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Living with Lana


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abbyhere1234 2019.06.03
Lots of fun. Love Lana in this

SurfdudeRich 2019.04.10
Gameplay is really nice, although it`s a bit hard. Good fun though! One of my favorites.

maethor90 2019.03.18
That is my favorite Game. Lana is very hot.

samueleorro 2019.03.18
this game is pretty good

famair1612 2019.01.28
Such a great game - really good graphics

zajiri 2019.01.23

Badman.SP 2019.01.14
A good game that in its opening debut caused a great interaction among the users of the site, as it requires a certain strategy to achieve the achievements and archival. With the resources available today I think the scenes and interactions would be much better. But it is a good opportunity to train your reasoning and your skills to structure and strengthen a relationship.

Z3C4 2018.12.27
enjoyed all 3 endings, very good gamern

NICONICONI 2018.12.22
really good game a bit repetitive but unlocking more things is really fun

alick123123 2018.12.10
a great game, great graphic, can give the feeling of dating a lover


jonakos1387 2018.12.07
nice gameplay and graphics,-1 to the animation but ok.Nice game.rn

luckybye99 2018.12.05
one of the best games, i recommend working the most possible at the beginning till the end

jkoaq 2018.12.04
Great game to play I can refere it to anyone and the girl is hot

vectorvonmag 2018.12.02
Amazing game with great ending

thumbrub 2018.11.16
Great game, nice ending too!rn

drodin 2018.11.10
played this a crazy amount, loving it again now!

Azerty46O 2018.11.08
exelent game not too easy it`s cool, I love itrn

Tron70 2018.10.20
After getting 50 , the game real starts!

Tron70 2018.10.20
Nice game, graphic is greatrn

CHOEARLC 2018.10.11
Gets a bit repetitive, but still love the animations

Kakashi551 2018.09.28
good game with diffrent endings makes it worth playing more than once

bluvirage 2018.09.19
I have played this game like 20 times it is great!

Stormspell 2018.09.10
Amazing game, love the story driven nature, nice sex sounds, good graphics all around. Wish more games were like this.

Chairman1966 2018.09.09
Really enjoying this, will have to play through a few times

Sanjiban 2018.09.07
One of the best games I have played. Love this game so much.

namalengkap 2018.09.04
this is my favorite game I`ve played

*Cock_Sucker_Bitch* 2018.08.26
- That`s a one of the great games in Playforceone!rn - I like to playing on it!rn - Thanks!

Luis Otavio 2018.08.23
This game is very HOT! I love it!

Wolf1176 2018.08.20
It is great game and how do I get moneyrn

xquietguyx 2018.08.02
Great game and visuals, I just wish it gave you more time.

AlexSex25 2018.07.29
Perfect nice graphics sexyy

icrazyur2 2018.07.29
we need a losing lana where you try but in the end have to watch her get seduced by someone else maybe how you treat her and talk to deciding who it is she is unfaithful with but she is sexy as hell and good game rn

looner 2018.07.27
very sexy lana, i can marry her anytime :)

Robert81 2018.07.27
The story of this game is good as is the graphics

nozityloves 2018.07.20
the story of this game is well made

Schmitzi456 2018.07.13
How can I increes my fitness?rn

Verta Moon 2018.07.08
Probably one of my favorite games on this site, not too difficult but also rewarding

PaloDildo 2018.06.27
This is one of the best games I`ve ever seen :D

mulber 2018.06.18
One of the best games on here in terms of both plot and graphics. Not too hard either. Great game!

under6round 2018.06.16
favourite game wish i could have had infinite days

qball7601 2018.06.10
Great game, Enjoyed it very much.

Magic_K 2018.05.20
i`m stuck in this game. How can I save my moral and other stuff to continue later?? I mean I don`t have a "load game" option available.. Does anyone knows why?

analytic7 2018.05.03
What a game, what a game! so amazing and sexy graphics. really rewarding gameplay.

supertrucker 2018.04.29
fine game if you got time to play.

crow69 2018.04.27
it is good but 22 day is bad i need more dayrn

Lilspeedy918 2018.04.27
Great game love the concept

Grandma Leonardo Squidmilk 2018.04.24
I play this game every fucking day, the graphics are sexy, the game itself is smooth, 10/10rn

acabDD 2018.04.23
here`s a dodgy/cheesy Walkthrough? rnWeird bug/glitch/exploit that makes the game too easy, with minor to no disadvantagernrnAfter, completing a day, if you press menu and go to main menu then load game you keep all money,stats,relationship pts/morale gained that day. by that i mean for example, after day 1 21:00 comes 0:00 day 2 where game saves and when u get to 9:00 day 2 and go back to main menu and reload, you will go back to 9:00 day 1 WITH ALL money,stats/morale and relationship pts gained in day 1. However, items given to lana will be "forgotten" so you should continue without reloading game when you are at a "checkpoint" where you need to give lana an item. rnrnAchievements:rnCum inside her during bedtimernCum on pussy during table scene at 15:00rnat 18:00 get a BJ and cum inside mouth,rnon day 20 spread her legs and ask her to touch her boobs at the laundry mat (touching myself in public)rnAt the bar on days 12 or 19 (friday) when you touch her at the bar you can finger her then you will go to bathroom where ONE achievement pops, if you ask her to kneel, then bang her then DO NOT finish inside her, she will blow you again and another achievement will pop (the slut achievement) and you will get Ending 3.rnsexy show is when you ask her to masturbate at 21:00 and asking her to go furtherrnblind and wet is when you blindfold and lick at 18:00 and forcing her to spread legs

hunter68 2018.04.16
nice hot game....making horny while plaiyng it....really good graphics

samsmith1169 2018.04.15
Great game! Very sensual and passionatern

azula96 2018.04.11
one of the best games, i recommend working the most possible at the beginning.

nastyb88 2018.03.29
Nice game, hope there is a nother part to it

MaximusDom 2018.03.22
Very nice game. Music is a little too much 80`s porn style thoughrn

dixiewildboy 2018.03.13
lop games r fun but kinda too long at times

Nikhilpk2345 2018.03.13
Its is interesting but I found it to be hard

hmike 2018.03.12
very good game probably one of my favorites on play force one

joje 2018.03.10
The game is very good and the graphics are awesome, but is too hard to earn money and earn reputation at the same time

jumpr009 2018.03.10
Very enjoyable game. A little difficult at first to figure out the pattern but the story lines are great! Good graphics and OK animation. Could be a little more explicit.

Pizzaolle232 2018.03.07
this is a realy good game

conan87ben 2018.03.05
good graphic and rngame, very sexy girl

sexylover90 2018.03.02
good graphic and a very sweet and hot girl

Peglynn 2018.02.28
Sexy couple. Made me long for my younger days in college

stach56 2018.02.28
nice game, but a bit short... graphics are like always amazingrn

JImmyXXX 2018.02.26
Love these kind of games. Just work it and watch the clock.

