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Lust Epidemic


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billK 2019.09.06
intresting game...nice graphics...impresssive background...

theoxxx 2019.08.08
there is some great action in this game, The graphics are really good as well. overall, is a pretty enjoyable game the wome are hot and the sex scenes awesome all round a good game

xdjmx 2019.08.01
Demo was fun can`t wait to see what happens nextrn

draco65 2019.07.28
overly complicated and distinctly tedious. Add to that the fact that, assuming you take the time and effort, as soon as you begin to get into the meaty bits of it, the `DEMO` ends and it demands you pony up a donation to continue. rnif you are flush, by all means go to town with this one. rnIf however, you are, like me, barely ekeing it out, pass this one by because when all is said and done, you turn off the machine and deal with reality and this isn`t worthy of what it demands....in my not so humble opinion.

landru 2019.07.28
Interesting story line. Too bad it is only a demo.rn

brown02 2019.07.12
there is some great action in this game, The graphics are really good as well. overall, is a pretty enjoyable game

harimahesh 2019.07.04
good graphics...cant wait for the full game

hellman123 2019.06.26
nice game, good graphics, can not wait until it is complet

Shevexs21 2019.06.22
great game and graphics, can`t wait for full version

Night47 2019.06.13
I want more of this it is awesome!


RyanR1094 2019.06.09
Good game graphics are pretty good

Hiotori 2019.06.02
Great game can`t wit for full versionrn

TYRIBA27 2019.05.26
loved it when will the full game be out

bathman80 2019.05.24
its a pitty that is only one part of this game...

crimsonfrog 2019.05.11
nice game good graphics nice ladies

Alondra7 2019.05.10
just a demo and took too long to downloadrn

nuc 2019.05.08
Great one but its just a Demo.

mogospa 2019.05.01
This game is great. I would like to say thank you for the hard work and the creativity. Loved the graphics, and the way the story line just draws you in... So far has been the best one I have come across...and Thank You!

HornyCollegeStudent 2019.04.17
Has a lot of potential, just it does take A LOT to get anything in this game. It`s very right time, right place, correct click based as well. From what ive read online about this game, this version doesn`t seem to let you collect everything that is available up until this point. For the demo version, it`s not bad.

TanosMaruXinur 2019.04.13
Very good Game, goods and hot girls

zangyuki 2019.04.13
Love this game, played several times. More like it please!

rukkerdrukker 2019.04.11
it is so hot i have played the demo and i want more

hawk1019 2019.04.02
Love this game, played several times. More like it please!

asinble 2019.03.15
this game is fantastic one looking up for more like it

lesbianb40 2019.03.15
Cant wait for the next part

Troy9000 2019.03.12
Not a fan of the RPG format , its hard to know who to talk to and where to go.rnThe animations at the beginning are well done however.rnIf the RPG wandering was removed it would be a better game.

Sampson121 2019.03.01
I love games like this, this one is pretty good, to bad its a demo!

cromer 2019.03.01
good start but to confusing going through the library picking where to go to just cant work it out wont play it again

Luis Otavio 2019.02.28
Man, this game is amazing! Like, the sex is really good and the womans so.

super1400 2019.02.24
i do not unterstand the game

bathman80 2019.02.23
fantastic game but its a pitty that is a demorn

diary 2019.02.22
Tried again...had the site open for 45+ minutes...still only black page...if it really takes that long to load why not install a loading progress bar ?rn

marcus747 2019.02.20
Takes a really long time to get started, and all female models have extreme resting bi**h face, which makes them unappealing from the onset. It does get better further on.rn

Kronos 2019.02.20
if you asked they need to add a skip option

Matty9745 2019.02.19
awesome game, really good graphics and can`t wait for more to be added

comodin 2019.02.17
It would be good if it could start

dare0000 2019.02.17
good game but take time to start

ojifas 2019.02.17
Pretty cool animations Not a bad game

JDB68 2019.02.16
Not too bad of a game. Kinda slow getting started but, all in all pretty good

CapnMorgan 2019.02.16
This is a pretty high quality demo - the story is interesting and the premise is good. the voice acting is good and the graphics are top notch. great job - can`t wait to see more.

diary 2019.02.15
not loading period...left on loading all day, but nothing...well,if a black screen is nothing that is ^^

shyman44425 2019.02.15
Interesting start to game. No real success yet. Seems long.

vitali 2019.02.15
Wow! Looks promising and looking forward the full version. Enhoy the story and apreciate the difference compared all the other games.

TBG1972 2019.02.14
Fun adventure game. This DEMO shows great potential for the full version. I will be checking it out on Patreon.

noctuary 2019.02.14
just a demo. Losing time and efforts

Judex 2019.02.13
A very nice game, a lot of promises. Thank you for this nice gift.

Ricoh124 2019.02.13
Good logic/task determined game. Lots of promise

christra448 2019.02.13
it has Nice graphics but takes too long to load

miriah.k 2019.02.13
This was one of the BEST adventure sex games I have ever played! Graphics are amazing and the storyline is more than sex. I had to pay for the full version on patreon.

geunie 2019.02.12
It is a long game to play! You need to find the wright place at the wright time! Seems to me, you just need luck to go on fast! You can keep running trough the building, but if you are not hitting the wright place nothing happens!rnNice graphics though!

Dhorian 2019.02.12
takes too long to load i wonder if it is worth it

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