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Natsume 2


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raven.warrior.eternal 2017.11.22
its a nice time killer decent gameplay short just not into tentacles girls hot though

usschevalier 2017.11.20
Weird as hell. didn´t liked at all

Domenik 2017.10.06
Short game with good gameplay and sexy grapchics

KitCarsen 2017.08.21
Weird, short but quite good fun.

Chairman1966 2017.08.02
okay. that was the strangest bit of nothing ive played

frankbo74 2017.06.10
very hot games with good animations but little short

amarde 2017.06.05
Perfect animation but too short

Zoldek 2017.03.27
Good game .. it was very hot :D

ianjames 2017.03.11
not really intotentacles idid not like this game

fiftypez 2016.11.17
good game...if you like tenticles


elrik13 2016.11.14
a simple game but fun to play

orgiutas 2016.10.16
Little short, but very nice ;)

misterj 2016.09.24
a bit strange but not bad. exellent grafics and sounds

mogwhy100 2016.09.06
one of my fav games, i love the sound affects and grahics

jboy214 2016.08.09
short but exellant graphics

MelodyYoshiba 2016.05.10
Yet another awesome game by Zone-tan. Excellent graphics, smooth game play. Plus tentacles. What more does a game need?

pberke 2016.02.25
A bit too short and straight to the point. Cool animation and graphics though.

tmorrr1 2016.02.11
The first step is a bit too long but the second one is really good. Not many options but it is enough

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.17
Probably my fave game on the site.

Eldrash 2016.01.08
Crazy but very exiting and sexy

Cerenox 2015.11.28
Hot girl. Art work rocks!

Vrykolas2k 2015.11.19
Sexiest game I have ever played.

ladylibertine 2015.09.21
This is exactly what I was looking for, perfect graphics and sloppy sounds. More tentacle games, please!

1mplus 2015.09.14
They really know how to make good games

Sumguy 2015.09.10
not really my cup of tea, but well made and good sound effects

kanther 2015.08.06
this is a nice game with decent graphic. tentacle lovers must see this

allroundperv 2015.07.27
Love all about this, great animation, realistic sloppy sound effects, nice soundtrack, the ability of playing with all her holes, as a tentacle lover this is nearly perfect.

pedrobrandt 2015.06.03
average game, nice graphics

Monkeyking3d 2015.05.21
great animation whit more events

bpcd523433 2015.05.12
haha was that 6 at the end?

fusillier40 2015.03.22
What a game so hot!! I love it!

holystoner 2015.02.28
anyone saying graphics are bad is dumb - this is the best game line ever

matthewdrk 2015.02.27
WOW this is a really good game for minigames this is a 5 out of 5

AustinC 2015.01.28
I loved the graphics. Natsume herself was pretty

defeatknight 2015.01.11
I prefer real man , tentacles kinda . . . i mean why ? :D

olyg7 2015.01.04
Nice game , but way too short and simple.Below average, not worth your time playing this!

flufy 2014.11.15
nice game, with decent graphics. You have to like tentacles, though.

flufy 2014.11.15
Graphics need a lot of improvement. Wouldn`t play more than once

daffy030 2014.11.15
makes me horny all the time

ttt1 2014.11.09
wow this girl is a good damn slut!! and i like it!!!

Lola_Watts 2014.10.16
a very simple game but yet very pleasant

Drakket 2014.09.15
Good game i wont lie im realy horny right now

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
its strange but nice at the same time xD

Jarhead469 2014.07.31
Decent game, more options than some of the other games, and more interactive.

morpeus 2014.07.12
average tentacle game good graphics though

Yipdog 2014.06.26
very well done game. it looks great and also plays great

imaHARDyboy 2014.06.22
makes me really horny. looks nice too

mrwiggles 2014.06.18
Not really a game. Just a tentacle porn simulator. Don`t really see the fun in it myself.

Sennin 2014.06.17
great game nice graphics

frank1974 2014.05.27
I love this game, im horny I play this!

xadavia 2014.05.24
zone has some of the best games around

BverComander 2014.05.17
great game... great graphics... good job

Mashin 2014.05.07
Zone make the sexiest scenes and characters. Their animations are top notch.

EdgewoodDirk 2014.04.21
Love the old Zone games, scenes are great

storyteller2312 2014.04.12
Zone games are always amazing, simple and pay attention to the important things, anatomy body physics and graphics

Harklept 2014.03.24
I`m surprised at how good this game is

Darksky8201 2014.03.15
enjoyed this game. really cool teaser. will play again.

lilblkbirdie 2014.03.07
I love this game! Everything from the anime art to the raping tentacle beast....I`m such a happy girl XD

chillz13 2014.02.02
Love Zone games, this one is great.

jcooky69 2014.01.30
very basic game but loved it, good game

TheOne678 2014.01.18
I love this game, ive lost track of how many times ive played it

Sniffer83 2014.01.12
This was excellent, great graphics, clear objective, hot action, great audio

thehornydoggie 2014.01.07

TJLifeless 2013.11.20
Not much into tentacles, but still kept it interesting with a little customization and the not-entirely-traditional options. Not bad.

