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Lesbian Fashion


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IchFindeZuegeCool 2017.08.04
A nice game but it is really short and you have the feeling that the endings where rushed no animations only pictures but still nice i hope there is a follow up.

Tiodor 2017.06.28
Very hot girl and awesome graphic. Very good game ... for beginning.

kaleo07 2017.04.23
I loved the graffics, s?? real!

Poisoned 2017.04.23
Enjoyable game, but not enough choices. Graphics were good.

htdck 2017.03.22
lesbians are always a good choiche

ianjames 2017.03.17
great graphics very sexy girls

dobrim 2017.03.12
Game is good. I liked it. The girls are pretty and sexy, but there`s no really a sex scene. But it`s still good.

cambridge4453 2017.01.03
Wow! Once l found the right choices this was great! The animated sex was impossible though because in order to make her cum you had to watch a ball and not the sex. Shame as it was eally good in every other way

secretive 2016.12.04
this game is hot...great graphic

fiftypez 2016.11.17
was fun to get to the good stuff...i messed up a lot tho


funkydrummer1 2016.10.09
I loved the game because of the graphics in it

kaftos 2016.09.13
Sexy girls but kinda boring game

Elijah21 2016.09.06
This game is so amazing.. Best lesbian game I ever played.. And girls are so sexy

ClaraOswald 2016.08.19
Wish it was a bit longer, but otherwise very enjoyable gameplay

Cptrexer 2016.08.14
One of the best lesbian games I`ve played. Could use normal tweaks, nothing major.

stach56 2016.08.09
I really like this one. I wish it would be longer and have more interactions. Maybe some sound too

blckhammer14 2016.07.14
this game was awesome and love that she was open to be a lesbian love the endings great game

hfighfidndhdid 2016.07.13
great story love that she goes lesbian during a fight with her husband

jcomo 2016.07.04
Vind een mooi eb sexy game ik hoop dat nog langer wordt als het kan

silver5908 2016.06.26
the plot and graphics are great

silver5908 2016.06.26
i love it its an amazing game with a gret plot

repeat 2016.06.25
The graphics were a bit weird, and could be improved, but other than that, it was a good game. I just wish there was more action. But, as much as the graphics and game could be improved, it`s pretty sexy.

Groder 2016.06.20
great game, the mature woman is so damn sexy :)

cambridge4453 2016.06.11
Cant disagree with most of the comments; the graphics, the storyline, the game is not special buit its really good nonetheless

stach56 2016.06.09
Extra graphics and storyline. Beautiful and hot girl

xxnoxx123 2016.06.04
LOP games rule, they re the most interesting, with the best stories, and this is no exception.

Krisstofer 2016.05.18
Everything about this game is amazing.

I luv to do things 2016.05.10
the graphics are AMAZING u get to interact with it and its a very VERY VERY good game

cheapmillinaire 2016.05.09
Excellent graphics, perfect girls, all around best game

l222222222 2016.04.24
not a bad game very exictin

ronclay1 2016.03.19
I really enjoy this game. I often widh i were a woman and enjoy when i can play one in a game.

lexx1024 2016.02.23
love this game but i wish they had sound effects

artik 2016.02.08
so good. love thos two supper sexy girls.

hentai_legend786 2016.01.07
the graphics are excellent. also the animation is great

eLLa1990 2015.12.30
im a lesbian and love these two sexy girls.. wish the game had sound too

sahltie 2015.12.22
I really liked this game and how quickly it esca;ated

playforceonex 2015.11.27
Interesting approach to a story. Options, options.

bigragoos 2015.11.19
its a nice game but could be longer

Sexlover9009 2015.11.12
God yeah loves lop and especially lesbains

gamer29 2015.11.07
The original LOP games are the best

LadiesMan3175 2015.09.24
Really great game loved it all the way

polunguinha 2015.09.23
I just think it could have some scene where you fuck christie, but it`s still an awesome gameplay and animation.

oncztodd627 2015.09.23
the story line was really good.

razvandlr 2015.09.19
great stori n beatyfull girls n lovely graphic

Ner0 2015.08.29
i liked the graphics very much

Snowstorm122 2015.08.29
I love Lesbian games like this and they should keep making more of this type.

twotouch 2015.08.14
good graphic`s not bad gameplay takes time to get use to it

lolasaurusrex1 2015.08.11
animation was terrific, game play was difficult but the challenge was appreciated

LuiZzZz_ 2015.08.08
Too short but i liked it, the girls are hot. The site needs more lesbian games!

johnnyrotten 2015.07.26
YAY... Lesbians. And they are hot to boot! Thumbs up!

Kira1970 2015.07.21
Great game and fun to play
sexy girls too

10BigDanny01 2015.07.12
Always liked the lesbian games

puessylover805 2015.06.14
this game has exelent graphics and lesbians what else do you need

funinderby 2015.06.09
love this game just needs more lesbian games on the website

stiletto9 2015.06.07
I like the lesbian theme but the mechanics sometimes don`t work well.

PassionMadness007 2015.06.06
this game is unique .. and the grapihcs are Great!! I love it!!

sexmastercock 2015.05.27
I LOVE Lesbian game - this one tops it all

vladi5 2015.05.14
this game is unique because it`s the only one that really let`s you enjoy the lesbian experience even though some choice mechanics needs to be reworked , would love to see more of this kind of games .

OzTheWizardOfPorn 2015.05.10
a very sexy game I love it

Star4599 2015.04.15
Hot lesbian game that could go wrong if you choose the wrong option but it is okay once you choose the right ones.

doncrue 2015.04.10
Great girls. Pretty good action

doncrue 2015.04.10
enjoyable game, a little short but good ending

sexamaniac 2015.04.08
wowww that awesome it felt like I was there

Karl-Heinz2 2015.03.31
great graphics, great game.

Ellanox 2015.03.14
good game he was funny and intresting I enjoy :D

cameronw 2015.02.11
In one word awesome. The graphics are great too.

soulthaan 2015.02.09
nice graphics, good story

bensniper8 2015.02.06
I Love The Back plot to the game. The Girls Look Amazing. I love it

L@MeY :wOW 2015.01.29
The game was amazing .....!!! absolute class
but i wish it was complete...
Hats off to the creator nyC models n graphics

James_ 2015.01.25
This graphics made me so horny omg

frank37 2015.01.15
very nice game good graphics but more lesbian games would be better

carliscool 2015.01.12
the graphics are really good

Beedge69 2015.01.07
Great gane, there aren`t enough lesbian games out there ;-)

jesskmar 2014.12.26
the animations are good game play good all out good game

Lutzifer47226 2014.12.21
Great graphics brilliant game :)

xxfucker2710xx 2014.12.20
probably my favourite game do far

showboy 2014.12.17
very erotic game! love to play lesbians!
keep bringing them! love it

sexy12bitch 2014.12.09
I luv this game it so sexy

the4beatles 2014.11.08
this game is really sexy and fun and i love all the endings

d a y d r e a m e r 2014.11.06
This game seems unfinished, but other than that, I love it! I wish it had mor action tho.

sausageb88 2014.10.23
not bad....hot girls....action wasn`t that great....just ok

Cyguh 2014.09.30
I thought it was great. Couldn`t divorce the husband though. the dialogue for the other choice appeared.

Ian888 2014.09.28
this was a very fun game to and i ejoyed it

SUICIDE 2014.09.26
Very hot lesbian fantasy type game. awesome graphics as well.

Tiatia 2014.09.23
I love the graphics, they made the game what it is

$exyB!tch 2014.09.20
The game is amazing!
Realistic graphics and clothing and dialogues and situations.
More lesbian games coz to that I can relate!

hammond2000 2014.09.13
great game it has amazing grapics.

lippussy1234 2014.09.03
im stuck at the part were she ether ewants rose or goes to dutie wich one is the best option also lingerine oor office clothes

black15 2014.08.27
More lesbians please. Very sexy

silvercrowftw 2014.08.25
as always, Lesson of Passion refuses to disapoint with its amazing graphics and sexy characters

Tegan200 2014.08.21
Great graphics brilliant game :)

Tigerlilli 2014.08.21
Man this game is awesome, the detailing of their bodies is wonderful!

TheWolfKing 2014.08.15
great game! amazing graphics and story

hakeemhk 2014.07.30
awsome game with cool graphics so hot

stoad69 2014.07.21
This game is hot with the awesome graphics and the gorgeous women.

jerbz 2014.07.19
this game was definetly worth the time

bitz94 2014.07.13
Outstanding game with great graphics.

CajQ_O 2014.06.19
It is good ... but a little short

dgkesquire 2014.06.16
Great grahics, so-so animation. The storyline is sufficiently challenging enough to warrant replay for all four endings.

Almeho 2014.06.14
Short and sweet. Nice designs on the ladies and decent endings. I only wish that there was sound.

emlaga 2014.06.03
good game, not enough choices and the ending feels rushed

Sexy007 2014.05.24
The seduction is sensual and not just the wham-bam-lick. Was a fun game with a nice build up :)

pemil 2014.05.23
realy nice game. I enjoy playing it

whytemike55 2014.05.16
very hot girls...mmmmm mmmmmm

Diablos-21 2014.05.15
OMG I really love those girls

Diablos-21 2014.05.15
very good game and bautiful gaphics

Hypnoslave 2014.05.07
Nice game, nice animation, could be longer though. Still gets a 100.

timmytwoshoes 2014.04.29
there needs to be more lesbian games I love them they make me hard

bonehead101 2014.04.23
Bit short and not as meaty as some of the other games but great none the less

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
short and sweet with good graphics

second 2014.03.10
the first time i saw this game i liked it...guess i still do ^_^

wardk88 2014.03.03
need a longer one like this with very pretty pussies

Rindevar 2014.03.02
Good story line, but not much on the oomph thing. Well, or at least I haven`t gotten it right yet. Still , it`s worth multiple tries.. Can eat your time without you noticing it.. and that is the mark of a good game: you forget time passing...

mmorrill90 2014.02.26
that was an awesome story

Aegis197 2014.02.19
Guys this might be deleted but how did you guys change your profile pictures
cause ii cant change mine

feddi78 2014.02.18
Game is great, girls are hot

JuanHarito 2014.02.15
I love this game, it`s just so sexy

ooks 2014.01.28
Good game Beautifully rendered women! Love it!

dgkesquire 2014.01.25
Love these games. The graphics and animation are gorgeous, and the gameplay is just challenging enough to keep me interested.

