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Meet`n`Fuck: Ocean Cruise


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Norbeast 2017.10.18
Not bad honestly, could improve in some ways. The animation was pretty good too but and graphics were okay.

Domenik 2017.10.09
Very nice game.Excellent gameplay and girls

3981 2017.07.30
really nice graphics and gameplay

Tiodor 2017.05.07
Very cood game with many options. Nice graphic

ianjames 2017.03.18
an enjoyable game with plenty of sex scenes

Lucifer1815 2017.02.28
Classic meet n` fuck graphics and amazing story line with some really tricky questions.

lovelbs 2017.01.18
Terrible graphics and not entertaining at all

gdlevy 2017.01.14
Best meet and fuck game by far

Dalton2021 2016.12.14
Fun game with fantastic graphics

MikeyH74 2016.10.22
I wasn`t that impressed with this game. Too repetitive for me.


HotSex15 2016.10.12
Very Good Game i love the story line and the sences also i like the ending

uglyjoint 2016.10.03
Fun game, but not very challenging. Nice artwork!

kaftos 2016.09.13
Boring game i didnt enjoy it

mcgeebers 2016.09.12
This used to be my favorite game, wish they`d make more like it

brian1 2016.08.23
they need to make more games like this

stach56 2016.07.23
best game ever such a good MnF series nothing will beat this:)

fireguy829 2016.05.01
that what a really hot game i wish i was the camera man

latinagr 2016.02.02
One more nice sex game from MNF with nice girls and lot of scenes

The_Illuminati 2016.01.18
Like this game. A lot of their games are improving.

chaosnorder 2015.12.15
Quizzes make you work a little bit. Overall content is good.

dgkesquire 2015.11.08
Great MnF game all around: graphics, gameplay, animation, plot...10 out of 10.

GinnyDFleur 2015.09.29
Like the graphics and the multiple conquests but would love to see Meet N Fuck move to animated sex scenes.

ModestBomba 2015.08.17
best game ever,hottest models ever and animation was the best

WinnerLoserKirk 2015.08.08
Great Game but a bit simple. I just hope there will be sequels with the cameraman with the professional models for the magazine!

ariez 2015.08.05
I loved the game. Great story line and great graphics.

technobrine 2015.07.28
DANG IT HARD! But really fun!

KerbaxSiltero 2015.07.09
these games are just to fun

silver84 2015.05.28
The best M`n`F game by far. Wow the girls are amazing here.

j3hj3h 2015.03.17
The quiz theme is unique, but not totally out there when it comes to MnF games. Wish there was a little more to do, like other games where you have to do them in a certain order etc. Very linear.

karljaeger 2015.01.31
I`ve always loved these games. They always have great quality and content.

core88 2014.11.15
Good game. It`s your typical MNF quiz game with 12 different women. Good variety of positions, but MNF has little variation on body animation outside of hair and faces

AstroMachine 2014.10.05
One of the best games I played. Hope there`s a sequel to this game.

Graphics were good but could do better and animation needs more work.

Stathis 2014.08.04
Nice game, Jennifer is the best.

bitz94 2014.07.17
very nice game. Gameplay is good as well as the story.

dgkesquire 2014.04.26
One of the best MnF games of the series: graphics, animation, gameplay, plot...amazing.

Lebron 2014.03.31
meet n fuck games are the best

mr_monkey99 2014.03.13
greatest game in the range so tar

littlecletus 2014.02.25
fun game lots of girls to fuck

thedarkforce 2014.01.06
easy and fun i love this game

Stari1960 2013.09.24
Easy and straightforward :D love it

DeDuder 2013.09.22
Meet n` fuck games are always one of the best.

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

Divali81 2013.08.23
Great storyplay! Love this game.

meg911 2013.08.15
damn hot game like it so much

JustJack 2013.08.14
Good game, I liked having a lot of choices for the calendar pictures.

resolute49 2013.08.13
Meet`n`Fuck games are improving. This is a lot nocer than the early ones I tried.

Drniko1950 2013.08.09
The IPhone interface killed me, great game though

wolfspeed 2013.08.08
Hi the female movements are extremly excited

ad1021 2013.08.03
a good game
i liked the graphics and girls

maetinus 2013.07.27
fun and delicious relax dissociated but long

kokopopo 2013.07.16
There is an awesome gameplay, graphic, and animation.
Great storyplay! Love this game.

loverlybitch 2013.07.09
Mmm, this made my little pussy wet ;)

Cox3 2013.06.26
Its a really great game i love it play it all the time.

jucka 2013.06.25
good game. nice story, hot girl, cool graphic

iceyjames3 2013.06.15
i am new one for this kind of games ,this will be my new adventure !

63ted 2013.06.09
Good game with plenty of girls.

Alvaro11712 2013.06.06
I like this gamee;) I repeat

rahul687 2013.06.03
the gameplay is very good

LoveMachineWRX 2013.05.30
One of my favorites. Ms Wilson is a babe,

acemp 2013.05.27
:( I JUST got to the end part ... then Computer crashed :( .... oh well this is pretty good I still want to see the end

hisamitsu 2013.05.18
enjoyed playing with the girls, although had hard times answering but i got thru it. overall its awesome, graphics is good likewise the animation. i say id give it 10/10. cheers!

ju5tf0rfun 2013.05.14
This is my favorite game, it was also the first game I ever played.

ju5tf0rfun 2013.05.14
One of my favorite games. I like the story line.

xmaua 2013.05.13
this games makes me horny

gwazz 2013.05.01
a good fun game loved the quizes make it more interesting

twilight1800 2013.04.28
It could have used a bit more positions per girl but for the rest it rocks

jay_long 2013.04.28
in the gamedoes anybody know how to turn of the music and just leave the sounds?

seppo1 2013.04.25
girls need more variation, just big boob bimbos

fapmaster 2013.04.22
Good game, Graphics are good, My favorite was the Maid in the Stateroom

Cris92Frodo 2013.04.16
I love This Game Great Music And Really Good Ending

katies 2013.04.01
i`m stuck in this game beauty, please help me

sexbabe555 2013.03.23
Yummy cum and ass, someone come and lick my fuckin pussy

Roshan15 2013.03.12
when they fuck the movement graphic are awesome

Roshan15 2013.03.12
graphics are aweome gameplay is fun , but the fact that they skquestions before they fuck you is odd

Subripper 2013.03.12
Great to play the full MnF game without the tease to get you to register at their website.

Aravium 2013.03.07
Having quizzes is a really good idea. Loved it. Lots of girls too.

Morbidone 2013.03.06
very nice game i like the tongue in cheek jokes also

blinx605 2013.03.02
wow the got some relay nice women on the game

trishaliciousss 2013.02.25
the trivia made the game boring.

ahornyasianguy 2013.02.24
Great MNF game to say the least but I really didn`t like the concept of having to take part in trivia quizzes just to get to fuck the girls. It added challenge but made it less exciting for me. As usual, great sex scenes.

buckeyejacketnut 2013.02.12
It feels a little weird that the girls just quiz you on random trivia before they agree to fuck you, but the sex scenes themselves are great, and there are plenty of them.

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
one of the better MNF games, a little long but still fun

JBourneFTW 2013.02.07
One of the longer games, but worth it. Very enjoyable, though some parts can feel a little long.

monkey12 2013.02.05
great game. well thought out. very sexy

scarface123456 2013.02.04

answer your phone
say yeah!! great monthly. ...
say - everybody loves playdude
go through door

go to statesroom
talk to maid
say your room is brilliant after cleaning
ask her to go to your statesroom
say u know more than most housewives
answers to questions
get gum off is, ice then scrape
dishwashing soap is a good all purpose cleaner
vaccum once a week
spray with lubricant and wipe
damp mop and detergent
this will get you april

now move on right to the sundeck
talk to bikinni girl
say- by the way my name is nick!
say u can organize her art
say to come to your room to organize it
quiz answers
Chauvets cave paintings
painting out doors
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ask for help with the gym program
ask how to start
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to captains!
tell her shes a beautiful captain
say shell be a great captain
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to the atrium
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say a movie about marilyn monroe
ask to talk in the room
bruice almighty
tom hanks
some like it hot
martin scorsese
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to the casino
say ur richard gere and shes pretty woman
ask for a date
pair of 8s
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to the bar
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ask her to write the recipe

to the doctor
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to the lib
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library of congress
lord of the rings
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to the pool
paul mclain
fucked emily
in archive
mrs francois
both of them
for the last one its a click through with te director enjoy!
i hope this is help you

blipif 2013.01.30
MNF is awesome but this game is kinda boring

AbleToFly 2013.01.30
Great game! Meet n Fuck is a great series!

firewefa 2013.01.29
can take a while to get through if you have to test evert answer

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

firefighter122 2013.01.22
This is great game... I like it very much...

schwikzr 2013.01.19
Anybody know how the premium games of LOP are?

jehra 2013.01.12
best this game,,,,,,fuck actuallty

dirk762 2013.01.06
awesome lil game,better than expected!

shantanu 2013.01.04
I like the fact that it`s a long game, with lots of characters and quizes
Some of them were quite specific and tricky, I must say
Lots of different sex scenes, which I liked, a lot

johnford79 2013.01.03
brilliant game but slightly depresssing because every girl was bald, why not put some hairy ones in from time to time

kavya 2013.01.02
nicegraphics this game is good enough..............

mickbho1888 2013.01.01
loved the spin off mini games. these games are always fun

Jangli Sex 2012.12.21
it does not saves our game

Jangli Sex 2012.12.21
bad story
good graphics

gizmo78 2012.12.18
good game its a shame you cant skip some bits as it is a bit too long

gartal 2012.12.15
boring story
Graphics are nice though

NK240 2012.12.13
Good game, could be better graphic but it`s OK.

casillasvvbb 2012.11.29
great game, and a really good plot

Act132 2012.11.27
An amazing game to play the women are all hot and the graphics are great

locknloaded83 2012.11.20
pretty fun and enjoyable. i played this a few different times

dom159357 2012.11.17
Boring straight forward game.
Graphics are nice though

Bossian 2012.11.16
so many girrrrllllllls
welcome to tha yacht club babbbe

MagnusXXX 2012.11.15
truly great game may be i have played it about 4 times.....

wolf88 2012.11.07
Regarding the rest, just a straight one click makes it all..

icknichdu 2012.11.02
well they know what they do at MnF games

gustloco 2012.10.25
ius one best game and he graphics too i like so very much this game

DickieDo 2012.10.18
Awesome game, graphics/ animation are just awesome

kittylover65 2012.10.18
ttthe boss is the hottest and i love the actress and the captain and jenny i want to do all of them at the same time

dante58 2012.10.17
MnF games are alwayz good....played 5-6 times....can`t get enough of it......!!!!!! ;)

boob751 2012.10.11
i love this game it is the best i played yet.

tigrra87 2012.10.10
nice game nice story and good graphics

magnumhot888 2012.10.06
wow very nice game. sexy calendar girls

anti_aliasing 2012.09.29
a very good anime-styled game!

jamessimpy 2012.09.26
a truly awesome game must have played it at least 7 times

akb481 2012.09.17
picture and story are great

sanfran 2012.09.11
wow this game teaches you LOL, love the graphics aswell, no out cutt ridges, etc.

dtzroxx 2012.09.03
Makes me want to take a cruise, the buffet on this trip was the women.....sign me up...

bethany1601 2012.09.01
this game is soo sexy! i love it!

