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Nicole meets Roxy


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aicarrie1 2018.10.20
I am having trouble shoving Roxy onto the bed. How am I supposed to shake the mouse?

Matty9745 2018.10.09
awesome game, awesome graphics with amazing girls

supertrucker 2018.05.16
great graphics hot looking girls. super sweet story...

analytic7 2018.03.29
amazing game because of the hot story, fine graphics. I got a great ending too, bonus!

milkmare 2018.01.14
fun and has a good story

WASK342 2017.12.24

rusellw 2017.12.16
amazing game worth playing several times

LinaAlger 2017.12.09
nice game , it makes me hot and my pussy wet

Luis Otavio 2017.11.28
Thas game is so hot! i love it!

Biofreak 2017.10.27
Nice game. Liked the graphics, could have more decision points.


Sobek 2017.10.20
I loved this, it`s a refreshing twist Part of me would have liked a path with a bit more bondage, but hey...such is life :)rn

BengerBang 2017.09.19
I don`t know if these older LoP games` ending links and URLs are broken or if it`s just my mobile browser, though they didn`t always send me to "Not Found" pages until just this last week. Hmm. Anyway, another short but really good entry from LoP! Mini games were super fun, well done and easy to control for a touch screen! Visuals and animations were hot and stunning, and though there wasn`t much to the story, still quite exciting. Another two thumbs for LoP!

teamtuba 2017.09.14
This game is the best that ive played yet 10 out of 10.

tluciotti74 2017.09.06
average game for me. Not much replay value

lolxdgetrekt 2017.08.27
I mean its a good game and all but it didn`t have much content or back story around it.

HOTTOMMY85 2017.08.23
One of my new favorite games on this site, and it was very exciting.

tnt2 2017.08.23
nice game a bit short good graphics and story

randy1 2017.08.16
Hot game with 2 very sexy females

see122 2017.08.16
I really enjoyed this game and the graphics is brilliant

jakepaul172 2017.08.15
Great game with great graphics

whovian 2017.07.23
Awesome game. Super hot, great graphics and gameplay

Teddnator 2017.07.09
What do you do in the wine shop? Been stuck for a while now :(

slickstud23 2017.07.08
Great animations. The daydreaming and instant action is superb. Highly recommend this game to others.

samsmith1169 2017.07.05
Loved this game! More lesbian games would be appreciated!

littleGamer 2017.06.28
nice game, hot girls ...

eatwater2 2017.06.21
Great game. Love the different stories and endings

AJ@2 2017.06.14
Love the Game, Endings are great

Tiodor 2017.05.30
This game was amazing, I love the endings

hardcock44 2017.04.18
wow great game. lesbian games are hot and this is no exception. great graphics and sex scenes.

Poisoned 2017.04.18
There needs to be more girl on girl games like this. I just wish this game had better graphics.

racerC4 2017.04.15
I just love these girl-girl games. I just wish there was more of them.

jorgiittoooo 2017.04.06
great game, a bit short but still good. i wish there was more of it! great quality!

ghosty1928 2017.04.04
one of my favorite games on here

loveandlust 2017.04.02
this is a very good game, i enjoyed playing it. good job devs :)

Wena 2017.03.18
This was a very sexy game and well thought out.
A threesome would have been a bonus.

ianjames 2017.03.12
great graphics sexy girls

FallenAngel574 2017.02.19
God where can I go to get my adventure? Loved this game so much!

fiftypez 2016.11.16
good looking game. need more like it

lucifer.ngf 2016.11.04
i love it i love it so much

kingkylie2016 2016.10.30
great game it as some intense nice moments love it part 2 please

celeHree666 2016.10.04
the quality of this game is phenomenal

Maurisfloresc 2016.09.16
This has been one of the better games. I would like to see Gina in more games. The sex scene was very good.

hherkatic 2016.09.15
Awesome graphics! Love this game!

kaftos 2016.09.11
Nice graphics and hot girls. but the story is very short

woofwoof 2016.09.01
Loved the story and very awesome graphics

Popopipa 2016.09.01
Gr8 game with good graphics. Reccomended

Freestyler9310 2016.08.24
Awesome lesbian girl with beautiful story and gr8 graphics

ClaraOswald 2016.08.19
Pretty hot, to be honest. Looking forward to playing the other endings.

Lola64 2016.08.03
great game as a girl wish there was more lesbian games

Punkette47 2016.07.10
God, I would literally play this forever, EASILY my favourite game on the site. The characters are well done, good animation as usual, and it`s kinky enough to be interesting.

zorrie 2016.06.29
great game...but way to short...2 sexy ladies..great graphics

zorrie 2016.06.28
Loved the game...a bit short..lovely ladies with great bodies

Lesbianlover4534 2016.06.25
very good game graphics were nice the ladies were hot

stach56 2016.06.07
Good graphics and great play. The story not very successful.

seyber 2016.05.22
I`m Lesbian and i really enjoy games where two girls can date or be a couple, that`s one thing i like in this game, i hope a can play more!

Stinger23 2016.05.18
a great game I like the endings

rstev666 2016.04.06
i thought this game was very well done and i wish to see more games like it

ekselans 2016.03.15
fun game so many options to choose

dontcutyourhairnash 2016.03.01
this game is one of my favorites need more games like this very nice graphics and beautiful girls 10/10

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
Awesome game guys and gals

LadiesMan3175 2015.09.24
Best game ever really great

HornyCollegeStudent 2015.09.04
Love this game, something about girl on girl action is so hot. I always cum. Love the story line and the idea about it, wish was a little longer with some more scenes but very good. Keep working on it and improving graphics and animation.

Shepherd1945 2015.08.11
Great les game I`ve ever played. Great job!!!!

Kira1970 2015.07.22
awesome game loved the story sexy girls
best lesbian story here

minecraftomg 2015.07.04
i dont see alot of lesbian games so this is nice i wish it had sounds and moanin tho :/

nutz104 2015.06.30
This is a good game. great graphics and very hot

PassionMadness007 2015.06.06
i really love it .. i enjoyed alot

PassionMadness007 2015.06.06
this game is unique .. and the graphics are Great!! I love it!!

PlayboyBD 2015.05.28
Great game with amazing storyline!!!

leandro1421 2015.05.28
Not usually my type of game, but great graphics and Nicole was very sexy....

Blomz 2015.05.22
hot game, love the lesbian scene. needs more games like this

NatalieLes101 2015.05.17
This is a really nice game, great lesbian scenes!

Outcast92 2015.05.09
could we do more strapon themed games, because the girl on girl action is fantastic

Rumba 2015.05.07
I fell in love with Roxy btw graphic is very good

rosebabymarie 2015.04.10
love this game. great graphics and a nice story.

ostensible12 2015.03.31
I love it when she shoves the vibratorup her pussy

Karl-Heinz2 2015.03.31
nice game, make a second part plz.

moebus 2015.03.27
good hot lesbian game, i like it

xxxx777 2015.03.19
I want to continuation of story with Nicole and Roxy

Ellanox 2015.03.14
really cool game with hot first character. this game is good.

savion226 2015.02.16
omg really good game loved it please make a second part were it gets better like fifty shades of grey or something make roxy really abuse nichole

cameronw 2015.02.11
Really fun game with an extra hot girl

Manlee 2015.02.07
OMG the anal strap-on scene finished me!

