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Living with Sasha


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KitCarsen 2017.09.28
Excellent graphics with some challenging gameplay.

hdjeep93 2017.08.29
great graphics, great girl and nice game te playrn

BrandNew31 2017.08.15
Havent even played the game but already looks amazing and i know that I will like it

Anothern1gga 2017.07.25
Really good game, love the graphics

ceebilla 2017.06.28
nice job on this episdoern

sexmaster12334 2017.05.01
the graphics for this game is awesome

jorgiittoooo 2017.04.03
Great game, I have a small Problem though. once I get to day 40 the game automatically end... i`ve tried to download the save in order to continue it later but it seems I can`t. Any help???

ianjames 2017.03.22
nice graphics but how do you get energy back?????

meupau 2017.02.27
well, i actually enjoyed this game, its like a real dating sim

ROS620280 2017.02.03


ROS620280 2017.02.02

Just Horny 2017.01.17
Mabe a good game, but if you see the scenes one times, you won`t see them again..

ejlei 2016.12.02
Long game but somewhat worth the effort. Personally the main actress just wasn`t appealing to me so much.

adamek02 2016.12.01
really very interesting game, sexy girls all around

Matt1716 2016.11.27
love the great graphics of this game

PeaceGreen 2016.11.05
Amazing game with many options, i really like the graphics and its really fun to play and discover everything

cal407cal 2016.07.23
cool game but i see there a bug i found on many other games like when i amin the kitchen my mouse stops and doesent lep me press the button

Gaming_Lord 2016.06.23
Wow i really liked this game it was fun to play

sxc_sub 2016.05.25
time goes by quite fast, but still a fun game.

jotacharro8 2016.05.16
great game with sexy girl, takes a lot of time to get somewhere though, if u want to spend a good time with a sexy girl, this is the game for you

ashketchum 2016.03.28
very good game. good graphics and interesting plot

stefan653325 2016.01.22
very good game , a little short

btforeman23 2016.01.02
hmmm, fun game and all, great graphics and such, but maybe spice it up a bit with gameplay

gokugod 2015.12.22
Very good game, much sexy, very love

sethboarders 2015.12.10
good game, great graphics, hot girl. you know lol the usual 5/5 from me

FaizanBhatti 2015.11.19
Hot Game Sexy Girl..Love It..

Lolnanahaua 2015.10.18
Hot and very nice graphics

gurgl 2015.10.06
hot stuff. needed a few tries until i got the proper ending.

dodoro 2015.10.02
i love this game
he have ot girls and make me happy :P

haiman23 2015.09.18
this was a pretty hot game

mrscf22 2015.08.20
Love this game, was a fun challenge that I enjoyed more than any other game I`ve played.

htony400 2015.08.10
good quality game good girl nice graphics.

htony400 2015.08.10
good game great graphics.

kanther 2015.08.07
simply wow. the only regret is i never find the feather...

conank 2015.07.28
very good game the plot n all was very good

LordSlima 2015.07.16
the good and have a horny story

destiny033 2015.07.11
Love this game very addicting

Gateway 2015.06.30
this game uses amazing gameplay

doblexd 2015.06.24
I loved this game ! is incrible :D i loved so much

Dersonrn 2015.06.15
nice models! great graphics very good nice game

tycobrahe 2015.06.01
Great game. Long, but worth the effort

patrickus 2015.05.28
nice game only little too long

kinou21 2015.04.25
amazing game and good graphics

andy_regresa 2015.03.11
great game! graphics and storyline ok

chicken5 2015.03.01
sexy,sexu,sexy great game with great graphics! highley reccomend

anandha 2015.02.21
I love the graphics of the game

marxism 2015.02.19
Nice graphics and great animation

cldekuku 2015.02.17
fab it is awesome and sexy

shadowchaser2099 2015.02.17
omg this game is so fucking cool

forcekiller2 2015.01.19
the game is awesome good plot n all

painter1 2015.01.14
You know the movie, throw momma from the train? I predict that in 20 years, Sasha will turn into that momma. Out of any character here, she`s the craziest, most rediculously demanding, de-masculinizing chick here. My god, this poor guy has to work his ass off for 7 days before this selfish bitch will even let him hug her? What a frikken waste of time. Boooooorrrrrrrrrring.....

Off to play Camera Business...that chick will do anything.

Stouter96 2014.12.31
good game. it was difficult at times though

sexydude45 2014.12.14
nice game with great graphics

deathsniper 2014.11.01
is there any cheating season? hooking up? or dating another?

kevin78 2014.10.29
not getting saved the game

pietje119 2014.10.21
not the best, still worth playin`

Glde8er77 2014.10.17
One of my favs. Like all of the options, the beach,shopping,park. Making the porn movie is great and being able to fuck her in both holes. Great graphics.

asinble 2014.10.12
i like this game and like the model sasha it is too hot and sexy

polux 2014.10.11
Ending #1 (relation score 2000 points)
Terry decides to mary Sasha:

- Fast walkthrough.
The goal of this wakthrough is to provide a fast way to reach 2000 relation points.
Pretty fast way to get ending #3 as junior rescuer:
Day 1,2,3:
work as junior rescuer.
Day 4:
(air condition) call handyman, buy wine at boutique, go to kitchen to drink wine (fridge), Prepare meal for both of you (kitchen), Hug and kiss her (kitchen).
Day 5:
work as junior rescuer, buy wine at boutique, go to kitchen to drink wine, Hug and kiss her (kitchen), Hug her for a moment (armchair).
Day 6:
buy wine at boutique, go to kitchen to drink wine, Hug and kiss her (kitchen), Hug her for a moment (armchair), Pretend that she is a queen (armchair), Read her a romantic book, Play with her boobs (kitchen).
Day 7:
Play with her boobs (kitchen), Watch spicy porn channel, Massage her leg (on armchair), Massage her back (on bed).
Day 8:
Buy candle at boutique, Play with her boobs (kitchen), Massage her leg (on armchair), Watch spicy porn channel, Massage her back (on bed).
Day 9:
Massage her leg (on armchair), Watch spicy porn channel, Play with her boobs (kitchen), Massage her back (on bed).
Day 10:
Play with her boobs (kitchen), Watch spicy porn channel, Massage her back (on bed), Ask for more (on bed), Caress her body.
(at this point, the score becomes function of your skills to find the hot spots).
I have a score of 344 at this moment (this is not the best score and i made some errors on purpose).
Day 11:
Massage her leg (on armchair), Watch spicy porn channel, Ask for more (on bed), Caress her body, Play with her boobs, remove her clothes.
I have a score of 470 at this moment.
Day 12:
Play with her boobs in the kitchen, Ask for more (on bed), Caress her body, Play with her boobs, remove her clothes, finger her pussy, Ask her for blowjob (you need 600 pts, if not select "Caress her body").
I have a score of 668 at this moment.
Day 13:
Ask for more (on bed), Play with her boobs, Caress her body, remove her clothes, finger her pussy, Ask her for blowjob, ask her for deep throat, finger her anus.
I have a score of 959 at this moment.
Day 14:
Ask for more (on bed), Play with her boobs, remove her clothes, finger her pussy, Ask her for blowjob, ask her for deep throat, finger her anus, put candle inside her ass.
You should make more than 300 relation points per day.
I have myself a score of 1280 at this moment.
I estimate that i will have more that 2000 points (condition for ending #3) at day 17 (23 days are left)
Exploration walkthrough
The goal of this walkthrough is to give you enough ressources in a short amount of time to let you explore the game and its scenes.
(see "how to score ?" above, to know what you can do after this walkthrough. Don`t forget to watch the relation level that you need).
To complete the game you have to do the different quests that she gives you:
Fix the air conditioner (day 2)
Cook a lobster in the kitchen (if day > 7)
Fix your hairstyle (if day > 12)
Give her a new smarphone (if day > 18)
Give her Champagne (if day > 32)
I think that you need to do the previous quest to access to the next one.
It`s faster to work as stunt assitant, according to the things you have to buy.

