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Naughty Dances


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Domenik 2017.09.26
Difficult game. Simple graphics

Laelith 2017.07.28
its a nice game but ist too difficult for me

Tiodor 2017.07.07
That was a fun game, until the arrows just started getting too fast

XXXASHXXX 2016.10.29
its a good game but it gets boring after a short while

stach56 2016.08.18
one of the dumbest games ive ever played

Zoix 2016.06.24
It gets pretty hard after she drops the stockings and the high tempo make you miss most of her undressing. Also the graphics are not that good

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Get tumbled so easy with right button.. maybe i stop right here this game, not so interesting that i wanna try be better

edgar1942 2016.01.09
Arrow get to moving a bit fast towards the end

dj69u 2015.12.09
didnt like it nice rhythm though

saviolocao 2015.10.23
it would be good that after so much work the sex scene was longer


raven.warrior.eternal 2015.09.24
hmm fun enough but I guess

conkushin 2015.09.01
not to difficult but quick

blindheart 2015.05.10
This game was rough on my adhd lol, a challenge for the DDR fans.

ebolajesus1 2015.04.30
amazing game i like how you have to work hard to get her naked

Trever26 2015.04.25
shit this games was hard as heck

jude-13 2015.03.14
it`s kinda hard but its so fun to play,.

kilo123 2014.12.13
Took me 30 min .... its hard :o

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.11
its horrible but I hated dance revolution so I am bias I guess

devinmk15 2014.11.09
the game is ok but to make it better i would shorten the clothes items like jewrly etc and add sex scenes

hurricane32 2014.08.26
Too difficult. It`s like it`s made for you no to win.

darkridr25 2014.08.11
This is an interesting concept. I`ll probably play this again some time.

drunkenacid 2014.07.20
Very hard as you get further and further in to the clothing removal....

temporaneo.81 2014.06.21
fun but not for this site. this isn`t for adults i think

nemesis9999 2014.06.04
don`t like the animation, but good challenging game

Dovic 2014.04.16
This game was difficult, but it had a good challenge to it

Exodox 2014.01.06
Its funny once you get to the middle of the game, how she wins back all her clothes if you do nothing for ten seconds.

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
Like others have said, it`s pretty difficult. But hey, I like a challenge so I kinda liked it! And after 10 minutes of blazing fingers and crossed eyes I finally got her into her birthday suit. She looked great in the doggy position and I pounded her HARD for being so frustrating, lol! Fun little game.

zanter 2013.12.15
a bit too easy if you don`t look at the girl. but then what`s the point.

Devran91 2013.11.24
challenging game, but not very interestign.

MaxxV2150 2013.11.08
I like the idea. I also love playing dance machine games in real-time, so I may be biased. XD

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

thelonelyone 2013.09.10
too confusing for me maybe more basic is better

slowmurda 2013.08.02
It`s too easy, the animation is shit, and it`s not even sexy

adoredstar 2013.07.30
it`s not so hard but also not so interesting

Brevyman 2013.07.28
very simple game, but is very hard to get past the pants

lbz 2013.07.22
ok game but it was too hard I like it but I think it could be a little less chalenging

warpedbullet 2013.07.18
This game is really hard.

Chadster 2013.07.18
Not enough time to even see the small things she`s taking off.

rockhard1985 2013.07.01
That was a fun game, until the arrows just started getting too fast and my eyes and fingers couldn`t catch up lol. Farthest I got was up to her bra off.

somedude0 2013.06.27
Not too amazing. While the gameplay worked (literally, not metaphorically), it lacked a lot to actually be unique. Also, the graphics were kinda dull.

Deadringer 2013.06.24
Good animation, and really challenging.

Only problem I really had was that the game`s music doesn`t really have a solid beat to it and the arrows don`t sync up well with the beat that does exist, making it exponentially harder to play.

Any plans to add more girls or more songs in the future?

arss 2013.06.11
enjoyable game, challenging, but best if it stopped half way so take a break. 9/10 cause of challenge

thepimp1234 2013.06.06
this looks easy buy it is actually really hard.

