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My sex date: EMILY


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RegisNex346 2017.09.02
No matter how much i play this game, i really like the story.

miningcreeper24 2017.08.27
love the game hope ypu guys make more with goth gir`s theyre sooooo hotrn

dastan25 2017.08.16
great game but difficult to get the nice endings and Graphics are awesome.

Dhil 2017.07.29
that was so hot game i wish i have therern

IchFindeZuegeCool 2017.07.24
Classic bad girl story, alot of endings but a little bit to much minigames. Still i would like to see more games with her.

Bw86bw86 2017.06.06
Good concept - good girl/bad girl. Model needs improved. Story a little too easy to get to bad girl.

Bw86bw86 2017.06.06
Good graphics and interactive portions. Very hot model.

sharkthc 2017.03.28
could be better with some videos, but, i like the game

IAmGreat159 2017.03.13
This is one of my favourite games on this

Lucifer1815 2017.02.26
Amazing graphics and story line, absolutely loved it.


gdlevy 2017.02.08
Emily is the hottest girl in any game

LiamKaptein 2017.01.27
i totally love this game plus it was so realistic

turner16 2017.01.20
really realistic perfect girl good job

gdlevy 2017.01.12
Loved the shaving scene. I like em smooth

dbe77 2017.01.04
Gameplay is simple but the animation is really great

Applepie7000 2016.11.05
Best game to me, even though it`s super simple. Love the girl, she is my favorite on the whole site!

Jarzki 2016.11.04
Oooooo really liked this one, nice graphics and likable characters.

Tarz 2016.10.09
not so erotic like the others, but still ok

kaftos 2016.09.29
The girl is hot but the game is very boring

KiddyG 2016.09.01
every time i do the tequila part, she leaves. any1 got guide or somethin?

xVeNNoMx 2016.08.10
Nice, very nice, God I love Sexy little redhead nerds.

blob1001 2016.07.27
great graphics, such a good game

Punkette47 2016.07.10
Best story of any of the Sex Date games by far, I remember this one being the first one I played a few years back. The graphics are stellar, I love the whole goth look she has going on, and the romance is honestly a bit nice, not that I don`t enjoy the dirtier ones too.

KEV_in 2016.06.15
Better than i expected it to be. Like it, good graphic and gameplay was easy.

divineunity 2016.05.31
Emily is SO fuckin hot :D
It would give 100% rating but... i wanted a good loop sex scene to jerk off with her... but the game kept you too busy instead :P

yolt 2016.03.27
I love emilys character and i love the animations too!

xyarizx 2016.03.24
very,hot but too short. more of these games pls

utakbakal 2016.02.03
Good game but loading every restart, should be one loading only.

mightypussy1 2015.12.13
So good keep up the good work guys

mightypussy1 2015.12.13
One of the best games i played so far

obito uchiha 2015.12.08
awesome graphics i loved it please continue the good work

Seerch 2015.12.04
Excellent game, I did enjoy every moment and the graphics is awesome!!!

Bullseye1 2015.11.27
I really enjoyed this game.

adiiancu 2015.11.20
Amazing graphics. And the girl is really hot. Maybe an option for anal sex would be nice also.

dgkesquire 2015.11.08
One of my favorite LoP games: gorgeous graphics, interesting character interplay, and sexy as all get out.

wu20902 2015.11.05
Another solid game in the line of "Sex Dates"... this one was a bit too long for my liking, though. It may have been some of the movements being slightly repetitive. Still great graphics as usual and an interesting personality to boot!

sohailanjiao 2015.10.31
hot game but im stuck at the tequila section

pittacus 2015.09.27
great game, well animated

DESOUSA 2015.09.04
Very good game, a nice story .

simonking23 2015.09.01
brilliant game perfect girl perfect story

bluedevilcindy 2015.08.14
This is a great game and Emily is a hot sexy girl.

ronit5 2015.07.09
i absolutely love this game :)

NerdRopeDelta 2015.07.06
This game is awesome, really fun might play it again for another ending

bado23 2015.07.02
i like this story but my favourite is Gina.

Kurakoi 2015.05.30
Damn, this is a BRILLIANT game!

pornman6969 2015.05.20
kinda confusing. it is hard to figure out what she wants

luisito93123 2015.05.16
sexy game and the rallyty

john milton 2015.04.19
quite a nice game, it`s always curious to see a virgin, and it`s a plesure to see that emily is such a beautiful one!

Star4599 2015.04.15
Amazing Game! Fell in love with the girl and the nerdy outside and then the more sexual inside just makes you want to do more.

iamcool121 2015.03.25
i lose at the first time

babynicky007 2015.03.19
really great game I totally had

Zeblast 2015.03.16
Very good game, a nice story and simple to act

JoeDirt69 2015.02.28
This one is pretty hard to do.

buuhuu 2015.02.25
There should be more games like this!

B.L.A.C.K13 2015.02.22
love theses games. one of the best around

devildave 2015.02.13
great game Emily is really hot the graphics was great

leonidasb 2015.02.04
Great game, emily is really hot!!

DavideG 2015.01.29
Sexy girl, great graphics, and amazing scenes :)

Sportkissen 2015.01.20
another little game i really like.
nice teenage love story.

Bananamate 2015.01.10
This game was so hot, and was well made

ninja_dan 2015.01.06
Great gameplay and great graphics, I look forward to more games like this.

Iva_bigun_12 2015.01.01
Awesome game, great graphics, hot girl

hamada1234 2014.12.29
exciting ,addictive and it just keeps grabbing my attention it is all I could think of

johnsam 2014.12.06
wow haha really cool game i love it so much great graphic

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.05
I like this game because excellent graphics and smooth interactions

MikeThomas 2014.11.26
I always like this kind of game~

Petri33 2014.11.15
I think this is cool game, but not test yet :D

hornyguy1234 2014.11.02
I absolutely love the graphics

warebear 2014.10.22
it was a great game with interesting graphics and a great ending no matter what choice

Glde8er77 2014.10.15
another good game, could have better graphics, But i do play it a lot.

Inanna33 2014.10.06
I`ve played at least three times and ending 6 is my fave so far, it made me think of my first time and true love and I never thought a erotic online game could make me bust into tears but the beautiful love Emily and Brian had is wonderful and so hard to find. There have been a lot of comments about the "shaving" scene in particular that I wanted to share my thoughts about and why I think they put it in the story line. In so many words, when you love someone truly and whole heartedly there is nothing you won`t do for them, including helping them with personal hygiene, feeding , and shaving.

cinder94 2014.10.04
one of my favorite game. best girl ever

cinder94 2014.10.04
awesome game. i wish there will another game like this !

LMdealer 2014.09.27
This game was nice, had to restart few times before I got it

Justin Barriga 2014.09.26
one of my favorite games to play over and over again

Dstroke13 2014.09.23
great graphics beutiful woman and good art

PikaFiend 2014.09.21
This is always a fun game for me to return to.

Futuros 2014.09.15
I thought this game was very interesting with a lot of subplots.

pieffepi 2014.09.14
Amazing game, really. Great sex scenes, with lots of choices, and the shaving and pictures bit were just over the top. Love it! I hope to see more like this

Crywill 2014.08.31
Not thhe best storyline. But the Graphics and the girl is amaazing

jeremylemings 2014.08.31
emily is hot as hell, new fav. 9/10

samon 2014.08.16
i can`t believe it.... that`s the ending... wow sexy game

Josh Q 2014.08.16
This is one of my favourite games!! Endings are nice and I love the virgin aspect. Hope to see more like this.

jenggotapi 2014.08.15
this would be a great game, love this girl

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
This game is hot. I would like to see more like it. The graphics are excellent. The action is sexy.

Prowizzles 2014.08.11
wow this girl has the most gorgeous body ever

cottencandy 2014.08.11
i love this game its so hot, im on it all the time

pseeker1234 2014.08.10
one of the best. Emily is smokin hot, much better then Megan. always like watching shaving.

PoissoningMan 2014.08.08
Interesting.... reminding me a few moments .... of the past

Freak1334 2014.08.05
Emily is hot as hell. wish there was sound and a few more options. More games like this please.

judedski 2014.08.02
yeah nice game, emily is so freaking hot dude!!

Mr.Black24 2014.07.30
great graphics love the game

banduga 2014.07.29
Wow !! Pretty simple game, but overall sensitivity and sexy scenes, mega exciting. Interesting story with impressive episodes. Wow again!

ps very sexy girl

beye 2014.07.28
i want date with emily :D

Tranosaurus 2014.07.19
All of these PF1 games are great!

pandaking 2014.07.18
this game has some of the better graphics that i have seen in these kind of games. im impressed.

butch84 2014.07.18
Great game awesome endings.

messi neymar 2014.07.15
very fun game. Enjoyed it alot.

bitz94 2014.07.12
Just loved it a lot. Superb graphics, the story is nice too.

Ebile123 2014.07.11
Perfect game. She is sexy as hell. I love the way she acts aswell.

jppjh420 2014.06.20
Beginning was a bit annoying, after that good length. Get through the first part and you`ll have plenty of fun with her.

Reaper846 2014.06.19
This game is amazing get stuck on some parts but overall Amazing!!

adragon707 2014.06.17
Another great game, I had a ton of fun & the girl is smoking hot.

makila94 2014.06.16
great game, good graphics, and cool characters

jassy 2014.06.15
this game is the bomb, and emily is really sexy

beralt 2014.06.10
good game waiting for next one

randy06 2014.06.09
emily yes sexy girl and great story line and yes done it all to her do it again and again

apolo_dantes_jr 2014.06.05
emily is hot totally flawless game y`all

CrisR7C 2014.05.29
This games is really good

TaiSorrow 2014.05.25
This girls blows my mind. Would love to see some more stuff with her or other models similar.

grimsigh17 2014.05.16
nice game,, an audio would put this game into perfection.

sarutabubanget 2014.05.13
nice graphic and great gameplay

Malia635 2014.04.30
Nice graphics beautiful breasts also

slipknotfcker 2014.04.28
it was an ok game kinda hard trying to get in her pants though lol....

zahratustra 2014.04.21
Nice game. Emily is another of my favorite characters and this is a game I`m coming back to over and over again :)

DHF 2014.04.13
such wow! many wood! such sexy!

