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Night with Sara


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Bicudo_SA 2017.08.30
Cool game, good graphics, but with the passage of time, near the end the dialogues become silly and cloying

samsmith1169 2017.08.16
Don`t like having to download, you should make an online version!

jeffy 2017.07.25
I like the game even though I`m not a fan of downloading it but still I enjoyed it

SamWal 2017.07.06
This is one of my fav game of alltimern

w1drng22 2017.06.26
I`m really not interested in having to download the game. The value of PlayForceOne is that you just start playing the game.

littleGamer 2017.05.20
nice game, a bit more interaction would be great

kemode 2017.04.25
pretty good game with ok graphics

gogigogi 2017.03.04
this is very good game i like it

tlcspook 2017.01.13
Deason game, would recommend playing it

zett92 2017.01.05
small extenel download but quite nice game


Zaycan101 2016.12.20
Love the game but it takes time tho

GLC0123 2016.12.14
OK game - average graphics.

Strawswef 2016.11.20
The gameplay is correct, graphic are beautiful

uglyjoint 2016.09.26
Took a while to complete. Several tries, but fun

amazingkrackote 2016.09.04
This game is so long...
but i love this

Haroldb779 2016.09.02
Like the game, needs some animation.

luv2pleaseu1973 2016.08.11
don`t like that can`t play online....

ertenx 2016.07.24
nice game nice designs very good planning

LightningStorm 2016.07.16
Don`t like that you have to download.

LeoDrake 2016.06.21
I like this game! The story is very great.

cambridge4453 2016.06.04
You have to dwonload the game which I don`t like; then its a question of getting the choices right and she takes over and thats it really. Quite well presented and decent graphics but unexciting

MohamedX 2016.05.26
I like this game and the ending too

naeryus 2016.03.26
pretty nice graphic, love the ending

genec57 2016.03.24
i cant get the game started its blocks me

sethh88 2016.03.18
anyone having a problem with any of the games I don`t see how,ive beat the game twice Kelly is something else wait till till you get to the end

SNE21 2016.03.01
There is a problem with the game when trying to play it i could not connect to it!

artik 2016.02.08
it is a really interesting game. i got horny and this helped me.

akii 2016.01.19
i loved this game, the girl was really hot

DonnieBGood 2015.12.31
Downloadable file...seems like just an advertisment

erosenin95 2015.11.13
great game althoug i had some problem

me 2015.11.05
The goal is just to avoid falling asleep. When you managed that everything runs without real interaction. Nice night though... :-)

OldCuteBoy 2015.10.31
I never play games, which aren`t online playable!
Mos of the "RAR`s" include viruses!

0 Points for that!

Hieblan 2015.10.27
not bad, but kind of easy...and some gif pics would be great

behxistor 2015.10.14
i loved this game, the girl was really hot and i liked all the scenes.

haiman23 2015.09.18
I dont think this game is working...

vandon 2015.09.09
its not working or doing anything for me.. i start and nothing just a game contoler over her

jacob11947 2015.09.06
good graphics, but you could make it more interactive guys.

rider009 2015.08.29
cooooooooooooool very nice

GOLF-3-VR6 2015.08.16
verry hot game and a good story

l30bl00m 2015.08.16
couldn`t get to work in latest build of Firefox private mode ;) help!

JuggleMyBalls 2015.08.15
it really is an amazing game

JuggleMyBalls 2015.08.15
this game is great, ive played the game alot of times and i dont intend on changing that in the slightest, definitely a game to play

MadPAM 2015.07.28
I like the game and story a lot. But unfortuantely there is only one real winning ending. All the other ones are loose the game. I really wish there were more endings involving sex.

w1drng22 2015.07.27
This was an awesome game. Graphics and interaction were really good. I recommend this game.

adragon707 2015.07.20
Sorry I am not downloading anything. If that is the only way to play this game I will miss out.

