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Luna F


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Organtoxic 2017.09.19
it has a good story and pictures

bandit04 2017.07.20
That ladie is wondefull more game like that

ZerKhanZen 2017.07.10
its kinda fun but not very arousingrn

TMAMA 2017.05.04
By far could be a lot better.

cerberus123 2017.03.01
The artwork in this game is nice, although there isn`t much in the name of gameplay

robbie2801 2016.12.30
Needs more interesting content to be interesting.

Corgath 2016.12.11
not bad but could use more

scythe41 2016.10.23
i do enjoy this game, and simple. but not in a bad way.

notna3 2016.07.26
yes it need more but it is not that bad tho.

alexanderdane77 2016.04.25
Not Enough action. Very boring


masodesmati 2016.04.08
this game actually gave me an idea on what to buy as a present for my GFs birthday!

pberke 2016.03.14
It`s more of an interactive animation than a game...

chrisbaker 2016.02.29
Really hot girl, wish there was more gameplay though.

MajinSetoKaiba 2015.11.26
I like playing around with the little animations. The selections of clothes are nice too.

blackblood09 2015.11.07
good animation, a little more interaction would make it great.

DickDeity 2015.10.21
Not something you`ll wanna come back to.

romeokton 2015.10.07
Nice animation and cool outfits.

Zoro86 2015.09.18
Hot girlg and a good variety of outfit. the game is very short and a bit boring, it could at least change the type and color of the toys but the ends are the same.

hxxxsmoker 2015.08.26
Nice one, Luna F is beautiful and her clothes are well picked.

JurgenWurgen 2015.07.15
Simple but funny nontheless. Nice!

pjp 2015.05.03
graphics pretty good needed more interaction

Anatik 2015.04.22
Good animation, but I would like more interactions.

krylancelo 2015.03.04
I liked it but only has nice animations, no interactions without any sound feels so empty. However I liked it, very classic hentai.

Verol 2015.02.05
Greaqt idea, but would be better with sounds for the interactions

verizon 2015.02.04
games like this should have more variation

xveteraanl 2015.01.21
Awesome! Not really a game, yet still worth your time?? mostly because of nice gfx and difficulty level (which is equal zero ????? so it?????s impossible to get frustrated or miss something :) You simply select one dress set/position for Luna, and click arrows to see her undress....

Syneid 2015.01.11
Ehm, i guess i just don`t like this kind of games. Boring. Nice girl, i guess.

Shuller 2015.01.10
Tease category, perfect. Super attractive girl for breast lovers but limited interaction. Nice clarity of picture

Gorgolock 2015.01.07
Graphics: 80
Gamplay: 30
Animation: 30

Overall good graphics, but it`s pretty boring.

midnyght 2015.01.01
simple progression with nice amateur animations

pusshound 2014.12.26
Short, but nice girl. Just OK graphics.

RichBCGuy 2014.11.27
not into hentai or anime, so shouldn`t really have clicked on this.

geoman 2014.11.16
good graphics but i dont like this kind of games

702ta2 2014.11.12
cute.. but not a whole lot to it. I saw squirrels after the second outfit.

wonderboy001 2014.11.10
Not really much here but the girl looks good.

beesbal64 2014.10.21
Nice looking girl, but no challenge to the people it should also have more scenes to enjoy

pieffepi 2014.10.05
there is not too much challenge in the game. Else, animation is fine

jaden1999 2014.09.23
bit more to do will be nice thanks for all the games

jaimz 2014.08.31
The girl is cute, but the game was lacking in things to do.

stoad69 2014.07.31
Nice graphics and artwork. Good tease to make you hard.

feelthebasse 2014.07.19
Nice looking girl and actions, but no challenge.

will100 2014.07.03
It was a good game but was a bit boring

MercenaryD 2014.05.27
Very "exciting" gameplay, why make such a game?

Floortile 2014.05.25
Obviously at the low end of the series. Dildo animations are quite poor.

conner129 2014.03.30
it is not the best F series girl but it is a good game

Assurbanipal 2014.03.23
this is striptease, not a game, nice manga

King_Kenzor 2014.03.05
not as fun as other games

alkarys 2014.01.24
Not really a game, but sexy nonetheless. Good for hentai amateurs.

molderh 2014.01.15
It`s good animation and the girl is kind of nice. But it`s really no challenge at all

TechnoDemon 2013.12.24
Artwork, good. Animation, decent. Gameplay, nonexistent.