LACHARGERS24 2018.02.23
Great Game Really Enjoyed The Multiple Sex Scenes I Would Highly Recommend

crimsonfrog 2018.02.21
good game just need more time though

maguire 2018.02.19
I love the quality of these game its my first one so far and im liking it

thefumu 2018.02.18
what a lovely game very eye catching

palbane49 2018.02.06
Great game: good characters!rn

Roblade 2018.01.28
I`m stuck in this game(I clicked on the bedroom and now I`m just stuck there) please help me.

greg1234234 2018.01.27
It`s not that difficult to Ending1 (which is bad-bad). I wonder what is necessary to avoid Ending2. I`ve got passion of almost 600 (a bit less) & still got Ending2.rn

Cyber1 2018.01.26
Is there any like "hacked" version of this game where you have more days time or anything like that?

blyszcz 2018.01.26
great game. looking forward to next one. sex scenes are very hot

joestillboy 2018.01.23
really glad that the game has enough days. Love the animationrn

SweetRabbit 2018.01.23
I really like this game, it`s good written.

BrandNew31 2018.01.21
This is a great game worth the time and effortrn

suprisesex 2018.01.19
really interesting game i like the art a lot still it takes quite a while in some transitions and also it does not have much sex but hey the story got me keen for ch2

tazcristi 2018.01.17
nice game, easy to play and great graphics

SOmeoneLOL 2018.01.14
great graphic, nice story, not too hard

Pikesss 2018.01.08
Great Game Love playing it

ukigass 2018.01.03
tough game but loved itrn

Samantha23 2018.01.03
Honestly one of the best games i have ever played keep it up

Johndoe13575 2018.01.02
This game is a lot of funn i keep getting the third ending though

jasseplayer 2017.12.31
really great game, just can`t find ending 3? always stucked on 1 point

xrawex 2017.12.27
Rly good game. Great graphics

husbandfish 2017.12.14
Very nice, play for several times! SEXY

okdisinteresting 2017.12.10
I really enjoyed this game i wish there was a sequal

god1234 2017.12.08
nice game...graphics are great ....story line is nice and simple...rn

roxehify 2017.12.07
Love the animations this game has. so beautiful!

james223 2017.12.02
She looks great its a challenge but its a good storyline and l got all the endings. Good fun.

SexyJazzy 2017.12.02
i like this game. im got up to the gold ring. but it need more time to play. rn

j0hn1234 2017.11.27
i liked the quality of the game.rnwould play again

Midna 2017.11.27
very good game, but i wish the animations were a bit longer, being told she is bored after a couple seconds doesnt let you enjoy the scene for as long

ushiromiya 2017.11.19
I`m in love with lana, she es so naugty

danvh64 2017.11.19
Interesting Concept, good graphics,.rnI`ll have to try for more endings

tairex 2017.11.17
tbh u guys made me love living with lana

Badger 2017.11.17
good game play hope to be a further installment

jaboc77 2017.11.17
definitely one of the best games on the site, the characters never get oldrn

Luis Otavio 2017.11.14
This game is so good! I´m never tired of them.

Rantanen 2017.11.11
Great gameply, nice graphics. I really enjoyed playing this game!

JD079 2017.11.11
gameplay is awesome. the challenge is great very addicting

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.11
The graphic and animation looks good

Danny King 2017.11.10
Pretty standard for LOP, but I enjoyed it nonetheless

arcticc 2017.11.09
This is a very beautiful game!

sushi1963 2017.11.05
Jeez, I am not able reach other than ending 1.

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.04
I`m stuck help me please help mern

Trager 2017.11.03
Problem - mouse can be used on most of the window, but when I move to the areas (different rooms) for the bottom right side, the "hand" stops moving, even though my mouse continues. Its as if there`s a block around the room/scene changer and it won`t let the game cursor (though my mouse cursor moves just fine) near them

santana9102 2017.11.02
Great game! I could only reach the ending 1 and .

tomgochi 2017.10.31
Really love this one, Lana is beatifull and cute ! Very good

06awmahmood 2017.10.22
quite difficult if you dont know what to do

kingtut8910 2017.10.22
Game was decent, I couldn`t get anything but Ending1 but I only played twice.

antharesia 2017.10.21
It`s pretty solid, rated it 75. Seen better sexual game play, but the artwork on Lana was impressive. Not a huge amount of replay value but the time I spent with it was fun and worthwhile.rnrnKind of weird that your character learns about sex by watching porn on his laptop... people who learn about sex that way suck at it. :) But whatever, I guess you gotta have a game mechanic.rn

muppetbaby1975 2017.10.18
This is a fun game with a decent storyline.

Sobek 2017.10.16
Loving it so far ... Just looking for thing I missed

OzzyGuy 2017.10.13
Loved this game. Lana is sexy as hell.

O4tlccrm 2017.10.12
Great game! Challenging but a little on the short side. Does not get repetitive.

hi2049 2017.10.07
Good game. A little difficult but good nonetheless

hi2049 2017.10.07
hot girl, not too hard and cool story

Tusher 2017.10.03
Most enjoyed different ending awesome

boeijaka2 2017.10.01
This game is amazing,graphics are hot. This is a great sitesrn

MrAznain 2017.09.30
Love how hot they`ve made the girl in the game, those boobs are amazing, more girls like these please

Tom3l 2017.09.29
The Story was great in my opinion, i would like to see more of Lana, graphics are great

Redbaron24 2017.09.20
This game is awesome. Makes you think abit. Lana is hot

radioguy 2017.09.19
Can anyone tell me why? Why when I finish the game, the ending videos don`t work for me. Someone help!

khahan 2017.09.19
One of my favorite games ever

OzzyGuy 2017.09.19
Excellent game, Love Lana and earning the different achievements.

Everton83 2017.09.16
Game so so hard bit with incredibles finals

kpyu13 2017.09.14
OK game, although it has faults. rnIt has unimportant statistic (art). Money is hard to get in the beginning, when it is important to have it. rnOn the other hand achievements are REALLY good. you have to explore for them.

radioguy 2017.09.14
Can someone tell me why the ending videos don`t work?

itachiii 2017.09.13
I Luv u Lana... Can`t stop playing this game despite my slow connection...rnGud work PlayForceOne.... Would recommend this game 2 the core...

sakuri 2017.09.12
i love that . but it is too short

tluciotti74 2017.09.06
definitely a top 10 game on the site!

legalass 2017.09.01
playing this game makes me happy thank you for publishing. good content.rn

Tales45 2017.08.27
One of if not the best game on this website keep up the great work!

lolxdgetrekt 2017.08.27
My favorite game personalty and I feel like it should be higher on the "Top 15 games" list.

Leo1996 2017.08.27
Just focus on your muscles and moral. The rest will be very easy

Reddie69 2017.08.26
I liked the story and the graphics. The difficulty was OK.

k1rikp2n 2017.08.24
This great game has good graphics

KaiserGrey 2017.08.18
rnHow do you pick her up from schoolrnrn

tnt2 2017.08.15
great game good graphics love the endings

derfi06 2017.08.15
The women are really well drawn...beautifull

AlejandroMagno 2017.08.12
This game is really great, the theme is amazing and of course, IT`S VER HOTrn

ribaahug 2017.08.10
this game is really well madern

MarNasc 2017.08.08
Good gameplay, great graphics, easy gameplay and very hot

Rainhard52 2017.08.07
Amazing game that comes with nice twists

marcus747 2017.08.03
beautiful model, nice scenes and a few different endings made for some replayability, but the lack of warning for the cutoff day made the first playthrough frustrating.