Manlee 2015.02.07
After reading the comments going to have to try this game. After all I am a lesbian in a man`s body. lol

FODENDOTUDO 2015.01.07
Good Graphics.
Good Gameplay

Beedge69 2015.01.04
Great game, but very simplistic choices

joker1 2014.12.28
a very good game I enjoy it

jesskmar 2014.12.26
the game is very good pretty and very well done

rkimmelerre 2014.12.17
Very enjoyable. Just having the two female characters makes it stand out. I haven`t gotten but one ending yet, and I`m looking forward to playing again.

Phil3x29 2014.12.16
Very good game. Girls very hot!

martha777 2014.12.15
This game is awsome. I love lisbeian games

Mei Ling 2014.12.13
She can`t think straight after that

sexy12bitch 2014.12.09
its brill and I love lesbian games

Pendergast 2014.12.01
Amazing game! I love lesbian games

pieffepi 2014.11.18
Very very sexy game. Love the sex scenes, and the interaction is always straight forward. More of this please?

d a y d r e a m e r 2014.11.06
I Love this game! I`m really into Lesbian/ Girl on Girl stuff.

d a y d r e a m e r 2014.11.06

Dhorian 2014.10.10
girl girl action is always a turn on

wezel87 2014.09.21
I like this game!! Great story and good graphics..
Nice job..

jonnypb 2014.09.09
really enjoyed this one the graphics are hot, i got ending 4, lets see the girls do a show for him or let him join in!! good game! thanks!

jonnyquid 2014.09.06
this game is how and worth while playing

aldion 2014.08.28
this game was so fun and graphics were awesome

Tegan200 2014.08.21
Great game brilliant girls i cummed lol

batgirl45 2014.08.20
so sexey and hot so wet

beanhead123456789 2014.08.16
amazing game the graphics are good and the cum looks so real

pseeker1234 2014.08.13
Another great game with excellent graphics. Nicole is a real Hottie. Could of had an ending where Nicole & Roxy get caught but he gets to watch or join in.

pseeker1234 2014.08.09
Played this game again - now think graphics are much better then just good - They are super.

pseeker1234 2014.08.09
had fun with this game graphics are pretty good

cantarzzo 2014.08.07
perfect graphics and game ,beautiful girls Nicole and Roxy

Passion metter 37

Honest67 2014.08.06
Graphics are so awesome love how storyline is

Truedaemon 2014.07.18
One of the best games I have ever played. Great Graphics and just great all round

bitz94 2014.07.08
One of my favorite game. Short & sweet. Great job guys.

Archaon 2014.07.04
good game hot girls a bit short

Sandrena 2014.06.27
so great, I got ending 4 so awesome the sex was great mmm

Yipdog 2014.06.26
loved the game both the girls were really hot

sensei 2014.06.26
Nearly th best game i have ever played..

timel 2014.06.17
amazing graphics, these type of games turn me more on than flash games. interesting plot, the way you are able to chose what to do gives me a sense of control. Just amazing!

Almeho 2014.06.14
Interesting. Roxy was dominant and Nicole was a sub. Nice take on a lesbian relationship.

lilcamp 2014.06.12
this game is really nice. i love the lesbian foreplay. nicole is so amazing

onoki7 2014.06.08
great game good story line very good with roxy taking controll

ashleybrooke 2014.06.04
This game is great, it`s just challenging enough to keep you on your toes but not overly hard (hehe)

dimis1 2014.06.01
two girls is hot but three is beter. Nice very nice

Sexy007 2014.05.22
great game....definitely a good story line

graghost 2014.05.13
Game was ok, would have been better with real sex sounds instead of music.

sora12323 2014.05.10
good game nice graphics wish there was more lesbian games though

TheOriginalTUBE 2014.05.09
interts game, good grafics, hot and awesome, good job

kristin121 2014.05.08
Good game this, but I thing a lot gathered about 60 - 62 and all and the game ends. Where proceed? And why does the game end in a most interesting?

bobikow 2014.04.19
Very nicely done game, polished graphics, only what you would fine-tune the liquidity, and the rest pretty consistent.

Avi1140 2014.04.18
Well I enjoyed playing this game it`s a game that you could play again and again and not get bored of it it`s my opinion since I love Lesbian/Yuri Genre

sharon12 2014.04.17
very good graphics and nice game wish there was a man between them bt it is vg on the whole

Nazgul62 2014.04.13
I loved the game play , the graphics were fantastic and hot

Craig05 2014.04.12
Bad ass fun with great diff endings.

conner129 2014.03.29
roxy is so in control love it

Enndy 2014.03.29
My max. game score is 49, is that enough?!

Enndy 2014.03.27
Best game ever, and the music make it perfect. :D

jcool8488 2014.03.24
great game good game play and and awesome endings

Abraxis 2014.03.23
Wow, what a hot game! Needs sounds though

pussi1 2014.03.16
I cannot get past the tiny vibrator! It`s frustrating

hageman 2014.03.06
loved the game play , thegraphics were hot.

Rindevar 2014.03.03
Straightforward, no frills.. just a little twist here and there to give you diff ending. Good looking, and damn music is apt. I wish there were some more characters and/or scenes, but it is OK enough for what it is..

qwert99 2014.02.20
took me awhile to get all endings. nice game will play again

Coco912 2014.02.19
Really liked the game, good game, and good story line. Doesn`t need anymore work, at least I think so. Overall, the game was great.

girlygirl89 2014.02.05
hmm love the endng but was very unawae of her turning into a stopper gonna ply again

Parker13 2014.02.03
This is my favorite game so fun and it looks so real I want to do it for real some day

jcooky69 2014.01.30
awesome lesbian scenes, will defo play again

powder_puffG 2014.01.26
Good game, good endings

TesteMorte 2014.01.13
I like the game its interesting and has good graphics

jojo111 2014.01.12
real great graphics and game

jojo111 2014.01.12
awesome sex game enjoyed it a lot

Jimbo1977 2014.01.10
Pretty good game just have audio would make it even better.

Buttlet 2014.01.09
It took me a while to find the other endings for this

yapahitaza 2014.01.05
This game makes me so horny and wet

mercenary26 2014.01.03
great game, if you add any voices instead of music, it will be perfect

afro77a 2013.12.29
amazing sex seen no more needs doing to it

Yggdrazil 2013.12.25
Such an awesome game. I like the quick reaction challenge

suggar 2013.12.21
fun game , had al lot of fun playing it

Tara4 2013.12.18
superb amazing sex scenes

b4jeep 2013.12.15
nice game but could use improvement

ryan96 2013.12.12
great game, lots of options not just a few and different endings 5 star game

pristine13 2013.12.12
I could play this game again and again

pristine13 2013.12.12
This is my favorite Roxy`s and nicole`s breasts are amazing!!!!!!!

vgvet 2013.12.06
HELP!!! Im stuck after i leave the apartment.

wolffi 2013.12.01
nice game a bit short but realy impresive still

InfinityMegan0412 2013.11.25

AliceC33 2013.11.22
i fell in love with Nicole

almr14 2013.11.20
Nicole is the hottest girl i have ever seen in a game

tacomaman71 2013.11.20
That one was so fucking hot, seeing two girls go at it and then end with Nicole getting fucked in the ass with that strap-on.