FIXYUSRB 2012.08.28
I love this game,i have played it 5 or 6 times,and is always fun...

champion2002 2012.08.27
great game, and a really good plot

matt10388 2012.08.02
slow at some points but a great game

diary 2012.07.30
awesome lil game,better than expected!

bigcock15 2012.07.29
great game with good praphics

bigcock15 2012.07.29
great game, and a really good plot

abc1945 2012.07.23
My favorite of the meet`n`fuck games.

Elseftino83 2012.07.22
Great game with great graphics, loads of fun

mikemalone9 2012.07.17
this game is awesome how you get 12 girls! also had fun challenges

frenzy198405 2012.07.16
great game..simple question ,sexy girls..love it

ahills 2012.07.13
12 fucking hot chicks on a boat!

daser 2012.07.12
oh i remember playing this and the other in the series well anyway these game always get hard at a certain point but heck love them all because of great art style

clbass90 2012.07.11
all the meet `n` fuck games have the best gamplay graphics and animation

glangaria 2012.07.08
a good game, some of the questions threw me a bit but weren`t too tricksy

jt9962 2012.07.07
this is one of my favourite m&f games, so many girls

kari69 2012.06.22
really awesome
this is a great game, i have enjoyed

esteban68 2012.06.20
This games... i played from many years ago.... Its was funny again...

niranjani.akka 2012.06.20
so many girls to fuck great

smurphy 2012.06.15
My favorite game
good graphic, and animation

charlie69er 2012.06.11
Great game some challenging questions good graphics and girls.

Erickson11 2012.06.04
This game has been around for a while now, but it`s still great! Love all the girls.

deneisha01 2012.06.03
This game made me love cruises even more!

Faker331 2012.06.03
great graphics

one of the best m&f games

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
Probably the best in the series; at worst, on par with the Detective one. The quizzes have a few hard questions in them, but there`s no real penalty for retrying, and there aren`t so many questions that you can`t remember them. Definitely one worth checking out.

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

themoda 2012.05.25
Another really good MnF game. Definitely worth replaying.

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.23
This MaF episode has always been my favourite, not only because with every subject I know pretty well and the calender idea was genius, I always get a smile on my face cause the sex is always good enough for more the 5 replays BUT I`m happy cause the main character has the same name and to me, that is just awesome to know.

dillon_lurkhur 2012.05.22
great graphics good game

Ryuuken 2012.05.22
A good Meet`N`Fuck with nice girls.

bahamut86 2012.05.18
Best MnF ever! Good story and very good grafic!!!

roni@cox 2012.05.17
Another MnF.. One more of the kind, the thing which caught my attention is the fact there is a quizz with questions about MnF games, at least there is a reference to them...
Would have been nice to give to players something new, since they are pretty much all the same more or less..
Regarding the rest, just a straight one click makes it all.. Nothing else.
Quite few girls to talk to, that is the major positive point.
Playable once, I am not enthusiast about it.

KiDLiStEnSCuDi 2012.05.11
it was a lot of fun and i wish that could be my job

gone23 2012.05.07
Nyc hot girls to play with....

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.29
really fun game and good action

Opalidius 2012.04.23
One of my favorite games i have played

dangling3 2012.04.16
Not my favourite game, but isn`t bad at all

Racot 2012.04.15
nice game, it`s unfortunate that it`s a demo.....

TanmoyDas 2012.04.08
Great storyline, amazing chicks.
That`s the best vacation for me.

undone 2012.04.02
".. that was one hell of a vacation!"
".. lucly guy. :D"
".. graphics was awesome as well as sound!"
".. i wish i had his job. :)"

rumxes 2012.03.31
Another awesome game from force one team. love playing

tcorbett 2012.03.28
Another really good MnF game. Definitely worth replaying.

jjman44 2012.03.21
SOmetimes it gets boring because it`s all basically the same.

droke2212 2012.03.11
I think it could have better graphics, but the game is good... some parts are too slow

pup552527 2012.03.03
when i finish play it. I want to play this sex seens again not play new game.

lookin2pls 2012.03.02
Great game with a pretty good storyline I enjoyed it

matrix123 2012.03.01
graphics animations and the story all are good and best game i had played

WEGAS 2012.02.29
MnF games are the best!!! I like quiz in it. I had new knowledge.

xSPAGx 2012.02.28
I love all of the Meet and Fuck games but this game is the best game i ever played in Meet`N`Fuck!

420stickyleaf 2012.02.28
really fun game and good action

c0updegrace 2012.02.26
cool game and really hot girls and takes well slow to load

viking30 2012.02.23
I love all of the Meet and Fuck games, but this one is by far the best.

j3ssie 2012.02.22
great storyline, amazing chicks. Very fun

Rauhe 2012.02.22
liked the game, takes a while to load though

pengting. 2012.02.21
i would like to have the chance to skip some parts, but oh well overall good game.

joeyboyz 2012.02.20
A great combination. Sex and quizzes.

thinlwin 2012.02.20
a little easy game.animation good.

nefarious1098 2012.02.15
Great game, these MnF games just seem to get better, always worth a few plays through

shubh17 2012.02.10
really a gud 1 of these game so sexy girls..

sausageb 2012.02.09
nice girls....good action......cool storyline

Phil93 2012.02.07
great storyline, amazing chicks. Very fun

steele123 2012.02.05
only criticism was how long the game took to load

udaythefucker 2012.02.03
the game is so long that person gets bored but its a nice game

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Another great game from the MNF series, this one is a Big game, with lots of girls and scenes, a must try ;)

Sovereignofmylife 2012.02.02
Fifth game that I played and quality has astonished me. Definitely worth a try.

cfriasb 2012.01.30
I like the fact that it`s a long game, with lots of characters and quizes
Some of them were quite specific and tricky, I must say
Lots of different sex scenes, which I liked, a lot

fortelaharl 2012.01.27
i am stuck at the last step can any1 helpme

TheSakatagin1 2012.01.26
This game is OFF THE CHART i mean fucking 12 ladies come on.

dennn 2012.01.23
great game, has hot ladies

Pietsen 2012.01.22
very hoz game, i love it. faboulus graphics and sound

1955wayne 2012.01.22
well i`d love to go on that cruise ship

shaddy 2012.01.21
my favorite game, mnf rules

PlayforceoneMN 2012.01.20
I was having it, but after hitting f5 few times it worked ;)

andy34759 2012.01.16
anyone else getting a white screen?

Thyger 2012.01.15
NIce girls, but putting in quizes in a sexgame is such a turn-down...

Stathis 2012.01.06
Malaria worse than AIDS???? Are you KIDDING me? AIDS literally reaps. And unlike malaria,it doesn`t stop. And so many more..

damngirl 2012.01.06
best game ever,hottest models ever and animation was the best

JoshR13 2012.01.04
This is a very hot game with lots of interaction. And the graphics are great.

Guillaume 2012.01.02
great game lots to see and do

Jourell 2011.12.31
One of the better games in the MNF series. moderately challenging quizzes for a good payoff

Catis 2011.12.31
I don`t prefer anime-style graphics, but it`s pretty cool.

mikicostanza 2011.12.27
a very nice game with many hot girls

fdglnb 2011.12.17
my first MnF game in the series

really impressive, gotta try out these others

Xantara619 2011.12.17
i likr that game some really sexy girls and its a bit more than dumb klickin 3 options to get them naked =)

DarkArtz27 2011.12.17
Great game, Love the scenes and variety ;)

pafren2010 2011.12.17
great storyline, amazing chicks. Very fun

senseiber 2011.12.17
awesome game. great story line and amazing chicks wow never forget this game

poutaniarisb 2011.12.09
nice plot. smooth gameplay

seria 2011.12.06
you just have to love these games they`re well made

Avi0411 2011.12.04

smartass18 2011.12.02
awesome game. great story line and amazing chicks

keylargof 2011.12.01
Best MNF game Ive played so far! Really hot!!

Grukilo 2011.12.01
Out of all the MNF games this one was always my favorite.

elishacuthbert 2011.11.30
ne of the best MNF games they have made. Keep up the good work.

CrabbyMan 2011.11.26
This is a good game for beginners. It has basic content and is pretty easy t find the sweet spots.

Falader 2011.11.25
Great game, nice graphics and definately worth my time

69chevy 2011.11.25
great game!!! never fails to amaze!!!

Kalin555 2011.11.21
I can`t stop playing it! Splendid!

Sintaks 2011.11.21
The quality was good, easily the best of the series. Did anyone else catch the mispelling of `You Lose` when you answered wrong twice? It shows up as `You Loose"... Freudian slip mayhaps?

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

112233q 2011.11.20
I don`t like the quiz type games, but this one had nice scenes

Dawn1 2011.11.18
Some good challenging questions, had to retry a few times. Cute anime girls.

republic 2011.11.18
cool game it was worth answering all the questions

fada 2011.11.18
Great game well worth the time!

rock_star_258 2011.11.16
really fun game with beautiful girls.......... but i didn`t like how long it took to move on.

rock_star_258 2011.11.16
i love all of these games on this amazing site.............lots of girls to seduce

MathewsMedina 2011.11.15
A really fun game with beautiful girls

elishacuthbert 2011.11.14
Almost as good as the MNF Detective, but I`ve never been a big fan of the trivia thing. It always seems so sterile and detache

bidooof 2011.11.13
Amazing game, blue hair girl is my favourite

dafbomb 2011.11.11
not a great game in my opinion...mnf has done better...

Blackstone 2011.11.08
Although the graphics aren`t 3d like some of the other awesome games here, I like the style with pretty stacked hentai girls and lots of options. This was enjoyable for the variety of women and the ease of seduction. People who want more plot or story will be disappointed, but it`s great for immediate encounters.

