 2015.01.11
Finally love kelly shes amaxzing

veej95 2015.01.06
nice graphics. but too easy to play

Beedge69 2015.01.06
At last we get to play with Kelly :)

eddie force one 2015.01.05
kelly is so hot, but the game is a little bit boring.

mstapleton8706 2015.01.03
awesomely good game...like this version of the game a lot

hollow11 2014.12.30
Great game, Great graphics. Love it!

johnsam 2014.12.24
damn it it was nice game ever i love it

dirkm007 2014.12.23
nice but too easy. she did not blew my mind

mr123imhere 2014.12.22
so much built up eroticism! very sexy game!

Monster911 2014.12.22
Intresting game. And it is easy to screw up. So play attention when you make your choouseis....

horny horner 2014.12.21
got through all ending yeah man!

Demonofvengence 2014.12.21
Great game but the 3rd ending is kinda dirty.

Thrawn4 2014.12.20
Great stuff.I`ve had similar adventure in the past.

FootFetishFan 2014.12.19
Good game, interesting premise. I agree with one of the other comments that it seems like Eleanor is in control a lot more than you`d expect given her situation, but I`m not sure I`d want to play a game that was more non-consensual so that`s not really a complaint.

FootFetishFan 2014.12.19
Good game, interesting premise. that was more non-consensual so that`s not really a complaint.

Aeldreth 2014.12.18
Great game, fun story and great art.

silentpeace 2014.12.16
good gameplay, good storyline

mrr2d2 2014.12.16
Short game, but an excellent girl.

moses54 2014.12.12
great game, love this girl and want more

sophier1 2014.12.11
its fun to play and gets u going

aceoflove 2014.12.10
excelent graphs.

that kelly

inhindsight 2014.12.08
The graphics are incredible!!

Gencorius 2014.12.04
Not the best Game but it`s still worth it

HiSSSS 2014.12.03
Great animation.
Stuck in this game HELP

techman007 2014.12.01
I seem to keep ending 3. I`m not sure if I should fuck her outside on the balcony or take her inside.

mono70 2014.11.30
short comments, for example "great game", "nice", "to easy"

mono70 2014.11.30
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

SilenceGlaive 2014.11.27
Nice little game but it`s very hard to get the "good" ending it seems.

jadealmighty 2014.11.26
It was okay but too easy.

Edhed4Life 2014.11.26
This was great it had its challenges but all of the were worth it.

htony48 2014.11.24
very sexy whith good graphics

pieffepi 2014.11.23
Very good game, sex scenes are good but there could be a little more of it. I liked it a lot

maysally77 2014.11.23
fun game, quick, wish there were more story to it.

papillon 2014.11.17
nice one with good graphics but i don`t like the music

Petri33 2014.11.15
Kelly is hot hot hot :) but i like more dark-haired girls!

devils69 2014.11.14
too easy, missing options, and the music is not my kind, but good at all

Valkyrie Cain 2014.11.11
Too easy in my opinion, but Kelly is soooooo hot.

landon316 2014.11.11
really hot anything with kelly is, bit short though

AlkaDabra 2014.11.08
Pretty cool, but it was a bit too short.

Monkey King 2014.11.06
Amazing characters and very good graphics and gameplay

drybones0205 2014.11.04
Hard at first great graphics in the sex scenes...

kahn ar 2014.11.03
with the right choices this game seemed to `get going` a lot faster than others. plus the options aren`t obvious but it still gives you a chance to redeem yourself.

johnnavaj123 2014.10.28
love this one ! hoping for more choices ...

robbudd 2014.10.27
would have liked more than 50/50 choices to be honest

Shakma 2014.10.22
I love this game, she is incredibly hot and the graphics quality really amazing, simply awesome.

salanziano 2014.10.16
such a sexy game and wonderful graphics to boot

Tenn2014 2014.10.15
Love the night with kelly wish she was real lol

bitch slut200 2014.10.11
really hot girl and good graphics

asinble 2014.10.10
kelly is too hot and the game is very good and sexy

paul7678 2014.10.08
i`m stuck. how do you make her cum?

KyBlueEyes822 2014.10.06
Kelly is so gorgeous. She turns me on so much

warebear 2014.10.05
Kelly is so hot the graphics were outstanding and well the choices were pretty fun 2

kellykopoi 2014.10.02
nice game. kelly is hot!!!!!!

kriss2 2014.09.20
Why does the game break? before you begin playing, they zakanchivaut???

IThower 2014.09.17
great graphics great game with interessting endings
and kelly is so beatiful!

Marlon99 2014.09.13
In enjoyed the game a great deal.

BelleB 2014.09.11
Nice and short with good graphics.

jamiev 2014.09.09
It`s a decent game - Kelly is SOOO HOOOT. Still, it would be better with snappier conversations. Overall, a good game!

fuckmehard55 2014.09.09
This game is sooooo awesome. It got me wet!

kaidester 2014.09.08
I am a huge fan of all the Lessons in Passion games and I think this is my fav!

jonnypb 2014.09.08
really nice game, Graphics are excellent, could be my fav game so far! nice job guys!

hotblonde 2014.09.07
i think i just found my new favorite game here! great graphics A+

latinpapi2381 2014.08.31
Very nice and straight to the point. Sex scene could have been better

Captainyolo117 2014.08.25
very nice game i loved it hehehe

Angelofdooms 2014.08.20
Id bust a nut on a chick like this lol

shaky.777 2014.08.17
an be more better, quality is good though

maxa 2014.08.17
nice game ,good graphic ,but little too short

samon 2014.08.17
full of fucking snapshots

xxodazxx 2014.08.16
good game, not the best but good , i should it

HeadHunter579 2014.08.14
fun game with great graphics, we need more games with kelly!

jenggotapi 2014.08.14
the graphic and story is good, like this game

pdog473 2014.08.13
i love both games Nite With Kelly includes, but Kelly is truly the hottest on the website

pdog473 2014.08.13
Kelly is hot, i love Kelly. They need to make more games with her

pdog473 2014.08.13
I love this game soooo much! this game is the best one

pdog473 2014.08.13
Definitely one of the best games on the website. Very sexy, and very good graphics

Evanator120 2014.08.13
good really fun game two play

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Great game! Very good images. A little difficult to navigate the dialog at first.

Teub80 2014.08.09
Nice game, even if a bit repetitive

underclokker 2014.08.09
Really enjoyed the game. Music goes well with action. A little musical variety would be nice.

thurizas 2014.08.07
I love this game.It is graphics are realistic and easy to play.

dogcrafter225 2014.08.06
We need more Kelly.. and the game was awesome too. But mostly coz of Kelly

Freak1334 2014.08.06
Kelly is freaking hot. The graphics are incredible.

hamonta 2014.08.05
nice game, & beautyfull grafix , but game is too short

MacyDMarcus 2014.08.02
great game brilliant graphics

gllbsk 2014.08.02
game had good graphics and action. didnt like music much

judedski 2014.08.02
i really like it tbh, nice game!!!! yeah!

xMandrakex 2014.07.31
I love it hot story good graphics

portopaok 2014.07.31
Kelly was hot but the plot was not so interesting.

couche 2014.07.29
Absolutely amazing, great graphics aKelly is amazing, great gamend sexy girlAbsolutely amazing, great graphics and sexy girl

KingChaos888 2014.07.28
just joined this site, and im so happy i did, this was one of the best sex games ive ever played, whoever made this deserves a high five

mrkevin14 2014.07.28
Very nice game with good graphics :)

MStorms 2014.07.27
I am surprised that the games on here are actually pretty decent. This on is no exception!

