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My sex date: Paula


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razormark 2019.06.12
One of my favorites! Great graphics, a little easy though

SurfdudeRich 2019.04.10
Bit short, but the girl is really hot. Does anyone have her number? :)

Dragutin89 2019.03.19
Good game a bit easy and girls is very sexy

maethor90 2019.03.18
Nice Game! The Girl is very hot.

aadya 2019.02.26
It sa good game once you get throgh uit is hard though

jkoaq 2019.01.07
A great game with amazing graphics. I also enjoyed the story line though I wish it were a little longer or drawn out. rn

schuhzifer 2019.01.06
A bit frustrating, as you don`t get any hints what to click

alick123123 2019.01.01
image and story ok but not superb

d121 2018.12.27
this a classic lop game worth playing.

sgt_kidd 2018.12.13
good game. music was a bit meh but the graphics are on point


dkr 2018.12.01
Very simple game, but very very hot

mihaly zichy 2018.11.20
ultimate date:rnkiss her handsrnthank her and smilernchampagnernstrawberryrngently touch her facernask what to do for livingrnask what to do to have funrn*dont click kiss*rnrninvite to sofarnrnhold her handsrnput hand on her thighrntouch her face & kiss herrnlook at her boobsrnrnready for morernrnkiss lipsrnraise her skirtrntouch under the skirtrnexpose breast (dont suck on it)rnspread legsrnremove dressrnremove dress completelyrnremove pantiesrnrn*whatever except belly button and lick your balls and put a finger inside her ass* (seriously my gf wont let me to do that lolrnrnchoose whateverrnrnask her to cum while riding your dick (dont choose anal)rnrnsay it`s a very special night for yournno need to get her phone number -> a date to rememberrnyes please -> ultimate date

dicpic1 2018.11.10
really awesome game, the most sexiest game i ever played, perfect animations, gameplay and so on

rojolocosex 2018.10.30
Nice game and high quality graphics

mrbigdixxx 2018.10.13
A great game with amazing graphics. I also enjoyed the story line though I wish it were a little longer or drawn out. The background story that is such as meeting her or something.rnrni really love it, and think everybody should try this one :Drn

Matty9745 2018.10.12
Awesome game, really good animations and gorgeous girl

BigCock168 2018.10.06
A really short game but super enjoyable!

chesthenut 2018.09.22
Graphic and animation are amazing

supertrucker 2018.09.20
good graphics, nice story,

MrTurner 2018.09.20
Beautiful graphics! Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated!

carlos dias 2018.09.16

BallIdiot 2018.09.16
Amazing sex scenes. The scrolling is unique and the graphics are so real.rnGame play wise, it`s a short game.

namalengkap 2018.09.04
this is very nice.. I love it

super1400 2018.08.31
a great game, nice graphics, erotic girl

TOHU 2018.08.24
The look of the game is really well done.

jobsonuol 2018.08.08
great game but is so shortrn

Luanoliveirasqn 2018.08.05
Very good presentation, good graphics and good fun. Pretty flashy.

bianca29 2018.08.01
Very Nice game with amazing graphicsrn

tallahasseez 2018.07.25
Another good game from LoP. Graphics are great as always.

Enigma16980 2018.07.23
Very well designed game, the graphics look fantastic and the gameplay flows quite well.

Robert81 2018.07.22
Very good nice game and not to difficult either

Onderhond 2018.07.14
great game, a little bit too easy but I enjoyed it

hell123456 2018.07.09
Love it. Realy nice game I like the animationsrnrnrn

alec69 2018.07.08
Sort of a short game, but still entertaining!

Dazzler197 2018.07.06
Not Bad, Tell her what she want to hear and she`s all yours

Amrie 2018.06.27
Fuck this game only need 2minit for out my sperm...damn more better then a real life..

huss009 2018.06.20
how to have anal with her?rn

sysnisteras 2018.06.20
i think it has a really nice story in it

bianca29 2018.06.20
Very amazing looking girl, nice dialogs

under6round 2018.06.16
basically sweet talk her and she gets upset super easily and you don`t get a lot of choices for seduction. you move your mouse around trying to find the right spot to touch her and it is kinda lame.

xxxPeanutxxx 2018.06.13
gfx are amazing but no gameplay, just click correct boxes and avoid wrong ones, boring

qball7601 2018.06.10
absolutely amazing game, will play this again!

dark948angel 2018.06.09
man this game is one of the better games ive played in a while. amazing graphicsrn

nastyness 2018.06.05
some of the best graphics on this site

mostergrand 2018.05.11
Paula is so hot! play it over and over again

fargfcexx 2018.05.07
Love this gamernI like how it plays out.

Eddie_beast 2018.04.28
The graphics were great, so was Paularn

MAHMOUD1997 2018.04.27
very nice game very naughty

gavinbui01 2018.04.25
how can. she sit nearby me on sofa and nothing

edy777 2018.04.24
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Arjen 2018.04.24
well executed game im in love with this slutty stunning girl

acabDD 2018.04.23
very nice game but some bugsrn

flypilot 2018.04.22
possibly my favorite game on this site. easy to achieve the ultimate date, but not too easy so it`s still fun and turns you on. can`t wait to see more games like this one

samsmith1169 2018.04.15
One of the best games on here. Paula is unbelievably sexy

duhitzmimi 2018.04.13
Amazing,Have lots of fun!rn

Sergio1971 2018.04.12
Great girl, pretty sexy. Not long and easy to achieve the ultimate date. Fun little game.

BigX 2018.04.07
What stunning modeling, and brilliant animations to go with it as well. The dialogue was slightly limited but overall an enjoyable game. 7/10

greeneyedmnst 2018.04.05
Overall a good starting point, with a bit more development could turn into something incredible

wedronik 2018.04.03
Well, I think, this is very hot game with very pretty girl in there. The game hav same mechanics as some other games, but it still good

Martin93 2018.04.03
really nice game !!really good graphics ,really hot girl but the game was to short!

dezaum 2018.03.31
hot damn, this one made me jet cum. I thought the other lesson of passion games i played weren`t that good cause they are too much difficult, but this one is pure pleasure. Meet`n fuck underrated level

dokpac1 2018.03.18
if your stuck. Heres how to complete the game.rnKiss her hand.rnThank her and smile.rnOffer her champagnernOffer her strawberriesrnGently Touch her face.rnAsk what does she do for a livingrnAsk what does she do for funrnInvite her onto the sofarnPut a hand on her thighrnTouch her face and kiss herrnHold her handsrnLook at her boobsrnAsk if shes ready for morernYou should be now almost at the sex scenernKiss herrnRaise her skirtrnGently touch her thighrnExpose her breastrnSpread her legsrnRemove her dress from her breastrnRemove her dress completelyrnRemove her pantiesrnAsk her to suck your fingerrnLick her boobsrnFinger her pussyrnAsk her for a foot jobrnAsk her for a blowjobrnAsk her to cum while riding your dickrnCum on her facernSay tonight was very special for yournYes ask for her numberrnHop that helped you guys

lolol963 2018.03.16
paula is absolutely stunning and hot. her character is so slutty, I love the game!

Danchi007 2018.03.15
As it is with other games in the series this one is also nicely put together. The girl is hot and the sex is good

hmike 2018.03.12
I thought the game was very good the graphics were on par with the other games and the animation was very smooth

supertrucker 2018.03.11
great game. beautiful girl sweet ending

BSlick 2018.03.08
This is easily the BEST game by Leonizer and Co. on PF1 . The graphics are AMAZING. Paula looks like the hot "girl next door". Definitely my go to game when I don`t have much time to play.

Pizzaolle232 2018.03.07
one of the best game so far

hunter68 2018.03.06
very hot....good game.....love more of them. really nice graphics

torrente 2018.03.04
I loved this game. It has got a really good graphics and animations.

joshluna6969 2018.03.03
Great game with excellent graphics

sexylover90 2018.03.02
that is a Little nicht game

JordiPlayz484 2018.02.28
graphics animation are the best i have ever seen

supertrucker 2018.02.28
I like that this game was some what easy. yet not to easy.

redaki250 2018.02.27
this is a great game with good animation

crimsonfrog 2018.02.23
like this game pauls is sexy

JonSmite 2018.02.22
One of the best dates, having all you need in the games! Ultimate date it is!

Cersley 2018.02.20
Great game,i really enjoyed it .

Donny1900 2018.02.19
Straightforward and simple. Super hot girl with great graphics. Definitely worth playing more than one time.

lucas0057 2018.02.18
Nice game :rn-good graphicsrn-good interactionsrn

4Horsemen 2018.02.12
Another great game of lessons of passion

Dare2 2018.02.12
Good game with nice grapich

GEPilot 2018.02.08
Very nice animations and graphic

d121 2018.02.06
this is a fun game it nice graphics and it has a nice to use interfaces.rn

boldom 2018.02.05
The options are good and the animations is very greatrn

Miaisawesome15 2018.01.24
Love the sex scenes, I like the options you are given and would play again.

crimsonfrog 2018.01.23
kind of boring but paula is hot

cafs71 2018.01.23
love this game,i feel so reality and the graphic animation is such a awesome :)

sroper32 2018.01.21
It was kinda boring and moved too slowly

lecreep911 2018.01.19
love this game, its so hotrn

suprisesex 2018.01.19
really interesting game i like the art a lot still it takes quite a while in some transitions and also it does not have much sex but hey the story got me keen for ch2

SOmeoneLOL 2018.01.14
graphics are great, nice flowrn

ryuta006 2018.01.13
Easy to play and very good graphic

GreenKA 2018.01.09
Probably one of the best LOP game out there with the best animations

Pikesss 2018.01.08
Great Game very good story line

Silverdragon524 2018.01.03
It` quick and simple, nothing wrong with that. Great game to play if you only got a minute.

lavolp3 2017.12.28
One of my favorite ones. Paula is so hot! Great work!

Daplaya 2017.12.27
She makes me think of Denise Richards. Gorgeous.

Jango1717 2017.12.23
I love her eyes, her lips and, special, her moans!!

jatark117 2017.12.15
Fun game with some great endings.

husbandfish 2017.12.13
play many times, the best game

deckmate 2017.12.13
She is hot. Loved the game. Fun to play.

KH4L1D 2017.12.12
This game is good absolutely love the graphics

crimsonfrog 2017.12.12
nice game wth nice animation

deckmate 2017.12.12
Graphics are really good and she is one of the hottest girls.

Coolkid23 2017.11.30
Cool graphics game is awesome!!

dante15 2017.11.29
Paula is a really sexy girl

Mysterious555 2017.11.26
So hot ,the graphic is very good.

FoxDie 2017.11.22
Great game cant wait for more

bodyguy 2017.11.22
Very sexy game. Great game and awesome graphics.

Wolf1974 2017.11.22
Great Graphics, Hot girl and fun to play.

shauryas08 2017.11.20
nice graphics, really loved it, totally got me into it

Oconner 2017.11.20
My goddess , I think paula is the most beautiful creation so far by pf1

Samantha23 2017.11.20
This game is probably one of my best ones yall should really try it.

crimsonfrog 2017.11.19
really nice game she is hot

santana9102 2017.11.16
Got the ultimate date at first try! Game is easy but the model is great. Awesome sex scenes as well.

