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MNF Lavindor Kingdom


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HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.17
One of the best ones games of desire of made. I was hoping for more of a story line but the girls were hot, and the sex was fantastic

Domenik 2017.10.17
Typical MNF game. Nice graphics but gets boring and easy

KitCarsen 2017.08.25
Excellent.....and you can fuck the girls more than once!

Tiodor 2017.06.29
Awesome grpahics and good storyline, just like always a wonderful game. I loved it

sexking23 2017.06.19
this game is awesome keep up the good work

zelda3869 2017.04.19
Probably the best MnF game

itsmeagain 2017.02.17
fun easy gameplay great graphics

gabe117 2017.01.18
in need of some bug fixes but overall good game

laidbackfella 2016.12.26
One of my absolute favorites. This piece and The MNF Space game are very well done.

fiftypez 2016.11.21
love games like these. walkthru tho


Sola_KMT 2016.10.22
One of the better MnF games. Nice story and graphics are good also.

misterj 2016.08.26
Good game, good sound & simpel to use

sauron666 2016.06.22
Great game. It`s sad, how poorly do recent MnF releases compare to the classics.

Top-Ramen 2016.02.12
Entertaining, but a couple of the music pieces were atrocious. Too bad there was not a way to lower the music volume but still keep the sound effects.

louie472 2016.02.07
Good game. Little more interaction would be better. Overall, solid game.

DeontaeX 2016.01.24
I love the story and gameplay. thumbs up

Rampf1234 2016.01.22
love the game great story

brian110 2016.01.15
I love this games series.

Eldrash 2016.01.08
Iteresting story. Chick are great and you need sometimes to figure out whats to do

NDMR 2015.12.31
Fun, quick game with a lot of scenes, really good one!

Saaniyam 2015.11.28
nice game liked the scene with queen an witch especially:))

zacony 2015.08.23
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaou very very very nice games

haggar 2015.07.21
i like the game had good scences

crazybr 2015.07.11
awesome game ,the possibility of fucking the same women again and againd its just awesome

balyking 2015.06.18
Pretty good actually. Cuts straight to the case. Nice girls.

vojtasuper 2015.05.19
i especially love the queen and the witch in this one

tony4309 2015.04.24
great game for erotica lovers.

mazal 2015.01.20
Very good..... and hard... on me..... but need more control when do gangbang :)

nirt10101 2015.01.13
deserves 100, its one of the best sex games out there

mooper 2015.01.01
This is one of the best MnF games I`ve ever played. I like the element of searching for items from other people in order to progress. I really like the art style of this game compared to recent demo releases. While the animation may be a bit slow, it`s still a great game.

ilovemypc 2014.11.19
good game but should have more endings

Raio10 2014.09.17
this is a definite must play if you like meet n fuck games as its awesome.

Stathis 2014.08.09
MnF games started declining after this and a couple others, shame... The Elf was the hottest imo.

bitz94 2014.07.17
This is surely one of my favorite game. Meet n Fuck games are always nice. It has a very nice story too & more of all the graphics isn`t great but not bad at all which is why I like it a lot.

stoad69 2014.07.07
Enjoy the graphics and story line and the ability to go back and spend time with each female over and over as long as you complete the quest on time.

RKOlegacy 2014.06.10
Definitely my favorite meet n fuck game of all, probably always will be. Longer than most and still the animation is incredible and as is the story

GP69 2014.05.19
Played this game many times! It`s one of my favourites! All the sex scenes are brilliant, but I love the scenes with the Princess and the Queen! Proper class!

ImrtlWolf 2014.05.13
MNF games have great graphics and an easy play style.

ToastGuy 2014.05.07
excelent game, though i dont know how to get past certain places but i managed to did it anyways

brawler1 2014.05.04
great graphics and story

dgkesquire 2014.04.25
I really enjoyed being able to interact with all the different ladies in different ways. In the end, everyone won. Gorgeous graphics, interaction, and storyline.

Mehrdad313 2014.02.26
Among the nice games here, I guess this was the greatest and hottest game I have ever played. The story is really wonderful and the sounds are so hot and nice. And one recommendation: Please provide games with different sounds (I mean the ones of the female characters) which are sexier. Thanks

megabee 2014.02.21
nice game, and game play.
i like this game

teo1193 2013.12.10
Excellent game I`m love it

gaspy 2013.12.08
good game, nice models and good story line

w1drng22 2013.12.08
At first I thought this would be corny being more cartoon and all. But this turned out to be a lot of fun. I even liked the story line. Would like to see more of these.

xXKaizaXx 2013.11.30
It is really a nice game but I can`t find out how to do the second girl.

celians 2013.11.20
This is the best game ever
nice gameplay
good graph
fav. game

rakd365 2013.11.19
I love this game good for tablet playing.

foscatalli 2013.10.28
This is the best game ever! I`m so happy that it`s on this site

parona 2013.10.06
This is a very good game!!!

noogad 2013.09.20
I loved the graphics and the gameplay

boey247 2013.09.06
Would like to see more variation in MNF games, like mini-games or something.

meg911 2013.08.15
hot firing up game make any one want to play it again specially with the queen

ad1021 2013.08.03
just like always a wonderful game
awesome grpahics and good storyline
loved it

DeadlyAlias 2013.08.01
A classic, definitely worth replay. Though I do find his constant promises to please women who then clearly are performing on him does still bother me.

QQmaels 2013.07.27
amazing graphic.
good overall.

bighornyviking 2013.07.27
great game! cant wait to play again!

Drake7733 2013.07.17
Sweet game, another great addition to MNF

conman29 2013.07.13
this is an awesome game and recommend playing it

MS96 2013.07.10
Probably the best MNF game!

kikaros23 2013.07.08
i dont like it very mich but anyways,thumbs up

dumbasslol 2013.07.04
This game was made very amazing and nice graphics

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.17
really good game i want more

bigbroom 2013.06.13
great game love the adventure of it!

Landon469 2013.06.11
Best game on here, i love mnf games

lonely266 2013.06.10
graphic too 2D.. but nice story line ;)

blackjackburr 2013.06.09
i luv the graphics of the girls in the game

IrishDude85 2013.06.08
This game is awesome, and graphics are awesome, and the girls are nice, and sexy. I love the girls because they possess a certain attribute that I like more in games like this, or would like to see in games like these. Animation needs a little work though.

VisionOfDeadDesire1 2013.06.08
Rather amusing little way to while away the hours

morocho 2013.06.07
good game graphics could be better

numdegased 2013.06.06
good game, im glad that I played it! For a meet n fuck game it was not on par as some were but is good overall.

arsenalperfetto 2013.06.06
hmm , so amazing
graphic should be repair ..
but no problem , nice game

rahul687 2013.06.03
the graphics are very good. i love it

LoveMachineWRX 2013.05.30
Great stuff I loved the witch

girthy 2013.05.26
love mnf full games ... nice for a orgy ending

randomer128 2013.05.19
Love this game, best MNF game i`ve found so far, graphics are pretty good too

gopil 2013.05.11
hands down the best of the mnf series! plenty of girls to go after

xmaua 2013.05.11
this game is the greatest one

qwerty1235 2013.05.10
great animations and girls. this is a fantastic game

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.06
Yeah that`s right. I like this game

Buddler 2013.05.06
Super hot, it`s like fucking to glory *lol* How could I cum back to the good old times?

croniusz 2013.05.03
Thank you for this awesome game. I enjoyed this a bit too much ;)

heyimafunkadil 2013.05.02
Well developed and lots of fun

madmax68 2013.04.25
Great game, would have loved to live back in the day

HorndogNation 2013.04.25
Love games like these, wish they`d make more

Decker 2013.04.06
Wow, to tell you the truth a bit fo a let down. Just not the same level of play as Christine or Keeley...

matthewt9731 2013.03.15
one of my favorite games

Lava_Dude 2013.03.08
wish tht ther was more mnf games on this site!

doming 2013.03.07
i`m fell so good about this game ! :)

wer354 2013.03.04
Great Game! I especially liked the Elvish woman.... SO HOT

Linducis 2013.03.01
Nice game,I liked the sex scenes mostly.

HotRod6114 2013.02.19
One of my favorite games. I find myself playing it over and over again

CB54 2013.02.11
Cute game; great cartoon sex.

Buttnaked2011 2013.02.10
the game is fun to play, but too short. anyway I had lots of fun and is also hot

mamiz 2013.02.10
i love this game it is challenging but fun

kpjr278 2013.02.06
Great facial expressions, nice gameplay.

patellove 2013.02.05
Best Graphics...Lovely... I had an great erection!!!:)

scarface123456 2013.02.04

For Felicia:
1. You`ve found him! But who are you, m`lady?
2. What does he need of me?
3. I don`t serve your king. I`m a free man and always shall be.
4. ...Not my problem.
For Laura:
1. Hi beauty! May I know your name?
2. My name is Murton. I am the new royal healer.
3. I have urgent news for the queen. May I pass?
4. You will have my great appreciation, Laura.
Where to touch Laura:
1. Bottom leg.
2. Thigh.
3. Ass.
4. Breasts.
5. Nipples.
6. Finger pussy.
7. Finger asshole.
You now have the Brooch.
For Queen:
1. Apologies, Majesty. I have to talk with you about the king.
2. I can`t bring back your husband`s potency. He`s simply too old.
3. I can`t heal your husband, but I could satisfy your sexual desires.
You now have the Honey Hand Cream.
For Gardeners:
1. Ah, so beautiful! This garden is the Japanese Style.
2. You`ve done a tremdendous job. This place looks simply amazing!
3. A small gift for you. This honey hand cream will make your hands soft as satin.
Where to touch the Black-haired Girl:
1. Leg.
2. Tummy.
3. Breast.
4. Nipple.
5. Clit.
6. Pussy.
Where to touch the Brown-haired Girl:
1. Arm.
2. Thigh.
3. Tummy.
4. Breasts.
5. Nipples.
6. Clit.
7. Pussy or asshole.
Where to touch the Purple-haired Girl:
1. Arm.
2. Thighs.
3. Tummy.
4. Breast.
You now have the Ginseng Root.
For Elfish Woman:
1. You must be a elf...Elfish women are so beautiful!
2. I`m Murton, may I know your name?
3. You know, Peronell, you have the most beautiful blue eyes I`ve ever seen.
4. I have a brooch for you that will emphasize your gorgeous eyes.
5. Would you go on a date with me?
You now have the Elfish Breast Milk.
For Maid:
1. Hi sweetie, my name is Murton.
2. I need a place to stay the night.
3. But there`s a problem, I have no money. Can I stay for free?
4. I`m a handy handyman. So I could pay in a different way.
5. Best I can do is pleasure such a young beautiful lady.
You now have the Candles.
For Women in the bath:
1. Hi girls. Do you mind if I wash up?
2. Meanwhile, my name is Murton. And yours?
3. You look so great, my cock is on fire! How about threesome fun?
5. Go to map, Princess Room.
6. Hey men! I`m going to a hot orgy with busty chicks. Wanna join?
7. Forget about it! There is nobody to steal your princess.
8. Let`s go men! Damn sexy sluts are waiting for us!
You now have the Essential Aroma Oil.
For Witch:
1. You`re so young and beautiful! You don`t look like a witch at all!
2. I`m on business here. My name is Murton.
3. Please, I want you to tell my fortune.
4. Candles are not a problem! I`ve got a few right here.
Where to touch Witch:
1. Upper arm.
2. Left thigh.
3. Right knee.
4. Breasts.
5. Inside of left leg.
6. Click on her breasts to pull down the top part of her dress.
7. Breasts.
8. Nipples.
9. Touch her legs to lift up her dress.
10. Between her legs.
You now have the Ravens Feather.
For Princess:
1. Good morning, your majesty.
2. My name is Murton. Your father sent me...I`m the royal sex trainer.
3. Your virginity will remain intact. I`m to teach how to please your future husband.
You now have the Virgin`s Lock of Hair.
Go back to the king.
You have finished the game.

i hope this is useful!!! :D

sexygirlsss 2013.01.31
this game is really cool i love this game alot!