Beginning to explore the game:
Day 1,2,3:
work as junior rescuer.
Day 4:
(air condition) call handyman, regular training (2).
Day 5,6,7,8:
(fitness center) regular training (4)
Day 9, 10, 11:
Work as lifeguard (2)
Day 12, 13, 14:
(beauty salon) Ask a stylist for advice (2), (university) Read book (do this to find the feather, you can do something else if you find it).
Day 15
(beauty salon) Ask a stylist for advice, buy stylish sunglasses, work as movie stunt assistant.
Day 16
By now, to explore everything in the game you have to go to the university to "read book" to find the feather.
You have enough time to do everything if you find out how to move the mouse correctly in the sex scenes.

- Pretty fast way to get ending #3 as lifeguard (fast enough to be used as exploration walkhrough).
Day 1,2,3:
work as junior rescuer.
Day 4:
(air condition) call handyman, regular training (2).
Day 5,6,7,8:
(fitness center) regular training (4)
Day 9:
Work as lifeguard (2), buy wine candle and lobster.
Day 10:
Glass of wine (in the kitchen), prepare special dish, Hug her for a moment (on Armchair), Plant flower together
Day 11,12,13:
Work as lifeguard, (beauty salon) ask a stylist for advice, buy wine, offer a glass of wine.
Day 14
buy wine, offer a glass of wine, play with her boobs in the kitchen, buy wine, Massage her back on bed, Watch spicy porn channel, Pretend that she is a queen (on armchair).
Day 15
offer a glass of wine, play with her boobs in the kitchen, buy wine, Massage her back on bed, Watch spicy porn channel, Pretend that she is a queen (on armchair).
Day 16
offer a glass of wine, play with her boobs in the kitchen, Ask for more (on bed), Massage her back on bed, Watch spicy porn channel.
Day 17
buy wine, offer a glass of wine, play with her boobs in the kitchen, Ask for more (on bed), Caress her body, Play with her boobs, remove her clothes, finger her pussy.
Day 18
Ask for more (on bed), Play with her boobs, Caress her body, remove her clothes, finger her pussy, Ask her for blowjob, ask her for deep throat, finger her anus.
Day 19 and until the relation score is above 2000:
Ask for more (on bed), Play with her boobs, remove her clothes, finger her pussy, Ask her for blowjob, ask her for deep throat, finger her anus, put candle inside her ass.
You should make more than 300 relation points per day.

TheBlackG 2014.10.04
It would be a good game if it wouldn`t freeze every time

Futuros 2014.10.01
Enjoyed the game. Graphics rival other LOP games. A little long but I thought it was worth it.

Sundown 2014.09.30
Love the details and the clothing, to be honest

BiscuitIV 2014.09.28
This game has excellent graphics; its great!

Zottel 2014.09.21
A really hot girl in that game!

demoniac 2014.09.04
nice game... but energy level is low... consumes too much time... but sexy game indeed...

Jbryan 2014.09.04
Was a good with good sec scenes.

thezombie123 2014.08.31
this is a great game with nice graphics

fucksuck 2014.08.27
Best and sexiest of all games.. i loved it

Mr. Lag 2014.08.21
Good Game witha hot girl and gorgueos sex scenes

jenggotapi 2014.08.18
amazing game, nice story and graphic

iceman303 2014.08.16
amazing game and good graphics

pseeker1234 2014.08.16
This is in my top 10 of games to play at LOP. Sasha is another hottie. Not enough energy in a day but if used wisely can get a good ending anyway. In all the free games here the graphics during the BJ are the best i`ve seen. Love playing this game

PoissoningMan 2014.08.08
Well. One thing for sure Sasha is an amazing babe. I really enjoyed that

A5TRO 2014.08.07
i would love to live with her

Bob757 2014.08.07
ok graphics story could be better

lemlem 2014.08.04
The game is really really hot. Make similar ones, will you?

Kyleceleron 2014.08.02
sasha is so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!

izick 2014.08.01
the game is the est if we got more energy

codisniper 2014.07.29
excellent game with good graphics

aiden13 2014.07.26
the girls are so hot in this game

Zariaswell 2014.07.23
Good game ! Nice graphics andno silly moral points o/
Musc is a bit repetitive though :/

kiko915 2014.07.20
Nice game, good graphics and gameplay

jsfrts 2014.07.18
GREAT game, just love it. Just WOW man The graphic quality is good as usual.

subversive 2014.07.17
Hot chick but the game gets really repetitive.

ExtremeGamer 2014.07.16
As always, graphics are nice and game is awesome. Love this game.

qwertyu123456789 2014.07.16
great graphics but slow to load

The Big Bang 2014.07.12
Great Game....Fuck her right in the pussy!

Rumfred 2014.07.11
its ok lots of different sex but its starts very slow

Peanut2563 2014.07.10
Very long game but its fun

DavorDacho22 2014.07.10
For those that mentioned only negative results, I actually got a positive outcome after her date away. I`m sure there is a certain amount relationship points that are necessary to be encouraged to give you something special rather than be offended.

DavorDacho22 2014.07.10
i love this game it gots some cool animations and the girls are so sexy

bitz94 2014.07.08
Just WOW man.I just love this kind of game. The graphic quality is good as usual.

assfucker123 2014.07.04
its a very good game nice hd graphics

andyosgarcia 2014.07.04
This is a good game.
Great gfx and playtime is ok.

graghost 2014.06.29
I have the same problem as Alienched. otherwise a good game.

cookie2006 2014.06.28
Fun game, lengthy but all around a good game!

tonacho 2014.06.27
It`s a good game but it`s a little hard

stopie11 2014.06.25
Decent game, nice graphics, but played better ones

yannos34 2014.06.19
good game but still hard

Keke1992 2014.06.15
The game is long but interesting. And hot.

sexybeast1 2014.06.10
I couldn`t get sex. I got a blowjob, I could like lick and stuff but I couldn`t get fucking :(

Normi24 2014.06.07
Per previous comments about gameplay issues: The "smart" job and "style" job link to the "grab arse" option of the shop date (regardless of job qualification). Not certain what caused the energy to jump to 8 per "day" after the haircut request (although it does seem like a necessity to even get close to a positive outcome) I have also only been able to acquire endings 1 and 2... (not certain what the qualify is for ending 3) otherwise this is a great premise for a game of this type.

ygg 2014.06.06
This game is coo, kinda long but its worth it

thechachris 2014.06.04
this game is long and has good graphics

xox 2014.06.03
so many outcome, i am not sure whether completed all.

JoeAtlas 2014.06.02
Got a bug so I can`t click on the sleep button, says not enough energy .-.

