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Katawa Shoujo


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sugar4me 2017.08.25
Awesome game! Truth be told, not that much sex, but more and decent story, long-lasting....unique (-:

CineK 2017.02.05
( Soory for any mistake as english is not my first labguage)
I just finished one ending. It takes hours if you read all dialogs.
I greatly apreciated the story line. Really deep.
Not a click and fuck, far from it.

cambridge4453 2016.06.04
Somebody please explain this game to me; it took 100 minutes to load onto my computer - and its not an old or small capacity PC - then I play it for more than half an hour or so and nothing has happened except that the hero has got a chronic heart condition and is in a school talking to a load of disabled pupils... and nothing happens. and then... nothing happens again. You just click through endless dialogue boxes and very, very occasionally make some very mundane dialogue choice. Gloomy and boring; how much longer before something happens to break the montony? The game comments are very discouraging as well; what IS this doing on this site? It clearly thinks it is doing something important as it takes up a ton of computer space but I don`t see it at all so far

Kingzladjan 2016.01.27
Awesome game! the gameplay is godlike and the graphics are awesome!

spamguy1 2016.01.06
I came for the sex, stayed for the plot.

carlvanan 2015.12.28
Great game, great story and good graphica

JustJeff722 2015.12.22
Very good game! I think it is by far the best game on the site! If you haven`t downloaded it you are missing an outstanding experience!

cleo21 2015.11.11
nice game well detail omg

Idealhen3972 2015.05.27
good game love the style

cameronw 2015.02.18
oh dear not the best considering the competition


hardyhar 2015.02.15
This is a great story. Very long and very worth it. Minimal interaction, but there are definitely things you can do along the way to change up the story. Highly recommended

Thorlan 2015.01.20
it`s a great game but sadly you must download it

reykivat 2015.01.15
this game was one of the first vn that i have played the bad thing is that there wont be a 2 part of this visual novel

Syneid 2015.01.07
One of the best eroge games i`ve played. Made by fans. Thanks for sharing it!

knoll 2014.12.25
This is a long game and a variety of endings (including your own death). More thought provoking than just click and sex, yet quite in-depth with how you approach each girl and interact. Definitely not for beginners.

DeXtRuCtIoN5 2014.10.30
IT is a great heart-warming love story game, but it isn`t really made just for fapping, so it doesn`t really suit this place :-/

TheGear28 2014.10.01
had trouble with the download

deepakduttatreyapadhi 2014.08.12
why is this a download? i thought that this was online game site

abecedas86 2014.08.09
i don`t want to download this game..

BladeDancer123 2014.08.07
Or the suicide. Again. That ending is so fricken weird and stupid.

BladeDancer123 2014.08.07
when i came across this game on here, Play Force One of all places, I was expecting another `let`s fuck everything that moves` type of game. at first i a bit disappointed that it wasn`t. However that thought gladly disappeared the moment I opened up the exe. file pretty much. Now, the first, oh, 7 playthroughs, all i got was the incidental suicide, that was until i figured that the dialouge things i chose actually changed the way Act 1 played out. kinda face-desked several times at how dumb i had been when i discovered this. fisrt girl I went with was, and is, my favourite one; Hanako. Damn. Gotta say, tat was a tear-jerker. The relationship development was amazing, and when the sex scene eventually did come around, it didn`t feel right to jerk off. for such an novelistic(no idea if that`s actually a word or not) approach to a game, I was left wondering one thing: why the heck was this on Play Force One? IThis is a VN. Not a game for horndogs. The music`s amazing and the right music has been used in the right situations every time.

though I do have one question. how the heck do I match up with Lilly? everything I try makes me end up with Hanako again.

julio211 2014.07.23
really hot i really like it

bitz94 2014.07.14
Fantastic game I really liked playing it. More like this please.

purelysilent 2014.06.05
keeps sending me to another site every time I click on it.

grasshoppapron 2014.06.03
External link to another site, possibly worthwhile but doesn`t seem worth the hassle.

imNeymar 2014.05.12
i cant play this sex games!!

motorbebek2010 2014.03.24
an interesting game and a good story line i liked it much

paerarru 2014.03.03
First of all, this is not a sex game, at least not like the other games in the site. There is some sex, but it`s not the point of the game. It`s a virtual novel, like a dating sim but without stats, and with a lot more emphasis on the story and characters, with the gameplay consisting of choosing some dialogue or action at certain times. With that said, it`s a great game and definitely worth the download. There`s 5 girls to date, with multiple endings for each, and each play takes a few hours. Also, the girls are disabled (it takes place in a school for disabled kids), like one`s blind, one has prosthetic legs, etc. Kind of weird at first, but it makes for an interesting story. It`s really about relationships and personal issues, so don`t expect a bunch of nudity or anything.