Kyosuke96 2013.11.10
I played this game before.......best hentai game ever..........
seconds best.........

Badvoc 2013.11.03
an evolution from some other options games, at least the animation is better on this, but lacking challenge

skullrose 2013.10.26
this game is really fun and exciting

lopjak 2013.10.23
Another great title from Zone-sama with a gorgeous little slut to use and abuse to proper tenticular cock heights. She makes wonderful sexy little murmurs when you`re teasing, licking and stuffing any of her holes, even mouthful-appropriate during oral. Add some good background music and the sweet bonus of being able to click through choices of eyeglasses, nipple bars or rings and sexy stockings and you`ve got a hot little quickie classic.

nikred 2013.10.06
Good game with great graphic and animations.

supersexy333 2013.10.04
one of my favorites great gameplay great graphics too

noreania12 2013.09.22
This game is wonderful, the graphics animations, everything. One of my favorites!

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

sharmajack79 2013.09.05
very good use of tentacles in the game

jahe 2013.09.01
nice..this is how every game should be, there`s music and also voice from the girl..
the graphic pretty good too
i hope every game developer make a game like this..

krazykuzz 2013.08.29
simple but great, i know it pitched my tent

SummoningDark 2013.07.22
Would`ve liked to have seen more. Like the simple costume changes/piercings and the body alterations at the end, though. Nice.

wessmith 2013.07.21
would have thought with a higher score, would have been a better game

Omegaman 2013.07.16
love the graphics they`re quite good and i love the straightforward game play of this very simple and very favorable.

marck4 2013.07.15
straight forward game. But not bad.

Tentastical1234 2013.07.12
I`m still surprised that heterosexual men enjoy tentacle porn. I had always assumed it was made for women, by women. This is among my favorite tentacle games

Nightspiral2k 2013.07.10
Probably my favourite game

hell_sinng 2013.07.09
Oh my gooood, this
was so insane

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.17
not bad at all it satisfies a little

Tataigor 2013.06.09
nice game and graphics but short

gwazz 2013.06.05
not really into tentecall games but it was ok

yumeoh 2013.06.05
im so horny nowlol. wanna cam to cam with hot girl ¨xP

zaz87 2013.06.02
i thought some better for a game with a vote of 85, i don`t like it so much, yes you have the option double and triple, and that make the vote so high but no interactivity, and no much moviment of the girl, so for me it`s a 70

Galadriel 2013.05.24
I freakin` love this game. Its amasing

twaz 2013.04.30
short game good graphics tho i liked it alot

gwazz 2013.04.14
good graphics but very short

shantanu 2013.04.05
Don`t care for this type game. Worth trying once. Using only one or two actions easily leads to climax.

ilikeboos 2013.04.05
The Graphics for this game were pretty good

gartal 2013.03.23
i don`t like alien or monsters games... but this one isn´t so bad

matthewt9731 2013.03.15
one ofthe best date games that I have played

stashio78 2013.03.11
graphics are really good, great game

ed71c 2013.02.25
nice game,but needs to be longer

SummoningDark 2013.02.11
What`s not to like about tentacle sex?!

Kabraxhis 2013.02.05
I love hentai and hentai girls. Cool game

wert1 2013.02.04
real nice graphics nice animations. music is annoying but easy to turn off :)

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Nice game , but way too short and simple.

dra 2013.01.24
I wish this was real cuz I would love to see it

godot_1256 2013.01.15
ahhh, zone, you can NEVER go wrong with zone, great game

leon52 2013.01.13
I love this game excites me

pilosipo 2013.01.13
Much better than just a tease.

Bratch 2012.12.14
Not usually a fan of tentacle stuff, but Zone has done another masterpiece. Love it.

damarhasi 2012.12.03
good grafic and a simple game.

Long Dick 2012.11.24
cute game,like it very much.

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Excellent game from all points of view. Perhaps more pain but generally awesome.

scrubby 2012.11.06
Sooo funny, exellent grafics, animations and sounds. I`m a fan!!

erick1234 2012.11.03
its got good gameplay i love the graphic

mkus 2012.11.02
It was pretty easy at first but good options later.

SlickWilly 2012.10.30
Good animation and graphics. Another gem by Zone-Archive

Roko95 2012.10.24
Enjoyed it, great options and all :)

NCC2184 2012.09.26
oh man that was very hot.

sloth666 2012.09.19
great graphics but don`t like alien things

Vrykolas2k 2012.08.22
best game of the genre i have ever played, great graphics and sounds

porn9876 2012.08.06
This game is an old fallback, as it always makes me cum, without fail. Old, but still stand up to most other games in it`s genre.