rocky1905 2015.07.15
I also want a night like this. nice erotic game

danielgomes1980 2015.07.14
wonderful storyline and great graphic

thatdss 2015.07.11
Very good, nice plot, easy to play

assassina 2015.07.05
Love this game. Could there be more?

pleazure 2015.06.27
the game graphics are not so cool

Attica 2015.06.23
Very fun. The animations were amazing. definetly a favorite

Dersonrn 2015.06.11
not bad game, but it`s good graphic

mendiratta 2015.06.10
nice game play .. but sloppy animation. could be better .. but had fun playing the game.

tymag 2015.06.09
it doesnt work like i would like

Dersonrn 2015.06.08
A good story , is good and hot.

samarora972 2015.06.03
i loved the graphics in this game...

irubcheeseonmynips 2015.06.02
one of the greatest games on here!

Johnfapper 2015.05.29
Very amazing game i like the art work

MasterPlg 2015.05.25
very erotic one i hope author has more experiences like that and will share them with us... soon :-)

Sethanos 2015.05.24
Very disappointed about the 3rd party outlink.

Venusz 2015.05.19
Great game. Was a little short though, but overall GJ.

bybob30 2015.05.17
i wish you wouldnt need to download it

Zemelya89 2015.05.16
love the graphics great game

kyoopid 2015.05.12
Love the Game and great Graph

FireWaterBurn 2015.05.10
Was redirected to another site, then had to download the game in order to play it. Running it is pretty straightforward. The game itself is pretty decent. Nice model and texture renders and a good story. Thanks!

pussy_eater 2015.05.10
love the graphics great game

Rougou 2015.05.09
it`s a great game with great graphics
i love this

nagazato 2015.05.08
great gameplay and graphics

Mr.Matt 2015.05.08
this Is really great game and I also enjoyed the gameplay

lufiasrahza 2015.05.08
great game ! nice gameplay tho

anon_yme 2015.05.07
great game overall not much to say about it

Edward123456 2015.04.30
One of the best, if not the BEST game I`ve ever played. Great

C.C. 2015.04.28
Love this game. Could there be more?

AlexTheGreat 2015.04.26
This game is pretty straight forward.

mjocham 2015.04.25
This was a pretty good game, not the best but good.

frank1974 2015.04.18
Nice looking new game, I liked it.Graphics were decent though and good story but no interaction, especially during sex scenes,with animated sex scenes will be great.

minion69 2015.04.10
nice graphic and she has ggreat boobs

Blitzkriegbob 2015.04.10
Somehow i find this game kind of creepy. The graphics seem uncompleted. Gameplay is nice.

fergal 2015.04.10
not a bad game, not the best, but worth some time!

Satty 2015.04.03
Nice n straight forward game

JamieXd24 2015.04.02
Great graphics and great gameplay good ending

rickfuentes 2015.03.30
Enjoyed this game, just had to download, unzip then run the index file from the home directory.

yoost 2015.03.29
great game. only mis the possibility to save the proces...
but nice story

nixed 2015.03.27
pretty nice game with good graphics

bachhuyanh 2015.03.24
Pretty good game, the girl is great

jodownik 2015.03.23
the story is surprisingly good, and very enjoyable, Worth a try

Xxkyle0104xX 2015.03.23
I think im missing something i can`t get past the 1st night at all nothing works

James80 2015.03.19
Wooow, never expected this game to end like this..
Had a hard time to figure it out in the beginning but damn that was a great game

babynicky007 2015.03.19
it a ok game had fun though

xan1m3gu4x 2015.03.19
I have to download a file...been there....and it wasn`t pretty.

bjarkeboy33 2015.03.17
i don`t know about this game, it doesn`t feel like something i like

Arizona 2015.03.17
@wow66047 That is simply untrue. No executable file, only plain text files that make up a web game. Everything runs within the browser and nothing can get out of there, plus anyone can read the code.