Leonidas22 2014.04.12
it didn`t load the first time

Amincoy 2014.03.29
Emily is great, and simple story line gets you riveted and makes you try some variations.. there are 8 endings total

sxyboy 2014.03.28
thanks for the help to complete this game

McCumm 2014.03.22
Really Fun game except for the begging

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
vote 95, graphic,animation,model, story, i like that put i favorite to eventual replay

nomzamo100 2014.03.11
emily is hot totally flawless game y`all

63ted 2014.03.11
Enjoy game, graphics and different endings.

sexyboy921 2014.03.04
Really good game excellent graphics another great one from Lesson of Passion

Baronen26 2014.03.04
Small talk :
- But you defended me so chivalrously...
- About that CD you lent me... "Eyes Set To Kill"
- I need to ask - why the pink glasses?

Gossips about friends :
- I saw you talking with Ted, yesterday.
- It looks like Angelica and Mr.Steve... You know
- Why did you break things up with what`s his name?

About Emily :
- So... Nice tatoos, by the way
- Always the perfect student... How Do you do it?

About date :
- Emily, you can`t just give up on men!
- *Stare deeply into her eyes*

Ask her for a date

Buy item :
- Spiked Wrist Band 30$
- Blindfold 70$

Hmm, I could get used to this

That you are not who you pretend to be
Smart, sexy, sensitive, I could go on
I don`t know, I just feel that we... connect

Give Spiked Wrist Band to Emily

Touch her legs

Kiss her

Remove her shirt

Lick a salt
Drink a tequila
Bite a lemon

Squeeze the lemon on her breasts

Let her pick it up

Touch her boobs

Touch her there

Move your hand there

Give her a blindfold

Kiss shoulder

Kiss belly

Kiss her just above the skirt

Lower her skirt

Remove panties

Remove your pants

Ask her gently to suck you off

Remove your dick from Emily`s mouth

On her face

1 stop at the start
2 stop at her home
3 touch her boobs
4 screw up with the tequila
5 dont take the cock out her mouth and then select leave
6 cum inside the condom
7 cum on her boobs
8 cum in her face

Rindevar 2014.03.03
Great single pair game: well it`s a date game. Emily is great, and simple story line gets you riveted and makes you try some variations.. there are 8 endings total..

kanpur 2014.02.24
babaji ka thullu..........

SexyBeast5000 2014.02.08
amazing graphics - emily is super hot and some great scenes in their. Overall an amazngly sexy game

Davidgustave 2014.02.05
Great game love all the ending i have seen so far

cloudleonheart 2014.01.27
its so great and emily is so hot idplay this one again and again

leafs23 2014.01.16
i really do like the graphics, on a side note boner alert lol

mj1974 2014.01.09
I enjoyed. This game its chalanging

HKPOPO 2014.01.06
Nice game and great graphics

LucianxXx 2013.12.26
by far my favorite game. her character is so complex it makes it seem real. graphics great as always 10/10

akshit11 2013.12.23
awsome graphics awsome game

gabby04 2013.12.20
The game was so cool !! though i tried to play it more than once to get my kind of ending :)

DaltonWood23 2013.12.15
This is a great game. I like it.

Serenity67 2013.12.13
İ liked it one of my fav

pristine13 2013.12.12
i like the game it was a good date an tha gameplay was good an da graphic

pristine13 2013.12.12
This game is so awesome so sexy

pristine13 2013.12.12
I love love love love love love this game

Mentra 2013.12.11
Awsome Game That Are Super Fun 2 Play :D

partyfox 2013.12.05
it was great the way you have to earn her I love it

TakeshiKawa 2013.11.21
Good story and great character designs. As if a girl like this is mine....... >_

taranze 2013.11.10
if only some of these girls were real?

mjs24790 2013.11.10
love the graphics and characters

onlyme555 2013.11.04
i love this game i will play it until i find all the endings

JoMan248 2013.11.03
Good game. Awesome graphics and hot babe.

Makis4 2013.11.01
good storyline, loved all endings, wish it was longer. hot girls:

puterealuira 2013.10.27
Pretty damn hot girl, nice game

tintin2013 2013.10.26
amazing graphics, sexy girl, but felt was too long, the shaving and pictures part was unnecessary

Steel24 2013.10.26
Great story lines and graphic

hornymike 2013.10.16
awesome game..like the storyline ad graphics

RELLI-RELL 2013.10.12
if emily was real wooooo i would have u know what the shit out of her

waldemar_r 2013.10.08
nice girl, hot game, i like it

Soraboq1234 2013.09.27
This game is so realistic that I feel like I`m fucking her.

kush97 2013.09.25
its a very good game . I like it

joliki 2013.09.24
it is an interesting game and funny

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

DannyXXXX 2013.09.18
It`s too hard for me haha

omarsalem 2013.09.16
good game, would have loved it to be longer.

luke44 2013.09.15
good game, good graphics, too short

ravensmoon666 2013.09.14
A very good game, the graphics where amazing. Plus the story was great. The only part I didn`t like that much was the shaving part. To me it wasn`t nesscesary but great game non the less.

oldfart40871 2013.09.12
I loved this game keep up the good work

eaa 2013.09.10
good idea with the schoolgirl

thelonelyone 2013.09.10
as soon as i get it going it stops

troller 2013.09.02
this game isnt as good as the megan one. in my opinion

bo1234 2013.08.24
great game graphics are great

IHeartTitties 2013.08.24
Once again these games continue to amaze me!

kanodaniel 2013.08.20
great game not so hard nice endings

mcmuffin111 2013.08.18
Damn, I wish I had Emily in my room

jeffreysan 2013.08.15
Fun game! Great design and graphics!

Sam2013 2013.08.06
Good story, great graphics, naughty schoolgirl, shame about the shaving, prefer hairy girls

Badvoc 2013.08.04
needs too be a bit bigger, going out the house for example just to prolong the game

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
Nice Game....I liked it...I love Emily...fantastic graphics

ad1021 2013.07.30
one of my favourite games on this site
awesome graphics

aleg 2013.07.29
great game nice graphics and good idea with the schoolgirl

max369 2013.07.26
this game is really fun

Feblih 2013.07.18
This Emily is so great, good game!

KissMePlease 2013.07.12
Verry well done gme I love it!

marck4 2013.07.09
Good fun! Check out the other sex date games.

arrro2013 2013.07.01
Made it as far as the shaving... didn`t really work. Sort of bugged.

razor26 2013.06.29
i love how to play this, awesome !
lol ...

sexxxmachine 2013.06.28
very sexy hot emily great graphics

kaine1198 2013.06.26
I always love lesson of passion games

Elaith 2013.06.26
Emily is awesome ! Excellent character for a nice game

Asherash 2013.06.25
really great game and graphics 10/10

RyanY 2013.06.23
love this game it is great grapics

last82 2013.06.20
This is a really great game

DeadSnake91 2013.06.20
Man this is one of the best games on the site! Nice challenge and very sexy!

ne0365 2013.06.15
Takes abit to find your mojo but nice visuals after that

DarKzWhite 2013.06.15
Wow..This game makes me very passionate.

jopstar3382 2013.06.15
what do you need to do when youre at the shavings part??

linoc14 2013.06.14
wow that gril was verry hot

dback1030 2013.06.14
Good graphics. Nice character development. Even though the story is fairly short, it`s interesting.

Goraxus 2013.06.14
I love this one, my favorite!!! nice story and nice girl !

shafadXD 2013.06.04
i spend 2 hours to reveal all the endings off the game and loved them all
but most of all loved how they make emily she so sexy man

luiskong7 2013.06.04
please help me. im stuck at the shaving part.

luiskong7 2013.06.04
can somebody please help me?im stuck at the tequila part.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

typpopwp 2013.06.01
this is a wonderful game

bigcock39 2013.05.30
i like emily..she really hot!! good game

reaper1762 2013.05.30
sexy and vibrantly brilliant

LIVIU85 2013.05.29
i like this game...i love how he cums!

smbotimer 2013.05.27
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

pottyoy 2013.05.26
very cool game with great graphics

sexypalomaqui 2013.05.23
wow i simply love this game, but it is a little hard on my opinion, great graphics!!!!

freaky220 2013.05.21
game is smoking hot lots of fun

timeline 2013.05.19
Emily is very hot, great game going to play again

reerwer 2013.05.09
great game the girl is really hot

shakti123 2013.05.06
this game is a bit boring but awesome i love it

bionu.org 2013.05.06
the best girl in all site. i want she is real

kohtet 2013.05.04
works perfectly. great game!

ts0001 2013.05.04
the best game I ever played

sexybabe12345 2013.04.28
i really love these kinds of games really cool graphics

HypnosCZ 2013.04.27
Really nice game.! :) That Emily is hot.! :D

rocker271991 2013.04.27
wow she was hot great experience buy lipstic and paint her then shave her

gwazz 2013.04.27
great game she is soo sexy

ash3562 2013.04.25
great graphics and everything a good game must have form girls to sex

xxDAxFREEKxx 2013.04.25
Dang, the developers of this game sure know how to make a hot girl.

cowgurlup1 2013.04.21
Love this game! Would love to see more like it.

Altones 2013.04.12
Great game, awesome graphics,loved it

SecretDdi 2013.04.07
Thanks for the tips guys!

CuntLicker 2013.04.05
Good game. And thanks for the tips.

mdv89 2013.03.29
i cant get past the first part of this game

ymailsuresh 2013.03.29
this game resembles my high school days

mister niceguy 2013.03.27
great game with nice graphics and gameplay

silver wing 2013.03.25
One of my favorite games

thatguy31 2013.03.24
game a bit slow and seemed to complex really.

dcarter25520 2013.03.23
great game awesome graphics

Sir_Loins 2013.03.23
Nope but if you take her panties off they should stay off LOL other then that great game.

Atrajs 2013.03.22
great grafik nice charakters and good story

ovy_25 2013.03.22
It is one of the best games, vrerry nice graphic and best animation.

SwaggerRabbit 2013.03.22
great game with good graphics, animations still have room for improvement though

Jayne 2013.03.19
great storyline, wish you guys would make another or another or the beach making part 2

SVC 2013.03.17
really good game cant wait for more like this

SVC 2013.03.17
One of the best put together games on here! well done!

SVC 2013.03.17
What an awesome game!! Great graphics too!

SVC 2013.03.17
Nice game, great girl. I just love the "naughty schoolgirl"-theme!

