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Kitsumi: The cheating wife


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D1NGBAT 2017.09.02
Tongue tornado is a passion killer, up til then, pretty good.

Daniela38 2017.07.12
great game like the graphics

Tiodor 2017.06.29
This game was very good graphics, gameplay was a little short though, but Kitsumi is hot.

littleGamer 2017.06.15
the graphic of the game is coolrnlovely

whitevil111 2017.04.25
More asian girls please ;) 10/10 game

Lucifer1815 2017.02.15
Great game with multiple story lines and good graphics.

shogom 2017.01.24
Running down the throat made out of some living ride: "Over the lips and through the gums, look out tummy, here I come!"

secretive 2016.12.04
the game is not bad..looking through other ending

jakeblack 2016.09.28
graphics could be improved

maxxman980 2016.08.05
entertaining love the variate of the endings and how they reflect your choices


CLkz 2016.07.18
i`m the first that play the game i think great as always

stach56 2016.07.11
what a great game this is fantasttic...nice graphic

leo76 2016.04.27
tried it not my game lol nice girl tho

Weflyhigh04 2015.11.25
really good game. would have to be of my faves

alanwake 2015.08.31
quick gameplay for reaching to the end, unique interactions...

Dan the Man 2015.08.01
Great change to the usual scenario, enjoyed it a lot.

jediknight91 2015.06.05
perfect game Kitsumi is very sexy indeed I like the rough path as well as the nice path in all 10 out 10

Aleytha 2015.04.28
Good game, kitsumi is awsome artwork, allthough a little bit predictable with kind of few choices but still a good game to play!

john milton 2015.04.19
too predictable game, but nice i have to say... i don`t like asian girls so much... but to see them impaled by a black guy is always a pleasure

OzzieDevil 2015.02.12
Took a bit of work but got there in the end , or should that be IN HER END ?? :-p

bensniper8 2015.02.06
Awesome Game. Amazing Graphics. Love it.

Sportkissen 2015.01.20
very small but nice game, I like it

letsfuck1 2014.12.23
this game was fucked up

Iva_bigun_12 2014.11.22
great game with a interesting story line

core88 2014.11.15
Great game, it relies more on the story than the actual animation at times which is a nice change. Great model with Kitsumi though

pieffepi 2014.10.19
Kitsumi is amazingly beautiful, and the story is very nice. I like it a lot. The only thing that could definitely be improved is the way to gain excitement: that rolling arrow forces you to look away from the scene itself

Futuros 2014.09.29
the game was great and the controls were creative. Graphics were great.

patoramone 2014.08.19
i love the asian that is in this game

vampirerulz 2014.08.08
nice sexy wife... lovely game

bitz94 2014.07.13
Actually I kind of like this game. Nice story, nice graphics.

Ashlynn Brooke 2014.07.08
Not bad game. Nice graphics, good story.

ryanblender 2014.06.08
Got 4 endings, animation are a little lacking

matth421s 2014.04.14
good game and a good ending

wezel87 2014.03.31
i loved this game amazing graphics!

Great game and nice story

Benny_boy21 2014.03.23
great game. easy controls, awesome graphics. an easy 4 outta 5

flashflint 2014.02.25
Graphics were good.I would of liked to see more nudity in the game.The storyline could be stronger,but all in all, it was a fun fast game.

MrX99 2014.02.14
I just wish this game was longer, but it was fun to play.

Zephoxz 2014.02.09
I love asians and this was an extreme turn on for me

Parker13 2014.02.03
this is the best game ever

darkwhite41 2014.01.07
great quality and i love it

DJJunHao 2013.12.16
i got stuck. difficult instructions ... but graphics are cool

MaxxV2150 2013.11.15
Fun, asian women, sex, story-line, and wonderful graphics? This is a winning combo for me.

yosecretsquirrel 2013.11.03
A bit soft for my tastes, but otherwise a good game with great graphics. 7/10

asdfguy 2013.10.29
great game overall with nice endings

yannos33 2013.10.14
not a perfect game but still good

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

um23202382scdrid 2013.09.08
superb graphics, wish it lasted longer

lss 2013.08.14
like the game. just needed some more options to it.

noogad 2013.08.07
Loved this game, anal sexy was very interesating

w1drng22 2013.07.23
OK I`m ready to try this game out. Here goes.

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Nice game with great animation and best graphic.

qwerdsa 2013.07.16
Loved this game
girl is hot but she could be even better
i hope to play better game

Andrea81 2013.07.14
Not bad. It was a bit short, and could use some more story, but all around it wasn`t bad at all. I`d like to see more like this.

jopstar3382 2013.06.15
awesome game, you must try it out!

nikki74 2013.06.12
this game is very hot and steamy

xXjaybirdXx 2013.06.11
good game more like this

peoudarxis 2013.05.27
Good but I would like more options to be honest ....

ymailsuresh 2013.05.03
nice game i like the ending

madmax68 2013.04.20
Loved this game, anal sexy was very interesating

nightwing86 2013.04.15
this is one of the best game ever that I played!

andotrota 2013.04.13
the best game so far
awesome story and characters

neonx 2013.04.11
wow, this one make me realy horny

luca16490 2013.03.19
not a bad game I liked her body

papi24499 2013.03.04
that was a really hot game i really love Asian women

Iwantcarrot 2013.02.10
more interracial/cheating game please!!!! LOVE IT!

ggggg12345 2013.01.30
This game was absolutely Hot. It gave me a big boner.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

jamsterkk 2013.01.23
very sexy woman and the gameplay was awesome

vgvet 2013.01.22
excellent game. good gameplay and sex. almost too easy though.

egane 2013.01.18
mmm wery hot nice gaphic wery sexy womwn

veleno72 2012.12.31
Lovely... exceplt the action with green arrow and red area.... The pleasure bar doesn`t move!!! :(

Lix66 2012.12.09
Amazing game never though I would have played it but when i did I played till my computer crashed

pabloD12 2012.11.23
the story was kinda cool. sex scenes kinda boring with the press button rub belly action but good overall.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


112321qweasd 2012.11.14
good game the grapics are pretty good

stiw 2012.11.10
cool game katsumi is hot!!!

collins 2012.10.30
game could use some sound effects or sexy background music. It would make the overall experience a little more memorable.

collins 2012.10.30
well that ending was GOOD. story could use a few `hidden` spots (rewards) with in the scenes but I know that means more programing and we`re already getting this for free. THANKS

Phelim 2012.10.30
oh, i like these superhot asian chick!

collins 2012.10.30
guess I didn`t follow all the paths I should have just seemed like a straight `click-through` game. I suppose I`m going to have to try it a few more time to appericate all the nuances of it. I`ll wait till I have a little more experience until I post a score.

Xuz007 2012.10.24
plz publish more like this.. i`m eagerly waiting..

Jokke1 2012.09.16
I would love to fix her tv, foxy lady and good graphics

Zalbar 2012.09.16
graphics are hot, great detail. the wife is smoking hot, and the story is solid, could have used a couple more endings though.

Mace1245 2012.09.15
I love Lesson Of Passion Games I think they should get more Asian girls. Kitsumi was hot!

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.13
Very nice Asian Girl...fix it ;)

billu.shah4 2012.09.11
wow what a great game this is fantasttic

billu.shah4 2012.09.11
wow great game i like that type of games too much wonderful

yopyo3812 2012.09.06
real good game, nice asian model

kiimeeg 2012.09.06
love the graphic and animation

fuhui96 2012.09.03
awesome graphics. I love the endings. Kitsumi is hot !!

sam1cool1shah 2012.09.01
hottest game loved playing it superb

Sexy_Bunny 2012.08.29
love the game and multiple endings

valyrian 2012.08.27
kitsumi is hot, and the game is fun to play. is there more?

MysteryMan28 2012.08.25
Fun Game, great graphics, girl is hot in it

steeve 2012.08.16
kitsumi is a very naughty grl

pirandello75 2012.08.14
Average game .... poor interaction and roleplay

Bruza 2012.08.11
Just a little it predickable

shenlu 2012.08.10
I have the feeling I am going to enjoy it

sveinn1 2012.08.05
good game and good sound

badb0ys009 2012.07.30
i`m the first that play the game i think great as always. i like this game

plato27 2012.07.10
one of the best, more like this

Zalbar 2012.06.29
I loved the game, awsome graphics but story was way to short, should have been a little more to it

pinklover49 2012.06.23
dis game mawd as fuck a mi say!

MoumouSkull 2012.06.11
Really nice. Some bug at `fingering` part, pleasure didn`t wanna grow, must restart game.

artinian_artin 2012.06.10
love cheating wifes`s games!!!

chris_avril 2012.06.07
Not that exciting.
It had a good story, but not much sex to back it up.

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Good game and grafic but short story

royro2011 2012.05.16
hmmm... love it but story was short

pemb1980 2012.05.08
Great Story a little short on the delivery.

mikemike99009 2012.05.02
this game is easy and fun

Rathgar 2012.04.19
good game, got all 4 endings

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.13
Freat gme,and the graphic is awesome

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.13
i`m the first that play the game i think great as always

ghost104 2012.03.31
great game but could do with a longer story

tcorbett 2012.03.28
Amazing game. I intend to play through it more to get all the endings.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

gorex 2012.03.14
great game good graphics and good story

medium 2012.03.13
Animations and gameplay great!

cumshot 2012.03.11
this is a realy fun and great game

pvfd225 2012.03.11
good game with good graphics....waiting for more

needsum 2012.03.10
Good graphics....way to much dialogue

Synful 2012.03.08
good game,liked the ending,epic!

goldeagle4 2012.03.01
i love sumi just wish she would let him cum in her pussy

unlimited 2012.03.01
like this game. black on blondes...

dylan42 2012.02.21
god i love this game !! extra graphics, long enough but the story can be developed

star 2012.02.21
good game, good graphic and interesting story.

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.excelent animation.sweet game.like to see more

Celestia 2012.02.18
Got the husband ending, great animation

Steelswan 2012.02.14
hot game but too short i think - needs more story

edisonj 2012.02.12
I got all endings, and they are great, the wife is charming

pinibini 2012.02.09
Freat gme,and the graphic is awesome

ph3nixx 2012.02.05
Nice game, scenario and story quite compelling

SantiagoCampos 2012.02.03
Can anyone help me with this game? I`m a bit confused.

