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My Slutty Principal


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BonerMan 2017.09.30
Wow...never had a teacher like that. I`d have paid more attention in school!!

Dundee81 2017.04.09
I never had a teacher like this at school, great game

ianjames 2017.03.14
wish i had a teacher like that when i was at school great game

Volltro 2017.02.04
i love this game, she made me like school

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Good animation, so-so graphics, nice music...the over-sized bustline was a bit too much.

masterofdesires 2017.01.04
love big gigantic boob story was weak but good nympho

singlevirgin 2016.12.13
A Principal With Huge Boobs Love It

jmaddy1 2016.10.16
Love the Slutty Principal game, gigantic boobs rock

londonlong 2016.09.05
nothing sexier than a reed headed busty principal, just wish the game was a little longer

stach56 2016.08.21
game has great animation was fun to play


DjCobaltBlueDragon 2016.07.21
the graphics were fantastic. I love these games

gary1998 2016.05.15
the graphics are epic as talking about the gameplay that was quite short .... iwish the game could have been more long .

laxiscool27 2016.05.11
love sexy principals and redheads

ddnut 2016.05.06
Brilliant game, liking having options at the beginning and more interactive scenes

MadMike21 2016.04.14
awesome gameplay. wish my principal was this hot!

JasonLaCroux 2016.04.14
We all wish there was a principal like that in our high schools.

ceaser 2016.02.25
great game and with graphics

i wish i had a principl like that in high school

crankyx3 2016.02.14
this is a less challenging and short game

Bodysuit 2016.02.11
I would do anything to touch those tits

neil_64 2016.02.08
we have come to expect, ok graphics and simple sex scenes, wish there were more story

singlevirgin 2016.02.04
Mrs Roberts Is A Sexy Woman With Big Breasts

latinagr 2016.01.26
They now how to make a horny game

djjohnson 2016.01.13
The Busty Principal Is So Sexy

werty500 2016.01.01
it was great i played at least 3 times it was lovely

markus7759 2015.12.16
good game not to hard not to easy

fredmaster 2015.11.13
great game good graphics and story

mu6 2015.10.14
Decent game, but maybe more choices would make it better. Maybe other teachers and/or choosing where to cum

curciulo 2015.10.01
not bad,good to spend sometimes

Nxlm 2015.08.23
Nice game wasn`t bad at all.I personally liked it

IronMan12 2015.08.19
Great but would have loved more choices in girls like other teachers

kanther 2015.08.11
very nice done. a couple of more girl to choose from would improve the replay value

WinnerLoserKirk 2015.08.08
Nice Game, I hope we get a sequel with the sex being the same but with the other teacher or other female students!

adragon707 2015.07.26
Fun little game but to short and no challenge.

johnnyrotten 2015.07.26
That was a fun no-brainer. Easy and to the point.

davidpitt 2015.05.16
nice game, gameplay is quite easy

dgkesquire 2015.05.02
Good straightforward MnF game: graphics, animation, interaction all what we`ve come to expect. Too bad the Games of Desire link takes us to a nonworking site.

zm20589 2015.04.21
If i had that principal, i would love getting sent to the office

nitrosonny 2015.04.20
I fantasized a lot about my high school princi. Finally, it`s for real!

DJ Johnson 2015.04.05
I Love This Game I Would Want That Kind Of Woman

pv2 2015.03.18
One of the more fantsy ones out there

thirstttt 2015.02.20
it was short and to the point. not very sexy. I felt like I was being blackmailed by ms frizzle

jr5000 2015.02.13
Fun game. good programing. med lenghbut like I said fun. ;-) enjoy

bob247 2015.02.02
this is more of the same of this genre

Mmaster 2015.01.27
not exactly good, if the teacher would be man and student girl can be more exotic

nirt10101 2015.01.13
always love meet n fuck games

twistedlover2420 2015.01.03
hot game, touching myself the whole time

sjbiersack 2014.12.29
this game made me so horny. i was fingering my tight pussy the whole time

baggie94 2014.12.24
pretty good game and good graphics

jaylol098 2014.12.23
for a short game its pretty good, very good storyline

xxfucker2710xx 2014.12.17
good graphics, hot character, good gamee

Dolphzigglerforever 2014.12.15
Good Game I really enjoyed it :) the best game

Mei Ling 2014.12.12
A good moment with a slutty principle

moses54 2014.12.06
nice drawing of a cute redhead, but a little too easy

nakata 2014.12.02
nice game with pretty hot redhead wish it was longer.

fucker68 2014.11.23
This game was pretty good.