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
i like the girl sasha and the graphics

hornynurse 2014.05.31
too impatient and wet for games like this

just4online 2014.05.30
fun - pretty sexy - will play again

assal 2014.05.23
nice graphics it is so good

RP1212 2014.05.20
She is hot. Bra and knickers. Hot ass. The full package!

Deserter69 2014.05.20
This game just made me love this website even more!!!!!!

uniquegirl2511 2014.05.14
Amazing sexy fucking hot sasha!!!!!! Could have sex with her for years together!!!!!
Worth waiting for it!
KEEP GOING LOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GP69 2014.05.12
A bit long winded, but finally when you`ve built all the points you need, the reward is worth it!!

shawol 2014.05.10
amazing gameplay recommended

randy06 2014.05.09
another great game and hope to fish it soon miss first go but will try again and play

biologellen 2014.05.09
really nice game with good graphics.love that

rocky1905 2014.05.09
there should be much excitement

bethrezen 2014.05.07
That girl is just blazing

elDona 2014.05.06
Very cute girl - really nice game

Petro28 2014.05.06
I like this game but its hard to get all the good endings

BverComander 2014.05.04
great game... Sasha is amazingly beautiful

lucyadams123 2014.05.04
the game loads to slow my net connection is the problem tho.

lukem 2014.05.01
brilliant deffently recommended to anyone

LazorusDefec 2014.04.30
who want to know how to get all ending

ending 1
*For ending #1:
(you need the rosary, see above)
Bulgur casts a spell and you become temporary a statue.
At some point:
"oh? Is the spell wearing down, already? Such a remarkable bloodline... I will enjoy drinking from it."
(the rosary, at the right of the screen, starts to bright)
You can click on it at this point and you get ending #1
If you wait, she sucks his dick, the 2 girls are doing a 69 and after a last click you get ending #3
If you click on the rosary during or before the 69 (dialog "Yes, you did. On the other hand, you and Bianca..."), Bulgur suddently fucks Biancas, you have your clothes again and you get ending #1.

ending 2 *For ending 2:
"yes, yes. I will."--> Sandra licks her pussy then gets fucked by bulgur
"Later, Bianca. i need something inside me. Something you don`t have" --> Sandra gets fucked directly

"I... I understand. Bulgur, I will do as i am told"-->"you fuck the blonde with a dildo" (gentle, moderate, passionate), (gentle, moderate, passionate), then bulgur fucks the blonde
"No. No fucking way am i hurting my best friend with a sex toy. that`s wrong on too many levels"-->"You are... denying me?..."--> You toys yourself.
Anyway, you get ending #2

ending 3 Bulgur casts a spell and you become temporary a statue.
As before, the blonde licks your pussy, bulgur touches your pussy, the brunette sucks bulgur`s dick, oral cumshot, 69 with the 2 girls.
Then you see ending #3, so it happens exactly like if you had the rosary and if you don`t click on it

LazorusDefec 2014.04.29
This game shouldvebeen longer I would stay ith sasha for ever se seems like a sweet girl

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
fantastic storyline and many different endings. Truly reccomend!!

drz 2014.04.12
one of the best i played sasha is too hot, it will be great if she `ll be the protagonist of another game

damnalex 2014.04.07
Sasha is damn hot! i`ve played this game several times and i`ve always enjoyed it!!

elishacuthbert 2014.03.30
3 Endings

rudrapratap96 2014.03.27
this game is amazing . i feel so hot

droopy1988 2014.03.23
great game. to few days. would love to see this game have years. she is so gorgeous would love live with her till we both were old.

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

droopy1988 2014.03.22
I would love to be with her so beautiful great game.

droopy1988 2014.03.22
I would love to have a woman like that to be with all the time. great looking nice attitude

droopy1988 2014.03.22
great game. fun to play. would like to actually live with her. better than the real thing.

lemfrog18 2014.03.20
sexy! i`ll play this again and again and again.. play force one rules!

pork1212 2014.03.18
nice graphics and need to play repeatedly in order to get high marks

Abraxis 2014.03.16
A fun game with wonderful graphics and a smart user interface! It needs to be just a bit longer however.

chris5723 2014.03.14
I love this game just amazing

stnick 2014.03.10
a pain to find the hotspots for blowjobs/fingers etc but a nice game that you can play a number of different ways.

kizzat123 2014.03.08
Really good game. 5 stars

jaffacake 2014.03.04
Pretty good game, wish i could get lots more energy lol.

saquib.khan966 2014.03.04
nice graphics and sexy game

Rindevar 2014.03.03
Nice one goal game. Everything is aimed to attain it so story line is not expected to be deep. Nice action and mouse use is not that distracting of viewing the, oh, assets...
Quite some time management is needed and yes, a little strategy on priorities....
Glad though for a game like this. Hoping to see a little more of its kind...

Gipzor 2014.03.03
Great game first one i played!!
saw some grammer errors but other then that very nice!

wardk88 2014.03.02
liked it after I got the chance to figure out how to keep her lol

bobby5454 2014.02.27
just after posting, I found the clue by myself
you should move the mouse horizontally
firstly stay in the left part of the screen, let`s say on Sasha`s breast, so you see good
after getting moderate, same from the left part of the screen to right, but stop about just after terry`s cock
and at passionnate go as usual from left to right, up to the right border of the screen

bobby5454 2014.02.27

very nice game, but I`m stuck in the blowjob scene after Nick`s date. I am on `gentle`. I can get the words `gulp slurp yes shove that cock ...`, but after that I am not able to progress, I am stuck at that point and can`t get `moderate`. Any clue about that ? Thanks

TomDooley 2014.02.27
The music gives the game a special magic

TomDooley 2014.02.27
Very cute girl - really nice game

Stathis 2014.02.26
Sasha is really hot. Challenging to get all endings but managed it. Nice game.

deniscyril 2014.02.25
a very good game but for sure she`s really capricious. One effort again and you will really simulate real life!!! ;)

littlecletus 2014.02.25
cool game very replayable really enjoyed it

sexylonda 2014.02.23
nic graphic 10/10 slow loading

littlecletus 2014.02.21
very fun game like the way you could do lots of stuff

dennos123 2014.02.20
good game! I am absolutely love it this game.

littlecletus 2014.02.19
pretty cool game just didnt last long enough

baylilboy890 2014.02.16
amazing i love to play and it s just amazing graphics

baylilboy890 2014.02.16
love it amazing grAPHICS after i played me and my girl had best sex

Smerty 2014.02.12
VERY long game and interesting

Smerty 2014.02.12
This is so exciting game,good graphics,nice gameplay!!!

slayer.Rd 2014.02.11

nice and very good game !1 such a wonderful one !! love it !!

iPownBoy 2014.02.06
Just earn money and get your style up in the begin

bigcock8017 2014.02.02
good graphics and animations

lolopo_nino 2014.02.02
nce game and graphics and animation are so good

bone11780 2014.01.30
good good all wheat shreddies

simz2013 2014.01.29
good game and great graphics

fill ur hole 2014.01.27
good graphics, very repetative in many of the scenes. how many times did we have to finger her, good sex scenes just saw them too many times.

duveltje 2014.01.26
Nice game, but hard! :D

duveltje 2014.01.26
Love it!! Great graphics and sex scenes!

tater 2014.01.25
this game was slightly repetitive but the rewards are very nice

tsps1977 2014.01.22
sasha is hot but game play is not there best but the game is decent

hyperpixie 2014.01.22
great game had lots to do and the graphics were great. A bit long though

yb1990 2014.01.16
nice but lengthy game......

kinky1230 2014.01.14
love the gameplay, excellent graphics. but slow loading time here.