Burton12 2017.11.13
Good game, easy to complete

Bloodbath2 2017.11.13
I really love the graphics and content behind this game, the concept is also very interesting.

Fred789 2017.11.11
hands down one of the best sex scene. Paula is sexy as hell

pirateon420 2017.11.10
Hands down best sex scene in the game. Short and sweet.

kik9 2017.11.09
Can`t believe LOP hasn`t made another game with Paula, she`s sexy as fuck. An expansion on her would be good but this short game is a treat on its own too.

Badger 2017.11.08
nice game play good graphics

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.05
The animation and graphic is grate , help me i`m also stuck please help me

zalag 2017.11.03
this girl reminds me of my ex lol, love this game

hhhhhhhh123q 2017.11.03
Ireally love the graphics and content behind this game and especially like the concept

rayeray 2017.11.01
Not to hard ! love her, she is sexy !

Jokee 2017.11.01
A bit..bare...compared to other games of this type.

yian71 2017.10.31
great game and graphics,maybe litlle more action

lauch42 2017.10.28
nice game sexy animations but short

yxbenio 2017.10.28
overall very nice game but its kinda shortrn

crimsonfrog 2017.10.27
I like this game nice animation

QeD 2017.10.25
this game have so escential meet date love it smoot

antharesia 2017.10.23
A great game with amazing graphics. I also enjoyed the story line though I wish it were a little longer or drawn out. The background story that is such as meeting her or something.

Biofreak 2017.10.22
Damn, this game has gorgeous graphics and animations. TOP.

bullsextra 2017.10.22
Super sexy game. erotically nice.

Tom3l 2017.10.15
Gameplay, graphics and Pula were great, story could be longer

Magicrockstar 2017.10.13
Why can`t it come want to play it

OzzyGuy 2017.10.10
Good game. Nice graphics and scenes

Tiodor 2017.10.09
I love the game and Paula is my favorite girl.

kazuki96 2017.09.28
I really like the game graphic are good and animation also goodrnAnd i waiting for paula part2 rn

Dagui 2017.09.27
This game is so good Paula is so hot the graphics are awesomern

radioguy 2017.09.23
Can anybody help? Why do i get errors when trying to view ending galleries or videos?

BengerBang 2017.09.21
Another solid "My Sex Date" game from LoP. Again, Paula`s model was hot and sexy, interactive scenes were easy and fun, with good camera shots and visuals, and I liked the few where you could move the camera up and down to see different parts of her body. Good stuff!

zigma312 2017.09.21
good animation will be great if it was a little longer or had more choices

devil123456789 2017.09.16
cool game and good graphics.

radioguy 2017.09.14
How come no galleries or videos work for me in any game?

johant77 2017.09.09
Game is short but the girl is nice only do not know how much point to have to get anal

Tales45 2017.09.02
Love "my sex date" games they`re so interactive!

legalass 2017.09.01
very hot, amazing design, good gameplayrn

lethargic101 2017.09.01
Love LOP games so much. This was very fun!

SThePirate 2017.08.29
Paula is so sexy! Graphics are great and the game hooks you very much.

dropgunx4 2017.08.28
Straightforward and simple. Super hot girl with great graphics. Definitely worth playing.

lolxdgetrekt 2017.08.27
This is a really nice game I love the graphics and such!

bullsextra 2017.08.27
nicely driven story. superb scenes.

Lonelysiss 2017.08.25
Really amazing girl and graphics XDrn

k1rikp2n 2017.08.24
his great game has good graphics

TIO NACHO 2017.08.21
Great game, Paula is so beautiful and what a hot body glad I did my homework to impress her.

ARandomGuy 2017.08.19
Very nice game with good graphics and a hot blonde.

Bicudo_SA 2017.08.17
Amazing game, and Beautiful graphics, good job to the devs

Protagonist 2017.08.13
This is a nice game it has great animation and graphics

jellypie 2017.08.12
I liked the animation and the graphics were great too

ribaahug 2017.08.10
this games graphics are great

Mikka32 2017.08.07
great graphics lots of fun to play

lollollol 2017.08.06
Nice game I love this game hope to play games like thesernrn

Servus 2017.08.04
This game is great and I love playing it!

caves 2017.08.01
this game was beyond my expectations. really good!

MQX 2017.08.01
hot but short fun! would be nice to see her in other Adventure

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Definitely one of the sexiest my sex date games. Paula is stunning and the sex scenes are great!

iytrcx 2017.07.29
Great graphics and amazing girl. The in-game hints were helpful.

Pizzaolle1 2017.07.26
Best game so far nice animation and story

smentoma 2017.07.24
Great game and grafic! I play this for several time. It is very short and easy but the girl is so beautyfull.

slutbolbi 2017.07.14
I absolutely love this interactive gamestyle. The dialogue is believable and the actions are arousing. Fun to play and even better to get all the good endings

SilentB 2017.07.14
One of my favorite games, fantastic character, well story, creative story line

jon3011 2017.07.12
The Game have nice graphics and nice gameplay. I like too much.

ccobra123 2017.07.11
very good graphics and i lovern the quality

raycis 2017.07.11
Paulo is amazing, very enjoy!

mikserus 2017.07.07
I enjoyed it great game with great graphics

hazephoenixz 2017.07.06
Loving the graphics, one of my favourite games!

Ademix100 2017.07.03
I love the game and Paula is my grlfriend

slavem 2017.06.25
wow this is a nice gam to play

Azizam 2017.06.22
Nothing new on this game, more of the same...

AJ@2 2017.06.20
Short but nice game, got Ultimate Date

Sonosuke 2017.06.18
Amazing game, but in the footjob scene would be best if she wasn`t using heels.

tmramorniy 2017.06.18
Evening with such a gorgeous blond - what can be better?) Really nice game, not too long or hard, but with great graphic.

littleGamer 2017.06.10
well done, nice graphics - cool game

Bw86bw86 2017.06.09
Awesome game. Beautiful model. Good mix of endings to explore

Bw86bw86 2017.06.06
Awesome model. Good story flow and sex scenes.

ShadowHawk501st 2017.06.06
this was a well crafted enjoyably experience, i liked it.

pandas 2017.06.02
amazing game and has amazing graphics

t94exxx 2017.05.30
very good game.. great graphics

watss72 2017.05.22
i love to take a lot of points and select differents ending in each time

SithiusVarick 2017.05.21
great game but needs more endings ,,, maybe in part 2?

Tiodor 2017.05.18
Graphics and animations were amazing. Paula is amazing and hat. I like this game.

watss72 2017.05.17
nice game, has a lot of different ways

watss72 2017.05.16
very hot girl. If it`s real....bufff

JoeMan 2017.05.06
Exciting i enjoyed it very much

godley 2017.05.04
was really well done ill play again

GBear 2017.04.29
graphics were great here thumbs up

Tigermaster 2017.04.28
Took a bit of doing but the gallery was worth it.

JoeMan 2017.04.27
Another outstanding game!!!

EmmaHukka 2017.04.25
Felt abit short but was still good and well made

martyloco 2017.04.24
Awesome first date experience!

billybib10 2017.04.24
Had a lot of fun with this one

NeroFredV 2017.04.23
Me gusta el mucho, muy entretenido. pero le falta a la parece las realidad y que sea mas din??mico, por f??cil mente se puede una memoriza las respuesta y eso le quita mucha inmercion al jugardor rnrn

Poisoned 2017.04.21
Paula is like a good slot machine... she pays off at the end. Good game and good graphics. Two thumbs up.

ja10109 2017.04.18
awesome game definately worth playing again

Joekickass 2017.04.17
amazing game with good graphics i just wish there were more outcomes you could get

Tacos 2017.04.12
I like this game the graphics were amazing and the animations were amazing everything about this game is amazing.

hentaijapanese 2017.04.11
This will always be my favourite!rnWHy not more like this game?

mike81685 2017.04.11
excellent graphics paula is amazing

dr_zaisu 2017.04.07
Nice game except for the footjob. I wish it was without shoes.

wsws 2017.04.01
quite hard at the beginning

joisub 2017.04.01
Great Game! nice little bit of fun, not to complicated.

Bear_Hugger 2017.03.28
very fine. i love this. one of my favorite

sharkthc 2017.03.28
amazing graphics and sound effects. i really like

Kylerade87 2017.03.28
Very hot game. Enjoyed it a lot

htdck 2017.03.22
graphics are insane. really nice game to play and girl looks amazing

magikarpisgod 2017.03.22
Do not try to kiss her in the first list of options

ianjames 2017.03.21
one of the best games i have played so far

Razvin 2017.03.21
nice game with really nice gameplay

sexy boy dom 2017.03.19
I think this game was good with good graphics but I think it should be longer

marKus730 2017.03.19
Nice game. Good graphics and nice sex scenes. Quite a short game, so it`s good if you want something quick.

michas 2017.03.14
amazing pretty lady, great work

Ross6 2017.03.14
sexy girl bit short tho

master2000 2017.03.11
the graphics are amazing and i love the game. shot but nice

victor298 2017.03.09
not a difficult game, but very sexy girl though

kemode 2017.03.08
Also, the girl is really hot! That always helps.

kemode 2017.03.08
Really like this game...not too difficult and fairly quick

Ajax81 2017.03.03
Another great sex date game. Great graphics and a very sexy chick. Paula is very sexy.Well done. This one is my favorite

Jaqob 2017.03.02
great game probably the best game I have found on here

tnarailed 2017.03.01
The girl in this game is so pretty, animations top notch

mjcmjc1995 2017.03.01
great game makes you think

mr man 2017.03.01
Very sexy girl, would play again

kithra 2017.02.28
This game was fun. A bit of trial and error is good. It`s a nice simulation game.

AnalCumSlut 2017.02.28
A little short, but oh wow...

hidarkness 2017.02.25
A good game, but it was a little bit short and there was no story

drlongfinger 2017.02.24
nice girl god game to bad she didnt do anal

mrandall12345 2017.02.23
best ending, couldnt be any better game really enjoyable 10/10 for sure

WojtaZ 2017.02.23
I can play at this game all day

noomglol 2017.02.21
Great looking girl and good animations. Maybe have multiple paths to victory instead of just finding the correct option to click in correct order.