Zucifer 2013.12.20
not good......i dont like it....but great animations

waqs202 2013.11.27
may i know,what the suck is this ?

ramarra 2013.11.25
selecting outfits was alright but gameplay options are a little limited

Badvoc 2013.11.11
hot but dull, right right right right

PFOfan 2013.11.08
How to stuck with this one? :)

puterealuira 2013.10.27
walkthrough: left> left> left> left> ,,,

jastis 2013.10.01
i`m stuck in this game please help me

nmraber 2013.09.19
this game is way too easy it makes it boring

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

ushxxxpm 2013.09.15
I agree good animation, a little more interaction would make it great.

HELIOS666 2013.09.07
It`s not really a game isn`t it? But anyhow I love anything that Jiggles! Haha....Awesome....

yuksha 2013.09.07
Basic cartoon dressing or slide show, not a game or much of a tease. Not overly thrilling and no story line but if you are up for quick and easy images this could be your thing.

sharmajack79 2013.09.05
more girls would have made it better

toughguy0318 2013.07.18
wouldn`t call this a game. she is hot so I guess it`s worth checking out once.

hotvoter 2013.07.03
nice graphics .... but for me to boring sorry.

Mesmeriser 2013.07.01
The animation is good, but it`s not challenging at all and there`s little to no creativity. I guess it was a great game when it first came out but it has since been superseded by much more interactive games.

cementshoes77 2013.06.24
That was not a fun game to play at all.

Quill 2013.06.16
boring. Sorry. There is no more to say

Boss2000 2013.06.10
Cool game, missing more choises

jenggo 2013.05.11
change the dress but it won`t naked :D

garetx 2013.05.07
oh yes i think that this game is very good but quite short

hairycleaner 2013.05.06
More of a dress up, than a game

farkas 2013.04.20
Not really a game just set of sexy outfit and positions.

gwazz 2013.04.17
not really a game more a set of pictures

e-monk 2013.04.10
xtremely short game, not enough positions

zarathos 2013.03.09
Kinda boring, but whatever.

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
Bouncy bouncy. No censorshit. Quite nice.

63ted 2013.03.01
Not a game just click and wait.

jrjr567 2013.02.18
kinda boring, not much to it

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

oscar500 2013.01.19
simple and easy to play. it`s a good game.

ultimatestewie 2012.12.28
wish i can hear her sexy moans

pusshound 2012.12.27
Nice pics. Not really much of a game. Mostly clicking with good pics. Difficulty level is helpful. More animation would be better, but still worth some time.

shyman44425 2012.12.26
very simple game. great animation.

ballsac 2012.12.25
I love those fat titties! Game is simple, titties are epic.

infinis 2012.12.23
boring game and boring animation

Mr. Magic 2012.12.08
I was not impressed. Pales in comparison to other games.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


Horgretor 2012.11.08
Nice girl interesting stances. Needs better designing sound and more action.

garonbrown 2012.11.06
Greate graphic`s for their time. Almost too many in the series tho

meowio94 2012.10.25
very NICE animation, more of different view would be better

oranjeboven 2012.10.04
It´s not even a game.
Just clicking.

shyman44425 2012.09.25
Pretty girl, but not challenging.

gregscallywag 2012.09.16
I didn`t think that was that bad of a game. The progression was what you wanted; no energy levels to fill or such. Some type of final orgasm event at the end would have been nice.

corbarian1 2012.09.08
Not really a game, so of it is ok but the ridiculous proprtions are off putting

pothole 2012.09.06
click, click, click. Game, no! Fun, not really. Simply silly

VIP303 2012.08.27
Nice graphic it has in it

Daiki00 2012.08.26
The F-series would be better if it had sounds

brit_man33 2012.08.24
Cute girl and I really like the sitting position

rlt3744 2012.08.19
the game is good just wish there was more to it.

Trisslyn 2012.08.17
Animation is quite good, but no story and only clicking

oranjeboven 2012.08.10
I dont think this should be called a game. Its more a clichthrough story

cleevo 2012.08.09
I don`t understand the fun in this type of game... where is the challenge?

drmuhrasheed 2012.08.08
very simple game good graphic but i dont recomend

BigMike81 2012.07.22
Not really a game. Sexy girl, though.