Maisha 2014.07.25
i like this game
takes moment to understand but its good

Kvasir 2014.07.24
danm Kelly is hot... good game.

icecoldsoda 2014.07.23
The graphics on all lesson of passion games are so great! Though there is some flaws like no option when to cum.

barekman 2014.07.22
nice game with kelly. they need to make more

amirbutt 2014.07.21
it was ok, the graphics were good

Gspamw 2014.07.21
Nice game. Good quality and it kept my interest.

Ray1967 2014.07.20
Very well done game, not overally complex, good story and gets to the point without a lot of jumping through hoops.

smaukacius 2014.07.20
And i do it again cause i need it one more :S

smaukacius 2014.07.20
I am just commentating to get xp sorry :(

Vellu 2014.07.19
nice graphics
greta story

freakyboy 2014.07.19
kelly is so sweet..enjoyed my time with her..lovely game..love the graphics too

The Beast Man 2014.07.18
a bit of a long winded boring game.

blacktuesday 2014.07.18
its a good game liked it

destro95 2014.07.17
kelly is so hot. very nice story and graphic.

destro95 2014.07.17
this game is just awesome!!

MonkeyRojo 2014.07.17
Great game, good graphics.

Akong 2014.07.17
great game ! nice graphic

ExtremeGamer 2014.07.16
kelly is sexy and game has nice graphics. one of the best game out there

rianto77 2014.07.15
Hard to play at first, but that what keeps me playing. good game overall

john.smith69u 2014.07.15
I love the real life graphics in this the boobs are so beautiful

Mr NutJob 2014.07.15
Awesome Game The Grapich too is Great

gtrockr7 2014.07.13
How do they make it so realistic? good game!

justsomebro 2014.07.12
good game. took me a couple tries to get ending 4

BlackSteel 2014.07.11
My nite with Kelly ended with a blast, Need to try for another ending

Tranosaurus 2014.07.11
A game with kelly? Not bad

bitz94 2014.07.11
Nice story as well as the quality of the graphics.

SunnyRae 2014.07.11
it was ok, the graphics were good

ThePhantomLord 2014.07.10
really good game, possibly my favourite.

alfalf 2014.07.10
sexy girl, nice graphics, good game

SexDeviant 2014.07.09
hot hot hot love the different routes

OMARALIRAQE 2014.07.09
this is the most exited game ever

sexy_hotie 2014.07.08
really nice a sexy i wish i can see more

skahtun 2014.07.08
I done sex , u should try ,it feels good, I made a baby , im not 18 im 9 years old .

kobebruh 2014.07.07
Fun game and good graphics.

Kruvol 2014.07.07
Kelly is so....... yummy!! She`s sexy!

DrKink 2014.07.06
She is hot and I love how te game allows and mentions that you are having sex in public which is great

rileyw 2014.07.05
this game is underrated. love it

mark1223 2014.07.05
Quite horrible translation, attractive chick though. not a bad game

Sitharii 2014.07.04
Interesting to say the least

JakeEschbach 2014.07.04
I wasn`t understanding how to beat this at first, but after playing it, I finally got it! The quality and overall gameplay is what kept me trying! Very impressed!

andyosgarcia 2014.07.04
She plays hard to get, i like.
Great gfx also

indohed 2014.07.03
finally beat it, this site needs more Kelly

meli56 2014.06.30
cool game nice grapics all of this game good awesome

Randall87 2014.06.30
Great game, amazing graphics, hot chick. The game play is great. Worth the time to check it out.

yannos34 2014.06.29
still a nice game wish to see more

AlexH 2014.06.29
awesome graphics! I like this game

cookie2006 2014.06.29
I can just keep playing this game, awesome graphics!

santiagohotsex 2014.06.28
graphics are amazing, and i like it very much, and kelly is beautifull

Drakefyre3 2014.06.26
This game has awesome graphics and Kelly is super hot

Mr.Hordys 2014.06.25
good gameplay and graphic ;))

undeadsee 2014.06.24
good game, nice scenes and positions :D

paisa 2014.06.24
one of the beston the site I love kelly

dwb75 2014.06.22
Great game..would have liked more angles and options though.

mattyyy 2014.06.22
best game on here for my opinion, love it

n3rd88 2014.06.22
No matter what I do, I get ending 1.. What the hell am I missing?

timel 2014.06.19
amazing graphics, girl is crazy hot

mystery666 2014.06.19
nice game and good graphics love Kelly

dadykid 2014.06.18
wooow, she gas sexy tits ...nice graphics and good endings

CajQ_O 2014.06.18
Wow..great game and great quality too .... i enjoy it :D

BobJoy 2014.06.18
Good graphics, the quality is great for a short game.

aussimal 2014.06.17
cracking game ,graphics good role play great love this game.

leonardluc 2014.06.17
great game with great scenes and good graphics

sonubhai07 2014.06.17
good story+nice graphics+awesome game

lusty221 2014.06.16
this game is awesome i love it this is fucking amazing i ould play it all day

DimitarCC 2014.06.16
The game is kind of interesting with good graphics but maybe if there were more story....

hotstuff1290 2014.06.15
good game took me a while to find a good ending but i definately enjoyed looking for it haah

anvesh21 2014.06.13
amazing graphics n nice story

rsound13 2014.06.13
hot & easy - just how i like it

dannad74 2014.06.13
Kelly is amazing, but the main character was kinda annoying.

yannos34 2014.06.12
awesome game like to see more of her

a.h 2014.06.12
this was great please add more with kelly in it

wrestleyou54 2014.06.12
high quality graphics.. easy to progress.. could have done better on the penetration and money shot

deadlyhunter253 2014.06.10
probably the best developers although this game is a little easy.

Ttoe93 2014.06.10
Great game good animation love the multiple endings and music

Romaxa 2014.06.09
nice animation good gameplay

dlorah 2014.06.09
great game.. awesome graphics.. great work..!

LincolnLogs 2014.06.09
Even the "bad" endings are good. It`s really hard to go wrong once you get to the apartment.

joepervert 2014.06.08
Beautiful girl
speed selection for sex
Story is here
No option when to cum
To easy to just click threw with 50/50 options on whats next

hunters23 2014.06.07
not a fan of the story, its hard to understand, but fun to play all the same

lengfeihan 2014.06.07
beatiful girl ! funny story ! i love the game !!!

17Kevin17 2014.06.07
Gotta love girls with tats!!

