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Lake party


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SurfdudeRich 2019.04.11
Both girls are really hot. Game play is very nice and gives you a good challenge. Quite nice!

MountieMan234 2019.03.16
nice game with very hot girls I really enjoyed playing it

fans 2019.02.20
good game super graphicsrn

Badman.SP 2019.01.19
Good graphic. Easy gameplay. I enjoyed the deep throat trio with the girls.

Marcyx99 2018.11.28
my favourite lesson of passion game. i completed every endig. awesomern

bluvirage 2018.09.28
This game is pretty hot .

Rdtjuh91 2018.09.06
This game ooks really good. with graphics and game play

Matty9745 2018.09.01
Interesting game with interesting choicesrn

Peila 2018.08.04
great game and awsome graphic

AstridFolcard 2018.08.03
This story can progress along several sexy paths. I like that there is not `a storyline` but that I could explore several.


FuckiMCFuckfuck 2018.07.22
i like the game realy much

tu20112000 2018.07.05
the game graphic is so good and i like the music toorn

mostergrand 2018.06.28
One of the most attractive games here

Arjen 2018.05.18
old but good games with hot chicks and certainly a nice story behind it

fargfcexx 2018.05.08
I would love to be with them two they are so hotrn

BSlick 2018.03.05
An older game but a good one. I like playing it once in a while. Lilly has the hotter sex scenes but I enjoy Ashley more as she is the nicer girl.

Donny1900 2018.02.22
Unfortunately I can`t give the spray to the girl on the pier.....

lucas0057 2018.02.18
I can`t reach the ultimate sex scenern

dhanushj 2018.02.17
awesome gameplay I love itrn

Nini.glo2 2018.02.10
One of the best games so far played.

mennen69 2018.02.01
The game is great, graphics are good.

w1drng22 2018.01.26
Just got the three-way ending. A bit short for Pete though.

probadora 2018.01.19
You can`t say no to a wet woman, even a 3D one.

thatguyn7 2018.01.16
really good game wish it was longer but still played t for the endings really worth it

Charraba 2018.01.16
Nice graphic. Easy gameplay. Very nice girl. I like the threesome deepthroat with girls :)

Captain Firefly 2018.01.02
Good story line. I need to check out the other endings!

Vasco223 2017.12.28
Best game ever . I love this game

*Cock_Sucker_Bitch* 2017.12.26
  - This is my favorite game!rn

WeeLadMad 2017.12.20
These girls are so hot! They deserve to be featured in a longer game!

KH4L1D 2017.12.13
Finally finished the fuck with lily it was hot.

KH4L1D 2017.12.12
The profile pic looks good thats why i chose to play it

yxbenio 2017.10.28
the design is absolutely insane. great job!

Bicudo_SA 2017.10.12
Very good game, with excellent graphics and a legal plot.

meekgore 2017.10.02
great game really googd graphicsrn

Tom3l 2017.09.30
The Story and gameplay was great, it could be longer but i enjoyed playing this game

BengerBang 2017.09.20
Another awesome installment from LiP! Great sex scenes that made good replay value. Models looked hot, and again though short the choices and scenes made multiple playthrough easy and fun. Still, the ending link and URL took me to "Not Found" pages.

HOTTOMMY85 2017.09.20
Great game, good graphics, love the sex scenes and this is now one of my favorite games on here.

MrBro 2017.09.05
This is A really nice game hope you enjoyed it as i did really recommend you to play and would have rated it if i could still... nice game

arnorich11 2017.08.26
One of the best games . Beautiful girls, hot story.

tnt2 2017.08.16
great story great graphics good ideas in the game

marcus747 2017.08.08
A pretty good game with a nice storyline and a few different endings. The models sometimes look a little strange, but okay nonetheless.

noname24x 2017.07.26
Very good graphic, very good story, very good action! Perfect.

tonyanytime 2017.07.17
Great game I have managed 2 different endings now and still 3 to go

KitCarsen 2017.07.06
A nice game with some nice girls.

Tiodor 2017.07.01
I love having so many options it never gets boring

Elenix 2017.06.28
it`s a very good game, i enjoyed it

littleGamer 2017.06.25
nice game, ladies are well painted

eatwater2 2017.06.21
Fantastic game. Love the sexy endings. Pity there`s no sound like moans or anything

memeforce 2017.06.21
It was a bit short, but other than that it was good

caragoo 2017.04.15
This game is in my top 5 because its so good, the graphics and animation are brilliant. I haven`t got all the endings yet but I`m not going to stop playing any time soon. I would totally recommend this game and advise you to keep playing. Its a game that is easy to play and I know you are going to love.

jemicofe 2017.04.06
Great Game┬? exciting, amazin and two lascivius girls┬?┬?

master2000 2017.03.11
one of my all time favourite games

JohnWick98 2017.03.08
Great game, love the endings theyre soo hot!

bubi3375 2017.03.02
I love the lake, but i prever nude beach;)

drlongfinger 2017.02.24
the girls were nice decent plot

Dolphyn 2017.02.24
I didn`t really enjoy this one so much. The graphics were great, but the story line was kind of dull, in the lake house scenes, I had a really hard time grabbing the boat, and I only got a few options as choices, there at the lake house

tortuguelo 2017.02.18
que delicia de jogo, ja consegui 2 finais,

kjdehn3 2017.02.09
wish i had my girl kelly at the lake

stephenphy 2017.02.08
good game
fantastic graphics

kitkat69 2017.02.03
I just wish there was moaning or sounds during the sex scenes, other than that, great

kxa 2017.01.30
nice graphics, nice difference in girls

migacz1987 2017.01.27
great game with amazing graphic.It`s better than real vision

furer8989 2017.01.25
Nice sex adventure, very sexy girl 9/10

FallenAngel574 2017.01.21
damn this game was just great. Loved every minute of it and also the different routes you can go!

VestusPrimus 2017.01.10
Super sexy, I played this game quite a few times for all the endings I could get.
-Vestus Primus

Holger 2017.01.08
I love this game, great story, amazing graphic and super game play!

JD1826 2017.01.02
Probably my favorite game on the site. Hot girls and great animations!

Doshima 2016.12.27
This game is glorious. Lily is really gorgeous.

sexking15 2016.12.26
The graphics for this game is awesome

shredmann 2016.12.23
Magnifique!So cool,so hot!Playing it again!

nwculver5 2016.12.12
Great game good time consumer very sexy!

r3v.12 2016.11.22
nice to easy great game it is a great game

DarkIce22 2016.11.21
Great story line! it was difficult to get the threesome, but I finally figured it out

vule123 2016.10.19
Hot and a good storyline

funkydrummer1 2016.10.09
best game / story i have ever played

kolomaz 2016.10.07
very very great sexy game

uglyjoint 2016.10.04
Good game. Graphics are pretty good and endings are hot

kaftos 2016.09.12
Good graphics and sexy girls...Nice game

yourlover69 2016.09.04
it is pretty hard to get a good ending on your first try

connor123q 2016.08.27
Brilliant game, amazing graphics and i`m loving the excitment of find all the endings.

alexsin 2016.08.23
looks nice... but so hard... I`m loosing every time!

Steveywonder 2016.08.21
Nice looking game, liked it a lot. Found the good endings

gopi7891 2016.08.18
good game.great graphics and awesome animation

danny182661 2016.08.17
Jesus! The game is amazing and immpressive. It is truly amazing. Boner Alert

HornySlut69 2016.08.10
I love the graphics they look so real

joboda 2016.07.30
this is the hottest game yet if you guys can make more like it and with the graphics everyone would love or an updated versioefwdg

alexander70 2016.07.28
it was a nice game i got different endings..!! it was pretty good

jakjakd6969 2016.07.20
YES:good game nice graphics

azrael15 2016.07.16
i really like this one!

Lesbianlover4534 2016.06.25
god graphics also good story line

zorrie 2016.06.25
Loved the game...good graphics and story

kusaj227 2016.06.09
love this game its so nice

TayTay69 2016.06.09
The sex scene with Ashley is super sexy, it was super easy to get sex

KaraiShimoda 2016.06.03
I really enjoy this game, especially the character development between Pete, Ashely and Lily.

JBangLang94 2016.06.01
awesome game will be playing more to unlock all the endings

motherfucker12 2016.05.25
a bit hard I cant date the black girl

CrazyPilot86 2016.05.17
I like it very much. Nice ideas around the story (joking with Ken i.e.) and a various scenery. And... *hrrmm* I am falling in love with Ashley :-)

BigMitch 2016.05.16
Good game, graphics are pretty solid and the choose your own adventure in these games is always fun.

sethh88 2016.05.14
good game nice storyline and the fact it changes every choice you make amazing

matt46 2016.05.06
I play this one all the time. very nice game. i like some of the endings.

Aaron2345 2016.04.27
great storyline, great graphics thid game was really simply great, I especially like the facial scene.

leo76 2016.04.27
really love this game nice hot chicks with good endings

l222222222 2016.04.24
good story line different

Marx69 2016.04.24
Hot game, but maybe too short and easy

waffl3 2016.04.21
great endings and also very good graphics that match the surroundings

minion6970 2016.04.21
the graphics were great, the game has lots of options, great animations and is super easy to play.

cntdynamite 2016.04.19
the girls are very hott

Hoxton 2016.04.19
Really good game, I love how there are different endings for you to experiment with.

izrale1175 2016.04.16
lilly is my fave very sexy

jackshaw7 2016.04.13
This game is really fun, love seducing my sexy friends (; haha

bigger88 2016.04.06
Pretty nice game looks so hot

jj11824 2016.04.06
i love these games great visuals

luv2drinku 2016.04.03
the 2 boys should have had action too

Ladiesman127 2016.03.25
This game is truly amazing. I love the grapics and the story line.

Predator-X 2016.03.15
A really nice game, really enjoyed the graphics and story, thanks for making this game!

sexboy1 2016.03.15
good game and i like the threesome better

erdi-991 2016.03.12
top Girls I enjoy this game

dontcutyourhairnash 2016.03.01
hard game but its worth it very fun and beautiul graphics 1010

Ralphie12 2016.03.01
Love the girls, awesome graphics

niniglo363 2016.02.29
Good graphics and really hot girls.

Ryantc 2016.02.28
a nice party and nice girls

Senatrolls 2016.02.18
Phenomanal quality. Love all the endings in this game too! A masterpiece

nyancat9004 2016.02.14
This game is good and has nice graphics.

ak123 2016.02.10
nice game Ashley is superhot in comparison to lily.The game needed a bit more sex scenes.

louie472 2016.02.08
Cool game. Really good graphics

kayeboo 2016.02.02
love the graphic and the animation is hot

yaya01 2016.02.02
One of the best game i have ever played

cookieman 2016.01.30
Like the storyline and the girls are hot. Good game.

eldiego34 2016.01.18
Cool game, quick and effective, sweet pictures i get all the endings.

Tribute2Me 2016.01.10
Great game, a bit short with only 2 girls and not that difficult, but still very nice.