Krotekoker 2017.07.31
Uff...was a hard game to finish...it was worth the try!

JK1922 2017.07.31
Very good game, pretty easy once you get the hang of it. I didn`t like the cut off day having no warning at all, and didn`t realize the only way to get the good ending is at the bar on day 19

smentoma 2017.07.30
Great game1 Great storyline! beautifull girl. I finish this game couple of time and got all the ending!

tinvenc 2017.07.30
Game is intresting, but not hard to complete... move your cards right you will eventually get to a fine ending

Jimbo44 2017.07.26
love Lana, really enjoy the progressing story and challenge of building pointsrn

SilentB 2017.07.26
Best Graphic, One of best story line, and cute girl, Still my Favorite game

hitz 2017.07.23
Good game ..pretty long but its funrnrn

goldfishbob 2017.07.23
I`m not overly fond of the games where you have to spend time repetitively doing the same things over and over to build up stats because inevitably you have to search out solution guides to learn the right rhythm to use and which tasks are ultimately worthless.rnrnHowever, with this game I generally am happy to put up with it because the sex scenes are so hot and worth working for. One criticism would be that the game arbitrarily ends after a set amount of days so if you have missed off a few sex scenes then you would have to start again to see them. But otherwise I like this one.

samsmith1169 2017.07.21
Great game! Very realistic! Sexy girl who gives you a challenge

LordBigDick 2017.07.21
Took me a while to beat, but it was worth seeing this game to the end.

sexuser 2017.07.18
thanks for the great game,i got 8 achievements,very good

JGwlsk 2017.07.15
This game is very good, just wish it was longer

ShadowRose 2017.07.13
Yo this game is so good I like it.rn

Ishrak Jackson 2017.07.13
how to increase relationship up to 50? please anyone tell me

ZerKhanZen 2017.07.10
Fun game. With a sexy girl and classic lop gameplay style. My only comment is that there is a lot of grinding in a game like this that pulls you away from the story and character so it feels like you have "live" to much.

Ishrak Jackson 2017.07.06
what to do after 50 in relationship?....i can`t increasing it...what to do?

tonytuby18 2017.06.24
This game brought me hear, amazing gamern

Bw86bw86 2017.06.24
Awesome game! Just the right mix of game, story, and sex. Model is beautiful.

Triv24 2017.06.20
thanks for the Excellent game

yukukalle 2017.06.19
it is important to keep looping some days

raycis 2017.06.16
Girl looked great, incremental rewards kept me going

Sonosuke 2017.06.15
This game is fantastic! Gone for all the achievements.

Thernielle 2017.06.15
Very dumb and incoherent story. User interface is a nightmare.

Bw86bw86 2017.06.15
Love this game. Beautiful girl, good gameplay. Right level of difficulty.

hutiu3q 2017.06.13
Good graphics and animation, i like it.rnPlease help : How can i take her from school?

porngamer 2017.06.12
its a good idea but there are only a problem its too short the storyrn

snapp 2017.06.09
Good graphics and animation, i like it.

RedGuy9090 2017.06.07
Great game graphic and gameplaywise, but i can never get the sex sequences right. Help please?rn

RADOST89 2017.05.18
Great game, good graphics and super chick

Tiodor 2017.05.11
Nice hot game. I like graphic and animation.

Yazd 2017.05.06
Although it`s difficult, it`s a good game and has good graphics.

dienever 2017.05.01
nice game with aowsome fraphic

Bw86bw86 2017.04.30
Awesome game. Loved it! Good mix of gaming challenge with sex scenes.

Nobu 2017.04.30
Love it. No regret playing this game. Some tips:rnrn-talk to friend at school to get moral faster (+3)rn- try to gain fitness until 15 by eating healthy food(+1). After reached 15, gain fitness at school by playing basket ball(+3), during weekend go jogging (+2)rn-sell newspaper($5each) to get $20 to go club (for every Friday), when reached 5 in relationship spend $25 for flower and when reached 100 in relationship buy $150 golden ringrn-sexexperience need to reached at least 60 by the timern-play many time to be more practical and gain many achievements.rnrnyou`re welcome

plasmal1 2017.04.20
good game can only get 1 ending tho

MynameisPenis 2017.04.19
Good game but i got just 1 ending and it was realy short....

ja10109 2017.04.18
beat this on first attempt more games please

Relativeness 2017.04.17
played this a crazy amount, loving it again now!

blackcat84 2017.04.17
Great game! Love the hot girl!

caragoo 2017.04.15
I love this game its so much fun! It has really good animations and graphics and I really enjoyed the game. S o far I have only had ending 1 but that was brilliant in its self. I would totally recommend this game and tell you to keep playing it and enjoying it.

Vritra 2017.04.15
Good game, great graphics, awesome

Poisoned 2017.04.14
Good graphics. I liked that through different times of the day, you had multiple options . Once I figured out a routine, things went a lot smoother. I enjoyed it.rn

JaQuan34 2017.04.05
It was a good but I Could only 1 ending when i did it right

emea 2017.04.04
Nice, but i only got ending 1, even tho i did everything right, i gave her the golden ring, did all the achivmentes, 500 of love...

tlee2300 2017.04.03
great game but how do u get ending 2?

observer 2017.04.03
Why are all their games with big chested women? will be nice if they do petite for a change

ChaseMe 2017.04.02
i love this one . the story is great

chucky2176 2017.04.01
A good game, I am still looking for some achievments

wsws 2017.04.01
how to get another ending ?

thegreatestbrunette 2017.04.01
This might just be me, but I prefer simpler, more straightforward gameplay. Also, the line "Maybe even good enough to jump your bones later tonight"...it`s just too corny. :) Still a damn good looking game, though!

MetroTEX12 2017.03.31
Good graphics,good gameplay and good girl.I liked that game.

VaultTecRepresentative 2017.03.30
Honestly my favorite game on this site. Many different ways of doing it, and it took me forever to finally get the good ending. 10/10

YukioM 2017.03.27
nice graphoc and story thanks!

Ross6 2017.03.27
very good graphics and gameplay is ok

Dino72 2017.03.26
The game is cool but the loading really took me an hour so it complicates a little bit the things.
Can`t we play without loading?