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

marmadukexx 2013.01.24
nice game but the opening story is to short. nice graphic anyway

amma 2013.01.24
the girls are so sexy, and i love the graph

Vermouth 2013.01.24
I`ve played the other MNF but this is the best one so far. I have lots more choices I think. And I like the storyline it`s cool.

sexytimefuckme 2013.01.22
Maybe I`m picky, but I`ve gotten used to better graphics and better plot lines. Not my favorite.

kotokkotok 2013.01.16
such a great game ! so many hot girls, and a great story. i really love play this kind of game :D

DirtyIrish 2013.01.11
The MNF games are not as involved as the LoP games, but they`re simple and fun, and this is possibly the best MNF game.

blipif 2013.01.09
this is the best MNF game

markfred 2013.01.07
good game play and good graphics....nice story enjoyed a lot

markfred 2013.01.07
great game superb graphics and funny story

scopeman 2013.01.06
The best and most entertaining game of the kind ive played. Absolute favourite, Funny and sexy. Have a try guys

johnford79 2013.01.03
amazing game really enjoyed playing it, will recommend it to others

erichakan 2013.01.02
cute and rather funny game

mickbho1888 2013.01.01
great fun, love the way you can give wrong answers for the hell of it

BulleT208 2012.12.24
One of the best MNF games around

slEEPevn 2012.12.16
love the creativity! good game with hot scenes

gartal 2012.12.15
Fun game, felt more like an adventure.I Love MNF,they are the best of

busu34 2012.12.15
Fun game, felt more like an adventure. Had some good sex scenes as well.

pawacoteng 2012.12.14
It`s been way too long since a decent MNF game. Last one almost a year ago.

buu123 2012.12.13
i must say the witch is one of the hortest and so is the tarven

buu123 2012.12.13
Would have liked it if i became the king instead

HotAllan 2012.12.12
I Love MNF,they are the best of

drewski0 2012.12.11
Awesome game. Great graphics. One of their best.

Mr. Magic 2012.12.08
Not my prefferd style of animation, but mildly entertaining.

darknez 2012.12.02
One of the longest MnF games, with a decent amount of connection in between the tasks. A fun play.

mesymichie 2012.11.29
meet`n`fuck serie belongs to one of the best series in games within erotik genre

Act132 2012.11.27
An amazing game to play the women are all hot and the graphics are great

Devilsdad1411 2012.11.25
I love this kind of game =)

GORU 2012.11.23
Good game, one of the best MnF games.

jterha7 2012.11.09
Why do some of the arrows not work?

mab12 2012.11.04
great graphics and animations

heptorism 2012.10.31
very good game nice animations and graphics

NK240 2012.10.28
hehe... I really don`t played this kind of game before, but yeah it`s nice!

franckcastle 2012.10.19
the best of the meet and fuck serie (due to the choice of chicks)

Jack Cracker 2012.10.16
By far, one of the best adult games I have ever played. I liked the part with the queen on this one.:):):)

coko 2012.10.12
Excellent game! Fairly long play time (by MnF standards), many girls, problems to solve, nicely detailed graphics. One wonders why they released this entire game for free....is the pay site not doing too well?

dante godhand 2012.10.11
Great game... it has a lot of options and good scenes i love it

steven12345 2012.10.05
This game is amazing.
Gameplay is intersting and i wouldnt mind being the guy banging that queen.

brosda 2012.10.05
good and funny really deserve applause

jeff stone 2012.09.30
has some humor and very nice scenes :)
love the scene with the princess
very nice drawn

zeus33 2012.09.28
A very good and funny game...one of my favourites!

jamessimpy 2012.09.26
a totally awesome game truely lovved it definately going in my fav games

erpoly 2012.09.23
best game,best hentai girls..sound also ok...love it

biochm98 2012.09.23
ok game...different scenarios

KeithWWatson 2012.09.23
One of the beast game around

rumxes 2012.09.13
I love this game, simple game with good story

Irishman12 2012.09.08
Great gameplay good graphics

RelXand 2012.09.08
In my opinion, you`ll never be dissappointed by an MnF games. This one`s easily one of my favs!

asasasas 2012.09.04
this is my favorite of the mnf games and its really long

dhruba6969 2012.09.03
that a really nice game. and like th graphics and the girls

penguingod 2012.09.03
great game! good graphics good story too. very interactive. i love MNF games.

329326691 2012.08.31
the princess is hella fine!!!!!

xamjiger 2012.08.30
great game so best have fun playing really beautiful graphics

drvwghia 2012.08.27
Loved the game. The gardeners and the elf tavern owner were hot. Liked the interface with those characters.

jimmy58 2012.08.13
Lot`s of turns and twists very fun game

firefreak 2012.08.08
has some humor and very nice scenes :)
love the scene with the princess
very nice drawn

alguem123 2012.07.29
good game and very fun, i like this one, one of the best

baritone21 2012.07.28
cool game with lots of hot girls

GoodVibs69 2012.07.27
Absolutely awsome game! Wish I could back to mediaval times to concock a potion ...

kari69 2012.07.25
ood game, pretty straightforward and best graphics yet and gameplay of the series

derda 2012.07.25
good game has a neat story line

sventhecoward 2012.07.23
Enjoyed this one.....love the elf tavern wench and the queen in particular......simple to figure out what to do, but still quite enjoyable.....one of my favorites

HiBeauty 2012.07.20
really nice game! i gave 8,2 points!

AnonG 2012.07.15
Game has no problems 8.5/10

Just1SF 2012.07.13
Awesome game. Just awesome ! :)

georgefilipe 2012.07.10
5 stars game amaizing story even better girls... my fairorty of the gender

branknock 2012.07.03
shame it is not longer good graphic`s really enjoyed this one

smuggler 2012.06.22
wonderful games :D cant stop playing

txccxt4 2012.06.18
this game has an excellent story with great graphics and lots of hot chicks

wilczur 2012.06.14
Very good pics/graphics and good gameplay. I like it indeed

udaychandh 2012.06.12
This is a great game, good graphics and gameplay!!!

rkgfe 2012.06.10
What a great game. I like it. Many scenes.

Fossil2142 2012.06.08
Good game, pretty good graphics and storyline.

dgkesquire 2012.06.07
Perfect game...great graphics, gorgeous animation, nice progression of story...everything I look for in an erotic sim game.

hanzo508 2012.06.07
What a fun game! love the storyline and the variety of the scenes!

mundar33 2012.06.05
MNF are some of the best games around!

pusshound 2012.06.04
This is a great game. Definitely one of the best MnF games. The girls are hot and the story is good with a lot of options. I`d like more graphic sex scenes, but worth playing.

Darkmoor 2012.06.01
good graphics and game, well worth playing

Soul Assassin 2012.05.27
one of the best games i`ve played so far. Meet`N`Fuck games are very good but the lessons of passion are even better!

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Probably one of the best MNFs. Great game with good gameplay.

themoda 2012.05.25
This is by far my favorite of the MNF series

Ryuuken 2012.05.22
My favorite Meet`N`Fuck game.
Great story and great girls.

bahamut86 2012.05.21
Great game great grafic great music and great story!

khanjee 2012.05.21
already played this game . its nice

jnat51 2012.05.18
great game and good gameplay

roni@cox 2012.05.17
one of the best 1`ve played in the MNF series,especially on how they make the game medievel style which is cool

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.15
best game ever would play over and over

brianLOVESbitches 2012.05.13
good graphics, best MNF game

conny123 2012.05.10
Good game play, lots of fun

REMAG 2012.05.05
Meet`N`Fuck is a great series, and they`ve definitely managed to maintain par on this one in comparison to the Cruise. However, not as much diversity as the last one. Still, very enjoyable!

Alucardabyss 2012.05.03
This is by far my favorite of the MNF series

tatamsaad 2012.05.01
i really enjoyed it it is the best i ever played

Hitokiribattosai 2012.05.01
great game, i love the complexity of it, makes it more fun!

Syk3s 2012.04.28
One of the best MNF Games. I liked the witch

adeepu9 2012.04.28
meet and fuc is the god of erotica .... so highly sexual

mooiboy077 2012.04.25
Great game with a great story

rockd01 2012.04.23
good graphics with a great story

music1375 2012.04.23
good game, a ton of different girls

viper34th 2012.04.22
great game, good graphics, cool gameplay, changing sexpositions will be graet

123qwer 2012.04.21
Love This game~!! Lots of Hot girls!!!! Keep up on the drwaing!

Tammoul 2012.04.19
One very nice MnF, that`s for sure! The game has good graphics, is long enough, and the scenario is (nearly) plauisble.

matthewt9731 2012.04.18
This is a great game, good graphics and great gameplay,

soen 2012.04.08
play this game often never disappoints

SparklingJuice100 2012.04.07
I am adding this game to my favs bin cause i love meet n fuck games.

xtren 2012.04.06
Damn, i can`t stop play this game. it make me horny every time i play this

Mrneverbackdownn 2012.04.02
Can anyone tell me when i would be getting my final visit from kelly my experience is 60 now.

undone 2012.04.02
".. awesome fantasy!"
".. awesome game!"

ozzie123 2012.04.01
very hot game, played it several times. Great graphics and storyline is good

Adam19 2012.03.29
great animations but way too short

tcorbett 2012.03.28
One of my favorite MnF games. No telling how many times I`ve played it.

sponky76 2012.03.26
One of my favorites.
Wish it would last a bit longer. But awesome to stick it to the princess in the butt!

REIVAJ311 2012.03.26
is exactly the job I always dreamed of!

theboss 2012.03.25
awesome, love mnf games. i like how you can go back with girls you`ve already down it with

branex 2012.03.21
It was so damn great with all the cool stufs and sexy uhhh......

