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Meet and Fuck Leila


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usschevalier 2017.11.07
Extremely simple gameplay but, as others said, graphics are quite good

Domenik 2017.09.26
Good graphics but easy gameplay

IchFindeZuegeCool 2017.08.04
A little short but there is exactly zero challenge she still looks rn

Chairman1966 2017.07.28
the game is cute, but predictable

LX0809 2017.06.26
KitCarsen, I absolutely agree with you. ^)

KitCarsen 2017.06.26
Short and sweet. Could do with a longer game play with more positions...bj, anal etc

Hottie515 2017.06.10
Short game, But Awesome, nice playtrough

ianjames 2017.03.13
interesting game but to short

cambridge4453 2017.01.27
Old game; feels like an apprentice piece. some good ideas but short and no real story

robbie2801 2017.01.25
It`s better than other old games.


snoraxTT 2016.11.27
a good game, have nothing wrong with it

memnoch343 2016.07.16
Cute but way to short for my taste. I believe this one is an early MnF game

freedomedvin2 2016.06.02
the story is abit short but still is a game game.

cambridge4453 2016.03.24
Basic and straightforward. I guess it teaches you to be nice and to be considerate

pberke 2016.02.24
Short 2 minutes game, graphics are old and there is no sound. Fun to play through once.

Vrykolas2k 2016.01.17
It needs audio, and it`s a bit short.

BellaBasilisk 2015.12.02
No Sound...perhaps a debug is needed? Otherwise, i like :)

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.19
That girl was falling head over heels for the cheesiest pickups in the world. What I had to say to get her naked... "Is that a space top? Cuz your tits are out of this world!" (Note: Grammar was not that good.)

RezyTV 2015.05.22
I love the concept of these games where you meet a girl.

pieffepi 2014.11.25
Nice and simple but too short

PG99 2014.08.30
nice gameplay but short

graciejames 2014.08.10
they should make a lesbian meet and fuck I love them more

sensei 2014.06.28
To short :( but nice sceen

brawler1 2014.05.07
quick and fun. a little too easy but worth playing anyway

tonino.cacato 2013.10.07
That`s funny game. Just not a hentai game.

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

shyman44425 2013.07.28
very simple fun little game. great tits.

jmart20 2013.07.21
great graphics beautiful girl just needs to be more challenging

wayward00 2013.06.16
short game, poor graphic. I don`t like it

venom605 2013.06.14
wish it was longer, nice game

DarthRic 2013.06.09
The ending was hot but I like to be able to have my way with the girl after I excite her.

zyx4321a 2013.05.27
Good, short game, would be better with better graphics

Grorm 2013.05.24
Ok, but a lil bit short and too easy to finish. Liked the cartoonish grafics

gwazz 2013.04.21
short and easy but good fun

e-monk 2013.04.11
no chance to make failure, straight ahaed game...

IamBri 2013.04.07
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short. It had a lot more potential.

12gg3 2013.04.03
A good flash-game, a bit older, graphics are still good. It is a nice game overall

imiko 2013.03.15
Too short for my taste, but still fun

ironrod 2013.03.09
nice game suspense and the teasing is awesome

playforcetoo 2013.02.07
This is a very very nice game

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice game , but way too short.

Marty2005 2012.12.30
very nice game but could use more positions and could be a bit longer

bigpeet92 2012.11.22
pretty straight game, it`s predictable, but it`s still a good game

JLK123 2012.11.17
auick easy i like it could do with more action just good fun

Sydguy181 2012.11.07
Was short and sweet. Graphics weren`t too bad.

derrabe77 2012.10.21
really nice and hot girls!!!

J i i z 2012.10.19
The music or sounds are cool but you need to put more graphics and make the game longer !!

Vrykolas2k 2012.09.25
I prefer sounds, but it was ok

stevie 2012.07.23
Too short with no sound or music however it was ok.

jafo69 2012.07.23
funny...how far games have cum...lmao

takuyasha 2012.07.12
short and sweet. i love the way she looks

Soul Assassin 2012.06.01
Meet n` fuck are always good games. Very good

redrick123 2012.06.01
Not bad, but not too good either hahahaha!!!

WantsToPlay 2012.05.26
Little short but easy to play

jacksonpercy99 2012.05.17
thts i geus quite gooooooood

derda 2012.05.15
Not bad, but not too good either.

bahamut86 2012.05.12
nice grafic and story,but too short

jeremiecalma 2012.04.27
Well the game is kinda interesting but would be more nicer if its long and have a story line , , ..