UzuWolverine 2016.01.04
I`ve always loved this game cause the gameplay always makes it interesting with the choices you make in the dialogue.

Broadan23 2016.01.03
One of the best LoP games out there. Lily and Ashley are some of the greatest women that they have created.

TechnoSAGE 2016.01.03
great game , graphics were amazing and the gameplay to.

Peanut2653 2016.01.01
Awesome game, easier to take the girl who is with friend

critical21 2015.12.30
not bad at all. could have been better

tododoto 2015.12.29
finally went through all the scenes. one of the better games here. loved it. animation very fluid and girls are hot.

psa12346789 2015.12.17
I have never felt the way i hve in ANY OTHER FAP. Especially the solo Lily scene. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Also for walkthrough find @Anatik without the @.

b.b 2015.12.16
good story line different

bigdaddymac96 2015.12.09
Love this game it really made me feel as if i can do a lot in reality because of the actions nd things of nature that take place.

picemank 2015.12.04
One of the better games on the site to play, very beautiful girls and interesting story, great job.

xThrowy 2015.12.01
This is really hot. But i wouuld like having a game more interactive...

AZSxsmoke12x 2015.11.28
One of the best games on site, really great animations and various endings

playforceonex 2015.11.27
Prior to seeing the #3 ending -- nice. The ending was not the best.

playforceonex 2015.11.27
Two endings so far. Looking for #3

playforceonex 2015.11.27
Fun to play and reasonable

Nelis87 2015.11.24
Love the game, but can`t get the threesome

bossofawsome 2015.11.21
Black girl is cute but the other is hotter

igna0401 2015.11.14
i like it a lot, it has very good graphics and a very good story with different endings

Scissors 2015.11.14
this is so damn sexy. i like it

Scissors 2015.11.14
this is so interesting. i want to play more

Scissors 2015.11.14
the graphics are really great

Scissors 2015.11.14
wow thi game is awesome. and fun

geilerd 2015.11.12
great game, i love the girls

gamer29 2015.11.07
I love these games...i wounder how they do it

delaymyjuly 2015.11.02
The white girl isn`t that hot, but the sauna sex is pretty hot.

pukk 2015.10.26
Love this game, so smart and sensual

Berowulff 2015.10.25
great graphics, fun, quick, and nice scenario

marioandlugia 2015.10.21
The two girls are so sexy so iresitible

Toufik33 2015.10.19
I really like this game, one of my favorites. The 2 girls are great !

mojotatt 2015.10.19
this game is such a tease

thatdss1 2015.10.13
very good. nice story, nice graphic. hope more game like this

bubb123 2015.10.13
loved the game loved the girls even more.

bubb123 2015.10.13
great game love the story.

beer_fighter 2015.10.07
A fun game. Got to see all five endings. 5 stars

ruby0309 2015.09.13
man oh man these girls are hot

DESOUSA 2015.09.09
great graphics. Amazing game. Really hot

cior 2015.09.04
a verry fun game love the story

ckburden18 2015.08.22
really hot game with great endings

marco_mat 2015.08.21
good graphic ...
if he could have threesome with girls in sona it will be awesome...

csmith7166 2015.08.10
These girls are both so fucking HHHOOOOTTTT

peter1678 2015.08.05
this game is pretty hot but hard to get all the girls..

anan23 2015.07.22
Great game also great story

10BigDanny01 2015.07.12
Love the decisions you can make

KerbaxSiltero 2015.07.09
icalways failthe first time

NePovem 2015.06.29
Nice gime but one wrong move and you and game over for 3some

miamimarlins0543 2015.06.28
love the game very hot gameplay great graphics

EvilMonkey478 2015.06.24
There`s a lot of things that you can miss in this game that leads to other decisions to make for other endings, but the graphics are amazing and I love the variety that this game has.

puessylover805 2015.06.14
i love the graphics pretty good story too

Dersonrn 2015.06.09
Loved the history of the game and the characters , good graph , but the girls were to stay with the guy at the end , the two with him

rastafarians 2015.06.08
Great game with great endings.

rastafarians 2015.06.08
absolutrely stunning! the women are so beautiful! although i wish it was possible to have both girls in the sauna!liked it.

nikunj 2015.06.07
Graphics are great and has a good storyline

Lolared 2015.06.04
Jeesus! They are soo hot! They look almost realistic!

bholder801 2015.06.03
beautiful girls
beautiful graphics
stunning gameplay

Lolaredd 2015.06.03
Hmmm.... These graphics wow!

passionrob 2015.05.28
Great game with great graphics.

Nobel2112 2015.05.19
I am new here...but stay!!
Great game!!

devtor 2015.05.18
Very interesting find all end.

dhfghfhf 2015.05.17
Love this game i got to all the endings and quality of this game is awesome also

Cazzag98 2015.05.16
Such a good game, love the story and the threesome

OzTheWizardOfPorn 2015.05.10
i`m stuck in this game, please help me

Varek 2015.05.07
good graphic good gameplay i like this game

drunkenmonkey435 2015.05.05
great graphics great game

Firekiss 2015.04.25
Good game, awsome graphic

zm20589 2015.04.21
I soooo want to go to that party

john milton 2015.04.19
i felt in love with this game!! one of your best so far, you should put more saunas in your games... please put more saunas!!!!

dodgas 2015.04.18
The gameplay is awesome...graphics makes it more involving but i feel it will be even more erotic if you could add more soundtracks during the blowing parts

cwoodb11 2015.04.10
does anyone know where this game went or how to get it back I loved this game

NikkiTesfaye 2015.04.06
great game the graphics are excellent

sirwatkins 2015.04.04
simply awesome graphics, loving the multiple endings possible!!

geminus123 2015.03.26
When I was playing this game I can say the animations the graphics are really amazing

MikeyH74 2015.03.19
Cool game, hot girls. Will definitely play again.

j3hj3h 2015.03.12
Good one! Just had Ashley in the sauna... now to work on Lily!

17JSSS77 2015.03.10
Great Game!!!! would recomend .

AP69ER 2015.03.01
if hot girls were really this easy to fuck.....

renishi 2015.02.23
fantastic setting loved the story,tried a few different ways to play,

peterr 2015.02.22
love this game it works on every level just love it

imslasher 2015.02.17
nice game,girls are gorgeous :)

shadowchaser2099 2015.02.17
good game i like this fuck

OzzieDevil 2015.02.12
Wooot !!! got all 3 endings !! Banged `em separately and finished with being asked to leave after getting blown by both . Any way to be included for a fuck in 3some as well as being blown by both ?

ariel1234 2015.02.08
in my opinion this is one of the best games

bensniper8 2015.02.06
Awesome Game, Bit challenging though. Great work.

Johnny195 2015.02.03
another good game with good graphic

jaybay 2015.02.03
This is a good game and one of the best I have playe

darksector 2015.02.01
good sexy ass hell was hopeing for some intercourse though

Badboy666 2015.01.30
I love the sauna part, grrrr

smbotimer89 2015.01.25
awesome game, great graphics, but i want more moaning...:D

arcaf 2015.01.24
is great game, its very fun i think

ChrisDevelish 2015.01.24
I loved this game, very nice animations and an awesome story, i had to try few times until i succed getting to sex scenes with allyson hehe

smaximus 2015.01.21
tha game is tricky but enjoyable. nice graphic. good sex scene. good gameplay. 9/10

cdude1994 2015.01.15
I can`t find out how to use the repellent. Can anyone help?

jimbohones 2015.01.14
Mmmm I love the shiny, wet look their skin gets. Some really nice nipples in this game too.

peazomango 2015.01.13
I really liked it all, the girls and the options also.

twistedlover2420 2015.01.11
Had a great time playng this one! Very hot girls!

horny horner 2015.01.03
wow! amazing love the graphics

evo112 2015.01.01
Great game with beautiful girls!

mooper 2015.01.01
The sex animation is really good and I like how there is a meter and a button to progress to the next speed. I`ve gotten most of the endings, and I will keep trying to get that last ending.

nahid123 2014.12.30
I really like that there are two girls that you can choose from

Demonofvengence 2014.12.21
great game and amazing graphics

captain_hamhog 2014.12.03
I wonder what the end would be like I mean I played others and I am impressed so far.

captain_hamhog 2014.12.03
It looks so real I love it!

nemeris 2014.12.02
Mmmmmm, one of the favourite games, nice graghics, realistic scenes, like)

Heracles1321 2014.12.01
This is one of my favorites games, is so good

Petri33 2014.11.15
Hot game whit hot womans, i think i like it :)

daffy030 2014.11.12
nice grsphics good gameplay

landon316 2014.11.11
threesome ending is pretty sweet, sauna is hot

MadMax118 2014.11.06
this game has the best graphics I have ever seen

Shakma 2014.10.22
One of the best games.
Amazing graphics, and the girls are just awesome.

adlants 2014.10.19
Beautiful girls and Beautiful graphics. I love this game

mik2000 2014.10.15
so cool game play all day D:

Swaggy44 2014.10.15
This is a good game and one of the best I have played

BathOMania 2014.10.12
great story and scenes...

vombat 2014.09.29
One of the most attractive games here

Wendelburg 2014.09.28
Great graphics! I love this game!

MidKnight38 2014.09.28
what I`d like to figure out is how to get both girls at the same time or get them to do each other.

BiscuitIV 2014.09.28
Such a good game, it has great graphics!

termhuss 2014.09.28
I love the girls in this game

Foolish_BigJ 2014.09.23
Great art work and fun to play

fifik 2014.09.20
this game was pretty nice

SnOwMaN08 2014.09.19
Love this game nice graphics and good storylines

Futuros 2014.09.19
Graphics are so amazing. Plot is believable and sexiness is everywhere...

pobre 2014.09.18
isn`t the best game of lesson of passion but is good

jojoxc 2014.09.18
very hot and realistic girls !!!

jordan1403 2014.09.15
wow! in love with these games

pieffepi 2014.09.14
Truly excellent game! Characters are all well designed and sex scenes are amazing, with one exception: the threesome with the two girls in the sauna... I wish he managed to have sex with both, not just a blow job

hammond2000 2014.09.13
amazing game grafics are amazing too.

bignick95 2014.09.12
The girls in this game are beautiful and the graphics are awesome, i could play this over and over again

Futuros 2014.09.11
This game is multi-faceted and interesting. The nuances are very subtle but take you into different directions. Overall, I would encourage people to try it out!

