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News Reporter 2


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Apostol-BY 2019.05.11
No problem in Game. But game is a very boring. Well, the incredible giant breasts caused only laughter

KK7077 2018.12.15
great game but little bit difficult to playrn

wackwone22 2018.08.23
its is a cool game have fun

mulber 2018.06.18
Disappointingly lackluster. Expected better variety.

jamesking123 2018.06.01
it was a good game and the was kinda funny and the mini game was fun to

GEPilot 2018.01.26
funny short game worth giving it 5 minutes

big_sexy808 2018.01.05
Horny demon chairs and HUG TITS! what else do you need.

TEX TIGER 2017.11.18
The game is very stupid, not interesting.

SteelCurtain08 2017.11.04
Not a bad game...a little short but i`d still play it again

TheLoveApple 2017.10.22
Awesome gameplay, keeps me very entertained. Definitely love it.rn


Darksoul_5674 2017.08.30
Its a little frustrating just clicking the mouse. The graphics are good though.

marcus747 2017.08.26
Overall kind of an underwhelming experience, mnf games are always kinda short and pointless. At least it wasn`t a demo version!

yinyang770 2017.08.02
more funny than anything else enjoyed seeing the painting from ghost busters 2 in the game lol

tac404 2017.07.28
this one is better than the first one

bandit04 2017.07.20
Haha The Story about this boy is the best.

acethepilot 2017.07.11
Kinda short but decent game and quality

godley 2017.06.15
it was sort of short artwork meh. next!

belac03 2017.03.26
Good Gameplay. Game was a little short, but other than that it was fun

Ducati 2017.03.20
Not Bad. Need to work on animation.

ianjames 2017.03.09
silly game but liked the boobs

abjbreal 2017.02.05
nice game but could be much more better if the story makes sense

Vikram123 2017.02.04
love the game and sex.
Good chair

prorok616 2017.01.22
this game have nice gameplay

WojtaZ 2017.01.19
Good graphics but too short ;)

Tomo7 2017.01.16
Not bad, animation ok, graphic ok.

KingEdwardTheBrave 2017.01.01
This game is just not my type of sex game, i hate it when people put characters with really too over sized boobs. It just looks disgusting.

JimboStout 2016.12.31
I`ve never been a fan of the oversized tits animation but other than that, it`s short, simple, and kid of sexy.

Angelo DZ 2016.12.21
too shoort .. bad graphics ..sorry but anyway nice story hahaha

NawtyDawg 2016.12.18
These games are cheesy and basic But I love them they are fun missing mt=y subscription to there website now

fakkuthrowaway 2016.12.14
Don`t really like this game, its simple and I couldnt get into the graphics

Ace A 2016.12.11
For a cheesy cartoon sex game it want bad, i gave you options and a mini game. Not to mention the best cartoon tits I ever seen.

raven.warrior.eternal 2016.12.10
it is ok but compared to other games on this site its rather weak

hendrix25 2016.11.29
Cool name but in the story i got lost

dx_12 2016.11.27
not bad for flash game, hope for adding more storyline with amazing graphics inside of it

dx_12 2016.11.27
graphics was so-so, but the storyline was quite amazing, totally fallen for it

stupid420 2016.11.27
Considering all of the factors animation story etc this game was mediocre

dementedjedi 2016.11.19
nice game, but I don`t know the story. I`m lost.

gaiogaio1 2016.11.16
animation ok, graphic ok, story bad

gaiogaio1 2016.11.16
i have some problem with loading game

gaiogaio1 2016.11.16
the animation is good as always , i really love bi jigglin juggs

gaiogaio1 2016.11.16
meet `n` fuck games are the best

Dandydemon 2016.11.10
Sadly this game doesn`t load on my iPad.

