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Mummy Love Part One


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cambridge4453 2017.06.18
It`s not a game its just a story; typical pusooy; lots of cocks spewing semen and some bondage. never quite know whether they are straight or gay you get so many male members in the foreground; reminiscent of Farmer`s Daughter 2 which I hate, but the artwork is really good and some of pusooy`s output is excellent. Just don`t expect much in the way of choices, you just get to jiggle your mouse a lot.rn

ianjames 2017.03.19
great graphics sexy girl only downside is the rather delicate controlls

stach56 2016.06.08
All games in this series have great graphics. However, the animation a little cut.

adim 2016.03.25
Good story, however the `move the mouse` controls are a pain... so hard to control that takes too long to guess and to play. so... good story, frustrating game, and that for the 3 parts of the game.

Yiannis 2016.03.04
Hands down one of the best games on PF1.Good graphics..Hot scenes..Interesting story that makes you crave for more than 3 episodes in the series and a drop dead gorgeous animated protagonist.Yes it might be tricky with the controls but it`s still a solid 10 for me.

pberke 2016.02.22
Pretty OK game except for the gameplay. Interesting group scene in the end, beautiful graphics. Is there a follow-up?

cambridge4453 2016.02.17
I love the petite girl but hate the storyline

Eomas 2016.01.07
the look on that poor guard`s face when she takes off his clothes is just priceless. i can imagine him thinking "the captain will kill me himself"

marco_mat 2015.09.15
it was intersting and fun. i am glad to have played this game

cameronw 2015.02.13
absolutely excellent game - very strong indeed


smaximus 2015.02.11
overall is good but the story is too slow

MultiShadowslayer20 2015.01.01
it seems like a nice game but its to slow and the actions can be to tricky sometimes

hamada1234 2014.12.30
amazing game amazing graphics but takes a lot of time to load

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.18
Nice flash game. It`s very realistic and a little bit hard

timmytim1234 2014.12.05
its it a bit hard to play the game sometimes

fcmetro 2014.09.12
love the game, wish it was longer

wolfphoenix 2014.09.02
Great Game, I love it. Only the triggerpoints should be larger to better hit them. Otherwise perfect.

bitz94 2014.07.14
pretty good , not the best gameplay, but really cool graphics

ladiesman420 2014.06.02
great game...
got stuck a bit at a place or two...(ahh!!! frustrating)
nyc graphics too.....
stupendious storyline...
exciting game....
love the series...!!!!

bubbles9995 2014.05.19
Too slow paced, really couldn`t find the patience to sit through the whole thing, but it seemed like it had a good story line.

dharker 2014.04.20
I like the animations, wish you had a little more control over the story.

dandraft 2014.04.04
its a good game,just takes too long to proceed

Assurbanipal 2014.03.28
THE best vote 100, on all line, Graphic, animation very detailed, stereo sound, it is sensual and exciting,

zikas 2014.03.05
very hot game and it is look real

shixblix 2014.03.05
needs to progress much faster

patrico 2014.01.30
good graphics however the gameplay is poorly executed. Its redundant doing the same thing 30 times to move on. to next scene.

Snakester96 2014.01.27
It`s not playing for me, could be something to do with my laptop...

jakiee232 2013.12.17
got complicated but its fun

Sam2013 2013.09.23
Sexy up to a point but slow

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

noogad 2013.08.09
Great game, nice graphics

w1drng22 2013.07.26
Graphics were wonderful. Story line pretty good so far. But I need to see the next episode to make the connection to modern times. She is supposed to live forever. Does that mean she will live as herself or in the body of the schoolgirl? We`ll see.

johndoole 2013.07.18
it`s very smooth graphic,with an epic story and i like it very much

duudde 2013.06.30
very good game loved it gameplay hard at times but still very good

mssgppd 2013.06.19
really hot and sexy girls!!!

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
A great game with good story and graphics

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
A great game with good story.

Hush 2013.05.20
Much shorter than I expected... Also, the gameplay is very difficult. I still don`t understand how I filled the pleasure bar when the priest and the princess kissed...
That being said, I`m curious about part 2&3, so the story is interesting!

cyrilou 2013.05.09
Game is hard to figure out.

Azk 2013.03.06
C`est possible de rendre les s??quences encore plus longue et chiante ?

RUWetYet 2013.02.21
Couldn`t get past the handjob, I don`t know if I was supposed to click something or what but I didn`t wanna watch that for half an hour so I gave up.

CB54 2013.02.11
Very good game, challenging, good-looking; needs more animation.

UkSteve 2013.02.04
really hot and sexy girls!!!
very hot game!!!!

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

besyidiol 2013.01.21
im stuck on the part where you put the penis in to he pussy

zantha 2013.01.14
Oh, I adore this game. Now I`m off to play number two!

ozorne_6 2012.12.28
best game eva, love the mummy games..doesn`t need hints nor be fast based. graphics exellent girls sexy and storyline interesting.

bvash26 2012.12.21
it was intersting and fun. i am glad to have played this game.

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
Left me speechless....couldn`t rate it high enough.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


abc15 2012.11.18
cool game nice graphic and animation really good game

Horgretor 2012.11.13
Very nice game. I would like sound and a faster pace.

ganjahtreu 2012.11.06
really hot and sexy girls!!!
very hot game!!!!
sooo hot and nasty bitches!!!

pae92 2012.10.22
Nice game - story and graphics. A bit difficult for steering the characters.
Special hint for the penetration scene with the priest: WAIT until the princess relaxes after each penetration!

games2win007 2012.09.13
Great graphics..simple and mind blowing story base looking forward for more of this!!

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.09
Nice Game....but this Time is it really slow....sorry.
Lets see Part 2 + 3....

Coco88 2012.09.02
pretty good graphics, there was room for better.

zebre 2012.08.10
I played the third, so it`s a pleasure to play the first.

soterrivera 2012.07.24
really nice game i wish i was in the game

emmuz 2012.07.08
this is a awesome game love it

dance303 2012.06.21
it was un but it took a little too long with some tasks

hotbambie 2012.06.19
i had so fun playing this game. More like yummy mummy

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.25
Great graphics, but hard to tell if just repetition progresses action. May the ankh be with you!

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Great grafic game story and gameplay :)

wildlolli 2012.05.18
Very nice game with good graphics. I like it!!!

roni@cox 2012.05.13
I like this game but I found it hard to keep on the hot spots. good graphic`s

Tyson345 2012.04.28
The girls tits are too small

harrywibowo 2012.04.20
65 point, not like the others sequel . I kind bored in these one, the girls "things" is too small , even the other sequel she also appeared, but in this sequel the girls is only her ... give her implant :)

120489 2012.03.24
It wouldnt load for me did any else have this problem?

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

RickyCindahood 2012.03.16
good game, bit difficult

ancuta 2012.02.26
Oaw....dangerouse game for the one that stands next to me :)

Fahreza 2012.02.20
awsome game and nice graphic LIKE IT

nickos 2012.02.17
Nice game, great graphics

gorex 2012.02.16
nice ga nice graphics nice play

whosnext5999 2012.02.14
interesting game and hot girls

impruneta 2012.02.13
Good graphics and great story! One of the best games

sammyshambles 2012.02.07
all these games in this range are ace ... keep them coming!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game with somes really good graphics, an erotic storyline and interresting interactivities.

ben_500 2012.01.26
a good game but it`s too slow, the control were really difficult to figure ouut but overall i liked it, the story, the animation, the graphics are good and the mc...well...she is skinny but really cute

Matt91 2012.01.24
Nice story
Good graphics

choda 2012.01.22
good game but the mouse control is bad

Pietsen 2012.01.21
Nice game and really good graphics. its fun to play

xxmetalbxx 2012.01.20
Great game good ghraphics

odin1976 2012.01.14
Good game, but hard control. Had to try a few times, but finally finish it. Will try part two.