Lavin99 2012.02.01
a very goooooooooooooood sexy game

stvenjake 2012.01.31
brilliant game made me cum alot

Freedomcis 2012.01.30
Game was good, wished there was few more endings though.

blehmeh 2012.01.29
very nice interracial game :)
tongue tornado was weird though.. XD

stelios12 2012.01.29
kitsumi is beautiful! this game is nasty!

playforcegames73 2012.01.25
This is kind of sexy. Don`t trust a hoe, though.

sam00spade 2012.01.24
I don`t like playing the girl part... wish there was a part for the man

sam00spade 2012.01.24
the gameplay is awesone and also the graphic!

sam00spade 2012.01.24
Hot woman. Great game. Good graphics

dementeddd 2012.01.21
Took some time to get used to the interface, but well worth the time. The lady is incredible, very sexy.

Semnick 2012.01.20
Its a litle bored in the beginig, but after that the game is better.
I give him 60%

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
i dont like this girl not a very cool game

ShitPot 2012.01.12
this cheating wives game is really good and it makes me `horny`....

layne16 2012.01.11
Good game, enjoyed the storyline.

Guillaume 2012.01.10
good game but only one decent ending

heretoplay 2012.01.10
hahaha i loved this game it was so funny

Thracian 2012.01.07
It is a great game good graphics althou dont really understand it

latin16 2012.01.03
This game was great, nice graphics nice everything

kolera0101 2012.01.03
Hot woman. Great game. Good graphics

nictan123 2011.12.22
fuck asians and blacks equals sex

HowTheFuckDoYouDoThat 2011.12.15
such a great game abit funny as well

cutefro19 2011.12.10
Nice game and awesome graphics. Makes you horny. :)

philipebody 2011.12.08
I love this game it is amazing

chachecho 2011.12.05
the gameplay is awesone and also the graphic!!!!!!!!!

bsalover47 2011.12.05
this is one of the most sexiest games i`ve played

Snakejake11 2011.11.30
great game really easy to get to the fun parts

fada 2011.11.29
very nice game, I like it

Busky3 2011.11.29
I love this game. Great gameplay

firess7 2011.11.27
a good game plus good graphics
and a sexy chick in it.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

wdamio 2011.11.23
great game, love the endings especially

rahulkrishna1234 2011.11.22
this girl is good and the boy is good too.. the graphics are awesome

Ubber1 2011.11.20
Love this game, excellent idea using a lonely wife. Great Graphics.

Krueger 2011.11.19
Great and awesome game with good graphics. I love it! ;)

Draftee 2011.11.18
Was entertaining... short and sweet. I`d like to see her suck his cock though!

HarSlan 2011.11.16
nice game,cool graphics!!! This girl very nice!

Shadowford 2011.11.16
All around sweet game to play

Artis 2011.11.15
An excellent story. .. And not only repaired her TV set. ..;)

scshaw2011 2011.11.14
good graphic and animations ok storyline

bigsmoke74 2011.11.13
lovely graphics,great sexy woman,and sex scene

nemy 2011.11.13
great animation, graphics not too bad.

Lippi1983 2011.11.12
Excellent Game,controls wer a little annoying if tyou miss at first it takes a long time to get it started again

Lippi1983 2011.11.12
The graphics are awesome. And an Asian chick. This is the first game I get to play with a beautiful Asian girl.

S0rcy 2011.11.12
very nice game. love the endings. girl is hot but she could be even better :). anyway GJ!

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

pafren2010 2011.11.10
Interesting gameplay, good graphics

tommo2085 2011.11.08
That is quality very sexy game.

blindman331 2011.11.07
Hot girl, but some of the controls were annoying.

xoxolove234 2011.11.07
i cannot find all the endings

ctsDanny 2011.11.06
The graphics are awesome. And an Asian chick. This is the first game I get to play with a beautiful Asian girl. Very nice touch. The interracial relationship is a nice touch also. I also think that the orange button with a green indicator is a cool addition.

paja96 2011.11.05
Excellent Game, the wasn`t to good, but it still fine

iza 2011.11.04
Nice game but you can`t really play that much as the story is a bit too simple.

Hannah69 2011.11.03
Nice simple game...i like failing to see Jacob on his wedding night

C.C. 2011.11.03
Good game to pass some time. She`s hot but the game and movements could be better.

richard1 2011.11.01
good story line. good idea tochange speed of "clicker"

texasviper77089 2011.10.31
good graphics story line a little weak but still a lot of fun to play

JasonKuroson 2011.10.31
I quite Enjoyed this game, though it could have been better nonetheless it was fun, and graphically awesome

beezzeeb 2011.10.31
that dirty lil girl...no panties...she was asking for it

Enki2011 2011.10.31
Nice game, way to short. Great graphics and storyline

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.29
Nice animation and graphic

tdaynis 2011.10.27
really the hottest game..........graphics r so cool n best gameplay............simple but erotic!

borisbrown77 2011.10.26
the game is very nice. maybe a little longer to play with this game is more much better. i am waiting.

jaja0625 2011.10.25
how can i get laid??? should i let him go??

SEXREX 2011.10.23
i liked ow it was a girl as the main character but it was too wordy not enough action

M_A_K_O 2011.10.22
very nice game. love the endings. girl is hot but she could be even better :)

lexthunder2007 2011.10.22
Not bad. But the scenario is not very original

playpal 2011.10.21
Great graphics and very interesting to play. Also, a great story line.

outrage 2011.10.17
ice game, nice graphics, but having to watch a green arrow in a red bar during the sex part is a bit annoying

QayArt 2011.10.17
What a naughty wife, it`s a good idea...

kimmut 2011.10.14
Will submit a score once i played it through the end
i`m the first that play the game i think great as always

kimmut 2011.10.14
well hot dam Mrs. Canis is super HOT I wish any of the women I knew looked half this good
Will submit a score once i played it through the end

timmyguns 2011.10.12
Awesome graphics! Plus it has a fun plot line.

alertpleased 2011.10.09
mice idea and grphics are interesting

Alex4392 2011.10.05
great game loved the female character

djacko 2011.10.02
it is a good game whit great scenar

cruise 2011.10.01
Wow! it`s great...i like it...so funny..

adenmanaf 2011.09.27
it is good to have TV burned down. get a handsome electricial and enjoy the sex the most of it good game

Caduceus 2011.09.27
Well, she had to pay for her blackmail. It was brutal, but justified.

ColinC 2011.09.25
great game, graphic`s looks amazing

Liehovar 2011.09.25
awesome game with awesome graphics..and nice endings, gj

terry1126 2011.09.25
It will be a better game if the female character is made more beautiful

prettynatural88 2011.09.25
great game even though some parts were difficult

playboy1982 2011.09.24
cheating wives always a good concept,short but sweet.

tehn00b 2011.09.22
Great graphics. Kitsumi is hot! Animation was ok

reaper194 2011.09.22
The Endings were good, but the graphics themselves weren`t too...well....graphical

mauzayat 2011.09.19
Nice but his wife could come over there!

joejoe666 2011.09.19
This game is alright. i like kitsumi but wish there were more/different scenes

jer1981 2011.09.18
Nice game, wish there was more scenes with better views of Kitsumi`s body though.

DreamTim 2011.09.18
not bad not bad. I like it

kk77 2011.09.18
really great game, i wanna do all the endings

marios874 2011.09.18
The touching part was clear eventhough i found some parts hard to find.
The "ToungeTornado" well i didn`t figure out what to do :(
so i got stuck

yawn1 2011.09.17
ery nice game. love the endings. girl is hot!!!!

piskerg 2011.09.15
Short and nice game. Good it has 4 endings.

testi 2011.09.14
damn i cant find the touching parts :(

matrix529 2011.09.14
great game, nice graphics

Schmalen 2011.09.13
Great Games, just love the endings!

amilama 2011.09.12
I like the graphics. Not too hard to navigate. Would highly recommmend!

decconan 2011.09.12
everything is well done, but the story is a little simple

xiaobailong 2011.09.10
good work...But The touching part was clear eventhough i found some parts hard to find

sharmaavish 2011.09.09
the game is hot but also short

Melimelo 2011.09.09
Good game, not one of the best but a very decent one.
Graphs aren`t the usual level of quality, storyline a little too hasty and simple, it just seems to have been made too fast without the usual quality level.
It`s just regretfull, not so often can we enjoy playing with not caucasian type heroes.

elishacuthbert 2011.09.06
When Jacob puts his manhood in sumi`s sweet lil pussy. The cock is like sleeping or something. I dont feel if it was in her. Another thing why is jacob looking sideways. He should be actually be playing with her boobs or be calling her name. That would be wild.

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
very nice girl althuogh the game is easy

mickbhoy 2011.09.05
good fun just a little short

lazerus13 2011.09.03
Good game and good endings (even when you lose). Kitsumi was hot as hell. I got all the endings but had a problem going after the second and third, the game froze up when I had to touch her. Figured it was my browser, but hey it happened twice

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Ok LOP game, gonna play it once.

danilipe 2011.08.30
great game, nice graphics

vyprson 2011.08.30
great game overall, seemed a ll easy, maybe in a sequel make the game a lil more difficult

drakkins 2011.08.28
got 2 of the endings working on 3rd fun game overall

Energy66 2011.08.27
Amazing game with cool story and a peculiar main character ^^

And in this game, you really enjoy the ending even if you loose xD

huntah 2011.08.25
they are both so hot. this game is good

poppa 2011.08.25
great graphics and a hot body...game is good to play but would like to see all the endings

sexy_Hannah 2011.08.23
awesome graphics, totally realistic (I would know)!!!!

FlorianX 2011.08.22
short but nice game, good grafic and kitsumi is so hot

perheiro 2011.08.21
Strong game, Kitsumi is what a cheating wife should look and act like. Controls on these games are much easier with a ball mouse. I highly recommend investing in one.

kapo 2011.08.20
the cheating wife, the great story line and i like the graphics too

imahornybeast 2011.08.19
i love lesson of passion games...this one is awesome....especially when she exposes herself a little...

cogitom 2011.08.16
MOre like a foto novel, not many choices to make. The story is nice though.

bigbangprince 2011.08.13
Are there more than 3 endings?

Avenger2011 2011.08.13
Nice game but problems with the riding part with green marker i red area.

ogdih 2011.08.11
i loved yhe plot best game ever

stonecold 2011.08.10
nice seductive game advice you to play

spokxx 2011.08.08
wonderfull game, good sequences and text. You have to improve the animations

long55 2011.08.05
very good game but a bit strange also , but nice

Billy_77 2011.08.05
great game, great story only downer too short

Goku69 2011.08.05
Kitsumi is really hot and i liked the anal part...!!

MC388 2011.08.05
Always enjoy these games had fun

dreadwolf 2011.08.04
animations game play and graphics are great
wish you could cum in her any way

Flinstone 2011.08.03
good game but a little short

tunemusa 2011.08.03
The game was awesome but so far only been able to unlock 2 endings. Great animations though.