Suave Adz69 2012.03.20
Excellent story with great gameplay and graphics

ozzieozzie84 2012.03.16
Probably the best one that they have done so far

rumple4skin 2012.03.15
this is SO the best MnF game, hey speaking of MnF, why haven`t there been any new ones?

Koldblood65 2012.03.13
one of my favourite
great game :)

glukos37 2012.03.13
I love hentai games, and this is really hot!

derda 2012.03.11
another graet game and hope there is more to come and other great games

shadowcreed 2012.03.11
nice graphic and animation!!!!!

talibum 2012.03.10
one of the best games on the site

stexe77 2012.03.09
I love hentai games, and this is really hot!

renegadewolf 2012.03.09
Possibly my favorite meet and fuck, I really enjoyed this one.

shersh 2012.03.08
my favourite mnf game of all time

GurahkWeavile 2012.03.04
I enjoyed the scenes and the story was pretty good

jellybean 2012.03.03
ehhh MnF games are usually great but this one was pretty awkward.

lookin2pls 2012.03.02
good game kinda easy but it was fun

111spartan 2012.03.01
Love these games easy but fun!

WEGAS 2012.02.27
All the MNF games are good. There are great games with good graphics and gameplay.

metalhornyguy 2012.02.27
A very good game. very sexy! All the MNF games are good

Reckoning 2012.02.25
reat game. Lots of scenes and the RPG lite elements they`ve added mix it up a little bit and give it some purpose. Really well done

boop 2012.02.24
meet and fuck are brill

isal78 2012.02.23
nice and funny game, I love this game when murton give princess sex lesson

Rauhe 2012.02.22
good game, one of the best MnF games i played so far

ion 2012.02.15
i love this game, can play over and over

randy06 2012.02.13
good one like to see more of these and ones u can open all the way

lexieboo232 2012.02.12
this was such a great game with good animation

thelric 2012.02.12
Good game, pretty straightforward but I love the setting. I liked a lot the princess and the witch.

Phenruss 2012.02.09
Great game. Lots of scenes and the RPG lite elements they`ve added mix it up a little bit and give it some purpose. Really well done.

orhuno 2012.02.08
i love this game.this game is great

moose1717 2012.02.07
Another great MNF game, very enjoyable as always. Good graphics and gameplay as usual.

jcauthern 2012.02.06
This was a fun one but very linear forward game play.

beforeiforget669 2012.02.06
so funny game!!!! i LOL`d all the way with the dialogues! good work!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great MNF game, I really liked this one !

Sovereignofmylife 2012.01.31
Just cant get enough of this. Simply enjoyable. :)

arther 2012.01.30
i the girls they are soo sexy meet`n fuck is one of the best

keoskaroman 2012.01.30
Great game, best i have seen from MNF so far music goes a long way with any game and i happen to be a fan of the toon selected, also looks better then most doesnt have the tits strecthing waaaaay to far like some of the others lol

gre 2012.01.30
Still one of my favorites

gremlab 2012.01.30
love this game, probably the best of the mnf series

adam111 2012.01.30
nice enough game, but way too easy

raikkon 2012.01.25
i am fan pf this game just love all the content in it
according to me best game ever

Debug 2012.01.25
the game was great cool graphic but it was a bit to easy for me.

wieisdat 2012.01.25
it was so easy, i can do it without thinking. but seriously, it was fun for beginers

deadozzy 2012.01.24
best game ever would play over and over

Nielsietj 2012.01.24
suberb graphics, this is the shit

BilBo69 2012.01.23
Even if MnF game a really linear, you can`t get bored from them! Girls are always nice and it`s pretty easy to get through the game!

Pietsen 2012.01.22
i liove this game. its very hot. had a lot of fun during the game

shaddy 2012.01.21
love this game meet n fuck

hellboy1986 2012.01.21
Good game but needs more choices

lehcier 2012.01.20
This is a great game, good graphics and gameplay, excellent.

rdrghthnd 2012.01.17
maybe its just me, but the witch was the hottest

bitldjus11 2012.01.15
i don`t like waiting in some scenes! Nice story!

saberwolfang 2012.01.13
this mnf game is the one i liked the most

pure_d0lphin 2012.01.12
great game, easy to handle, nice graphics and good mixture of `actions` :)

Solitaryman 2012.01.11
one of the best MnF games...

ben_500 2012.01.11
good game, one of the best MnF games i played so far

purba90xxx 2012.01.11
one of my favourite
great game :)

Eddie Roc 2012.01.10
Still one of my favorites.

aqualix 2012.01.07
Very exiting game. Loved it much.
Can be used to play with girlfriend)

samotsporet 2012.01.07
Great game..maybe a bit lenear ..but what the hell..one of the best from Meet N fuck series

Guillaume 2012.01.06
One of the best Meet`N`Fuck games so far

mafsuas-3 2012.01.03
Another good game, I like it.

jerkov88 2012.01.02
lotr but with sex - nicely done! cant wait for more!

Thetandfe 2011.12.31
Nice game with good graphics also great sense of that straight forward humor:)

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
a very hot game with many hot girls

John G 2011.12.29
Fairly simple game with good graphics.

gessert 2011.12.28
great game with ok graphics relativly easy

Darren Tran 2011.12.25
didnt really like this game to much but its alright i guess they always have great meet n fuck games

jesse15j 2011.12.23
awesome game play and graphics

Sahgigoth 2011.12.22
not my type of game,i dislike mnf games

mannertt 2011.12.21
Nice game,I loved the part when squirting them 3 girls in the japanese garden on the asses.

vibra 2011.12.21
Nice story and sex scenes! loved the scene with the three girls!

SPIKKELTRIL 2011.12.19
awesome game luv the anal parts

Killerbee123 2011.12.18
Too long.
Maybe better with some checkpoints.

wyatturpnz 2011.12.18
great game really fun easy to play

bsalover47 2011.12.17
awesome game luv the anal parts

DarkArtz27 2011.12.16
Number 1 best MNF game right here.

marco68 2011.12.16
i don`t it is agood game

knightrider 2011.12.14
amazinbg gameplay aswell as animation but should have more orgasms

knightrider 2011.12.14
great gameplay and animation but it needs more options

blazincheese 2011.12.14
Lovely game but needs more choices

polito000 2011.12.13
I think the hentai in some games are good but in others not like this

cherryman 2011.12.09
great game but needs more opitions

scottp110709 2011.12.05
I really like how there are so many different paths you have to take. Love games like this.

elishacuthbert 2011.12.04
i`ll give this game 100% because most of the sexscenes.

karol50010 2011.12.01
One of the best game of game of this kind

magnosmago 2011.11.28
Is there any body like MNF Games???
it`s seck

pocathena 2011.11.28
very good braphics but more can be done

fufumcgoo 2011.11.28
I Love MNF games. Great girls and visuals

Veilasin 2011.11.27
Probably one of my favorite M and F games. Love all the Meet N Fuck games

69chevy 2011.11.25
great game!!! amazing, 5 stars!!!

molock_v 2011.11.25
really good rpg style game, Its very funny

kjcallday51 2011.11.24
this was such a fun game! the graphics were great!

woogityboogity 2011.11.23
Really fun game as far as MNF games go.

lazy boy 2011.11.23
wow i love it so much .. very good damn game .

SuperSwordman01 2011.11.23
This is the best MnF by far. The witch is so hot!

VampireBear 2011.11.22
This game is amazing, by far the best Meet `n` Fuck so far

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

a1b2 2011.11.20
damned good, now there are almost real puzzles :)

Krueger 2011.11.20
I like this game because you can`t fail it :)

Azurite 2011.11.19
loved this one and the graphics

Kiloa321 2011.11.18
everything is just amazing about it, for its age

Chunkylover 2011.11.16
I agree, one of the best M `n` F games. Lots of options & lots of girls.

Sexiboi180 2011.11.14
One of the best games, plenty of girls that are absolutely gorgeous with many options

elishacuthbert 2011.11.14
I like the graphic of this game, but to short :(

Decidedly Fishy 2011.11.12
Great game with many options, many lovely ladies and some surprisingly catching music. Love it, my favourite game so far.

amivarekai 2011.11.12
I`ve played this game so much... and it is still epic!

Gundalf 2011.11.11
this game is great and it takes a little more effort than most alike games

dafbomb 2011.11.11
this is one of the more creative mnf games ive seen

mrkoolnerd 2011.11.10
mnf best games so far on here fun sex not too hard

koisanjie 2011.11.08
I love the music during the sex scenes. Where can I download it?

Blackstone 2011.11.07
Although this was standard as far as the actions, the variety of the women and positions was satisfying. The number of women was great, as they were all beautiful and shapely and eager once easily convinced. The animation was average, but the art was gorgeous. Nice game!

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.05
game is ok but not so exciting

Rudy4u 2011.11.05
fantastic game, good graphics and story

Rahul bindass 2011.11.03
it was a wonderful game...was nice to serve the king

xffd 2011.11.02
great game, these games are the best

carmen 2011.10.31
this is easily the best meet and fuck game i have ever played

Tantalau34 2011.10.29
extarordinary fun and preety long...i love it

cjdee81 2011.10.28
A bit too easy but great game

Dt1526 2011.10.28
Awesome game one of my favorites, love these games

Enki2011 2011.10.28
super story and great girls, quest quite easy but make lot of fun

Hoast 2011.10.20
Nice game, probably the best meet n fuck so far, nice graphics and solid story

rgo 2011.10.19
the M`n`F games are amazing, so much fun, and always great creative stories

niveahappytime 2011.10.19
it was a good game. enjoyable and left me hot and wanting.

5x4t9 2011.10.17
One of the best meet n fucks.

Tygafifty 2011.10.16
this was amazing! i loved all the different scenarios! M`NF is definitely one of the best game makers out there!

heplay 2011.10.09
The graphic is not good, & it is too easy.

ShadowFury 2011.10.08
loved cracters but best of them is queen

pepsitwist1 2011.10.06
nice gameplay this one rocks play it

Riswords 2011.10.06
Pretty good, a bit easy though.

daiaan98 2011.10.05
the game story was good but too easy

lukydemrock3000 2011.10.03
this is one of the best games i played yet

Priest82 2011.10.01
good game. much girls, good graphics, many options.

myhotcum 2011.10.01
A straightforward game but not overlong so giving the perfect balance of time involved and pleasure

dangerzonekrakow 2011.09.30
MNF easily has the best games.

visual 2011.09.28
love the length of the game, one of the best of M`N`F in my opinion! awesome game

dgkesquire 2011.09.23
One of MnF`s best, most involved games...excellent graphics and game play, numerous gorgeous women to interact with, definite replayability. One of my absolute favorites!

ray1998 2011.09.19
like tat witch n elf so much~~~~~~

Jason Grace 2011.09.19
The queen and the witch are, in my opinion, the best out of all of them :D

kclaud 2011.09.16
My favorite of this series. Best graphics yet and gameplay of the series

NightStalker73au 2011.09.15
awesome gameplay and graphics.

