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MNF First date sex


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spanner 2017.10.16
Nice game graphics good just wish it was longer.rn

HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.06
It is a nice game to kill some time, not a long game but still nice.

Machintrucbc 2017.10.02
Nice graphics, but too linear - no real choice

samsmith1169 2017.08.09
Old one but good one! Sexy girl, fun story

RADOST89 2017.06.05
Hot chick, fast but fun game

itsmeagain 2017.02.17
easy to play and funny interaction and dialouge

laidbackfella 2016.12.26
Another solid piece from this crew. Well done

Dannky12 2016.11.24
great game dont know how it could be better

fiftypez 2016.11.21
short. to the point. fun. not much more to say about it

fiftypez 2016.11.16
love this one.. gets almost right to it


jakeblack 2016.09.28
it is a funny game but I liked it

zzy2567256498 2016.05.29
Is a very good animated game, i love it

cambridge4453 2016.05.27
She looks great but it gets silly very very quickly and I lost interest

Runner97 2016.05.16
One of my favourite MnF games

wolfphoenix 2016.03.16
Nice, but very limited in the choices.

stillnotsleeping 2016.03.16
Even by meet n fuck standards this one is pretty lacking. Needs more set up and more variety.

singlevirgin 2016.01.26
such a sexy woman with luscious breasts

muhammad bin zahid 2015.12.27
the animation of game is very good

bbwkatie92 2015.12.06
i love her body. so sensual. and the blind date thing is cool. but the story couldve been just a bit longer

andyp77 2015.11.26
great game but could of lasted longer

6teen 2015.10.17
Loved the game and the graphics were good i wished there was more of a story but yeah great game

FUDGEBALLS 2015.09.14
GIRL IS HOT nice moans to

Dan the Man 2015.08.01
LOVE these games. They are great.

1400113 2015.06.20
great game i had fun playing it

kamran_bored 2015.06.15
Quick and easy game, good fun

davidpitt 2015.05.16
i like this game very much. gameplay, graphics everything`s nice

farkas 2015.05.06
Good graphics, lovely songs but to easy game.

Shakma 2015.03.04
Very nice game, girl is hot i did enjoy it, perhaps one of the MNF best games.

umager 2015.02.09
Good graphics, enjojable...

cambridge4453 2015.02.02
No challenge or story; looks ok but that all really, unless you are obsessed with enormous boobs

gwazz 2015.01.27
great fun good graphics just like all m and f games

olyg7 2015.01.03
Cute little quick game. Good graphics.Not the best MNF game, but still good fun.

knoll 2014.12.28
A bit short and easy, but the sounds and quality was good.

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Nice story line that lets you end up having sex on the first date. Worth playing again and again.

hump8047 2014.11.14
Cute little quick game. Good graphics

ptxerror 2014.10.27
so lustful and kinky. a good game with nice graphics.

bansheeghost1234 2014.10.11
great game a good graphics to love the sex scense

Futuros 2014.10.07
Enjoyable game with good graphics. Character should be repeated in other games.

narmytrooper 2014.10.03
good fun cool animations

Iva_bigun_12 2014.09.28
Very good and hot game With nice girl!!!

Leonheart22 2014.07.30
One of the better Meet `N` Fuck games I`ve played, only problems I have are with the generic sounds and the lack of pubic hair, otherwise a great installment to the series!

bitz94 2014.07.13
The Graphics is poor but the game is nice.

homidawg 2014.07.06
great positions but lacked the educational purpose of potatos

CrisR7C 2014.05.26
Good game.
Hot babe... totally would fuck her

applehead12 2014.05.22
I really like this game especially for its graphic and the girl is really hot

GP69 2014.05.16
Probably the best first date I`ve been on!! Beautiful girl, big boobs, and wonderful graphics!!

ToastGuy 2014.05.07
the game is great but its a bit too easy, but still great

azeed.sid 2014.04.13
I really enjoyed this game, very good one

Abraxis 2014.03.22
I don`t like this overly cartoonish look much, but here it is used really quite well! This is a really hot and fun game. with room for more. It really needed a few more positions though, Oh well, perhaps in future parts, should this become a series, which is something I would like to see

hornyviking 2014.02.05
good game the girl looks great

SKELTONIO74 2014.01.04
brilliant game easy but very good

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
A smokin` hot bb who loves to suck, fuck, and put her big ol` titties to good use on a first date.....what`s not to love? lol Serioiusly though.....great animations and really hot stuff.....another great job by the MnF guys.

Eddie Roc 2013.12.11
It`s been a while since I last played MnF, but still liking the series.

PoloPolo112 2013.12.07
nice game, the girl is very hot, but it`s too easy

yosecretsquirrel 2013.11.03
I enjoy these MNF games if for no other reason but the graphic and progressive sex scenes.

wezel87 2013.10.18
Great game and sexy girl, great graphics One of my favorite MnF games!

ldvldv0 2013.10.12
great game, short but good

Ben Harper 2013.09.28
Good Game But not as good as the lessons of passion..

oldfart40871 2013.09.27
to easy but fun to play, good graphic

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

maklksh 2013.08.31
nice game but very short though good graphics

madmax68 2013.08.30
great game, loved the graphics and storyline

JustJeff722 2013.08.14
Good game, I enjoyed it. Could be more interactive though.

noogad 2013.08.07
this was superb game ..this games is so enjoyable

smartsex 2013.07.23
pretty straight forward. loved the 2d drawing especially sexy mellissa.

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Good game, a really highlight.

Vaca 2013.07.16
nice game with great graphics

Blaze4589 2013.07.10
Good game, I have always liked MNF games

kevinloop007 2013.07.06
An easy and fun game, i have always liked the meet and fuck games.

kevinloop007 2013.07.06
One of my favorite MnF games! Refreshingly direct for a sex game, with great graphics, smooth gameplay, and a gorgeous female lead.i m in love wth this girl....very hot n nice sex scenes too.....but story should be a little longer...

kevinloop007 2013.07.06
we have to involve more over options in this game.to make so big enjoyable game...

kevinloop007 2013.07.06
this was superb game ..this games is so enjoyable

bilbily 2013.07.01
vsex scenes too.....but story should be a little longer...

great game i had fun playing it and the story is good

Axer10 2013.06.12
I want gore games like it

junuih 2013.06.04
good game, hot girl, Awesome!!!

titanic1415 2013.05.28
I like this type of game best

girthy 2013.05.23
hot girl
needs more involvement and options

Hard4boobs1959 2013.05.06
Great game, love those big titties

stevefox 2013.05.03
great game i had fun playing it and the story is good

gwazz 2013.04.26
nice easy game most enjoyable

madmax68 2013.04.20
Love the game, long time since I had a first date like that!!

jade33quinn 2013.04.14
Nice game okay if you`ve got a little time

webman94 2013.04.03
The game was great but a little to short.

rabitrabitra 2013.03.28
awesome game but i would prefer if it was longer and if we saw a baby or something. also awesome storyline and build up but kinda stereo typical

THEBIGB 2013.03.22
A lot of fun, very erotic and the grafix are very nice.

yogesh83 2013.03.15
nice storyline but too short

AndreStoa 2013.03.11
This is average game for me.
it is enough to enjoy for sex.But why is the sound always the same and why are there no black women?

grzymek 2013.03.01
very funny game I like it

lee11971 2013.01.30
good games. i really enjoy it

dgkesquire 2013.01.30
One of my favorite MnF games! Refreshingly direct for a sex game, with great graphics, smooth gameplay, and a gorgeous female lead.

ua tom 2013.01.27
so so so good game,and nice music

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

dwj197662 2013.01.18
i would love a girl like her

vikrai 2013.01.18
the girl looks great but the game is pretty boring

dog69 2013.01.15
good game , graphic is ok , pretty girl , but is short

lucasroxbrand 2013.01.10
really too easy, but sexy lady

lilbigphil 2013.01.08
best game i think, grafics iffy

milesnai 2012.12.31
easy game that needs more storyline

Anatik 2012.12.30
good game, hot girl, but too easy...

Trojan Strecher 2012.12.24
Too easy needs more to the story line

chairman066 2012.12.18
a bit too easy, you cant do anything wrong...
pretty girl though, fair sex...
need to pleasure the girl too...

rwood100 2012.12.09
Good game. Pretty easy but good fuck all around..

chief007 2012.11.24
very good game.....but it`s short......

TM906 2012.11.22
This is good game for me.
it is enough to enjoy for sex

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


gastaue 2012.11.13
great game ,excellent story,mind blowing character.

BobHope 2012.11.11
Good game! I`d like to meet a girl with tits like that.

Theosopher 2012.11.04
nice sound but not much build up of excitement. too easy!

ampdsmith 2012.10.30
Nice game. I loved the graphics.The moaning made me excited.

Holmes0513 2012.10.28
I thought it was a pretty awesome game, easy to figure out and rather hot

Ruben_ 2012.10.25
not the best game but ok

chris o 1 2012.10.15
this game is so very very i play it ever day all the time

doodles 2012.10.08
Very sexy and fun . The story moves along nicely .

Erotic Sage 2012.10.07
It was a short story but I liked the anime-like girl.

jamessimpy 2012.09.26
could have a better ending but overall a nice game

dpfreire 2012.09.22
ust like the game, but the animation just all well

Jokke1 2012.09.16
I like this series, good looking girls and nice graphics but the stories are a bit thin

zentrifaal 2012.08.30
Lovely game. I´m so horny

pablo13 2012.08.29
this game is amazing i love the graphics.