KiKi3 2011.11.04
this is my favorite game of all

xffd 2011.11.02
great game, these games are amazing

Fucku4alln1ghtl0ng 2011.10.31
Absolutely the best one yet. Beatiful girls and big tits

Tantalau34 2011.10.29
ABSOLUTELY GREAT ...big tits all the way :)

Bartzyboy 2011.10.29
This game could have been longer but good graphics

REIVAJ311 2011.10.29
Kelly hey why do not you send me your texts?

REIVAJ311 2011.10.29
hey Kelly that I do not send texts?

Dt1526 2011.10.28
great game, these games are the best

Enki2011 2011.10.28
great game, many nice girls, but the questions were to easy

Djarash 2011.10.25
Very good game, good story.

Sparky_96 2011.10.21
quite an awesome game wit cool graphics and chics

hardly106 2011.10.17
One of the best meet`n`fuck games, I love the graphics

tumbles 2011.10.17
These games are always very good!

Tygafifty 2011.10.16
so awesome. i love meet`n fuck games!

2082renault 2011.10.11
nice variety, and easy to play

sameer989 2011.10.09
this is great. The graphics should be made better they are kind of glitchy

lorcadyde 2011.10.08
very nice game, lots of boobs, but a bit too long..

whuutdafiretruck 2011.10.07
Omg! so boobies in this one!

Angelwing 2011.10.03
Decent game, but the questions can be a bit tedious making the game longer than it should be.

visual 2011.10.03
great looking game, questions were challenging at times, but often worth it

dangerzonekrakow 2011.09.30
mnf has some of the best games

eshesh19 2011.09.29
entertaining game... very good..

kofer 2011.09.29
amazing gameplay and very hot chicks

Langballe25 2011.09.27
Too many questions before sex scenes - and some of them are hard!

Dauphyn 2011.09.27
I like these games, but why do all the girls have to have such abnormally large tits?

BillnWa 2011.09.26
Lots of fun, one of the better MNF games I have found. Thanks for making it available.

playboy1982 2011.09.25
this game is awsome,great gameplay,great story and great graphics.

AmazonQueen 2011.09.20
I very nice game and definitely one of the better MnF offerings they `share`. There are still some things I`d wish they`d do.... Split the music and voice tracks so you could turn one down or off ( I am SOOOO tired of that one that they constantly use for music ). More variety in the females.... breast size ( but I guess EVERYONE loves huge tits ), pubic hair, skin tone, etc.... I realize that those things take more time but it could be so much hotter.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.19
excellent and can`t stop playing it.
have 125 points, when is the next Kelly quest?

ngomong 2011.09.16
best adventure game around swimming pool,the sexiest girl

NightStalker73au 2011.09.15
awesome gameplay and graphics.

LightningFistAce 2011.09.14
i love this game especially the maid sex

aldotampan 2011.09.13
good animation. i like the girls

shishkabob 2011.09.12
Nice range of questions and each girl is different. The ending was a nice twist.

Pedrodelacrosa 2011.09.12
Very much amazing cartoon girl`s to this game.

moose2475 2011.09.11
ohhh my..... keep me awake all nite playing.... real hot...

hothunk 2011.09.10
Wow, awesome game, loved the variety of characters there. Nice graphics too

yaz 2011.09.09
Always impressed by MNF easy-impossible to fail storyline and still able to make tension and interesting.

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
not bad but sex scene are boring

windchester 2011.09.05
Meet n Fuck games are intellectual yet nice to play, easy to look at and has a great story always! Research needed to complete game.

Shadez1112 2011.09.04
Awesome ass game! I really enjoy it!

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Hot babes in this nice game.

xyphoide 2011.09.01
too many quiz, i just need the sex scenes

warriorman108 2011.09.01
i really like games where you have to work to fuck

blackburn5368 2011.08.31
really cool game i did apreciate it

SecretJ 2011.08.30
The sex seemed to be redundant, but the girls were hot.

eXodius 2011.08.29
i love the graphics of this game! it`s amazing :x

thetibiaplayer 2011.08.27
Great game, but could`ve been more interactive

takara 2011.08.27
MNF games they have made. Keep up the good work.

Oigen 2011.08.20
Good animation, and it`s nice they included questions and answers mini-games

Grendel_100 2011.08.19
Sex scenes could have been more interactive but I like it

pfogu3st 2011.08.18
Definitely entertaining. I like the questions and the rewards are well worth getting them right.

Megaforce 2011.08.18
Pretty good game it could have been better

wolman2060 2011.08.15
This game is very fun. Make more of these!

tkdjinkix 2011.08.14
two thumbs up .. great game

haaspockets 2011.08.14
good game but not as good as some of the other ones like lavindor kingdom

Clyde666 2011.08.13
nice game wiyh many scenes,,nice graphic but sex scenes could have been more interactive.

morvale 2011.08.11
A bit short admittedly, but enjoyable still. The graphics are good and game play is not confusing.

khenry666 2011.08.11
Meet n fuck are always my fav. best yet

Aren 2011.08.10
This game has good Graphics and smotth play

mortadelo76 2011.08.09
Not my type of game but I found it interesting to play.

Dr.Joe.88 2011.08.07
meet and fuck are always creative ... those colors animations and sexy girls are really hot

dazDavid87 2011.08.06
I never get bored of playing this game. It`s really good.

Force4321 2011.08.04
This game is very fun. Make more of these!

cuminyourbum 2011.08.04
this is a really fun game but how do you get pics of the december girl?

twilight1fan 2011.08.01
it is awsome i need to play it more often

Lrd x Voldemort 2011.08.01
Great Game But Kinda Slow Load Time

bigonecock 2011.07.31
Nice game with good length to it

grutz 2011.07.30
Okay game. Kinda simple though

bartinkopl 2011.07.29
Nice game i give it 9/10 but could be better, like it!

lerriano 2011.07.29
Great fun, loving the ladies and the backgrounds

Steve247 2011.07.22
Very hot game. i wish i found it before now. play it all the time!

davido 2011.07.17
The game had a lot of variety!

zerocool123 2011.07.16
hmmm not my type of playing and story is lame

SirMarhalt 2011.07.16
Hot looking girls for anime. Controls were easily understood. Not sure that I liked having to search for the answers to quizes, though most were easily found.

Would have liked to have a volume control for the music. I did enjoy the music though.

At times it seemed the girls vocalizations during sex were off, or that they did not intensify when the action for hotter. Although the scene with the boss at the end was very well done in this regard.

Over all a good, but simple game.

malfintjandra 2011.07.15
Meet n Fuck game is the best, i like the story and the graphic, the sound is good too.

nstar247 2011.07.15
I love Meet `n` Fuck games- espacaily this one

saumus 2011.07.14
nice ,these games are awesome

ankan 2011.07.14

donlamor 2011.07.14
fun but could use more variety, maybe also actual photo shoots (as I have seen on MNF games)

Neversman 2011.07.09
Very interesting game, a lot of fun and entertainment.

gggah 2011.07.08
truly a great game, even if the questions I would have done without

Qa66YWnz 2011.07.08
Very nice game with lot of content.

RajaAlif 2011.07.08
this is COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

necromorph 2011.07.07
it has good graphics and good gameplay

Rychu_Jsf 2011.07.05
it`s very great game, the best of this series

kable14 2011.07.05
really good game is not a short one questions are hard

pilotleo 2011.07.01
awesome game. too bad you can`t do the girl with purple hair (tho i`m not shure)

s.s109 2011.06.30
This game gives me lots of pleasure

PhilG92 2011.06.30
Hot girls decent trivia MnF have done it again

kurrem 2011.06.30
another good one for mnf. trivia was ok and girls were hot

sammo1897 2011.06.28
it`s very great game, the best of this series

briareos 2011.06.28
one of the best mnf games around

flayer 2011.06.28
It`s a little boring because it have too stupid questions

Tum1023 2011.06.27
Great game i love MNF games

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
This is one of my all-time favorites!

The 483 2011.06.21
I cannot help myself, I love all of this guys games.

Raguna 2011.06.20
the graphics and animations are nice, looking like an animated simulation of what`s real. But the gameplay is also fun and simple.

Saracus 2011.06.19
This is one of the best games on here.

bumfletch1 2011.06.17
If this is anywhere near as good as Lavindor Kingdom I`ll be happy!

5kywalker 2011.06.16
I only play this game because i can test my knowledge from the quiz lol

majeters 2011.06.16
it`s a pretty good game. I`m a little hard.

Noruga 2011.06.15
Great game, and the pictures are of fantastic quality, always good when you learn things from the questions.

Dakeshi 2011.06.14
Always liked this game, it`s great.

crabbs 2011.06.13
My Favourite MnF in the Series :D

V-Lex9 2011.06.11
Good game. I like the variety.

sykotix 2011.06.10
Very fun game, questions were kinda difficult

tg209 2011.06.08
Not too bad. girls are hot

tg209 2011.06.08
the story and graphics r very good

manio7770 2011.06.08
the graphics and animation great best game

Ronalien 2011.06.08
This is one of the best meetnfuck games! Make you wanna go on a cruise yourself ;-)
Hot girls! Nice story!

bakamon 2011.06.04
i love this game good graphic

bakamon 2011.06.04
Any body know any new meet n fuck games?

hardtnmale25 2011.06.04
Fun game...the sex scenes were hot as hell...loved the threesome in the gym....

dira206 2011.06.04
I like the game , but not the graphics, they are a little off.

BallIdiot 2011.06.04
Good hentai graphics and simple plot interactions.

sippywood22 2011.06.01
really good and easy game. i loved it. it was very sexy.

timcrwc 2011.05.30
One of the first ones I played. Great game. Great girls. Good story line. Lots of action and long.

suzie_sweetie 2011.05.25
Loved the game play and the quiz - sexy game

D_darko 2011.05.25
really great game love the gameplay

Revyn 2011.05.24
the game is really great fun; gives opportuninity to hold back very long

zie_knight 2011.05.22
More and more better for the MnF game

TheWorker 2011.05.20
Nice gameplay, Good Graphics

safandwan 2011.05.20
i`m glad when first time i play this game because its so cool..

safandwan 2011.05.20
i love this game very much...
thanks for make it for me..