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
crazy hot game with nice girl

Guillaume 2012.01.09
great game. I love it. The girls are so cute

go12371 2012.01.08
this is a aweome game love it

rahoold30 2012.01.08
awesom game ....gr8 pictures

shyam8129 2012.01.07
Great game, nice graphics very good job

TalRoberts 2012.01.07
Quick question. How do I add a game to "Favorites"?

TalRoberts 2012.01.07
This game is alright. I`ll have to check out the other two so I can get the whole ark.

jodownik 2011.12.31
very good playable game, good graphic and nice animations.

Kopyor 2011.12.30
Good Game but i am stuck at the handjob please any one help me

sexxilexi100 2011.12.18
GAME is relevant , super graphic , animation and very interesting action

Danyolivier 2011.12.14
Great game, nice graphics very good job

sander01 2011.12.12
This is a really great game

ngasdas2 2011.12.07
great game. the handjob session pretty frustating

Lizzie 2011.12.07
Awesome game, really enjoyed playing this one.

justin_foreman250 2011.12.04
game was amazing, cant wait to play part 2

acidionstorm 2011.11.27
Decent graphics, but the controls are extremely poor

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

dark cancerian 2011.11.22
Good game but stuck at the handjob...

fuck u 2011.11.21
i am stuck at the handjob please any one help me

elishacuthbert 2011.11.14
excellent games with some of the best graphics ive come across, outstanding work !!!

arachi 2011.11.14
love the rest of the series, but seriously need to get past the handjob scene

mutrommi 2011.11.13
This is a very sexy series. The sequences ar awesome.

masshi 2011.11.12
good game , nice graphic , excite stories : yes ` I love this game

zenginoglu 2011.11.11
This is great game... I like it very much...

wbailey 2011.11.11
Very good graphics, excellent representation of the Egyptian pharaohs, times the story puts us in the context of Princesses and as handled their sexual destination according to your beliefs, I hope soon part.

locored 2011.11.08
wanna start playing this game look old school.

TheDopeydo 2011.11.01
Handjob scene is crazy frustrating. Progress bar please?? :/

anonimo 2011.10.28
just amazing...
it`s the best game that i ever played

Chris1997 2011.10.23
this game has good graphics but i got stuck

danny572006 2011.10.23
Nice game. Interaction was good. Had to really think about some of the actions.

kool4dudes 2011.10.14
stuck at handjob.. how do i proceed??

VaultExile 2011.10.11
go fuck yourself you assholes

thinlwin 2011.10.08
mouse moving time too long.graphic good.i like this princess.good game.

doddi 2011.10.07
Great game, love the challenge

princessjessica 2011.10.07
pretty good , not the best gameplay, but really cool graphics

elchaslo 2011.10.05
is good but need better controls

Last_Virgin16 2011.09.27
Yeah..not bad..I like it..
Not bored at all

GrayBack 2011.09.25
One of ther best games from Pusooy Great story graphics and fun to play

kiabia 2011.09.22
it was a good game but i got stuck on the part where she plays with his cock

waxall 2011.09.20
I had a few sticking points on first playthrough, but this game was fun and done well. Can`t wait to play the entire series now.

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
very hot game, good story good action

stef85 2011.09.18
Great game, love the challenge of the game play.

baleine 2011.09.17
Nice animation, cute girl. Some subtility in the scenes.

god_like89 2011.09.15
nice game, cool graphics too

costerke 2011.09.14
the graphics are great, but in the beginning it is a bit hard. After that, it is really great

Decstarr 2011.09.12
hottest main character EVER

Melimelo 2011.09.08
Great game ! one of the better I`ve played on this site.
Direct in my fav list ;)
Superb graphisms and gameplay is not easy to handle at the begining but it`s way better when you observe and get it.

mouselee 2011.09.08
The tits of the princess is so small. However, she is so cute and lovely. I want to have sex with her. I want to join her ceremony and give all my milk of creation to her. Moreover, I want to have sex with the queen. She is so sexy.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Seen better ones, but its ok.

jmeoff 2011.09.02
Great graphics, but hard to tell if just repetition progresses action. May the ankh be with you!

okeydoke 2011.08.27
Great game play, i loved this type game

dodag 2011.08.26
I love this style of gave. The graphics are beautiful

korokosan 2011.08.24
Played this a while ago,loved it then still love it now.i like the search and click method it give you a sence of achievement

branknock 2011.08.20
I like this game but I found it hard to keep on the hot spots. good graphic`s

carnix 2011.08.17
I like the game. The graphics are first rate. I love the look of the princess!

jasonrues 2011.08.16
its a great game with graphics

cas26 2011.08.15
great graphics like all the mummy love games, and the girls are always sexy

sophia 2011.08.14
i have played 2 and 3 of this game but the first 1 is not loading but stillthe graphics are great

lagom 2011.08.13
best game series here on the side.. man i really love this beautiful chick!!

this_is_not_me 2011.08.12
The story is really interesting, but game play can be difficult and tedious.

giannispaokara 2011.08.09
Nice game, nice graphics. Sometimes a few hints would be nice.

Hijo_del_escorpion 2011.08.09
Very hot story, however, it was waaay too slow at times. Hope they continue the Princess story in the second part!

chefsegers 2011.08.09
after a couple hour I it had at last by how I the head priest its penis in the princess could recover its kut you must him there put in there to remove and 5 minus waits and same doing to he there puts in afterwards returns it more rapidly. zalige game only much too slow that makes it, however, spijtig.

satanic_pixie 2011.08.08
Excellent! Can`t wait to play pt.2.

skunkboy 2011.08.05
pretty good , not the best gameplay, but really cool graphics

Funnygecko1435 2011.07.27
i like this game so far it is so entertaining and kewl

veselqku 2011.07.25
pretty good , not the best gameplay.Really cool graphics. Intersting personages.

Bob_Bones 2011.07.19
Decent game, although the scenes are not as good as in the 2nd and 3rd versions. I found the play and action a bit on the slow side here.

Kallion 2011.07.15
So I got to the part where the priest is about to penetrate, I Know i am to big, just go with it and then it just sits there, Clicked everywhere and moved mouse everywhere and now seeing any response or choices or such, so stuck I think

chrissy26 2011.07.14
super confused about how the controls work

FTW95 2011.07.11
I like the game. The graphics are first rate. I love the look of the princess! But the actual play is quite rough and can use a lot of improvement.

martinp 2011.07.09
Now I know that bukakke existed in accient egypt too. Very good game.

mrgills1993 2011.07.09
I enjoyed the game, but got stuck at the handjob part, and then had to re-load. I believe that a tutorial or a skip function would have worked well, overall though, not a bad game

Nairelav 2011.07.05
The game has wonderful art but the game engine itself is just much to slow. Also, the game needs more interactivity.

Kijek 2011.07.04
Damn, game is very nice, graphic`s cool, girl`s cool too, but I hate that animations sometimes are very slow, and some parts are hard and difficult.

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
It could be better, too slow.

chip chipperson 2011.06.20
hot game good graphics. love the ending and the peter north cumshots

chip chipperson 2011.06.17
these games are hot tons of action, and they get right to the point

fallenghost900 2011.06.17
amazing i thought the game was good

eric123456 2011.06.17
very realistic game, going to play part 2

renthestinky1 2011.06.17
Nice to have a unique storyline. That along with good graphics make this a great game.

Taavi Kosonen 2011.06.16
Great game play, i loved this type game

jpsacrey 2011.06.12
Very realistic figures of the princess no oversized out of this world boobs, cool graphics

kikimoneyy 2011.06.11
well my computer messed up .the thing didnt want to load so i was left out of the sex i feel like sucking cock

manio7770 2011.06.08
great game as usual with nice graphics and pretty girl.

BallIdiot 2011.06.05
Great game play; no clicking of the mouse is needed. Simply more pointer around to move forward with the plot and sex scenes. Graphics are good.

svcb 2011.06.05
good game liked the story

Achylle 2011.06.02
absolute delight... one of the best I`ve played...

m4t0n 2011.05.28
hots girls makes this game superb

johndellsman 2011.05.26
nice job really like this

sexmannn 2011.05.24
great game has great graphics too loved it

sajrd 2011.05.19
cool game. great graphics. going for part 2 right now!