Luke3 2013.06.02
takes a long time to striip, just moving around, not really as fun

lesbianlovers 2013.05.27
its not a very interesting game but it t=is a chalange

mazuzuri 2013.05.20
Nice game, and i love DDR, however seeing as i have played stepmania, which is a computer version for about 6-7 years, i have gotten used to that games layout, this means i instinctively swap around the up and down in this game as they are opposite in stepmania. This makes it damn well near impossible for me to complete the game :(

Jonny91Z 2013.04.18
Nice artwork. Love the DDR-style of gameplay.

gwazz 2013.04.17
not a very interesting game

dmaan 2013.03.29
Great game challenging at first though but overall fun. Cool

sadsad741 2013.03.06
this game is so hard but it is awesome

MERLIN3 2013.02.21
Very difficult game. Takes a lot of eye and hand cordination. Good brain exercise game. Be even better if she started out nude dancing.

S.Muntzer 2013.02.16
The girl is not a good dancer but she knows how to be seduced

Yoho 2013.02.03
Having problems with keyboard

fuzzyth 2013.01.28
The games alright, grafic ok, they could of slowed the keys you need to hit just a little more

wisdom123 2013.01.27
this game is not really sexy

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Great game challenging at first though but overall fun.

sfasfasfasf3 2013.01.14
I can not concentrate when she takes off jeans.

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
This one stresses me before it gets interesting!

Vego Clicker 2013.01.09
Good game even if it`s harder at the end.

monkey12 2012.12.28
Enjoyable but very hard to keep up with the arrows

EmerikQ 2012.12.17
Hmmm.... interesting copy of similar dance game.... but... music is not so interesting....

dominator137 2012.12.15
good game, but as far as being erotic the girl isnt too hot and if you stop to look you fall behind so kinda lame

mellows92 2012.11.09
very difficult but very addictive.

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Hard but playble. Perhaps too hard to be enjoyed and it really neds more moves nad or songs.

tiedyeguy 2012.10.18
I`ll be honest, I wasn`t thrilled with this game. Non-rhythmically hitting arrows for the same mediocre animation with less clothes, and an ultimately poorly animated fuck scene as an ending? Meh.

opgjophp 2012.09.25
Game is a little diffucult. especially since im using a mini laptop

xfldan 2012.09.23
It`d be nice to have difficulty levels- Easy, Medium, and Hard. You spend too much time with the arrows you don`t get to see your payoff until the end.

gregscallywag 2012.09.11
Hard as hell for me. I think it would be easier if I could use alternative buttons for movement, but the up/down just ... well I never got past the shoes.

oXDarkEyesXo 2012.09.08
Nice but it gets to fast!!!!!!!!!!

erodima 2012.08.30
if you only focus on some line can do it

samp122 2012.08.24
Not good at all.... Bad graphics...

yoda 2012.08.22
damn that stuff gets pretty fast, not too easy

jimbo090 2012.08.18
very difficult at first but easier once u get used to it

jlocdagunna 2012.07.30
the cramp in your hand is all worth it in the end lol

fraja 2012.07.14
the game was cool but she is wareing to much stuff

kokofucker 2012.07.05
good game with good graphics , damnfucken good music , but it sort of quick needs tremedous conc. to get this bitch naked LOL

cav_leoes 2012.07.03
it`s to dificult and the text appearing over the arrows just makes it harder

DoubleShadow 2012.06.25
funny but a little bit tiio stressy ^^

nicolaas81 2012.06.15
what a hot game and girl

sexykelly166 2012.06.14
ok gameplay not that good 5/10

Blueberryreddd3445 2012.06.07
very difficult at first but once u getthe hang of it gets really funn

yoda 2012.05.15
simple and quick no variety though

derda 2012.05.15
a better ddr game.nice game.very challenging

Skysnake 2012.05.14
too hard for an old fart like me!!

bahamut86 2012.05.12
bad game and grafic! too difficult

lulu12345 2012.05.05
the game is fun though............

lulu12345 2012.05.05
but ive seen alot like this game alot

lulu12345 2012.05.05
the best game ever i just love it

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.24
i like sequence games like this alot

mdobre29 2012.04.02
Too difficult, you cant even look at the girl when playing. Ba game

John G 2012.03.19
Fair game but it seems to be too much work for the results.

120489 2012.03.13
it was fun to play but the ending wasnt worth it

ynot 2012.03.03
makes you concentrate too hard, ok game

airforcewun 2012.02.28
its nice but kind a difficult

benjamindu45 2012.02.17
Hard game at the end but you can do it ! good luck

mrmystery1990 2012.02.17
i thought this game is boring....but i wrong..haha

maneek21 2012.02.16
this is a rediculous game and didn`t enjoied it all

dami148 2012.01.24
not my favorite game at all, you cant really see your progress, the music is really anoying and i hate how there no beat to fallow its just random notes.

dennn 2012.01.22
very interesting game, makes you concentrate hard

lightbulb 2012.01.10
nice concept, poor graphics, decent gameplay!

