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Mummy Love Part Two


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Machintrucbc 2017.10.05
Nice graphics - not always easy to find spots, even with hints (they can mislead you).

colle 2017.08.30
well i was wrong with "mummy" called, i think mummy s mommy lol, nice bro

kemode 2017.08.19
Emma is sooo damn hot! Wow! Not the easiest game to play though...a bit time consuming

KitCarsen 2017.07.01
Loved this game more than the 1st. Great scenes.

ianjames 2017.03.19
good graphics sexy girls but i am still stuck on titt fucking scene

kemode 2017.02.03
Cute girl but those hotspots can be tough to find!

stach56 2016.07.12
Great Graphics and storyline

stach56 2016.06.08
I do not have the patience to play this game. How long does it do it?

xxasik 2016.03.03
nice game.....really like this type of game d

IceRobin 2016.02.05
it is soooooo slow, but grate story


Kingzladjan 2016.01.27
awesome game! great graphics and the gameplay is godlike!

spamguy1 2016.01.06
it could be a bit faster at times, staring at the same image for so long just watching her transform can be a bit dull. other than that its great

Saan_123 2015.06.03
Repairing Tv is very easy. I like it. Thanks pfo...

Froodoo 2015.02.15
Great game a bit too hard

Brad-Pitz 2015.02.09
I a little rough and difficult, but once you figure it out, its worth the trouble!!

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.18
Nice flash game. It`s very realistic and a little bit hard

Living Shadow 2014.07.29
dayum. this game is soooo hot

bitz94 2014.07.14
Fantastic game I really liked playing it. More like this please.

aussimal 2014.06.25
great game cool graphics,bit slow to start finding hot spots but once u do well worth it .awesome.

BreastMan 2014.06.01
its a bit complicated but its good

Assurbanipal 2014.03.28
at "pusooy.net" there`s walkthroug.
another exceptional game graphic,storyline,sex scene animation really good detail of motions. just one problem hot spot and command difficult to catch and operate.
in any case another full 100 vote.

ladiesman420 2014.03.28
nice erotic flash game...!!!!
though controls are somewhat creepy..!!!!
hot ;)

ashish0808 2014.03.20
mummy part 2 i like the most. beautifully crafted game with interactive actions. love it

Gipzor 2014.03.03
Once this happens instead of placing Robâ??s hand back on her shoulder, move the handâ??s fingertips around her cheek trying different angles until Rob says â??you are so prettyâ?ť, once this happens rub her cheek more until Rob then says â??the face of an angelâ?ť at which point you can move Robâ??s hand back to Emmaâ??s shoulder and she will be able to be moved all the way down.

cloudleonheart 2014.02.02
not bad can be frustrating but it has rewards in the end

ImrtlWolf 2013.09.21
As always Pussooy always has outstanding games

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

anch0rz 2013.08.30
I`ve been looking for lesbian games everywhere! I finally found one with good game play, and graphics. Thank you!

Sascha1974 2013.08.09
Great game , nice story and grafic.

w1drng22 2013.07.26
This is now the best game I have ever played. It was very difficult at times and I believe too difficult. But the motion was flawless. In the nurse`s office when she blew on the kid to get him hard, that was so erotic. I would replay that scene over and over if I could.

A lot of times you don`t need to rub (like on the stomach), just find the right spot and stop. The game will take over.

arti316 2013.07.12
good but has some bugs on that part in the medical center :)

dejv2249 2013.07.05
Nice game with great graphics and animation

duudde 2013.06.30
very good game loved it gameplay hard at times but still very good played all 3 this is my favorite of them

morganc 2013.06.19
Incredibly sexy scenes and girls, but unplayable controls make it painful to play

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
A great game with good story and graphics

tempora.neo 2013.05.22
better than first part. the third part is the best also.

lulalura 2013.05.01
great series, i love all the interaction.

babugee 2013.04.29
nice game requires better animation

Nadim16 2013.04.27
part 1 and 3 were better but in general a really good series of sexy games only need control improvments

niksbeter 2013.04.21
allright, for the people who are still stuck in the titfuck scene in the av room, its now about going slow, i tried that too but i passed it while timing correctly and making right moves with the mouse.

you have to make some sort of circles with your mouse fast, moving her ead closer to you and then make the circle to push his pelvis between her boobs, then complete circle by following the first arrow again to get her even closer and repeat again with his pelvis. and so on until he automatically fucks her boobs

Superlars 2013.04.10
Nice game with great graphics and animation, but unfortunately the controls are very difficult. Sometimes the program reacts very slow to mouse controls.

Ellis Thomas 2013.03.22
luv the game but its a lil hard

lou 1 2013.03.22
i pushed he down three times and his hand is still on her shoulder wtf!!!!!!!!!

lou 1 2013.03.21
i am stuck on the first parti can not rub her check right i just do not get it!!!!!!!

HOTATL 2013.03.10
Like the game but having a hard time getting her down on her knees.

RUWetYet 2013.02.21
Can`t play. I got stuck on the cheek stroking.. I like how it tells you to stroke her cheek but it doesn`t tell you HOW to do that. I was rubbing her cheek for half an hour, he said one thing - apparently he has to say two before she goes down. Am I doing something wrong? I gave up after the half an hour of cheek stroking, that`s just not fun..

CB54 2013.02.11
Very hot models; great graphics; not enough animation.

pinker 2013.02.06
Good storyline and the princess is hot hot hot but there are bugs in the mouse movements. In the doctor/examination scene, I was able to move her hand over his jeans/crotch, but after rubbing the three hotspots on the boy`s belly, I couldn`t move her hand over his jeans to touch a hotpot there.
Crappy and I might give up on it.

UkSteve 2013.02.04
Great game! Really loved it!

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

vvsraju 2013.01.20
i am stunned with the great graphics

zantha 2013.01.15
Nevermind. I used a different browser and it worked fine. And now all three games are added to my favorites.

zantha 2013.01.15
Unfortunately, it won`t load more than 50% for me, so I cannot play it. *pouts*

hornsfan35 2013.01.11
I am completely stuck on the cheek stroking scene. I feel like a dumb ass but I just can`t get it right.

dsertigel 2013.01.11
This game is really really awsome

wtf9yolo 2013.01.05
Great game! Really loved it!

gaul 2013.01.05
good graphics, it`s like a real.

bvash26 2012.12.21
a really good game. challenging at first but alot of fun. i cant wait to play the next one.

HIMI 2012.12.18
beautiful stroryline, nice actions to enjoy

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Brilliant! Freakin art...

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


robbery 2012.09.25
Great and fun game. Gameplay is a little too slow.

reddic 2012.09.03
this is a good game, not the worlds best graphics but that would be impossible to ask for in this type of game. The story is funny and the scenes are well thought out and you have to think and try different moves to get the end result.

tdaynis 2012.08.28
nice game good to play......graphics r fine and its hot.

Machy19 2012.08.20
its a very good graphic and its an easy gameplay

dudelebowski 2012.08.03
Got stuck for a long time in the beginning--it`s not very intuitive that you have to rub the girl`s cheek a couple of times before she`ll deign to drop to her knees. But besides that and awkward character control, the game is terrific! Incredible graphics quality, enough of a story to show intrigue for future parts.

Oh, one more thing that could`ve been improved upon: Siti`s lack of responses in the nurse`s office. She never said a word during the "examination," which I found to be very distracting.

sunneil 2012.07.23
sexy game can not control

Adendum 2012.07.19
Great game best I have experienced yet. Good graphics and plot.

MacPau 2012.07.13
Is there any secret scene in this game?

CaptFantastic 2012.07.05
Love the graphics but the biggest pain in the ass trying to get pass his wanting to rub his cock against her tits. Tried more than a dozen times and decided the hell with it. Had no issues with Mummy 1 and 3, but 2 is definitely a big waste of time.

dscali 2012.06.23
A little slow but good overall

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
Excellent adventure..loved the actions in this one!

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
good game with real good graphics. tricky finding all the areas to advance the game.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
It`s one of the best games i`ve ever played

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Great game! Story and grafic too!

mannxi 2012.05.18
sometimes some scenes take too long time but generally it makes me fun

wildlolli 2012.05.18
Nice game like the firs part. But it was a bit harder to find the right spots.

marlin 2012.05.16
a few difficult spots - but once your through its a nice game..

playboy7 2012.05.14
the game is nice but the repeating of action is very long which i really really don`t like.. like when the boy ask to rub on boobs ... i just don`t like to much to repeating of actions it get`s boring

bigbellend7 2012.05.06
It is a pity that a good story line and good graphics is totally ruined by an appalling usre interface. Ages to get past the cum bit in the mummy room (stroking her face first) only to be totally defeated by the bit in the AV room. Gave up in disgust and saddened by the fact that a game with such potential is rendered totally naff.

actstylo1990 2012.04.26
finally i figure out how to complete task "rub stomach"
juz need to rub slowly follow then hint until u see the siti nacles glow, then u stop.
later siti will say mmm..try it..^_^

cairnou 2012.04.24
Bon OK j`avance . Quel corps magnifique

joshuajay 2012.04.21
Has a few hard spots but once your unstuck its a pretty good game..

harrywibowo 2012.04.20
Pussoy game always gimme extra sensation, the girls looks and the action is more real comparing to the others game developer... Even sometimes kind hard to find the clue, still pussoy game is great ..

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.13
I am stuck in first scene...

Aryavan275 2012.04.12
nice game..... pleas some help

Aryavan275 2012.04.12
i loved he game and the graphics made i seem real

4garythaler4 2012.04.09
The plot of this episode is quite interesting and highly arousing. Siti is without any question the most stimulating of any of the women in the Play Force One series, especially because she is unique in having small breasts. I am really weary of endless exaggerated big- breasted women. The scenes involving the "tit fuck" are extremely frustrating and almost caused me to abandon this game.

akp_007 2012.04.04
can`t at all make her go down when pushing shoulders. tried slow cursor speed on mouse but nothing. always stops half way, so i`m completely wasting my time

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

glukos37 2012.03.17
one of the best series on here

RickyCindahood 2012.03.16
quite interesting game to play like her tits

dajukilo345 2012.03.12
i loved the game because of the tits

ike121951 2012.03.09
one of the best series on here

Kevo550 2012.03.04
Cannot get past stretching part in doctor office.. help?

sam.ant 2012.03.01
i am stuck at the 1st scene...help/

dk47 2012.02.29
awesome graphics and way fun too, lots of tricky parts though

impruneta 2012.02.13
Good graphics and great story! One of the best games

Sanvitch 2012.02.13
I really enjoyed it. nice length, tricky at times and needs some fine tuning, but otherwise really good.

divya 2012.02.12
This game is really awesome

gorex 2012.02.12
great but hard game wth good graphics

zerocool14 2012.02.11
any help on scene 1 please....

zerocool14 2012.02.11
any help to get past scene one

stalle 2012.02.10
Great game! I love those Mummy games and this part is the best.
I really like the AV room scen. So hot

sammyshambles 2012.02.03
Really love this range of games...hard but worth it.

CoMIYC69 2012.01.29
Cool graphics but difficult to solve...takes a little too much fuss

ben_500 2012.01.26
it`s good as the first one, same slowness and (really hard) gameplay

Andrew989 2012.01.21
A bit hard to pass first scene but I`m going to try my best

miyabi1evans 2012.01.14
this game is pretty sexy, i like it

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
a hard game but its funny

Lady Dawn 2012.01.11
graphics are great , put the game play is completely ruined by the god awful controls . Very annoying , totally ruined

gorex 2012.01.11
very playfull game. i like it.

Lizzie 2012.01.10
i could not log in to play this game.

Guillaume 2012.01.10
At first game seemed fun and entertaining, but it quickly became tedious and frustrating with the weak game controls and pointless movements to move to next scene. Had the controls been not been so annoying this would have been more enjoyable to play.

go12371 2012.01.08
love this game needs sound

shyam8129 2012.01.07
Great game, nice graphics very good job

Kopyor 2011.12.30
good game but It`s a little bite hard to finish

sam00spade 2011.12.30
Sorry, frustration over-took ANY enjoyment for this game. Quit at the rubbing kids stomach.

sam00spade 2011.12.30
This is soooooo frustrating! With absolutely no help. The hints are completely worthless!

sam00spade 2011.12.30
Ok, someone`s right... the mummy`s necklace will glow when you`re doing something correct. Unfortunately, I`ve been rubbing the friggin kids stomach for a half hour!!!

sam00spade 2011.12.30
If it weren`t for the great graphics, this game would really suck!

sam00spade 2011.12.30
This game is so friggin hard to play. Even the hints are horrible!!

trexx21 2011.12.30
I need help. I`m stuck at the part with the sarcophagus and the glowing cross. What am I supposed to do?