TFearz 2011.05.18
i always have real hard time with the series, but even so still enjoy em

Sep 2011.05.15
Though controls were hard to get used to at first, very good storyline and great graphics, make this a great story type game to play.

KookieKrunch 2011.05.11
Very realistic figures of the princess no oversized out of this world boobs, cool graphics

shakezulla17 2011.05.10
Sweet game loved the story and the action. Although sometimes it was difficult to find exactly what motion I was supposed to be doing

soo_officiall 2011.05.08
this is a pretty good game. got stuck a few times but i got through it. nice graphics too.

Bummer71 2011.05.07
Finally got past the priest penetration scene. You have to let the princess relax, and then thrust again, relax, thrust deeper. I had previously made the mistake of just keep thrusting which doesn`t let the princess relax to allow you to go deeper. Hope this helps those that are stuck there too.

jameskan 2011.05.03
Good game nice roleplay style but a little dated

C.C. 2011.05.02
My favorite type of game. Some of the sex action took too long but a good game otherwise.

willsee 2011.05.02
really.. that game was long...too long

smallbucket 2011.05.02
After 15 minutes of handjob I quit playing this game.

John Silver 2011.05.01
very realistic game. good grahics. lil hard to find out how to start the actions

tk5 2011.05.01
great graphics, nice story but the pace is too slow

master_funter 2011.05.01
3d games rolls i admit its really fun i like this game ancient cool

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

sashavip 2011.04.27
umm..i think this is okay..its good..nice..n what??i dunno what to say??!!

RingTime 2011.04.25
Another great game from Sharks Lagoon!

Mika.1 2011.04.24
Nice game, but the action is sometimes a little too slow

deevo 2011.04.23
I really love the look of these games but the controls can be so awkward sometimes that it makes playing through them a chore rather than a pleasure.

josueo 2011.04.21
the sex parts are a bit to well unsexy and I got a glitch in the deepthroat part but exept that its good

cookieharre 2011.04.20
good game but hard to figure out what to do. might have problems with chrome?

thesphinx 2011.04.20
great start. climax is worth getting used to controls

dylansz 2011.04.17
good game but in all 3 parts some scenes are hard to manage

Bunneh... 2011.04.17
Love this series. Excellent graphics.

FireEyes 2011.04.17
Sweet game, beautiful girl (princess) but maybe a tutorial would help with the controls...

NADOSH 2011.04.12
nice game ..

really .. nice game ,,


tempo3 2011.04.11
nice graphics, a bit slow progress on game play

sangokucastro 2011.04.09
this game is awesome good series

NADOSH 2011.04.08
great story ..
awesome games ..

KireiKitten 2011.04.08
Beautiful game but it is a bit slow, and hard to control some times.

frabago71 2011.04.06
some of the scenes are too slow and too long. Some of the sequences seem a bit overcomplicated though.

Sincerely 2011.04.02
This game confused me. It wasn`t very specific on how to get the excitement bar up.

hunts628 2011.04.02
They could use a better control system, sometimes its hard to get the moves going

hentai1337 2011.03.30
i love these games, slow but great art and animation

orionquest13 2011.03.30
i`m stuck in this game at the milk of creation scene. Please help me

vanee98 2011.03.29
I didnt understand why it took so long for the game to load.

poohskud 2011.03.28
really enjoy this series good fun....

NudeRaider 2011.03.24
I love the figure of the princess. Much better then those unnaturally oversized boobs everywhere.
Brilliant graphics, but sex scenes are sometimes too long.

Bumbac 2011.03.19
Princesse`s helper woman is so hot!

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
This is a fun game from the creator. The graphics and music are good, though some of the scenes are too slow and too long. Some of the sequences seem a bit overcomplicated though.

Smyxter 2011.03.16
Fantastic game.Once you get used to the control. Wish all games had this quality of graphics and animation

zaffreaxhc 2011.03.14
best graphics ever i like puusoy`s work

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Bit slow but very nice graphically, well made, pleasant.

Gracerus 2011.03.13
Game play is nice, graphics good. But scenes take waaaay too long.

sirdeaner 2011.03.13
nice game. it could play smoother though.

sexii_Lexi 2011.03.10
i dont like this game because of the charateristics

sting3170 2011.03.08
Jumped in at episode 3, so i had to come back to see this one. Glad i did.

fameasser 2011.03.05
want to kiss that girl right now.

TestBoy 2011.03.02
Nice start of the three parts! All together a good fun!

schmakkes 2011.03.01
best graphics ever i like puusoy`s work

thud6289 2011.02.28
good game, more like a slideshow though

zeretet 2011.02.28
good game the graphics are nice and the music is really good

nightman1869 2011.02.25
slow but the game is awesome

kawish33 2011.02.23
felt more like a slide show then an actual game

Titansteel 2011.02.21
Fine Game! I like the graphics! Nice Story!

mmbrown2012 2011.02.21
I think it so fun to play

racata21 2011.02.18
Great Images, awsome interaction!!! Great work!!!!

fox_says_ken 2011.02.17
I like the game. The graphics are first rate. I love the look of the princess! But the actual play is quite rough and can use a lot of improvement.

Colvin 2011.02.14
Great game, good graphics.

keyla 2011.02.14
slow but the game is awesome

hash19 2011.02.14
good game, good grapchis, good interaction

mjwm54 2011.02.13
Great graphics and the story seemed very interesting, but I got stuck on the hand job scene. I couldn`t control her hand and nothing happened. :P

karrek 2011.02.13
Good game, though the hint system didn`t seem to do anything.

chainxxx 2011.02.13
gameplay is a bit slow but the game is awesome

coolash 2011.02.13
graphics good
gameplay slow
took a while to realize it was a game and not a strange movie ;-)

chris8822p 2011.02.12
wow good game the graphics are nice and the music is really good

babo_23 2011.02.10
nice, gorgeous and great story.... i did not boring one scond.... graphics as real...

dzikmen 2011.02.09
long and pretty hard but the graphics is awsome

Lanun557 2011.02.08
i like the story... really enjoy with it!

hunted 2011.02.07
great game as usual with nice graphics and pretty girl.

randy06 2011.02.06
yes a great game ggod action like to do it to maid at the begging a swell and fuck her both ways and samwe as princesss so sge can learn both ways as well

Mando66 2011.02.06
Game is alright over all. Decent graphics, just needs more hints.

Mando66 2011.02.06
How do you get past scene 3 (milk of creation)?

Nick2 2011.02.05
It` a good and hot game. I like such amazing game.

mathias1981 2011.02.04
the graphic is good i like this game

IamHorny12345 2011.02.02
pretty good game. difficult controls but good graphics

Baps69 2011.02.01
WOW what an amazing game as love playing it and can`t wait to play the next one

iainmasterton 2011.01.30
dont know which of these i like best. 1 or 2. both fantastic.
p.s password is seti.

Xianmaster 2011.01.29
A very exciting and thoroughly enjoyable game

tonito 2011.01.29
very very sexy,make some more episodes like this one

neo ashraf 2011.01.29
great story....i lost my mind in the story.... graphics likes real...

hungrob81 2011.01.28
great graphics,great game

kalbs 2011.01.25
Love new games, it looks great but just like the others not that easy to play

arsenal91 2011.01.21
the graphics are way good i like it

king2pm 2011.01.21
i loved this game, so amazing, cool

burdus 2011.01.21
Good game and interesting story. I liked it.

jawel 2011.01.19
I love this game! this is excellent!
Thanks a lot!

linkinpark965455 2011.01.19
fantastic story with good ending....

hersh2450 2011.01.17
Great graphics however the controls are a little hard to figure out. Easy to get stuck in places

stefano71 2011.01.17
good grafics , multiple endings ,little hard but very playable

devilsman 2011.01.15
I`ve played part 2 before 1 and i like it. now i `ve tried this. Original idea. But as like as part 2 this is too slow for movement forward upon story line.

shane007 2011.01.14
woow..amazing . how owesome to live in egypt

lovelykiddy 2011.01.13
i like the egyptian setting.. should have more games that take place in foreign lands ;P fairly simple game though, controls were a bit hard

xxxMax0731xxx 2011.01.13
kind of hard to play but good game. also love mummy love 2

Kuppz90 2011.01.11
My Favourite game of these kinds =) amazing

m4t0n 2011.01.11
good graphics, ecellent game play just awsome

lenman 2011.01.07
It`s a nice a game but the game play needs to be improved or rather simplified. Graphic are great and I really enjoyed the scenes. Cannot help but agree with the other gamers; this game does turn one on. Keep up the great work. This site kicks ass.