Rjpowner 2012.08.28
the gameplay is ok but the speed of interaction are way too slow

Dave1232 2012.08.23
this is a resonably good game great storyline :)

Duragon31 2012.08.17
fun short game, graphics are pretty good too

HelloKitty4001 2012.08.09
i wish i was that girl she must of had a good time

rockingstars12 2012.08.01
this is a fantastic game with good graphics

lovebro 2012.07.29
very basic, but wow was i turned on
very hot

diary 2012.07.26
1 of the better mnf games

smithmichael 2012.07.23
Great game! One girl is all you`ll need!

Nastycookie 2012.07.17
short game but still cool

idontcareabouteverything 2012.07.09
fun game,but a little short story.

ryendry 2012.06.28
good game. she is maybe a bit too easy?

Dragonstrike88 2012.06.26
I love to play with her boobs ;)

P-Man 2012.06.26
wow... a nice game
sexy melissa prove it

sexyone1 2012.06.25
absolutely perfect and great game. i love the sounds

demiseleny 2012.06.06
perfect game!!great graphics!!!the girls beautiful!!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.01
good game shame it was only one girl

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

xavier_fer 2012.05.25
i love the story of the game too

xavier_fer 2012.05.25
i jst love dis game its awesome

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Great game, very nice grafic!

stoper 2012.05.10
The art and the animations were good, but the story was lame and there was no challenge at all.

tatamsaad 2012.05.03
simple amazing and hot i love it

Edward77 2012.05.03
vry good game.........soo nic to play this the girl is sexy.........:)

glamer_glimmer 2012.05.01
The girl are awesome, but I played this game many time ago. Why don`t have another episode of "my PF1"?

poolman1 2012.04.27
the girl looks great but the game is pretty boring

poolman1 2012.04.27
the quality of this games is great graphics are great

titlovr316 2012.04.26
fun game, sensual animation sure to give any guy a hard on

justin19862 2012.04.26
its an ok game just wish there was more options to do more things but the girl was smokin hot

su234 2012.04.22
horny game. graphics are good.

Tammoul 2012.04.18
Nice one, but not enough cum went on her face... Still, my cum went on my face! XD

dolyd 2012.04.14
awesome game and cool graphics

Stijntje288 2012.04.12
love to play this game over and over

logical 2012.04.11
could be longer
i think

CuteJason 2012.04.06
its worth to play it and good graphic

saucer 2012.04.04
ok story line: but girl is mega fit and makes up for it :

MrSPARTAN117 2012.03.30
nice game and the girl is cute :3

sasukeuchiha 2012.03.24
ok need to be a bit longer

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

tazz611 2012.03.12
straight to the point nice game

Mike77 2012.03.12
Good graphics and sound effects, but:
Where are the adventure elements?

dgkesquire 2012.02.29
Great game play, gorgeous graphics...the animation could have been a touch smoother.

johnnyrawkers 2012.02.28
I liked this game. straight to the point, and it was easy.

youlidante 2012.02.27
exellent jeux de rencontre amoureuse

Raghs 2012.02.25
Great game.....cool graphics Worth playing!

MadGab 2012.02.24
Good graphics, good audio, I hated the music

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.excelent animation.sweet game.like to see more

Haimi 2012.02.18
i like it, but it`s too easy.

Bruno46 2012.02.15
its a shame good game but too easy...

sausageb 2012.02.09
another great game in the series.........very hot.

zerocool14 2012.02.07
great gameplay..awesome graphics

Blauzi 2012.02.04
Very nice Graphics, good gameflow nice chick

mbig 2012.02.01
Very hot game..Got me excited

mscaveman 2012.02.01
nice game haed on first date WOW

begemot 2012.01.29
it is a very good game we need more games like that

ron57 2012.01.28
nice game ... worth replaying

zabionicsis 2012.01.27
short but fun none the less.

cowboy6963 2012.01.27
great game not too long or dificult to get through.

difazio 2012.01.26
Very good game with more intersting options than the usual ones.

Renath 2012.01.20
very beautiful game with good position and good graphics i like to play it.

Snowieee 2012.01.19
Nice gameplay with a decent "story"

Dr_Jekkyl 2012.01.16
Nice with a good looking girl. A bit too short, and too long sex scenes, but I enjoyed it.

corner 2012.01.14
graphics were real nice i liked it

potterbhoy 2012.01.14
very boring game too much clicking and too easy

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a very good game a beatiful girl with huge boobs awesome

timoow16 2012.01.13
fun game but it needed to be a little longer though

bandit001 2012.01.10
Nice game but kinda short.

Guillaume 2012.01.10
easy to play, little short though

dick92 2012.01.07
The game was very hot and had good grapphics

triloquest901 2012.01.03
awesome!!.maybe to easy..

Thyger 2012.01.02
Graphics came out lame, although the adventure is really interesting.

xenomorph 2011.12.29
Fantastic game, good animation...but a little short.

Breck 2011.12.28
good game, easy but quit nice

will52 2011.12.24
the fucking game had good graphics, animation,

Pheonixfire1 2011.12.22
very nice game, good looking chick, nice finish

syhr 2011.12.22
easy game play no real replay value lo

Akrasjel 2011.12.21
Nice game but tha grafics could be beter.

chech 2011.12.21
Very good game, nice graphics.

pornguy85 2011.12.21
Great game and very good graphics and very fun to play.

samkin 2011.12.21
I liked this one a lot, very simple gameplay but a hot girl, and straight on story...

tgfrench 2011.12.21
very simple game and not much skill to win but the graphics are nice and the sound is top quality.

TheDoRon 2011.12.20
I love the interactive sound in this game

Eugenebert 2011.12.19
pretty good game, OK graphics,

Blackstone 2011.12.19
As usual the girl was beautiful and busty, but this one seemed more blatantly stroke material for the perpetually horny teenage boy -- it was all about the guy, nothing for the girl. How many women... sorry, I know, it`s just a game.

littlejohn29 2011.12.14
good game shame it was only one girl

Lizzie 2011.12.08
Awesome graphics and sound effects were excellent!!!

aldyboy 2011.12.06
What a very good game !!!

brobro 2011.12.06
Pretty straightforward. Nice though.

angad63 2011.12.04
nice game and fantastic climax

-Crank- 2011.12.03
Ohh damm this girl was amazing

adrian21098 2011.12.03
Hot Game
I Like MNF Games

flame-haze 2011.12.02
i seriously love games like this...but...much more longer like MnF

justin19862 2011.12.01
very nice and good quality

JJ A 2011.12.01
i have really enjoy the game,its everythong good!!sounds,simple story,beautiful girl,everythinh its ok!!

morehead4life 2011.11.30
I enjoyed this game the graphics are great

deepikanair 2011.11.30
Nice game... Good animation... Enjoyed it... But could have been little longer...

alex_sec123 2011.11.28
easy game but funny and good

jujuju 2011.11.27
this is a very interesting games,I Love This Game So Much..........

GiGi420 2011.11.27
I enjoyed the game but i do wish it was longer.

the dude78 2011.11.26
the girl is awesome but not much to the game itself...

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

kldxxx 2011.11.24
this game is everything i`ve come to expect from the meet-n-fuck series! Great graphics, hot chicks, and good sounds.

Daz_Joker 2011.11.21
i really wish all my dates were like that

hcb36 2011.11.20
OK story, simple graphics

Saber1 2011.11.19
Games is somewhat boring - too predictable, too easy

btsom 2011.11.19
very easy game a bit to predictable

higados 2011.11.17
nice but simple game. Anyway, the chick is hot

randyniehaus 2011.11.17
very boring game but the girl is sexy

EdFree1 2011.11.16
Good graphics, and easy game play

nakedsoul 2011.11.16
nice game with:good graphic,and absolutly good looking girl......And i feel fresh

elishacuthbert 2011.11.15
Good graphics, great looking girl. Would have like to have seen her play a little harder to get.

Tygafifty 2011.11.15
pretty, awesome. would have liked a little more foreplay though.

maspencer 2011.11.11
Looks good and is pretty hot.

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

icarus11 2011.11.08
mnf games are always easy but nice graphics. i like them

Shadow13 2011.11.07
the game is a little bit short1.

Purger 2011.11.06
predictable game but very hot

Clugg 2011.11.04
Another great game from Meet `N` Fuck

ultraperv316 2011.11.02
Game is short, but looks good and is pretty hot.

art95 2011.11.01
This is cool game! Very cool game!

Waaghi 2011.10.31
one of my favorite games but its too short.

coolin 2011.10.30
Sexy girl but too short game!!

duke#3 2011.10.29
really captured what people want on the first date

garfield11 2011.10.29
very easy game a bit to predictable

cooljoe 2011.10.27
I wish I was the boy I ilke the girl

l2ataku 2011.10.26
Spectacular game in all catergories. A true MNF game, not like those M&Fs

poadtoad 2011.10.21
Incredible graphics and simple gameplay...But could`v used a bit more difficulty.

jbarcarr 2011.10.21
Nice easy game, great sound effects, and the video`s great for an animation

marble22 2011.10.20
LOVE ANIME GIRL! The game is simple but have a good number of actio

rlt6547 2011.10.16
good game. girl has great tits

davecrow 2011.10.11
Dialogue was weak. Cute girl. Meter built too slow.

usar101 2011.10.11
There where go sex sounds and moaning sounds in sex scenes.

eshesh19 2011.10.08
not bad but it takes time to make the bar full so it makes ggame boring..

soytanno1 2011.10.08
it would have been a bit better if a variety of sex positions were given

rockman 2011.10.06
good game but gets boring after some time nice blonde

j_wat1 2011.10.05
Good game i guess but nothing new...not at all challenging..

