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Monika pays off


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TEX TIGER 2017.11.19
The game is hard to play

ThatLonelyDude 2017.11.13
I wish there were more games like this on here

HOTTOMMY85 2017.11.08
Good game, but disappointed that they used images instead of actual game play.

D1NGBAT 2017.10.23
Not bad, not over long, not over difficult, could be a bit more interactive and dirty.

BengerBang 2017.09.24
This one was okay. The two stars in it were knockouts, but being used to at least some interactive scenes and/or some type of animation or video it felt slow. Not a terrible story but overall just an okay game.

KitCarsen 2017.09.16
This kind of game is hot....lovely girl!

Poisoned 2017.04.20
This game deserves a higher score than a 79. It was a good game with a good ending. Two thumbs up.

wsws 2017.04.01
the ending kinda boring

minboost 2017.03.22
It was OK. The ending could be better.

minboost 2017.03.22
this game really rocks i liked it a lot


minboost 2017.03.22
this game is really awesome to be played

minboost 2017.03.22
game to be played b y adults

minboost 2017.03.22
awesome game i want her

Nimbos 2017.02.09
Good game, the girl is nice.

McTitty 2016.12.26
It was OK. The ending could be better.

Jarzki 2016.11.05
Great game, great graphics and AWESOME girls...

hobobbi 2016.10.13
Takes forever to get this one to play along.

LostTemplar 2016.09.07
Great Game. Yes security camera. Dont forget to dis?ble.

AlexLetar 2016.09.05
Simply but cool. Beautiful girl

sasuke220 2016.09.04
the graphic is out of the world

maryalice1 2016.08.20
Geesh the girl in this game is amazing. I like the story line

shiffos 2016.07.17
not very difficult game but bonus pictures are very nice

crimeslime 2016.06.10
i, degenerate that i am, prefer the flatness of 2d women

tstephen 2016.05.21
Wonderful game. Beautiful women.

wiwall 2016.05.17
great game, really erotic, would love to play it again

mangamer 2016.02.04
LOL "You`re waiting for pistachios, Meanwhile the game just ended."

latinagr 2016.01.26
Finish the game and I`m still alive thanks God realy hot

fundip 2016.01.05
Very simple game. Sexy, real model. Like an interactive porn mag/game. More please!!!

Jake371 2016.01.03
Very interesting. Fun to figure out.

mrshock35 2015.12.13
love the game would like to see more though

artieruther 2015.11.26
not quite sold on it yet... i`ll try again another time

um123 2015.11.17
This game was hard but it`s worth it if you complete it.

OldCuteBoy 2015.10.31
Sry, but NO!!!
If I wouuld like to look real Persons in 3D-Gaming, I`ld watch porn ...

There are people who will like this, I know, but at least it`s no gaming at all ...
The pathes to go through MUST be lead to 1 of the real pictures, this way a storyline is always short, because the actors need to e payed ...

To play "Adult-Games" in my thoughts, is inbetween phantas and touching the line to reality ...
Games like this try to overcross the line, but: why play such a game, instead of watching porn directly??? - In my mind it doesn`t make any sense at all ...

I like games with a story in 3D, because they match a lot of points, while I dislike scenes with real persons, because there is NO try of art.
Also I dislike the most "Comic-Games", because they only turn around FUCKING - ABUSING-SEDUCING anybody, without any BRAIN ...

Best regards

rayjo 2015.09.27
Very simple game. Sexy, real model. Like an interactive porn mag!

coolking1122 2015.09.19
Interesting game, requires a lot of trail and error though.

sexyman64 2015.08.22
The animations, graphics and gameplay in this game are amazing.

WilliamHBonnie2 2015.08.17
Great game. Both girls were gorgeous. Only thing that would have made it better was motion

smokeman44 2015.08.16
not bad but would have liked more

bluedevilcindy 2015.08.06
This is a great game. The girls are very sexy. I got so excited playing the game.

technobrine 2015.07.29
coool but little raging

jerrycom1234 2015.07.25
rally hoy sexy game like it very much

Mike82 2015.07.25
Quite good, but not seeing all of the text sometimes doesn`t help.

johnnyrotten 2015.07.22
Meh... not my favorite. It didn`t suck but seemed a bit long. IMO

complice72 2015.07.03
Hot girl but really simple

poyohvc 2015.06.27
yes:it was a good game but it was reltivly easy

spartan225 2015.06.23
Nice and easy game. Girl is good looking too.