HentaiKing 2014.11.14
the game is fun but i would have liked to have gone on more quests.maybe go visit the nurse or a female gym coach...don`t get me wrong this is every horn-dogs dream.... it was just short +_+
anyway keep pumping out hits guys (thumbs up)

wildsxwizzard 2014.10.09
good game had fun with it keep it up

Futuros 2014.10.07
good fantasy. short game that is appropriate for time constrained users.

alexbeubeu 2014.10.06
funny game, a little short

mrhotrod1981 2014.10.06
Good game, easy to play. Make the game longer and it would be even better.

AstroMachine 2014.10.06
A great game that could use a little better graphics. Hope to see a sequel or maybe even a series to this game.

ThatGuyDave89 2014.10.01
I really enjoyed this. As others have said the verbiage made the game quite fun!

Oibaf 2014.09.25
Nice game . The talk is good, make it feel more genuine and not only a sple image moving flash game. Add a bit more talks ad could had been even better =)

NoBody420 2014.09.23
Ok game, fairly short and very easy. still fun

cocoburn 2014.09.20
Its a great games graphics are pretty good

knoll 2014.09.20
nothing special, but nicely done.

freez00 2014.09.15
this game was pretty good it takes a while but I figured it out the principal was hot and nice points to pleasure her I give it 2 thumbs up

Jonny99 2014.09.10
The game was nice and I loved the graphics

datbootydoe 2014.09.09
Interesting game, I liked it a lot, nice animation as well

thebad 2014.09.08
i really liked the animation of this

kaidester 2014.09.08
Great dirty game. These games never let me down!

jbneeds 2014.09.07
i loved it i thought i was being punished

aldion 2014.08.27
this game was so awesome i liked everything about it

Josh Q 2014.08.16
Short but fun. It`s always nice fucking someone in a position of power.

batman21 2014.08.13
game has great animation was fun to play

nightflash 2014.08.10
plz help me with the game

dsadsa1 2014.08.09
it would be nice if it was a bit more longer and a bit better grapichs

kamelreds 2014.08.08
boring.interesting concept but still boring

vampirerulz 2014.08.08
i would love to get punished like this :)

deathla 2014.08.05
i like this game and i would like to se moore

fireace69 2014.07.30
Nice Game. wish it wasa little longer though

Animelover61636 2014.07.29
The principal is so slutty, having sex with a child

yld 2014.07.24
Wow, very hot principal. Like this game

Akong 2014.07.23
The best hentai adventure game

firemaster01 2014.07.22
excellent game, a little short

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.21
what a sluty principal...poorly i did not have such a slut during my school time...;-p

yolomomo 2014.07.18
i dont understand y i bother

cescf10 2014.07.16
this game has really good quality and gameplay, I like it

loneriderca 2014.07.16
Not much thinking in this one.

Amlan199 2014.07.12
More teachers the better game

Sennin 2014.07.09
love the game its fun a little quick to end would be more fun it had more teachers in it to fuck

Tallemanto 2014.07.07
Man if only it happened to me...

old_ironside78 2014.07.06
I love these Meet ´n Fuck games! Great graphics, nice story , hot girls and wild sex!

mooli 2014.07.06
It was good but it could have be better. i liked ass fucking. and the story... amazing fantazy

Sandrena 2014.07.02
such a nice game the sex with the bitch is amazing

IN-Duke 2014.07.02
That bitch was HOT! liked the game, a little short tough

botzal 2014.07.01
I liked that game. The graphic is okay but I liked the answers that you can tell the principle. But it`s not too long and it would be better if the games was longer.

jonpaulx02 2014.06.30
I love the ass fuck mode her hole looks so tight

yannos34 2014.06.29
its a easy and funny games want to see more of it

alucard2014 2014.06.28
Loved it!! Especially the huge tits!

ramlary 2014.06.28
wish i could have done my principle

santiagohotsex 2014.06.28
is a very good game, i like it

David95 2014.06.27
Wish i had a hot and horny sexy principal like this

adragon707 2014.06.25
Easy game but still lots of fun.