SVC 2013.03.17
It`s ok.... Works perfectly

adventurer 2013.03.16
woow emily has the body of...

JD1234 2013.03.16
works great, awesome game

Glsgwmle69 2013.03.15
well its my first game since siging up and hope they are all as hot as this one ...look forward to playing them all

Stallion999 2013.03.07
One of my favorite games :)

doming 2013.03.06
i think this fast game,but!!!

corzande 2013.03.04
Incredible. This is so far my favorite game on here.

Sir_Loins 2013.03.02
Very Nicely done enough pitfalls to make it fun to play

charliejohnson 2013.02.28
incredibl;el! this was a 10/10!

DEMONKING712 2013.02.27
Fantasitic game! Emily is so hot

jim4colt45 2013.02.26
this game is awsome i just wish there was more interaction.

loki73 2013.02.22
this one was a very good story. interesting and sexy

ddking 2013.02.22
nice one it take me long to finish but it was tooo goood

Superlars 2013.02.22
One of the best games here with a gorgeous Emily, great story and graphics. I loved the shaving scene, but it could be more interactive (e.g. only partial shaving).
One small bug found: After Emily and Brian kiss, Emily says something and then Brian replies, but it is showing Emily`s name on top as if she is saying it.

jerkyman 2013.02.22
love it. haven`t beaten it yet.... can`t get past the tequila part.

shivers1 2013.02.21
birilient game i loved it

Django13 2013.02.19
the game is not loading for me :(

luckydrum 2013.02.19
I did love very much this game: really hot

brad.m7 2013.02.19
Awesome game, love the graphics.

sexyguy46 2013.02.19
Very hot and stimulating game. (;

awesome112233 2013.02.18
birilient game i loved it

dreanged jarhead 2013.02.16
This game is great I wish that i could be that guy

Docklander 2013.02.16
Nice one! Good graphics and fun gameplay

Englebert 2013.02.16
Great game but I prefer the sex date with megan

Ginji 2013.02.15
This games graphics is so cool

Eveylulu 2013.02.15
I love this game! Emily is just so sexy and smart, but humble, and modest!

madaugust 2013.02.14
emily is one of my favorite

madaugust 2013.02.14
i would tell you thin a cassy game

Steve41982 2013.02.14
This game has great graphics.

jojofresh11 2013.02.12
what item do i need to buy

snowmobiler132 2013.02.12
great game play and animation

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
one of the better LoP games, would have liked an anal ending

would have been interesting to have mom come home or friend come over

jucaralho 2013.02.08
WOW. graphics are getting so good for these games. Loved all the scenes. I`mma play again

FendarPlus 2013.02.07
Naughty virgin Emilly so nice.

a715jjr5 2013.02.07
very enjoyable -- liked all the graphics and she is HOT!!!

milany 2013.02.06
funny story and awesome girl. i really like this one.

jim101 2013.02.05
These games are really awesome!

Tomo2401 2013.02.04
I loved it, and graphics are amazing

kelbehrhous 2013.02.03
at the end i was blowing hard
love this game, love you emily

Dreus 2013.02.01
Great Game! Not do simple, but quite interesting!

bmanjayhawk 2013.02.01
Short and sweet. Messed up but will have to keep playing and try to get it without the walkthrough.

Tobie 2013.01.27
great story line good graphics

suzhaku88 2013.01.25
this is a great game, but it kinda sucks that only your last move matters...it all depends on whether you cum in her face, on her boobs or inside her...this is the same for some other games like the detective games...I much prefer the Date with Megan so far, because there were more different layouts to the game play

Gordn3 2013.01.24
Great graphics , good storyline great game.

jlm1410 2013.01.24
omg why cant my girl be like this

pepsiorange 2013.01.22
Great graphics as usual and great length to the game with so many different endings.

hcsvj 2013.01.21
good graphics and i loved the gameplay, haven`t seen all endings though.

swaggtony 2013.01.20
anyone else just got a blank white screen?

big99999 2013.01.18
Really good game, long with great graphics.

egane 2013.01.18
weri interesant
and i like the grafik

CB54 2013.01.14
Awesome; absolutely the best. Fantastic model, great graphics, fabulous sex.

bobberbob 2013.01.09
hard at first but worth it in the end:)

sex seven 2013.01.08
Awesome graphics and I like story too. More these :)

kotokkotok 2013.01.06
i love this game, it is hard at first, but it is a great game

one2punch 2013.01.06
good game had fun with it

ghostzero802 2013.01.05
great game the walkthroughs really help but overall very fun :D

forrest 2013.01.03
great fun and very hot would recomend

johnford79 2013.01.03
Amazing game, absolutely brilliant

codytall 2013.01.03
I love this game fun and cool

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.02
great game... i liked very much...

Kain666 2013.01.02
Just a great Game and she is so sweet.

fuckthirsty 2012.12.31
nice game itts hard to ger her to fuck tou though graphics are great

veleno72 2012.12.30
Very great game, for graphics and gameplay too!

wsy19770727 2012.12.30
i don`t know what`s happened

dristin 2012.12.29
fun game. it is in my top 10

dragoon1976 2012.12.29
this game is cool and the girl is hot

SCP173 2012.12.28
Possibly my favorite game, very enjoyable.

Anotherone 2012.12.25
Great game.the girl is very beautiful

Prince Heart 2012.12.24
Nice game, Nice Graphics, Wish we had sound :p

jd2344 2012.12.24
great graphics and an overall great game

ayesha 2012.12.23
what a beautiful game amazing

thecocker 2012.12.19
to easy, it`s a good game with nice pictures

Dennis400 2012.12.17
Great graphics I`ll play again tommorow.

Elijah48 2012.12.17
Make sure to get everything right or your game will end immediately...

mattchew1224 2012.12.15
wow this game is great and i love the graphics

alvin510 2012.12.14
so fun with this game :D with best graphic

Decardo 2012.12.13
one of the best ones in the series!

rikufang 2012.12.13
my favorite lesson of passion so far i love the story and the graphics 9.5/10!

Mr. Magic 2012.12.12
This was a good time. Emily was hot, but Megan is more my style.

tay688 2012.12.11
i love this game so much!!!! its amazing

zzwarrior 2012.12.10
great game i love to play it over n over again

REYNALDO 2012.12.09
thi`s is the best game I NEVER playet

ck-pasta 2012.12.08
Good game, I honestly enjoyed it very much.

ivcosic3 2012.12.08
Enjoy playing this game over and over again..

mrguy 2012.12.07
The best part of this game had to be the disembodied voice in your head, just made the game in my mind

jay09 2012.12.07
Great! One of THE BEST GAMES!

rexxxxx 2012.12.05
so very sexy i loved it so much

Xoxol 2012.12.04
Great game, very long and have an awesome girl.

ben77 2012.12.02
hot. hot. hot. she is an angel

fuckmania69 2012.12.02
Great game awsome graphics and emily is georgeous

huligin1313 2012.11.30
Loved this game. This girl is amazing. Wish it was longer.

qwerty135 2012.11.29
WOW. graphics are getting so good for these games. Loved all the scenes. I`mma play again

Blesshand 2012.11.26
Really a good one. Gotta love the graphic as it is so amazing.

alexireaper 2012.11.26
also one of my favorite. so realistic.

shivers1 2012.11.26
that was a good game definatly going to check out more of those!

Xanderheart 2012.11.25
Really really hot woman, hope to see more games as good as this one

kireidreamer 2012.11.25
With each of these games I try, I`m loving the Lesson of Passion games. They have great stories, graphics, and the action and consequences are awesome.

Act132 2012.11.24
a very fun game that take away that time

blade123 2012.11.24
Great game - great women ;)

supper 2012.11.23
beautiful graphics, the girl in this one is so sexy

xxxextreme 2012.11.22
the game has good graphic.

jack955 2012.11.22
best game ever! need a new game with emily!

nixo 2012.11.21
Please make more of these games!

zach101 2012.11.19
emily is so hot, next game now!

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


dgkesquire 2012.11.19
One of my new faves! Great gameplay, gorgeous graphics, realistic characterization, and excellent animation (sometimes less is more).

bobtotempole 2012.11.17
I love the game. Emily is so hot

sargasm21 2012.11.17
Once you figure out the tequila, pretty fun, and hot!

piyush111 2012.11.16
heartening ,straigh forward game

allcaps8 2012.11.16
This is a great game but i need my own emily anyone interested?

lockwood1 2012.11.15
Out of all the games I have played so far I have liked this one the best. Lots of options with nice animation and Emily looks super sexy, definitely need more games with her in them.

112321qweasd 2012.11.14
good game the grapics are pretty good

dgkesquire 2012.11.13
One of LOP`s best games, in my opinion. Love the game play options and the graphics. Plus, Emily reminds me of Shannen Doherty (whom I`ve long had a crush on).

bmdiggy 2012.11.12
fun game i liked the graphics and the style was cool

fuckmanz 2012.11.12
this game is nice and very virtual did anyone get into the bathroom?

heehee69 2012.11.12
one of the best games ive ever played
it has great graphics and animation and emily is hott

stiw 2012.11.12
Graphics and gameplay are awesome

hitsushi 2012.11.11
Wahahaha.. Nice game.. :D

labmunky 2012.11.11
Great game, like the story and graphics. another great LoP game

bobbybluefire 2012.11.10
great game enjoy the young couple

JoMan248 2012.11.09
fun game i liked the graphics and the style was cool

C.C. 2012.11.09
Always a good game. Always look forward to more. More Kelly!

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Amazing game. Emily is super hot heh. Nice progression, some freedom and the rewards are greaat.

smiley19 2012.11.08
I can`t pass that game help me

RawrQC 2012.11.07
Pretty good game as far as I`m concerned.

takeit2themaxxx 2012.11.06
Favorite game on this site!

grandhammer 2012.11.06
Great game. One of my favorites

nikolica 2012.11.05
Werry nice game and hers school uniform at the begining was so sexy

Kristal 2012.11.04
Truly a well made game. Graphics and gameplay are awesome.

hunterbonx 2012.11.04
a fun game and the girl was hot but not worth getting all the different endings

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.04
A little Humor and very desirable girl!! great game

champ2 2012.11.04
amazing graphics with cool pics

champ2 2012.11.04
amazing graphics and cool animations

HeartcoreRemo 2012.11.03
First game I played on this site, tons of fun and really well made, got me hooked

driver88 2012.11.03
Great graphics and it worked without problems.

derajkceb 2012.11.03
a good game but its hard it took me three tries to win

khelly 2012.11.02
its so hot...im on fire..