bluedevilcindy 2015.06.12
This is a great game. The two girls are very hot. My kind of game.

patrickus 2015.05.26
very very nice game only its a little bit long i think

dal00 2015.05.24
cool game but glitched out i got stuck on grab tits finger pussy part o well still sexy ass chick

Blomz 2015.05.22
I really like this game. Good models

shuvobd 2015.05.14
Little bit difficult but seems like real.

samson976 2015.04.29
difficult to get to ending but when you do its worth it

AKR123 2015.04.27
Monika is so sexy and beautiful
I liked her very much

johnnny84 2015.04.23
nice pics, not very good story.

jd07coke 2015.04.15
Great idea for a game... very horny. Models are stunning and it has just enough to make it interesting

crazytrini 2015.04.13
this one is fun so far love the animation

sale199 2015.04.03
they are hot, not very hard game but play full

nimhr 2015.03.20
love this game, and those girls !!

Zeblast 2015.03.15
very hot girls, and a good story

molder1 2015.02.26
i used help fir finish game :(

atlas991234 2015.02.26
Mmmm, it`s too simple and doesn`t offer you to restart the game

thugusrugus 2015.02.26
i like these kind of games, monika is so beautiful

ktgweatherley 2015.02.23
it was a bit boring if im honest

thirstttt 2015.02.14
That was fun and sexy. wish it was longer though

Heyesey 2015.02.13
Fun ... the storyline`s not great and sometimes the right choice feels a bit random, but pretty good.

jr5000 2015.02.13
Fun game. good programing. Fu trying to get the girl to pay off. Not to hard. ;-)

mobrown 2015.02.11
i like the games like this

umager 2015.02.09
good mind puzzling game.. i like it ...

looba 2015.02.06
very good and addictive game with super sexy girls

spartanbatman 2015.02.05
enjoyable different endings

pera90 2015.02.03
Well the game quit good :) However i need to start again :))

Badboy666 2015.01.30
Great game like a lot of another on on this website.

Tenn1998 2015.01.28
makes you think but good story

Tenn1998 2015.01.28
decent game good graphics

ravewood1911 2015.01.20
pretty good. had no problems with the game.. had a little trouble getting her to strip. but overall pretty good.

baugustine321 2015.01.15
the trick is to pick the option that isn`t overdoing it, but still not the basic lower level of what you are trying to achieve.

Dargon 2015.01.06
lovely when it is with real pictures and video`s

Beedge69 2015.01.03
Not bad as a goes, but would prefer more interaction than just point and click

mhetts11 2015.01.03
Interesting little game, I enjoyed it, and real pictures are always better. Not very easy either, 9/10

twistedlover2420 2015.01.03
great pictures and very cool scenario, couldn`t stop touching myself

WFrank12 2014.12.26
A good game, but there are many places where you can easily mess up.

jaylol098 2014.12.23
good but difficult but still enjoyable

TheMole 2014.12.23
Very good game overall and fun to play.

santy2434 2014.12.19
this game is so hot as the other games in this site

rkimmelerre 2014.12.19
Fun game, and I always appreciate actual pictures. It seems to get hung up, though. I can finger her pussy or grab her tits, but it keeps bringing me back to only those two options and I can`t go any further.

Dolphzigglerforever 2014.12.15
a very good game I enjoy it

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
Great but too less action

lolagedy 2014.12.08
Love this game quite easy but great story line

yoost 2014.12.07
love the multiple options.
but it is almost impossible to play without the walktrough

moses54 2014.12.06
great game nicegirl and a good challenge

stoad_69 2014.12.04
Monika is a sexy little mynx. She makes you work to see the promise land but really worth it in the end. She has an amazing body. Enjoy playing again and again.

MR Tales 2014.12.03
Good game and great idea of put a real person

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.03
ok game images are hot but to wordy

I cant get the Who anwser to show can someone help please she always
seems to call the cops on me :S

88jeep 2014.11.30
Game is just so-so but there is some very funny dialogue in spots.

Road Ninja 2014.11.13
Monica has a hot little body and game has some really great images.

igrego 2014.11.12
loading took forever on my pc worth it tho

wonderboy001 2014.11.09
I like the longer games even if they take awhile to figure out just wish the guy got to join in.