Pikelivan 2011.01.06
great quality game. just freaking awesome.

RenMartens 2011.01.06
Nice game, some parts did however take a little long to come by

poiuy 2011.01.05
i got stuck on the handjob

testing1990 2011.01.03
The game moves to slowly for my liking.

glimma 2011.01.02
Loved this game! Great 3D work

shishkabob 2010.12.31
I`m not having much success on a Mac. The graphics are fine, but I`m not having success with the controls.

simh86 2010.12.31
Animation looks good, wish it didn`t link to another site

limitlesfury 2010.12.30
Great game love the animation takes awhile to get really exciting!

gensai34 2010.12.30
The controls were difficult to figure out at a few places; alittle editting would have really helped here.

Blirt1966 2010.12.30
Took a while to get started but I loved it.

cheat 2010.12.30
game is too slow at the beginning but the ending is almost worth it.
I wish there was an easier way to progress the dialog

VDiesel88 2010.12.29
The concept is unique and fun.

arcedon 2010.12.28
this game is really simple and easy but it rocks

theb0mber 2010.12.28
i can`t get past the priest penetration part

Vargain 2010.12.28
i agree with the previous comment

Riddickxxx69 2010.12.27
Loved this game! Great 3D work

okkie38 2010.12.27
superb game really like it

Elnuno323 2010.12.27
would like to see more i love these games

TerribleT 2010.12.27
It was ok couldnt get very far for some reason

albertotonax 2010.12.26
Pusooy had a great games!... girlfriends, farmer´s daughter, etc.

jcole 2010.12.26
Finish the 2nd one.... and start playing this one. Awesome.... wonder when they will have the 3rd one.

jesuscl 2010.12.26
I`m stuck in this game when the priest try to enter her.
Graphics are very good.

lolitzme 2010.12.26
Not bad, good quality. I liked it. It was fun.

syndro 2010.12.26
a little diffucult, but over all great game 80 from me

Nightshade 2010.12.25
Deffinatly a hot game a must try.

husten 2010.12.25
Cool graphics, hot scenes, 100 points from me.

darrenwee92 2010.12.23
Stuck at when the priest part... any help....

hermie56 2010.12.20
graphics good
gameplay slow
took a while to realize it was a game and not a strange movie ;-)

jimmyk 2010.12.19
A nice game with good graphics but a bit slow gameplay

vedamte 2010.12.18
gameplay is good and also graphics and animations loking forward part two

ghost981 2010.12.18
nice game it is but sometimes it gets it tough

mick149 2010.12.18
webpage should open automatically i cannot be bothered to wait for new webplage i am disappointed

FemiAmuishere 2010.12.17
One of my top favourites to play. the situations for how to move to the next part needs work though.

weromont 2010.12.17
Author respek forward to continuing

Dracious 2010.12.16
Game is hard to figure out.

KisaJrII 2010.12.16
Great graphics But i get stuck at the part where the priest trys to fuck the princess

romeo11 2010.12.12
sehr nettes spiel sollte weitere folgen haben

skruta 2010.12.12
What a game graphics are great, good storyline. Just want more of this

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

long55 2010.12.11
great game,hight quality,much ends, lovely

telly 2010.12.10
this seems like it is a good game but the controls are bad

roberdevil 2010.12.09
Fantastico este juego. A por la parte 2.

truephobia 2010.12.08
I actually liked this game when I first played it, Yeah its a bit slow for action but it has a story to it that some previous games lack.

quirk 2010.12.08
bit slow, need to speed up action.

blood_wraith 2010.12.08
way too much watching not enough doing. also it needs a better interface for moving the scene along

tso123 2010.12.06
it`s a good game but i got stuck at the last part

TMAN81 2010.12.06
Game is long but very good

wmrbest007 2010.12.05

davson 2010.12.04
this game is my favorite

NickFisher 2010.12.04
good game moves along a bit slow at times

dirtsurfer 2010.12.04
What a game graphics are great, good storyline. Just want more of this

schrottie 2010.12.04
Good game but the action takes too long.

thenewdeltaman 2010.12.03
Beautiful game.
More of this please

eager 2010.12.03
stuck at the 1st time, after grab her shoulder whats next? just press H, not help :(
any suggestion plz...

newbie055 2010.12.02
Decent game. Good graphics and details in the storyline but, good god does the action need speeding up unless I`m not doing something right.

imperatrix 2010.12.02
Good game and interesting story. I liked it.

Erik_romance 2010.12.02
nice game, some part with grafik problems

trunten 2010.11.29
This game was rather good. It does take some patience, but over all not bad at all.

bubulino 2010.11.29
i like it very much best teacher

ahclem 2010.11.29
Egyptians were into bukakke? Wow, they never taught that in MY History class....another GREAT game from Pusooy, although some of the sequences ARE too long. Control is another problem. I would recommend an optical mouse for best results

Graeme Green 2010.11.29
slow to start..great game..

zeretet 2010.11.28
this game si intereeresting and very hot

ania_F 2010.11.28
Nice flash game. It`s very realistic and a little bit hard

7900 2010.11.28
very geautiful game whit beautiful graphics

could use some shortcut though

smith999 2010.11.28
Stuck in the game, it just seems to stop

Saark50 2010.11.27
Stuck in this game, seems hard to progress without prior knowledge

adejean1221 2010.11.27
needed to have shorter parts

hersh2450 2010.11.27
Great game, both part one and two are very well put together. Can`t wait for more

ebraroz 2010.11.27
very geautiful game whit beautiful graphics

hanazawarui07 2010.11.27
realy want to have a girl like that

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.26
i enjoyed this game alot. the graphics are great

crossroad 2010.11.25
Wow, that`s hard. But I got a great time playing it.

nabur1976 2010.11.25
pretty sexy game,love the game play,good story..

gelato 2010.11.24
very geautiful game whit beautiful graphics

4nik8 2010.11.23
Good game but the action takes too long.

twitter 2010.11.23
drooling graphics, love to play as many time as possible, plz make a lot of games like these games,ie game fully under control of player, i suggest u to make a game where a female is unknown having sex while sleeping

korvac68 2010.11.23
loved this game need more like it

dewamps 2010.11.22
good game, nice graphics, can`t wait to play the second one

king2pm 2010.11.22
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
Cool Game..
I finished it..

GT1965 2010.11.20
I cant get past the bit where he is sucking her tits

peterch1 2010.11.20
best games , part 1 and 2 . super graph , story and 3d models

fluent01 2010.11.19
i am stuck in scene1: handjob. The princess always moves her hands around guard`s cock, but it won`t jerk off.

fluent01 2010.11.19
nice graphics. but it seems too long for me in scene1: handjob.

smoerf 2010.11.19
shit thats hot
im gonna play 2 now

dragonguardian13 2010.11.17
not a bad game. nice graphics. controls are strange. And to answer some others complaints about her body. well if you read the storyline you would understand. The girl is young very young. You gotta remember that most girl got in ancient Egypt got were married by the time they were 12.