LightningFistAce 2011.09.14
very great game i really enjoyed the Queen one

a2zact 2011.09.14
i loved the game...good story with beautiful & sexy girls....n nice sound effects...

thekazer88 2011.09.12

colher 2011.09.11
Like others MnF games, this is too easy, but the beautiful girls make it worth your time.

nightrider 2011.09.10
a lot of sex scene, i loved it !!

ObWolf 2011.09.08
beautiful, especially the ending

Melimelo 2011.09.07
Fun for a MnF ...
I usually find MnF boring and without any interest, except some nice pics, but this one is more fun with the quest and progress in the storyline, humoristic too.
Good game.

pa88 2011.09.06
Nice game, one of the best MNF games!

tonnychew 2011.09.06
nice picture, nice game..like it

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game, i like this one.

haha81290 2011.09.02
I wish they would make more of these type of games. I feel like MnF right now is stuck with the quickies, and no one but PF1 are making good, long games anymore.

SlyFan01 2011.09.02
Best MNF game ever in my opinion. I love the witch.

BasedGodShaun 2011.09.02
i absolutely love MNF games and this has to be my fav, i especially love the gameplay, real live

NeoZeon 2011.08.31
one of the best 1`ve played in the MNF series,especially on how they make the game medievel style which is cool

Dragonfire91 2011.08.31
a great game long many girls the best meet` n` fuck game yet

SecretJ 2011.08.30
Some of the questions are obscure, but the sex was great.

SecretJ 2011.08.30
Really good game. I love the variety of sex

macmao 2011.08.30
It`s a good game, with good graphics. A good deal of different mini-games as well.

Isai 2011.08.30
Nice game and gameplay also...

Zus 2011.08.29
i dont understand why this game has that high ranking....its a nice game and all, but there is at least 10 better games on this site

rannvann1 2011.08.28
excellent game ... enjoyed very much.......

mr.playa 2011.08.24
the girls r hot the plot is brilliant i give it a 10

jer1981 2011.08.22
Nice game, the grils are very hot. Another classic MNF game.

wcNoOb 2011.08.21
i wish i could love in such a beautiful kingdom

Oigen 2011.08.20
It`s a good game, with good graphics. A good deal of different mini-games as well.

Okoly7 2011.08.18
Really dig it. Should be more MNF games like this

wolman2060 2011.08.15
MNF games are the greatest i love them

Monk_ey 2011.08.15
nice game but the chicks are to easy too fuck. graphics are good too...

wtf1234 2011.08.14
great game! really liked the girls and gameplay

synallday 2011.08.14
pretty good games. Easy and a great story line

thalionmel 2011.08.12
animation very good,grafics is so lala but interesting

VPlayer 2011.08.11
overall a great game to play. i like all of the scenes

Aren 2011.08.10
This is a fun little story.

OrcsBane 2011.08.10
One of the Best MNF games. There is so much to do in this, and it`s all great quality too. None of the quests are too confusing and the rewards are always great.

jonowest 2011.08.09
best MNF yet. Good story and veriaty

mortadelo76 2011.08.09
Cool warm music in the ambiance!

anonimo201 2011.08.09
a good game liked the story

Dr.Joe.88 2011.08.07
those meet and Fuck games are great and i really one some more free full games not those trials

Daanepaan 2011.08.06
nice graphics and gameplay

geurede 2011.08.06
Good game, but how about more improving in character (face) `n the story ^^ would be nice

salami69 2011.08.04
simply the best meet and fuck game I`ve played to date

Th3eL33t 2011.08.03
Really good game, just a little short and predictable for my taste.

Herrushingu 2011.08.02
Amazing game, but little to short and easy :>

bum999 2011.08.01
Amazing scenes great finally with the 3 girls.

Akrasjel 2011.07.31
Im stuck on the witch, got candles but dont know what to do, i toutch her bad nothing happens ?

jauryn007 2011.07.29
This game is fantastic. More Meet and Fuck games please! :)

snow01 2011.07.29
meet`n`fuck serie belongs to one of the best series in games within erotik genre

nok 2011.07.29
nice game and it is so hot girls

neoninja 2011.07.29
MNF games are the greatest i love them

supergamer206 2011.07.27
God i havnt played this one in a while, definitly my favorite M&F game. Wish they would make more instead of those demoes. O ya how do fuck the triplets. i never got that far

fkbfkbfkb 2011.07.25
this game is super good. love it!

elo77 2011.07.22
godd and long game
queen and the elfe are georgeous

LordArcues 2011.07.20
very good graphics and long story

Diffler 2011.07.18
nice gameplay and good graphics

SirMarhalt 2011.07.16
Not as good anime girls as other MnF games, but not bad.

Vocalizations was great. Would have liked to been able to turn down music and turn up the girls.

Fun plotline as well.

At times it was tricky to find the exact spot to stimulate the girls. Seemed a drag to have to click all over to find the one spot you had to click on.

Overall alot of fun.

79_Frank 2011.07.15
i like this game!!! ... i wanne more

donlamor 2011.07.15
nice search tree, having to go back and forth to succeed makes it fun

derda 2011.07.14
Might be the best MnF game i`ve played

koenig65 2011.07.14
not bad graphics are lame though

chomicze 2011.07.13
I saved the witch for the ending, hottest one :) Great game

brink7000 2011.07.12
For a m`n`f this is pretty good.

Drake69 2011.07.11
Great game, good graphics and gameplay is great

torax999 2011.07.10
simple story , but good animation => it is a nice game

chrischaos 2011.07.09
It`s a great game. I like it a lot. I enjoyed fucking the queen and the princess the most.

okonamaroko2 2011.07.09
extremally good game, i think the first girl whose we meet is best :)

Qa66YWnz 2011.07.08
Fantastic fantasy scenario! loved that. meet`n`fuck actually is making awesome work on their games, and this classic one is one of best examples.

ragu007 2011.07.07
nice game
the serie belongs to one of the best series in games within erotik genre

ragu007 2011.07.07
nice game i ever seen
i like boobs of yhe girl

Sgt.Viper 2011.07.07
its a pretty cool game and its one of the best games i ever played no to mention about the graphics

nfad 2011.07.05
it has very good graohics and gameplay it is one of my favorite

djwcdj 2011.06.30
i dont no if it was the game or my internet but it kept crashing

kurrem 2011.06.30
hands down the best of the mnf series! plenty of girls to go after

kinou21 2011.06.28
meet and fuck games are all ready nice

Tum1023 2011.06.27
This is my favorite MNF game ever

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Love the boobs in this one!

wolman2060 2011.06.25
This was always one of my favorites, so many different options .

Rajsters 2011.06.23
i love this game but i can never finish it

diki97 2011.06.23
great graphics,great story,very hot girls,loved the game my favourite

Lolybob 2011.06.22
Nice graph, with some puzzle. Can`t wait for a new one.

SoloDrifter 2011.06.21
One of the better MNF games on here....sneaky little bugger, literally!!! :)

tokarev 2011.06.21
this is the best meet and fuck game i`ve played
the graphics are good, the girls are beautiful and there is a lot of different positions
i`d like it if they made more, its been a while since the last one

dsvallance 2011.06.18
Amazing game, I can`t get enough of it

Noruga 2011.06.15
This was always one of my favorites, so many different options when it comes to the women.

iloveya 2011.06.13
I`ll be playing this again soon. Great game!

mvexille 2011.06.10
Awesome game! Love the story love the women

schwupp3 2011.06.09
Interesting story and very nice graphics. Best MNF game I played yet.

craffie 2011.06.09
I loved this game. Very nice!

lotscum 2011.06.08
i long games..short games just give shit pleasure

shadow91 2011.06.08
the game was nice and long and is the best MNF game made yet!

swisshumour 2011.06.07
Good game, with more problems to solve than the `average`. Has a fairly humorous storyline

TheCin 2011.06.05
great game
the best meet`n`fuck Many Girls Good graphic and animations

Ravenmadd 2011.06.04
Haven`t found a MNF game I haven`t liked yet. Always fun.

BallIdiot 2011.06.04
Great game with good hentai graphics, sound, and simple interactions.

harshita 2011.06.01
great game with great graphics !!

Bigpig 2011.05.29
Wonderfoul gameplay and fantastic graphic

dragonman1961 2011.05.25
I love these games..mm...been out here at work by myself for weeks and these sure get me throbbing for the touch of a woman indeed...great..keep em cumming..

m4t0n 2011.05.21
hots girls makes this game superb

sajrd 2011.05.19
brilliant game, will be playing it again!

g3xg3 2011.05.18
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme

shakezulla17 2011.05.16
Awesome game! Love the story love the women

banes 2011.05.16
Great game!! good story line, awesome girls and so many. Like the quest for items. 2 of my favorite scenes are with the 3 girls in the garden and the tavern owner. Both got me very hot!!

G6IV 2011.05.15

kamilunta 2011.05.14
game play is simple graphic nice animation need to improve

aSlayr 2011.05.13
This is my favorite MNF game. Mainly because you get to fuck a Princess in the ass, what guy doesn`t dream about doing that?

denny01 2011.05.13
wow,dude this game rocks all way to up

TheMole851 2011.05.12
I love this game but they always use the same souns :

best065221 2011.05.12
meet`n`fuck is best series
i very like witch in this game

Thund3rhawk 2011.05.10
game is ok
the story is ok too
the graphic isn#t knocking me out of the shoes

Kroh84 2011.05.08
I love this one! Freaking hot and ass kicking lines!

turbosg 2011.05.07
Really love to fuck the queen!

numbmonster 2011.05.06
great games quest are interessant

numbmonster 2011.05.06
awesom game one of my fave

kathrin1979 2011.05.04
nice game, nice graphics, easy gameplay

manish123456789 2011.05.03
such a great erotic game .what a game i like it

dragonajay 2011.05.03
this game is my fav the graphic is super

cidermeister 2011.04.30
nice fun game and nice elf =P

mrtye 2011.04.28
Kinda Boring, but same as most like this

thesphinx 2011.04.26
Nice variety, and I loved the elf. Fun

ddavee 2011.04.26
nice very nice, one of my favorites

lifedemon 2011.04.23
awesom game one of my fave

weaiv 2011.04.23
Great game. Has good graphics. I really enjoy the japanese garden area and the queen.

arkhange 2011.04.19
great games quest are interessant

roflbear 2011.04.15
great game, the mnf series is well done and this game is no exception.

tempo3 2011.04.15
so this game averaged 89 ha? i guess it is a matter of taste

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.14
my best sex games ever...

