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Meet`N`Fuck Lesbian Ride


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HOTTOMMY85 2017.09.22
Normally I am not a fan of the meet n fuck games, but this one was great, a good story line, good graphics, and the sex scenes were good. Overall I give it 10 stars.

HiddeObs 2017.06.27
Good fun, mediocre graphics.. Highly overrated in my opinion.

marKus730 2017.03.16
This game reminds me of an old school 90s video game. Fairly simple, difficult to go wrong. Beating the shit out of the male biker twice is easy. Getting it on with the lesbians of the town is also easy - they`re all up for it. Good game if you want something quick and easy.

lasertroyd79 2016.09.19
it is well worth your time going through all the people

viko25 2016.08.31
Very good game nad good grafic i think

midget21 2016.07.15
love the game but animations could be better

JasonPhoenix 2016.06.28
Good game, only comment would be that after you`ve picked what you`re going to say, you don`t need to read it again. It makes the game a little tedious. Other than that, good stuff :)

missmonochrome 2016.06.17
Pretty good game, graphics could be a little better but they`re not total shit which is nice. Wish the site had more lesbian content, tho.

lesbigal1 2016.06.03
This game is the most incredible i have played. The grafics are pefect, the plot is wonderful and i myself love it because it is aout lesbians. The only thing i dont like is that if you lose against the biker guy, you will have to do a threesome and that is not my avorite thing to do . Well, i wish everyone luck, Bye Bye

Krisstofer 2016.05.18
This has the best Meet`N`Fuck i have ever played.


Krisstofer 2016.05.18
I love the gameplay it`s so easy.

all4me 2016.02.10
Grate game would like to see more games made off this one.

sidrock1234 2015.10.05
great game girls are great scenes are great

funinderby 2015.06.09
great game decent scenes but could make them look a touch better

Star4599 2015.04.15
Hot lesbian game , excellent sex scenes and every better free.

dzman19 2015.02.17
this game is really addicting

Tbonewarrior 2015.02.13
the graphics were impressive with a great plot

torterrafan5676 2015.01.27
Good game, but the graphics suck.

gwazz 2015.01.26
great game but the graphics could be better

dadohl 2014.11.22
i love this lesbian game with good graphic

ola1176 2014.09.26
its okay this game its easy and i want more action noise

Phoebe 2014.09.04
cool gami,nice graphics and story.

Lo4DinG 2014.08.09
quite a sexy game i love strong game like M&F

stoad69 2014.08.03
Hot sexy women and great graphics and story line.

bitz94 2014.07.14
Lovely. Nice graphics, nice gameplay, nice story. Everything is nice. Just a perfect game.

Akkin 2014.07.07
Good games with a lot of babes.

frenzyzone 2014.05.28
fantastic game !!! absolutely love it !! love the sound and everything in it !!!

Abraxis 2014.03.23
Reminded somewhat of full throttle/

PoloPolo112 2014.02.27
Great game! All these different lesbian scenes are amazing and i like the racing.

Haseo365 2014.01.30
I wish that MnF games were free again and hope they do another one.

PokemonLover123 2014.01.29
Best game I have played so far,very hot and sensual anyone would love this.

gauravkale991999 2014.01.09
wow tons of fun . A little short though .

megabee 2013.11.23
I like this game, the story, especially the lesbian scene........

yanki 2013.11.16
Loved this game! PC is a chick doing other chicks. Best MnF game ever

Lesbonina13 2013.10.29
AMAZING GAME!!!!! my pussys so wet, i had a "friend" come and... well you know. XD

LinisUbbe 2013.10.13
love the game since you dont get forced to be a dude

ramezz 2013.10.03
it was intersting and fun. i am glad to have played this game.

lesbo13 2013.09.27
AMAZING! BEST GAME EVER!!! I LOVE IT FAVORITE GAME OF ALL! I love the way u can heve sex with all lesbians and the graphis r good but not 3D but everything else great!!!

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

nymphio 2013.08.26
Love this fucking game, finally some more lesbian games, being a Lesbian myself.. I really enjoy games that don`t force you to be a guy.

Ingeborga 2013.08.19
Just Porn Annimation in full I love It !!!

mcmuffin111 2013.08.18
Nothing better than lesbian sex

JustJack 2013.08.15
Good game. More options and action would have been nice.

Tiger1819 2013.08.09
That was an amazing lesbian sex game loved it

Dawings 2013.07.26
For once, we play a lesbian ! Great scenario.

lesbo334 2013.07.09
That was so fucking hot!!! My pussy was getting so wet!!! My favorite girl was definetly Noami.

Mumboman 2013.06.02
Great game, exceptional animation, decent sound quality, and very hot models.

Chriswins 2013.05.30
I love the gangbang scene !

sticharl 2013.05.24
This is a really awesome game. I love the graphics and how awesome-awesome is all I can say about Meet N` Fuck Lesbian Ride- it is. =)

gman3 2013.05.23
oh my god man love this game especially the lesbian scene great just great I also love the animation

xmaua 2013.05.13
this games, i loved all

kiko91 2013.04.02
the girls are so beautiful lesbian

d1v9d_k 2013.03.09
I`d love to fuck sonia mindy and the auto repair girl all are SUPER HOT

Dullknifex 2013.02.11
good game, not as long as expected but good!

Robbyro 2013.01.29
nice games but too easy ^^

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Kind of funny , but way too short and simple.

TYSONCOOL 2013.01.27

vikrai 2013.01.23
this is a really great game...

pericka 2013.01.16
this game was really awsome...i loves lesbian games!!!

LawrenceP3 2013.01.13
I think it`s a great game, and free!!

gartal 2013.01.09
It was a good game, they finally made a good game that is free. Wish they could have added some better looking characters, or change certain scenes

21bigdick21 2013.01.09
i like this game really much. the animations are so good

swagstar 2012.12.29
huh wish i could be girl

the boner 2012.12.26
great game nice graphics

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


tigerfifty 2012.10.26
Fun game. I liked all the choices and different girls.

xDSaloxD 2012.10.18
good game, good graphics and a good story if a little short but I would prefer if the character were a man

kittylover65 2012.10.17
i love all these women and i love watching lesbian sex

Qb8472 2012.10.15
Never found M&F games to be that good. Sad to say, this one did nothing to change my opinion

chr24sziie 2012.10.14
this game is really amazing. the girls were super hot

pimpin_impala69 2012.10.14
MMMM def a fun little story!!! Love the animations!!

Jenks21 2012.10.11
cool game always like the meet n fuck games

doodles 2012.10.08
wow tons of fun . A little short though .

hornybitch55 2012.10.07
these graphics were nice i liked the cartoon mixed with real life back ground and being a lesbian myself this was interesting and i liked it

talavar 2012.09.23
I LOVE this game very nice thanks pf1

Jokke1 2012.09.18
One of the better MNF games, nice girls and good graphic

shre1928 2012.08.26
sexy girls and great sex play

oXDarkEyesXo 2012.08.10
To put it simple one of my favorite lesbo games !!!!!!!

bicouple 2012.08.10
Fun game, hubby and I enjoyed it. Would be hot to have a threesome somewhere in there though (we love that)

randy06 2012.08.08
this game is the best hope to see more like it and greta sex scenes and great action as well love it

kongbeer 2012.08.07
Great game one of my favourits

matt10388 2012.07.31
love meet `n` fuck very hot

maikel1986 2012.07.18
the best lesbian game i ever played

daser 2012.07.12
oh shoot Meet`N`Fuck Lesbian Ride i love this game it`s fun hot and great graphic it deserves editors choice :)

glangaria 2012.07.08
there is a glitch while in the second scene with Keisha, the heart bar/ meter says Naomi not Keisha

ShyL0ve 2012.07.06
I love lesbian games, i get so turned on

bigdick97 2012.07.03
real good game added to favs

17dvldog75 2012.07.01
One of the better meet`n`fuck games.

wilczur 2012.06.14
Graphic could be better but story is good. +

javegar453 2012.06.13
great game i like the interface

superman55655 2012.06.10
best game I have ever played

superman55655 2012.06.10
great game and great girls

PgNmBr01 2012.06.08
Great MNF game! The bondage girl was my favorite, but the scisscor finale was also good! Very lovely animations and sex act options!

Soul Assassin 2012.06.01
Meet n` fuck are always good games. Great game

redrick123 2012.06.01
nice game.... i like the graphics

themoda 2012.05.24
This game is really awesome

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.24
I would love to pass through that town

bahamut86 2012.05.23
very nice and good grafic game, nice story too

hippy 2012.05.05
i like the story n the graphics are allright but could be better

booblover13 2012.04.24
Its a good game and i like it alot.

giantofny 2012.04.21
It was pretty decent game. The story line could have been a little more interesting though. And better looking girl for sure.

Messer13 2012.04.14
A very hot game with sexy girls all around!! Really enjoyed it.

wolfyboy 2012.04.11
who dosent love girl bikers

spittelf 2012.03.30
Fun game but girls all kinda similar or well

Jake42 2012.03.23
This game is really awesome

Asghan 2012.03.18
sweet graphics.excelent animation.sweet game.like to see more

Aryavan275 2012.03.15
this was pretty good. Meet`N Fuck is always top notch

LesboHunter31 2012.03.11
The grphics in this lesbian game are AMAZING the girl`s tits seem so realistic.