Mike_Oxhard 2010.11.16
Excellent game with well rendered graphics

ImbaLogan 2010.11.16
Nice game but a bit short though... also the cock-enter-scene is a bit frustrating

aditya1993 2010.11.15
Small Tits, otherwise awsome

donkilla10 2010.11.15
didnt really enjoy these ones

hash19 2010.11.15
a great game, nice graphics, a little bit slow, I hope to play part two is better

brooktrout 2010.11.15
Good game, but kinda slow and the controls are awkward at times, but overall good.

redcat101 2010.11.14
Cool Game..
I finished it..

ttant 2010.11.14
Nice grafic, nice scenario, but really crappy control.

dawsid1 2010.11.13
very nice game i like it a lot...

maxc 2010.11.13
a really enjoyable game with great graphics

satanzz666 2010.11.12
nice game...i love this games

elliot19 2010.11.12
very slow gameplay. good graphics and story line though

Murder X 2010.11.11
Is there more after the girl starts jerking off the guard? If there is, then this is really really slow. :s

wickeddeuce 2010.11.10
great game very hott
cant wait for part 2

u2man69 2010.11.10
These games from Pusooy are GREAT!!!

davduckie 2010.11.10
So a great game. I love it. The girls are so cute. Can not wait for part two.

azurizo 2010.11.10
did on a man who is teasing princess` pussy.. can`t advance.. wonder how.

Toonlover 2010.11.10
Great game, I like the fact that it is situated in ancient Egypt, would like to see more historical storylines. Gameplay is ok and the graphics are quite good! Thanks

santiflas 2010.11.09
juego genial graficos muy buenos

mabacich 2010.11.09
Very sexy, i really enjoyed this one

FaeirasFury 2010.11.09
Just so you guys know, the second part is up on the website now.

skinkelynet 2010.11.09
good game but really slow

bigdaddy38 2010.11.09
overall a good game but the interaction could be better

paddywhack 2010.11.09
good game really slow getting thru it

Andil 2010.11.08
Pretty good not the best but it`s still good

catilinacatilina 2010.11.08
gioco molto buono ed interessante, speriamo nella continuazione

raziel321 2010.11.08
Graphics is nice but like some others already pointed out, controls are pretty strange... and i mean in a bad way

loadedgunx24 2010.11.07
pretty cool game. some of the actions can be tedious- got stuck for a while in the bathing scene, but in the end it was a good game

jdh20 2010.11.06
good game for sure, like all the girls in it, they are all very sexy

clouseau 2010.11.06
Puso is a genius. I love his games. They are top of the line in sexyness. Feeling darn horny right now.

drake42 2010.11.05
not a very interactive game, its more like a movie

vikingdemon 2010.11.05
too long, and not really a game, just a web comic

SargeantW 2010.11.05
So far one of the better games. Takes a little time to get used to the controls, but once over that hump the "game" rolls right along. Hope she doesn`t have to wait too long for the "Royal Seed".

Opelkadett 2010.11.05
Nice game. Looking forward to the 2nd part )

nickstute 2010.11.05
good graphic and pretty good

conbron 2010.11.05
A beautiful girl, but a little too young. The defloration little too long. Very good graphics. Interesting story. I`m looking forward to the sequel!

jsfrts 2010.11.05
noyt ver good at controls but very interesting graphiks

tallandhung 2010.11.04
can b hard with mouse but the challenge keeps you interested

mudit7 2010.11.04
the story line and concept is nice but the controls are hard and sometimes don`t work well

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
i don`t like this game, because of characters and that fu****** handjob part

bandedudiu 2010.11.04
I love these kind of game, i`m waiting for the second

giantkiller 2010.11.04
awesome game i hope there will be a second chapter

Mickey_Et 2010.11.03
Great game, like the graphics

vfox 2010.11.03
very nice game sexy mummy

venkopld 2010.11.03
good game i can`t wait for part two

fellamee 2010.11.02
nice girls good game play. more mote

Pipo66 2010.11.02
So a great game. I love it. The girls are so cute. Can not wait for part two.

nobody69 2010.11.02
good game can`t wait for the second part

DeepNight 2010.11.02
great and hot game, i really can`t wait for the second part!

nightwalker 2010.11.02
great game...i like it
cant wait for part 2

reader012 2010.11.01
the controls are a bit hard to figure out, but once you do its a pretty good game

maxguy 2010.11.01
Cool Game.. Enjoyed playing it a lot..

Popsus 2010.10.31
amazing game, nice graphic

dbrvr 2010.10.31
not bad at all throughly njoyed

sutty 2010.10.30
hot and sexy easy game play made me horny ! ,cannot wait for part 2

kaxikayima 2010.10.30
this was not too bad... waiting for the sequal

FuckMeHarder 2010.10.29
sexy little bitch got vagina pwned

bshdaddy1 2010.10.29
great game can`t wait for part 2 to come out. nice graphics and story line has great potential.

likeme 2010.10.29
Another one of those external webpage games. I still liked it. Could of been longer.

markovnikov 2010.10.29
gotta get me a job as a palace guard. looking forward to part 2

jack robson 2010.10.28
yep very good game love all the sex want part 2 if there is one

david 2010.10.28
nice game and history in the game.

gazgazgaz 2010.10.28
im waiting for the part 2

really! its great!

thaer 2010.10.28
very nice game...i loved it, i hope i was the gurd

mitchele 2010.10.28
amazing game, nice graphic

cooldt11235 2010.10.27
now this is a game im talking about, easy controls, and great sex scenes

guapo2002003 2010.10.27
This game is fucking Sexy!!!

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending.

dissidia 2010.10.25
i didnt understand this game much but it was well done

sycosis 2010.10.25
Once you get a hang of controlling it, its a great game. Cant wait for part two.

LoveShot 2010.10.25
awesome game, really like the concept

navnuc 2010.10.25
nice game good graphics like that you switch from past to present the lez sences are hot

paulius007 2010.10.25
l0ve this game and especially the princess

paulius007 2010.10.25
nice gamebutb hard to do the required actions

fedavid 2010.10.24

Very good game!

wtcjrusa 2010.10.24
It`s a pusooy game and good as always, looking foward to part 2

hypernube 2010.10.24
Good game nice graphics but my internet connection make it uncomfortable coz the loading takes so long

Chuevo 2010.10.23
Another one of those external webpage games. I still liked it. Could of been longer.

Ghalion 2010.10.23
If there was a way for this game to just be a little faster I would enjoy it much more.

Dona 2010.10.23
Great, what about the second part?

dekestokn 2010.10.23
great game! can`t wait for part 2!

brandamhong 2010.10.23
this game is fantastic,i love it.

redev999 2010.10.23
a bit slow-didn`t enjoy it that much

magicdoc 2010.10.23
What about the second part???

shaiksam93 2010.10.23
very nice game i like it a lot...

Bullgod7176 2010.10.22
love these games, was a little disappointed with his game "girlfriends" but all in all great stuff

elgrancesar 2010.10.22
the only problem with this game is sometime a little too long on the scenes and i still stock on the priest, pusooy says that you need to make the princess relax but the hint buttons does not work, well lets keep trying.

moonjam 2010.10.22
nice game, got my pretty excited :D

sakaLUD 2010.10.22
nice game with little interaction. One drawback - when i needed hint it did not work, don`t know why.

pornninja 2010.10.22
not a bad game. A little annoying slow on the scene changes. Also the mouse control needs to be improved immensely.

dongos 2010.10.21
good game mouse control needs to get better though.

xxrammherxx 2010.10.21
I thought this game was ok except i had a hard time with the controls

Del 2010.10.21
great game and very small to play with

valkyr 2010.10.20
good game but i got stuck at priest

navnuc 2010.10.20
liked bouncing between past and pesent nice graphics interesting story

ejbakk 2010.10.20
I`m stuck at the first handjob. I dont know what to do when it says use your mouse, i use my mouse up and down, left and right and i have clicked all over the screen but nothing happens..

mwafaq 2010.10.20
good game, needs a little improvement on graphics but still a good game

gmac74 2010.10.20
Love new games, it looks great

IamQuinnStar25 2010.10.19
I thought the game was good , liked the story line as well.

qckslvrslash 2010.10.19
overall great game, however some of the scenes were a little long

chiefsfankc 2010.10.19
Hard game to play an the cut scenes are so long. Need to be able to skip cut scenes.

suhla 2010.10.19
Very great game, hope that second part will be soon there

tkerr5197 2010.10.18
Great long in depth game. Most enjoyable.

datrumaniac 2010.10.18
you ned to get the bather to cup the gaurds balls

mike cook 2010.10.18
I`m also stuck on the handjob

lughbelenos 2010.10.17
not one of pusooy`s best game but verry promissing for the next parts.

ian12345 2010.10.17
great game enjoyed playing it

Stylishman 2010.10.17
I just love this game... awesome!!

superbowl_48 2010.10.17
little confusing and tedious at times. other wise good game

KyleSherry 2010.10.17
I love this game, and i wish i was the guard

Zeka 2010.10.16
nice game menja prikalola

sexxatron5 2010.10.16
too mutch long game.... 1 hours and i don`t complete ??.??

gardiner 2010.10.16
Sort of long winded but cool.

mattshow91 2010.10.16
Good game. needs hints. i wish i was the guard

majoram 2010.10.16
One of the best game designers around - Pusooy does it again!!

