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MNF - Street Racer


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usschevalier 2017.10.26
MNF scenes are quite repetitive and music should be muted. Cars are quite detalied

LadyMaster 2017.09.01
great game. good detail on car and girl.

Laelith 2017.07.28
A goog MnF game, longer than some others.

Tiodor 2017.07.03
Nice challenging game. Love the MNF series.

TMAMA 2017.05.04
Less gameplay would be better. Too frustrating

farkas 2017.04.15
Very good game but not easy to win. I like. 8/10 points.

hohenheim3 2017.03.15
Fun game, the racing part is very funny, an arcade game with a happy ending

bigtim89 2017.03.12
wasn`t bad though the controls could have been a lot better by using either ward`s or the arrow keys.

quintdraken 2017.01.28
It gets a little repetitive, but it is still entertaining. It is a classic MNF that is worth playing.

Sordax 2017.01.25
Great game as usual by MNF


robbie2801 2016.12.30
Not very original. A little bit boring. would be better with arrow key control.

Bruno83 2016.09.26
one of my favorites, pretty good game.

wezel87 2016.09.17
Great game! Sexy girl and good graphics.

Thanks :)

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Pretty easy and fun. Not bad !

crypticedge 2016.05.21
Pretty much a carbon copy of many other games. It`s an arcade came plus the japan style sex, with the very same touch patterns they all use

HarlanPED 2016.05.21
Kinda unplayable for those who use the touchpad. Quiet nice game anyway

Khaemwese 2016.04.12
Pretty funny, but our protagonist, Din Viesel, really needs to be taken down a peg or seven. I`d love to have seen him lose to any of those girls and them riding off with his car.

Marolf 2016.04.11
U need to get used to the controls. Was fun though.

masodesmati 2016.04.08
Finished the game only for the cars... they look more beautiful then those chicks.

sexyjazzy98 2016.04.05
It is a very interesting game. I like the quality of it

ToX13 2016.03.20
I hated the driving but loved the sex

cambridge4453 2016.02.23
Yes it is fun to play; much more than the usual MNF but something between winning the race and a babe ready for action would be apprecvated

WPLVR 2015.12.09
Great classic game, although the racing is hard sometimes.

4p1ay 2015.12.02
Not so sure about this one. Long journey to get to the ending scene

jjkb91 2015.11.19
Driving sections are kinda sloppy. scenes arent worth the effort.

lovernotfucker 2015.11.08
great game, if only we could fuck them on the cars

SkepHoep 2015.11.08
great sex scenes loved the game

delaymyjuly 2015.11.02
This is a Meet n Fuck classic. Vanessa`s super hot, and the racing dynamic is challenging but not bullshit. Soooo replayable :D

porman 2015.11.02
this game is boring reakky

porman 2015.11.01
a boring game ralyy boru?ng

johnnyrotten 2015.10.28
I race cars like I am drunk. Why isn`t there a horn? ;-) Fun game... pretty fun story, if that`s what you call it.

kellykopoi 2015.10.04
that really felt great to be a vin for a while, nice game, awesome girls with awesome body, totally enjoyed, thanx ;D

computern3rd 2015.09.22
good challenging game, fun girls

Zoro86 2015.09.18
One of my favourite meet and fuck games, nice grafic awsome gameplay and lot of sex. Great game!

hxxxsmoker 2015.08.27
I`ve just signed up to PF1 and was trying the old games. This was my favourite so far: nice graphics, girls are hot, the car races are funny. Well done!

pindog231 2015.07.13
always liked these games but this one is one of the best.

Gesus3142 2015.06.25
I loved this game too. Racing is a passion of mine as well as beautiful women. This hits closes to home here.

dpcooper704 2015.06.20
my favorite of this series

CoolCats 2015.06.01
Very nice style for a game. I enjoyed this game a lot

Sethanos 2015.05.24
Oh Vin, exactly what I expect from you. Pretty decent selection of positions too.

Squadow 2015.05.10
a little slow but it`s pretty good

alexspark47 2015.03.23
love this game, all mnf games are good!

kdr198 2015.03.04
Decent game. the racing is fun and a small challenge. The sex scenes could be a bit longer and should offer multiple positions.

a_nanny_mouse 2015.01.25
great game. good graphics and alot of fun.

anggelina81 2015.01.21
Great game. women is awesome and super sexy

feverfrei 2015.01.19
its a fun games with a good game play

Buddy1991 2014.12.07
Its an easy game but i love hentai graphics

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.05
great game hot chicks fast cars what is not to like

FuckAllNite 2014.11.12
great great game, the blue haired babe was soo sweet, liked it

wonderboy001 2014.11.11
Not a bad game very easy and the graphics were ok.

wezel87 2014.09.28
Great graphics good story do i have to say more!!
Great game i love it!

dandraft 2014.09.26
i like the game,its hard but not totally impossible and the girls are worth the while.what about kelly are we ever seeing her again? . 7/10 for this one

wishacker 2014.09.05
God..... Its not easy....

DanielRH0333 2014.08.30
It races are a bit hard but very good flash game good quality and long enough

julio1980 2014.08.14
Fun game. The racing game its ok. The girls are hot. Nice Spoof of fast and furious.

izick 2014.08.01
wow!! this is real interesting game

Vovk 2014.07.29
A pretty fun game, like the Din Viesel and the theme.

feelthebasse 2014.07.19
Nice looking girl and actions, but no challenge.