Clive11 2013.11.20
wow there are some hot girls.. enjoyed playing it

emparer 2013.11.18
I love lesbians so much!!!!

emparer 2013.11.18
Not usually my type of game, but can`t argue with a good story and great graphics.

firstdelta 2013.11.17
i am real excited to this game

rakd365 2013.11.13
Wounderful grafic. Simply love this game.

demongamer68 2013.11.12
Great gameplay, good graphics, decent animations

Zeids 2013.11.11
Nice game with sexy graphic!

Lamgirl 2013.11.11
the girls are drawn with lots of skill

kiva_bat 2013.11.11
Great game, really awesome

ragr 2013.11.10
it`s simply amazing i just can`t resist those nice graphics.

iatesatan 2013.11.08
Graphics are great gameplay is a little simple but still fun. I wish there was a way to have a threesome.

gobinath 2013.11.01
really awesome game to play

Smurfy 2013.10.31
Man Roxy sure know what she was doing.
wish i was nicole.

Mlprocks 2013.10.23
This is a great game I just need to get the 2nd ending to have gotten all any help?

bigbellend7 2013.10.23
Interestindg and difficult. Still not yet found all the various endings

goldzninja 2013.10.16
great quality nice and easy story will play again

daadennis 2013.10.16
I reakky love this game. wish it was longer

rainofvilla 2013.10.15
This game has great graphics and is very hot

pyresoul 2013.10.15
Great game, I`m looking forward to more games!

RELLI-RELL 2013.10.12

flinter 2013.10.12
cool graphics,nice game ever.

djewing23 2013.10.06
really good game and graphics

ldvldv0 2013.10.04
nice game, those are really good graphics

Sketch1314 2013.10.04
Grafics are great, simulation is a great creation

overlordjoe 2013.10.02
as always the graphics are awesome!

V3NZ 2013.09.30
Very good quality in the game looks real a little

Anonymously 2013.09.28
That game is very good,graphics are almost perfect and the gameplay is awesome

AnnaRainbow 2013.09.27
Beautiful art and design throughout the game, limited active play but a very erotic flow of story and great build of mood. The characters are fairly well developed and believable. I really-really like this game :-)

lesbo13 2013.09.27
I love it its amazing I love everything about it

er87964 2013.09.26
this game is soooo fun I can play it all day amazing

ugly123 2013.09.24
Like it! Thou animation could be smoother

farkas 2013.09.23
Awesome graphics width stunning girls. Great game, interesting endings.

titsucker 2013.09.20
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Dregon84 2013.09.20
Great game, really awesome

duckray01 2013.09.18
Awesome game i love it, very hot women and great graphics

DannyFries 2013.09.16
This is a great game with many options to get to the different endings

asfergan 2013.09.16
awesome game i love this game

teetee1337 2013.09.16
The animations could be better...

steveyboy82 2013.09.15
Such an erotic and sexy lesbian game they shud make films as good as this

dasturdlydodger 2013.09.13
even hotter the second time!

steveoknights 2013.09.11
this game is amazing. it has great graphics. the lesbian sex with the strap on is a great part

michael1266 2013.09.08
great game i enjoyed it a lot!

dickmax 2013.09.05
i am stuck right after the metro... what should i do to move on?

troller 2013.09.02
the game is alright but id prefer others more

beansta 2013.08.31
interesting game like how you have options too

Adalric 2013.08.30
as if i was not horny enough, great game

sweetcutesexyjanine 2013.08.29
this is my absolute favorite game

Zenk 2013.08.27
Really good game. I liked it

zelda81 2013.08.26
very good love the graphics and story sexy characters

katiescrewer 2013.08.25
it wont let me contol the passion levels

vampbite 2013.08.24
Nice looking new game, liked it.

zooligan123 2013.08.22
awsome graphics and a great storyline

Kiva 2013.08.21
Is there any way to get scenes with Justin?

money907 2013.08.20
nice game with a good story

supercock123 2013.08.19
super graphics and gameplay.... Generally people dont like lesbian games much but this game surely changes the thought

supercock123 2013.08.19
good game...nice graphics awesome gameplay..good ending...a nice game full of entertainment and pleasure..

Lizzie 2013.08.16
brilliant. loved the hot graphic. amazing girls

meg911 2013.08.14
nice lesbian mode guys hit me up

homedog19 2013.08.13
how much points does this game give?

homedog19 2013.08.13
i don`t have much to say about this game

manfred12 2013.08.12
Nice game, but roxi its a bitch

mattius92 2013.08.11
Nice game with quite a few options giving it a fair amount of playtime. Graphics were fairly okay as well.
All in all a good game.

Tiger1819 2013.08.09
It was pretty good could be better though

dmbers90 2013.08.09
great game greaphics -good will play again

MonkeyJer 2013.08.04
Gotta love lesbian action!

JackH 2013.08.04
There was so much potential with all the people that were on that game besides Justin and Roxy, but still good game

giant32 2013.08.03
good game, great game play and graphics.

megs 2013.08.03
nice graphics, but could use some more interaction than clicking from one scene to the next

rumxes 2013.08.02
Its a sweet and beauriful game. The girls are awesome... Love it...

sk216434 2013.08.02
okay game thanks for the game

lezbylove 2013.08.01
good grafics, hot and awesome, good job

marvelous24t 2013.07.30
nice new looking game i like it

maverick95 2013.07.30
this game is good, i liked all the game play scenes

ad1021 2013.07.30
the graphics in these games are just superb
i wonder what kind of software they use to make such cool games

ad1021 2013.07.30
really hot and sensual game
i just lovd it

Zachattack 2013.07.29
very good quality like the girls

Country360 2013.07.29
I really didnt like roxy in this

wheelman182 2013.07.29
nice artwork again - as are most of these games. short skirt, seemed stockings and pouty lips always grab my attention - not to mention the girl/girl storyline!

maetinus 2013.07.28
easy to play nice story i like girls on girls

liltannerh 2013.07.28
every lesson of passion game is amazing i think they all have great story liens

sexlovingirl 2013.07.28
I love the Lesson of Passion games, they`re fun, easy, and very arousing

Briscoe_1001 2013.07.26
I really enjoyed this one alot.

jastar 2013.07.25
I love the girl on girl action.

bella5567 2013.07.24
The two girls are so amazing and funny. Why did they leave the porn movie on?

rockmaiden1 2013.07.24
great game play and graphics

sanketg300 2013.07.22
wowwwwww!!! hot game !! great animation nd graphic

aragorn245 2013.07.21
Good from the the beging!

HamHard95 2013.07.20
this game is incredible and the graphics are awesome

noogad 2013.07.18
very good game with nice graphics.

driver11 2013.07.17
pretty hot story with decent graphics

powerranger123 2013.07.16
great game it madw really horny i love lesiban game they`re great

monsterhigh 2013.07.16
This game is really good, graphics are really good too. this one is hot and interesting.

Vaca 2013.07.16
nice game with great graphics

LexiBoo 2013.07.15
Not really into girl on girl but I liked this one.