Inmemoriam 2010.10.16
Great game ,with high quality features ,really looking forward to the second part..!

wanderer983 2010.10.16
Good game but the section with the priests is a little tedious.

karakurt 2010.10.16
Good storyline but hard to control

cyber409 2010.10.15
Nice game, but some of the parts are a bit too tedious for my liking.

laurajones 2010.10.15
An OK game but didn`t find the controls great to use

Mikeymac13 2010.10.15
Akward controls, but decent storyline.

eezypink 2010.10.15
I had a good time playin could have been longer

s@nt!no 2010.10.15
Love the game, hate the controls.

yankee 2010.10.15
oh there are more hot staff just visit the website

yankee 2010.10.15
there `s no point even she`s not sexy

jstodd23 2010.10.15
A little long, and too much dick for me

selectedrip 2010.10.15
the game keeps getting stuck witm me... , is there anything i could do?
( yes ikibe and nothing more)

fuckingmachine 2010.10.15
pretty good game, fairly easy to control, but takes a while to finish.

Kotton24 2010.10.14
Good game, great graphics again could of been a little big longer though

williamtoms1 2010.10.14
non-interactive could have more thought put into development

astro123 2010.10.14
awesome can`t wait for part 2

hollerguy 2010.10.14
pretty good game, fairly easy to control, but takes a while to finish.

SuperRichie 2010.10.14
nice game, and nice time switches^^

jonmap76 2010.10.13
good job as usual a bit long in parts but good otherwise

tarantela 2010.10.13
great game! next to girlfriends and cheerleader party!

cant wait for the continuation

peko 2010.10.13
when does part 2 comes out?

keko 2010.10.13
so good story need part 2 now

H1da04 2010.10.13
Part 2 should be interesting :)

shooter32 2010.10.13
Best game by far can not wait for part 2

Vinny778 2010.10.13
I had a good time playin. ;)

kamouloxx 2010.10.12
Good game, good story and exciting

ursusson 2010.10.12
nice game wen does next part drop?

chumak 2010.10.12
the gameplay seemed a bit confusing, but the story was nice.

DBlake17 2010.10.12
nice story but kind of hard to find the actions

ghimius 2010.10.11
i am stuck to the replay scene i can`t go further

ghimius 2010.10.11
that`s another wonderful game but still difficlt to controle

leppor125 2010.10.11
The gameplay isn`t very intuitive, and the length is a little frustrating.

torrent2621 2010.10.10
game was good in terms of graphics, but i had a hard time getting into the story

Kazarian 2010.10.10
it`s not bad in terms of graphics... but that`s pretty much all it has going for it

lover1 2010.10.10
superbe et magnifique comme tout les jeux de pussoy!!!

lover1 2010.10.10
c`est superbe, tout simplement!!!

jimmythedriver 2010.10.09
WOW! Cannot wait for the second part! Do they tie-in the past-present scenarios? Should be interesting.

keko 2010.10.09
help i am can pass when he put his dick inside her how to pass that

bigboss18 2010.10.09
A great game but controls can get a bit tricky and rare.

pilotmaster30 2010.10.09
Nice game, very good animation, pretty much excited, hardly wait for next turn

yforme 2010.10.09
can`t get anywhere with this game kinda of stuck

Rob-63 2010.10.09
A great game but controls can get a bit tricky.

ckkent 2010.10.08
wow...nice game...thanks......

raist007 2010.10.08
pretty tough game, but well done

ikkeik 2010.10.07
it is all to slow and take to much time to end. why don`t place some skip/ fast forward buttons in it

Jola 2010.10.07
Farmer`s Daughter with fly was good

rob 2010.10.07
Great game but some parts took too long

rudess269 2010.10.06
The game is quite slow and at times can get boring

jambtwo 2010.10.06
pretty good game, fairly easy to control, but takes a while to finish.

davduckie 2010.10.06
hope there will be second part, great game

godofsex 2010.10.05
The game is pretty interesting!

ECRIDER 2010.10.05
Great sim. Looking forward to the next part two

cstegner 2010.10.05
Good game, but a little long and tricky gameplay.

hbd1992 2010.10.04
why does the screen take you away from this opage?

nova01 2010.10.04
great , and the second part ???

vickyv97 2010.10.03
I Like This Game.. A LOT ; )

TBO1710 2010.10.03
This is a good game, can`t wait for part 2

Skeletor 2010.10.02
Muy excitante juego! Me dej?? con la garcha dura! Saludos!

saugata8888 2010.10.02

jeanmimel 2010.10.02
i already know games from pusooy, waiting for part 2...

mayor 2010.10.02
excellent history of the erotic in ancient Egypt, but why does that two moments are given in the story of history? the contemporary and past

hiuser1 2010.10.02
amazing graphics and great gameplay

vhht 2010.10.02
The game is really interesting, but i`m stuck in the part that the girl should do the hand job :(

Rigald 2010.10.01
It`s not bad, but I don`t undestand the relation between the school and the Egypt...

analpounder 2010.10.01
for the priest part let her relax all the way then shove it in it is a lot faster.

danny135 2010.10.01
nah dont really like this game

jvargas4 2010.09.30
pretty good , not the best gameplay, but really cool graphics

UnhallowedDeceit 2010.09.28
It`s not a bad game, interesting premise and nice graphics. Sadly it has the same control problems all the games from this author have.

hayden1 2010.09.28
i got to the part where the priest is trying to enter her but it was taking to long so i turned it off

waouh 2010.09.28
superbe jeu tres excitant

hayden1 2010.09.28
Nice game, nice graphics.

houyee3 2010.09.28
One of the best games ever! Really enjoyed it!

peter1151 2010.09.27
nice game nice graphics . cant wait for the next one

joe782 2010.09.27
Nice game, nice graphics.

gp78 2010.09.27
the sequences take ages, other then that, great game

nightsky3 2010.09.27
Love this game. But it`s too slow.

spike29 2010.09.27
I really enjoyed this game. The controls are still a bit difficult at times, but the graphics are amazing, and the overall production value is excellent. I can`t wait for the next part.

andiyan 2010.09.27
very wonderful games...I like it!!!!

Glenn Quagmire 2010.09.26
i love every part if this game

Maggot4life 2010.09.26
Rather enjoyable, shame its so hard to find the right positions.

hhayop123 2010.09.26
niCE game...ive got a mouse i enjoyed it!!

whire 2010.09.26
i enjoyed the game for the most part and look forward to the rest of it. but, i found it realy slow with little interaction. spent more time reading than doing anything and it lowered the expectations i had for it.

Rottenmacker 2010.09.26

Very hot game and well done. Loved the switching back and forth from present day to Ancient Egypt.

RESSAT 2010.09.25
Good game, nice babe and great graphic graphics

ace22000 2010.09.25
Good game nice roleplay style but a little dated

amlutias 2010.09.25
good game, i love the super skinny princess ;-) but the handjob part does take a really long time...