SAN ANTONIO 2014.11.08
It was nice and its not easy or not hard

lolotteD 2014.11.07
juste sublime il manque un homme dommage ??

JamieMcEpic 2014.11.06
Great Game Not too hard not too easy

gallows88 2014.11.04
good game . need to let the guy get in on it .

blackpenman 2014.10.25
Interesting game, but I wish it weren`t only photos, and that the guy could get in on the action too.

hushter 2014.10.15
Here is the Walkthrough for 149 points (vodka path):

Skip Intro
Walk up to the door.
Go inside.
Head Upstairs
Enter the nearest room
Examine Bookcase.
Go back downstairs
Find the kitchen and get a snack.
Look at the sink.
Take the vodka.
Leave the kitchen.
Walk towards the back.
Go out through the back
Whooooooo are you? Who who - who who? Yeah who the fuck are you?
It`s a song. Couldn`t you tell I was singing?
It`s The Who for god`s sake
Wait a minute, you`ve heard of Yes but not The Who?
Go Back
Figures. How old are you?
Where`s Tommy? I need to speak with him.
He owes me a tidy sum. I`m here to collect that cash.
Your place is empty. Do I have to take the house from you?
The door was open. I can take your house and call it even, or you can get me the money. I hear they have places called banks.
Then we will have to find another way.
If you can`t pay that debt, you will have to come work it off.
I have a nice club, where women dance for money. Or in your case, no money.
If you want to pay off your debt. Six days a week for a year should just about do it.
What if I say no? I haven`t decided if you`re even good enough for the job.
I don`t think you have much of a choice. Why don`t you prove it?
You`re going to audition for me right now. If I like what I see, then you can work off your debt in a year.
I feel really comfortable right now.
And I want you to feel comfortable.
What kind of drink do you have there?
Slowly walk over to her as you unscrew the vodka nip in your pocket.^
Make your move and kiss her.
Whatever. Let`s have a drink. And then I`ll go.
Then you drink yours first, and hurry up.
You really are a lightweight. So you were about to show me how you`re going to be the best stripper in my club, remember?
Start by pulling up your dress for me. Do it slowly and let me see your moves.
Now turn around and show me your ass.
There are a lot of hot girls there already. You will be sand at the beach.
That`s good to know. I still need to see all your moves. Bend over.
Not bad. But it takes a lot to impress a guy like me.
We shall see.
You`ve got nice legs. Show me how much you like it and I might get happy.
Show me that you have something unique to bring to the table.
Who cares?
You have my attention.
We are far from finished.
Good girl. Turn around.
Show me how you will strip for one of my customers.
That`s negotiable.
Take off your dress, Monika.
Just make me think you like it.
You will be doing that every night soon enough.
We can work something out.
Do you want me to help you out with your other debts? I have really deep pockets.
For starters you need to start playing with yourself.
Tell me what really turns you on.
That`s informative.
Play with your pussy first.
Just put two fingers in your pussy and make me believe you like it.
That`s the trend now. It`s okay if you like it.
Get a closer look.
Get on your hands and knees.
I`m glad you did.
I can see that.
Finger fuck yourself slut.
Get a closer look.
Good. Let me touch you.
Finger her pussy.
Grab her tits
Move on...
I will see you at work. Give me your number and my girl will get in touch with you with all the details.
Hi there.
So tomorrow is going to be an important night. We have our highest rolling clientelle coming in tomorrow night, from all over the world, some billionaires among them.
Yes. I know why they are really coming to my club. The hottest illegal poker anywhere in the city can be found there. If all goes well, I`m going rake in more cash tomorrow night than all of last year combined.
That`s right. Smart girl.
Take off that bathing suit while we`re talking, Monika.
I have someone in mind.
You, of course.
I`m sure you will. But I have someone else that you may think is special.
She is a famous porn star, and she just signed a contract agreeing to be a featured performer at our club. She specializes in lesbian porn.
That`s one idea. In fact I have to go see her right now. Wait here.
Go see Aleksa.
Hi there!
I own the club you`re featured at starting tomorrow night.
That`s great! We want to make it a really special night and make sure you`re happy.
That`s possible, you`re something of a celebrity yourself. I`d like to think of a way we can really make it an amazing night.
You got it, I`ll be right back.
I just visited Aleska.
What do you have?
Just have the famous porn star strip and masturbate.
I guess we could try that. She is a draw but we have to keep them there as long as possible.
You can do more right now by showing me your asshole.
Is there something I should know about you?
Something Sexual.
That`s useful to know. Let`s think about tomorrow night now.
You`ve never been with a girl before and Aleska does lesbian porn. We need to a do a live lesbian show.
That`s exactly what people want to see. Let me go see what Aleska thinks.
Would you be interested in doing a live girl on girl show tomorrow night?
How much more do you need?
Okay good.
She`s never been with a girl before.
I`ll make sure of it! In fact, let me go check with her. Be right back.
So Aleska has agreed, but you have to fulfill her needs.
You have to make her happy sexually. Just do what you would want done to yourself.
I will let her know.
So she agreed. I`d like for you to meet her.
Oh. Okay I`ll go tell her.
I`ll be right back okay? Hold on jeez
Aleska wants to meet with you later and... discuss the details.
I`ll be back in a few hours to pick you up and take you over to her place.
Sorry, so I will be back later with Monika.
Will do. See you later then.
So, here we are.
I`m going to let you two do what comes naturally.
I`m definitely a pervert.
Enjoy the show.
Bye girls!
See score: 149 points.