Powerhouse 2012.11.02
Wow she is so incredible hot! This is a keeper!

BlightHope 2012.11.01
Awesome game girl is awesome

MISSpASSion 2012.10.31
i will admit the game got me a few times, overall love the graphics & how the story goes.

Joe1288 2012.10.31
I really liked the girl in this one, is she in any other game`s? If not she should be. :)

Jim1973 2012.10.31
Apparently complimenting the game is considered an incorrect comment...

twilight14 2012.10.30
I love the Graphics! The choices are amazing.

jakster 2012.10.30
dificult game, but worth it at the end

carlo4285 2012.10.30
excellent game pls create more games like this and great graphics

4sm0d34n 2012.10.30
fun game to play, only saw a couple endings, will have to play more to see the other endings.

hangem 2012.10.29
excellent game and not rushed story line,great graphics keep it up :)

Seralinda 2012.10.29
Emily is so HOT!!! I want to put a dildo between her and me!!

Ceaxy 2012.10.29
good game...nice graphics

NK240 2012.10.28
Good graphic, cool story, cute girl

oranjeboven 2012.10.28
She´s sexy as hell.
The movements could be more subtile but apart from that,GREAT!

roughrider 2012.10.27
nice graphics and good game but i would have wanted anal

freak3425 2012.10.25
Emily is freaking hot, wish there was an anal option though.

MB78 2012.10.24
this game is kind of difficult, were you try to answer something but you cant answer anything right.

dieguit0000 2012.10.24
it`s a great game, very hot

ColtEhr 2012.10.24
Great game one of the hottest girls. Loved it

djsquad 2012.10.23
more of these games pls, really nice work

hanibal194 2012.10.23
i reaaly do love this game enjoy it

razvan 2012.10.22
y love this game n the girl is verry beatyfull n lovel

razvan 2012.10.22
lovel girl good grafic y like the game is verry beatyfull n good game

mre245 2012.10.22
This game is awesome!!!! Emily is just so frikin hot!!! They need to make another game with her.

Gfizzle 2012.10.22
HAHA this game is a lot of fun... Enjoyed it a couple of times.

manfuck98 2012.10.20
i ve stucked at tequila , but emily totally hot

kyle2960 2012.10.20
very fun and great game

DickieDo 2012.10.19
Emily looks amazing, good story and game play

chris o 1 2012.10.18
this game is do very very good i play all the time

tiedyeguy 2012.10.18
I love this game. Girls with glasses are so sexy.

jayke0230 2012.10.16
This is one of the best games on playforce! love the story and graphics

SexyFreind#1 2012.10.15
totally hot
but i got stuck at the tequilla

abigdude 2012.10.14
fantastic graphics and nice gameplay

csok 2012.10.14
i loved it, played it like a thousand times

sexyanus 2012.10.14
- One thing for sure, you are a very beautiful girl
- Kiss her cheek(click on her face)
- Let`s just talk for a while
- so, what kind of stuff do you like ?
- Oh wow, I bet you have a beautiful voice
- Yeah, I like rock music !
- Suggest to look around the place(click on the image)
- Follow Jessica(click on image)
- What kind of things ?
- check the laptop(clic on laptop)
- click for the next picture(on the bottom of image)
- Say what you want
- Sure
- I like it. It`s unique
- Kiss her lips(click on her face)
- continue(click on image)
- Sorry, can`t help it, you`re like a magnet to me
- Let`s go to the city

shimul61 2012.10.13
sexy game those chicks are sexy man

8incher 2012.10.13
this game is kind of difficult, were you try to answer something but you cant answer anything right.

jimjr0069 2012.10.12
I won my first time playing this is an ok game

bluetick 2012.10.12
I just signed up...I love this. Second game played, and I didnt get the date...I love that too. Im determied. I`ll be back

Jecka02 2012.10.11
This game is not for me
It is so simple...

MasterSeth 2012.10.11
First game I played on this site, tons of fun and really well made, got me hooked

Vladek 2012.10.10
Great game with great graphics, but hard to play through

raymond totolupi 2012.10.10
Nice game ! Ilike it so much

Peo159 2012.10.09
Good game great graphics and a really hot girl

goldger 2012.10.09
the game is awesome but can be better if be longer

diegofc19 2012.10.08
Great game nice graphics and awesome story.

sealand13 2012.10.06
good graphics, dialouge, just a good game overall (i cant spell)

ChicoF 2012.10.06
Great action! Emily`s sooo hot!

Stoid 2012.10.04
Good game, thx for the walkthroughs :)

kedy1man 2012.10.03
great game and great story line. niceeee

Twister19 2012.10.02
great game! both hard and easy to master

mick123456789 2012.10.02
Great game, hot and sexy.

alexandraculona 2012.10.01
is a very very good game is my favorite

lookinforfun9491 2012.09.30
this is another one of my favorite games by this lesson of passion

omega908 2012.09.30
great game love the sex

JoJoe 2012.09.30
Gteat game...LOP never disappoints!!!

spideyfan123 2012.09.30
this was a great game, the graphics are great, the storyline aswell

cypher0298 2012.09.28
damn, so hot. great game all around

The_Chess_Prince 2012.09.28
To get ending number 4, fail at the salt, lemon, shot thing.

lucky.onoff 2012.09.28
game is extremely good. for me, fixed it by clearing history

lucky.onoff 2012.09.28
Great game and loved on here! well done!

lucky.onoff 2012.09.28
sexy works perfectly. great game

ajsponge 2012.09.27
One of the great games PF1 has to offer

cris95klg 2012.09.27
im stuck in the beginning

seawasp35 2012.09.25
This is one of my favorite game, sexy

Riddler 2012.09.24
Great game and loved the graphics and story

codissius 2012.09.23
Emily just turns me on so much.

kevinsankar 2012.09.22
the game is extremely good

sanfran 2012.09.22
i STIL come around and play this one, love the quality, graphics, the text.. good job

erpoly 2012.09.22
i love dating game...more challenged then i need repeat play it...best graphic,sound and gameplay..love it

nickolata 2012.09.21
Very Impressed with this game. I`m glasd I found a XXX site with games that your actions actually matter in the game.

pokpokerska 2012.09.21
It is very a nice game . It entertains many adult like us .

Stese 2012.09.21
This is one of my new favorite games.

gavial 2012.09.21
Amazing game. More of the Sex Date series, please@

seawasp35 2012.09.19
one of my favorite games. shes very hot

sloth666 2012.09.19
one of my favorite game especelly the part with tequilla

shademage 2012.09.19
Loved it, made me have to remember how to drink tequila, been a bit. And she is quite the little sexy thing.
I loved the graphics especially while shaving her

daed 2012.09.18
for some reason i find this game quite hard!

inseption 2012.09.18
works perfectly. great game

kaizerblood 2012.09.17
good games and nice graphics...
but gameplay quite hard

larrry02 2012.09.17
really good game. no complaints

makila88 2012.09.17
this is why i love LOP, there´s so many endings
8 points to this game

derda 2012.09.17
played this multiple times. very fun

livinglifesince1998 2012.09.17
this is a great game with a good story line

harmann 2012.09.16
very nice game and the girl is vey niceee!

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Great graphics and hot girls. some of the best games here

mr dick 2012.09.15
i like the game it was a good date an tha gameplay was good an da graphic

Huhwell 2012.09.14
Emily is definitely my favorite girl in any of these games.

shadowplayer 2012.09.13
Really good game. I enjoyd it a lot.

craiglumet 2012.09.13
Emily is a really fun game. She is good challenge

craiglumet 2012.09.13
Very cool game. Have to try for a different ending now

chimerelefay 2012.09.12
Emily is a hard girl to catch :)

129 2012.09.11
very interesting lovable game........ addictive.....love playing it.

oranjeboven 2012.09.11
Great story
hot graphics and details

7z9 2012.09.10
works perfectly. great game

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.09
She is not easy, but you need Time.
In Real-Life....something the same...
Lets try it and com better ;)))

coolsam123 2012.09.09
what a beautiful game superb graphics

rexypoo21 2012.09.09
i absoulutly love this site

mattv1 2012.09.08
awsome game, lie most others in these series

chikamaru 2012.09.08
thank for help..and finish the games,,nice graph

mpaul40 2012.09.08
It was a sexy game and wish to see more games like that

RelXand 2012.09.08
The graphics in these games always impress me.That and the girl always makes re-play worth-while.

McBoon 2012.09.07
really cool POV shift effect

pothole 2012.09.07
hot, hot, hot; girls, graphics, options. Poifect

GoodVibes 2012.09.07
You have to be near perfect during the starting dialog with her to progress which is a little odd. Restart, restart tell you ask the right questions. Other than that this is one sexy game. Hottest game on this site in my opinion. Anyone who had fun with a naughty but nice girl in there high school days can relate to the whole situation which makes it even more engaging. Don`t miss this one!

kiimeeg 2012.09.06
amazing graphic and animation

howdy1 2012.09.06
Great game, I like how you actually get the chance to turn emily on.

geurede 2012.09.03
too short sex play, give more

Bestyspilot 2012.09.03
very good i loved but i loved LOL

LoP1793 2012.09.01
I like this game, there are good graphics and the story is nice! ^^

portalhome 2012.09.01
really really good game
would be nice if there was less talking

thud 2012.09.01
love that emily very sexy

bigboyjoe 2012.08.31
love the game awsome graphics and animation

eaglestrike98 2012.08.31
cool game, dialogue was slightly easier than other games, but still good

jhnsmth117 2012.08.30
Good game, falls short when compared to some of the earlier games though

brad7060 2012.08.30
Good graphics. sexy girl. A little difficult, but worth it

Coranthor 2012.08.29
Good game. Art and rendering is pretty nice.

shuvobd 2012.08.29
really great game one off better... also very good graphics

Septer 2012.08.29
i love this games graphics and the quality is the best

shermmm 2012.08.29
i love this games, can be kinda hard but it is fun

harmsedition 2012.08.28
nnow that was hot keep up the great work

kuronja1111 2012.08.27
really great game one off better

sweetkeene 2012.08.27
i think this hot game rocks

jacob2323 2012.08.27
awesome story and gameplay.she,s smart and hot and not virgina any more.enjoyed that.date again...