TheNoob 2011.05.20
The BOMB. Their absolute best by far, no doubt.

shakezulla17 2011.05.19
My favorite game so far. So many girls! and good quizzes

qwerty132 2011.05.17
Love it its fun and awsome

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

G6IV 2011.05.15
all the girls in this game have nice tits

painfull565 2011.05.15
Awesome game great graphics

4nd178 2011.05.15
game yang, lumayan bikin ngaceng

G6IV 2011.05.15

Leonidas2 2011.05.14
what an cool game, i realy enjoyed it !

m4t0n 2011.05.14

hots girls makes this game superb

nondescript 2011.05.13
A little repetitive, some variation in interaction would be nice. But other than that, well done.

Splink 2011.05.09
Good game. I like the variety.

ganda_bachcha 2011.05.08
It was okay...girls and sound great...sex scenes repetitive...more interactive would have been great

manish123456789 2011.05.05
very good extra magnificient and well focused game

UraiFen 2011.05.03
Awesome game with nice girls.

dragonajay 2011.05.03
the number 1 sex game of the century!!!!!

sufre2510 2011.05.02
vey horny gameplay ....make me want to be a photographer ....

ramirezl12 2011.05.01
Great game, amazing girls

davson1 2011.05.01
great graphics..great girls

cidermeister 2011.04.30
god game but some parts are too long. ok graphics but could be better

dranael77 2011.04.28
One of the better MnF games I have played.

paarthdave 2011.04.28
Super like the game... its awesome...

polland 2011.04.27
it is a easy and wonderful game

polland 2011.04.27
the game is too long but it is a great game..

uselessdick 2011.04.25
great graphics..great girls..bartender as damn hot..

brnas22 2011.04.23
rally short but fun gamr.

secretadmirer 2011.04.20
very great game..love the story..

ColeP5982 2011.04.20
So many wonderful options. I liked hooking up with 12 different girls. It was a very cool game. I really enjoyed this game.

dabs 2011.04.19
game is awsum story is all gud ....... i enjoyed it lot

gensai34 2011.04.16
This is one of the best ones I have played on this website!

TheMightyAnvil1 2011.04.16
Excellent! Loved the game, especially as it had 13 scenes ...

LFC4EVER 2011.04.15
wow magnificent game nice ending

delayfreak 2011.04.14
sometimes a little luck will help but you get there pretty easily!

dyoiram 2011.04.14
nice game and good graphics

C. C. 2011.04.12
Love this game. Takes a while and you have to work for it.

peppetje 2011.04.10
the meet `n fuck game series is vey good i would reccemand it to everybody 10

Mutschkin No.1 2011.04.10
Girls 9 of 10
Graphics 6 of 10
Sound 7 of 10

All in All: 73%

chris_kabalan 2011.04.10
good game except questions

zenonx 2011.04.08
5 star game.
Daisy is my favorite, the design is fabulous.

jackass271 2011.04.07
i loved everything about it the girls are hot no complaint

Innocent 2011.04.07
this is definitely one of my favorite:)

Skarn62 2011.04.07
amazing game.
I like this one.

Rockers 2011.04.05
cool game lots of action and interesting

haa 2011.04.04
this game is good there is alot of different sex scenes with all different sex positions it is just magnificent

smooth69 2011.04.04
good game like the options, but a bit long and drawn out

SYGORS 2011.04.02
really nice game not the best here but nice

ltworf1 2011.03.31
good game . quizzes are tricky.

Lark_thelandshark 2011.03.30
Good game if you like hyper tits and repetitive voices. But the art is good.

syladezar 2011.03.29
graphics are good .. could be a bit longer though

LyanaIzzaty 2011.03.28
a good game...
i interest

dap97 2011.03.25
This game is to me the best in the series. it may sometimes boring but just good.

kingl3r 2011.03.24
can be a little difficult at times, but well worth your time. :D

plussmacs 2011.03.22
Theese guys really know how to make a good game

Kittyofsin 2011.03.21
Ohh more sweet quizzing games.. sometimes they turn challening but the rewards are always so marvelously great... love to you..

joebkc 2011.03.21
like it very much!!nice girl n good game!!!!!

felmyst 2011.03.21
both excellent story and graphs

DeaconFrost 2011.03.21
Another MnF.. One more of the kind, the thing which caught my attention is the fact there is a quizz with questions about MnF games, at least there is a reference to them...
Would have been nice to give to players something new, since they are pretty much all the same more or less..
Regarding the rest, just a straight one click makes it all.. Nothing else.
Quite few girls to talk to, that is the major positive point.
Playable once, I am not enthusiast about it.

frezze 2011.03.20
I do not like this game because it is difficult

laplacesdemon21 2011.03.19
wow that`s really a great game!and nice graphics!

Pall Mall 2011.03.19
nice game probably the best so far of the m`n`f games

andy1974 2011.03.18
very nice game and nice, that the girls are looking different. Would add little bit more story into it.

reg_arora 2011.03.18
i liked the variety of sexual experiences in this game ...

Thanatos0042 2011.03.16
Another MnF game where you have to go on gathering quests, which is fine I like the added gameplay dimension. Standard graphics and easy gameplay.

jmuck 2011.03.14
the girls in this game good bodys

albanian1 2011.03.12
Great Graphics!! Perfect Gaming!!

kot1468 2011.03.12
Great game. Love the anal sex the best. Also, learning while playinea.g is a good id

Nick2 2011.03.11
Very, very hot and amazing game.
I like this one.

der_biElEr 2011.03.09
very nice game. this game has nice grafics

crock123 2011.03.06
this is good game for all of us this game sucks

crock123 2011.03.06
great game a wonderful animation

suzumushi 2011.03.05
Interactivity through quizzes was a good ides.

brink7000 2011.03.04
Pretty good, I like that there`s a lesbian scene in this one.

godzson 2011.03.01
i really like this 1 one of my favorites so far

maiq 2011.02.28
really good game but the questions are pretty dumb

zzzzip 2011.02.28
After a while gets tedious and repetitive, ok graphics, but it`s old one so np

thisiseasytoremember 2011.02.26
This game was awesome. I loved having to work hard to find pussy.

Grim Reaper 2011.02.25
its a pretty good game great girls and great animation

rashmodan 2011.02.24
Not a big fan... they could have done a lot more with it

aroakshay 2011.02.23
really good game enjoyed a lot

neotridagger 2011.02.21
Good, very good. This is a excellent game

Boericson 2011.02.21
Good gameplay and graphics

Brownkr79 2011.02.20
Good game, I thought it was long. And cannot help but wonder if the Music is from The Cure

sivad94 2011.02.20
awesome game graphics are good and very interactive

PlaysWithZombies 2011.02.19
awesome game really fun and nice graphics

huttj 2011.02.18
As usual, MnF succeeds to please. I like that you can go for the different ladies in just about any order.

Marmot 2011.02.17
I Love this game, good graphic

randy06 2011.02.17
like this game and all this kind hope to see more and more fuck me games that u can play the lot not just some

mamut2404 2011.02.17
i really like games where you have to work to fuck

willsee 2011.02.16
I dont like the meet and fuck games

r_jay 2011.02.16
Good game with some memory excercises.

duke51 2011.02.15
Really good game, fine graphics, nice story, many hot chicks and interesting ending.... WOW !!!!

AleGer 2011.02.14
Nice game with a interesting story. Easy to play.

silver12 2011.02.14
Typical MNF game with lots of hot girls and good audio with sex scenes

cr7 2011.02.13
I love MNF sex games!!! best sex game!!!

AiGiD 2011.02.13
Very fine :) Keep those coming...

numero1 2011.02.13
great MNF sex game!! I love it!!

numero1 2011.02.13
MNF games are the best sex games!!!

daxamgrave 2011.02.13
Nice game, awesome babes. The length is perfect.

r_o1_s 2011.02.12
always enjoy playing the MnF series, nice adventure great game and heaps of sex scenes this time and great story

Silveralpha 2011.02.09
I love the cute art and designs of these games. And the quizzes are such fun! I really like that aspect, it builds the excitement and you learn things! I also really like the happiness of the girls portrayed. Good fun!

suikz 2011.02.08
the audio and graphics were awesome!

ivan01rv 2011.02.08
this is the best meet and fuck game ever. verry interesting

davopost 2011.02.07
played this long time ago on another site, still good for filling in a bit of down time.

loudog 2011.02.06
great video quality and clear audio. overall a pretty good game

frits1977 2011.02.06
great gameplay good graphics and good storyline

pfiffie 2011.02.05
I like this game its easy, exciting and fun and the graphic is great :)

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very interesting game with many beautiful girls.

Pedro delacrosa 2011.02.05
Nice game, but need more cum in actions because out cum sucks.

AnnaRainbow 2011.02.04
I love the cute art and designs of these games. And the quizzes are such fun! I really like that aspect, it builds the excitement and you learn things! I also really like the happiness of the girls portrayed. Good fun!

hunted 2011.02.04
great ... simply great love to play more of this sort

mohan 2011.02.03
great gameplay excellent graphics and superb animation

darthmonkey 2011.02.03
awesome game with good graphics

fiktou10 2011.01.29
good graphics for this type, pretty straightforward

fiktou10 2011.01.29
Indeed, the game is sometimes boring. You just want to skip to the next girl, but you`ll have to wait until the pleasure meter is full. and there are 12 girls to pleasure. :S

fiktou10 2011.01.29
Great game not too easy and intresting

ankit241192 2011.01.29
Too good a game, played n number of times but never got bored

Castle426th 2011.01.28
Fun as hell game, very nice variety of women.

dazDavid87 2011.01.27
One of the best MnF games there is.

DRJoo 2011.01.26
i played that game so many times before and i couldn`t stop playing .. i think i need more of similar games

Alextraz 2011.01.26
Great game not too easy and intresting

mattbro 2011.01.23
Every guys dream. all the bikini babes I want. all to myself!

lilng 2011.01.22
this game has a great story line i`ve played it so many times

borahsarmah 2011.01.20
great game!! sometimes got stuck between the answers, but still managed to complete the game and enjoy those beauties..

tomlovesanal 2011.01.16
great gameplay good graphics and good storyline

Kuppz90 2011.01.14
Amazing Game! loved all the girls :) the questions was abit pain sometimes but i managed em all in the end ;D

saysell 2011.01.12
Yet another brilliant meet and fuck game

ratonius 2011.01.12
I like the different positions-----------One of the better in the serie,lots of girls to seduce and lots of giants boobs .

schmidtghr 2011.01.11
yeah ok game, lots of questions but all in all ok game

generaltao 2011.01.11
wow great game so many girls

sverige84 2011.01.09
this game is hot as fuck, great story, fantastic cumshots...

raniele2010 2011.01.08
Cool game! Really like it!

tester2 2011.01.06
Nice enough, could do with a little mor variety

hardcoreharry 2011.01.06
great game, very enjoying story..

manny619 2011.01.05
i love this game you should play it

Speedy1977 2011.01.05
Pretty cool game i like it very much

hugo19791 2011.01.03
I like the game. All girls in these games have huge tits! I love it!!

dirtyrich 2011.01.02
interesting trivia. Not too hard.

ray691 2011.01.02
One of the best games I have ever played.