w1drng22 2014.10.15
Once I learned to turn off the security camera, everything went easy. Ladies are awesome. Wish there was some action for the guy. Thanks for the game.

john1414 2014.10.13
She always calls the cops!!! what do I do to fix that?

m_barnes28 2014.10.13
not horrible pretty decent

chriskelly13 2014.10.12
i play this game all the time think it is so good

unknowned 2014.10.10
i like this game its very interesting

MONIFEST 2014.10.10
Nice game, good scenes and beauty models.

noob18 2014.10.07
need music game and need a part 2

SEXADDICT528 2014.10.06
this a very difficult game, It took me a lot of tries to get it

Johno51 2014.10.05
Great girls and good quality. But only still photos. It was an interesting concept which you could develop more.

Miner123 2014.09.29
Good model and game.. but the amount of content is lacking.

viper3512 2014.09.28
Quite intriguing, very very nice. I liked the idea a lot

tommylewis235 2014.09.22
this game is exciting to me

dirtyoldman533 2014.09.22
Love the graphics and the scenario.

sexmann 2014.09.22
anything I can do to get the man in on the action. The two girls are hot but seems like the guy gets shortchanged. A time with each individual girl would be great and a threesome would be great.

1982ford 2014.09.22
nice game but needs music

janialover 2014.09.19
Great game, but could have used some sound and video.

artik20 2014.09.18
good game really liked it but its just pictures

Excalibur2o14 2014.09.16
the model is good it is another game from play force one

dickcum 2014.09.11
where is the walkthrough to this game so I can beat it

ru2l8 2014.09.11
I found it was a bit long. Not complexe but many variables.

rob 2014.09.08
not a bad game, 2 sexy ladies

Matthew97 2014.09.05
Nice game, good scenes and beauty models.

bloodydragon 2014.09.05
The girls in this game are so sexy!

Jbryan 2014.09.04
Game was good, I like it.

LeeDN82 2014.09.03
Not as nice as the other ones. needed hot spots to touch and find keep it more entertaining

lonewolf592 2014.09.02
this game was really good and i really like it.

xanderke123 2014.08.30
Nice game but the quality

bitchanymore 2014.08.29
this game fun and interactive lol

bitchanymore 2014.08.29
you know any game can make horny

anab 2014.08.27
A really good game. I liked it. Most games on this site are amazing.

pandeyaryan 2014.08.24
another great game by play force one i loved it

masterqueef 2014.08.23
Game seems a bit choppy to me.

jakeywayne 2014.08.22
this game is great love the story line

hakislt 2014.08.21
This game is great. The graphic is awesome.

jenggotapi 2014.08.18
nice game and story, and the graphic is ok too

.marcos 2014.08.18
Does any body know her full name
I`m in love with her ass

Lcypher1234 2014.08.17
Not Bad a bit wordy at times but good lesbian action

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
Pretty settings and pretty girls and decent photography.

joe3232 2014.08.10
very gud game but short game,,,,

Voidspot 2014.08.08
There seems to be no animations in this game, I think if you add in the animations for when they are stripping, it will be alot better.