Nastycookie 2012.07.22
really great game with good graphics

Jeanmarit 2012.07.20
Amazing game great graphics and awesome squid monster!

swagnific 2012.07.19
the game is really teasy and for that i like

babugee 2012.07.13
very easy game with low graphics

lichkitten 2012.07.08
Good animation, simple to the point and fun.

santwan12 2012.07.06
i would love to please her get what i mean

abnsmith 2012.07.06
very simple to play but way hot and erotic

telece 2012.07.03
Great game i just love it

James007007 2012.07.02
Sexy noises and music. Sexy girl as well. Great short game.

aditdragon 2012.06.18
nice game, enough to fulfill tentacles fantasy

chris_avril 2012.06.10
a bad game. i didnt even know what to do?

Pallapollo 2012.06.09
It`s a nice simple game, worth 10 minutes.

Nic-Nac32 2012.06.07
as if the first one wasn`t pleasant enough, number two is just a simple thank you to devoted fans.

da1killer 2012.06.06
is the first one here? it says 2...

qinefer 2012.06.06
It was a good short tease. Rather enjoyed it.

farkas 2012.06.06
Too easy and fast game. The graphics is very simple.

deathlight94 2012.06.03
I love games like this best graphics ive seen ye, and loved the mystery option

terry0112 2012.05.31
tentacles made this game very hot. violate option makes the bar drop though

pierro1969 2012.05.30
good graphics but too easy and too fast

bahamut86 2012.05.17
Good grafic and game like it much

manmulcahey 2012.05.06
Who would have thought that such a weird game would be so hot!
Played twice in a row!

kinkystuff 2012.04.21
the triple fast thing is good!!!!!!!!!!!1

franksm2118 2012.04.13
all I can say is hot and sticky

FantomWW 2012.03.30
Great game, make me so hard while playing it. Great animation

uber50 2012.03.13
I love this game, everytime im horny I play this!

glukos37 2012.03.05
Nice game.
Not very challenging but still good.

xxx-man 2012.03.05
this game is almost too fun - need more natsume!!!

jellybean 2012.03.03
AMAZING! i love this game its the first to make me feel soaked

Arny 2012.02.29
Nice game.
Not very challenging but still good.

sed83 2012.02.23
the game is a little to easy.. but i like the tentacles

rdock 2012.02.15
I`ve always liked this guys artwork.

Korres1885 2012.02.10
HentaiKey does it again. Another great game.

stordan 2012.02.10
damn sexy game. like to play it. makes really hot...

Phenruss 2012.02.09
Lucky...tentacles. Very nice art.

CoMIYC69 2012.02.08
Cool game but a little too easy

joe4war 2012.02.03
good game i cant get over how hot it is

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great little game, I liked it enough to play it twice

badmofo06 2012.01.30
no bad i liked it .different positions would be nice

ben_500 2012.01.26
i love it, a really simple but sexy game, good animation and colors

jesk 2012.01.26
This game is so simple! But I like the colors and the esthetique.

starlancer 2012.01.18
Always enough to get me off. Love this game.

geekboy 2012.01.09
A nice version of this game. It would be good as part of a larger game.

Grukilo 2012.01.02
Not bad for a monster if I do say so myself.

Guillaume 2012.01.02
Hot and nasty. Natsume is so sexy

Shadows Desire 2011.12.27
love these games hope they keep coming

mikicostanza 2011.12.26
very hot natsume this is awesome

ajpjt 2011.12.23
very nice game , it is very fun

facefister 2011.12.01
perfect game great graphics with plenty of options

likimeya 2011.11.23
not a challenge, but not what one should look for in this kind of game
very enjoyable

derekto 2011.11.22
nice funny game!!
very easyyy

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

BallIdiot 2011.11.16
Good graphics. Interesting to be able to lower the pleasure level by some actions.

Aster85 2011.11.13
I like this game. The body distortion is great

Sterbon 2011.11.07
I liked the option for body distortion, though the reasoning behind "low" and "high" made little sense.

michikage 2011.10.31
i need help. it wont let me click anywere. is this because of the game or my computer?

outrage 2011.10.19
nice and fun, nice graphics also

fouu303 2011.10.16
The sound is perfect and rhe girl`s cute

valo_or 2011.10.15
Zone always has great games! this is no exception.

yorkshireblue25 2011.10.15
nailing a hot girl in every which way possible - whats not to like?! more please!

SidAsrani 2011.10.10
nice game.. it was fun to play

Emmet2000 2011.10.08
These types of games are always pretty good

elo2man 2011.10.02
These japanese are sick, man ;) Like it.

firion69 2011.09.29
that was kinda short, but was still good.
just a question, but what is the needle-like tentacle doing during "violate" and "???" ? o.o

playboy1982 2011.09.24
this game is short but really fun to play.

eshesh19 2011.09.22
interesting.. that was fun to play

sweetgaelle 2011.09.18
i enjoyed it ; i like to imagine the tentacles getting in me.

shishkabob 2011.09.08
This isn`t much of a game. Not much interaction

fadi 2011.09.03
perfect graphics and good harmony between sound and animation,but sucks man how much dicks five ten.... and she still happy!