LesboHunter31 2012.03.11
These games are soooooo SEXY, LOVELY. and HOT i just LOVE LESBIAN ganes!!!!!!

LesboHunter31 2012.03.11
They should make more Meet`N`Fuck games like this where you`re a girl and you fuck all the other girls with their big TITS!!!

stevemaan2 2012.03.09
how do u change your avatar???

star 2012.03.09
good game and interesting story, we need game like this.

LesboHunter31 2012.03.03
wow i love these kind of lesbian games as well as the lesbian sex in them

johakym 2012.03.03
It`s really good ! Go replay :p

matrix123 2012.03.01
nice story of a game and graphics of game i love to play if it has further story

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.excelent animation.sweet game.like to see more

mharvey 2012.02.18
amazing game another good one in the series

estong 2012.02.17
Not bad for a cartoon based character.

whosnext5999 2012.02.14
love this game i could play it 100 times

sausageb 2012.02.09
awesome game.............super hot......nice girls

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Another great game from the MNF series, I liked this one.

BlackDragon6969 2012.02.02
This is a very nice game and the graphics are nice, although I wish you would show the penetration in all scenes. I love lesbian games the most and wish you had more of them!

cohis 2012.01.22
Meet n fuck series reaaly rocks!

layne16 2012.01.11
I enjoyed this game, one of the better ones from games of desire.

mikicostanza 2012.01.09
awesome this lesbian game simply awesome

wilmer99 2012.01.08
Another fine game by Meet N Fuck

Guillaume 2012.01.08
girlongirl. that was a great game

JoshR13 2012.01.08
A very sexy game with very horny scenes

deadman64 2012.01.05
good game but it might be better

Stathis 2012.01.03
I`d like more action with the sheriff-she was the hotest!

cheerQT 2011.12.24
probably the best game made by MNF. It was so much fun to play

Holter 2011.12.11
In my opinion one of the best M n f series !!!

whatcha 2011.12.10
i love this game it inspires me to really have fun with all the multiple choices.

paulfool 2011.12.08
cool best one i played so far .excelent game

Jones123 2011.12.06
really nice game. more lesbian games like this would be awesome! story is kinda short but still nice :)

angad63 2011.12.05
nice and diffrent game from other

kuzya.petrov2012 2011.12.05
tried again and cool graphics just bad plot

Lady Dawn 2011.12.04
Absolutely love all the " meet n fuck " games , and these is one of the best !!

Snake2905 2011.12.02
I`m not into lesbian thing, but this game is fucking awsome! I specially like "hard" scenes. It`s really HARD :)

cancel555 2011.11.29
I think I screwed up in the club when I said I would get rid of Zoe anyone try something else

cancel555 2011.11.29
Did anyone finish the entire map???

cancel555 2011.11.29
thought it was going to be more

cancel555 2011.11.29
tried again and cool graphics just bad plot

cancel555 2011.11.29
I played both parts but could not finish the whole map instead they just got married

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

theblackman 2011.11.23
Great game its QUALITY!!!! loved it

notes1 2011.11.22
good game ... good story , good gameplay...

shavfd 2011.11.21
Wow What a game I got hard on all over the game

gamingtool 2011.11.20
Man those chicks were super sexy!!! huge tits and lots of them, perfect.

Gurnen 2011.11.20
Best MnF around. Nice change from the standard.

moncerious 2011.11.19
awesome loved the sound effects

Illustria 2011.11.17
Lol, this game is cute and sexy. Funny with hot girls. Sadly, it`s pretty short and overly simple.

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
Not bad a little short options a bit limited but ok

dude101 2011.11.16
WOW i love this game!!!! the storyline is pretty good but the grls are smokin hot

REIVAJ311 2011.11.16
hell, where motorcyclists so beautiful how are you?

Gundalf 2011.11.16
its an ok game but nothing of the top really.

weezle 2011.11.15
i wish there were more games like this

elishacuthbert 2011.11.14
ery hot game indeed. meet and fuck game is a very popular-sexy game.

Alkillholic 2011.11.12
A really fun game with nice story and fun to play....

kklove 2011.11.12
such a good game. one of my favourites

zenginoglu 2011.11.11
This is great game... I like it very much...

zygerman 2011.11.08
hot hot hot very hot game

htrdfrmr 2011.11.08
good game certain scenes lame but over all good

outrage 2011.11.05
nice fun game, but the bdsm part where the other girl makes all the requests is a bit weird

Hannah69 2011.11.03
Cool concept but I don`t enjoy lesbian action.

Bartzyboy 2011.10.29
Simple game with high quality graphics

Akoya21 2011.10.21
very very very nice game. something different compared to the other games.

huddy111 2011.10.18
such agood game, one of the best meet `n` fuck games around

Hobgoblin67 2011.10.18
One of the better meet n fuck games. 10/10 for me

Tygafifty 2011.10.18
this was pretty good. Meet`N Fuck is always top notch

fian9 2011.10.17
great game plenty to do in it

borisbrown77 2011.10.15
very hot game indeed. meet and fuck game is a very popular-sexy game. it`s never end until you want it another. it`s nice.

flampard409 2011.10.13
its good game, they finnally made a good game that is free

Selenagomez117 2011.10.12
Naomi had the best sex in the game

Selenagomez117 2011.10.12
best Meet`N`Fuck yet, the game is so big

Selenagomez117 2011.10.12
the graphics are very good

duggie101 2011.10.08
great game plenty to do in it

8inchinsertable 2011.10.08
good game. I think the sound FX make it.

madmikenmolly 2011.10.08
It was a pretty good game...the graphics were not amazing, but the sound effects were good, even though they were a little over the top...

binab1985 2011.10.04
the game was easy, fun, and some of the scenes were pretty hot. good game

visual 2011.09.28
probably my favourite MNF game of all time, sex scenes are unique and it really puts a different perspective on things

denny1234 2011.09.26
wat a load of donkey balls

playboy1982 2011.09.26
the game is decent,but i think the animation is a little off,and the gameplay was fun.there is also a good storyline.

zilly 2011.09.22
not so bad, but i want have fun with zoe

scoin 2011.09.21
One of the best meet n fuck games ever

scoin 2011.09.21
Graphics are great, good game

blackdeath92 2011.09.19
Great game! One of M`n`F better games.

stanos88 2011.09.18
Great Game. Love the lesbian idea

Artibor 2011.09.17
Unusual, but very interesting game. I will continue to play. ..

NightStalker73au 2011.09.15
excellent gameplay and graphics

Hellsracer 2011.09.12
it was a great game with a very good story wanna play more of these games

007christopher 2011.09.11
interesting game. thought it needed too show more but sexy none the less.

hothunk 2011.09.11
it was a good game. i like this lesbian game. good babes

dennis 10 2011.09.11
Good game ,animation is good and a funny game

Guggit 2011.09.11
Excellent stuff, and kudos to the creators. Major thumbs up.

drubie4 2011.09.10
interesting but a bit to twilight for me.

malukostb 2011.09.07
the story off the game is very good the graphics are the best

best lesbian game i ever seen

dude324289 2011.09.06
interesting checking out the other end

rubah 2011.09.05
very good lesbian sex game.. ^^

Kaffe_Rajd 2011.09.05
one of the really good M&F games :) love it.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Hot lesbian babes, liking this.

okeydoke 2011.08.27
I love lesbian games and MNF are always great. This is a winner!

htowngul 2011.08.22
m&f did it again great game

karth222 2011.08.21
Nice game. The scenes were good and the fight was easy. Over all M&F has done their job.

lordgmg 2011.08.19
calkiem niez??a gierka z fajnymi babkami

Lookin4Vajina 2011.08.16
I would love to pass through that town

lacey0404 2011.08.16
omg im so happy for this site

vastorelorde 2011.08.13
i dont know why but i love meet n fuck games especially bleach one

khenry666 2011.08.11
fun, not too long, loved the name. enjoyed it throughtout. wish i rated it better, accidently gave the wrong rate on accident!

Herrushingu 2011.08.10
Game is ok, but storyline is sux as allways :(

Umbra Dio 2011.08.07
good game great animations would be sick if they made a sequel

Megaforce 2011.08.06
That was one of the sexiest games, I`ve played on here.

liquidog 2011.08.03
Wow, truly a hot game. I love their huge tits.

Chalten 2011.07.31
I love lesbian games and MNF are always great. This is a winner!

jenso 2011.07.28
Great game, nice graphics and its meet and fuck so u know its going to be good

darkxxxrose 2011.07.26
Loved this was really fun

long55 2011.07.19
Lots of options, good graphics, very sexy, nice

zelda813204 2011.07.19
very lovely i liked hope they make a second one

make_love 2011.07.18
bad little story, the game temporarily

claude145 2011.07.17
the animations where nice they should come out with a second one

ogutitem 2011.07.17
The best M`n`F game ever!

bceltsau 2011.07.16
It`s a geat game, I`d got stuck after the local store lesbian scene.

amori 2011.07.14
100!!! if anything could have made it better would be a threesome with the cousins

gpvw100 2011.07.14
Very good and sexy game.
Its one of the best Meet and Fuck I have played.
The fight totally reminds the to the old game "Full Throtle"

khlav 2011.07.02
Very different from the other meet n fuck games. But the bike fight took too long.

besogrone 2011.07.02
good game, one of the best meet & fuck

chrischaos 2011.07.01
Hot women and all kinds of lesbian sex. Great game.

scott111 2011.06.30
loved this game graphics are great

karmaXkiller 2011.06.29
The best M`n`F game ever!