Adreed 2014.02.28
Games good . Kinda fun. But gameplay is bad

littlecletus 2014.02.19
having trouble with the down load

youkaibro64 2013.12.18
this is an awesome VN and it`s one of my favorites. this VN is totally worth downloading.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

awesomealec75 2013.08.24
Katawa Shoujo is an amazing visual novel, one of the best I`ve ever read. The sex scenes are great too.

Nastaya 2013.08.04
It`s not a game it`s a virtual novel about disabled kids

TameZ 2013.07.12
Everyone trust me this is a really nice and big game and worth downloading

Carbon171 2013.06.08
the story was well writen and the game/interactive story is so long with many choices

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

HercEl84 2013.05.21
Took awhile to get all the good endings, but was a good game, a lot more reading then most other games, but still enjoyable.

Going to keep an eye out for other games like this one.

Of all five story lines, in my opinion, only three were really good: Lily, Emi, and Hanaco, these three really got emotional and had good endings while the other two were OK, but didn`t feel as powerful as the other three.

Alwan 2013.05.13
it was a fun game to play

gopil 2013.05.11
wow this game is huge over 100Mb that`s why you need to download it

63ted 2013.05.11
Do not enjoy the download games when on line games are quicker to play.

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.04
I love to play new ver of this game

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.04
Yah! It`s fine, uhh.. you know a hentai game and it`s ok

droopy1988 2013.04.29
love graphics great game nice girls would love to pay the game all the time.

gwazz 2013.04.26
why download when there ae plenty of good games online

jamjari 2013.04.10
These are one of those games that actually contains a story and allows emotional attachment with the characters. Banging everyone in sight isn`t really the goal of this game, rather it`s sharing a story.

In the game, you take the place of a young man with failing health, who is transferred to a school for the physically disabled. The story centers around coping with your own illness as well as meeting others along the way that have had to get over their own disabilities.

There are 5 girls in the game that you can interact with, each one with their own well-developed character arcs.

Yes, there is sexual content in the game, but it`s more of a process of getting to know the character more and forming a relationship rather than just straight up porn.

To sum up, it`s a game that emphasizes story over sex. Try giving this a shot (don`t expect a lot of sex out of this game) if you`re interested in a dating sim with a good plot line, well-developed characters, and heartwarming, tear-jerking moments.

doe boi 2013.04.01
i`d prefer online that downloading...this thing is taking forever

Grimm_Dogg68 2013.03.27
still downloading i hope it will be good i love anime porn so i have high hopes for it

Fahmyasdfghjkl 2013.02.18
the graphic is very good, i ike that

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
prefer to play online rather have to download games

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game.

oscar500 2013.01.19
This is amazing! I love the graphic + the game. It is very nice. :)

elixxx 2013.01.01
i love this game and the anime girls are beautiful

gartal 2012.12.16
good graphics
game could have been longer maybe adding another woman
strong story too

danielselwyn89 2012.12.13
good graphica and audio ..again game could have been longer , maybe adding another woman
i realize many men like lesbian scenes ...
another suggestion for the game designers ...maybe have a woman`s game designer for a serial
soap opera type game..with both male and female interaction
more college type games but longer character interaction

teddken 2012.11.26
Great Game. I love the graphics

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


112321qweasd 2012.11.14
good game the grapics are pretty good

kijlocke 2012.11.10
It`s a very nice game, nice stories and really nice music. For a small team to do something like this, it`s really amazing.

thelric 2012.11.03
Nice game, I loved the concept. It is pretty unusual theme, but managed in a tasteful way.

TGxViiperzx 2012.10.29
ome on. Lieutenant. Nobody would believe you of all people got lost.
So nice night we are having
-At least you are not bored anymore.
-So what`s a special forces like you doing in a place like this?
You know I just noticed something.
-Is that "Shime Waza"? Pretty basic. Don`t you think?
Listen. From professional to professional
-I planted a video-loop. Took pressure plates off-line. Checked guard routines.
-I need to know: What happen with that subordinate?