Synbridge 2016.11.04
More funny game than exciting or erotic, but there is a quite drive soundtrack!

memer 2016.10.28
quite simple story and graphics and so a bit boring too

popepope 2016.10.24
kinda goofy and very unrealistic graphics. more of a game just for fun

Lille5185 2016.10.19
nice, but simple graphics and gameplay - very likeable :)

RicV 2016.10.17
Easy one but a good one. not a very good graphics but they look okay for this kind of game.

Crusader_1 2016.10.16
Man, I can`t even get past the stool mini game. Seems like the game has potential, I just don`t have the patience to play the mini game over and over again.

LimpLizardLover 2016.10.16
Boring game not very good 4/10

Mr Gamerz 2016.10.15
good graphics
natasha is hot as fuck
not much of a difference in the theme tho

Tre1224xx 2016.10.14
I came so hard on the titfuck scene.

HotSex15 2016.10.12
nice game, good graphics and good gameplay

ladiesguy 2016.09.27
the game was boring no ggod gameplay

firerob127 2016.09.20
Graphics were nice, gameplay is very short, very linear story

sirchommy 2016.09.19
Personally I loved the game Natasha is sexy as hell will def play again

elemanu71 2016.09.13
good graphics but i agree that it was easy and too short.

MadLenny 2016.09.07
could do with being a lot longer, a challenge would be good too

Bernd_Bumsebiene 2016.08.31
Good game, easy to understand and funny, but a way to short

spidermonkey7 2016.08.19
The game was not very interesting. The graphics were not good.

abcd774 2016.08.18
bad game compared to others, specially the storyline and graphics

celeHree666 2016.08.12
easy to understand great game here

zaqxswcdevfrbgtnhymjukilop 2016.08.04
to short and bad graphics

moay 2016.07.28
not SO GOOD but it worth the play! for first timeits not bad

AayushBhai 2016.07.26
Short and easy. not really that good

playforcettwo 2016.07.26
I agree with comments so far, the graphics is good, but the game could be better

oranjeboven 2016.07.24
Nothing erotic about this.

m3tal279 2016.07.16
awesome game will love to play again very good games of desire

elturrero 2016.07.13
Short and not too hot, but I had fun.

Gtrxuaiq 2016.07.09
Nice i love it never see that news before hahahaha

Swiftrebel 2016.07.03
Nice game. 2 lovely reporters. xd

mcmannanan 2016.06.30
I agree with the others. The graphics were alright but the gameplay left a lot to be desired.

redskull9450 2016.06.28
this game is awesome 10/10

Dan the Man 2016.06.26
It didn`t work properly the first time i tried. but was okay the second time. Buttons were a bit dodgy.

KellyIsBae 2016.06.23
Low score these games never do anything they should find someway to make it better instead of wasting their time on huge tits on every chick

AlexPapineau 2016.06.21
Awesome game a little challenging thogh

des14 2016.06.19
Good graphics and bad gameplay.

stach56 2016.06.19
This game is really fun and cool

Sexylex123 2016.06.17
stfu bad comments its awesome

Elsarin 2016.06.14
I think this game is too silly and I dislike the esagerated graphic style, its very odd!

steff258 2016.06.13
i didnt like zje game very much , way to short and easy

iperte72 2016.06.13
The game has something that keeps you attentive at all times , very good game.

auldgit 2016.06.11
I loved it from the first time I played it !!

It ticks all my boxes: All the dirty things you get to do to her are exactly what turns me on !!!

I only ever had one relationship where I actually lived all of those sex scenes (without the ghost chair obviously).

Married, unsatisfied women are the wildest you´ll ever experience !!!

Thanks for the game !!!

KEV_in 2016.06.10
Storyline of the game is kind of funny, but the story could be much longer.

pkjgoo 2016.06.09
nice animation. vigo is staring in the background.

excable69 2016.06.08
I like the game it realy funny

Epicbob5000 2016.06.05
awesome game! Sexy animations!