1bigjake 2017.02.20
it was ok girl was nice and all but more movement is needed with her,instead of the same over and over

ZarMolinsky 2017.02.20
This is one of the best game i^ve played

yeste 2017.02.16
The body graphics on the Paula character are really good! but the game is very easy

dusanalex 2017.02.11
Very Very beautiful game!!! Great graphics!!! Hoping for next part.

kingtiger24 2017.02.11
I wish paula is real!! i would fuck her all day

ROS620280 2017.02.09

taz069 2017.02.09
The body graphics on the Paula character are really good! One of my favorites so far!

dumbass04 2017.02.09
nice graphics, great gameplay, overall a decent game.

big_cock74 2017.02.08
Great game doesnt disappoint props to the creator

kemode 2017.02.03
Short and sweet...very entertaining

Georrats 2017.02.03
really good game with great graphics. just awesome

reddevil34 2017.02.01
very sexy and entertaining game

GrayFox 2017.01.30
Really pretty girl, developers are talented!

fallen_angxl 2017.01.27
This is a really fun game

LiamKaptein 2017.01.27
this game is really good. it even made me actually exited

zenshigo 2017.01.26
love this game so much

4drian0 2017.01.25
great game love the scenes and Paula is just amazing! you should do paula 2

turner16 2017.01.20
made the perfect girl in this game plus the graphics were incredible

Fam10222 2017.01.17
super sexy and grate graphics

jacky09 2017.01.13
great game and amazing graphics i like it

PedroXL 2017.01.13
Really a try again game!!

PedroXL 2017.01.13
Fantastic!!! Easy palying!

Anon3216 2017.01.11
Unique twist to the normal gameplay expected from Lessonofpassion.com. Point of view is different and adds flare in my opinion.

RDC10 2017.01.10
really cool game, nice graphics ... so hot

cayde 2017.01.09
great game! love the way it all builds up

DarkLordDiablos 2017.01.08
I very much enjoyed this game, the animations are fluid and the model is very sexy and appealing.

klundi22 2017.01.07
she is so hot i loved it

D3VCHA0S 2017.01.03
very hot love playing this

wiids 2017.01.02
Played game at least 3 times. Very nice

tetashentai 2017.01.02
This game is the best i`ve play ever

bossco 2016.12.31
I finished the game and it is awesome

jencek10000 2016.12.30
One of my favorite games here, if only the game was a bit longer it would be perfect

Madno 2016.12.30
nice gameplay and animation, paula is worth it.. she`s damn cute. Work hard and get her.

GibbyG1100 2016.12.28
Good game. would be nice to see more anal scenes.

BondGwick 2016.12.27
ultimate date:
kiss her hands
thank her and smile
gently touch her face
ask what to do for living
ask what to do to have fun
*dont click kiss*

invite to sofa

hold her hands
put hand on her thigh
touch her face & kiss her
look at her boobs

ready for more

kiss lips
raise her skirt
touch under the skirt
expose breast (dont suck on it)
spread legs
remove dress
remove dress completely
remove panties

*whatever except belly button and lick your balls and put a finger inside her ass* (seriously my gf wont let me to do that lol

choose whatever

ask her to cum while riding your dick (dont choose anal)

say it`s a very special night for you
no need to get her phone number -> a date to remember
yes please -> ultimate date

trugamster 2016.12.24
the graphics are really good

BootyBoi 2016.12.21
Incredibly realistic graphics

West123 2016.12.15
A great game with amazing graphics. I also enjoyed the story line though I wish it were a little longer or drawn out. The background story that is such as meeting her or something.

xAki97 2016.12.15
Very good game and very beautiful woman

rovic 2016.12.10
love the lines and all of the scenes

KinkyPhoon 2016.12.09
Loved the way paula gyrated over the dick while giving that incredible foo job

CapnMorgan 2016.12.04
footjob.. the key to ultimate happiness. Nice game, very playable more than once, especially once you get to choose between tit jobs and blowjobs, etc.

ejlei 2016.12.02
Great fun and simple game with a hot star. 5/5 definitely

Gerk 2016.12.01
Very good game.Perfect graphics and .....Paula

Brollo 2016.11.29
was alright.. nothing too special but good graphics though

khatria 2016.11.29
Great graphics and amazing story

MrCrispy3322 2016.11.29
Man paula was sure something, i wish she was my gf in irl frfr

pornpanda11 2016.11.24
100 % Realistic game ! Great graphics , Great gameplay ! but i didn`t like story that much

silencio277 2016.11.24
Great game, more ending would have been nice.

Greenside80 2016.11.21
Fun game to play....enjoyed it....will play again a few times

DarkIce22 2016.11.21
Quick game, but has great details.

squid68 2016.11.20
Great game a must play.I will be defiantly be adding this in favorites and playing it.Also If I had a girl fried that looked like this girl I would never leave the house lol

rabidrabbit 2016.11.17
I liked how we saw his thought process every other scene. Made the game feel more real.

fiftypez 2016.11.16
one of my favorites. quick and easy

mikey416hr 2016.11.14
Great game with great graphics. Definitely one ill play again

vel119 2016.11.13
Great game, very exciting and hot paula

Errorr 2016.11.12
great graphics, great game and hot paula

eroticlover12 2016.11.12
Graphics are very good and gameplay is amazing

Andrioc 2016.11.11
Would definitely like to see more games with Paula. It would also be good to see something where she shows a more submissive side.

witwebolte 2016.11.11
I like this game. Realistic and a great model!

hotzico 2016.11.09
this is one of the most realistic games here. Seems very realistic.

vasquitog 2016.11.09
Very good graphics and model, maybe a little short and too easy.

premji 2016.11.08
hot erotic date i liked it very much , must be easy for a new user

Funsex 2016.11.06
I love these graphics and realy grate story !!!

hp1919 2016.11.05
awesome game graphics are great

anjanew 2016.11.05
great game great animations

Jarzki 2016.11.04
Good game and great graphics, pretty straightforward though. But what can you expect form game named sex date...

dyawolf84 2016.11.03
great game could do with a bit more but outstanding graphics

Ash Rafer 2016.11.02
Ilike this game the sex scene is best

daniel Amini 2016.10.31
the game is awesome in every thing l like the gameplay ,graphic . its cool

JEDIESHARK 2016.10.29
Love the game always have always will

Solo228322 2016.10.27
Very realistic rendering! and Good graphics

janhuahua 2016.10.26
Great graphics and hot sex scenes. I love the game!

Teaser6xx 2016.10.25
The game is so much fun and PAULA she is just amazing.Everything about the game looks so relevant and the story and graphics add up to the amazing game.A must try for everyone!!!

popepope 2016.10.24
Good game to play that doesn`t take long with great graphics

jimpoi 2016.10.23
very sexy girl and good animation

Soundmate 2016.10.23
nice animation in this game

pisu 2016.10.21
great game and she is so hot i want to cum

pisu 2016.10.21
i like this game nice graphics

wuminyi 2016.10.17
graphics are really good, very sexy

johnd2233 2016.10.17
love the the graphics and the girls in the game

skidevil 2016.10.17
very intense but it needs to be longer with more options

jamesvbilt 2016.10.16
The game is really well made and the graphics and animations are extremely nice and hot

Dabestman 2016.10.15
One of my favorite girls but gameplay could be better

hobobbi 2016.10.13
Super sexy girl. Wish there was more I could do to her.

caramelcutie18 2016.10.12
i really loved the grafics one of the best games ive ever played

ptitoun 2016.10.10
This game was really good, I love the interactivity there is going on! *thumbs up*

hotacctplayer 2016.10.09
Really sexy and the graphics are great

mynameisjeff123 2016.10.04
the best game i ver played

jayjentorlaw 2016.10.03
good scenar , and paula ... she`s realy hot

pussyknight 2016.10.03
Bitch gotta a nice pussy. Oh yeah. My favorite one of her quotes. OHH. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. FUCK MEEE. I love if this was reality. Too bad it ain`t. also anyone know how to get ultimate date. I sure as hell don`t. Bitch is sexy as fuck. I wanna fuc her in real life.

pussyknight 2016.10.03
This character is so fucking hot. cummed 3 timeds by looking at her. When it comes to sex scenes the game freezes for lik 3-5 minutes each time.

Damion_fuckboy 2016.10.02
This is a really cool game...the grapchics were retty good....went pretty slow but all in all it was a good gae....It made me cum too....Nice Job BTW

mrmusic26 2016.09.30
This is definitely one of my favorites! The detailed skin textures really add to it!

LooneyDude 2016.09.28
Paula`s body is so hot. So real! I hope to see more of her in future games.

gonnafucku 2016.09.28
This game is absolutely awesome!!!

Scipio42 2016.09.28
This game was great, loved the graphics and hope their are more to follow in this series.

Mausecat 2016.09.26
Great game, I would love to play some sequel.

b0b 2016.09.26
Great game, nice graph, she is awesome!

sasuke220 2016.09.24
Loved this game. Graphics were good and Paula is hot.

Hemabody 2016.09.23
That game is the best short sex game I ever played. Still I wish that there was more to this

HarleyQuinnOfHearts 2016.09.21
One of my favorite games here

celeHree666 2016.09.21
this is my type of game, very nice

lmaolmao 2016.09.21
the game has a great storyline

nervioh 2016.09.19
good game. i liked her a lot and her pussy looks o real

123456@ 2016.09.18
I want to play more games like this

gttt 2016.09.17
this is one of my all time favourite pf1 games. the girl is so sexy

lycan53 2016.09.17
Very good dating game with good graphics.

jnat 2016.09.16
great graphis and animation, overall nice game

jnat 2016.09.16
nice game, beautiful heroine design

mcgeebers 2016.09.12
I`d like to see paula in a full length game, she`s one of my favorites. It`d be nice if she had a story

funky96 2016.09.12
Very sexy game and I love it

sasuke220 2016.09.11
Duh this game would be a lot better with sounds and more video

aleksw 2016.09.10
I really like the graphics and it has a pretty good story

davedave416 2016.09.08
One of the best and really hot model

Daniel5434667 2016.09.06
She is very sexy. I played through it multiple times. I enjoyed it very much.

elmer 2016.09.05
nice game with good graphics
date to remember

dadykid 2016.09.04
Very easy game, but nice though.
I tryed 2 times, but Paula looks wonderfull

jadegoon 2016.09.04
its an great game with awesome graphics.

RudolfoV 2016.09.02
This game is simply ace!
I love the graphic - and the animation comes with a boner guarantee!

BadBoy17 2016.08.30
good game, excellent graphics

Optimus44 2016.08.29
Graphics were awesome. Great game and Paula is one Beautiful women.

usernotfound 2016.08.28
Pretty much what everyone said, good quality animations and artwork (gfx) but brief.

broski 2016.08.26
This is game is great so simple yet good!

yus alice 2016.08.26
Great game but quit difficult - you can´t save the game :-(

titaniumfist 2016.08.24
such a good game but would be better if it had more sex scenes

skycraftian 2016.08.24
Great game, although its a bit short, but still, i loved it

walexy11 2016.08.22
this game is fun great and awesome

satelitu 2016.08.19
really fun game to play, great animation

curiousturtle 2016.08.19
really good game one of my favorites

Recall_1337 2016.08.19
This is a really good game. I want mor of this!

cabuloso1997 2016.08.19
this game is amazing i played for the first time in another site

Tazzman37 2016.08.14
Loved Paula and the game play is great.

Tlow1994 2016.08.14
A Really Great Game For A Boring Day

pfo.com 2016.08.08
a perfect date for friday

Luchs473 2016.08.01
Nice and Hot Girl, but little short Story. Very Hot Graphics

Olevitga 2016.08.01
Very nice game. She is hot girl

rohan1 2016.08.01
so cute girl, excellent quality ,hot hot hot.

