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Narco - part 1


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kamechan 2017.01.14
Great graphics and nicely animated. Really Hilarious.

koolkatsuckspussy 2016.11.28
this game is super fun

gg2003 2016.08.11
great game but a bit hard to find the right spots to click.

gg2003 2016.08.11
great animations and girls. loved it. thx whoever made this!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hassan96 2016.07.14
mooooooooooooooooooi game yeees

Eroct 2016.04.30

Nice looking new game, liked it. too

cambridge4453 2016.03.29
Usual Shark`s lagoon stuff: typing "cop" really helps to find the hotspots and saves a lot of time; the two girls are ultra-slutty if you like that sort of thing; I really feel sorry for the boss`s son who gets left with a seriuosly unsubtle slut . Original idea for Shark`s Lagoon but the execution is mediocre and the sex is too casual and semi-animated.

RITAM DADU 2016.02.29
awesome animations!!! This is probably the best game I have PLayed!!!!!!!!!!!

mexobg 2016.01.31
Damn they need to make this game much easier. It`s so hard to find right points in the scenes.

latinagr 2016.01.23
I hate SHARCK LACOON GAMES they are a pain in the ass to fine the right spots in the end you just get off that.


biguknowhat 2016.01.01
i think it need more inprovement but other than that great game good grapics

marioandlugia 2015.10.21
how do people think of these things fasanating

leme001 2015.09.06
entertaining story the girls are hot

simonking23 2015.09.01
perfect story for shark game

Ozzyspirit 2015.08.20
girls looking good but i think this story was not so good.

kanther 2015.08.06
nice graphic and entertaining story

Maria193 2015.07.26
Good Story, nice Girls , nasty Sex

Kira1970 2015.07.23
nice game with good graphics and sex scenes

rocky1905 2015.07.15
Love to play hot games like this one

Boy Of Wonder 2015.07.14
this a great game lots of good detail

Oobik 2015.06.26
Good graphics and some hot sex scene with a story! Good game.

pjp 2015.06.21
As always with lagoon very good games

m1sterioso 2015.06.17
amazing game. Best from shark`s lagoon in a while..

2sly4u 2015.06.12
The hint word is "cop" if you`re stuck.

PaulIsGood 2015.06.11
Got stuck quickly. Couldnt beat. Nice game though.

Dersonrn 2015.06.11
Good game, but it`s very good graphic

PassionMadness007 2015.06.06
this game is unique .. and the grapihcs are Great!! I love it!!

bearbastard 2015.06.05
i love these two characters, and cant wait for the next in the series

frankline 2015.05.23
the garphics are not awesome but the game so perfect and i love it and it is little hard

jake1515 2015.05.21
I ireally like this game

stallion007 2015.05.13
I, really liked all parts of this game when it came out, good game and worth playing all parts to follow the story the right way.

anon_yme 2015.05.05
I`m mad i got stuck no hint no clue .. graphics are ok not much storyline is ok tough

Butsch28 2015.05.04
Good Story, nice Girls , nasty Sex

Arathal 2015.05.02
Awesome graphics, game play mehhh.

ikedas1 2015.04.22
Started off as a really good game, but I got stuck. Maybe a little more in game help for those of us that get tired of clicking on every inch of the screen using three different methods of clicking? Perhaps an option for help that appears after you have been on the screen for a bit? I know some really like the challenge.

willow12345 2015.04.19
the gameplay is good and the storyline is great

john milton 2015.04.19
incredibly sexy as always, amanda never disappoint anyone of her horny fans...
i think a new episode is about to come

cooltani4u 2015.04.18
It takes too long at several point in game story. I was stuck before entering the door.

Doink 2015.04.16
Game looks good, enjoyed playing it!

Blitzkriegbob 2015.04.10
Same high Quality as always. Nice Story as often. Uncreative gamepaly as always.

Nightwing323 2015.04.03
Not as good as the other games

sexstar69 2015.04.01
I didn`t like this game as much

Karl-Heinz2 2015.03.31
Great Graphics, good gameplay and not too eassy.

busu99 2015.03.30
This is a great game, hope you make some more.

James80 2015.03.19
I LOVE shark lagoon games!!
story lines are always EPIC

mannertt 2015.03.18
Nice game, with two hot girls. Looking forward to part 2..

evilkabuki 2015.03.15
ok at best.didnt enjoy it

incognito1594 2015.03.14
good game but hard to progress

andhind_arie 2015.03.12
difficult game but nice... wait for part 2

oranjeboven 2015.03.12
Same high Quality as always.
Nice Story.

NicoRobin 2015.03.07
Always enjoying to play Shark`s and team games! Like the graphics plus some competition with the game.

NickJones 2015.03.05
Great game with great story line

Rapist Geoff 2015.03.04
Great game really good great fun

NightStalker73au 2015.03.04
great game, looking forward to the sequel.

MacPau 2015.03.03
Interesting (even very interesting :) ) graphic. But the story could be expand a little more :)

SomeOne12345 2015.02.28
Didn`t really enjoy it took too long at several points of the story

atlas991234 2015.02.26
I dont like it much. Sometimes it took too much time to progress.

Featherrtop 2015.02.22
This game is pretty good, at least for a sharks lagoon-game.