Avi0411 2011.10.05
I enjoy this playing this game very cool

sanzomalaya 2011.10.04
nice graphics and wow wish could have that kind of girls to fuck with he he he

ahclem 2011.10.02
Nice game, but tits are so big I can`t believe she didn`t knock herself out

Tubbs2385 2011.10.02
very dgood game, with great graphics and details.

homesucks 2011.09.28
the girl`s amazing, graphics are ok...good game overall

nenik 2011.09.28
I love it! :) You can`t lose :)

SuperStegol 2011.09.28
very good game but the girl is pretty

playboy1982 2011.09.26
the game is cool and fun but,too short.

terry1126 2011.09.25
This game is of great graphics but it is a little bit short.

The Viking 2011.09.23
Realy amazonge!!! Greate sounds, AZOME grapich and a REALY HOT girl!!!!

bitvypr 2011.09.23
Meh. The fascination with huge boobs always confuses me. I simply don`t understand it.

thinlwin 2011.09.22
animation is good. very sexy girl. too shot and i like this.

stanos88 2011.09.19
short, only one girl but a great one

bubbles 2011.09.18
likes it at first but took too long

bubbles 2011.09.18
very good but graphics could have been better

DreamTim 2011.09.18
cool hentai game but too short

D3nh1s 2011.09.15
Classic hentai games but it is short, but I think it was OK.

mrbranton 2011.09.14
a great game with a hot woman nice

RRonnie22 2011.09.13
Good gameplay, nice animation.

r2053man 2011.09.12
an amazing game very erotic

ella 2011.09.12
super game u need to play this game it is aesome

youngkev1204 2011.09.11
its an excellent game with great graphics but needs to be a little longer

Marvin6905 2011.09.10
Great game but the graphics could be better

paulclaude 2011.09.08
This girl is beautiful. Love it

khaikyler 2011.09.07
great game but needs to be longer

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.07
boring game and not at all realistic

Frujul 2011.09.07
It is typically meet`n`fuck , of course it`s short and, in my opinion, very well made.

cheleng 2011.09.06
i like to play more and more this game...the story line is was good..the girl so sexy

airgod 2011.09.05
good game like alot of MNF games needs more interaction

KptAnt 2011.09.05
This girl is beautiful. Love it.

mattyowen2121 2011.09.04
a great game with a hot woman

neongreen 2011.09.03
very good game but the girl is pretty

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Hot babe, but short game. Still ok.

Dick20 2011.09.02
too easy and short dialog but great scenes.Really hot game

frudge 2011.09.02
could have been longer, but great game

moungoung 2011.09.01
Good game,nice animation.

killer_bee83 2011.09.01
nice graphics, love to hear the moaning background voice,,

Zairious 2011.08.31
Short and easy, but I like the scenes

chronus 2011.08.31
the graphics are soso, but the game play is great

spamham 2011.08.31
really good but pretty short

Warthog28 2011.08.30
I think it could have been longer but I like the girl

empire 2011.08.29
good game sexy girl a little to quick

hello123987 2011.08.26
it is short and boring...but i liked the girl though.

alkine 2011.08.24
not good game,but funy and good girl

happyhobo 2011.08.24
really short and boring :(

NeoZeon 2011.08.24
i like especially the boobjob scene

plinko13 2011.08.23
Good game, a bit short though. Enjoyed the scenes.

bdom321 2011.08.23
i love the gameand the girl is sexy

chandraagus88 2011.08.22
hooot game.... really love it...

perheiro 2011.08.21
Another quality gem from MNF.

Tom526 2011.08.19
I LOVE BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

htowngul 2011.08.18
great game sex n tha car is fun

Tsukaska 2011.08.18
To anyone that enjoyed this game I would recommend "Meet`n`F Cruise". Similar, but the Cruise one is longer with a lot more girls.

EdgarMontijo 2011.08.16
really good animation and interesting story

Maniac018 2011.08.15
too shor but so funny game :0

Captain Shepard 2011.08.15
Fantastic game. Very Sexy

j0sh 2011.08.14
one of my fav!
great tits

spokxx 2011.08.09
good graphics, good game but no stry just click click

overhead12345 2011.08.08
Great series, sex scenes aree good withh brill animation

madesu 2011.08.06
i like to be that male
the gameplay simple but enough

paoseland 2011.08.05
this game is everything i`ve come to expect from the meet-n-fuck series! Great graphics, hot chicks, and good sounds.

kisame902101 2011.07.30
This game had great graphics

Herrushingu 2011.07.28
nice game but to easy and to short

joeepicbc 2011.07.26
this game was awesome wish my first date was like that

Hockey_Man_2 2011.07.26
good game and awsome girl

krypteria 2011.07.25
great game pretty girl :)

RaggedGlory 2011.07.22
wow for a cartoon this was simple and fun! Love the animation and sound effects!

photu 2011.07.21
excellent game cool graphics

zelda813204 2011.07.19
i like the game but has to be longer

dukenorris 2011.07.18
Love this game cant stop playing it they should make an second one :)

honeybear101 2011.07.18
this game was awesome wish my first date was like that

bceltsau 2011.07.16
A very good game, but should be longer

dixienormous94 2011.07.16
i remeber playing these games back wen games of desire was actually good

krzyhaze 2011.07.15
another mnf favorite great soundtrack

dejuke 2011.07.14
Awesome game. Awesome girll, too:)

erevis 2011.07.14
this game is a bit short but overall still not bad

gb2466mp 2011.07.11
Like the game but it has to be longer

deevospitsflows 2011.07.11
the game in general was very short and could be longer

mahoney 2011.07.09
this game is so damn good the girl is HOT

ZfGJonesey 2011.07.09
this game was very enjoyable and the graphics were awesome

Lippi1983 2011.07.09
Good graphics, great looking girl.nice game but too short

Vein01 2011.07.08
this is great...fast dating..love it

timcrwc 2011.07.08
Good graphics, great looking girl. Would have like to have seen her play a little harder to get.

brookchar 2011.07.05
Simple, but overall a good game.

bakurythemole 2011.07.02
really like it :) this is the game that you must play

Shadow Viper 2011.07.01
Awesome yet simple game that doesn`t mess around with much bullshit and gets right into the interesting bits.

no_one13 2011.06.30
awesome game one of the best MNF games

shinjisan 2011.06.30
The game is alright, not complicated at all, very straightforward. Good fuN!

m4t0n 2011.06.29
hots girls makes this game superb

bigred1991 2011.06.28
nice game great graphics but it could have been longer and harder it was to easy

saintsman4eva 2011.06.28
Great game, love the reality of it :D

shamburg12 2011.06.27
nude game with good graphics and quick play

diki97 2011.06.23
high quality graphics great frist date sex.great gameplay

Jorden-500 2011.06.23
Classic Fuck Game. It`s really good. I wish hot hot young chicks were like this. There always either a Knight in shining armor or there a whore. You can`t ever find one in the middle.

John G 2011.06.23
Good graphics loved playing it.

Cr33py Gnom3 2011.06.22
This is the best game, but I love the MNF series overall

thickwilly 2011.06.22
Cute, and to the point. the audio is better than the graphics, but still fun

nach08 2011.06.21
WOW,OMG, it the best game, high five man ,the best of the best, this game should get rewards

snow01 2011.06.21
are there different endings when you answer different

SoloDrifter 2011.06.18
Simple game mechanics with a happy ending

tedibear 2011.06.18
good game an good graphic

dsvallance 2011.06.18
Amazing game, I can`t get enough of it

chrischaos 2011.06.18
The game isn`t long enough, but it`s still pretty fun.

NoOneX 2011.06.17
great game but would have been better if longer

chip chipperson 2011.06.17
i must be really good at this game, i got sex right away! nice simple quick game

rlyrandom 2011.06.17
Nice Game, bit simple though

goodnite 2011.06.16
good game,nice graphic and nice boobs

wolfman9112 2011.06.14
great graphics but alot of sound incositancies could use some work

RWW65 2011.06.14
good graphics, sexy girl, perfect

imuc123 2011.06.14
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more of this kind of game!!

m4t0n 2011.06.12
hots girls makes this game superb

darksouls 2011.06.10
really in the first date
that`s first
second that was the parking?

kesar 2011.06.09
this game is the best, fuck awesoms

trist3nino 2011.06.09
this game is the best
#1 all times
fuck awsomes

dragonman1961 2011.06.08
nice game...looked my hard..lol...need better graphics and realistic sex scenes and body part..thanks..

newcomer123 2011.06.07
good graphic and gameplay, but maybe it`s too easy hehe

max1980 2011.06.06
Good game, nice quality and it`s easy.

kurt harry 2011.06.06
girl very sexy..overall,nice game

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Very good sex scene sequence graphics & animation. The game is very short even in MNF standards.

icebruin 2011.06.06
simple game, decent graphics, a bit boring

jaaam 2011.06.04
great gamee graphics good contest very gooood

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
just like the game, but the animation just all well

Un-known 2011.06.03
sexy girl, big boobs what more is there.

jhiarey 2011.06.03
good graphics, so cool..fun game..very sexy

dnl 2011.06.03
great game, the girl is very sexy

hotdick 2011.06.02
nice first date i witch all my games were like that

badb457 2011.06.01
wow just wish all my first dates ended the same as game

mannylopez1 2011.05.31
Nice game but the story was too short.

ravijme96 2011.05.31
Nice all games from this category !