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Didnt like that much, but still played it.

LOGANBOIE 2011.09.01
nice to find a game that doesnt follow every-other out there.. good graphics and great action

emanuel322 2011.08.21
tis game have good graphic

Herrushingu 2011.08.18
I love it. Great game, nice graphic, hot girl and gameplay :)

Captain Shepard 2011.08.15
Great graphics. Short but still entertaining

hobbe69 2011.08.12
Cool girl, nice graphics but kind of boring game, isn´t it? :)
Nevertheless cool...

hetton 2011.08.10
I like how you can change features (glasses/boots), it was really nice

spokxx 2011.08.01
natsume is teh best pretty chick with good bobs

Chalten 2011.07.30
Not really a fan of tentacles, but the Goth chick is HOT

siralexferguson 2011.07.30
not bad but i like the first part more

jafetgx 2011.07.27
One of my favourite games, pretty sexy game, i`d love to see a part 3

volt78 2011.07.21
triple-octo-penetration with 5 dicks... superb!

saumus 2011.07.14
i like this game very much

ged169 2011.07.13
I like the goth anime girl thing. Not so much with the tentacles, but this game was hot.

Markony1000 2011.07.13
im horny when i play this game

raflebi 2011.07.12
quite cool. I would give it 8/10 for graphics and posibility of changing clothes

beez1717 2011.07.11
This game is just kick Ass!!! I love how you can customize the girl to your liking :) And she is WOW!

Another good game from Zone!

Hohenheim 2011.07.10
This is a good game, however, I can`t seem to find the first one anywhere.

marnatas 2011.07.08
that one was kind of funny - octo pussy ;)

wisiol1 2011.07.08
i dont like alien or monsters games... but this one isn´t so bad

andri121 2011.07.07
exellent grafics and sounds

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

PlayForce00 2011.07.02
Great game for the gothic type.

zansarr 2011.06.29
great game, really worth trying out

fap680 2011.06.29
tentacles arent usually a turn on but this was AWESOME!

feardalet 2011.06.25
I believe that nobody does tentacle sex like Zone-sama. Love this game!

kraylan 2011.06.21
omg this is a really hot i like this

charlie0813 2011.06.20
Nice game. The "???" was a good surprise haha

kinkyfolly 2011.06.14
Hey my exp. points dropped from 46 to 6 why??????? I was lookin forward to another Kelly episode and hot chick on this one

Raphiel 2011.06.07
is few bored, you only can play follow the best item

Sirius228 2011.05.30
not much into the tentical thing but it wasnt bad.

armagedon 2011.05.29
Do you think we should invite her along?

dragonman1961 2011.05.24
mmmm...all alone stuck out here on this oil rig for the last 3 wks by myself..yes, these games have me throbbing...love em..

ski9072 2011.05.23
Not really big on the tentacle games, but wow she was hot.

dannyboy1234 2011.05.20
amazing game, great graphics hot chicks. makes me horny

shakezulla17 2011.05.19
Love a good tentacle game now and then

aSlayr 2011.05.17
This is a good game, however, I can`t seem to find the first one anywhere. Makes me wonder if there even is a first one

composure 2011.05.16
thats sexy. game could be longer

korral 2011.05.16
Needs alternate positions.
And this girl needs to be in more games.

Skarn62 2011.05.06
Nice graphics.
I don`t like "tentacles` game"

Sunshine89 2011.04.24
luv this game ^^ wouldnt mind to get splatted like this ;)

Breasts=) 2011.04.22
I had just got off the bus stop and my neighbor Gabe... made me so horny i got home lock myself in my room and all i had on was my skirt playing this game... omg my pussy felt amazing. Love this game =)

Breasts=) 2011.04.22
Love it!, great game in many different ways.

greydart 2011.04.21
More of this! HentaiKey delivers as always

pavatose 2011.04.17
one word comes to mind................LAME

xMarky 2011.04.16
great game i especially loved the ending

idrnkslurm 2011.04.15
loved it especially the distortion and the fact that shes fucked by double as a special amazing

gauravei 2011.04.12
i really like the game so nice n sexy n erotic game

BiggyRich 2011.04.11
been searching around for this game, and i`m glad its here... love it so much...

hentailover85 2011.04.10
sexy game, with good music

reypuff 2011.04.08
Always liked Zone`s games.

smoothstone 2011.04.05
Just... Why monster? Why not a real one... ;)

ltworf1 2011.03.31
I like little goth girls. nice and to the point

Enthrall 2011.03.23
Nice game. HentaiKey is at it`s own style.