Kracker70 2011.12.28
are there any hidden scenes inmummy love2?

Kracker70 2011.12.27
I can`t get ANY of the pusooy games to come up except PARTY CHERRLEADERS.WHY ?WHAT`S GOING ON?ARE THEY DOWNOR SOMETHING?

nancynancy 2011.12.18
i have to play more.very great moment

Mohit53 2011.12.16
great game and great graphics

Mohit53 2011.12.16
nice game and graphics are great

Mohit53 2011.12.16
nice game, graphics are good and animation is great.

diagono 2011.12.14
Hmmm, I think it`s too slow.

Danyolivier 2011.12.14
Great game!This is challenge!! Here you have to be patient and repeat actions slawly.One of my favorites games.

fwoodbine 2011.12.08
Slower connections may stare at a white screen for a while - just wait for it. It`s there.

justin_foreman250 2011.12.05
stuck at doctors office scene... what to do?

Renekton 2011.12.02
This game is great! And Emma is soo sexy and cute! :P

DaGhoztReaper 2011.12.01
Great graphics and gameplay

ryand 2011.12.01
good story and graphic but not easy to move on

hotliyah100 2011.11.29
great gameplay good graphics but i also got stuck on the middle

alex_sec123 2011.11.28
is a nice game i want to play the 3 part now!!

GiGi420 2011.11.27
The graphics are awesome, the game was great. Keep up the good work!

playgman 2011.11.21
it´s realy great and the graphics are awesome.

in the scene where she kneels down you have to rub her cheek realy long and then after the guy makes afew comments you can push her down^^

bestia99rom 2011.11.20
This game is really awesome

elishacuthbert 2011.11.14
excellent games with some of the best graphics ive come across, outstanding work !!!

mutrommi 2011.11.13
This series is very hot. The girls are superb.

wbailey 2011.11.11
Very good graphics, excellent representation of the Egyptian pharaohs, times the story puts us in the context of Princesses and as handled their sexual destination according to your beliefs, I hope soon part.

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.09
great game little hard to find hotspot but well done end is great

dri 2011.11.09
obscenely difficult but worth the effort

viperattack100 2011.11.07
How does one tit-fuck the blonde in the vide storage room?

Ops123 2011.11.03
nice game kinda long u have to wait for the text to long

knoll 2011.10.29
Still complicated on controls but a good game

anonimo 2011.10.28
HotAmy 2010.11.11
okay i got it, you need to circle her cheek with his hand -> that`s right....thanks

rakai_handara 2011.10.28
I still have a clue yet for the beginning of this game`s scene... I need help cause dunno what i have suppose to do...

tdaynis 2011.10.27
hormy game........beautiful girls......rocking!

rakai_handara 2011.10.26
nice game, slow scene, but make me fully curious...

T-Dawg 2011.10.25
Cool game, but not very challenging.

Chris1997 2011.10.23
this game has amazing graphics, n its an ok game...i guess

danny572006 2011.10.23
Part two better than part one. A little difficult, but I like that. Very fun game.

dragonstar 2011.10.15
im stuck in this game ,i have no idea what i am supposed to do on the first part

kool4dudes 2011.10.14
this is better than part 1..

VaultExile 2011.10.11
a slow game but great details

thinlwin 2011.10.08
this game is good too part one.so many thinking part.graphic good.

thinlwin 2011.10.07
good story.graphic is good. intesting game.so many experance for me.

ikaruichijoe 2011.10.06
obscenely difficult but worth the effort

Gurneyhal 2011.10.03
Way too difficult for the hotspots and the hints barely help. Needs work

j5 2011.10.03
really sexy but hard 2 control

Temperor 2011.09.29
Though this one is hard to control, it is a great sexy game with great graphics.

Fucker from hell 2011.09.26
i`m stuck at 3rd scene too..... can anyone give us some tips??

bonecyco 2011.09.25
i don`t really like this type of game

0341misfit 2011.09.23
how do you get the blond on her knees?

ramlak 2011.09.22
OK but not so great the part two was good

ballon4747 2011.09.21
I don`t know what to do at the 1st sceen.

Stepan Simakov 2011.09.20
It`s one of the best games i`ve ever played

waxall 2011.09.20
One of the few series where you can actually time the stroke, not just whip your mouse around, to maximize how effective you are at pleasing your partner. Still, way too much mouse waving overall, same as the farmers daughter series. I`d kill for "space bar" transition. Your wrist may hurt after this long a game.

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
super hot game, good story good action

stef85 2011.09.18
Great game, talk about the perfect blonde, mmm

baleine 2011.09.17
Great issue, sometime difficult, even frustrating, but very exciting too ! It`s my favorite of the three parts.

Gery1 2011.09.17
This blows! Been trying to get her down on her knees for an hour now. Zero points for this game!

god_like89 2011.09.16
hard as hell, but worth it

kirky01 2011.09.13
interesting game, takes you a while to work things out, great graphics, girls look great

Melimelo 2011.09.10
I really enkoyedthe 3 parts of this game, a "little" tricky to find the right hotspots sometimes but definitely worth the trouble !
I`ll surely play the 3 eps some more time just for the really hot scenes !

thethirdman 2011.09.09
very very sexy game nearly as good as the first

Bummer71 2011.09.03
To get past the breast exam with Dr. Young, you have to just touch certain spots. Do not rub, so the arrows should be more for X marks the spot rather than a direction. Hope this helps.

kophyoster 2011.09.03
i have not appear and i can`t play

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Not a bad game, but seen better ones.

jmeoff 2011.08.31
Excellent art and graphics, Siti is my sweetie!

jmeoff 2011.08.29
Thanks, Doc, I feel great!

dodag 2011.08.27
Another WOW. Excellent game

Zarko 2011.08.26
to slow... i dont like it...

korokosan 2011.08.24
Again great game but too much time to see much of nothing

Sedric 2011.08.23
excellent graphics, a/v closet is a little hard though. brilliant way to bring her into the modern day

branknock 2011.08.20
part 2 is as good as the first, and as with the first I found it hard to keep on the hot spots. once again good graphic`s

cas26 2011.08.15
interesting game, takes you a while to work things out, great graphics, girls look great

lagom 2011.08.13
best game series here on the side.. man i really love this beautiful chick!!

memem 2011.08.13
Oh nice another interesting game, but pretty obvious whats it about

mortadelo76 2011.08.10
Explosive girls, difficult gameplay though.

spokxx 2011.08.09
very good but very hard game
good story and graphics

morebelrose 2011.08.09
i love this one the best makes me hot

Henshin 2011.07.31
Really. Long. Game.

It takes a really long time to play from start to finish, even if you know what you`re doing. Usually the creators will recognize this and implement a save function or a password system. This game does not. Ordinarily this would amount to a minor nuisance, maybe a meager annoyance. The problem is that this game has a plot (a valid plot - a rarity in sex games). With no way to skip scenes, you have to write this into your schedule if you want to complete it.

Mr.Go 2011.07.29
Yeah, this is def one of my favorites as of right now

Raven68 2011.07.28
Ok Many many moons later im Finally at the doc where he examine her nipples but wont go further,
Somebody an idea?
( I mean suggestions or where i can get a walk trough ?)

hello123456 2011.07.28
Take me over 1 hour to find the right direction

Funnygecko1435 2011.07.27
im sorta stuck about this game but i will keep trying. so far it is great

Raven68 2011.07.26
to abouddka:
Repeat a few times till she starts over with her coment press h on keyboard a arrow will flash on her Cheek caress there till the guy says she has an angel face press her down and u can rub his dick on her tits have fun

krypteria 2011.07.26
very good game with very good graphic

abouddka 2011.07.25
guys ....i`m stuck in this game.......i can`t figure what to do after i show her my cuck and i put my hands on her shoulder and there.......... i`m stuck.........so please help me

Sacbob 2011.07.21
It`s been said that to get passed the AV room you need to take it slow. Well I blew up the image and was moving a couple of pixels at a time. You can`t go much slower than that and I still couldn`t get it to work.

This game scores a 1 simply because the controls suck. I should only have to worry about the story line and not which one of the individual pixels needs to be clicked.

This is much too frustrating to play as many people here seem to have discovered. Screwing up the second game in a four game series blows the whole thing.

Bob_Bones 2011.07.19
Great! This is probably the best of the series. Lots of scenes, very playable.

zelda813204 2011.07.19
AMAZEING SEXY GREAT WORK a little hard to control

Raven68 2011.07.19
Help I got stucked where Siti is at doc`s room and try to heal the boy cant find hotspot where she has to rub
Anybody any sugestions
after all super game controls are dificult some how but better as on the Sharkgames

redline 2011.07.17
wont load gets stuck at 75%

Dexpo 2011.07.15
Great Graphics, but horrible game play, a real woman would be easier to get.

Michielnl 2011.07.13
graphics okay but to hard..

fonix 2011.07.11
@jpdm2011 2011.03.26
Good graphics, very difficult gameplay.
A tip in that beggining part when you have to rub her cheeks: use only his fingertips next to her mouth

Thank you, that worked! Anyway, this game is awesome. It has a great story and good animations. Maybe it`s a bit difficult, but the end is really nice. :)

smooch 2011.07.10
:/ i cant get her to let him put his dick on her tits or wuteva they`re supposed to be doing in the museum by the mummies tomb...and the hints not helping :/

martinp 2011.07.10
I live this game! To be honest, the story. Game play a little slow.

Shaggy169 2011.07.05
Pile of sh*t basically. Good graphics. Atrocious gameplay. Fails as a game if you can`t play it due to your mouse movements being millimetres out of position. Avoid!

tbonetmm 2011.07.04
ineed help where the guy n blonde is by yhe princess

snow01 2011.07.03
it takes a little time to figure the action out but the final scene is great graphics

markie 2011.06.30
Good Game great geraphics bit tough for me

bbllchc124 2011.06.30
good game.. but i can`t get past the part where his cum is on the mummy`s case and the two people have left..

Harry2205 2011.06.26
good game, nice graphics a little bit to heavy but really good

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I love the look of this game, so smooth.

jbartu 2011.06.23
Great second part getting ready to play part three

kurca 2011.06.21
good game, i like it. i like this type of game

prowlin2007 2011.06.21
awesome game. cant wait to play more

ilatan 2011.06.20
it`s the best of the s??rial, patience is the secret for more enjoy

Rouko 2011.06.20
Too difficult.

Thanks to those who have solutions.

chip chipperson 2011.06.20
great game. makes me rock hard. tricky? yes alittle confusing? yes. but always hot

SoloDrifter 2011.06.18
stuck on load screen..Boo!

fallenghost900 2011.06.17
very hot game i enjoyed it

eric123456 2011.06.17
awesome game, better than part.

renthestinky1 2011.06.17
The best of the series! Could play over and over.

obscurit 2011.06.13
he cut scenes are slow, like the money shots with the flashes of light. seems like it goes on forever

jpsacrey 2011.06.12
wow just finish this game really cool graphics

kikimoneyy 2011.06.11

m4t0n 2011.06.11
hots girls makes this game superb

Soozuo 2011.06.10
Though arguably perverted, Puso`s games are interesting. The movement can sometimes be challenging, but it is just challenging enough to feel like you have earned for the story to progress rather than having an excuse for it to take place. I believe he is a very good designer.

wowattaiwan 2011.06.08
Playing this game requires plenty of patience

vinci1243 2011.06.07
one of the best games.. but few times .. i got stuck...

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Amazing graphics and animations!

The game play is definitely challenging and requires patience and careful placements movements of the mouse pointer. Do not get frustrated and forum posts helped.

I played 3 first, then 1 and now 2. I can see why 3 has a simpler game play than 2.

Billyskins 2011.06.03
game not working for me, shame would love to have played it

johndellsman 2011.05.27
wow just finish this game really cool graphics .....kind of tricky but worth it

deathgodace 2011.05.20
a little short good graphics the hint needs a lotta work only showed half the time and rarely where you need it

sajrd 2011.05.19
excellent. great game, very good graphics, controls are awful, makes it frustrating.

C.C. 2011.05.19
Finally got through 2. Even better than one. Can`t wait to get started on 3.

sprhr1 2011.05.19
Same problem as VJ - i rub her cheek but it doesnt do anything, but if I push her down she says no... maybe I`m just not smart enough for this game!

C.C. 2011.05.17
I`ve managed to get to the breast exam with Dr. Young. Other areas give some indication whether you`re going in the right direction or not. This one doesn`t seem to. The hind doesn`t seem to help at all. I love the game so far but I`m at the end of my rope. HELP.