ThyCrimson 2012.08.27
I love this game! It may be difficult but it is fun and worth playing it. :)

jjax4415 2012.08.27
So hot I love these games

MysteryMan28 2012.08.25
great game, love playing amazing graphics and animation an I like the fact the name brian was the guy make more like this

Demoydor 2012.08.25
good game good quaity and really hot

kawsrob 2012.08.25
Awesome dating game with nice storyboard and excellent graphics

gamer470 2012.08.25
Emily is pretty hot but there other game with megan is a lot hotter.

77887 2012.08.24
awsome game love the way its made

thepornmaster1 2012.08.24
good quality great game everything is perfect

sooperdog 2012.08.24
This game was really fun. It turned me on easily.

77887 2012.08.23
awsome game love the way they made it

maroon101 2012.08.23
Awesome quality and amazing graphics

mearnax2 2012.08.21
I really enjoy this hot women!!!!!!!!!!!!

2b4ever 2012.08.20
sexy i ever played. i wish i can play another. i hope a new release from this game.

Vrykolas2k 2012.08.20
Probably the best game i`ve played yet

s04421 2012.08.19
Facial is still my favorite.
If you know what I mean.

dhruboPassion 2012.08.17
The game was a bit hard.....nice game....nice graphics

Dark seer 2012.08.16
love it......from first to last....graphics nice

steve00234 2012.08.15
awsome game, very sexy and interesting

coon 2012.08.15
I like this game. Easy gameplay and nice graphics.

Amberbaby 2012.08.15
I Love this game!! so unique....wow

pirandello75 2012.08.15
fun and reminds me of my first time (let alone the tatoo !!!)

jason45 2012.08.14
wow the detail in this game is amazing, really have to listen to the questions being asked
really well done , could use a little more facial expression tho like raised an eyebrow...jus saying
but all in all really well done, i like the realizme of the game...first time i failed , smilessss next time for sure....great game...

satelitic 2012.08.14
the date sims are fun and I like how much attention you have to pay

mikejohnson12369 2012.08.14
extremely great game, best so far!

Big2823 2012.08.12
i love this games, can be kinda hard but it is fun

user1234567890 2012.08.12
this is 1 of the good games on the site

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
its okay needs to be longer but one i will play it over an over again

cokey55 2012.08.11
Like the multiple story solutions with Emily

peroxidos 2012.08.11
The variety of endings is great idea, thanks!

Cowgirlup223 2012.08.11
Game is alright. Not as into it as I was into the last one.

jhs233 2012.08.10
Another good game, good graphics, I like the multiple endings.

curan 2012.08.09
Amazing game : Emily is so gorgeous and so sexy, you keep playing until you can see all the different endings! The graphics are so good, it really turned me on. A piece of advice: don`t buy the lipstick.

flamered 2012.08.09
this game is just like sex date with megan, which was amazing, so this one must be good

munisma 2012.08.08
that a great game...
so happy nice picture..

fokci 2012.08.08
its d best game i had ever played

lennert 2012.08.07
best game ever, every one should play this.

x35gt 2012.08.07
great gameplay and graphic. hope they make more

jmn1 2012.08.07
very great game. Really liked it. could have used better graphics.

sailorjae82 2012.08.07
Very good game! Enough said!!

kevin4550 2012.08.06
Nice game,its not one of those games"sure you can rub me but hey i am already naked and spread my legs game" this is more closser to real life i like it.

sammwisee 2012.08.05
great graphic and animation, especially with the scene, really awesome games...

Dane1988 2012.08.05
Wicked game, really liking the school girl look. animations are smooth.

Phoenix2886 2012.08.04
This game is so far one of my favorites. Graphically amazing. Love the naughty school girl look

moderater 2012.08.04
im stuck on what to tell her

Eltonico 2012.08.04
This games is very attractive by the graphic and the animation .

bigdick90 2012.08.03
very good graphic and gameplay

10035splatter 2012.08.03
Very dificult but an amazing game

nikolaskavez 2012.08.03
i like her like that so noty and sexy

gobias 2012.08.03
Very nice lookig girl, a bit bitchy though. I`m not a huge fan of games where one or two bad comments/actions immediately send you to a bad ending, but this woman is hot enough for me to edal with that.

geoplans 2012.08.03
Great graphics Emily and Megan need to be in the same game.

ashyfast 2012.08.02
it was quite hard to win her over but i managed

vagvagvag 2012.08.01
good graphics im stuck at the drinking part

HITHAR2 2012.08.01
awesome, these guys just keep giving us the best

rexxxar 2012.08.01
Damn u Emily!!! You are a truly great lover~~~!!!! I hope i can meet u in person!!! >o

scttwith24 2012.07.31
very beautiful girl and great game

abu15 2012.07.31
great graphics and superb sex scenes

Evildrjekyll 2012.07.30
Wow the girl is hot, I think she is the best in the LOP games, great game!
It wasn´t too difficult, and the graphics were alright

I give it a 8 out of 10

As34an789a100 2012.07.30
Animation is decent and the graphics are good What an awesome game!!

Zero Loveless 2012.07.29
Very fun game. Enjoyed it alot.

badb0ys 2012.07.28
great game and graphics , enjoyed game for me. this my favorite game

vin87cent 2012.07.28
great game and graphics, but it could use some sound

badb0ys009 2012.07.27
great game but difficult to get the nice endings and Graphics are awesome.

LCPLSmarty 2012.07.26
I think this has gotta be one of my favorite games yet. Oorah

rskibbe 2012.07.25
i try to anser it right and still lose LOL

rdy 2012.07.25
great game but difficult to get the nice endings

rskibbe 2012.07.25
I should had asked her to a concert if i had that opsion

diary 2012.07.23
geesh ...too stupid to drink tequila...lol

diary 2012.07.23
awesome game,love it...but really *hard* to make it through

lovesexPL 2012.07.23
very good game nice girl and good graphic 10/10

kitopshisubnida 2012.07.23
love this game, graphics are awesome, love it

abc1945 2012.07.23
Amazing, awesome game. Very good graphics.

michael136 2012.07.22
pretty good game, have to becareful with the gifts you buy.

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

msbunny1221 2012.07.22
I loved it! Its got me wanting more!

aaaaeeeeiiiioooouu 2012.07.21
a very odd game would not recomend

vincentvalentine14 2012.07.21
Awesome as always. Damn good sex

ballistic82 2012.07.21
she is quite hot good game lacks sound though

Jeanmarit 2012.07.20
Such a hot interactive adventure indeed :)

sventhecoward 2012.07.19
Very well done game.....storyline is excellent.....working through the bad girl to the tender one underneath was very well done.....

lttqs 2012.07.19
This girl is so hot, i ve played this game 3 times, i still enjoyed it

sunneil 2012.07.18
nice and sexy games like it

white 2012.07.18
arrangement of the story can raise passions, very stimulating

xLegionx 2012.07.17
This game is incredibly sexy! Reminds me of an encounter of my own. However, some of the touch sensitive areas could use some tweaking.

theoneandonly92 2012.07.16
love this game, great sex scenes

tdogg1267 2012.07.15
I loved the graphics & she is sooooooo hot...kinda made me forget I was playing a game...

Planb 2012.07.15
Well done...best so far

clivesinger1986 2012.07.14
Her shyness made this game all the more exciting.

bceltsau 2012.07.14
This is a great game, the characters and story blend well as I look forward to playing again 8/10

Leagrove 2012.07.14
amazing like i can feel it

Leagrove 2012.07.14
i love this girl in the game

Leagrove 2012.07.14
so gorgeous..
nice graphic..

sensey 2012.07.14
great game, cool story, nice graphic!

emmuz 2012.07.13
i like the girl in this game. Love girls with glasses

rocky1011 2012.07.13
the graphic is cool emily is hot

ich23 2012.07.12
The graphics are very good and the girl is really full of bite, full hot and sweet

Sexxxyboy 2012.07.11
Another good game with good graphics.

Argento69 2012.07.11
hot girl...had fun with this game

plato27 2012.07.10
perfect game play, great graphics

kasap84 2012.07.10
i like the girl in this game. Love girls with glasses :))

sexyplayer21 2012.07.10
Sexy and fun game, just wish it wasn`t so hard to start

Tallahassee 2012.07.09
Great graphics. OK game. A bit to boring the more you play.

rickw9999 2012.07.07
Awesome Game. One of my favorites. Girl is beautiful and graphics are great.

aloi 2012.07.05
pretty hot story,good graphics i enjoyed it...great game

stevie 2012.07.04
They should make more games like this one! I loved it!

mgtucker 2012.07.04

nobodyspecial1027 2012.07.04
This is one of my favorite games so far. Amazing look to Emily, and a nice fun, easy gameplay.

sfalke 2012.07.03
This game is fucking hot. I just want to fuck this girl really.

mememe91 2012.07.03
sexy game it was rly awesome and sexy chick

tdchase 2012.07.03
not too bad of a game, quite enjoyable.

Marinejedi 2012.07.02
Great game and hot sex scenes

Shadeslayer0001 2012.07.02
Great game, excellent scenes...

snowdoan 2012.07.01
i love emily`s face! she`s so cute!

motyu7 2012.07.01
one of my all time favourites with good everything although a bit hard at the start

MandLforever 2012.07.01
Epic game. Extremely fun to play when I get bored. Love the graphics.

SlutFucker75 2012.07.01
Awesome Game!!!!! Love it!!!!!!

jamsterkk 2012.06.30
great game with awesome graphics and it has awesome gameplay with good graphics

seb2006 2012.06.30
Easy and magnificent game! I like these dating sims.

akramkok5 2012.06.29
Great game, Epic graphics, gameplay is decent and easy 2 figure out, would love 2 see emily in another game coz she is 2 good for just 1 game

Edumb 2012.06.29
They should make more games like this one! I loved it!

ribud79 2012.06.28
Magnificent Game!!!!
The story was easy to follow...
The Graphic... so Awesome...
although The Animation a bit to simple *i guess* lolz
Thx PF1 ^_^

Duragon31 2012.06.28
great game and emily is one sexy girl

kari69 2012.06.28
really nice game. enjoyed playing it. great graphics as aslways.

br41n 2012.06.27
nice graphics and great looking girl.. i just keep getting stuck at the tequila thing

mex911 2012.06.26
great graphics really fun game to play.