Janae36DD 2015.02.21
i loved the Narco part 1 game great graphics

stefw 2015.02.21
I like the games from shark-lagoon and this one is promising, I can`t wait for part 2

dzman19 2015.02.17
definitely worth the time

Ludwig42 2015.02.17
The best graphics in the Shark`s Lagoon games. Pity the animation in the intimate scenes is a bit wooden. The girl`s ass doesn`t move at all when she is being screwed on the island (in the close-up scenes) - pity, that spoils the realism a bit for me....

jr5000 2015.02.13
This is some good programing, I wish the hot spots were a little more clear. Good game.

regdunlop 2015.02.12
Mechanics are inconsistent, no fun getting stuck after having the same thing work before. Weak.

cameronw 2015.02.12
a bit dull and behind the times

RandJ 2015.02.12
Great game. Is part 2 available yet?

xslayermkdx 2015.02.11
theres other 2 parts on the lagoon website

whisper 2015.02.10
very nice game and not easy but so good

jake83 2015.02.10
Always loved lagoon games. this one is no different.

network22 2015.02.06
Good game - the actions can be a little hard to find at first but great graphics

righto 2015.02.06
how on earth is this only rated a 77?...who would give this game anything other than a 100?

Tyr75 2015.02.06
Great game, nice graphics and story, if u like this one u will love the 2nd...

Daeven75 2015.02.06
To me Narco is the best flash game available, the current pinnacle of what can be achieved - erotic as hell, great rendering, and importantly always keeps the focus on sex organs during sex scenes (sounds weird, but this is not well done generally in this genre of sex games, often the views are limited).

Justme22 2015.02.06
Then, I liked the game. The graphics of the models are very good. The game is fun but I`m not one of those who would play

Gippstar14 2015.02.06
Great game I really enjoy playing these kind of games

Daddio 2015.02.04
Outstanding game from Sharks Lagoon. Much better graphics, good story and still challenging. Code word for those who want to move quickly - cop

C.C. 2015.02.04
I enjoyed this game. Really nice looking girls.

Magic Knight 2015.02.04
This is a very nice game. I like it.

kdr198 2015.02.04
Good game. Didnt use the walk through. Would be nice if there were some subtle hints to help along the way. Cant wait for part #2.

lurking 2015.02.04
The other two parts are definitely worth playing too :-)

JFruit 2015.02.03
Narco was a really good game and well thought out. I loved the storyline too it

ltworf1 2015.02.03
I normally do not like shark lagoon games games, but this one is very entertaining ,,, I like the car scene best.

5H3M4LE 2015.02.03
HEY I think I found two other parts of the trilogy.
BONUS CODE for part_2 narcotic (written in small letters) gamcore.com/games/narco_part_2

Synful2 2015.02.02
good looking game,a little short but good.

Lizardo 2015.02.02
This is my walktrough:

DARK: touch boobs and move down - particularly expose boobs
BLONDE: touch dress bottom and move up then down again - get rid of knickers
BLONDE: click on her hand and move it to his dick
BLONDE: move his hand at cunt
DARK: move from top of her dress down - flash her boobs
BLONDE: touch top of his pant and move down - unzip
DARK: click on book
DARK: click on top of his dick then fast click on her hand (starts stroking)then click on PINK mouth
BLONDE: click on her head then click on BLUE mouth
You must repeat this some time untill he is done
WHITE WITH BLACK STRAINS:move his hand to his son head
click on display two times
touch her leg and open her crotch
touch her cunt
finger her pussy until he remove his hand
move her knickers to side than fast move his hand to her cunt and hold
click on his head
flash one of her boobs then fast second
touch his dick
touch her buttocks and move closer to his pants
unzip her shorts
click on top of her shorts and move down
click on his dick and move down
click on her hand and move up and down till screen change
just click on her head until he cums
click on lower display then fast on speedmeter
click on lamp
get rid of the blanket
click on bottom of her bikini and move down
click on her right buttock
click on BLONDE pussy
click on his hands
click on her crotch and move up to show him pussy
move his hand up and down around her body and when cursor shows touch her boobs fast
squeeze her boobs
move his pant s down
click on his dick and hold
click on top of his dick and move up and down
click on his buttocks and hold until screen change
move his hand on his dick and then click on his other hand
click on his dick

Anyone can copy this walktrough or correct it. Put it again in comments to have it closer to game screen.
I`m Looking forward to the next part :)

pepujo 2015.02.02
very good game!!! ilike it

bob247 2015.02.02
this is a great game. one of the better ones that you will find

VeNNoM 2015.02.01
Sharks games are great, and this is truely the best so of his so far.

geunie 2015.02.01
Now this is my kind of game! Keep`m comming PFO!!!
Good work Shark!

pieffepi 2015.02.01
Agree with previous comments: best Shark`s game so far. I love the sex scenes: they are so realistic!

Mmaster 2015.02.01
not a bad game, a classic shark`s

luchador2008 2015.01.31
Well if you stuck..just type "cop" ..its the hint wrod. so far the best shark`s game! but im done with it long time ago :3

HarrietGarmin 2015.01.31
Found it difficult and i think would benefit from hints and just help in general took so long to figure anthing out

elDona 2015.01.31
I love it. Maybe the best shark`s game.

Jaaru 2015.01.31
Nice looking new game, liked it.

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