Sep 2011.05.16
I thought Part 1 was a great game this one rocked that one out of the atmosphere! Thanks for the hints some areas are way hard to figure without them thanks everyone!

C.C. 2011.05.12
I keep trying and I keep getting stuck in the same place. Dr. Young and the breast exam. Help, It`s getting frustrating.

KookieKrunch 2011.05.11
provides a fair challenge that makes it hard to pass some areas, nice graphics as well

Bummer71 2011.05.11
HELP! What do you have to do with the first part with Doctor Young. The hint is not helping (an arrow on her chest). Do you rub her tits? Fast? Slow? Several other people have posted the same problem, and there isn`t a good explanation how to get past it or I wouldn`t be asking for help.

Vee-Jay 2011.05.09
Just rub her cheek guys, that`ll do the trick. XD

Vee-Jay 2011.05.09
How to push the girl down? I`m stuck!

Someoneb 2011.05.08
I`m stuck on the part with her breasts,i dont know what to do, she always refuses me, please help!

fabrid 2011.05.08
I`m stuck in this game please help me!?

s@nt!no 2011.05.07
Barely playable garbage. Save yourself the time and energy. Avoid at all cost. -100/10.

Lilimi 2011.05.04
It is a good game with nice graphics but too dificult to pass.

C.C. 2011.05.04
I`m stuck at the breast exam. The hint doesn`t help at all. Any help besides hint would be appreciated. I like the game and want to go farther.

Skarn62 2011.05.03
Really good game. Hard to finish. Waiting tho the third.

smallbucket 2011.05.02
I didn`t came through the first scene... so I call it a poor game, but with nice graphics

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

adj197 2011.04.26
having trouble getting past the first part

archer01 2011.04.25
nice game gr8 girls awesome quality

RingTime 2011.04.25
I like sharks games. They are challenging.

josueo 2011.04.22
Good story on the game, but hard on controls.

tomobo 2011.04.22
IM stuck in the part where you first need a hint. help me

chekink 2011.04.22
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

josueo 2011.04.21
the sex parts are a bit to well unsexy and I got a glitch in the deepthroat part but exept that its good

thesphinx 2011.04.21
Great situations, but controls, especially in titty fuck scene, are very tough to get.

Dovion 2011.04.21
The mummy love series is quite good! I love the game play even tho some parts are hard!

mido2009 2011.04.20
how to play it?
it has good graphice
i canot play it

ucharecords 2011.04.18
the gameplay was predictable

dylansz 2011.04.17
great game...finally got the hang of it!

FireEyes 2011.04.17
ok, i need some help on this one... in the first scene when u have to rub against her breasts, i have no idea what to do after pressing and shoulder.. she keeps saying she;s not that knid of girl

tempo3 2011.04.12
Played part 1 and 2. Very well done design, art and animation. Excellent storyline. But, the most of the movement requirements are not easy to figure out and take too long. You lose your momentum (a.k.a. hard on) and interest.

sangokucastro 2011.04.09
awesome game
keep uploading the series

DoubleD 2011.04.08
Great game, but somewhat hard to find the hotspots

botelho 2011.04.07
If you cant load it, just press f5 again...

SozeFTW 2011.04.07
Great game, bit hard. but really great story!

iago_ist 2011.04.06
Hot, one and graphics are better than the first story too. The next thing is going to be playing the third one. :)

Someoneb 2011.04.05
I have a question, what I need to do when I need to rub my dick on her tits, she always say something when I try to get my dick on her breast.

Stack 2011.04.05
Can be hard to advance but in generel a really nice game

martas33 2011.04.04
It`s a pity there isn`t more sound! Otherwise good game, average I would say.

Laura25 2011.04.03
I am stuck in first scene...

teaser123 2011.04.02
Great game.. impressive graphics.... nice job..

hunts628 2011.04.02
The cut scenes are slow, like the money shots with the flashes of light. seems like it goes on forever

ArcanePJY311 2011.04.01
good graphics, a nice storyline. Would be better if fasten the gameplay and make it easier to find hot spot

decodant 2011.04.01
The game is very cool. Reccomend for everybody

anmol20 2011.03.29
help me out wid this game

anmol20 2011.03.29
i have become fond of this game

anmol20 2011.03.29
needs some improvement but still gud

anmol20 2011.03.29
ausum game
agood way to hang out

anmol20 2011.03.29
fantistic game wid really gud graphis

saikat 2011.03.28
This game is really awesome, i love moms

hous2011 2011.03.27
great game nice sex scenes and graphics but hard at times to find the hotspots

jpdm2011 2011.03.26
Good graphics, very difficult gameplay.
A tip in that beggining part when you have to rub her cheeks: use only his fingertips next to her mouth

fdas 2011.03.25
these games are soo sexy! hard work but worth it

NudeRaider 2011.03.24
Funny twist to bring her into modern age. Loved it, but a bit tedious to progress the sex scenes.

DEFJAM360 2011.03.23
I got stuck where ur supposed to tit fuk her any help??

roysteek 2011.03.23
nice game, with a lot of sex

Gallardo 2011.03.23
This game is really awesome, i love moms

cidermeister 2011.03.23
good series and good graphics

Lisababi 2011.03.22
didint really care for it!

jujubani 2011.03.22
almost stuck on LOADING.. but its good :D

silverfury 2011.03.22
good graphics, all though the play was a pain in the ass

imthewolf 2011.03.21
Great story but the gameplay controls were a pain in the butt. (like i`m sure siti is feelling now)

sexyporn 2011.03.20
great game can`t stop playing it

magda 2011.03.19
Graet game, fantasic graphics and music.

chickenabc 2011.03.18
good game but kinda boring. i had trouble starting.

tomswan 2011.03.18
great graphics, very hard to find hotspots

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
I really enjoyed the second part to this series. Again, I find some of the scenes pretty laggy and the controls sometimes seem a little off. The graphics and music though are fantastic and what I have come to expect from the creator.

Smyxter 2011.03.16
Finally made it by the A/V scene and made it to the end. An excellent game once you get the hang of it.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Excellent game, better than the first chapter.
Nice soundscape really, nice storyline, really long if you are not looking for any help, might take a while before you hit the right spot/find the right action to do.
For patient players (or lucky ones maybe)...
I could not ask for more graphically either since it is a flash game. Amazing work.

Don`t forget to write down the code given after you finish the game, it will allow you to play/skip scene without running through it all over again.
Just type it once you hit start playing a new game.

I wonder if there is any hidden scene in the second chapter ? I didn`t find it so far.

Dlakavi 2011.03.09
Nice game,graphics were ok,and it coul use sound

WolfWarrior 2011.03.08
Not a bad game,but a little slow.

sexii_Lexi 2011.03.05
The scenes were great and original, THe game overall is too short.

fameasser 2011.03.05
music is nice..and bit interesting game

fameasser 2011.03.03
one of the best game i ve ever played..well i did it in first attemp..yahuu

zeretet 2011.02.28
good game the graphics are nice and the music is really good

He_xu 2011.02.27
I Like these games a lot. Wery simple and good going method.

nerane 2011.02.27
The scenes were great and original, THe game overall is too short.

OmenMan 2011.02.27
How do you get passed the glowing necklace?

diego722 2011.02.27
soo cool i love it its the best game i`ve ever played

Seriphem 2011.02.26
not a bad game,but slow

He_xu 2011.02.26
More than i expected i get. Thanks

Sculpture80 2011.02.26
great game, love the graphics and the interactivity cant wait for more

thetbman 2011.02.25
great game... but slow story... very slow story...

destinhi 2011.02.25
good game but kinda boring. i had trouble starting.

bjamesd 2011.02.24
Great game but its not that fun

dogstar23 2011.02.23
It`s one of my faves, definately. Though the first part in ancient egypt was more interesting

dragonj 2011.02.23
liked to play the game just got stucked in the doctors office examing her breasts

Titansteel 2011.02.22
Great game! I like the story! The nurse part is epic!
I`ve finished all parts at least, but i could be a little easier!

adrianoicunha 2011.02.21
guys i am stuck at the beginning who can help me thank you very much

The_Who 2011.02.20
Enjoyable to play - quite interesting

chap74 2011.02.19
Nice game, especially that hot chick!

specs 2011.02.19
impressive graphics and nice gameplay... only the mouse sensitivity need to improve more

alcatel521 2011.02.18
Great game..loved it. Gets difficult at some places though...BUT a skillful approach definintely gets you through.

John1998 2011.02.18
Nice game ever seen!!....I really like this game!

thapieroxx 2011.02.17
Great graphics, great story , Greate interation i want to play this game a second time becouse it`s so amagazine ...

fox_says_ken 2011.02.17
Great graphics, great story line, LOUSY play!!!! Even when I know what will allow me to move on to the next scene, I still have problems making it work. Reading the comments it appears that many others are suffering the same fate. I suggest that the "hotspots" are widened or another fix added to allow for easier success in completing tasks.

papanuke 2011.02.17
incredible game awesome graphics, but what is up in the AV room? I just can`t get it to let me titfuck her!


alex0412 2011.02.16
nice game ,good graphics hot babe too ,ok when you get the hang of it !!,
we need more kelly ! come on guys.

mightyazda 2011.02.15
really great game - good graphics and great scences - defo one of the best on the site

Colvin 2011.02.14
Great game; good graphics

darkmist172 2011.02.14
i`m stuck at the storage place, when he tries to tite fuck her, any help?

hash19 2011.02.14
good game, good grapchis, good interaction

rob 2011.02.13
Great game, very difficult, thank you for the hints

chainxxx 2011.02.13
it took me a while to complete but it was totally worth it :)

darkmist172 2011.02.13
graphics is great, love the girls. good game

dslplus 2011.02.11
so cool. I like this game.

babo_23 2011.02.10
hot and better than Part One, like the sequences of the hot scenes

Ubber1 2011.02.09
The creator of these games is a mad genuis, I am in the presences of a true hero.

dzikmen 2011.02.09
awsome again, especially graphics
guys who can finish this without any help are also awsome

mrcoolerz 2011.02.09
great game! thanks to all the guides, just finished this hot game!

hunted 2011.02.07
excellent game and a great conclusion to the mummy love series. great graphics and story line

sgj007 2011.02.07
how do you get through the av room

NoWhereMan 2011.02.07
like this type of game .. good looking girls too

yeeh1299 2011.02.07
I`m stuck at the part where you have to stroke her cheek. Any help?

marcelino21 2011.02.07
nice game with nice graphics

randy06 2011.02.06
stuck when u see tits naked and u try to tit fuch her in storeroom girlfreind that is

maniaka53 2011.02.05
need some help with the doctor part, please

maniaka53 2011.02.05
a super hot game but control is awful

playboybunny92 2011.02.05
i like the graphics its so different from the other games

Mando66 2011.02.05
How do you get her to allow you to do anything?

Mando66 2011.02.05
Can`t get past the 3rd scene

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very hot and amazing game with good subject. I like it.

yankees267 2011.02.05
who knew cum was milk of life o_o maybe i should have some then XD

Nnlis 2011.02.03
is a good game, the history is really good, the graphic idem and the gameplay is very eassier

Cube 2011.02.03
For those stuck on the first segment with Rob & Emma next to the sarcophagus, the tips earlier in this comment thread can be a bit confusing.

Don`t start by pushing her down and then have to do it until she repeats the original line.
Instead, start by stroking her cheek until Rob tells her she`s pretty and then continue until he adds that she has the face of an angel.

After that she won`t refuse.

iyeSCREAM 2011.02.02
damn that turned me on. Very good graphics.

Baps69 2011.02.02
WOW I enjoyed playing this game as much as the first one and i look forward to there being another

hasil 2011.02.02
game graphics are nice and smooth

zeretet 2011.01.31
i love the game it was good fun

SLAVEgirl 2011.01.30
I loved this game! I WANT another one!

iainmasterton 2011.01.30
more, more. fantastic game. though a little slow and difficult. the sooner mummy love 3 comes out the better.

fanch56 2011.01.30
very interesting game and nice to play

barney_61 2011.01.30
i think this game is hard

lithium39 2011.01.28
im stuck in the 3rd part too
any hints??

PrInCeSs011 2011.01.27
i am stuck at 3rd scene... any help??

razorb 2011.01.26
Awesome game with awful controls

mike3661 2011.01.25
i really liked this but it took way to long to finish and the controls and knowing what to do took forever to find out

maffemich 2011.01.25
strange controles. nive pics

kalbs 2011.01.25
good game.....really like this type of game

Jeffrey! 2011.01.24
Disliked the controls, good game otherwise.