R_bOnEz 2011.01.02
12 times the fun you guys are great

erpel9999 2011.01.01
it,s good game with very sexy girls.

SotheXIV 2010.12.29
I kinda got stuck, I went to all the rooms and won all the quizzes, but I don`t have all of the girls, what did I do wrong?

pfluor 2010.12.27
one of the best m&f around. overall a great game

husten 2010.12.25
Nice one and better than others in the series.

garfield170671 2010.12.24
it´s a very funny game
the animation was great
very good game

yeoldeseadog11 2010.12.23
Very simple and straightforward, kinda hard questions though.

aweeesooome 2010.12.22
Too much question, but i like it!

LadyXena 2010.12.21
One of the best games I have ever played.

willow1979 2010.12.20
I like the different positions. But do all girls in these games have to have huge tits? Whats worng with some small pert ones?

colkurtz82 2010.12.18
great game, could of done with more variation in the seducing though, quizes get old quickly

ws2499 2010.12.17
one of the best meet`n fuck

aguz 2010.12.17
the real sex advanture and amazing

kohawk69 2010.12.16
Great game. Love the sex scenes. Graphics are great!

jamesbondi 2010.12.16
Nice game, this is so awesome, play it and enjoy, i maked that and enjoyed soooo much =)

mick149 2010.12.16
very good game andlong - fun :)

mbilsach 2010.12.16
decent game, just like the typical mnf games.

lummpy 2010.12.16
great game ..loved the educational aspect and the big boobies....;)

titlover 2010.12.13
wonderful, game was perfect length, and great scenes

Breadtastesgoog 2010.12.13
The scenes can take a bit to long

Hoki88 2010.12.12
Excellent game, many thanks for the good work !

wannaFuckme 2010.12.11
Meet n` Fuck is the , we can learn a lot and it has a good quality.

ElDomeo1 2010.12.09
great game definatly one of the best mnf games

Fluff 2010.12.08
One of the best MNF games made, good ggame lot of girls

ddarko 2010.12.07
Meet`n`Fuck games are the best

hgdarkness 2010.12.07
Meet`n`Fuck games are the best, we learn a lot and have a lot of fun!

daryl772003 2010.12.07
love all these games. really can learn a lot

asm311 2010.12.06
Awesome game, way better than the new ones, although the music is kinda repetitive..

schrottie 2010.12.05
One of the best MNF games they have made. Keep up the good work.

highguy74 2010.12.04
good graphics for this type, pretty straightforward

jpsacrey 2010.12.02
wow its the best game and good graphics

Sturmy81 2010.12.02
It doesn´t work to me...there better games on this site!

zeretet 2010.12.02
nice game graphics is good i like it

scrip 2010.12.02
best game of this type, great graphics and good story and choices

rider21126 2010.11.30
One of the best MnF gamews ever created Graphics and girls were awesome !!!

themoda 2010.11.30
not bad! many girls to fuck

nighsroud 2010.11.29
wow its the best game and good graphics

guikfra 2010.11.28
nice game, a lot os girls and the questions arent difficult

Dannii 2010.11.28
Very nice game, But sometime the quiezes is weird.

Saark50 2010.11.27
One of the better Meet games. Worth playiing

Bothead 2010.11.27
I`m a big fan of the MNF games and this one does not disappoint.

Zouzounis 2010.11.25
as all meet and f games it is great

marcodeg 2010.11.25
tres bien mais pas en francais

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

nejipt 2010.11.19
i love Meet `n` Fuck... im waiting for the next one... keep the great job PF1

kahong15 2010.11.17
I don`t like how it takes hella long for some parts i want to skip

kurosakiz 2010.11.16
good game , nice graphics . really enjoyable (:

paddywhack 2010.11.15
wonder ful game great animation

starracer0101 2010.11.15
Nice Version of MnF, like the gameplay and storyline

walker007 2010.11.14
OH MY GOD. That`s really best game.

Akram97 2010.11.12
Meet `n` Fuck is my favourite game!! This game is a bit easy, well yea, the game is awesome and could be better if the game a bit harder!

godenfisher 2010.11.10
this game is rather easy to play i think but it`s interesting.

snane 2010.11.09
great game.... one of my favs

extramix 2010.11.08
very good game and nice gameplay and quality

Severance 2010.11.08
Even as a fan of the Meet `n` Fuck series, I have to say, this one is my favorite game. Good selection of girls and quizzes that are challenging enough that it`s not too simple or difficult. I`m also a bit proud of myself for getting a perfect score on the medical quiz on the first try, although apparently, I couldn`t answer movie trivia to save my life.

SargeantW 2010.11.05
A wonderful game to relax with when you need a break from some of the mind-bender games found on this site. Be sure to add it to your favorites.

zombatar 2010.11.03
A magnicifent as alway, but i think this game is too easy.

kira08 2010.11.03
i like it i feel to horny..

filoufix 2010.11.02
I like this game but it`s too easy

prats 2010.11.02
best mnf game so far.........awesome story...hot girls..hotter sex scenes...n hottest ending...

colorkage 2010.10.31
Undoubtably the greatest M&F yet. Better than the new ones as well.

Toboshi 2010.10.30
Yet another top notch mnf. =D

thundergod 2010.10.30
Unquestionably the best of the M&F games.

imbored792 2010.10.26
Still easily one of the best games here even after a year

1977gdragon 2010.10.24
I really enjoy these games, wish that there where more on this site

bspence3 2010.10.23
Very good game with beautiful women.

pezhman 2010.10.22
Great game with a cool music

poptropica 2010.10.19
girls are so fucking hot and the way the got fucked awesome game

Jowker 2010.10.18
Really Good Game. The Girls are very cute. but a lil bit easy

littlewhiston 2010.10.18
really great game. Good artwork and really good quizzes

marko77x 2010.10.17
really long loading, other then amazing

spike29 2010.10.17
Almost a year later, this game is still one of MNF`s best. The graphics aren`t quite as good as the more recent ones, but that`s to be expected. Lots of hot girls, sex scenes are hot, but not too long or short, and the quiz questions are the perfect level of difficulty.

hyparkantos 2010.10.13
MNF is always the best with alot of beautiful girls and long story-;ine game play. but You just want to skip to the next girl

hrndg11 2010.10.13
Hentai is always interesting, and with this quiz game you definitely get your money`s worth- some of the questions are a bit tricky...I actually learned a thing or two!

draco532 2010.10.13
Lavindor Kingdom and Lesbian Ride are my favs,but this is kinda intresting cause of those nice pics he is taking from them =)

Hornygrl 2010.10.12
THis Meet`n`fuck was pretty good, not my fav of theirs

Victim 28 2010.10.12
Nice game probably the best of this type

juppen 2010.10.11
a very good game but stuck on an ending

Wraith6 2010.10.11
Hot game with lot`s of hot action, very good but not still amongst MnF games not amongst the best.

Guntag 2010.10.09
Cruising is not my favorite theme/fantasy but the nice graphics and the large number of girls make this game a solid MnF !

chumak 2010.10.09
lol cuming on the girl`s dress could get you killed in a real world :)

pondscum007 2010.10.03
easier game with better controls

rah4sh 2010.10.01
easy to play game with lots of girls.

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.01
MNF is always the best with alot of beautiful girls and long story-;ine game play.

homestar5 2010.09.30
Great game with impressive gameplay...interesting and original storyline with wonderful graphics...please have a sequel!

firion69 2010.09.26
soooooo many girls :D its awesome :P

kingofviperz 2010.09.26
nice graphics really enjoyed it

Light 2010.09.24
awesome game, that lets you really enjoy a lot of different ladies.

awsomeness8330 2010.09.24
guess im playing it again who would believe it

awsomeness8330 2010.09.24
i just can t stop playing it so awsome

awsomeness8330 2010.09.23
man so many options i love it

goliath01 2010.09.21
yeah, man really great game. nice difference between girls

Cockroach 2010.09.20

I like the whole `twisted quiz show` concept.

pigeongrape6 2010.09.13
good concept but the questions make it less `sexy` and more like a twisted quiz show :/ better than some other games though so i`m not complaining (:

lionize 2010.09.13
not the best MnF

Quantity of girls is good but only quizzing around is booring

dabp 2010.09.12
good game, but it has a difficult question, nice graphic

bseely0531 2010.09.12
Good game with multiple good scenes

william1337 2010.09.11
Not a very good game but the sex scenes is awesome!

15552 2010.09.10
one of the best m`n`f games with varied scenes and lots of hot girls = win

Javlo 2010.09.10
Fun and esjucational game :)

sportingthug99 2010.09.08
its a very long game and grap[hics could be better

legend84 2010.09.07
great graphics..good game..hot ladies

legend84 2010.09.07
I do really love that game too , meet`n`fuck are the best

happydog 2010.09.07
i love these games and this ones by far my favorite

footballman 2010.09.06
to main plots and bad graphics

joshsmith 2010.09.05
Great games with LOTS of great sexy girls :P

nebu87 2010.09.04
great game, good graphics too little anal though for my liking

Chosen_Chaos 2010.09.04
Another good game. Good variety, good graphics

joesmith8569 2010.09.02
Fun but time consuming. I wish the graphics were a little better but I enjoyed playing it.

o0ochillouto0o 2010.09.02
this is one of the best meet and fuck games ever really nice pictures

johnmark 2010.09.01
this meat and fuck was maybe the best

casvardin 2010.08.31
For being an older one this one has some great stuff in it.

das2 2010.08.31
This game has a lot of gameplay that makes it fun. I agree that there should be a skip at some parts

Derovin 2010.08.30
pretty sexy game id rate this 10 if i could

blueviolet 2010.08.30
Another "meaningful" Meet `n Fuck series...