Narjahanam 2011.05.31
CLassic MnF. Really nice outfit though. I actually prefered her dressed than naked.

fedexguy 2011.05.31
classic MNF game good game

MattR 2011.05.29
Reallly good game but it should be longer

greengatedave 2011.05.29
Nice and straightforward, with good graphics and animation - thanks for this one!

Montanapanda9 2011.05.29

Sexychants123 2011.05.28
very good graphics loved it

redninja88 2011.05.26
Meh, extremely straight forward, no challenge = no fun

Gamerster John 2011.05.24
best one of the whole series just right

l_morefudd 2011.05.23
really fun game great graphics

xNekoTifax 2011.05.21
Definitely a fan of this series style of games, just wish they were a little longer.

dannyboy1234 2011.05.20
beautiful girl, great animations. fun game

StaBlazed 2011.05.18
great graphics but way too short

diddleydiddleydoo 2011.05.17
could be a little longer, bt overall, really good

bigwilks 2011.05.16
horny game with nice graphics, just a bit short

oreo31 2011.05.15
Great game.... needs to be longer

pricey01 2011.05.14
great game, but i prefer the more realistic ones

mc123 2011.05.12
simple game... entertaining

mbahbd 2011.05.12
Liked the length and variety of stuff but still quick enough not to get overdone

shakezulla17 2011.05.11
Good game. Liked the length and variety of stuff but still quick enough not to get overdone or boring

gamerman9800 2011.05.10
I loved it but the only thing is they should make the graphics more realitstic.

Damien747 2011.05.10
If my first date was like this I would be a happy man.

alljonnyboy 2011.05.10
Fun game a little short though

hariskan 2011.05.08
this game`s nice... think i love it!

nosiop 2011.05.08
fantastic game, great game and graphics are also fine.

sexboy05 2011.05.07
first dates are never like this

dietricht 2011.05.06
really nice game play graphics are real good in all rounds

costareal 2011.05.05
girl ist hot , but story a little boring

costareal 2011.05.05
game is cool and i find the graphic nice

Skarn62 2011.05.04
nice graphics, but to short

eCS7ASy 2011.05.04
Hot girl but normal story !

xevros 2011.05.04
Classic MNF game, and lots of juicy content.

mecrob420 2011.05.04
Great Game and great graphic`s!!

lexy-pooh 2011.05.04
i loved the grafics and the game was really like first date sex

hugedick.88 2011.05.04
a very good game and lots of sex

emptyfreedom 2011.05.03
good graphics, pretty fun overall

Random25 2011.05.01
nice game but very simple. I like my games to be more challenging

zerbo1890 2011.05.01
i love meet and fuck games i hope soon coming more of this

truckinron 2011.04.30
fun game good graphics byt too short and not a challenge

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
this is the awesome game... and i like it...

deo13 2011.04.29
this game is really interseting, just like the other mnf games

dieguito@13 2011.04.29
Nice game but a little short.

JTex22 2011.04.27
very short for mnf but still not so bad

xsara 2011.04.25
gret game, good garpics and game play

forcefire001 2011.04.25
easy and short but still good

Zorgon 2011.04.24
Nice girl but too straighforward and short.

meyo 2011.04.24
god i wish i had a first date like this

takara 2011.04.22
is a nice game but to easy

sahil199993 2011.04.19
the girl is too sexy. nice sounds.

Range12120 2011.04.18
Kinda boring, but sexy none the less.

rich0507 2011.04.17
wow just wish all my first dates ended the same as game

LicasG 2011.04.14
Ok game, the sound is pretty good!

nbones 2011.04.14
awesome,but not much story

h1r0 2011.04.13
great game nice graphics very cool

malir 2011.04.13
Fun game, yet short one. But the girl is nice.

Kiroff 2011.04.13
I`d like to meet with the same depraved girl like this!

old_duke 2011.04.12
Good graphics and sound effects!

Avenged 2011.04.12
nice girl but it is really boring but girl is really pretty and sexy

kanf 2011.04.11
Good game with a decent amount of interaction. Gets a little boring to the end, and could be a little longer

DRH33GM 2011.04.11
good game very hot medium graphics good gameplay i enjoy it

andy1009 2011.04.10
another great game please keep them cuming

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.10
i like this game...great game and great quality..the girl is so hot...

Dukester0 2011.04.09
The game is very linear and there`s really no other options than to click on whatever it tells you to.

gadunka 2011.04.09
good game but could be a bit longer

ghostnor 2011.04.08
mmmm Boobs! I love em. Nice game

whitduncan 2011.04.08
amazing hooters. fucking awseome.

C. C. 2011.04.08
Plenty of action. I enjoyed this game.

Trishy 2011.04.07
Really enjoyable game.Very good game.

ossexe 2011.04.07
its a good game with nice pic i like it.

funckycute18 2011.04.06
very good graphics.. i love the sounds

biggsreddy 2011.04.06
Good graphics When are you coming out with a sequence

kakak123 2011.04.06
this is a very interesting games,I Love This Game So Much..........

Innocent 2011.04.06
simple but nice, i love this game:)

jeff2820 2011.04.06
Like the concept but MNF is getting old.

olhykly 2011.04.05
i like how they get into the action so early in the game.

Jackass19 2011.04.05
good game,makes me exited:)

Immerhin 2011.04.03
Nice graphics easy to play

teaser123 2011.04.03
Nice to play and a very pretty girl....with such a nice tits

Haidere9 2011.04.02
Boring for awhile but its a good game.

teaser123 2011.04.01
nice game,,,,,, i love it...

big fro 2011.04.01
need more options but ovrall good game

Wisp4420 2011.04.01
This was awesome, but there should be a nice deep throat scene.

fletch818 2011.04.01
Good game chick was hot.....needed to leave her stockings on but other then that descsent game.

censhin_himmura 2011.04.01
a little short, but nice graphics and nice story line

mamboruk 2011.03.31
It would be so cool to have an exact copie if this date for real!!!!!!!

poghiex 2011.03.30
awesome nice game but short

ddavee 2011.03.30
best one yet was a lot of fun. amazing

lolzfff 2011.03.30
really great, well done overall

dgbdsxtu 2011.03.30
Awesome! not that many options though

sachinthirumurugan 2011.03.30
i like when the girl park the car in park & have sex .....fun.....

vanee98 2011.03.29
This game is so much fun.

hentai1337 2011.03.29
good graphics and animation. not exciting, but hot chick!

3shakes 2011.03.29
simple but entertaining. Wish I could find a girl like that ... hehehe

kangaroo 2011.03.29
Nice graphics easy to play

silverchain 2011.03.29
very easy and short, but graphics is nice

PHAROAH67 2011.03.28
A simple little game, with a very attractive heoine. It was pkay.but quick.

elwetingol 2011.03.28
very easy and short, but graphics is nice

jayphab 2011.03.27
Good, but i want to cum on her tits

mariasex 2011.03.27
bit of a boring game but girl is sexy

3rdson 2011.03.26
really nice animation. i like the control you have over the pace over all very good!

tubs 2011.03.25
this game was fun to play. keep up the good work

Jabuka 2011.03.24
+ Graphics
- Usefull Options

Missing: Only using easy pleasure until he or she comes!

VJames 2011.03.24
Short but fun! I especially enjoyed the graphics in this game; unlike some of the others in the series, the animation was all but flawless. I`d like to see a few more `either-or` options however; cum on her belly, for instance, or in her pussy.

Ironman 2011.03.24
i havent played a mnf in awhile good game

wicked2 2011.03.24
animation is nice, short but a good game

DEFJAM360 2011.03.23

ImrtlWolf 2011.03.23
like the use of net dating and the sex scenes were great

saikat 2011.03.23
the game is amazing but a little slow

drake3969 2011.03.23
Simple game, no challwnge but great sex.

Rail 2011.03.23
Realy nice story and animation, graphics are okay too

troybolton 2011.03.23
Lovely game.
Not the most challenging the graphics and animation are first rate

troybolton 2011.03.23
I like the Graphic and the design of the girl. but the dialogs are pretty poor and the plot is to straight forward.

kullii 2011.03.22
The car scene is awesome :)

angelor 2011.03.22
simply game but very nice boobs and variated sex positions

imthewolf 2011.03.21
Ok game it`s just so easy and the graphics are ok. boobs are too big like most of this style

daman642 2011.03.21
Great game, too bad women like that are very rare

criptorchyd 2011.03.21
Lovely game.
Not the most challenging the graphics and animation are first rate

cidermeister 2011.03.20
Really enjoyed this, wish i would meet a woman like her tho

sexyporn 2011.03.20
love this game love the graphics

cacadoo 2011.03.20
Good game, I like the story and roleplay.

Bandie24x7 2011.03.19
Very short, but good game

delidervis_16 2011.03.19
good good i like it thank youu.