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
I am a sucker for big tits. Great game play.

Coldude-0 2014.06.23
i very good game deffo worth playing

Nizam151 2014.06.22
This game make me horny, realy i like this game

CHorton 2014.06.22
like the story and the graphics are nice

nasin 2014.06.19
the story was short and the gameplay was easy.

elie666 2014.06.18
It was nice i just wish it was more realistic and longer

matty2125 2014.06.18
the story is really good and graphics are really good love this game

sonubhai07 2014.06.17

IvanDrago18 2014.06.15
I liked the boob job at the end. It added a nice touch.

DD420 2014.06.12
This game is quite nice but I think that it should have more positions.....

Obvious 2014.06.10
really good game and a good time to jerk off!

Alsian 2014.06.08
Overall not that bad. It could have used a little more story. Also it could have been a little more work to get to the sex but that is just my opinion.

TBear9877 2014.06.05
Game play good I like the graphix

scottmcm 2014.06.05
Must be every boys dream to have a principal like that :)

Lexboub 2014.06.05
not good but not bad just ok

JoeAtlas 2014.06.02
Good game, how do I get the naughty ending?

redboss 2014.06.01
The game needs to be longer but also have just more positions. Seems boring

redrunner 2014.05.30
If There was a principal like that at my school, I would get in trouble more often...

shyman44425 2014.05.23
Easy game play. Principals hair a little distracting.

Hichigo 2014.05.23
This game should`ve been longer and with more positions

kSlay 2014.05.21
I wish the sex scenes were longer with more penetration and for it to let you pleasure on your own.

BigDick007 2014.05.21
Wow...where was a principal like that when I was in high school. she is every teenagers wet dream :)

keshakat7997 2014.05.19
Great gameplay, keep coming back for more.

duplicate 2014.05.18
must be longer and do it in #d
a bit more characters would be good tooo :x

ab181275 2014.05.17
Graphics too bad. Dirty whore.

pandeyaryan555 2014.05.16
standard game but still nice sex scenes

55c 2014.05.16
Nice game, could be a little longer.

Json81 2014.05.14
animation was ok, gameplay lacking a bit, but still nice game

kanishkvyas 2014.05.11
Nice game but graphics could be better.

REEESES 2014.05.08
This game is really sexy, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

bethrezen 2014.05.07
Who wants to be back in school :d

MytyKoste 2014.05.06
This game is too short and the graphics is weird.

firedog12046 2014.05.06
its a very nice game with dem tits

yahiko610 2014.05.05
What a really hot and great game! I love the animation

TheRealGamer69 2014.05.05
Great game, definitely worth a few plays.

weakrz234 2014.05.04
i love it ... super duper fantastic ...

planlos2002 2014.05.04
the women has crasy hair, but the rest looks nice

sweetlover 2014.05.04
great game, love it. nice beautiful girl with big boobs :D

Jarhead469 2014.05.04
Nice game overall. Could have been a bit longer but was a fun game all in all.

vortex82 2014.05.03
it was a good game... best part, probably fingering

TankCmdr 2014.05.03
If I had a principal like that I would be in trouble all the time.

clenchinsilence 2014.05.01
awesome game, great graphic, I think id get in trouble more often afte that

Infernalistgamer 2014.05.01
Not bad, but a bit linear, would like less button-hammering and more choice

ibored 2014.04.29
great game one of my favs

karsonis 2014.04.29
The game play was good, but what is with the trend of drawing women with breasts four times the size of their heads?

lolpop101 2014.04.29
Amazing, but maybe...make this one out of a series of school ones!!!!

ziko2510 2014.04.28
graphics is fair so easy game

K Whitzz 2014.04.28
good graphics, strangely addictive!

schlottyj 2014.04.27
good game, fast and easy , simple sex scenes

MalachiSwift 2014.04.27
It was really simple, easy to play with one hand :).

nick4126 2014.04.27
Awesome graphics, great game

TheDude79 2014.04.27
Awesome! The Developers need to make more like these games , I Wish i had Principle like that .

presin 2014.04.26
Not a bad game nice gameplay

dgkesquire 2014.04.24
Interesting combo: the graphics of the finest MnF games with the logical gameplay strategem of a FuckTown game...I like it.