Daamoon 2013.07.13
Great game with good graphics and hot endings

marck4 2013.07.12
good game and good graphics

dalsex 2013.07.11
roxy is so googly i like it the grapics r nice and i love the thing about the tiny vibrator

blackmamba111 2013.07.10
Another great game love the girl on girl action

legion144 2013.07.10
omg this game was difficult but loved it

lesbo334 2013.07.09
Ok, i`m fine now, basiccly all you have to do is what ever roxy wants.

lesbo334 2013.07.09
for some reason, when roxy was using the strap on, it wouldnt let me change the speed.

Appien 2013.07.09
Who doesn`t like a game experimenting with a lesbian? Great game :D.

prichter88 2013.07.08
a great game with many choices, hard to find all endings

georgesanders 2013.07.08
I think that the artwork is outstanding, but, the animation is poorly mechanistic. The better F/F scenarios are quite arousing, but even though I can routinely accumulate a score of 59, I have yet to figure out how to play so that Nicole agrees to spend the night with Roxy. I looked at one of the walkthroughs, which referred to spending the night with less than the highest score, but this seems illogical. I think that a M/F,F ending would be very stimulating.

WiseDante1 2013.07.05
Lovrd this game. my favorite of the lesson of passion games.

hHurb 2013.07.04
I want to see how many endings I can clear

hHurb 2013.07.04
the game I played had some climax zones but could of been longer

Forgotten 2013.07.03
lop always make great games

dasuperdino 2013.07.01
good game good graphics

canadiens_3 2013.06.29
great game great graphics

jonnym 2013.06.28
The game was a bit short,and you could have added more endings to it.It was a bit of disappointment concering that the story could have a chance to be a lot more than just this.

kaine1198 2013.06.28
I luv lesson of passin games

*paris* 2013.06.27
Great adventure game, so many choices.

ssschaub 2013.06.27
super hot. i really likede this one

Asherash 2013.06.25
This is one of the best 10/10

epiclop 2013.06.24
I would like threesome with them

treu 2013.06.23
This was an interesting game. Short but fun and worth playing.

JordanPlay 2013.06.22
Does anyone know how many different endings are in the game?

Nero008 2013.06.22
For now , I`ll rate like the IGN or Game Reviews . "Stunning game with great graphics . It`s one of the best games I`ve played . " -Robert Rowley (That`s me) "It`ll take your hooking skills to the next level. " -IGN

samyam25 2013.06.22
one of the best erotic games i`ve ever seen
i especially like the tatoo

a9a9a9a9 2013.06.21
This game is very awesome

moluflame 2013.06.21
this fucking game is awesome, it made me so horny i want to fuck both of them

Miki1098 2013.06.20
Great Game, nice graphics

assliker890 2013.06.20
it was a amazing game i love lesbian games like this they should make more of them

scott12123 2013.06.19
this game makes my sparm come out

franky777 2013.06.18
great game, did like it a lot hoy girl

tfontaine 2013.06.16
I like very much this hot first date BDSM story between two girls.

Smil4TRE 2013.06.16
SOOOOOO hot women, I want more.

natashavincete 2013.06.15
need more games like this.....

Messer13 2013.06.15
A great lesbian game I have to say. Nice graphics indeed.

linoc14 2013.06.14
cool htey need to make more of thse lesbian games

ultimatesex 2013.06.14
As expected as a Lession of passion game, great

Yassineop 2013.06.14
I love games like these, like all others they always make things very interesting ;)

chuby 2013.06.14
man i cant get enough of this game

chuby 2013.06.14
this game is amazing definitely in my top 25

olympis 2013.06.14
very well designed game very fun

Goraxus 2013.06.14
Nice game and nice girls. Another masterpiece of "lesson of passion"! ;)

Diamond3232 2013.06.13
Great game first time i ever played awesome endings love these types of games

rangealone 2013.06.13
It` s better than I can imagine.

Radoo5 2013.06.11
Really beautiful girls!

Landon469 2013.06.11
Girls were really hot, enjoyed the game

mgusztav 2013.06.10
very very hot girls i like this game

Zonk66 2013.06.10
sexy girls and nice gameplay

linoc15 2013.06.10

appleapple 2013.06.09
cool game, wish it was longer though

fuckyoma 2013.06.09
Awesome graphics........

Chop2008 2013.06.09
One of the hottest games I`ve ever played here.

opt 2013.06.08
intresting, worth playing cool

teodoro 2013.06.08
this game is sexy and i lovo theses games kike that of lesbians

benc33x 2013.06.08
Love these Lesbian Games. This is easier than Lesbian Fashion though.

WilliamD 2013.06.07
Incredibly hot lesbian game, with very wild scenes. Amusing...

forcey12 2013.06.07
great graphics, smooth gameplay, very sexy

rsp615 2013.06.07
Good story, interactive game and nice graphics.

Ubber1 2013.06.06
Love this game. Great graphics hope to see nore like this.

Belgram 2013.06.05
Great game, nice grafic, good story

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

eldestroyer 2013.06.03
Not bad better graphics than most, good fun

Richguy 2013.06.02
Great gameplay! Keep going LOP!

Mumboman 2013.06.02
Very good game, but sex scenes are a bit slow.

killberry 2013.06.02
i have played this game many times and i still like it

tbell 2013.06.01
always nice to have a bit of girl on girl action from LOP

BiggBaddChris 2013.06.01
good gameplay and nice animations

mad one 2013.06.01
im stuck in yhe store what i need to touch

bigcock39 2013.06.01
awesome game...congratulation i like the game

eul_viper 2013.05.31
Nice game, anybody manged to investigate something else beside the bed in Roxy`s apartment?

7410 2013.05.31
wow..... the best game i ever seen.... wow the beautiful details... the story ..... wow

7410 2013.05.31
What a lovely sexy game....I liked this game a lot more than any other game on this site...this is one of my favorite game and song is so good. Overall I loved to hang and bang with this game

Megatron72 2013.05.31
Excellent game with beautiful and sexy women. Very hot.

Thorgoden 2013.05.30
Good game with good choises to make.

reaper1762 2013.05.30
very good graphics hot girl with sexy feet

SexPanther 2013.05.29
good story and great babes but the endings good have been better but still very good

qxqxs 2013.05.29
Not bad better graphics than most, good fun

honkytonk 2013.05.29
wow..... the best game i ever seen.... wow the beautiful details... the story ..... wow

Asghan 2013.05.28
Not bad, but not the best out there. Could be longer.

zandoor 2013.05.27
love to plat the game can wait for my next game to start

peoudarxis 2013.05.27
Amazing game ... I was actually looking for a sexy lesbian game ! Good job !

HwdKiller 2013.05.27
This game turned me on, loved it!

littlemissnaughty 2013.05.26
So good, graphics are amazing

cioc10 2013.05.26
the hottest game so far

Marek115 2013.05.26
very very interesstinf lesbian story with great graphics

jay50 2013.05.24
I love this it`s better than other games

Emperor112 2013.05.24
Love this Game its so hot I love it

Galadriel 2013.05.24
Really hard to get ending 3

Galadriel 2013.05.24
Really amazing game but not easy.

revan3363 2013.05.23
great game , really sexy girls , hot story want more like it

saad76 2013.05.23
its not that bad and the graphics are also good

Cutie93angle 2013.05.21
Its a great games... oh yeah~!!
make me horny... :P

CARISSIMO 2013.05.21
Sure it is a real `CURVE`!...nice graphic...Needs MORE!