BlooVD 2011.03.19
omg i love this game, cant stop to play it...love this hot chick and here wet pussy ;3

nedben 2011.03.19
very good game with nice gameplay, a bit short and few oppsions, but overall a good game

Nick22 2011.03.19
Very good and hot game With nice girl!!!

king 98 2011.03.19
I like this game beacuse it is good

Blonzel 2011.03.18
This is a really good game.

quinton19 2011.03.18
really fun game, not to long or to short

bushbarut 2011.03.18
The game was fun. It would have been better if there were more scenes though

xxtoxicity357xx 2011.03.18
good game but it was very short woulda liked to have seen more

bobbyDigi 2011.03.18
Fun game...not too short even

robk 2011.03.18
This game was fun but short.

ssjlogan 2011.03.18
it was a good game t just could have been a little bit longer

aalchemista 2011.03.18
This a nice game but quite slow

huangyihua 2011.03.17
graphics are nice, but kind of short~

areuwithme 2011.03.17
this isn`t special, chicks always fuck on the first date

Payne88 2011.03.17
Great game love the garphics

hornyreaper 2011.03.17
very boring but allright

gambo 2011.03.16
Good game, I like the story and roleplay.

Benoit07 2011.03.16
would benefit from more difficult conversation

VinceVega 2011.03.16
Nice graphics , but nothing special

blank51769 2011.03.15
Good game but very short...

ineedtofuckyou 2011.03.15
The game`s good but too fast to the anal.

jblarney9 2011.03.15
Nice babe. Easy to play and good graphics. Should have had a little more fucking options though. would like to blow load on her chest

Skylink 2011.03.15
not bad but could b better

Shooterboi 2011.03.15
pretty good game but slightly boring, could be a bit longer. :)

ronathena 2011.03.15
game is ok, but not the best

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Worth the fun playing the game the short time it last, very decent anime like graphics, average sound.
It is a one click straight game, nothing like a point & click but pleasant scenes to go through.
I do like it as it is, but it is far to be a revolution.
Written in the title, first date straight sex, nothing more nothing less and simplest storyline possible.
Well made still.

amirul890 2011.03.14
emmmm, I love this game. I rape the play button

giggles2635 2011.03.14
well i must say that is one good game

Blaban 2011.03.13
First sex date,end up with sex.....how strange.....

DejaVu500 2011.03.13
Very good game and good graphics even the story was a little short

huuuub 2011.03.13
This game was fun but short.

cliff67 2011.03.12
this game was good. seemed a little slow

thedudj8 2011.03.12
Great graphics nice story

trey9wli 2011.03.12
a good addition to the mnf type... though not as deep or interesting as some

condor 2011.03.11
great game hate all the clicking you have to do but it is a game

4r7ur0 2011.03.11
i like this game very very sexy

Caljooones 2011.03.09
boring gamee with sexy girl

Thedukeofny 2011.03.09
Great use of sound, that`s too often neglected in games like this. The animations are pretty good as well.

kot1468 2011.03.09
Great SIm. Animation and Artwork excellent. Great site glad I joined.

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.08
The girl is sexy, but man how they are too fast on there first date it`s impossible XD

cutthroat 2011.03.08
this girl is very sexxxy....

cutthroat 2011.03.08
love this game very much. very sexy girl

noname23 2011.03.08
good game and the chik is have big boobs

garrett92 2011.03.08
looks pretty awesome, but its kinda boring, well its a mnf like all others out there :/ good but nothing special

BKnucklehead 2011.03.08
easy game but enertaining and straight to the point.

SkylineR34GTR 2011.03.08
Entertaining, but rather MNF typical.

Lois_Voom 2011.03.08
I really like this game. No this was a nasty 1st date.

HotGuy19 2011.03.08
fantastic, interaction was great

jay50 2011.03.08
good game, only its a pitty that al mnf games are basicly the same

paddywhack 2011.03.08
i really enjoyed this game it was quite good

timsec 2011.03.07
very good game, not to short not too long

pavel203 2011.03.07
I found this to be a bit boring

equationbarrington 2011.03.07
Fun game. Hope there`s more.

Robee05 2011.03.07
good game i love the mnf serias. and this isn`t a demo..

Dman331 2011.03.07
This was another great MNF game, though there have been better.

NoOneImportant 2011.03.06
Taking the picture wads a nice touch

gclg74 2011.03.06
overall a decent game, but too short

biggsreddy 2011.03.06
nice game but no interaction.U just have to sit and watch

wolfinn2 2011.03.06
huge boobs arn`t my thing but for some it would be a great flash

touchface 2011.03.05
The MNF series is probably the best adult game series of all time.

jellymight 2011.03.05
i like the graphics of theis game it if very good and gameplay is good

grounded200 2011.03.05
i love this game amazing graphics

osiris11 2011.03.04
All right ! finnally it is not a demo ! very nice game

chesika 2011.03.04
i like this game , at least there is no demo

Lulz 2011.03.04
Ich liebe meet n fuck games!!! :D

Invictuss 2011.03.04
the gameplay was a little to simple for my taste but the graphics are fairly good for this sort of game i thought

Bigbudha50 2011.03.03
i like this game good graphic

badboy63us0218 2011.03.03
very hot game it made me hard and ready to blow

scythe00 2011.03.03
good game, only drawback is that it is abit slow. other than that i give it a thumbs up.

abs1411 2011.03.03
nice game but very short

heavychevy90 2011.03.02
this was not a bad flash game to play

Zombiejon 2011.03.02
Like all MNF games it is simple, skillfully made, and has great graphics.

squashfrog 2011.03.02
nice simple game with good graphics, great looking girl

GoingDown 2011.03.02
MNF always makes the best games

funledupdave 2011.03.01
Excellent! Really easy, good animation.

dimi999 2011.03.01
Nice to play and a very pretty girl

schmakkes 2011.03.01
good game, tits are incredible

massracer24 2011.03.01
Man this girl made me cum so hard!

TRANE66 2011.02.28
Great game. Nice graphics, Love the tits.

Maxk 2011.02.28
Easy & Sexy, great game but not excelent, with a more hard way to advance to sex would be better.

coolop 2011.02.28
good game nice blow and great tits

nothingtolose 2011.02.28
i love this kind of games .......

cucuvn 2011.02.28
I like these types of games. Easy to play,graphics are great, chacter so sexy

nissehult 2011.02.27
This game was to short, could have been a great game if it havent been so easy

laharol11 2011.02.27
Best game i ever played

snowrabbit1987 2011.02.27
I love it i love it i love it i love the game

Thundercock 2011.02.27
I love MNF series its always fun.

dragonj 2011.02.27
nice game. little easy to play but nice graphics

tryingitout 2011.02.27
the game had a great quality but i thought some of the sex scenes took a long time to move up speed wise

startabus 2011.02.26
Pretty nice game. but i prefer a better back round music

ski9072 2011.02.26
Another good MNF, not too hard, not too fast, just good sex, and sexy graphics

mido dragon 2011.02.26
easy to play and fun as well but what about a student outfit .

Eric0129 2011.02.26
Hope the "pleasure" can go faster.

destinhi 2011.02.25
this is agreat game. good animation.

Jannegie 2011.02.25
good game, only its a pitty that al mnf games are basicly the same

dannyboy77 2011.02.25
after a while the game gets very boring

dannyboy77 2011.02.25
this is a really fun game

alcatel521 2011.02.25
Nice...loved the sound addition.

WolfWarrior 2011.02.25
Though the story is a little boring, the most important thing works to the game`s advantage, the sex scene!

23rentao 2011.02.24
good game, and good graphics.
I Love MNF games..

gamecon99 2011.02.24
Great game love the graphics!

Bionic23 2011.02.24
Decent game. Its a bit slow on some parts, but graphics are nice

TheeDragon 2011.02.24
awesome i love these series but the girls look very simular

Edward1967 2011.02.24
Good game, Great first date...and very good sound effects!

Jaxom 2011.02.24
realy nice game play graphics are real good

but too short should have more scenes

deathfather 2011.02.24
good fun game. qick and easy all though it wouldnt hurt too add more

bjamesd 2011.02.24
I love how you ask if you can tuch her boobs and she says she is not a slut

aroakshay 2011.02.24
Great Game,One of my favorite game

shotkalla22 2011.02.24
i want to meet a girl like this online always down to fuck and shot tits in public

roudrosk 2011.02.23
not bad, nice art, fun to play, good animation, enjoyed it

Mr. Man 2011.02.23
Great game, just a tad short :)

wads21 2011.02.23
Great game with good graphics, although a bit short.

devilove 2011.02.23
The girl are awesome, but I played this game many time ago. Why don`t have another episode of "my PF1"?

blade6189 2011.02.23
easy to play and fun as well.

chitti 2011.02.23
Easy to play and nice to play

ppcoyo 2011.02.23
Nice game but very straightforward

dydy76 2011.02.22
Great game but very good game ...

jokeybrd 2011.02.22
Great graphics and fun to play.

thetbman 2011.02.22
gameplay: normal , graphic: normal , animation: normal
overall: NORMAL

maffemich 2011.02.22
easy to play, little short though

apollogeist 2011.02.22
This game is very simple but to the point, it has some quite attractive animation. However it has little to no replay value

SPACKEN PRO 2011.02.22
Not bad but not as good as lavindor or space mission

vvlvitor 2011.02.22
Great Game
One of my favorite game

hovanesss 2011.02.22
great, good graphics and good scene, typical mnf game

auldgit 2011.02.21
Not bad but not as good as lavindor or space mission !! the graphics however are always top quality from the real M&F

balancedpyro 2011.02.21
good game but gets repeats itself

Chairman 2011.02.21
the girl is real hot, i like this

bhavgakhar 2011.02.21
what a sexy game indeed the girls most seductive

poolicus 2011.02.20
...M&F games are always awesome...

pecka 2011.02.20
WOW!!! love this game and that chick??? AWESOME

jpsacrey 2011.02.20
Great game. MNF is the best!