Djshuks 2014.04.23
I wish any of my Principals had been like that

This_is_MicrO 2014.04.22
i do appreciate this lovely game!!

sausageb88 2014.04.22
pretty cool game.....not bad game play.....wish i had a principal like that lol.

jstowell1 2014.04.21
not a bad game, reminds me of my principal

Tomski3211 2014.04.20
i wish my principal was as fit and slutty as this.

lusty23 2014.04.20
i love this game gg i wish i had a principal like that

TOV46 2014.04.19
Not bad, really liked the graphics

violet0317 2014.04.19
Not bad loved the graphics and the different ways to do things .

carlos92 2014.04.18
nice, where can i get a principla like that? very good game, but a little short

kaniz 2014.04.18
great game and love the graphics

azure202 2014.04.17
it was a simplistice game with a straight foreade playthought but was quite enjoyable

alsas1975 2014.04.16
I suppose we`ve all had that hot teacher or principal we wanted to know intimately! Fun game.

JayT44 2014.04.16
good game, fast and easy , simple sex scenes

aakash1997 2014.04.15
it was overall a good game....not that bad...!! quick and easy..!!

gatesj09 2014.04.13
very nice game. always love the games of desire as they give scenes that most guys would love to happen to them especially a sexy teacher or principal

Ghent 2014.04.13
Needs to have the translation fixed, a lot of the sentences are incomplete or incorrect. I`m also not a fan of how every one of their games seems to have the female characters with breasts larger than their heads.

another name 2014.04.12
The game itself was too strait forward but these types always are. For what it was it was alright.

whatever32 2014.04.09
so good , I mean perfect

KillamanKaoz 2014.04.09
Love games like this makes me horny greate graphics

jean-marit 2014.04.08
Great quality and great characters

damnalex 2014.04.07
This is a bit short but it is very funny:) I`ve played it twice

alltimelow 2014.04.07
A little too short but its good

jer1981 2014.04.07
Awesome, I love me a red head.

big daddy ed 2014.04.07
great grapics and hot teacher

Joke366 2014.04.06
unfortunatley my principal isn`t like this

louie921 2014.04.06
i wish i had a principal like this in high school

john_cena 2014.04.06
oh,,, cool
i think its goood

GrayTiamat187 2014.04.06
I loved this game due to the graphics and animation. I do however feel that it is far too easy. Either way, great game.

mandrone 2014.04.06
I love playing games like these, they`re amazing.

shadowtiger 2014.04.05
this is so fucking great

crazy8s17 2014.04.05
Amazing, but maybe...make this one out of a series of school ones. Such as this could be the start, then build upon it. Love it nonetheless

Kaedo66 2014.04.03
Really nice game and easy to play.

god007 2014.04.03
Wish i had a female principle that slutty when i was in school.

a1xyz 2014.04.03
Nice sexy hot game, easy to play.

jcox1021 2014.04.02
great game. wish my teachers were like this.

KC3825 2014.04.01
these kinds of games are very fun, I did something similar to a highschool teachet of mine

moonwolfking 2014.03.30
the animations are nice and this game is good if your looking for a game to play quickly

perker.drake 2014.03.30
really good game. Great storyline and one I will enjoy playing for a long time to come

aron101 2014.03.30
i wish i had a principal like this

mochabear415 2014.03.29
Extremely fun and sexy game. Really simple if you`re looking for something quick to play

Pauley908 2014.03.28
Nice New looking game one of my favorites :)

naveenpandu 2014.03.28
game is so easy and hot

g1777 2014.03.28
Very hot and horny game!
Very good animation

dildo67 2014.03.27
This is a nice game love everything about it

SexyLadies00 2014.03.27
im stuck, after you get her horny, she wants me to put my dick inside her but how

doctorx 2014.03.27
simple to play, the quality is very clear.