DoubleShadow 2012.06.25
one of the first and one of the beste games .. go on =)

Calicojack 2012.06.16
Its not that fun its just a slideshow

Pallapollo 2012.06.09
Overall it is worth a few minutes of trying.

MadnessUK 2012.06.04
Not really a game, and not really worth the loading time.

Savoy 2012.05.31
At least this game has moving pictures, but thats about all it has. For people who enjoy mindless clicking, hey, thats your game. ^^

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.25
Ohhh I just love these series. their expressions are very detailed and it hits close to home!

Skysnake 2012.05.14
it`s not a game, only a picture-viewer.

bahamut86 2012.05.08
Boring game! I don`t like F-series

justme99 2012.05.04
Interesting concept. Nothing like bouncing boobies! But click, click, click through the actions is rather dull and boring.

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.03
The animation was good in the game but it was not very interesting, no interaction really takes place, I didn`t like it much

danielsyd2 2012.04.27
WERY SLOW loading but the game is OK

farkas 2012.04.19
For me is not game but the hentai girl slide show with nice outfit is good.

ushxxxpm 2012.04.11
this gane is too boring, i didn´t enjoy it at all

macegunray 2012.04.06
sort of confusing, kept on getting a white screen

[BY]WEGAS 2012.03.29
not much of a game needs more adventure

lydia 2012.03.24
kinda boring but never mind

danielsyd2 2012.03.17
This is more like a slideshow then a game

uber50 2012.03.13
i dont like this game, really short and a little bit boring

s180948 2012.03.08
Not quite a good game. needs more Interaction and better graphics

deek 2012.03.04
not much of a game needs more adventure

jellybean 2012.03.03
I dont see how this is a game? its like an animated movie clip- a bad one

sorethumb07 2012.03.01
not fun at all not really a game but cute anime

samcor1982 2012.02.23
Highly detailed babe... but that`s all... no much of a game really.

wateshito 2012.02.22
For me this it not a game... is a presentation of some manga girl....

SkylineR34GTR 2012.01.31
hmmm, well, good graphics. Nough said.

lydia 2012.01.30
nice graphics. one of the best games here

Ryoxxx 2012.01.29
A simple game with good graphic!

dfish_44 2012.01.27
This is more like a slideshow then a game

shion_fiel 2012.01.24
Not a long game... Maybe it just a click game...

Marti1920 2012.01.18
Not really exciting game, just click and disappear I would call this kind of games :(

BallIdiot 2012.01.12
Boring game with decent graphics.

JayNoWay 2012.01.12
funny i`ll guess ... think i`ll like the more realistic games a bit more ;)

Marinois13 2012.01.06
too short not enough interaction.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.02
Fun and easy but a little more interactions are needed to call this a game...

Guillaume 2011.12.31
Not really a game actually. Spend 3 minutes on it.

emaznboy 2011.12.24
overly simple with little to it. good 5 minute waster, but nothing more.

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
beautiful hentai girl with big boobs

DUDESKI 2011.12.18
That is one hot animated girl really fun game

Danyolivier 2011.12.14
good animation but not a very interactive game

pontiac20 2011.12.11
Get`s old fast, graphics just don`t cut it.

abc9874 2011.12.04
you love great animation is it

funny909 2011.11.29
I agree good animation, a little more interaction would make it great

Zokah 2011.11.23
Not a very good game. Good if you want an easy program.

wateshito 2011.11.17
In don`t see this like a game... but i liked...old fashion.

lazy boy 2011.11.11
A somewhat interesting game. Not much challenge, though.

garrenfield 2011.11.08
not very difficult, but the girl is very hot

hoopsracer 2011.10.30
Boring game. Limited choices of girls and activities.

Ops123 2011.10.28
its kinda boring.. .only clilks and same girl

whitewolfofskye 2011.10.22
good dressup game / undressup

horst123123 2011.10.18
Nice game if you have just 5 min left.

xxxxx342 2011.10.17
this is the best one so far. i love the stripping and all.

laffinboy 2011.10.17
a bit boring good for 5 mins though

farkas 2011.10.06
Cut girl, nice outfit but too easy game.

ring89 2011.09.20
Cute girl but its not really interesting at all good

hakans 2011.09.15
its good ,but not great. no interactive

pipsickle 2011.09.12
Not so much into this one. Not even sure what the goal is. Would take more time, but wasn`t lured in.

dandrik 2011.09.10
Its short, alright i guess.