spunkster 2011.02.20
Good short game. Need more activity but overall not bad

iamnoob 2011.02.20
small game wud hv been better if it was lenghty

mab93 2011.02.20
Great game. MNF is the best!

zacchaeus98 2011.02.19
The game is good but after awhile it gets abit boring

Dormir 2011.02.19
these are almost always hot. this one is no exception

ljtibbs 2011.02.19
It was okay, graphics weren`t the best but it was still enjoyable. Kinda boring though

bronzecin69 2011.02.19
great looking girl, but would have liked something less predictable

dimmus 2011.02.18
Easy game, good graphics and girl hot

seet1 2011.02.18
The girl is cute, hope that there is a second part

sutty 2011.02.17
nice game more sex pls graphics ok worth a look

bomber6989 2011.02.17
Typical of all the MNF games, just follow the buttons

theinquisitor 2011.02.17
The MnF games are all very similar, but they`re still a fun diversion. At least none of them take too long.

willsee 2011.02.17
This game is ok...graphics are not that great

r_jay 2011.02.16
Too easy and not much of a challenge. More for a young teen.

menzi 2011.02.16
this one was good but not the best av played

snudas 2011.02.16
the game was too short and too easy, I like MnF games, but this game, not so good as preavios ones

qwaszx 2011.02.15
lovethis games and the graphics are awsome

fanch666 2011.02.15
Not too bad but the garphics could be better

Colvin 2011.02.14
Good game, good graphics.

tyrhelm 2011.02.14
Too linear but good graphics

blsoldier 2011.02.14
love mnf finaly a new one

Fuck_me012 2011.02.14
it was pretty good. these are mostly the same to me

Benninator69 2011.02.13
this game is the kind of game that everyone can appreciate

ferlon 2011.02.13
i love meet and fuck
good graphs and awsome story line

cedimon 2011.02.13
love mnf finaly a new one that aint a demo

cr7 2011.02.13
I love MNF sex games!!! best sex game!!!

haramiboy 2011.02.13
lustful baby in this game!

RicardoLopez 2011.02.13
One of the best fuck games

roxormyboxor 2011.02.13
great graphics and animation, gameplay was alittle slow though

less_talk 2011.02.13
The game is easy enough, but the girl makes you play to the end

steamroll2012 2011.02.13
The girl is cute ,nice game but WWWAAAAYYYYYYYYYY TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW.Also would be somewhat better with some pubid hair

darrytan 2011.02.13
nice game, the girl turn me on badly

Monkey Rebel117 2011.02.12
Cool game nice artwork but I prefer thr passion ones

hubi 2011.02.12
great short game for timekill good graphics

cool_ed 2011.02.12
great gameplay and animation but it`s too short

Darkkakashi188 2011.02.12
Great game but can use another game for a longer story line

babo_23 2011.02.12
cool game with nice graphics and the girl is pretty hot

mmpsy 2011.02.12
I would like to be in a first date like this.

redchi 2011.02.12
I really like this game I think the girl is hot

r_o1_s 2011.02.11
good game and good graphics thou

ken3ma 2011.02.11
One of my favirote games.

ysteros 2011.02.11
really great game with nice graphics! loved it!

chiefton 2011.02.10
Good game. Animation gets better each time with the M and F games.

cash10101 2011.02.10
good game bit a bit short

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.10
You don`t have to think a lot to be able to play it. Good scenes. I liked it.

firefreak 2011.02.10
nice game but not much of a challenge. but still nice game. only next time maybe more challenging

diabloIII 2011.02.10
well good game, but neither this one is new

Ubber1 2011.02.09
Love the game, excellent graphics. Can`t wait to play more like this one.

tobivip1983 2011.02.09
well its all about tittys wuuhhuuu

royro2010 2011.02.09
awesome game but really to short

romalijeco 2011.02.09
Not the best game on here by far but ok

miyfee 2011.02.09
this game is so sexy and is recomended

huggy123 2011.02.09
could give the player a bit more to do but still a sexy game

CapnMorgan 2011.02.09
Games of Desire does decent games, some of the MnF should be free instead of demos but overall not bad. the linearity is a little repetitive, but the sound effects are generally quite good.

novski 2011.02.09
its too short. does it work in real life? :P

Enrique2134 2011.02.09
This is my favorite game.

duderino92 2011.02.09
Great game. Kinda short though.

tintin1989 2011.02.09
great short game for passing time. needs more models though and more adventure

Mando66 2011.02.08
Why do you have to be in charge of the controls to suck dick? Kind of lame.

ivan01rv 2011.02.08
this is a really good game i enjoyed playing it

HansieBoZ 2011.02.08
nice game, a bit short though... graphics could be better, gameplay was easy, but like i said it`s to short..

fredyc 2011.02.08
I like the game but the inbetween waiting time for actions is really long

m_kading 2011.02.08
really fun game, i played it over and over again

Leavingschool 2011.02.08
It`s a nice game but it`s very short.

Salander 2011.02.08
all the MNF games are about the same , however this one I like it

unup91 2011.02.08
it was ok it could have been better

PaanuBlue 2011.02.07
Too easy for my tastes.... might as well watch some anime porno

Wilczeq 2011.02.07
I love Meet and fuck games, but most of them are just demos :/

LoveLaugh 2011.02.07
it was ok it could have been better

zippotech 2011.02.07
SHould have added alot more content but still pretty good

Aladin 2011.02.07
Graphics are ok. The Gameplay is to boring.

NoWhereMan 2011.02.07
girl had big boobs.. game has short and too easy .. okay graphics

Sciakal 2011.02.07
Nice grafich, very easy game.

red_barun 2011.02.07
One of my favorites games !!!

trickyboy 2011.02.07
not much to do but fun anyways

hurst8183 2011.02.07
good graphics and sex scenes but very boring game play

albert_over 2011.02.07
ohhh...the girl is hot and sexy, the boobs are big and the graphic are nice

3213 2011.02.07
I just love meet and fuck games

3213 2011.02.07
I hate spam do not post spam and this game is good

3213 2011.02.07
This game needs to be updated for beter graphcis and to be longer

3213 2011.02.07
yeah boring game but she is sexy

3213 2011.02.07
the graphics are pretty good to

3213 2011.02.07
the game is a good game but short

ilike2playgames 2011.02.06
i wish this game was a little longer. its amazing but i think it could go for a little bit

LtCmDData 2011.02.06
very nice graphics, love the story line ~grin~

Caveman123497 2011.02.06
Really good game, could have been longer though.

athany 2011.02.06
I think that game is too short and boring. It should have more, faster actions. I liked blowjob in the car. :D

matttze 2011.02.05
i love to play the game and became a orgasm

Luis4x 2011.02.05
the graphics in this game are really awsome and the the graphics to.

tbpoodle7 2011.02.05
the graphics in this game are really sexy

Drakonous 2011.02.05
I loved every second I played it.

m4lv1n 2011.02.05
fantastic game, i very love this game

Pedro delacrosa 2011.02.05
Good game and nice girl, but too long game :P .

sassynaughty 2011.02.05
nice game and me and my bf tried that.,lol.,.,fun ! thanks

rtyhd 2011.02.05
good graphic,but it;s short

ratonius 2011.02.05
Nice game but this one was a little too short,have a good number of action.

ixxer 2011.02.04
Such a hot girl, a shame the game is so short and boring.

kyoanbu 2011.02.04
that`s good game...
i like it..!!

tayz10 2011.02.04
great game loved it but graphic wernt that good

tayz10 2011.02.04
its good that you get lots of speeds and actions

tayz10 2011.02.04
the graphics could have been better

Saru 2011.02.04
Very good game, but some options on positions would be nice.

Nick2 2011.02.04
It is very, very hot game, but too short!!!!

sohai1123 2011.02.04
nice but short.. take the story long more will be nice more..

scandal44 2011.02.04
Great game, graphics are very good!

alex1985 2011.02.04
nice game could be more longer

nirt2020 2011.02.04
i just cant get enogh of this game`its so strait forword.

warburton19 2011.02.03
amazing game cant wait till the next one

sutty 2011.02.03
not bad quick and easy worth having a go

jker210 2011.02.03
It sucked, The noises were unreal, the animations were weird and I got turned off by this...

gojoblo 2011.02.03
we love horny girl... but the game is too simple

Dunedane 2011.02.03
I love this game, its great

alex0412 2011.02.03
I love this game, if only that would happen to me in real life

foskett 2011.02.03
yep i agree with everyone.. too short and poor language but hey cant blame site for coding and translations

Shadow085 2011.02.02
nice game with great quality and graphics

magic2hr 2011.02.02
Nice Graphics but the story was much too short for a MnF game.

AGuy 2011.02.02
Short, quick, easy and fun to play!

nutthegrat 2011.02.02
nice game with great quality and graphics, a lottle slow but fun

NotVenom 2011.02.02
Game isn`t bad, just very. very, very simple.

coolash 2011.02.02
I love this game, if only that would happen to me in real life

redcobra 2011.02.02
Not the best MNF, but still good. Great animation, kinda short. Gets a solid score from me

Runic 2011.02.02
Short game but really enjoyed it.

heatround2011 2011.02.02
Not too bad of a game. I just wished all my dates were like this

sexyman1993 2011.02.02
pretty good game i guess hot chick though

bakayaro 2011.02.02
nice one.. hope you post more game like this

xanadax 2011.02.02
good and nice game ... like the story line simple and spoot on

Snake XZ 2011.02.01
Simple, quick, dialogue was boring, but a good game nonetheless.

zwefin 2011.02.01
the girl was sexy but follows the basic mnf sequence...