Gerobaka26 2014.01.13
Is it just me or does someone else think that 30 days are very less?Very

valentinodp 2014.01.12
The best game in this web i played ever

CrystalJeff 2014.01.11
Living with Sasha is a great game, very diverse, I would like to know oher`s opinions on the best job to work on this game.


dandraft 2014.01.09
its a nice game once you get into it but it takes a looong time,i was quite randy when i started but when i got to the ction part i was so tired that i had forgotten all about that lol.

ppd_607 2014.01.06
Awesome as usual. Great game and graphics. Love to visit this site

sluttytits2 2014.01.04
this game is awesome... i luv the story

nomadd 2014.01.02
Shasha is very sexy, love it

auetim 2014.01.01
Fun game. love how it takes some time to finish

yassar81 2014.01.01
Great game. playforceone is the best game site i ve ever seen before...

prashanth420 2013.12.27
good game.. but it takes a long time to get game in slower net connections

Youcantknowmyrealname 2013.12.26
This game is really nice. The girl is hot

jeppblack 2013.12.25
YES: oh fuckk this game is so....damn great.

Arkent 2013.12.23
Nice game .I like this GAME because of the good animation and graphic

Pecos_Bill 2013.12.22
Sasha is quite the cutie-pie, but this one wasn`t as great as the other LOP games, not bad, just not my favorite.

conhard 2013.12.22
good game takes to long though

dsa72409 2013.12.22
Great game, takes a while to get used to, but it is well worth it.

Livestrong 2013.12.21
One of the best games. A good story en nice graphics. A lot of choice in this game

Michal86 2013.12.21
good graphics nice and good story lind

sachsex 2013.12.18
this game is really good it had a good graphic

raohul 2013.12.16
this is an amazing game i love it

Woods24 2013.12.14
Intriguing game by my standards. Well developed and amazing playthrough.

love2010 2013.12.13
i like it quite frustrating though

youhna645 2013.12.11
good game but too frustrating for me

ssb2308 2013.12.11
Good game but needs work on Bugs

vinayak700 2013.12.09
I enjoyed this game, its graphics were pretty good and it had a nice story to it

mahebass89 2013.12.03
how to make money there is any cheat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

airfeuterre 2013.12.02
Seems like you need to get a score of 2500 or higher to get to ending 3 ...I got a 1910... :-(
I agree with you for the graphics..8.8/10 for me *smiles*

natethegreat 2013.11.30
How do you get to ending three? I love the graphics though

YaBish 2013.11.30
this is so nice, interesting and nice graphics.

me sexy 2013.11.29
nice game is this game is downloadable

Rajsu49 2013.11.29
very nice game
is there a downloadable version of this??

janvangent 2013.11.28
absolutely fantastic game, love it!!

darkluigi3 2013.11.28
Yes good graphic, good story

adityajust4sex 2013.11.27
got sum problem i cant do anything :{

andrewdejean 2013.11.27
I love the lop games and this one didn`t fail to be enjoyable

Jerezano 2013.11.26
i love this type of games!!!!!

exidon 2013.11.26
I love LOP but this just doesnt seem up to there normal high quality. I am an LOP Gold member and I know what they are capable of

demongamer68 2013.11.24
Great game, lots of fun. Not alot of effort to work towards the ending, lots of different options.

demonninja13 2013.11.21
its an okay game not amazing thouhgh

celians 2013.11.19
love the game just wish i had more days 40 days is not that much

crazynuts62 2013.11.19
I really enjoy the concept and animation in the game

TPhantomOE 2013.11.17
Fabulous game. I would appreciate it if it were a bit shorter. Anyone else getting the crash?

JimTB1010 2013.11.17
Excellent game, good graphics and a lot of choices about a 8.5/10

sexghostfive 2013.11.16
very nice game its very realistic

tomtomtim 2013.11.16
THis is a very inspiring game!

supicaa 2013.11.14
great graphics but some crashes

ilmilio 2013.11.14
the game is good, but i can`t find some tips, where they are?

dislash1009 2013.11.14
Sasha is too complicated, but the game have cool graphics

gnrlxprt 2013.11.11
very nice....i am pleased to be here.....

DJoshua 2013.11.10
So cool game. I enjoy it very much. Haha. :)

James224 2013.11.09
Would be a lot better if to get the good ending you had to finish missions and so, rather than just getting high RP

clador 2013.11.09
great game, many wonderful possiblites

Fandeff 2013.11.09
I love that game, we have a lot of possibilities ! :D

bluedevilcindy 2013.11.08
great game girl is very sexy.

Scappy220 2013.11.08
Seems all the bugs are fixed but after a while it just got so boring. Had to keep doing the same things over and over again. Great scenes but maybe next time something with a little more action

Brimez 2013.11.07
overall good game, wish u had more days to do everything. 8/10

kuroko 2013.11.05
pretty good game i like it

USMCMarine 2013.11.05
this game is pretty cool and fun.

jones6922 2013.11.03
good sex scenes in this great game.

ingoio256 2013.11.01
Would be a lot better if to get the good ending you had to finish missions and so, rather than just getting high RP

meldrick03 2013.10.31
has good quality, good sex scenes

evil porkchop 2013.10.31
quite difficult but is still a good game and have a good graphics

elreye 2013.10.30
This game is really good. Sasha is very hot.. :)

unknownperson2468 2013.10.30
Game is alright, is there a way to get more energy so I can do more things, especially since she did nothing and I had to pay for everything which was a pain at times.

joc11 2013.10.28
Hot game. played it with alll the bugs before. much better now

CopperTop 2013.10.28
This is kind of a long game compared to others. Graphics are very nice, lots of options.

swaggy22 2013.10.27
great graphics great game

ingoio256 2013.10.27
- *Watches porn on tv*
- Can`t unless you have 100 RP

DevilzRazor 2013.10.27
oh my god this games is realy good i want try this game again

alexanfer 2013.10.26
i have really play this game so most it is a super awesome game try at

mshape1234 2013.10.25
game was challengijng very enjoyable

Meikon82 2013.10.25
Really Godd work .Its a great game too play many times

mandaryn3d 2013.10.23
Quite good game, the `touching part` is lacking for a bit

piehard 2013.10.21
i love the game, the sex scenes were a little lacking though.

zackgord 2013.10.20
good game and has great graphics realistic

Ziemniaki 2013.10.20
Love this game, make more of that

krislyn19 2013.10.20
my wife get horney when i play this game

studi_jungfrau 2013.10.19
game has great graphics, but sadly - there a only very few endings

RDusk035 2013.10.18
Its a nice game has nice graphics though the gameplay is a bit hard

chrischaos 2013.10.17
I just didn`t have the patience for this game.