Slip from her grasp

Lieutenant I`m not the only one who came in here empty handed.
Of course it is. And. As any game. As long as it isn`t boring...
End conversation

Drop your belt.
Remove your shirt.
Remove pants.

Well Lieutenant you gave me an order, didn`t you?
Are you going to let them get into our fun?
Thing are looking up... If I don`t screw up.
Why don`t you sit down and we`ll start negotations?

Careful do not spam click the dialog here.


Take her on the couch


Get your hairpin (Click your hair)
Pick the lock (Click the handcuffs)
Handcuff Audra (Click her hand)

Those handcuffs... they aren`t like you.

hanibal194 2012.10.23
nice game bad we have to download it

ar3er 2012.10.10
too much clicking but good gameplay!

majortom 2012.10.08
Downloaded the game and I must say that I`m really enjoying it! I like the story, love the longevity as this is not a typical short game; and for those who don`t know, this game took FIVE YEARS to develop! I haven`t been disappointed in how much I`ve played so far. It`s worth the download! Great game!

The_Chess_Prince 2012.09.28
I agree, this game should be available to play online without a download.

Stese 2012.09.21
why must i download this game ???

the_al 2012.09.07
Trust me when I say the game is worth the download, even if it`s not quite like most of the games here

GiftShop 2012.08.27
Not the kind of game I expected to find on Play Force One. This is far more a graphic novel than it is a sex game. While it does have explicit images and depictions of sex, it really is more about the story and how the relationships between the player and the different girls. Often, you`ll realise you`ve already fallen down a certain path towards an ending well before you`ve even decided which girl you like most, which is really nice. Highly recommended for somebody looking for a serious game. If you`re looking for a quick bat though, this isn`t for you.

picture_fool 2012.08.21
This game is certainly not your typical sex game fair and in fact it`s not really a sex game. Love all the girls you can date and there is a lot of heart in the writing. One of the best games.

Saintisidore 2012.08.14
I played this out several times to try for all possible endings. My only complaint is it needs more dialogue trees. Some choices are few and far between. But a thoroughly enjoyable game. I recommend it to everyone.

zeroxman2 2012.08.12
shame it wont work on my computer rally wanted to play it X_X

randy06 2012.08.07
heard about this game and cant download so hope mto get it soon i kepp trying

geltian 2012.08.07
Is funny, most games here is common complaint games to short then when a longer game that means need to download a lot of same people are complaining. Seriously free games on great site so stop complaining and enjoy the great games.

rockhard 2012.06.06
nice but a bit slow to download

Soul Assassin 2012.06.01
awesome game, i love it, everything is perfect.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
an interesting game and a good story line i liked it much

bahamut86 2012.05.24
The game`s link doesn`t work...

bob247 2012.05.20
i cannot get this game to work. doesnt matter how long i wait

sodomanie 2012.04.29
can`t this game play like usual? why need to download?

twoecho 2012.04.26
this game was so ridiculously long that i didn`t even read anything i just clicked as fast as i could. 45minutes later i gave up partially because i reached muscle failure in my finger and mostly because i was bored

glukos37 2012.04.07
very nice game...beautifull girl

Hauto 2012.04.02
Great Game. I love the graphics

Suave Adz69 2012.03.20
A good game very interesting and fun to play

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

Zansuke 2012.03.05
mmhmm....it`s a wonderfull game...the animation is good and the graphic is great... :)

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.
excelent animation.
sweet game.
like to see more
this girl is purely hot and nasty...
i`ll dream she all the night...
you should play immediately...
it`s hot hot hot

maverick23 2012.02.19
very nice game...beautifull girl

surip ketip 2012.02.07
Nice game, awesome babes.

VentusLau 2012.02.01
what`s here except dialogues and dialogues?

Narotaka2 2012.01.27
Extremely GOOD GAME!!Very Nice Plot And Graphics.VERY GOOD

joebob998 2012.01.26
Like many others have said, AMAZING game. Easily the best VN that I`ve ever played. Story is beyond good, and each girl`s story/arc is quite long.

gizmo13 2012.01.24
no online version of this game? :(

Anasjin93 2012.01.23
the graphics of this game is very nice and is very sexy japanese game !!!

maseyka 2012.01.19
One of the best games I`ve ever seen in my life. Perfect, i think. Great story. Realy great. I`m lil bit surprised to see it on this site, but i realy glad to find it. It gives me so much positive, i can`t even pretend by myself how much. Just looking forward into nowadays game industry, with some bloody intences, this game gives me a litle part of real happines without habitual lust and feeling to jerk of quickly, while looking into monitor. Thanks to developers of this game. It is realy cool.