Capiche 2017.03.25
I loved the graphics this was an incredible game

bigmanting 2017.03.24
hot girl, not too hard and cool story

rockyraj 2017.03.23
love to play roleplay that much realstic

htdck 2017.03.23
it`s really nice you have to make money and stuff to get on with your relationship

kevin014 2017.03.22
I played this one a dozen times! Im living with Lana now

lochieward 2017.03.22
game is stuck on day 11 as well i don`t know why tho

taighermen 2017.03.22
Great game! I love it. Perfect quality.

wqertwtw 2017.03.21
Ver nice graphic and anmitation and fun gameplay

magikarpisgod 2017.03.21
i have not looped at day 12 i just max fitness and ignore art

SharnieBae18 2017.03.20
amazing game love all the different opinons that you can choose from

SharnieBae18 2017.03.20
i really love the quality of the game and the graffics

jettybro8 2017.03.20
it was good and worth every moment

mchias 2017.03.19
I really liked this game, first i was afraid that the sex scenes would show up only after long play but we can have it soon enough :)

marciorafa447 2017.03.19
Loved the gameplay of this game, and loved this game!

IAmGreat24 2017.03.15
Amazing story and amazing game as well 7/8

michas 2017.03.14
Really nice and damn hot characters in the game.
I played it 5 times without being boring.

oscarddh 2017.03.11
get game with a nice girl

haretkaret 2017.03.10
A perfect graphic with perfect girl in this game

kevin014 2017.03.10
Lana is very beautifull, great artist work. Love to see her in a lesbian romance game. Or did I miss that one?

victor298 2017.03.09
great game, specially lana looks very beautiful totally in love with her, but i think the story was short

StarRook 2017.03.09
Great story even thou quite hard get the best ending.

fixa 2017.03.09
This game is great! Good grapichs and sexy girl!

DzChAoX 2017.03.08
Very short game, a little more or an add on would be op.

Boddien 2017.03.07
Nice game, look`s interesting for me, will apreciate.

atrain116 2017.03.06
this game have nice gameplay

BigDog76 2017.03.04
super game, lana ist einfach nur der hammer

Peter Poker 2017.03.04
amazing graohics,. Love the outfits lana wears

bullsextra 2017.03.04
More challenging and interesting game.
Super dating game.

1ergerg 2017.03.03
Great game but i think it ends too soon

mjcmjc1995 2017.03.01
nice game just challenging

Zakk Topps 2017.02.28
Not a good game. Boring, confusing, not erotic.

hidarkness 2017.02.26
Really good game, but it is really hard to get the best ending

lasha296 2017.02.26
this game is awsome. i got ending 3

hazardrocks 2017.02.25
terrific game. great graphics. awesome game

scaler95 2017.02.24
I liked this game. I enjoyed playing it and want to play other games like this!

lisalandchut 2017.02.23
it is a such a class game . this game is too hot for me to handle , excellent in each and every aspect and Lana is as hot as fuck the story is too well planned and of course thanks to the LOP artists and keep up the spirit

sparkly 2017.02.22
i like this game is hard to get a good end but is good

Blitzkriegbob 2017.02.21
its not easy to reach a good ending but thats a good thing.

PornCrazy 2017.02.21
living with lana is one of the best games iv played however it could be longer and have more characters involved like some of the students from the college. the game could also use more options with lana

adyee 2017.02.20
It is very hard to reach the some good endings overall it is good game girl is hot you have to built certain things like personality body structure fashion, good graphics

Odeesi 2017.02.19
I love those kinda games... especially because of the uber-realistic graphics.

lokelwong22 2017.02.19
I really think this is the best game ever!

lokelwong22 2017.02.19
Anyone else fucking love this game?

lokelwong22 2017.02.19
Animations are so hot! I came so hard.

estong 2017.02.18
One of the best I`ve played. Very good gameplay and animation.

marco12349876 2017.02.18
this is great game i love it

marco12349876 2017.02.16
Game stuck on a loop at day 12 for me :(

wavy 2017.02.16
This games is the best the only problem is that its pretty hard to get to ending three

DermaKerma 2017.02.15
Relatively short and it`s hard to get the 3rd ending but still a good game nonetheless.

buu2003 2017.02.14
if you have played the game quite alot of times then it will be too easy and way too simple.

dark34 2017.02.11
I love the sex and the game was not to hard to complete for me

martinmatin 2017.02.10
I love this game unless if I haven`t reached yet the thirth ending

assdancer 2017.02.10
I get the feeling that winning Lana heart is a bit to difficult task to some of you so I`ve decided to decrease the level of difficulty and change the conditions of the best ending (number 3) to make it accessible a lot easier than before.

kjdehn3 2017.02.09
reminds me of living with my girl

xslayermkdx 2017.02.08
is expansion planned or something?

xslayermkdx 2017.02.08
more girls from the college can be involved in lesbian or threesome action

xslayermkdx 2017.02.08
interesting story but can be a little longer or at least more characters involved or more scenes involved

Nimbos 2017.02.08
I can`t get the final 2 and 3, please help

Lucifer1815 2017.02.07
I really enjoyed this game as it provided challenges but also rewards. Would like to see more content or a free mode to be added.

skyforge12 2017.02.07
nice game interresting storie

tukang 2017.02.04
Lana is my favorite, but I wish there were a few more sex options with her. Hopefully we get another game with Lana as well, more of her please

Barrin12 2017.02.03
Really nice, working on the last achievements

settledown 2017.02.03
Lana is my favorite - more of her please

kozuu 2017.02.02
I love the girl, but I wish there were a few more sex options with her. Hopefully we get another game with Lana as well.

haribo7 2017.02.01
Great graphics, worth a try

harry12 2017.02.01
Loved the challenge. Great graphics and story line.

rex007king 2017.01.31
just another routine game, free simple and pretty easy

pdiceman 2017.01.31
This is one of the better games I have played in the free games for lop. I looks and feels just like an lop gold game.

ludo40 2017.01.29
i like this games its a little easy to play

paul197678 2017.01.28
i really enjoyed this game. good graphics good story. and not to easy.

gianoo4 2017.01.27
This is a nice game, looks great to

jackalmond65 2017.01.27
best game theve made so far

Ravex 2017.01.25
Loved the challenge. Great graphics and story line.

beefkakebad 2017.01.25
Solid game. Pretty hard to figure out the optimal route and took me a couple of tries for the best ending, but the animation is beautiful and the character design is so hot!

haremmaster 2017.01.25
tough game but interesting storyline

but.dude 2017.01.23
hard game, but a lot of fun
playd and got almost all achievements but tiik a few hours

TheBeaverEater 2017.01.22
Well, after searching for some good games for some time now this one comes as a relief, amazing story and Lana is simply incrediballs

Art97 2017.01.21
Great story and the pictures were great

marianoitaliano 2017.01.20
good game and great graphics

YTheLastMan 2017.01.20
Great story and graphics, but the time limit can make you fell a bit rushed. However, games can benefit from a bit of challenge. Too easy and you risk less enjoyment.

sexyboy102112 2017.01.20
Love so much the game. Lana is so sexy

mykel4445 2017.01.18
this game was a bit boring at first but soon got a lot better

kojio 2017.01.16
How do you pick her up from school

dechef 2017.01.15
First time I played this game, tried to play it and every time I came futher... You never forget your first gf... this one as well :-)

shogom 2017.01.15
It is not the most perfect game.It is not a game for everyone.But it is a memorable game for mec.Good Bye For Now..See you soon.

rkfs89 2017.01.15
Great Game, Super easy to play and ran very smoothly.