A5TRO 2014.08.07
original game is very intresting

dogcrafter225 2014.08.06
I really like the fact that you get the tally of points you get. A really fun game

senjay 2014.08.06
Came back just for this game again.

lemlem 2014.08.05
it is a average game and story. it can be better with video scenes

sparlin3 2014.08.04
wasn`t too hard(pun) but fun

TomTwoToes 2014.07.31
Fun game, but could use some more sex scenes in my opinion.

buroo88 2014.07.28
nice game has good eendings this game makes me keep playing to see other ones

aimsixers 2014.07.27
boring gameplay. zero fucking scene

niko987 2014.07.26
some more pics with each action would be great

kisamekilla1 2014.07.25
Very well thought out game with hot girls and cool story line

jpoy21 2014.07.25
A nice game! I would keep playing this over and over

AltergoX 2014.07.24
What great game and nice playing system there too. Good for the make the day better :-)

SW1236 2014.07.23
was an easy game but it was worth the time invested.

Herpi 2014.07.19
Nice game, good scenes and beauty models.

MikeyH74 2014.07.19
Great game with lot`s of choices to make. Loved it!

Nuke67 2014.07.18
It was ok, though not anywhere as good as the CGI flash games, not much there story wise.

jsfrts 2014.07.18
Good, but easy game. Shortly.

destro95 2014.07.17
this game is great i love it i cant stop play it

akai 2014.07.16
great game, i liked animations more then just pictures thought. I did like the bonus images at the end!

sexmach123 2014.07.15
WOW this game makes me so horny

sexmach123 2014.07.15
great game and girls make me horny

subversive 2014.07.15
I prefer the animated games, but the lesbian scene was pretty damn hot.

echoessilent 2014.07.14
Sexy sexy sexy women, easy to reach the end. And did I mention they were sexxxy?!?

Gatessex87 2014.07.13
lovely game but could have been more fun if the guy had got in on the threesome action. I mean he is the boss of the stripper and is hosting at the strip club

Azetlor 2014.07.11
took a little time but at least worth it

MrLester88 2014.07.11
The title fits this game awesomely and Monica is so sexy

dacrazzzyj 2014.07.11
Making her pay it off it totally worth it!

BlackSteel 2014.07.11
Fun game. Kinda easy but fun and great pics

asdzxcqwem 2014.07.10
Great game, and awesome pics!

Ikaros_X 2014.07.08
Wow! this a nice one. But it also took to much time. I need to try again to much.

bigdig 2014.07.07
this one is ok. you need to click around to find things to do.

Chenz1 2014.07.07
Not that good to much jumping around and no interaction.

MikeyWh 2014.07.05
Nice simple game that is easy to get through without jumping through hoops

mangaz 2014.07.05
very hard game but nice if you get the ending right

Arkent 2014.07.04
Normal game , the graphic though

White_Wizzard 2014.07.03
don`t like the game at the moment maybe if i spend a few more days playing it to start liking it

hans22 2014.07.02
realy nice game.i wanna more

kalbs 2014.06.30
Loved the story and very awesome graphics.

lop12lop 2014.06.29
Great photo`s and great girls. Stories a bit shallow, and it would have been great to see more of the girls in action.

David95 2014.06.27
Love the game its damn cool

LocusSpartan 2014.06.24
Another great game. just like MINA

Coldude-0 2014.06.23
its a confusing game lol. still good tho

hornycock007 2014.06.20
nice game and good graphics, i like it its perfect

PUSSYLOVER120 2014.06.19
I absolutely love this game great graphics and plot nice !!!!!!

Falramir 2014.06.19
nice game and good graphics, i like it

mystery666 2014.06.19
ummmm.. aaa... i dont know what must i say.. lol

yannos34 2014.06.19
good game so far need to get to the end lol

doubleG 2014.06.17
Not to bad a game. Like that it is a bit different then others I have played.

lusty221 2014.06.16
this game is awesome i love it this is fucking amazing i ould play it all day

pikac88 2014.06.16
awsome graphic , but i need help

Mr_Mark 2014.06.16
yeah i like it , the text is pretty detailed

leroy08 2014.06.16
nice storyline, good graphics

UltimateHairyGuy 2014.06.16
Awesome graphics and nice game storyline. I wished the "hero" was actually in the sex though.

randy06 2014.06.16
love this game great sex and great sexy lady and wish it was more ladys

aussimal 2014.06.15
cracking game very well done and beautiful ladies great storyline and hot.