Zoey:D 2013.05.21
I love this it`s better than other games

rawadrawad 2013.05.20
Domination games are nice, they should do more of them.

LoganW 2013.05.20

mazuzuri 2013.05.19
Nice game with quite a few options giving it a fair amount of playtime. Graphics were fairly okay as well.
All in all a good game.

carl0831 2013.05.18
gotta say girls will be girls haha I love watching those two...

castilho 2013.05.17
Nice looking game, liked it a lot!!!

daledenton 2013.05.17
great lesbo action love it

blablablafuck 2013.05.17
what a great lesbo game!!!! the graphic is amazing

Akrasjel 2013.05.16
great lesbo game with good graphic its hot and cute

deathdealer3 2013.05.15

zwicks 2013.05.14
great game great graphics

Snakeninja1 2013.05.12
great game very well made

Amit59 2013.05.12
Great gameplay and stunning actions love it

bilbily 2013.05.12
good a games this sd in games after

hockeyman 2013.05.12
i really like the gameplay

neoncat99 2013.05.12
this is has good graphics

drocker 2013.05.11
really a great game, i love lesbians

maguero 2013.05.11
Im totally in love with this game, the graphics awesome

jeff7202 2013.05.10
hot girls, love the scenes

99rd 2013.05.10
hot girls.........intresting sex positions
i love it

derda 2013.05.09
This is the sort of stuff we need more of!

getsomeman 2013.05.08
I love this game very exciting and sensual!

DanoSvK 2013.05.08
great lesbo game with good graphic its hot and cute

Eredar 2013.05.08
Simply hot, really good game

rizzo 2013.05.07
great game with good graphics wish it was longer

SExy guy555 2013.05.07

bionu.org 2013.05.06
its sad this game havent many endings

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.05
I suspect the walkthrought abot game

SilverDiamonds 2013.05.04
I love this game, this is my favorite one so far. I like games like these from the company

Twilighter_2245 2013.05.04
I`m stuck in this game help me win the duel

cachomen 2013.05.03
Thanks for the walkthrough. Is not the most difficult game of Lesson Of Passion but sometimes you just want more action and less experiments.

Twilighter_2245 2013.05.03
I luv this game I love gay men and lesbians!

thelew 2013.05.01
Sexy animation and great gameplay. It could have used more options though.

Catitus 2013.04.30
Great gameplay, perfect combination of graphics and sexy animations.

merlen 2013.04.30
This game is awesome nice to play and have a beautiful theme

fmeyen 2013.04.29
Very nice game, nice graphics. Graphics could have a better resolution during the acts.

pilotmaster01 2013.04.28
These LoP 3d games are amazing, but they mist detail animation of ``action``

isaac_aidoo_927 2013.04.27
nice looking and erotic game i liked it

redhawk 2013.04.27
very enjoyable game and sexy graphics

gwazz 2013.04.26
great game very enjoyable

Moozey88 2013.04.26
fabulous gameplay and really good graphics have been used in the game

angel1982 2013.04.26
Good game... another one from LOP

karjito 2013.04.24
Nice game. Im about to play for a different ending

kalanzzz 2013.04.24
Nice looking new game, liked it

madmax68 2013.04.24
Excellent game - love the sex scenes,

stfunigga 2013.04.23
It`s incredible how much I don`t love this game! Amazing graphics tho.

Nimsajevil 2013.04.22
Hot hot hot!!!!!! I liked the game alot! More of this!

king564x 2013.04.21
pretty good I really liked it

coolestlover 2013.04.20
will play for all endings

mohamedd56 2013.04.19
i like Very Nice Game.Its Funny,and i Like it. fucking awesome loved the game

talire 2013.04.19
I love this game it was both visually and sexually amazing, plus nicole is such a beauty

HornyBlondiex 2013.04.18
favorite game by far. always expecting good games from this company. (:

Kudo 2013.04.17
Wonderful ! Nicole & Roxy sure are hot !
but Nicole what a wonderful body !

mikejohnson 2013.04.17
great game. Love the graphics, sexy girls

shishkabob 2013.04.17
Crazy good graphics. Story line is hot.

John Oliver 2013.04.16
Hot game with great lesbian action.

Askeon 2013.04.16
This is a very Good Game.very Good graphics,and a lot of Fun.

Askeon 2013.04.16
Very Nice Game.Its Funny,and i Like it.

oranjeboven 2013.04.15
The close ups are great.
the sex scenes could be better.

Jumpingforce 2013.04.14

Good game, good choices, good women and good scenes!

Cassandrew 2013.04.14
I love this game its awesome

smoots1 2013.04.13
i love lesbians thers so sexy and so was this game

dino2000 2013.04.13
very good graphics and a nice story

shubhsaloni 2013.04.13
the best erotic game i`ve ever played turns me on evrytime

andotrota 2013.04.13
one of the best games so far, but nicole and roxy should wear heels during the fuck session

bidphil 2013.04.13
fucking awesome loved the game

SameyaTooSmoov1234 2013.04.13
yip tip hooray another awesome game

nikniknik 2013.04.12
Nice looling new game. liked it.

dutchmarine 2013.04.11
really good game this is!

yini111 2013.04.11
the animation in this is really realistic

banone16 2013.04.10
Im stuck in the liquor store. Can somebody help me?

nativeguy69 2013.04.10
This game was amazing, I love the endings

mrcool01 2013.04.09
wow i love this game... nice endings..

Tyrchon74 2013.04.08
This one was pretty hot. Interesting to play as a woman being tempted by another woman, one who`s commanding style really turns her on.

Star2013 2013.04.08
Great game. I wish there was more endings though.

rodmichael 2013.04.07
good game, saddly a little short and easy to achieve max points

Joe3298 2013.04.07
From my game play some of the endings seem to key off of final passion score
a passion score of >50 [maybe 49] get you ending 3
ending 4 for a range of ~20+ to ~48
not clear yet if ending 1 vr ending #2 is passion score related or how one fail out of the higher scoring path.
may go on to checking these out less entertaining play option latter
it is possible to be overly aroused at the 1st meeting and thus to fail out.

there is a branching in play if Nicole dominates after refusing to be tied up
this has no apparent effect on the ending earned as have gotten #3 and # 4 after

in the make out session on the bed have gotten a maximum of 4 actions

three seem to allow a next action all the rest, so far lead to exiting making out on the bed.

have not done all the sequences and explored all the combinations with earlier chooses
suspect but have not shown that there is no additional play to discover
still the number of plausible paths to additional game play is intriguing.
say the right per-meeting options then selecting the appropriate exit from making out.

saadqureshii 2013.04.07
sexy and the hottest game i have played to date

dedrat0 2013.04.07
awesome game great girls loved story

juanmasass 2013.04.06
great graphic and hot history

lalelu 2013.04.06
game was a bit short, but thanks to those who posted a walkthrough

primus21 2013.04.05
I thought this game was just hot and sexy

notes1 2013.04.04
nice game with cool graphics... is there threesome?

Jp0n33 2013.04.04
This was a good one. i wish there were a little bit more, but the options you get are a lot of fun.

sexyeyes198712 2013.04.04
I this game was pretty hot, and the graphics actually were better than most of the games on her. You could actually see the curves of their skin, they looked almost real.

jasmin011 2013.04.03
I love this game !
I play it all most everytime I come on there!