Wolverin3d 2014.09.11
this is a Good game the ways i loves

drive04 2014.09.08
i love this game. great game with amazing perfect curved girls !

thebad 2014.09.08
cool game with nice graphics

NotSoMagicMike 2014.09.03
completed it multiple times to get the multiple endings and loved it especially the FFM threesome

latinpapi2381 2014.09.01
Great story, it needs better angles in the sex scenes, but the story was good.

phinn 2014.09.01
by far and away my favorite game here yet, I keep coming back to it every once in a while lol

handsome007 2014.08.31
Great game and nice graphics. Loved the story line too.

jeremylemings 2014.08.31
I love this game, I could play Ashley`s ending all day

cuteboybcn 2014.08.30
Its obviously a great game but i find a lack of variety when it comes to answering the girls.

black15 2014.08.27
Loved the black girl, amazimg

Sanguinius131 2014.08.26
As ever, lesson of passion looks great with fantastic scenes

Captainyolo117 2014.08.25
love this game.. its so sexy.. i got all 3 endings yay :D

khlsea 2014.08.24
awsome games want more of this game

imppub 2014.08.24
Black girls model`s skin looks real

fababuba 2014.08.23
i wanna fuck them so much... these games get me so horny

lolxD 2014.08.23
really nice game. like the graphics and story

batgirl45 2014.08.20
I am so wet my pussy fells so good

yellowpenguin 2014.08.20
I love this game. one of my favorites! could have been longer but It`s still great.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.08.19
This game was great, the graphics were great too

.marcos 2014.08.18
I coudn`t reach the threesome
Didn`t liked
to difficult

pussycat123 2014.08.17
VERY nice i love this game!

TheWolfKing 2014.08.15
I love this game! Fantastic animations and graphics

Peter_1678 2014.08.15
Really liked it, but I couldn`t use the mosquito thing so I didn`t get the threesome :/

jenggotapi 2014.08.14
great game so far, everyone will like it

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
The sauna scenes are really hot! I love the animation in this one. This is one of the best games I`ve played.

pseeker1234 2014.08.07
like the ending in the barn. don
`t like the ending in the sauna with both girls

silex 2014.08.06
this is not a very erotic game,its not very fluid. but its playable

portopaok 2014.07.31
Another good game from LOP. Great graphics great chicks.

hakeemhk 2014.07.30
i loved the game because i finished it

vasanthan 2014.07.30
Nice game. But as said by others, a bit short. Hot girls though...

vasanthan 2014.07.30
i like this game more and more

vasanthan 2014.07.30
super game. i never play like this

vasanthan 2014.07.30
i love this game so much. these girls are so pretty

Luderi 2014.07.29
beautiful girls and good graphism

MStorms 2014.07.27
Loved the graphics!
and the game is so smooth.

chimchi 2014.07.25
One of the best games here !

jbutch350 2014.07.24
this game is so hot the graphics are amazing

Dj Admin 2014.07.23
the best game i ever played

jerbz 2014.07.18
Lovely game, it`s easy but satisfying

Truedaemon 2014.07.18
Amazing game with one of a kind graphics.

butch84 2014.07.18
Great game with great endings.

traffic_x1 2014.07.18
Great game, really enjoyed it,, :D

jsfrts 2014.07.18
GREAT game, just love it. Just WOW man The graphic quality is good as usual.

freakyboy 2014.07.18
lovely game..had 3 different ending

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.17
This turned me on a lot...nice graphics...nice characters...going to play again! :-)

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.17
It is only one of the shorter games...but i like Kelly...;-P

Schmitzekatz 2014.07.16
Very nice game,, sexy scenes

yannos34 2014.07.16
respect lol lets try this one again

Rodimus 2014.07.14
Wow, great game. Too bad I was kicked out of the sauna before it became really interesting...

Beginner 2014.07.14
nice game and hot girls.

99cadavers 2014.07.13
Suitable level of challenge, nice graphics as expected from LOP

yamuna 2014.07.12
I played this game first time. But not last time.I will definetly play this game again and again.I laughed at kevin because his boat was punchared.I liked the game very much.

BlackSteel 2014.07.11
One down let`s try for another ending

jackiano 2014.07.11
fun game with a good replay ability

bitz94 2014.07.11
Pretty Good Game. Graphic is nice as well as the story.

dacrazzzyj 2014.07.11
so hot! great story line!

r.cassle 2014.07.10
is it possible to have a threesome in this game? if anyone can help me to it please?

spartan916 2014.07.09
nice game, graphics were ok

theawesomenator 2014.07.08
really good story and good graphics

Tranosaurus 2014.07.08
I love this game!!! The textures are great and the story in general is amazing.

jessicajaysenn 2014.07.07
The game was fun but i got a little stuck at some points, its a bit complicated

ultimatenightmare 2014.07.07
very good game to play again and again.

Flocklock 2014.07.05
I like this game and i like the girls

NickH 2014.07.04
This game is fantastic, great graphics and a fun `n` naughty subject!

Chenz1 2014.07.04
the Lily graphics are great

Chenz1 2014.07.04
The is fun and Ashley in the sauna is very hot

Shishi Sonson 2014.07.04
the best game I have ever played at Play force one..great job guys...

JakeEschbach 2014.07.04
This was my first time playing this game, and definitely not my last! The quality was immense, and the gameplay was super hot!

sclong 2014.07.04
not exactly sure how to get them both but the game is awesome

alirezaha 2014.07.03
they kicked me out of suna

Ramses93 2014.07.03
And Again a Hot lesson of Passion game

hubba69 2014.07.01
Is a threesome possible in this game? I did manage to get both girls on different playthrough

goldy1234 2014.07.01
Great game, really good graphics and a fun plot line.

xoxo_lenaae 2014.06.30
the game is fun and very graphic .. love it

LeePV 2014.06.30
It took me so long to figure out that you can pick things up from your environment.

bigbankhank128 2014.06.30
This is one great game i recomend it alot.

Randall87 2014.06.30
These chicks are hot as hell! Game was definitely one of the best games made. Everything about it was amazing.

cookie2006 2014.06.28
Great graphics! game was pretty awesome!!

Sandrena 2014.06.27
this game is so awesome!!! But I cant do a lot of stuff on pier no matter how hard I try otherwise from that, this game rocks!

Drakefyre3 2014.06.27
Holy Shit these girls are hot as hell

frostmourne 2014.06.25
i like these chicks its hot

yowad 2014.06.24
The graphics are amazing and the story is great

kidreaper1 2014.06.24
this is the hottest game yet if you guys can make more like it and with the graphics everyone would love or an updated version

kidreaper1 2014.06.24
i need help can i please get a walkthrough

kidreaper1 2014.06.23
i love this game it is an all time favorite now you get to have sex with two ebonys

Kruvol 2014.06.23
This game is great! I tried a few rounds before being able to get both of them at once. Haha! Good game.

imaHARDyboy 2014.06.23
great looking game, just wish there was some sound and not just music. a little moaning from the characters goes a long way.

bochumer 2014.06.22
quiet nice and easy. Sexy ending

DigBick12 2014.06.22
How Do you get past ending 1?
Otherwise great game.

Auxerrois87 2014.06.19
Very interesting game, with lot of passionant endings

PUSSYLOVER120 2014.06.19

karanm130 2014.06.16
Wow great game ....the graphics as well as chicks are awesome ......

jassy 2014.06.15
i cant get past ending 1 help.

Benny_boy21 2014.06.15
Awesome game! Love the graphics! Good puzzle`s! Love it.

Almeho 2014.06.14
Interesting game. I thought the three way tie ending would have gone better but oh well. I do like how incredibly detailed the person`s bodies are. Both girls are pretty good looking too. Ashley seems more genuine than Lily, though.

dannad74 2014.06.13
I didn`t really like the girls all that much, but I got some enjoyment out of it.

beralt 2014.06.11
great game the endings were awsome

The Gutter 2014.06.11
cool game loved playing it...and again

deadlyhunter253 2014.06.10
One of my more favourite LOP games.

Obvious 2014.06.09
awesome graphics and a cool story line!

LincolnLogs 2014.06.08
Nice selection of endings, but it`s too easy to misclick and get locked out of something.

superman0422 2014.06.08
where is the beer im stuck

superman0422 2014.06.08
love the gameplay hope to get more endings

Josip123 2014.06.07

I love this game.it so awesome.i liked it

Endryn 2014.06.07
I enjoyed the game. Interesting choices and some good visuals. Nice body details!

TonyLynx69 2014.06.05
Other than the disappointing threesome, this game`s awesome! Very hot 1 on 1 scenes

TonyLynx69 2014.06.05
I wish there was more to the threesome in this game, rather than having lily kick you out and become a fully-fledged lesbo, what`s that about?

bb12b 2014.06.04
i enjoined my time playing it the graphics are amazing

thking69 2014.06.03
awesome game pleanty of choices.

ReallHotHornyGamer 2014.06.03
Awesome game, all endings are good, Lily is so freaking hot :D

khankhansn 2014.06.02
awesome storyline and animation. mindblowing sex scenes

dimis1 2014.06.01
maybe to play again. I like party

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
i like Ashley she was my fav! and to the game love it ! great 5 endings

back_stabbin 2014.05.30
awesome game great fun
good graphics awesome sex scenes
fun soo muc sun

backstabbin 2014.05.29
Great game
good game play
Love the story

jelmer1534 2014.05.29
great game nice story line

hiddenkiller09 2014.05.28
great game one of the best on website i thing been playing alot

analorallover123 2014.05.27
great game but it gets harder every time u fuck somebody it There are no words to describe this game. It is excellent. The gameplay is smooth. Special mention must be made about the HD style graphics. All my previous comments in various different games were taken into account and carefully considered in this game. Really sexy and more realistic. That`s what I have always maintained in all my comments. I am really happy that all these factors have been considered duly. Special thanks to the entire team for such a superb effort. All the best in all your future endeavours. Thank you and thank you again

Tinkerbeth 2014.05.27
Fab, really enjoyed turning the girls lesbian... wish there was room for me!!!

HuhWhatWellOkay 2014.05.27
This game was so great I would actually skip a real life lake party maybe to play again

HornyTravolta 2014.05.26
I did every end there was. And there is not one bad word i can say. Great job LOP

live1live 2014.05.24
Amazing game, i have gotten 3 of the endings so far.

Sexy007 2014.05.24
graphics are awesome....makes me want to find a sauna :)

Trynn 2014.05.24
I like the Graphics. Story isn`t too bad either.

lol20080 2014.05.21
game is nice, graphics look fine

kaltonse 2014.05.21
Great game, love multiple endings

Montrovant 2014.05.20
really hot game, very sexy girls and good story

GP69 2014.05.12
Again another great school game! the multiple endings are excellent, especially the 3 way in the sauna (even if it is brief).

flare442 2014.05.11
I`m enjoying this game so far... Can`t wait to find the rest of the endings!!!

GoMartijn300 2014.05.11
I liked the game a lot, its a bit hard, but the endings are great so it`s worth it.

chabz2170 2014.05.11
awesome graphics everything looked very real.... i really wanna get her hard

kalle2002 2014.05.10
this is a fun and intresting game to play. i relly like it.

maxtron135 2014.05.10
Awesome Game, hope to see another like this one.

morot 2014.05.10
Very nice but I would have loved the threesome with the girls to continue

Anatik 2014.05.08
--- Walkthrough ---

Threesome with Ashley and Lily in the sauna "3 Way Tie"

In the school:
- Raise your hand
- Go to the class room
- Pick up coffee
- Back
- Pick up mineral water
- Go to the tennis court
- Talk with Lily
- Give mineral water
- Pass her a towel
- Kiss her cheek as a friend
- Ask her to take her sweat shirt off
(click anywhere)
- Back
- Talk with Ashley
- Give coffee
- Compliment her outfit
- Apologize for the class incident
- Ask about her work
(click anywhere)
- Leave school

In the apartment:
- Visit Ashley at the barber shop

At the barber:
"I came over `cause I really felt great talking with you this morning."
- Ask her if she likes you
- Say something funny
- Invite her to the lake party
"Well then look at it this way, I`m inviting you not him."