Robertt 2016.07.29
What a game! Very good, congrats to the creator!!

SylWrathe 2016.07.28
Great game, shame there isn`t a sequel, its kinda funny how long it took me to get the anal scene :D

gie703 2016.07.26
nice games, but I still don`t understand how to play it...

Smooth17 2016.07.26
The first and best game I`ve ever played in this site

gopi7891 2016.07.25
gameplay ,graphics and animation is very good ..love to play

AnonymousAnime 2016.07.23
This is an amazing game, it has great graphics, great animation and a great girl.

adamb07 2016.07.21
Very enjoyable game, a must play game.

EyalAndOmer 2016.07.20
Very nice game
the graphic is very nice

EyalAndOmer 2016.07.19
The game graphics are awesome the gameplay is enjoyable and the animations are well made

pieffepi 2016.07.18
Graphics and animations are amazing, and Paula is stunningly beautiful. It would be great to see more like this and with this design. Thank you!

Spockles 2016.07.18
Fantastic graphics and very hot girl. Love it.

drummerboy5000 2016.07.18
great graphics, great story line, great girl, overall great game!!

gokudera143 2016.07.18
mhmm I wish it has one more woman for a threesome

Mbarakaja 2016.07.17
I love Paula, she ist very sexy

martinmatin 2016.07.17
I really like this game, the graphics are so realistic !

ozzy934201 2016.07.16
Great game & nice graphics :)
To get a date to remember:
Kiss hand, thank her, strawberries, champagne, what she likes to do for fun, her job
Sofa, hold hands, look at boobs, hand on thigh, ready for more
Kiss lips, raise skirt, touch thighs, expose breast, spread legs, remove dress from boobs, remove dress completely, remove panties, suck finger, lick boobs, ask if ready for more.
Tit job, cum riding dick, cum on face, tonight was very special, ask for number.

bakarea 2016.07.16
Paula is a wonderful girl, very pretty and the game is one of the most realistic one.

redhwk 2016.07.08
Very hot game, definitely one of the better ones on here.

nrasmus2 2016.07.07
Great game, probably the best sex date

shiffos 2016.07.06
paula is pretty
the graphics are great i like these kind of games nice models not too ling and not too complicated

Tusher 2016.07.04
Love it feels like so real mmm

razeworld 2016.07.03
100% go to favorite! Incredible game!

Swiftrebel 2016.07.03
A very nice game, hot chick

fergal 2016.07.03
Really like this game, very hot chick, good graphics.

jyuhf 2016.07.02
love the grame and the graphics

Tusher 2016.07.01
make me hard feels like real mmm like it (just wanted her annal ;) )

l_billy_l 2016.06.30
Good game, pretty easy, but good graphic

titslim 2016.06.29
Model is gorgeous, the bonus images are fantastic. Very good job from LOP.

Marcus Crassus 2016.06.26
Beautiful graphics. Nice to play

Gaming_Lord 2016.06.23
wow this was a really fun game to play

LeoDrake 2016.06.21
wow! This graphics is amazing!!

Hand97 2016.06.21
Really great game excellent sex scenes

tomkno 2016.06.20
good graphic and nice to play

RAJ DEY 2016.06.19
nice graphics and nice concept

dragonwarrio2262 2016.06.16
the graphics were amazing

tekoppen 2016.06.15
great game, i would love to see more games like this one

Xan6666 2016.06.14
A good game to play... nice graphics!

steff258 2016.06.13
as always a great game from lop

iamshy 2016.06.13
Another great grame of lessons of passion

Jace0905 2016.06.12
Wow this is a great game!

BigBalls8056 2016.06.08
Wow its a very sexy game. Love it !

talon15000 2016.06.07
great game the music like in all of the games ive played on this site could be a bit quieter but the animation is great and over all is good and although its partially annoying that it kicks you back to the menu

imprettysecret 2016.06.07
Really nice game , realistic

kaitl123 2016.06.07
The game had great graphics and loved the display of options and choices.

stach56 2016.06.06
Wonderful graphics and Paul as alive. It is a pity that only on the screen ... I`d fuck her

amko228 2016.06.05
Good game. Girl is very hot and nice Graphics

ssaxonator 2016.06.05
One of the best games on this site...isnt to hard to get to the sex scenes, which I like alot

sxc_sub 2016.06.02
great, easy game. worth trying for the gallery pics.

Doer 2016.06.01
Someone knows what means the number in each game, e.g. "82" in "Paula" game? It refers a evaluation of the game, or about its time, or rate of difficulties/possibilities...?

Sucks911 2016.05.30
I really like it,good gameplay and good graphic

edujara 2016.05.30
i love this kind of games and this girl was taked from my dreams

PolishGuy 2016.05.27
One of the best games on this site

JBangLang94 2016.05.25
Amazing game, fairly easy play through but very worth it

Mazinger506 2016.05.25
Ultimate date Walkthrough:
Kiss her hand
Tell her she looks ravishing today
Offer her wine
Offer her cherry
Clean juice from her lips (move pointer over mouth area)
Ask her to show you that she is without panties
Touch her pussy
Ask her to put a vibrating egg inside her pussy (pointer is over pussy)
Turn the vibrating egg on (pointer is over pussy)
Ask her to swallow ecstasy pill (loose points, but is necessary for Ultimate date)
Ask her to strip
Touch her knee
Expose her boob
Lick her boob
Spread her legs
Massage her thighs
Remove her dress
Ask her to put black collar
Ask her to dress slutty leather shoes
Ask her for a makeup
Put the vibrating egg into higher power (pointer is over pussy) [can be used at anytime before ask her to ride your dick]
Punish her
Ask her to lick her juices
Use anal gel on her ass
Ask her to put a cherry inside her pussy
Eat the cherry from her pussy (pointer is over pussy)
Ask her to ride your dick
Take her from behind
Ask her to spread her ass for you
Cover your fingers in an anal gel and test her (pointer is over asshole)
Cum inside her ass
Let her relax a little
Masturbate over her sleeping

Mazinger506 2016.05.25
its a great game i really love the interactions

zorrie 2016.05.24
Great sex scenes but short story

DenJohn 2016.05.23
Really nice game, bit of a thin story but some nice scenes

highlander1597 2016.05.22
Good game with great sex scenes. Story line could be improved though

Na9a80y 2016.05.22
Gorgeous graphics and sexy girl

cpiersall3129 2016.05.20
Excellent game. Would really like to see this girl in a more expanded game.

lifetimehacker 2016.05.19
one of the best games ive played

dmamo98 2016.05.19
I love really love the graphics

sgs1985 2016.05.14
The game is good, but maybe a LITTLE bit too linear/easy

69jimpo 2016.05.13
This game is awesome and i like it

lunsanaata 2016.05.11
the graphics are great but would have been better if there were more sexual scenes. overall a 6 out of 10

HiImTable 2016.05.07
10/10 great game :D love the girls and the scenes

trailsman 2016.05.04
the graphics are great, easy to play through,a hot little game to get you going

skrallja 2016.05.03
That was one of the first dating sim games I have played and it was amazing would definetly reccomend it to others

Scandium 2016.05.01
This was easy even though I had to restart like 5 times.

dxy395 2016.04.29
very very short game but fun

tmk995 2016.04.28
One of the best on site. Great graphics

jansen23 2016.04.27
good game and good bonus pictures

aybrk54 2016.04.27
I actually like this game a lot! Great graphics, keep up the good work people!

dgls 2016.04.25
good game, needs to be longer or more parts in the future.

beardedone 2016.04.24
great animation and i even made it all the way to the ultimate date on my second try!

gbecchi 2016.04.24
Awesome game, loved cumming on her face!

Marx69 2016.04.24
Easy to play, a bit short but good game.

raulxtreme130 2016.04.23
good animation nice graphis but easy game

arndx 2016.04.22
Paula was really sexy I once felt this was live action only the pussy fingering action looked fake. Overall 9/10.

vpbrawler 2016.04.21
Wow! really enjoyed this game . Love the graphics. Thanks a lot PF1 for making games like these.

Smifffy 2016.04.16
Good all round game, easy enough but still needs a little thinking.
Only gripe would be that it is a bit short but maybe that just shows it can be added to later.

MeeP 2016.04.15
great graphics great plot and great animation

stillnotsleeping 2016.04.14
the game part is fairly arbitrary and the animation very stop start but the detail in the animation is good. This is good a quickie.

PlayForceOne9705 2016.04.11
nice game with very good graphics, paula is hot !

nickolai341 2016.04.09
so hot i love this game 10/10 IGN

Sohara2.0 2016.04.07
I this game is awesome and the tit in dick

AshleighBound 2016.04.05
Awesome job on Paula - she`s hot!

jjoker6 2016.04.05
loved it. great graphics

eternalk 2016.03.31
this girl is amazing and the sex was great

ata2201 2016.03.29
The graphics of this game are amazing, this is one of the best sex games I have played so far.

Stereoman0011 2016.03.28
Great game, though I prefer sims that are a bit less linear.

ShyBiGirl 2016.03.27
I really liked this one

xiphonus 2016.03.27
i really like this game

whattupbae 2016.03.25
Great game. Good graphics, sexy gameplay

gw888 2016.03.24
Short and sweet but good all around

jpb811 2016.03.22
First game I played, really enjoyed it! easy but really nice graphics! she hot! not keen on the constant background music tho.

PLATEROVM 2016.03.22
awesome ,sexy game I liked that you have plenty qf avenues to try

rexdfas 2016.03.20
One of the first and best game I played here, it has nice scenes and awesome graphics

sauros 2016.03.19
a little bit simple....is to easy about sex......but the model are very goode

JEDIESHARK 2016.03.18
Very nice game wish it had more then one ending that is correct other then that Well made

thstark42 2016.03.15
replay option needed over all its nice & sexy game

doctorwho9927 2016.03.13
it was great graphics and quick to play.

expo101 2016.03.13
Realy sexy game, great woman

GunHoser 2016.03.11
Definitely the best "quick game" on the site! I hate when they are too long... :)

GunHoser 2016.03.11
Definitely one of my fav games here on the site! Very well done!

skylerbronze 2016.03.09
Oh Paula is so real- Fills the senses. Will there be a Paula II?

Antoinas101 2016.03.07
good game but how do you fuck heaven

gec_sin 2016.03.07
i like this game, but it needs more background story.

Wakit 2016.03.04
Fun game, glad i played it

melinamason 2016.03.02
Great game! A bit short but Paula is really hot so that kinda outweighs it.