ShawnO 2011.06.29
i like the way yuo beat up th

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
The boobs in this game are very hot.

grefven 2011.06.20
This is the best meetnf game ever

jace101 2011.06.19
intresting female leader...

antonkos 2011.06.14
interesting new spin on the series. not having a male lead

RWW65 2011.06.14
Lots of options, good graphics, very sexy

sincubus 2011.06.13
Nice story and a fun game overall. Nice graphics. Various lesbian sex positions, which is nice. The sex games however are dull and lack innovation.

sexdude 2011.06.10
very good, dont normally like mnf, but this is an exception

gnac 2011.06.10
Alot longer than other meet and fuck games thoroughly enjoyable.Nice job on the town scenario.

SetoPendragon 2011.06.10
This game was a lot different than the others, Overall I like this one more but this was a great change of pace and is held to the same quality of all the other games, I liked it.

chris2564 2011.06.06
good game but the girl at the end not so much

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Typical MNF game. Descent graphics + animation with good interactions.

sunshine98 2011.06.05
i liked the black babe the best

TheWorker 2011.06.02
What a hot lesbian Story, Very hot

kinou21 2011.05.31
A good game until the end and not cut in the middle
I love it

Smyxter 2011.05.31
Normally I don`t like the MnF games but lesbian biker chick who kicks Earls ass and licks the girls is a different twist. Only wish the sex scenes had some kind of a challenge to them.

marucho 2011.05.30
I loved it. Great graphics indeed, and many different beautiful girls. And I`m not much into lesbianism... socre 9,0

bookie_boo 2011.05.28
Love this game awesome graphics as well

m4t0n 2011.05.27
hots girls makes this game superb

shot13 2011.05.25
Pretty awesome game, like the fact that losing to the earl is like a bonus scene.

joic0002 2011.05.24
this game was quirky and kind of cool not much to it but ehhhh

glockenspeal 2011.05.22
an overall good game, i found a problem, when your fu**ing the sheriff, the bar girls name appears

banes 2011.05.17
Great lesbian game with good graphics.

ask_the_man 2011.05.14
not really a fan of the meet`n`fucks... this one was alright, tho...

perceussoz 2011.05.08
this game is sexy. awesome graphics and a nice story line. the meet-and-fuck games always are :)

niko041 2011.05.07
real touchy, good anime grafics and funny endining make this game good

tyte1 2011.05.04
Fun game with great looking graphics. A bit short but still fun nonetheless.

kathrin1979 2011.05.04
nice girls, unfortunately i havent met them in real

dragonajay 2011.05.03
best sex game ever!!!!!!!!

pavel203 2011.05.02
I like you can lose to Earl, then go back and beat him
That way you can do everyone in town

funkytowel 2011.05.02
the game was good but needs more endings

cidermeister 2011.04.30
fun game with some quirky graphics. Does get repetative

Adjie DW 2011.04.30
very good game, a lesbian...

harman 2011.04.29
wow............this game is superb

thesphinx 2011.04.28
Cartoon lesbian sex. Great. Loved the scissors scene

abdikko 2011.04.26
i love Meet n fuck games this is one of the best

josueo 2011.04.24
great game, exellent graphics. Just One ending short you getting them all, but will hopefully get it soon. Good Work

nicelover44 2011.04.18
even though its a lesbian game....i would of still liked to of seen a threesome with a guy

awesomo 2011.04.17
probaly the worst mnf game ever made

chocolatethunder23 2011.04.16
good game one you will keep coming back getthing more out of it each time

qaz123 2011.04.15
not my fav game of the series of mnf

Bunneh... 2011.04.13
This is so far my all time favorite game... So far...

Sathiriel 2011.04.12
exciting game... I love lesbians so much ! :)

mistaman21 2011.04.10
the game is one of the sexiest games ive played

kingrobert 2011.04.10
good gameplay, good graphics, good story line and good animaions

Benson1982 2011.04.09
This game is great. But a little too much lesbian action. But there are a lot of opportunities to make action! :-)

EddieWinehosen 2011.04.07
A tip if no1 else has mentioned it. Lose the rematch against Earl when u have the pink chopper, then Earl and Jamal will bang her :D

taposh 2011.04.06
can anyone help me kiss kelly`s frnd in their party its too tiring kissing her

D4N 2011.04.06
It was a good game, they finally made a good game that is free

dergig 2011.04.05
ah pitty that there is no other ending and you even cant fuck the bikerboys

ddt111 2011.04.04
i like the game because of its good graphics and the sound is good as well

jasher 2011.04.04
good game with some good graphics!

NinjaRed 2011.04.02
I like the game, but I really like redheads so it works.

venag 2011.03.31
Definitely 1 of the greater games and graphics are ok too

poisonsynite 2011.03.28
wonderful game and graphics i was expecting some more action with male that would have made the game much more intresting Think ove it

pandawesome 2011.03.27
Very hot, art is beautiful. I`ll go check out more of this series.

cleanslate 2011.03.27
Sweet game... too bad all the other MNF are demos or you have to pay

Cayden 2011.03.25
Never come across this particular game ever before, it was interesting.

kingl3r 2011.03.24
Love it! Graphics are insane!

lingsroses 2011.03.24
i like it... but can some wone tell me where to go after the shop

wicked2 2011.03.23
its a another great game by M&F and graphics are good and damn cool when you lost fight :D

BlooVD 2011.03.23
omnomnom lesbian action im lovin it x3 great game

danjel 2011.03.22
this game is so great!.like it so much.a very great game.nice graphics also.very nice game.

superman6565 2011.03.22
plaplayed better games in this series

cain 2011.03.22
meet and fuck games are always good but this is one of the best

mattster 2011.03.21
One of the best Meet N Fuck games.

joebkc 2011.03.21
nice n hot!!!!like it very much!!!!give 90!!

davesweden 2011.03.20
I loved the game but it was a bit too short

skyraider 2011.03.18
Fun one: I like the different endings.

lordsilver 2011.03.17
Really sexy girls.

I played it twice so I could also get the scene with the gangbang

joe cool 2 2011.03.17
that true the game was good but it sould done better

joe cool 2 2011.03.17
i think the game sould did better

zephi 2011.03.16
Good game, not as good as detective though.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.16
Better that most others MNF I have played to, better plot, original Idea and sex scenes are also one step ahead, more variety.
The actions races sequences are bit simple but add to the fun.
Overall, it is a pleasant game, without being difficult a second, bit more challenge would be nice, straight point & click.

pedo 2011.03.15
This game was grate
I wish there could have been more or a part 2

marcelino21 2011.03.13
very nice game, its great they made a lot of various sex

danielseid 2011.03.09
awesome game nice graphics

dragonj 2011.03.09
Love MNF always come out with good games and beautiful graphics.

brink7000 2011.03.04
Love this game! More MNF games with female player characters!

ocandela 2011.03.04
This was a different game. I liked it.

ski9072 2011.03.03
Definitely not bad, but I miss the old MNF`s where you at least had to try and figure out what to do, instead of everyone just coming out and telling you

darkRAJON 2011.02.28
very good game, one of the best MnF games. I think they should make more of these lesbian MnF games

MrAV254 2011.02.25
Tora was the hottest girl

daishozen 2011.02.23
I Love Meet `N` Fuck, they always make me so hard.

nothingtolose 2011.02.23
best of the best i have ever played

blade6189 2011.02.23
mnf is awesome and i would like to see more of them on this site. the graphics are good and it is so realistic!

Selica 2011.02.23
wohoo for mnf, but a bit short :/

dessie06 2011.02.19
vary sexy game with vary hot girls

Nick2 2011.02.18
Nice and hot game.
I like such games.

zexythang13 2011.02.17
everytime i play this game it gets better and better

suikz 2011.02.16
awesome mnf game, hot chickz

Cube 2011.02.09
This is a pretty typical M `n F game, but well executed. I`d go so far as to say this is one of their best ones so far!

sgj007 2011.02.07
one of the best mnf games

Luis4x 2011.02.06
This game rocks and the meet n fuck is awsome and the graphics are cool.

cooljoe12 2011.02.05
very nice game fun to play

miafly 2011.02.05
its an okay game I actually played it before

miafly 2011.02.05
nice graphics but took forever to load

randy06 2011.02.01
have more meet and fuck games on here they are great games and love them

neo ashraf 2011.01.29
it`s really funny to play.....graphics is good

izizi 2011.01.29
I love this game. One of my favorite :)))))

Dark Grievous 2011.01.29
hot lesbian action hot!!1

Eddie Roc 2011.01.26
The sound effects in this game are just great.