In the apartment:
- Pick up mosquito repelent
- Leave apartment

By the lake:

- Pick up beer
- Talk with Ashley
- Give beer
- Show her a fancy flower
- Sit and talk
- Flirt with her
- Kiss her
(click anywhere)
- Talk with Lily
- Flirt with her
- Compliment her on her looks
- Make jokes about Kevin
(click anywhere)
- Talk with Kevin
- Talk about Ashley
- Talk about Lily
- How about some food?
(click anywhere)
- Go to barn

In the barn:

- Pick up a needle
- Pick up grill
- Back

By the lake:
- Talk with Kevin
- Set up the grill
- We got the grill. Now what?
(click anywhere)
- Use inflatable boat
"Ask Lily"

At the pier:
- Use mosquito repelent
- Talk with Lily
- Touch her leg

- Kiss her
- Caress her boobs
- Lick her arm
"Yeah, you`re right. We are moving too fast, so let`s just get back."

Back from pier/By the lake:
- Puncture the boat
- Talk with Kevin
- Gives fish to Kevin
- Where is Ashley?
- Try to get rid of him

In the sauna:
(doesn`t matter)
just enjoy... ;)

Anatik 2014.05.08
--- Walkthrough ---

(Sex with Ashley in the sauna) "Steaming Up the Steam Room"
In the school:
- Raise your hand
- Go to the class room
- Pick up coffee
- Back
- Talk with Ashley
- Give coffee
- Compliment her outfit
- Apologize for the class incident
- Ask about her work
(click anywhere)
- Leave school

In the apartment:
- Visit Ashley at the barber shop

At the barber:
"I came over `cause I really felt great talking with you this morning."
- Say something funny
- Ask her if she likes you
- Invite her to the lake party
"Well then look at it this way, I`m inviting you not him."

In the apartment:
- Pick up mosquito repelent
- Leave apartment

By the lake:
- Pick up beer
- Talk with Ashley
- Give beer
- Show her a fancy flower
- Sit and talk
- Flirt with her
- Kiss her
(click anywhere)
- Talk with Lily
- Compliment her on her looks
- Flirt with her
- Make jokes about Kevin
(click anywhere)
- Talk with Kevin
- Talk about Ashley
- Talk about Lily
- How about some food?
(click anywhere)
- Go to barn

In the barn:
- Pick up grill
- Back

By the lake:
- Talk with Kevin
- Set up the grill
"We got the grill. Now what?"
(click anywhere)
- Use inflatable boat
- Ask Lily
- Use mosquito repelent
- Get back
- Talk with Kevin
- Gives fish to Kevin
- Where is Ashley?
(click anywhere)
- Go to sauna
- Look through the lock hole

- Enter sauna
"Oh, OK, that`s not a problem, I`ll behave."
- Pick up beer
- Come back to Ashley

and have fun... ;)

(Sex with Lily in the barn) "Forbidden Fruit"
In the school:
- Raise your hand/Do nothing
- Pick up mineral water
- Go to the tennis court
- Talk with Lily
- Give mineral water
- Pass her a towel
- Kiss her cheek as a friend
- Ask her to take her sweat shirt off
(click anywhere)
- Back
- Leave school

In the apartment:
- Visit Lily at the shop

In the shop:
- Try on this dress
"I don`t know, it really does not do much for you."
- Try these shorts instead
"You kinda look slutty Lily. Taht`s not really your image."
- Try this skirt
"If I were in his place I`d love to have my girl wearing something like that."
"I`ll pay for it."

In the apartment:
- Pick up mosquito repelent
- Leave apartment

By the lake:
- Talk with Lily
- Flirt with her
- Compliment her on her looks
- Make jokes about Kevin
(click anywhere)
- Talk with Kevin
- Talk about Lily
- How about some food?
(click anywhere)
- Go to barn

In the barn:

- Pick up a needle
- Pick up grill
- Back

By the lake:
- Talk with Kevin
- Set up the grill
- We got the grill. Now what?
(click anywhere)
- Use inflatable boat
"Ask Lily"

At the pier:
- Use mosquito repelent
- Talk with Lily
- Touch her leg

- Lick her arm
- Kiss her
- Caress her boobs
"Yeah, you`re right. We are moving too fast, so let`s just get back."

Back from pier/By the lake:
- Puncture the boat
- Talk with Kevin
- Try to get rid of him

In the barn:
(doesn`t matter)
just enjoy... ;)

Anatik 2014.05.08
nice game, good story, hot girls... i luv it

BverComander 2014.05.07
great game... sexy women

kwita 2014.05.07
awesome game, good graphics and threesome is always hot:)

DJdick777 2014.05.07
I like the easy navigation of this game.

CollyChamp12 2014.05.06
Lesson of Passion. By far the best company out there right now. Another fantastic game.

Safsbro 2014.05.06
Very well put together, Nice graphics easy on the eye girls

Allie234 2014.05.05
Nice tits such a lesbian anyone want sex say PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Nice graphics, beautiful girl, great story

raulwu22098 2014.05.05
Interesting story and great graphic!Lovin it

Petro28 2014.05.05
I like the end with two girls but I want to see more than blowjob

louie921 2014.05.04
Its a great game and has awesome graphics

hithart 2014.05.04
very nice girls and good story

Shadow-Fiend 2014.05.04
it`s a nice game and I like that`s graphics

AnonymousGuy12 2014.05.04
Great game and nice graphics

Mashin 2014.05.03
This game is just so hot~~~ The lesbian ending is absolutely wonderful!

Xandrax 2014.05.01
Amazing game. The graphics are awesome, and the girls are hot. Love it.

Bugatti25 2014.05.01
this is one great awesome game lily is a great challenge and worth the hard work put in.

kamro7 2014.04.30
nice one...! it good just a good game...! my free time is on this site

timmytwoshoes 2014.04.29
good game but there should be more characters and more options

GamerWC 2014.04.29
Great endings, feel bad for betraying my best friend

Sparky411 2014.04.28
Great little game but too short and a little linear.

MajorMitchell 2014.04.27
Great game. It`s allot like the other graphics but they`re otherwise good. I do like the sex scene with Lily, very nice!

tyzor100 2014.04.25
Its a really fantastic game just one suggestion next time when u make a part 2 of this game take brunnete and blonde

ShdwVortex 2014.04.25
Great game! loved the endings

Red559 2014.04.24
Good game i would say one of the best on the site

devils reject 2014.04.23
great game good graphics

bonehead101 2014.04.23
great fun finding all the endings

cbarb1788 2014.04.23
loved the game great story lie

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.22
Wow, its a very good game! I really loved this and of course will play again. Although for me it takes a while to load but it is definitely worth the wait! I really like the way you can have many different endings which is awesome of course!

This_is_MicrO 2014.04.21
Really good!! Not too hard, not too easy as well

brawltoy3 2014.04.21
How do you have a three some with both girls.

Iluvpussy23 2014.04.20
how do you get to ending 2?

bobikow 2014.04.19
You can spend a good time, you have some odd tricks.

network22 2014.04.18
A lot of fun to play multiple times

savber6 2014.04.17
nice game,i not enjoyed it but i REALLY enjoyed it..

Dvader0116 2014.04.17
I love making his friends girlfriend cheat.

aakash1997 2014.04.15
it was a nice game i got different endings..!! it was pretty good

Senjin 2014.04.15
lots of fun and great graphics

fenraehl 2014.04.14
one of the best games on the side love it

Craig05 2014.04.13
One of the best games on the site, sexy girls!

JesusG19 2014.04.12
Great Game, I keep coming back for more of Ashley

Gipzor 2014.04.11
Cool how there are different kinda of endings

CountZero 2014.04.11
Is the sex in all the games slow, med, then fast? That`s not the best in real life - unless your by yourself...

McOnion 2014.04.09
I really loved this game.. Amazing graphics and girls, and the threesome ending was superb!!

XjackieX 2014.04.09
I liked the game. But it could be better.

krazyklown 2014.04.09
fun game where u can miss an item or chat and still get the end results

sansoul 2014.04.09
Great graphics, the best is lily

an8246 2014.04.08
nice gameplay, nice graphics and nice animation

Aliyah1 2014.04.07
All these games r so real.

DrifterLeon 2014.04.07
Really good game. the girls look HOT when they in the sauna.

Keem249 2014.04.06
Cool game, I like Ashley alot

Jeffreysexbomb69 2014.04.05
I really enjoyed this top quality game

asdfghjkl12 2014.04.02
really enjoyed it. girls are awesome

asdfghjkl12 2014.04.02
this game`s so awesome. makes me horny

Nazgul62 2014.04.01
awesome game !!!!! Nice endings

DemonOfWarX 2014.04.01
love the graphics. the girls are so hot and sexy in this game

wezel87 2014.03.30
Great game, nice story
Nice graphics

wasdd 2014.03.30
I like this game and it`s multiple endings

lordcums 2014.03.30
Love when you get to fuck lily in the barn, and then kevin walks in.

mick149 2014.03.30
game too short! had good graphics! :)

amanda200 2014.03.28
you guys how do you put a avatar here?

goen555 2014.03.27
All images of this series is like. Cannot decipher the English, but still plenty of fun.

Terrwyn 2014.03.27
to give items to people, just click the picture of the item while talking to them

kwita 2014.03.25
Very interesting game, a lot of option in this story, excellent graphics, good time at play

raidx 2014.03.25
great game, good graphics and the story is so well.

rand181 2014.03.24
So much fun - really liked this one.

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

DinoSaur13579 2014.03.22
I messed up and got a disappointing ending, but everything else was good.

jmor69 2014.03.22
graphics will blow your mind !!!! good game

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
Nice i preferred lily to ashley, very good looking graphic

syafiqaulia 2014.03.18
Great graphics plus love this game

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.18
i loved the game really a fantastic game

chaffy101 2014.03.17
sure is a nice game enjoy myself cant wait to play more

Abraxis 2014.03.17
Nice looking game but It is not obvious on how to give items to people. Needs a simple drag item to intended person interface. Can someone please post in the comments the way to give items?

technoclement 2014.03.16
This game is awesome ! Best game ever !

joy vedanta 2014.03.15
love the game .. everything is perfect ...fucking lily is better than ashley

Laylia 2014.03.15
Awesome I got both of them!

steamroller 2014.03.15
wow this one is fun. good story. love beating some jerk out of his girl

stat3425 2014.03.14
this was a really nice game and got me and my gf erotic

probolle 2014.03.14
I love how you can actually mess up also :p It gives you something to work for and get fulfilment once you reach the ending you want

blackstar66 2014.03.13
very good game! the part with lily is amazing, you should make a sequel!

mr_monkey99 2014.03.12
always good games sexy stuff

hisroyaldudness 2014.03.12
took me a couple of trys first but well worth it

XenoPhoenix 2014.03.12
I rather Like it. I find it a bit difficult to reach any ending that isnt lame but on the whole the game performs well

Fandeff 2014.03.08
That was totally awesome ! A bit frustrating though in the lesbian ending ... ;)

cakewalk 2014.03.07
Great graphics and a decent level of depth for a free grame - one of the best I`ve played on the site so far. The models are girls, especially Ashley are fantastic

sexylonda 2014.03.07
gteat graphics nic game

erpoly 2014.03.06
Very good quality of game..i enjoy it..

rqwe 2014.03.03
I failed the first time but got it the second!