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.24
good m-n-f game, a bit short, but did have descent verbal interaction options

Barren Thin 2012.02.09
To easy and to short, but the graphics are good.

Phenruss 2012.02.09
wow, really short. You can see how newer games built on the gameplay. Fun for what it is.

RedDragon6969 2012.02.03
The game was way too short and easy to be much fun. Need to add some stuff and make non-linear!! Average graphics that can be played on a Win 98 computer.

ben_500 2012.01.23
great game, the story is linear and too easy but the art is awesome...i really love tanned girls

BallIdiot 2012.01.09
Too short and predictable. Sound would be good.

ukbigfoot 2012.01.07
The graphics are good but the actions are too predictable. The game needs to build anticipation more use more teasing.

PlayBoy97 2012.01.07
Good game but a bit too easy!

bandit001 2012.01.07
Meet and fuck games are fun just a tad short.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.04
Well... Decent one, one of the first from the MNF series.

Guillaume 2012.01.01
Very easy and fine but too short game.

mikicostanza 2011.12.26
nice game with hot girl very good

pratik0803 2011.12.05
i love meet n fuck games....dey r awesome........

threedaysjpt 2011.12.03
not bad, very short. Never like the mouse shaking though

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

lazy boy 2011.11.20
very short and easy game .. but good anyway..

licka2566 2011.10.11
good m-n-f game, a bit short, but did have descent verbal interaction options

bluejedi41 2011.10.08
Very easy and short game.

kxtqf0 2011.10.08
Not a bad game but would like it with more endings

mitsu22 2011.10.06
Not a bad game. Could be longer and have a little more variety to it.

smelygoat 2011.10.04
Another good MnF game a bit short like most but still good

dgkesquire 2011.09.28
Nice, simple game play, lovely graphics, good verbal interaction choices. A little short, though.

no2all 2011.09.09
could have been longer with more options, but 3 out of 5.

miller0811 2011.09.07
i love meet n fuck games this one just makes me want to play them all

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Very nice game and hot babes.

busu99 2011.08.24
good game, just a pity that there`s no sound

bamaphant 2011.08.23
good game just a little short

elo77 2011.08.23
too short
typical meat and fuck game
i like something more original and with better graphics

wolman2060 2011.08.15
Straight forward flash-game. Nothing wrong with it, nothing special either. Just fun.

patrickgazar 2011.08.09
Very sexy girl, but the games a bit short.

shadownanto 2011.07.20
a very short game, Wonderful graphics though, enjoyed it very much ;)

DaCok 2011.07.19
Short but hot! And the graphic are pretty good.

essien5 2011.07.12
good animations but very short

suckmemore 2011.07.09
sexy fun game, great graphics

Rajsters 2011.06.23
kind of short for a meet n fuck game

derda 2011.06.22
Very short and average game. nothing special.

Soozuo 2011.06.21
I would say that this was an average game. It was a little short but I realy liked the graphics. I wish there were more choices.

jojo123 2011.06.13
typical Mnf Game no choice but good graphics and story

stukovm1g 2011.06.08
can`t seem to get past the massage part...

MattR 2011.05.28
Good Game but the story is too short for me

Danny King 2011.05.16
Short and sweet, but fun to play.

DziEs 2011.05.13
Its really nice short game

alphaq72 2011.05.13
it was a good game however it was kind of short

badb457 2011.05.12
pretty easy, but fun and sexy.

banes 2011.05.10
Too easy and too short. Girl was okay.

dieguito@13 2011.05.08
the game is too simple and too short .

sanji 2011.05.06
very cartoon, dont like it

qwerty17 2011.05.03
from that game long it gets better and better

m4t0n 2011.04.28
good game graphics.... awsome

crzyone 2011.04.21
The graphics are ok but the game was too qick and only 1 playthroughs worth

branknock 2011.04.21
I found this game a bit too easy, not for me

gensai34 2011.04.16
Too short with no sound or music however it was ok.

C. C. 2011.04.12
Little too short. Not much challenge to the action.

zie_knight 2011.04.12
Shorter game between MnF game

Skarn62 2011.04.06
Another grapics, changing MNF tyle.

salmon 2011.04.05
pretty easy, but fun and sexy.

smoothstone 2011.04.05
Original drawing, it changes!! again!

poisonsynite 2011.03.26
Just another fine game with good graphics

DeaconFrost 2011.03.19
Extremely short every possible way, single girl, one conversation, everything is average, and I am somehow kind with the adjective, even graphically.
One step behind most games in here, even the most basic ones.

month 2011.03.11
Linear, have to do things their way, and unimaginative. Add some cheesy dialogues. Only saving grace is that the girl is cute.

sexii_Lexi 2011.03.10
easy game i love to see when he cums so tempting also nice graphics

monstermike1810 2011.03.07
i likes it there was a hot girl annd thats essential

Lois_Voom 2011.03.07
This game could have been so much better. She`s just to darn easy.

r_jay 2011.02.18
easy game and not too exciting.

randy06 2011.02.13
yes another great game wnat more action tho

boxer200 2011.02.11
great game i hope you make more games like this ..