Endryn 2014.06.07
Extremely hot, I loved this one. Good graphics and gameplay, and Kelly was a stunner. Would like to see more of her!

tareq7 2014.06.07
I absolutely love this game

ygg 2014.06.06
This game is great! The girls are super hot!

jaymo 2014.06.06
the game is a good game to play

diablo5437 2014.06.04
this was an awesome game, i would date that girl any day

ratteesh 2014.06.03
omg awesome fucking sexy graphics to the core makes my dick really wet

pete1252 2014.06.02
The girl is so hot and the build up is just so wow!

pete1252 2014.06.02
The sexiest game on the site

zainhussain 2014.06.01
i wish i couid have sex right now

sexjon 2014.05.31
this game is very good!

nitrosonny 2014.05.30
Gosh, Kelly is arguably the best girl they got. Meltin` hot!

jelmer1534 2014.05.29
really liked kelly i can over and over again

Hammy1000 2014.05.29
It was more like meh, no offense, but the storyline is just way to surreal...

char1234 2014.05.28
I can play it over and over again

MovieNightHD 2014.05.27
Brilliant game! Love it, great graphics and great story line. Keep up the good work!

jake9595 2014.05.26
great game very challenging and fun to play

Harvenia 2014.05.26

TaiSorrow 2014.05.25
Another fun one. Good challenge and like the number of options and their effects. Jeely is hot.

tymeris 2014.05.24
i love this game it was worth the wait

taylord125 2014.05.24
I absolutely love this game

Dutchman2 2014.05.23
Good quick game. Graphics could be better and more realistic action

Hordys 2014.05.23
I`ts good game i`ts me favorite game.

Peter1212 2014.05.23
Great game on the storyline. Liked it a lot but not very promising in the graphics and short story.

Hichigo 2014.05.23
The story was pretty decent, the gameplay and interactions were great. Kelly was great

lol20080 2014.05.21
game is nice, graphic is good

Dick_in_Son 2014.05.20
Another perfect game from LOP, these guys rock!

Montrovant 2014.05.20
hot game, kelly is so amazing, story works fine

jenso 2014.05.19
graphics great, animations great

SlimShady99 2014.05.18
Hot graphics and good storyline. Not as interactive as some of the other games.

Stone88 2014.05.17
amazing graphics i love the game

GP69 2014.05.14
If Kelly were real i`d be putting in my bid for a date! She has the most amazing pixels, and she goes at it like a pro!!!

jakecocky 2014.05.14
love it. very good game! I love how Kelly is so beautiful! good graphics.

pandeyaryan555 2014.05.13
very good game ,superb graphics i loved it

infandum 2014.05.13
great grpahics and conversations but to bad that you have to reload the game when u want to retry

GP69 2014.05.12
Love this game! Kelly is hot and sexy and in need..........

flare442 2014.05.12
I love how all these games have amazing graphics

Vectra 2014.05.11
great graphics great game with interessting endings

GoMartijn300 2014.05.11
It`s a pretty hot game but if you make one mistake, you`re going to have to start all over

jb2022 2014.05.10
I can play this one over and over. Kelly is so hot

onebigbird4u 2014.05.09
great game and great graphics

themaster69 2014.05.09
The game is a little bit short, but can take your time

LazaWarrior 2014.05.07
great game and graphic ....

julio1980 2014.05.07
Great graphics and nice story... Fun and sexy

gameomss 2014.05.06
Amazing graphics and great gameplay

gameomss 2014.05.06
i liked it very much....wow beatiful

gameomss 2014.05.06
play and see u will love it.........

slipknotfcker 2014.05.05
game was freaking hot I would do Kelly any dam time whish I could find someone like that

skodev 2014.05.03
good graphics. hot game

zfottao 2014.05.03
haha.. like Kelly very much

spain884 2014.05.02
Great graphics, loved getting all of the endings.

Infernalistgamer 2014.05.01
Becoming a fan of this studio...

miskas 2014.04.30
Great Grpahics gonna try and get all endings

miskas 2014.04.30
Great loved the game good action good length

lolpop101 2014.04.29
Good storyline!! amazing game:)

Zonlanski 2014.04.28
truly fan of kelly and the graphics enhances the beauty

bigcocki 2014.04.27
Ooh my god...its so amazing

Pikachu2049 2014.04.27
Good little game, great graphics

zeuxxx 2014.04.25
kelly is a very hot game is very real best way to play

hardgammer 2014.04.24
cool game,good graphics and so hot Kelly!

Dudemanrocks 2014.04.24
Good storyline I enjoyed it

blazin-h8er 2014.04.23
great game, it has some pretty good scenes and the girl was pretty sexy

LordTrap 2014.04.21
Great effort in the game, love the girl

bobikow 2014.04.19

As always, each of the successive parts nicely done with interesting wontkami. Would recommend and look forward to cdn.

Tzzman 2014.04.19
Not complicated and enjoyable scenes. One of the better games

hops25 2014.04.18
Really fun and breezy game. Not as elaborate as some others, but really fun

giacomo25 2014.04.17
the overall quality of the game itself is great, only thing i didn`t like is that it was very difficult (at least for me) to earn any other ending than the second one that is my one and only complaint

GUAHRI 2014.04.17
woo its ana amazing sex game

Magic Knight 2014.04.16
Very good graphics and a nice story!

Nobil20 2014.04.13
Great game with fantastic graphics and animation

darkflame721 2014.04.13
this is one of the best games i played

CountZero 2014.04.12
I blew the first ending - he he he.

joskenel 2014.04.11
interesting game taking the things forward with kelly, it was required nice graphics

fap69 2014.04.11
wow this game has great graphics

Lutz 2014.04.09
nice game, great looking graphics

kmjkyt 2014.04.08
graphic is great. and she`s hot

spikem33 2014.04.08
I played this 10 times in a row, so damn sexy!

spikem33 2014.04.08
she definitely knows how suck a cock!
I wish it was my cock. :(

spikem33 2014.04.08
awesome game, watching her makes me want to fuck her all day long

spikem33 2014.04.08
I recommend this game 10 stars its the best sex game ever! after u play this you will be horny and it will make u wanna get out there and fuck!
this game makes computer gaes more lively and fun!

spikem33 2014.04.08

spikem33 2014.04.08
th team have really pt an effort in to this game!
I was hounored to play this SEXFUL game!

spikem33 2014.04.08
she`s sexy.
I wish that dick was mine in her mouth.
and her breasts make me horny

damnalex 2014.04.07
Great Game with Great Graphics!

bigdogrb 2014.04.07
awesome graphics, makes the game seem more realistic

Joke366 2014.04.06
Awesome graphics and gameplay

adriraj 2014.04.04
IT was a Fantastic game to play.

GratefulGoddess333 2014.04.04
I loved the different scenarios that can take place depending on how the previous choice....awesome, sexy and enthralling...

coolkid3530 2014.04.03
I like the game I think it needs more cock sucking though

Cum Cannon 2014.04.03
Amazing graphics and game! Still working on other endings.

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
sexy short game - and not easy to get all endings

DemonOfWarX 2014.04.01
loved this game easy to play and the graphics were great

funguy61 2014.03.31
I liked this one better graphics than a lot of the others can be tricky with your answers on what happens. I won`t give any big thing away but in the parking lot with the car the keys to give her under the car can be very hard to see. I got stuck a few times but that`s how to go further in enjoy.