@beadsworth Again not true. A test in Chrome: Open a tab in privacy mode, go to any page and open the element inspector (cntrl + shift + i), go to the network tab, reload the page, look at the "source" column, surprise? 99% of items are cached. When you close your session in privacy mode the browser will delete all those files, just as if you delete the folder downloaded. Now ask what happens if the browser or your device crashes and can not clear the cache on close.

deffy duck 2015.03.17
pretty nice game with good graphics

wow66047 2015.03.17
download was full of malware,,,, just saying

dncn 2015.03.16
apart from the lack of interaction, the story is surprisingly good, and very enjoyable, Worth a try. Wish there were more similar titles. Anyone know any?

beadsworth 2015.03.16
@Arizona The browser doesn`t cache items in Privacy mode. It also doesn`t store records of visiting sites. As such, most people view these sites in Privacy mode. Even in normal mode, any remnants can be erased within a second with Ctrl-Shift-Del. Just an FYI, that`s how browsers work.

There`s room for improvement. More detail to writing and development and you could make better games.

ingoio256 2015.03.15
This is a great game, hope you make some more. There is always space for improvement, so keep up the great work! Thank you

pusshound 2015.03.14
The story is good. The graphics are not great and there is no movement. The girl is better looking in some scenes than others. It`s a little too linear, but worth playing through once.

de_master 2015.03.14
The game is ok but the german translation for example is totaly wrong.

tylerfuck 2015.03.13
i cant get on it whith firefox for sum resone

ghost rider 2015.03.13
its anice game and agood story

andhind_arie 2015.03.12
nice game good graphic wait for more

gandalftheswaggy 2015.03.12
i dont like the games where you open another tab...

lazy.chandra 2015.03.11
i like this game.fun to play

danny192 2015.03.11
That was a great game nice graphics

j3hj3h 2015.03.10
Seems the game no longer plays. Taken down?

Arizona 2015.03.09
@beadsworth You don`t have a clue how to works a browser, right? The browser cache of online contents is stored in your hard drive. It`s hard to find and hard to delete. For this case, all files are always in the game folder, if you remove them, the game disappears. It`s safer than online games for you privacy, further the hosts of online games know when you are playing, in offline games nobody knows.

I will not justify about the history, the facts are true but I`m not a writer. Neither I`m not an artist, I did my best with the images... but it seems it is not enough, I`m sorry about that.

beadsworth 2015.03.09
Pretty low quality game, overall. A plain looking female who is downright scary ugly at times. Breasts appear huge when she`s on her back (unrealistic except with implants) and small when she leans forward. The story reads like a fanfic written by a teenager with very little experience with women.

beadsworth 2015.03.09
The issue with downloads is pretty clear. A flash game is stored simply in the browser cache and can be removed easily. A downloaded game sits on your hard drive in a folder and is harder to remove traces of. Some people would rather play games in private.

chasiak 2015.03.09
i can`t open the game. :( chasiak

sexyfrank 2015.03.09
It`s a good game and I liked the story. It`s a pity there`s no anal

limo4hire 2015.03.08
I like the gameplay, graphics are great aswell!

jamie420 2015.03.08
loved the game, girl was sooo hot

kalizabri 2015.03.06
i realy like this game! its so hot

yahoo111 2015.03.06
To all that are unhappy about the download: You do realize that every time you "stream" a flash game, you`re effectively downloading it, along with everything else that comes with it (yes, this includes malware)? Here, you get a clean zip file, you can examine everything before trying to run it and you`re unhappy about it???

bigcity5844 2015.03.06
I could not get to work in IE, chrome , or firefox. The screen comes up, but no links work.

funledupdave 2015.03.05
Need to download. No thanks

gimmino77 2015.03.05
great novel, very exciting and good graphic

wldsxwizz 2015.03.05
great game love playing keep them cumming

C.C. 2015.03.05
No matter what I do I can`t get the game to run after download. What can I try? I`d love to try this game but so far, nothing.

jake83 2015.03.05
I will never download games, I will only stream. That is why I use this website. I hope having to download the game first will not become a trend.