AceNick 2017.01.12
The graphics in this game is nice and the gameplay is sweet. Loved it.

CartoonFan 2017.01.11
Loved this one, one of my favorites. Lana is hot and it` s not too difficult to get the right endings.

Artmes 2017.01.11
nice story and great design

Just Horny 2017.01.11
Wonderful game - hot story - I`ve played it several times.

Anon3216 2017.01.11
This is one of my favorite games from the creators at Lessonofpassion.com. I only wish it was expanded to include other options, particularly other sexual activities.

klundi22 2017.01.08
i could fall in love with her :)

Holger 2017.01.08
great graphics and great game play

sexplayer111 2017.01.07
Best game I have ever played !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sallix 2017.01.07
great game love the gameplay

olaf7745 2017.01.06
Quite Interesting but a bit hard.

zett92 2017.01.05
nice just push art at start to make money fast

XenoWarrior 2017.01.05
Fantastic art and gameplay

dsqul 2017.01.05
The girl is super cute, and all of the different sexy scenes are great.

HD 2017.01.04
the game is fine but the character could be more attractive though the graphics are good

dbe77 2017.01.04
Is their a way to get her to have sex in the bar?

opswicked1 2017.01.02
I really like the gameplay. As well as the girl, perfect body.

RFU_master007 2017.01.02
good game and great graphics

KingEdwardTheBrave 2017.01.02
This game is hard. I`m trying to get all the endings, but only get one. But its a great game, love it, and the female is... hot.

dudefromupstairs 2017.01.01
Awesome game! only got the ending 1, now trying to find the others... keep up the good work!

kevi12 2016.12.31
Awesome animation and nice graphic

bossco 2016.12.31
I came in the top 3 endings

yetanotherslartibartfast 2016.12.31
Ending 2 is tough. The other two are easy. I blundered into ending 2 while learning the game. Intentionally achieving it? Not so easy. Easiest: very little porn, and wait to give Lana the gold ring until day 20 or 21. Then relax and watch TV.

jencek10000 2016.12.30
really nice game. However I was not able to reach the 2 ending. Some Tips?

cioc100 2016.12.29
best game i have ever played

bond314159 2016.12.28
My first game -- I loved it and back for more.

Jerem8P 2016.12.27
great game and Lana is very hot

Doshima 2016.12.27
This is one of the best games of playforceone. Good job.

adopta.mty.2016 2016.12.27
Great game! Reached level

cristoph99 2016.12.26
the graphics for this game is awesome

kukugou 2016.12.25
lana is so sexy
I dont know the game end at day 21
It is a pity I missed lots of scenes

gdstyle 2016.12.24
great game, i cum twice playing this

Taladicto 2016.12.22
Great game, but i cant reach 2nd ending.

nastyb27 2016.12.22
Took a while but I got 2 out of 3 endings.. nice..

Angelo DZ 2016.12.21
it was a hard game for me .. but i tried again and again to get her love hahaha

watchonlyplz 2016.12.21
Great game, Love it so much, lana so sexy, graphic not bad, you guys should try it. i voted 100 for this

dsarthak 2016.12.20

lana is too sexy
liked to flirt with her

brians 2016.12.20
great game no idea how to get ending 1 though

ken2016 2016.12.20
this is the best simulator Ever love it

manderark 2016.12.18
Lana is soo hot, please do more games with her in it

black123wolf 2016.12.18
i like to play this game and see the end

biblan 2016.12.18
good graphic and animation

adyee 2016.12.16
she is superhot girl.. i must say

West123 2016.12.15
Being stuck on day 12 - there looks like a certain condition. It is a moment between 2 events (bar & laundry). & I`ve got stuck once in 3 tries (on 2nd run)

A wild guess - when you got to the bar & are maxed for passion - try still to do something (compliment the dress)

chisse1711 2016.12.15
nice game, but a bit short... graphics are like always amazing

jhomilo 2016.12.14
has always LOP make great quelity games with great graphics, I always end un playing the same lots of times just to find every single ending by my own

cockmaster123 2016.12.14
the game and graphics are very good. keep it up!

mank_rcks 2016.12.14
like most of the lop games .. is short and engaging ..
worth playing 2 or 3 times

A-user15 2016.12.14
This game is great, i would love to see some more teasing with lingery and such but overal the story was very believable

DantheBaked 2016.12.13
Fun Game. Great turn on. Want to see all the endings but the one I got was great. Very short but still a great game.

shinrugal 2016.12.13
The storline is short but fun overall a nice game

MoronLight 2016.12.12
22 Days is too short. It was Satisfying. But I was disappointed as the game couldn`t continue. Please. Make it more. A Longer Gameplay. 22 days is too short. I really need it.

ficker2 2016.12.12
i love this game
Lana is hot as hell

pieffepi 2016.12.12
Very nice game. Easy to progress and gorgeous character :) Thank you!

MerlinMM99 2016.12.11
Awesome game! I really enjoyed the sex scenes. Keep up the good work.

Swagnemite 2016.12.11
nice game and good graphics

PolarbearRAWR 2016.12.10
Great game, good animations and quality story. Did get stuck a few times.

DogdomGaming 2016.12.10
Best game ever. Living with Lana has new cool features and has the best graphics. BTW stuck on ending 1 every single time.

strider2038 2016.12.10
Great new free game by LoP. The art is done really well and the game is quite sexy

blackflesh 2016.12.09
I really liked this game.

zakiazri 2016.12.09
What`s lana backwards?? That`s right, that`s how they got the name :P

alphis123 2016.12.09
cool game i liked the graphics its so realistic

Aaron22 2016.12.07
Great game. Fun graphics and challenging. Will play it a few more time yet!

coolw 2016.12.06
A very nice game. Lana is very hot, no complaints from me. The graphics were good and so was the gameplay, I did not experience the glitches mentioned above.

bangbangman 2016.12.03
Great game. Awesome story. Got all three endings pretty easily.

Siddarney 2016.12.03
Great graphics - Fairly challenging game fun to play all endings :)

ejlei 2016.12.02
This was fun, but it can be pretty difficult in only 22 days. Couldn`t get anything other than ending 1

starroo 2016.12.02
this game I really fun but I did struggle I bit

Enacerd 2016.12.02
I loved how she got more and more horny as the game went on

adamek02 2016.12.01
This date is really great i like it, hope you all enjoy it too

Rayan12345 2016.12.01
This game got some great animations and storyline

khatria 2016.11.29
Great graphics and amazing story

getspam 2016.11.29
I am intrigued with the second scene on the laundry. I can´t move her arm or rise her skirt. If I try, I lose relationship points. But if I just avoid those spots and kiss her, I lose points too! What is the key for that scene?

AleSM 2016.11.28
Good game. A little difficult but good nonetheless.

WetTEEN 2016.11.27
Really nice game tho 22 days only, but I really enjoyed it.

bobbobbob3 2016.11.27
I`m stuck i keep running out of time

lolzman 2016.11.27
Love it soooo much!! Lana is so sexy!