JCK524 2014.03.26
Easy game and nice graphics

aguri2001 2014.03.26
the gameplay of this game is really fun i like it a lot.also the graphics are very good

alphakiller365 2014.03.26
should make the story longer and more gameplay used

genecapes6 2014.03.24
great game really big tits love to rub them

hardgammer 2014.03.23
good graphic,exciting scenes

Motherfucker9000 2014.03.23
i want to fuck that teacher

krustnika80 2014.03.23
very good game. I like it. And very big tits

pitexs 2014.03.23
Good game loved the super sexy succubus. Only thing that was bad was the dick up the guys
and i love play this game so HOOOOTT

Godskrieg 2014.03.22
Graphics are sort of weird in this one

gta5 2014.03.21
I liked the game because she had huge tits but her hair was a little wired

mikado0001 2014.03.21
graphism are poor but slapping ass in the end is cool

ilmilio 2014.03.21
ok ok it`s always the same, but is sexy

jaymad12 2014.03.21
simple,but a fun a game.great big jugs

BiigD 2014.03.16
Good graphics nice and simple ;)

Laylia 2014.03.15
This one is pretty straight forward. She looks like Rose from Street Fighter Alpha

FelipeK 2014.03.15
nice graphics and simple sex scenes

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.12
Not very good graphics. But great big tits.

tdog2014 2014.03.12
i wish i had that principle

YasinRahman 2014.03.12
The best hentai adventure game

DaneWolf 2014.03.10
Too easy. It was an okay game but just not enough.

swifthellion 2014.03.09
very good game from games of desire, i like how interactive it is

Blitzkriegbob 2014.03.09
easy game and quite nice graphics make this game good for a quick play. Personaly I find the hair rather irritating.

Wondra 2014.03.09
It was harder than i expected, but it was okay

plzsn 2014.03.08
great game you should make challenges to wear you would have to start over if your incorrect

mr_hunter619 2014.03.07
Game was alright, I guess.

beastboy99 2014.03.07
what a principal i love this game i totally like the graphics awesome

motorbebek2010 2014.03.06
good game nice graphics wish there was more to do

Horny_bitch_13 2014.03.06
i love this game played it many times!! i especially loved the graphics

blackdhoom 2014.03.05
Hope i will meet this type of Principal in future..

wburnie 2014.03.05
It was alright could have been longer, or even with a female student

flinstone24 2014.03.05
Very easy game. Also nice. Wish our school principal is also a hot and sexy lady.

locoman16 2014.03.04
it was ok game. i don`t like so much

ilovegames 2014.03.03
good game with great graphics.........

killzone222 2014.03.02
wow its actually super good but then to short i guess really good though

kenneth1590 2014.03.01
too short for a great story, should probably add some more sex scenes.

Speedbear34 2014.03.01
The story on this is good and the animation is top notch

TANNY02 2014.02.28

Adreed 2014.02.28
Wow, just wow it good but not graphics

paradj 2014.02.28
typical m&F....
but seriously ...
anal BEFORE the Tf????

gimmino77 2014.02.27
funny, but not so special

savion 2014.02.27
awesome graphics and simple sex scenes

hrshksh 2014.02.27
good concept...though could have improved a bit..

fireraven121 2014.02.27
pretty good game. nice graphics

AmazingMan07 2014.02.26
This would NEVER happen.

Kazarian 2014.02.26
Decent enuf cartoon style game that revisits almost every teenage-guy fantasy... play it once then move on

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
Very simple game to get to the end, great if yoou`re a fan of big boobs

dfoskett 2014.02.25
weak but not bad by any means

wawesome 2014.02.24
Too easy and bad animations

hanibal194 2014.02.22
too easy and i don t like big big boobs ..

dudeisbored 2014.02.22
ive always been a fan of these types of games only played a few that i didnt like

sasaakd 2014.02.21
This game was okay, wish it had given me more control of the action.

Daniel_Martin 2014.02.21
I like the concept of the story but I absolutely hated the animation of the principal. I wish there was an option between male principle and female student and vice versa.

Fenix79 2014.02.21
ok game i guess, wouldn`t play it again though

Hellfire67 2014.02.21
Not bad gameplay and the graphics aren`t bad either.