BallIdiot 2012.01.09
The graphics are enticing enough continue playing.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.04
Too difficult, you cant even look at the girl when playing...

steven miller 2012.01.04
this is a good game and i really enjoied it

chavo 2012.01.02
To fast for me cant keep up

Guillaume 2012.01.01
Too hard for me. Need good reflexes.

Meszla 2011.12.31
great game I recommend to everyone, check whether the date trick: P

coolcookiey 2011.12.28
i luv this game cause it makes me wanna carry on cause its so hard x

mikicostanza 2011.12.26
hard game but its funny but very hard

cooldud123 2011.12.21
i like sequence games like this alot

Michel99 2011.12.18
Good graphic but the fuck on the end was too little that need more.

97brett2778 2011.12.15
gets challenging after the jeans

jcreel23456 2011.12.14
damn what a great i wish i that chick lol

superfighte8 2011.12.10
LOL spent all my time watching the arrows didn`t even see what was going on..

robmonlee 2011.12.08
this game reminds me of dance dance revulution

jesusbig 2011.12.07
it was easy to beat the game the arrows started to go fast at the end though.

Malb1 2011.12.06
Impossible after the shoes, I really can`t pay attention to the doll, too bad :/

danilipe 2011.12.05
too hard and you can`t pay attention to other things besides te arrows

Sintaks 2011.11.21
Muscle cramps anyone? :P I found that using a customizable gamepad to simulate the arrows placed in a straight row like shown helps tenfold.
Those who call this unfair should try to admit to themselves that they wouldn`t have at least thought about it given the same tools. Truth be told, last I checked, that was the configuration on the neck of the guitar used by many major video games as is.

Can anyone confirm my theory that you lose less points for missing as opposed to hitting a wrong button? (My hand is too wrapped in ice to do so myself) If so, you are theoretically better off skipping an arrow if you can`t keep up.

REIVAJ311 2011.11.21
As much as I move did not come to the rhythm of this doll, as the strip joint?

blah00 2011.11.20
you cant really pay attention while trying to get all the notes

lazy boy 2011.11.18
very hard to me .. i can`t go on ..

fantome 2011.11.18
Very Challenging. Seems a little spastic and without a real rhythm. Almost agonizing.

thelostone 2011.11.06
how ddr should be but could use better music

certainsomeone 2011.11.05
Not bad, but dancing games and porn arent the best combination, I mean we are supposed to concentrate XD

armyofme 2011.10.30
it was a simple game, shouldve been a little more to it to make it better.

mutrommi 2011.10.30
Don`t see much point to this one. Can`t enjoy the strip while concentrating on the super fast arrows.

Lednacek 2011.10.22
could have been more to it. it gets really hard at the end

Woodywood03a 2011.10.21
Just like the dance games on the video games, can`t play it.

kon_ 2011.10.16
this game is awesome ;D i like it 10/10 !

thelost231 2011.10.15
to simple wish there was more to it

Mototon 2011.10.13
good game. iy get a little hard after the pantie but it is part of the game.

marcus99 2011.10.08
it was ok. after the bra it gets hard cause it going fast, and your tryign to beat it to see the good part, but then not really a sex scene. so maybe can work on that? all in al except for sex scene was fun :P

whuutdafiretruck 2011.10.07
Are u kidding me? a 7yr old can beat that!

djeternity 2011.10.05
It`s actually really easy - it`s all eighth notes even if the tempo picks up. Way easier than PARANOIA MAX SURVIVOR on DDR.

johnnylongcock 2011.10.01
very challenging it gets harder when the shirt comes off

Miladiou 2011.09.29
not very interesting, just faster ne rythm

ruippo 2011.09.21
Gets WAY too hard at the end

jjake132 2011.09.18
Very difficult to get to the good parts. I keep getting stuck at the shoes and stockings

LightningFistAce 2011.09.14
cant say i love the game but cant say i hate it either

kragoth 2011.09.14
Way to hard for way to little reward.....

HAWKERpwnz 2011.09.11
pretty good game gets a lil to fast for me though LOL still fun though (Y)

boblob 2011.09.09
This can be quite tricky until you get the hang of it. Very tricky once fast

Erickson11 2011.09.08
Gets difficult, but it`s really fun. I gave it a 90.