Alextraz 2011.01.26
great game MNF are the best games

MariTison 2011.01.25
good game and nice graphics

bardad 2011.01.24
Great game, though I do wonder why losing the race gives you a more enjoyable finish than winning it :/

JMX2005 2011.01.23
i see absolutely no reason to win the race, you miss out on a great sex scene

nickthedck 2011.01.23
very nice, a full meet and fuck game haha. dose it strike anyone funny though that all the girls in a town of maybe +40 people are all lesbos :)

minbuckeye 2011.01.19
The MNF games are basically all the same but I always enjoy them anyway.

AnnaRainbow 2011.01.16
Blushing, but I loved this, everything about it. Soooo sexy, so much fun. I just went around and around again with the lovely women of the town. Beautiful art and design, and the sound effects... oh my

Kuppz90 2011.01.16
Loved the game! damn it was hot , all the Meet N Fuck games are awesome ;D

Silveralpha 2011.01.14
among all the meet n fuck games, i love this game n lavindor kingdom the most. those girls are simply amazing. the bike racing sequel is really something fresh.

SIUL 2011.01.14
best game ive played in a while

mashalien3 2011.01.14
a town full of lesbians, good gameplay.

axlwestern 2011.01.13
I really love this games cause there is some uniqe that i havent know

sudclawer 2011.01.12
OMG!! awesome game!! loved it!!

ratonius 2011.01.11
The story and sex scenes are very good.Another Meet`N`Fuck good game.

schmidtghr 2011.01.11
good game, lots of variation not too shappy graphics either

wongacock 2011.01.11
best game ive played in a while, decent graphics

jaguarty 2011.01.11
marvelous story , very good grafics , various positions including tribadism.I relly like it

daddygator68 2011.01.10
great game enjoyed the girl on girl action

windscar54 2011.01.09
nice lesbian action for a change

dannym943 2011.01.09
Good game plenty of sexy girls having plenty of sexy lesbian sex

R_bOnEz 2011.01.07
if you can`t beat em lick em ,lol long but satisfying

Greywolf39 2011.01.05
Great graphics and cool game!

itohen5 2011.01.05
funny game, graphics are ok, good that there are so many girls

dunckjosh 2011.01.03
good story line and good graphics as well

ray691 2011.01.01
nice game but the graphics could be better.

erpel9999 2011.01.01
nice game but i like guy girl games better

Kronus 2010.12.31
This game is a amazing game !
need another one tho .

kiko200 2010.12.31
great game play long exiting

HornyPorny 2010.12.29
veru good game, graphs, story and sex scenes are very good

Raven1003 2010.12.29
I LOVED this game!! I have played it three times already and I enjoy it every time!!

divadancegirl1 2010.12.27
That game was ssssssooooooooooooo awesome yo!!!!!!!!!!!!i like$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!

Gemman67 2010.12.25
Love this game not to hard ,too short,to long , perfect w/ great results...

Danji 2010.12.25
It was a good game but i think it could have been better.

Klus 2010.12.23
nice game but the graphics could be better.

kuma15 2010.12.22
very good game just love lesbians sex

miksuk 2010.12.22
great lesbian action!! Can`t wait for other one!

leontis 2010.12.21
A nice game with good graphics but a bit slow gameplay

dcppcd 2010.12.21
graphics ok reasonable game

chazman1189 2010.12.20
game was okay. graphics were good, but the sex scenes could use some work. overall, a very decent game.

xraiders 2010.12.19
8.5/10 very nice game only a bit long

kurtcuk 2010.12.18
its a great game best of all i played it like 10 times already nice story and graphics

gibhram 2010.12.18
this the best game i ever played in my life

z1575280 2010.12.17
I love the fight scene. It adds a cool flair to the game.

Soda981 2010.12.16
I want more Meet `N ` Fuck this was interesting one and the first Meet N Fuck of its kind and it was ne of the best so far :D

natsuokinawa 2010.12.16
wow you should do more of these games cuz it`s awesome

zerutul 2010.12.15
very hot. please make more games like this

birdman1987 2010.12.15
Bikes and hot babes!! Awesome!!

chriller1991 2010.12.15
good sex scenes but the story is a little boring

Xavier47 2010.12.14
great game. One of my favorite meet n` fucks

prats 2010.12.12
hottest lesbian game sooo far......loved all the girls..

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

constasc 2010.12.12
the best lesbian game ever!!!!!!!!

Sawyer909 2010.12.11
Loved the game, it will be added to favorites.

puresoul 2010.12.10
bikes and hot lesbian girls, i love it!

planter 2010.12.10
one of the best flash games I`ve ever played bar none.

ozorne_6 2010.12.09
the best me meet n`fuck game yet. hope there are more in the making.

BBW522 2010.12.09
This is an awesome game it made me so horney!

grantrol 2010.12.09
good graphic and good story

Grizzly84 2010.12.09
Great game, chicks are very hot, I enjoyed playing ;-)

JMS 2010.12.08
Great game great animation

ddarko 2010.12.07
great game. love meet n fucks

daryl772003 2010.12.07
pretty cool game. wish there were more this particular type

flameablex 2010.12.05
among all the meet n fuck games, i love this game n lavindor kingdom the most. those girls are simply amazing. the bike racing sequel is really something fresh.

steven69 2010.12.05
MNF game, lesbians, and motorcycles wow this game has all the best stuff in the world

Andy78 2010.12.05
Great game, chicks are very hot, I enjoyed playing

lamboman28M 2010.12.05
I`m always down for a MnF game. A Full version is always nice

AsianBoi2k11 2010.12.04
very hot, the black girl to be honest turned my off though

Boogieboy 2010.12.04
I like fucking the cop the best

JeanMarc 2010.12.04
good game, nice to play it

zeretet 2010.12.03
this game was really awsome

imperatrix 2010.12.02
Simple, but cheerful game. In my favorites.

Rated-R5r 2010.12.01
BEST Lesbian sex game that i`ve played!!! Getting laid like that is great and the storyline too!

Japanese_Tsunami 2010.12.01
This is one of the better versions of the game. Since they don`t make you just blindly click till something works.

fickgott 2010.11.30
hot game if you like watching lesbian having sex

godenfisher 2010.11.30
this game is making me on fire when i play it

m4lv1n 2010.11.29
a bit simple but nice to play, great fun.....

zeretet 2010.11.28
the game is very sexy and more interesting

mjwm54 2010.11.27
Lesbian bikers! HELLZ YEAH!!!!!! I really liked this one, but it wasn`t much of a challenge. It was actually harder to lose the fight than to win it!

alastaire215 2010.11.27
nice game. it has good graphics and some nice sex scenes

boba 2010.11.27
they goood , good grapics and very well done. i loved it

Alianthias 2010.11.26
I find this type of game hard to get into. Nothing too exciting happens in the game. The animation is about on par with the other games of its type.

antz 2010.11.24
didn`t really get into it.

4nik8 2010.11.23
Good game but not what I look for.

hash19 2010.11.23
gameplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great

yogou 2010.11.23
this is the best meet n fuck game!!

rsccola 2010.11.23
Its interesting to play the female side. Also the sex scenes are pretty fun

caliche1985 2010.11.22
This game reminds me of full throttle.

sophia2435 2010.11.22
i am stuk but still it was fun.

king2pm 2010.11.22
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

jibroney 2010.11.21
fun, but the meters seem to take forever to fill up

Lima320 2010.11.20
Amazing game, never played one better

Dogaphone 2010.11.18
i love this game my favourite :D

darc28 2010.11.17
Great game and the fact that it had to do with lesbians made it that much better. Keep up the good work

JAC5388 2010.11.17
great game definitely gonna play this again

tubs 2010.11.15
this was a very fun game to play. Nicely done

alecsakura 2010.11.14
wow...this is another great MnF game. as always great graphics, beautiful girsl and nice scenes

Simpson 2010.11.14
average story, but good graphics

lolsnake 2010.11.14
i finished the game its great

saeed_piero 2010.11.14
nice game...difficult to end it and bit weird one...but overall itz good

grossman46 2010.11.13
completely uterly awesome

AzianWeZ 2010.11.12
the best meet and fuck game I ever played

primus21 2010.11.11
This is the best Meet`N`Fuck game I have played, and the fact that it had to do with lesbians made it that much better. Keep up the good work

guy2000 2010.11.10
such a great game. great animation and fun gameplay

pasparto 2010.11.09
very sweet game a bit on the short side though could have been a bit more chalanging

gabodk 2010.11.09
very, very good, excellent I`d say

leonidas 2010.11.09
animation 5/5
gameplay 4.5/5

raziel321 2010.11.08
best free meet n fuck so far, concerning gameplay AND graphics

maxc 2010.11.07
unique as far as mnf games are concerned

alonez6 2010.11.07
the best meet and fuck game I ever played

redplane1 2010.11.06
graphics suck they should make a better version of this.

monkey980 2010.11.05
Great game great characters

tequillaxxx 2010.11.05
id like to see this game with tori 500 graphics

xtotalchaosx187 2010.11.05
different from the last ones

tallandhung 2010.11.04
awesome scenes great mnf game

wesley2033 2010.11.04
lesbian biker chicks fucken amazing

sibling 2010.11.04
Sweet - redhead in the game, which is rare, but the voices could be better.

sonic 2010.11.03
wow..really is a great game

hugo57 2010.11.03
near perfect game...problem ...could have used slower undressing scenes
maybe longer interaction with each female character ...could`ve used a lesbian 3 some

zombatar 2010.11.03
Plz make more outstanding game =))

Toboshi 2010.11.02
One of my favorite Meet`n Fucks to date! Every scene is incredibly hot and the lesbian bit is a great twist.

nick362 2010.11.02
Great game, really entertaining, and the girls are sexy.

lesbianlove 2010.11.02
It was a great game , they finally have free games :)

junkfolder 2010.11.01
very very nice, this site needs more lesbian content, or a leasy a guide to which games have some.