UncleBuck71 2011.07.30
Very nice game. Girl is hot.

pawan2modi 2011.07.29
just one word, very sexy and funny

Peetches 2011.07.29
i like this game and its graphics

lightdark 2011.07.27
awesome, i wish i can find sequel of this one XD

abrakadabra 2011.07.24
Amazing, nice animations, the girl was hot.

kingdongii 2011.07.23
Really enjoyed this one, the mini-games were fun and different, decent story and as always, stunning graphics!

Minor complaint: the hotspots can be difficult to find for the "hand" parts!

judas4510 2011.07.21
Definitely not the best from LoP but still pretty entertaining.

Liltommytucker 2011.07.20
Really good, now to find the other two endings!

photu 2011.07.19
excellen game cool graphics

gielar 2011.07.19
a great game, goog graphic

Gaiking 2011.07.18
great game and graphic , I really enjoy it

banes 2011.07.17
Got all the endings and each one was hot!! I would love to give her anal anytime.

hentaifucker69 2011.07.14
This game has awsome graphics and a great storyline.

n3rdfl0v3 2011.07.13
awesome, i wish i can find sequel of this one XD

salva1223 2011.07.12
this game is pretty simple .. but has awesome graphics

gb2466mp 2011.07.10
one of the best games i have played

R12T0 2011.07.10
great game but i just didn`t like it so much than the rest of this kind of games

thedoob 2011.07.10
This game is very hot but kinda short....I really enjoyed it though

marko 2011.07.10
good quality but too short

Rickey986 2011.07.09
nice job, on this game, this was very well done

FrankieBones 2011.07.08
sexy game, but the facial expressions are kinda off in some sex scenes

jake201 2011.07.07
excellent game.it is really nice graphic too

Boricua31 2011.07.06
This was a pretty cool game liked the storyline

Frozen_Bear 2011.07.04
One thing this game did that some of the others lacked was the click and hold rather than running the mouse back and forth, makes it so much simpler to get through the touching phases.

yes2skin 2011.07.03
more house problems whould be nice as sequele

whiteheat 2011.07.02
i enjoy the way that you move through the game with the clicking a lot easier play

m4t0n 2011.07.01
hots girls makes this game superb

Mawwste 2011.07.01
Its pretty good, but not the best I`ve seen from LoP. Somehow the story didn`t go that much of smoothly as the cheating wife. I dont know what was stopping me but I couldnt feel it so awesome as many others. 7/10

highlander666 2011.06.29

Furyious 2011.06.29
Not my favourite Lesson Of PAssion game but still pretty good

retvx 2011.06.27
excellent game.it is really nice graphic too.

jayyy 2011.06.26
confusing really..there should be hints.....the girls animation was really average

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Nice Game, Excellent graphics as usual.

djokerzt 2011.06.25
kkkkkkk i like this game hahahahhahanice graphic and animation

MelonupS 2011.06.25
Great game. In the touching phase, the leg touching was too hard to find...

Jirri 2011.06.24
Good game, love this type

alexrol 2011.06.23
I got stuck with the touches too...in rest it`s a cool game

aniceguy22 2011.06.23
game was very enjoyable would play it again for a diff ending

nero89ca 2011.06.23
these games are so awesome but finding where you need to grab or rub is a little hard

chip chipperson 2011.06.19
amazing game. super hot sex scenes great graphics, and i like the different styles of pleasure.

LordAsgarath 2011.06.18
I liked the plot of the cheating wife and the tv mechanic. Very interesting...

xman99115 2011.06.18
great game amazing details nice storyline and leght

Phoenixuk 2011.06.17
good game easy to play hot babe nice storyline

ayeshi 2011.06.16
a fantastic game with good animations and graphics.

chrischaos 2011.06.16
Kitsumi sounds like a stereotypical rich snob. Manipulate you into getting what they want and then piss and moan when you change shit up on them. She`s got a great body, but the face needs work. Kitsumi is a butterface.

Hazz90 2011.06.16
I liked it, Katsumi really is something.

salbador 2011.06.15
it was the best game ever and kitsumi is very pretty

Elnuno214 2011.06.14
i love this game one of my favorites

Dakeshi 2011.06.14
Fun little game but it could use more endings.

nikooktarin 2011.06.13
this is the gread game i have played, so graphics is gread...

booboo527 2011.06.13
im stuck at the part where u have to touch her whole body. please help!

shinjisan 2011.06.12
Love the asian chick, love the graphics. Lesson of Passion has always produced excellent games.

busu99 2011.06.12
this animation game is very good, nice fuck and perfect bobs

m4t0n 2011.06.12
hots girls makes this game superb

andysamen 2011.06.10
Great graphic and game.i wish it was longer game play. :D

Lovee 2011.06.06
Love this game so far but im stuck on clickin only when its by the red part cant get passed it help me

pyrochris 2011.06.06
Good Game, nice animation!

nniffar 2011.06.05
A very sexy game. Don`t keep yr wife at home bored

dothetango 2011.06.05
hot girl, but i think its to short!

jpsacrey 2011.06.04
fun game need more options for the guy

chargers_502 2011.06.04
it was ok but i think it was a little toshort and complicated

scooter33 2011.06.03
Good Story and the little varriations from just one choice or the other are very good as well

Guisir 2011.06.01
good story but I don`t like the characters

C.C. 2011.05.31
Not a bad game but you can only play it so many times. Needs more options, more action, and maybe even more people.

mannylopez1 2011.05.31
Another nice game it would have been better with some music and a hint button for the people who get lost or stuck in the game.

johndellsman 2011.05.30
fun game need more options for the guy

white 2011.05.29
what wonderful story..awesome

gilang 2011.05.29
this animation game is very good, nice fuck and perfect bobs

firion69 2011.05.28
finally managed to get all 4 endings =D
an asian chick + black guy (in the intro) = seemed like a very nice combo to me....

...and i wasnt disappointed ;)

scoobydoo 2011.05.24
reallyliked th game and had some really decent graphics

ctstc29 2011.05.23
Pretty good game, do have to say that there should be some kinda clue in the touching part.

mattyowen21 2011.05.20
a really good game, great story

prtorresv 2011.05.19
wow, completamente magifico una historia corta, con varias combinaciones calientes, exelentes graficos mujeres muy realistas

Laz000 2011.05.17
Good endings and graphics, the girl is hot!

dettehuskerjeg 2011.05.16
I love it when you get the best ending, it is hard to get.

jykg 2011.05.15
very nice game coll graphics and sexy

ozpaqm 2011.05.14
nice graphics, could be a little bit longer though.

dracultrojan 2011.05.14
it sure is a good one, however, i ended up in an unexpected way.

Rawripop 2011.05.13
Nice gameplay! Need a little work on the nude scene though!

zaza06 2011.05.11
awesome i love this game it`s really hot

elDona 2011.05.10
good game, graphic is great, game play seen easy

Damien747 2011.05.10
Still love these games. Always fun to try and take every possible ending and failure.

raegor 2011.05.09
nice animation but short story T.T

clb1997 2011.05.05
fun game really enjoyed the ending

azrael81 2011.05.04
Great Job! That`s really something! Congrats! it`s awesome.

wolf0503 2011.05.04
nice game decent story good graphics

UraiFen 2011.05.03
Excellent game. Good Graphics. Moderaate storyline.

looner 2011.05.03
nice game but little short

minhaj251095 2011.05.02
pretty good game i really like the animation but the storyline could have been better

cidermeister 2011.05.01
Graphics are ok but animation lets it down. Storyline is ok but could be much better.

tk5 2011.05.01
great graphics, but shitty animations and boring interactions. however, in total, worth playing

Skarn62 2011.04.28
Good hot game. Nice girl. A little bit too short

jason1 2011.04.28
great graphics and animations love the ideas!!

toyotapro 2011.04.28
good game, graphic is great, game play seen easy

geilebeer79 2011.04.27
Great game
Kitsumi is really hot
Wish all girls were as hot like her

fcbrugesboy 2011.04.27
Not bad, i like the bonus.
but Christine is much better!!!

xXshadowXx 2011.04.26
heard it was good, it was

aurieldul 2011.04.26
to short but i love the history

hunter0 2011.04.26
I seriously think about study for TV-master

miia 2011.04.26
good quality but too short

connor ritschard 2011.04.26
This game is to boring its not worth it

zrm99 2011.04.26
He has a really big dick!!

Nacionalsocialis 2011.04.25
this game is really wonderful , great graphics ! but i can`t finish the game while i hav to rub the girl

sammiexx 2011.04.25
i love the idea for this game, i hope she didn`t break a nail heh.

C.C. 2011.04.25
Great game but too short. Could use a follow up.

bladium12305 2011.04.25
good gamebut the inttro is a little long

RingTime 2011.04.25
Few troubles but figured it out. Nice.

baba1873 2011.04.25
Game was quite hard at 1st but figured it out

hunted 2011.04.25
good,but wish the endings had sexier pics :P
great graphics as usual,love the tongue twister and fucking methods

midnightshadow 2011.04.24
good game,i like how quickly it gets to the action!

gorgi21 2011.04.24
god I loved the game.. maybe because I love cheating wives or just cause all games here are great as this one.. dunno :))

sexyguy123 2011.04.23
this game had good graphics

dannyboy1000 2011.04.22
this game has a great story to it

kellyshero58 2011.04.21
not bad, wife was amazing, wish there were more to the endings though

passerby 2011.04.21
i wish meet that horny wife

Jaydog0120 2011.04.21
She is one of my favorite girls so far... except kelly ofcourse
Keep em comin

jjonzz 2011.04.21
good game but the difficulty level wasn`t there

zarapastro 2011.04.20
just one word predictible

lobao 2011.04.20
Great game. Kitsumi is very hot!

cavalier 2011.04.19
one of the hottest games in the few ive played so far, nice body

michalakatomik 2011.04.19
Nice game, I love asian chicks , and the story is good , so as graphics

johnmartin29 2011.04.19
this is a good game ok graphics

carterchase 2011.04.19
good game and good graphics

UpsetMason 2011.04.18
nce graphics, easy to play but could be a bit longer

emaznboy 2011.04.17
It definitely felt a little forced, and playing as a bitchy chick was kind of a turn off. It does have replay value, and I liked that you could not cheat if you didn`t want to.

ltworf1 2011.04.17
enjoyable game. wish it was not as harsh, needs to change some of the choices so it seems less forced, and more like mutual agreement.not as forced.

blatncan 2011.04.16
good quality but too short

Secesh 2011.04.16
good quality. little bit hard though

goshu 2011.04.16
nice one, but to short... c`mon no more ideas?

bgarrard 2011.04.15
The graphics in this game are some of the best I`ve seen. The only downfall is the game was too short.

greenangel34 2011.04.15
Good game Kitsu is awesome

arkaniss 2011.04.15
the game is good but should be longer

Mr M 2011.04.15
this is really great game with totaly great story.....yep...wet dreams:)

aSEXcionado 2011.04.14
adventure games like this one never fails to make me reaaaaallyyy wet! makes me wanna have someone f me right now. anyway, good job PF1. nice story, good graphics. more movement during sex scenes tho.