Sergey. Ukraine. Kharkov.

P.S. Sorry for grammatical mistakes, if they are present in my message.

dell10781 2012.01.17
y does is have to be download it will be better if u can play it online

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
a nice game with this hentai girl

saberwolfang 2012.01.13
i want to play it online, not download

rydiafan 2012.01.10
This is simply the best H-game / VN ever made ... for all those who say " I dont wanna download it " ... do it ... you will never have a more moving experence ... music and story are just perfect

zomalagasy 2012.01.08
how can i play it online! i don`t want to download!!!

Emrg 2012.01.04
Full version is just released!

oxx 2012.01.04
Offline - almost as bad as a terrible game.

turk 2012.01.04
need to play online. not download

fardreamer01 2011.12.28
not as fun as I thought it would be 3 out of 10

chivalorus 2011.12.27
don`t wanna download this game
i wanna play it online

suhannip78 2011.12.24
fun, hot and funny. what more could you ask for? :)

nanat 2011.12.24
this game has great graphics and the gameplay is amazing!!! :)

athossico 2011.12.23
If you are searching for a sex scene this game is not for you.
A robust plot with good graphics.
Different endings: a lot of play

routersexyman 2011.12.22
great animations and not too short either

snow01 2011.12.22
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

Sahgigoth 2011.12.22
I feel like i just wasted my time zzzz

darkmonk007 2011.12.21
nice game good art too hope i can play the full version soon

Michel99 2011.12.18
There is nothing sexy in this download version. I thought it will be a sexy moment instead it turns out crap and a dull message says this is just part of the full version. Truly lame!

Emrg 2011.12.16
Full version is coming out 4 January 2012

vsps7 2011.12.15
great animations and not too short either

hendryanto 2011.12.08
short game but not bad I like it

curt4u2011 2011.12.04
really good game and animation

Rob14 2011.12.02
Game has a great story and the girls are hot

lovesandyyy 2011.12.02
hot sexy and nice story and babe

jamez69 2011.11.30
great! an awesome game.. keep up the good work!

w98yohanes 2011.11.27
it`s a great game but sadly you must download it

Veilasin 2011.11.27
Its an interesting game with good graphics but where`s the rest of it?

Not bad and very descriptive.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

kt2358 2011.11.25
i try this game ... i dont like it ...

mayahorny 2011.11.24
i think it needs more time

Vleergon 2011.11.22
This reminds me a bit of the Hentai Heartwork

vonofthedawnX1 2011.11.20
great game love how long it is

nuka666 2011.11.20
nice gameplay , awesome graphics , and i love the animations a really nice game ^^

ThenSaturday 2011.11.18
i loved this game, it is one of the greatest games that i have ever played. The game play itself is smooth and very simple

giancarlo005 2011.11.17
This one is very cute, and very turning on haha

HarSlan 2011.11.16
This is great game... I like it very much...

Snake2905 2011.11.13
This is beatutiful game. I like animations and sex scenes in general. Story is simple, but who needs so much story anyways in this kind of games... :)

lagita 2011.11.13
great game n nice story. n its anime!

mutrommi 2011.11.13
I really enjoyed the story and am looking forward to seeing the following acts. Some teasing would have been nice if there is not nudity.

cipix 2011.11.12
Maybe it`s too long... gameplay must be faster!
But animation and story are very exciting!
i`m waiting for the second part!

TheIversonBeast 2011.11.11
Why can i not play this game

leedoh300 2011.11.11
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

DougSongofDoug 2011.11.11
very in depth story wish there was porn

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Crazysexman 2011.11.09
A well thought out quality game here

Mortarman 2011.11.09
Wish there was more to it but the game looked really good

dri 2011.11.09
great graphics and story. keep it up!

poopyburgers 2011.11.03
Very nice i love the graphics this game is very good and cool

l hero 2011.10.29
Its really difficult but fun

dri 2011.10.29
the game was pretty good overall.

bestia99rom 2011.10.28
Good game, beatiful girl!

ozorne_6 2011.10.22
Its old, I have a feeling ,we never gona see a sequel, and no sex makes animated life rather dull.

firion69 2011.10.19
it`s a great game, but shame it`s only act 1?
...where`s the rest of `em?

lordsoth 2011.10.14
takes a lot of work it get all the endings but kind of fun

celtics14 2011.10.13
epic game looking forward for sequel

bedebah 2011.10.13
i always like hentai sims, but it`s not full yet :(

nathantckr 2011.10.07
the game was pretty good overall.

pfireeye 2011.10.06
Very good game. Too bad it`s only a demo. Can`t wait til the finished game is published.