AYREON24 2011.09.06
dont like this one too hard

JOHNRKO007 2011.09.04
not bad, completed the game in less then a few minutes

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Didnt like this one, borng.

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.31
too bloody hard and too fast

bechat 2011.08.30
Oh yeah good game This is difficult but with practis that going moore easy.
That take me 15 minute for finish it.

Good graphic but the fuck on the end was too little that need more.
Good animation.
Storu don,t have but too short, That a good minigame. And the girl are sexy =D

playforcex 2011.08.30
very well it`s game very easy

gamer009 2011.08.29
Oh my gosh that is difficult. I can only get here to take her bra off for a split second before i start fumbling with the keys. Nice game

busu99 2011.08.24
too fast to much in one time

greenmachine224 2011.08.23
this game was much to hard just for a naked chick

derda 2011.08.21
lol,funny,dont understand how not getting caught gets him laid tho:P

Dean27 2011.08.16
I found this game much too hard to be worth it and the girl isn`t even that hot. I find that the writing popping up on the screen obscures my view and scews me over. I found that I could never look away from the arrows and watch the girl because I`d end up losing points and she`d put her clothes back on. A very pointless game if you ask me.

3t 2011.08.15
This game is waaay too hard just to see some girl naked

Jello 2011.08.13
The music is pretty bad and does not seem to follow the arrows

OrcsBane 2011.08.10
Nice game, the challenge ramps up at an appropriate rate and it doesn`t drag on too long. Wasn`t a huge fan of the art style, but the game was short and that can be forgiven.

bo12 2011.08.07
love the gameplay girl could be hotter

Redfalcondud21 2011.08.06
this game is great even though its hard to play

spokxx 2011.08.04
too hard anybody get to the end?

tman29 2011.07.31
it gets to hard to ever win.

blumouf17 2011.07.28
Too hard to enjoy, never liked those sort of games

V.VALENTINE 2011.07.27
i love and the sounds are good

tbmyh 2011.07.24
a ok game with a good idea behind it.

bobirdsell 2011.07.22
nice game. a good way of incorperating ddr with porn. thanks very nice

donutdude 2011.07.17
This game is way to easy also. Why would someone make a game like this pretty challenging

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

xaviershoppennoodle 2011.07.07
I think there could have been more to it - but it`s still fun.

JFresh0618 2011.07.06
it gets more challenging as the game goes on

korgpa80 2011.07.06
good,but it`s a little bit hard...:D

Needles_Kane 2011.07.05
Good Idea, but poor implementation.

matos91 2011.07.03
It`s all about reflex... it`s hard

juhej 2011.07.02
so hart to play...but is god

caloooo 2011.06.30
fun and addicting i must say very fun

hookie89 2011.06.28
Not bad got there in the end but it took a while ending cud off been better

So69Social 2011.06.26
I thought i was getting good and then it started to speed up. Definitely a challenge.

Cameltoe 2011.06.25
its really hard!

its not what i searched for

Zabarbar 2011.06.22
aargh..this game are too fast for my hand...ahii !!

derda 2011.06.22
Didn`t really like the controls for the game, everytime I would get good. The game would speed up, so I wasn`t impressed

snow01 2011.06.18
strip is poor for all the changes

Mr.ry 2011.06.18
id do better if the dance moves would match the beat of the song

brickland 2011.06.10
It would be cool if you could watch each dance if you wanted after you beat the game

shvatsa 2011.06.08
This would be more fun if it had better music. Also, the arrows don`t seem to have much of a direct connection to the beat of the music, which makes it damn near impossible to keep up near the end where it picks up speed.

TheCin 2011.06.05
interesting hard game Funny in higher levels Graphic and Animations ok

moper8900 2011.06.04
good but hard game, try to make it less complicated

Viltsu 2011.05.27
too small rewards, and bit too hard...

junoir1257 2011.05.25
not a very fun game to hard to geet to the end

dragonrb 2011.05.18
very difficult to make it through the game, almost impossible unless you have very quick reflexes

maxipesfik 2011.05.18
too hard for me in next levels

Skarn62 2011.05.13
Hard & boring. Really don`t like this one.

bigboy12321 2011.04.24
Very very hard , but got to the end and enjoyed the final fuck!

jamieberry 2011.04.22
quite a good game, a difficult challenge

raynman_57 2011.04.20
challenging game. take to long to see the results..