Ed67 2012.06.26
Quality game....Had a lot of fun!

P-Man 2012.06.26
wohhoo alluring gothic girl

kilted 2012.06.26
This is a great game, It has some great graphics. The controls were a little tricky at first but once I got the hang of it, it was really fun.

Jack90 2012.06.25
I Love thisgame i cant get enough

sivan 2012.06.25
super game great graphics emily is hot and i wish she would be real :D

sivan 2012.06.25
super game emily is so hot wish she would be real :D

moutheater 2012.06.25
excellent game to play, would love to see more

jordy897 2012.06.25
the graphics and gameplay are great

bfow007 2012.06.25
damn this girl is hot and hard espically the alcohol part

Barry4675 2012.06.24
good fun good game i liked it

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.24
nice game and very nice graphics

SpudLD 2012.06.24
Emily.... insanely pretty, and the whole premise for the scene was excellently done, didn`t come across slutty, but believable, which was great.
The game`s graphics are amazing, the detail on her body was insane!!!!
All around great game.

Allfather88 2012.06.24
great game with good graphics thx

bobbyluvs2 2012.06.23
very very fun game I like it

WayneB 2012.06.23
Maybe have Emily require a few dates before going too far since she`s a virgin. This would also make the game more non-linear.

nurukee11 2012.06.21
pretty good game i would thing haha

clint122 2012.06.19
nice length and good animating

torncrow 2012.06.19
Well made, and good graphics and texture

17dvldog75 2012.06.19
Got to play this more. I need to see the other endings.

inmortal914 2012.06.17
the graphics is so amazing. she look so real and sexy, One of the best put together games on here! well done!

Didou 2012.06.17
gameplay, graphic, animation

hillcat21 2012.06.16
OH wow what a good one loosing virginity lol such a great game

lasting 2012.06.14
great game, love it! especially the story and options

uhspsxcfhnd 2012.06.13
nice game good story and good graphics

gamle666 2012.06.13
great game i`m still playing for the others finals and the graphics very nice

Mr.Man19 2012.06.12
this is awesome but i do not know how to get past the tequila part

omygion 2012.06.12
what a game and what girls

greenbullfrog2002 2012.06.12
this is an excellent game. i give it 8/10

CelestialTroy 2012.06.11
i wish i where in the game

kiva_bat 2012.06.11
cool games & Its so great

Echo248 2012.06.11
Very nice, great graphics

keyzer_suze 2012.06.10
please make more games with emily ,i love it very sexy

ut1stgear 2012.06.10
I found this game more to my liking. LOP finally got away from the super-sized breasts. I prefer smaller ones. Graphics were not the greatest. Somewhat awkward at times, especially during some of the sex scenes. Overall, the difficulty level was about right for me. Took a few times to get through the first set of questions and pay attention to the meter. Three times for the Tequila sequence, I am not a drinker, so it was trial and error. Should have figured the gifts the first time considering the amount of my budget. All in all a very enjoyable game.

rkgfe 2012.06.09
Its a very good game. i like it

loloklol 2012.06.09
This is a great game ! I love the graphics

Misterpinky 2012.06.09
Easily the hottest game of the bunch. Beautiful woman, great sex.

bomma 2012.06.09
gameplay, graphic, animation

mishal 2012.06.09
please make more games with emily ,i love it

mishal 2012.06.09
want to play more and more, emily my favourite girl

mishal 2012.06.09
loved it ,if only i could be in that game

darkwow 2012.06.08
I liked it, very interesting contrast after the megan date

xxxoxxx 2012.06.08
nice emily, how good if can taste her juicy pussy

yungjinx 2012.06.08
the game could have had more questions n the beginning to help fill the meter

DubSteppin 2012.06.07
I don`t know why but she is so damn sexy....this is def one of my fav games

ajax621 2012.06.06
love these games... best yet

Baby WTF? 2012.06.06
the most sexiest game i have ever played

otaivirus 2012.06.06
OH MY GOD...good game..i love it..oorahh

tonybhoy 2012.06.06
Played it through a few times - defo an enjoyable game. Could do with being a bit less linear though.

eagleata 2012.06.05
that was awesome. she is really fucking girl...

Soul Assassin 2012.06.05
Good graphics. Level of initial difficulty is a bit higher than others but a challenge is good.

Roler 2012.06.05
Hmm I think its nice thou I asume you could add more animations into but althrou a nice game :)

Richard32 2012.06.04
Not as keen on this game, a few mistakes and the game is very short, think these kinda guys need to be made longer

boozing 2012.06.04
what an awesome game!!!!!!!!!! *LOVED IT*

coolio1234 2012.06.02
good game, loved the graphics and all the dialogue and choices.

sexykelly166 2012.06.01
gameplay is the best of this game very helpful and thanks playforce one for your help

SlickGamerPS3 2012.06.01
great graphics, fun game, cool animations

bags 2012.05.31
very nice game, but when I messed up on the tequila, it ended . On the ending it said I got a BJ what BJ?

qwas 2012.05.31
Geeze shes sexy, I would love to have her suck my tities.

Joker016 2012.05.31
nice game! very cute girl, and she`s so hot!!
just had one ending but its satisfying already!
great game! (^_^)

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
an absolute doll. amazing

chairman066 2012.05.29
loved this game, wish i knew a girl called emily...

helloppl34 2012.05.28
not really a big fan of the lop games because of the animation but loved this one

greyscale_11 2012.05.28
nice game! very cute girl, and she`s so hot!!
just had one ending but its satisfying already!
great game! (^_^)

prtorresv 2012.05.28

dickinabutt 2012.05.28
Awesome game! Really sexy model and so many great endings!

Antalbaoc 2012.05.28
Good game, I love it. Good job !!!

castilho 2012.05.28
Nice game, lots of endings, good graphix - as usual.

pierro1969 2012.05.28
trop de dialogue au d??but, et sa passe trop vite

bmth777 2012.05.28
I loved how she was so innocent in the end even if she didn`t seem that way when it started

torque2802 2012.05.27
a little trial and error at 1st but worth all the atempts, keep em coming

Finbean22 2012.05.27
Reasonable game good endings also fun and quite simple

Ruffy091297 2012.05.27

Tensa Zangetsu 2012.05.27
Alosme game i almost forgot that its a game!!!!

mustardbastard 2012.05.27
spountaneus girls are even virtually amazing in games...

sauce 2012.05.27
Excellent graphic yet again, requires more thinking which I enjoyed

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

altair744 2012.05.24
Perfect game, love the graphics and Emily

banana69man7 2012.05.24
I wish these games were longer :/

Evilpanda665 2012.05.24
no matter what i do i always get the same ending "8" but its a awesome game

tyry25 2012.05.24
By far THE best LoP game. Great graphics, storyline, and girl. Love it

rabgoery 2012.05.24
itsss.... soo gggoooodddd

deathb4disorder 2012.05.24
Graphics are awesome. Story is light hearted and fun. The girl is beyond hot and the game is a fairly good length. 9.2 out of 10. I dont give out 10`s very easily

timbolt2008 2012.05.23
great great game, graphics are good like always, story also very good

IFresh3000 2012.05.23
This game makes me me so horny.....

Graumann 2012.05.22
Great Game with beautiful Pictures.

Crazzzi 2012.05.22
good game and good graphics

Lukesex 2012.05.21
Emily is very sexy, great animations, congratulations to a nice game

thaunit 2012.05.21
animation is great, emily is hot ;)

fatw 2012.05.20
nice game love the persoanality of the girl but the game need a little more content

sam1680 2012.05.19
I kind of had problems trying to figure out areas to click at first but, it turned out to be a cute game.

bro1234 2012.05.18
Ehh??this game was ok??.graphics kinda sucked but the story was creative i guess

roni@cox 2012.05.17
lovely game and emily is just as lovely. very playable game. good stuff

KrazyKyra 2012.05.16
I dont know where the break room is

baily 557 2012.05.15
this game sis so fuckin alsome

xwstakis 2012.05.14
very nice game thanx for the walkthrough

wRath 2012.05.13
nice game.perfect graphics

valiant 2012.05.13
i`ll give this game 5 thumbs..
that`s very cool man..!

darkswat1 2012.05.13
Very cool Nice Game EVER !!!!

Blackstealth87 2012.05.13
Emily looks great, sound would top it off good

roni@cox 2012.05.12
awesome graphic and good finish

kinkywaffle 2012.05.10
Tough but well worth it. Very hot.

MummyLove 2012.05.09
Very, very nice. I`s my favorite game.

grimm1800 2012.05.08
it was a good game but the graphics could flow better

byron79 2012.05.08
Nice game, good looking and smooth to play

V354 2012.05.07
Awesome graphics and I like story too. More these :)

beast8771 2012.05.06
very good game, like the girl megan, and good graphics

zcpmaster 2012.05.06
nice game but to short would have been more fun if it were longer

inamo 2012.05.06
Emily looks great, sound would top it off good

royro2011 2012.05.06
awesome graphic and good finish

wolfx 2012.05.05
please make a longer game with more sex scene

lilbear 2012.05.05
i love lop great games keep it up

44GARYTHALER44 2012.05.04
Having finally attained the lipstick episode, I was really disappointed at how docile Brian was. It was the occasion for some, finally, male dominated rough sex for Emily, but instead, the direction is to the most unwelcome conventional ending that is attained by being extra nice and romantic. I was hoping that at least the ejaculation onto her face would go beyond the standard "Cumslut" ending. Emily is especially arousing and intelligent, Brian is rather dull- witted in his conversation, and the animation was of mixed quality, with the shavubg sequence being quite visually interesting. The reference to the "frozen Soviet tundra," I believe to be approximately correct, is really illogical for an American game player, but Russian posters are already on Emily`s wall, so it is at least consistent. There are numerous references to Emily`s moans, so hearing them, as in "My Sex Date Megan," would have been a nice embellishment.

nedyar 2012.05.04
Awesome graphics and Emily is hot.