Jamraj 2011.04.14
Great great graphic AND appeal!!

vegetaline 2011.04.14
very good game, fun to play

Arbaal 2011.04.14
Bit too confusing for my liking. Girl and concept looks good enough. But game itself wasnt just what i expected it to be. Some troubles with touching.

blazecraz1 2011.04.13
cool game i really liked it

ricky martin 2011.04.13
nice game every one must play 222222222222 hot

vtheghost 2011.04.13
i find this one the hardest out of all games,

slaper 2011.04.12
Graphics are really good but games is still kinda boring...same stuff all the time

cherubim 2011.04.12
That was the hardest one game i played so far. But i really enjoy it. Very good idea for an asian girl ;)

bandy@ 2011.04.12
Very interesting game, but many speak, litle sex

robjor34 2011.04.12
Trying to find out all the endings, keep finding the same one. Otherwise very well developed game!

aleman135 2011.04.11
Very Good. Very detailed storyline and very well thought through. Very good graphics and relevant sub texts

sexykim 2011.04.11
i find this one the hardest out of all games,

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
great game. aboslutely entertaining

alexchai78 2011.04.11
what a nice game, great graphic sexy girl

bloody19 2011.04.10
Nice mix of timing, buttonsmashing and story

TelorSwift 2011.04.10
Amazing graphics although adding a little interactivity and options wouldn`t be a bad idea. Good game overall!

h1r0 2011.04.10
great game good graphics but little endings

wonderlust 2011.04.10
The game got a bit confusing but was worth the effort imo.

dlman91 2011.04.09
good game but i wish i could skip the intro part

kranrouge 2011.04.09
Nice interracial game. I very like it.
The graphic are very good but i like more interaction.

robotirobo 2011.04.09
really hot girl and nice graphics

muffinlover666 2011.04.09
This was simple game good graphics though and cute story line.

pamei09 2011.04.09
its a good game. nice to play.
it would be better if you enhance the graphic

seeker00 2011.04.09
good game with differen ending

bryan9754 2011.04.09
i like games which has different endings....nice!

ghostnor 2011.04.08
amazing graphicks as usual! Thumbs up

Dmoney291 2011.04.08
good game,would like to play another game like this

qwe23 2011.04.08
very good game and great graphics

NADOSH 2011.04.07
very nice game ..
i like it ..


rking8778 2011.04.07
hard to get desired ending and girl could be a little hotter!

_lucy_223 2011.04.07
this game is really nice i love it


mutante 2011.04.07
game was hard but i figured out

Novei 2011.04.06
I`ve always enjoyed the Lessons of Passion games, and to me, this game doesn`t dissipoint. Nice story, and fun endings. Going through the same text though except for certain scenes was rather tiresome, but worth it to me.

saraslaa 2011.04.06
Great game as always and that girl is hot!! Thanks for this game

hole123 2011.04.06
i love this game and the girl is wonderful

taposh 2011.04.06
it could have been better

kyaminaj 2011.04.05
game was super hard but i figured it out

olhykly 2011.04.05
im not sure why but cheating really turns me on.

blackdevel03 2011.04.05
very nice game. love the endings. girl is hot but she could be even better :).

albedamned 2011.04.04
Great graphics, as always, but I absolutely hated the gameplay. Too linear and the clickathon reminds me too much of cheesy non plotted games. If Leonizer could pair his graphics with Phreaky and Tlaero`s game design and writing (or even Chaotic`s) we would really have something.

C. C. 2011.04.04
Good game but could use more options.

Innocent 2011.04.04
this game is really nice i love it

Poks 2011.04.04
great graphics, but too walk-thru`able

Iman 2011.04.04
very nice game. love the endings. girl is hot but she could be even better :).

sean mcD 2011.04.04
too amazing!!!hot graphics!!!and she is hot!!!

fuckbuddy785 2011.04.04
Lesson of passion rocking out another amazing game

hotcoco 2011.04.03
I really like this game.
I finally reached a new ending.

ddt111 2011.04.03
i just can`t get enough of this because of it`s good graphics

allanime1000 2011.04.02
i dont understand this game

hermaeus 2011.04.02
Kitsumi is very hot ! I love Asian people
oh yeah and the graphic is nice too

SYGORS 2011.04.02
not the best game here but its okay

yehwenn 2011.04.01
great game, I like the graphics

nagato_123 2011.04.01
It´s a great game and kitsumi is so hot

xmarcek 2011.04.01
Great game, nice graphics

tacticalillusion 2011.03.31
Great game with great animation!

mamboruk 2011.03.31
No wonder this is an editors`s choice! Every thing`s so fricking hot!!!

Rustless 2011.03.31
This was a great game. I think that it was a tad short and had too few choices/options. The graphics were great though.

VivaZ 2011.03.31
More games like this please! Specially we want anal sex more :))

kimboslice 2011.03.31
good, but don`t like the girl

poghiex 2011.03.30
good but short game. but i enjoyed it.

safado27 2011.03.29
this is a good game, but too small...

rob 2011.03.29
Good game, nice graphics, sexy girl

Lippi1983 2011.03.29
great game like the graphics, love it..... amazing sex scenes

KingRatedR 2011.03.29
I`d leave my wife if i ever found her cheating on me or knew about it.

AlsiAlsheimer 2011.03.29
Good old Repairman Story ;-) i like it but those are so strait from the beginning.

advokata 2011.03.28
The game is good, but this touching thing is pretty tricky.

SpacePuppy42 2011.03.28
Great game once I got thru some of the hard parts. Nice work.

narussa 2011.03.27
such a great game, i just hope there`s like more stories into this like a day later they still make out with each other

mariasex 2011.03.27
i need a bit of help on what to do with the touching

mariasex 2011.03.27
ddint do very well gd game though

dactylspondee 2011.03.27
The graphics just keep on getting better.

ranmyaku 2011.03.27
i love this game so hot

girl0on0girl 2011.03.27
amazing game with sexy girl

girl0on0girl 2011.03.27
this is an amazing game and i like the way you have multiple endings

girl0on0girl 2011.03.27
i love this game and shes so sexy

olivergibson21 2011.03.27
great game. needs more options

Knaxi 2011.03.27
Nice game, a little bit more options would have been goos

TapOut 2011.03.26
Not the best from LoP, but definitely playable.

dunno123 2011.03.26
this game was great very good graphics gameplay was a little short though

deiderata 2011.03.26
I really like the game, the graphic are so fantastic and Kitsumi is just so hot. Good job!

horny22 2011.03.26
a little to short, but i love the endings

darklust 2011.03.25
Gd game but i am not so much into black vs asia

loveme123 2011.03.25
i like the game and the way it showed look it relly one wish though i could have been longer

ninetails 2011.03.25
Good game, with excellent graphics and endings

saif6585 2011.03.24
I had some troubles here.
Maybe you should explaine what exactly to do
The touching part was clear eventhough i found some parts hard to find.
The "ToungeTornado" well i didn`t figure out what to do :(
so i got stuck
Will submit a score once i played it through the end

dixiedude 2011.03.24
good game could use better animation

VJames 2011.03.24
Great game--the first I played on the site! Extremely interested in finding the other endings; so far I`ve only found two. Occasionally the dialogue prompts are frustrating, especially when there`s no `nice` option. Still, definitely a play again game!

angelor 2011.03.23
Kitsumi is so sexy !!! Very nice sex scenes.

mick149 2011.03.23
very good game but a bit strange also

BLacKDr4GoN 2011.03.23
I wish Kitsumi is exist in real life, hahahaha.

org cena 2011.03.23
Once u hav Sumi..u cant b satisfied by anyone else..

kullii 2011.03.22
I am in love with Kitsumi, I need to find all the different endings now.

incagold78 2011.03.22
I love the multiple endgins, gives it good replay value

Candyaids 2011.03.22
Good game, too much work though!

hasil 2011.03.22
A good game is accompanied by images and animations are nice too

pyanz80 2011.03.22
wowww!!..i iike kitsumi..very sexy gurl..i hope there have sound of voice..

Kouros 2011.03.21
I don`t like this game. There is no action

retros1 2011.03.21
I am bored with those games. I want better games :D

f*ckme46 2011.03.21
I m stuckin the pussy licking part

Rack 2011.03.21
nice story and graphics . but fairly to low sex scenes and endings!

Thomue 2011.03.21
Rather short, more like an appetizer

hasil 2011.03.21
pictures are so nice and good game

criptorchyd 2011.03.21
Absolutely love this game.
Challenging, the story`s good, multiple endings and the graphics and animation are great

mbe32405 2011.03.20
Good game. Good graphics. The girl is hot. Not the best, but I liked it.

antman59 2011.03.20
I liked the look of the game and that it was more explicit than some other ones. Some of the play was difficult and confusing at first but once I got the hang of it, it was much better.

RunawayHydra55 2011.03.20
Great graphics and story as always, interactions could have been better.

bigdog999 2011.03.20
BDSM ending is great - lovely graphics

Arcan 2011.03.20
A very nice game with good different endings. Kitsumi isn`t my favorite but she is hot

bukabuka 2011.03.20
This game is interesting .. just may lack the graphics are less attractive. themed games such as this nice graph like anime

bigdog999 2011.03.20
It`s a very cool game. Nice graphics.

syeh 2011.03.20
interesting graphics just love this game both in terms of controlling less and less interesting storyline ... there is no scene more exciting. should also be able to play husband kasumi.tentu it adds to the attraction of this game

brian1962 2011.03.20
good game easy to play good pictures

microgers 2011.03.19
i like this game ,but i can.t finish it ,why?

UrbanMarksman 2011.03.19
i found every ending and the all bad guy ending was the best

mataku 2011.03.19
i have a trouble with the red zone

Landend 2011.03.19
Good game,wish it was a little longer though

BlooVD 2011.03.19
omg what fucking graet game, now i will be a tv-worker too *_* she is so hot, such great animations!!!!