June66 2014.03.03
awesome! wish could have more ends~

jfab 2014.03.03
So much clicking, but still fun. I have played it anumber of times attempting to get different results

Rindevar 2014.03.02
Great little game. You really have to be careful though. There are some options you got to leave alone. The worse thing is you get them both but they throw you out :P

sammiesmith 2014.03.01
this game has really good animations and has good different outcomes

ghetto_bwoy 2014.02.28
Veri interesting game. I`ll done all endings

spyder2 2014.02.28
bug repellant wont work, i think its a glitch

savion 2014.02.27
great game awesome graphics

babanica2 2014.02.27
Really awesome game! I was really surprised by the 5th ending, but in a good way.

sexylexy69 2014.02.27
I found the game-play intriguing.. I enjoy how different choices can lead to very different outcomes. Some not always the ones you would expect, so that leaves you interested in finding out other ways it could all play out. The graphics were outstanding, the characters almost lifelike. Overall, I would recommend giving this game a try.

Architect12 2014.02.27
I truly loved this game, graphic wise to story wise, a good pretty good one.

wade18 2014.02.26
not bad could be better but its a pretty good game

himom111 2014.02.26
Loved this game. All should play

littlecletus 2014.02.25
great game lots of endings

dfoskett 2014.02.25
very good, impressed by story

NickNackH 2014.02.25
great game. the graphics keep getting better but a bit short

sexyboy33 2014.02.25
great graphics and great storyline

Penafj 2014.02.25
Great game, but don`t know how to get to threesome scence???

wxvertigoxw 2014.02.25
Great game, just wish it was longer

massi9 2014.02.25
Good game but I think the story is a little too short!

benny_boy 2014.02.24
love the graphics, the chicks are hot. another great game

SharkCity93 2014.02.24
Probably the best game i`ve ever played. Wish it was longer though.

zikas 2014.02.24
it is fantastic adventure with a high graphic game and easy to deal with it

omgujust 2014.02.22
fun to play, easy to get alot of the endings, i like very much

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
great game and awesome graphics! girls are gorgeous as usual

hotguy863 2014.02.20
it remember me my lake party..

hotguy863 2014.02.20
you will definately going to like this game.

dArk.s0uL 2014.02.20
Nice game, first I ever played and thoroughly enjoyed it.

qwert99 2014.02.20
love the threesome it was great

jono81 2014.02.18
decent story line but takes a while to get going

Test1234 2014.02.16
I love this game such beautiful girl good job with the game

ThatOneGuy64 2014.02.16
i LOVE lesson of passion games... They`re always good and have never let me down.

spyder2 2014.02.15
Very fun and diffucult, loved it. So many endings!

JuanHarito 2014.02.15
Nice game, it`s very addicting to see all the endings

goofysmee 2014.02.14
I cant figure out how to get threesome

goofysmee 2014.02.14
very good graphics on game and good plotline

Matthew1 2014.02.13
Well, to be honest it is the best so far. Good story, well done team dev ;)

graciecute 2014.02.12
i loved this game this is like my fourth time playing it

labmunky 2014.02.11
great game, good artwork, pleasant storyline, and good puzzleplay. thumbs up

dam00008 2014.02.10
good game with a great storyline

Zephoxz 2014.02.09
I love this game so much especially because of the dark skinned girls

skitty20 2014.02.08
I love this game... it`s great game with a nice graphics

rush_59 2014.02.07
Pretty good game. Great art work.

nspagna255 2014.02.03
great game and graphics

kouklos 2014.02.03
Cool game. Like the gameplay and the story

bobalicious 2014.02.02
the detail on the girls skins always amazes me

hagop 2014.02.02
good game I liked it. its hard and interesting in the same time. loved the graphics also.

SexyChicken22 2014.02.02
Very good game!
I love it so much!

lolopo_nino 2014.02.02
specially the girls and the animation are so fun

lolopo_nino 2014.02.02
this site and graphics is amazing

virginman23 2014.01.31
wish that i could have walked up to some owns girl and smacked her ass and see likes it

soulslayer 2014.01.31
Love this game, i would play it again.

lordbbc 2014.01.29
this is a get u EXTRA hard game

fighter0304 2014.01.29
Really one of my favourites! Very nice story, not too easy and great graphics.

cafall 2014.01.28
He is a really bad friend but the sex is great

goldenguy 2014.01.26
a fun and entertaining game

yairt97 2014.01.26
one of my fav games some hot girls here

Yonutz92 2014.01.26
this is a great game and sexy ladys and great sex scenes again love it

cetiop 2014.01.25
one of my favourite game...great story

Djora9 2014.01.22
One of the best games, veru hot girls, great game

hyperpixie 2014.01.22
That was an amazing game. my favourite part was the three way

madfam 2014.01.21
Great game the story is good and the animation is good

edrubio5 2014.01.20
Love the threesome in the sauna scene... good graphics, but very easy tough.

misswipp 2014.01.20
i love this game! Ashley is perfect

brianleung123 2014.01.17
that was great. Huge fan!

hotstuff67 2014.01.14
was a pretty amazing game

bobbyjoe123 2014.01.13
one of my fav games some hot girls here

BigShotRob 2014.01.12
First and probably best game I played on here, visuals are amazing!

jojo111 2014.01.12
the graphics are pretty good

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
i love this great grafics this is going to be 1 of my favorite games
hat threesome was unexpected.....brilliant game

Pankaj1107 2014.01.11
Very good story plot.... With some more hot girls, the level of this game could have been higher.........

Manollo 2014.01.11
Great Story ! Best Characters for Girls ! Graphics good ! Text dirty and nasty as i like it ! thx

raylee12345 2014.01.11
a really good game.. i want play more

Buttlet 2014.01.09
The best part of the game was when you had the half 3 some with the girls.

mimi83nl 2014.01.04
Liked this one a lot, Lily is super hot and the "kinda" threesome with her and Ashley is fun, stealing Lily from Kevin is a great touch.

Essim 2014.01.03
Amazing game. Really hot two girls ! A complex story with many endings.

ssb2308 2014.01.02
It would have been nice if there was a three some

anvard7 2014.01.02
Love the game sensal and sexual great endings

herro01 2014.01.01
the two endings were great but a threesome ending would have been nice

bigdick223 2014.01.01
Great game, sexy chicks, but I think it would have been nice if they could have had a threesome in the game

kaladrumer 2014.01.01
the ending was quit amazing.........

hugolopes 2013.12.31
Very sexy and hot game. I love that.

jammer 2013.12.31
Love the threesome in the sauna scene

Twerx 2013.12.30
well that was easy, but i enjoyed

zxcvbnm123456789 2013.12.30
i really like this game,wasnt too sure about the girls though

myacute 2013.12.29
im stuck in this game and confused please help me

fattihh 2013.12.29
one of the best i played game

TheMiixxedBarbiie 2013.12.28
omg this game is the best

GangaTacabirba 2013.12.28
I`d like a complete threesome with the two girls, but still nice

QweenVR 2013.12.28
I love having so many options it never gets boring

tonscorpio06 2013.12.27
Very good graphics and story, will try the other endings.

alexa132 2013.12.27
wow wow wow...this is a fantastic game,good job who did that game i like all the scenes...

reskos 2013.12.25
Fuck~ My dick is erected and still isn`t coming down! :3

skull1997 2013.12.24
wow !!! this is a very good game so hot and so sexy

skull1997 2013.12.24
i love this game so cool grate job

Pecos_Bill 2013.12.22
Liked this one a lot, Lily is super hot and the "kinda" threesome with her and Ashley is fun, stealing Lily from Kevin is a great touch.

freepass 2013.12.22
was a bit hard at first and i keep having ending without any sex but eventually i manage to get it. still cannot figure out the use of the coffee for now though.

Djora9 2013.12.21
Very good graphics and story

ilovepussyandcock 2013.12.21
great game, full of sexy girls and different endings. it gave me a challenge

Hornymonkey 2013.12.20
The graphics in this game are perfect. Should be used more often.

MatthewS 2013.12.20
the girls in the game hot as fuck

rocky65 2013.12.19
i love this great grafics this is going to be 1 of my favorite games

JuggaloPat69 2013.12.19
Yes;Very good game graphics are good, animation is excellent

Alex_12 2013.12.19
It was a very very good game
I`d played it many times

ringknot 2013.12.18
Would`ve liked a longer plot-line. Can`t fault the graphics though, great stuff!

zanter 2013.12.15
graphics seem to be improving quite a lot. Animation could flow a bit more.

Woods24 2013.12.15
Great graphics and Cool story play.

Abcd178 2013.12.14
Good game and a great story! Like it.

rafaspartan117 2013.12.14
I love it when they go into the sauna ashley is so HOT

gamerjord 2013.12.12
Awsome graphics, beautiful girls but way to short

Cianobe 2013.12.11
Best game I have played on here so far

apenb 2013.12.11
I really liked the two girls and their personalities!

juggler12 2013.12.11
I only make it so far in this game

AdrianSmithftw 2013.12.10
great game, solid graphics, like the multiple endings

Gonkus123 2013.12.09
Very good game. I like the play style.

eospride 2013.12.09
Damn the boat part was really hard. Shame you dont get to fuck the 2 girls either.

locolop 2013.12.09
great game awesome graphics i wanted a orgy

Hey-Weirdo 2013.12.08
This game was really cool

someone44 2013.12.07
This game was so good I went for all endings, the point system was amzing.

TheSexPRO 2013.12.06
wow! that was some hot girls!

funlovin 2013.12.06
Very hot girls! Loved it in the sauna.