Nice to play and learn lots information...

fffffffffffffffff 2010.08.29
In my honest opinion, this one isn`t very good. But it`s old so...

hoptirinay 2010.08.29
like always it`s awesome worth to play thousand times

XReaperhobo 2010.08.28
another great MNF hot as always

fuck5196 2010.08.28
in the game the different girls r hot story line great

kenn7176 2010.08.26
This is a extremily fun game great story line and its long making it more of an adventure.

sirtilt 2010.08.26
Great, very entertaining and good graphics

hooman7272 2010.08.26
Best game ever, lot of types of girl. just love it ...

scratchinvinyl 2010.08.25
These games are the best! The questions can be kind of annoying though.

Scandaliciousss 2010.08.25
This game is good...
Love Jennifer, she looks hot...

rossclan 2010.08.23
This is the longest game but the hottest. I like screwing Mrs. Wilson in the end

robraf 2010.08.23
really good game and long one too. The girls are really good

CrazyDick 2010.08.23
Love this awesome game! All Meet`n`Fuck are awesome!

MonsieurCo 2010.08.23
Meet `n Fuck is definitively one of the best games ! And this one is great !

caos 2010.08.23
best meet and fuck ever!!

vad05 2010.08.22
Awesome game.. good graphic, good story, good animation.

GotYou 2010.08.22
Best game ever, lot of types of girl. just love it ...

capt_dick 2010.08.22
That would be the best photography job ever! THis was a nice and involved meet n fuck

chazzerb 2010.08.21
another great m`n`f game the only way to make it better would be by allowoing the quality to be changed so that it runs quicker on slower computers

Maheen 2010.08.21
the best i`ve played so far!!!

chinese.inc 2010.08.20
very long game, but overall awesome

Achilles 2010.08.20
Some parts of the game takes a bit long but otherwise very nice game

riley567 2010.08.20
m`n`f games are always the best

dave56879001 2010.08.19
Not my favorite in the series, but absolutely solid. Very nice.

NightmareGER 2010.08.19
This meet n fuck game ist just great. It combines like most of the other games that came before.

Love the setting and the different scenes.

keyla 2010.08.18
Another good game.. MNF is really good

keyla 2010.08.18
loved it, graphics good and good story

kpyrinikos 2010.08.17
I love it, another great game, MnF games are excellent

anantara 2010.08.16
I love it Another good game.. MNF is really good

paragon117 2010.08.16
Interesting story line and good graphics too!!!

GRIM696 2010.08.13
loved it, graphics good and good story

kingmidas 2010.08.13
great the game was great
i was orgasm

ultraplayboy 2010.08.12
i kiked this game so much so interesting

limguni 2010.08.11
mnf series always gives great surprises..but something to be improved on..instead of hentai i feel that 3d is a totally new experience isnt it?just a suggestion =)

GobbleGobble2 2010.08.10
Another good game.. MNF is really good

weesim 2010.08.10
m`n`f games are always the best

xzylon 2010.08.10
Meet and fuck is the best games

singingsparton 2010.08.09
This was a fun game. I love the M`n`F series

noob23 2010.08.09
this game like me, good graphics

chocolate657 2010.08.09
great addition to the series

oddsee1 2010.08.09
awesome game
great graphics

Ukrainian 2010.08.08
A nice MnF game, as always.

Ol4iks 2010.08.06
Meet`n fick games are great!!!

doubledare 2010.08.05
Been a fan of this series and this one is pretty good

AustinMan 2010.08.05
Took way too long to get to the good stuff. Not a fan.

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
Loads of girls. Enjoyable.

cookie_red_holden 2010.08.04
it`s a great game is there a sequal? wish i could go on a cruise like that lol

Dchance 2010.08.04
as usual a great mnf game

Rocketnaller 2010.08.03
I think the graphic was pretty good

Adriano 2010.08.01
great game, nice story line. MNF are always good.

lord vampiro 2010.07.29
excellent game. I love it. the questions are very interesting.

Caine1379 2010.07.27
liked the game, takes a while to load though

lajero 2010.07.25
Nice game, questions are not too hard.

shadowtyler 2010.07.23
a great meet `n` fuck game

Bock4u 2010.07.23
great game very realistic and fun to play

DarkDrow88 2010.07.23
ah yes the MnF games... classics

kelvinsimenr 2010.07.23
nice game animation is ok sexy girls

dudely_dude 2010.07.21
cracked me up, best in the series!

vondue77 2010.07.19
I Like those Meet`n`Fuck Games
Great Game Play

x33l0v3 2010.07.18
Nice game although I had 2 use google 2 answer some of the questions, lol

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Fun game, just like the other Meet`N`Fuck games.

lovinhoes3 2010.07.15
it was but fun but i like kingdom one better

LoTech 2010.07.15
Great game awesome graphics

jcwin 2010.07.15
fine game, but i found the girls` voices don`t match with the characters

whatta 2010.07.15
the graphics were great

justsomeguy 2010.07.14
Not a bad game, but does tend to go on a little bit.

Gerobaka 2010.07.12
really nice games lots of different girls and very nice plot

Baddibu 2010.07.10
the best meet n fuck game of all those who avaible!

sportymarc 2010.07.10
fun, fun, fun! :-)
graphics are only average but gameplay is funny.

lusername 2010.07.09
love that stuff that they do, when they do that thing they do.

dezzie 2010.07.07
it keeps getting stuck on 89%

bobhampton 2010.07.07
Great game. Not a big fan of anal tho. Maybe lees and more pussy.

Soulman 2010.07.06
A great meet and fuck game as always

az89 2010.07.06
when you press the bimbo the pleasure meter rise rapidly

jola08600 2010.07.06
One of the best MNF-Games, due to mere quantity of girls and fine graphics!

WahooPunch45 2010.07.05
Wow, awesome game, loved the variety of characters there. Nice graphics too!

lenman 2010.07.05
Beautiful sexual sequences. Love the gameplay and the challenge was also worth it. Lovely graphics and great characters. Questions were also quite a challenge. Overall, nice gameplay and excellent sex scenes.

sexking 2010.07.03
It`s a great game i wish i was that guy...

cambag87 2010.07.01
Great game, really enjoyed playing it. Love all the games on this website!!!

orakel 2010.06.30
Meet n Fuck are always good, nothing more to say

Dona 2010.06.30
nice game. graphic would be better

Missylaid12 2010.06.29
It was a good game to play.

jolan 2010.06.28
really good game... have good animation and many cute anime girls

sam1101 2010.06.26
This was an outstanding game however it was almost too long for gameplay

mr90 2010.06.25
i like it cause it isn´t a short game and the graphics are really cool

addictive 2010.06.23
one of the best MnF ever ;)

doom420 2010.06.22
they really need to make more games like this... so easily playable...

ringla 2010.06.22
awesome game lots too see and do

azunaii 2010.06.21
Now that was a great MNF game I loved and plus you didn`t have to pay to play this game and thats what a MNF game should be meant to played for free thats right for free because it is awesome I can`t wait until they make another MNF game

rinna 2010.06.21
one of the cuter games on pfone.

Hydrated 2010.06.19
slow...but an awesome game nonetheless!!!

i really like how u need to solve a questions to fuck them!

notcpip 2010.06.18
cool. but a little bit predictable.

papa2418 2010.06.17
like it,a new style of meet and fuck

paulforce 2010.06.16
Excellent game. Lots of girls and it`s nice to have some challenges to complete before you can play with them.

Rudyfo 2010.06.15
This game is funny and awesome It Rocks!!!!!

Pin 2010.06.14
Nice game, love the pics !

kevaliz 2010.06.14
Good graphic, liked the game

emfo 2010.06.11
Very Nice Story. and I love the graphics

active20 2010.06.09
good game. lots of action, hot girls, big tits.
didnt like the quiz part of the game

tastes goood 2010.06.09
great game, lots of hot chicks. something for everyone

Slagg 2010.06.08
I really gate these games with all the questions. It takes forever :)

rickfuentes 2010.06.08
This was a fun, enjoyable game. Graphics were nice, and the anime girls were hot. Questions were not too bad, you had to work a little bit to make some progress. Overall, enjoyed this very much.

rommywright 2010.06.06
more games like this please

johnrawr 2010.06.05
good game very good graphic.
love MnF

gtrunks2 2010.06.04
REally nice game. Enjoyed it.

temeng187 2010.06.04
i like the game of this series

Kaptain Kilt 2010.06.02
Another great episode in the MNF series. Keep up the good work.

I very much liked the artwork. The gameplay was simple to navigate but wish it were a little more forgiving.

Reborn777 2010.06.02
Great game with impressive gameplay...interesting and original storyline with wonderful graphics...please have a sequel!

Marx 2010.06.02
please bring us this kind of gamesss!!! :DD

limmies1 2010.06.01
i really like this series as it`s real sexy

startabus 2010.05.30
Very Nice Story. and I love the graphics

TheBlackLight 2010.05.30
As always Meet n Fuck games are great.

maxima 2010.05.29
With so much variety in the girls, no should leave unsatisfied. I really like.....hell, I like all of them. But I really dig the bartender, the porno assistant, and the artist.

robert26 2010.05.28
i really like this game it was a really fun game

nonancourt 2010.05.27
Almost as good as the MNF Detective, but I`ve never been a big fan of the trivia thing. It always seems so sterile and detached from the rest of the plot.

Nick2 2010.05.26
Very nice game. I like such story! It`s OK!

Dono1973 2010.05.24
interesting game i Like this series

darthal 2010.05.24
legendary game, makes me really want to work on a boat

zhaozer 2010.05.23
Great game with decent story.

simon1990 2010.05.22
nice game.. but not the best one from MnF

PervyTonny 2010.05.19

Corrupt 2010.05.17
it was fun for the most part there were some boring areas...not the best meetnfuck game

FurryGuy 2010.05.17
Another fun Meet`N`Fuck game, the mini-quests help you to photograph and fuck lovely ladies.

ammy 2010.05.17
marvelous fantastic luxry game

Bdoggy 2010.05.17
It is a must try and you will like it

alanna 2010.05.15
this game try it on newgrounds and it was fun

iizi 2010.05.15
Gameplay is very good...some parts maybe booring

Cata94 2010.05.14
i would wish to hav such a job:X

nunolopes123 2010.05.13
awesome game! really liked it, one of the best I ever played!

Papa2123 2010.05.12
OMG!!! awesome game XD
definitly this is my favorite

nyknn 2010.05.11

marco97 2010.05.10
this is a jewel game i love it

marco97 2010.05.10
i really loev u guys ur games really makes me happy

marco97 2010.05.10
i think more endings are missing but this is a really good game

trent7786 2010.05.09
This is a great game i love playing it.