Ramses93 2014.07.03
Fun!!! But not so esay to control the car

fredys 2014.06.24
very good game , races not so easy

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
Once you get the hang of pleasuring the girls to fuck them, it is not a bad game.

lickmydick1015 2014.06.23
this game has amazing graphics and is one of my favorites

RKOlegacy 2014.06.10
once again, meet `n fuck proves its worth

cloakas 2014.06.08
meet and fuck games are great

thesaturn 2014.06.07
Simple game, I love that. But needs more alternatives

nemesis9999 2014.06.04
hot and sexy game. Nice gameplay and graphics
longer gameplay will be better or is there a part2 ?

generalcdj 2014.05.02
All in all a bad game, the races are long and boring and the girls are definitely not woth the wait. However its still a game and if you like racing its alright, plus the story isnt that bad either

TheDude79 2014.04.28
AWESOME RACING GAME .....MNF.COM You gus did a Great Job on this game , would like to see more of these kinds of games.

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.16
IT was very difficult for me but it was fun!

jamesRams 2014.03.02
game has sweet graphics, easy to play and win

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
Everything you`d expect from MNF, good looking girls, decent gameplay and top sex.

thedarkforce 2014.01.06
this game is really fun i love

megabee 2013.12.31
like this game, wish will be continue

Svastik23 2013.12.28
Definitely one of my meet n fuck favorite games, its fun, although I had some problems with the races, it was worth de effort

paramedic19721 2013.12.21
Fun gameplay controls a touch difficult on mobile phone but lots of fun.

ilmilio 2013.11.18
wow, like F&F movie. why you don`t load more games from this series?

rainofvilla 2013.10.15
Racing and hot girls... Win!

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

gwoff17 2013.08.26
love this game, fun little touch adding the racing part in

Swordfish 2013.08.23
Yeah so good that far.... maybe a bit longer next time

leafo 2013.08.12
the res is the best iv seen so far in the meet n fuck line.

totto0675 2013.07.25
really like MnF Games, nice F & F game :)

marck4 2013.07.14
Nice erotic spoof of the fast and furious

lxpl9c 2013.06.28
Good game, disappointed that you can only do anal with one girl.

hickle02 2013.06.22
always liked these games. they need more like it

venom605 2013.06.14
kinda cool, more girl choices

fiend4fun 2013.06.08
enjoyed the game play a really good concept i thought

kpjr278 2013.06.06
Racing game was fun, girls were hot! MNF are great!

toninocacato 2013.05.13
how are you supposed to get past all the cars if five come at once

bma495 2013.05.12
this was a pretty fun game, i`ll be sure to play it again

gwazz 2013.04.26
i drive in this like i do in real life [my nicknames crash lol

greatest140 2013.04.12
good games makes me think of fast n the furious

zoosboy 2013.03.27
fun racing, great sex scenes - keyboard option would be better

azuza 2013.03.23
Good scenes although the choice of a mouse instead of keyboard was weird.

imiko 2013.03.16
Fun, pretty repetative though

thebeast2052 2013.03.14
how are you supposed to get past all the cars if five come at once

kilofoxtrot 2013.03.09
this is a very sexy fun game i enjoyed it alot

zarathos 2013.03.09
Trying to control the car without a mouse was annoying.

jrjr567 2013.02.19
vin diesel? really? hot girls though

Elerias 2013.02.17
nice chicks, challenging gameplay, weak sex though

valerievegas2264 2013.02.12
i like this game it super fun and exciting.i love it

jobbe1980 2013.02.06
NIce game, great gameplay.

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Good game , challenging nice animation.

optimiseurself 2013.01.24
very nice game. different thinking
loved the game.

paulcock 2013.01.21
Great combination of cars and fuck !!!

sfasfasfasf3 2013.01.14
Nice and easy game. Passed it the first time.

underworldon 2012.12.31
nice erotic game, not bad

comerade 2012.12.30
Meet and fuck makes very good games

pusshound 2012.12.28
Nice game. Takes a little time to win. Nice to ass fuck the girl after taking her car.

shyman44425 2012.12.26
I was not good enough as a driver. Bummer.

bsbsanders 2012.12.23
this is a fun game to play

maxime1406 2012.12.20
good one but not the best mnf

shadoebat 2012.11.24
Good game. I enjoyed it, although there should be more races.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


IsabellaRain 2012.11.21
~sweet game...driving was actually difficult first time around
sex scenes did get a little monotonous...
even for a lesbian...chicks were hot...and i gotta wonder if the guys think there is enough splatter...~


Act132 2012.11.20
Great game just a funnier sexy version of the fast and the furious

franckcastle 2012.11.09
love this porn version of fast and furious.