Kurtis_Crowe 2013.12.05
awesome game good graphics heading to get another ending

Mroversex 2013.12.04
not my farourite game but still good

cizar54 2013.12.04
That was a good game of yours

JerryCooool 2013.12.01
Pretty hot game. Enjoyed playing it multiple times

aceatom 2013.12.01
This game is amazing! The graphics are awesome and the story line is good.

dante1425 2013.12.01
the best game i played here on pf1
no other game is better than this thats for sure

sperm25 2013.11.30
love the graphycs and it looks so real

Knuckle55 2013.11.30
Great game! lily was HOT!!!

am8236 2013.11.29
super awesome game i always get the good ending

Justin37 2013.11.29
I really love the graphics on this one

thisguyisbored 2013.11.29
i really liked the game, i enjoy games that give you many ending that you must figure out, with different options to get you there. first game i played on Playforceone.com. i think i will like this game site

LSDSeal 2013.11.29
Amazing game!
Took a while to figure out all the routes, adds a little challenge.

dieyson 2013.11.28
Great game, great history

RufflesHaveRidges 2013.11.27
I failed the first time but got it the second!

adityajust4sex 2013.11.27
OMG... this one is really awesome i enjoyed it hell a lot. more then 20 times... Great thing

Vashras 2013.11.26
another really cool game. Love those with multiple endings. always makes you wanna play them again and again to find all possible choices :)

JorranG 2013.11.25
I really like the pick a path style choices in this game but I don`t care for the pointless seduction mechanics. I would much prefer to have more choice of sex position with each girl and have that affect a good or bad ending. The graphics are top notch though and the girls are both stunning.

Rajsu49 2013.11.24
good game ,short one though
how can get a wlkthrough

Vashras 2013.11.24
Really love the multiple ends. Makes me want to play it again and again to discover it all :) would love having more games like this around. Always good to have multiple girls to choose from.

thunderzango 2013.11.24
hot game with good sex scenes, good quality, great story and hot girls

Shaggyrel 2013.11.23
This game is fun and it looks so real

spartky117 2013.11.22
hey guys i am missing two out of th 5 endings 5 and 3 can any one help me

flinky 2013.11.22
So far the best game I`ve played. Simple, yet extremely erotic.

megabee 2013.11.22
great game, but unfortunately i got bad ending

meldick033 2013.11.21
goo graphics,good storylines just cant figure out why they tell me to leave after they give him head

Snaproll 2013.11.21
Messed up the first time got nowhere!

Snaproll 2013.11.21
Great game with nice opening and titties

stevi666 2013.11.20
this game is pretty hot with very hot girls and great graphics

Captainjock79 2013.11.20
Game is okay. Graphics are okay, but gameplay is a bit samey.

demongamer68 2013.11.20
Love the game, especially the ashley endings.

puffsalena65 2013.11.20
I loved the graphics in the game... Awesome game

knucklez741 2013.11.18
Great game, Ending 2 is pretty sweet!

Vindicator 2013.11.18
not bad, some of the twists are decent

ilmilio 2013.11.18
this is the best one, plase more games like this as soon as possible

thekmg 2013.11.18
I loved all the endings. I wish the best ending had more than just a bj from them, but all in all a great game.

skr369 2013.11.17
fascinating beauties..excellent graphics....

TPhantomOE 2013.11.17
The girl is really really hot, but I want to know how to get in with the other girl. Does anyone know?

Ricebowl 2013.11.16
Amazing graphics, enjoyed the endings too

aadit24 2013.11.16
very good awesome graphics

101tech 2013.11.15
super hot girls! the graphics are great

101tech 2013.11.15
almost got the threesome on

101tech 2013.11.15
like the different endings

101tech 2013.11.15
love it! Graphics are nice!

MaxxV2150 2013.11.15
A good game, but a little hard to get things just right... Still, not a bad one at all. Complexity and a solid realistic(-ish) story-line. A win in my book.

jbs 2013.11.15
a very great game. I haven`y enjoyed this way for a long time !

Fabricant 2013.11.12
Pretty good game. Both of the girls are beautiful.

kevin15386 2013.11.11
awesome game...gt me really in the mood

freebandz15 2013.11.10
Best game I have played on here so far

yanki 2013.11.07
awesome graphics and ─? really l─?ke this game

emingway 2013.11.07
this game has good graphics

Razgri88 2013.11.05
awesome game and graphics, though i wish it was a little longer but awesome job all around

Marckus101 2013.11.04
fantastic graphic quality in the models wished there was a bit more in the ned

himym 2013.11.03
Got to the sauna and can`t turn back. Help?

cde1993 2013.11.01
This game is awesome I love the graphics

Johnnyg94 2013.11.01
how can someone be with both girls???

Johnnyg94 2013.11.01
both girls are great..but ashley is awesome

Johnnyg94 2013.11.01
very nice game....wish it was longer...

Makis4 2013.11.01
good storyline, loved all endings, wish it was longer. hot girls:

KyleJ94 2013.10.30
great game love the different endings

johadino 2013.10.27
love this game conna play it alot

mshape1234 2013.10.25
really easy to complete this one, the threesome in the sauna was the hardest part

gamers22222 2013.10.25
great game love it the graphics are great gameplay is great animations are great

jackson56 2013.10.25
the endings are defenitely worth it

thewiz101 2013.10.25
Hot game and nice graphics!

ateivisftw 2013.10.25
Very good game I really enjoyed it


venku 2013.10.23
one of the best ive played

Mlprocks 2013.10.23
Still trying to get 2 endings but i love the game

Howler18 2013.10.22
Very nice! Like that u can get more than 1 woman, or both at once! ;))

pussyeater06123 2013.10.17
awesome game even though i was stuck for a while

hfdgdgf 2013.10.16
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

annonomys 2013.10.14
games are really getting better, a little puzzling but better

Sidhelord 2013.10.13
I really like this one... got both girls in the end.

Sidhelord 2013.10.13
Aah, finally did it with Ashley... :)

Sidhelord 2013.10.13
Messed it up again... 3rd round!

Sidhelord 2013.10.13
Messed it up the first time... on to second round! :)

jonni swashrod 2013.10.12
One of my favorites so far. The girls are good and the story is interesting.

flinter 2013.10.12
i`m stuck stuck in this game in the grill part.

Finnboy96 2013.10.11
nice game. good graphics. fun.

AllenJames 2013.10.11
Gonna have to play this one again.

SilverSerpentZ 2013.10.11
really great game to play, I loved it!

jf70 2013.10.10
Really hot chicks, but story lines are a little silly

jf70 2013.10.10
Good game, but graphics could be better...

MarriedBiUK 2013.10.09
Good game shame that theres no 4 way

mrright88 2013.10.09
great game the girls were hot

hornyboy501 2013.10.08
Love it high expectations met! wat grafics! EPIC!

geteros 2013.10.08
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

Ethereal46 2013.10.07
The game play has cool plots and the women are hot as always.

unknownsrb 2013.10.07
il just drop this here , just to get the points :)

TheLegitTaco 2013.10.07
This was a pretty good play! Nice!`

nikred 2013.10.06
Good game. One of the best i played on here. Awesome girls and graphic...

FEARWOLF 2013.10.05
This was a great game, I really loved the graphics and the ending with Ashley.

pok1715 2013.10.05
This is one of the classic LoP. Only sucks when you are clicking too fast and accidentally pass something important like the bug spray...

lolli_molli 2013.10.05
pardon the pun, but the sauna scene is hot :)

squibb9ball 2013.10.04
Great graphics. Game is challenging. I love it

Curtis0411 2013.10.04
My favorite game on this website! SO SEXY!

Curtis0411 2013.10.04
I really love scense in sauna, graphic is nice

Curtis0411 2013.10.04
graphics were great and i loved the animations

Curtis0411 2013.10.04
Sex with Lily in barn (Ending 3):

At School:
-Take water over the table
-Give water
-Kiss her check
-Pass Towel
-Ask her to take shirt off
In the boutique:
-I don`t.........
-You kinda look slutty.........
-If I were in his place..........
-I`ll pay
In Appartment:
-Take Mosquito-Spray
At the lake:
-Flirt with her
-Compliment her on her looks
-Make jokes about Kevin
-Go to the barn take the grill and the needle
-Take the boat
At pier:
-Use mosquito repelent
-Touch leg
-Lick he arm
-Kiss her
-Caress her boobs
-Yeah, you`re right.We are................
Back from Pier:
-Click on the boat to crash, talk with kevin
-Try to get rid of him

3some with Kevin and Lily in barn (Ending 4):

It`s the same way as sex with Lily. But dont crash the Boat.

Blowjob from Ashley or Lily in sauna (Ending 5):

In class/School:
-Raise your hand
-Take the coffee in the classroom
-Take water on table
>Go to tennis and talk with Lily:
-Give water
-Kiss her check
-Pass Towel
-Ask her to take shirt off
>After this go back to canteen/cafeteria and talk with Ashley
-Give the coffee
-Apologize for the class incident
-Ask about her work
-Compliment her outfit
At appartment:
-Visit Ashley at barber
In the hairdressing:
-I come over......
-Ask her if she likes you
-Say something funny
-Invite to lake
-Well then look.......
Back in appartment:
-Take Mosquito-Spray
At the lake(Ashley):
-Give beer (Find in Water)
-Show her flower
-Sit and talk
At the lake(Lily):
-Flirt with her
-Compliment her on her looks
-Make jokes about Kevin
-Go to the barn take the grill and the needle
-Take the boat
At pier:
-Use mosquito repelent
-Touch leg
-Lick he arm
-Kiss her
-Caress her boobs
-Yeah, you`re right.We are................
Back from Pier:
-Click on the boat to crash, talk with kevin
-Try to get rid of him
When Kevin is gone, Ashley appears and you go to the sauna.
(Points at this time Ashley:19 | Lily:26)
In sauna:
Now you should see that at least you still get a blow job. While you`re serving,

you can change the girls. You can do what you want, there comes a point where you

throw out. Also enjoy the short threesome.

imation04 2013.10.02
good game good graphic very playable and hot

nerfnick11 2013.10.02
graphics were great and i loved the animations

mgusztav 2013.10.02
Nice game and the girls are soo hot!!!

olympiakos 2013.09.28
this game is awesome but is a little difficult!!

teddy0123 2013.09.28
This game is so great! And has good graphics :D

Xardas007 2013.09.27
Just completed playing this game. It`s just amazing! ;) Difficult to get all endings, but it`s ineresting to get them all ever :) Great game, as I said. Lily and Ash are amazing. My rate 5/5 :)

thomr 2013.09.26
Awesome game, anyway to get both girls?

wpgguy05 2013.09.25
Fantastic graphics... love the different endings. Keep it up!

chulathis 2013.09.24
Great good game. challenging and fun. good graphics and stuffs

hiddenkiller09 2013.09.22
i love this game played it loads of times

nadrzenec 2013.09.21
Ahhhh i love this game very good graphic and nice chicks

nadrzenec 2013.09.21
gameplay - 1 WOOW
graphic and animation - 1
best game on pf1

jerald0213 2013.09.21
the lake party is so amazing! I like it!

rupz315 2013.09.20
great game love to play it again and again good graphics and story

bobbyjoemudda 2013.09.20
some of the best graphics i`ve seen in one of these, we need more hot women of color in these games!

raider13i 2013.09.19
Challenging but really enjoyable with amazing graphics

blatche19 2013.09.17
Amazing graphics as well as an awesome storyline.

vadkan21 2013.09.16
My favorite game on this website! SO SEXY!

asfergan 2013.09.16
Great game and the girls are hot

Acendent2013 2013.09.16
Not alot of content so far will update as igo thru more

noissp 2013.09.15
I really love scense in sauna, graphic is nice

johnniewalker328 2013.09.14
This is a really fun game to play through.