101sexy 2011.01.24
i love the game it was good fun

trencin 2011.01.24
playeful, good graphics, good story i love this serie

yaris98 2011.01.24
a little bit difficult but it`s a very nice game

ptalgh 2011.01.24
eventually this is one of the nice game i like most...wooo..

MegaMasterBlaster 2011.01.24
it was hard on some places but other than that a good game. hope to see more soon

angel_boy 2011.01.23
To help people who need to pass when Rob wants to tit fuck her do this.
1) As soon as that scene appears, try and push Emma to her knees. Pay attention to what she says.
2) As soon as Emma refuses, drop your hand to your side while she recovers.
3) Keep trying to push Emma to her knees until you get the first dialogue to repeat.
4) Stroke her cheek...Rob will comment...stroke cheek again until he comments again.
5) This entire process should not take more than a few minutes.

13commander 2011.01.23
fun game the visuals could be better

krystal4ever 2011.01.23
It was fun but I can`t get past the 3rd scene.

p-toons 2011.01.23
great game. love the interactions. hope to see more of this soon.

epicstar17 2011.01.22
great game, the graphics were good and the gameplay was even better

Alsheimer 2011.01.22
thats a great one i hope part 3 is ready soon

arsenal91 2011.01.21
the gameplay is awesome i couldnt stop

arsenal91 2011.01.21
i got stuck where he grabs her tits

dolfan10 2011.01.21
i got stuck when shes about to blow me ,any help

snajder 2011.01.21
great game, hope soon will pt3. come.....

ThornDarkmoon 2011.01.21
i keep getting stuck after the bit when you push the girl down, and she says no.... any help

king2pm 2011.01.21
i loved this game, so amazing, cool

jason5100 2011.01.21
This is an incredible game and can`t wait until the next in the series

kurtis002 2011.01.21
Terrific game everyone should try it

ptalgh 2011.01.21
Excellent game, hope it has part 3 coming soon

lover3857 2011.01.20
I really like this game, but I got stucked many times before I finally get through this. It is very hard, but I like challenges, it is soooo exciting!! ;) Good graphics and very interesting story! Cant wait the part three!

2005100 2011.01.20
I like this.. it was a long & great game

snozzo 2011.01.20
another of the fine publishers of adult games, keeps his best stuff for pauing customers but even the freebees are good.

MagicalCondom 2011.01.20
The story is fantastic ,the traslate is very good ( i`ve palyed in italian) but the control is hard

durko777 2011.01.20
Excellent game i`m waiting for part 3

jsidge2 2011.01.18
I couldn`t get past the rubbing so i suck

hotstuff12344321 2011.01.17
TThis was a really good game. i liked it.

mate209 2011.01.17
graphics are oay must be improved

jakob_m 2011.01.17
great game i really liked it.

cyberf18 2011.01.16
more easy then the first part. stil bit slow tho

pig22monster 2011.01.15
im stuck and the hints arent helping much! :(

devilsman 2011.01.15
Good game but with not optimized control. Excellent graphics. Original story, but too long and slow...

Kuppz90 2011.01.15
Nice game but i didnt get too far ;D got stuck after a while , hehe

dramafree 2011.01.15
I`m stuck on the first scene

shane007 2011.01.14
any body help me to play the next3

namor1 2011.01.14
Great anime graphics , nice, I enjoy it

lovelykiddy 2011.01.13
i always find these games hard.. but i like the story just wish it ran more smoothly with controls and actions

awesomeness 2011.01.13
this is one of the best games ever! great storyline and everything

rohit goyal 2011.01.13
it`s an very awesome game

kamper87 2011.01.13
how do u get her to suck you off

mago99 2011.01.13
The graphics and animation are quite nice but as always with Pusooy games the game mechanics suck. I don`t mind the fact that the exact action can be hard to figure out. That`s part of the puzzle. I do mind that once you figure it out the mechanics are so touchy that it gets incredibly frustrating. It can make getting through a scene a chore rather than fun. I made it to the tit-fuck scene and then spend 1/2 an hour alternating between the head and the cock but still couldn`t seem to get anywhere. At that point I quit. Get a clue Pusooy!!! You need to make the mechanics of your games less fussy if you want to make them more fun.

snozzo 2011.01.13
his games can be dificult to get proper placements of mouse pointer but once you figure them out, they are all darn good. I like the fact that he doesn`t make every girl huge breasted.

blak714 2011.01.12
it was a good game but it took me a while to figure out.

sidsrus 2011.01.12
Cool game but really clunky controls

shane007 2011.01.12
how to play part 3 whene the boys open Mr.P and grab to the girl

shane007 2011.01.12
it`s hard to say for dislike yhis game , i wanna feel the real game

m4t0n 2011.01.11
it`s really a good story wiith excellent gameplay

Kuppz90 2011.01.11
I actually liked this game alot ;D quite nice

C.zeni 2011.01.11
story is good , graphics is perfect what an amazing game ?

m4t0n 2011.01.11
good story with real graphics and excellent gameplay

Freddy782 2011.01.09
Just good ol` fun a bit tricky at some parts but fun

silver12 2011.01.09
The pusooy.net games are always too slow and too difficult to figure out where to stimulate

uttka 2011.01.08
Outstanding gameplay, fantastic gameplay, outrangeous gameplay! F**king GREAT!

Stewby 2011.01.07
Fantastic. Can`t wait for number 3 to come out.

Patmatticus 2011.01.06
Great graphics. Ok story, and hard to find hotspots. Liked it though, waiting on #3.

scooterpie 2011.01.05
good game. it could be shorter

keithdw77 2011.01.05
great game, hard to figure out

sweetcum 2011.01.05
how do u get past the 1st part of it?? really frustrating

levelo 2011.01.04
stuck in the game..... but trying to recover

cparker 2011.01.04
im stuck in this game please help me

66Ryan 2011.01.03
game took forever to beat but was really good part 3 soon?

qwerty314 2011.01.03
Seems like it had a lot of potential, but Im stuck at the part where the first hint is and he tries to tit fuck her -.-

DAABA 2011.01.03
i love this game.. very nice.

albert59 2011.01.03
The story is fantastic ,the traslate is very good

testing1990 2011.01.03
This game takes way too much time to finish

JackStevenson 2011.01.02
got stuck at bits but was okay

grth 2011.01.02
This game didn`t really do it for me.

NicoleSpraker0809 2011.01.02
i need help where the dr is giving her a brest exam....someone plz help me....my hint buttin wont come up and no arrows come up

NicoleSpraker0809 2011.01.02
1) As soon as that scene appears, try and push Emma to her knees. Pay attention to what she says.
2) As soon as Emma refuses, drop your hand to your side while she recovers.
3) Keep trying to push Emma to her knees until you get the first dialogue to repeat.
4) Stroke her cheek...Rob will comment...stroke cheek again until he comments again. (Strok her cheek near her mouth....turn your volume up.....if you hear her "moan" you are doing it right and just keep stroking...rob will say something

dajasand 2011.01.02
this is a really cool series. i love the concept and the cg is amazing. keep em comin!

NicoleSpraker0809 2011.01.02
How do I go to the author boards to get more help....tried playing it the other day and gave up....PLEASE HELP

wolf33 2011.01.01
This game is simple to work out but it takes far to much time to complete, yes that`s right I have completed it, only took 2 hours, graphics and games idea are good, just wish you could do more with the female student, and some parts of the games are way to long to complete, overall very good, can`t wait for part three. Also this game requires players to be patient, heres a tip at the start next to the mummy try rubbing the girl check in a small circle motion, can`t say anymore as i do not won`t to upset the creators of this game.

nutrament 2011.01.01
can`t wait for the third ONE :D

AjejeB26 2011.01.01
I`m stuck!
can not get over the scene where the boy has to rub his penis on the girl`s boobs.
can someone help me please?

desgeiter 2011.01.01
Bad game,or its just nothing for me.I really dont like this one.

simh86 2010.12.31
Looks good,works better than the first

JamesonJJameson 2010.12.30
I love the animation/graphics but the game play leaves a bit to be desired, the "hot spots" are not the most responsive...leading to a bit of frustration, which detracts from the over all experience.

pariomaolo 2010.12.30
The story is fantastic ,the traslate is very good ( i`ve palyed in italian) but the control is hard

cheat 2010.12.30
This author`s games always have a scene or two that are hard to beat. Visit the author`s site`s message boards for more hints

koneks 2010.12.30
these games are wonderful!
graphics are fantastic
gameplay is straight forward

gibbon7 2010.12.30
hot game, but not so easy

Heneeri 2010.12.29
i am stuck at 2nd scene... any help??

HornyPorny 2010.12.29
once again a great game with great graphics and story, but once again very very difficult :(

danny1351 2010.12.29
bit hard to get the hang of but ok once you have

draconian4 2010.12.29
how do you get past the first scene? the controls are hard too

ninjamasta00 2010.12.28
i cant even get past the first part! good graphics tho

zerosan 2010.12.28
does anyone know how to get past the blow job scene?

kingdong 2010.12.28
good game nice graphics but hard to control

da_spinner 2010.12.28
Great game/story, great graphics, awful controls and hints are rubbish. Pity as it ruins a superb game!

theb0mber 2010.12.28
Stuck on the blow job scene...

Longay 2010.12.28
I have problemn in the first scene, how i can make her blow?

PCchan 2010.12.27
Stuck on the first scene itself. Could not get the tit job

colts 2010.12.27
how do you do the blowjob scene i`m stuck on it

yummychika 2010.12.27
nice graphics!! i love this game!!

luluhornygal 2010.12.27
Not really my cuppa tea, it seems low budget

gnolli 2010.12.27
Realy nice game. Graphics are good and it is not too easy.

basix_sr 2010.12.27
the game is awesome.....luvd the gameplay

mrdodo 2010.12.27
nice games and nice story

devil#1 2010.12.27
i agree with okkie this game is hard you need more hints on where to put the corser, all in all great game though

Elnuno323 2010.12.27
amazing graphics nice props

okkie38 2010.12.26
a hard game to play, but nice

dogaron 2010.12.26
Very hot good game the best site ever!

lolitzme 2010.12.26
This is a great game. Cant wait for the next one.

syndro 2010.12.26
good game looking forward to next one as well

Stevie B 2010.12.25
this game is fun got me playing with myself lol not really but was a good game

castillo_33 2010.12.25
es una hermosa experiencia este juego te ensena muchas cosas sexys y buenas

Infoyo 2010.12.25
interesting story but its hard to play it

husten 2010.12.25
Really hot and even better than Part One. The scene with the boy in the doctor`s room is very exciting.

furill 2010.12.25
nice storyline nice action on the way ;)

its a good game ;)

BartsMorning27 2010.12.25
i think mummy one is hotter

Gordo67 2010.12.25
nice game but gets stuck

Danji 2010.12.25
Game takes too long. Keep on getting stuck.

Grml 2010.12.24
Very good game, a bit too hard though imo, been stuck on some scenes for a long time.

balmung8 2010.12.24
i cant get past the bj scene...its great quality though

bencuts 2010.12.24
awesome game! thx so much! good job!!

sbruler 2010.12.23
Very fun, yet annoying to pass. Graphics are amazing. Takes awhile to pass, though.

Hornyman28 2010.12.23
These games are really well done can`t wait for 3.

Hunter123 2010.12.23
Easily stuck in the game.
Once you get past it. It`s allright

darrenwee92 2010.12.23
i`m stuck in the "Blowjob scene"... plz help me....

gomghiec 2010.12.23
i`m stuck at when he is trying to force her to suck his dick! She kept saying "No, i`m not this kind of girl" and such things!!1

shadowkiller591 2010.12.22
amazing graphics but what do you do when the doctor says to stretch?

cicciociccio 2010.12.22
Exellent game, congratulation... I`m waiting to ne part 3. Please go a head faster.

jerryme 2010.12.21
mummy part 1 and 2 are great...loved part 2 better though. keep it coming ;)

gotpwned 2010.12.21
good game and graphics are also fine

Master60 2010.12.21
nice game got stuck 3rd house

chinextel 2010.12.21
it`s a good game. It`s hard in some parts but i enjoy it.

sebyk 2010.12.21
i like it, it`s very very good game

encartauk 2010.12.21
can`t at all make her go down when pushing shoulders. tried slow cursor speed on mouse but nothing. always stops half way, so i`m completely wasting my time

chazman1189 2010.12.20
good game. cannot wait for the next installment. graphics were very good, game play was solid and the music was interesting.

pebose 2010.12.20
Did`nt like this one, hit box`s for action are way to small.

PieWie39 2010.12.20
Well, as many said before, it`s a bit slow on some points. But... its worth waiting for. very good game. when is the next part to be expacted??