boredashell 2011.04.18
way too hard for a shit reward

awesomo 2011.04.17
alright game but kinda boring

tky3k 2011.04.15
difficalt game to master. but worth the challange.

davsank 2011.04.14
Hahaha, made me laugh.. it`s rather funny game.. but it gets REALLY fast when you get to remothing the thong...

oligarchy 2011.04.13
Would be really nice if it actually followed the rhythm, by the end its pretty difficult to just follow the arrows :(

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
great game somewhat difficult.

emaznboy 2011.04.10
While simple, this was rather entertaining for a few minutes. Unfortunately, I got stuck around when her bra came off, so I spent a lot of time watching it appear and disappear. Clearly I need to hone my skills

hifidi 2011.04.08
it is a good game but get super hard to the end for it starts going way to fast

rogerpoger 2011.04.04
This game was really stressy, I was never able to finishe her off.

tky3k 2011.03.24
fun game.. I like the rather unusual style. but then again, they seem to be getting more usual lately and that is awesome!
Hope there comes more!

platewolf 2011.03.23
its easy but doesent have a lot o things to see

danjel 2011.03.22
a better ddr game.nice game.very challenging

g8rfan88 2011.03.22
Challenging, fun, addicting and the better version of ddr

brink7000 2011.03.21
fun, but the beat of the music doesn`t actually go with the game.

quinton19 2011.03.18
pretty challenging but not to hard for me

zzfuck651 2011.03.17
Ugh, this was a turn off. Too hard, same music and not enjoyable.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Challenging if you play one hand, the speed in the end is decent one she is really closed to be naked, just setup your keyboard to play both hands and I am pretty sure it will become way more easy than playing with the arrows.
Still a couple minutes training to hit 30 k over, the dance dance revolution type is always worth the fun.

Khaonia 2011.03.12
Wow, that`s really challenging and fun. I`ll be back to get better at this one.

scrip 2011.03.10
good game but too hard for me

scythe00 2011.03.03
difficalt game to master. but worth the challange.

Erkend 2011.03.02
Too small keyboard to play this... Fun though.

m4rtin30 2011.02.26
wow this game is hard for my fat fingers

ski9072 2011.02.23
Very faced paced, if there was a way to slow it down then WOW

King_JonnyE 2011.02.20
its a nice game but ist too difficult for me :D

nico_flo 2011.02.18
Very difficult , but fine.

Greg1976 2011.02.17
all you can see in this game is the arrows :P

steamroll2012 2011.02.15
Too frustrating goes too fast when you want to take a peek to see where you are you lose your rythem then the closthes come back on.I could not ever get her bra off. 80( how sad.

goglicious 2011.02.12
its challenging near the end, but its bad since we cant even see the dance!

paragon117 2011.02.10
Reminds me of DDR except with the hands which is equally as fun!!!

ratonius 2011.02.09
The game is fun, but it seems a bit hard,not one you`ll play over and over.

Meme9739 2011.02.05
This game had poor graphics! It moved so fast you really couldn`t watch the girl!

redcobra 2011.02.04
It could use some work, but overall it`s not too bad. The difficulty curve is excellent, and the game is at least entertaining, if short.

randy06 2011.02.01
yes like it get stuck but ok should have a sports game similar

ranmagh01 2011.02.01
This game moves so fast you can`t even watch the girl. What is the point of that? Pretty weak reward when you actually beat it too.

phile30 2011.01.30
Very difficult once it gets going - a bit to fast too

righto 2011.01.30
she is a fantastic dancer

Wabbledont 2011.01.26
one of the dumbest games ive ever played

Stepman 2011.01.13
Too difficult to be honest! Don`t really like it

mick149 2011.01.08
quite difficult and hard to get used to! ... :)

kevlarspeedboat 2010.12.29
The game is fun, but it seems a bit hard.

angelina6977 2010.12.28
LOL silly game and itsa bit hard too

big002fr 2010.12.26
Good concept but gets a bit fast. It gives no time to actually enjoy the artwork. Should do it with stages each time she strips

arkaniss 2010.12.26
nice game but not easy to playit so fast

hanumaan 2010.12.17
the last levels are quite tough

xsketchx 2010.12.08
Kinda wish they would make a real ddr kinda like this

kickass 2010.12.05
easy way =) too small game but pretty nice

long55 2010.12.04
It is so easy.. if u dont look the girl... no problem

myackee 2010.12.02
its sooo hard. great tho if you can get past the shoes

merfderf 2010.12.02
The arrows start moving WAY too quickly before there`s any real payoff. Besides that, you have to really concentrate and react quickly to play this game the entire time it`s running. Not much time to "enjoy" it, if you know what I mean.