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
Good game. A longer version with a little more action would be even better, I really liked this one, was fun

tetohot2 2014.01.05
I love the amazing graphics, it`s so clear and the different endings always enthralls me.

Essim 2014.01.03
Nice game, but needs more endings
graphics are fine though

tonscorpio06 2013.12.27
this is a fantastic game, great grapshics and the gameplay is hot.

alexa132 2013.12.27
wow wow wow...this is a fantastic game,good job who did that game i like all the scenes...

Mark_11 2013.12.26
this is great because of the graphics....and this is a nice game...

ilovepussyandcock 2013.12.22
Crazy amazing graphics, super sexy girls, worth it

X.man 2013.12.19
it was a nice game and i liked the graphics

Hey-Weirdo 2013.12.08
The graphics are so awesome!

harzwichtel 2013.11.25
One question: how many endings? I`ve got only 1 to 3, there are no others, right?

d.alex99 2013.11.18
the graphics and animations of this game are wonderful

MaxxV2150 2013.11.16
I really love this game. Rare for a good lesbian lovers game to be made. Glad this one did so well on the graphics and story.

demongamer68 2013.11.12
Easy quick play through, decent graphics. Animations a little awkward.

wdelement1 2013.11.10
great graphic picture and animation

PFOfan 2013.11.08
The team should add More a like these too ;)

Gippstar77 2013.10.25
Fantastic game very horny and exotic

an23ra 2013.10.24
hot and kinky.. good game :D

Howler18 2013.10.22
This one is really good. I like the interplay between the ladies, and not just straight to the sex

johnsucker 2013.10.15
cool game and nice graphics

annonomys 2013.10.14
that was a great game. really sexy!

fijianguy87 2013.10.03
nice games...its to easy but im satisfied!!!

Anonymously 2013.09.28
Rose is sooooo hot more games like this should be made :3

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Serban123 2013.09.20
Wow awsome game with nice graphics and hot girls

madmax68 2013.09.02
Great game with hot woman. Just need to keep playing to find all the endings

pradish 2013.09.02
precious time i`ve spent to see and masturbate myself.........why don`t these come to my home in reality to having sex.................OMG...........now i barely need a pussy right now.........

bjarmins 2013.09.01
this game is awesome i wish i could live it and do these things everyday with another woman graphics are also awesome

nandonanditos09 2013.08.28
one of my favourite games

ipromallow11 2013.08.26
controls difficult to start with but over all good game

boom360 2013.08.19
great graphics amzing game

lilouback 2013.08.15
great game, good graphics, looks very real

JustJack 2013.08.15
Good game. A longer version with a little more action would be even better,

Jeniv 2013.08.10
Nice graphic , and the game is great

Jeniv 2013.08.10
woww , i very like this game, it`s very nice

tammyperez13 2013.08.08
I loved this game it got so horny i fingered myself

noogad 2013.08.06
Great game , nice story and grafic.

Shadow2103 2013.08.04
This made me so horny, best game so far

JustJeff722 2013.08.02
Not too bad, but like most of the games here way too short. They need longer more interactive games.

moose1996163 2013.07.31
graphics is not just better than normal vision it`s like 1080p HD

moose1996163 2013.07.31
graphics is better than normal vision

bella5567 2013.07.24
I love playing tis game with the girls having so much fun.

powerranger123 2013.07.16
it an amazing good got me really horny also great lesbian game

Dbollox 2013.07.16
Fantastic game.Loved the graphics

salvadorlobo 2013.07.12
yeah i got stuck at the bar

jessicool 2013.07.07
I like the game, but no matter what I do I can`t get the bar to move. No matter where I touch her it still stays low, does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Mortze 2013.07.05
The reference to a known lingerie brand made me laugh really hard: Clitoria Secret!

32elephants 2013.06.14
I felt it was too short. That, or I`m not clicking on the right things...

jdelgado4 2013.06.13
i love this game but some others are better

alex3223 2013.06.12
graphics are awesome on this one

cookie2 2013.06.07
lesbians games are awsome

Mumboman 2013.06.02
I like the branching story, very cool.

felexan 2013.06.01
loved the pussy and asses on all the girls

typpopwp 2013.06.01
this game has fantastic graphics

typpopwp 2013.06.01
this game has good graphics

Arok_BE 2013.05.31
Sexy Lingerie and Saleswoman... But overall game feels too short, sorta rushed. Had potential tho

cloudxerros 2013.05.30
loved it the lingerie part was sexy but took me a few trys to get it right the other parts were simple though the endings do seem a bit from a poster style calander otherwise good

thesabel001 2013.05.22
very kinky hot game with an awesome gameplay

LoganW 2013.05.19
Fabulous game, the characters are so good and the graphics are very real..

Shukuyou 2013.05.12
There isn`t many lesbian games out there (as far as I know), but that`s what makes this game so good. And that the grafic is good makes it even better.

marssalove 2013.05.08
me i love fashion alot them girls cute

Eredar 2013.05.08
Gotta love lesbians, always so sexy

ts0001 2013.05.04
hot as hell love this game

gloryman111 2013.05.04
holy that was hot as hell

Catitus 2013.05.02
Great story, sexy girls, should be considered making a II.

lily8523 2013.04.29
loved the graphics and the ending

Banditt1968 2013.04.27
Good lesbian games....but too short

rocker271991 2013.04.27
gosh nothing better than two pair of tits playing with each other

FoxxyFelicia 2013.04.23
I like the way it as put together. Close-ups are the best :)

nadine4497 2013.04.22
enjoyed this game good graphics

nightwing86 2013.04.15
I love this game it is the best I had ever played.

jorgenitales1993 2013.04.11
Enjoyed the game very much

codie25craft 2013.04.03
awesome graphics but i think the husband should be envolved

Krush 2013.03.30
just turn me on, both are amazing hot, love this game

izzybizzy267 2013.03.24
Very graphic but very fast wish it were longer

RowdyRod 2013.03.24
Nice graphics. Girls look great. Circle click thing seems to work pretty well. Story was a bit rushed.

doctorwho123 2013.03.22
good game all round love lesiban scene love the lov e ending i love lesbian game the best

adventurer 2013.03.16
i loved the game i never want to stop playing

TheHalo4Expert 2013.03.09
This is one of the best games ever, very pleased!

iknowyouwantme 2013.03.04
Love this game! It`s so hot! It should be longer though.. I love lesbian games!

bbkenia 2013.02.28
im stuck in this game a cant pass the part where the girl gets a massage

DavidBoy6 2013.02.25
Wow. Endings were great. Not to mention the best things were in the game hot girls and lesbians!

SexySannaya 2013.02.22
This is sexy I`m a lesbian so if anyone wants to meet up ! 40 Hackney close that`s where I live .

Jarlaxle69 2013.02.21
Superb game, just too short.

rommor123 2013.02.19
hot ,sexy ,nice .and tits amaizing

JohnW123 2013.02.18
Awesome sex, awesome girls, awesome game

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
great game love the lesbian action in it

lover7 2013.02.11
wow i really love this game

playforcetoo 2013.02.07
Man I love this game, Lesbian is hot!

acedouble 2013.02.06
Gsme with nice lesbian scenes

lucky88jack 2013.02.06
amazing game it gets me every time with the graphics

HENTI LOVA 2013.02.02
this game is so awesome and horny like shit

stanleeleon 2013.01.29
Super graphics, beautiful women and wonderful sex.

emmaawsome 2013.01.29
well done really good game love the graphics

emmaawsome 2013.01.29
great game reaslly fun game to play

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

shadowmarker 2013.01.26
i relly like the graphics of this game

mariemassacre 2013.01.26
i cant stop playing this game!!!

mariemassacre 2013.01.26
such an amazing game, sucks how short it is.. /;

EroTsukune 2013.01.24
I Like games of lesbians, and this game is amazing.

Robbyro 2013.01.24
Great graphisms and wonderfull lesbian scenes

vgvet 2013.01.22
definitely one of the harder games. but also one of the best.

Sergio1234 2013.01.17
Great game to play for those who like lesbian, nice graphics and very hot to.

draven100 2013.01.16
one of the best LOP games.

Jajerjack 2013.01.13
Games made by these folks always have very good character models. Not always the best dialogue quality, though.

CameronTH 2013.01.13
this is a good game with nice graphics

nanyaly 2013.01.12
It`s pretty easy to tell this is a beta version. If this were the actual release, I`d be pretty disappointed in the level of effort, but since it`s a beta, it`s a very good start. There are some obvious continuity issues, like the magical switch from the restroom to the dressing room. It`s difficult to tell sometimes who is saying what. The text box is headed Christy, but the text seems to be spoken to Christy, and it`s Rose`s picture in the visual. The endings are pretty disappointing, just a collage of pictures. It`s almost like you woke up one morning, saw the calendar, and said, "I`ve got to end this one today!" Then, just wrote the very simple endings. Sorry if that seems harsh, but I`m guessing that you released this beta version because you`re looking for criticism and suggestions. There`s a spot or two where the language is a bit stilted and awkward, but it`s obvious that you`ve incorporated an English speaker in the copy process, and that`s good. All in all, a pretty good start, I`m looking forward to the finished product.

Mr. Magic 2013.01.08
Not the best plot or gameplay, but the women are hot.

bigbellend7 2013.01.07
A good game with stunningly clear graphics

pericka 2013.01.05
Loved the game, good endings and super story!!!

ytu.yaya 2013.01.05
One of their best games. Good endings

natalyasvensson 2013.01.05
good graphics, exceptional girls, perfect match for a great game

balelaz 2013.01.03
this game is wonderful with 2 gorgeous girls and good graphics

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.03
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

The_Best 2013.01.02
Adorei muito legal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tslutz 2012.12.29
Great graphics, great story.

SweetiePie1905 2012.12.29
This game is soooo good! But I keep on making the wrong decsion

diorna 123 2012.12.28
help pllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz

diorna 123 2012.12.28
im stuck in this game in the bit when u need to make christie wet

Docklander 2012.12.28
Fun, with nice graphics, thanks

egggo 2012.12.27
Loved the game, good endings and super story!

maycombios 2012.12.27
good game with some good scenes

ahmedboy123 2012.12.27
this game is great i like the animation and the graphic is amazing

kmacroxs 2012.12.25
This is a great game. It has great scenes, great endings, and great graphics. Just what I`ve come to expect from LoP.

bigdick68 2012.12.23
great game with amazing graphics

bsbsanders 2012.12.23
i love to play this game.