R_bOnEz 2011.02.08
damn she`s hot,these games are allright.

pabloescobar 2011.02.08
boring as hell and bad graphics

illopy 2011.02.01
short game, poor graphic. I don`t like it

jaguarty 2011.01.21
poor grafics,patetic sex scene.

yy2 2011.01.17
Obviously an older game, but still good, despite archaic animation style and interface.

sauljr 2011.01.08
i like these types of games but didn`t like the mouse moving up and down

david_villa 2011.01.07
the meet and fuck are so great

R_bOnEz 2010.12.31
hot chick,hot game ,keep them coming

N31l 2010.12.26
short game... not one of my favouritte but still a nice game

LadyXena 2010.12.20
Not a bad game but was far to short.

Razzle 2010.12.17
A good game over all didnt like the part were u had to shake your mouse up and down.

Futurus 2010.12.16
nice game, but could have been longer.

mick149 2010.12.14
good but was over quick

ahclem 2010.11.29
Have the MnF games gotten longer over time? I don`t recall the ones I`ve played in the past being this short (or are these just demo teases?)

schrottie 2010.11.29
a little short, but otherwise not bad

marcodeg 2010.11.25
it was a good meet and fuck game good game

es 2010.11.13
nice meet and fuck game, too short though

probie 2010.11.08
not to bad of a game could of been longer tho

hugo57 2010.11.08
standard meet and fuck game..nothing too special , nice graphics..problem was the girl got naked too soon..

extramix 2010.11.08
this is one of the best meet and fuck game

kenpachitr 2010.11.05
the game is too simple i think

north262 2010.11.05
a little short, but otherwise not bad

Viper302 2010.11.03
nicr graphics but again to short

Toboshi 2010.10.30
Not bad, but not too good either.

gradandrei2006 2010.10.27
this game has some really good endings.

talon1969 2010.10.23
Graphics could be improved, straight foward game.
Not my favorite.

andiyan 2010.10.21
sexy n funny games..it`s nice!!!

kamouloxx 2010.10.15
this is a great game, short but very good.

lonely3000 2010.10.14
good game pity its so shprt

nickk 2010.10.06
as normal as most of the games nothing special

jeanmimel 2010.10.03
nice graphics but too easy and too short

malone8004 2010.09.17
haha fun game mine didint have sound for sum reason but deffinatly funny

Tan Man 2010.09.11
it was a good meet and fuck game good game

redback 2010.09.09
I like this game , I waS FUN TO PLAY

beatpoet 2010.09.06
A classic that never gets tired. MnF games are some of the best!

The Dude 72 2010.08.30
It was just alright, much better games on this site to play

juicy dick 2010.08.29
this was the best of the mnf series because it was the first

rontoo 2010.08.25
The gameplay was interactive, which was nicebut it would have been nice if getting the different achievements gave a reward, like a picture or something like that.

Dmoney75 2010.08.22
The game was sort of slow.

kaotom40 2010.08.22
nice drawing of the game but i prefer the 3D

paskalskie 2010.08.22
good game but is way too short

riley567 2010.08.20
dude this game was super simple but veryy hot

tight69 2010.08.07
the game seems a bit too short, could easily be made better

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
Very short and average game. nothing special.

deanlewis 2010.08.05
too short, wish there was a lot more action and more girls

varunhs 2010.08.04
Too easy games can improve the graphics

arrrwolf 2010.08.03
graffics could be better way too easy

IamBri 2010.07.29
Kind of short based on other M&F games. Pretty predictable.

sneglen 2010.07.26
i think it is a nice game but could have been longer

40belowsummer 2010.07.24
A little short this game. But I can live with it, she had a nice rag so its okay with me. Give it 80 %

cjmullet 2010.07.24
there should of been a little more to it

coldhot87 2010.07.22
the girl is nice, but game is very short. it could be better with some more sex action

lw 2010.07.21
I like it but it could be longer

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Its quite short compared to the other MnF games, but it still quite a good game.

nameit 2010.07.10
Nice girl, but it`s a bit short

az89 2010.07.08
the first series of mnf story, that`s why the graphic not so good

chillie 2010.07.08
great game good detail and quality!!!

lenman 2010.07.08
Nice and simple game play. Graphics are ok. Very basic and straightforward game. Did not like the game much though.