ridalx 2011.09.09
This is more like a slideshow then a game

shishkabob 2011.09.08
This is barely a game. The art is my style either. Oh well, to each his own.

ysr6581 2011.09.07
this is great game and i like it...

yoko01 2011.09.05
Not interesting. The graphics are quite good and it`s the only good thing in this animation

simon819 2011.09.05
i really don`t like this game, no story , non sense and you just have to click on the arrow thill the game is finish

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Very simple game, but with a hot babe, liked it.

busu99 2011.08.23
nice game but a bit 2 short

spokxx 2011.08.01
another outstanding f game but its hard to say that this is a game
but great graphics
this boobs ----------------- hmmmmmmmmmm

jer1981 2011.07.29
Well drawn, she`s hot, but i don`t know if this should be called a game. 2 out of 3 ain`t bad though.

Peetches 2011.07.29
i wanna fuck not be bored

Peetches 2011.07.29
don`t like nothin to finger myself over

raflebi 2011.07.12
don`t like it. it`s just boting :/

Hohenheim 2011.07.10
This is a good game, however, I can`t seem to find the first one anywhere.

rozaria 2011.07.09
animation is good the game itself not really good

wisiol1 2011.07.07
I agree good animation, a little more interaction would make it great.

chrischaos 2011.07.03
A really cute hentai woman with huge juggs, but no challenge.

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Once again, hot ass girl, but no point.

dgkesquire 2011.06.25
Gorgeous graphics. Would almost using real penis instead of obvious dildo

xxxxxxxx 2011.06.20
The graphics were nice, but there was no challenge.

stukovm1g 2011.06.08
it`s alright, but it hasn`t got any action, just a simple flash

deltaman 2011.06.06
just a sinmple flash not a game

jpsacrey 2011.06.05
fun game cute girl good animations

viperdja 2011.06.05
its ok but we need more options of what we can do.

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
nice graphic but need challange

Achylle 2011.06.02
not a lot we can do... need more thrill...

prometeo03 2011.05.25
It`s a simple game.... funny

dannyboy1234 2011.05.20
fun game cute girl good animations

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

mu6best 2011.05.14
simple game mechanics, decent art, but overall not really a game so much as a clickable display

Skarn62 2011.05.07
Not really exciting game, just click and disappear I would call this kind of games :(

taureq 2011.05.03
nice game but a bit 2 short

cecilia 2011.05.01
super cute anime really like this game

tadilrajab 2011.05.01
nie game but could be better/

jpsacrey 2011.04.22
Nice anime model with a big tits, but no challenge.

crzyone 2011.04.21
Not really a game, just clicky through it and you`re done. I am not a fan :)

C.C. 2011.04.20
Not bad at all. Would have been better if a guy was doing it to her.

dgkesquire 2011.04.19
Better than some of the other F-games where they censor the naughty bits! I approve.

kppatient 2011.04.16
seemed short but good quality boobs.

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
short with great animations and huge boobs

ahmadiranga 2011.04.06
nice anime, cute girl. bit the game to simple a bit boring.

zie_knight 2011.04.06
Nice anime model with a big tits, but no challenge after all

chinorican 2011.04.01
its a real nice tease game, wish there was more

gazelle37 2011.03.30
i really like the 4th view

b0bcat 2011.03.28
It was a tease, hot girl but it was to short.

butlerab81 2011.03.14
Nice graphics, but very short and no challenge.

surn 2011.03.14
I agree with ChainXXX the game was over very quickly and presented no challenge, but the art was nice!

chainxxx 2011.03.02
the game was over in like 2 mins
all you had to do was click on the arrow and you`re done

jbhawaiisc 2011.03.02
As always, the women are hot, but it`s just not a game

cucuvn 2011.02.28
its a great 5 minute fun this type of games! I like it , graphic is nice

pipro 2011.02.27
another short game but ...

m4lv1n 2011.02.12
graphics are quite good but a bit boring

Nick2 2011.02.08
Amazing game, but too short.

HardExp 2011.02.07
I did not like this game, no sound, and no game play -.-`

Hehehe3467 2011.02.06
Graphics are alright. but all you do is clickclickclick.

lazyone 2011.02.02
flying teafrog`s f series actuually pretty simply put
strip the girl fuck her with a dildo
but the graphs are amazing
every time.