Buick 2012.12.20
Some what of a teaser game, but fun nonetheless.

shevamilan 2012.12.19
pretty hard to get ending of the game..not so interesting to lesbian sex games..but good display anyway

scopeman 2012.12.19
Mature and a young lesbian = classic . love it for sure. thanks

sele81 2012.12.16
the two girls are so hot!!

brock4691 2012.12.12
Amazing Tits on both girls, just amazing.

rizer01 2012.12.11
this game has great graphics

ohlala 2012.12.09
the best game so far it was really niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

MV2150 2012.12.08
A little hard to reach all of the endings, much less know how many there are that you can achieve. Otherwise, "clean" (LOL) graphics and "straight"-forward (LOL again!) gamplay.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


LincolnSense 2012.11.17
I have always loved this game

casillasvvbb 2012.11.15
nice game great graphics

sexyback2068 2012.11.10
It`s a cool game with great graphics. It`s one of my favorites!

masterboy307 2012.10.31
i liked this game very much

masterboy307 2012.10.31
a game full of sex and passion

masterboy307 2012.10.31
wow wonderful game of my thought

ampdsmith 2012.10.29
Rose and Cristy are too sexy. I will play this game again!!

sau01 2012.10.27
Not have ending 5... cry...

Xuz007 2012.10.23
what a game. i want more like this.

djsquad 2012.10.23
lesbians are awesome, nice graphics to

omega2012 2012.10.22
this game was amazing,i love lesbian games :)

jokerseba 2012.10.21
i love the lesbians girls :)

kittylover65 2012.10.17
i love this game and i ytink it could be improved with a threesome

MaryseFan 2012.10.15
These games are just right for me...Teriffic graphics!!!!

raymond totolupi 2012.10.14
Nice game, and its enough for me

pussymuncher 2012.10.14
game could be improved with more positions

happysandw1ch 2012.10.13
i think its a great game, but i dont really get it what you have to fo when you finally get into action, that bar doesnt go up for me... someone plz explain? i have this with all the games :(

anthonyuk 2012.10.11
wish id have had more girls to pick from, other than that, great visuals

lolcake2 2012.10.09
Loved the endings and the girls, great game!

Dj_vladoss 2012.10.04
this is a cool game,and girls are very hoooot!!

Twister19 2012.10.03
a bit underdeveloped. has potential but falls fladt due lack of options and static "love" scenes. control doesn`t work to well either...

coremetal 2012.10.03
Very cool story, nice graphic

jennah88 2012.09.26
interesting story but way too short

coolsam123 2012.09.22
cool game the girls were amazing

john4828 2012.09.18
good game great graphics. wpould be better if there was more interacton though

livinglifesince1998 2012.09.17
Really fantastic game....The girls are toooo hot

Jokke1 2012.09.16
A very very hot game, the ladys in this game look just amazing. I think i will play couple more times :-)

Darth Revan 2012.09.12
Great game!! very sexy ladies!! hot scenes

ManlyAwesomeness 2012.09.09
but i did really bad though.

ManlyAwesomeness 2012.09.09
amazing games. sexy girls.

UnShoCkaBle 2012.09.09
So hot ! I wanna play that game again and again !
The graphics are good and the story ...

yopyo3812 2012.09.06
gorgeous lesbian !!! i love it !!

kiimeeg 2012.09.06
love the animation and graphics

SHADE641 2012.09.05
Great Game.
Wonderful ways of getting things done great art.......just needs more flair..........worker at shop was hot but main character.....not so much

misfits 2012.09.03
beautiful story,beautiful women,great graphics and gameplay

valyrian 2012.08.27
this game is amazing, but little short

shre1928 2012.08.26
best lesbian game and the girls made me cum

darin 2012.08.26
the game was awesome the girls were vary hot

dhruboPassion 2012.08.22
Really fantastic game....The girls are toooo hot

TheBlackReaper7 2012.08.21
This game was really interesting. I`m sure to play it a few times and really see what I can get out of the different choices.

Rivers 2012.08.16
I really like the ending. it gives us different scenario possible, which is really good.

Rivers 2012.08.16
The graphics animation is simply too great. I would really congratulate the designers of the game.

Rivers 2012.08.16
This game is really really amasing. The quality of graphics too good.

pirandello75 2012.08.14
fun and kinky ... loved it

oXDarkEyesXo 2012.08.10
Nice game but I wished it had more sexual scenes and the plessure bar it feels eternal to fill up XD

slapp 2012.08.07
these girls r very sexy and hot plus the outfits r very sexy

slapp 2012.08.06
game sooo sexy i lvoe lesbian there just awesome and sexy at the same time i will play this game alot

vince45 2012.08.06
i love this game and plus i love lesbian girls soo hot

mykey071 2012.08.05
awesome game i will keep playing

bigdick90 2012.08.03
nice endings but the best is when they fuck on the toilet with a strap on

bigdick90 2012.08.03
hot scense amazing gameplay and the babes are sexy

Slayer5o1690 2012.08.02
Awesome game, very great graphics, ill play it over and over again.

GrimRpr 2012.08.01
great game but to short, great graphics, and good story

dk37 2012.07.29
good game how many endings to short

Jason123456 2012.07.28
Good graphics. Always good quality from this publisher.

riverrock 2012.07.27
Please develope these games more. This is really good as an opening. But as the whole game it just feels uncomplete.

bluenoser1972 2012.07.24
Very good game... Hot women, lesbians and sexy outifts...
Makes for playing over and over again well worth it

Wael90 2012.07.23
Quality game as always, truly enjoyed it! Great graphics and structure.

skinnie 2012.07.18
Great game with hot woman. Just gotta keep playing to find all the endings

emmuz 2012.07.08
love playing this game again and again

ShyL0ve 2012.07.06
Great Sexy Game, the women are so hot
I kept choosing the wrong ending at first

CaptFantastic 2012.07.04
I just love a lot of the Lesson`s of Passion games. Very challenging.

horyn1959 2012.06.29
this is a great game and is easy to play

Killa00 2012.06.29
Now this is perfect game 5 stars.

Minnie2012 2012.06.28
I love this game, I have played it a few times but it seems to be a little short. I would love if the game was longer. but its still bookmarked on my lp :)

Nemesisub 2012.06.24
Very good quality and super sexy girls,
the game is really really good but a little short,
i would like to see more lesbian games/stories

Ala.boobies 2012.06.17
They should give better options because on one of them the person doesn`t even do the action

Ala.boobies 2012.06.17
it`s a good game but there should really be more options. And I think there really could be a better ending.

Emmie 2012.06.15
Good game, but would like to have more endings, I could only get 3, unless there were more??

surfkungen 2012.06.15
Very good quality and super sexy girls

Drillseen 2012.06.13
The game is really good but short.

marlin 2012.06.13
The game is okay, just a too short with not enough interactive scenes and options. Would like to see more lesbian games/stories

bbbbiiikkklllgg 2012.06.12
i like the gameplay off this game

soaddicted 2012.06.12
I really like this one. I wish it would be longer and have more interactions. Maybe some sound too

rkgfe 2012.06.10
love it not a bril story line but good gfx love Lesbian games.

pes1234567 2012.06.08
i love this game it is amazing

Antalbaoc 2012.06.06
Avery good game..... So erotic !!!!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.03
Great game, sexy girls, would be nice to have more ending therefore

chris_avril 2012.06.01
Good, Lacks interactions and is quite lenthy.

KAYLAP96 2012.05.27

KAYLAP96 2012.05.27

lesteen36 2012.05.26
I love this game! This is my third time playing it! It`s turns me on so much! It`s so hot!!! I would love to be there with them and fucking them too!!!!!! ;)

bahamut86 2012.05.25
Good grafic and story, a bit short

im000123 2012.05.25
Really a good game, with great graphics. Models are so hot...
Maybe only too short, IMHO.
But I can`t stop playing.
Other thing... I don`t know where to write this: how long for a game with Keeley and Christine together? I (and not only me, i think) would love it!

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

cybervampire 2012.05.23
great game not easy could do with a walkthrough to get all endings

lezaddict 2012.05.21
I love this game (I just wish such things could happen in real life too... sigh.)

BabyBoy6 2012.05.17
i divorced her husband and made out with the lesbian clerk

BabyBoy6 2012.05.17
they had sex so great fingering orgasms all that stuff (JK)

BabyBoy6 2012.05.17
the best parts were in the dressing room when they were naked

BabyBoy6 2012.05.17
this game is so cool and awesome its amazing because they do so much with each other

dyl1570 2012.05.08
both girls are very hot, story could be a little longer and have more ending options

rubinr 2012.05.08
Needs more Christy. I do like the options, though.

firetmaster 2012.05.08
very seductive and hot, but the touch features felt really buggy to me

beast8771 2012.05.06
very good, like the girls

desknight05 2012.05.04
Very nicely done game...enjoyed it very much

nikki_hunter84 2012.05.03
Very sexy girls, but I wish it was longer.

mikemike99009 2012.05.02
this game is easy and fun

loli123 2012.05.01
Great game, sexy girls, would be nice to have more ending therefore

Ulysses 2012.05.01
Absolutely amazing. Amazing graphics, characters, and story.

Chris_12345 2012.04.28
man do i love lesbian games

domo098 2012.04.27
one of lop`s greatest games ever, needs to be longer though

katia90 2012.04.26
I love this game, i really enjoyed it, hope to go shopping that way =)

r1ch3y 2012.04.24
A little twitchy on the massage part but still really good.

sarkyr 2012.04.24
This one is absolutely amazing

papa_shango 2012.04.23
Really good game, good endings and hot women

john191 2012.04.18
Good game could be longer

CodeGlass 2012.04.18
damn such a good game,nice graphic

spixen 2012.04.18
This game is really great!