Nixsen 2011.03.17
hot lady
the alien bit... naww... not my thing

melvinewe 2011.03.16
this game had a nice graphic~

butlerab81 2011.03.14
Beautiful graphics and lovely game!

pinned 2011.03.08
gooooood game... funny and hot

eng551 2011.03.04
cool game needs to be longer

mike cook 2011.03.02
Quite a good game, nice graphics and sound.

viewer2936 2011.03.02
great game,great graphics,great everything!

TRANE66 2011.02.28
I really like the graphics. and the ??? was amazing. great game!

quam 2011.02.26
amazing game could be a little harder

mattmsand 2011.02.25
fun a easy game. would like to see a second one.

xxxlonelyxxx 2011.02.18
i like to fail....its a nice game but needs improvment

Eitage 2011.02.17
very exciting game love the look of the girl kinda like a librarin.

silver12 2011.02.14
Really nice game, she is really hot and moans great

sliceitup 2011.02.10
nice game concept i really enjoyed it

ratonius 2011.02.07
This game is too easy,graphics decent and a bit too short.

HardExp 2011.02.07
wow this game was extremely hot, it made me so horny!

kpatelv 2011.02.05
interesting game i guess........okay for some fun.

sanjuro94 2011.02.02
amazing animation! this is what im looking for in a game! ... and the girl...

Darco666 2011.02.02
This Is The most Amzing Game Ever I Am Playing It Every Day

enuvain 2011.01.31
ha did you do the secret button

Vincent8745 2011.01.27
this is the best hentai key on this site 4 now i hope

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.25
I like the expanded upon hentaikey! choice of glasses on face, with or with out stockings for the legs, and nipple piercings! my favorite being the bouncing nipple rings!

kyv6 2011.01.23
Wow, I loved it. Excellent graphics and sound. Great ending

forcerecon 2011.01.21
decent, but with overused and kinda cheesy sounds sounds

jaguarty 2011.01.19
exellent grafics and sounds

yy2 2011.01.19
she is totally hot and this has better choices than a lot of the hentaikey games. However, I still don`t like tentacles

JMat777 2011.01.16
That was short...and actually pretty hot.

Ramdon 2011.01.16
Awesome graphics. I still like real games with an objective better but this ones just damn sexy!

GhostyGu 2011.01.16
LOL! That`s brilliant, what a superb mess :D

Silveralpha 2011.01.14
And what a climax ... good game, good graphs

hammnet2 2011.01.13
love this game...u cant beat it

aragorn90 2011.01.13
game is a bit rough, but a very interesting tease game.I like the more complex games more.

teh_good_guy_88 2011.01.13
Another good looking short game from Zone

Kiljaedan 2011.01.10
uh this is a creepy but lovely experience nice

Geoff 2011.01.10
Short game but all and all a great game

heatround2011 2011.01.09
I love the look of the Goth girl but the game overall was a wee boring

yeahyoudingbat 2011.01.05
God I love a good Zone brand game.

Rogue156 2011.01.04
I didn`t really care for as a game, the grapics are aniame grade, no doubht about ti, the change of costume was a nice touch,but as a game, more like a time-waster,time-killer while your waiting for downloaded copy of ikkitousen was finished

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
great animation but a bit to slow

kabuto 2011.01.03
typical game for zone
but still very hot

HornyPorny 2011.01.02
simple game but very hot, made me hard and horny

NicoleSpraker0809 2011.01.02
very nice game....too short but VERY VERY hott

hansolo 2010.12.31
i wish more games like this, the gameplay is awesome

Neogeta 2010.12.30

JeanMarc 2010.12.29
very cool game, Very enjoyable just a bit short

izark 2010.12.28
Very simple but good game!

Gemman67 2010.12.23
Good for a tease game , nice ending and pretty easy to move on.

punyu 2010.12.20
i really like this game..
it turns me on..

savik83 2010.12.15
very good, but too short game

niveus 2010.12.15
It was a good game nice graphics

NFA 2010.12.12
Excelentes gr??ficos con muchas opciones

bhavok 2010.12.09
I like how you can change features (glasses/boots) by clicking her

rhubarb 2010.12.08
good game, neat graphics but too easy

Fredyx 2010.12.05
I like these game good play

ilmncsm 2010.12.04
I love games like this! I want more ...

wickey2012 2010.12.04
my favorite game out there. love it

donysabox 2010.12.03
woohoo this one made me shock*, wanna see more like this .
OMG im horny now . . !!

i like when the pleasure is low and the girl look angry, ahaha its funny XD..

king2pm 2010.11.30
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

carmalone 2010.11.25
it`s an awesome game ! brilliant

dragonguardian13 2010.11.23
good graphics but a little to simple.

badboy2196 2010.11.21
another great game from hentaikey, awesome animation.

raymond123 2010.11.21
great game really enjoyed it

ale443 2010.11.14
I like this type of game, and this one has good sounds and good graphics

HadesOPA 2010.11.14
Great game ,i love tentical sex anime !!!!

raynor666 2010.11.13
love tenticall games wish they had more out if you know a good one tell me it would be nice to play a fun game like that or atleast a long game strategics are allways fun

darthkrieg 2010.11.10
WOW!!! Excellent game, it really made me horny! I love got chicks and this one` a must!!!