ArcExtremist 2014.03.31
The graphics in this game is fantastic!

conner129 2014.03.30
Kelly is so hot. I love this game!

sxyboy 2014.03.28
kelly was very sexy which made the game good

sexyandy07 2014.03.28
the graphics are so rwal i love the game

sexyandy07 2014.03.28
good and a great graphics

sexyandy07 2014.03.28
game was challenging but results were worth it

sexyandy07 2014.03.28
kely is so goood that she sucked in the garage

sexyandy07 2014.03.28
amazing graphics and girls. great game

sexyandy07 2014.03.28
kelly so cute. i love it the game everything

marc110 2014.03.26
loved this game real long and amazing scenes

hackerbate 2014.03.25
This game is great. It was hard at first but got really fun when I got to tuck her

marcelan 2014.03.25
it was the best game I played

never_machine 2014.03.23
such a great game. got really close to failing a couple times though

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

piebot 2014.03.22
These games are great, i had forgotten to mention that the quality is also great and i loved the tatoo.

piebot 2014.03.22
I love this game, the animation is awesome and the characters are a turn on.

DinoSaur13579 2014.03.22
she was actually really hot.

sexydude12 2014.03.19
i really liked the game and Kelly was hot

nonsidewiper 2014.03.15
just joined,what fun Kelly is!

MrsBubbaC 2014.03.14
I absolutely love these games. The tattoo was a very nice touch. Great quality!

zSnake 2014.03.13
nice game and good graphic

davecrow 2014.03.12
Didn`t have many positions. Fantastic graphics though. She is gorgeous.

Assurbanipal 2014.03.09
NO:short COMMENT ? This is simply perfect graphic model simulation are really exciting

armydick 2014.03.08
great game kelly is best girl on the site very hot

rihanna126 2014.03.07
I`ve apreciated this game. I think that it has a good graph and cool chikcs

Sonic01 2014.03.07
PLEASE make more awesome games like this featuring KELLY

blabla2 2014.03.07
I really enjoyed the graphics of this one.

shixblix 2014.03.03
nice options and gameplay

hijo753 2014.03.02
kelly is really awesome !

hijo753 2014.03.02
Nyc Graphics and i love Kelly!

hijo753 2014.03.02
wow very nice gameplayasesome

hijo753 2014.03.02
Aaaah ! Kelly Kelly Kelly ... ! She `s always damn sexy .. ! Love that game !

hijo753 2014.03.02
Good graphics and nice gameplay

Razorsedge16 2014.03.02
Really fun game and good graphics

rqwe 2014.03.01
Easy to play and good graphics.

Rindevar 2014.03.01
Finally Kelly. I wish it had more twists and scenes though.. Already waiting for her next appearance!

Paul McGann 2014.03.01
Little weird but its always nice

ghetto_bwoy 2014.02.28
it`s really interesting game) very good

Kryrev 2014.02.28
Felt a bit short, but great to see Kelly featured in something, great game overall.

yuv565 2014.02.26
really great game.i have good time playing this game.

raylancea 2014.02.25
good graphics n hot game

MrSerevas 2014.02.22
Fantastic game, Brilliant graphically, and very nice to see Kelly featured in something.

littlecletus 2014.02.21
very fun game getting all the endings can be a bit difficult

TheBeast4295 2014.02.20
Great game, great storyline, and amazing graphics.

desh 2014.02.20
good game. lots of endings, good music, and good graphics. Thumbs way up. need more like this

dennos123 2014.02.20
best game i am ever played Kelly is so hot.

Julio278 2014.02.16
Very good design. Kelly is really hot. i like the variety of endings

Darius2738 2014.02.15
The endings had a good variety, great gameplay as well.

benefit87 2014.02.15
good, I enjoyed the ending

usopsanji 2014.02.14
I love this game sensasional @@@

medoprince84 2014.02.12
Kelly is so hot it is pleauser to fuck her

bobzmccloud 2014.02.11
this is pretty good game

Cacatoes 2014.02.10
Wish the sex scenes were longer, but Kelly is really hot. And I just never achieved to get the good ending... Is it impossible or what ?

MtnGuide 2014.02.08
Great image quality. Would love to see more physiological changes. (i.e. hardening nipples, wet vagina, etc.)

oak1963jones 2014.02.06
Nice game. Would be good to have more options. Very realistic.

Momotaru 2014.02.06
Nice game and i wish it wasn`t so short.. i wish there was more positions :P

iPownBoy 2014.02.06
Such a good game with awesome graphics, and not very hard to do

NanoTechKid 2014.02.06
Great graphics, great music, great story. All in all, a pretty awesome game.

Fandeff 2014.02.06
A game with kelly .. How in earth could we not love that !?

hornyviking 2014.02.05
good game makes you think about your decisions

lm13 2014.02.05
I like this game so much. The graphics and animations are so realistic and gameplay is great.

It`s one of my favorite games :)

reskos 2014.02.05
Awkward moments but a very arousing game! Deliver more of this stuff. :D

voyeur1951 2014.02.04
Maybe it is because I am a newbie but I found the game very confusing. Following her didn`t see, like a bad idea until he walked in on her. It was a moment where I very much wanted some kind of help! I would not have stood around and introduced myself; but gotten out of there A.S.A.P.!

Davidgustave 2014.02.04
Good game can`t want for more

elastomer 2014.02.03
Fun game. Very sexy. Good graphics. Interesting personalities. Good level of difficulty

Manojmr15 2014.02.01
The animation was great, graphics were awesome and it`s very horny...........

marvelhulk 2014.01.31
So sexyyy and great graphics

asdbatzx 2014.01.30
i want to fuxk a girl right now

asdbatzx 2014.01.30
that game is one of the best games i ever played

93297 2014.01.29
Great game need more like this

Ryan810 2014.01.28
awesome game and pretty easy to understand

yairt97 2014.01.26
playforceone.....deserves oscar for sex..

jsand4242 2014.01.26
pretty good game. nice graphics

aurorazola 2014.01.24
Stuck where you start to touch her. It wont let me touch where I need to, just turns the cursor back to its regular look.

kaladrumer 2014.01.23
This is one of the greatest sex games ever. Beautiful animation and very passionate moves. Love it....

hyperpixie 2014.01.22
The graphics were amazing, the gameplay was great but the story was a bit too short

gecko1 2014.01.21
sort of short but felt really fufilling to play

djlightman 2014.01.21
Good game and great graphics

brink900 2014.01.21
Kelly is sooo hot and great graphics.

jaing543 2014.01.20
nice fun game, will keep me going for a while

cafall 2014.01.20
Great game but a little too easy to figure out

nala121 2014.01.20
great graphics and kelly is so sexy

Xilthio 2014.01.20
Greatly made game! Awesome, and sexy.