FlyKidMir 2013.09.12
I`m going with Lilly and Ashley this time

FlyKidMir 2013.09.12
Very good I always choose Ashley in the Sauna though

farbatosz 2013.09.09
Very good game and graphics!

pius 2013.09.09
nice game, im try open another ending :P

dor24 2013.09.08
great game realy loved it!

dman1515 2013.09.08
nice graphics. I enjoyed the story.

tattoosunny 2013.09.06
this game is really nice

checkout 2013.09.06
best games ever try to find all ends

IEMOZ 2013.09.06
Really good game with great graphics like most of the others.

IEMOZ 2013.09.06
interesting game but my ending was a bit short, probably due to doing things wrong.
i can see why other people say it has good graphics too.

mmmJassy1 2013.09.03
I Love this one! Played plenty times lol.

tarjei 2013.09.02
One of my favourite games I ever played here, decent graphics and even better gameplay. Keep it up!

Tiger1819 2013.09.01
really enjoyed this one

pradish 2013.09.01
slut party..............precious time i`ve spent to see and masturbate myself.........why don`t these come to my home in reality to having sex.................OMG...........now i barely need a pussy right now.........

pradish 2013.09.01
good enough to erect my "SHAFT OF FLESH"........I go crazy.....

kailash1009 2013.09.01
thanks stitchy for all giving all five endings

Adalric 2013.08.30
awsome game but can only figure out 2 endings....back to trying again

dreamweaver09 2013.08.30
love this game a lot. gets me everytime. i finally got to do lily

offshot 2013.08.29
cant figure out how to sleep with the first girl =(

kylidd 2013.08.28
Nice game! Girls are hot!

jboy757 2013.08.27
i love this game it has such a great story and lots of good sex

bob696969 2013.08.27
Great game from lop. Love the realism.

pepperp 2013.08.27
Runs a lil slow on my old laptop but a fun game to play

tbone357 2013.08.26
Great game. I love the options and different endings. GREAT Graphics.

bitchplease123 2013.08.25
What a good fucking game..........makes my dick standing

milka 2013.08.25
Just completed loved it. Looking through the games here on PF1 and this is definitely one of the best. Both girls are just too damn sexy... Time for me to find the other endings.

asdf1212 2013.08.24
nice game. very good graphis.

akku 2013.08.24
awesome graphics everything looked very real.... i really wanna get her hard

drocker 2013.08.24
great game! difficult to get it all right but worth it

saintvolks 2013.08.23
Fun, erotic game. Little short but still nice.

tommo1966 2013.08.23
great game. have played it a few times now

derneger 2013.08.22
really good game liked it a lot

lsnowboxer 2013.08.20
this was an excellent game. Not too hard either.

nakarams 2013.08.19
That game is really amazing.

Dodge Ram 2013.08.18
love this game. great graphics and animation but can`t get ending 4- all the way with lily?

dreamweaver09 2013.08.17
I feel weird because I got kicked out. sigh

Astuki17 2013.08.15
Amazing game! Only thing though is it is to short

Andrew7591 2013.08.15
really enjoyed this game, feel so satisfied now

Jay1982 2013.08.14
too bad they kick me out of the sauna. would be a great ending to do them both

mdhrk 2013.08.14
This is my fav game. great graphics!

doctor12 2013.08.13
great game all ending were fantastic

shimar 2013.08.13
i like this game soo much

B_Ven 2013.08.13
nice game i realy liked it

JohnChaplain 2013.08.12
Nice game. But as said by others, a bit short. Hot girls though...

pharris24 2013.08.12
I had fun with this game, it was a bit hard but once you figure it out finding all the endings becomes fun :)

Magic Knight 2013.08.11
the game has great graphics but the gameplay is hard

Amelia Everheart 2013.08.10
This is a good game with good graphics.

teddy69bear1 2013.08.10
i liked the game, nice story, nice graphics

Jeniv 2013.08.10
Great game and the graphic is very nice

ghgaud 2013.08.10
Great graphics, like the ending options.

Andronicas 2013.08.09
Great game! Definitely one of my personal favourites. An extended version and/or sequel would be awesome ;-)!

ViperLeader 2013.08.09
its a great game with very good graphics

Xavier19 2013.08.08
nice game with good graphics

Maniek150 2013.08.08
good game and good graphics. Enjoyable but easy.

TerraNova 2013.08.08
Got stuck on trying to do a 3some.

Badvoc 2013.08.07
good game if a bit too short, graphics were great but i`d get rid of the crappy music and include some sound effects instead

Trollosaur 2013.08.07
great game with great graphics

ralanen 2013.08.06
Stunning ladies and exciting and original sex scenes. I loved that girls were so different personalities. This game gets easily 88/100 points

ahparparr 2013.08.06
wonderful game. interesting to play. Graphic are so good

picbru 2013.08.05
this is a good game girls are great looking

theplayer21 2013.08.05
The graphics are extremely well done

MonkeyJer 2013.08.04
Not bad at all, love the animation

princeoreo98 2013.08.04
This game is freaking awsome

Valentino039 2013.08.03
Good graphic, and gameplay is just great. :)

scaletta 2013.08.03
nice game, nice girls my point is 100

rashawn26 2013.08.02
This is hot seamy and a lot of fun.

AdamDrake 2013.08.02
This is great. The graphics, and animations are awesome and I eally like threeway ending.

lezbylove 2013.08.01
i want more games like this :P

raxr 2013.08.01
The graphics are stunning and unlike other games the conversations are believably human.

moose1996163 2013.07.31
amazing graphics is better than real vision

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
Love this game...fantastic and all...I`d rather fuck Lily when compared to Ashley though

ekyng 2013.07.30
this game very good graphic and I love it

RoberrtC 2013.07.30
Best game on the site in my opinion, very good.

sexybitchfuck1001 2013.07.30
Like the game... took time to get them to fuck the guy though... I`d rather fuck lily than Ashley, but still...LOVED them.

Artica_00123 2013.07.29
this game has very good graphics, animation and plz help me in the beginning!

himat 2013.07.28
good party game. grapic is good .

hHerb 2013.07.27
lake party sounds great girls look good

pibit 2013.07.27
really good game with good endings

outrage 2013.07.26
nice game, fun to play. I wish there was an ending with the two girls. Is there ?

Mmhr 2013.07.25
Nice! I like the realistic graphics, but how sad that we couldn`t have a threesome with the girls!

herlemshake 2013.07.25
So i ended up playing all of the endings and it was great, I dont know if it was worth the time tho.

herlemshake 2013.07.25
Verygood game. But I find it a little hard to get the some of the endings.

herlemshake 2013.07.25
Very hot chars in this game :)

noogad 2013.07.24
great game and all great endings... Ashley and Lily are hot.

w1drng22 2013.07.24
Just finished taking Lilly in the barn. OMG she was better than Ashley even though I think Ashley is better looking.

w1drng22 2013.07.23
I got a kiss but nothing more. I may have to use the walkthrough.

w1drng22 2013.07.23
I can`t wait. This looks like it is going to be fun. There are so many good comments here.

dekeon 2013.07.23
Wow! Guess I need to rethink my strategy when dealing with women! LOL!

clp187 2013.07.23
nice game but I couldn`t figure out how to have sex with ashley in sauna

thesniper13 2013.07.22
good graphics , hot, as expected from LOP games

thesniper13 2013.07.22
ashley and lily threesome blowjob in the sauna! NICE

thesniper13 2013.07.22
man ashley is so hot, i got the ashley ending

morfidmx 2013.07.22
great sex animation, could be a bit longer, but still its one of my fav games

rockmaiden1 2013.07.22
gameplay is good but is a bit too short.the girls are good as usual

duckray619 2013.07.22
stunning graphics beautiful women

smartsex 2013.07.22
enjoyed the story, would`ve been better with more animation

ares1 2013.07.22
lily in the barn was so hot

yonyhc 2013.07.22
This is a great game. Im still trying to find the ending where you get both girls

sleeper47 2013.07.21
LOP games have good graphics, i got ending 5

sleeper47 2013.07.21
wow, this is a hot game good graphics

HamHard95 2013.07.20
how do you invite ashley to the party?

HamHard95 2013.07.20
this game is insane but the animation is a little weak

jmart20 2013.07.19
great game and all great endings... Ashley and Lily are hot.

ozzyboi26 2013.07.18
really good game, love the tits on those girls.. very sexy

Caamr 2013.07.18
Amazing how good these graphics are for a flash game?!

mnprt 2013.07.18
really good game, favorite ending was with Lily at the barn :)

loubegas 2013.07.17
Wow ! What an awesome game ! Great graphics , great story and great endings !

Omegaman 2013.07.16
loved the game i thought the graphics were good as well as the story

gonzacpo 2013.07.16
the girl called ashley is very hot

fjhus16 2013.07.15
One of the best games ever loved the 3some!

bobnoodle 2013.07.13
i thought this game was good because of the many endings

akash s 2013.07.13
wow. i have tried so much sites but frankly this is the best

jojojem 2013.07.13
great game. Loved the animations and the plot options. Good storyline.

lope 2013.07.11
One of the best games what i loved much.

arti316 2013.07.11
awesome game best ending in my opinion is with lily

dalsex 2013.07.11
lily is a good character with her boyfriend

dalsex 2013.07.11
i just can`t stop playing this game

dalsex 2013.07.11
the graphics totally cool the amazing endigs i can neber get out of playing

aldiele 2013.07.11
I really liked it. it has good graphics and a variety of sex scenes that will make you feel the love

johnsnow421 2013.07.10
good game but wish there was a full on threesome

jari1998 2013.07.10
A really good game, very exciting, the only problem has not have a threesome in the sauna, the girls go alone, frustrating part

jari1998 2013.07.10
Great variation between the two girls. I`m partial to Ashley, but the two of them together is the best ending.

Horselover888 2013.07.10
Great game with good graphics

Appien 2013.07.09
This game has outstanding graphics :D

milaankb 2013.07.08
An A1 Game...the sensuality in the graphics makes me cum on my pants everytime...:P...digged this one totally.