Ralphie12 2016.03.01
Awesome graphics, awesome girl, wish for more with her

timothypayne241 2016.02.29
great game everyone should try

bhposphate 2016.02.26
The girl is amazing! The camera angle is great too. Love it

AlexisTheFlame 2016.02.26
I really liked this game

inkedout84 2016.02.19
great game, great storyline, beautiful woman

alef21 2016.02.18
great game, easy to play with nice grafics and a very well designed girl

AndyPanda 2016.02.18
Wonderfull game, the girl is so perfect.

pilot07 2016.02.17
such great game graphicks are awesome the girl was so hot i love this game

bondy13 2016.02.16
love these my sex date series

ViperOrtonRKO 2016.02.13
This one had really great graphics I liked it alot, the girl is incredibly beatiful.

ak123 2016.02.10
nice graphics and sex scene but I missed some introduction scenes as paula was already in my apartment so it wasn`t a tough job to indulge her into having sex

mandeklaas 2016.02.10
i loved the game the graphics were good, the sound was ok and is was simpke and enjoyable

Rocco Siffredi 2016.02.10
never see a game like this, really nice graphic, i love the story, really an awesome game!

bobtrevor 2016.02.10
Graphics are very good in this game

AnnaMarths 2016.02.09
I love the bonus and the graphics (as usual). But I don`t like how we were supposed to know she doesn`t like seafood.

darkminded 2016.02.06
easy game, loved the bonus

JohnnyXu 2016.02.06
It`s a great game, one of the better ones.

Love Paula and her body ;).

tabithafow 2016.02.05
Very addicting...had a great time

KaneSolamon 2016.02.01
She is gorgeous in every way.

mogitech 2016.01.30
really hot game with nice animations

maxu1e 2016.01.29
really good game... the girl looks totally gorgeous

gunzen 2016.01.27
This is a great game. Great girl, great game length. Interaction is realistic enough. Perfect game for me.

Charles342 2016.01.24
That girl its pretty sexy

daedalus123 2016.01.22
loved the game, but it could`ve been longer

serg0310 2016.01.21
The graphics are excellent, I like all the different choices there are. I played the whole game without a single error and got the second best rank, wonder what it takes to get Ultimate date? This game could improve even more to last longer like longer story lines , more interactive with different locations. they could max its potential for sure.

wolf71 2016.01.21
brilliant game love different endings depending on choices

SykoPath 2016.01.19
The game was fun, but I felt it was too short

Toprider22 2016.01.18
Great game, sexy girl. I wonder if they when these dating games will be back. not much have been released latly :-(

Erkos 2016.01.18
The graphics are amazing, could be a little longer

blaster190 2016.01.17
most favourite game. short but nice

Tsitramaps 2016.01.16
Short and easy but great graphics!

hentaimaster69 2016.01.16
the pov is fricking great loved this game 10 out of 10

kano124 2016.01.15
nice game I really liked it but I wish their were difficulties like easy, medium and hard

Robert082 2016.01.13
wesome graphics! wish more games were like this wow

spartan082 2016.01.10
Awesome graphics! wish more games were like this!

hampire 2016.01.10
Amazing ! I love this game

BabbeN 2016.01.10
Kind of hard but nice replay value

Rico Swae 2016.01.10
nice! the graphics were awesome!!

Joesy18 2016.01.09
the graphics of this game are awsome

someguy469 2016.01.08
Love the titjob option! I hope more future games get this option.

username1444 2016.01.08
Love this game! Took me awhile to figure it out though.

Ascension 2016.01.08
Awesome game, great graphics and game play

alonsoalejan00 2016.01.07
I cant stop of play game is very nice and have good graphics

Dexter3542 2016.01.05
This game is better and fun.love the grafic

hellrazor 2016.01.03
one of my favourites, great flah game, awesome graphic and sex scenes!!

Broadan23 2016.01.02
Great game. I always feel like the Sex Date games are LoP`s best free games. This one is one of the better ones.

hachiko 2016.01.02
good game, and good graphic..........excellent.

rickyb68 2016.01.01
the girl is beautyful and the graphic is quite similar real, I loved that the the game was more long!

DonnieBGood 2015.12.29
Loved it will play it agsin

justcause3 2015.12.27
One of the best games on here!!! more of her plz
Brilliant Graphics!!!

gavinman08 2015.12.24
girl was hot, game was too easy

Synful1 2015.12.23
nice game,good graphic`s and smooth play,well done.

pyruxe12 2015.12.20
very interesting but how do you decide what to do?

Mr. Dick 2015.12.20
i love this game its sooooooo cool

junior101 2015.12.19
great game I love it it has good graphics good sound and good gameplay all around 10/10

PlayForceOne0597 2015.12.18
great game paula is so sexy

Tapinha 2015.12.17
The game was good, very nice model girls, could be better if have more sex positions.

bellek 2015.12.17
one of my favorites by far. fantastic graphics.

bendybus 2015.12.16
great game, girl looks so sexy

aroyal52 2015.12.16
awesome game and amazing graphics

vinayakvk 2015.12.15
this is so hot game i really enjoyed this !

vncntleroy 2015.12.13
the graphic were amazing, felt almost real

markus7759 2015.12.13
I found the game quite entertaining you should play

ron4u1350 2015.12.13
The best graphics I`ve seen here. The girl looks incredibly realistic.

ranran 2015.12.11
you will figure out how to goal very soon after the first or second try. It`s a hot blonde and you definitley should check her out :)

killer21 2015.12.10
I luv this game!!! Perfect graphics!

ChrisG 2015.12.10
Simple game that will easily give you what you want, good graphics and hot girl

sethboarders 2015.12.09
great game, good graphics, love the girl

sct2052 2015.12.08
easy game, but super hot girl!

Petey01 2015.12.07
short game, graphics are pretty good.

sahz12 2015.12.07
the game play was pretty good

merlin14 2015.12.05
nice, the anal point of view is really stunning

lempod 2015.12.05
really loved it but graphics were not that great

Seerch 2015.12.03
Awesome game and really very very realistic graphics

bobin219 2015.12.02
this is the one of the best game here

phazes 2015.12.02
Game is a little bit short. Girl is extra hot. Enjoyed the game enough to play it twice.

magellan 2015.11.29
need the exp
but for a longer comment i say its really nice

Gn0me96 2015.11.29
Great game and the graphics are great. Makes me wish she was real.

GrimjawDarkman 2015.11.28
Perfect girl, perfect poses, all great

LizziAvery 2015.11.27
Amazing animation, and overall great game!

Natural1st 2015.11.27
this is aaaaaawesoooomeee

katrinaqq 2015.11.26
by far my favorite dating game. makes me want to play every single day

delltheman 2015.11.24
nice Graphics, Hot scenes, Just Hard enough - My Favorite

Julio123 2015.11.19
Great graphics, really good game

um123 2015.11.17
The game is good, would expect a little more. the graphics are amazing.

Asterixxx 2015.11.16
Very straight forward. It`s actually hard to mess it up. I like a bit more of a challange.

Sinful_69 2015.11.15
Paula is super hot, i really enjoyed the game, however i do wish the game was longer. however this was great :D

idontcare1234567 2015.11.15
I hadn`t play this game for a long time, I failed around twice, but almost got the ultimate date the 3rd time.

SychoO 2015.11.15
I really like this one, great looking girl, great graphics, gameplay is nice too.
well done. Amazing

katsan 2015.11.14
I really liked this one. Fun choices and sound.

ski9072 2015.11.14
Now this is what I call a great game, not too hard, but not too easy. Hot chick, and some decent action.

erosenin95 2015.11.13
good game, and the graphics was good too

Sexlover9009 2015.11.12
amazing song and great graphics

willis_112 2015.11.11
love the graphics, bit easy tho

jarod95 2015.11.11
Great game ! and she was definitely gorgeous too

Cheesydude15 2015.11.10
Really good game. Wish it were a bit longer or there was a sequel.

GemLord 2015.11.09
great game and graphics ever.. paula is so beautiful and realistic and sex play is awesome.

Angelicalove56 2015.11.06
i love the game great graphics definitely my favorite

wu20902 2015.11.05
Nice classy girl, really liked how the choices fit her personality and of course, excellent graphics!

Sexyatlas 2015.11.03
God that was an amazing game with good a beautiful woman

Armando73 2015.11.02
holy shit,...wish i had a girl like this in real life :-)

Fallenwolf948 2015.11.02
this game is amazing i love how the details are so life like. i havent been on this site in a year and it has come so far since i last played on it

delaymyjuly 2015.11.02
I like the My Sex Date series, especially this one. The story isn`t complicated, but it doesn`t need to be. And I`m not into blondes, but Paula is super hot.

Wallinho 2015.10.31
o.k., Forget my question. i made it ;)

Wallinho 2015.10.31
hm,...how did you get the anal-Scene?

sohailanjiao 2015.10.31
the game was so real and the graphics were clear

srigopi 2015.10.31
great game, beautiful graphics.

srigopi 2015.10.30
cute graphics, nice body graphics

joules_1 2015.10.30
This game is really hot though; amazing graphics, good gameplay even if the story is not really complicated and espescially great animations !!!

Stark13 2015.10.29
love the girl in this one

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
Not too bad, I would prefer more content.

godsebose 2015.10.27
the game was good and i really liked the ending

godsebose 2015.10.27
this game was good and the graphics were really good and made easier to play

stardreamclothes 2015.10.27
i`m looking forward to the next game

rich250680 2015.10.26
wow. paula is gorgeous. great game

Rocco86 2015.10.26
Great game,i really enjoyed it .

CJalow 2015.10.25
Pretty decent game, not a big fan of pasted on pussies but that`s just me. POV is good.

The game itself can be fairly tricky to get "ultimate date", but basically just keep restarting when you fuck up and you`ll figure it out.

lovetits 2015.10.25
i love this game so awesome

Sonicmatrix 2015.10.24
Good game with decent grphics

sgtkidd 2015.10.21
Great game! all the moves an anamations are great! props to thr creators!

PaulyP22 2015.10.19
Such a good game and such a hot girl

sevrus 2015.10.19
Awesome game! Paula is sooo hot :)

pinkfloyd 2015.10.18
The game is awesome i love the sex scenes.

pinkfloyd 2015.10.18
Great game, I really enjoyed it. The girl was AWESOME!

Montelino2905 2015.10.18
what a greate game....more of that, we want more!!!

RhianLuu 2015.10.18
I must be too nice of a guy, took me three tries before I`d even make a move on her. Once I did, I didn`t regret it. DAMN!!

thenavigator 2015.10.14
This game is great if you want to quickly jack off. It`s easy and the pay off is wonderful. This is definitely good for anyone who wants to blow off some steam

rod.m 2015.10.13
awesome game... very hot girl and lot of replayability

abcdefgxyz007 2015.10.13
Outstanding graphics, great gameplay and a very hot girl. All in all the best game so far.

leemuh8 2015.10.12
Great game with good graphics and an exceptionally well-designed girl. The gameplay is short, and just hard enough to be intriguing, and the text is very well-written, and actually adds a lot to the game.