Ollie 2011.02.01
Ok little game but she seems very easy, you should have to try a bit harder to get her in the mood

evilelf562 2011.02.01
these games are usually pretty good, but this one was a little too short :/

khelanos 2011.02.01
is very nice, but is kinda to short

solace1000 2011.02.01
I really enjoyed this game and the graphics were on point and fun storyline

raffaele 2011.02.01
easy and pretty good animations

mommabearx089 2011.01.31
i realy liked this game but the animation could have been a lot greater unlike the other games where the animation is really good.

marcus_d18 2011.01.31
love the game great graphics

gazlad 2011.01.31
I love this game, if only that would happen to me in real life

bdous 2011.01.31
i hope i do that one day

jffitz 2011.01.31
rather pointless and totally unreal

jojomi89 2011.01.31
this is my favorite game.

noobyass 2011.01.30
sexy game, love the lady with big boobs. fun. Keep making such games.

nyras234 2011.01.30
this game is a lit boring

Deathwhispes 2011.01.30
What a girl with great boobs oO

bedros 2011.01.30
graphics are real good and story its intrestig

bedros 2011.01.30
good game, nice animation but too short

lostsoul 2011.01.30
I liked it, but the scene where you play with her breasts kinda freaked me out, just looked unnatural.

antib 2011.01.30
the girl is sexi ,well good game

khalidakhtar 2011.01.29
didn`t like the girl though bobs wer nice

ILIKECHEESE 2011.01.29
Short but game was really good

Ccjj11 2011.01.29
Pretty good game, loved everything. but could`ve had more action

DMC 2011.01.29
I wish I could bring this girl home with me.

e21li 2011.01.29
great graphic but short and their no way you can lose. not much of a repeat playing game

nietniet 2011.01.29
The game is very good, the storyline is very short, the graphics are perfect

dirtygamer83 2011.01.29
m`n`f games tend to be to short and easy. no loosing makes em a bit of a turn off, or loss of repeat factor. more characters needed and modes for more competitive players.

sharksex 2011.01.28
very boring game but girl is sexy

LoneRaider 2011.01.28
Like most M&F games, it wins. But like a lot says: It is really short.

JPrice89 2011.01.28
Nice game. Game was short but has good graphics

lithium39 2011.01.28
it was really short but had really good graphics, nice story though

fuckbot 2011.01.28
very very nice this is the best damn game site on the net ever!!!!!

Castle426th 2011.01.27
Not bad, too short though

Xavier47 2011.01.27
kind of boring but girl is hot

torand 2011.01.27
great game! the girl is soo dam hot

nevaring 2011.01.27
Not so bad, then most you can find in the web.

baggyboy7 2011.01.27
Not bad, bit short and got a bit bored of it

Zakume 2011.01.27
Good game but needs to be longer and a little more difficult

tmkrystof 2011.01.27
Not bad. a little short though

richardlt 2011.01.26
Girl is realy sexy but it shuold be longer

Alextraz 2011.01.26
the game is toooo short and boring!!

paolo13 2011.01.26
A little too short but a great first date.

magic2hr 2011.01.25
realy nice game play graphics are real good and all round its a realy good game

eros00 2011.01.25
nice and easy game to play

trencin 2011.01.25
its classic hentai, easy with nice sexy graphic,

Ade31 2011.01.25
Very good game! i like it

travisbelmont 2011.01.25
i love this game its great

Diesel123 2011.01.24
Not Bad it was a little to easy

Jeffrey! 2011.01.24
A little short, but otherwise I really enjoyed it.

dip1205 2011.01.24
It`s a nice one, but not very cool.... no creativity....same as old ones

gabitoxxx 2011.01.24
was really hot the games of meet n` fuck r the best

Cios 2011.01.24
Typical game you`d expect from the MnF series. Fairly entertaining, though it could have been a bit longer.

yaris98 2011.01.24
funny game but its too easy..awesome girl!!!

ptalgh 2011.01.24
fun game pretty easy, but the girl is nice..

trouble4U 2011.01.24
Easy and really HOT!
Liked it alot :D

STickfigure 2011.01.23
good gameplay and storyline

123sasasa 2011.01.23
sexy girl, but a short game,i gave it an 8

sex. 2011.01.23
simple game but the girl is hot

The_Guy 2011.01.23
pretty simple game and the dialogue is hilariously bad, but it`s still pretty good looking and the girl is niiiiiice

ralles 2011.01.23
great graphics but next time a llittle longer pls

alexis27 2011.01.23
i loved the graphics. i never know why but when the dick pops out it always surprises me. i wish there was a game for girls.

krystal4ever 2011.01.23
I loved every second I played it.

nightbliss 2011.01.23
Nice looking girl, but needs work on the story.

gulldench 2011.01.23
fun game pretty easy but still fun

Wild Dog 2011.01.23
great game and great graphics

figcfig 2011.01.22
jazz enticing autobots chance success while you play

Dante_alucard 2011.01.22
graphics are great the hentai drawings are spectacullar its a fun game

bootypirate72 2011.01.22
decent game compared to others, but can get kind of boring

rman 2011.01.22
Very nice cream pie and i like how 2 of the scenes were non-POV.

gabe_gabe14 2011.01.22
yeah you`re rite very boring game but the girl is sexy

Foxhound 2011.01.22
I like the Graphic and the design of the girl. but the dialogs are pretty poor and the plot is to straight forward.

Niemy 2011.01.22
excellent game , but graphics aren`t very good

haa 2011.01.22
It`s a good game but I think it could be better

mosozoso 2011.01.21
girl is quite hot, but my god , the noise she kept making really put me off, mabey if you mute it it is alot better

lilng 2011.01.21
it needs a better story line but the girl got a nice body and nice creampie

kurtis002 2011.01.21
Its alright. It could be better but at least the girl`s hot

dayuan 2011.01.21
it is very wonderful! i like the game!

dimlord 2011.01.20
good but boring game girl is sexy))))))))))

jeffnut 2011.01.20
I wasnt too impressed with this game. Kinda same ol same ol.

puma420 2011.01.20
didnt like the game... its nothing new... the girls is htt though...

rekasns 2011.01.20
it`s a cool game, it`s easy and the story it`s simple, but the graphics are really great!!

king2pm 2011.01.20
i loved this game, so amazing, cool

ecock 2011.01.20
i liked this game but it needs to last longer

biggsreddy 2011.01.20
nice graphics but no story

Richard291 2011.01.19
Excellent Graphics. Interesting storyline too. Love the blowjob scene.

dirtsurfer 2011.01.19
Simple effective but not my style

razorkitten 2011.01.18
they need more hot games like this

medmarine2 2011.01.18
nice game but too short...

xxxPeanutxxx 2011.01.18
More of the same, no story, no options, really going off these types of games now

hardkym 2011.01.18
GREAT GAME but its need to be alot longer aye

georgia.brown 2011.01.18
One of the better M&F games I`ve played!

kaspajones 2011.01.18
Nice and simpel.
Perfect for lunchbreak or something like that.
Easy fun...

kalbs 2011.01.18
great game but little to short

tank19 2011.01.18
small and easy game! but very short!

worldcup 2011.01.17
@thehotboy :just wait...it will show itself

mate209 2011.01.17
good game needs improvment

mate209 2011.01.17
very boring game but girl sexy

mate209 2011.01.17
graphics are good might need more choice

thehotboy 2011.01.17
Who can say me, how i can Visit Kelly to get a QUEST (on my account)????

pls answer

chaptheapple 2011.01.17
good game but there is no challenge to it

AustinMan 2011.01.17
a little boring... but the girl is sexy enough.

chaptheapple 2011.01.17
great game, but its too short and too easy

ryoma96 2011.01.17
wow nice games n WAT a sexy girl

tomlovesanal 2011.01.16
great gameplay good graphics and good storyline

f3arl3s135 2011.01.16
Good game, usual format with familiar consequences.

drock03 2011.01.16
Good short game. Need more activity but overall not bad

Volvo-245- 2011.01.16
I just love this game!! that girl is awesome

PZF 2011.01.16
Graphics are wonderful and tit move options are great. But there is no difficulty nor replay value.

goselink 2011.01.16
great game, to bad it was so short

bravo8946 2011.01.16
nice game, but the game is short.

godzwig 2011.01.16
gut but needs som more story

luk81 2011.01.16
lovely girl, very nice the sound, but i admit it`s a bit boring.

hersh2450 2011.01.15
Same as the other MNF`s. This one was just ok, though, too short.

grunt2 2011.01.15
Kind of Boring... Same old, same old...

PinaColada 2011.01.15
A very nice game however it needs a longer story line.

ilmncsm 2011.01.15
Meet and Fuck is always the best!

twitter 2011.01.15
wll its ok game but not much features, same old story

guisir46 2011.01.15
Sexy girl but very short story and little boring

alfons 2011.01.15
sexy but needs som more

rbjr 2011.01.14
There could have been a lot more to this

bob_45 2011.01.14
Man I love MNF games! Bring more!

JenniJenks 2011.01.14
Nice Game but the pleasure meter did go up really slow

Quinn_Bower 2011.01.14
Great game. The sights are good and the sounds are great. But the pleasure meter goes up SO slow. I was getting bored waiting for it to switch

iamleejeff 2011.01.14
Well nice game, but the game is too short.

iamleejeff 2011.01.14
it is really a nice game. The girl is so sexy.