Dickster31 2011.10.05
Pretty decent game,to bad its a download and not playable online

xoterq 2011.10.05
Amazing animation and unique style.

weblerrik 2011.10.05
I really enjoyed the game but wished there was more interactions and a much better feel for where you really were going with each girl. I also didn`t want it to end.

Angelwing 2011.10.02
I expected better graphics for a game you have to download.

canuck2011 2011.09.30
good game ...a bit slow.. but don`t care for having to download it to play

Shandys 2011.09.30
Epic game!Looking forward for more sequel!

KaiChuck 2011.09.29
so lovely... I liked it very much, and looking for part 2!

e8msgt 2011.09.26
Don`t care for the downloads, rather play all online

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.23
It`s a lovely game but I don`t know why this game is on this site. It`s more like a book than a game and with no sex whatsoever. very strange.

88Gomez88 2011.09.21
Really good game! nice graphics!

qba987 2011.09.18
Good visual novel in english

liyu3331 2011.09.17
Good game, beatiful girl!

Obirah 2011.09.17
download is not good for a simple game

AmazonQueen 2011.09.12
A waste of too much bandwidth for such a low level of animation and such a cliched storyline. Not at all worth the waste of space

zod 2011.09.11
for downloading such a big file i expect a little more animation.

killerme100 2011.09.10
great graphics and story. keep it up!

KILLERWILSH 2011.09.08
LIked it but the download nearly put me off

badoway257 2011.09.07
i like this grafihic, very interesting

mikah18 2011.09.04
great visual novel cant wait for part 2

toto25 2011.09.03
Im glad a japanese game was in English for once

lordshifu 2011.09.02
Actually the BEST I`ve ever played. The atmosphere and story setup was kind of great and quite different. Although haven`t finished playing it yet but it has such nice music in the backdrop n nice environment it really draws you in!!

pkripper37 2011.08.29
Low score for having to download. won`t do that.

empire 2011.08.29
good game to long download

graygost 2011.08.27
difficult long game. good scenes.

mouselee 2011.08.25
It`s not a good game. It needs me to download.

coolface 2011.08.21
its a great game act 2 is coming this year.. translation i mean

jonezie 2011.08.19
great game but hate that you need to download

xxx-man 2011.08.17
That game took forever to finish for some reason... And it was kinda slow

john 25 2011.08.17
i thought it was good little slow tho

The_Who 2011.08.14
The storyline is a bit protracted, but it`s still playable

acrimony_ 2011.08.14
Very slow - gets boring. Not a fan of needing to dload.

j0sh 2011.08.13
the graphics need improvement but overall a decent game

metalica11 2011.08.12
I feel it is relevant to state that the game seems to no longer be downloadable. the links are dead for all versions.

Arbaal 2011.08.10
Very good game and graphix, story is awesome. Fact that u need to download is main downside.

Topgun 2011.08.08
great graphic, great game

abhepfer 2011.08.04
games is very sexy one of the best

Thehotest 2011.08.03
Good game relatively good graphics but quiet frankly it was a pain to download. 70%

therawberry 2011.08.02
the link for the game is unplayable please fix

yoyoblack 2011.07.31
I loved the story line and the girls.

PierceSatan 2011.07.25
these girls are so qute! Very nice!

nokturne 2011.07.25
wow i loved the graphics the girls are way too cute!!

bigcock1992 2011.07.24
great game great graphics

khafanoo7 2011.07.22
i dont know what to do. they just talk..... is it a sex game or chat game?

rodlav 2011.07.22
This is a Visual Novel.
A game, more a story with some choices you make along the way.
It`s about a High School student who has a heart problem and goes
to a special school.
There he begins a new life, making friends and maybe something more.
(There are no sex scenes)

My opinion: This game is great, nice storyline, cute girls, nice soundtrack.
What`s cool is the feeling you get while you play. It completely expanded my mind somehow.
I recommend.