SmokedCarpenter 2010.11.01
amazing game, great quality, sequel!

mikerelf 2010.10.30
At last some lesbians at MnF series.. Soo good)

nissehult 2010.10.29
A really sexy game i liked it very much

markovnikov 2010.10.29
no challenge involved, ut nice animations

david 2010.10.28
nice game. love it wen its some introduction before action. =)

magic2hr 2010.10.28
good game but i like lesson of passion better
hot girls in this but need more action !

defleppard27 2010.10.25
video quality is nice....

rachy123 2010.10.25
This game is in my top 5 of my favorites. Thank you

jsfrts 2010.10.25
probably the best MNF games..

make more like this

Tcelmo 2010.10.24
This is a great MnF game. The storyline is good and the graphics are awesome

jay50 2010.10.24
people are a little confused there are two of these

Meet AND Fuck is the one you pay for

Meet N Fuck is for free

I really liked it! A great addition to the series

coolerguy 2010.10.24
The game needs better looking girls.

hypernube 2010.10.24
NICE GRAPHICS like the others MnF games I hope there will be more games like this one

otony 2010.10.23
excellent love the actions to play got me hot

shaiksam93 2010.10.23
very nice game i like it and i played it completely

bspence3 2010.10.23
Love the Meet N` Fuck games especially with the lesbian action!

imbored792 2010.10.23
I always loved Meet and Fuck Games especially with a Lesbian Twist. The sheriff was real nice

crash5672 2010.10.22
like these kinds of games. being a woman was a neat twist.

pezhman 2010.10.22
One of the best m&f games keep it up.

darknesslove 2010.10.22
this game is awesome! i love it

legoman369 2010.10.21
This game is really good although all games like these sound like they use the same voice actors... But nevertheless i like this game because it is about lesbians and there aren`t too many of those around

lughbelenos 2010.10.21
Standard MTF, at least it`s not a darn demo...

adirugame 2010.10.21
nice game
just a little monotonous though
nevertheless gr8 lesbian action

hari027 2010.10.21
really hot gitls, i like it!

sneedusmc99 2010.10.21
LOL! This whole thing was like a blast from the past with the game from the 90`s called Full Throttle lol

pigtae 2010.10.20
Meet and Fuck`s games are always the best.

navnuc 2010.10.20
enjoy all the Meet n Fuck games this was a nice twist being lez

ggab 2010.10.19
awesome good lesbians scenes

aaaahhhh 2010.10.19
i wanna fuck someone so hard right now...such a good game

RoninX76 2010.10.19
Awesome game, rather enjoy it...

Pwet 2010.10.18
I loved the game but that was far from the lavador kingdom.

azrael 2010.10.18
Nice classic type of game, very funny

Dasroth 2010.10.18
Very much enjoy the game hope for more

cpgibson007 2010.10.18
very good game worth playing over and over

cpgibson007 2010.10.18
okay i hated the game...thats why i want to see it come out again....listen if saying u lov a game is a bad comment...u had better read the dictonary.

mountain 2010.10.17
only girls i dont like are the store owner and the bar girl

Furrowfoot 2010.10.16
Decent story, typical MnF interactions with good variety.

elgrancesar 2010.10.16
ok game but nt really one of my favorites

kain2master 2010.10.16
Fantastic gfx, was kinda hopin` for some anal during the gangbang scene but otherwise awesome game. MNF has done it again :)

Hunter99004 2010.10.15
OK game for a time killer, pretty good graphics but not my favorite

chrisgrinch 2010.10.15
it wasnt really somet i enjoyed to mcuh figuring things out

lannoy 2010.10.15
Great game. Good graphics though some tit sizes over the top. Like to see lesbian content games.

selectedrip 2010.10.15
it`s nice for a change to have a female char , but there are better meet `n fucks

ghostwalker187 2010.10.15
great graphics and fun game play. love the sheriff.

S41nt 2010.10.15
a lesbian version of meet and fuck games

chumak 2010.10.14
good enough, but still would be better if guys would be involved too

shooter32 2010.10.14
Good game overall, graphics good etc.

uspeople 2010.10.14
I liked Sonia the best!!Good game overall

STOWA 2010.10.13
pretty straight forward and fixed.. but its the genre of this game.. and its one of the better in that cathegory :).. definently one you should try!

pavlova 2010.10.13
excellent lesbian game. one of the best mnf so far

Altair88 2010.10.13
That1s a great game. Lesbian`s game are my favorite!!

G84 2010.10.12
The graphics were great, the gameplay was easy from the start and the animations were hot

Wraith6 2010.10.11
Great game with beautiful graphics and nice hot action.

craig89 2010.10.11
wasnt sure a lesbian one would work but it sure did :)

ospreay 2010.10.10
Fantastic game, very enjoyable

keko 2010.10.09
i finished the game its great

juggernaut13 2010.10.08
one of the best on here so far.

schwarzbeer 2010.10.08
why cant i play the game?

philiplynx 2010.10.08
great game, not too easy like so many. One of the best Meet `n` Fuck. I like it!

cody8208 2010.10.07
i like that the girls have big boobs

cody8208 2010.10.07
it was good and i will enjoy to play it again

Sammy_Jay114 2010.10.07
It was a good game but could of made the people a little bit more sexy

441593 2010.10.07
It was good and it was enjoyable to play it again & again

lees 2010.10.07
excellent game one of my best

th3sub 2010.10.07
Good game. The Meet `n` Fuck games are always good and entertaining, though they may be easy

maffemich 2010.10.07
a bit simple but nice to play, great fun

teteine 2010.10.06
this a really good game i really enjoyed it thanks

DaPunysher 2010.10.06
awsome game... really liked it

johnj 2010.10.06
Very goog game, nice girls, good gameplay. Scenario not bad.

gp78 2010.10.06
a great game, not too easy like so many of them

paolopogi 2010.10.06
awesome game. hope the graphics are better though.

Papi123 2010.10.06
i love this game ass and tit everywhere

fire1515 2010.10.05
awesome girls n good story

maxi2mc 2010.10.05
interesting game, not to long, not too short.

hbd1992 2010.10.04
short but fun loved the barchick

jurek 2010.10.04
niez??a gra ,szkoda ??e nie jest 3D.

sam1baxter 2010.10.04
the game was allright but It could have been longer

pnoos1 2010.10.03
i love meetnfuck games so this was a treat for me

jodiedavies 2010.10.03
Great game, tip: deliberatly lose the 2nd bike fight!

hayden1 2010.10.03
awsome game loved the action

icespankmicelf 2010.10.03
loved it freakin fantastic loved the mechanic chick

alpetpet888 2010.10.02
This game kinda takes a long time, but its worth it :D

Qiu 2010.10.02
Nice storyline for this game~

hanshotfirst 2010.10.02
Probably the best of all the MNF games I`ve played, but I wasn`t exactly in love with the Road Rash style bike fight.

kaibaman 2010.10.02
great game, and to top it off, FREE...

Chairman 2010.10.01
this game is good, i like the les play the whole time, pity i couldnt orginize a threesome...

Ville1 2010.10.01
Hey this is a great game alot of diffrent sex You have too play it

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.01
Love MNF always come out with good games and beautiful graphics.

issssoz 2010.09.30
it is very sexy game and it is amazing

Brandon2611 2010.09.30
very good game, with hot sex scenes

Jerrez 2010.09.30
maybe its time for MNF to move to 3D

ThorBen85 2010.09.30
Nice game.
Maybe there could be some more guys.

do2nero 2010.09.30
The best game in internet Awesome, i love it

sittingduck 2010.09.30
good game like it very much like a the games here

jamiel 2010.09.30
nice game... nice sound effects too...

dage1979 2010.09.30
one of the best games ever

lacasera 2010.09.29
good gameplay with fun graphics, worth playing...

tightywhity 2010.09.28
great game, has everything good animation and stories

sumguy05 2010.09.28
great game, if only their were more girls

mptiger45 2010.09.28
This game was AWESOME! Why can`t all girls act like this lol

Stevie B 2010.09.27
it ok game it just like all the meet n fuck only u are a girl

Eldanesh69 2010.09.26
Cute, but in the end, its still another cookie cutter meet n Fuck game.

Yarpie 2010.09.26
Good game. Enjoyed playing it.