FastNick500 2014.06.15
nice pics, you could do better

adragon707 2014.06.15
Fun game, love the live girls but it would be so much better if the hero was involved with the sex.

ballsac 2014.06.15
This game is okay. Nice pics for winning.

FarezX7 2014.06.13
Its a very nice and challenging game and i laughed when i saw the female mind XD sorry girls.

MissMmh 2014.06.10
Ah. I wouldn`t say this was a 5 star. But I see work has been put in this one

baggiemanun 2014.06.10
i liked especially how they used real actors for this game
they should make more like this

baggiemanun 2014.06.10
this game is pretty hard i dont know how to win

baggiemanun 2014.06.10
call me impatient but the loadind screens a bit slow
they could really improve on their preloader

sanjayitjoe 2014.06.09
fun game, hot girls, enjoyed it

Alfherin 2014.06.09
Could of been longer but the RP was great, the lass was hot too

Chevelle92 2014.06.09
The girls were hot onstage but wish guys could have gotten involved

ajjuman 2014.06.08
it takes a lot of time for loading

rishan 2014.06.08
yo fuck this asshole game

17Kevin17 2014.06.08
So so game.. a few more choices along the way would be nice.

l.countach2 2014.06.06
this game seems to take a long time to load

SuperSteve123 2014.06.06
If this had some music playing it might make it a bit more enjoyable

Fafnir2 2014.06.05
Very nice fun game.But the game is short.

b00bz 2014.06.05
it is so slow at loading...

harrycool 2014.06.04
this is game is so sexy and cool

Maddog12 2014.06.03
This game was a nice change from a lot of the games on this site, quite unique. Would`ve been good if it was a bit longer.

Lamchops 2014.06.02
great game with great girls :)

dimis1 2014.06.01
game is to sort but the girl nice

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
simple game but fun to play and a nice brunette :)

occonnor 2014.05.29
very nice game with good graphics

MovieNightHD 2014.05.28
Fun game! I think this is actually the best I`ve played on this site.

vedant upadhyaya 2014.05.27
this game is too good nd the girl is damn too sexy

Tiger21 2014.05.27
Quite good fun, not too difficult. Nice pics too.

Stuger70 2014.05.26
Very nice game with hot girls

HornyTravolta 2014.05.26
Awesome game, pretty good story. I love it

SLOWFCUK 2014.05.26
game is short but its fun, hot girls also.

DoctorWho 2014.05.26
Good game, good quality, but short....

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
Good game
The girls are beautiful

Sexy007 2014.05.23
simple game....hot photos but no sex :(

Iceman85201 2014.05.23
This game was too short

swagbarbiehellokitty 2014.05.23
this game is is soooo short

iliyadahlia 2014.05.22
please someone help me to get over it

Hichigo 2014.05.22
The game was pretty decent. The pictures were good

zach26505 2014.05.22
I like this game so much!! gets me hard every time!

w1drng22 2014.05.20
This is so frustrating. Sorry, I`ve just to move on.

Adolf69 2014.05.18
not too realistic, but at least it`s entertaining

xerus 2014.05.18
Great game, excellent graphics and gameplay

ab181275 2014.05.17
Good Quality graphics but it is a real pay off.

wezel87 2014.05.17
Good graphics but easy!
Nice pics of hot chicks :)

Stone88 2014.05.17
Gameplay is god, and i like very much

gatesj09 2014.05.17
very lovely game. I enjoyed it but would have been nicer if it would have allowed you to freak her

dadykid 2014.05.16
relatively easy but a sexy and interactive game.

OmarWanKing 2014.05.16
good game :)
but some more pics with each action would be great

JackieeBoy 2014.05.16
Quite predictable in terms of options, but the girls are pretty nice.

mel123 2014.05.15
nice game with very sexy real chicks

mik420 2014.05.15
It was a fairly good game

uiui69 2014.05.13
Simple game but excellent graphics. Bonus pictures at the end!!

simson122 2014.05.12
This is good. I definitely will play this all over again. You can get truly real graphic and animation regarding the game yet i assure that you will achieve that kind of pleasure.