Mercer1190 2012.04.17
very hot game i like that lop finally added a lesbian game but wish it was longer

TryYourLuck22 2012.04.14
it was ok but i couldnt figure out the controls and its very emotional

XiaLeeTong 2012.04.14
This game is good for emotional release, it`s a little quick though

logical 2012.04.11
nice i like that

girls like girls :)

publictit 2012.04.07
Hope there is a second installment

aceasd 2012.04.07
Great graphic hope will be longer story or a a continue of this game

bobytt 2012.04.06
I dont like the whole lesbian idea. Its a waste of material.

gunny07 2012.04.05
Awsome game enjoyed playing it.

saucer 2012.04.04
OMG THIS is fucking beautiful. beatiful ladies and swaga story line

Aileene09 2012.04.03
someone help me im lonely

erfanrassi 2012.03.25
sexy girls with sexy graphics makes a sexy game

rupert4 2012.03.25
good graphics nice story line needs better sfx

king2pm 2012.03.23
super gra, fajna grafika, ciekawa rozgrywka

georgefilipe 2012.03.22
Please keep on doing this well, good games, even better grafhtic... u guys are getting better and better!!!

giacomo004 2012.03.22
The game is very nice and sexy, and i loved the end!

mercksrule 2012.03.20
This game is a lot of fun, but it should be longer.

John G 2012.03.19
After finding the correct sequences the scenes are really hot.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

stev56 2012.03.12
Good gime but a bit short

Kenshin 2012.03.11
Nice game, just had a bit of trouble with finding the correct touching zones sometimes

Dansama92 2012.03.07
Was an ok game but could have been better animation

Million 2012.03.06
Really hot game
nice graphics

unlimited 2012.03.04
what a great story. love the strapon scene.

LesboHunter31 2012.03.03
this is is HOT and i LOVE that there`s a really sexy lesbian part in this game

GHOSTx 2012.03.01
This was awesome. Good graphic and story.

kaushik04 2012.03.01
This game it`s so excited, I like the idea, I wonder what else the guys from Lessons of Passion are preparing. Maybe it will be nice that for the other games to be a mixed (guys and girls) team who will write the screenplay. I think it will be more challenging. hot babes booby

Hater_69 2012.02.26
Trying to get all the endings

ancuta 2012.02.26
This is also my dream j3ssie! nice picture....:P, perfect game to turn me lol

j3ssie 2012.02.26
this is like a dream come true to me

jimbornk 2012.02.26
nice, funny, I hope to see more interaction, too

InfamousAzn 2012.02.26
they should make more lesbian games, maybe with younger characters and a more advanced story line and multiple endings. 8.1/10

bludshot 2012.02.26
nice game to rush for me but its nice...

it could be longer and with more action scenes

pengting. 2012.02.21
the games abit short and it should carry on. but it`s hot.

Nemo2222 2012.02.21
Great game, super graphics. The translations could be better, but the game goes well regardless.

dylan42 2012.02.20
excellent game. a little short and not enough hot scenes. but it stays a excellent game

hibernate164ever 2012.02.20
no complaints, good game overall... except for one of the endings doesn`t end so... you know.

mcgooner 2012.02.17
this game is great i play it all the time. The multiple endings make you want to play it many times. also the endings are very hot

zero k22 2012.02.16
this is one of the best games

olli128 2012.02.16
i`m missing the walkthrough here, could anyone post one? Thanks.

whosnext5999 2012.02.14
love this game. beautiful women and good story

Taraborn 2012.02.14
I loved the bit where she gets the strapon in the toilet. It is an awesome game

arsalan111 2012.02.14
OOOOH MAN those legs in those stockings and high heels mmmm nice i cummed to this

impruneta 2012.02.13
One of the best games. Good endings and good story!

Royal1 2012.02.13
Nice graphics. How many endings are there?

saas 2012.02.10
nice game to rush for me but its nice...

it could be longer and with more action scenes

cfritz5 2012.02.10
really good game, i really liked the story line

Degekzelf 2012.02.09
Good game, as always these from lessonofpassion look awesome. The circular meter you have to click is nice as i`ve not seen it in other games from them, it`s nice to see variation. Only comment, like alot of others say, it is a bit short.

Zezkhril 2012.02.09
Hot girls but would like a little longer story here ...

afca023 2012.02.07
Great game, but kinda short.

barnard3 2012.02.07
the game is great just wish it was longer

PIG0721 2012.02.07
i keep get d same ending!!!

jeribee32 2012.02.07
im a lesbian and i love this game so much fun

masterxmp33 2012.02.06
the game was well plotted i really like how different choices lead to different results

BlackDragon6969 2012.02.02
This is one of the best games on this site! It has great graphics and storyline. Please make more like this!!!

ant818hoe 2012.01.30
love this game, its so sexy

deathmcbunny 2012.01.27
great game problem is can only get one ending

Vman098 2012.01.24
this game is awesome just wish it was longer

sexybi 2012.01.22
i love this game, but i keep getting the same endings

Andrew989 2012.01.21
Another awesome sex eperience! Ahhhh! I`m so horny

ben_500 2012.01.21
well, it is a cool game, good graphic but the story is too linear and...the lips, those llips...she is sexy and all but i can`t really find that attractive but that`s just my opinion

Pietsen 2012.01.21
Really nice Game. But graphic can be better.

xxmetalbxx 2012.01.20
Very sexy, I just wish it had more action.

Gene0877 2012.01.20
nice game to rush for me but its nice

rayray 2012.01.18
very good game and i enjoyed the graphics

dami148 2012.01.18
i liked the concept of the game but i hate how the decisions at the begining dont do anything at the end and i do think the ending could be a bit better but still its a very good game.

Master MonoRochi 2012.01.18
Had another go at it and found new and exiting action! Great; can`t wait for more!

Chyeahh 2012.01.18
I feel like the game was rushed, each time I saw the "Click her to see your ending" I thought that I had done something wrong. Other then that great game.

lily s. 2012.01.18
i like the plot but the graphics could b better.

Christopher_R 2012.01.18
I enjoy the games like this, they should make more lesbian games similar to this one.

betelgeuse49 2012.01.17
Update : Th eothe rgame I have problems with is also an LOP one. Somebody else must have experienced the same problem before. Anyone know a fix for this?

betelgeuse49 2012.01.16
Anyone else having trouble with the bar not moving despite using the hand icon all over Rose in the changing room? Can`t remember the game now but I think that has happened before in anothe rone. Not sure what could be wrong as everything else works OK in this and other games. Any ideas appreciated.

Master MonoRochi 2012.01.16
Extremely seductive! I think the graphics and the background setting is really complimentary to the appearance of the women; they are really breathtaking. There could be a few changes of the scene when the characters speak to themselves. Superb!

Adur 2012.01.16
gameplay 7: graphic 7: animation 5. Intresting game.

guitarguy1611 2012.01.15
Nice plot. a little difficult

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a nice game with nice girls

Kelly-Lover 2012.01.13
I love it!! Great graphics, more endings would be better. Great game!!

sweetkari 2012.01.11
Great gameplay, love the girls, wish it was a little longer

faybang 2012.01.11
I think if you say to divorce him, in the ending, you should actually divorce him or else there is no point to making us choose. Apart from that it was a good game but a little short

Guillaume 2012.01.11
Game is great but ending are ridiculous

heretoplay 2012.01.10
i`m stuck at the part where her ass is exposed

gorex 2012.01.10
Great characters, hot girls but not the top

geekboy 2012.01.09
Great graphics, very sexy but nothing seems to work. Clicking, moving the mouse. Click and hold. Shame really, could be a good game.

Hatchetwarrior970 2012.01.09
Awesome i love the lesbian action

giora89 2012.01.08
graphic as usual, but with new girls

wilmer99 2012.01.08
Another Success by Playforceone.com

Vaidas89 2012.01.08
Beautiful characters, they`re both hot

fffvsdsf 2012.01.08
I like that this game has multiple lines to it and you cna be different each time.

bprince 2012.01.07
Really good graphics. Probably need more involvement from the gamer.

damngirl 2012.01.06
best one yet, super hot girls and amazing graphics

mikkel 2012.01.06
Nice game, and hot girls too, i love the emdings

Xtreme23 2012.01.05
i love this game, graphics are good and story is okay!

Zinzinbadio 2012.01.04
very good game but roses face looks a little manish

FraterBusujima 2012.01.03
One of my favourite games, very nice plot

latin16 2012.01.03
the girls in this game are so hot, the graphics are very nice, its a wonderful game

Matt2404 2012.01.02
excellent graphics, great game. only problem is its not long enough

jcc1985 2011.12.30
good game great graphics girls are hot

MissLia 2011.12.29
Game was a little rushed, still very good. Would play it again without a doubt.

iloveme 2011.12.28
This game was seductive..And i really liked it,i just wish it wasn`t so short> ):

wally98 2011.12.26
Enjoyable game. Graphics are good and the girls are hot. I will play it again.

lgirlvang 2011.12.24
loved it. especially how the different clothes effected the thins said in the tease

barak98 2011.12.24
his game is awesome, I like it

barak98 2011.12.24
GAME is relevant , super graphic , animation and very interesting action

dunmer 2011.12.23
Great game, i love lesbian games, doesn`t seem to be enough i would love it if you guys made some more lesbian games :P

jarredvc101 2011.12.23
i love to see two hot girls fucking the shit out of each other

Abbas elkbeer 2011.12.20
Two Hot Girls in one game, fucking great. just great game.
just and only it`s short .

camellofeliz 2011.12.20
Great story with great graphics

letsseego 2011.12.18
The game is okay.. The girls are kind of ugly lol but it was pretty easy lol. :D

sexxilexi100 2011.12.18
GAME is relevant , super graphic , animation and very interesting action

LikingDyking 2011.12.16
I loved the graphics in this game, plus the ending and story line are amazing as well!