Loveroftits2315 2014.01.19
Easy to play and good graphics. 10/10

Sionlord 2014.01.17
easy gameplay and kelly is really hot

retsmahp 2014.01.17
Nice game play and different paths.

kingsex345r 2014.01.16
well made game. i love sex games

leafs23 2014.01.16
dont like the music, but there is great action in this game

leafs23 2014.01.16
this game is amazing, there are great sex scenes

Kilopio 2014.01.15
I love this game ... and this girl!

bluindaplace 2014.01.14
nice game with a really hot girl like Kelly !

kanpur 2014.01.14
playforceone.....deserves oscar for sex..

kanpur 2014.01.14
ohhh kellly...................i want her in real life..!!

cericeri 2014.01.14
it`s a good games for sure

posel 2014.01.13
amazing game, great gameplay and graphics! verry gut

b1m0gaming 2014.01.13
its a very good grapich

johndark 2014.01.12
very,very,very again easy to play and fantastic graphic and animation

Jimg007 2014.01.12
Well made game.The game moves along well and it has great graphics. Looking forward to playing more of them

BigShotRob 2014.01.12
Love Lesson of Passion games, very nice graphics and good story as always

Staines 2014.01.12
good game but too short

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
Kelly is so hot.. gameplay is easy and simple, the quality is perfect, and it was totally worth it!

wandres28 2014.01.11
This game is so awesome. great graphics, very hot and Kelly is so... Wow

topos1999 2014.01.10
Kelly is nice bitch ,,,,,,,is pleauser to fuck her....

ppd_607 2014.01.09
Kelly is very hot.. nice game

dandraft 2014.01.09
FINNALLY a Kelly game,i was a bit dissapointed,i mean it was KELLY,a bit too short but ok we finally got some releaf

Dracogal 2014.01.08
Graphic designs are acceptable. Would like to see a bit more development of the relationship between characters.

Spar7an general 2014.01.08
i enjoyed this game i would like it to be longer

zack1 2014.01.07
the model repesent the host, but i tought it,s not the best game

thehornydoggie 2014.01.07
Aaaah ! Kelly Kelly Kelly ... ! She `s always damn sexy .. ! Love that game !

nitemare 2014.01.07
not a bad game, definitely surprised at how hard it is to get the better ending

Zoreli 2014.01.06
very hot game, will be coming back to play again

Amser 2014.01.04
I recommend this game, fun and sexy, not too hard (but hard in the good sense!

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
gud graphics nice gameplay and good story

latetoshow 2014.01.03
played this so many times cant make her cum first though great game kelly is amazing

madman3004 2014.01.02
wow great game, kelly is so hot

nomadd 2014.01.02
kelly is very sexy and hot, seriously

freepass 2014.01.02
easy gameplay and kelly is hot as usual. great!

KingSpartan 2014.01.02
Great game, fun challenge to get all the endings.

james1994 2014.01.01
good endings great graphics

herro01 2014.01.01
graphics were great and in total the game was very good aswell

kaladrumer 2014.01.01
great line of story and beautiful sex scenes.....love it.

jackt365 2013.12.31
i really enjoyed would reccommend but can be laggy on laptop

mysteryinlife 2013.12.30
i love this game, and all the dates with kelly. recommended !!!

fattihh 2013.12.29
damn.that game was awesome

GangaTacabirba 2013.12.28
100/100. It is one of my favourite game.

tonscorpio06 2013.12.28
graphics are top quality , gameplay is exiting and kelly is looking good as always.

phambadat 2013.12.27
Best game ever ending was great

justherforfun 2013.12.27
This game made me so horny.

ReFLeXGoD 2013.12.27
Such a sad ending for him (Ending 3) Really good game love it !

america234 2013.12.26
OK Game, but short on alternatives to the love story...

LucianxXx 2013.12.26
as always graphics are top notch its a bit short but i always say quality over quantity :D

jeppblack 2013.12.25
YES: OH MAN this game is so nice

skull1997 2013.12.24
A nicely done game, maybe it could of been a bit long and more involved

skull1997 2013.12.24
I got a good ending at the first try !!!
ending number 4 !!

fuckbuddy656 2013.12.23
i love this game it got me soo hornny.

HeyyBitch 2013.12.23
This game is so confusing,i dnt understand it?????? HELP ME!!!!!

georgebuchov 2013.12.22
Really nice graphics and story

conhard 2013.12.22
really good game amazingly nice graphics

ThenMust 2013.12.22
I Love this game very sexy and hot baby. Nudity allowed make me horny

ThenMust 2013.12.22
Yes!!!!!!!!!! I Like This game

dsa72409 2013.12.20
Great game, good story, good visuals, good pacing; solid and erotic all around.

ilovemyselfalot 2013.12.20
A fantastic game.. And Kelly is so hot..

David022 2013.12.19
i loved the game..its quite interesting

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
Awesome to finally see Kelly in a full length episode. She looks hot as ever and there was some great steamy scenes with a lot of variety. I`m not real sure why it didn`t follow her storyline from the Kelly Episodes....I would have liked that better than seeing her get involved with Marky Mark here......but oh well......still hot and a really fun play through. Definitely recommended.

darksaga 2013.12.18
kelly is perfect girl :)

XauzzieXx 2013.12.17
great game great gaphics 10/10

fuckbuddy656 2013.12.17
this was an incredible game. to be honest im as hard as a rock right now.

Michael44 2013.12.13
Not to bad, better than most Kelly games.

Serenity67 2013.12.13
İt was fun to play i liked it

apenb 2013.12.11
What a great game! I really enjoyed the graphics of this one.

jidoro 2013.12.08
I wish the game was longer.

someone44 2013.12.07
Really good game, enjoyed it all the way through.

TheSexPRO 2013.12.07
i love the graphics and good game

mnguyen 2013.12.07
Fantastic game, graphics very smooth, almost 3D like

Collychamp 2013.12.05
Amazing game. Hard enough to be a challenge yet easy enough to get a good ending without failing over and over. Kelly is great.

derangedjarhead 2013.12.03
A pretty fun game with a really hot girl

mashkin_a 2013.12.02
Gameplay is great, graphics is also very good, but i think the animation is not very well

test25236 2013.12.02
The game plot was excellent, although I found some responses unusual in more real-life contexts. But this is a game, which I want to also point out has excellent graphics, music, overall writing, and Kelly (the love of my life) looks just stunning! Congrats, Playforce One; this is one of the best sex games I`ve ever played, and is certainly on my favorites list

sowowisdoge 2013.12.01
This is a "fun" game, if you know what I mean.

me sexy 2013.11.29
nice game with nice graphics

thestonerguy 2013.11.28
not bad...a little bit slow and predictable...not much to do

danielruckman 2013.11.27
awesomess sex game ever

Cheetah0104 2013.11.27
Great game. Kelly looks very sexy. Hope to see more like this.

IrishXander 2013.11.26
good game. great sex fun to play i loved it

London Belanie 2013.11.26
Awesome graphics & very challenging!
Kelly`s very pretty by the way.
Love it!!

JorranG 2013.11.25
Is there a threesome ending with the nemesis?

antaras1 2013.11.25
nice game the best erotic game, but i belive that it can get better sounds!!

lucabrilla 2013.11.25
Damn! I`m addicted now.. How can I make Kelly cum??? I tried to finish this game properly, but seems impossible for me!!! :D

bigbri2k5 2013.11.23
Great game, loved the graphics but was a little disappointed with the gentle -> moderate -> passionate options. Made things a tad to linear, I prefer to be able change tackwhen I want and have it do something.

sanos 2013.11.21
Kelly is the queen of the PFO

csasso 2013.11.21
Nice game, nice music, nice tits, nice ass. Hey, some spit drippin off his cock while she`s givin head would look right.

Goodguy1990 2013.11.21
Such a nice game with epic graphs

GameFreak041 2013.11.20
The graphics are very good but I think the gameplay is to easy

Archand 2013.11.20
One of my favs of all time
Really good

kartik kha 2013.11.19
great game,great graphics ,little difficult

crazynuts62 2013.11.19
really fun game enjoyed it

knucklez741 2013.11.19
Cool game, alluring and addictive!