AhzianRai 2010.05.09
Answering the question was long but everything else was sexy

cooljay82 2010.05.08
def one of my favourites sexy

isko1 2010.05.08
wow graphic are perfect the game is sexy and hot

Macho 2010.05.08
Excellent as all the meet and fuck games and it had a very good story

lol90 2010.05.07
I like this game but more endings would be awsome

alias122333 2010.05.06
i mean it never disappoints. wow i totally fail. sorry for the double comment. dont know if it counts but whatever.

alias122333 2010.05.06
meet n fuck never fails to disappoint.

sexstar2010 2010.05.05
best game ever such a good MnF series nothing will beat this:)

dante1 2010.05.05
great game can not beat meet`n`fuck

Mikey_nz 2010.05.04
Great game! awsome graphics and not a bad story line to boot.

WmMBeck 2010.05.04
Typical Meet n fuck how can you go wrong

Ricoh124 2010.05.04
Can become a little sea-sick rushing around the ship, but there are girls everywhere.

Anita_Ro 2010.05.03
Great game!! Nice graphics and story, i liked it!!

Kalaam 2010.05.02
I like ocean and hot girls!

jffitz 2010.05.02
interesting with good storyline

shancost 2010.05.02
quality game keep,em cumming

DJ Lampshade 2010.05.01
really awesome game, lives up to the MnF reputation

sanjana 2010.05.01
hallo, it takes more time in loading. thanxs 4 every thing.

kemms 2010.04.30
best on this site, lots of girls.

nicholas123 2010.04.29
Great game has all the components to make u horny and make a great night perfect

Bothead 2010.04.29
Some very attractive women in this game.

LP83 2010.04.28
I`d love to be in such a cruiser!!

Kerrik 2010.04.28
I like this game, very interesting questions)

jacoby22 2010.04.28
love the MnF games, these are the best!

billyjean2 2010.04.28
Oh, there are some part which are really seducing and I really enjoyed this game. SFX can be improved though. GREAT GAME! :)

diesel 2010.04.27
longer than most mnf`s but still a pretty good game good graphics. took a while to do because you cant really skip that much

rob.mack1111 2010.04.27
Great game, i wish there was individual fun with each gym girl.

Macho 2010.04.26
a lot of girls, excellet story, one of the best meet and fuck

boinky 2010.04.26
great game with lots and lots of girls. great variety

miztervodka 2010.04.25
i didnt get very far cuz of the problemz with the clicking :( i am goig to try again tomorrow

Benson1982 2010.04.25
This game was a lot of fun. Nice girls, great action. More of it! :-)

jrey2010 2010.04.25
good but not as good as some of the other games

caysser 2010.04.25
it nice game but i have some trouble with clicking.

dethlord 2010.04.24
i wish this could happen in real life, just go onto a ship and fuck loads of hot girls, the detail in the picture is pretty amazing tbh.

virgos 2010.04.23
That`s a great game!! The story is very interesting.

dude114 2010.04.22
Good Game. I love the fact how they quiz u, and if you`re full of random facts, u get a prize. They should make studying for tests this fun.

Jassonshin 2010.04.22
wow nice!...12 hot girls!

cybermac 2010.04.22
Interesting. I actually started enjoying the quizzes too!

JohnDeo 2010.04.21
really nice game, lots of nice girls to meet and fuck on the ship

ryancopper 2010.04.20
i wish this could happen in real life, just go onto a ship and fuck loads of hot girls, the detail in the picture is pretty amazing tbh.

operator 2010.04.18
how do you add games to your favourites

1BADMAN 2010.04.18
great story, i enjoyed it

lycan 2010.04.17
One of the better games made by M & F

HeartzDesire 2010.04.14
The quizzes are good and the range of women to seduce is great. However, some scenes go for too long, especially as you have to find 12 women.

sandboxboi2002 2010.04.14
Good story and making you use your brain a bit... brilliant!

asdfasdf321 2010.04.14
oh yeah, i really like this game

pittfurtado 2010.04.13
great game lots to see and do

artmvr 2010.04.13
Nice game. It would be better if you used some more complex graphics

goldger 2010.04.12
greatt oneeee great girlss

timmie1313 2010.04.12
great graphics..good game..hot ladies xD

frokkio 2010.04.12
would be better if there were real people

jayhawk1987 2010.04.10
Clicking seems to be a little bit off for me in this game. I have to click repeatedly for it to even register.

HUTHTHA 2010.04.09
the game would have been far better had it been in 3d

budwis77 2010.04.09
the ending was pretty lame

mwafaq 2010.04.08
great graphics..good game..hot ladies xD

13axel13 2010.04.08
its a good game if you know every detail or got lotes of time

bob49 2010.04.08
game is good. only when he was still more work than this on the cruiser, in the form of levels or something similar. perhaps even if it were to save the game ...

HeroOfWar 2010.04.05
The meet n fuck games are all amazing, I love them!

gordonfan48 2010.04.05
verry long could be alittle shorter but it was still good

chopper002 2010.04.05
would be better if there were real people

grifmaster 2010.04.05
nice game. however, i wish we had more free actions

Purger 2010.04.04
game is good. only when he was still more work than this on the cruiser, in the form of levels or something similar. perhaps even if it were to save the game ...

Youbeloose 2010.04.03
This game is great just like all of the others. I love the series. Great game ;)

GGGunSlinger 2010.04.03
Wow this game is great. I`m glad this is a series however seems alittle long but overall great!

7z9 2010.04.03
what`s a nice long game, the graphic is quite good and its not that boring

Damianos 2010.04.03
Very good MNF, lots of babes and variety.

eldiablo11 2010.04.02
M&F always make the better quality games, this one is no exception.

badr 2010.03.31
Another great MNF game, good graphic and animations.

manteigas 2010.03.31
i liked the gaame
the girl is really hot

1lilnic 2010.03.31
ehhhh it was ok stupid questions tho

badguy567 2010.03.30
Good game, though the quizes are a little hard. Nice gameplay tho.

lankyguy77 2010.03.30
i wish there was more than one audio track that played, but it was fun and the variation on positions was great. also liked how you could revisit the girls.

Kierkes 2010.03.29
Great! Love how it doesn`t punish you for screwing up!

jeffgordonfan 2010.03.29
very long but very good ending

dgkesquire 2010.03.28
gorgeous multi-tiered game...i love quest games, and this one is one of my faves

cindyhaha 2010.03.28
had this game solved!!nice and good hentai game

nayickuvat 2010.03.27
This game is good, but I`m not really into the whole Hentai thing.

kutje 2010.03.27
this is definitely the best game on this website

VanHoo 2010.03.27
I really dilike the animation/hentai cartoonness so founf it rather difficult to play through. The reason the other games do well or attract lots of new people to this genre of flash game is the fact the most of the games your putting out are more realistic and appeal to a wider audiance.

RedTed 2010.03.27
M&F makes some of the better hentai games,trial and error will get you thru this game that features plenty of interactive cuts

Ruby123 2010.03.26
what`s a nice long game, the graphic is quite good and its not that boring

dale_r 2010.03.26
exellent game, good quality graphics, nice length of gameplay.

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
Great game with good graphics and sexy chicks galore! But I didn`t for all those damn quizzes.

mikerelyt 2010.03.26
Another Great Meet n Fuck Game.

glenno77 2010.03.26
best game ive played yet

sasuke32 2010.03.25
it`s nice but i don`t like the quiezes

sibsib 2010.03.25
the damn loading stucks on 82percent

jarret 2010.03.24
I agree with the previous posters, some scenes just got boring after a while and it really needs to move a little faster. But overall, great animations and a good long story.

abott_hero 2010.03.23
Let me try rhis game 1st and soon i`ll give a comment about game..

mclovin202 2010.03.22
maybe fewer questions on those quizzes would make it better. fun game though.

bakki 2010.03.22
niec game, with very sexy pictures

steely_dan 2010.03.21
So many questions completely robs any sexcitement even before it can build up. And the questions are too tough.

Samxbld 2010.03.21
It`s a very fun game to play... I liked it. 5*

idontknoww 2010.03.20
very good game nice animations and graphics

tylenol04 2010.03.20
great quality and good lenght too! 5/5

mole1078 2010.03.20
one of the best in the series

humvee 2010.03.20
Meet n fuck and meet and fuck are two different games.

the and group is just trying to make money on the original "n" guy.

thermor 2010.03.20
it really is a shame they aren`t producing any free MnF games anymore

SSNate88 2010.03.19
It is a pity that the Meet and Fuck makers have made their own web page but I guess when you are that good at making something might as well get paid for it.

am72 2010.03.19
this game is awsome, but it`s too long

antp 2010.03.17
I really enjoy these M`n`F games. This is one of the best.

mpaialunga 2010.03.17
good game,nice girls.. i like

Uncle3N69 2010.03.17
Enjoyable game a bit long should make a save point to allow continues

something3105 2010.03.14
it was a little mechanical, should have been more challenging

bismark13 2010.03.12
Knowingly spent the time, got enormous pleasure.

joliet 2010.03.12
I think it was boring , but the idea of the quiz is interesting
nice animation

Lesbo51 2010.03.11
Youhou what a great game ! ! ! I enjoy it. So hot, so many girls. I want others games lihe this one. Please.

momosquiton 2010.03.11
Awesome storyline to this game

sonic2_red 2010.03.11
in the end the boss is the last model hahaha

robert23 2010.03.10
really awesome!
pretty story, long game, lots of fuck!

MrKris210 2010.03.09
Awesome storyline to this game. It really tests your brain and your reward is always good.

badr 2010.03.09
luv this game I wish the creator had bothered to get off his ass and do the sequel or at least make the code available for others to use.

diddles 2010.03.07
Decent game, but you need a lot of spare time.

jazkaz111 2010.03.07
Games ok ok. not too good but I am a fan of Leonizer games, may be thats the reason why I am finding these games some wat less interesting. otherwise game is gud.

zion37 2010.03.06
Best game of their series and had pretty good graphics. The story line was good too.

evilwawa2010 2010.03.06
One of the best games in the series

wpowder 2010.03.06
One of the best around...thanks

Flux Drive 2010.03.06
One of the best games in the series, but I agree some of the scenes are too long

cloudy68 2010.03.03
loads to do .... keeps you occupied for a long time :)

forpics_jp 2010.02.28
could not load on chrome :(

gmene 2010.02.27
this gae is too long with too any chicks. You should prepare shorter games or allow to save

davj5 2010.02.24
Awesome game best so far, it is consider the number one. Lots of action and hot girls too and great ending.

sham 2010.02.24
One of the best...great game...