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Very nice game. Extreme combo of games arcade with sex :D

meowio94 2012.10.25
One of the best game ever. easy and sexy

oranjeboven 2012.10.16
Nice idea.
Well done, really funny.

swested69 2012.10.10
This game is fantastic, the girls are very hot and the cars look great. It takes a little time to get used to driving, but it takes no time at all to get used to the girls!

jamessimpy 2012.09.26
sexy game with loads of fun loved it or shall i say cummed over it

Souls at Zero 2012.09.14
I would agree that the controls could have been done with the arrow keys instead of the mouse(pad) ...
Funny main character name ...

lonesniperwolf1 2012.09.13
the controls could have ben done with arrow keys insted of mouse but still fun game

corbarian1 2012.09.08
Even though the animation is simple, I really like this

mavgunnery 2012.08.29
perhaps it should have a car customization ability

Froizmann 2012.08.27
Really hot girls and Din Wiesel))))

Dave1232 2012.08.23
this is a great game with a good story line

jimbo090 2012.08.18
great game long but worth the effort

Bruza 2012.08.12
cars and hot chicks who needs more

oranjeboven 2012.08.10
fun to play.
More interaction would be better

artemisfowl123 2012.08.09
MNF what more can be said great games

wolfman 2012.08.08
the racing is very hard,i had to play it countless times before i accieved all three races but the reward is sure worth the effort,GREAT GIRLS ,a good game

rfswagger 2012.08.02
this is a pretty good game

michael136 2012.07.29
the racing gets repetitive but overall its a fun game

Jeanmarit 2012.07.28
Great Graphics and a definite turn on

Smil 2012.07.18
Love the MNF games wish there were more

smellybanana 2012.07.17
This is a really fun racing game.

frenzy198405 2012.07.16
Can`t win the race with 1st try...

Sawyer909 2012.07.08
Great game, love playing this one.

babugee 2012.07.08
wow the game is good but difficult to play with a touch pad

hopehopefull 2012.07.04
playing with touchpad is not comfortable and a very simple game

saintd 2012.06.25

Delagnus 2012.06.21
It`s an okay game but there should be more mini games

carter646 2012.06.17
tedious and long, tried the race a couple of time but difficult with a mousepad

w00bl13b1tz 2012.06.09
Good looking game with good music, fairly enjoyable if a tad easy

Flopok93 2012.06.06
i`ve played this game many times and i just cant get enough

rosita19n 2012.06.02

gilang harun 2012.05.29
Great game with good graphics, sound and goodracing gamplay

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
I just love meet`n`fuck series!
the graphs are great
the story line mostly funny and great
and in the street racing it`s cars too
that is one great game.

Nezerith2 2012.05.20
didnt find it all that challenging.. anal only available at the first girl.

glukos37 2012.05.20
another great mnf game! Good cars and sexy girls

Skysnake 2012.05.14
I like the MNF games when they are challenging

hazzer7890 2012.05.12
Great game with good graphics and goodracing gamplay

zie_knight 2012.05.09
Rather challenging than other MnF game

bahamut86 2012.05.08
nice 3 pair of big tits! Love this racingfuck game, graphic very good!

gotstewart 2012.05.08
racing is challenging and the scenes are a little repetitive...not a bad game overall

justme99 2012.05.07
Typical MNF game. Fun story. Humor. Sex. Combined with having to have some skills makes this better than many.

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.03
Good graphics...din visel was hilarious and I enjoyed the racing part of the game took me a few tries but overall i liked the game

[BY]WEGAS 2012.03.29
another great mnf game! Good cars and sexy girls

rudih 2012.03.29
always am stuck at halfway mark..:(

danielsyd2 2012.03.17
good challenge, sexy girls

chrisa 2012.03.10
i find it a bit hard and frustrating at times

deek 2012.03.04
fun racing and some really good animations

omarh96 2012.03.03
i like the sex and the race

sorethumb07 2012.03.01
big fan of mnf. not the best but fun and great scenes.

airforcewun 2012.02.28
it was a nice game but i think dere should be more races

120489 2012.02.27
MNF always has that it looks good and not good at the same time

Mike77 2012.02.26
Nice graphics and sound but the game is a bit repetitive.

samcor1982 2012.02.23
Feeling a bit dizzy after those cars passing by so fast, but excellent girls and sex scenes.

teddyboy69 2012.02.20
I enjoyed the game even if it got a bit repetitive in the racing after a while

dlanor 2012.02.15
nice mix between sports and sports ;-)

Nemo2222 2012.02.12
Great little game. Takes a bit of practice, and a little luck, but winning is possible and worthwhile.

bob247 2012.02.03
great game not many like this one

Jumpingforce 2012.02.03
another great mnf game! Good cars and sexy girls

Ryoxxx 2012.01.30
Nice game with hot woman and hot cars

Lippi1983 2012.01.29
Nice game. With good "story" elements in it. This could have devoloped even further. More RPG way.Excellent game, much better then the usual from this author. I liked the challenge in the racing! And very nice graphics also :)

searvok 2012.01.25
mnf never disappoints so of course this game is worth playing, no doubt

Marti1920 2012.01.18
Hot woman and hot cars, I love this game

playforcegeoff 2012.01.18
very good game,i like a competition cars

JayNoWay 2012.01.12
funny that the first girl didn`t want here ride back for a good ass-fuck but later on ... ;)

Dr1nk3rc1d3r 2012.01.10
As with all MNF games, I LOVE the plot

wolfatlas666 2012.01.10
nice women in this game very hard though

zaxtus73 2012.01.08
this is the game to play to kill time

sir mulle 2012.01.05
nice game.. i`ll play again

AngryBuddha 2012.01.05
difficult game during the driving parts.

debow23 2012.01.03
awesome game good graphics

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.02
Great MNF game, but the way the others car push you out of the screen in the race get frustrating.