D1ld0 2010.09.25
nice storyline....but the graphics could be improved though

deverish 2010.09.25
love the game, so many girls :3

andiyan 2010.09.25
it`s very nice and good games..!!!!!

jerko2010 2010.09.25
It was a good game, they finally made a good game that is free. Wish they could have added some better looking characters, or change certain scenes

firion69 2010.09.25
ncie gameplay =) sound effects were amazing and realistic too ...

Hottie_StaceyXxX 2010.09.24
WOW This game makes me sooo horny :P

doomlord 2010.09.24
the gameplay is good and fun

moha500 2010.09.23
nice hot sexy game :P i like it

SpiderWeb 2010.09.23
Very nice game, very entertaining.
Would love to see such a lesbian game only made as those dating sim games.

spida 2010.09.23
pretty much the same as all the other meet and fuck games, but still enjoyable

houyee3 2010.09.22
Better than the first one i would say, looking forward to part 3 (:

eneman 2010.09.21
enjoyed it. love all meet`n fuck games

bandaidgrenade 2010.09.21
good meet game, fun to play

ECRIDER 2010.09.21
Cute little game. Like to see a sequel

ilmncsm 2010.09.20
Meet `N` Fuck + Lesbians = Awesome.

biro 2010.09.20
Great game... the first lesbian of this type! good.

shadow747 2010.09.19
Great game, nice graphics and its meet and fuck so u know its going to be good

puredemon 2010.09.19
Good game. Many different girls with many different positions. All in all, it was fun :)

aron1988 2010.09.18
I love this game, I love biking chicks, and lesbian games especially, great to play for guys! Meet`n`Fuck games are awesome!

dkmaxmax 2010.09.18
a little simple but nice graphics

johnjaloie 2010.09.18
good game but i dont particularly like the graphics

none 2010.09.17
Does anyone have a walkthru

Jayjay123 2010.09.17
Good game BEST GAME EVER and sexiest

SaMeRoCk 2010.09.17
this game has reat graphics

jennyee 2010.09.17
great game. kinda long though

starlancer 2010.09.17
Always been a fan of Meet And Fuck Games

blackleg 2010.09.17
wow... i really like this games

Elodie 2010.09.16
very nice game,its great they made a lot of various sex.

conterra 2010.09.16
love the motorcycle battle game!!!

moshiko123 2010.09.15
great grafics and picturs and the animatio are so great

gravitysabitch 2010.09.15
meh, i perfer other mnf games when chicks get rammed by a cock

losserrmann 2010.09.15
game is hot but a little too long especially with that ugly green haired chick

kyo 2010.09.14
not bad i hopt for a better efects and grafics

Reyson 2010.09.14
great game

lololol, sometimes i get stuckz0r at the sex stuff

idontwannagrowup 2010.09.14
Awesome game...finallt a MNF that I can really jerk to.

tekuteku18 2010.09.14
this game has a great story

JezzBug 2010.09.13
best m and f game there is!

khazad12 2010.09.13
cool game liked all the girl on girl stuff

bbtoetsenbord 2010.09.12
nice game, with different actions

Yumi ;3 2010.09.12
Good game and it`s nice to get a lesbian gamie ^^

hornyemo 2010.09.12
HOT!!! Enojyed the girl on girl for a change :) MORE LESIBAN GAMES!!!

billyboy 2010.09.12
good story and for change girls are at command, nice

hina_kae 2010.09.11
some of them were not as good looking

Tan Man 2010.09.11
it was a grate meet and fuck i got so horny

15552 2010.09.10
very nice game with a twist of the usual formula, a fun mini-game and good scenes. one of their best

vargr 2010.09.10
Another great MnF game had to play through a second time to get threesome with Earl but worth doing

yuhime 2010.09.10
Wow that guy really wants a smash ..

Shadowfett 2010.09.10
Great game, but I wish the characters were a bit more detailed.

jeidi09 2010.09.10
Whoa,my favourite game!!!The last girl is unbelieveble!!!

kael85 2010.09.09
nice game, good graphics and variation for MnF

sportingthug99 2010.09.09
could have done with some better character but good game

the-game1964 2010.09.08
its a good game . i like it a lot

god1234567 2010.09.08
It was a good game, they finally made a good game that is free. Wish they could have added some better looking characters, or change certain scenes.

maki11 2010.09.08
nice game and great quality as well

link13 2010.09.08
Nice and simple, although, not to be racist, the black girls were a little of a turn-off

blueviolet 2010.09.07
another typical MNF game...

always love their creation...

wish to see more multi-end type though...

md_rat 2010.09.07
Loved the game, very good.

n0xi0us 2010.09.07
A very entertaining game. A great addition to the series. But I still would like to see a game with multiple endings.

xphile67 2010.09.07
Best MNF game I`ve played yet! Lesbian twist was a good one.

star 2010.09.07
awesome game, i like it,should have more this kind of games.

Afwan09 2010.09.07
relevent gameplay
all the girl in this game is beauty

Fatunicorn 2010.09.06
Alright, but not a huge fan of this type of game, they are all too similiar

kmkz1 2010.09.06
I love this game cause it takes me back to the time I was playing Full Throtlle and it`s so long ago ... but they really made a game whith good actions, graphics and fights... so awesome !

jokigaul 2010.09.06
wow... bitch!!!!!!! nice game.....

adam5 2010.09.06
i donot like this game i like aboy fucking a girl types of game

jbeck1492 2010.09.06
This was a good game, but hard to play on a laptop using only the sensor pad instead of a mouse.

goldeni 2010.09.04
nice simple game.

i always enjoy the meet and fuck games

bobg 2010.09.04
Hot lesbians. I like it. Be sure to lose the fight with Earl for the hot threesome

morito 2010.09.04
I dont like the final girl

saifty1 2010.09.03
Yet another great mnf game..

Alex13 2010.09.03
Great game grapics are great.

silvergirl12321 2010.09.03
VERY HOT, its a good game, but more lesbien action in 3d like the other games (eg i love laura) would be nice

arnold99 2010.09.03
one of the best.good graphics

Chosen_Chaos 2010.09.03
Nice game, good graphics and the different from other MnF games was nice, too

rawisrey 2010.09.03
Great game, honestly I didnt really like the girl you end up with but its all good. great to see an actual game again and not just demos.

eldermoron 2010.09.03
great mnf game but the art just seems over cartoonized. should be more anime

king of poo 2010.09.02
the animation was superb

Jackfroid 2010.09.02
A bit different from the other Meet`n`fuck games, but i prefer that, with all these possibilities.
Of cousre, very good pictures!!

cskimp 2010.09.02
this game made my penis shoot off my body

jcb330 2010.09.02
I loved this game. Great Animation and graphics.

beatpoet 2010.09.01
Fun game and visuals. The sounds got a bit repetitive, but overall worth it. Sometimes it`s better to lose a minigame to see how it`ll be.

o0ochillouto0o 2010.09.01
really nice lesbian game and nice pictures

hanswurst 2010.09.01
really exciting game, nice idea with the lesbian biker

fmeyen 2010.09.01
Nice lesbian girls, Hot game!

JOHN DX 2010.09.01

JOHN DX 2010.09.01

Precious 2010.09.01
Very good game over all, but mostly repetative scene`s.

oteropablo 2010.08.31
very very good game, I enjoyed it very much!!

sittingduk 2010.08.31
nice game, really hot girls

iluvbigtits 2010.08.31
sexy women and a good game overall

kiaha 2010.08.31
Nice game, liked the gangbang.

Driver 2010.08.31
Great Game i loved this hot girls and it wasn`t too diffcult

razor 2010.08.31
always dream like this sooo goood

kpyrinikos 2010.08.31
I get very hard playing this game, it is very sexy, and with a special hint.

das2 2010.08.31
This game is better than most of their new stuff. The older ones had more gameplay

newshoes4youtx 2010.08.30
If you like lesbians this is the game to watch, Lots of adventure an hot sex

fmelo 2010.08.30
I get very hard playing this game, it is very sexy

BIGTITS$$ 2010.08.30

jeditrojan 2010.08.30
It`s realy good game, I very like it.

light9133 2010.08.30
love it. free. enjoyable. graphics could be better but i`ll take it for what it is. 77/100

wyskas 2010.08.30
5 nice horny wild girl with sexual arrassement that`s hot baby

zardoz 2010.08.30
good game in biker world mdr very pretty girl so hot

revilo19 2010.08.30
i dont usually go for bondage but the small amount in this game actually aroused me!

sjovemand 2010.08.30
it was a great game pehaps a little short but otherwise awesome game

ZeroRoze 2010.08.29
A very awesome game very nice

Slick Rick 2010.08.29
good game, but they forgot to put a repeat sex deal with the 2 scrap yard guys after you win.

randy06 2010.08.29
great game this one hope there is more and more action as well

babahoush 2010.08.29
great game lots of interactivity and lots of positions

Andros 2010.08.29
Best Meet`N`fuck game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rob63 2010.08.29
Not a bad game and it`s free at last, graphics pretty good.

kissessa 2010.08.29
we love meet`n fuck !! Always sexy stuff !

bhma222 2010.08.29
Decent game. Did enjoy all the different sex scenes.

pballplaya 2010.08.29
i love these games. make the best games. love these scenarios

greatlicker 2010.08.29
Great game with hot girls

SuperRichie 2010.08.29
girlongirl. that was a great game!

largefireant 2010.08.29
love the meet n fuck series this is one of the best

brink7000 2010.08.28
Best M`n F ever! Love it! More girl on girl!

ahnung 2010.08.28
good continuation of the storyline
great characters

jim34hippie 2010.08.28
good game one of the best

Pornoholic 2010.08.28
Awesome :) All the best Meet `n` Fuck games are the long ones, IMO. =)

T M 2010.08.28
This has to be one of the best in the M & F games so far. Keep improving!

jj1922 2010.08.28
Pretty good game, especially since it was free for once. The animation could use a little work, but overall very good.