Fapencio 2011.12.16
Great story with great graphics

HowTheFuckDoYouDoThat 2011.12.15
this game is good its not amazing but it has it`s moments 6/10 not much action

Killerbee123 2011.12.15
This game is awesome, I like it.

messeratti 2011.12.14
one of my favourite. awesome game

Sexytits123 2011.12.11
Far out that made me wanna cum SOO bad!!

pfone2011 2011.12.09
Good game but a bit shot and limited.

icebox363 2011.12.09
This is a really good game. I liked it alot

Lizzie 2011.12.07
Awesome game with even more awesome graphics!!!

brobro 2011.12.06
Great graphics and storyline

Les 2011.12.06
Endings need to be played out. Graphics good story good. ANimation could have been better but was adequate.

rahulkrishna1234 2011.12.05
this game has good graphics...lesson of passion rocks

bsalover47 2011.12.03
this is a hot game all the endings are good

dewamaulana 2011.12.01
this game is quite a piece.
animation- very nice. just need to include lots of positions for lesbians
storyline - wonder it can escalate into a orgy of girls. now that`s great!
overall, rate 7.5/10. try it!

theattack 2011.11.30
Great animation and gameplay, loved it

lesbpussy 2011.11.30
Really love this game has great graphics plus the girl on girl action adds to it so all in all I say I give this game 100 points

Saarland 2011.11.28
nice gameplay nice graphic

jayjay 210 2011.11.27
this game is the best game so far

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

Aeok 2011.11.24
my god. this game its so hot.. i love lesbians

xxxSEXYxxx 2011.11.24
This game is awesome! it gets me really wet

smuleman98 2011.11.24
the game hade good graphics and good gameplay

jomi 2011.11.20
cool graphics and cool moves of girl on girll

shadowwolf159 2011.11.20
very good game,more endings,very hot scenes

Ubber1 2011.11.20
I love this game and love the graphics.

moncerious 2011.11.19
Awesome game, love girl on girl action

Draftee 2011.11.18
this is the best game! I love the ladies licking each other!

cuanwahana 2011.11.18
oh brother, i wet my self again

HarSlan 2011.11.16
nice game,cool graphics!!!

REIVAJ311 2011.11.16
hell, where no women so beautiful how are you? Lesbian or not love I really!

weezle 2011.11.15
i love the multiple ending senarios

texasviper77089 2011.11.15
good graphics i liked the different endings i wish the games contained foot play for the foot fetish guys

medjai 2011.11.14
Gamplay enjoyabale with different endings :)

Silin 2011.11.14
nice game,cool graphics!!!

peter65 2011.11.14
Great game, tried different endings...loved it!

sexygirl23 2011.11.13
Really good game played it a couple times but its short.

dylan69 2011.11.13
cool game with 2 amazing women with hot bodys

24AWSOMEDUDE 2011.11.12
I think that it`s awsome that the graphics are this good, on a great girl on girl game.

kklove 2011.11.12
really great game. Wish there was more

praztyo 2011.11.12
i loves juices and boobs

Decidedly Fishy 2011.11.11
Good game with a great storyline and I love having multiple endings to try and achieve.

Icobra 2011.11.11
Very good game nice story

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

fraggles123 2011.11.10
Great game, and the girls are sexy!

C.C. 2011.11.10
I keep trying for better endings but I seem to get the same ones even when I try different approaches

ayon243 2011.11.09
was one of the best i`ve played so far

tommo2085 2011.11.08
Very sexy game. Very hot !!

lennert0345 2011.11.06
love this game would play it always! me like

mild-fighter 2011.11.05
This game is amazing wish there more like it, one ending found but I`m still not done

marceline3 2011.11.05
Awesome game... I just loved it. They need more lesbian games.

SexyFuckingBitch 2011.11.04
I found so attractive two women having sex is the best i loves juices and boobs i wish they made more of a tease

scotslad83 2011.11.04
good game, It seems easy but it`s more complicated than it seems at first.

Shadowford 2011.11.04
Out right kick ass. The gameplay, graphic and animation just rules. Cant get better then this game

pipiolo 2011.11.04
muy bueno el juego, con escenas muy calientes

owned! 2011.11.03
I Iked the scenes and the endings. Great game

blackworld90 2011.11.03
interesting graphics and good stories

hallzy2011 2011.11.02
the games a bit short but a good game enjoyed it

kanf 2011.11.01
A bit short and few interactive scenes. Endings are a little poor too

tizzel44 2011.10.31
great game, nice and interesting dialog.

jjwert 2011.10.31
Yet another great game with great graphics and animations!

CapnMorgan 2011.10.29
My only complaint is that you move from the buildup to "click here to see your ending" way too quickly. It leaves you wondering if you did it wrong. It`s almost like 2 stages of a 3 stage rocket were built, and they just decided to fly a flag saying "Congratulations, you`re on the moon!" instead of coding the hardest part.

lshone501 2011.10.27
very erotic fun to play great animation

tdaynis 2011.10.27
sexy game...........erotic girls.........good graphics.......nice storyline............! what else would u want?

zozo123 2011.10.27
great gameplay and animation

darkhapki 2011.10.26
very good graphics and good story

eminem093 2011.10.22
aesome game. i have played two times and love it!

bubba90 2011.10.22
Awesome game. i have played it several times and still enjoy it

sexygirl1 2011.10.22
im stuck in the game i need help in the dressing room

michikage 2011.10.21
Cool Game nice graphics and awsome story. i hope they make another one just like this one

zozo123 2011.10.21
very great graphic! Nice story

liggumz 2011.10.19
one of the best graphix. good game.

DGL611 2011.10.16
i really like this game very realistic

czechger 2011.10.16
10 points for this game. absolutly hot.

outrage 2011.10.16
very nice graphics, sex action is a bit too limited in this types of games

Roebio 2011.10.16
Loved the game, good endings and super story!

piffyi 2011.10.15
i love this game the graphics are amazing and the clothes are incredible

seager 2011.10.13
This is reasonably sexy with nice women.

flampard409 2011.10.13
very goood gaame with hot scenes and grapics

sexy1013 2011.10.13
i think that this game is pretty hard when it has to do with touching her.

stadthern 2011.10.13
this game has sexy women

smart409 2011.10.12
very hot scenes i love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

mya_2cute 2011.10.12
Very sexy game i loved it

Aragog64 2011.10.11
Nice graphics. It`s a little harder to do thehands cenes but i supose it`s my inability.

j-man831 2011.10.11
The game was amazing. And the graphics were awsome too. Really loved the the game

justapeek 2011.10.11
nice game, but needs more endings
graphics are fine though

Kalderza 2011.10.10
Good game, more endings would be nice.

hellsing 2011.10.10
very sexy game need more ending though

hamza 1 2011.10.10
this is best games i ever playeeeddddddd

M03SCH1 2011.10.09
graphic is top, story not bad, all in all good game

nowayy 2011.10.09
Great fun sexy game awesome would polay again

anton9100 2011.10.09
very provocative game and good graphics The endings are great love it

deese25 2011.10.09
awesome gotta love hot lesbians

MasturbedGirl 2011.10.09
muito bom esse jogo, final muito bom, sensual, e com cenas muito quentes

a1_wall 2011.10.09
very sexy and provocative, who doesn`t love hot lesbians

doute 2011.10.08
very beautiful girls, interesting places like dress up cabin. Luv this :P

timmoe 2011.10.08
not bad. i like lesbian action a lot :>

Symbolisch 2011.10.07
This game is incredible, simply superb

tbonetmm 2011.10.07
i luve this game n the gaephics r great

dds123 2011.10.06
I am stuck at moving hand with red lingerie

Ironman365 2011.10.06
Super hot women
super hot graphics

roderick 2011.10.05
i think that the game needed a better story line....and more sex scenes

doddi 2011.10.04
Super graphics, beautiful women

kinglear 2011.10.04
would like to have more lesbian sexscenes. very good graphics

madmikenmolly 2011.10.04
Very hot game.....the girls are so sexy.....but, I would have liked some sound effects.....also, the controls weren`t exactly state of the art...

msgirl 2011.10.03
nice i love it i felt soooooooooooooooooooo horny

djacko 2011.10.02
a little bit short but a good game with action

Jack2711 2011.10.02
really amazing game
great graphics and both chicks are really hot
only thing that is negative is that the endings are a bit unsatisfying

Maikelvr 2011.10.02
Super graphics, beautiful women and wonderful sex.

D_Murph 2011.10.02
Love the graphics, great storyline also

BrianBB 2011.10.02
This is the best lesbian game that I have found. It rocks and so do all the women!!

Sexy Lesbians 2011.10.01
I can only get to one ending where she teases her. Can anybody help me on how to get different endings? Thanks.

kergeller 2011.09.30
good graphics different endings worth to play again and again

sanzomalaya 2011.09.30
nice graphic..perhaps more on the erotic sounds might be interesting. cheers

wildman6969 2011.09.30
HOT game. will have play for other endings now.

thiagod 2011.09.29
jogo massa loco de baum to tentando descobrir todosc os finais

Temperor 2011.09.29
LOP games are the best. Great game. Keep it cummin`. ;)

horair 2011.09.29
excellent graphics, nice story line!

Slipmeister 2011.09.28
nice game but different endings are hard to get.

John G 2011.09.28
Very entertaining but still hard to get all of the endings.

crzyone 2011.09.27
I liked it a lot but story could have been a bit better, overall an excellent game in my opinion

Scarpia 2011.09.26
Great graphics... lacks animation, but a good game.

rexterjohn15 2011.09.26
gorgeous girl she is cool

cherry432 2011.09.25
very good game! graphics are great an storyline is ok. more games like these!!

Liehovar 2011.09.25
great game, one of my favorite

playboy1982 2011.09.25
this game is cool probably cause its based on every guys fantasy.

Shank 2011.09.25
great game, really hot and easy to play

Gplow 2011.09.23
Great game and great characters but it`s a little too short

kiabia 2011.09.22
this game seems so real as if ur actually in it.

so31398 2011.09.22
the game would have been better if there was a guy involved

bdohpl 2011.09.22
short but good game with sexy actresses

simz2011 2011.09.22
really sexy game great animation im gonna keep playing this game until ive seen all the endings :)

GreyWord 2011.09.21
lesbians! i just can`t resist

R3dC0br4 2011.09.20
Hot game, hot girls, excellent quality overall. And the different lingerie and scenes were great

buchany 2011.09.20
Yeah its alright, like lesbian action is good, but i have seen better.

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
omg so hot and sexy, my favorit, keep them coming

NiceSarah 2011.09.19
cool game, christy is awesome :P the game was a bit short, but it was awesome :D

jonnywalker258 2011.09.19
Nice game although the endings could be more satisfying, it`s like something is still missing but I can`t really name it.

KReight 2011.09.19
decent game, a bit too easy to fail unexpectedly though

DreamTim 2011.09.18
I`m not very fond of lesbians scenes but this one is cool

belcrum 2011.09.18
good game hope there will be a seqeul

Seyenne 2011.09.18
Excellent Story and Graphics. I got a little dissapointed of how short it was though. But extremely nice anyway.

stavi87 2011.09.17
best game ever! the graphics are amazing, the storyline is great and the sex scenes are HOT!
awesome job with this game!