NickJones 2015.03.05
Great game and story line

NightStalker73au 2015.03.04
good gameplay and graphics

aragorn90 2015.03.04
quite good for a first try. The story is fine and can develop. Interesting !

maxxxy 2015.03.04
I appreciate the effort. The images of the woman are a little off-putting; she`s plain, at best, and some of the facial expressions are more weird than sexy. Storytelling is very, very, very straightforward. Would like to see this author develop more complex story lines and perhaps get some help to improve the graphics.

pleasurechloe 2015.03.04
Its Download Only? It wasn`t originally then five mins later the play online feature was gone. It would have been a good game I love dating simulators but instead I am here commenting :( .

littlejohnny 2015.03.04
It would be great to see more of these stories come to life in a game mode way.

Arizona 2015.03.04
messi12345 and NightStalker73au, don`t forget unzip all files in a new folder and them open index.html with a modern browser. Not open the file directly from the zip, all files must be unzipped in a folder.

messi12345 2015.03.04
the game is not working

NightStalker73au 2015.03.04
tried using Firefox but can`t get game to play.

HarrietGarmin 2015.03.04
I think im missing something i can`t get past the 1st night at all nothing works

dcvoltman 2015.03.03
game does not work with IE

Agonoize 2015.03.03
no problems to play. the story is good but graphics and interaction could be better,

otto08151 2015.03.03
How to start ad run the game

Use chrome (or firefox)
Download the game
Unpack the game
Run the index.html file
Choose language
Enjoy the game

Arizona 2015.03.03
I apologize because the server was down for a while this morning. I underestimated the traffic of this page. I`m so sorry :( And I hope you enjoy the game.

C.C. 2015.03.03
I can`t seem to get the game to play . I`ve tried Chrome and that doesn`t play either. Any help?

jcc1985 2015.03.03
good game pretty fun could be longer

yahoo111 2015.03.03
I looked over the data files and the images, and some of them are unused in the final game. If you want to find them, they are delimited with var filename=" and final ".
They are in base64, although decoding them will yield errors since the last two magic number bytes (==) are missing.

MacPau 2015.03.03
Game could be a bit better graphics but it is good. Keep it up. :)

Jaaru 2015.03.03
Nice looking new game, liked it.

nonamefaceless 2015.03.03
Since it was supposed to be based on some true story, its kinda linear with very few things to do
Graphics were decent though

Billy_77 2015.03.03
Have to say very poor by PF1, error message mostly and when finally got through that screen took over 5 minutes for game to load.. PF1 surely should vet these external games game okay lacks any form of interaction and options

ivan01rv 2015.03.03
1) Raise temp 10 degrees
2) Search room
3) How can be mad at you...
4) Doesn`t he realize what he has?
5) If you aren`t comfortable...
6) You seem worried
7) Do you know that...
8) ask if she minds...
9) tightening my abs...
10) `not much clothes`? ...
11) open your eyes (if you want)
12) open you eyes (if you want)
13) they are very nice
14) actually, I seee some better things...
15) change the subject...
16) it represents the union of two parts
17) look down (if you want)
18) that is because you are so tense.
19) would yo like me to show you some positions?
20) I promise I will try
21) uumm.. can I tell you something?
22) open your legs slightly (if you want)
23) don`t take this wrong...

MacPau 2015.03.03
I`m using Google Chrome BTW but I tried to use FireFox... the same problem...

MacPau 2015.03.03
I still have a message:
"Error establishing a database connection"

What is going on? :(
Can you fix it?

Tyr75 2015.03.03
Works fine in Chrome and Firefox, i was trying in Opera and nothing but in Chrome run fine...

Tyr75 2015.03.03
Error in the connection :s

TOOLMAN1 2015.03.03
Unable to make connection for this game site.

keke03 2015.03.03
No problems from my side. Link is ok for me now

doecke83 2015.03.03
Good story but no interaction, especially during sex scenes

leonizer 2015.03.03
It looks like game webmaster's servers went down cause of the traffic we provided. Let`s give him some time to solve this problem - I`m in contact with him.

froucht 2015.03.03
The link seems to be dead.

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