Boch604 2013.11.18
Kelly is nice game, love it

jonbman 2013.11.17
Kelly is really great, love this one.

johndark 2013.11.17
very very hot game, beutifol graphic and animation very chalenging

Inchigo 2013.11.17
cant get enough of the grraphics and endings of this game just keep coming back to play this

Inchigo 2013.11.17
plain and simple, but dammit its hot. Gameplay, Graphics, animations on a high standard as usual.

MaxxV2150 2013.11.16
I love this game! I wish they made more games for the Kelly stories. She`s a very complex character. She seems simple and needy, but then shows that she has a soft and pained side that just needs some love. I like that about her stories. Wishing for more!

cmyates42 2013.11.16
Why isn`t this part of Kelly`s adventure on the homepage?

Thatloverman 2013.11.15
This is the hardest game on this site.

Fandeff 2013.11.15
Aaaah ! Kelly Kelly Kelly ... ! She `s always damn sexy .. ! Love that game !

wek4 2013.11.13
another real good game !!!

sinsear 2013.11.13
pretty tricky at first, but worth a replay

ladiesman420 2013.11.12
Whoo!!! damn hot. simple and sexy...!!!!
Loved kelly in this avatar....highly erotic and fantastic game...!!!!

blackopsxxx 2013.11.12
Love to love Kelly all night long............

blackopsxxx 2013.11.12
Kelly babe just cum for one night.............

blackopsxxx 2013.11.12
Kelly...love to love you bab`e!!

blackopsxxx 2013.11.12
Kelly you are just so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............

blackopsxxx 2013.11.12
Kelly............you are so beautiful!!!

dicker39 2013.11.12
Really great gameplay and graphic for this game

mtlmn 2013.11.11
Awesome Game. Kelly is lots of fun!Everyone should try it out

tsunayim31 2013.11.11
nice little game, love it

tsunayim31 2013.11.11
she looks so hot in her stockings

tsunayim31 2013.11.11
Fairly simple game, but very hot. Kelly is awesome.

kong1971 2013.11.10
that was one of the best played so far

follow 2013.11.10
that was nice. good graphics, animation is very good.

freebandz15 2013.11.10
Kelly Kelly Kelly, lol love it

Zefir 2013.11.09
Cool game!!!! KELLY FOREVER!!!!!!

fififi 2013.11.09
sooo cool,enjoyed it lved the scenes and want to play again.

bladehunter4321 2013.11.09
i like it it real sparked my interests

Alessander 2013.11.08
She got a big & nice booty

Ricebowl 2013.11.08
LoP games are awesome as always

PFOfan 2013.11.08
Funny, games with Kelly.... :) AT HERE!! :D
Never be expected :)

blogon2 2013.11.08
nice storyline very good graphics and nice characters

galladegirl 2013.11.06
Great game so far, I love the animation.

berry7009 2013.11.05
Game is awesome and all, but very hard and very long. Make it easier please!

Riecan 2013.11.02
good game with multiple endings, enjoyed

anthony21397 2013.10.31
by far one of the best games on here

shakestir 2013.10.31
nice but needs more choices to go

jack79801 2013.10.31
nice tit I need to hook up

Muzsucker 2013.10.31
Good game alright graphics

DevilzRazor 2013.10.31
very nice game i like it!!!!!!!!! very likeit

elreye 2013.10.30
i love you kelly!!!,. so damn hot!

csasso 2013.10.29
Kelly`s good looking-NICE TITS, music"s easy to listen to, graphis are good too!

an23ra 2013.10.29
one hot blond babe. :D nice!

tintin2013 2013.10.28
kelly`s toooo hott! my dick is hard as a rock.

coleporn69 2013.10.28
One of the best games I have ever played.

darksoul396 2013.10.28
kelly is soooo freakin hot!!!

Kman180 2013.10.27
Great game with great graphics

raider_manhc 2013.10.27
nice game with nice graphic..very hot but a bit short though.. more angles and some anal perhaps...would be nice.

Ben Harper 2013.10.26
Love the game brilliant animations and endings

Howler18 2013.10.26
They sure took their time making Kelly because she is incredable! (for a blonde) This game almost perfectly mirrors how I would act. Clumsy and stupid! LOL

gamers22222 2013.10.25
Loved the game Kellys hot to great graphics two.

ateivisftw 2013.10.25
Fabulous graphics and everything.. really enjoyed it

thewiz101 2013.10.25
Good game and nice graphics!

exjackxo 2013.10.24
Damn Kelly is hot. I loved the game.

minter89 2013.10.23
As expected from Lesson of Passion, a really good game with amazing graphics. The gameplay is a bit easy though, which ofc isn`t necessarily a bad thing

lopjak 2013.10.22
There is no need for me to go into any detailed critique with this one. It is timed perfectly well and Kelly is so damn gorgeous, it`s worth finding the different endings. Play it.

Gozgo 2013.10.21
lovely kelly. she got such a good character

Addikted 2013.10.21
first time with kelly, i was too fast ! willing to discover the rest right now.

pchy 2013.10.19
man that was hot, kelly is sexy

dheh` 2013.10.18
this game is gret i luv ths

xninja 2013.10.17
damn great game love the animations

Lomma 2013.10.17
wonderful game, not too simplstic but not too much of a hassle either. definitely will play again

peregrine89 2013.10.16
Wow - this game made me so hot!!

Contageous0 2013.10.16
Very well made game, kept me interested the entire way through.

cizar54 2013.10.15
Loved it , but u need to work more on graphics

boomdyatta 2013.10.14
awsome game with sweet graphics

lcypher 2013.10.13
had a good time with kelly hopin for more

ghost1021 2013.10.13
i really enjoy this game it amazing

SexyLady99 2013.10.12
Great graphics and animation, yet I believe that in at least one of the endings she should have an orgasm.

geteros 2013.10.12
sexy game I wan t to fuck kelly

deathproof 2013.10.10
Good game! Great graphics plus it was so hot

jf70 2013.10.10
Awesome game. Great story line and very challenging.

SentinalC 2013.10.07
great graphics and an interesting game.

anthonycrean 2013.10.06
this game is really awesome!!! i could spend ages playing it

nikred 2013.10.06
Good game. One of the best i played on here. She is so hot...

Jedi lover 2013.10.04
Its a very good game with great graphics. Also like the gameplay

asinble 2013.10.04
hope that i can meet that sexy kelly and play with her for real

khanhkevin 2013.10.03
Can anyone tell me which is the best ending pls ???

jaso2901 2013.10.03
Good game their boobs where some awesome good pussy ahh i will masturbate with that

steele 2013.10.01
love these games. LOP is awesome

rajsith 2013.09.30
this is agood game and good graphics

LordBaldur 2013.09.29
The game play is good, nice graph, and good sfx. What else needed?? :D

member 1 2013.09.29
it was an very good game i like it so much i would like to play it everyday

samuelsun91 2013.09.29
Very Good quality and gameplay. I love the artwork and design

Thestar 2013.09.28
This is a pretty nice game, good graphics

maddhatter 2013.09.28
Awesome game and excellent graphics

prakharvkolhatkar 2013.09.27
i love this game, the graphics is brilliant but kelly is looking more sexier

skyman13 2013.09.26
so hot the game has amazing graphics

bel-ami 2013.09.25
Awesome game play and graphics

drvwghia 2013.09.25
I liked the game. She was sexy. I will have to try it more to get a better score.

kush97 2013.09.25

kush97 2013.09.25
sexy game I wan t to fuck kelly

prakharvkolhatkar 2013.09.24
Its a very lovely game, i thing it has become my favourite game

jerald0213 2013.09.21
This is the best game and kelly??,,, she is the best!

jerald0213 2013.09.21
I can`t wait for sex scenes! I like kelly much!

omegasui 2013.09.20
As expected from LoP, well done.