1NT0X 2011.01.31
short and simple, but you gotta love the graphics

smilinjym 2011.01.24
If you like large breasts more than actual action then you will love this series of games. They are good, but don`t kid yourself...they are a tease for sure.

jpsacrey 2011.01.22
sorry but this one is boring

ratonius 2011.01.10
A nice enough quick game. As always the boobs are super giants ,a little more interaction would make it great.

crazypants83 2011.01.09
Can you do anything other than bounce her tits and change her clothes

simonp 2011.01.04
not a bad annimation cant call it a game

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.02
I love That you can bounce her breasts or touch her pussy in all the different states of undress!

JeanMarc 2010.12.27
I like the animation - but in the end it was a little easy

dvd2704 2010.12.22
I love this game, the graphicvs are incredible

lummpy 2010.12.14
cute cartoon gilr but not for me

LeslieBond007 2010.12.11
Maybe its boring, but sometimes you have 15-20 minutes free time, and its a great 5 minute fun this type of games! I like it. Also good to spend time after a game failure(hard dating games) :-D

ShureFire 2010.12.01
sorry but this one is boring

hash19 2010.12.01
not really a game, only some clicks needed, but good animation, so a little more interaction would make it great

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

jpsacrey 2010.11.20
A somewhat interesting game. Not much challenge, though.

Kyrozen 2010.11.10
Cute girl but its not really interesting at all

dgkesquire 2010.11.06
The best visual quality of this nature of game that I`ve seen...and I`ve seen more than a few of the F-series erotic flash games.

Rajin87 2010.11.03
Not a game... and i see better around...

Charles1981 2010.11.01
Well animated and lovely illustrations but just not all that exciting! She badly needs a better fitting bra for those huge breasts!

steve1112 2010.10.29
Good graphics, but would like a few more options

LucyLouis21 2010.10.26
I like the animation - but in the end it was a little easy

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

Xanderkhoo 2010.10.17
Not the best game out there but good animation.

deekrueger00 2010.10.17
nice game but a little to eazy

BItsome 2010.10.11
cute girl i love this series

alexeiradagah 2010.10.06
Nice... But could someone explain the point???

Play_Boy 2010.09.18
Great game,the girl is hot and positions are even hotter

Silverorochi 2010.09.16
Definitely a hot choice of character love the variety of outfits she has

ezio_96 2010.09.07
ooh man....the girl cute.....they should make a game with this girl

drdiy 2010.09.04
Good interaction. More tools/toys or more girls will be even better!

htas4 2010.08.29
Great graphics but nothing more

XReaperhobo 2010.08.27
not much to see but sexy otherwise

AntonyJ 2010.08.27
not much content, just an undress n touch game.

sexyman1231233321 2010.08.25
the game got pretty boring pretty quick they need to add something

klimpo 2010.08.25
Very short game not much can be done wrong, just play and enjoy ^^

Suave49 2010.08.23
no good game
no story, bad graphics

rasp23 2010.08.21
not bad, but too short :( the graphics are really good but the censors are a bit annoying

Fimirel 2010.08.20
One of the original F-series. Luckily, they have expanded on the concept.

Viscerius 2010.08.12
I dont know why but I just love theses F series Games!

TRiGGER80 2010.08.03
Nice outfits, nice girl, but not really a "game".

ingers74 2010.08.03
good graphics but not a game

philiplynx 2010.07.25
nice girl. decent graphics. not really a game though.

thewin 2010.07.24
nice girl, but too straightfoward.

GearG 2010.07.23
Decent game, kind of bad graphics.

Stretchball 2010.07.21
This is not a game at all. It`s an animation you have to click. No good.

Baddibu 2010.07.11
to easy! no story! al in all a bad game with a sexy hentai girl - nothing more!

polo1234 2010.07.07
it was okay could have been made much better and there are to many of these f series games

jollien 2010.07.04
its ok
could be better

db1976 2010.06.27
cute game but needs more

itachi1393 2010.06.16
pretty cute girl. nice game too

fullgor 2010.06.15
Good artwork, cute girl. But really not that interesting of a game

lustman 2010.06.10
NIce graphics, but the game is boring.