Gunstarblue 2010.11.09
god, i wish Natsume was real., she`s my kinda gal. the tentacles make this game even hotter..

hold168 2010.11.08
I thought the game was pretty cool. loved the graphics and the game play

silvervic 2010.11.08
Good graphics and animation. It is well drawn and very fluid. I rate it as B.

kjdehn 2010.11.07
not that great could be better

Viper302 2010.11.04
again just pushing the next tab not that good

Toboshi 2010.11.02
I don`t think Zone has ever made a bad game

loogan 2010.10.30
Sexy game, but kinda silly at the same time. I enjoyed the ??? though.. made me laugh!

lasvegas 2010.10.27
it was ok but nothing that special

mr. anderson 2010.10.23
not really worth to call a good game
seems like less fun

overseasman83 2010.10.20
good game a little on the weird side but sexy all the same

ranmagh01 2010.10.20
That was fun. Not much to it though.

RoninX76 2010.10.18
Now, this game is awesome!

Huey200 2010.10.17
fun fun fun, love the action and graphics.

jpkr 2010.10.16
Great graphics, great girl, nice range of things to do

starlancer 2010.10.15
Good to see a well-made tentacle game that is very enjoyable.

sexy dude 2010.10.13
this game is hot cant wait 2 play it again

rainbird 2010.10.12
i love these games they are awsome

sazi 2010.10.11
nice bukkake shot at end hehe

RemusD 2010.10.09
This was excellent, great graphics, clear objective, hot action, great audio

belzach 2010.10.06
very cool game, one of my favorites

ErickXXX 2010.10.05
awesome graphics and sound!!

Vane 2010.10.04
Awesome game. The kind of girl I`m looking for

bikertrash800 2010.09.28
I love the graphics and all the options

red17 2010.09.26
great game i like how there two sides to the pleasure meter

kage5243 2010.09.25
great graphics i love this game 10/10

rovanerns 2010.09.24
Big fuck, this was literally infringed.

bshdaddy1 2010.09.20
not to bad could use more interaction instead of pushing buttons

Rawrchicken 2010.09.17
Awesome game. The kind of girl I`m looking for. Nice animation.

damablade 2010.09.15
Average game, too straight without story line

Dreadhorizon 2010.09.14
Top notch graphics, particularly love the option to add either glasses or stockings and shoes on the girl. Kinda short though, and I`d love if the scene had some kind of story, like a scientist studying an alien, or a student who dabbled into the occult, accidentally summoning a tentacle demon in the process.

Overall, good game. Short, but good.

pius 2010.09.14
another one of these games...ugh...h8 these games...too easy,graphics decent tho...avoid!!!

Jesus05 2010.09.10
Tentacles is good, i like tentacles in the hand of Zone-Archive is double good

ranmagh01 2010.09.08
Very simple game. Fun to play though.

Nimrod 2010.09.08
Not much to it, a little better then just clicking buttons, you actually have to watch the pleasure meeter on this one.

bluelarve 2010.09.07
game was too short, repetitive,

stallionare 2010.09.07
i love the graphics in this game looks real

arnold99 2010.09.03
classic game, but not very hot

FlyBoy88 2010.09.03
Love having options to choose from when playing games.

Kotton24 2010.09.02
Wasen`t to bad but good graphics

puma420 2010.08.30
so so game... but great graphics!

L0stTh0ught 2010.08.30
I don`t think Zone has ever made a bad game

larrybobby 2010.08.29
I would have to say that that was really interesting. Short but it was a good time killer.

XReaperhobo 2010.08.28
zone never seems to let me down yet another great 1

silentpride 2010.08.25
it was great animation but it was a bit short

lupsus 2010.08.25
i liked the game but it is quite short

yrac 2010.08.24
Hentai Key are the masters! I`m not into aliens but this makes em hot.

Dmoney75 2010.08.22
I really like the graphics.

nosrettap 2010.08.20
Pretty good game with decent graphics and hot chick.

urza3688 2010.08.10
very enjoyable, although short. be interesting if they added more positions.

esayre 2010.08.09
Zone never lets me down. :)

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.06
not a bad game if you`re into the whole alien thing. game is a little too short though.

ghhgjgjhgjhjhgj 2010.08.05
the game kind freak scary i dont vru like it/

leuciuc 2010.08.05
And what a climax ... good game, good graphs

CJW 2010.08.02
Not really my thing, but graphics arent bad, not bad a game if your into that the alien thing

wyskas 2010.07.30
not my style of game , but good graph and i love hear her crying....

pizzahut69 2010.07.27
love games like this i give it a 8.5/10

riibo 2010.07.25
Always been a fan of these games, chalk up another great one

blackvegas 2010.07.25
Slightly creepy, but overall a good game.