Tanakia 2011.01.14
it`s a very good game I enjoyed so much

kasun1987 2011.01.14
great Game.. enjoyed it very much

TheNoob 2011.01.13
Great game! I love all of these! Fun to play, easy to play and understand and it`s pretty much a classic! Can`t get better then that!

GoOFy23 2011.01.13
animation is good, but you have to do only few actions

DeMenTuh 2011.01.13
Great game ... I just love the graphics and the story

zeiler88 2011.01.13
i liked it but you just need to point and click!!

altobasso 2011.01.13
Really easy game, but nice girl!

the dragon 2011.01.13
although a short game is a very nice game

Dklyte 2011.01.12
could be longer but gameplay is good

4nik8 2011.01.12
Not bad. Different but the same, if you know what I mean.

Mr. Trouble 2011.01.12
Good game but these get pretty lame compared to others

snozzo 2011.01.12
meet and fucks are all pretty much the same, seen one seen most all of them just the sizes and places differ. Ok for what they are i guess but could be better.

planter 2011.01.12
To be honest I was expecting more from a MNF game

way too short

hu168000 2011.01.12
i like this game!
the picture are great

pokapoka 2011.01.12
well kind of boring game gameplay is tedious

lucasohara 2011.01.11
nice game!! bons graficos!

TheBigCheese 2011.01.11
Once again the M&F games strike us with a glorious storyline and great positions. Very few games come close to the glory that is the M&F games

shadowgo 2011.01.11
best frst date........!

BDC 2011.01.11
One of the better M`N`F games I`ve played in a while

Good graphics, game play and music.

Only fault is its a little too short

ponytail 2011.01.11
I know this is not what you want me to write as a comment but it IS too easy.....I like it, sexy and all with great sound and very cute and sexy girl but for me......I wan`t more of explore type of games.....touching....have a feeling I must be gentle or I loose.......but it`s not a bad game, more of a "moving comic" perhaps....no offence to makers....

zantha 2011.01.11
There could have been a lot more to this. Kind of disappointing.

DARKMOUNT 2011.01.11
funny, was ok but a bit basic :( ok for 5 min

sexwolf 2011.01.11
kinda simple and easy but girl is hot

timlager 2011.01.11
Love MnF games, but the lack of choise is kinda a bumper.

ahclem 2011.01.11
Fun but I want to know who`s been spying on me. This happens to me ALL the time

Madelene 2011.01.11
I like these types of games. Easy to play perhaps, kind of straightforward without much obstacles in the way. However, I like to see them more like an interactive story, a novel if you will. Always cute and sexy. More of these please. :-)

HermanM 2011.01.11
very nice game, but too easy.

generaltao 2011.01.11
cool game with nice graphics and the girl is pretty hot

SECXIIKILLA 2011.01.11
good game, very good graphics, but waay too short.

superhentaiman 2011.01.11
nice game. but i wish it was longer

flintstoneflop 2011.01.10
Nice game. Fucking her in a few more positions would have been nice

Shantaquic 2011.01.10
I liked the game, with good graphics, just wish it was a lil longer

snowmaster 2011.01.10
good game - nice range of options

mrcrow 2011.01.10
nice.....definitely one of my fav....
a lil short tho.....

softdevil 2011.01.10
Funny games but a little bit simple

Nova Raho 2011.01.10
It`s simple, but has nice graphics.

Zouzounis 2011.01.10
i loved the tit job scene

Antvar 2011.01.10
Good game but very-very short.

tky3k 2011.01.10
Not a bad game, but there`s room for improvement

darthzman 2011.01.09
simple game noting interest and boring. Ummm... the girl is ok.

Darkside4ever01 2011.01.09
It has been a while since there was a free MnF game

humptypkt 2011.01.09
enjoyable game. pretty easy

windscar54 2011.01.09
girl is awesome, game is kinda boring

pariomaolo 2011.01.09
fantastic game, i love this game

Kuppz90 2011.01.09
Kinda boring game , but very sexy tho ;D

wongacock 2011.01.09
decent game compared to others

cheese101 2011.01.09
if only all girls were this hot and easy...decent game,more of the same from meet nd fuck

long55 2011.01.09
Hot girl, but not a lot of variance to the game.nice

silver12 2011.01.09
Very typical MNF game, quick and easy to the point with very large boobs

paddywhack 2011.01.09
another great mnf game bring them on

IamBri 2011.01.09
Nice graphics. One of the easier MNF games though. Would have liked to see a little more game play thoughout.

mikuri_uki18 2011.01.08
the boy is handsome...it`s a good game

mrcrow 2011.01.08
nice one.....
could have been better though.....

slimshady 2011.01.08
is a really great game with great breasts

sire 2011.01.08
bored game and the graphics could be more real.

uttka 2011.01.08
VERY beautiful girl, and i like this kind of graphics. NICE!

cicciociccio 2011.01.08
Good game, but w/o variance

mbe32405 2011.01.08
Hot girl, but not a lot of variance to the game.

jcole 2011.01.08
It was too short, and i prefer to have the graphic in 3D.

Stepman 2011.01.08
The game provided little challenge,
First of all the questioning was easy and you didn`t had a chance of big failure.
Alternative endings weren`t present, it has no replay value or whatsoever and it is a very short game.
The game is not good at all 3.5
Greetings ;)!

ocandela 2011.01.08
Good graphics, but a little too easy. I would like to have had a little more challenge.

mick149 2011.01.08
it was good but there was not much to do :) ...

grth 2011.01.08
Nice and straightforward.

edwin4483 2011.01.08
fun game but it needed to be a little longer though

hghgrnd9 2011.01.08
it seemed to easy, but nice sexy girl in it tho :)

Reggie77 2011.01.08
the first mnf were really fun, but it`s getting less interesting. there`s to much simillar games.

lummpy 2011.01.08
well the big titties do it for me...shes a little easy tho

des14 2011.01.08
Easy,simple but good game!

es 2011.01.08
short and easy game, but really sexy

stex08ify 2011.01.08
Very short game but awesome sex scene !

rob 2011.01.08
Good game and graphics, sexy girl

ray691 2011.01.08
very hot n nice sex scenes too

anab 2011.01.08
this game is very good and the girl is sexy

netherto 2011.01.08
this was a really good game

Niemy 2011.01.08
Good Game, not a bad way to pass the time, and decent graphics and such, hope to see more.

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.07
Too simple game play wise, but made up for it by having many varied animations.

biggsreddy 2011.01.07
This was one of the most stupidest games I have ever played . Don`t lower your ranking with cheap stuff

nenaksv 2011.01.07
Can somebody tell me more about games like this one is..?

nenaksv 2011.01.07
Play force one thank you one more time... You are the best!

nenaksv 2011.01.07
But any way i like it!Is there something more like this?

nenaksv 2011.01.07
And yes, its short game, i guess...

nenaksv 2011.01.07
Can somebody help me? Is there any way to speed up game?

nenaksv 2011.01.07
Is there a part two? Cause i like this game....

nenaksv 2011.01.07
Wow, this is a very nice game! Awesome!!!

pilou 2011.01.07
Not long too simple but good graphics good game

Mslooj 2011.01.07
Usual stuff from MNF. Bit short, too smple.

srocky 2011.01.07
easy,simple but good game

navnuc 2011.01.07
good game liked the BJ in car

weekendpoker 2011.01.07
fun as hell love it keep them coming

biggunlover 2011.01.07
Good Game with easy interaction! The graphics are great and the girl is sexy!!

ptolomaicus 2011.01.07
Easy going. Many scenarios but practical.

korzakorza 2011.01.07
S.S.D.D(Same Shit Different Day), pretty much the same as any other MNF game, but still good.

bobothecubanmidget 2011.01.07
I enjoyed the game, but it didn`t have enough of a warmup. The transitions weren`t smooth either.

gareth 2011.01.07
i don`t like this one too straithforward

Stewby 2011.01.07
Very short game, over too quick. Needs to be a bit more challenging.

luchoibanez 2011.01.06
One of the best i ever played!

hardcoreharry 2011.01.06
game was amazing & girl was so sexyy.

Dude1999 2011.01.06
This was fun but short, hot looking girl and a lot of varied action but over a couple of minutes after its started.

the_s_man 2011.01.06
so hot, awesome, nice game

macancheeese 2011.01.06
good game with a hot girl, getting to the sex is quick and easy too.

dragonguardian13 2011.01.06
the game was alright kinda simplistic and to be honest im not really a fan of large breasts

SIUL 2011.01.06
well good game, but neither this one is new

Reyson 2011.01.06
wow, this game really turned me on, i hope there is a second part,
everyone was waiting for a game like this, i think

Pikelivan 2011.01.06
short. but overall great game.

Chill 2011.01.06
very short story but hot babe

visionati 2011.01.06
overall is good but the story too short

sam8040 2011.01.06
nice graphics, but very short story

terpaksa 2011.01.06
nothing new in this one same like other adult game need something fresh

syndro 2011.01.05
1 vs 1 story is much better than others. crave more content

Eddie Roc 2011.01.05
I think it was a good choice for MnF to go back to the one-on-one storyline for this game.

Devilz 2011.01.05
This game really turned me on, I hope there is a second one.

bluelighter 2011.01.05
Great game awesome and to the point

Greywolf39 2011.01.05
Graphics are cool and the game is great!

yzenginoglu 2011.01.05
this game is great and i love it...

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