Jourell 2011.12.31
decent game with good girls, though it is rally annoying how easily you can get trapped with no way out until you are pushed off the screen

Guillaume 2011.12.31
.Good game with exciting sounds and nice cartoon graphic girls.

Darls 2011.12.31
nice racing and good looking girls

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
great game with hot girls

selena101321 2011.12.24
nice and exciting game!!!!!!!!!!

pornguy85 2011.12.22
It`s a very good game and very good graphics.

4loolz 2011.12.21
Great game,like the racing

Abbas elkbeer 2011.12.20
it`s good really but not great

aliercukaak 2011.12.17
nice story and graphics.and it is like a rpg ...

hornybob23 2011.12.13
I like the graphics but the game was so so

Arbaal 2011.12.09
Nice game. With good "story" elements in it. This could have devoloped even further. More RPG way.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

bigdick246 2011.11.25
nice women in this game very hard though

wateshito 2011.11.25
Great game!!!! racing and girls perfect combination...

Raingod 2011.11.24
I really like this game but avoiding the traffic is a bit hard.

jdaignea 2011.11.22
Should try this for other movies!

Rudy4u 2011.11.12
Indeed a very nice game, racing and f*cking

el_vengador 2011.11.11
race and sex, nice couple

draxx 2011.11.10
Cool game with cool girls!

slotseeker60 2011.11.07
This game is great fun!!!!

ctsDanny 2011.11.06
Ha ha, cool concept. Frogger on wheels. Nice. Control is a bit off but a fun game nevertheless.

StevLevTheRev 2011.11.01
MNF games keep getting better with time...

hoopsracer 2011.10.30
Nice game and very addicting.

maverick23 2011.10.25
the girls were beautifull..

Lednacek 2011.10.22
nice girls, could have been more of them

Infernal 2011.10.22
it is a god game i have fun playing it the pictures is good

radman1264 2011.10.21
I wish they would have used all the girls, only used one!

laffinboy 2011.10.17
I love MnF games. this one is no exception

PsykoGumby 2011.10.16
Meet N Fuck series rarely disappoints, and this is no exception :)

mattbro 2011.10.06
I love MnF games. this one is awesome

Highlife1366 2011.09.28
Very basic but fun and sexy! I would like more control over the sex scenes.

des14 2011.09.24
This game was just alright, not much fun to it.

ancoli 2011.09.22
Not the best MNF... but a good MNF ^^

Graphs not bad... but can be better !

ring89 2011.09.20
grat graphics,good mnf game:D

Bill12 2011.09.19
Excellent.... the best game

christofolos 2011.09.18
like these games, bit of a storyline, you should have to work a bit for your prize

grondoll 2011.09.12
wow this game is really great..i love this

ridalx 2011.09.09
Ok I was swticthing back and forth between this and something else and all the text disappeared.

ysr6581 2011.09.07
this is great game and i like it...

por 2011.09.06
Old but good, mnf games were great untill they started own website.

tholar 2011.09.06
racing is fun, and a nice diversion between scenes

simon819 2011.09.05
the games is easy , nice graphic, to simple

---horn--- 2011.09.02
good game ,and really funny

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Didnt like the racing, so didnt like this one.

Big Dog 63 2011.09.01
Love this game.. makes me want to go out and street race... ;)

tkdjinkix 2011.09.01
my computer is lagging .. zzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i cant see the graphics

goofey2011 2011.08.30
love this game good sex scenes

Deckard29 2011.08.26
Great game, nice art work and awesome ass action!


busu99 2011.08.23
hots girls makes this game superb

glopglop 2011.08.22
imple and funny, good game

bongobongo 2011.08.21
cool characters, nice gameplay and story

xdukex 2011.08.17
very cool game. the race was the best part in this game.

tonyace 2011.08.09
great racing game love them wish there was more of them

joniad 2011.08.07
fantastic game. really great

Tont01 2011.08.06
Great game tho races can be a challenge ;)

spokxx 2011.08.04
Nice challenging game. Love the MNF series.
Grea t story and fun

Eniram 2011.08.03
Another great MnF game good animation found the race scenes a tad tedious perhaps a birds eye view so you can have better control of your car.

ltworf1 2011.07.28
Hot cars and hotter women. Great combo for a fun game. the controls are easy. the actual controlling can be challenging

jer1981 2011.07.26
Fun game. I like how you can repeat with the girls before you move on. WIsh they had a littl emore variety in positions though.

nokturne 2011.07.25
i found it a bit hard to control :(

veselqku 2011.07.23
Too hard for me ! I try later.

krzyhaze 2011.07.15
hot chicks fast cars and anal three thumbs up

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

primus21 2011.07.04
hot chicks and fast cars that`s all you need

chrischaos 2011.07.03
The racing was a little bit of a challenge and the women were hot. Great combo.

matiouch 2011.07.01
this game is just amazing, I love it

tukangpoto 2011.06.30
great game.. Din Viesel.. lol

LUTHER 2011.06.26
It`s really nice game! It was so funny when i read "Din Viesel"!
The animation are amazing and the last girl is perfect!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Racing and sex, the best of both worlds.

aniceguy22 2011.06.23
game didnt really keep my attention got bored with it

Gemman67 2011.06.20
great game could be built into one of the best by offering a build screen and working your way up maby dates but as is its still fun to play.

scycekiller 2011.06.16
this game was really fun to play and so addictive

BallIdiot 2011.06.13
Funny spin off of Fast & Furious. `Din Viesel`. lol~~ The racing arcade part is challenging at times. Good graphics & animations.