Lomma 2013.10.17
Great game, but I feel the sex scenes are a bit of a hassle. really takes away the immersion. But otherwise, graphics and story 100%

JasonJames 2013.10.16
very exciting and realistic

Unicornsmithy989898 2013.10.14
awesome graphics wish could fuck her for real

sanos 2013.10.13
this game just like a real life

ghost1021 2013.10.13
great game i really enjoy it

vick_360 2013.10.12
A bit difficult in comparison to other games but the graphics are good.

white69 2013.10.12
what the fuck, nice story..i lke it.

jf70 2013.10.10
Decent game... would be better if "sleeping" was automatic.

robby(rob) 2013.10.09
maybe if you add more romance to it and three some

Akkido 2013.10.09
Wait after anal my energy goes down to -1?? what happened?

abc123987 2013.10.05
i have a bug every time i get to lvl 30 look and want to go back to bedroom it crashes

abc123987 2013.10.05
please help me i cant get far

abcdefghaiqal 2013.10.05
very good game, love the different endings

pok1715 2013.10.05
Some pretty good scenes in this one. Kind of tiring to get to the dating parts but worth it in the end.

mdhrk 2013.10.04
very good game. Enjoyed it a lot. But not as interesting as other games.

khanhkevin 2013.10.03
I love this game.Now going for 3rd ending, Thx !!!

Tai2098 2013.10.03
great game with amazing graphics but it was a little hard. only reached endings one and two. keep trying

jaso2901 2013.10.03
Yeeesss good game its nice when the woman get out the clothes thanks for upload this game.Jaso2901

beqari21 2013.10.02
not bad but still... it needs more choices and possibilities

j.kowalski325 2013.10.01
great game, but when creating such a long game please be sure to inclde save/load options...

dude27 2013.10.01
good game but a little bit hard..great job

play67station 2013.09.30
great game with great graphics ending good as well

rocky456 2013.09.29
I love these games! Wish there was one with black girl!

Thestar 2013.09.28
I am not a fan of the graphics in this game, but the story was pretty good

JBmanly69 2013.09.28
I appreciate all the comments that have been made, it made it a lot easier to play the game. Damn, she is so hot. Loved the game.

stephenh1986 2013.09.26
I beally enjoyed playing this game its really like dating her or trying to

kush97 2013.09.25
sexy game an real dating sim

taz3lex 2013.09.25
fun game, sasha is very hot. Took awhile but enjoyed it

taz3lex 2013.09.25
The game was pretty good, i like the multiple endings took me awhile to figure out that money was on the ground

eyeball001 2013.09.24
this has some good game play, good animation

dec1302 2013.09.24
It was a good game but it need a few instruction the sex acts. I got stuck XD

DDio 2013.09.22
Sasha is to fantastic hot!
Can someone help me to get the best ending?

flopper 2013.09.21
few glitches but otherwise fun sim

titsucker 2013.09.20
well, i actually enjoyed this game, its like a real dating sim

rupz315 2013.09.20
my fav game can play it all all day all year great graphics and storyline thumpsup

mtang422 2013.09.20
great game, well made, and sasha`s also ridiculously hot

asfergan 2013.09.19
an awesome game they should keep making games like this

usgrants68 2013.09.19
Great game with good interaction and controls

cicciociccio 2013.09.18
Very nice, congratulations. I see a very good progres into game definitions.

obay3223 2013.09.18
this has some good gameplay, good animation

duckray01 2013.09.17
Great game love the music and hot women and awesome graphics

Arthasia 2013.09.17
Jeux cool je le sur kiff !

raytang 2013.09.15
definitly not an easy game, but great rewards throughout it

noissp 2013.09.15
I really like this game, graphic is also nice.

Mighty2000 2013.09.15
A great game, really fun!

MadLife 2013.09.14
wow it was amazing I was amazed

geunie 2013.09.14
Has anyone found the feather? Where can I find it

Tesao9339 2013.09.14
the game and the graphics is amazing

SexyHardDick 2013.09.14
good game with great graphic

Coco-antonel 2013.09.13
The game is really hot, hopefully I can master it fast enough to get all I need from it.

davidchief 2013.09.11
game can be a bit repetitive near the end but good graphics and gameplay overall

oranjeboven 2013.09.11
Really great game.
There are so many options.
I hope there will be a sequel soon.

Only the sex scenes could be more fluently.

lozas 2013.09.10
awesome game but would like to have better ends

nairo6 2013.09.10
Really nice game good graphics and hot girl

HoneyKitten 2013.09.10
Can play it many times! Love Sasha, wunderfull pussy!

ionutionut 2013.09.09
Its a good game..i like it but i dont understand the endings

jkroby 2013.09.09
Nice game, i try some strategy and all ok but i find a problem, moving finger or head, i don`t know the reason but the only wai it works, points up, is if i move my mouse fouriously in circle, big circle greater than play window.
That session, if i run take more than 5 minutes, i think that it is not ok, all other play parts are faster.
When i move the mouse the play is not very reacting, for my computer speed, but strange seeing other play parts, I make mistakes or it i so difficult to pass that play situations?
Good works.

dor24 2013.09.08
great game realy loved it!

IamBri 2013.09.08
Sasha is wonderfully dirty. Would have liked the game to branch off to her past a bit more, but one can`t have everything.

ddf_21s 2013.09.06
Although some actions are really repetitive it is necessary to say that game has one of the best anal play.

dreadwolf 2013.09.06
gameplay, graphic, animation are good

meeloshian 2013.09.05
the girls are really hot the graphics is amazing. which more games like this!

dragoons7 2013.09.05
My game didnt save. annoying

Halpino 2013.09.04
got so addicted to this game really good and can do some dirty dirty things

fauzan kamil 2013.09.04
a great game but i need a

warace 2013.09.04
great game and smoking hot girls too

sexbotforu 2013.09.03
great graphics and the girls are smoking hot

tarjei 2013.09.02
I like the game play, all actions that I could have perform during a gameplay, but this simulator is a bit worse than living with Britney. At least I like it more.

jk3guns 2013.09.01
Very nice game, graphics are good, and the adventure is a little challenging. LOP gets better and better with every game

noogad 2013.09.01
great graphics Sasha is very very hot.amazing girl

kailash1009 2013.09.01
there is a bug in caressing the girl

alliekmcintosh 2013.09.01
perfect couple. i like this!

lovelyday 2013.08.31
Sasha is hot this game is nice

Schwalbe 2013.08.29
It just takes too much time, instead of the few possibilities you have in one day.

geunie 2013.08.29
Where can I find the feather? I like the game, but it seems to be very hard to get to ending three!

klf 2013.08.29
great game! graphics and storyline ok

stridertyagi 2013.08.29
nice gamplay and graphics

asinble 2013.08.29
i like that hot lovly bitch sasha

cadet_84 2013.08.28
very good grafic. I??d like it

a715jjr5 2013.08.28
issue is time it takes to play -- prefer something that takes less than 10-15 minutes

kylidd 2013.08.28
Sasha`s hot! Nice game. :-)

wateshito 2013.08.27
great game!!!! nice pics... i played 3 times all ready and 2 time she left

TeaserTongue 2013.08.27
Nice game, but (sorry to say this) not in the same league as "Looking for love" (free) or "Living with Britney" (LOP Gold).

Very simplified structure (compared to the other two games mentioned). Being junior life guard is all that is absolutely neccessary to acchieve ending 2 and 3 (I even failed to get ending 1, even on the first run through, because it`s that easy). Other jobs make gaining money easier but are not really necessary.