Bumbac 2011.03.19
Beautiful asian girl, I like ))

Boy1 2011.03.19
Played 1st time got stuck as I went straight for licking her pussy and found it hard to click in the red zone. Went back to the game and found it easier to explore her body, got through it that way. Good graphics and interaction, red zone was good idea and not to hard once id sussed it.

adrianonn 2011.03.19
I love the plot and it is nice to play.

guozijian 2011.03.19
good game and very exciting with good graphics

chickenabc 2011.03.18
Dont really like it, quite boring.

quinton19 2011.03.18
love the graphics, sexy women i love this game

supermario123 2011.03.18
I only got two of the endings and i keep on getting at the post anal

urbigdaddyjj 2011.03.18
the story is interesting they should make more like this

pietro59 2011.03.18
great game. nice graphics and gameplay

tomswan 2011.03.18
Fun and simple, a little hard to find hotspots at times

kingt 2011.03.18
great game, good endings and this asian girl is so hot

stieven 2011.03.18
Kitsumi is hot, it`s good that there finally is some asian!

kinshar 2011.03.18
Cool games, but how many endings are there?

adriaa 2011.03.18
Yay! More asian hotties please!

zoidburg123 2011.03.18
this asian chick is so hot

areuwithme 2011.03.17
this asian chick is so hott i like it when he fucks her ass

chuck152 2011.03.17
A short but good game with great graphics

techgnosi 2011.03.17
An enjoyable number of endings and options gives this one a pretty good feel even if not as good as some others.

zolkesh2 2011.03.16
well a great game until you get to the sex scene which seems imposible to hit in the red section

Benoit07 2011.03.16
Any chance of adding Kitsumi`s sister to the scene?

Harxel 2011.03.15
kitsumi is cute, good job

esanthalas 2011.03.15
great quality and fiction.. nice to play

rango15 2011.03.14
great game erotic graphic

faraonflorin 2011.03.14
to much talck and no action...

DejaVu500 2011.03.13
Realy good game nice graphics and fun to play.

Bnp21 2011.03.13
Great Graphics..good ass game

dracolam 2011.03.13
The graphic and gameplay is great but too little interaction

lll 2011.03.13

sirdeaner 2011.03.12
very good game, story is solid and the 3d work is fantastic. the positions could be a little different, staring at a guys ass for most of them isn`t why i`m playing this. I hope LOP starts putting sound on their games soon.

BurningAngelXXX 2011.03.12
sexy game.....interactions could improve though.

guy1982 2011.03.12
this game is very hot, lesson of passion has the best games

enjia 2011.03.12
this game is very good i love yo play all the time

trey9wli 2011.03.11
A good story, a little too much like those pick your own adventures without being able to go back a couple pages. But cool, and great art

ggaras1995 2011.03.11
awesome game and a very sexy girl ;)

Sammael 2011.03.11
very nice different endings

nax14 2011.03.10
great game. very eroitic lol

fadikhan 2011.03.10
fabulos game i love i reallu interestin yeha i laike taht

nosrej08 2011.03.09
Cool.. very magical.. lol

jennamaeh4844 2011.03.09
Great game, a bit more animation would have been good, but I am definatly not complaining. B+

ksyadav16 2011.03.09
goood game with great graphics!!cool experience!!

Benninator69 2011.03.09
i enjoyed playing this game and i look forward to more games like this one in the future.

der_biElEr 2011.03.09
this is a very hot game, after playing this im so hot

fastjonny411 2011.03.09
I liked the game but did think it tended to drag a bit, especially given how short it actually turned out to be. All in all though, its another quality game. Great work!

hottie12345 2011.03.08
this game is very cool and awsome

PrinceViper 2011.03.08
These games can be pretty frustrating. I got about halfway through and ended up giving up.

ihavlust 2011.03.08
this is the kind of game you look forward to

altair2011 2011.03.08
The game was not bad, it has some nice graphics but some sound would be cool

Market air force one 2011.03.07
can you invite me now i am getting bord.

Market air force one 2011.03.07
but what do i do for the next hour

Baril04 2011.03.07
This one is cool, One of my favorite
I love the lesson of passion games

juiceallgood 2011.03.07
great gameplay nice graphics and animation

nico81 2011.03.07
nice graphics but a simple story

kingofsinz 2011.03.07
Nice game however storyline can be better improved!

pavel203 2011.03.07
This game could use a few more endings

weedsmoker1st 2011.03.07
greate story, but graphik is boring

raz440 2011.03.06
the game is nice. but storyline can be more improved.

raz440 2011.03.06
amazing game from start to end.

brownhawk54 2011.03.06
nice graphics really cool

Sin McSin 2011.03.06
well, this one make me real hard, like it!

Cody 2011.03.06
This game was absolutely Hot. It gave me a big boner.

sexbommer1 2011.03.06
it was kind of cool but it needs things like thwomn has to be nicer

flintstoneflop 2011.03.06
Gameplay was OK, graphics were OK.

TheWhiteDuchess 2011.03.06
Great game with nice interactivity. I would have preferred some animation to them, but eh *shrugs* I also didn`t like that the dude has to be cheatin too. Why can`t a brother be single?

That killed it for me cause while she`s obviously a trifflin` ho, I can`t tell if his gf is worth cheating on. Let`s hope his gf is a bitch too ;]

Otherwise, really like the game. Probably won`t play it again but I don`t feel like time was wasted

aqib286 2011.03.06
i have not played a game like this for a long time

sentaiblue 2011.03.06
i love the game my only prob is her face other than that is gerat

sathishv62 2011.03.06
this game is really wonderful , great graphics ! but i can`t finish the game while i hav to rub the girl

wolfinn2 2011.03.05
the flashing was sweet and the babe is very hot

touchface 2011.03.05
Once you have to rub her, the game, at least for me, becomes unplayable.

9sailflame 2011.03.05
hiw many endings in this game?

9sailflame 2011.03.05
what is the best ending?

babo31 2011.03.05
good job, great as always graphics wise.. gameplay not so

cool_boy 2011.03.05
kitsumi so beautiful.....

franki 2011.03.05
interesting game i enjoyed its quality

peterpan6699 2011.03.05
fantastic and great games

tarris1 2011.03.04
great game, really enjoyed the quality

onetwothree 2011.03.04
Very good, just as expected of Force One.

pussylover123 2011.03.04
this is a fabulous game, the girl is stunningly beautiful

Mowmow924 2011.03.04
Another game with great graphics. Its a bit short, but its still pretty good.

Reggie77 2011.03.04
another great game from lesson of passion. good graphics

ski9072 2011.03.03
It really wasn`t that good, certainly not up to the quality I`ve come to expect from LoP

Siantlark 2011.03.03
A little too short. Hot though

amitbe84 2011.03.03
not to hard... good grafics

kirov 2011.03.03
very good graphic, but a little bit too short.

Elfe 2011.03.02
Correct game no more. Too much dialog not enough action...

Galamasorion 2011.03.02
Hm it isn´t bad but i Think 100 % is to much, because it is much to easy and like you game the Guy always have an other charakter

Nickirex 2011.03.02
nice graphics but too short game

klevs 2011.03.02
love the graphic, but a little bit too short.

bigd1174 2011.03.01
the graphics are great and animation needs to improve and overall great game

zembot 2011.03.01
nice game,,i like it soo much,,
but unfornately,,i cant see his husband..

surfnaked4 2011.03.01
Quality game and graphics

Morpheus 2011.03.01
hot girl and a hot game. shame its so short.

mwbajkster 2011.03.01
great one, BUT I wuld realy like to play new episodes of Kelly s story. That note "you have finnished all quest..." is now on for ages.

sdfuko 2011.03.01
good game, i like the ending 3

Tycho 2011.03.01
i really love this tips of game, great graphics, good story

Jaredbrant54 2011.02.28
good idea for a game but i think you should include other girls

hookupman123 2011.02.28
Great game, loved it more the second time through because I was able to make it to the ending that I thought it was going to in the first place.

Maxk 2011.02.28
Really short, i`ll replay it to get others endings... so far one play one bad ending =(

rob 2011.02.28
Great game, nice endings, hot girl

flydagon 2011.02.28
great graphics as usual,love the tongue twister and fucking methods

nothingtolose 2011.02.28
not that good ... that`s not what i`m looking for

Brave Heart 2011.02.28
It`s a good game, though I`d have expected some more interaction

waeq 2011.02.28
good job on the game, though it is pretty short and the plot is meh. Kitsumi makes me horny

woohyeah 2011.02.28
New games pleeeaze!!! I`ve already played everygame in this site like 100 times!! I love`em just want moooore

fluffydadragon 2011.02.28
this is my second time playing and i have to say this game is awesome

labrie 2011.02.28
this is a game i recomend 2 ALL OF YOU!

Bigbudha50 2011.02.28
very good graphic...its pleasure to play

corn_tkk 2011.02.28
one of best games i ever played. very good job!

zzzzip 2011.02.28
2nd best after Jordan 500, interesting choices and storyline

alkiki 2011.02.27
i enjoyed the game .... but they better do some sound works

oregon02 2011.02.27
greeeat! too bad the graphics during animated scenes are bad

lellobidello 2011.02.27
katsumi it`s very hot and the game is good!!!the graphic is great

eyddi88 2011.02.27
The tongue tornado is a circle of her pussy

crissy11 2011.02.27
once again, great game with very nice graphics and story

anshulfucksu 2011.02.26
i am stuck please help me

judytabooty 2011.02.26
stuck at the part where her legs are open and you have to touch her all over. its an interesting game kinda hot at times

unup91 2011.02.25
it was really hot! but it was short.

hotjulia 2011.02.25
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm what a nice game

schmakkes 2011.02.25
i have played a lot lop games and this one is quit good but not the best

romeo11 2011.02.25
ist nicht gerade das beste spiel koennte besser sein

akoto 2011.02.25
it was really hot! but it was short.

rohitsingla 2011.02.25
great game with good graphics and nice ways to have sex

dr.linus 2011.02.24
Nice game, but a little short, great graphics too.

Jaxom 2011.02.24
Love this game, I want more

deathfather 2011.02.24
that screw driver scene drove me crazy. good game in all

pussylover123 2011.02.24
good game with lots of wild sex. i love it

shotkalla22 2011.02.24
kitsumi is a dirty little whore i would love to be put in this situation with a woman like her

sosfa 2011.02.24
4 ending is finish? kitsumi...mmm kim sumi......

fritosorlays 2011.02.24
I love Asian girls, Kitsumi reminds me of someone I know.

daishozen 2011.02.23
Love this game, want more of LOP.

He_xu 2011.02.23
This game gives good challence, after other i played games. Good work, and Thanks

al3x 2011.02.23
very good game, short and sweet

DarkRanta 2011.02.23
great game with good graphics and a few different endings....good work

nazere 2011.02.23
its an ok game....there are better ones....

oscar312 2011.02.23
short and sweet, just how i like it

oscar312 2011.02.23
Very good game, needs more of a story

ranmagh01 2011.02.23
It was okay. There are always more endings to find.