Ubber1 2013.04.03
Very excellent game I love the idea of her wanting to experience the touch of another woman.

sanfoora 2013.04.02
i love the story ,, it`s very hot ,, but it`s a little short

kresnik 2013.04.02
Pretty good game, just wish it was longer.

Nothetis 2013.04.01
I am new to Playforceone and the first game I have played since my starting of this account is Nicole meets Roxy. I enjoy this game very much, very sexy indeed. Though, the loading time to start this game is troublesome at times overall I like the ending where Nicole ends up with Roxy at the end.

dogmean5 2013.03.31
Very fun and sexy game. Loved it. Very easy to mess up tho.

marksman2696 2013.03.31
pretty fun easy to screw up though

yoyomatt123 2013.03.30
Loving the gameplay, but the animation isnt as real as Lake party or I love Laura.

Sexy-Slut 2013.03.30
I love the graphic of this fun game

jon67 2013.03.30
I enjoyed this game very much is very great game

thecarn3000 2013.03.30
Great game but a bit two short needs some more length to it

katies 2013.03.30
i`m stuck in the game with hot please help me

revometik 2013.03.30
Good game with good graphic

chrisc4 2013.03.30
I like the concept behind the game, awesome choices and design

MrHandcock 2013.03.30
The game was a little short but the graphics and plot more than make up for that. Great game!

dmaan 2013.03.29
Awsome concept to fulfill desires

mdv89 2013.03.29
this is a great game love it

hunted 2013.03.29
good game, great game play

tadasas 2013.03.29
First game I played. Good actions with nice images

bmod 2013.03.29
I enjoyed this game very much.

onlyurs 2013.03.28
super sexy and satisfying game

dhanapatipal 2013.03.28
I just loved that two horny lesbian girls .....

feelthebasse 2013.03.28
Nice game, about formulatic, would have been nice to have a little more character interaction.

girldigger14 2013.03.28
the gameplay was good but a bit short and i recommend it

minhaj 2013.03.27
that game is awasome. u have to add some sexy sounds of moan in that game

Walter1 2013.03.26
A good game with some nice variations in the game play. Good endings as wee

gjohnson 2013.03.25
Awesome graphics, nice job!

BallIdiot 2013.03.25
Good game with good graphics. The game is a bit short though.

Sradsix 2013.03.25
I really enjoyed and was well drawn

travelmatt 2013.03.24
I liked it. the graphics were good.

Dave719 2013.03.23
Not bad, but not the best out there. Could be longer.

shyrosie 2013.03.23
great game great graphics nice and easy wish there was more to this game would play for hours

loftyvv 2013.03.23
just played like the ending I got

weedsmoker1st 2013.03.23
A very good game and also it is long

GaryMisson 2013.03.23
Great in animation details and a great story (but too short)
Thank You all.

yash 2013.03.22
awesome game and gorgeous chicks,
but is there and ending in which nicole bangs roxy with the strapon, like the way it`s shown in the thumbnail of the game?

doctorwho123 2013.03.22
time was super with nicole think she love roxy and having a secert affiar behind justin back 10 out 10

sebastien7 2013.03.22
great gameplay ! hope you`ll make an other

supershadow2021 2013.03.21
both of these girls are so sexy!

qwer_iii 2013.03.21
good game, but no so interesting like "Lake party" ) thanks

hugin 2013.03.21
A very good game and also it is long

simodido 2013.03.21
nice game good photos and well storyline

Death13 2013.03.20
thebgirls are sexy i like it

nabbo87 2013.03.20
A little difficult to finish. But very good

schwarzjonah 2013.03.20
nice game.liked it, but got a little boring

cacat_pansat_1 2013.03.19
Good game and good quality.

Katmissed 2013.03.19
Great game, nice graphics.

happ388 2013.03.19
like it. a liottle slow to catch on the video

steelfish 2013.03.19
Nice game, about formulatic, would have been nice to have a little more character interaction.

Andy-1119 2013.03.19
I like the game, very nice

luca16490 2013.03.18
both girls are beautiful really nice game

talkingplus81 2013.03.18
It is a very good game, Just wish it was longer!

Blitzkriegbob 2013.03.17
sadly its really short. The graphics, setting, gameplay is standart, would be nice to see some innovation from LoP.

hamham321 2013.03.17
nice game, but its very short

hamham321 2013.03.17
Very Hot! and nice graphics

JD1234 2013.03.17
honestly one of the hottsest games i have ever played

lightfighter12 2013.03.17
good game, but its kinda short

Flasher1 2013.03.16
Nice game. Felt a little short so it is good it has more then one ending. Still, really nice game and I hope there will be a sequel with more of it. :)

a715jjr5 2013.03.16
nice game - good visuals and well tjhought out story line

fg_imisfit 2013.03.16
great game, love the ending

Smoots 2013.03.15
nice looking game like it alot

tyga5054 2013.03.15
game was very good. i just wish there was more! haha

matthewt9731 2013.03.15
one ofthe best date games that I have played

xyphoide 2013.03.14
very sexy scenes, but i think the bars were getting up too slow

thebeast2052 2013.03.14
this is honestly one of the hottest things i have ever played. can only get one ending thoug. how do you get the others

fireman19 2013.03.14
great game with good graphics

dcarter25520 2013.03.14
i love this game awesome graphics

hottesthunk 2013.03.13
This is a lovely game and great graphics and love the sex scenes

iwantsex123 2013.03.13
nice game and great graphic

SomnolentHail69 2013.03.13
This game was amazing, I always keep playing until i get all of the endings. Keep it up team LOP!

valerio98 2013.03.13
I really love that game !!!

ECRIDER 2013.03.12
Great storyline and easy to follow

sexbeastwithdrive 2013.03.11
sexy girls and great graphics

Madelene 2013.03.11
Now this is the best game so far. I absolutely love it to bits. I really hope there will be a continuing. Or a similar game in the future. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! :)

jamieoga123 2013.03.11
this is the coolest game nicole meets roxy

XxX2013 2013.03.10
This is a sexy and exotic game with many options to get to the different endings

mc121973 2013.03.10
This is a great game with many options to get to the different endings

paulo92 2013.03.10
This is such a mysterious game you can choose each different path and each outcome/ending i like it :)

jamieoga123 2013.03.10
wow its a nice game nicole meets roxy

linla 2013.03.10
great job as always. Really like it.

Animeniac 2013.03.09
Hawt Sapphic action! Gotta love it, eh?!

kalbs 2013.03.09
good game, great game play

balelaz 2013.03.09
Very hot game and great graphics but there is no threesome it would be better

JRiddley 2013.03.09
Great game, great graphics as always.

jon111killer 2013.03.09
wonderful game sexy as fuck

Darkspace5150 2013.03.09
animation was choppy but artwork was great

jaekae 2013.03.08
the graphics in this game are quite good

ironrod 2013.03.08
wow................... great game and it feels like real life experience

duckray69 2013.03.08
Really good game, I love it

manbot 2013.03.07
Can anyone tell me what are the endings,please

sousoute 2013.03.06
excellent game, could have been better with more endings

tattedric 2013.03.06
this is my type of game sexy

Messy 2013.03.06
Nice Game, the graphic is nice too. I love this game

Ketza 2013.03.06
Realy great game - the girls are totally sexy !!!