-WannaFuck- 2016.06.05
This game is really fun and cool

hotnhorny123 2016.06.04
the game play was awesome the graphic was off the charts

wldsxwizzard69 2016.06.03
game ok but alittle silly for g o d

Theking2506 2016.06.03
The game play was not that bad and the graphics were not that terrible considering the type of game that it is

qball3821 2016.06.03
interesting game, nice graphics

Thaizinha 2016.05.29

loved this game , I love 2D games

JBangLang94 2016.05.25
not my favorite game but it is fun

thegrim 2016.05.25
gameplay good,graphics good,animation good. But that is the problem it`s just good. need more improvement

angelsan 2016.05.19
i like this game very entertaining lol

gary1998 2016.05.15
the gameplay had been dominating over the graphics otherwise it was enjoyable

hentaimaster69 2016.05.15
the art is a bit over the top but its really just a humour game lots of position thow its ok

lunsanaata 2016.05.11
a fairly easy game but with no challenge and no reality based situation. the graphics are loopey and it renders the game unenjoyable

DimitriDombrovski 2016.05.10
love the sex,the game. and the artwork

Huntsman25 2016.05.07
love the sex. love the game.

Naughtydad 2016.05.06
Good game really enjoyed it

user9876 2016.05.02
Nice big tits, love hitting all the holes. Is there another chapter?

lulea 2016.04.30
Ugly game and annoying buttons. Would not play again.

DOMINATE2332 2016.04.28
Very simple, old concept, too short, graphics are bad. Not interesting in the least.

aybrk54 2016.04.27
MnF games are pretty hot in my opinion but they just aren`t like the first MnF games anymore :(

minombre 2016.04.27
Not a great game, oversized boobs can be a turn off

warpdavis 2016.04.25
Obviously not a great game. These MnF-type games are played out, in my opinion. Keep trying LOP. LOVE YOUR OFFERING!

es 2016.04.25
too short and too easy. a bit boring.

BadRhinoHorn 2016.04.19
quick and easy, but great animation!

fergthedon 2016.04.19
its a fun little game not the best

NOLAN69 2016.04.19
Great game, hope they make more of these

Masseur323 2016.04.18
Did anybody else get stuck at easy pussy? Had to keep clicking it to get pleasure meter to rise enough for easy ass, then it went from there just fine

joebob6778 2016.04.17
the animations were terrible, and why are the tits in every one of these games so oversized?

Cartasiand 2016.04.17
All games made by these guys are excatlly the same.... Too easy and too long

Sylnodel 2016.04.12
This kind of game is just too repetitive and easy. Very disappointing overall.

dgb71 2016.04.11
Really too easy, one of the worst game in this site.

PlayForceOne9705 2016.04.11
bad game with awful graphics :/

masodesmati 2016.04.08
I don`t know what is hard about this game, I had no difficulty playing this...
and its pretty average in about everything.

99rtan 2016.04.08
It was fun,, but it was hard.

possum62 2016.04.07
Not really much to this game. Very average

bigguy686 2016.04.06
Not great but not terrible either. Am hoping some more games are added soon.

mastegun 2016.04.06
I really like this game, but it is pretty hard

verylongjohn 2016.04.06
this game is a bit boring

rex90 2016.04.05
Game is difficult but still fun

Chairman1966 2016.04.05
This is a bit below the normal standard here, but fun it it`s own silly way

Fuckwit 2016.04.05
Terrible game. They really have to do better than this. Was it made by a 13 year old?

AshleighBound 2016.04.04
Weird story, and didn;t like the overly massive breasts.

lievelust2 2016.04.04
wow kinda hard game 2 it is not as good as some others games but still fun 2 play

CobraCom 2016.04.03
Doesn`t feel like a game at all. And no, I´m not in for the story...