C. C. 2011.04.13
Fairly simple but I really like this game.

phager2 2011.04.13
i love playing meet n` fuck games

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
hot girls all in a ll a great game

yea1992 2011.04.12
Great game... My favorite fantasy setting. Great girls, the game was neither too long nor too short.

Smyxter 2011.04.09
great game,good graphics and a good story to go with it. One of the best games of this type!!!!!!

kashrr 2011.04.09
The best MnF game in my opinion.

atif00788 2011.04.08
the best game great story lots of sex.

Innocent 2011.04.07
love the plot of this kind of game:)

jackass271 2011.04.07
one of the best games ived played so far

Skarn62 2011.04.07
Great MNF game, wtih lot of girls et situations.

haa 2011.04.04
also vry good like meetn fuck games

j69 2011.04.03
fun game, nice sounds, hot girls

texluky1971 2011.04.02
Amazing story and quite long as well

poghiex 2011.03.31
great and nice game, i want it.

hentai1337 2011.03.30
Good Meet and Fuck! great graphics and animation, fav

eddiemueller123 2011.03.29
great game from a great series

hardtnmale25 2011.03.29
awesome game...Meet N Fuck series is always good...great sucking and fucking scenes...

LyanaIzzaty 2011.03.28
a good game...
i like to add my favorite

masterdez 2011.03.27
Great game, just wish i could be a healer too !!! (grin)

indianaB0B 2011.03.27
always love these type of games

XxXBomb 2011.03.24
Gotta love the MnF games; great gameplay with some really hot graphics! :)

kingl3r 2011.03.24
Great! Meet `n` fuck series are always the best! :D

vashs4627 2011.03.23
love this game Best graphics yet and gameplay of the series the puzzle and theme of this game make it worth playing more than once

imustlose 2011.03.23
great game, great girl. I need to play one more time

plussmacs 2011.03.22
Best game in a decade
Good graphics and cool gameplay

Kittyofsin 2011.03.21
Ohh my.. Lavindor kingdom.. i`ve played this game so many times and it`s always equally exciting.. i still can`t decide if i like the witch or the queen the most though!

ceggraham 2011.03.21
i love the games graphics and how it makes it feel so real

adi 2011.03.21
i wish i`d lived in those days

cidermeister 2011.03.20
Great game, plenty to do including side quests. Graphics are good well worth a try

Pall Mall 2011.03.19
The games setted in the medium age are just the best

Bandie24x7 2011.03.18
I really like this game. Probably the best of the MnF series very nice job

vincecold 2011.03.18
My favorite so far!
So many girls that`s nice, interesting story too.. I just wish it was longer, thanks though and more
of this please awesome game!

DeaconFrost 2011.03.17
As written below, really one of the MNF I have ever played too also, pretty surprising, to see it is quite long, with more than one mini-quests and girls involved.
Really enjoyed that one, anime like and not amazing graphically but still decent, it offers an original original plot, more than we usually get from the others of the same kind.
There is no hassle and going through it is easy still.
Very pleasant.

zephi 2011.03.16
Great game, one of the best MnF out there together with Ocean Cruise and the space one.

albanian1 2011.03.12
Great Graphics!! Perfect Gaming!!

wiinzj 2011.03.10
Great game, with a lomg storyline

slimjim 2011.03.09
this is really good liked the story

suzumushi 2011.03.05
it`s a good story and so much fun!!!

kasparov 2011.03.05
Woaahhh! its a good game
I really like it
how to seduce many women in that games

eroncal 2011.03.02
The animation is really great, so many women.

maiq 2011.02.28
best g4me eva but the sex is repetitive

dragonj 2011.02.27
great game. very good graphics. liked to play it

DJDeuceGroan 2011.02.27
I always hoped there would be a medieval themed MNF game. My dreams have come true!

aroakshay 2011.02.25
Amazing story and quite long as well

thizdik2011 2011.02.24
loved the gameplay lots of fun

daishozen 2011.02.23
I Love MNF, especially not those dumb demos other sites are posting of them.

Boericson 2011.02.23
Amazing story and quite long as well

maffemich 2011.02.22
very nice and easy to play

sivad94 2011.02.20
good game has a neat story line

huttj 2011.02.18
Great game, love the MnF stuff.

r_jay 2011.02.18
Nice game with an interesting storyline.

jamesw11 2011.02.18
what a wonderful game! so many hot girls in this one

randy06 2011.02.17
another great game heaps of action as well

paolo13 2011.02.17
Another excellent game from MNF - I`d put in the topr 3-4 of their group.

nightman1869 2011.02.16
Great game and storyline,one of my fav games to play.

cr7 2011.02.13
I love MNF sex games!!! best sex game!!!

numero1 2011.02.13
MNF is the greatest sex games!!!

numero1 2011.02.13
the greatest MNF sex game!!!

daxamgrave 2011.02.13
Nice game, abit boring during the quests, but awesome length.

r_o1_s 2011.02.12
always enjoy playing the MnF series, nice adventure great game and heaps of sex scenes this time and great story

dodds41 2011.02.12
nice game great graphics and it is really fun

Playfan 2011.02.09
it`s a good story and so much fun ( i played this very much )

mralpini 2011.02.09
Really liked this one. have played it a few times now. well done

huggy123 2011.02.09
one of the best games i`ve played love it!

suikz 2011.02.08
love the chicks and the audio!

justanothermember 2011.02.08
on of the best games i played so far. ty.

davopost 2011.02.07
this game has been on the net for a while, good fun to replay it once in a while.

sxiren 2011.02.07
great ... simply great love to play more of this sort

Nick2 2011.02.05
It`s a very interesting game with hot subject.

AnnaRainbow 2011.02.04
completely cute and again very sex-positive (meaning the girls are happy and acting on their own wishes). Again, the art and design are very nice; I especially like the clothing and armor designs in this game. The witch was the most beautiful and erotic to me. Good sexy fun :-)

hunted 2011.02.04
great ... simply great love to play more of this sort

hunted 2011.02.04
so pretty.... so many girls ... love to play this one

AGuy 2011.02.02
One of the best MNF games I have played so far. I hope that they keep it up!

redcobra 2011.02.02
Of all the MNF games, this is the best I`ve played. It is the most elaborate and long of the group. Awesome

ma02110 2011.02.02
Nice game. I really liked it. Made me play some more. Haha!

hornyman100 2011.02.01
i like this game and the girls are so sexy

Sovereign 2011.01.30
love all the mnf games but this one is surly my fave

bigmack 2011.01.28
great game play one of the best

Castle426th 2011.01.28
Excellent game, would recommend it to anyone

Zouzounis 2011.01.26
the best mnf game for sure

anubis009 2011.01.22
very nice graphics, cool game!

hornycal 2011.01.20
nice game made me real horny

morzan 2011.01.20
nice game long with nice story and graphics

altobasso 2011.01.20
Nice Story! good the final

mugambo 2011.01.18
The best mfn game, good story.

moguel92 2011.01.17
beautifull game great game graphics loved everything about it going to play it over and over again

tomlovesanal 2011.01.16
great gameplay good graphics and good storyline

supersexmachine13 2011.01.16
this is one of the best MnF games i have ever played

Silveralpha 2011.01.15
I like the whole medieval feel to the game. More like this. But still. Some different body types would be nice. All the girls have the same bodies. Its boring

Nigurath 2011.01.15
Great game, amazing graphics, and hot babes

Patmatticus 2011.01.13
I liked it; great variety and gaphics. More like this would be great.

ratonius 2011.01.11
meet and fuck are always amazing.For me ,one of the best game from meet and fuck.I like and enjoyed this game

schmidtghr 2011.01.11
good story line, enjoyed it very much

long55 2011.01.11
Well thought story. like the serie, super

unknowntender 2010.12.30
Graphically, very nice, but like the other MNF, rather predictable, but i think thats part of its charm :)

gaffy9 2010.12.28
vvery good game play. quite nice graphics

epulchenko 2010.12.28
Loved it :) good old hentai ish

mrdodo 2010.12.28
long but with great sex scenes

Wilczeq 2010.12.28
One of the best games in MNF series. Love the anal scenes :)

TerraRyzin 2010.12.27
love all these m.n.f games. quick and ez to play...........

Futurus 2010.12.27
a very nice game. its my favourite of the mnf-series.

ray691 2010.12.25
best of all meet`n`fuck series

garfield170671 2010.12.24
a very good game
make so funny
good animation and gameplay

gregoryfriar 2010.12.23
MnF got it right this time, excellent variety and gameplay

blazex211 2010.12.22
loved this game it was a good game out of all the mnf gaames

lover12 2010.12.22
lovely game hot n sexy good great nd beautifullllll.

scar211 2010.12.22
this is one of the better meet n fuck games. I`d like to see them continue with this style

willow1979 2010.12.21
I like the whole medieval feel to the game. More like this. But still. Some different body types would be nice. All the girls have the same bodies. Its boring

matthew601 2010.12.20
same old thing after same old thing

firefreak 2010.12.18
nice game with nice graphics. but slow loadingtime at first 2 bad or it is mij pc thats slow :P

Horst-Manfred 2010.12.17
Well thought story. like the serie

mick149 2010.12.16
great game but wheres my prize? :)

ken23 2010.12.15
it´s true the best mfn game
Good history and very pretty babes
enjoy it!!!!

qwaserdf 2010.12.11
So many girls, I like the princess very muchly too ;)

bas 2010.12.08
love this game bad ending though

Fluff 2010.12.08
One of the best MNF games made :) Lot of scenes and nice girls

ddarko 2010.12.07
Meet`n`Fuck games are the best

daryl772003 2010.12.07
cool game. loved the kingdom aspect of it

Andy78 2010.12.05
Another great game, good gameplay, good graphics. Hot!

Rodney5 2010.12.05
One of the best MNF games. Good variation and funny story.

pantekkau 2010.12.03
wow i like this game and the girls are so sexy

fuckme123 2010.12.02
good quality , good girls , good interaction , good game

zeretet 2010.12.02
nice game graphics is good i like it

fetishboy 2010.11.30
super excitante....la reina es simplemente maravillosa

themoda 2010.11.30
very good, very awesome, and cery fucked girls

ahclem 2010.11.29
BY FAR the BEST MnF EVER!!! How do I love this? Let me count the ways. 1) length of encounters; 2) # of encounters; 3) variety of encounters ( single, orgy, 3 on 1, BOTH mother AND daughter (and ROYAL at that): 4) types of penetration (oral, anal, vaginal). While could do without the bukakke, short of kink beyond my tastes (beastiality, scat, golden showers, BDSM, etc) my ONLY suggestions would be 1) oral ON (rather than from) an encounter; 2) (OK, here IS my kink), an option to shoot on the elf`s ears

gizzmo309 2010.11.28
witch was by far my favorite

m4lv1n 2010.11.27
best game in series with good sound !!!

crossroad 2010.11.25
One more for my favs. Lavindor Kingdom is exciting and funny. I love the witch. I want one.