JustJeff722 2013.07.08
Ineresting game. It would be even better if it were longer.

totto0675 2013.07.07
great funny game, both girls really srxy, would love to can have fun with both together

bored1234 2013.07.06
SO MUCH FUN, just wish it was longer

axeman23 2013.07.06
great game loved how you can get both of them at the same time great

Dannobio 2013.07.05
I love this game when the girls are hot and they start me to and play this game more than one time at the day. I really love the figure at the girls and the have good sex to.

hHurb 2013.07.05
these black girls are hot

Victini 2013.07.05
the game was great and the girls were hot

rames44a 2013.07.05
Pretty good - the graphics are excellent, although the game was a little easy to solve

thelew 2013.07.04
Great story line! and i love all the options

TwiztidRoman 2013.07.02
Pretty good game. Graphics are good and gameplay as well

Swordfish 2013.07.01
really n1... rated high... liked also the storyline

Alinu69 2013.06.30
Good game, but I lost the grill.

elchachie 2013.06.30
best one i have played so far

mikesmith1111 2013.06.30
lilly is really hot! love the game

bonehead52 2013.06.29
every game is sexy, this one definitely isnt an exception ;)

zenek21982 2013.06.28
lake party... i like it. nice games

little18 2013.06.28
very sexy game.. gMPLAY WAS MINDBLOWING

ssschaub 2013.06.28
really super hot girls, was pretty fun

keancage 2013.06.27
nice but didnt charge quickly, thats the unique problem

Sam2013 2013.06.26
First gane. First ending sex with Ashley in sauna. Love ebony girls. Looking forward to other 4.

darkeye14 2013.06.26
is one of my fav games of all

jackhunter2211 2013.06.26
Much better than previous games on this site

Mslooj 2013.06.25
Okay, but a little tedious

kirsty75 2013.06.25
Very nice game . I like it

daytripr69 2013.06.24
is there an ending where you can have both girls at the same time? that would be stellar

nicename 2013.06.23
Decent game with nice graphics.

Arxad 2013.06.23
Really good game, I love how there are different endings for you to experiment with.

brianwhitely 2013.06.22
love this game, great graphics and storyline

Yourface 2013.06.21
Favourite yet!
Can`t wait for the next one.

Tuor 2013.06.21
one of the greatest game of this site!

jumbo63 2013.06.20
This is a good game. As expected from LOP.

spectrumamstrad 2013.06.20
Very good games and beautiful girls!

assliker890 2013.06.20
love the game love the girls i would give it 5 out of 5 stars

rodriperez 2013.06.19
great game! I specially love the ebony girl :P but maybe it was too short

sprw30 2013.06.19
Great game. Love all the endings, and the challenge of the game is good.

ajed472 2013.06.19
Love the 3 way scene and the graphics rock. artist did a great job on Ashley

drats666 2013.06.19
like the multiple endings always nice to be able to play a game differently. definitely worth at least one playthrough to me

mssgppd 2013.06.18
This is a very good game.

mssgppd 2013.06.18
the graphics are great!!!!

ADHex 2013.06.18
I go through the games alote to see all endings

Blackthorn96 2013.06.18
As always a good quality game in front of me, One of my favourites. Couldn`t get all ending though.

khafan 2013.06.18
If it was a bit longer would ne one of the bests

zxcvbb 2013.06.17
brilliant gameplay, glad i gave it a go

nikolait 2013.06.16
This game really is great! Can`t wait to see the other endings. :)

irishpin 2013.06.16
Pretty Good Game, like the multiple endings. Both girls are sexy.

socrat207 2013.06.16
this is a very great game

jopstar3382 2013.06.15
this game is awesome, expecially the threesome!

xdrgeniusx 2013.06.14
man the girl in the swamp is hot. stil this guy next to her is giving me a hart time!

Steven1072 2013.06.14
I like this game. My favorite is Ending 4 - All the way sex with Lily.
Lily is dam hot!!

bigbroom 2013.06.13
by far one of my favorite games! LOP produce greatness!!!

jdelgado4 2013.06.13
damn i love this game its awesome

scottmcm 2013.06.12
I really loved this game, Lily is absolutely stunning :)
I kept playing it again and again to see aall the different endings.

xXjaybirdXx 2013.06.11
good game nice graphics and ending

jackassmother 2013.06.11
nice game very sexy love it wish it was longer

Radoo5 2013.06.11
Super girls! I wish to bang them every day!!!

actinlove46 2013.06.10
the game was great and the graphics where good

sukurboobs 2013.06.09
hot 3some n lesbian action...

Carbon171 2013.06.08
it was ok but kinda short

Hotguy29126 2013.06.08
great game and awesome graphics! girls are gorgeous as usual

dazber7579 2013.06.08
this is my one of my favourite games on this site

bjartiz 2013.06.07
the game was great, kind of easy. gameplay scores 8, graphic scores 7

dunder 2013.06.07
great story great gameplay and great graphics

James403 2013.06.07
These girls a REALLY hot. I love this game!

hugedick88 2013.06.07
it was a good game and it has nice graphics

MarriedBiUK 2013.06.07
Great game and great graphics

Pauley909 2013.06.06
i like this game very much i hope to see what you bring in the future

benc33x 2013.06.06
Hot Game. Loved the girls, and the developer.

willie3tears 2013.06.05
After having trouble to find everything to get far into the game. I finally figured it out and head fun. Great game.

Ritts 2013.06.05
I find the lessons of passion games lacing in graphics. I would like more moving parts.

shackles 2013.06.05
Great game and great graphics. I like that there are many endings. Ashley is HOT! Is there a way to fuck them both in the sauna? Guess I`ll keep trying to find out!

lime12345 2013.06.04
This game was pretty cool

shafadXD 2013.06.04
one of the best animations i have ever seen

Vadlor 2013.06.04
Very well though out game. It makes you pay real attention to get the girls, not just random luck and/or clicking

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

JOBBB 2013.06.03
really enjoyed this game, great graphics and animation, took several plays to get the endings for each girl doing everything

akb7525 2013.06.02
kind of strange fuck the two girls and then the ended up only want each other

pedro3151 2013.06.02
great game, like the graphic, and the animation was ok.

DrkoKralj 2013.06.01
game is awesome i like the multiple endings

felexan 2013.06.01
love the game great tits and ass

Arok_BE 2013.05.31
Cute storyboard, cute 3some too

FUCKTION123 2013.05.30
really good game
i want to download it

monstercock1993 2013.05.30
great story. hot women. nice sex scenes. over all fun to play

Chriswins 2013.05.30
I like the carmel girl more.. she was soo sweet

SexPanther 2013.05.29
the best one yet fantasting amazing girls,animation and story

gigiolo69 2013.05.29
ove the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

blahblahblah2 2013.05.28
This is an awesome game, played so much I got all the endings.

DireVanity1 2013.05.28
Beautiful girls with awesome gameplay and many options

Schiller 2013.05.27
Nice Game Really Enjoyed It I Can Say That This Game Is In The Top 5 That`s Just My Opinion.

thunderfucker 2013.05.27
loved it when i fucked her

HwdKiller 2013.05.27
Lake Party was the best game, it turned me on

pottyoy 2013.05.26
AWESOME game AWESOME graphics

trochustephh 2013.05.26
Enjoyed every ending, but my favourite is Lily. She so hot!

Noguy 2013.05.26
Well realised game. Like it. I tried to find all 5 endings but still have troubles. Has someone already had all of them ?

Grumpy01 2013.05.26
Great endings, fun to play.........time for another go!

yapahitaza 2013.05.25
Yeah! I love lesson of passion games!!

shcal 2013.05.25
I really do enjoy the graphics lesson of passion imporved a lot over the years its been great. I think the best one yet is nite with kelly

kave22 2013.05.24
This is a great game !!!!!!

sexybitch300 2013.05.23
i love this game it was great.
good graphics

grubi 2013.05.23
amazing game good quests and nice graphics

PFO180 2013.05.23
Love the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

thesabel001 2013.05.22
very awesome gameplay... good for a boring afternoon

los-allen 2013.05.22
how do you get lily in the sauna ??

bigdaddy101101101 2013.05.22
Wish there was a threesome ending, instead of being kicked out

saad76 2013.05.22
it was nice and had fun

LastLegion13 2013.05.22
Great game, great endings, great story, great graphics. All you want in a game.

jsmoove123 2013.05.21
This was a nice game, one of my favorites so far

night.mare56 2013.05.20
great fun with Ashley, hope this comes true in the near future ! Sauna scene was great.

timeline 2013.05.19
Great game, grafx, and animations,,,would like to see more like it

noperapon 2013.05.19
Great game, need some thought to discover all the endings, great CG. Highly recommended, gave it 100

karjito 2013.05.19
eh, its just an alright game i guess

np23 2013.05.19
great game,great,graphihs and great storyline.

mannertt 2013.05.19
It is strange that I can`t give any items to the characters.
Othewise good game

Zorat 2013.05.18
Amazing game. Really hot two gilrs. Complex story with many endings.

J_Dymo 2013.05.17
great game play and graphics

blablablafuck 2013.05.17
this game is really good, liked it

newguy21 2013.05.16
i completed this game it was very good

Daviduzumaki 2013.05.16
helll yeah i like this games is rocking

grillo77 2013.05.16
good game ,great animations ,i play more games

bridgeman91 2013.05.15
Loved the game I just wish there was an ending where I got more than a blowjob.

Henjan 2013.05.15
Great game, beautiful girls. Got four endings, but missed the fifth. Think it must have been the bad one,

samanimaciones 2013.05.15
got bored soon enough, didn`t had a chance to finish it really

TAA 2013.05.14
Great game. Great girls!

cameroncg 2013.05.14

yolo15 2013.05.14
that was pretty fun. I think everyone should play it.

corndog85 2013.05.13
threesome in sauna was too short, wanted more. both girls are sexy as though

girthy 2013.05.13
super hot girls
wish there was an extended threesome in the sauna
love the threesome in the barn

mats000111 2013.05.13
i love this game my favorite

Shukuyou 2013.05.12
A very good game. Good grafic and length, but a bit hard before you knew what to do.

cooldanmaner 2013.05.11
An awesome game to play, hope you make more!

harddaddy 2013.05.11
really fun game to play. Good Graphics

nsajay 2013.05.11
these girls are hot, i got to fuck ashley

aeronai 2013.05.11
good game, very long though

bearclaw012345 2013.05.09
love the many endings though would have been better if ye could do the threesome & not just watching them.

MancLion 2013.05.08
Fun game. now to find all the endings

DanoSvK 2013.05.08
good game good graphic very playable and hot

zver79 2013.05.06
Best game here, favorite ending is with both girls!!

peppis 2013.05.05
Amazing sex scenes, well worth multiple play throughs .

face42 2013.05.05
It`s fun that you can experiment a little.

Twilighter_2245 2013.05.05
I need help because i want to have a 3some

gloryman111 2013.05.05
this is pretty hot and awesome

WANNASAMMA 2013.05.04
Game is Absolutely Amazing

ahahaha0 2013.05.04
So exciting. Great story, beautifull graphics...

Rainkiller 2013.05.03
can i fuck, not only blowjob both of them in sauna?

croniusz 2013.05.03
Fantastic game by LOP. I love the graphics and all storylines ;)

croniusz 2013.05.03
This is an awesome game! I love the graphics

imhorny 2013.05.03
im stuck in this game. i dont know if their indian or not please help me

Torresso 2013.05.02
Gameplay was fun, great game!

Catitus 2013.05.02
Cool, and hot, game. Well done, give us more.

magicman23 2013.05.02
real good game + graphics

spaceboy 281 2013.05.02
Gameplay is good and the girls are nice

rpt1304 2013.05.02
I always like LP`s games, and this one much more !

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