GoMartijn300 2014.05.11
Very realistic, it almost feels as if she`s actually talking to you.

pitpattheaardvark 2014.05.11
Difficult, but worthwhile.

chabz2170 2014.05.11
great game loved it amazing graphics

pandeyaryan555 2014.05.10
great game i loved it superb graphics

nyon 2014.05.09
good game, i like this kinda of game, good the choice to use two girl, keep going and let`s see

rocky1905 2014.05.09
nice game beautiful graphics, enjoyed it

BverComander 2014.05.08
good game... really easy..nice pics

elgard123 2014.05.08
it lacks only of animation. good game

noperapon 2014.05.07
Nice game. Of course would love some animation but still very nice.

dheezzz 2014.05.07
Graphic was good, and also very challenging

Safsbro 2014.05.07
Nice interesting outcome Scenarios

bangbangman 2014.05.07
Good game, but the game gets you stuck the moment you get to the part where she is naked and you can grab her boobs + finger her. I need closure. XD

MytyKoste 2014.05.06
Nice game with nice story.

Tript 2014.05.06
Overall good game, but too bad there are no different paths.

zanoc 2014.05.06
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

Bronhinho 2014.05.06
Good game, but it would be better if I could fuck her.

shyman44425 2014.05.05
Simple game but excellent graphics. Bonus pictures at the end!!

Anatik 2014.05.05
i love these girls, but the game was easy

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Good game good quality good hot girl

TheRealGamer69 2014.05.05
Love the pics, but the gameplay was very simple.

louie921 2014.05.04
Great game but super easy.

vjmpune 2014.05.03
all games are very good
especially in animations

Hotguy29126 2014.05.02
This is a really fun game! Good game but easy though.

lolopo_nino 2014.05.02
yeah its so good!
even the graphichs its good

FlowerPwner 2014.05.01
Great game with nice graphics and an interesting story!

aragorn90 2014.05.01
I like the game. Even though I was through it still is interesting to try different paths. Sometimes I wish it would give some more forks in the storyline, but it is not disturbing to be thrown out when following wrong stories.

zezomizo 2014.05.01
so nice hot sexy game , i like it ;)

ricoe66 2014.04.30
was definitely a great setting

wawok 2014.04.29
Veryyyy Hooottt & Nice girl also sexy body..i want more hehe

princeasynjax 2014.04.29
yes that very nice sexy geme iloveit

princeasynjax 2014.04.29
yes im stuk in this geme it very nice

bauerfrank 2014.04.28
these 2 girls are absolutely georgeous! worth to play 1000 times!

Master_Cum 2014.04.28
Graphics aren`t able to be resized to fit browser window. Other than that,... I like how it keeps score

shadowxx 2014.04.28
the game is OKAY!! but cud be a more fun wid better animations...

BigKahuna 2014.04.28
Feels mostly like a saggy slideshow. I will be polite and say that it can improve. I want a game to challenge my logic.

Sparky411 2014.04.28
Interesting premise but less polished than a lot of games on here.

reg0101 2014.04.26
iv not even started to play it yet and already its boaring me too slow at loading

Boomify 2014.04.26
I am concerned about this gameplay

Boomify 2014.04.26
Animation also needs to be fixed

Boomify 2014.04.26
These graphics need to be fixed

Boomify 2014.04.26
Im stuck in this game when she says why are you here please help me

Boomify 2014.04.26
Good game but its way too short

jcool8488 2014.04.25
good game I wish it had more explicit pics though.

tionghan 2014.04.25
hmmm very good game. I imagine that

LexarX 2014.04.25
it has a little bit o fun

stefano71 2014.04.25
nice game but the poor guy doesn`t fuck!!!!

aron5345 2014.04.24
The game is too short, and it`s easy to win, very predictable, but pretty fun, too.

es 2014.04.23
hot girls, fun game, poor guy didn`t get in action

bonehead101 2014.04.23
hmm not the best and its broken when you get to finger pussy touch boobs part

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
too short and a bit predictable, but girls are sooo hot

darthbiscuit 2014.04.23
Dissapointing when compared to previous games no real action at all

Djshuks 2014.04.23
The game is rather short, but I like the humor thrown in during the comments. Nice looking girls as well

HarrietGarmin 2014.04.23
its an ok game, fun while it lasts but does get a little boring

Borsuk15 2014.04.22
A bit too short and pretty easy however gilrs are really hot so it`s worhty to spend some time playing/looking

pusshound 2014.04.21
Hot girls. Game play is clunky. Worth playing once but kinda simple.