Still a few bugs.
- After anal sex in bed, the energy counter jumps to -1 (if you had 0 before) as if asking for anal sex sometime previously had required 1 energy (instead of nil now).
- Coming inside her during anal sex in bed shows the picture of coming in her pussy
- Champagne cannot be used (at least I haven`t found any way yet); thus gaining the $500 for it is a waste of time/energy.
- Watching a spicy porn movie, then continuing on with trying to make a movie with Sasha for the first time is supposed to cost 2+3 energy, but she finishes with asking for something (which is lingerie for $400). After finishing for the first time, energy goes down only by 2 points (basic porn movie cost, but not the advanced +3 energy for making movie). Don`t know if this is a feature or a bug.
- Whenever you get something new for Sasha (with the exception of getting the AC fixed) you have to wait until the next day until she notices/acknowledges it (hair cut, cell phone).
- After fingering her pussy in the kitchen you are always placed back in the bedroom, not in the kitchen
- After reaching a required stat and item level in downtown (ie 50 looks + sunglasses for stunt assistant), available jobs under the `work` heading are not refreshed immediately, only on the next day (don`t know if this occurs only in my browser)

+finally a game where you don`t have to spend lots of your valuable time shopping around (in stores) to buy gifts for your girl (no time/energy cost); one stop shopping :)
++sound (moaning/groaning) during foreplay and sex; very good (as I have said in another forum, I love these sounds in such games)
+Sasha is hot
+game has great potential
++like for variable actions and penetration depths (better sexual activities); nice game mechanics (very personal choice there)

--repetetiveness: getting the relationship up requires very repetitive actions for at least 1.5 weeks (ie having sex for 1.5 weeks straight). Please think about other ways of increasing the relationship points. This is my greatest quibble I have with this game.
-sound: background music very overpowering compared to in game sounds. If possible make music either scalable or a seperate switch off for background music.
-some of the graphics seem to be rather simplified in their cut-outs (pussy being penetrated by the black dildo; anus being penetrated by the candle). Their respective orifices seem unchanging (ie no stretching, just `black holes` swallowing the items).

Until a few of the remaining bugs have been fixed I will not vote for the quality as I believe this game has a much greater potential than the score I would give it right now (somewhere around 80-85%).
A fan of the LOP games.

tomf379 2013.08.27
very good graphics, enjoyed it

tbone357 2013.08.27
Very nice game....I just wish it was longer. Great graphics.

tbone357 2013.08.27
I love these types of games. Great graphics. Need more black woman, please.

notnavianna 2013.08.26
nice graphics for sure this is 1 more of the great lop games

themoda 2013.08.24
I don`t know how to find the 2 ending, any help?

vampbite 2013.08.24
the same thing happens to me in the bedroom it stop working.

mgusztav 2013.08.24
great graphics Sasha is very very hot.amazing girl

Addictator 2013.08.24
Great graphics, nice story :) thx

0ps 2013.08.23
it`s a good game, but thereare bugs

meowmage 2013.08.23
Yea, I`m noticing the same bugs happening like many of the other previous comments. It really takes away from the game play and I`m sure it`s making it impossible to get an ending or two.

Cameron09 2013.08.22
Would be a great game if it wasnt for freezing that happened on a rare occasion.

fmeyen 2013.08.22
Boring game. Nice graphics but I have no time to stay for hours playing a game.

jmeoff 2013.08.22
Good job on the bug fixes; accusing Sasha after date with Nick used to earn 20 points, now it costs 100!

Danny King 2013.08.22
All seems a bit longwinded and repetetive.

bigknobbly 2013.08.22
Good game, could do with a few more endings

koiranos 2013.08.22
great game i like playing it!

derneger 2013.08.22
really good game liked it a lot

khankhansn 2013.08.21
nice and funny games, good grafic

maxxxy 2013.08.21
@tadasas: AC is the air conditioning that you get fixed as soon as you`ve earned enough (at least $100). It also requires 1 unit of energy, so you have to do it the day after you earn the money.

linla 2013.08.21
nice game but game crashed when i made some actions on the "ask for more" in bed.

tadasas 2013.08.20
AC / Beauty salon (don`t pay) twice
what it meens AC?

sotercortez 2013.08.20
one of y favorite games really good story

waldder 2013.08.20
Great game with great graphics, but it freezed once in a sex scene

Ajay Karamta 2013.08.20
how to download it please repley through coomenting i love thi game beautiful

dr.pangloss 2013.08.20
Mmm, the quality of the girl was amazing.

tester2 2013.08.20
I liked that game really much. The girl is the hottest in quite some time, yum!

xxxxxm 2013.08.19
Pls send the information where I download this game

dadidu 2013.08.19
Great game... nice graphic.... weehhoooo

s@nt!no 2013.08.19
After they fixed some of the bugs (or all of them, I don`t know), I give this game 6/10. Still very blah.

turntable 2013.08.19
I keep running out of money, how do I get more?

maxxxy 2013.08.18
Borrowing from ideas submitted by previous users:

Work only as a junior lifeguard. You`re going to work only as long as you need to pay for her desires (minus the cellphone, which doesn`t work for now) and any optional sex toys.

Never try to do something before you`ve earned the relationship points to get it; you might get penalized.

After the pool date, when she goes out and comes back, *accuse her.* You lose 100 points if you`re too trusting.

Stick to the actions that give you the most relationship points for the energy expended.

Practice getting the cursor-movements right to rack up points on those items (caresses, licks, etc.) Personally, I prefer to stick as much as possible to the in-and-outs (finger, dildo, fucking) because the movements are broader and easier to gauge; the subtler caresses and clit-tickling seem to be very finicky and it`s not always easy to figure out what the acceptable motion is.

That said ...

AC / Beauty salon (don`t pay) twice
* Energy now goes to 8 per day)
Work / Simple meal OR romantic TV OR romantic novel / Hug in kitchen
Work / Beauty salon / Hug in kitchen
Work / Beauty salon / buy lobster / Hug in kitchen
Make lobster / Work / Salon / Hug in kitchen
Work / Salon / Hug in kitchen
Work / Salon / Queen
Work / Queen / Boobs in kitchen
Work / Salon / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen (ignore the cell phone)
Work / Massage or boobs / Queen
Work / Lick in kitchen
Work (last time) / explore sex and date options
Continue to explore sex and date options

Important relationship point requirements:
20 points: Hug in bed (but only gains 2 pts); Hug in kitchen (best option; 3 pts); romantic TV (takes 2 energy, adds 5 relationship); plant (same as rom TV); rom book (same as rom TV)

40 points: Hug in chair (not worth it)

70 points: Call her queen (best 1-energy option; adds 5 pts)

80: Boobs in kitchen (adds 15 pts)

100: Massage in bed (not worth it); porn on TV (but not worth it until you can go further)

120: Massage in chair (15 pts)

150: Talk in bed (but requires more to go on); dates; pretend sex (10 pts)

250: Talk dirty after pretend sex (20 pts); ask for more on bed (leads to many options); lick in kitchen (can earn up to 30)

300: Play after boobs in kitchen (up to 20); lick after massage in chair (but only 5 pts); continue on after porn movie (note: 1st time you`re told to buy something; get lingerie)

700: Lick or finger anus after asking for more on bed

1200 (I think): Ask for more, again, after asking for more on bed.

Do this carefully and you should end up with more than 2500 points, which is enough for the 3rd ending.