Fury98 2010.12.20
can anyone help me ?? i`m stuck at the 2nd scene

eycaa 2010.12.20
awesome game.i think this game really attract me.the 3D is great.luv it

jesuscl 2010.12.19
I`m stuck into the AV room. It`s very difficult for me...

bmancarth 2010.12.19
its a good game only it is very hard

asean 2010.12.19
graphic of this game are great

shani_910 2010.12.19
now this was too difficult at first... but kewl game

decconan 2010.12.19
Better than Part 1
Waiting for Part 3

jimmyk 2010.12.19
A good but very difficult and a bit slow game.

sgt.colaVII 2010.12.18
Hot girls too bad its quite hard to get the right way and the animation needs to much time.

mick149 2010.12.18
there is a link and I cannot be bothered to open new window this is disappointing

henkiepenkie 2010.12.18
The graphics are great but the hints are confusing

eamonlamza 2010.12.18
wow its so addicting yet hard. siti is a dream girl !! nice work LoP!~

spdrman808 2010.12.18
I really want to like this game. The girlfriend and Siti are very sexy but I cant get passed the part where you got to pull the girlfriends head to the left in the av room.

sonsun83 2010.12.18
Really an excellent game ........waiting 4 next part........

rickygerrard3 2010.12.18
the game was good but was difficult

Greywolf38 2010.12.17
The graphics are great but the hints are confusing.

ws2499 2010.12.17
one of the most sexy and hot game on play force one: veri hard scenes and interacive

zeglas 2010.12.17
The game was awesome! Poped a few times; the girls were hot 8D!!!

weromont 2010.12.16
Cool game forward to continuing

KisaJrII 2010.12.16
Can`t wait till part 3!! =)

666fox 2010.12.16
some scenes too long and sometimes it`s difficult to find right way... but great game after all

miguel8y8 2010.12.16
don`t like the doctor part, but nurse is just great

pablo 2010.12.16
tedious game potential to be perfect, the girl wont let it get to the blowjob

ania_F 2010.12.16
I like games with various endings
It`s fun to try find out every one of them

z1575280 2010.12.15
It`s good, but It took way too long to get past the pushing down part.

Groud 2010.12.15
I`m sure it`s good, but I got stuck really early in it

dewamps 2010.12.15
good game, good graphics, just wish I could get past the part where he puts hands on shoulders

illogical 2010.12.15
excellent game love the diffreent interactions

lolomiloable 2010.12.15
love that game awesome!!!

ptalgh 2010.12.15
nice game, good graphic and great fun, i love it

coldline 2010.12.14
good game. just a bit slow

yukonhandyman 2010.12.14
cool game and very well love it

Thomika 2010.12.13
nice game,good grapjic and great fun:)

Popsus 2010.12.13
Cant wait part 3..loved first 2

kyropyro420 2010.12.13
this is a pain i cant get far in this one at all

alyottis 2010.12.13
great. but I am stuck in first scene

kidon 2010.12.13
The best game in the website.

StrangeLun 2010.12.13
The game is great, i like it alot... awesome =]

Hymposto 2010.12.12
Great game, but too slow. Should be a way to skip some scenes.

Like the titfuck scene.

thenny 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

SexThornDeep 2010.12.12
Perfect game! A bit hard but worth every minute of playing.

Hoki88 2010.12.12
Just great game , thanks a lot to pusooy for their great work !

LeslieBond007 2010.12.11
Great game, and not short. I can`t wait to see part3! Is there any release date when come out?

chrisperry245 2010.12.11
I love this games, I want more to come soon! :D

boky 2010.12.11
i love this game :DD and graphis is amazing

aschwerdtfag 2010.12.11
Great game. got stuck tho...

Dr.nuke 2010.12.11
Really good game! Great graphics but brutal controls.

godnueng123 2010.12.11
only just started but horny game

Bibi9 2010.12.11
Great game, but I think it`s a little too long.

hawknico 2010.12.11
I can not go on when she start feeling his belly,

zack_xxx 2010.12.10
this is real fantastic game..!!!

miach 2010.12.10
Good game once you know how it all works

long55 2010.12.10
good game, a bit hard, good graphics, like it !

zeretet 2010.12.10
loved it but the gameplay is bit hard to get sometime

planter 2010.12.10
It took forever to finish the game and the mouse control needs work.

blobby 2010.12.10
gets a bit hard later on but worth it

hemlerix 2010.12.09
it is sooooo slow.....maybe the graphics are nice but it is sooooooo boring......

Nadin 2010.12.09
great gameplay awesome graphic

bhavok 2010.12.09
looks nice but unresponsive at times...

elmatagore 2010.12.09
thanks all for this games

mcdxcom 2010.12.09
very good and amusing game - liked it alot.

darrenwee92 2010.12.09
can`t get through the 1st scene... help....

Erick Martinez 2010.12.09
Really great game, I`m already waiting for part three

Andy_Carter 2010.12.09
These are fun games, sure to get you in the mood. You just have to be patient!

xxkittenchow6xx 2010.12.08
i love this game great grafics

Manijak 2010.12.08
Well, this game is quite ok though. Not bad

Bergosse 2010.12.08

rhubarb 2010.12.08
favourite game so far. cant wait for part3

ylmzz 2010.12.08
that is great game.. i like all scenario and quality of pictures.. wish to hear lots of voice.. looking forward to play with voice..

blood_wraith 2010.12.08
im stuck at the same place as the others. not worth it

deagle 2010.12.08
nice game, i`m very happy when the 3rd part comes out

iktth 2010.12.08
damm ! stuck at first scene :|

Sushi69 2010.12.08
Nice game, good action. I would like to continue... ;-)

hazard3976 2010.12.08
the game is getting better cant wait for the 3rd

H1da04 2010.12.08
It was an interesting game in the end even with the control issues. Now, while the story was good, I still cannot comprehend how the new girl in school was able to give the teacher a blow job right in front of the class with horny high school students during a quiz WITHOUT the students noticing lol.

unyou123 2010.12.07
nice game...control are difficult to use

bommiewommie 2010.12.07
very good game, hope to see part 3


freylex 2010.12.06
only just started but horny game

tso123 2010.12.06
nice game but im stuck at the first part...

unbuntou 2010.12.06
I am stuck in first scene

nastyjizz 2010.12.06
the game was great! i fapped so hard. the girls were so hot! 8-D

flameablex 2010.12.05
stuck at the part when trying to push her head to my dick. the hint is not useful at all. sigh. pussoy games is a good game. been playing all the previous games, but the recent one really sucks.

kidon 2010.12.05
I love this kind of game and this is the top. It`s a little bit difficul but great!

wolfje 2010.12.05
I can`t seem to get past the first scene. Even searching for tips didn`t help this time. The hotspot is just too hard to find.

Madelene 2010.12.05
I like this game. First part was best so far. However, must it be so tricky to get past some scenes? Like the storage room with the girl and her boyfriend. Slightly to fast handling with the mouse pointer and you have to start again. Kind of frustrating. Other then that, a really good game.

t-odd 2010.12.04
a bit hard at first but good in the end

bigbend25 2010.12.04
keep having trouble with the controls, however i do like the story line.

farkas 2010.12.04
Excellent game, nice graphics, good story but hard controls and very long playtime. I wait part three.

NickFisher 2010.12.04
at times its hard to find your way around

dirtsurfer 2010.12.04
good game, hard to find controls to go to next level but keep coming back to play and try

Chobitz 2010.12.04
Love This Game, excellent Gamplay, Graphics and Storyline. A real turnon ...give me more..

thundershadow 2010.12.04
hard to find the rythm but once you do you can get through it. Can`t wait for number 3.

Mihaus 2010.12.04
Once you get the feel for the game it´s really great. Sometimes it´s quite hard to guess what to do to advance.

Mustafanian 2010.12.04
such a great game with great graphics

vestvest 2010.12.04
I liked the first part, but that is hard. I`m not finded the way to fuck the girl. She resist -.-

slen 2010.12.04
I find it very difficult to find the right spots. Controlling the mouse action is extremely hard. The graphics are nice though.

littlekk123789 2010.12.03
i love the little gal with angelic face, however the game is quite difficult to control, should be more guideline here

vanswarped 2010.12.03
i found that it was too long and difficult

modified_59 2010.12.03
great follow up. good story, good graphics, solid gamplay

ozorne_6 2010.12.03
Love This Game, excellent Gamplay, Graphics and Storyline. A real turnon ...give me more..

ert 2010.12.03
nice game,really like this.

gamefan731 2010.12.03
in the nurses office you have to rub where the thing on her neck glows

busu99 2010.12.03
interesting game with hot babes and a great set of endings

paolo121 2010.12.03
really good game keep em coming"!!

dimi999 2010.12.03
This beta 1.04 version gets stuck on the scene in the nurse`s room.

thenewdeltaman 2010.12.03
Even better than the first one.
More plz!!!

jasonmcjason 2010.12.02
controls were too difficult to get a hold of to make the game any fun

AzureEdge 2010.12.02
looks nice but cant get past the beginning

ahclem 2010.12.02
FINALLY made it through Pt 2. I guess her ass will now live forever as well. I need to get 1 of those dilators for my wife.....l

ahclem 2010.12.02
Ok, nevermind on that, I FINALLY was able to touch left nipple, moved on to breast caresses (these scenes went REALLY fast), now on stretching (again for a LONG time). Please tell if certain motion is required (cw,ccw,up/down once head against Dr`s crotch, etc). Thank you

ahclem 2010.12.02
Hi Mustang (or anyone else willing), could you please offer advice? I`m stuck at the breast exam. Already got the initial comment ("good tactile response") for stroking right breast. Have been stroking same breast and nipple for 1/2 since and still nothing. have tried clicking wherever else I can reach, no help prompt appearing. What should my next move be? Thank you in advance

newbie055 2010.12.02
Would be great if I could get past the first part but seeing as many people are having trouble too, I don`t feel as retarded. The graphics are nice but it`s tedious like part 1.

peer265 2010.12.02
great graphs like the game

TornadoXIII 2010.12.02
The art looks terrific, but the gameplay element is seriously flawed, to the point where the amount of effort needed far outweighs the gain.

saraman 2010.12.02
it was a little bit hard but managed to finish it.

sonsun83 2010.12.01
i really appreciate the art work done in the game and special thanks to PF1 for there gr8 contribution

Dmoney20 2010.12.01
it is a good game but cant pass a part of the game

ShureFire 2010.12.01
i love this game! is there going to be a third?

121 2010.12.01
Pretty nice game. More then half of those scenes are so sexy...especially when SIti suck penis in nurse room. But I don`t like most of the doctor scenes. Too many repeat!

des14 2010.12.01
Hot spots are too small. Good graphics and story line. Great job!

luckydude256 2010.12.01
great but a little slow never the less still looking forward to part 3

zeretet 2010.12.01
excellent game. Look forward to part 3

keijonen 2010.12.01
the game looks nice and it´s fun to play.

mitchele 2010.12.01
long time to load, but nice game i love it

GrumbieTheFirst 2010.11.30
wasnt crazy for it but it was alright

wloo175 2010.11.30
Nice graphics, don`t like controls, too fiddly and too many repititous movements wih no indication of progress though

Mikko 2010.11.30
great graphics, some hotspots were too small. I wonder, will this story continue.

ReeseChiarlo 2010.11.30
I`m stuck on the screen after he cums on the mummy, the ankh glows, but nothing happens...what do I do?

guy23xx 2010.11.30
game was all right required lot of repeted steps that slow the game down but sexy all around

Jerryb 2010.11.30
Great story and great graphics

micky234 2010.11.30
great game like alot hope 4 more like it

wloo175 2010.11.29
Nice Graphics, but controls are too fiddly and require too many repitition, especially as most of ime no indication that you are making any progress

roundroom 2010.11.29
great game, love the graphics and the interactivity cant wait for more

Nimrod 2010.11.29
I was rubbing her cheeck, but just not long enough, finally got through the whole game, liked it but could have been better if not for the length of some the mouse moving parts.

cssource999 2010.11.29
what do I do after trying to put her on her knees and she refuses?

bubulino 2010.11.29
this is a very good game love it

bshaw133 2010.11.28
awsome game, cant wait for the next one

raklooster 2010.11.28
nice game. It is a bit long for me

zeretet 2010.11.28
this game si intereeresting and very hot

Hadrian 2010.11.28
First class art. Good story. Mummy could have had bigger chest.

slayer18 2010.11.28
good game but too slow for me ...

chrisperry245 2010.11.28
Really great game, but not always clear to see waht you have to do

marcodeg 2010.11.28
Really good game! Great graphics but brutal controls.

marcodeg 2010.11.28
Got stuck early in the game. Help provided by other posts didn`t solve my problem (rubbing the cheek won`t work for me).

medmarine2 2010.11.28
Very nice game and good storyline

aussie1082 2010.11.28
I like other user could not figure out how to move past the hand on the shoulder scene, was interested to see where it would go

dragoon2160 2010.11.28
Ya, I got stuck on the part where you push her down and she says no.