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
I like this game, specialy the race game

achilies 2011.06.02
great game i love the girls

xhyko 2011.05.31
nice game good cars and hot girls

bigtone 2011.05.29
good game very simply but a little harder

Arbaal 2011.05.28
Nice content, game is very enjoyable. Graphix is fine and playtime isnt too short.

Viltsu 2011.05.27
Nice game, and good rip off from ff.

nunovale 2011.05.26
what a lol.
Nice game, cool girls!

toogrumpy 2011.05.22
Not bad, but it seems a little to easy and the graphics are not the best.

siwn88 2011.05.20
wow.. i really like this game!

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

filiep7war 2011.05.11
nice game but difficult, im not such a good racer !

biloulecoon 2011.05.09
It`s cool but the cars races are too long !!! lol

merictrr 2011.05.02
really good gameplay and good graphics could be much longer

Skylink 2011.04.30
classic mnf game but no bad and i like it

themablung 2011.04.27
nice game, good graphics and nice idea for the gameplay with the race sequences

AragornI 2011.04.27
the girls were gorgeous and I loved their spunky attitudes

qwerty17 2011.04.19
Good combination of different types of sex. What sex positions do you like the most?

salem99951 2011.04.18
This game had good grafix, but was hard to control.

Devona 2011.04.16
the girls were gorgeous and I loved their spunky attitudes

wetter69 2011.04.13
not too bad, controls are easy

AkulaSub 2011.04.13
great game... nice gurls....

bandy@ 2011.04.11
i like this games, like gerls

Innocent 2011.04.06
nice gameplay the girls are hot

ddt111 2011.04.04
i like this game very well

amannas 2011.04.02
This one isnt as good, the meet.and fuck games arent the most satisfying

nalasttop 2011.03.31
decent mnf game. sex scenes decent animation but not v exciting.

gazelle37 2011.03.30
a touch too easy but nice views

libi 2011.03.28
interesting game..because the graphic is nice

shaun999 2011.03.21
great game with 3 different girls, need more interaction for the race perhaps

kylie485 2011.03.19
Din Viesel and a play off Fast and the Furious..not the best game, but it`s still fun :)

UlyssesS 2011.03.18
NIce graphics. Challenging races. More like a dating sim than arcade.

gmaster133 2011.03.13
pretty good game and then vin disel crack was good all in all 4/5

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Closer to a sim adult game to me than arcade one, and Din Viesel a funny hero...
Still, Diesel in Fast & Furious is Dominic Toretto, I guesss the real name was easier to catch somehow.
Pretty challenging, bit too short maybe.

Brownkr79 2011.03.09
this game is not that fun, not many options..

Sin McSin 2011.03.06
nice game, there is some to play it real

scythe00 2011.03.03
great game. has a story, challange and a prize. well worth playing again!

chainxxx 2011.03.02
mnf games are great + i like fast cars
very challenging, awesome
graphics were nice too

gamecon99 2011.02.24
I love this ame the graphics are great and the races are challenging. I`d have to say it`s my favorite game so far

nedlaw 2011.02.17
It took a few tries to get the racing down, but after that it was fun. It was nice to have a little action mixed into the typical dating game.

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.17
this game was a lot of fun to play and the women were hot.

mr.brightside 2011.02.16
this game was alright took me a couple trys but i got it

fanch666 2011.02.15
too difficult to control the car

coolash 2011.02.12
great but quickly repetitive

ratonius 2011.02.09
I like the meet and fucks games,the interactive race part is a good change .

ixxer 2011.02.04
Nice challenging game. Love the MNF series.

lazyone 2011.02.02
i love mnf series
the graphs are great
the story line mostly funny and great
and in the street racing it`s cars too
that is one great game.

munken123 2011.02.01
this one is actually funny... i like it.

Nebula 2011.01.20
Well, not bad, but why without traditional vaginal sex?? huh

kalbs 2011.01.18
Nice erotic spoof of the fast and furious

yaris 2011.01.17
funny game with very nice cars.. ands the girls were too hot

looner 2011.01.16
not o much of fun, game is a straight forward, no tease at all

hentaivictor 2011.01.12
I think it`s a good quality and straight forward game; three girls, beat them in a street race, say the right words, and go have fun. Good for anyone who wants to get to the point but still wants to work for it. (somewhat...)

labrosno 2011.01.11
nice cars and butiful women... do you need more..?