MisterNoob 2011.09.16
Fantastic. This is an amazing work of art.

kk13 2011.09.16
This is one of the better games that I`ve played.

piskerg 2011.09.16
nice game. sexy graphic whit wooow girls

joshultimatum2000 2011.09.15
This game is one of the best. The graphics are amazing and Christy is so fucking hot. Rose`s boobs are the most amazing I have ever seen!

cid1004 2011.09.15
hot graphics, simple but sedductive, one of my favorites

Kevvinfan1 2011.09.14
this game is pretty great i love the interaction

mauzayat 2011.09.11
Really anwesome game. If you can`t reach a cool ending go there and try again cause there`s really good ending and incredible graphics also!!!

lordofdeath 2011.09.11
Good game with good graphics

pablo21 2011.09.11
this is one of the better games I`ve played

ODW8915 2011.09.10
I gotta say, this is one of the better games I`ve played

your mom 2011.09.10
i dont really know what to say ...

matthewdickhead 2011.09.09
great games no wonder so many comments

realmadrid67 2011.09.08
the most excellent game of lesbian.. i wish you put more like this is very awesome!!!

ella 2011.09.07
hot and sexy game too good

BarbieSlut 2011.09.06
absolutely hot hot hot wow great game exciting!!!!

thexcpl 2011.09.06
Wow, Its a mad game, I highly liked the graphics and not to mention the endings :P

airgod 2011.09.05
good game, not enough choices and the ending feels rushed

pussylover222 2011.09.05
Its a really intrsting game i really like it verry verry sexy

darkestnight 2011.09.05
Interesting story really. I really appreciate the interactive erotica thing. This was probably the best one I`ve tried on here yet.

elishacuthbert 2011.09.04
I just love lesbians. The part where rose gets undressed in the store really turned me on.

july1982xx 2011.09.04
Very nice game with very hot chicks.I like it!

vyprson 2011.09.03
very great lesbian adventure

fireflash 2011.09.02
best lesbian game i`ve ever played. Everything seemed to be perfect like the graphics.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice LOP game and hot babes.

sparlock 2011.09.02
put younger girl i dont like to see old ladies fuck

Big Dog 63 2011.09.01
Great lesbian game. Beautiful graphics.

bigcron 2011.08.31
i am so turned on i love lesbians ready to bust

blackburn5368 2011.08.31
very sexy game with gret graphics

DeeJay_Hellbound 2011.08.30
fun to have played very entertaing will play agian

anotherguy21 2011.08.29
ye got to loove lesbians

kikiqueen1 2011.08.29
super story, amazing game! i just loved it! one of best games!

TerrorKiller 2011.08.29
So sexy game with nice end.

andreasberlin 2011.08.29
Hot scenes, plenty of room for personal fantasy

kkilla 2011.08.29
This is easily the best game on this website. The two girls are so hot! This website needs more lesbian content like this that is for sure! 10/10!

reflexian 2011.08.28
The blond woman reminded me to much of my aunt, other then that a nice game, lovely graphics :)

Paragraph 2011.08.26
Hottest couple out there. I wish about the second part...

xerxxes 2011.08.26
thanks cuz i hate gay game :D

xerxxes 2011.08.26
wish them have porn movie

peahea 2011.08.26
loved this game one of the best

tsael 2011.08.25
very nice game gives you fantasy

zepedro 2011.08.25
very good game,more endings,very hot scenes..i have reached one,but i am not ending this game :D

goofydon 2011.08.24
very good game needs more chocies

Sedric 2011.08.24
awesome game lesbians are always good and sexy lingerie is good touch

smlang11191 2011.08.23
Good game. Good graphics. i like how you can choose for both ppl.

Packz 2011.08.22
great game, had tons of fun playing it =)

emarmyguy25 2011.08.22
Love the game, this one is really sexy.

jpsacrey 2011.08.21
very good game very sexy

krzkidd 2011.08.21
very good game,got stuck on the beginning tho

gune 2011.08.20
Was nice, it took me a while to figure out one spot in a scene

ericjayz 2011.08.20
How to get the threesomes ending?

kapo 2011.08.20
they are so hot!! great that you made a game only with girls!!!

larry4871 2011.08.20
got to be my favourite game ever love the big boobs awsome game

Calsem 2011.08.19
Good but felt short. nice scenes too

spider1996 2011.08.19
very good game very sexy

imahornybeast 2011.08.19
the hottest lesbian game everrrrr....top 5 from lesson of passion

gamexpert0 2011.08.18
it was amusing bc i was able to change the story with different options that were shown in the game.

JumpingJack 2011.08.18
I liked this game. took time to get what you wanted.

Idontknow384 2011.08.18
I want more lesbian games!!!!!

cparks247 2011.08.17
great game good storyline alot of fun

sexyboi 2011.08.17
very good more ending and hot scense

cockers91 2011.08.16
Good game....every man`s dream - 2 hot lesbians!

Maniac018 2011.08.15
Loved the game, good end and super story...

sophia 2011.08.15
i loved this game all was perfect

kaal 2011.08.15
very good game love these grafics

John G 2011.08.15
Still trying for the last ending. Others are interesting enough.

Arkaide 2011.08.15
got the secret lover ending and then the threesome xD

Arkaide 2011.08.15
2 endings n gona try n get them all. graphics are good. just except one part with the strapon in the restroom. if u move the mouse a bit higher u cld see Rose with everything below her waist missin`

cas26 2011.08.15
another hot amazing game great graphic and game play, as others have said maybe longer

mwshanker 2011.08.14
...wish the game was longer

acrimony_ 2011.08.14
Good game. Would be nice to have more endings.

highmiler69 2011.08.14
i really liked the graphics and the women where smokeing hot

memem 2011.08.13
Overall great game although extened the gameplay somemore, it seems a bit short. otherwise not bad at all

codyt867 2011.08.12
This may be my favorite game on this site, great job!

gorch 2011.08.11
concept is okay but somehow short~~ hot ladies, wanna a sequel!

gamemaster1997 2011.08.10
Good game just cant find all the endings

John G 2011.08.10
Great game. It takes some surprising moves to get all of the endings.

luvstotease 2011.08.09
Awesome story and pictures, but the arrow motions are somewhat annoying on a touchpad.

mage208 2011.08.08
Pretty good game. Dialogue needed tightening, but it was a lot of fun.

TheAshigaru 2011.08.07
The game is great, wish it was longer but great

Manderson256 2011.08.06
The girls here are amazing, truly a fapworthy game!

Goku69 2011.08.05
Both the chicks are awesome in the game.... and the gameplay is smooth..!!

Poshti 2011.08.02
Overall Great game by the way.

kortex 2011.08.02
real nice game...boy the girls are sure hot :)

erzerz 2011.08.01
wish this game was slightly longer with more cutscenes. but other than that, this was great!

eeexxxsss 2011.08.01
It was a nice game i like it its graphic were good

therawberry 2011.08.01
the points with the pleasure bar, the area you had to move over to increase it was a little small but other than that great game

MrChance 2011.08.01
Girls in this game are hot, but the gameplay is merely okay. Nothing special here.

SnipingGlory12 2011.07.31
The scenes are insanely good and the various lingerie are very sexy

Ubber1 2011.07.30
very good game, love the idea of her leaving for another woman. Got three of the endings going for mre.

Chalten 2011.07.30
I really love lesbian games :-) Graphics excelent as usual!

electro*** 2011.07.30
Very good game. I` liket very much*****

imbeastin 2011.07.29
those graphic is all same like the other
i just expect some man at least

lerriano 2011.07.29
would be nice to play the threesome ending

scooter33 2011.07.29
didn`t think I would like it, but I do, very sexy girls, and you have to take half a second to think about it

seb5454 2011.07.29
good game, some of the movements require trying it several times

XxoticChicX 2011.07.29
didnt really get that far..wish i knew what to do next

peon 2011.07.28
LIked the scenes and the endings. Great game

lolcake1 2011.07.27
really good game liked the ending

darkxxxrose 2011.07.26
Amazing game really loved the graphics

photu 2011.07.26
excellent game cool graphics

jer1981 2011.07.26
Wow! These girls are HOT! wish this happened more in real life lol.

Aashrey99 2011.07.23
you should consider making a sequel or something. this game is INSANE! :D :D

NeRo826 2011.07.23
nice game but i need to see more body and more sex

kingdongii 2011.07.23
I think I struck out!

Echo what most are saying, would be nice if it went a little longer.

football52 2011.07.23
game was fun and the ending was great

shadownanto 2011.07.21
Good story line, and the mirror tease has to be seen lol its really funny, enjoy it

avantissimo 2011.07.19
Loved the game, great endings and storyline.

SecretLife 2011.07.19
She hilarious when she teases herself in the mirror =)

ayosylver 2011.07.18
Nice game, awesome graphics, but need to continue the story, i

bceltsau 2011.07.18
a very remarkable game with great endings 5/5

Txus2011 2011.07.17
I think it need more action and less talky talky, my 2 cents.

CleriC 2011.07.16
nice game, hot girls, good story, but i thought it was a bit short and not so many important decisions to make

gpvw100 2011.07.14
I loved the game.
The girls are very sexy and I also liked the different endings.

brusck 2011.07.13

Michielnl 2011.07.13
very very very hot game good endings

cargo 2011.07.13
Nice chicks, great game, love the various endings.

ak_is_pro 2011.07.13
Its a good game but it takes a really long time to get all scenarios

org cena 2011.07.12
lyk d game..especially d gals..

nate17211 2011.07.11
its a good game with good graphics

gb2466mp 2011.07.11
One of the best games i have played

bigdeek23 2011.07.09
One of my favorites...sooooooooo hot

fonix 2011.07.09
I loved all the endings, and the graphics is stunning. Really nice :)

daman126 2011.07.09
great gameplay and excelent graphics

ravitul 2011.07.09
Nice game, could have been longer though.

awsome4233 2011.07.08
I will mever stop playing this game

John G 2011.07.08
Really like the game play but still trying to get a "Happy Ending".

Sgt.Viper 2011.07.07
exelent game and graphics the animations its really good

wts2000 2011.07.03
I`m so glad that they continued with this girl

ejp92 2011.07.03
its a great game but needs more action

thans 2011.07.02
The graphics on this game are great. Very well done

m4t0n 2011.07.01
hots girls makes this game superb

sexualkarnage81 2011.06.29
terrific game, i love both these women, nice story too

durp 2011.06.29
real good game! got stuck for a little time, but figured it out in the end after all!

wag1 2011.06.28
this is a great game you choose how it ends

Rahul09 2011.06.28
this is a nice game i like it very much.

shamburg12 2011.06.27
graphics were great and the grils were hot but the game was little short

nobuddy 2011.06.27
it a good game just loveing it :)

retvx 2011.06.27
wow.it`s really good game!