MariaSexyhardik 2013.03.06
good graphics hot game and as always totalymind blowing

dandydon 2013.03.05
One of your better games. Kept my interest for a long time

waylander35 2013.03.05
nice game
nice story
i like to play with it

aalex 2013.03.05
really good game sexy & wet pussy

Tonaxitron 2013.03.05
the game is one of the best, great game play and graphics.

mail2 2013.03.04
i love this game love love looooooooooove

blackino1 2013.03.04
wonderful game, i ask a second one

shaheenthecool 2013.03.04
this game is awsome my dick is becoming big

iknowyouwantme 2013.03.04
My favourite game! Seriously need games like this! I LOVE lesbian games! We need more lesbian action games! Great work! They are so hot..

scarface2473 2013.03.04
i like the characters in this game.

amxraito 2013.03.04
great game i think, better than meet n fuck games, plus great graphic

torque2802 2013.03.04
liking the idea of the game but i wasn`t liking the camera position at times

bigtits77 2013.03.03
this turned me on a lot great game

x7-SA 2013.03.03
the game is one of the best but to bad it was short

pusshound 2013.03.03
Very good game. Hot chicks and good story line. I`m not a huge fan of this style of game, but this one is worth playing.

southwjr01 2013.03.03
Excellent game, was really hot

yopyo3812 2013.03.03
thanks for this other realy good games, girls a gorgeous as always!! perhaps it`s need to be a little bit harder to finish...

garonbrown 2013.03.03
I like this one. Good job LOP

multiplex_1 2013.03.02
how do you win the struggle between nicole and roxy? i have tried everything and don`t know what to do. please help

JoeJoeK17 2013.03.02

madina3 2013.03.02
Oh my gosh this made me soo wetttt

monster45 2013.03.02
very awesome lezbian game, the graphic are awesome and how the husband dont know she dating roxy

sexyhotblond 2013.03.02
wow nice games i really like it

fucker123@ 2013.03.02
great game hooooot chiks.

qqsasrr 2013.03.02
very good game it was awesome

hant 2013.03.01
nice graphic..love to play

fmeyen 2013.03.01
Nice gmae, a little bit predictable but still good one.

andotrota 2013.03.01
awesome game, i`d loved the story and the graphics but they still could do it better

PooForYou 2013.03.01
I liked this game, don`t like Roxy tho :p

tommm123456789-4 2013.03.01
The graphics are awesome, i luv it

katakana132 2013.03.01
This game is fun, but it could use some more options with other characters.

0904038 2013.03.01
wasn`t too bad, a little boring though

blackino1 2013.03.01
a nice game, i enjoy it, waiting new games like this one

Sir_Loins 2013.03.01
Oh YEAH, Got to run this one a few times and see the other endings :)

Tataigor 2013.02.28
Nice game,great girls but a bit easy solutions

alleybeare 2013.02.28
great and sexy game with fantastic graphics

jrock420 2013.02.28
Very hot and the correct choices are obvious. I like that

churchh316 2013.02.28
I personally love many games on this website. But this one is amazing

suger1 2013.02.28
That was fucking awesome, i liked it

kenleslie619 2013.02.27
liked the way she almost cummed through most of the story. the anticipation was incredible

kenleslie619 2013.02.27
nice graphics, very good story line, overall good game

C.C. 2013.02.27
Really great graphics. Two really hot ladies. I agree there needs to be more choices. A threesome would have been the greatest.

chris o 1 2013.02.27
this the best game ever

Jumpingforce 2013.02.27
Love the choices and scenes, hot stuff.

Cheryl Gunner 2013.02.27
i just love lesbian games it turns me on good graphics

Cheryl Gunner 2013.02.27
really good game sexy & wet pussy

orgout 2013.02.27
Very hot and the correct choices are obvious. I like that

Damdimvi 2013.02.27
This was a good one. I wish there had been more choices to make, though.

kpjr278 2013.02.26
Great graphics, intriguing story, liked the different endings.

Grande_Farao 2013.02.26
I always liked games involving lesbian and I love to see one in which the protagonist breaks up with her ????boyfriend and fall in love with another girl.

Excellent game!

mikicostanza 2013.02.26
awesome game. very sexy and simple controle

5x4t9 2013.02.26
Pretty good game. The story was hot and the grafics are good.

conbron 2013.02.26
a game with good story + graphics

LexArturo 2013.02.26
1. Touch face (doesn`t affect meter): +0
Play with self, action sequence: +2
Put wet finger into Justin`s mouth: +1

2. a) Allow Justin first use of the restroom -
i. Use the dildo to sate yourself: +5
ii. Try to use self-control: +0
b) Continue playing with him - +1
i. Take his cock inside your mouth: +2
ii. Stop teasing him: +0

3. a) Refuse, there`s no time: +0
b) Kiss Justin: +1

You forgot ==> Check the fridge`s temperature

4. a) Thoughts are about Justin: +0
b) Thoughts are about Roxy: +1

5. a) Promise that it`s worth the price: +1
b) Make sure she`s worth the cost: -8

6. a) Answer the phone: +2
b) Ignore: +0

7. a) Keep fantasizing: +5
b) Concentrate on another topic: +0

8. a) Widen your legs: +0
b) Do nothing: +3
i. Widen your legs: +0 ==> Continue story
ii. Do nothing: +0 ==> Ending #1 - Cum Stay With Us

9. a) Lie and say no: +0
b) Tell the truth: +2

10. a) Sit down: +0
b) Touch her: -5

11. a) Watch porn movie: +4
b) Investigate the room (Small key, TV cabinet, discover photos) : +1

12. a) Ask about porn movie: +2 (same outcome for both choices)
b) Ask about photos: +2

13. a) Invite her on bed:
i. Talk: +0, returns to list
ii. Kiss her: +1, returns to list
iii. Ask about tattoo: +0, returns to list
iv. Caress her body: +1, exits to bed
v. Play with her nipples: +1, exits to bed
vi. Lick her feet: +1, exits to bed
vii. Lick her pussy: +1, exits to bed
viii. Play with Roxy`s ass: +2
b) Ask her to use fingers: +3

14. a) Suck her cock: +3
b) Ask her again to remove it -
i. Leave her: -5
ii. Do whatever she says: +2

15. a) Agree: +1
b) Say no -
i. Win the struggle: +a lot ==> Ending #3: Giving In
ii. Lose the struggle: -10
1. Gently ask her to stop: -all ==> Ending #2: Another Time
2. Let her continue: +1ish

16. a) Agree: +1
b) Deny: +0

==> Ending sex sequence: +5

Ending #4: To Cum Or Not To Cum can be achieved by successfully completing the full night with Roxy, but by making choices that leave you with fewer than 50 Passion Meter points.

63ted 2013.02.26
Help what is the key`s use?

Koldness 2013.02.26
Great game, with really good graphics and hot storyline

MMMM...Nice chicks.nice tits,and nice pussy

Wolfy38 2013.02.25
Love these games.Great Quality grafics.Fun to play and try to get all the endings!

abduvanchuk 2013.02.25
awesome game. very sexy and simple controle

ttant 2013.02.25
Nice game and greats artworks !

Just a question : what is the name of the movie you use ?