stex08ify 2011.01.08
Sex and cars , what more could you possibly want

R_bOnEz 2011.01.07
the first racing game ive seen so far,will be playing 4 awhile

sauljr 2011.01.06
awsome game, the best i played ever

totally-dead 2011.01.03
Very Hard the first few times, but very rewarding :)

mick149 2010.12.29
it was ok we could do more in this one

Wilczeq 2010.12.28
Fast cars, Sexy Babes - what else do we need? :D Great game :)

BartsMorning27 2010.12.25
happy you get to do it with three girls

ifqvp 2010.12.25
great but quickly repetitive

themoda 2010.12.23
I play this game so time ago, its nice and the mini game its fun

ricdra 2010.12.22
great game only thing i dint like is the way u race would be better with keyboard

scrip 2010.12.22
hot babes and cars, man dreams

vedamte 2010.12.18
din viesel :D good game but ot the best amsa should be meet&fuck not arcade

weromont 2010.12.17
Great game, can we get this hot girl to feature any other of the games? Good graphics!

birdman1987 2010.12.12
Riding with hot babes are cool!!

birdman1987 2010.12.12
This games is incredible! Satisfying!

matthew601 2010.12.09
this game wasn`t good to many cars

matthew601 2010.12.09
don`t like how u race with cars on ur side and she has none

steve_white 2010.12.08
good game but not my favourite

donysabox 2010.12.03
i think this game is the best game arcede i play . . !!
not to long, story is good, and easy gameplay . . !!

trouble4U 2010.11.27
Very nice! But i wanted to as DO i have to change the cars EVERY time?

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

Nodrit 2010.11.23
good game with a great concept, but poor graphic for characters

donz02 2010.11.20
i liked this game but didnt win

restlez 2010.11.20
Damn these are the mnf anime babes that i fell in love with.

tarqy 2010.11.13
i like the m&f games but the car but took too much concentration

Rob-63 2010.11.11
Great game to play with fast cars and hot girls and plenty of sex

Kyrozen 2010.11.10
Cars and girls perfect mix !!!

silvervic 2010.11.08
Gameplay is ok, Storyline can do better. Graphics and animation are good and fluid. I rate the game B+.

Toboshi 2010.10.30
I really enjoyed this game. It was different, but it definitely lived up to MnF standards. The game on it`s own was just okay, but the sex made it well worth it.

groar 2010.10.28
repetitiv game... just good for the animations

thegreathadji 2010.10.27
Great game. The racing made it so much better than the old point-and-click.

rcalle1188 2010.10.27
fun game easy racing plus good sex scenes

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

navnuc 2010.10.24
racing part was hard to catch on to but was fun trying

Emokia87 2010.10.22
the car racing part was pretty hard...

popcorn2002 2010.10.18
Good game, was pleasant to me

Andre212 2010.10.17
This game is so hot. I want more of these three chicks.

andiyan 2010.10.16
wow..it`s so nice and hot games..I like it!!!!

RESSAT 2010.10.13
Racing cars and the babes - everytihng is super hot

Asimov 2010.10.13
Shame I cant change my characters face, it was so hard to look at sometimes....

imacool 2010.10.02
really hot babes only if there were more though

fradi 2010.09.22
Th last girl is so hot...

avulture 2010.09.20
fun racing and some really good animations, of course great sex.

adrianonn 2010.09.11
I love racing cars and the babes. Super hot.

staccato 2010.09.11
the car racing part was pretty hard

jokigaul 2010.09.08
this game is awesome.....

link13 2010.09.08
Some of the playing parts are a little to complex to perform for a sex game

Wabbledo 2010.09.01
this game is awesome! the epitamy of...

Kotton24 2010.08.30
This game is Awesome but a few more races would of been kool

Kirdran 2010.08.24
That is a one of weaker games from MNF

hhhhg 2010.08.24
great cars,nice chicks this game is amazing!

mickeymouse 2010.08.23
Great game, love it, the animations are a bit basic, but overall good graphics.

ZeroImage 2010.08.21
Great story and good graphics

zantetsuken 2010.08.20
nice cars, great chick...man this game`s got everything

keyla 2010.08.19
This game was very and fun to enjoy. 9/10

bolo 2010.08.18
great game. really loved the driving mini game

bigbadjohn 2010.08.10
Nice time killer and very nice cars and sex

lapine 2010.08.10
funny game !!! drive car is a good idea :)

robby49er 2010.08.05
invigorating game with difficult races

shadowsabre118 2010.07.31
i think this is the most fun mini-game out of all the mini games throughout the m&f series

abrvagl 2010.07.29
Good game, was pleasant to me.

zip645 2010.07.26
This game was very and fun to enjoy. 9/10

slytdavis 2010.07.23
good gameplay and graphics

lenman 2010.07.20
Loved the game play and the racing especially. It`s really too much fun with the tricky racing. I must agree that the controls are very sensitive. Otherwise, it`s ok and gals are great.

wormrampage 2010.07.16
I e joy the racing. And of course the prize at th end

daris5715 2010.07.13
sex was good driving was hard

az89 2010.07.13
vin diesel parody. one question, that guy is black but during sex he is white

pouimet 2010.07.11
game is fun, but annoying at times due to car crashes

pouimet 2010.07.11
god i love this gam. I want every game ever to follow this system

nameit 2010.07.10
Nice racing, nice animations

Vinnie 2010.07.09
it`s a coolest game EVER!!!! I gonna say: 100/100 (games: 50/100, graphic: 30/100, fuckness: 20/100) XD

EvaAura 2010.07.09
such a pathetic game..the movement with mouse is so uncontrolable...10/100

freakazoa 2010.07.05
Meet n Fuck games are not free anymore~ :((

coolmanjohn_2000_1999_2000 2010.07.04
this game suxs ; the racing street part is unrealistic :( ; it`s not sopposed to be like a thruway racing car game this sucks could have been alot better if they didnt have other cars trying to delibrately crash you while you`re drag racing for pinks :(

iSmA017 2010.07.03
the girl is sexy,and the cars are cool

manstara 2010.07.02
the grafhic and animations are good... good game......