Malagoth2 2014.04.21
Nice game but misses more different paths.

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.21
This game was pretty enjoyable, the girls were very attractive and there was a hint of humor throughout the game which was nice. It was also fun to play as well :) It wasn`t very hard but that`s good for some people because some just like easier games.

mark4 2014.04.21
it was a good game, and not too difficult

icrazyur2 2014.04.21
sorry guys and girls but dont see how this is a good

randy06 2014.04.21
great game and great ladys and great sex secenes again and wish I was that guy yummy

Gangstabill1984 2014.04.21
I liked it but i wish is was some sex scene with the girls!!

genecapes6 2014.04.21
nice game good scenes and very hot girls love to do both lol but all in all good game

krb42 2014.04.20
good game, having fun, lots of twists and options

lusty23 2014.04.20
this game couldn`t get better

sexbuddie12 2014.04.20
This is an awesome game, Its amazing

dude55 2014.04.20
there should be sex scenes in this game

ak74india 2014.04.19
thats really good game
really hot

chiefton 2014.04.19
Game freezes after the first meeting

gimmino77 2014.04.19
The quality is ok...nice picture. i like this tipe of games

Mmaster 2014.04.19
it is a good story, good models, it can be better together with some video scenes

hiroshi123 2014.04.19
The Story is a bit easy though.

arathor 2014.04.19
its a great game and the girls are amazing, but it would be better a video of the girls while they are having sex

dandraft 2014.04.19
its a fairly dissapointinggame,in the sence that te guy gets left out,took me several attempts to get it rigth.its ok if we get some KELLY action soon,in that case its forgiven otherwise ,its just cruel.
Come on LOP,give the dogs some boners will ya? ,as a game it was ok i guess if you ike that sort of thing, 3/10 forthis one

Stathis 2014.04.19
So the guy doesn`t get anything with Aleksa? Shame...

Other than that, nice little game. Still miss Kelly though...

CapnMorgan 2014.04.19
I was a little disappointed the guy doesn`t get any, but overall it wasn`t too bad. I think some of the dynamics could have been a little stronger but it`s still a pretty fun game.

Tzzman 2014.04.19
It was a fairly good game

savber6 2014.04.19
woo its ana amazing sex game

xoxox55 2014.04.18
toooo simple, but nice show finally...

Muze 2014.04.18
You`re guessing it was easy to make? Well you guessed wrong. Those pictures aren`t free, but this game is. It takes weeks to put all that together. Try it yourself, and let`s see how dynamic a game you come up with.

algerloo 2014.04.18
what is the actress name. like her so much.

AnnaRainbow 2014.04.18
What makes this game cute is the sense of humour throughout. It`s not the most exciting game, but the lighter tone makes it enjoyable and worth playing out to the end. Pretty settings and pretty girls and decent photography.

Willie77 2014.04.18
Actually it`s kinda lame as far as a game goes. Not very dynamic. I`m guessing it was quite easy to make as well. A few lines of text linked to some pictures. Still --- better than solitaire. :-)

jcc1985 2014.04.18
ok game a little short should be more

hmelville892 2014.04.18
this game seems to take a long time to load

Darmondy 2014.04.18
Simple and to the point. Not always a bad thing, but this one feels a little clunky.

ozorne_6 2014.04.18
Great game, loved playing it.

Jaaru 2014.04.18
New nice looking game, liked it.

Nazgul62 2014.04.18
NIce game, nit too difficult

dennyjc 2014.04.18
fun game, hot girls, enjoyed it

another name 2014.04.18
Not a fan of this style of game but it seemed better than most.

oranjeboven 2014.04.18
Nice pics of hot chicks.
The Story is a bit easy though.

hant 2014.04.17
relative easy but why don`t make it for three some!!

feelthebasse 2014.04.17
it was a good game but it was reltivly easy

C.C. 2014.04.17
Anything I can do to get the man in on the action. The two girls are hot but seems like the guy gets shortchanged. A time with each individual girl would be great and a threesome would be great.

giacomo25 2014.04.17
This one is fun, Plus it does not waste time with overly complex routines.

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