GESTORBEN 2010.05.21
i like the different poses, great graphics

pmondriaan 2010.05.20
As far as games go, this one is very simple. The inter action could be better I suppose.

alanna 2010.05.15
she came from a show on ytv called gundam seed destiny

badplattitude 2010.05.14
F series isn`t bad, I like the graffics and the poses, not a whole lot to do though, gets kind of redundant after a while.

rovanerns 2010.05.08
I really have fun with all these games ....

paddy1994 2010.05.07
i like the different poses you can select

Kalaam 2010.05.02
It`s not really a game...more like a film.

chris123 2010.04.28
pretty poor game not very good

Toker12345 2010.04.28
the animation is good.... thats about it

boinky 2010.04.26
nice game, nice graphics, but not that much to do

argonidas 2010.04.22
is this a game? i don´t like it

Ciusu 2010.04.10
great game but needs more interaction

obidos 2010.04.09
its alkright ilike id eyrnedss

requiemike 2010.04.09
This game is ridiculous. I dont like it.

alethiar 2010.04.04
It`s kind of pointless, really. Just a bunch of pics don`t make a good game, a gameplay do - and there`s nothing like that here. Still, nice pics I guess...

corbarian 2010.04.04
I`d agree with the above comments. It`s not really a game, more of an animated slideshow. Whilst the art style is pretty good there really isn`t much to the animations

Johnny811 2010.03.31
i didn`t like this one. which there was a better one

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
pretty good animations; too bad we couldn`t be more interactive with the sexy anime chick

j0k35t3r 2010.03.19
Eh too many games like this. Needs more things to make it unique

darkkensh 2010.03.18
it`s not really a game, but it`s still fun :p

rich2779 2010.03.10
Great looking girl, shame you can`t play more with her

Amon 2010.03.08
Good game ...sexy girl e graphic

ryanj87 2010.02.27
i find it boring like the rest of the series

nine0ball 2010.02.11
I find this whole series boring. The girls are attractive enough but the game is crap

twan 2010.02.05
what is the point to this game. is this a real game

kiteq 2010.02.04
nice animations,simple good game

ukspf20001 2010.01.25
excellent game, full of good poses and fun.

shibby 2010.01.24
nette bilder aber keine herrausfoderung

Al 2010.01.21
good graphics, good animation but more interaction would be good

komax155 2010.01.09
Nice picture, but no more action

chris123 2009.12.18
not much of a game needs more adventure

portain 2009.12.13
graphics are quite good but a bit boring

Xyzzy 2009.11.20
Never liked these F series `games`...there`s no point.

BesiGo 2009.11.19
Have a nice pair Lol..... I like.....

PaychecksDK 2009.11.17
lovely little undress and enjoy hot little number she is

moi 2009.11.06
Very nice graphics and a hot girl but not very much of interactivity wich spoil what could be a lot of fun

rtully36 2009.11.04
more interaction would make it better

gyrocheese 2009.10.30
It`s ok but i want more 3d

bestia99rom 2009.10.28
I agree good animation, a little more interaction would make it great.

iDiesel 2009.10.14
I don`t really like the F- Series games. But this one is not bad.

trav182 2009.10.06
this is the best one so far. i love the stripping and all.

d12364 2009.10.01
over all it was ok ...i have seen better

cheese101 2009.09.27
good animations,simple game

bendover 2009.09.24
simple, short animations are well-done

lojo2 2009.09.24
these shot little games are fun :)

napps 2009.09.21
short simple and good game

santa 2009.09.18
Nice looking girl and actions, but no challenge.

blaze 2009.09.15
animation is good the game itself not really good

magelan 2009.09.14
animation is ok, but not a super game

amiralsimbad 2009.09.14
really good game. The girl is so cute!

bicurios 2009.09.14
Not really exciting game, just click and disappear I would call this kind of games :(

stmickey 2009.09.14
dont know if u can call this a game or an hentaigallery

culnrowe 2009.09.14
A nice enough quick game. As always the boobs are enormous - am I the only one who finds this silly rather than sexy?

viermu 2009.09.14
it`s more a dressup game , actualy undressup game

Artoox 2009.09.14
game like others from this type. anyway nice to look at.

Makor69 2009.09.14
Great graphics like all the flying tree frog games, at least that`s what I think their called.

kilo414 2009.09.14
I agree good animation, a little more interaction would make it great.

jaszczurek 2009.09.13
Not really a game, yet still worth your time ?? mostly because of nice gfx and difficulty level (which is equal zero ?? so it??s impossible to get frustrated or miss something :) You simply select one dress set/position for Luna, and click arrows to see her undress....

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