Gippstar77 2014.02.21
Very good game, I like the way the Mechanics of the games work, Reminded me of my head misstress

Royaldevil 2014.02.20
I like the way the Mechanics of the games work.

whisper 2014.02.20
nice game and graphics but so easy

LovelyJaaaa 2014.02.20
not really crazy about this one.

da388 2014.02.19
great ending, love the game

fkf,fq 2014.02.19
Awesome i would like such an adventure

TakeshiKawa 2014.02.19
The story quite popular, but the interaction is good, thumb up for this game.

Coco912 2014.02.19
Good game if you wanna pass time. Story line isn`t that long, the scenes aren`t that long either, and could use better graphics. But still a good game.

Lizzie 2014.02.19
OMG really great game cum too.

stiffdick97 2014.02.18
I love the game, great graphics, but needs longer scenes.

klf 2014.02.18
all that games are the same, boring


ECRIDER 2014.02.18
Nice meaningless fun if you want to kill sometime.

eagleata 2014.02.17
it was ok game. i don`t like so much.

fmeyen 2014.02.17
Not the best game I`ve seen but ...
nice story, predictable but nice
graphics are not the best ones.

pusshound 2014.02.17
Nice concept. Love slutty teachers. Graphics are OK. Would like more endngs. Not too difficult. Worth a play.

madmax68 2014.02.17
Love this adventure, I had a female principal and she didn`t look anything like this!!

HarrietGarmin 2014.02.17
Quick game, not bad. Easy maybe a different ending or two could make this better otherwise a good game.

Q+W+E 2014.02.17
nice game...with OK Graphics and Control

SGreasly 2014.02.17
Neat game, nothing real fancy, but fun.

bestia99rom 2014.02.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

NightStalker73au 2014.02.16
good gameplay and graphics

Allahu 2014.02.16
Good sex scenes, but the graphics are boring and overused.

sexpe 2014.02.16
This game is too fast and too easy, there is nothing to do !

toriyazaki 2014.02.16
A quick and easily finished game with good graphics but without nothing to do

mick149 2014.02.16
a game that`s not too long , and simple aswell

mann234 2014.02.16
nice and very short game and easy too

stefano71 2014.02.16
quite nice game, but nothing special

spirek 2014.02.16
The game is preety good. O like it.

oranjeboven 2014.02.16
I wish I had a priniple like that,
ehen I was in school!

kaladrumer 2014.02.16
that was ONE nice sexy sluty principle. love it....

Invictuss717 2014.02.16
now that was hot, how many guys get to screw one of there teachers in school, awesome idea

Test1234 2014.02.16
Bad game (for me) and she is so creepy

King Duffy 2014.02.16
good game but could of been longer that would of made it more interesting

Darius2738 2014.02.15
Direct game, great sex scenes though.

dandraft 2014.02.15
Its an ok game,but nothing special,wierd hairdue on her i must say. but shes sexy and all,5/10 from me for the carrottop,we need more kellystuff please

banes 2014.02.15
good game, nice graphics, could haave been longer.

Marty09 2014.02.15
a very lovely game. storyline is very nice and one i wish had happen to me in school but probably with a teacher lol

JCHANK 2014.02.15
this was easy and thx for letting me play a meet and fuck games

Stathis 2014.02.15
Typical game of the kind, ok with me.

labmunky 2014.02.15
nice game wish it was longer

farkas 2014.02.15
Normal story and the graphics are very simple. I give 5/10 point.

themoda 2014.02.14
Typical game of games of desire, not very good

aragorn90 2014.02.14
standard game from games of desire. They had much better ones, but it is not a demo and that is better than normal.

dandydon 2014.02.14
typical gamesofdesire fare. I thought they were off the net?

vinniekill 2014.02.14
really nice game. I enjoyed it.

DreamTim 2014.02.14
just an ok game. not the best

TheCasanova1234 2014.02.14
the breats were awesome, but ok storyline, there should have been more

jcc1985 2014.02.14
good game nice graphics wish there was more to do

bilbily 2014.02.14
we have come to expect, ok graphics and simple sex scenes, wish there were more story

Jaaru 2014.02.14
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Ricoh124 2014.02.14
Wonder why she waits for him to get into trouble

shadow1983 2014.02.14
not a bad game sort of what we have come to expect, ok graphics and simple sex scenes, wish there were more story and harder actions

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