Zwick93 2013.09.19
best game ive played so far

DannyXXXX 2013.09.18
Oh no,I have a bad ending :(

vadkan21 2013.09.16
Really good game, i like it ! SEXY!

Hornydonny88 2013.09.16
Really good game. Very Very Hot:D Liked it a lot

yannos33 2013.09.15
a lots of ending this game is great

raytang 2013.09.15
kelly is my favorite, i like how you can change positions in the sex scenes

soulseeker 2013.09.15
one of best game in this site and absolutely my fav

iIl boy3 2013.09.14
This game has some amazing graphics and is fun

johnniewalker328 2013.09.14
This is a great game with great graphics

leo54 2013.09.13
nice game, i`m interested in finding the other endings

ilmncsm 2013.09.12
Have been wanting a Kelly game for a while, but was hoping it would be a continuation of the Kelly Quests. Still a good game though.

oldfart40871 2013.09.12
great game Kelly is so hot

FlyKidMir 2013.09.12
Kelly is one of the best, good game

FlyKidMir 2013.09.12
Kinda hard but really good game

eaa 2013.09.10
I like Kelly so cute. Awesome game i can play all time.

drksmg 2013.09.10
Very good game, excelent graphics

thelonelyone 2013.09.10
the game is good but difficult

mikie477 2013.09.10
Awesome game and nice graphics too.!!!!

rubmax 2013.09.09
great graphics and awesome gameplay

farbatosz 2013.09.09
Very good game and graphics!

hotsauceintheeye 2013.09.08

boey247 2013.09.08
I definitely think the game should be restartable without reloading.

crushingbobs 2013.09.07
Very nice game. Can`t say I did everything correct...(Missed the keys on my first playthrough -___-) Got it all on my second try :)

The graphics are very nice. Especially all the small details in the body.

tattoosunny 2013.09.06
kelly is a very cute slut girl

meeloshian 2013.09.06
SO CLOSE!!! I got on ending 3! Is ending 4 the best?

Lutz 2013.09.06
fantastic game, Kelly is so hot ...

YourRoyal 2013.09.05
Graphics are great, love the game.

deadsnake 2013.09.05
The reason for doing this second is that otherwise you would have to buy Lisette a beer to get this Infuence increase.]

Adalric 2013.09.05
Great game, this sight rocks

HugWolf 2013.09.04
Great game, but way to short.

cavemanowns 2013.09.02
it has a nice storyline but was a little too short

HornyMan123456 2013.09.01
This is a great game with great graphic and storyline

pradish 2013.09.01
kelly belly nice boobs really...............graphics in pussy was show that she not virgin.............please add virgin model pussies

DSlice 2013.09.01
Great Game, couldn``t get ending 4 at first but when i did it was totally worth the wait.

network22 2013.09.01
Fun game - get to tell her what the fuck to do and fuck her

dency6 2013.08.31
i love these kind of game

cmyates42 2013.08.30
Excellent game with a bit of challenge getting all endings. Should this be added to the Kelly Adventures on home page?

Kinkongas 2013.08.28
Loved the game and graphics.

Jokke 2013.08.28
A excellent game with very good graphics and a drop dead gorgeous gir!!!l Highly recommended!!!

troller 2013.08.27
This game is ok... and yes its short

tbone357 2013.08.27
Good quality. Needs a little more story.

jon1991 2013.08.26
very short game but with some very hot scenes

hungryhubby 2013.08.25
would have liked more options. varying choices

bee555 2013.08.24
i love this kind of game
and love the graphic too

everby 2013.08.22
More games like this please :D

khankhansn 2013.08.21
graphics give a good sex experience

Darfii 2013.08.21
I love this game.Its the 3rd time around i played it.

r0nnfranciz 2013.08.21
Nice Game play...
Nice Graphics..

Deluxe_24 2013.08.21
Very good games and girls, great graphics, lot of options.

lenman 2013.08.21
Nice game. Excellent graphics. Got all four endings but in none of the endings, she gets an orgasm. Didn`t understand that part. I must agree with the comments of most of the gamers. Kelly shouldn`t have been this easy to get. Also, the gamers finally get a `Kelly` game and its not long and extremely short with very less interaction and short lovemaking scenes. This must be looked into as I am sure that most gamers would have loved a long and superb `Kelly` game with extreme interaction. Kelly is definitely members` property and she just gave herself up so easily. Trust me on this, make a `Kelly` game similar to `Working for Evil` and you will hit jackpot. Anyways, the gameplay and graphics are excellent as usual and it`s a nice effort. More storyline is needed and please don`t give Kelly away so easily. As one of the gamers mentioned in their comments, she is one of the best drawn models and should not be portrayed as a market type slut. Even the dialogue is wrong. She says that she just got out of a bad relationship and then just acts slutty. That is just WRONG.

Sam2013 2013.08.20
Hot girl. Good graphics. Worth a load

dadidu 2013.08.19
i fucking love the girl... nice game.... i love it

turntable 2013.08.19
haha wow the ending is anti-climatic but still good i guess

dannehboy 2013.08.18
Way too short! had sex after about 5 scenes, they need to make the game longer. Love the graphics and is a really fun game if they added some more substance to it. That`s just my opinion anyways :p

blackshaddow 2013.08.17
Love Kelly`s Graphics please can we have some more

murfda 2013.08.16
Great game. Not dissapointed by ending 3 at all

yuigfhf 2013.08.16
i got ending 3. so close yet so far

Ashleymariekitty11 2013.08.15
wow awesome graphics and amazing ending

kavez 2013.08.15
yes finaly did it right ,some girls are hard to satisfy

kavez 2013.08.15
hahahah fake phone number im so bad at this

kavez 2013.08.15
i did thing little bit diferent but still my ending is so close yet so far.gyess ill try once again

kavez 2013.08.15
gameplay is hot and Kely is verry sexy girl,i must try and do things diferent to see how it ends

lilouback 2013.08.15
finally. Very good game. How about a pov game

jeffreysan 2013.08.15
This was a really fun game! Great design and graphics!

Jay1982 2013.08.14
Hope there are more games with kelly. she sure is hot

SolidJoker 2013.08.13
Ahahah, I love how this guy has already came farther with Kelly than I have. Lucky bloke..

Great game, but I think it should be in the Kelly challenge department.
Still, totally awesome, could be longer but like I mentioned myself, then it should be in the challenge department, and not with the other games.
Loved it.

pharris24 2013.08.12
this game is so unbelievably hot

ppaz12 2013.08.11
fun game but could use more animations

mini810 2013.08.11
great game, but I thought Kelly was for members!