Pnorg 2010.06.29
This game is ok, if the graphic was in like animation instead it would be much better

StormRaiden 2010.06.28
The Meet `n` Fucks are great this one is fun with the driving.

lucic17 2010.06.28
Love the meet and fucks, i played this one before and i played it again! not bad cars either

dlfuchs 2010.06.27
great game. driving is hard

startabus 2010.06.18
This game is great! i would like more games like this

drcueball 2010.06.17
i like the racing in the game

squall23 2010.06.17
tr??s bon jeu,les illes sont superbe

Wojcieszg 2010.06.14
Very good game. Too bad M`n`F is no longer for free

PERV_GRINGO88 2010.06.08

Cooper3322 2010.06.05
Great game good graphics.

Reborn777 2010.05.31
Interesting game, but hard to play....I can`t seem to get past the first challenge...any help?

wahooman48 2010.05.20
way to go DIN nice pics no asses though

themuslim7 2010.05.20
best and hardest from the rest ithink

HAtredAce 2010.05.20
wow!! big boobs n sexy gals n my fav fairladyz!!

pudge70 2010.05.19
I really like the "M&F" games, but I think this is my least favorite. Just didn`t get into it.

rebthaz 2010.05.17
his grunts when he cums sound more like farts...

way2tall123 2010.05.13
Was ok lags a lot but becides that great.

money123 2010.05.13
the games not that bad... the graphics are pretty nice

gapdieu 2010.05.11
I like the concept of this game , good street race game.

bored120 2010.05.07
liked the concept, didnt find it too challenging though

gary1981 2010.05.05
this game is great one of the first mnf games i ever played

ronnyreet 2010.05.05
nice game, more diversity would be nice though

pontoride 2010.05.04
one of the best meet and fucks before they went private! so enjoy all

luky555 2010.05.03
I like this game for a long time. It is one of first adult games that i have played.

joshuabean12 2010.05.02
this game is not laptop friendly i cant get past the race can someone help......

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Hot woman and hot cars, I love this game

Bearcat20 2010.04.30
The game was kind of challenging, which was good because it kept you interested.

anthony57 2010.04.30
I love this game, need a car like that!

enrique92 2010.04.28
racing part is challenging and like the different rides.

rparadis 2010.04.27
this is a pretty good game, the sex could be a little bit better

meddo19 2010.04.27
din visel ... lol
nice game and graphics

Kraus 2010.04.26
the best meet and fuck games of ever

tensor_skate 2010.04.22
I like how they set up theme and the whole racing feature

argonidas 2010.04.22
fast cars hot girls great game

streetfighterz 2010.04.21
grate game v ary erotic vary fun

lycan 2010.04.17
I love this game as well

mbc 2010.04.16
once you win the race.... fun game

darnell_13 2010.04.14
i didn`t like how they added the racing in this game. It took away from the sex.

boinky 2010.04.13
Not my favorite MnF game, but the racing parts make it stand out from similar games

obidos 2010.04.09
this is really good i like it alott tt tt thf d

Saikan 2010.04.09
what a fantasic game! I would love to play a sequel, but i don`t think that there will be one, to bad!

medmarine2 2010.04.08
Nice gane :) ? wanna play new version

joemaine 2010.04.06
this is like a better version of fast and furious

shad646 2010.04.05
sexy women and sexy cars

wpowder 2010.04.04
Cars are hot, gals are even hotter!!!

az89 2010.04.04
the games more like fast and furious story
that guy looks like dan viesel

primus21 2010.03.26
hot woman and hot cars, I love this game

Kedar 2010.03.23
I don`t think that is arcade game.

maxalive 2010.03.21
the girls are very sexy the cars are cool n the game is great

mimo 2010.03.20
It`s my favourit M`n`F :D it is one of the games you had to play

iLuVurTITS 2010.03.20
nice babes nice cars what else could you want

iLuVurTITS 2010.03.20
nice sexy babes i like how you get to race them =)

hvdrake 2010.03.19
nice game very interesting and challenger

LoLB 2010.03.19
always very good games, pls more of these games

Bazarf 2010.03.19
MNF games are always good shame more dont come out more often

rossp11 2010.03.19
very very good game, enjoyed the challenge of havin miini games

snake69 2010.03.10
a very road tempting game......love to play it much.

snoop025 2010.03.09
great game i love it a lot

lower5 2010.02.28
i like the chaleng games .good game mayby tolong

jules1903 2010.02.27
Good game, kept crashing to start with.

TapOut 2010.02.22
Surprisingly good. Arcade section adds a new element.