roundroom 2010.11.30
this needs to slow down a little and then it would b good

rissabean 2010.11.28
Very difficult once it gets going - does not always read all of the arrow inputs either

marvigo 2010.11.24
Good game but a little too fast

scrip 2010.11.24
too fast to much in one time

chumak 2010.11.12
Got bored before my fingers got tired

xronik 2010.11.10
After 4 accessories speed is very high

Ballcano 2010.11.08
Fun gameplay to start, but it is very hard to get anywhere.

aion 2010.11.08
cool game i like it for a dancing game

saman70 2010.11.03
Wow HArde game ... challenging liked it :X

xradu 2010.10.31
very hard on to the end ...

trueguy1964 2010.10.28
Very hard to do. More than I can handle.

DoubleShadow 2010.10.26
It`s a busy game ... to busy -.-
and the gaphics is not so good that i would say that it will be worthwile :(

Rybody 2010.10.25
I thought that this game was kind of hard to follow

bob187 2010.10.20
pretty hard game takes a lot of hand eye coordination

angelwings808 2010.10.13
wow this is a pretty hard game i only got to the braclet coming off and i got messed up pretty interesting

jamesmartinez 2010.10.13
that games is easy at the beginning then gets harder

Drecon01 2010.10.09
its a nice game but fast

shyman44425 2010.10.07
Very hard to do. More than I can handle.

Shinonin 2010.10.03
Reminds me of DDR... Except that this is like a strip DDR, and you get to fuck her at the end.

hutch1407 2010.10.03
hard to concentrate on too many things if you know what I mean...

metlzli 2010.09.29
ok game, can`t really see the girl toward the end, too focus on the arrow

pitufo1302 2010.09.29
yes isty a great game and needs more exctiement in it those.

joedude1029 2010.09.18
Difficult towards the end, i enjoyed the challenge, could use some work on the end fuck scene though, was a bit of a let down

philip 2010.09.16
simple graphic, hard to play for the first time

kuzdydavid 2010.09.15
not bad not bad but the arrows doesn`t really match the music

ChrisX1 2010.09.14
great game challenging at first though but overall fun

Blueydays 2010.09.13
My fingers are so sore afterwards.

vargr 2010.09.10
Too unforgiveing and too many things to strip off later speed makes it more lucj than judgement

asdfasdasdfsdffasdf 2010.09.07
This game is make me a lot of job, whit my keybord, but good game is it.

weirdo22 2010.08.29
great idea, waaaaay too difficult

joe9463 2010.08.25
Started off fine but got too fast too quick

Kirdran 2010.08.24
Quite good, but difficult - can be c "slow mode" or cheats

zantetsuken 2010.08.20
it`s a nice combination of tap tap and hentai game

deadbydayinblack007 2010.08.18
Hmm too much pain for too little gain and it does get kinda hit n miss at the end

toy4grrls 2010.08.12
Nice and fast. Makes my fingers hurt but fun to play.

Kdren 2010.08.12
Fun for a Tap Tap games ... not so much for a hentai game.

paragon117 2010.08.11
lol my hands got really sore afterwards

Alcar98027 2010.08.10
for it being a hentai game it could have a better ending. dancing was fun a challenging once you got to the underwear took me awhile to beat. You really have to focus on the arrow the whole time while dancing

fellamee 2010.08.10
Got bored before my fingers got tired

matt1009 2010.08.06
challenging game,not he greatest though

gekirietsu 2010.08.06
became very difficult very quikly i was unable to finish

danielf1 2010.08.05
Dififcil solo la deje en ropa interior.

jasethevillain 2010.08.05
Awful game... Far too hard, and dull.

bydou 2010.07.28
this games is very difficult and i don`t like this games

bsucik 2010.07.27
bad game as girl not good enough and it gets too tough.

Ammo 2010.07.26
nice idae but its getting hard very quickly and the girl doesn`t really worth it according to (no time to watch anyway ! lol )

TheHappyChem 2010.07.26
Damn... too tough for me.