EddieIV 2011.06.27
this made me really horny and the graphics were great. love this game

downloadsbacon 2011.06.26
All good in this game.
Graphics are good
Gameplay is good
Music is good

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Ha, they use the same girl from Robert The Unfaithful.

Al Jizzera 2011.06.25
Took me a while to get into the good scenes. The girls were gorgeous, wish there was more action.

cypisek1233 2011.06.25
i`ve given 100 to other games, but now I know I should leave 100 for that. I wonder how many endings it has :D

lovedove 2011.06.24
this made me really horny and the graphics were great. love this game

Daccad 2011.06.24
good short game needs more action though

puru 2011.06.24
this game is nice and fast

goldensteve73 2011.06.24
I could not get interface to get bar to work

darkearic 2011.06.24
this game was very interesting. i was getting hard as a rock checking out the two girls bodies.

christi62 2011.06.23
le pied oh ouiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^^

PRDX4 2011.06.23
too short and way too easy

aniceguy22 2011.06.23
i like this game gonna play more

alexrol 2011.06.23
Wow , i really like those girls

animalism69 2011.06.22
Super hot girls, nice and easy plot, more endings would be great...

hornynwilling69 2011.06.21
this game is great...please make more like it

gertje 2011.06.21
yes, the bathroom scene is pretty weird and the endings are not realy satisfying.
the girls are damn hot, no doubt, but the whole thing looks unfinished. so i expect a seccond part of the game

Nihalus 2011.06.21
Great game

to short :(

superdavid 2011.06.21
It`s a good game with hot women

chip chipperson 2011.06.20
ok i guess. just kept waiting for it to turn that corner and get super hot, but after three plays still no corner in site

sexyginger 2011.06.19
this game is the best. brilliant graphics - how do they do it every time?

powerpuff 2011.06.19
how can i get a scene with threesome?

BigBadWolf68 2011.06.19
great sotry line as well as animation excelent game

BigBadWolf68 2011.06.19
Excelent Graphics mutiple endings over all excelent game

xman99115 2011.06.18
great game a little short tho.

doej 2011.06.18
WOW, these girls are just so hot, please make more games like this!

Pimpswick90 2011.06.18
Everything was good the graphics the story it is an amazing game

fucker112 2011.06.18
it would be a great game if it were longer and harder

busu99 2011.06.18
Amazing game. good story line

Orange69 2011.06.17
Pretty hot and sexy but its too short...The ending is quite unsatisfied too.

renthestinky1 2011.06.17
very hot, although a bit short and predictable.

borsten 2011.06.16
nice short, but no dicks involved :)

zier101 2011.06.16
graphically this is a beautiful game but rose is not her hair cut is not attractive at all

chrischaos 2011.06.16
Another enjoyable game with great graphics.

YeahhiTzRyan 2011.06.16
i would have to say this is one of the best lesbian videos

YeahhiTzRyan 2011.06.16
love this game and the ending is great

YeahhiTzRyan 2011.06.15
Really fun game and cool story line

ssssssss 2011.06.15
really good game, but it needed just ab it more

demonssail 2011.06.15
good graphics a very interesting story and some sexy chicks

quinn201215 2011.06.14
great game. love the variety of endings.

alexpettyferlove 2011.06.14
Fuck good, blondes and brunettes wait for me!!!

gonrad 2011.06.14
various interactions....good game..

aficionado 2011.06.14
aarrgghhh...failed in the first try..too rushed i guess..will try again ;)

vinci1243 2011.06.13
one of da bests.. well keep on making games like this one..

vinci1243 2011.06.13
this game is enjoyable... had a good time

Samjam 2011.06.13
The gameplay is a bit slowly this time.

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
enjoyed the different endings, very nice game

Tomcatt 2011.06.13
i had a very good time playing this game

toffy 2011.06.13
very good games graphics and girls is so beautiful

Fortuna 2011.06.13
very good game - different endings good graphic - played several times

booboo527 2011.06.13
this is a great game. it has great graphics and believable scenarios!

Ketzi666 2011.06.12
Totally awesome! Finest graphics and animation!

vasek 2011.06.12
very good game,more endings,very hot scenes

lickylicky 2011.06.11
lesbian games are the best story line is great

Qotsa 2011.06.11
pretty good game... not often that there are lesbian only games

shinjisan 2011.06.11
Unbelievable graphics, love the multi-endings, and hot, hot scenes!

V-Lex9 2011.06.11
Amazing game. good story line

Makenra 2011.06.11
I`m impressed on the graphics.. it`s usual LOP, but there might`ve been better animations required.. anyways, It`s same quality as others.. keep up the good work :)

mvexille 2011.06.11
i love this game. has nice graphics and nice story line to it

Maverick21 2011.06.11
I suppose this one isn`t too bad.

hagelmand 2011.06.10
real sexy game, great graphics.

barnakey 2011.06.10
Perfect game. Hot girls, hot action. Some of the controls are a bit annoying for me, though. I think they could come up with a better scheme for it...

bestia99rom 2011.06.09
Very good games. I like.

M0NG00S3 2011.06.09
Great game, i wish there were more games of lesbians "hint, hint"

neoblade03 2011.06.09
Great story and good scenes but wish it had longer endings

tronix 2011.06.09
few more scenes at the end would have been nice but lovely game even tho

tg209 2011.06.08
the story and graphics very good

lotscum 2011.06.08
this is game so jerk..i dont like

yuseijose34 2011.06.08
very good game great scene story very hot

sirlicksalot 2011.06.08
amazing game. good story line

richardsparkes1 2011.06.08
good game and top scenes :-)

szzzs 2011.06.08
Great graphic and It was pleasure to play this game

talldark667 2011.06.08
Great game. Could have done with more sex and the interactive bits slow it down sometimes.

davet25 2011.06.07
Very good game and very hot

peluche19721 2011.06.07
i like it, very good game

janethepain got hit by a train 2011.06.07
best game ever and Good graphics

janethepain got hit by a train 2011.06.07
lovely Good game and Good graphics

janethepain got hit by a train 2011.06.07
very Good game and Good graphics

awesomedude4231 2011.06.07
This is such a sexy game!

saint1214 2011.06.07
i love this game. has nice graphics and nice stpry line to it

Jokerion 2011.06.07
nice gameplay and animation but i missed for another ending with man involved...

hardcore57 2011.06.07
Very good games. I like.

Tjavs 2011.06.07
Really like this, one of my favourites from LoP

babyblue944 2011.06.06
I love this game awesoome!

ISSY BELLE 2011.06.06
awsome game! great graphics!

Lovee 2011.06.06
Great graphics lesson of passion games are funn and entertaining

oliver155 2011.06.06
wow amazing game those lesbians are awesome

tabby1991 2011.06.06
I love this game its so realistic.

leb 2011.06.05
what a nice game. i will play moregames of it

dudewho loves sex 2011.06.05
this is an awesome game for sure

jazmine199120 2011.06.04
i really like this game because i`m little bicurious..so this game was exciting to me

jpsacrey 2011.06.04
i totally love this game.. i played it like 5 times already.it never gets old

fadi11 2011.06.04
very stupid game becuz lesbian

BBooth 2011.06.04
That was a different kinda game and good one at the same time, good endings

monokini 2011.06.04
this game is very good and detailed. i love it

pragus 2011.06.03
Nice game real awesome quality but how many ending are there for this game?

gelatinous bob 2011.06.03
what is the secrret to making Rose come with the dildo or strapon?

scooter33 2011.06.03
good story, good graphics but game play was a little choppy

lovelygodess 2011.06.03
i totally love this game.. i played it like 5 times already.it never gets old

VaultExile 2011.06.03
I wasn`t really attracted to the girls but the major problem was the story was too simple and didn`t really build up the characters. I like the games where you really get to like the character.

Un-known 2011.06.03
The skin tones are perfect and with the tan lines, great looking game and sexy.

BallIdiot 2011.06.03
Good graphics, but the interactions that required moving the mouse and left clicking were too long and stifled the flow of the game a bit.

thetheif 2011.06.02
the story is nice i like the end it very cool

chell 2011.06.02
very good and sexy game. i like it

seby70 2011.06.02
nice game, good endings, but way too short.

TheWorker 2011.06.02
This is the best Lesbian adventure for all Time

Garrocks 2011.06.02
love this game but can`t get to the sex

Ebonv2 2011.06.02
Great game, want to buy sound though, animations lacking a bit too.

sexygirl56 2011.06.01
how do u bang this hot chick

KONARTIS 2011.06.01
great game, like the graphics

psyfreak 2011.06.01
not bad, I realy like the different possible endings

anthony1 2011.06.01
Another great game from Lessons of passion nice endings

Hotspiks 2011.05.31
Awesome game ! Love it , too realistic graphism, and great role play

musashi0 2011.05.31
very good game love these grafics

sindit20 2011.05.31
Great graphics and storyline, wish there was some sound

sroy1986 2011.05.31
This is a good game. But endings should be playable.

mannylopez1 2011.05.31
Very nice game great story very nice scences i`m trying to reach all the different endings.

jstans 2011.05.31
Nice game. So many of these need sound tho.

derda 2011.05.30
still playing game but it looks really good so far. the graphics are excellent and the the action seems good. the story line needs work great start though

janpeter32 2011.05.30
simply awesome, nice grapics & gameplay

Narjahanam 2011.05.30
Nice game with many options and hot graphics. Cool bonus artwork as well.

fordaboiz 2011.05.30
i like it but it could be longer

Sirius228 2011.05.30
very fun adventure game, 2 of 4 endings found.