InnatePlane 2015.10.11
this game was kinda hard but pretty fun

Nishit 2015.10.10
Well..! Again All Graphics, Gameplay and Animation are perfect with cool Little RPG..

rohith6768 2015.10.10
the best girl what i ever seen in ur games

romeokton 2015.10.09
Amazing animation, everything is made whit such details, LIKE IT!

play40 2015.10.07
very nice graphics , I enjoyed the date with Paula she is very sexy character

ebayjay85 2015.10.06
Great graphics make for good replayability. I like the scrolling action during sex - getting the full body view. Some of the decision-making seems a bit arbitrary, but ultimately a very good game that I will return to frequently.

yoshiboy009 2015.10.05
love it and elsa is hot

ktphoto 2015.10.05
The graphics are incredible. Such a hot game

sonnys 2015.10.04
She`s so gorgeous and the graphics are o awesome

asddsaasddsa 2015.10.04
Awesome graphics and very good scenario. playing for hours

HardBanger069 2015.10.02
I like those games and I really like the graphics of this one. I enjoyed playing a lot

pk2283 2015.09.29
this game graphic is too good. I like too much such graphic

noobrox 2015.09.27
i love this game graphics are epic. and the best part she is soooo gorgeous

GreenRoman 2015.09.27
Holy shit this was really good

Volleyballbabe19x 2015.09.25
easy interface! overall solid!

farkas 2015.09.23
Good graphics, amazing and sweet Paula width multivariable end story.

StrumStrum 2015.09.22
An awesome simple and straightforward game. Love it!

carlos1291 2015.09.22
Very Great game, amazing graphics

computern3rd 2015.09.21
Pretty good game. It takes a little thinking to get the "Ultimate Date" score.

Sexstrom2k 2015.09.21
This game was the first erotic game I ever played and it in no way disappointed! I shall forever be in debt to these creators.

Erickcastillo1977 2015.09.20
Excellent play games are correct

Erickcastillo1977 2015.09.20
Excellent play and understand too

assush 2015.09.20
Very enjoyable, could use for more option during the "spot" phase of the game tho.

catman514 2015.09.20
A little trouble with the game loading anyone else? (stuck in loading screen for a god 10 mins) anyone else? but otherwise fun game to play.

eldelade20cm 2015.09.17
Great game, and really good graphics.

firesworth1 2015.09.14
Amazing graphics and gameplay.

hendryanto 2015.09.13
i like this game. awesome graphics and the girl is very pretty

_doom_543 2015.09.13
I love this game graphics are great

fairuzika 2015.09.12
beautiful girl and the POV is awesome...definitely my favourite now!

Viper Dragon 2015.09.12
Cool graphics and very nice scenes

jammindpussy 2015.09.12
Best game ever!!, i love the awesome graphics.

ben_aughty 2015.09.11
short but amazing! other games should have visuals like this!!

denny33 2015.09.11
were have all the good games gone?

NP33 2015.09.10
This game is good but a little short.... all in all, it was ok...

rockitman 2015.09.09
Fun game, good graphics. Very engaging.

TMCB 2015.09.07
Love this game for all the things-interaction, graphics, sounds, everything. I just love it.

rogueone10 2015.09.06
Game is very engaging and awesome graphics!! Girl is very pretty

Darkasher 2015.09.06
Wow, Paula from the start is one of the hotest catches possible. Doing the right thing to go further really gets the heart racing...and the ending is to dream about!

SilentDreamer 2015.09.05
graphically the game is beautiful but after a certain point I am unable to continue.

badass101 2015.09.04
the model on this on is gorgeous

gujjar123 2015.09.02
nice and easy game. great graphics though

mt570917 2015.09.02
One of the best games. Worth playing multiple times.

DESOUSA 2015.09.02
graphics are amazing .more with Paula, please.

territory2832 2015.09.01
Love the model on this one. Some fun choices make it worth revisiting.

simonking23 2015.09.01
perfect game and perfect model for game

xfactor3240 2015.08.31
Oh man this game is good, she is so hot. She presents a good challenge.

des14 2015.08.29
I loved this game. She is really hot!

123muhammad 2015.08.26
very good game love playing it

brettlighthorse 2015.08.26
Paula is a dream cum true. She is so sweet.

ddeke 2015.08.26
Fun to play after the really hard ones...easy enough and stimulating

Wakami54 2015.08.24
Very good and fun game!

Popky-13 2015.08.24
This game is really nice to play. Its easy enough to be enjoyable, but also have the spot for thinking about the right decision.

kopillog 2015.08.22
I really want to thank users who took the time to write down the walkthrough. It makes game experience far more enjoyable.

Winnson 2015.08.22
If you need help you can scroll down in the comments to find a walkthrough. Very nice scenes!

mathadore 2015.08.20
Awesome Paula! A great exiting game ...

theslurpel 2015.08.19
this is a very good game i wish it could be a little longer

kikujir0 2015.08.18
Paula doesn`t like a guy who brags.. good to know!

stranger59 2015.08.18
Awesome .... very exciting and challenging game. nice graphics, and love of fun loved it

Darkwalker 2015.08.17
A very exciting and challenging game. loved it

DoggieD 2015.08.17
The gameplay is fantastic , also the woman is pretty

vijayaustin 2015.08.17
HMMMM a good could be a little longer.then it would be nice

mrscf22 2015.08.16
By far my favourite game I have played. The graphics made it even more enjoyable, was more real than I could ever imagine. It was visually the most appealing game yet and Paula sexy as hell.

SBRDSN 2015.08.16
Very good game, awesome graphics. Could have been a bit longer.

GOLF-3-VR6 2015.08.16
supper game and verry nice

nospamzpls 2015.08.15
First game I played on this site. Nice animations, and not too difficult.

master115 2015.08.15
just absolutely, fucking amazing

Anima_libera96 2015.08.14
Awesome graphics, real good story. Just love the sweet teasing in the beginning and the great sex

lapfer 2015.08.13
This is really good, this and the Eleanor one. Like the animation and the steps you need to take.

Pates41 2015.08.13
Paula :D I love this girl :D

Novvy 2015.08.12
Excellent graphics. Smooth animation, and a slight challenge. I like that.

davecrow 2015.08.11
Definitely agree it needs to be longer. Excellent graphics.

farius 2015.08.10
i loved this game she is really hot

Kidchaos878 2015.08.10
This girl turns me ON! Holy mother!

VerMast 2015.08.09
a little bit short but overall great game

Dragon_K1ng 2015.08.06
Great game, great graphics.

willbear48 2015.08.06
very fun game rather short though.

alienx 2015.08.05
best game with best graphics

alienx 2015.08.05
best graphics ever seen

nicce 2015.08.04
Really nice
easy, good gamplay fantastic graphics
makes fun

TheHardcoreIcon 2015.08.04
First LOP game I ever played, still the best.

adragon707 2015.08.03
Great game, best POV sex scenes of any game I have played on here. Paula is hot as hell and every mans dream as a first date.

foxdirve 2015.08.01
PAULA is awesome fucking girl
i love that pussy

mrnobody 2015.08.01
i dont know how to get the amazing part

guest2976 2015.07.30
fun game, great graphics, controls are just like any other game though

Kira1970 2015.07.30
cool game awesome graphics and great sex scenes
definitely play again

Honolulu69 2015.07.28
Wow, she is really sexy! I like this game!

conank 2015.07.28
this game is amazing. she is so hot u can get much hotter

birthdaysex7 2015.07.27
This game was really sexy. She couldn`t have been any hotter!

ariez 2015.07.26
Great story and the girl was awesome.

akajam 2015.07.25
cant get much hotter than this tooooo hot

Mike82 2015.07.25
Awesome visuals : this girl is terribly hot.

darknot 2015.07.24
Animation is great and graphics are good congratulations to developpers

Triple D 2015.07.23
I wasn`t expecting this game to be so difficult when I saw my first choices, haha.

Is it possible to make her like you so much that you can ask her if she is single (and ask about her family, and try to kiss her) when she`s sitting on the chair?

Captain_Savaho 2015.07.23
Great Graphics and Sound effects, could do with out the music

Supercock 2015.07.22
Awesome hot game, would definitely recommend

anan23 2015.07.22
Great graphics and very good story line

maxandrew 2015.07.22
is there any sequel for this adventure?

SebastianJS 2015.07.22
Excelllent game great graphics good in length details on charaters were awesome and good story. Definitely one of my favorite.

feetpassion1 2015.07.22
Great game... but the footjob scene could be extremely better!

Crocky007 2015.07.20
Excellent game most enjoyable graphics are very good keep up good work

soccerdude24x7 2015.07.20
My favorite game, she is perfect, my dream girl

mykp2009 2015.07.16
took a few tries but well worth it. always going for the ultimate date

jakkiii 2015.07.15
i love these games!! still getting the hang of it but worth the effort!

nfouriezos 2015.07.14
This is a helluva game. Wait until you see the ending - damn. Definitely recommend.

bloodscryans 2015.07.14
Definitely agree it needs to be longer.

Mooseotaur 2015.07.14
graphics are great, but would have enjoyed all the options

hornytom 2015.07.12
good game with good sex scene

10BigDanny01 2015.07.12
Such a fun game, great graphics

minion101 2015.07.11
great game to play
amazing graphic

Kcooper 2015.07.10
good story good quality and amazing gameplay

mendiratta 2015.07.09
what a girl .. superb animation .. thumbs to the developer .. almost real scenario

xXRTXx 2015.07.09
the game is fun and quick. i liked it

kamran_bored 2015.07.08
Fun and quick game, the girl is sexy

nutz104 2015.07.07
a short but sexy game. very hot.

paggaboy 2015.07.06
better than other games

dingoan 2015.07.05
very very very very nice and cool gamed

rt327 2015.07.05
took a few tries got there in the end great game aswell

beetle61904 2015.07.04
It took a few tries but I finally managed to get her undressed and what a great lay she was too!

Hesh Walker 2015.07.04
amazing game the graphic is very cool

sct5220 2015.07.03
great game, amazing graffics!

momoyy 2015.06.30
nice game..great graphic

tututu100 2015.06.30
Great game with very good design!

thijsk747 2015.06.29
Really nice game and girl. She looks amazening

Dumbnugget 2015.06.29
the graphics are amazing and shes a beauty!

Ocean_K 2015.06.29
Really nice game. Great graphics, fun, this is the quality i like to see.

velka_pica 2015.06.27
very good and short game...

BigBoyAdam 2015.06.27
love the graphics and one of the best I`ve played.

tyxle123 2015.06.26
that game was awesome one of the best ones I`ve played

EvilMonkey478 2015.06.24
I really love this game due to its good graphics and erotic story line. 10/10

clandy 2015.06.24
this game is good in grapics but its too easy and predictable

pjbond 2015.06.23
The body graphics on the Paula character are really good! One of my favorites so far!

sebss 2015.06.23
perfect animation, great gameplay just love it

sebss 2015.06.23
great game, really fun to play and excellent graphics.

NePovem 2015.06.22
This is realy nice game ... lovely graphichs & not to easy

adawg037 2015.06.22
Pretty good gameplay slightly challenging

blackopps799 2015.06.21
great graphics and is very hot but anyone could help me get more points in the game

m1sterioso 2015.06.18
one of the best date games of all time. The girl is amazing and the scenes are great

name-123 2015.06.17
the girl in the game is hot

electro1 2015.06.16
Girl is pretty hot good game

kenadams15 2015.06.16
very sexy game. paula is awesome

hian 2015.06.14
Great graphic quality! A great one to pass time.