Moomin5 2010.11.25
One of the best in the series!

marcodeg 2010.11.25
you can have anal in 4 out of 9 scenes. This is a little lower than the average Gamesofdesire game, but it is a good game anyway. My favorite is actually the first, Felicity who will let you fuck her again in the throne room

onlymine 2010.11.25
My favorite of this series

badboy2196 2010.11.24
this is a great game. the witch is damn hot!

DavieJones7 2010.11.18
I`ve always wanted them to make a mnf game like this

u2man69 2010.11.17
Pretty good game. Lots of girls to fuck.

ilmncsm 2010.11.17
MnF have to be some of the best games in existence!

TMAN81 2010.11.17
This is defintly one of the best games i MnF

heiner 2010.11.16
the best game to fuck and fuck again!!!

brooktrout 2010.11.15
This is a fun game. I like it a lot.

dreamlord99 2010.11.13
This is a great series of games. I liked it alot.

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

cowboybud 2010.11.11
very good game. wish there was more options in the scenes though.

godenfisher 2010.11.10
my cock became harder and harder while i play this game.great!

paddywhack 2010.11.09
great game great gameplay very interactive

yy2 2010.11.08
you can have anal in 4 out of 9 scenes. This is a little lower than the average Gamesofdesire game, but it is a good game anyway. My favorite is actually the first, Felicity who will let you fuck her again in the throne room.

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
Great way to kill some time!

hugo57 2010.11.05
great story ..long ..but good..some of the scenes could have been lengthened but good

conbron 2010.11.05
good story and graphics. Sexscenes are OK

mamaface123 2010.11.02
i like the girls but there is too much anal

Toboshi 2010.11.01
Yet another superb meet`n fuck. What else is there to say?

boss12313 2010.10.31
Nice game i love this game with sexy girls

alecsakura 2010.10.29
simply the best meet and fuck game I`ve played to date

Hardheart 2010.10.28
Great game play have played several times

Damianos 2010.10.28
Man this game is so hot. MNF are really great games, too bad you have to settle for demos so often.

LucyLouis21 2010.10.26
This is a very excellent game - I love the graphics

thegreathadji 2010.10.26
I love MnF, and this one in particular. Amazing graphics and a great story to go along with it. Keep up the good work.

blingy24 2010.10.26
it`s very exciting to play, especially if you`re with someone

Sharpie 2010.10.24
a nice short simple game, great music

Chuevo 2010.10.23
Short but great! Was easy to beat. Simply the easiest one around here.

bspence3 2010.10.23
Easily one of the best games on the site. I really liked the slutty queen!

ultraplayboy 2010.10.22
good game comsumes little time fun

eralph67 2010.10.20
good game a little time consuming

Jowker 2010.10.18
i really loved to play this game. The graphics and the story is great. Nice Girls!

kpyrinikos 2010.10.17
Magnificent game with mind blowing graphic design (beautiful ladies) and excellent sexual (actions, positions) diversity. Congrats to the author(s)

falck4385 2010.10.16
i think that it was a very great game with very nice graphic and animations

andre13 2010.10.16
nice grafics, lots of chics and a long game

almost perfect

sosfa 2010.10.16
wow! nice music, story & nice ghrapic!
it`s a excellent game.

Blizzinam 2010.10.15
This is yet another example of why M&F are probably the best erotica series on the web.

andiyan 2010.10.15
nice games..n nice to play!!!!

Smexy 2010.10.15
this game is just amazing. But i think im stuck on one of the parts where u have to enter the room. Please help meee.

chumak 2010.10.13
very good animation...
i love the complexity of it, makes it more fun!

kamouloxx 2010.10.13
This is a great game, i love this kind of game.

S41nt 2010.10.12
good games just typical one of meet n fuck series

douglas300 2010.10.12
Sweeeeeet.^_^.MnF games are always really fun. Wonderful art as always.

Wraith6 2010.10.11
Amazing graphics, lot`s of different action all in all, perfection.

Dade_zero 2010.10.11
definitely my favourite M&F game so far!

Guntag 2010.10.09
My favorite MnF game ! Awesome graphics and many girls, plus the medieval setting I enjoy a lot !

nexo 2010.10.07
great game would like to see more

harpy71 2010.10.06
This game, oince again, is the greatest, great animations

JustI 2010.10.02
lol..... had some laugh playing .....

aznhoboboi 2010.10.02
this one is a true classic

needleinahaystack 2010.09.30
Not my kind of game, but still not bad.

InsidiousWeasel 2010.09.30
Definitely an improvement in graphics and programming from earlier games and they are broadening slightly the variety of positions and sex scenes. I especially was thrilled by new voices during the sex as well as some ( not all ) new soundtrack during sex that didn`t drown out the voice as before. There was even one female not totally shaved ( I was in shock ).... kudos for the improvements.... now for a little more variety in other aspects of the models and positions ;)

pixieslayer 2010.09.29
really fun game. i injoyed it a lot

sm123 2010.09.28
great game, superb graphics and funny story

Zakharov 2010.09.26
better gameplay than some of the earlier games. the graphics are good, some normal sized boobs would be good too.

deadpool333 2010.09.26
Awesome game!!! nice drawings, the elf chick scene was really hot

NuclearAnt 2010.09.26
Great game, I thorougly enjoyed it :)

kingofviperz 2010.09.26
really good story with nice sex scenes

DEATH59 2010.09.23
this is probably one of the best M&F gmes out there

ralph2010 2010.09.22
Its fun but more of the same :(

biro 2010.09.20
The best M&F game ever!!!

nephilimm 2010.09.16
hmm very good game good pics etc...

Sexy_Lesbian22 2010.09.16
I so love this game. I just wish they would add more lesbian one`s..

modi=105 2010.09.15
it`s a really nice game liked it a lot

matthewt97 2010.09.11
This is a great game, good graphics

yuhime 2010.09.10
Well i don`t really know how to get the last intregridient anyone?

sportingthug99 2010.09.08
meet n fuck series is a very good game not take too long if u want a quick play

durban 2010.09.08
the pace of the game is nice and great graphics too

kangaroo 2010.09.08
good scenario, good enta?? graphics many different position and girls...best MNF for me

ntwan 2010.09.07
j`adore!!! differentes positions, orgie et petit scenario sympa.

bruteoger 2010.09.04
Really the better of these games, a lot more characters and tasks. Also a plot, not great but still better.

nebu87 2010.09.04
awesome game, especially the atm in the first scene... just great

snahonrop 2010.09.04
guess its a good game but im missing some inovation in the meet and fuck games

saifty1 2010.09.03
This has got to be my most faviourite game here

o0ochillouto0o 2010.09.02
i like the different characters and the nice story

wyskas 2010.09.02
nice game with for the first time 3 girls in one shot

asddsa161 2010.09.02
meet`n`fuck serie belongs to one of the best series in games within erotik genre

johnmark 2010.09.01
this game was so long and so worth it

philko 2010.08.31
Very good story. And high quality graphics. There are some really hot chicks in this game. Good job. More meet n fuck games like this would be great.

madsea 2010.08.30
great game. love the series

XReaperhobo 2010.08.28
yet another great MNF, all the girls are so hot

fuck5196 2010.08.28
the different types of girls in this game r sexy
the story line is good

Tannim 2010.08.27
This is probably the best mnf game I`ve plated. Highly recommended.

Scandaliciousss 2010.08.25
One of my favorite MNF games...
Hell, they are all good!

Kirdran 2010.08.24
one of my favorites. beautifull queen and her servant but witch - why its a child? She should be more mature - a woman!

Strawberry Swisher 2010.08.23
Great game, I love the MNF series and this has got to be one of my favorites, if not my favorite. The girls are hot, the graphics are a little bit better than some MNF games, which is great, and the storyline isn`t that bad either, considering it is an erotic game.

weezybaby23 2010.08.23
great gmae was rele good to see the medevil style

capt_dick 2010.08.23
the mideval costumes were really hot, nice to see all those big ol` titties!

robraf 2010.08.23
this one is really a great game with a lot of action. Some scenes are slow and some boring

TonyStarkZ 2010.08.22
Another great MnF game. The artwork is awesome, as always.
I think this one and "Star Mission" are the best.

socratesz 2010.08.22
One of the best games of them with great sound

TAK 2010.08.21
Great game with very good graphics and action, alot of beautiful girls also

chakcutler 2010.08.20
great game. love the series

dave56879001 2010.08.19
I love Meet `n` Fuck games, they make me cum so hard...

NightmareGER 2010.08.18
Probably one of if not the best meet n fuck games 100/100

IamBri 2010.08.18
In my opinion, the best MNF game to date. If the artwork and animation were just a level better, it would almost be perfect.

Death217 2010.08.17
Best game so far I guess ...still it could`ve been better. Love this seiries

hornyboy77s 2010.08.17
best game in series with good sound

kpyrinikos 2010.08.16
One of the best MnF game. Very hot story, excellent gfx and sound.

scdmo31 2010.08.16
game was good glad to play more and loving the music

Fleischhaker 2010.08.16
Meet n Fuck are the best games

doobidoo 2010.08.14
i really like meetnfuck games, especially this one

makje 2010.08.14
cool game of the meet and fuck series

webhead42 2010.08.12
one of the best mnf games I have played. great varit, love the cosplay

Dickman85 2010.08.11
I Love the graphics in his game, and the different girls. the sex scenes are really good too

paragon117 2010.08.11
I love the animation in this game!! It`s really well done

turtletat2it 2010.08.10
Very good MNF game, with a lot of hot scenes! Great

GobbleGobble2 2010.08.10
Very good game. One of the best out there

zip645 2010.08.10
Love the MNF Series.....This is one of there best ones. :)

logan1030 2010.08.09
the queen`s pussy is perfect

logan1030 2010.08.09
best game ever.sooooo sexy

logan1030 2010.08.09
the queen is sooooooo hot.she give me such a boner.

logan1030 2010.08.09
i love "meet and fuck"games they`re the best.

Bill1238 2010.08.09
Good MNF game. Good story and good scenarios and actions

eswr 2010.08.09
superb graphics and game play, going to be one of my favorite games

mac0072 2010.08.09
this is an awsome game i like the elf

justalonery 2010.08.08
a great sim date, i played it over and over, but it was too llong to fuck, i was bored to wait those fucking scene, , ,

lapine 2010.08.08
nice story, great graphics, easy to play, no need to move the mouse like a crazy guy, but as all really good game, it`s too short !

Yumi ;3 2010.08.06
This is one of the best MNF games, and I love the plot. Good game.