StonedWatcher 2016.11.26
Really awesome game with nice graphics!

BigDickJack 2016.11.25
This Game was so fucking hot i wish i could fuck her in real life

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.11.25
Absolute f*cking hot game, i love it.

timdench 2016.11.25
Good game could be a little longer in game time play ,but other than that i liked it

silencio277 2016.11.24
Graphics are superb and the girl gorgeous.

jessicalee24 2016.11.23
this game was very good

shyman44425 2016.11.23
Took a few tries to figure out. Walkthrough helpful.

Just2Play 2016.11.23
A really good game!
But I can`t get farer than 22 days... Is it normal?

ooglieoog 2016.11.21
excellent game , bit too mush like i love laura with the thirty day limit but the sex scene isnt too bad just a shame there isnt more interaction and choices during the scene

bobdawson 2016.11.21
This game was very nice, enjoyed the pace of the game and content wasn`t too repititve but just right.

Dannky12 2016.11.21
This game is the best one i have played so far well done

Exist 2016.11.20
Amazing graphics and an awesome game

wezel87 2016.11.20
Nice game great graphics!

Thotiana 2016.11.20
This game is pretty nice.

69cjh69 2016.11.19
Sexy sexy sexy. Good game, good animation

vincentkm34 2016.11.19
Hey is there a walkthrough for ending 2 still need help on that been getting ending 3

fergal 2016.11.19
Liked the game. Tricky at first but a little patience and its worth it.

Sola_KMT 2016.11.18
An awesome game and ty Fyruis for the walk thru it worrked like a charm. Awesome graphics and a great story.

ss94 2016.11.18
It`s a good game but I feel the quality of the girl is low graphics wise. Probably because they were concentrating on Jacob`s Rebound.

Incestdad 2016.11.18
Really enjoyed playing this game thought is was enjoyable through out

Studley 2016.11.16
Way too "picky" for selecting options, way too complicated, and way too long and repetitious. I love the artwork and the story line, but got frustrated with the slow and repetative progress.

tongue81 2016.11.16
Very nice game. One of my favourites. Great graphic, quite easy gameplay but not too easy and so not boring. And neither too short nor too long. Quite perfect. Maybe a second girl could even upvalue the game.

kaftos 2016.11.16
Good graphics BUT the game is like those other games you must do the same things again and again.Mediocre

pfo.com 2016.11.16
This is a really good game

bigbobbyd 2016.11.16
Great game, but it was very uncomfortable looking into this guy`s eyes while he watched porn....

Fyrius 2016.11.15
Non-official Walk-through:

*Disclaimer* this will get you all but 1 achievement. Thus far, I`ve noticed that [touching myself in public] and [Slut I am] seem to be mutually exclusive. Why? Because when you achieve [Slut I am] you have enough relationship points that the game skips ahead to best ending, which means skipping day 22 where you get the [touching myself in public]. If I`m mistaken, please feel free to correct me.

Day 1: eat healthy meal x 5
Day 2: Practise jogging x4 (subway travel to park to do), eat healthy meal
Day 3: Practise jogging x4, sell newspapers
*Yes, I know playing bball gets 3 fitness, but it decreases morale, whereas jogging slightly increases morale, making working more often possible*
Day 4: Practise jogging x4, Work as a bouncer (Subway travel to bar to do)
Day 5: Sell newspapers at 9:00 and 15:00, watch porn movies at 12:00 (go to office to do), go home and say yes to go to the bar at 18:00, give her 3 shots of tequila here to get the [To drunk to sit] achievement, work as bouncer at 21:00
Day 6: Notice that relationship magically fixes itself Saturday morning, do laundry, watch porn movie, go to subway and buy flowers, interact with her on couch to give flowers, go to bedroom and massage Lana`s back.

At this point, you need to raise Lana`s relationship with you to 50, but you will also need to build up money to progress the relationship past 150 level, which costs 150 dollars, plus the Friday taxis to the bar, and a 20 tip at 100, so the pattern for most days now is:
9:00, interact with Lana (kiss opens at 10, caress pussy opens at 50)
12:00, watch porn movies (until sexperience hits 30)
15:00, interact with Lana (pick her up and set her on dining room table opens at 10, as does the first option, french kiss her, take off her top opens at 20, lick her pussy at 75, take her on the table at 130)
18:00 work as bouncer
21:00 interact with Lana (massage opens at 10, kiss her passionately at 25, strip her at 50) strip her menu: (finger her pussy opens automatically, ask her to play with your cock at 75, ask her to masturbate in front of you at 100, and ask for sex at 150)
By next Friday, you should be almost at 100, if not 100 yet. Once you hit 100 you have to wait for a weekday 12:00 to progress further with Lana, so if you hit 100 on Friday, don`t bother trying to level up your relationship with Lana.

When you are at 100 relationship, you can get two more achievements, one at 18:00 and one at 21:00. at 18:00 cover her eyes and lick her, and when the choice comes up choose ??don`t listen to her and force her to spread her legs? and as long as your sexperience is above 30, the achievement [blind and wet] will pop. At 21:00 choose ??strip her? and then ??ask her to masturbate in front of you? when the choice comes up choose ??order her to continue? and then play through the game, and the achievement [sexy show for you] will pop.

When you hit 100 relationship, you need to go to the school at 12:00, and Lana will take you to lunch. There are 3 real choices, with the 4th being to end the date, and go in order and do them all. The third choice will include branching choices, and so the first choice is ??touch her pussy? then ??ask her to lick her saliva from your fingers?. Doing this will pop the achievement [Lick this honey] After this, end the date, but make sure to ??pay the bill $20? as it increases the relationship.

Now continue the pattern as before, but if you want to increase art you can do that instead of watching porn movies at 12:00. At 15:00 you can unlock another achievement, by placing her on the table and taking her there. When the game has finished playing itself out, choose ??come over her pussy? to unlock the [dessert is served] achievement.

Now, while blowjob is unlocked at 150 relationship points, it`s impossible to get the achievement until you have over 150 relationship points, so don`t worry about that one until after you give her the ring. If you`ve been following my advice up to this point, you will easily have the $150 needed for the ring, so just buy it as soon as it`s available. After you buy the ring, then you can get the remaining achievements. At 18:00 ask for a blowjob, and when you finish choose ??hold her head and come inside her mouth? this will trigger the achievement [the girl that swallows!]

at 21:00 ??strip her? and then ??ask for sex?. After playing through the game, choose ??cum inside her? this will trigger the achievement [I love hot cum inside me]. You can`t get this achievement at the table or later in the bar, so this is where it triggers.

When Friday comes, go to the bar as usual, and order her 2 shots of tequila. Then select ??gently caress her body.? Interact with all 3 hot spots, and then choose the button to the lower left ??stand between her legs?. Next choose ??Put your fingers inside her panties? This will then send you to the bathroom together, triggering the [Let`s go to the bathroom] achievement.