MsTBN 2013.08.10
I loved how he ate her on the counter

MsTBN 2013.08.10
Pretty cool game, nice bodies

ghgaud 2013.08.10
Love Kelly already. Good graphics, good story set up.

Drniko1950 2013.08.09
That`s the first time I play such game! Great job guys

KingLethul 2013.08.09
i love kelly she`s so hot and nice Graphics hope you create more games like this.

Dramen01 2013.08.08
Like this game so far. I`ve played through several times now, however I always seem to get ending 3. Graphics are good for the most part.

picbru 2013.08.07
Neat game, Kelly is great

theplayer21 2013.08.05
Love the graphics. They are clean and smooth. The story is very well though out.

Badvoc 2013.08.04
I enjoy this one, could do with being longer though with a few more encounters, the nice things people refer to are:-
Pool, return handbag, don`t break the moment
Restaurant, Whoa Romeo then send wine
Garage, find keys under car, then you can use any of the walkthroughs listed below

himal 2013.08.04
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

Dimismann 2013.08.04
Gameplay is good, graphics good, decent story, very short game sadly.

JackH 2013.08.04
This is realy a good game but I think I`ve foind a glitch, sometimes the orgasm option doesn`t show up, had tp reset it

Cowlibob87 2013.08.03
Excellent game, love the graphics. Still not found all the endings but found some which im happy with

rashawn26 2013.08.02
having fun with kelly was awesome this is a good game

w1drng22 2013.08.02
I finished one of the endings. It was pretty good, decent graphics, rocking girl.

SexDemon101 2013.07.31
Great game, a bit boring, but overall alright.

TSUNAYIM34 2013.07.31
i love kelly! she`s so hot! please more game with her!!!!

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
Lovely graphics...lovely game

AmberRose 2013.07.30
Real great! Loving gameplay and ani

RoberrtC 2013.07.30
Fantastic game, one of the best one the site.

himat 2013.07.30
most exotic fun game . grapic is good . love to play

wheelman182 2013.07.29
this is one of the better games here. kelly is the best drawn model! whats not to like about a sexy flight attendant with a short skirt and stockings?

aleg 2013.07.29
One of the better games on this site.

inthe 2013.07.28
fun game to play. good graphics.

spencem 2013.07.28
this is a fun and great game to play

tovgoho 2013.07.27
nice game but could be better as graphics

sasol 2013.07.25
it was nice but it would be nicer if it was posible to start from an act not all over every time

scyke 2013.07.25
really like this game, very very interesting indeed, the graphics and everything muy bueno amigo :)

youhna01 2013.07.25
not very good but grafic correct and great girl but too short for me sorry

noogad 2013.07.24
really liked the game had a great story line

rockmaiden1 2013.07.24
awesome game play and graphics

Axcel67 2013.07.23
Great game and great graphics

garnet86 2013.07.23
loved this game and its graphics my fav

grimes 2013.07.23
I love that she has tattoos and she`s fucking hot nonetheless, but I just with she had different hair.

sleeper47 2013.07.22
man i love kelly, shes hot

sleeper47 2013.07.22
i love this game, i got best ending

sleeper47 2013.07.22
best game by LOP so far, kelly is so hot

Gakthorne 2013.07.22
Was awesome! Played a few times will be back for more endings!

smartsex 2013.07.22
enjoyed the gameplay and sexy graphics

sasukeamine 2013.07.20
it`s absolutly an imaginable game ... love it

fuckmeharder101 2013.07.19
Good animation to me best graphic`s i have seen in a long time

petten007 2013.07.19
nothing else to say than perfect!

tavish 2013.07.18
very sexy game. tons of fun.

Feblih 2013.07.18
this is a good game. good graphics

monsterhigh 2013.07.16
This game is hot its cool and i like it. the graphics are also really good looks very real.

Vaca 2013.07.16
this is a nice game with great graphics

gzaldi 2013.07.14
beautiful kelly,, actually i still didnt get good ending, haha :(

rohin85 2013.07.12
This game has beautiful character design and animations. I love trying to find all endings.

lope 2013.07.11
Good one. Nice animations aswell

smilenow 2013.07.11
Great game---love to win kelly`s heart

iBEATMYPP 2013.07.11
iLove these games like this.

MS96 2013.07.10
Need more Kelly adventures!

loverlybitch 2013.07.09
Best Sex Games ever on this site! Especially this one..mmm

jaceflame 2013.07.09
I like playing these date games but i need help

Chuckles802 2013.07.09
This game was really cool i escpesailly like the graphics

georgesanders 2013.07.08
The artwork is outstanding, but the dialogue is of an uninteresting quality, and more significantly diverse endings are unavailable. Kelly is a wonderfully exciting character, but, because I am not a high heels fetishist, I wish that she would remove her shoes.

totto0675 2013.07.07
really nice game, great graphiks, want to see more of Kelly :)

aln922 2013.07.06
wow kind of a hard game fun though

aln922 2013.07.06
this is neet i like the game so far

Username4321 2013.07.06
Plz, more of this, Kelly is great, esp the account binded missions

axeman23 2013.07.05
the game play was great I like the different ways you can play

hHurb 2013.07.05
just added my avatar its a pity its limit is 100kb

63ted 2013.07.04
Kelly always good games and graphics.

suee314 2013.07.02
Great Game. Good graphics

MrBlue 2013.07.01
Really nice game, could use a bit more action from the player.

Swordfish 2013.07.01
hmm... only midfield... graphics are good, like the most games, but i dont like the storyline, its a bit poor... so i rated it a bit lesser than other games

d-man951 2013.07.01
Great graphics but sort of easy

arrro2013 2013.07.01
Music was nice, very seductive... walk thru was appreciated.

Jaco Swart 2013.06.29
Really hot game I like the pussy

Avatar4400 2013.06.29
Awesome game with excellent graphics. Kelley is drop dead gorgeous

razor26 2013.06.29
this is cool game
and kelly was so hot
love it

large21c 2013.06.29
cool game with pretty good graphics

inehea 2013.06.29
i love the game it makes me so horny

gggg_nnn 2013.06.29
I like this game wish i can Download it

gggg_nnn 2013.06.29
NIce game and also horny

sexxxmachine 2013.06.29
incredible sexy kelly and awesome game

jonnym 2013.06.28
You could have made a great success from this game!It was great to get to fuck Kelly,but you should really focus on the story here since she is a special...ummm...heroin.

kane22 2013.06.28
Nice game, good graphs but story might be better.

bouce 2013.06.28
not a bad game although could hve made better endings

cacaliki3 2013.06.28
ohh my god the graphic seems soo good and the game seem so nice

Nightspiral2k 2013.06.26
Well I do like the alternate endings you can have.

tiger22 2013.06.26
im stuck in this game at the swimming pool, please help me.

ssavagessnake 2013.06.26
great game good graphics would love to see more kelly games

Jakkals 2013.06.25
Great game , easy steps, Nice girl

wessmith 2013.06.23
Great game and Kelly is soo HOT!! rate 8/10

Arxad 2013.06.23
Good game, not as challenging as many of the others out there but still better than most point and clicks.

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