Vspartan501 2011.02.23
First, I`m sorry my comment is not about the game, but since this is the most recent game added, figured it`s where it was most likely to be seen. The site needs a forum and a more informative, interactive My PF1 page. The site is awsome, but it would be kind of nice to talk and get to know the other users. Just a suggestion.

chitti 2011.02.23
i am stuck in this game help me

Towy 2011.02.23
good game but the sex could be more visable

Boericson 2011.02.23
I am stuck on the touching part Can someone help me please ???

mfrank 2011.02.23
great graphics, hot scenario!

But I find the control of the sex scenes (hit the button when the arrow is in the red zone) just annoying.

WARDOG77 2011.02.22
A little short and could have done with more options as far as guys to choose from. I give it a B over all

pinned 2011.02.22
really hot asian girl... mmm...

jessbry2 2011.02.22
it was a pretty goood game. they should make more games like this.

appuyer 2011.02.22
awesome. Just have to replay to check for other ending

apollogeist 2011.02.22
Trouble could be had... but generally a decent game in it`s right, however the pictures can be slightly more animated

dtmscan 2011.02.22
Nice game as always, loved that there where more interactions, only if it was a little longer. keep it up!

dragonj 2011.02.22
very nice game. liked the idea of the story.

dydy76 2011.02.22
Good game , girl is hot but is short game...

Thepi 2011.02.22
Nice game, I want more of this.

devonc1 2011.02.22
Great game, wish there were more choises, Sumi is smokin hot. Got 4endings.

aukai87 2011.02.21
i enjoyed this game. got one ending done.

onlytodl 2011.02.21
awesome. nice graphics cant wait for more

4nik8 2011.02.21
Good game but more sex and less reading would have been better

balancedpyro 2011.02.21
good game but only one decent ending

brink7000 2011.02.21
Pretty cool, but really easy, would like more options. Hopefully more editions to come...

J1995s 2011.02.21
it has great graphics
but the game doesnt respond well to me playing with her body

Titansteel 2011.02.21
Great game! Cool story and nice graphic!

krb42 2011.02.21
good game with good graphics. maybe some closeups would be nice

az89 2011.02.21
i wish the end more like in the past games. this time end a little bit bored `cause it just had some picture and words

ramo014 2011.02.20
good game but needs more endings

cheese101 2011.02.20
good,but wish the endings had sexier pics :P
great graphics as usual,love the tongue twister and fucking methods

ass2cam 2011.02.20
A good game in it`s simplicity but that`s also my only disappointment was it`s shortness and lack of choices. As usual the graphics are great and Kitsumi`s body was amazing, thanks for the nice graphics. Wondering if the women that play these games ever get any "eye candy" as we men do? How about adding a big dong every now and again with veins, mushroom head and all? Surely, alls fair in sex and gaming!

jpsacrey 2011.02.20
great game like the graphics, love it

iamnoob 2011.02.20
this is a very simple games with limited choices

blaz 2011.02.20
Good game imo.
Only found 4 endings tho.

ptalgh 2011.02.20
good graphics, but abit fast to end up

sivad94 2011.02.20
this game was great very good graphics gameplay was a little short though

rossp11 2011.02.20
good graphics, but no real gameplay, a little disapponting

Hagbard_Celine 2011.02.20
great game like the graphics, love it

eagleata 2011.02.20
i love it. good game and good graphics. tnx pf1. i got 4 endings. her ass too hot...

dzix 2011.02.20
not too good this time. you can easily end it in under 1min just by clicking the next dialogue box.

ak14 2011.02.20
like diz game,,good scene n i like hot kitsumi

sexymexyles 2011.02.20
Great game with tons of depth, Enjoy the many features ands scenes.

Freddie13 2011.02.19
For those that can`t find them:

- 1: back to reality: After holding him, let him go, and then you are given the choise of seducing him, or returning to boredom. Choose boredom.

- 2: forever and ever: After holding him, then letting him go, choose to seduce Jacob. Do not ask him about his hidden erection.

- 3: unleash the fury: After choosing to seduce Jacob, ask about the hidden erection. And then accuse him of breaking your teevee.

- 4: married with love: When given the choice to let him go, continue holding on until he forces Sumi off.

Don`t know if there is a 5th ending.

cicciociccio 2011.02.19
Yes, good game, goog graphic

Dormir 2011.02.19
great graphics would be much better with sound...good though

bigmarcus 2011.02.19
This is a nice one. One of my the best games here for sure! love the theme

1NT0X 2011.02.19
good quality, nice to see some different etnicities in erotic games, game was a bit short but nice so you can try getting different endings without getting bored

IamBri 2011.02.19
Such a dirty girl! Great job and keep them coming!

Reggie77 2011.02.19
great graphics. scenery is amazing and fun.

day21696 2011.02.19
great game amazing graphics

paddywhack 2011.02.19
ive played it a few times its good byt i can only get two endings

gradandrei2006 2011.02.18
game was ok but not one of my favs!

mayor 2011.02.18
Good story, as well as graphics, this game is classic boring Lady desiring to sex that needs some repair is delivered to the technician who repaired the damage and have a sex session

lips 2011.02.18
This game took too long to get to the sex scenes.

racata21 2011.02.18
Good graphics, more interaction???

hash19 2011.02.18
sorry, but I`ve found only 4 endings, is there realy any 5th?
- 1: back to reality
- 2: forever and ever
- 3: unleash the fury
- 4: married with love

tonito 2011.02.18
great game and I love the graphics too

achubbykid 2011.02.18
great new game with good graphics

tomtomblues 2011.02.18
I can not seem to find the 4th ending. I get go back to husband, I get run away with dude, what am I missing?

negativeimpact 2011.02.18
This game is alright, i didnt really like the girls face though, and WHEN IS THE NEW KELLY COMING OUT? did you guys forget about her? that story is like the main thing about your website.

Stevie B 2011.02.18
ok got all of it yes do like this game

roundroom 2011.02.18
game was ok but not one of my favs

Mslooj 2011.02.18
Decent graphics as usual; but where`s the gameplay?

jrob2685 2011.02.18
good game! a little short, i loved the graphics

retros1 2011.02.18
Nothing special. Hey playforceone!!! I`m waiting for other part of dating with Kelly

wtcjrusa 2011.02.18
The game has very good graphics, not the best gameplay though

paolo13 2011.02.18
Decent - not great. Maybe it will improve with the other endings

looner 2011.02.18
this is a very simple games with limited choices, the graphics are good though

trickyboy 2011.02.18
Good game but got stuck on the fucking stage

nstnst 2011.02.18
graphics were good story line was low and game very shot but liked the play

Kotton24 2011.02.17
very good game, great graphic very well done

Inuyasha2005 2011.02.17
Story sucks. Only two options, the details could`ve been MUCH better as well.

dreadwolf 2011.02.17
has any one got ending 5 yet

teijgertje 2011.02.17
nice game, character design might have been better. and it should stick to one pov.

prezes47 2011.02.17
Great game, nice story but this girl is soo ugly...

kikilo 2011.02.17
Great game a bit short though

gimmino77 2011.02.17
nice and hot game...with much choice and ending

Loudelk99 2011.02.17
I like the now dials. much easier to deal with.

theinquisitor 2011.02.17
I actually like that the game is shorter. They don`t all have to be 5 act plays. Some more graphic sex scenes would be nice though as a nice payoff.

trencin 2011.02.17
nice game, good graphics, not so good controling but nice girl

Marmot 2011.02.17
Great Game but a little bit easy, Nice Graphic

Jess123 2011.02.17
Great game a bit short though

castilho 2011.02.17
Hot girl.................could be more spicy the sex scenes though!!!!

tototiti 2011.02.17
Veru easy game ! the story is well done too

sexybond 2011.02.16
story line is fine....but graphics can be prettier

Mic123 2011.02.16
a little short but still a pretty good game!!!

thewombat06 2011.02.16
great game, good graphics, 2 out of 5 endings so far. gotta keep playing!

humptypkt 2011.02.16
fun game, a little short but good graphics

jupat 2011.02.16
story line is fine....but graphoc can be prettier

snajder 2011.02.16
wish that the ending session isnot just in picture, all other very good

medmarine2 2011.02.16
good work...But The touching part was clear eventhough i found some parts hard to find

MrSeven 2011.02.16
Liked it very much, the tongue tornado is still broken though.

shark101 2011.02.16
Short but sweet game. Thanks

themiz 2011.02.16
i love the sex in this game

snudas 2011.02.16
it is intresting, because not a guy try to seduce a girl, but a girls try to seduce a guy, that`s why i liked this game

rafeek97 2011.02.16
kind of boring just clicking over and over again

klanlider2 2011.02.16
Great graphics but...its all.
Boring story and boring ending...

Rambaldi 2011.02.16
I didn`t like a lot that one... clicking the mouse all the time is kind of boring to me.

paulywally 2011.02.16
cool game...I am going to add it to my favorite

Hardheart 2011.02.16
Nice Story good to see the differnt endings

teteine 2011.02.16
omg ! that s one f.... hot game ! graphics are hot as hell and the game play is almost perfect !!! keep going ! ;)

mitch65 2011.02.16
Nice game but a little bit short.
It`ll be beter with more interactions other than hinits.

happy11 2011.02.16
Once again an amazing game. The character models are getting better. Was confused by the POV changing from the girl to the guy back to the girl in the narrative. Maybe in the next game you could the option to choice if you want eh POV of the girl of the guy at the start of the game, that way it can create different dialogues and endings based on the POV.

thatdudebri 2011.02.16
just played graphics are getting better as the games come out 7/10 dialogue was "iffy" at best story could have used a better back bone instead of the whole aggressive rape-ish type thing

pankas09 2011.02.16
A great game, little bit short

noob64 2011.02.16
I wish they extended the scenes - the endings were a bit disappointing as they weren`t animated, just still pics

AD8 2011.02.16
Nice Story good to see the differnt endings torturing the husband

alex0412 2011.02.16
nice game ,good graphics hot babe too ,ok when you get the hang of it !!,
we need more kelly ! come on guys.

RiesenKopf 2011.02.15
The game is not bad, but this is not the best experience from Lesson of Passion. The graphc is perfect as usually, but the gameplay is poor.

soda 2011.02.15
The game is not bad itself. In my view, however, standing a woman`s point of view reduces the merit of this game. I am more interested in seducing a girl or being seduced by her than behaving like a woman.