Oddler 2010.08.28
Good game. Lose to the biker for an extra H scene

abcedwfe 2010.08.28
Another game that is worth playing

bigsnypr 2010.08.28
fun game i lik that it is atypical of the usual game

ragerage84 2010.08.28
The problem with the MnF games are they are hit or miss, its either a crappy demo or a full game thats good.

Tannim 2010.08.28
Brilliant game nice to see a girl on girl game for a change.

coyotefx 2010.08.27
good graphics and the story line was decent.

firegurl1293 2010.08.27
Finally! A M&F game that isn`t just a tease, now that is cool and its a very good game :)

rx743 2010.08.27
great but all lesbain lol but if you lose to the dude you see some man of women action

jarod16 2010.08.27
Great game took a while but that what makes it great

gomen98 2010.08.27
holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Endziux 2010.08.27
Glad it`s not a demo, great graphic and cool that it`s girl on girl only.. good job

emilriau 2010.08.27
gameplay, graphic and animation are fantastic.

Mcdanger 2010.08.27
i love the full versions of mnf games. they are low quality but arousing

Dantei 2010.08.27
good game with variations but really simple

Helros 2010.08.27
Good to see another full game instead of a demo,big relief. Interesting to have a full girl on girl game. Instead of the Hero of the game always being a guy. Nice change of scenery

sonic84 2010.08.27
good game and funny story

wwwgamer 2010.08.27
Great meat N F game...played it multiple times.

rossp11 2010.08.27
awesome game, really good variation

usuf12345 2010.08.27
its a good game with lots of variation sex

Virtual 2010.08.27
A very good game, nice to see it from a different point of view.

Avogadro21 2010.08.26
I like lesbian games, but, Can you add better sound effects?, graphics are good

lalab 2010.08.26
Great new M and F. I like the lesbo this time

packe93 2010.08.26
Great Game, Great Story, just wished it was longer :/

blinn 2010.08.26
good enough, but it`s better to be men also... =)

sirtilt 2010.08.26
it was great! i wish there were more mnf games . . .

Liger450 2010.08.25
more sex with mens would be great

Liger450 2010.08.25
the game could be a litlle bit harder

Lord Vol De Morda 2010.08.25
When i saw this game i thing it would be good because of lesbians, but i was wrong. Babes are ugly (but better than real lesbians) and too short (game of course :) ).

scratchinvinyl 2010.08.25
Great new addition to the M`n`F series

petebahra 2010.08.25
Very hot biker game ... most hot babes are the repair chick the sheriff, and her cousin

nolove123 2010.08.25
really funny and good game

daadennis 2010.08.25
great game sure wish more of the mnf games had lesbians

huligin13 2010.08.25
I thought it was a great game, nice twist to MnF

Ezio Gurzo 2010.08.25
Great game, but not one of my favorites.

guruofunk 2010.08.25
Good game. Really enjoyed the new perspective on these types of games. :D

negativeimpact 2010.08.24
it was alright i guess more for the ladies pleasure than for mine but i guess you have to through in some of those to keep everyone happy.

crazyawesomedude 2010.08.24
Awesome details, best meet and fuck ever

Beefwood 2010.08.24
Short and sweet! Nice scenes and art. If the bike battle was more fun, I`d rate it 10/10!

hombrezitogris 2010.08.24
very hot game, for a good time

hallafax 2010.08.24
finally a new M&F game that isn`t a demo.

grim35 2010.08.24
really fun game could use better graphics but still a good game

kirtus 2010.08.24
i loved this game. it was so sexy

Luzi 2010.08.24
Nice game, my favorite of all the MNF games

gluposti 2010.08.24
Liked it, but missed alternative endings...

titibox 2010.08.24
Interesting game especially in playing as a woman for once, I didn`t really like the graphisms though.

Kirdran 2010.08.24
I don`t actually like lesbians, but not bad game. Like M`n`f series

roaddog 2010.08.24
i like this game,very nice to play

koro62 2010.08.24
this game has super nice girls

dndmasters 2010.08.23
ilove the girls in this game

njl32605 2010.08.23
like the quality and amount of girls

doubleblaze 2010.08.23
The girls are nice, but I`d rather see them get it on with some guys, too.

rossclan 2010.08.23
I love that this was about lesbians. Nice twist

Giyer 2010.08.23
Finally after waiting quite the time they releasa a new game, it had good graphics but it could have more girls

ukmuppet1 2010.08.23
interesting twist being the woman perspective normally male only, shame interaction didnt last longer

thunderhead 2010.08.23
Great game, interesting role reversal!

salmanpg06 2010.08.23
The best MnF game ever... Congratz

salmanpg06 2010.08.23
waw.! what a nice lesbians. they`re hot!

coolguy456 2010.08.23
Wasn`t a bad game. I have to say that some of the scenes took too long though. However, you`ll especially love the scene with the sheriff.

mickeymouse 2010.08.23
Great game, does the biker guy have sex with you if you losethe later race?

robraf 2010.08.23
Look alot like full throttle game. Good lesbian action, but it would be better with more bisexual action

Emper0r 2010.08.23
a very nice game with a good game story and graphics

050gertje0 2010.08.23
I would have liked it more when it was 3D. For the rest. Good job!

dog4305 2010.08.23
this is the best MNF game i play

Timothyx 2010.08.23
cool game good graphics and story. sex scenes last a bit long with rubbing and so on.

Wolfen189 2010.08.23
One of the best MNF games so far. Great looking girls and the storyline is a nice change fro the vanilla. I can`t wait to see what they come up with next.

Stretchball 2010.08.23
Awesome. These meet n fuck games are always incredible.

lopin1 2010.08.23
I just love lesbian sex scenes. good game

KPeek 2010.08.23
good game. and nice girls too

lombardie 2010.08.23
Nice game, I really liked the bonus scene where you on purpose loose for Earl to get that bonus scene. In all short and good game with lot of variety.

caos 2010.08.23
great meet´n´fuck game ...

koltrain95 2010.08.22
i loved the lesbian sex scenes with all the different girls and definitaly the sherrif scene

larrybobby 2010.08.22
This was a pretty fun game. However, I would like to have heard different moans for the different ladies.

Sagitta 2010.08.22
it was a a good game but short

Keilso 2010.08.22
Excellent game - loved the female slant

loogan 2010.08.22
plenty of fun to be had, lots of gals. the fight was kinda lame however.

lazarus2 2010.08.22
Another excellent Meet`n Fuck game. Sex with the sheriff is absolutely amazing. Neither bad with the reapairing woman.

linla 2010.08.22
really good game. Nice drawing and pleasant little history

angel2411 2010.08.22
luv dis game ! totaly good grafics

alphonsey 2010.08.22
Fantastic game! I can`t decide if I like the sheriff or the mechanic better...

rossclan 2010.08.22
I love this game. It`s rare to get a complete MnF game

webhead42 2010.08.22
Great MnF I love games like this with lebian action

Armyman888 2010.08.22
great game graphics good as well as the backround voices

Dmoney75 2010.08.22
That was the best MeetnFucks game ever.

mace88 2010.08.22
I love Meet`N`Fuck games.

palmdad49 2010.08.22
Another great meet n fuck game. Good story with decent graphics.

Nicholasman 2010.08.22
I love this game and i want more games like this.

GotYou 2010.08.22
Lesbians games are needed, really yummy :D

Timothyx 2010.08.22
really a good game, quiet slowly sometimes, b ut who cares a meetnfuck! ^^

arthur42 2010.08.22
One of the best MnF game. More lesbians!

addictive 2010.08.22
definetley one of the best MnF ever

sicnarfj 2010.08.22
this game has some grreat graphics, and prettty funnty lines

ico 2010.08.22
cool game
1 of best mnf game i played

kjdehn 2010.08.22
these games kind of stink because you only can go so far

brylis21 2010.08.22
The best part of MNF to date.

sweetwildcat 2010.08.22
The best MnF game ever... Congratz

hoptirinay 2010.08.22
it was a great game mnf forever pf1!!

medic 2010.08.22
Great game, glad it was free and got some replay value

lama 2010.08.22
nice game, story is ok, interaction is easy

jerryonly83 2010.08.22
at last a new m`n`f!! and it`s great!