I bought the dildo and honey. Never did find an opportunity to use the wine. I should have purchased the candle.

pusshound 2013.08.18
Good game. Simulates dating well. Hot girl and good sex scenes. Gets a little tedious and repetitive as you work to earn more relationship points. Worth playing.

buh 2013.08.18
Well I got the feather, on day 38 with IQ of 142, and it dosn`t work, Thanks. It would seem the only way to get the girl is to keep the POS job. Meeting the requirements for any other job runs you out of time. Decent game and graphics, obviously the start of a much longer game.

Pauley909 2013.08.18
Great game still has bugs but its cool

andy_regresa 2013.08.18
Super game and super graphic

Neutron 2013.08.18
Wow fantastic game , great !

sentoku1 2013.08.18
when will be launched a version with out bugs?

dreedhacker 2013.08.18
I really enjoyed this it was very interesting and fun.

Neutron 2013.08.18
Wow !! Great Game !

noogad 2013.08.17
Hard but good just like me

TheWrongGuy 2013.08.17
I liked this game. I thought there was multiple room for loads of expansions to this game but there were also many bugs.

Bug 1. She asks for a nice meal. (If you buy lobster and your energy is at zero you can`t make meal but next day make the meal and you lose zero energy)
Bug 2. She asks for new cell phone. You get new cell phone and she has no response.
Bug 3. This ties into Bug 2 while using cell phone on her in bed the cell phone disappears and there is no other move on the screen.
Bug 4. The feather seems not to appear. I have both gotten the feather and not gotten the feather. I know sounds weird. But I got the feather at library, this happened only once, and then it doesn`t show when on the bed, I have also played and never got the feather at all at the library with a 102 in knowledge.

Was a great game but the story and what she wanted you to do seemed to stall once she asked for the cell phone.

lobo2453 2013.08.17
I find it a very interesting, and I like the grapjics.

Concumbo 2013.08.17
The 1.01 update seems to be fatal bug free (still a few scenes and items are not there, though I could very well be missing something) and as good as any LOP game. Thanks for getting it updated. Sasha is hot, though she is a huge slut bag, and I can understand why Terry was so speculative of her in the beginning.

shyman44425 2013.08.17
I don`t have enough patience to get anywhere with this game.

shwngrif25 2013.08.16
good graphics too much clicking

sentoku1 2013.08.16
when will be fixed the bugs?

bing6541 2013.08.16
You can reach ending 3 by remaining a junior lifeguard, achieving only 30 style points, and not adding anymore strength or intelligence. I got the smartphone, but had no acknowledgement (just get to listen to it on park date). I did everything she asked as soon as possible and then spent the rest of the time pleasing her physically. It gets a little repetitive, but it gets you to ending 3.

ozorne_6 2013.08.16
A game with potential, but why do the girls always have to be so bitchy. I mean,she clearly was a slut b4 giving her new guy such a hard time.

sparda0009 2013.08.16
Well, lots of bugs were fixed since the fist time i`ve play but there are still some, im stuck in the part where she asks for a new phone, i buy it but nothing happens, anyone passa that part?

Gangstabill1984 2013.08.16
I cant have sex with her, can someone do a walktrough

lezbylove 2013.08.16
Graphics are ok...just too much clickity, clickity

peko 2013.08.16
I do not understand all troubles others mentioned, just move mouse gently until a ¨good sign¨. For the feather see Uni.

mmmarco123 2013.08.16
awesome game love the graphics and difficulty. not too easy

maxxxy 2013.08.16
The best yet, by a long way. But I got frustrated to get so far and then have it freeze when i rubbed her clit with the smartphone -- the cursor turned back to the arrow, but there was nothing to click. Also, I could never find the feather in the store -- is it somewhere else?

But overall, fantastic. Great graphics, much better gameplay than previously. If the bugs are fixed, this could be the all-time best dating sim.

lov2eatu 2013.08.16
good game but takes to long at the beginning.

sentoku1 2013.08.16
I get the 3 endings but please solve the bugs:
I can`t cum inside her when she wears the red lingerie
The game freeze after rub her clit with the smartphone
I can`t buy campagne or the feather

63ted 2013.08.16
Good graphics but smart phone, wine and feather are useless.

ballsface1 2013.08.16
Hard but good just like me

jmeoff 2013.08.15
After giving it a fair try, I concluded that this game is more work than play. Buh-bye!

namikaze 2013.08.15
this game is very good..like i want to play it all day long....

bordeira 2013.08.15
i evryone.

is sasha the only girl in the game?

regdunlop 2013.08.15
For those of you confused with going deep during penetration games, note that your movement can be strictly horizontal on all of them. So if you move slowly from left to right with the mouse in a fluid motion. Then gauge it from there. Even with the candle or the post-date BJ, which are seemingly up and down, go left to right. If you keep seeing deep, you are going too far to the right. You can really compile points at the end if you master the goods of using the black dildo, BJ to deepthroat, candle, etc.

lilouback 2013.08.15
finally. Very good game. How about a pov game

Yamato01 2013.08.15
Simplified version of "Living with Britney " in the LOP Gold Section. This is a thouroghly enjoyable game. I`d suggest one improvement., have different anal positions and show anal penetration.

cypisek1233 2013.08.15
Hello :) Great game. I prefer that style (dating sim). I think it is as good as Living with Britney and I`m glad you allow us to play it for free :)

I also get stucked with "play with your smartphone", cannot make buying champaigne available, cannot make "play with feather" option availalbe and buying Sasha a smartphone doesn`t make any progress in the game.

Even with this bugs, it is the best game I played for a long time (some of premium section were better :> ) Thank you for it. I`m looking forward to play fixed version :)

sabent 2013.08.15
also when using the "play with smart phone" option on sasha, after the action is done the game freezes on her vagina not allowing you to progress forward.

sabent 2013.08.15
the game still has far to many bugs to make the game playable, every time you encounter a sexual action where you have the possibility of screwing up by going to, "deep" the game gets stuck and won`t progress forward.

the "feather" is not anywhere to be found.

buying her the smartphone initially causes no reaction from her and no boost in relationship.

when getting back from the date with nick if you choose the blowjob option the game will not only get stuck but you will loose relationship points whereas if you chose the confrontation of accusing her of fucking nick , you end up gaining relationship points.

would seem like a good game if it actually worked properly.

bestia99rom 2013.08.15
I liked the game. LOP comes thru again

titsandwich 2013.08.15
its ok lots of different sex but idk kinda slow

rot 2013.08.15
A lot to like about this one. Sexy girl, good sex. Several variations. I`ve only gotten endings 1 and 2 so far so more work to go. I`d like to see alternate paths with the college, hairdresser and girls at the pool. Also, is there any advantage to getting educated. I found I did best if I did physical to become lifeguard, fixed the AC, bought the lobster, fixed my hair, bought the toys, then worked on Sasha. The time I worked on getting educated for more income, I failed badly. Of course, ending 2 is not exactly a huge success (but there is a lot more sex). If there is a minimum education, I`d like to know that. Also, if there`s a target relationship score for a good ending, I`d like to know that, too.