Dack 2015.06.14
Graphics are good and no lag

Vrba 2015.06.13
great game. awesome graphics

DrLecter 2015.06.13
I love this girl.Dating sim is going well in this game.Awsome hot scenes.I would like more games like this.Animation is pretty good.

Quasta 2015.06.13
Awesome game Paula is very hot worth playing over and over.

bluedevilcindy 2015.06.12
This game is great. Paula is very sexy.

0mnb1 2015.06.12
Wonderful girl, nice game. More of this please

jaypers204 2015.06.10
It may be short but II can play this game again and again

cjhayalebac 2015.06.10
good graphics , and great game but too short :)

tymag 2015.06.09
great graphics, super short though

Dersonrn 2015.06.08
Perfetitas images , the game could be more time consuming and more sixes to appreciate more the beauty of Paula .

stiffmeister234 2015.06.08
i am just in luv with paula, she is smoking sexy, i luv this game like hell

ikke87 2015.06.08
Damn this game is realy hot

ghoul789 2015.06.07
great game good graphics and amazing girl in this one

jem 2015.06.06
Brilliant graphics, wonderful girl. One of the best games..

PassionMadness007 2015.06.06
this game is unique .. and the grapihcs are Great!! I love it!!

12543580 2015.06.03

Diazke 2015.06.03
looks fantastic and its challenging

phins55 2015.06.02
Great graphics and fun to play!

Avrion00 2015.06.02
great game, i like paula, hope there will be more games involving her

tycobrahe 2015.06.01
great game. The anal scene at the end is awesome

Bilingo 2015.06.01
Aweosme graphics, sexy girl, good story, overall a very well polished game.

69devils69 2015.05.31
really nice game with nice graphics and animation.

xPlays 2015.05.30
Awesome game and graphics, i love this game mostly because of this hot girl

BonesMD98 2015.05.30
Not a big challenge, but she was hot, animation was better than average, though not a lot of variety in positions. Multiple endings would have been better.

Petey42 2015.05.30
I enjoyed this very much. Nice to have some games on the very straightforward side.

Model: 10/10
Sex scenes: 8/10, the titfuck and foot job could use some work to make them look better. When she`s riding you, though?? drives it from 6/10 to 8/10, so sexy.
Gameplay: 10/10 again, super simple which is nice sometimes.

merlin789 2015.05.29
great game really love it

loritz 2015.05.29
This was a very nice game to complete thanck you for the game

ltmeth 2015.05.28
awesome game cool graphics

BTForeman33 2015.05.28
100/100 great game I luv her design

SaNPZ 2015.05.26
Awsome graphics good job! :D

jaikumar 2015.05.26
awesome graphics beautiful kelly

wizard2k2 2015.05.25
I love this game...they did a really good job on Paula - absolutely gorgeous...game play is pretty realistic also...my compliments to the authors!

PlayboyBD 2015.05.24
Realistic gameplay!!! Amazing!!!

sooResTricted 2015.05.24
Yess !!!
very good graphic... the sex scenes were soo amazing... and bonus gallery is a total kill

Mmike 2015.05.23
what i game ! now i`m in love with that girl *_*

meeeeeee 2015.05.23
i like how relistic it looks

Dude8919 2015.05.22
This was a really good game

The Butcher 2015.05.22
I love the My Sex Date series, hope they keep making them

r31na 2015.05.21
love the graphic and the game

jake1515 2015.05.21
everything was great, mainly the sex

nnr557 2015.05.21
that was so hot became wet before taking it out of my pants

digital_dave 2015.05.20
Great game. Will definately be playing again. Hope there`s a sequel too...

xarminx7 2015.05.18
AMAZING GAME beautiful girl and sex thatwas great

savagefury 2015.05.18
Excellent quality and graphics. Its a huge plus she`s not a pushover either. Having to work for it made it all the more fun. Keep up the excellent games.

chalupa14 2015.05.17
game and graphics are good.

crazy341 2015.05.17
nice game,
good graphics

merlins 2015.05.17
this is a really good game

bybob30 2015.05.17
Great game, very fun and interesting.

bladesmanlou 2015.05.16
Great game played it many times cannot get the ultimate ending tho will keep trying

luisito93123 2015.05.16
its a great game whit beautiful woman

TopGun1980 2015.05.14
My sexy date paula is a fun game

MrToothman 2015.05.14
paula is amazing and the anal scene is the best

yoyo12345 2015.05.10
great i really enjoyed the game

wabbithunta 2015.05.09
Walkthough for My sex date Paula

Kiss her hand (good)
Kiss her cheek (bad)
Thank her and smile (good)
I do well as a music producer (bad)
Offer her champagne (good)
Ask if she likes strawberries (good)
Offer her seafood (bad)
Gently touch her face (good)
Ask if she is single (bad)
Try to kiss her lips (bad)
Ask what she does for living (good)
Ask her what she likes to do for fun (good)
Ask her about her family (bad)
Invite her onto the sofa (to continue, mood needs to be > 0, mood= the balance - and +, not the score)

Put a hand on her thigh (good)
Touch her face and kiss her (good)
Hold her hands (good)
Look at her boobs (good)
Try to kiss her knee (bad)
Say she looks like a million dollar girl (bad)
Ask her to suck her finger (bad)
Smell her hair (bad)
Ask her if she is ready for more (to continue, mood needs to be > 0)

Kiss her lips (good)
Kiss her knee (bad)

Lick her ear (bad)
Raise her skirt (good) (on her left thigh)

Massage her belly (bad)
Gently touch her thighs (good) (on her left thigh)

Touch her panties under the skirt (bad)
Expose her breast (good) (on her left shoulder)

Suck her nipple (bad)
Spread her legs (good) (bottom of her dress, beetween her legs)

Massage her pussy (bad)
Remove dress from her boobs (good) (on her right shoulder and below)

Remove her dress completely (with mood > 0, mood ! the balance - and +, not the score)

Remove her panties

Ask her to suck your finger (good)
Lick her boobs (good)
Play your finger with her belly button (bad)
Finger her pussy (good)
Ask her to lick your balls (bad)
Ask her for a foot job (good)
Try to put a finger inside her ass (bad)
Ask her if she is ready for more (to continue, mood needs to be > 0)

Ask her for blowjob (select what you want)
Ask her for tit job (select what you want)

Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge)
Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge)

Ask her to cum riding your dick (ok)
Ask her about anal (ok if mood > 10 [very high])

Slow, medium, fast (as long as it fills the gauge).

Not anal:
Cum on her belly
Cum on her face

Say that this night was very special to you (good)
Say that you were pretty awesome tonight (bad)

Say there`s no need for that. you know where she works (bad)
Yes, ask for her number (good)

bigsham 2015.05.08
really nice game pretty hot

anonyme01 2015.05.06
the girl is really hot! Nice game

Vincent711 2015.05.06
this is a good game, keep up the good work!

Sickle 2015.05.06
Good game but short. And the graphics is great.

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.05
One of the better "Date" games. Paula is Hot!! Well done...

nina20122020 2015.05.05
i love this game! love paula, she is so sexy..... gr8 graphics, she reminds me of me..... the sex sceneres are awesome!

eskelet 2015.05.05
this game was awesome and it has great graphics

hopet100 2015.05.03
its got some okay graphics but in terms of story its pretty basic

sexlust 2015.05.01
im a big fan of paula...very nice game

sonymonkey 2015.05.01
She is one of the hottest girls in here, love the anal ending

cxlifornix 2015.04.30
Amazing graphics and Paula is sooooo sexy, great gameplay

AkumaKuroshi 2015.04.29
This is a great game, The graphics are great, but, in my opinion, the animation is lacking.

AlexTheGreat 2015.04.26
Really straight forward.

sak 1092 2015.04.25
nice game and good graphics tooo

tito_tits 2015.04.24
nice game,graphic awesome and great POV

Gorgolock 2015.04.22
Got highest score on first shot, maybe make it bit harder? Well, still great game.

hung_for_69 2015.04.21
great game, loved the graphics...very well made

lionheart151 2015.04.21
the story was well thought out and the graphics were great!

Dragonfang 2015.04.20
Amazing game !!
first time watching(well, playing actually :P) animated stuffs..
never thought sorts of these would make me hard :D

halokiller0 2015.04.20
was awesome. graphics and gameplay were great.

willow12345 2015.04.19
one of the best games ever ....

FUCK13 2015.04.19
Awesome Game Ever,,,You Are Sexy...

john milton 2015.04.19
one of the hottest girls you made guys, i hope to see her again!!!!

LadyNaomi1313 2015.04.18
Amazing game play and graphics

cooltani4u 2015.04.18
Really awesome game which actually makes me high with desire when I play. love to play this game.

leandro1421 2015.04.18
The graphics are amazing and Paula was very sexy...

joeytribb 2015.04.18
i love this game, probably my favorite one on here, sex scenes are very good

jratt235 2015.04.17
great graphics love the game

kokey143 2015.04.17
awesome game great game and pretty and hot girls:)

clashofclans 2015.04.16
the gameplay was really good i enjoy it

Star4599 2015.04.15
This game is amazing, so sexy. Paula is too die for.

CashMorgan 2015.04.14
This is maybe my fav. so far. A really nice game, with a beautiful paula

freedom12321 2015.04.14
this was a really good game

jangjang 2015.04.12
First time in a while that a blonde has got me hot

fergal 2015.04.11
one of the best Ive played, awesome!

Sirskafti 2015.04.10
I liked the detail work on paula good stuff.

Iceflyer75 2015.04.09
I love this game. Paula ist very Hot and the Storry is good. Perfekt Job!

tbailey201 2015.04.09
i enoyed the anal sex scene

tbailey201 2015.04.09
paula boobs are so nice and sexy

tbailey201 2015.04.09
sexy, hot, beautiful, i am drooling over paula

splonky256 2015.04.09
Great game, good graphics and sexy girl!

sexyboi6900 2015.04.09
This game has really good graphics and is really fun

Wahooguy 2015.04.08
The animations is what got me , very hot

overheadavi1234 2015.04.07
The animation of this game was great, although i was stuck on the last decision

XxSexyBunnyxX 2015.04.06
Nice looking game, really liked it

otherguy 2015.04.05
great. easy to get the ending you want

bonesaw 2015.04.05
i`m such a fan of all the games here.

Stilas 2015.04.04
Great game, always a good selection on playforceone

fergal 2015.04.04
great graphics, love the anal!

Astalost 2015.04.04
logical choices, nice girl, still hard to get anal

Oknavy1 2015.04.04
She looks cute. andvery good graphics...

smjack 2015.04.04
Great short, amazing POV scene toward the end.

sale199 2015.04.03
funny game, good, and graphics in it is well done

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Great Graphics!! Abit short though.

kinou21 2015.03.30
OMG really nice game with brilliant graphic and animation.

oldgate 2015.03.30
Love the game, I do love the anal in it more!

punchfacechamps 2015.03.29
Loved this game. Very hot.