Edward77 2012.05.03
ver good game ..............goog sexy girl

Rawr_Person 2012.05.01
I am stuck right after I gave her a panda bear, please help!!

hakkai766 2012.05.01
Truly a wonderful game, with awesome graphics.

pusshound 2012.04.30
Good graphics. Emily is gorgeous. Shaving takes a little too long and I wish there was an anal ending. I also wish they added more length with her mom showing up. All in all, though, a fun game.

sean021597 2012.04.28
i played My sex date: MEGAN... this is more entertaining.... nice game

Zushenko 2012.04.28
Wow. I need another game like this one.

sony49307 2012.04.28
Great game, loved all the endings.

devours2002 2012.04.28
great game this chick is so hot love the tattoos.

sodomanie 2012.04.27
i thik it can be better if we can cum inside her anus

bigbellend7 2012.04.26
Areally good game with suttle and sexy endings

MadAnd 2012.04.25
nice game it will be an extra ordinary

nompants 2012.04.25
love this game the graphics are great

divi-dead 2012.04.22
Very good story...well for a thjis type og game anyways XD

raimillend 2012.04.22
one of the best game i have played!

jwala 2012.04.21
cool and sensetive games

jwala 2012.04.21
nice game it will be an extra ordinary

deathscythe 2012.04.21
amazing game with good graphics

sohni 2012.04.20
amazing game..great graphics and perfect length. it covered it all. and the characters are beautiful. great game.

xXzombiexeffectXx 2012.04.20
nice game and very nice graphics

dyl1570 2012.04.19
good game, graphics and story line

zgoregeek 2012.04.19
great game as usual come to expect nothing less from these guys, love the girl super hot, love the game and great choices

helgasts 2012.04.18
it more like a guessing game in the first time , you don`t know much the situation and stuff , but then you refresh and you can pick her on a date

wekatm 2012.04.18
wow really great and i love the graphics!

Sm00thtalkr 2012.04.18
once back at her house interest level was high

spixen 2012.04.18
This game is really great!

kotor2 2012.04.18
Great game,nice graphics and many endings..

xXzombiexeffectXx 2012.04.18
I like this version more that the others but there all great.

Daniel Brad 2012.04.17
so fucking horny right now

MADDRUMMER 2012.04.17
This game is really great!

joepie0102 2012.04.15
i love the tequila shots

PlayForceOneLuv959 2012.04.14
This game is really great! Real good graphics and great game. Absolutely hot!

Gromark 2012.04.14
I like it, very hot, and inot too easy !

fredgues 2012.04.13
Emily is so sexy. nice clit. Great graphics. Best porn game ever!!

daddybadboy 2012.04.12
Nice gal Emily is and good game

ben763070 2012.04.12
this game is so fucking hot and awsome

ben763070 2012.04.12
this game is so awsome and hot

RanworthJ 2012.04.12
Love the punk look, and the cute panties.. more games like this please :p

alchai 2012.04.11
the graphics is so amazing. she look so real and sexy! trial and error was inevitable but still she`s amazing! hope there`s more like her coming up soon.

BonesMD 2012.04.10
Most realistic dating game I`ve played. Graphics are excellent, animation is very good, mechanics of mini-games are above average, as is dialogue.

itank123 2012.04.10
amazing game great graphics sexy

Richard20 2012.04.08
it was so wonderfull it makes me wanna play it again

vtenshi 2012.04.08
How beathufull is Megan, this game have nice graffics, and the history is veri nice

mattbro 2012.04.08
I am really not impressed with this one. its tedious and boring

Indra67 2012.04.08
I just adore this game........

Fastnick 2012.04.08
Great game, graphics and sfx, nice work....keep going

lam_chops 2012.04.07
This game is hard but very rewarding and fun.

backlink-butler 2012.04.06
I Love Emily but i find its a littlebit to hard the game

rokey_triikz 2012.04.06
Fun but I wish there were more characters

kkk94 2012.04.05
i got some difficulties in the gameplay but the quality of the game was great

dubhgilla 2012.04.05
Hard but worth it. My far the sexist girl here.I hope to see more. Perhaps an adventure?

bigguyami 2012.04.05
Very very very hot game. I could keep coming back for more. Got me very turned on. What a beauty she is...and damn...so slutty...giving it up like that. ;) very very sexy.

Zephyerza 2012.04.04
Game is amazing in all aspects

tokhoi 2012.04.03
is da best i seen for emily she is damn lookin good..overall was fanstatic..

BLion 2012.04.02
I really like this game but seriously as a ESTK fan: Alexia Rodriguez is not an Emo singer its Metalcore lol

gensai34 2012.04.02
I loved the plot, the character, and the mechanics of the game; way to go!

Hauto 2012.04.02
Great Game! Graphic is awesome

Kid fancy 2012.04.02
i was confused at first but i really enjoyed it

mute 2012.04.01
really nice game. enjoyed playing it. great graphics as aslways I just love the "naughty schoolgirl"-theme!

DAN24 2012.04.01
I love the innocent to naughty girl theme

TheGAMEE 2012.03.31
this is the best game... ever!! :)

mystery743 2012.03.31
this game is awesome!!!!!!! i have played it many times!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a VERY good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

johnny3 2012.03.30
played it a couple times, great game!

MaverickGoose 2012.03.30
really good graphics and the girl is very hot and she can get up to some naughty things

MrSPARTAN117 2012.03.30
nice game and emily is damn hot ^^

ichigorose 2012.03.29
Mm mm, Emily. She really knows how to show people a good time.

randy06 2012.03.29
so sexy emilly and hope some more girls come along and more action nad live like 3d

otherguy 2012.03.28
loved the different endings. cannot get enough!

spittelf 2012.03.28
lots of fun hot girl. need to see moer endings

Sadreigh 2012.03.28
Awesome girl!! Want to meet her!!!

ddog978 2012.03.28
this game was extremely enjoyable, especially the Gothic virgin theme!

xxxPeanutxxx 2012.03.28
Wow, she is incredibly hot, well done... game is very linear, and one mistake ends the game, I don`t like that... still great game, wish I had a friend like that!

oneone 2012.03.27
difficult dialoges... realy... one your wrong choise can brake everything

persian_gunner 2012.03.27
cool game,lovely babe,and gr8 story

poopstein 2012.03.27
im stuck in the beginning can somebody help me?

micky2344 2012.03.27
wow great game babe was hot hope for more like this

Kharmax 2012.03.26
nice game. good graphics and interaction.

Sebastian211 2012.03.26
game look really interesting great game

titsrmyfavorite 2012.03.26
i have a friend that looks just like this O_o

batman3094 2012.03.26
fun game and hard when u try to know her

brian6465 2012.03.26
cool game. emily is really hot

anavic23 2012.03.26
cool game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wulv3r1n 2012.03.25
What an awesome game!! Great graphics!

ckntz1 2012.03.25
Nice game and great graphics

techy44790 2012.03.24
high quality and freedom of choice i like it

nuolinenu2 2012.03.24
amazing game wuth great quality

canuck2011 2012.03.24
i love the sex date series games.. hope there r more coming.. great grapics and a new refreshing storyline...yay! one of my faves

dsfsdfsdfsfsd 2012.03.24
Play only the best erotic games with sexy flight attendant Kelly.

iulian1963 2012.03.24
animation is good,graphic nice and awesome caracters ,it a good game

jojofish 2012.03.22
Great game , more please more please !!

halohunter1368 2012.03.22
this game was so much fun. after a couple of tries u realy get her going(; loved it and played it twice. lol

brit_man33 2012.03.22
It was a nice game, and Emily is certainly hot.

jacob12 2012.03.22
awesome graphics, and good story

Raptorgirl 2012.03.21
I love this game would play it all day if i could

opop 2012.03.21
Great game. Did it on easy by myself. Used an AIF Sans Mystery walk-through for hard. Get three complete bonus scenes. Great almost photographic rendering. Animation is smooth.

Tyesh 2012.03.21
Graphics are great and gameplay is smooth, but it could use some work with smooth function with the mouse and a quick reset button.

2pawwindknocker 2012.03.21
Nice game and great graphics

brother_hafeez 2012.03.21
emily was the cute girl that in the game

wassup481 2012.03.21
She definitely has an attitude i can agree with. Besides her great personality the rest of the game was good if not for it being perhaps too easy.

wiggles94 2012.03.20
great game good storry great graphics

chrono206 2012.03.20
awesome game, would love more options though and very good graphics

Suave Adz69 2012.03.20
want to see more games like this i love the lesson for passion games, they are always interesting and have hot girls.

vergil165 2012.03.20
really good game it has alot of things you can do

Luketea101 2012.03.19
great game with high quality

Hroft 2012.03.19
really liked this game, girl was cute

pietje119 2012.03.18
hot game pretty awesome i liked it!!

gino97 2012.03.18
E un bellissimo gioco soprattutto per la grafica, molto bella Emily (ITALIAN)

Rostov 2012.03.18
Cool game, not used to high quality and 3d actually working together

lul_laby 2012.03.18
good game i really love it

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

austin95 2012.03.17
this game was really brilliant and the graphics were stunning

Sarge2783 2012.03.17
I love this game. Emily is a wonderful girl!! Hope you make more game like this

Chuck22 2012.03.16
Very interesting, good animations though.

gnakevad 2012.03.16
Could have had more interaction, however, was challenging nonetheless

1179g 2012.03.15
Great game enjoyed all the different endings

Jefe890 2012.03.15
the game plays are really good and addicting

denis.toth 2012.03.15
nice virgin and graphics so good

HiLife 2012.03.14
good game with appealing optics

draiven5 2012.03.14
want to see mo like this i love the lesson for passion games always have hot girls and good games

rayxray 2012.03.14
good graphicsgood game, good graphic but complicated.

Timma 2012.03.14
Good graphics and fun game

taikol 2012.03.14
Naughty virgin Emilly so nice.

mann234 2012.03.13
awesome graphics and animation

lolasaur 2012.03.13
Very nice game with awesome graphics and has a nice twist to it.

gspot93 2012.03.13
really liked this game, girl was cute

Jake90 2012.03.12
nice and hard game btw the graphic is awseome

gorky 2012.03.12
short story, great graphics and nice characters

Arsen 2012.03.12
Game is fun & interactive. Excellent graphics

Azn52Fifty 2012.03.12
works perfectly. great game

opeeto1 2012.03.12
great game bit hard at the first time, but i like the graphics and the rest of all :)

Vane666 2012.03.12
i like this game, and the shover!!

phluuger 2012.03.12
Wonderful game, you never cease to amaze me LOP

stella01 2012.03.12
As usual with LOP, very good game. Could be longer though

olvaggg 2012.03.11
awesome gameplay and graphics

droke2212 2012.03.11
The girl is too hot, and the things she wants makes the game even better

ihatewhenulie 2012.03.11
this game is awesome. the girl is hot and simple

shadowcreed 2012.03.11
hot!! nice graphic and animations !!