UneducatedGenius 2010.07.25
Good game if you like challenging reflex games.

mekan11 2010.07.24
I don`t like the arrow concept spacebar or mouse controls would be better

tyalex 2010.07.23
reall difucult and too fast near the end

tyalex 2010.07.23
not a great game too fast

847847 2010.07.23
its too fast when i get to take her undies lol

Ryley1 2010.07.22
Really difficult nearer to the end and barely worth it but a fun time waster.

NeXeS 2010.07.18
It gets really challenging, and you get so focused on the steps you forget the girl.

LilLemon 2010.07.15
Funn not fast enough for the game.

chicken43 2010.07.14
this girl is so sexy I love this game!

fields19892000 2010.07.11
i dont like it cuz i gotta concentrate hard to strip this girl

Baddibu 2010.07.11
i live this game, becouse guitar hero is myy fav game on xbox!

Daveman3080 2010.07.10
Didn`t really like the controls for the game, everytime I would get good. The game would speed up, so I wasn`t impressed

freakazoa 2010.07.05
Music is too gay for me but then it`s a very nice kerboard game. (well for the arrow keys at least)

Kitsune 2010.06.30
It gets just a little too hard for me once the jeans come off.

lucic17 2010.06.28
So hard to focus with this girl stripping in the back lol, but worth the fuck at the end!

facess 2010.06.28
fun to see sexy versions of stepmania:) should have been better rewards and more gameplay!:)

dietcokelover 2010.06.23
good quality but gets very hard

hititdeep 2010.06.23
fun game, but it gets tough

hermie 2010.06.22
far too fast for me. not very sexy either

Somewhatoriginal 2010.06.19
It gets really hard towards the end and the keys are just distracting you from where the action is.

hotnsteamy 2010.06.18
good game but agree with previous comment - spend 2 much time on looking at keys to notice her strip

bitch98 2010.06.17
ok this is easy but i cant see her strip cuz im always looking at the key moves and bad graphics and wtf is up with the dance moves???

greghunter 2010.06.15
when playing the down arrow the screen moves up, soon cant see the action!

komax155 2010.06.01
It is good , but easy and all is ok !!!!!

tiec 2010.05.28
can the graphics and sound be more annoying and bad? crappy game imho

arathor 2010.05.27
a really funny game but theres no time to see the girl

MorosErebus 2010.05.24
pretty difficult game, it was hard to get anywhere due to the game constantly slowing down and speeding up

Lyndoncool 2010.05.11
Its Just dancing no all it does is speed up

juicybooty 2010.05.11
fun and easy but my screen keeps moving with the arrow keys

the3rdeye 2010.05.10
its an ok game, music can get irritating and it is a little tricy towards the ebd

superbowl_48 2010.05.08
hard to do it when the screen keeps moving how do you stop that?

lol90 2010.05.07
a game tough but very fun to play

sunchips1 2010.05.07
this game could use better graphics

gettingwarmone 2010.05.05
It wears me out too quickly.

kitkatbar321 2010.05.04
kind of hard and long it was okay

boinky 2010.05.03
Really fun game, but like others mentioned there are some problems with the screen scrolling

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Fun but hard to play with scrolling problem.

shawn12 2010.05.01
hard to play with screen moving with arrow keys

sexmachine911 2010.04.30
game was ok but the screen keep always moving because of the arrows =(

captin savaho 2010.04.30
ugh, lock the scroll bar might help

anthony57 2010.04.30
Interresting but so difficult

snow12fox 2010.04.29
This game is okay but its a little hard

tpar915 2010.04.29
game isnt too hard as long as you don`t look at anything but the arrows.

zucchort 2010.04.28
Hard! Very Hard! Should be more time to see the girl take off her clothes.

PF1chick247 2010.04.17
nice game but the screen kept movin so it was hard

rockafella13 2010.04.15
puh man, that´s a really hard one.. very very challenging!! but sexy girl, it´s hard to concentrate on de arrows ;)

badbitch24 2010.04.12
i have a laptop an when i was using the up-down-left-right keys the screen moves with it which made it hard to play.

david 2010.04.10
to hard to get any results. but good grafics btw.

spenracq2 2010.04.08
good game but too hard for me

Redrider 2010.04.04
good game but screen moves

navyhero 2010.04.01
very poor quality. Everytime I use the Arrow keys the screen shifts in that direction and then I lose the game off the screen. Is there a way to make the screen stand still while you are playing?

biggie365 2010.03.30
its ok game but the arrows moves my screen and the further it goes the faster it gets