CrazedJedi 2010.07.25
Very hot, but most stuff from hentai key usually is

Zalbar 2010.07.23
Hmm. A little quick but still not bad

valtreck 2010.07.23
Really great game. Nice and easy to play.Love it

IamBri 2010.07.22
The body distortion option is a nice touch. An alternate posistion would be nice. If climaxing from just one position though, the scene switches to the `gangbang` climax. Would like to see different endings.

rmlong1974 2010.07.22
like the graphics, would like to see an alt position

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
Very nice, and the body distortion option is a wonderful touch. wish other games had it. Gotta love tentacle rape.

Hanak 2010.07.20
Really great game. Nice and easy to play.Love it

spotdiving 2010.07.20
Wow what a game!! Wish the game did not end just continue the way she is.

eyeshield21 2010.07.17
liked it, quick simple and easy.

Gemman67 2010.07.16
Fun easy and quick, good all around

noeyes317 2010.07.15
hentai key makes some of the best games. They are also fun to play.

Engine 2010.07.15
great game simple and short

fieldman 2010.07.12
This is a great game, but a little short. Good option like the glasses, and piercings

Banner62 2010.07.09
wow very good animations! love the look in her eyes as she gets fucked.

Jocker26 2010.07.08
graeat game luv this one

jeep44 2010.07.06
not very interactive, but i dont care for the genre much, so im sure it is great to some

SynCity 2010.07.06
Good game, like always when talking about Zone, but there`s not enough interaction. A truly epic game of this type would allow to create and/or "customize" your own girl; piercings, hair, tattoos, breast size, etc., then take her out and do this to her.

hubert 2010.07.06
wild anf fun but a bit boring

jenso 2010.07.05
I do´nt like monstergames but this game has a good grafic but not enough interaction

dreadwolf 2010.07.01
game play, graphic, animation are ok seen better on here but not to bad of a game

kazamalord1 2010.06.29
Zone hentai games are hot as heck love it love it.

MadScotty 2010.06.28
Excellent game, fun animations, one of the better ones out there

scannatore 2010.06.27
Good game, exciting and interesting! I hope there are others games like this one more longer...

BBoy1237 2010.06.19
Sweet game, but i wish there was alittle more to it. I did like the the glasses, stocking, and piercings, nice touch.

cowboyblob 2010.06.19
That`s definitely the strangest thing Zone ever made.

touyit 2010.06.19
good one but we arrive fasted at the end

zttkaui 2010.06.17
One of my all time favourites, but as always with these zone archive game I wish it was a bit longer.

Aatar 2010.06.12
Good, but I`m not sure I liked how short it was. That and the violate setting, which I didn`t like.

italianoe1 2010.06.11
This game is quite fascinating.

Soulz 2010.06.06
Good game. Was decent and had high yet simple quality drawings.

simon1990 2010.05.24
too short... don`t like those games.

Alanu 2010.05.19
good game, always hot stuff from the company~

elbouffono 2010.05.18
natsune is the best! i wish we could fuck the girl from the advertisement too, though, but natsune is my favorite

australis 2010.05.05
I like this one very much

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Interesting...but not perfect.

boinky 2010.04.29
pretty straightforward, but what keeps me coming back to these games are the amazing graphics

elf05 2010.04.29
nice graphics~~~ it has a darkness to it...

Mikey_nz 2010.04.26
Great graphics! Straight forward game play though, but overall not a bad game.

kage123 2010.04.16
nice game would like 2 see more like it

TheLizard 2010.04.09
i want more geme like this...

Hallomand 2010.04.08
Zone always does a great job!

Shao 2010.04.03
interesting but i sow a better :)

LoLB 2010.03.30
good game, it`s another theme

Johnny811 2010.03.29
loved this game. would not mind more like them.

Nick Greene 2010.03.27
Good game but needs more interaction

comagain 2010.03.26
is there any game whit the girl in the beginning?

giacomo 2010.03.20
good game nice straight forward and easy

LoLB 2010.03.20
a good game, maybe some more options

Dogstoy 2010.03.19
Doesn`t do it for me, graphics okay but not my kind of thing

ikketisikke 2010.03.19
like it, attributes are a nice tough especially the glasses :-)

Dracojen_233 2010.03.18
loved the whole tentacle rape thing. more please

ajhalo 2010.03.15
cant say that i am a fan of tentacle rape did not really seem to be much reason to finish game poor game

elven_steve 2010.03.15
never really got the whole tentacle thing. I like leo`s games because they are realistic. These are not. Cheap and easy to make.

satanwarrior 2010.03.10
i love this game i played it like 7 times gamply is just easy and the animations are funny

scotman87 2010.03.04
the game is good i like it its good

sublime_one 2010.02.28

wasnt a bad game but the tentacles but the climax was a little much

Quinn_Bower 2010.02.23
Great game, could`ve done it better without the tenticles but still an awesome game

Zaza 2010.02.14
Pretty good game, kinda short:(

nine0ball 2010.02.07
Tenticals??? muah But the girl is stunning. Make it worth playing

Eric_83 2010.02.07
Not a big fan og tentacle games, but this was ok

asdqwe 2010.02.05
One of the best tentacle games out there. Perfect for me.

derzin 2010.02.04
Great game ,i love tentical sex anime.

nikos13 2010.01.29
Its a great game wish it was longer though :(
Is there a part one?

cowboy3815 2010.01.28
man sad to say i so wanna be her

MeatyMikey 2010.01.28
Not bad... a bit boring. Nice graphics though.