Idoke 2010.09.25
I liked the game, but each scene took way too long, and there wasn`t always a progess bar, so I had no idea how long was left. The schoolgirl was fiiit.

kanf 2010.09.25
Interactions are too slow...takes way to long to get from one scene to the next..

gm1437 2010.09.25
like the game, but some parts take too long

jturner7 2010.09.25
This game has awsome grafics

chedrammy 2010.09.24
pretty good overall but some part took too long

amlutias 2010.09.24
really hot game! I love it

tashadream 2010.09.24
Graphics were high quality. Gameplay seemed a bit slow, maybe clicking on dialog bo to speed up. Hard to see hint arrows, different colour or maybe brighter would help.

vad05 2010.09.24
great game, nice babe & good graphics.

kidfraser 2010.09.24
dang man fingers hurt from clicking the mouse pad!

Cea 2010.09.23
And one more game from pusooy.

marcstoop 2010.09.23
great game like the graphic but i am stuck when i whant to enter the box

Creator19 2010.09.23
Not a great game. I think is so boring, sorry but this I don`t like me...

bob1118 2010.09.22
Fun to watch looking forward to part 2

rokyuo4657 2010.09.22
Its quite hard if you havent got a real mouse

Tharasque 2010.09.22
great game :D can`t wait for part 2

jefke15 2010.09.22
Nice game, nice graphics. Sometimes a few hints would be nice. Looking forward for the sequel.

horneybaby 2010.09.22
This is a pretty awsome game. I really enjoyed it

sexychik9091 2010.09.21
awsomwe lloved the storyline made me wet even more and the good bit is it is all true

hyper0369 2010.09.21
nice game great graphics i liked it

nandoa 2010.09.21
nice game. this game have a very good graphics. We are inside of the game

razorb 2010.09.21
Nice game, but slow controls and gameplay. It takes almost 10 minutes to go from a scene to the other.

chynaboi25 2010.09.21
interesting game. interesting title

Cockroach 2010.09.20
Nice game would like to more.

Legolas519 2010.09.20
I can`t get past the hand job part. Please help.

fmeyen 2010.09.20
I would like to know what happens in Part2 with the young couple. Part 1 was nive to play.

Kodakai 2010.09.20
Larger hint arrows, couldn`t clear a scene for 15 minutes

Jodaboy 2010.09.20
Its got good gfx, but its too slow and long for my liking

jfirecap 2010.09.20
Genial!!! Only some scenes too long but nothing else. I`m waiting for the part 2.

uncle_quiggley 2010.09.20
I enjoyed it overall, but it was difficult to play without a mouse

danilo 2010.09.19
is a great game excellent graphics, good story and I especially welcome the way to bring the game to the end

bshdaddy1 2010.09.19
excellent story line can`t wait for part 2 to come out. hope it is soon

iaiag 2010.09.18
Great game, but the controls were kinda hard to get used to

Zack123 2010.09.18
pretty good , not the best gameplay, but really cool graphics

jjcool 2010.09.18
Couldn`t get past stroking the guard. Not sure what I was doing wrong.

calidjwest 2010.09.18
the game style flows great along with the graphics

grunt2 2010.09.17
New games always welcome, but this one kinda slow and no way to really effect the outcome. I like having branching points and multiple endings much more than simply watching a static scene.

Keep adding new stuff though!!!!

ieatalot 2010.09.17
Great game, but the controls were kinda hard to get used to

gumby111 2010.09.17
what a very hot game. I can`t wait for part 2

schattenprinz78 2010.09.17
is a good game but too easy

Emper0r 2010.09.17
game play is really good esp the maid and the princess herself!! but i am getting stuck with the part when priest is ready to take her. where is the hotspot!!

Marty18 2010.09.17
A brilliant game which I found fun

kanzi67 2010.09.17
what a nice game...the story is cool!!!

sumdumnoob 2010.09.17
game is so slow i got to bored to finish it

sumdumnoob 2010.09.17
good but not great....sorry

ICE Dude 2010.09.16
it`s a good game great interaction

lock 2010.09.16
Really nice game. Lovely gfx

Beany 2010.09.16
Good game sometimes difficult cant wait 4 part 2.

sexychik9091 2010.09.16
i found this really Hard but a good game

az89 2010.09.16
not really my choose option for favorite games

joedude1029 2010.09.16
gameplay can be a bit confusing at times, just needs a bit of tidying up

caro_cat 2010.09.16
great game, but stuck in handjob part. really hard controlling in that one.

martel 2010.09.16
either you need to give clearer instructions on the game controls or make the hints more obvious as i also got stuck at the hand job section.

Creator19 2010.09.16
I don`t like so much, maybe a little more of action would be fine

kanten 2010.09.15
The handjob scene is waaay to long!!!

Whitney 2010.09.15
great gameplay, graphic, animation!

rebash 2010.09.15
gameplay, graphic, animation nice

Hunter1325 2010.09.15
great game, dont know why everyone thinks it sucks so much... just needs minor graphics work

Bladez_X7 2010.09.15
this games has waste your time...

maksan 2010.09.15
it s good game but shandjob part tqakes too long

Arieswarrior 2010.09.15
A great game can`t wait for part 2

carnationalmond 2010.09.15
yes i agree! this is erotica

ekosurya 2010.09.15
i think its quite hard to play ,

but it is pretty good!

love21 2010.09.15
I like that the girl is skinny lol... I`m tired of big boobies and big asses. Anyways, I just hope that there are more to the hints, because the controller itself is veeeery hard to... well... control.... I got stuck a few times and had to go to puso`s website so see what I`ve done wrong -__-"

baceface32 2010.09.15
I really didn`t like this game! The controls are poor, the story is lacking, and it is very slow.

However if you are new to this site don`t judge it by this game, There are many, many good games to choose from. Just not this one

NiTrusAciD 2010.09.15
Complete dead stop at the hand job with the guard. I`ve got to be missing a hot spot but the damn game wont move hahaha. Oh well, ill try again. Game play was pretty slow, action is ok. i`ll give it another twirl later i guess

Reyson 2010.09.14
i kind of got... blocked, i just got a circular controler, but when i click it, it sends me to the homepage


Ricoh124 2010.09.14
I don`t really get it, find it a little slow and boring. But then there are loads of games to chose from so there is always something for everyone. The key is trying them all.

tophe35 2010.09.14

YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Winzigweich 2010.09.14
Wow, it`s really hot but maybe a little long...
But it`s a good game as always at pussoy!

bigpimp 2010.09.14
nice game, but controls are a little hard. I got stuck on the handjob part.

lapine 2010.09.14
a great game, nice graphics, a little bit slow, i hope to play part 2 asap !

VLord 2010.09.14
Brilliant game i hope part 2 comes fast

zilver63 2010.09.14
Good game, but, as already mentioned, some hotspots is hard to find.

Carth123 2010.09.14
Nice graphics, but the manual controls make it to slow to play

rtully36 2010.09.14
rough to play on a touchpad on my laptop-- otherwise not bad. Wonder how long for part 2.

metalgreymon434 2010.09.14
this is a good game very hot girls

matthewt97 2010.09.13
good game but some hotspots are hard to find

dragon41086420 2010.09.13
this game would be better if she had bigger tits at least a D cup not an a cup it makes her look like she just started her life try making tits bigger for better ratings

dragon41086420 2010.09.13
this game is good but it is slow to connect hope they do a better game soon because i like going to this site at night and playing games until i fall a sleep lol

johnsexy123 2010.09.13
the game that i love it...............

ak31 2010.09.13
good game but some hotspots are hard to find

Barack 2010.09.13
Good game, very good graphics, but little slow, it`s very hot!

mrcoolerz 2010.09.13
Great Game! nice graphics too, when is the next part coming out?
looking forward to it

didado 2010.09.13
nice but slow game!very very good though

untraceabledos 2010.09.13
this game is a little strange don`t you think?

matthewt97 2010.09.13
im stuck onn the handjob part

vicious 2010.09.12
good graphics an animation, kinda an interactive movie. nice

lonelyrobin 2010.09.12
fun game but took too long

7z9 2010.09.12
I managed to get only one ending, but I`ll will try to get others soon. One of the best games there, like others said.

paulson79 2010.09.12
Im not sure, this one doesnt suits me

billyboy 2010.09.12
good game and graphics, interresting story. Waiting for part 2

eagleata 2010.09.12
great game. graphics are very good, i love the mummy sex ;)

gettinthere4 2010.09.12
Brilliant game. Controls are a bit hard to get used to and can take a while but otherwise fantastic.

bradpout 2010.09.11
great game !!!!!! i love the mummy :)

chip69 2010.09.11
nice game, looking forward for 2nd part.