Saark50 2010.11.27
Game is too vague on what should be done

playoneforce 2010.11.27
occasionally a challenge but it`s obviousthis took some time to develop

koplover 2010.11.27
Finding the game confusing

jaleduc 2010.11.27
Got stuck early in the game. Help provided by other posts didn`t solve my problem (rubbing the cheek won`t work for me).

tiein 2010.11.27
Really good game! Great graphics but brutal controls.

Graeme Green 2010.11.27
loved this game..my computer a little slow for the grapghics...great game

joshniel 2010.11.27
one of my favorites! i want more from this serie

daman25 2010.11.27
im stuck at the part were the girl is suposed to suck his cock HELP PLEASE

Nodrit 2010.11.27
good game, more interesting

hanazawarui07 2010.11.27
mantap bro..aduh kepengen punya pacar kayak gini

m4lv1n 2010.11.26
awalnya susah,,tetapi mudah juga dan cerita`a sangat bagus,,pertahankan !!

ntwan 2010.11.26
too long, but soooo gooooodd!!

Whitney 2010.11.26
amazing ga, awesome scenes, perct animations!

lowback 2010.11.26
well, it sure was better than i expected

zeretet 2010.11.26
the game is very sexi and interesting

Voron 2010.11.26
good game. i waited for it.

robs_email2003 2010.11.25
good game but it seem to not have clear instructions on what to do next!

varkis 2010.11.25
the best game i ever play

royro2010 2010.11.25
Just like the first part really love this game awesome graphic

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.25
just like the first one, great game

bearcatrb 2010.11.25
I really like most of the pusooy games, this one included. I love the interaction you have with the characters. Sometimes it takes a while to figure things out but definitely worth the wait

Eds 2010.11.25
what do I do after trying to put her on her knees and she refuses?

valence 2010.11.25
Excellent adventure,good graphic.

elgrandforever 2010.11.25
Excellent adventure..loved the actions in this one!

dsvjr19 2010.11.24
Only problem I had is how slow the dialougue was in the beginning. Other than that pretty good game

sinner38 2010.11.24
i cant get past when you push the girl down she keeps sayIing no.... help please

EndlessEcho 2010.11.24
I have played this before but I am stuck on the first scene as always...

repuindy 2010.11.24
puso`s games are the best!! i can`t wait for the third part!!!! good graphics, very nice story and very good animation.

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

pornlover 2010.11.24
i found this game pretty slow

kjedi 2010.11.24
Someone should fix this game so it works better. I`m tired of trying to
get somewhere and nothing.

scrip 2010.11.24
this game I dont like it is to slow and to much work

gelato 2010.11.24
Very good game but the action are very hard

4nik8 2010.11.23
Did I mention that the scenes were way too long!!

4nik8 2010.11.23
Good game but the action was too difficult

twitter 2010.11.23
great graphics, i like the full control of game to player,good story and a good game to play when horny

Zezose 2010.11.23
Great game, a bit hard in places, but great scenes!

venom89 2010.11.23
Good game. Great graphics, but is too long =(

dewamps 2010.11.23
nice graphics, very sexy, got stuck in some parts

anab 2010.11.23
good fraphics
n superb game

lodubaba 2010.11.22
One of the best flash game..ever played

samluv13 2010.11.22
I love the style and game play ... waiting for part 3

sophia2435 2010.11.22
i love this game it is a lot of fun.

mart1n1 2010.11.22
Could not get it to work...

conken006 2010.11.22
im stuck. i cant touch her tits with the dick "shes just not that kind of girl" well, she needs to be

bazbadasss 2010.11.22
got stuck on the kissing scene it wouldnt let me do anything once i tried to push her down

philippe 69 2010.11.22
vivement la suite pour partie a trois

flintstoneflop 2010.11.22
Graphics were not up to par with the other games on this site. Would have been nice to be able to skip past the dialog as necessary

havocx101 2010.11.22
a great game but a little glitchy at certain parts.

brizz757 2010.11.22
Excellent adventure..loved the actions in this one!

rael 2010.11.22
nice animations , hot girls, controls can be annoying but the game is great.

badboy2196 2010.11.21
cool game, finally finished it. the doctors office portion of the game was difficult. also would have liked to see the more scenes with the blonde girl.

hayden1 2010.11.21
Very nice game and good storyline...

hackerhami 2010.11.21
the game is fun but the graphics are bad

sutty 2010.11.21
very good game,good graghics horny scenes, can get stuck in parts check out reviews to help you through.

hayden1 2010.11.21
Very nice game and good storyline...

fellamee 2010.11.21
Hilarious, but a bit slow paced.. pretty good overall

Alianthias 2010.11.21
I really like the graphics of the game. The idea of the game is great. Although it is quite frustrating sadly.

darkor 2010.11.21
great game,by miles better than the first one,loved it.anyone know if possible to have full sex with the blond girl instead of only foreplay.thanks.cant wait for part 3

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
Great Graphics and storyline

Thraus 2010.11.21
Please help me!!! I can`t rub her cheek!!!

des14 2010.11.21
so so game, but can be a little tricky to get the right actions. Needs more play time.

TMAN81 2010.11.21
wery good story... but the text is a bit slow

speedy02011992 2010.11.21
i can`t come any further then pushing her down. she comes up all the time and i can`t rub her face . please somebody help me!!!

karakurt 2010.11.21
Very nice game and good storyline...

butterfinger 2010.11.20
I love the style and game play ... waiting for part 3

eagleata 2010.11.20
Ä°love this game nice girls and very good story. i`m waiting part3

Covo 2010.11.20
Nice intro and lead in - tough to get the hotspots and actions right - just keep trying and you will figure it out

str82dapuc 2010.11.20
good game with real good graphics. tricky finding all the areas to advance the game.

stu2010 2010.11.20
Great Graphics and storyline

hyparkantos 2010.11.20
good game, but can b a bit tricky to get the right actions. nice game.....

dave559 2010.11.20
how long should I stroke that cheek, and is there any indicators, that I am doing it right? And when stroking, hand should be on shoulder or near face?

dave559 2010.11.20
if i pull hear down, she answer "no. not that". if the hint arrow come, i can`t rub hear cheek, i rub my mouse over the arrow, but nothing!!! i can`t get come forward in the game after this part with the cheek!!! please help me, what must i do?

dave559 2010.11.20
How do we pass the doctor? Rubbing where the pointer is, but nothing happens

mustang0929 2010.11.20
Ok to get past the first part again push her down three times then with your hand not on her shoulder rub her cheek with his hand and he will say something and then keeping rubbing it again and he will say something else once that happens then you can push her down.
AV room this is very tricky and you must go very very slow start out by barely moving her head towards his pelvis then you must move his pelvis towards her but again barely moving it then rotate back to her and then back to him until she starts herself the trick to this one is that you must move very very slowly once that is done and she starts then keep moving his pelvis into her until the climax.
Doctor scene I am guessing at which part you are at but if it is at the part of rubbing between her legs you must rub it until her pleasure meter is halfway then you must click on to his other hand and once that is done move the tips of his fingers to her nipples and repeat as asked for.

seelster 2010.11.19
Mustang, how long should I stroke that cheek, and is there any indicators, that I am doing it right? And when stroking, hand should be on shoulder or near face? And stroking should be fast or slow? Because after few minutes nothing happens.
Thanks in advance for help,

evelynqwerty 2010.11.19
Mustang0929, Could you PLEASE help pass the doctor scene?
Would be very nice of you!

evelynqwerty 2010.11.19
How do we pass the doctor? Rubbing where the pointer is, but nothing happen

nejipt 2010.11.19
one of my favorite games ever xD

thehotboy 2010.11.19
if i pull hear down, she answer "no. not that". if the hint arrow come, i can`t rub hear cheek, i rub my mouse over the arrow, but nothing!!! i can`t get come forward in the game after this part with the cheek!!! please help me, what must i do?

Trent 2010.11.19
I can`t get past pulling her down, no other option????

braindead48220 2010.11.19
HELP i`m stuck when their in the av room.

mustang0929 2010.11.18
Waatoo if you are talking about the first scene where you are trying to get her to go down what you must do is push her down three times then when she rejects for the third time you touch her face and rub where the hint arrow is he will make one comment and keep rubbing and he will make one more comment after that she will go down all the way

mustang0929 2010.11.18
Anyone need help I will help you out with any scene just ask nicely and say please

wattooo 2010.11.18
stuck with stroking her face please explain

platbuyer888 2010.11.18
had trouble figuring out what to do when pushing her down but oh well. looks decent anyway

SpiderWeb 2010.11.18
Nice graphics but game is way too hard.
Tried to pass first scene many times but still stuck.
Game isnt worth playing at all :(

1911 2010.11.18
Sexy game play! At Doc`s, stretch to bottom left...gets a "very flexible"...stroke the kitty gently...second hand tickles tits...pump & probe w/ the "blood pressure butt buster"...enter slowly & bust a nut!

teteine 2010.11.18
loved it but the gameplay is bit hard to get sometime

markos41 2010.11.18
beautiful made game with excellent graphics and a lot of possibilities to go after.
Every time I did something else I found a reveiling ending, moer endings with with keeley one with keisha but the one together i still failed on keisha
still a challeneg to go

Nimrod 2010.11.18
I am another that cannot get past the first part. Try to follow the hint but I get nowhere, can push her down a little and the hint arrow will come up again but cant find the "sweet spot" I guess. A little dissapointing since I was looking forward to part two.

niko31 2010.11.18
Good game, but i don´t pass the first part.

spenracq2 2010.11.18
totally awsome game took long time to finish hope part three out soon

auldgit 2010.11.18
Gameplay is so frustrating !!! absolutely not worth the effort !!!

frank5418 2010.11.18
great graphics but still stuck in the museum, rubbing all around her cheek but still no response

JAC5388 2010.11.18
good game, but can b a bit tricky to get the right actions

wingrob14 2010.11.18
Some tricky little bits in this one, but pretty entertaining

mrcoolerz 2010.11.18
can anyone upload the walkthrough? i am stuck at the museum!!!

Noxious 2010.11.17
I cant get to kiss the teacher while touching him.

devonc1 2010.11.17
Great game. made me hard ass a rock. Was a little tricky at first. But figured it out. Made me horny!

kuns326159487 2010.11.17
i am stuck at the hospital, when siti rub his stomach, plz help me

shakeandbake278 2010.11.17
i think the first one was better buyt this one had its moments

cheese101 2010.11.17
great game,amazing graphics,only problem is it takes waaay too long...and doctor scene is quite difficult(still havn`t finished it)

Winzigweich 2010.11.17
VERY good graphics, good story, interactions EPIC FAIL, nealy no sound -> 55-60

hole 2010.11.17
u had fun with this game, got frustrating with the triing to find the locations all the time, cant wiat for 3

navnuc 2010.11.17
hints are not good enought cannot go past rubbing her tits at musium skip code does work but skips whole sections

MKrone 2010.11.17
Very awesome & great game, cauz it`s very good, ya know. Good gameplay, animation and graphic.

starking24 2010.11.17
i can not get pass the examination part can anyone heip

avkp11 2010.11.17
Nice Game mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn

sexykitty 2010.11.17
I keep getting stuck on the bit where she goes on her knees

TIMINDEVON 2010.11.17
On part 1 when you push her to her knees what the hell am i supposed to do next she just makesa comment and gets up again , its getting annoying

kord99 2010.11.17
Great Game, waiting for part 3

hunter1988 2010.11.17
very good game i want more like this

u2man69 2010.11.17
pratik5887 I think that is the scene where you have to hump her head.

pussyfman6990 2010.11.17
grat game...really nice graphics

pratik5887 2010.11.17
at last I completed the part 2.it was amazing and graphics where amazing and quite difficult to complete as the moves were hard to recognize but nice game........waiting for part 3

u2man69 2010.11.17
Pusooy games are great!!!

pratik5887 2010.11.17
can any one put walkthrough for this game. Stuck on the same scene since last 2 days. Scene is Dr. Young starts massaging the breasts of Siti and the scene never ends...plz help.

mitroi 2010.11.17
Good graphics and animations. Here is to hoping he keeps working at refines the controls, it takes to long to find out where you have to click even with hints.

m2surf 2010.11.16
nastychick: You just place your mouth up and down on his pecker. If you need practice, send me a PM. ;)

The game is good. One of the best, actually. I have no problem with this type of story telling challenge. Big fan of Puso and Leonizer. I wish I had their skills.