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
Might be the best MnF game i`ve played

plak 2010.08.04
Good MNF game. Good story and good scenarios and actions.

cookie_red_holden 2010.08.04
I love these games keep then cummin

manzom 2010.08.01
Very good MNF game, with a lot of hot scenes! Great

jakecyber 2010.07.30
great game! beautiful girls, no wrong answers, and no constant mouse movement required!...perfect! :)

aeean 2010.07.29
This is why I love MnF games! great graphics, great story line!

larrybobby 2010.07.28
Very nice and enjoyable game. The animations were pretty good and the story was good as well.

az89 2010.07.27
the queen so lustful for sex that she even willing to give her body to fulfill her sexual need, she`s better receive the title of `busty milf`. the elf sure got lot of milk and even cum more than one times with lots of milk. i love it especially the queen. wow, she`s hot.

Caine1379 2010.07.27
awesome game
another great mnf title

simbag 2010.07.27
Nice medieval setting and gameplay...different sounds for different scenes would have made it better

kurobara 2010.07.27
Some new sounds for this would be nice but probably most fav

Zommari 2010.07.26
Great game and graphics. There are some hilarious answers, really funny.

lajero 2010.07.25
Nice to see another storyline everytime!

BDC 2010.07.24
Great Storyline, Great graphics, Great controles....all in all Just a Great Game.

tubs 2010.07.24
great game with a great story line. i love the art. good work

bored 2010.07.23
good game very sexy, meet`n`fuck games are amazing

shadowtyler 2010.07.23
Great meet`n`fuck game one of the best made.

Bock4u 2010.07.23
great game very realistic and fun to play

Dracanos 2010.07.23
I like the graphic of this game, but to short :(

kelvinsimenr 2010.07.23
nice cute sexy girls nice game animation is fine

tw5615 2010.07.22
this game was awesome, very realistic

mist 2010.07.21
i love this series one of the greatest ever i hope they come out with new nes

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
I always enjoy Meet n fuck games, and I like the new direction they`ve gone in with the multiple girls, and getting a more in depth story, as opposed to the earlier "porno storyline". Only one thing I wish they would add, the ability to change the quality.

Note 2010.07.20
This is a very good game with nice and good animated i really love dis

GOLDIE300 2010.07.19
a very good game with good animation

Spike2911 2010.07.17
it is a nce game damned good, now there are almost real puzzles

mxyzptlk82 2010.07.17
one of my fave m n f games

blueman 2010.07.16
Definitly one of my favorite MNF games

kapo 2010.07.16
it is a nce game, i like the graphics to

jcwin 2010.07.15
great game, nice setting and the music is so charming :)

pitons 2010.07.13
laba spele var spelet un spelet loti intresanta

Gerobaka 2010.07.12
this was a good game. i would play it again

UnoFpsJoe 2010.07.11
Really good game.The best of meet and fuck and I think its the best game here!

sexking 2010.07.10
A GREAT GAME !!!!!!!!!!!! i even wetted myself every time i play this game.

moonunit1 2010.07.09
this was a good game. i would play it again

xxxwilliamxxx 2010.07.09
this is a very good game love the animations

FacelessOne 2010.07.09
I really like thouse anime style games. 100 points!

bob_sniper 2010.07.08
great game.this serie has always been fun to play.

Taitus 2010.07.08
Excellent game - one of the best so far!!

sexking 2010.07.08
A great game i wish i was the guy and i would fuck all those sexy women.

bobhampton 2010.07.07
Not as impressed. Could have had better in game play

WahooPunch45 2010.07.05
Loved the game, awesome gameplay/storyline. Good graphics too!

Lumus 2010.07.04
Also the witch was smokin hot

Lumus 2010.07.04
Variety and Good chicks make this game a classic ^^

erkkimies91 2010.07.03
MNF games are just getton` better and better! WANT SOME MORE!

manstara 2010.07.01
A great game, i liked this type of game.. really fun to play with.

Gunshot1 2010.06.30
great game thank you for posting all the free games

badr 2010.06.24
it is nice that it can be played in differents languages ! nice game but could be better

rob63 2010.06.23
Great game and storyline,one of my fav games to play.

addictive 2010.06.23
nice story line in romantic medieval times

ghostfreak210 2010.06.22
I love the meet and fuck series its gotta be the best around

TIR 2010.06.22
intresting, but not so much

azunaii 2010.06.21
God Damn it this game is soooo good.... its left me wanting more n more. Can we have a meet n fuck game where you get to fist the girl till she squirts... now that would be a good way of topping this game

ringla 2010.06.20
great game good graphics ovsom

cjcj 2010.06.17
great looking women, great game play

drcueball 2010.06.17
nice game to play but too long

chap74 2010.06.15
Lots of interactivity and lots of girls. Very nice graphics

kevaliz 2010.06.14
I find meet`n`fuck one of the best games ever

scannatore 2010.06.14
The best MNF game of ever!

castle 2010.06.13
A great game, i liked this type of game.. really fun to play with.

ad_reloaded 2010.06.13
excellent storyline. i want to play more like this

mxq145 2010.06.13
a very good game with very nice animation to go along with it

yesmam 2010.06.12
Awesome sounds and awesome graphics.

JRjab 2010.06.10
This game is great. But it should either have a save option or the ability to skip scenes.

sexydrugaddict 2010.06.10
Farly boring have seen better games

Billybob 2010.06.09
Love this game All the grils are hot

tastes goood 2010.06.09
MNF is by far my favorite series

Miske 2010.06.06
Very good game!! Like the story!!

rommywright 2010.06.06
brilliant.more games like this

startabus 2010.06.05
This game is one of the best games i have ever played

simon32177 2010.06.05
This game is very good. Loved it

mewantshag 2010.06.05
Very Very Hot. lololololol at the princess

elbouffono 2010.06.01
outstanding game! Character designer(s) did a great great job on this one. No mini game but it`s still the best of MNF! Many awesome scenes too.

25bucket 2010.05.31
this game is tottaly tits

transferemail0011 2010.05.29
best so far in the series. graphic is good. i like the new posing that was offered. keep it up

maxima 2010.05.29
This game is awesome, really it knocked my socks off (if you know what I mean). All the girls are good, the elf and the maid are my absolute favorites. It`s because of these games that Meet`n`Fuck has become so popular.

mistermister 2010.05.27
nice game, nice series, some of the best games in the internet

Dono1973 2010.05.24
my favorite series of games

zhaozer 2010.05.23
The game was very thoroughly done. A decently long storyline.

gliph13 2010.05.22
there are so many sex scenes that you get tired before you can reach the end.

simon1990 2010.05.22
I love this game.. played it 2 times

FurryGuy 2010.05.17
One of the best Meet`N`Fuck games so far. The mini-quests add to the fun of playing.

Damirel 2010.05.16
Great game with great animations

GregShore 2010.05.16
One of the funniest of the Meet`N`Fuck series, very fun game though the actual sex sequences are a li`l slow.

swissly 2010.05.15
a little short but nice and simple good game

Kelly_Fan 2010.05.15
MNF always know how to make a good game. I enjoyed it.

aryaxx 2010.05.15
what a nice game, good gameplay and graphic and not to be forgotten its totally hot!

iizi 2010.05.15
Once again a great "fantasy" game from MNF...thumbs up to MNF ppl

Papa2123 2010.05.14
great game, i love the complexity of it, makes it more fun!

Zengee 2010.05.14
This is one of my favorite Meet n Fuck games. The characters are hot as hell.

clllaude29 2010.05.14
nice game i like this action

3clawes 2010.05.14
gameplay and graphics. rock

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

money123 2010.05.13
im a little bit addicted to this game... the graphics are good

eustass0678 2010.05.08
great game so nice graphics

thunder22 2010.05.07
i like the graphic in this game

jker209 2010.05.07
MNF is the best hentai game I`ve ever laid my eyes upon, it has come this far and is better then ever! MNF has never let me down. Although I`m getting info that MNF will not be free anymore!

yeronimo7 2010.05.05
Love it, i liked the girl at the "hotel"

Kalaam 2010.05.02
great game, great story and nice babes.Love the series.

noyb 2010.05.01
This is probably the best MNF game.

LoLB 2010.04.29
great game of a great serie, more of these please

sexmachine 2010.04.28
meet and fuck series is always the best

sludge 2010.04.28
this is a great game, great graphics and girls, love the meet`n`fuck series

diesel 2010.04.27
really great graphics and gameplay makes this game outstanding

jojo23 2010.04.27
i love lavender kingdom, it rules, the orgy was great

meddo19 2010.04.27
meet`n`fuck i love this games

dargor89 2010.04.26
this is really a perfect game.. good gameplay, graphic and animation :)

allmon 2010.04.25
absolutely love this game. so many girls...WOW

Horrocrux 2010.04.24
Great another meet n funk gaame that series is the best.

WolfWarrior 2010.04.23
Definitely in the top 5 of the Meet `N Fuck series.

Angus 2010.04.23
meet`n`fuck serie belongs to one of the best series in games

Jassonshin 2010.04.22
cool!...i like this game especially the girls!

Nergal 2010.04.22
One of the best games from the Meet`n`Fuck Series.

JohnDeo 2010.04.21
Meet and Fuck games are the best around here

arashmidos 2010.04.20
great like other MNF

Aizy Hikker 2010.04.19
meet`n`fuck serie belongs to one of the best series in games within erotik genre

Karu 2010.04.17
A good MNF game with a great setting

declined 2010.04.14
meet`n`fuck serie belongs to one of the best series in games

declined 2010.04.14
great game, superb graphics
the meet`n`fuck series ist the best

komax155 2010.04.12
Good game, nice graphics & All Ok !

Thel20 2010.04.12
liked the game nice graphics fun gameplay probably going to play it again

jayhawk1987 2010.04.10
Sexy game, and the graphics are awesome. Thanks!

JerBJ 2010.04.10
More MnF. I love the bath girls, nympho whores! just awesome

knightnight 2010.04.10
Great game, good graphics, not too short, and quite diverse.

Wndrbrwr 2010.04.10
these guys certainly knows how to make HOT games

Hallomand 2010.04.09
Awesome sounds and awesome graphics.

Redrider 2010.04.08
nice game, the music makes me hot

bernth 2010.04.08
MnF games are allways some of the best and this one is just as good as all the others.

HeroOfWar 2010.04.05
Another great meet n fuck games. The ones with more than 1 girl are the better ones.

grifmaster 2010.04.05
nice game. i like the memeaval setting

CleanKiz 2010.04.04
one of the nicest game i have ever played

Purger 2010.04.04
a bit too long, some parts, if any at least to skip them ...
mainly the game is great

Damianos 2010.04.02
Awesome graphics and content as always with MNF, best one I tried so far!