T M 2010.09.11
Game was good but felt rushed at the end. I think each of these pusooy games gets better and better. Although for my taste, I would have liked the princess to look just a little older.

matthewt97 2010.09.11
meet n fuck series is a very good game

Winzigweich 2010.09.11
Very good, but very long for the content.

uglymogwai 2010.09.11
This game does take a long time. Not entirely sure worth the payoff.

TMAN 2010.09.11
Games nice but takes too long to watc scenes

Mister LD 2010.09.11
its a really good game wonder whats part 2 gonna be like

beatpoet 2010.09.10
Great clean graphics. A bit confusing with the controls in once scene with the maid and guard. Can`t wait for the 2nd part.

manspazz 2010.09.10
Confusing jump to another website...looked like a pop-up ad. Still, very nicely done game.

zatos 2010.09.10
a little bit slow... but great game

sexybond 2010.09.10
great game, i really like it!!!

rocky_199090 2010.09.10
hi every one this game is very nice i love u all

sjovemand 2010.09.10
i dont think this game was good because it took to long

mikosan97 2010.09.10
this is game so hot. i wish i was the princess .....

yuhime 2010.09.10
That was a great game homever i would hope more than this.

adol2777 2010.09.10
Way to slow to get a good mark but a great potential nonetheless.

Jesus05 2010.09.10
For my seen all action in game is more long as need.
But very good 3D models.

agsava 2010.09.10
great game, i really like it!!!

juggalotas 2010.09.10
awsome game but the handjob part took too long

puma420 2010.09.09

lots of fun!!!

Great graphics... im dieing for part 2

thunderaidy 2010.09.09
I think it´s very good, but sometimes you don´t know what to do with mouse.
I like animation and graphics a lot.
Waiting part two

DanDe 2010.09.09
It`s rather slow because of the manual controls, but I found it very enjoyable. I can`t wait for part two.

Xennon 2010.09.09
Love this game, binds all the elements for a good sex game together..

forest 2010.09.09
I like this game very much. I just miss to do some decisions. But I understand that the game is straightforward with this graphic.

apaluka 2010.09.09
I quit in the handjob part. Too hard and not really interesting enough to try harder.

Luzi 2010.09.09
nice graphics, but the overall game play is too slow. and i cant get over the temple part, i cant get into her -.-

kpyrinikos 2010.09.09
great game, i really like it. looking forward to part two

karl169 2010.09.09
Brilliant game, really looking forward to part 2.

Turner9 2010.09.09
1. One of my favorite type of game models, this one is a little less involved than other versions by the same designer. Cheerleader was better and Farmers Daughter , but the second part of this game has yet to be played.
2. Graphics are very good, kinda hard to play if your new to the style , you must have mouse , REALLY! There should also be a built in skip function or speed accelerator for the characters and interaction if possible.
3. I feel this model should have 4 parts instead of 2. It should be longer, which would make it more enjoyable .
4. All in all, great work, keep it up.

tony012 2010.09.09
I am not a fan of the story line type game. I want to interact with it.

Stretchball 2010.09.09
Great game. But yeah, the game mechanics are a bit off kilter.

mago99 2010.09.09
As always great graphics and animation. Just wish the game mechanics were less fussy.

icrazyur2 2010.09.09
as always tyhe game has to many probs and why the f.;.;.ck cant you put sound in the game

mikosan97 2010.09.09
really awesome game. Made me real horny

humptypkt 2010.09.09
the game is to slow and takes to long

pomboy2003 2010.09.09
good game but rather slow
some sections hard

psychoslayer 2010.09.09
Takes too long for the game to progress. And not much seems to happen

esanchez13 2010.09.09
great game, i relly like it

whowhowho 2010.09.08
looking forward to part two

randy06 2010.09.08
great game cant wait for part two

bearman15 2010.09.08
a very interesting game. good game play

max29 2010.09.08
Game`s is great. Even with harder mouse steering.
I`ll be waiting for next part thx

alphar 2010.09.08
nice figures but wasted too much time on some doing

fmeyen 2010.09.08
I`m curious about what will happen with the young couple at school. Part I is a good game.

Law 2010.09.08
good game, but i closed on handjob part.

PartyHannes 2010.09.08
Finally a game where woman don`t always have overly huge breasts.

VeNoMNX 2010.09.08
Excellent! Can`t wait for pt.2.

jerryonly83 2010.09.08
very classy as always.. keep doin it like that maye easing the controls a bit

Vito Scaletta 2010.09.08
Can`t wait for part 2... pusooy games are the best!

Bulweif 2010.09.08
A slow game, but the graphic is great

JezzBug 2010.09.08
LIke other I got stuck at handjob part, but the graphics and setting are quite nice. Part two will be awesome I know it.

pius 2010.09.08
I didn`t like this game much was a bit too slow paced.
its quite hard to play without a real mouse

maki11 2010.09.08
great game, i liked the quality of the game ....

kiteq 2010.09.08
fantastic game! real cool graphics! looking forward for 2nd part.

bobag 2010.09.08
I didn`t like this game much was a bit too slow paced.

siskafreak 2010.09.08
nice game and i feel horny now

mayor 2010.09.08
Very good graphics, excellent representation of the Egyptian pharaohs, times the story puts us in the context of Princesses and as handled their sexual destination according to your beliefs, I hope soon part.

star 2010.09.08
good game, but i get stuck on handjob part.

astroman 2010.09.08
Why do the girls always look so young?

paranoid 2010.09.08
Well the action scenes take way too long!! And theres too much cum and dicks!
But otherwise it`s a sweet little hot game with a cute girl. the maid is also really hot!

cheese101 2010.09.08
usual pusooy,great graphics and concept,very slow however

hash19 2010.09.07
good graphics, easy to play, some parts may be too long, maybe part 2 is better

serghi 2010.09.07
Game`s is great. Even with harder mouse steering.
I`ll be waiting for next part thx

alowan 2010.09.07
jeu agreable tres belles images et animations

Artisanian 2010.09.07
the handjob part took too long

Logiwalla 2010.09.07
Enjoyed this one quite a bit. Can`t wait for part two!

sneglen 2010.09.07
why do they always lokk asian the girls and there are almost never any black ones

Xyzzy 2010.09.07
Difficult to play, but by no means impossible. I really like these games, but it takes Pusooy such a l-o-o-o-o-o-ng time to produce each one. Judging by the list of ideas at the website, we`ll be seeing new games for years to come. Looking forward to Part 2 of this one.

Nimrod 2010.09.07
Controlling the action was a little repetitive, some sceens took too long to finish, but overall a good game. I will be waiting for part two.

dtmscan 2010.09.07
nice game, looking forward for 2nd part.

storm 2010.09.07
nice and good game....i hope the part two is the same to good

SirWaya 2010.09.07
great game , sadly it keeps freezing in the temple (or maybe I am just not getting something)

bloodgreaver 2010.09.07
good quality too slow on the gameplay though

kurtar42 2010.09.07
Nice graphics. It`s a little bit hard but it`s very realistic. I want part two

ba ghost 2010.09.07
good game but i hate how it links to outher site

boinky 2010.09.07
Great game, just like the others not that easy to play. Too bad it takes awhile before you get to do something in the game

Valiac 2010.09.07
Love new games, it looks great

flicory 2010.09.07
pretty good , not the best gameplay, but really cool graphics

jammy77 2010.09.07
im stuck onn the handjob part

ar 2010.09.07
i can agree with previous comment

SarahWhedon 2010.09.07
i think its quite hard to play without a real mouse,

but overall its scores pretty good!

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