Mike_Oxhard 2010.11.16
Excellent game. graphics and animation are executed well. Some elements in the game are difficult to find but perseverance makes it worthwhile

peter42 2010.11.16
good game..reached upto the doctor and stuck over there..is this is last scene in this

mike01 2010.11.16
couldnt get past the part where ur pulling her down, better hints would be better for this game lol

Kotton24 2010.11.16
good grapchis and really great game, just thought it was funny when he stuck the thermometer in here ass and then smelt it and said it smells like heaven lol cant wait for the 3rd one

jacky1234 2010.11.16
stuck at blow job, help guys?

dekestokn 2010.11.16
has potential, but hints are too vague - it gets frustrating when you get stuck and nothing works

rayz323 2010.11.16
i`m stuck and i can`t get past the first scene

NJH90 2010.11.16
I`m stuck with the doctor Â?_Â?
arrow is flashing above her right boob and I`ve moved my mouse everywhere :

tips please?

kjedi 2010.11.16
Can`t get anywhere. She won`t let him rub his dick on her tits.

ImbaLogan 2010.11.16
Great game, just finished the 1. and second part... some things are a bit difficult to find out but it`s worth

nastychick 2010.11.16
uugggh! im stuck at the stupid blow job scene in the nurses office! sombe body help me please?

Bonnierider 2010.11.16
Very good game....funny an sexy!!!! Raccomanded

likeme 2010.11.16
A great game! Wait for part III.

Sariah 2010.11.16
*I meant to say that the naked girl in the museum had her clothes stolen by Siti, if anyone was wondering what I meant. Still you would have thought that girl would be pissed off that Siti is wearing her clothes around now, not to mention being humiliated on the news by her.

Sariah 2010.11.16
Really strange. First play through, during the doctor scene he asks her to stretch to see her flexibility (or whatever).

I played through the doctor scene again using the secret password, and the stretching scene seems to be gone now. Pretty sure it comes after the tits massaging part and before the `reveal` (ie. his friends).

So quite bizarre, I don`t think you can really do anything wrong in this game, so not sure how I got the two alternatives. Hopefully it`s just something to do with the fact I`m replaying it. Disturbing!

In case I`m going crazy be nice if someone would confirm this for me, or that there even is a stretching scene (only one comment so far has made any reference to it).

But anyway, great game, really think it deserves better than its current rating (79.03%), given how much effort has gone into it. Graphics were amazing, and even better than Part One. The Egyptian girl is much hotter now with her new hairstyle and outfit.

The story is also rather original and interesting. Except I would like to know why some girl from the school was apparently found naked in the museum. Assuming it was her clothes stolen? Obviously a lot of storyline has been left open, and I suppose you can`t expect all these plot lines to be answered in an adult flash game like this. But this game really sets a higher standard as to what you might expect from the genre.

Also, I liked the few sound effects that were included in Part One, there weren`t very many in Part Two, which would have made the game a lot better.

Can`t wait for Part Three, don`t know why I`m typing so much in this comment here, anyway, if anyone could confirm the existence and/or disappearance of the stretching scene that would be appreciated thanks.

davduckie 2010.11.16
one of the best here!!!!
the endings are so exciting and different!!!!

termin_20 2010.11.16
games is realy good, and I an rady for next part

sean7 2010.11.16
its a great game,but how do u get past the part where u push her down?? i could use a tip plz!

Centurus 2010.11.16
Good game, pussoy make a good job

redsea 2010.11.16
great game. sometimes it`s very hard to control the action.

redsea 2010.11.16
great game - fantastic, much better than part one

pussypleaser4u 2010.11.15
Can someone please help me! I`m stuck at the push her down scene and can`t get past the hint at her face.

humptypkt 2010.11.15
It is to easy to get stuck. Very frustrating

aditya1993 2010.11.15
stuck at the doctor!!Can`t proceed after tickling at bottom. Please help!!!!

sinsear1071 2010.11.15
At first game seemed fun and entertaining, but it quickly became tedious and frustrating with the weak game controls and pointless movements to move to next scene. Had the controls been not been so annoying this would have been more enjoyable to play.

kpyrinikos 2010.11.15
great game. sometimes it`s very hard to control the action. The hints are uselles. But if you use the code siti ! you can pass throu.

2Twin2 2010.11.15
The hint is worth exactly crap. First its no hint at all and second it does nothing to post a little arrow and then no matter where you click around the dumb little arrow and every possible area the arrow could be pointing and you still get nothing? Piece of junk game, don`t waste your time playing it.

2Twin2 2010.11.15
Extremely frustrating, I hate it.

frostee 2010.11.15
Good Continuation!

the game is rather difficult at some level, but not hard to get thru

Love part 2, cant wait for part 3

RiesenKopf 2010.11.15
Super game... I really was a liitle upset about the first part, but now after the second one I`m truely waiting for the third one. Very hot! Very sexy! Pusooy rules!

navnuc 2010.11.15
fun game a little tricky to find right spots

hash19 2010.11.15
great game - fantastic, much better than part one, but also more difficult, but at the end you .....
and believe me, it`s awesome in the last scene

ranmagh01 2010.11.15
Puso games are the best. Such awesome graphics.

boinky 2010.11.15
great game, i was waiting for part two!

likeme 2010.11.15
funnyball1, thank you!
Wrong arrow. I pass first scene :) Nice game :)

Fafafe 2010.11.15
Harder than the first one - But twice the fun ;)

damthar 2010.11.15
fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whataboutus 2010.11.15
its a superb game and the controls went absolutely fine ... dunno how old your browsers are tbh .. use mozilla and its OK .... nice game,nice graphics and a nice storyline ...

markovnikov 2010.11.15
irritating gameplay, but nice graphics and use of tension buildup. very sexy.
It can be completed, but takes some patience.

sauce 2010.11.15
great game, graphics are pretty good but yes please shave her. and the controls could use a bit of tweaking

razorb 2010.11.15
Awful controls. Could be a great game but the controls ruin it.

starracer0101 2010.11.15
Very good game. Nice graphics. Liking all the games...

jeanmimel 2010.11.15
nice game, too bad she`s hairy ... nice to shave her on part 3

johan 2010.11.14
i love this game part 3 pls pls pls

sunnyweekend 2010.11.14
I just love these games :) keep them coming

bill1411 2010.11.14
Ok seriously I give up I have been trying to get her to let me rub it on her tits for god knows how long now and all she does is say something meaning no and stands up again. I have tried the hint and rubbed her cheek right where the arrow says and nothing. I have tried rubbing when she is standing before she stands again and I get no response.

jingstir 2010.11.14
Good game and nice improvement from the first one

waterloo 2010.11.14
okay I find it, you just chek the necklace, when it`s glowing stay on a bit

waterloo 2010.11.14
stuck at the nurse office, what the hell do I do with the guy`s stomach??... anyone can help

lnknprkmetora1 2010.11.14
this was a lot of fun to play after the first one

Luthorcrow 2010.11.14
These games have a lot of potential but always break at some point because of bad controls. The maker should play "Forced Strip - Up the Wahzoo" for a game that does it right. Here is to hoping he keeps working at refines the controls.

randy06 2010.11.14
good game looks like have to work it out but i can do it and have a great time with her and hopefully fuck her

sosfa 2010.11.14
nice game. but It`s a little bite hard to finish

redcat101 2010.11.14
I finished it..
Great Game..

hersh2450 2010.11.14
Good game, control could be a little better but good anyway

tubs 2010.11.14
its a ok game i guess. Didn`t like it too much though

nillax2k 2010.11.14
nice game but its still sorta hard to know where to click or move the cursor. I had to go to the game site to figure it out after a while

cernykocky 2010.11.14
I`m stuck in the First Scene, that`s very frustrating.
It could get a nice vote for the Graphics
but i can`t pass scene 1 , so a bad vote

Datentest 2010.11.14
When will start the third part?

ale443 2010.11.14
I`m stuck in first scene please some help.

xtum 2010.11.14
i got stuck many times but the game still good tho

lanifnori 2010.11.14
Looks like i`m stuck at same part as everyone else. Since i can not progress any farther i have to give it a poor review. it looked promising but turned out to be garbage so far.

conde9 2010.11.14
Great graphics, but very bad controls.

goldger 2010.11.14
great great game really like it no like lesson of passsion but great

adrianonn 2010.11.14
This game is better than the first. Good game, what a terrific game!

gp78 2010.11.14
also stuck in 3rd scene..

great graphics, but too much searching for hotspots

funnyball1 2010.11.14
For the part where you are stuck when you want to push the girl down, its easy just move your cursor up and down near the girl`s cheek, there will be two speech made by the boy, after that you can try pushing the girl down...remember move your cursor up and down at north-west...

Nergal 2010.11.14
Also stuck on that pushing down scene. That hotspot you have to finde seems to be on vacation...

redcat101 2010.11.14
I am stuck at "I`m not that kind of girl!"? part..
What should I do?..
Give me advice

HadesOPA 2010.11.14
Hot game...i love this games

Malemburgia 2010.11.14
The BJ scene is killing me. I can`t make her suck it :((

trueguy1964 2010.11.14
cool game with good graphics

Teaos 2010.11.14
This is hard... Someone who has completed should make a walk through D+

red_shadow 2010.11.14
is any1 facing same issue, i am trying to play in chrome?

red_shadow 2010.11.14
its not moving beyond 24% while loading, any1 with same issue ?

buh 2010.11.13
in the a/v room a 2 in pelvic thrust to bridge a 3 in gap don`t get it. are we dealing with john holmes? I thought poosy had it togeather after mummy love 1 but appearently not . boooo

lygiahuy 2010.11.13
hard and time consuming but great graphics.

karakurt 2010.11.13
Nice game but it is very hard to find hotspots...

Roedebard 2010.11.13
endless search for hotspots and movin over and over through tiny areas. Despite thte nice graphics just boring.

drok 2010.11.13
Hint--- Nurses office
Move hand slowly over arrow till ankh glows, hold hand steady with ankh glowing till she says hmmm. wait for next arrow & repeat.
Cannot finish blowjob though :(

sutty 2010.11.13
very good game,graphics great as ever,some of game play awkward until you work it out.

elfieblue 2010.11.13
Stuck in the scene with the doctor, pusooy seems to think we all have the motor control of a surgeon.

appointments 2010.11.13
i wasnt sure about the arrows,good graphics tho

dennot 2010.11.13
Took well over an hour to play and some parts are very tricky, but if you rush, you`ll miss the hotspots (watch for a glowing necklace as well). Superb graphics and good to play a game that challenges the player.

tarqy 2010.11.13
couldn`t get past first scene way toooo frustrating

DanishD 2010.11.13
What am I supposed to do when she lies on the table and he says he wants to look at her chest?

keko 2010.11.13
hoping to be as good as part one

tactac 2010.11.13
i love this types of game.. n really enjoyed
but controls are confusing ,overall great graphics n plot
can`t wait for pt.3

popcorn2002 2010.11.13
cool game with good graphics ! i can`t wait for mumy 3 ;p

Mister LD 2010.11.13
@Luzi what did you do i need help on that part

wtcjrusa 2010.11.13
It`s a good game a little tough if You lack patience, some of the target spots are difficult to find but not that hard, once You figure it out it is a very good game, The Blowjob sequence in the nurses office is nothing less than amazing

Luzi 2010.11.13
finally, i did it xD

thanks for the hint with the nursery, after that it was quite easy (but long^^)

very nice ending sequenz i think ^^

mike cook 2010.11.13
Fantastic game I really liked playing it. More like this please.

paddywhack 2010.11.13
great game played for hours never got bored just got annoyed at no hint

murphy020 2010.11.13
very good game but it takes to long to find out where you have to click even with hints

hayden1 2010.11.13
This game is amazing. Graphics are very good and story is excellent.
I can`t wait for the third part.

kaitokid1990 2010.11.13
can`t wait for the new one

LariatQ 2010.11.13
in the nurse`s office, make a single slow circle around the arrow, and watch the ankh.
When the ankh lights up, she will make an "mmmm" sound. There are about a half dozena arrows, and then she opens his pants.

funnyball1 2010.11.12
@johnrock1980 what you mean by enmma is about to suck the dick, as in the plot, it didnt have the scene whereby enmma suck the dick...
pls rephrase it properly...so that i can help you

funnyball1 2010.11.12
If you cant load it, just press f5 again...

thebouchon 2010.11.12
cool game with good graphics ! i can`t wait for mumy 3 ;p

alfios 2010.11.12
This game is amazing. Graphics are very good and story is excellent.
I can`t wait for the third part.

clouseau 2010.11.12
I thought that part one was great, but Puyo outdid himself again!

quietone1978 2010.11.12
sorry but this game won`t load up on my computer

johnrock1980 2010.11.12
what do u have to do when emma is about to suck the dick?

funnyball1 2010.11.12
For the part where you are stuck when you want to push the girl down, its easy just move your cursor up and down near the girl`s cheek, there will be two speech made by the boy, after that you can try pushing the girl down...remember move your cursor up and down at north-west...