LoLB 2010.04.02
meet n fuck are the best, please more of these games

myserio 2010.04.01
Just can`t have enough of those games, so hot.

anthonyzimmer57 2010.04.01
All that girls are so horny even the little princess.

biggsreddy 2010.04.01
nice game got stuck at the queens maid

dragonfly 2010.03.31
it is so cool. I enjoy it

grubber 2010.03.31
awsome game, then again i love all of the meet-and-fuck games

az89 2010.03.30
viva mnf the queen is the most hot and sexy i even satisfied her more than ten times. hope that she have some milk like the elf. the elf so hot too especially when her cum her milk went out so many

a.griggs021 2010.03.30
love the mtf games and this is a good one

r0kk0 2010.03.30
Nice and fun game to play, nice graphics, enjoyed it!

rileysteele 2010.03.28
The queen is my favorite out of all of them. i like how the graphics make them loook really hot in this game.

sjw05 2010.03.28
this game is very nice to play!

panteik 2010.03.28
Great game and fun to play

bored2010 2010.03.28
fun game with good graphics

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
great story, good graphics and fun to play

keipui 2010.03.26
love it , complex and pleasant to play

flayer 2010.03.26
the pics are very hot, but sometimes is boring

KeithWWatson 2010.03.24
great game with lopts of sexy sluts

Eforliet 2010.03.23
One of the best of the series ive played.

mattmilano 2010.03.23
nice script with nice graphics, the best i`ve played so far

sicnarfj 2010.03.22
Grreat game, great graphics

Garomph 2010.03.21
Maybe the best meet n fuck game what I`d played

idontknoww 2010.03.20
very good game nice animations and graphics

tylenol04 2010.03.20
meet and fuck are the best out there!

dracogaurd 2010.03.20
the graphics are getting better!!! the best mnf so far!!!!!!!!!

thermor 2010.03.20
THE best MnF game in a long while, and thank god it`s free!

LoLB 2010.03.19
good game, lots of things you can do

Grege316 2010.03.18
Great game,the gaphic is good and it fun

Forcewagon 2010.03.18
good game love MnF music could have been different

Snejbjerg 2010.03.17
One of the best games ever!

nortilus 2010.03.17
This is the best mnf series i`ve ever played

yourmomma397 2010.03.16
long but with great sex scenes

aervin 2010.03.12
Great Game, i always like the MNF Games

robert23 2010.03.12
babes in this games are really sexy

joliet 2010.03.12
very nice game ...start slow ..but the story is interesting

loversb 2010.03.11
their is a lovely games , i like theme................

mistersexy 2010.03.08
this is a nice game from mnf excellent story

wickeddeuce 2010.03.07
not bad not bad at all like it lots of action

hubi 2010.03.07
nice game with god graphics

wpowder 2010.03.06
This is a great game...keep up with the good work

Towy 2010.03.05
The game is as great as the other in the mnf series I just love these games I just wish that they wern`t demos these days

SteveF 2010.03.04
best game of series so far keep up the good work

jay50 2010.03.03
A really nice and well made game. The interactions with the girls might differ a bit more (ie really liked the elf in the tavern).

auldgit 2010.03.02
probably my all time favourite M`n`F

xxjferxx 2010.02.28
i played this a while ago, it was good

sublime_one 2010.02.28
great game to play, love the mnf games and this is the best so far

gauntlet211 2010.02.28
great game id play it again

lower5 2010.02.28
owesome game,and fanny whit good graphics

Gonebiking18 2010.02.27
Another good game in the Meet n` Fuck series, easy but not too easy.

davj5 2010.02.26
Awesome game hot as hell, hot chicks and awesome adventures too

corgan 2010.02.24
simply awesome! complex and pleasant to play!

sham 2010.02.24
very good animation...
i love the complexity of it, makes it more fun!

docrx1991 2010.02.24
Really enjoyed the game. Like the variety of options & positions.

gforceone 2010.02.22
this game has very good animation love meet and fuck games
they are always a pleasure lol

geni80 2010.02.22
I love everything about this game, i hope theres more to come

kaal 2010.02.22
best in the series! keep up the good work!

cockney1 2010.02.20
Great game, has everything you want from a game like this.
really need more like it. Love those big tits xD

test01 2010.02.20
the best of the genre. The best mF

Stevie B 2010.02.19
i think this game is so fcking hot i really like fucking the qween in her bed

gordantravis 2010.02.19
MNFLK is by the best one to date, hot babes and cool quests, lets see more like this one.

loquezea 2010.02.18
these guys certainly knows how to make HOT games

ruyven 2010.02.18
MnF is always fun. This one is a great game, great animations.

lnalem4 2010.02.17
I like this game, but i prefer dating games. good graphics.

jethro 2010.02.17
best of the MNF games so far - lots of options and the women are HOT. Great artwork

steve_0ooo69 2010.02.17
Good story line, like how it had to be done in a certain order to get to the finish. Thumbs up!!

obidos 2010.02.16
very horny and awsome to watch love it

hardon 2010.02.16
Very entertaining. They actually put some thought in to this one.

horny26 2010.02.16
well this is great games, really inspiring. make me want to fuck somebody right now

kyo 2010.02.16
this game one of my best and the princes is hot

jamal 2010.02.14
meetnfuck games are the best

boinky 2010.02.14
One of the best `meet` games around. Lots of girls, different actions and even some sort of a story.

indefinitedude 2010.02.13
Magnificent game with mind blowing graphic design (beautiful ladies) and excellent sexual (actions, positions) diversity. Congrats to the author(s)

drok 2010.02.13
not a bad game, bit too cartooni though

k2k 2010.02.13
one of the best games around, very exciting!

tanbir90 2010.02.12
wonderful game to play with such beautiful graphics.

bock 2010.02.10
Liked it, and for where these were going, its a shame now you have to pay

bab_gul 2010.02.10
man...what a nice games...
i love the graphic...

kldxxx 2010.02.09
fantastice game this is one of the better ones, along the line of Ocean Cruise, the replayability is nice though some of the scenes do load very slowly i played it 3 times

Dengar 2010.02.08
Great game with lots of hot girls and good story

taegrrl08 2010.02.05
it kept my attenion very well its also very fun

reggieflip 2010.02.05
this is one of the better fantasy hentai games out there. a great example of the MnF games before they started to make mostly rebranded pay for play games.

micstr85 2010.02.05
a very very goog mnf game, it`s make fun.

Blitzkriegbob 2010.02.04
best game i found here. This is really a game, sure not difficult, but still a real game

anda 2010.02.04
great game, great graphics, hot girls and a nice storyline

JazzzyJo 2010.02.04
Lots of interactivity and lots of girls. Very nice graphics

rwich 2010.02.04
girls in this game have nice tits

kiteq 2010.02.04
very good animations,simple nice game

omuh 2010.02.03
One of the best meet`n`fuck games with a good story and more interactivity.

sloth77 2010.02.03
nice game, surprisingly more complicated than the usual mnf series..nice one

superheiri 2010.02.03
meetnfuck was good till the started selling out

bechoux 2010.02.03
ForFor me,this is one best game of the site

Erindja 2010.02.03
great game, the right thing

Fafhrd 2010.02.03
Great graphics, good story, a really good game

loolaa 2010.02.03
A really nice and well made game. The interactions with the girls might differ a bit more (ie really liked the elf in the tavern).

hugozvelehor 2010.02.02
great game, u have a bit of all (regular and anal sex, orgies) you can have lots of different girls and this game is not too linear. a great one in my opinion

hd79 2010.02.02
really like these games, graphic is better than those m`n`f on the paysite

princechaz18 2010.02.02
i like this game. it has a interesting story line

Luzi 2010.02.02
Another amazing MNF game! Great storylineand animation as ever. But the reward could be better, maybe to get the kings daughter? ;-)

cheshire 2010.02.01
one of my favs!! it`s just awesome! ))

Ricardo Almeida 2010.01.31
Amazing game. It`s the best mnf game I`ve seen

bullseye 2010.01.31
very good game, good grahpic, many things to do and to enjoy

stevebarthrop 2010.01.31
Another great Meet & Fuck game although rather long. Still great animations as always and a fun story.

assrapist 2010.01.30
great game, u have a bit of all (regular and anal sex, orgies) you can have lots of different girls and this game is not too linear. a great one in my opinion

canman99 2010.01.28
Fab game, goood graphics, nice story and good length. Loved it.

alexus68 2010.01.28
great game, great story and nice babes.Love the series.

nickliger 2010.01.27
meet n fuck series are the best!

amir97 2010.01.27
excellent game looking forward to more games like this

Crono20 2010.01.27
This is a great game, good

Sehviss 2010.01.26
Great game. I liked the added options in this one, ie the `massage` and the extra options in the elf scene. Also, I enjoyed the questing aspect in this. I`m looking forward to the future MNF releases.

Clancy 2010.01.26
great game, great story and nice babes

Ricoh124 2010.01.26
A long game, but interesting throughout and worth the effort.

mwilson2463 2010.01.25
all of these type of MNF games rocks. the new ones at the paysites are not worth my time

sentaiblue 2010.01.25
i love the game pritty long to play but its fun and a lot of pritty girls

gojuryu 2010.01.25
This one is probably one of the better meet n fucks. It`s very interactive. Mainly the game play has a lot go fetch and return quest though. questions are easy to figure out too.

Nialis 2010.01.25
This is one of the best games out there so far. I love it.

lothar_ab 2010.01.25
I really like this game. Nice animation, not too short and not too easy.

davey 2010.01.25
this game was great

still tired of the manga style however

drakkhen 2010.01.24
this game is awesome, from the animation to the story all the way down to the non choppy gameplay

bogdan_ibv 2010.01.24
great game ,one of best adult flash games i have ever played

BooZy 2010.01.24
very nice game, great story

paranoid 2010.01.24
simply one of the best MnF games!!

david757 2010.01.24
un des meilleurs de la s??rie avec plein de filles

qwertu 2010.01.24
this is my favorite game with superb graphics

sexman 2010.01.24
that`s an really good game, the graphics are also good

kent74 2010.01.21
one of the best games ever...totally awesome

xxxducati 2010.01.20
good game, great job making it

alucard2312 2010.01.16
help i font know what i have do to the girl otside queens palace

comrade steel 2010.01.16
this is a game that will be remembered for all time

Evilbob 2010.01.16
Wow! Very impressive game. Completely breaks the one-dimensional mold of MNF games. Awesome.

Roblue1 2010.01.15
I so enjoyed this game it made me feel like I was right there every minute enjoying they oung maidens ,I hope you make another like this

Shawn 2010.01.11
One of the best games on this site

gagadoudou 2010.01.10
great adventure. i like it

helgon 2010.01.09
one of the best they have done

angels1 2010.01.09
Great game cuz its so simple to play

XGurren 2010.01.09
This game is the best one i ever played. It has good graphics and a excellent gameplay

crossbone 2010.01.08
a realy great game, the choose of alternatives is also realy fine.

yoggy 2010.01.06
Just like always, a great game in the MNF series

hotttie666 2010.01.06
epic game one of my favourites

chad_sexington 2010.01.05
the MNF series always produces good games - this is no exception

james013 2010.01.04
it was wery nice in here but bad thing is just now i find this site good work

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