Nova91 2015.03.28
Great Game, i had a lot of Fun

johnybullet500 2015.03.27
man this games cool paula is so fucking hot

jjg 2015.03.26
My 1st game! And a pretty gud 1 2

glennisawesome1 2015.03.24
awesome game, it was very entertaining

Sikkor 2015.03.23
Extreamly Realistic the choices help take you where you want to go exellent game overall

thokbar 2015.03.23
A great game.
Girl: 7
Sex: 7
Game: 7

MasterO 2015.03.23
very nice girl,, this so nice game

wamenw 2015.03.23
That one was the best girl. You should use her again.

peakxl 2015.03.23
Short game but amazing girl. Paula is so hot. The bonus pictures are exceptional as well.

henry0909 2015.03.22
really good game . this is one of my favorites now

vex.tesk 2015.03.20
Absolutely amazingly designed game! Love it!

moebus 2015.03.20
good ame, many pocibilities

Jake200329 2015.03.19
best game ever and really nice graphycs

plasmarianor 2015.03.19
I like the games like this, which are easy and linear. For a casual game, I like to be able to get the best ending just playing two or three times.

Great graphics!!!

gekodude100 2015.03.19
This is one of my absolute favorite games from them they do so well with graphics and story lines. though the spelling could be abit better.... but all in all it really is an amazing game!

tk421 2015.03.19
Great graphics and gameplay. A longer version, with more outcomes would be nice.

Kane Ryan 2015.03.18
This kind of game is a first for me but i have to say that I really enjoyed playing. The game play was short but the graphics were excellent.

RalphiusMaximus 2015.03.18
The graphics here are amazing, especially the movement during the action scenes. Very nice interface as well. I just wish it were longer. If we could get a game like this with more girls and more options I think we`d all be pretty thrilled.

M.peterson22 2015.03.17
the gameplay is perfect love the graphics

bjarkeboy33 2015.03.17
great game, playing over and over

rata76ve 2015.03.17
It is a great game, love de graphics! cool!

pulz 2015.03.15
wow! this is something new!

Ellanox 2015.03.14
realy good game quiet long. I am all for it.

tylerfuck 2015.03.13
I love the grafics they are great

um4you 2015.03.13
Paula is a wonderful girl, very pretty and the game is one of the most realistic one.

um4you 2015.03.13
Very good game, but the scenario is short. Lesson of Passion games gets better every time.

Zeblast 2015.03.13
A bit short but great graphics and a beautiful woman!

ZehelX 2015.03.13
As with most of your games, this one got great graphics as well
Must say this is one of my favorite ones out of the dating games.

andhind_arie 2015.03.12
nice graphic... like the women

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12
it need more dates she is awesome but its too short

HemMankad 2015.03.12
awsome grapics best game i played ever

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12

Probably the best virtual date game I`ve ever played. she looked sooo gorgeous!

Jacklither1990 2015.03.12
this game is on my top list

HowWasItTaken 2015.03.10
By far the best of the My sex date series

MountainMan 2015.03.09
Good animation for a pictured girl grafix top notch obviously gameplay is ok too like this one

water000 2015.03.09
Great game, just wish it was longer

gandalftheswaggy 2015.03.08
Well paula is amazing the game is decent too

Shoey 2015.03.08
i like the gameplay and graphics

kalizabri 2015.03.06
i like this game! it makes so much fun

rookiesp 2015.03.06
great game play. myy favouite so far

hornyman3 2015.03.06
the gameplay is amazing throughout this game

GravnHD 2015.03.05
Wow, beautiful girl, good animation, very entertaining. Well done.

j3hj3h 2015.03.03
Very nice game. Would like to see more interactivity with more touching hotspots or mouse movements to increase the bar, but overall this is one of my faves!

melihagaoglu 2015.03.03
I love it :D she is very hot

ltworf1 2015.03.02
The girl is soo hot, gameplay is interesting

IcicleThief 2015.03.01
Awesome game...love enticing her !

TheMole 2015.02.28
Girl: 8
Gameplay: 7
Sex: 7
Overall: 7.5

Hot girl, nice interaction, pretty logical choices, with some wildcards.

lionfool1957 2015.02.28
i love this game. hot girl, beautiful graphics.

flyboy1990 2015.02.28
Awesome!, Great graphics, wish there were more like it.

Cauchpotato 2015.02.27
I like how this game is based on the simple theme of genuine attraction on a date.

Sexwomen99 2015.02.27
i wanna fuck this bith in real!

bigbenn76 2015.02.26
excellent game for the beginner

ewereste 2015.02.26
it was a great game. good quality and good graphics. not very difficult but i like the ending.

holystoner 2015.02.25
good dating sim - realistic responses

asmasb 2015.02.25
One of the best dating game..............

k8den 2015.02.24
this game was confusing at first bet got better after i got her on the couch. how can you get the top score?

AndyGE110 2015.02.23
Decent Game but a little confusing.

Healt 2015.02.22
Paula is so hot!!! I m get all endings

Gamerin4d 2015.02.22
Awesome game, wish more were like it

nobo3000 2015.02.21
was really fun got ultimate date

njames87 2015.02.21
Great game, a little on the short side but the girl makes it all worth while, and very repeatable.

B.L.A.C.K13 2015.02.21
game is a bit short but the girl is by far the hottest yet.

jakey87 2015.02.21
very realistic somewhat logically progression of how an evening will unfold. Use common sense to progress in this game

concon123q 2015.02.20
i love this game It has amazing graphics and features

joe123454321 2015.02.20
That was fucking amazing. I don`t think any other game on this site has made me this horny.

ShitMeister 2015.02.19
Personally, this game is very good and cool. I love it very much and play it once ago. Awesome.

BamaME2016 2015.02.19
Alright. This is one of my favorite games on this site. There, I said it.

xslayermkdx 2015.02.19
nice game nice animations but short game and need more places not only in the house more options

Pyr0mani4c1 2015.02.18
yeah it`s a good game, but it`s awfully short, could do with a little more `action`

inanc 2015.02.18
Awesome game it was pretty entertaining

Assassins1243 2015.02.18
Superb Game
Want To Play Again
Nice Chick
Superb And Nice Game

dzman19 2015.02.17
gotta say didnt expect the game to entertain me this much

Zombi3Slay3r 2015.02.17
again they have made a really well detailed game, really enjoyed this one

gofoso780 2015.02.15
what happens if you dont ask for her number

gofoso780 2015.02.15
Paula is definetely the hottest "my sex date games"

gfg111 2015.02.15
not bad.really great when you get past it.

bigace232 2015.02.15
i could play this game over an over

derpofthegods 2015.02.15
a quality experience, not bad at all

CaptCaveman 2015.02.15
This was fun as well I am adding to favorites

Aeder1234 2015.02.14
A very nice game. A little short. Good graphics.

thirstttt 2015.02.14
No where near long enough

jr5000 2015.02.13
Fun game. Meet up with a girl sexy girl. seduce her and have fun. short fun game.

Sawamura87 2015.02.13
Paula is an amazing girl she is beautiful, animation for the sex scene is good and game play is just enough to get the user entertained.

10cc 2015.02.11
good game with very fun narrative

tnt888 2015.02.09
most beautyfull girl on playforce. and i love the sound

emailgibbo 2015.02.09
Nice game to get into, although a little straight forward

cambridge4453 2015.02.08
Yes its a little short and she`s a little too straightforward, but she is lovely and so are the graphics

GJaxx 2015.02.07
Great graphics but could do with more of a challenge.

Madgamers 2015.02.07
i would like to play such erotic games

Mrbigstuph69 2015.02.06
This was my first time playing a sex game, loved every minute of it.

bian22 2015.02.06
I love this game.I think that it`s one of best

bobovindo 2015.02.06
its like a real sex date :)

spero17 2015.02.04
Execellent game ... would love to play games more like this

cram98 2015.02.04
Great game! I would like to see a premium game with Paula!

everlast1996 2015.02.04
by far my favorite game so far, currently only game i got ultimate date on, but hoping to get it more on others as weel. great job to whoever made this game!

Alkaid 2015.02.04
Definitely worth a look. It tries so hard and succeeds in animation.

pornbear 2015.02.03
hottest girl ever, superb grahpics

frednight84 2015.02.03
Very good content I enjoyed this game a lot. very good.

Drlove92 2015.02.03
Intriguing game with lots of endings and great graphics over all really great

TerastiosNL 2015.02.02
Extremely good work on the graphics on this one

Johnny195 2015.02.02
that is a good game with a great graphic

bendoverpon3 2015.02.01
amazing game it is a little short

CowKilla 2015.02.01
Awesome game, reccomend. Probably a 7/10. Nice looking models and animations

jafferris 2015.01.29
Awesome games.Would recommend to any horny guys.

tyr70 2015.01.29
really good game, nice graphics, could hardly believe that detvar animation, super well made

Rinvata 2015.01.28
such a hot girl and great sedcution scenes. REalistic :)

hb95 2015.01.27
to bad the sex games are so short, other than that great game!!!

hardon69 2015.01.27
the sex date games are definitely my favorite!

TheRealMachine 2015.01.26
Gorgeous girl and easily played, this game is real nice !

WARMCOUNCIL 2015.01.26
Great game, although it was a bit short. Prefer a bit more depth.

SmiLego 2015.01.26
Very enjoyable, could use for more option during the "spot" phase of the game tho.

tjsj 2015.01.23
graphic is great the girl is sexy and beautiful..

jabbyxd 2015.01.23
wow great game, very good graphics and gameplay. i like this a lot.

xslayermkdx 2015.01.22
nice girl nice graphic but very easy very short needs more scenes more places more characters longer story

adityabh21 2015.01.21
wiah my dream girl would be as horny

vinevide 2015.01.21
I feel like there are hotter dates, scenarios and even characters, but this is the best animation and hottest overall looking date on the site. Agree?

valumiere88 2015.01.20
Good graphics and pleasurable dating sim. Keep up the good work!

kdr198 2015.01.20
Great game with excellent sex scenes....if you can get that far. Paula needs to be in another game.

kazkum 2015.01.20
Enjoyable and fun, really good looking game.

corellus 2015.01.20
really good game could maybe do with a couple more options near the end

spotdon1 2015.01.19
this is a fun game and i think that they should add an extra girl

gunnerboss 2015.01.19
Great game for beginners and the animation works fine.

kennydied 2015.01.19
The graphics are a lot better than most games i have seen

littlefox1234 2015.01.18
Great game, awesome graphics

pieffepi 2015.01.18
The best graphics I have seen so far, very realistic and very enjoyable. I hope there is more to come in this area. She is also extremely beautiful. Great job

ftw44052 2015.01.18
very easy game to get to the end of

daddiestickem 2015.01.15
this game really trains you to really get laid, im pretty good at that but what more do you need than a tutorial!!!!!!! EXCELLENT

cdude1994 2015.01.15
I absolutely loved the game! The final comment "It`s not enough, scotty I need more power" cracked me up XD

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