For the doctor examination part, if you move your cursor only at the left boob, you are wrong, you must also try the right boob....
any queries, pls tell me

GregShore 2010.11.12
The art is beautiful, the story is intriguing, but pushing through the gameplay to get to the sexy and the story is like pulling your own teeth. It`s actually harder to get with these fantasy girls than it is with real girls (and that`s worrying). Gave up midway because I`d invested too much time for too little payoffs.

CactusZ 2010.11.12
These games are awesome if you have the patience. Looking forward to Part 3.

kaplanadze 2010.11.12
it has a good start and girl is so sexy but i couldnt proceed to the end

tophe35 2010.11.12
tire to play this game...but lot of fun...nice graphic

smd69 2010.11.12
im stuck...any walkthoughs

Flavius90 2010.11.12
Great graphics, but very bad controls.

freakyfarmboy 2010.11.12
It sure took a while but I finally got her feeling better. very nice game

monkeymaster132 2010.11.12
great game i love the graphics

ccmn 2010.11.12
Nice game, especially that hot chick!

satanzz666 2010.11.12
nice game...i love this games

Baabusca 2010.11.12
i`m really stuck on the first scene.. when she just says ` no ` ` i`m not that kinda girl `
and yes, i`ve read the other answers.. but i steel don`t understand ! PLEASE ANYBODY HELP ME ! :x

vitali 2010.11.12
when the designer makes the scenes too complex and too difficult, the point of the game goes out. Pitty.

sungsung007 2010.11.12
tire to play this game...but lot of fun...nice graphic tho

Simpson 2010.11.12
pusooy-games are allways very tricky. at the doctor push h for hint. you have to make small circles on the arrow. the right place on the arrow you will see on the shining ankh. there are more than one arrow und you have to get them all. end of the scene=>she opens his jeans.

NotVenom 2010.11.12
Images are great, but mouse movements are too random and hints often don`t help at all.

Damianos 2010.11.12
Great graphics and even better game than the first part!

wraithspartan 2010.11.12
Okay, if the controls were more intuitive, and actually worked, this might be good. PF1 can do themselves a favor and cut ties with these guys until they can make a game that is generally useable, not just by the lucky ones who accidentally happen upon the microscopic hotspots.

ElysiumShield 2010.11.12
The game has good graphics and animations. I didn`t really have the problems the others seemed to have. Only recommendation is that if you need to make a certain pattern in movement. Lets say circular that you use a hint symbol similar to it`s movement like O.

Luzi 2010.11.12
i`m also stuck at the doctors part.. i tried it for (^^) about 1 hour, but nothing happens.

but the graphics are very nice, i like them^^

arnorich 2010.11.12
Nice graphics, but real to long beetween scenes.

Vincent9271 2010.11.12
doctor examination part - hint shows an arrow to the right (pointing towards the left boobie), but after 20 minutes of trying still nothing happens. Any HINTS? :)

chete79 2010.11.12
hey! Very grate graphics an good story. Good game

jerryonly83 2010.11.12
great graphics, nice story... damn controls!!!!

callandor 2010.11.12
I can`t get past the part where you push her down. Frustrating, but it does say `beta`, so maybe it will get fixed and i`ll try again

Margate123 2010.11.12
othe then reiterating the above points about the mouse controls being to hard to fathom, and the hint arrow not helping, this could be enjoyable. Stuck at the scene where she says im not that kind of girl....perhaps eliminating the second movement and making it automatic would help...I mean how many time will a girl let you push her down ?

fmeyen 2010.11.12
Nice game, some effort to pass from one scene to the other, nice graphics.

paranoid 2010.11.12
This game is really a lot of fun. Very nice scenes and the girl is hot!!
just a few scenes seem to take forever and the indicators are very inacurate!
But all in all a good game and I can`w wait for part 3!

catilinacatilina 2010.11.12
gioco molto bello mi sono bloccato nell`infermeria con il male allo stomaco, aiuto please...

retros1 2010.11.12
Not bad. Scenes are good, but it`s too long and hard

LariatQ 2010.11.12
Graphics are the best, in any of the games I`ve played; but the game is too tedious.

In the Nurse`s Office:
"hint" arrow is above his navel, and points right.
She rubs his stomach forever.

Reggie77 2010.11.12
Seems to be hard to play. But the graphics are great, as always on this site!!!

eralph67 2010.11.12
logical steps from the episode 1. graphics are a little stilted like most of his other work but still woth a trip through the maize.

drac6969 2010.11.12
twas pointless for me to try playin this game. it wouldnt even load past 13% so i aint gonna bother with it anymore.

hold168 2010.11.12
Couldnt get past the first scene...gave up after a half an hour

gradandrei2006 2010.11.12
cant wait to play the game

azurizo 2010.11.12
complete all! good story , great graphic! but problem is.. arrows :P

hayden1 2010.11.12
Ok, I managed to complete it. Frustrating, but professional, really loved it!

kopillog 2010.11.12
I mean, the game is fine, nice graphics and good plot. But it takes really a hard time to understand controls and how to get over "tasks".
I`m still stuck at first scene, and I don`t want to waste more than 5 minutes to pass through that.
210 so far.

SkylineR34GTR 2010.11.12
Did`nt like this one, hit box`s for action are way to small.

star 2010.11.12
nice game, but it takes too long.

Thernielle 2010.11.12
Ok, I managed to complete it. Frustrating, but professional, really loved it!

Toonlover 2010.11.12
Great sequel!! A bit frustrated in some parts of the game but that`s a minor detail. Looking forward to part 3!! Thanks
Oh, thanks for the tip down here about the nurse`s office and the Ankh necklace!!

karl169 2010.11.12
great graphics, but can not get past first scene, please help.

bustlover38 2010.11.12
Got there in the end, controls are a bit too random though. Looking forward to part 3.

Thernielle 2010.11.12
nurses room, doctor examination part - hint shows an arrow to the right (pointing towards the left boobie), but after 20 minutes of trying still nothing happens. Any HINTS? :)

Thernielle 2010.11.11
Okay, I tried everything on her cheek, moved my cursor all over the screen but nothing happened. Screwed up, frustrating like hell, don`t think I`m coming back here in a month :)


ren 2010.11.11
i don`t like this type of game, really sucks.

Moki 2010.11.11
good game, a little ruff playing the Doc but I liked it can`t wait for part 3

treefarmer140 2010.11.11
This game has good stories and graphics. It just desperately needs easier to use controls to raise the fun level to be as high as the hotness level. Frustration is not fun! Hint to you other guys, the Egyptian girl`s necklace glows when you are doing the correct action or touching in the right spot.

the-game1964 2010.11.11
love this game nice one

kjdehn 2010.11.11
love the mummy wish i had a princess like her

Soulafein 2010.11.11
Good story on the game, but hard on controls.

muffinman7 2010.11.11
To get past the nurse office scene where the arrow is you put the hand and it rubs it and the necklace glows, don`t know how to get past the 4th arrow though, can`t more hand there.

lughbelenos 2010.11.11
this game is so counterintuitive it`s crazy, as usual pusso did great work with graphics but the mouse controls are just to vague.

lunarhugs 2010.11.11
Incredibly frustrating game.

royro2010 2010.11.11
hmmm.... didn`t like the game sorry

runkefni 2010.11.11
Nice little game but the controls were annoying as hell. Doing the chin stroke scene I nearly threw my mouse away

bshdaddy1 2010.11.11
great sequel to the first mummy love. great story line and excellent graphics. you can tell alot of work went into the making of these games. can`t wait for part 3

dreadwolf 2010.11.11
stuck in Dr. Young office help please

GrimEtrnall 2010.11.11
Controls need immediate attention. Great graphics though

Murder X 2010.11.11
How do you get past the part where she says "I`m not that kind of girl!"? Anyone care to help?

Original99 2010.11.11
can`t get past the scene where the girl keeps saying she`s not that kind of girl..very frustrating
but a very pretty girl nonetheless..decent graphics..needs work..pusooy should have worked on it longer ..not to mention part one..
surprisingly pusooy has only a few games..
cheerleader party is ok ..but takes time ..a little too long
can`t wait for a sequel to farmer`s daughter

thundergod 2010.11.11
The essential randomness of the movement requirements for the A/V scene is my only real complaint; the thermometer stuff isn`t my thing, but it might work for others (obviously for puso, it does), so no big deal. The graphics here are excellent, though, and the storyline -- while getting a little hyper-sexualized for realism -- is progressing nicely. And even though the stretching scene also does nothing for me, Siti`s body movement is extraordinarily well done. Kudos.

Xyzzy 2010.11.11
I really like Puso`s games, though the controls are usually a bit awkward and difficult to use. I made it through, though, with a little help (thank you sharks-lagoon aceboard!). The graphics are simply outstanding. Easy to see why it takes so long to put one of these games together. A few parts of the game are pretty tedious, but all in all, it`s an excellent continuation of the storyline. Looking forward to part 3.

krisztian_sz 2010.11.11
How to get to the BJ scene??

Rob-63 2010.11.11
I have problems when It comes to rubbing her cheek gave up so many times, but still keep going back.

hippolyte 2010.11.11
Long but fun. BJing the teacher while the class fails to notice is stretching it a bit. Otherwise, entirely believable

withshark 2010.11.11
you need tomove her hand until; the nacles glows

krisztian_sz 2010.11.11
what about the scene where the girls goes down on him, i always get that she is not doing that

Pipo951 2010.11.11
Stuck in nursery scene
Any help?

Dreamwillow 2010.11.11
Been rubbing her cheek and trying everything else for half an hour. Nothing is working

jazon46 2010.11.11
stuck in the nurses office. the arrow is pointing to the side and im trying to rub but its not working

Shot 2010.11.11
It`s a little bite hard to finish, but a great game.

HotAmy 2010.11.11
you need to move her head in, then the cock, then the head, then cock etc etc until your really close together and next session will start

mancano75 2010.11.11
im stuck in the av room. and following the arrows but she keeps saying she`s not that type of girl. can someone help please.
im not too crazy about the game im trying to give it the benefit of the doubt but its taking soo long and the graphics so far haven`t been worth it.

AYORK 2010.11.11
This game sucks it iis some the worst stuff outthere

HotAmy 2010.11.11
I am stuck at the nurses office, hint has right arrow on belly button, but thats a little to bleak of a hint, what am i suppose to do to the right of the button, been trying to rub

HotAmy 2010.11.11
Which scene is the 3rd Scene the AV closet?

dragon41086420 2010.11.11
great game takes to long tho

HotAmy 2010.11.11
okay i got it, you need to circle her cheek with his hand

HotAmy 2010.11.11
Okay i know your suppose to stroke her face, but how?

usherxz5 2010.11.11
great game but same problem as everyone here! need help please ^^

sexychik9091 2010.11.11
i am really suck at the third scene
i reeally like this game tho it could be forew fun and adventerous
any ideas on how 2 help in scene 3
thank you

illogical 2010.11.11
excellent game. Look forward to part 3

Stylishman 2010.11.11
I`m also stuck at the third scene :-(

andy_regresa 2010.11.11
hugo57....you stroked the girl`s face

lucasf09 2010.11.11
im struggling to get past when you push the girl down, and she says no.... any help?

chiefton 2010.11.11
I get stuck at the 3rd scene any advice

andy_regresa 2010.11.11
nice game.....really like this type of game

hugo57 2010.11.11
can`t get past the scene where the girl keeps saying she`s not that kind of girl..very frustrating
but a very pretty girl nonetheless..decent graphics..needs work..pusooy should have worked on it longer ..not to mention part one..
surprisingly pusooy has only a few games..
cheerleader party is ok ..but takes time ..a little too long
can`t wait for a sequel to farmer`s daughter

Valiac 2010.11.11
i don`t really like this type of game either, its tremendously monotonous

storm 2010.11.11
nice game..... pleas some help

az89 2010.11.11
i don`t really like this type of game

yvonne 2010.11.11
I am stuck in first scene...

yogi 2010.11.11
i am stuck at 3rd scene... any help??

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