GothamLord 2011.02.15
Got ending 2 and 3 so far. Would have liked a bit more variety. Graphic improvement over what seemed to be a step down with the Zoe and Vince game.

newshoes4youtx 2011.02.15
Not enough movement to do things, but the graphics were nice

sutty 2011.02.15
nice game ,good graphics hot babe too ,ok when you get the hang of it !!,
we need more kelly ! come on guys.

Baril04 2011.02.15
Really like this kind of game
For another time it`s a really great job
I just love it

Password1 2011.02.15
Nice Game! Great graphics, gameplay, and animation! Thank you play force one for upploading this heavenly game.

KeithWWatson 2011.02.15
great game, got 3 of the the endings, could some 1 list the endings please

Zonkko01 2011.02.15
Great Story, Great Graphic , I love this Game!!

renat 2011.02.15
veri nice game. love the eding.

alecs00 2011.02.15
good work ! gameplay and graphic is wonderful

tigerwoo 2011.02.15
Nice games; great graphics ...

none 2011.02.15
can someone post a walkthrough i cant get ending 3

kwakhoofd 2011.02.15
nice game, good grahpics, only a bit short, rll like those games with a long storyline

andy_regresa 2011.02.15
Another great game from the team , really enjoyed this one found no probs apart from finding all the endings, Great graphics and storyline.

michalpospech 2011.02.15
I love this games.
It is great, the woman is beautiful.

pieter 2011.02.15
Good quality game, nice graphics and good storyline. Would have liked it if there were some more options to chose from, but overall a great game.

yy2 2011.02.15
I got all the endings I could until the pussy licking glitch is fixed. Better than Jordan 500 sex stories, but not an improvement over some of the older Leonizer games.

michael-two-big 2011.02.15
Nice one, as usual. Nice Grafics, another Gameplay. Keep Going.

geeko 2011.02.15
graphic is cool and nice game but short in my opinion

timlager 2011.02.15
It`s a very nice game, though I always find the sex scenes quite sad.. They`re not really spectacular or inovating

Towy 2011.02.15
good game but the "sex scenes" could be more graphic

RELV 2011.02.15

xRazex 2011.02.15
very hot game, however i wished that there could be more games like this which have a more solid and longer story

Ace_The_Face 2011.02.15
Really Good Game I Recommend It

Stewby 2011.02.15
Not a bad game, could be longer. Good graphics.

stelth90 2011.02.15
That Game was pretty good but I guess the Choices were too limited for me

jerryonly83 2011.02.15
always great games from Leon! great work! give us more kelly too!

Jola 2011.02.14
not good game,not good graphics,clicking-game too simple

barney_61 2011.02.14
very simple game i dont like

peter42 2011.02.14
Graphics good.. any walkthrough pl help

Xyzzy 2011.02.14
Well, it looks like they`ve updated the game with new controls to avoid confusion, and fixed the tongue tornado bug. Thanks, Leon (and friends)!

PZF 2011.02.14
Excellent gaphics, storyline and gameplay. LOP game are really awesome.

Sampson120 2011.02.14
Game was great loved the endings but as always to short. good job

coc121 2011.02.14
The new control offers some improvement, still having issues with the spining control. Disappointing.

Colvin 2011.02.14
Good game, good graphics.

heatround2011 2011.02.14
The game was just okay. A little short. I did like the click aspect of the game thou

tubs 2011.02.14
Awsome game great artwork. I would play it again. Keep up the good work.

lithium39 2011.02.14
nice story but needs a better ending

az89 2011.02.14
did anyone got the 5th ending? btw the button has been change

swordstalker 2011.02.14
With the new controls , it`s so much better

lordsilver 2011.02.14
Really sexy game.

Loved the show when she bent to look for the screwdriver

L3g3nd4ry 2011.02.14
Nice quality and quantity, thanks for a great game. XD

scandal44 2011.02.14
Nice games; great graphics ...

kaspajones 2011.02.14
Nice! I like this game because of its graphics and its easy to pplay, so its very good and sexy entertaiment..Thank you.

bc 2011.02.14
nice graphics.... good job with the game and different endings

fistrojander2 2011.02.14
Nice game, much better now with the new interface.

Tiger21 2011.02.14
Interesting game, hot babe, but the controls were a bit of a distraction.

Ray_man 2011.02.14
Another nice game, the girl is a hottie.

kalbs 2011.02.14
very nice game. love the endings. girl is hot!!!!

hash19 2011.02.14
good game, good graphics, with the new "clicking-Version" much better as the days before;
got all 4 endings but only ending 2 and 3 bring some interaction;
like the anal part;

mitroi 2011.02.14
Good game. Good graphics, good animation, nice story.

didado 2011.02.13
very nice graphics hot game for sure

xzebx 2011.02.13
Nice game But The Story could Have been More ErotiC

darnell_13 2011.02.13
Nice game. Good graphics but poor editting on the writing.

deepakshihot 2011.02.13
Hot game/.... lovely graphics..... I found two endings but i am not understanding what to do when the red arch appears over the circle in tongue tornado... Please help me.///....

wraithspartan 2011.02.13
Interesting game.
grapics arre good
mult choice is very nice
circle wasok but distracting, good tho that stopping doesn`t make level go down

x0203046 2011.02.13
i`m the first that play the game
love the endings

Kiljaedan 2011.02.13
People the circle part is not that difficult u only have to press the mouse key when it enters the above little circle and it will go up and i am still waiting to know how many endings are there i found the first 4 and i jope there is at least a 5th ending

rob 2011.02.13
Great game, good endings as usual

rasputin_ky 2011.02.13
The touching parts
1. Legs
2. Belly (tough to find coz it is too close to the pussy
3. Breasts
4. Pussy

Got only 2 endings so far. Need to explore more. So, far I love the graphics in the game. Kitsumi got a great body, but an ugly face.

sinsear1071 2011.02.13
loved playing this game. unlocked all four endings and getting to each one was alot of fun. hopefully there will be a part 2 with more characters and more sex!!

silver12 2011.02.13
This game was okay, a lot of clicking though

Haggis 2011.02.13
Good graphics as usual, but why so little sound? I think that would just lift these games.

drok 2011.02.13
Nice game with great graphics

JMX2005 2011.02.13
anyone know exactly how many endings there are?

Stevie B 2011.02.13
were the boby part i see only 3 of them were at the other ones

randy06 2011.02.13
yes looks like a good game and great grapichs again and got stuck when touching body and licking pussy out but keep trying i will get there

damiancho 2011.02.13
fabulos game i love i reallu interestin yeha i laike taht

testi2 2011.02.13
Nice game, could someone post a bit more about the endings and how to reach them?

madmax027 2011.02.13
The end should be animated, I do not like the new circle system ... is very easy. The animations and women are very attractive, as in all other stories. thanks.

Stevie B 2011.02.13
i like this game think they need to make more of them soon but still want more women to hook up with in games like this

popcorn2002 2011.02.13
great graphics and fantastic story

star 2011.02.13
it is a nice game,but control part is difficult.

Kiljaedan 2011.02.13
if anyone discovers ending five please post the walkthrough of it

Kiljaedan 2011.02.13
Well people i have found the first four endings and i want to ask if there is an ending five most of the games had a n ending five i hope this one has one too

mjwm54 2011.02.13
I got stuck eating her pussy. No matter how I clicked the button, the level wouldn`t go up.

ozorne_6 2011.02.13
This girl is...ugly control distracting and endings are unappealing not a game i like.

jeanmimel 2011.02.13
the biginning is too long but nice game, 3 ending yet...

Madelene 2011.02.13
I liked the game and the idea behind it. It could have been a little longer, but that is fine, I can always play it again. However the spinning buttons is a bit annoying. Makes me have to stare at them rather then the scenery and with a slow computer and connection like I have, it is a bit of a bother.

mentaldave 2011.02.13
Graphics are really decent, gameplay is good, but I dont like the endings, they are just a picture. Perhaps more involvement there.

rum13 2011.02.13
Very nice game, first time the tournado doese`nt do...

mike cook 2011.02.13
Can,t get past the clicking on the circle with the red curved bar above no matter what i do. Very annoying, great graphics though, can anyone help please?

spirek 2011.02.13
The game is quite interesting and fun.

gowtham 2011.02.13
it was veryexelent sexygame ............................

darrytan 2011.02.13
i love Kitsumi, it turn me on badly

Loudelk99 2011.02.13
Would have been interesting if the repair person was a black woman.

decconan 2011.02.13
Pity! this game is a little shorter. is there any other endinds? only 4?

Loudelk99 2011.02.13
Tongue tonado doesn`t work very well

gorky 2011.02.13
great graphics and fantastic story

Rondy 2011.02.13
i like your games
but the endings with just one pic are rather disappointing

fkf,fq 2011.02.13
The sound is simply necessary for this game. Will add movements

mutualfun 2011.02.12
I think that "tounge tornado" control not suitable for someone who don`t have fast internet connection..is there a download for this?

Houngan 2011.02.12
What in the world are you supposed to do with those control buttons? Inside the range, outside? I can`t figure out when you`re supposed to clock, nothing seems to make any difference.

paladin33 2011.02.12
can`t figure out the control properly. I like the previous game better

Bassa 2011.02.12
not bad, nice graphics as always but the new interaction button is not to my licking. it`s not bad when you have it figured out but it`s too much of a distraction from the action and can be frustrating at times.

ocandela 2011.02.12
Good game. Had some trouble with the tongue twister, but made it through.

Finder49 2011.02.12
Great Graphics Fun Game

eltonbill 2011.02.12
Please help me in call of duty black ops.

eltonbill 2011.02.12
I rate this 5 out of five and ten.

eltonbill 2011.02.12
This is 10 out of 10 goodness.

eltonbill 2011.02.12
This is one of my favorite games.

eltonbill 2011.02.12
Please help me on the first one.

eltonbill 2011.02.12
Please help me on the second part.

1586574 2011.02.12
some endings seem to deadend

1586574 2011.02.12
lots of fifferent choices

1586574 2011.02.12
great game lots of interaction

Original99 2011.02.12
I had some troubles here.
Maybe you should explaine what exactly to do
The touching part was clear eventhough i found some parts hard to find.
The "ToungeTornado" well i didn`t figure out what to do :(
so i got stuck
Will submit a score once i played it through the end

heileen 2011.02.12
as always good graphic`s and a good story line. just love these games.

Santana 2011.02.12
i had ending 1 /2/3 and 4

lughbelenos 2011.02.12
this is top knotch game like we`ve come to expect from this site.

Speedy1977 2011.02.12
good graphic. I really like this game

Nick2 2011.02.12
Nice and hot game, but I don`t find end number 3. Help me!!!

az89 2011.02.12
is there really ending no 5? can someone tell?