Chobitz 2010.02.14
this is a great game, easy and fun

sonu 2010.02.12
i have played this game before good game good story and nice graphics

twinkiessuck 2010.02.12
Fast and the furious meets leisure suit larry

jk5005 2010.02.11
great game really like the racing element

tomb_sexedme 2010.02.08
that was a great game!!! everyone should try it

stan631 2010.02.06
Din Viesel, that`s hilarious :)
great game also, love the mix with racing

Greenmonkey 2010.02.06
this is a great game, easy and fun

Luzi 2010.02.04
best MNF game by far for me.

blknight373 2010.02.02
nice game and i love the positions

manuvolga 2010.01.31
very good ride! i liked it!

bilb0 2010.01.31
hi street racing what about more
this game is to short

stevebarthrop 2010.01.30
A good meet & fuck game with the unique twist of the car races. Simple like it`s counter-parts but enjoyable at the same time.

random2701 2010.01.30
good challenge, sexy girls

reaper87 2010.01.30
one of the best meet and fucks before they went private! so enjoy all

rekcaHmI 2010.01.25
awesome and changlling game

Ricoh124 2010.01.25
This game is good, too good for me - I just crash & burn. Perhaps you need to be more adept with the keys, keep trying but I`ve given up.

plm10161 2010.01.25
One of the few MNF games I really enjoyed....dont get me wrong, they are all good, but this one is great.

gojuryu 2010.01.25
This is by far one of my favorite MNF, simply because it`s so different. The racing part is really fun, although tedius at times especially when you get a sleugh of cars at once. It gets a little annoying.

xxxducati 2010.01.20
this is a great game, easy and fun

alyssa3747 2009.12.28
Hot like how u have to race before the real adventure begins

psvzwaan 2009.12.16
Meet`n`fuck games are great

numskull34 2009.12.12
very nice like the simplicity

sierra 2009.12.10
beautiful girls, cool cars, hard races, very good sexscenes. but I`m missing girls like Amela Panderson, Miffany Tynx or Giaria Ovanni.

Klynmaer 2009.12.08
Great game, nice spoof, races were challenging, animation and graphics were great.

az89 2009.12.07
i crush and need to retry many time in my first race

nissehult 2009.11.24
this is a very hot game, but not so difficult

BesiGo 2009.11.20
the grafhic and animations are good... good game......

markyong1997 2009.11.20
This Game rocks and by the way where to find kelly

casis 2009.11.14
the girl is sexy,and the cars are cool

sexyman 2009.11.11

kjopada31 2009.11.07
Meet and Fuck Series aren`t that fun... i guess this was ok though

rtully36 2009.11.04
fun game, easy, but entertaining

Xyzzy 2009.11.02
Okay, so ignore my last post....I just realized it`s mouse control, not arrows. Coulda sworn I read arrows....

Xyzzy 2009.11.02
Okay, so I`ve played this game before on other websites, and I like it. But here, I think there`s a bug. I can move the car once with the arrow keys, but after that, no works. I`m slamming on the arrows for all I`m worth, and the car doesn`t respond. So, I like the game, just not this implementation of it.

nebbster 2009.11.02
this game isn`t as good as other games i`ve played

kyo 2009.10.26
this game is one of my best it is perfect

weromont 2009.10.24
The Beautiful graphics, idle time plot, play was got on glory.

funphuk 2009.10.22
too easy...needs to be better

RazerNiVek 2009.10.17
MnF is a great short game serie, but this is not my favorite game, big time

zabothe 2009.10.14
Excellent game. I liked the challenge in the racing! and funny too "Din Viesel..."

hotboy360 2009.10.12
this game was alright not to much fun

XTesteX 2009.10.11
lol, the race tuns it more exciting ;)

Alendril 2009.10.11
Great game, the interactive race part is a good change faced with the old "point and click" games.

omega5 2009.10.10
love this game mnfs are awesome

bordeira 2009.10.09
Nice erotic spoof of the fast and furious

best game

megaman 2009.10.08
the race car is not bad not so hard

Ticon 2009.10.06
Game provides some kind of challenge to achieve goals...at least

chumpohead 2009.10.04
great game but gets a bit boring after a while

bowzkasep 2009.10.03
funny spoof... din viesel?

serryu 2009.09.30
this game would be better if without the racing scene which takes up lotsa time

cheese101 2009.09.27
grat graphics,good mnf game:D

toyoyo9& 2009.09.16
good game but not very easy near the end

TobiasDrake 2009.09.16
The MNF series is consistently fun, and this is no exception. The racing gimmick is an enjoyable addition.

simmi 2009.09.15
Great game,like the racing

pl71 2009.09.15
MnF is a great short game serie, but this is not my favorite game,

DrStrangelove 2009.09.15
Great game. I was getting tired of the old point and click routine from previous games, they did a nice job with the mouse-shaking in previous ones but the street racing shows they`ve gotten a better handle on that idea.

Atomicfart 2009.09.15
my favorite of this series

skuggan 2009.09.14
Excellent game, much better then the usual from this author. I liked the challenge in the racing! And very nice graphics also :)

woody 2009.09.14
MNF what more can be said great games

Xearan 2009.09.14
Nice erotic spoof of the fast and furious

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