During the sex scene I`ve found that you can do either giving or receiving oral, but there are less bad ends to giving oral, so I lick her rather than have her give a blowjob. After she climaxes she`ll tell you to pull out because she wants to suck you off. ??Do as she says? and you will trigger the last achievement in the bar [Slut I am] and then it`s to the ending.

Anyway, fun game, thanks LoP artists.

pieffepi 2016.11.15
Lovely game, I like the storyline and the progression is fairly simple. The game could get better with an expansion and more variety of sex scenes

Naughty90 2016.11.14
Can I See Your Instruction gamers?

Chenz15 2016.11.14
Awesome graphics and the game too

noiammax 2016.11.13
The graphics are amazing, it`s indeed a fun game

batagor 2016.11.13
Nice game but the storyline = TOO SHORT

its pretty easy to get the 3rd ending (succes)

the main key is make sure you improving your Art lvl to 30 as fast as possible and improving your Fitness up to 24 on 7 days

MrJD 2016.11.13
Good game, not too long to get achievements and nice to have progress indicators.

Crow1 2016.11.12
can gife me some good walktrouw this on works not

viko25 2016.11.12
Great graffic and aslo a great story

ScottS69 2016.11.12
Great game and awesome graphics

Crow1 2016.11.12
can give someone a good walcktouw i get stuck on the monny

7day 2016.11.12
nice game but she gives you only 21days ?

jandj 2016.11.12
Amazing visuals for an amazing game. Was able to get all the achievements.

Kartann 2016.11.12
A really good game. Maybe a bit to short. Should add a week i think

69jimpo 2016.11.11
This game was awesome, i hope that they make more free games.

bigguy686 2016.11.11
Graphics are top notch, game play is ok. need more days to really unlock things though

blonde famous 2016.11.11
very sexy game and good graphe

Ehrsi 2016.11.11
Thanks for the Game! Great Shit! Love it!

hugedick30cm 2016.11.11
i love it soo much
keep cum 2 time ohh gad

BobbygSmith 2016.11.11
One of the best lesson of passion game. I have ever played.

CyrJ 2016.11.11
It`s pretty solid, rated it 75. Seen better sexual game play, but the artwork on Lana was impressive. Not a huge amount of replay value but the time I spent with it was fun and worthwhile.

Kind of weird that your character learns about sex by watching porn on his laptop... people who learn about sex that way suck at it. :) But whatever, I guess you gotta have a game mechanic.

rango34 2016.11.10
Very nice game but pretty hard if you want to take it slow, if you don`t have sex with her in two weeks she will leave you so you have to be fast.

Agyron 2016.11.09
The graphics are great the game itself isn`t too easy and the animations are pretty cool also

Troubledone 2016.11.09
Great storyline, graphics and sex scenes. Managed to get 2 out of 3 achievements and it was not 2 easey. Lana is perfect. 10/10

Orbmakram 2016.11.09
Great progression and storyline

ckfoolery 2016.11.09
Go to school at 12 on a weekday to pick her up from school.

atk3002 2016.11.08
The game is very nice, has a good graphic and is very easy to play. 10/10

vel119 2016.11.08
This is the best game than i play and lana is the best, i love her

vaxter87 2016.11.08
its a great game But my question is how do I pick her up from school I literally wait for her talking to his friends am I missing something and also how much money do you need to save?

MasterCluster 2016.11.08
Really nice and challenging game

icrazyur2 2016.11.07
good game she is hot need better sound track. just need one of these gamesto have a AI controlled guy toplay against for the girls attention but it great for a free toplay game

Jackstalker 2016.11.07
Hot animations and sex scenes, well worth the wait and build up.

looneydude1 2016.11.07
Lana is love. The animation in this game is interactive and arousing.

Zyrkenru 2016.11.07
The animations where a bit mediocre sometimes but I think the saving grace here is Lana, She`s just beautiful.

KnightMarco 2016.11.07
for raising fitness, make sure to eat healthy food for first day, and then practice jogging, and after that play basketball when you can

Joe_Dee 2016.11.07
Can someone please create a guide, i always get ending 1 and how do you increase stats fast?

oranjeboven 2016.11.07
Goog Story, great Scenes!

glukos37 2016.11.06
awesome im lesbian and i squirted to this

vincentkm34 2016.11.06
I only been able to get ending 1 and 3. Is there a walk through for ending 2? Need some help for ending 2

sauron666 2016.11.06
Very good. Animations are not dynamic enough, but gameplay is pleasant and even
somewhat novel.

cambridge4453 2016.11.05
She looks great its a challenge but its a good storyline and l got all the endings. Good fun.

PeaceGreen 2016.11.05
Well, after playing a few times, i finally got the 3 ending. Tips that worked for me : Do art classes until you have 30 art, than work home. After you get 5 eating healthy go to park and jogging, you can do basket classes after 15 points. Dont forget to see porn or you will pass bad time having sex with Lana. Good game.

Applepie7000 2016.11.05
Great game, finally was able to get Ending 3! Bought her the gold ring, then just played it out. Relationship was about 300

lamer666 2016.11.05
thanks for the great game

Jarzki 2016.11.05
Excellent game, enough variation to keep it interesting on the whole way through...

willow1979 2016.11.05
It`s a good game I just seriously cant get the slut achievement

When I do her in the bathroom he always comes inside of her no mater what I do.

If I have high sex experience (guys pleasure bar doesn`t go up) he just comes inside her when I click "make her cum"

If I have low sex experience he just comes inside her as soon as his pleasure bar is full. What am I missing?

Corgath 2016.11.05
its good from what I have played. everything seems to work as intended and pretty straight forward.

Maddog82486 2016.11.05
How do you pick her up from school?

network22 2016.11.05
Fun game. Basically you can ignore ART and you want to focus on getting fitness up to over 30 as quick as possible. Then work on talking with Lana and getting LOVE up in the morning, then watch porn at noon, talk with Lana at 3 and 6pm then work as bouncer at 9pm to make the money you need. Should be good from there.

Blaster1 2016.11.05
One of the best games i have ever played

shiffos 2016.11.04
not too much option with lana

Zeblast 2016.11.04
A very hot game and story, I just suggest that could have more girls and possible relationships.

Jaaru 2016.11.04
Nice looking new game, liked it.

stach56 2016.11.04
Very nice and damn hot game.

CapnMorgan 2016.11.04
This took a while to get the hang of how much each thing could be done, how to build stats the best with just the short period of time. Definitely a good game though... hot girl, hot premise, and a great release - thanks leonizer!

ckfoolery 2016.11.03
Great, and Lana is hot, but it`s still glitchy. Sex sound didn`t stop after the bJ, and it`s cheeks is mispelled, it says come on her chicks. Should be cheeks

Xero666 2016.11.03
Great game, does anyone know if there is a walkthrough yet ?
I reached 2 out of 3 endings but not the perfect one :/

androsjy 2016.11.03
One of the awesome game & thanks to ggnore123. Finally, I have get the ending no.3.

Funsex 2016.11.03
Very nice and damn hot game.
I played it 5 times without being boring.