Daliyahbaby 2012.03.10
Again good game! Emily is one hot bitch

Hroft 2012.03.10
that was a really good game with great graphics

fan34 2012.03.09
Tough to find the right answers when you play it for the first time.

snakebite2123 2012.03.09
Great game play and graphics

JagGillarDinmamma 2012.03.08
Not as good as the other but still a good game

Synful 2012.03.08
another great game,very fun to play thru multiple time`s.

depe 2012.03.08
One of the first game I played here. Quiete nice, with a difficulty (salt - tequilla - citron to know), and some nice dialogs

zoza06 2012.03.08
really nice game and good graphics

enqvist14 2012.03.08
The shaving scene is a little weird but the game is awsome

Lee1986 2012.03.08
wow i enjoyed this game, very nice, very nice girl aswell, i hope to see more like these

Andrew042 2012.03.08
Love the graphics in these games!

Jason21516 2012.03.07
not going to lie, the shaving scene was a little fucked up, but it was still a fun game

kaal 2012.03.07
These games are getting better and better. Good job guys

makeitde 2012.03.07
nice gameplay, graphic, animation

varun1607 2012.03.07
really nice game you should play it

danielsyd2 2012.03.07
Ireallt liked this game. It was hot and extremly fun to play!

Ajam97 2012.03.07
great graphics and a good story too

ksmth275 2012.03.07
Great graphics, not the most flexible storyline though

despa1 2012.03.07
its an "ok"game to me but not the best

Hank102 2012.03.06
I love the amount of different endings you can get in this game, and the hot emo vibe from her is totally rocking it.

glukos37 2012.03.05
Good animations and has a very different game play than other games here

demonwar 2012.03.05
this is good i love this btw..
Well graphic is ok

Vikingr 2012.03.05
These games are always worth playing. Normally well executed.

Dunfion 2012.03.05
Gorgeous model, too bad she`s just a cartoon. Entertaining game

Lomae 2012.03.05
Even though the animations were smooth and crisp, the model seems a bit too perfrct

Lomae 2012.03.05
Hard game, but very rewarding in the end with all the picture perfect lifelike models

jmw3811 2012.03.05
good game but a little short

arioeb2 2012.03.05
she is really hot and the moves are great but i was wondering if u could add sound to it because if u did then it would be great and probebly get higher ratings

arioeb2 2012.03.05
also u should aviod asking abt her parents and her ex in the begining

arioeb2 2012.03.05
the salt then the drink then the lemon.... just if u needed it

WolfWarrior 2012.03.04
Wow, just WOW! This game is amazing, I expect nothing less from LOP.

JL_Beast 2012.03.04
Good game...nice graphics

hotstuff76 2012.03.04
Great game. These get better every time a new one comes out

batmancum 2012.03.04
nice game love the story. cant what to see more games

kaig 2012.03.04
love this game
model are pretty

MrBosingwa9 2012.03.04
another brilliant game, the situation is relatable and the gameplay is flowing. Hot girl, prefer Megan though ahaha

newpalballa69 2012.03.03
Got to enging 7 - legit game

nitesco 2012.03.03
One of my favorite date games. Emily is sexy, with good dialogue and action. Great endings. Replayable.

johakym 2012.03.03
Good game, but nothing else :/

suicidalpie 2012.03.03
good game not to bad graphics

ocredneck 2012.03.03
this is definitely a good an easy one to play

steve00234 2012.03.02
awsome games tobad it keeps laging... o well.

Roterbaer 2012.03.02
I love this game, great endings and sexy character and a good graphic too. Nice dialog by the way

jobbe1980 2012.03.02
I love this game... very nice gameplay and grafics

sumitz 2012.03.02
she os hot...i can`t reach ending 4...someoneplz help..:(

nanogame 2012.03.02
Again very good game. Emily is one hot bitch.

goldeagle4 2012.03.02
emily is one hot bitch and i liked it that she let him shave her

ceco 2012.03.01
animation was super good... kinda like goth`s now

abelgravi 2012.03.01
good games...but takes a vile tu load

GHOSTx 2012.03.01
Not bad at all. Love the animation in this. One of the best I would say.

aradada 2012.02.29
WOW, very hot! Very nice game with exceptionnal graphics.

rod6114 2012.02.29
one of my favorite games. great graphics and story

Reav666 2012.02.29
One of the most beautiful games here. Love graphics. Sadly, too short, but still enjoyable.

Arny 2012.02.29
Great game with awesome graphics!
Just try it! Very addictive!

deep2096 2012.02.28
this game is awesome!!!!!!

Solren12 2012.02.28
I like this game because emily is very hot.

dgkesquire 2012.02.28
One of my favorite games from this maker...great graphics, nice characterization, hot animation!

donmarac27 2012.02.28
Best girl on any PF1 game

RvP 2012.02.28
Wohoooo...awesome game! yeaahh

Potatopie 2012.02.27
Very nice game, good graphics

murej 2012.02.27
Fun game not overly hard

jonesin 2012.02.27
"DamonIsa 2011.12.06
Anyone else just getting a blank white screen? "

Usually just refresh. If that doesn`t work then clear your cache and try again.

cimmie 2012.02.27
this is the best game so far :)

cascanjep 2012.02.27
really sexy girl, she needs a new game..

metalhornyguy 2012.02.27
Ireallt liked this game. It was hot and extremly fun to play!

ALFA MIKE 2012.02.27

ALFA MIKE 2012.02.27

ringlerangle 2012.02.27
way too short but good graphics

Skadoosch 2012.02.27
Greatest game on this site, makes me so hard

420stickyleaf 2012.02.27
really great game and good story

butman 2012.02.26
not bad but could have had a bettery storyline

WEGAS 2012.02.26
she will be mine! I love this girl.

ArTeV 2012.02.26
muito legal
gostei de mais

c0updegrace 2012.02.26
Beautiful girl, a nice adventure!

smitty 2012.02.26
fun game, keep them coming

mattmc68 2012.02.26
I really enjoyed the graphics and the lenght of the story. I look forward to playing it again for all the endings.

iwantithot645 2012.02.26
this girl is so hot cant believe how good the graphics are on these games. thumbs up!

manly315 2012.02.25
Mind you its taking me like forever to download the page.

Aro 2012.02.25
Love the game nice and tricky to start with but a great reward at the end!

batmancum 2012.02.25
any1 like my pic? if so please let me know.

cadman022 2012.02.25
Great game . love the hard to get aspect.

ihorny 2012.02.25
Great game i loved it so much fun

Pipen07 2012.02.24
complicated but still good game

Punisherroach 2012.02.24
fun game fantastic site.. lucky i clicked that link that led to paradise

crystal2000 2012.02.23
i really like this game although i like it when i have to interact a bit more. great animations!

fluffy1490 2012.02.23
Fun game, but I always get stuck on the drink a tequila part.

phonmunky 2012.02.23
great graphics, probably the best girl ever released, some of the action were spotty but overall great

Rauhe 2012.02.22
Megan is a bit nicer, maybe should they meet sometimes

ohwtflol 2012.02.22
Remember guys, Salt, Tequila, Lemon. ;) Awesome game.

Heatfire0 2012.02.21
I think girls with Glasses are pretty damn Hot.

J.R 2012.02.21
played this multiple times. very fun

airforcewun 2012.02.21
better than the game i played before....life with keeley ...this one is much better

star 2012.02.21
good game, good graphic but complicated.

tdwrzombie 2012.02.21
COuldn`t get past the Shaving cream scene. :(

MMMVA697 2012.02.21
Exellent game btw does anyone know were the kelly thing ends
ps This girl is soo hot lol

Nemo2222 2012.02.20
Like most of the `lesson of passion` games, very well done. Will certainly be playing again (and again .....)

yody11 2012.02.20
you should play this game.

andaru 2012.02.20
The Love/Hate tattoos are the best touch, as well as the emo overtones. Good character development.

calvino 2012.02.20
character is sexy, and mysterious. Worth a play.

methekilla96 2012.02.19
i absolutely love this game :)

sexy iron man 2012.02.19
this game is good with graphics

wkao 2012.02.19
Emily is hot. The game is pretty easy actually. Made me wet

Koko59 2012.02.19
Beautiful girl, a nice adventure!

mcgooner 2012.02.19
i love this game the story and graphics are great but the saving part is annoying but the end result is good

conawins 2012.02.18
emily is hot there should be more emily games

kluy 2012.02.18
when i read comments i found a spoill. sooo bad u know

molenstein 2012.02.18
Great gameplay, great graphics, and great animations.

ZaneKazama001 2012.02.17
Man, this chick is smoking hot! I`m already liking this game

mrmystery1990 2012.02.17
that girl is so sexy....i love this game so much!!

jolynn 2012.02.17
shes sexy and her body is like a goddess

NexussJR 2012.02.17
Yeah.. White screen only. Quite a shame!

NexussJR 2012.02.17
Great game! Nice graphics and a really hot girl!

arka 2012.02.16
totally amazin. Long and interesting game

Elisevs 2012.02.16
An intelligent game! I have some hope for the internet again.

touchmybody 2012.02.16
this is a great game i loved it alot

touchmybody 2012.02.16
i loved it it made me so freakin wet

touchmybody 2012.02.16
im stuck in the game at the place in the bathroom, please help me

touchmybody 2012.02.16
it made me so freakin horny i loved it

touchmybody 2012.02.16
i loved the game you guys so sexy

touchmybody 2012.02.16
awesome game game makers loved it alot

yeah baby 2012.02.15
great game nice graphics and good idea with the schoolgirl

jackhihello 2012.02.15
very nice game ,especially the outfits

shiryu 2012.02.14
game is great, i really love the design of the clothes :P very hot

Dariusqt 2012.02.14
Great Game. Def need more of Emily and Brian.

spamadoy 2012.02.14
Great game. Very good simple and straight forward and also includes very good graphics.

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