Ekinx 2010.07.07
good graphic, nice gameplay

chrissi90 2010.07.01
great game makes a lot of fun

Tiggon 2010.06.29
nice game but not very intreresting

Yumi ;3 2010.06.27
Okay game, but its sad about the sound.

Luzi 2010.06.20
that game is much too easy, there should be more interactions

Zerostriker 2010.06.17
good game but bad quality

zardoz 2010.06.17
good game, but is to short siiiik

wpowder 2010.06.12
Not bad, but shame without sound

Martin0815 2010.06.03
good game, just a pity that there`s no sound

hockey0096 2010.05.19
simply and short. alright game would be better if it was longer but the mnf series is great

ROB83073 2010.05.14
Good graphics but lack a challenge.

bigman1127 2010.05.13
yeah it was right to the point it was an ok game though

jason.thorn18 2010.05.07
It was alright needs to be longer though

Daykland 2010.05.07
Nice game, wish there could be sound to accompany this!

boinky 2010.05.04
really good, too bad there is no sound

Ricoh124 2010.05.04
I like all these games in this series and this is one of the better ones.

gatorsjkm 2010.05.03
Awesome game! Meet and F@@# like it`s supposed to be.

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Quick and easy, need more content....

Ricoh124 2010.05.01
Usual format, not much variation though.

crysalium 2010.04.25
need more gal,moves,quality and hot sound.sound is so important.

shishkabob 2010.04.23
Quick and easy. average quality

r1der 2010.04.14
short and simple, more content would be awesome

argonidas 2010.04.12
nice little game, too short

shishkabob 2010.04.09
short, with no consequences for a mistake. very simple

obidos 2010.04.06
very nice i think i would give it a 5

dgkesquire 2010.04.05
Ahhh...my first MnF game! I remember playing this one and thinking, "They should make more games like this one!"

Zlatan_X 2010.04.05
nice and short game, btw the chick is really hot. :P

weedabix 2010.03.29
abit too easy nice graphics but nothig spesiel

Kedar 2010.03.21
I don`t know why, but I have not a sound.

carhosan 2010.03.21
in the last section the screen is not permitted to see the whole action

robert23 2010.03.10
i like meet and fuck games they are so nice girls!

snake69 2010.03.10
vintage game......but still one of the best m and f games.

Flyboy 2010.03.04
This may be one of the older Meet and Fuck games, but it`s still definitely one of the best!

frank50 2010.02.21
Good game tough in some ways though

Panse 2010.02.20
I love the game it was the first Meet and Fuck game

capro 2010.02.17
meet and fuck are always good games

jeenal 2010.02.08
one more from the collection "meet and fuck games",it is fast and short but is good

syoesamsdl 2010.02.04
cute game to short good graphics fun game

mrezerva 2010.02.01
interesting short end easy game

stevebarthrop 2010.01.31
This was the first Meet & Fuck game I ever played and while it isn`t as good as some of the one I played after this. With it`s good animations and gameplay this is a great game that won me over to adult games.

cambuse 2010.01.26
it really too short, nice graphics i think, need to do a longer one

David781 2010.01.26
Pretty basic gameplay, nice graphics though.

jj26 2010.01.05
love it we need more like this

tom48 2009.12.27
i like this game it was awsome i want more games like that ty

cowboy_outlaw 2009.12.27
i like the game it was nice

BIG-BEAST 2009.12.26
fun game, just a little bit to short.

mstabitha84 2009.11.28
it was coo, the graphics were ok, i guess it was just too easy

Xyzzy 2009.11.17
A classic! All the MnF games are very well done.

honky007 2009.11.13
nice Game but much to short

flayer 2009.11.12
Is a little short but funny and hot

qwe123 2009.11.09
I like these series, and this is probably my favoite

bestia99rom 2009.10.28
it`s a pretty nice game, but a little too short, and too eas

Marti 2009.10.28
one more from the collection "meet and fuck games",it is fast and short but is good

Twentyoner 2009.10.24
nice Game but much to short

Arcantis 2009.10.19
it`s a pretty nice game, but a little too short, and too easy, could use some sound. But overall not bad

winni 2009.10.17
that game is hot and sexy i like it:-)

hopple69 2009.10.14
so sexy and simple game that you got to love it

randy06 2009.10.12
another great fuck and meet game love them all hope for more

NGomes 2009.10.11
very funny. the chick is really hot, maybe a little short.