LariatQ 2016.11.03
Had everything finished on day 20 and on day 21, when game jumped to day 22 and ended with no reload. Very demanding, and bugs are infuriating. Rated at 50

ggnore123 2016.11.03
If you are stuck in a loop in a day or the game skips a day then just reload once or twice and it`ll fix itself. BY RELOAD I MEAN go to menu, select go to main menu -> load game

ggnore123 2016.11.03
here`s a dodgy/cheesy Walkthrough?
Weird bug/glitch/exploit that makes the game too easy, with minor to no disadvantage

After, completing a day, if you press menu and go to main menu then load game you keep all money,stats,relationship pts/morale gained that day. by that i mean for example, after day 1 21:00 comes 0:00 day 2 where game saves and when u get to 9:00 day 2 and go back to main menu and reload, you will go back to 9:00 day 1 WITH ALL money,stats/morale and relationship pts gained in day 1. However, items given to lana will be "forgotten" so you should continue without reloading game when you are at a "checkpoint" where you need to give lana an item.

Cum inside her during bedtime
Cum on pussy during table scene at 15:00
at 18:00 get a BJ and cum inside mouth,
on day 20 spread her legs and ask her to touch her boobs at the laundry mat (touching myself in public)
At the bar on days 12 or 19 (friday) when you touch her at the bar you can finger her then you will go to bathroom where ONE achievement pops, if you ask her to kneel, then bang her then DO NOT finish inside her, she will blow you again and another achievement will pop (the slut achievement) and you will get Ending 3.
sexy show is when you ask her to masturbate at 21:00 and asking her to go further
blind and wet is when you blindfold and lick at 18:00 and forcing her to spread legs
too drunk to sit is when you give her 3 tequilas at the bar on friday night which ENDS the night and loses relationship points.
Honey is the achievement u pop when you spread her legs when you pick her up after school and ask her to taste her own juices

Ending 1 is you break up and she finds another guy
Ending 2 is she goes into the job she wants then gets laid off or something and you break up
Ending 3 is the happy ending where you continue to shag each other`s brains out

Buzz007 2016.11.03
Ending 2: Similar to ending 3, but don`t come inside of her.

Buzz007 2016.11.03
how many endings ?
3 or 4 ?
I was only able to get endings 1 and 3.

ironfist137 2016.11.02
I got home at 21:00 and had 24 fitness, I ate the meal and got the cutscene but then it wouldn`t progress to the next day.

Great game thought, I just got ending 3, gotta play again a few times.

kim721 2016.11.02
damn this game is awesome

Buzz007 2016.11.02
now that leonizer has decreased the difficulty, you don`t need to raise the "art stat" at all.

kim721 2016.11.02
awesome im lesbian and i squirted to this

deniska 2016.11.02
Managed to get all the achievements except the last one ("Slut I am").

Petro28 2016.11.02
A good game, I am still looking for some achievments. I will play more.

leonizer 2016.11.02
I get the feeling that winning Lana heart is a bit to difficult task to some of you so I`ve decided to decrease the level of difficulty and change the conditions of the best ending (number 3) to make it accessible a lot easier than before.

deniska 2016.11.02
I`m not able to give her the flowers I purchased. I`ve tried at 9:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00. But there is no option for "give gift" or "give flowers." I`m stuck at 5 relationship. What am I missing?
don`t know ab the other times, but 18:00 worked for me. It`s always the top option. (flowers & then ring)

bing6541 2016.11.02
I`m not able to give her the flowers I purchased. I`ve tried at 9:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00. But there is no option for "give gift" or "give flowers." I`m stuck at 5 relationship. What am I missing?

deniska 2016.11.02
Finally got a 3rd Ending. Hint - You can get it on Day19 only.

deniska 2016.11.02
Got love to 707, Still Ending2. I wonder what is the trigger between endings 2 & 3

Also, I believe an hour or 2 ago I saw "you`ve reached 1 of 4 Endings". Now it`s only 1of3. Was that a typo, or there is one more hidden ending? Or maybe it`s postponed till expansion?

WildAmi 2016.11.02
I´ve noticed that the game actually gets stuck when you first go home at 21 hrs instead of 18 hrs on friday and agree to go to the club. The club scenes happen as normal but when you go home its midnight and doesnt jump to the night/save screen like it should.

leonizer 2016.11.02
Thanks deniska and wibrator1986 - version 0.94 fixes this issue. Damn, I was never able to encounter this bug during my test plays :)

deniska 2016.11.02
Please describe how does the game stuck at day 12.
I might be wrong, but looks like it`s coincidence.

Your idea looks to be that Friday (if you agree to go to the bar) & Saturday events are going uninterrupted (one after another). However if there happen to be a check for Strength>=25 - it switches time to 00:00 Friday & stalls the game.

I tried to get Love to 50 before that bar visit. I did, but it pushed me to 21:00 & forced me to skip that visit to the bar.

Anyway, why don`t you just skip that check if the person reaches 25 (30) Strength before reaching 50 Love?

wibrator1986 2016.11.02
To Mr Leonizer: when i came back from date, i can do everything but time is still at 12.pm, and the day doesn`t finish, Yes i have version 0.93. Thanks

leonizer 2016.11.02
Please describe how does the game stuck at day 12.
Please check if you have version 0.93

wibrator1986 2016.11.02
Deniska it looks like that you are very competent person. Could you tell me how you avoid this terrible 12 day? I try, and try and i achive only a bald head from stress;)

deniska 2016.11.02
How do you pick her up from school
go to school at 12. Preferably have 20$ but possibly it`s not critical.

jak9295 2016.11.02
How do you pick her up from school

deniska 2016.11.02
Being stuck on day 12 - there looks like a certain condition. It is a moment between 2 events (bar & laundry). & I`ve got stuck once in 3 tries (on 2nd run)

A wild guess - when you got to the bar & are maxed for passion - try still to do something (compliment the dress)

wibrator1986 2016.11.02
What are you doing to play? I try a few Times but game stuck, after 12 days:(

deniska 2016.11.02
It`s not that difficult to avoid Ending1 (which is bad-bad). I wonder what is necessary to avoid Ending2. I`ve got passion of almost 600 (a bit less) & still got Ending2.

androsjy 2016.11.02
Server problem? Try multiple times but stuck at day 12

androsjy 2016.11.02
Only able to get ending 1 & 2...

AlanErchiagrossa 2016.11.02
Stuck on day 12, but good game.

blinki182 2016.11.02
The Game stuck also on day 5 when you go out with Lana. When the date is finished it doesn`t go to the next day.

justjoe47 2016.11.02
This one is tough. I think that the player needs more time to complete the tasks.

Hawply 2016.11.02
How to rise a fitness, at start?

nyahla 2016.11.02
How can i take her from school? to raise above 100 Rel.?

leonizer 2016.11.02
Version 0.93 fixes this problem.

L1nk1980 2016.11.02
same here, for the rest is it a nice game

someguy469 2016.11.02
Game stuck on a loop at day 12 for me :(

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