RamanS21 2016.04.03
a bit boring game but natasha looked sexy

Pussyeateryum 2016.04.03
I loved this game. And Natasha was pretty hot for a Auntie. Overall great.

durmlan 2016.04.02
one of the worst games ive seen on here

barandos 2016.04.01

Pretty boring to be a MNF game

weedgeekdick 2016.04.01
I didn`t like it much, this old styled arcade games aren`t doing well this days.

Dremeldude 2016.03.31
Quite boring, and the animation style is stale. Not what I`m used to seeing on PF1.

Y19991 2016.03.31
It was a fun and sexy game

bigbroom 2016.03.31

reekypat 2016.03.31
the gameplay is too easy while graphics are on average

genius96 2016.03.30
really short game but nice quality

eternalk 2016.03.30
very plain game nice characters but boring and to simple

shyman44425 2016.03.29
Come on. You guys are better than this. Very lame game.

ozhan 2016.03.29
didnt like graphic the story and gameplay

Ricoh124 2016.03.29
Running out of ideas? Sibling rivalry meets Antiques Roadshow; not

sbhandari2912 2016.03.29
dude please stop making girls with such big boobs. it would be better if they were smaller

crestos 2016.03.29
Not really good, short a boring. not recommended

Natcl25 2016.03.29
its a good game but it still to be change a little like the story and, I think somes character can be change too. but anyway still good.

allroundperv 2016.03.29
So you play a possessed chair who shots loads over a latex wearing reporter, who`s trying to film a sex tape between her sister and nephew in order to ruin her sister`s newscasting career so she has less competition, you then play as the nephew and fuck the shit of your aunt as a payback. Honestly I got to respect the weirdness and overtopness of it, I don`t hate it.

The animations actually pretty decent, these games could gain far more popularity if they showcased female characters with slightly more realistic bodies, but I guess massive tits are this person fetish so I can also sympathize with staying true to your kinks.

7900 2016.03.28
just no way to big boobs for my taste

mblaze3 2016.03.28
It`s was nice game Natasha look sexy.

badcondor 2016.03.28
is so funny game hhhhh goud one

lurking 2016.03.27
Please stop making games.

critical21 2016.03.27
this game could have some improvement

shepard408 2016.03.27
nice buti think it`s to short

oranjeboven 2016.03.26
One of the worst games ever.
No sense, no fun, no skill.

Yiannis 2016.03.26
Typical GoD game..Weird insest story..Surprisingly there is a game aspect to this one since there is a minigame included before all the sex scenes start.If you like animation with boobs that defy the laws of physics you`ll like this game.Sex scenes are OK so is the animation.

Sskout 2016.03.25
these are really average and crude

Jaaru 2016.03.25
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Stormyqq 2016.03.25
please only post quality games ,not garbage like these. I think you should update brad`s erotic weekend, maid game.

kaxikayima 2016.03.25
this game is really awful. I hope you will not post any more of these... ever!

Marcus Crassus 2016.03.25
Nice Music :)
But too short and too simple

darkminded 2016.03.25
not at all impressed or enjoying this game

GunHoser 2016.03.25
Quick little game... too quick. Not a fan of the oversize tits... kinda a turnoff... could use some more sound fx especially when you are fucking her...

sserigne323 2016.03.24
Game was a bit short graphics were ok could have been a bit more challenging and longer but a good game for a first time gamer.

adim 2016.03.24
i have seen worse... but really poor game

digbig69 2016.03.24
What even is this game. Would not recommend

Dersonrn 2016.03.24

Not bad, Best HAVE BUT in the absence of good hum of paragraph Play .

everton1878 2016.03.24
shocking game not worth playing all

pberke 2016.03.24
Strange story, boring gameplay and strange graphics. Only if you reaaaaaaly have time to kill.

getspam 2016.03.24
Too simplistic and too short. The graphics are crude and do not excite anyone. No chalenge at all.

Stathis 2016.03.24
Natasha is pretty hot for a change but theme remains mostly the same; oversized boobs girl, overly simplistic game etc Old MnF games were much better than that...

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