BigWill 2011.05.30
love this game best lesbian game

boredisme9893 2011.05.29
fairly good game worth the play tho

airwalk 2011.05.29
great graphics but the game is too short

bigtone 2011.05.29
I really like the graphics on this game and its pretty fun

wtcjrusa 2011.05.28
I love it, very sexy game great graphics

bookie_boo 2011.05.28
Great game it makes me feel wet and hot :]

sex_killer88 2011.05.28
Would have been better if the two girls were a little bit hotter.

kyle1233 2011.05.28
how do you end up with just christy?

juleverne 2011.05.27
good graphic, good story, good game!

closetfreakk 2011.05.27
beautiful graphics as expected from LOP

speedballz21 2011.05.27
ery good game,more endings,very hot scenes..i have reached one,but i am not ending this game :D

firion69 2011.05.27
one of the few rare lesbian-focused games.... niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice =D
the different endings, hot models, gameplay and scenes make me wanna repeat this over and over... awesome =P

speedballz21 2011.05.27
how do u make so nice models so hot

str8jaket 2011.05.27
I really like the graphics on this game and its pretty fun

tptips97 2011.05.27
i like hiw theres alternate ways you can go and how there`s different endings cause it makes you want to know what are each of the endings

nunovale 2011.05.26
Awesome women.
Lovely graphics and a great story.
)`m lovin` it...

redninja88 2011.05.26
I wasn`t really attracted to the girls but the major problem was the story was too simple and didn`t really build up the characters. I like the games where you really get to like the character.

scrappydoo 2011.05.25
all i can say is this game is HOT!!!! ;)

casobs2 2011.05.25
I love this story. Gameplay is always been good from LoP. But.... I feel there should have been more endings. Yes it was a good story, but I was hoping for length.

johnnycash 2011.05.25
very good graphic and gameplay. nice story

dekestokn 2011.05.25
Good game, like others. It`s nice to have different endings to find

Bostwick 2011.05.25
Good game. Variety of choices, but short enough to keep my attention!

mojusername 2011.05.24
Great graphics, and an interesting story:)

suzie_sweetie 2011.05.24
The threesome ending was hot, even better than the two girls

codemanlemke 2011.05.24
awesome, lusty, adventurous, all a game needs

codemanlemke 2011.05.24
solid game, excellent graphics and overall quality

Colerenfew 2011.05.23
Good game with very beautiful women

Hektor115 2011.05.23
Cool gameplay. Very good in graphic. Nice series.

virus_man2k2 2011.05.23
Fun and hot, although it could use some more sex scenes

_Love_ 2011.05.22
Very very good game, very hot scenes

mmm601 2011.05.22
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too

gol123 2011.05.22
Good game with very beautiful women

tibi800 2011.05.22
nice grapics and very cool

ivojheng 2011.05.22
Another awesome game by this company

allmybase 2011.05.22
could use a little work with the clicking commands.

great game otherwise

plose 2011.05.22
I love the graphics on this game. Animations could of been better

hnizzle 2011.05.21
I love it it is exactly how lesbian games should work

woogityboogity 2011.05.21
Takes a bit too long to get to the real action. Fun game though.

misterA 2011.05.21
the gameplay was good, a bit too long before the sex, but it was a nice game to play after all, I really enjoyed the ending, making the decisions was a good choice!

Taavi Kosonen 2011.05.20
Really loved the game, good endings and super story!

sajrd 2011.05.19
pretty good, was not interested enough to look for the other endings though.

chumak 2011.05.19
it is weird, but this is a second game where the girl seems to have a guy`s butt when she is sitting on a dildo(here)

oliveoil 2011.05.18
very good games with good endings and graphics

Seiko 2011.05.18
Really sexy, and it takes time to find a good ending!

tasos23 2011.05.18
very hot game...but its little boring...

Schwalbe 2011.05.17
Nice girls and graphics, but few options to choose. So the story has too much breaks.

ken21 2011.05.17
my favourite game i ever played

chumak 2011.05.17
nice story. Me like it. How many endings are there? I found 3

TFearz 2011.05.17
one of my fav games by far

rovanerns 2011.05.17
Very horny with two women, if a man should suddenly not be too bad.

anmol gupta 2011.05.17
very good game,more endings,very hot scenes..i have reached one,but i am not ending this game :D

anmol gupta 2011.05.17
good game...good graphics!!!

Danny King 2011.05.16
great stuff as usual. Lovely graphics and a good storyline. Nice to see one without the "click here" action buttons, too

pietje119 2011.05.16
this game is so good i like it

ustayrys 2011.05.16
not a bad game : the graphics are more than alright (which is usual for leonizer), and the plotline is, although not my cup of tea, more plasible than more games.

Owen221 2011.05.16
What a great game with great graphics

gollum90 2011.05.15
nice game, not one of my favorite.

RaZer90 2011.05.15
Love this game, it`s amazing and graphics are also wonderful.

Mighty2000 2011.05.15
Cool, try the different endings. There is more fun than it seems on the first sight.

druzi42 2011.05.15
greath game with a lot of action

druzi42 2011.05.15
graphic is very good,chick is hot and story is greath

LtHoiz 2011.05.15
those graphic is all same like the other
i just expect some man at least

oreo31 2011.05.15
i like this game its great graphics and hot chicks

coldhell 2011.05.15
great game play and nice graphics

samsross 2011.05.15
good music and good characters

zirz 2011.05.14
not a bad game the graphics need some work

darksophina 2011.05.14
graphics seems good although a little rushed, im sorta disappointed theres no way i could find to nail her with the strapon.

RandomOps 2011.05.14
This game has really god storyline animations and graphics, Good Work

georgedavidson 2011.05.14
the graphics and story is very good. Specially the option to use a dildo or a strap on (my fav). However i recently finished with the ending in which both girls do rose`s husband. It would have been better if the game was extended and given the option to fuck these gorgeous lesbians. yummm... will try for lingerie next

Juzam 2011.05.14
This id definetly a good online game but way too short, as usual for this site, very good showing.

C.C. 2011.05.13
Would like a threesome with the husband. Does it exist? If not it might add something.

Rawripop 2011.05.13
Nice gameplay! Need a little work on the nude scene though!

Laisen 2011.05.13
Awesome game! Got stuck a lot of times, but im getting closer to the end :D

diamonds 2011.05.13
Nice game! :) Fun to play and good graphics!

TheMole851 2011.05.12
Loved the game and ending

wulf13 2011.05.12
nobody can resist lesbians especially hot ones like this

bigwilks 2011.05.12
truly sexy game! would like more and more sex

Terastios 2011.05.11
Would love to see more options in this game

Kuppz90 2011.05.11
Very hot girls :D loved em , abit short game but really liked it , as with all Lesson of passion games ;D

tisch23 2011.05.11
i like this tooo girl. a litte more action and more endeing´s would be great. moor of this stuff

JohnnyCartoon 2011.05.11
Pretty good game, would have liked more options to choose from.

jerry74 2011.05.11
it is a ok game it needs a little more action

gamerman9800 2011.05.10
Well picked chose your own decsion game. I loved the graphics and the adeventure.

elDona 2011.05.10
good graphics and a good game

Damien747 2011.05.10
A nice take on these lesson of passion games. about time a lesbian game was introduced.

2throwed4u 2011.05.10
nice girls bit slow at times though

raegor 2011.05.09
3d graphics the best with nice story

zzzzz 2011.05.09
Found it a bit rushed. Sure, the girls look hot, but only 2 to max 3 options are decisive for the storyline, the others choices you get don`t really matter.

When tell her to put on office cloths and follow that path, Rose goes off the the bathroom. After she plays with herself she suddenly appears naked in the changing rooms?

Girls look hot, but found it overall unfinished. Also expected a better ending

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

ws2499 2011.05.08
good game with vert hot girls

dudette 2011.05.08
awesome story/graphics wish it would be longer though otherwise very well made

mawkishmarina 2011.05.08
The graphics for these games keep getting better. One of the best in the series

soo_officiall 2011.05.08
good game. nice graphics. needed to be longer though

perceussoz 2011.05.08
nice animations, sexy scenes, awesome characters

cindyhaha 2011.05.07
its just getting better and better!way to go!!

lionheart 2011.05.07
great graphics....storywise could improve though

manikmodder 2011.05.07
This game starts out a lil slow but has a good story all around

wankay 2011.05.06
i like this games..good and graphic best

RRTRRT 2011.05.06
Yes its a good game ;) more lesbian games

Ryzinho 2011.05.06
good graphics and a good game

HiHoe 2011.05.06
Loved this game so much, good endings and has a great story!

YiyiMonroe 2011.05.06
I dont like that much the game but its good! not bad, not perfect, not in the middle, between middle and perfect!

pike11777 2011.05.06
pretty good game with pretty good endings

cheeze693 2011.05.06
need more games like this i have tryed all of the endings and only a few i dident like like the cops 1 but over all very hot game made me come

BGC1980 2011.05.06
Best lesbian game ive played so far

kkilla 2011.05.06
This is a great game! Need more content like this. More girl on girl action.

banes 2011.05.06
Rose is super sexy in the white lingerie!!! Both the bathroom & dressing room scenes were a real turn on!! Wish I had some one like Rose. What tan lines (real turn on). And that shaved pussy, I could be down there all day!!!

banes 2011.05.06
WOW!!! The bathroom scene was hot!! I could watch them all day!!! I came twice, very strong orgasms!!! Lets` see more like this with longer secnes and mor options.

Ethereal 2011.05.05
Decent enough game I got the `bad` ending to do that:

choose Lingerie instead of office clothes, then choose tease yourself in mirror, then strap on followed by call police

hehe he

thewombat06 2011.05.05
Fun game but not deep enough

costareal 2011.05.05
top lesbian story and girl s amazing

tyte1 2011.05.04
Game is really good. Some of the gameplay is a little hard to mouse over but I like it. Definitely worth playing again

iamystic 2011.05.04
Ive gotten the 2 lesbian scenes but cant figure out the hubby scenario

nabur1976 2011.05.04
good game had a good time

azrael81 2011.05.04
Another Great game. I`ve found one ending, but I`ll keep trying other ones.

seroquel 2011.05.04
The game is good, just not enough action for me.

lexy-pooh 2011.05.04
it was real sexy but i hoped it would of ended better

wolf0503 2011.05.04
Very nice game endings are great

dirupa 2011.05.04
love the game, nice graphics and good animations. love it.

kojax15282 2011.05.03
holey shit thes is the best game

KenMasters28 2011.05.03
All I can say is wow. Love the story and the endings are great

madato 2011.05.03
action scenes should be more ellaborated longer with more details and SUND please!!!

HAhartman 2011.05.03
love the game the graphics roxk and the storyline was amazing...plus rose and christy are hot as hell

soulhuntre 2011.05.03
nice graphics and good story

rw79 2011.05.02
Great game but alot of reading. Too much in between choices

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