DirtyIrish 2013.08.15
Good game, but there are problems.
The blowjob after Sasha goes out to see Nick was confusing- it kept saying "deep" and I couldn`t advance.
Buying the smartphone didn`t advance dialogue with Sasha like it should.
Please fix these issues!

durper287 2013.08.15
Ending 3 requires a ridiculously high score (I did it with 4k, but probably didn`t need quite that much). This gets really tedious and repetitive since you can only get about 300/day once you`re earning at max speed. I`m guessing the actual score needed for ending three is 3k.

elgrancesar 2013.08.15
good game as allways but damit i got syuck in the part afther the date with nick when shes giving a blow job to terry dose not seen to pass or advance from there

mbornste1 2013.08.15
Version 1.01 improved, but does not acknowledge smartphone purchase yet and still disappears when used during intimate moments

garonbrown 2013.08.15
Very nice, I like that you have to work for it.

drakki 2013.08.15
Ending 3 at 2500.
Nice game, addictive.

orbiton 2013.08.15
other bug: if you are lucky and you get bonus +2 (for example after "learn with tutor"), this +2 is a only extra click and +0

superdude09 2013.08.15
Stuck at the Smart phone play part. Otherwise great game so far!

danilipe 2013.08.15
nice animation, graet storyline

jesk 2013.08.14
Nice game, I like this game (dating sim) better than those straight stories.

Still som bugs, smartphone, also while touching her the game got stuck.

letsdoit231 2013.08.14
I wish they could have given me more days to explore the game or they let me keep my stats...

sentoku1 2013.08.14
There still some bugs

When I´m having sex with the lingerie, the game gives you the option cum in face or cum inside her but regardless what you choose he cumes in her face

When you are playing with the smartphone first you play with her but then you can´t do anything

I can´t buy champagne it doesn`t matters how much money I have

Pennel 2013.08.14
End 2 is just a high love counter.

HarSlan 2013.08.14
and people how get ending 2 ??

HarSlan 2013.08.14
there are another bugs with smartphone - when you buy it nothing happens and when you use it like a dildo it disappears after you rub it on the clit...

sophiesaint18 2013.08.14
good game hard but good

kmaxx 2013.08.14
Super game and super graphic

annhwi 2013.08.14
can confirm both issues from ver. 1.01.... plus can confirm that there is no receipt of the feather either. (got the text from the university that apparently gave me the feather, but the option to utilize the feather is not highlighted as linkable)

jcc1985 2013.08.14
Good game takes too long to get into thought

jafo69 2013.08.14
Never liked games you got to play for an hour before getting sum puss
Graphics are ok...just too much clickity, clickity

C.C. 2013.08.14
Could be a good game. I find the bugs too. I`ll keep trying.

Buck Luck 2013.08.14
Hair cut bug is fixed, however there are another bugs with smartphone - when you buy it nothing happens and when you use it like a dildo it disappears after you rub it on the clit...

mrcoolerz 2013.08.14
Focus on getting enough money to fix ac, buy lobster, get candle, get dildo, and get 30 style. then just work on sasha till day 40.

pruha07 2013.08.14
great game, scored 1500 points for 39 days, and there already and all comforts. try again another way. we are waiting for other games

ImrtlWolf 2013.08.14
a little more difficult then other LOP games

s@nt!no 2013.08.14
As it stands now the game gets stuck after Sasha asks you to get a haircut, so 1 out of 10.

lss 2013.08.14
i like the game.but there are some gliches which needs to be looked after...

Jaaru 2013.08.14
Nice looking new game, liked it.

The_Sexy_Man 2013.08.14
it`s called WORK as lifeguard i think until you get the money to fix a/c hope that helps ; lol

cashmoney5991 2013.08.14
Main thing to do is to get enough money to fix ac, buy lobster, get candle, get dildo, and get 30 style. then just focus on sasha till day 40.

Concumbo 2013.08.14
As the bugs have already been commented on numerous times Ill just say...Nice, beta you got there.

regdunlop 2013.08.14
Covering some more I have seen in the comments. My month ended on day 31 with ending 1 but for endings 2 and 3 it went well beyond the month. She comments on the haircut as to denote your final day. If your relationship points are significant at that point you should get some extra days to work your magic. As per what got ending 3 for me, all I can say is my relationship points were much higher than the previous times. Also the AC is your key to gaining extra energy for those of you unsure of how you went from 5 to 8 a day.

annhwi 2013.08.14
Per previous comments about gameplay issues: The "smart" job and "style" job link to the "grab arse" option of the shop date (regardless of job qualification). Not certain what caused the energy to jump to 8 per "day" after the haircut request (although it does seem like a necessity to even get close to a positive outcome) I have also only been able to acquire endings 1 and 2... (not certain what the qualify is for ending 3) otherwise this is a great premise for a game of this type.

stevie 2013.08.14
I liked the game. LOP comes thru again

ruiverson 2013.08.14
Got endings 1 and 2, but the game has a lot of bugs.
Switching dates automatically, the haircut is only passed in the 40th day.
Tried to click in any work that i can`t do because of low look or intelligence and it jumped to the shop date with "grab her ass" chosen.

LOP has many great games, and this game can be cool, but it seems a beta version, so i don`t know why is already in the webiste.

With the haircut bug, the 8 energy bars aren`t enough to explore more the game

randy06 2013.08.14
another great game got stuck have to wait for someone to do a run through which helps a lot

DocGecko 2013.08.14
It seems like I`m unable to unlock whatever request comes after the haircut. I get my fashion up to 30, but after that, she won`t acknowledge it until day 40 (which doesn`t help). This seems to lock me out from everything with the mobile.

Am I missing something?

fkf,fq 2013.08.13
very nice game, cool actions

glukos37 2013.08.13
The game is really hot, hopefully I can master it fast enough to get all I need from it.

maycombios 2013.08.13
needs more days or everything needs to be a lot cheaper

regdunlop 2013.08.13
For those that mentioned only negative results, I actually got a positive outcome after her date away. I`m sure there is a certain amount relationship points that are necessary to be encouraged to give you something special rather than be offended.

bordeira 2013.08.13
just 30 days for this game..
need more..
grafics still good.

PZF 2013.08.13
Really disappointing.
LOP has shown better quality in the past. This game is full of bugs : errors in energy and money costs and also in the story routing : when I brought her to a shopping date, after she tried the black dress it switched to the pool date with Sasha covering her breasts with her hands.
I just can`t understand that a quality team like LOP could release such a crappy thing.

stefano71 2013.08.13
not so good, a little bit boring

vitali 2013.08.13
still some mistakes in gme (jump from park date to swimpool date). otherwise very good game. with many options. seems impossible to get both toys shopped = money earned (lingerie, dildo) and have relationsip points to use it (800-1000 and more). I will keep trying :-)

vikingdemon 2013.08.13
30 days makes it very hard to get anywhere.

kalbs 2013.08.13
absolutely fantastic game, lov it!!

SamTeFourre 2013.08.13
The game is really hot, hopefully I can master it fast enough to get all I need from it.

bing6541 2013.08.13
Picking either option after Sasha returns from date with Nick gets the same bad result.

Rauhe 2013.08.13
Is it just me or does someone else think that 30 days are very less?

studlypinoy 2013.08.13
The candle is actually 50 dollars. Also, I noticed that when Sasha comes back from a date. I picked the option where I said I waited to see her again but it chose the other option instead.

pussyhunter911 2013.08.13
well, i actually enjoyed this game, its like a real dating sim

leonizer 2013.08.13
Yes, I`ve also noticed that - fixed with version 0.95.

phoenix111 2013.08.13
He`s right crashes in IE , Chrome and FF
get 30 look and as soon as you hit back to appt it freezes

Alienched 2013.08.13
i have a bug every time i get to lvl 30 look and want to go back to bedroom it crashes

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