shabam28 2009.10.10
Quick fun, girl was really hot

Trazgriz401 2009.10.09
I think this is the first meet n` fuck game

johnlocke 2009.10.09
game is not challenging enough...and quality of girls should be better

jw 2009.10.08
Hot girl as always but needs sound. throw in some moaning and triple the fucking.

megaman 2009.10.08
i like this games if met have fun

garry_dund 2009.10.08
far to easy and graphics could be better

Leif98 2009.10.08
Pretty good game but could use better graphics

sexywomen9990 2009.10.06
Good game but the graphics could be better

alatoni 2009.10.06
gotta love these Meet & Fuck games. All are GREAT!

bolleauxp 2009.10.04
Another good M n F. Just don`t like the mouse shaking part.

jussi111 2009.10.03
short but nice game and i likeplay it second time sure

cheese101 2009.10.02
i like it simply because its the origional(and good graphics:P)
u can rly see the improvement in games from this 2 later games:P

baggettke 2009.09.23
nice game, no sound though

DMarshal17 2009.09.23
Short game, to the point, overall ok.

Ignitioner 2009.09.23
Agree, too straight, but girl is nice

mrorange 2009.09.22
The Meet and Fuck games are awesome. I love the girls and the stories are not all too bad. Plus there is less of the `jacking off` of the mouse in this one than in some of the Meet n Fuck games. Overall are good game

lojo2 2009.09.22
meet n fuck games are the best, art in this one is unique too which is great

snoopy129 2009.09.22
fun classic game, graphics are older

logo 2009.09.21
i like meet and fuck games they are so nice girls!

woody 2009.09.21
classic game maybe an earlier one but still great

solrac 2009.09.19
one more from the collection "meet and fuck games",it is fast and short but is good

tuupke1 2009.09.18
good short, very sexy game

bibistrocel 2009.09.18
I love meet`n` fuck games they are so hot

classypolice 2009.09.18
really it` the best meet`fuck game i`ve evre played

raedbaca 2009.09.17
i have played lots of meetn fuck, hadnt played this one though, the grapichs where better in other games of this series

walrus13 2009.09.16
Meet n Fuck are fun games

satanas 2009.09.16
the game is too simple and too short .

fueschi 2009.09.16
I like the hole series.. but a bit more actions would be.. awesome..

TobiasDrake 2009.09.16
Another exciting adventure from the MnF series, with the kind of personal interaction other games are missing.

Dicconzane 2009.09.15
A simple game almost identical to many others

intimatebud 2009.09.15
This is a good simple game. I only with the graphics were better.

drlabel 2009.09.15
Very good game, easy to play and funy

Candy Ramos 2009.09.15
beautiful and simple game

p1974 2009.09.15
Simple and nice games these meet `n fuck

zilver63 2009.09.15
I really like these meet n` fuck games. I like to be able to touch the girls to get then aroused. Top game in this genre.

DMarshal17 2009.09.15
Really well done game, nice graphics. Straightforward, like it.

Cool Dave 2009.09.15
Very nice game
good graphic and animation

santa 2009.09.15
Cute game; could have had some additional actions.

seprium 2009.09.15
hmm simple but good.

i have too admid i liked it.

EverReady 2009.09.15
Pretty simple like most of this games, Not much to it.

arelav 2009.09.15
I agree that it was more straight forward and one of the better Meet and Fuck games I agree that it was more straight forward and one of the better Meet and Fuck games

Biggz 2009.09.15
meet and fuck games are really well done.

phinn242 2009.09.15
I cant wait for the next of this series to come out, every one is better then the last tho I wish this one had more then the one interaction at the end like some others

rikyrat 2009.09.15
I like the meet and fuck games but this one was kinda short.

rfx104 2009.09.14
I agree that it was more straight forward and one of the better Meet and Fuck games but I would have liked to have a little sound, even if it is the low quality grunts and groans of the other games.

sucram1161 2009.09.14
nice Meet and fuck game this series just keeps getting better

cogi69 2009.09.14
i think this is on of the best meet n fuck games.....nice

Chris 2009.09.14
bit all of the same, straight forward

chess_mat 2009.09.14
very good meet n fuck game

maxime67 2009.09.14
the meet and fuck are so great

tilgin 2009.09.14
M&F always good quick fun

bidgles13 2009.09.14
love the meet and fuck games

skuggan 2009.09.14
Good graphics but lack a challenge.

MikeS 2009.09.14
Straight forward flash-game. Nothing wrong with it, nothing special either. Just fun.

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