Lockij 2010.03.26
Options mode would be nice, the music got repetitive so it was hard to actually focus on playing. Selection would be a decent addition.

mclovin202 2010.03.22
this is pretty much like ddr

mattrich 2010.03.21
up and down arrows move my whole screen
plus is way to fast for me.
don`t like it

SkillzZ20 2010.03.21
evrey time i press up the scroll bar go up anoying

lovelyladies 2010.03.14
a fast pace game that was fun

guixyz 2010.03.14
Finally a reason to practice dance dance revolution...

noxes 2010.03.10
i used to play this game a long time great game

Phildo 2010.03.09
It takes a long time to get her to strip at all, it would be nice if the game went a little faster since it`s just the same thing over and over.

sexxatron5 2010.03.01
this game is bugged :/ i press but never

IdTapThat 2010.02.20
Not bad, agree with the previous comments about the scrolling, but other than that the game was fairly well thought out.

Kigerone 2010.02.17
great idea, but it sucks if ur computer is slower than everyone elses. too hard too hit the keys on time

jimmyod1 2010.02.14
aint the greatest to short and easy

XxMiKeYxX 2010.02.09
that was fun...i love that it was fast without being to difficult

Zephyr1991 2010.02.06
This game is just way too easy

justag469 2010.02.02
too hard for an old fart like me!!

glider 2010.02.02
quite fun but games screen is often lost as system interprets key presses as scrolling the page.

Not one you`ll play over and over

pduff1976 2010.02.01
This game is very poor. I don`t like ddr and I don`t like this game either.

lazyangel87 2010.01.30
A hot version of ddr. Very sexy chick!

jaksombre1 2010.01.30
a classic game that has been sexified. i like it

brason1 2010.01.30
having alot of problem with scores and down arrows

AdonisDF 2010.01.28
A failed DDR for the fingers. Hitting up or down scrolls the screen, making it that much harder.

ybeme23 2010.01.27
game is a lot hardur den thought it was gonna be

craig7 2010.01.24
meh not too bad, lil bit irritating

jonnybond 2010.01.24
whoo long does it take o get her anked?

its very hard with the time -.-

ManiacM 2010.01.24
The game doesn`t work, she won`t strip.

funlvncwby 2010.01.23
The only part I didn`t like was while I was pressing the arrow keys my screen kept jumping around where I could not see

Xyzzy 2009.12.06
Guess I must be doing something wrong....I`m racking up points like crazy, but she`s not stripping. Dumb game.

nissehult 2009.11.24
boring game, but dance in no for me

acmonger 2009.11.09
Yea i`m not sure what i did wrong was doing it got 20k points then finally quit she didn`t do anything and it was boring.

WolfWarrior 2009.10.31
It gets really challenging, and you get so focused on the steps you forget the girl.

anonymous91792 2009.10.25
It`s fun and challenging.

jasonsmith2099 2009.10.17
it was pretty repititious but somewhat fun good game for a quick laugh

randy06 2009.10.16
yes isty a great game and needs more exctiement in it tho

megaman 2009.10.08
not bad for this game it`s like ddr

sguary 2009.10.05
this game is a difficult is quite hard to achieve !

cheese101 2009.09.27
impossible,the down moves my screen down,plz fix it!!!

lojo2 2009.09.22
hitting arrows just makes my screen move, very annoying

JInXxX 2009.09.22
easy at first but really get`s a lot harder.

nepolemo 2009.09.20
challenging for a sex game, where (at least me) likes to look and enjoy the girl and not foddle with the controls

Spectre 2009.09.17
when playing the down arrow the screen moves up, soon cant see the action!

TobiasDrake 2009.09.16
The score can be a bit misleading, giving you points despite missing the timing, which can result in some initial confusion as to why it doesn`t seem to be going anywhere. Other than that, it`s hard to go wrong with sexy DDR.

me 2009.09.15
Sorry, this game is too fast for me. I managed once to take off her bra, but only for a split-second. Now i am frustrated.

silent 2009.09.15
i used to play this for hours great game

rikyrat 2009.09.15
Very chanllenging as it gets going. I can`t keep up.

misko26 2009.09.15
It is so easy.. if u dont look the girl... no problem

swi80 2009.09.14
Very difficult once it gets going - does not always read all of the arrow inputs either

newbalous 2009.09.14
gets kinda challenging. doesn`t really follow any rhythm, it just speeds up to make it harder

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