Joshay 2010.08.22
You can intentionly lose that race to enjoy the gangbang in the game!

ghost222 2010.08.21
love these types of games!

darkking777 2010.08.21
the only thing i can say with game is that i am glad it is not a demo like the others made by the same people lol.

bob12345 2010.08.21
awesome. it`s been awhile since i haven`t played at a mnf as good as this one. but too bad they tell us what to do

hopebeach2002 2010.08.21
good game~but if got guy join in is better~

vickman11 2010.08.21
I love M-n-F Games. They are the best!

gad1111 2010.08.21
awsome, more games like this please

Toufy 2010.08.21
I really love it! the she fucks the police officer

Toufy 2010.08.21
I love loosing the second ride because she banged!

kjl2598 2010.08.21
i loved this game it was so fun

Xianauf 2010.08.21
one of the best meet and fucks around I have to say

snoop085 2010.08.21
great game. i love the MNF games

bosjorne 2010.08.21
i really loved the different sex scenes with the different women especially the black bar girl`s BDSM basement

capt_dick 2010.08.21
this game had everything a horny gamer is looking for, meet and fuck games should always be this involved!

lihosta 2010.08.21
the game is very different from the others atleast its not a demo i foumd the fighting a bit weird though

bandit 2010.08.21
Great game. Love it when theres heaps of girls.

ronnyponny 2010.08.21
finally a complete game
not like those short demos

djhill 2010.08.21
its an awsome game , love it

rickyrick 2010.08.21
waw.! what a nice lesbians. they`re hot!

zilver63 2010.08.21
I like this one, because the action scenes is not very hard. I give this 4/5 stars****.

Yellowdot 2010.08.21
Uhm, I must be a retard or something, but how do I keep going after doing the first girl, the one in the local store?

ks 2010.08.21
finally a different game. nice!

catrembut 2010.08.21
finally a complete game
not like those short demos

SSFVI 2010.08.21
Great game, but not one of my favorites.

bockel79 2010.08.21
Very nice game. Lesbians are hot! Graphics are ok.

Towy 2010.08.21
hey what can I say i`m a Lesso trapped in a mans body........loved it

Jacks 2010.08.21
really nice game, was fun to play

juujoo 2010.08.21
nice game i love lesbians

badboy1980 2010.08.21
Meet`n`Fuck games are the best!!!it was cool!!

foxyboy 2010.08.21
Nice game expecting moe of them

ZeroImage 2010.08.21
Many varieties of girl. Plus theres alot of sex scenes aswell

goselink 2010.08.21
awesome game. especialy because you could finish it

Maheen 2010.08.21
it was great! i wish there were more mnf games . . .

laurajones 2010.08.21
The MNF games get better each time. I like it when there`s more of a story and more interaction

gilly133 2010.08.20
i love mnfs games wish there were more

bearman15 2010.08.20
I love these games, always are fun. great gameplay

Kernlawyer 2010.08.20
Another great MNF game keep em cumming!

arkey 2010.08.20
Oh. God, Russian Music killed me, hell yeah! :D

Playah 2010.08.20
Nice game, nice girls, i want them all :D ;)

Catacroker 2010.08.20
the best game of Meet & fuck!
I think that the graphs are going better and the gameplay is more attractive than elders.
So, congrats!

bobdude42 2010.08.20
Great as usual the last two scenes were really good!!

therapist 2010.08.20
Quite different, but i like it.

Sidmark 2010.08.20
Great game MnF Makes Good games. Graphics are good. animations are good. cant really find anything bad about this game

Shot 2010.08.20
One hell of a ride ;-)
Great Meet`n`fuck game

mancano75 2010.08.20
i love the whole lesbian part of it but i dont like the girls saying touch me here now touch me here. all the meet and fuck games use the same body parts in almost the same sequence to get the pleasure meter to rise. we dont need to be told where to touch and it takes away from the game

Xyzzy 2010.08.20
What was good: motorcycle theme, story, graphics, hot babes, easy enough to stumble onto the right sequence, lesbian theme was a nice twist. Also, the English grammar was very good.

What was bad: click and click and click, not much thinking involved, too formulaic, same soundtrack, same moaning sounds over and over, it just got boring.

I guess I`ve just gotten spoiled by the much better games that have been made available here lately.

starwarsgeek210 2010.08.20
It`s so awesome they made a parody of Full Throttle. Though I don`t think Ben would have got his ass kicked by Earl. Would have been sweet if the lead was Maureen and not Sonia, but I guess there would be copyright issues. Anyway, best one of these games so far.

honorableone11 2010.08.20
interesting new spin on the series. not having a male lead

mohaaboy 2010.08.20
definitely much better, great game man

sliderbites 2010.08.20
Have to say I love the unlocking of one scene by performing another, but should give an option for the threesome after the race is won

punn29 2010.08.20
nice lesbian action and glad it was not a demo

az89 2010.08.20
well that`s quite different from before. the main character is a girl, the final blow change from cum to climax, those girl giving order what to do. i not really into this type of `same gender relationship`.

abrvagl 2010.08.20
Nice. A main heroine was beautifully drawn.

IamBri 2010.08.20
The positions were a refreshing change and a sexy twist with it involving lesbian sex.

tairajonzu 2010.08.20
good gameplay good graphic and good animation

scannatore 2010.08.20
Great game, it remind me the first Lula.

senF 2010.08.20
nice game, sweet girls :D

chrisb 2010.08.20
Very exciting games, with beautiful toons graphics, action, and sexy and exciting lesbian girls.
Simple and hot game. One of the very best one.

kpyrinikos 2010.08.20
Very hot biker game ... most hot babes are the repair chick the sheriff, and her cousin

Chewie29 2010.08.20
hot hot hot biker game. Nice with som lesbo.

leuciuc 2010.08.20
Very hot biker game ... most hot babes are the repair chick and the sheriff . Fun to Play !

woody 2010.08.20
not bad ,at least its not another demo from them lol

allen666 2010.08.20
It was a great game, the girls are so hot .

starneo 2010.08.20
Game play, graphic and animation was nice. It was interesting using gal as main character.

MrSeven 2010.08.19
Another amazing game from mnf!

kdogg 2010.08.19
gameplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great.

dave56879001 2010.08.19
Oh my goodness, that was soooooo hot. Wonderfully done!

Deaddice87 2010.08.19
A great game. Happy it is not a demo.

NightmareGER 2010.08.19
Finally a Meet n Fuck were you are not a Guy hehe.

Loved the Setting it was just something totally new.

Fun little bike fight mixed it up nicely.

InsidiousWeasel 2010.08.19
Like it or hate it ( or run screaming from lesbians ) at least this MnF release isn`t a Demo for a change. Definitely tell it`s Back to College time some places and the game industry is looking for those consumer dollars.

brink7000 2010.08.19
Loved this game! PC is a chick doing other chicks. Best MnF imo.

jsmith1105 2010.08.19
Good game, but some of the scenes take too long.

Balinor 2010.08.19
just click & click, but graphics are nice

cheese101 2010.08.19
good mnf game,can be a bit slow,but good graphics :)

dreadwolf 2010.08.19
game play, graphic, animation are good nice game

whowhowho 2010.08.19
very nice game, more please

andy_regresa 2010.08.19
good game wished there were different endings and different playstyle

dtmscan 2010.08.19
pretty cool game, little different from the classic series, also, nice story and characters.

boinky 2010.08.19
Great game, classic MnF gameplay. But I like the old manga art style of the other MnF games better

mago99 2010.08.19
One of the better MTF games in a while

trencin 2010.08.19
pretty good meet and fuck

vitali 2010.08.19
Good game, free - well done. But too easy and no alternatives or parallel scenarios.

none 2010.08.19
people are a little confused there are two of these

Meet AND Fuck is the one you pay for

Meet N Fuck is for free

I really liked it! A great addition to the series

dragoon1000 2010.08.19
was pretty fun but i wish there was more babes to do

lonegunman 2010.08.19
another good mnf game, i like it!

ak31 2010.08.19
nice game, but the options are almost the same in every game

MolemanTux 2010.08.19
Nice game... multiple things to do... I like that :D

kinky888 2010.08.19
This MnF game was a lot different than the others, Overall I like the others more but this was a great change of pace and is held to the same quality of all the other MnF games, I liked it.

mioumiou 2010.08.19
Great game. One of the best Meet `n` Fuck.

ba ghost 2010.08.19
great game i think this is the first lesbo m and f

storm 2010.08.19
a very god game.... interesting stori and nice girl

crossbone 2010.08.19
Great game like all of the M`n`F-Series. But the next time they could squirt them a little.

Achilles 2010.08.19
Cool game funny graphics and brilliant animations

Hungaussie 2010.08.19
Good MnF game. Nice to see that some of the women had realistic size tits. Good to see a lesbian version

loucooley 2010.08.19
good game wished there were different endings and different playstyle

hors 2010.08.19
Very nice game, with interesting (because different) all lesbian plot and fun race mini-game.

s@nt!no 2010.08.19
A very entertaining game. A great addition to the series. But I still would like to see a game with multiple endings.

Mister LD 2010.08.19
this game was really awsome

Ricoh124 2010.08.19
Interesting variation of an ever popular series of encounters, plus bikes too.

dick_dick 2010.08.19
very nice game,its great they made a lot of various sex.

lloyd1191 2010.08.19
It was a good game, they finally made a good game that is free. Wish they could have added some better looking characters, or change certain scenes.

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