Convall 2010.02.23
I definitely agree with the repetitiveness of this. Not my favorite I`ve played so far.

snappytim 2010.02.23
its alright, but its way repetitive.

TapOut 2010.02.22
I generally do not prefer this style, but this game wasn`t too bad. Plenty of different girls to meet.

Poohboy 2010.02.22
Entertaining game. Girls were sexy and abundant.

redsamurai 2010.02.21
very interesting info in the quizes

cockney1 2010.02.20
One of the best in the series. Love this style and game

gordantravis 2010.02.19
Meet and Fuck games are really good, I would like more choices on where to stick her, but they are very saticfying.

jes 2010.02.19
not bad, this series keeps on bringin it

azgardia 2010.02.19
fun game but i would like more sex

sfox 2010.02.18
this game is asome. it has sexy girls in it

loquezea 2010.02.18
exelent game, but i`d like to have the boss at the begining xD

lnalem4 2010.02.17
Old graphics, but the story is good.

steve_0ooo69 2010.02.17
One of the better MNF, had to think to get through this game glad to see more to it than just point and click.

mania123 2010.02.17
game is okay but a bit too hard

feuerbach 2010.02.17
An okay game. It is a bit too easy, but the images are good.

pixxel 2010.02.17
Wow best hentai ever. Like it, greats from Germany

Voron 2010.02.16
I like ocean and hot girls!

horny26 2010.02.16
this is the best hentai games ever, i will play it again and again!!!

horny26 2010.02.16
omg this game is awesome the story board is very funny

kyo 2010.02.16
this game is super perfect the best mnf game ever

kldxxx 2010.02.15
I like the game .The graphics are great ,the girls are very very sexy and there is real action

Naughty_Aussie 2010.02.15
Great game... Does all manwhores proud...

knight470 2010.02.15
Awesome game!!!!!!! Loved it!!!!!!

brew16 2010.02.15
Not a bad game but a bit repetitive and slow in sections.

Zaza 2010.02.14
It`s a pretty good game with a nice animation and it`s longer than most.

mokelo 2010.02.14
The Animation though repetitive was done very well

hottie123456789 2010.02.13
it was a good game if only life was that easy

drok 2010.02.13
I love this game, if only it was this easy in real life

Exoll 2010.02.12
man this guy is a total player,
i bet he has so people that wish they could be just like him

Crh1991 2010.02.12
ok game graphics could be better

kod12 2010.02.12
liked the quiz set up. made it better than total restart games. keep up with these, really good style

eazyman 2010.02.10
this game is nice with some good graphics

dave420247 2010.02.08
good game but more naked women would be better

graham115 2010.02.06
great game little on long side 10 out of 10 from me

tijian9911 2010.02.05
Heard you had a friend introduced the game, and is indeed a classic game, I`m like, Ha ha!

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.05
I simply love that artwork. I love it

hereiam 2010.02.05
A little long, but allows you to fix your mistakes

straticus 2010.02.05
game is ok, kinda draggs it self out too long.

anda 2010.02.04
damn love this game, played several times and the girls look hot :D

MakoGarden 2010.02.04
This game has great pics and animations

tay240 2010.02.04
all the girls have great tits love this game

kiko100 2010.02.04
the graphics and animation great best game

notsocrazy 2010.02.04
This game is sometimes boring.

lyra 2010.02.04
I like the game .The graphics are great ,the girls are very very sexy and there is real action

jeenal 2010.02.04
this game is really so good!

Dengar 2010.02.03
Good game with a nice long story

hollyimjo 2010.02.02
these games have great graphics, but are all the same thing except different girls

wolfblitzer54 2010.02.02
i love these meetnfuck games

hugozvelehor 2010.02.02
Good game shame m`n`f got greedy and turned into a pay site

Luzi 2010.02.02
really nice gameplay and storyline! its amazing to play this game!

kemal 2010.02.01
nice game.nice girls.one of my favaurite games so far

stevebarthrop 2010.01.31
A long game with a lot of different characters but never the less worth a go.

JOHNBOY78 2010.01.31
Good game shame m`n`f got greedy and turned into a pay site

Hellblazer 2010.01.30
Great game it took a while but it was worth it

assrapist 2010.01.30
good game, nice images, quite asy to finish but still fun. meet`n fuck still makes good surprises so far

canman99 2010.01.28
This is a very good game, like the pictures. Save button and less repetition would be better, but still good.

Ricoh124 2010.01.28
Gets you dizzy going around the ship, but good variation of this classic game format.

dumpzter dog 2010.01.27
Its a good game all in all, but it is too easy to seduce the girls. I completed the game faster than I originally expected. However, it is pretty high quality.

Vingate 2010.01.26
Some parts are useless but overall this is a good game. Graphics are surprisingly good for a "free game"

Sehviss 2010.01.26
All in all a decent game. Good graphics and sound. In the future it would be nice if there were unlockables to increase the replay value.

sardath12 2010.01.25
Game of desire, good but too long.

incagold78 2010.01.25
great game, lots of women and one of the last complete games before that site started putting up only demos.

david757 2010.01.24
Very good game, sympa ? jouer

hellsreaper 2010.01.24
nice game. kinda long but you can`t always get a quickie right? lol

EBS 2010.01.09
they need more of this game type

liam900 2009.12.30
Great game, lots of women One of the better in the serie

raziel 2009.12.28
wow!!! nice, i like this game!!!!!

Yusei18 2009.12.28
good gameplay,graphic and animation

Venus 2009.12.24
The guy behind the Meet and fuck games should get a reward!:)
good graphics, sounds and easy gameplay.

Credom 2009.12.11
diversified in girls and scenes + a good story
close to perfect ;-)

sierra 2009.12.10
close to perfect. many nice girls, a very good story, different (sex)scences, its a really good game.

yyc 2009.12.05
one of the best games i ever play

Adam_B 2009.12.05
Great game, lots of women and great story

Osteve 2009.12.05
One of the better games i think, if there were more variety in the interaction part of the game(ie avoid repetition) it could be better

theringer 2009.12.04
It`s an interesting game - packs a lot of good stuff into a single game...enough good scenes, although some are definitely a bit long.

nissehult 2009.11.30
Yes this game was really good, nice horny chicks, reel coooool

Xyzzy 2009.11.30
One of the best MnF games ever. Lotsa girls, lotsa variety.

cobra4ever 2009.11.27
i love this game i jizzed all over myself

elljaz 2009.11.25
best game in the series! hot

memphs 2009.11.23
very long but this game is addicted you

bla55 2009.11.22
the scenes are way too long.you should be able to skip them

PaychecksDK 2009.11.16
really enjoying the MNF games... :D

SmexyBenny 2009.11.15
Another great MNF game, good graphic and animations.

KingCalifornia 2009.11.13
very entertaining game, the graphics were very smooth and the sounds realistic.

tgreenez2 2009.11.12
These games just get better and better

koef 2009.11.10
really good game, the best i played in this series so far

manericson 2009.11.09
Its a real horny and hot game.great game lots to see and do

sellinch 2009.11.09
Pretty cool game i like it very much

SnAk3 2009.11.06
Its a real horny and hot game. There are beatiful Characters for every one, but the fuck szenes are with a real bad graphik.

hornydude101 2009.11.06
I wish that one or two of those women were mine

dimabilly 2009.11.05
I love all meet and fuck games. Too bad it is paysite now..

danilo 2009.11.04
great story is very exciting with good graphics and beautiful women

oriole 2009.11.04
another great game -- although some of the sceens take too long

NOOBSAUR 2009.11.04
Awesome game! Makes me wanna play it again and again, perfect places to put things, even if they don`t make sense! Great game!

professor 2009.11.04
really nice game i love it

ace333 2009.11.04
Very interesting story, make me want to play some more & some more

b3d0w 2009.11.03
really good game, defo the best i played in this series

SHIVA 2009.11.02

kyo 2009.11.02
i love this kind of games it is my fav
knowleg and sex awsome

nate 2009.10.31
gotta love these meet and fuck games

mihaitza88 2009.10.31
nice game the meet n fuck its my favorite serie

WolfWarrior 2009.10.31
I like this game, it has great graphics and animation.

chaos19 2009.10.30
so much fun, very hot girls

Bright 2009.10.30
I like this game. It gives both knowledge and sex. Great job!

Unknown22 2009.10.29
I like this game, but the scenes are a little long, plus there should be a save button somewhere so I can come back later.

raagric31263 2009.10.29
nice game, love the series

viko123456 2009.10.28
this game is really so good!

runeminer 2009.10.28
brillient game lots of hot girls

Marti 2009.10.28
Really realistic sounding blowjob.. Really hot ;)
They did a great job on this, i have to admit

bobman302 2009.10.27
Fantastic game.its has a tons of hot girls.

krealis 2009.10.27
I have yet to come across a MandF game I did not enjoy. Once again, this series did not disappoint.

dasdd 2009.10.27
I like that type game...so much quest and fuck, thats nice
Thanks man.

kissoto 2009.10.27
This is my favorit game.But sometimes so boring...

jerryonly83 2009.10.26
absolutely great!!!! long and with awesome girls!!!

foregone 2009.10.26
I like the MnF games with more than one girl. Plus it`s not a demo.

necromancer 2009.10.26
it is great...all the games pf meet n fuck do

dhedge 2009.10.25
its too bad you cant skip the starting part

lohan 2009.10.25
nice pics but limited actions...

raabe12 2009.10.25
it´s a good game, but very long sometimes and not to easy

zestie 2009.10.24
we need more of these games.
never disappointed.
similar to subway fucker games.

weromont 2009.10.23
Good play but the most pleasing that she long :)

markus101 2009.10.23
good game but hard to read the spellings

BeRotten 2009.10.22
Great game. Interactivity through quizzes was a good ides. I especially liked the ball slapping sound effects with Daisy!

funphuk 2009.10.22
great game...one of my favs

kudzu711 2009.10.22
Very good game, i liked the length. some parts take to long as others have said... but over all very well made

c3945474 2009.10.21
The M`n`F games are all great.

Crow 2009.10.21
Good game, one of the better one`s I`ve played

I Want U 2009.10.20
meet n fuck games r so awesome i wish i was a member of their site

Tempa 2009.10.20
grwat game play and much fun and action

xpertcunilingus 2009.10.19
Plenty of action here! I liked this one a lot. A little more challenge wouldn`t go amiss.

D0dgizo 2009.10.19
best sex game out there right now by far, love meet n` fuck games!

ravengray 2009.10.19
this is a great addition to the series

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