Joesampson 2010.01.27
Tentacles aren`t really my thing. Good looking girl though I guess.

rodneydudels 2010.01.24
it was pretty wild . It was cool that not every choice was pleasurable for her at first .

cypruslt 2010.01.10
Yeah, I liked it, pretty hot ^^

bigbluem 2010.01.08
...click...click...click i prefer interaction

glorr 2010.01.02
Graphically pleasant and straight forward fun.

deathdealer 2009.12.29
this game is one of the best they need to make more like it

general13 2009.12.07
this game is my favorite. its so hard to find though

Dev 2009.11.18
Good game. nice chick ??? is cool

Micataur 2009.11.17
i normally dont care for tentacle games but well done, specially liked the glasses and nip rings

honky007 2009.11.15
I loved the game i hope to see more with her

Revyn 2009.11.07
This is my favorite game!

zap316 2009.11.07
Very enjoyable just a bit short

yk zuvr 2009.11.06
very well drawn but the game is poor

vanator 2009.11.04
This game isn`t my cup of tea, but it`s actually very well drawn, this guy makes excellent games.

shizzy 2009.11.01
its strange but nice at the same time

ichigo 2009.10.24
I loved the game i hope to see more with her ^/__^

juleverne 2009.10.24
Good graphics but the game is poor

Lloyd09 2009.10.21
great game with tentacles

shannon6666 2009.10.18
yea its a good game the graphics are good but just the game comsepmt its wired

mnhc 2009.10.16
absolutely disgusting... argh

picasso 2009.10.15
awsome game brillent graphics

sigdelequa 2009.10.15
I really like the game, if only u could continue to climax lol. its awsome.

bill98661 2009.10.14
Really sweet game. Tentacles, and a darkness to the girl, with great sound

gangsta36 2009.10.13
really good game ... is there a part 1?

thumper92269 2009.10.12
If you are into tentacles the I would recommend this one!

EdgarsConcussion 2009.10.12
Yes, the tentacles can be a turnoff for some, but at a certain point, sexy animations are sexy animations and it`s exciting nonetheless.

This is yet another in a long line of great sex animations/games from Zone, and it gets me going every time.

Alendril 2009.10.11
nice game, with decent graphics. You have to like tentacles, though.

Akla 2009.10.10
This game is great. The animation is wonderful.
But i don`t like the cumming.

hothead93 2009.10.10
wow i love all of these tentacles making love to that girl. Making me real horny

bigcock1354 2009.10.10
hot game its a bit slow pace but its still a good game id love to do that to a girl

helyos 2009.10.09
great game..one of the best of his kind..flows?u have 2 like this kind of games and style..if u don`t,it`s more a sex animation than a game..

Gason 2009.10.06
wowlike it alot. chick is hot and graphics are good,but its a bit slow moving.

paoloz 2009.10.06
very good game ,nice graphic and extremly eciting..the bad note ..a bit too short

walrus13 2009.09.30
these games would be more fun if they were longer i think

culnrowe 2009.09.28
Typical tentacles - appeals tot he rapist in all of us.

cheese101 2009.09.27
another one of these games...ugh...h8 these games...too easy,graphics decent tho...avoid!!!

woody 2009.09.27
great little game a bit longer would have been better though

mathou28 2009.09.26
a bit too extrem... The sound is perfect and rhe girl`s cute

satanas 2009.09.25
i don´t like games like this

bill98661 2009.09.24
I like this game. i has a darkeness to it. makes me want to be a tentacle monster :)

JackKnight 2009.09.24
Fantastic animation, not somehting I`d play again though

santa 2009.09.24
Don`t care for this type game. Worth trying once. Using only one or two actions easily leads to climax.

bigben 2009.09.24
Below average, not worth your time playing this!

seprium 2009.09.24
very straight foreward but it,s a good game.

ArlVaGent 2009.09.24
This one is a bit strange - not high on my list of replays, but worth trying once.

misko26 2009.09.24
i dont like alien or monsters games... but this one isn´t so bad

Pintail 2009.09.23
I was hoping for more interaction, on the whole an average Hentai game

tom 2009.09.23
straight forward game. But not bad.

mrtbl 2009.09.23
I love this game, everytime im horny I play this!

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