FemiAmuishere 2011.02.12
Awesome game, another winner with great endings.

I love the graphics, and the multiple choice feeling of this game.

king2pm 2011.02.12
good graphic. I really like this game

az89 2011.02.12
got ending 3. quite nice game applause to the creator. that`s something new, black with asia

az89 2011.02.12
got ending 1, 2 and 4. still 2 more to get

SkylineR34GTR 2011.02.12
Good game, interestingly enough she reminds me of just about every asian girl I`ve ever know, long winded.

mustermanmax 2011.02.12
good game, nice graphics :D
is there a 5th ending?

elgrancesar 2011.02.12
I was getting impatient allready, thank you for put another of leo`s game up, this game althoug is not like dirty pictures or venona project is relative small but nice, just let us know is there`s another paysite were we can enjoy youre full games

scrip 2011.02.12
very nice cheating game but i dont want to cheat on kelly bring her back

conbron 2011.02.12
good game & graphics, not so easy to naviagtion with tornado :-)

Rob-63 2011.02.12
Another great game from the team , really enjoyed this one found no probs apart from finding all the endings, Great graphics and storyline.

dzikmen 2011.02.12
Four endings done without a sweat. Rather short.
For a minute i was thinking she is ugly, but hot chick, great choice here. asian with a tits like this ;)
Could be longer. Second guy maybe? Other than that it was nice pice of work

s@nt!no 2011.02.12
The least fun I had with any of leonizer`s games. Got stuck twice and had to restart the game, the controls are the worst in any of his games, the beginning is way too long and should be allowed to skip.

catilinacatilina 2011.02.12
very impressive, good graphic. I really like this game

Yamato01 2011.02.12
OK everyone, for the tornado tongue, just take your time and click when red meets red. You don`t need to click EVERY TIME it spins, as you risk clicking on the wrong spot of you and it will go back down. In fact, if you stop clicking it will slow down again making the clicking easier for you.


jsfrts 2011.02.12
Very good grafic, as always, but not a grate story.

A suggest to lesson of passion: make possible to save the game could be more interesting and simple to find all the ending

I agree

kinga 2011.02.12
very impressive, good graphic. I really like this game

ws2499 2011.02.12
Very good grafic, as always, but not a grate story. A suggest to lesson of passion: make possible to save the game could be more interesting and simple to find all the ending

sumeet508 2011.02.12
nice graphics ...........nice game

dubidu 2011.02.12
yeah, i looooovee lesson of passion game :D these are the best ones

S3cr3tiv3 2011.02.12
Finally i was w8ing for another of these

S3cr3tiv3 2011.02.12
Great I love these games

paultease 2011.02.12
Tor realy impressed with this one. The dude looks buff but seems gay. There is no seduction just click and try to screw. Dirty Pictures is the best one you have done.

robert_tm 2011.02.12
Wowww,this game is good graphics

cool_ed 2011.02.12
I got stuck in tongue tornado........How?????

jordan kelly 2011.02.12
this is great nice and easy

canlee1983 2011.02.11
i was stuck in the touchy sence....but other than that it was not bad

woody 2011.02.11
another great game from a true master

CalSemares 2011.02.11
Always enjoy these games had fun

dimi999 2011.02.11
Nice game - well done (again) LoP

Pwlkane 2011.02.11
Tried 3 times ? Keep getting stuck at tongue tornado?
What the hell are you suposed to do ? Meter isn`t moveing no matter what I try ?
Looks a great game pity about the bugs or lack of instruction ?
Whatever it is ?
I won`t vote til I see what`s wrong ?
Someone said they loaded a second time and it worked ? I tried 3 times ?
Still the same ?

sleepdeprivedkoala 2011.02.11
this is a nice game with some decent endings
dialogues the MAYOR said are long and can get a bit boring but
all in all its worth it

mayor 2011.02.11
Good graphics, long dialog does not pass the esecena in which aparce excitement meter doesn`t move

Apac20 2011.02.11
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.....and yes she is hot and sexy as hell

chiefton 2011.02.11
dont like the gaming controls they need to be closer to the action.

Elfe 2011.02.11
Nice pics but I hate game where it was impossible to find what to do when pleasure meter appeared... Dialogue are little bit too simple and too long.

Apac20 2011.02.11
first time the tongue tornado did not work, but 2nd time reaching the scene in other sequence worked well incl. all the other actions. A bit all the same, but still very good game. Too short maybe.

Rob10 2011.02.11
Sexy game. Great Graphics and hot sex scenes. Found 4 endings and don??t think there??s a 5th

maxxxy 2011.02.11
Terrible. I have zero interest in watching a black guy having sex.

eralph67 2011.02.11
new commands work fine and speedthings up.

m4lv1n 2011.02.11
Wowww,this game is good graphics

Digger_1959 2011.02.11
I can`t figure out how to proceed to the endings. Why are the actions so counter intuitative?

az89 2011.02.11
why does the meter some at the first work well, then it don`t move. btw what`s with that guy face during the ride?

az89 2011.02.11
when lick her pussy how to get the meter full?

kjdehn 2011.02.11
very nice cheating game but i dont want to cheat on kelly bring her back

farkas 2011.02.11
Nice girl but too linear story.

branknock 2011.02.11
as always good graphic`s and a good story line. just love these games.

bshdaddy1 2011.02.11
not a bad game the graphics were excellent however some of the action was a little slow. overall a very good game needs some fine tuning.

Shafty 2011.02.11
Nice graphics and new commands seem really good; keep the good work!

tomcatdr 2011.02.11
The key to the spinning circle is click when the red part is around the red line at the top of the circle. Still only got 4 ending though...

dreadwolf 2011.02.11
game play, graphics and animations are great
i`ve got endings 1 2 3 and 4 is their a 5 and how
do you get to it

themoda 2011.02.11
I can`t play this game, I don`t know that, but it`s impossible finish the game, have a bug?

lowback 2011.02.11
i don`t get some parts, but still a good game. also very easy to control.

tomcatdr 2011.02.11
I love the new controls... better response but still difficult enough.

carloswoody 2011.02.11
very nice game and good graphic

Playah 2011.02.11
nicw game.. good graphic..

aragorn90 2011.02.11
great game, but I wish it would be easier to return to the beginning and start over

babo_23 2011.02.11
girl is hot and game interesting Actions need to be learned as its control quite difficult

state2727 2011.02.11
Great Game, 2 endings so far.

Gemman67 2011.02.11
Great game love it, ,, I did get caught in the tornado but after reloading and playing again worked fine and was able to get all 4 endings, I like these type of game but wish they had more options.

long55 2011.02.11
great game like the graphics, love it

vitali 2011.02.11
first time the tongue tornado did not work, but 2nd time reaching the scene in other sequence worked well incl. all the other actions. A bit all the same, but still very good game. Too short maybe.

stefano71 2011.02.11
i`m the first that play the game i think great as always!!!!!!!!!!

andy.a101 2011.02.11
mmmm very cute game - graphics are nice, top job as usual

h0rny117 2011.02.11
This game was pretty good. The girl was extremely hot and the story was pretty solid, no pun intended. Looking forward for more!

jimmyswizzle 2011.02.11
Not exactly challenging but pretty enough to look at I guess.

coc121 2011.02.11
What the hell is the tongue tornado about? Poor instrucions ruin the game.

jobo1968 2011.02.11
how do you rub her hands don`t stay. clicking makes hands dissapear help

Ack 2011.02.11
Game interface is broken... togue tornado only works on one path & the sex scene doesn`t progress....

hulkandrei 2011.02.11
great game like the graphics

papanuke 2011.02.11
Tornado doesn`t work on one path but good game overall, nice graphics

paddywhack 2011.02.11
managed to getr one ending

paddywhack 2011.02.11
if i play that tornado any more the husband will come home

Jerezano 2011.02.11
this is a verey exelent game,... is so good

ioio321 2011.02.11
wicked game katsumi is hot!!!

ddm98 2011.02.11
wow, what a game and good graphics

YuriAkamura 2011.02.11
Well unfortunately i still didn`t figure out the tornado :(
tried clicking when its outside, when its inside, when it`s about to enter (it the two red dots) holding while in, holding while out ...
nothing helped so far :(

prats 2011.02.11
awesome game....kitsumi is very hot n sexy......got 4 endings......
ending 1:back 2 realty
ending 2:together and ever
ending 3:unleash the fury(hottest ending so far)
ending 4:married with love
searching 4 ending 5

cruiser56 2011.02.11
nice but to much click trough the story...the tornado doesnt work in some way. But annyway good work
Thank you!!!!!

CapnMorgan 2011.02.11
I had a little trouble figuring out the controls - I get it when the red line is there, but when it`s not, why bother with the rotating dial? I definitely like the story line, and the last ending I found was hot hot hot.

Xyzzy 2011.02.11
Are there more than 3 endings?

Xyzzy 2011.02.11
Yet another great entry from Leon and friends. I think there may be a small bug -- the first time I got to the "tongue tornado" it didn`t work for me. I was clicking like mad on the circle, when the two small red dots passed through the red area at the top, and the pleasure bar would not increase. I went back and played again, took a slightly different path, and the second time it worked. Other than that, a great game!

ntranada 2011.02.11
interesting game...one has to make sure that they click the button when the two red bars on the spinning circle are next to the red line around the outside of the circle in order to increase the pleasure bar.

cooldt11235 2011.02.11
Very nice game, so far i only got two endings, where jacob leaves without having sex with our temptress and where he leads her to a life of bdsm

chook2109 2011.02.11
wicked game katsumi is hot!!!

skywind 2011.02.11
nice interracial theme, but I think she can be prettier? this one looks like a bit "childish"

bob2313 2011.02.11
is it just me or does the black guy change to a white guy? Anyway liked the game alot better then the previous

ken3ma 2011.02.11
How do I bet the toungetornado?

etch 2011.02.11
good game. teh controls wer a little annoying if tyou miss at first it takes a long time to get it started again. but good game

clador 2011.02.11
Great game as usual from LoP

gradandrei2006 2011.02.11
very nice game. love the endings. girl is hot!!!!

kurt46 2011.02.11
very nice game. love the endings. girl is hot but she could be even better :). anyway GJ!

gazlad 2011.02.11
I don`t seem to understand this game can anyone help?

ventitre 2011.02.11
i`m the first that play the game i think great as always

YuriAkamura 2011.02.11
I had some troubles here.
Maybe you should explaine what exactly to do
The touching part was clear eventhough i found some parts hard to find.
The "ToungeTornado" well i didn`t figure out what to do :(
so i got stuck
Will submit a score once i played it through the end

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