C.C. 2013.02.25
Nicole is hot. A threesome would be great. Not too bad though.

spirek 2013.02.25
I liked this game very much indeed.

banes 2013.02.25
Very nice game with 2 hot women.

1NT0X 2013.02.25
Very hot! The girl on girl action is amazing! Keep them coming.

Bombaazhul 2013.02.25
Nice game and graphics, but poor interactivity.
Choices are very limited.

virtuallaife 2013.02.25
that was really a nice game

cocomicrob 2013.02.25
good game. i realy like the graphics. ifound all 4 endings preaty easy though... it co be a little more challenging.

fabb0lt3 2013.02.25
great new game Great graphics...Great everything!

ski9072 2013.02.25
Interesting take a fun idea. Loved the game and all the endings

zantha 2013.02.25
This was a good one. I wish there had been more choices to make, though.

chap74 2013.02.25
and another great game

randy06 2013.02.25
another great sexy game an top ladies agin

glukos37 2013.02.25
Nice looking new game, liked it.

LpmH 2013.02.25
From my game play some of the endings seem to key off of final passion score
a passion score of >50 [maybe 49] get you ending 3
ending 4 for a range of ~20+ to ~48
not clear yet if ending 1 vr ending #2 is passion score related or how one fail out of the higher scoring path.
may go on to checking these out less entertaining play option latter
it is possible to be overly aroused at the 1st meeting and thus to fail out.

there is a branching in play if Nicole dominates after refusing to be tied up
this has no apparent effect on the ending earned as have gotten #3 and # 4 after

in the make out session on the bed have gotten a maximum of 4 actions

three seem to allow a next action all the rest, so far lead to exiting making out on the bed.

have not done all the sequences and explored all the combinations with earlier chooses
suspect but have not shown that there is no additional play to discover
still the number of plausible paths to additional game play is intriguing.
say the right per-meeting options then selecting the appropriate exit from making out.

sexykelly166 2013.02.24
really good game need more best gameplay yet from lesson of passion
keep it up LOP Team

katakana132 2013.02.24
Ok game. could`ve been longer, with options to pursue the wine customer or the girl on the train.

Frank Sinatra 2013.02.24
Very hot! The girl on girl action is amazing! Keep them coming.

stevie 2013.02.24
Good game with realistic variations that lead to 4 good endings

assman192 2013.02.24
Wonderful new game. Nobody does it like lessons of passion. Instant favorite.

electro*** 2013.02.24
Amazing game I` like it very much...

xoxox55 2013.02.24
good game, great game play, we like it

mick149 2013.02.24
this is an ok game but was a bit boring after a short time! :S

stefano71 2013.02.24
Quite good game, the graphic is excellent

georgefilipe 2013.02.24
5 star game!! Liked the endings!
Still liked too had more sex scene in bed whid husband!

DreamTim 2013.02.24
Not a fan of lesbian things but good graphics and story.

chairman066 2013.02.24
nice game, good graphics, would like to meet the girl on the train...

blackselfy 2013.02.24
how can i get Ending 3: Nicole gives herself completely to new gal, leaves Justin, eventually becomes stripper?

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

pinkjarl 2013.02.24
nicole fucks roxy with the strap-on if you say no to be bound and win the fight

mapleleaf 2013.02.24
Not usually my type of game, but can`t argue with a good story and great graphics.

peko 2013.02.24
A fair bit to easy for my liking

shyman44425 2013.02.24
Very interesting concept. Beautiful ladies. Not too difficult.

kelhus 2013.02.23
good game can use a few more play options and a continuation would allso be good

Ricoh124 2013.02.23
Good game with realistic variations that lead to 4 good endings

andy_regresa 2013.02.23
Good game for the variety, all three endings!

boreed12 2013.02.23
Another great game from the LOP team. Great game play and amazing graphics.

iloveboobs92 2013.02.23
Excellent game. Very sexy graphics.

Gordn3 2013.02.23
Great game , nice story and grafic.

Tiger21 2013.02.23
LoP has its mojo back with this one! Excellent.

madmax68 2013.02.23
This game was sensational - very arousing!!

king564xxx 2013.02.23
i liked this one pretty awesome

Vallheruh 2013.02.23
good grafics on this like usually

sexyjockex 2013.02.23
Ending 1: Nicole chickens out, stays with Justin, wonders what might have happened
Ending 2: Nicole goes ahead with tryst, ends it abruptly by refusing to be tied up and then ass raped, ends with Justin but fantasizing about women.
Ending 3: Nicole gives herself completely to new gal, leaves Justin, eventually becomes stripper
Ending 4: Nicole goes ahead with tryst, stays with Justin, eventually gets caught

dgkesquire 2013.02.23
Ending 1: Nicole chickens out, stays with Justin, wonders what might have happened
Ending 2: Nicole goes ahead with tryst, stays with Justin, eventually gets caught (with possibility for menage a trois in future game)
Ending 3: Nicole gives herself completely to new gal, leaves Justin, eventually becomes stripper

Haven`t found the 4th ending yet

randy06 2013.02.23
another great game and great sex secenes and great sexy ladies again and like to do more to to roxy and more sex to both and to fiancie as well and a threesome

AletJason8 2013.02.23
The graphic are amazing in this game.

UniverseKing 2013.02.22
Excellent game and nice graphics.

robocock 2013.02.22
very beautiful game.. really realistic. i love it

fkf,fq 2013.02.22
love the story good grafics, hot and awesome, good job

multiplex_1 2013.02.22
how do you get the fourth ending

dreadwolf 2013.02.22
ask about photos repeats loop

gartal 2013.02.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

dreadwolf 2013.02.22
gameplay, graphic, animation are great so far I got to cut or not to cum

Ryoxxx 2013.02.22
Good game with good graphic

xxxkissxxx 2013.02.22
good game, great game play and graphics.

a715jjr5 2013.02.22
great game and lots of options to play

elvago 2013.02.22
nice game... but its hard to "beat" keisha ;)

jcc1985 2013.02.22
good game hot girls nice graphics wish there was somthing with the boyfriend

bigbellend7 2013.02.22
A good game with some nice variations in the game play. Good endings as wee

bestia99rom 2013.02.22
good game, great game play

kevster1 2013.02.22
great game love the story

loki73 2013.02.22
really liked this game. very sexy and simple controle

casillasvvbb 2013.02.22
play force one is the best website in the world

pericka 2013.02.22
very sexy games...so nice girls !!!

notes1 2013.02.22
nice game ... i enjoyed it

themoda 2013.02.22
interts game, good grafics, hot and awesome, good job

rickilesh 2013.02.22
NIce game. Got all four endings. But I suppose it would be nice if something naughty could be done with the guy in the wine shop.. maybe a 5th ending and even a 6th ending with Nicole having sex with her boyfriend after letting go of Roxy!=))

drakki 2013.02.22
2) TV-cabinet & small key doesn`t seems to work.

Yes, nothing appens.

ionutionut 2013.02.22
awesome game...congratulation i like the game

NightStalker73au 2013.02.22
good game, great game play and graphics.

jeidi09 2013.02.22
1)In the wine shop you`ve got to check refrigerator temperature.

2) TV-cabinet & small key doesn`t seems to work.

3)Rather nice game.

bobtotempole 2013.02.22
What do you do in the wine shop?

Jaaru 2013.02.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

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