Bawg 2011.07.22
why cant i get past the two girls standin next two each other???

justafry 2011.07.21
Got bored fairly quickly, it was really more of a story than a game.

Calico 2011.07.20
I don`t mind all the text, the whole thing makes you think and places you there in the game :)

l4gun4 2011.07.18
very well darwn credits to the atrtist

sic7 2011.07.16
This game very intresting

zelda813204 2011.07.15
i love it when will the full version be ready?

rackovan52 2011.07.14
not really a game... too much clicking

vetzan 2011.07.14
Why always brownies and blondies ? I want some purple or pink haired hentai girls...

Gabriel the white 2011.07.12
By comments this looks like a good game, but...I play only flash-games: i don`t like to download games on my conputer.

photu 2011.07.11
nice exciting game with cool graphics

unknown person 2011.07.11
to much click not really a game

dnash 2011.07.10
The game has too much dialog, which means a lot of reading. Not much of a `game` in my opinion; it`s more like a story. Couldn`t stayed interested enough to finished the game...

methusala 2011.07.09
It is a good text type game. A little too long in between decisions. But, waiting for full version. I do hope that it has a little more sex involved later. Keep up good work.

kamilunta 2011.07.08
need to improve the graphic and wtf suddenly just fuck!

roosable 2011.07.06
wish there was a flash version.

Mr.Cat 2011.07.06
Bit really sure how to work this game, a little foreign

benlou52 2011.07.05
can`t play the games because i cant download it

0904038 2011.07.02
loved this game, shame the whole version isn`t out yet :/. Anybody got any idea when it`s due?

timmyy 2011.07.02
good graphics, i enjoyed this game

senazangeres 2011.06.29
love this game good storyline but too much clicking

sl33py69 2011.06.28
fun game but it takes a long time to reach the fun stuff

CoolAde 2011.06.27
Good Artwork, and good girls...want more :)

zelda813204 2011.06.26
very nice cool game sexy girls good acts hope there is more

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
This reminds me of the Hentai Heartwork.

Stiller 2011.06.24
Katawa shoujo is not out yet and there`s only act 1 for now.
I does not contain any hentai for now too, but he`s a really god visual for text lovers and dizzy situations.

nero89ca 2011.06.23
This game is awesome! super stoked for the other acts!

igorishizaki 2011.06.23
good game, good graphics, but not have sex and have download

anab 2011.06.21
This game is awesome! Can`t wait untill they realease the other acts!

Costas 2011.06.20
good game, easy to handle

medzhul 2011.06.18
too much clicking, but good gameplay

big_dick17 2011.06.18
tired of clicking too much

5kywalker 2011.06.16
Just too much clicking even though the story is pretty interesting...get bored from clicking

KhuRro 2011.06.16
I grew bored before starting... too much

bizmark 2011.06.13
Lots of clicking before getting to the gameplay. 6.5ish/10.

nylon1700 2011.06.13
kinda boring as it takes too long to get the good bits

rened35 2011.06.12
all the time clicking...... :(

Celirton 2011.06.12
This game is awesome! Can`t wait untill they realease the other acts!

raaraaa 2011.06.08
it takes too long unfortunately to get to the good bits

vinci1243 2011.06.07
most boring game i have ever played... uninstalled it half played...

eknock 2011.06.07
perhaps being able to play it without leaving the site would be best

BallIdiot 2011.06.07
The game has too much dialog, which means a lot of reading. Not much of a `game` in my opinion; it`s more like a story. Couldn`t stayed interested enough to finished the game...

Gemman67 2011.06.04
download wasnt bad, story line is great ,but i dont know why this is on adult game site,I can only hope finale version is more adult geared.

moodyh 2011.06.04
waste of time. I hurt my finger by clicking to much

Eora 2011.06.02
I`ve been waiting for the rest of the game to come out for a long while now. Been replaying it alot to satisfy myself. This is so fucking great.

tia432 2011.06.02
this game is sooooooooooo awesome

sindit20 2011.05.31
I love visual novels, and this one is great

bdubrous 2011.05.29
Nice characters ... and happy endings too

rae4825 2011.05.29
A very entertaining, intriguing, inspiring, and well written story with cool music... As I read, I felt each character`s pain, flaw, struggle and triumph... A very sobering reminder of how fragile life is... Very cool...

KONARTIS 2011.05.28
great game love the game play and graphics

Greyulfr 2011.05.23
I seriously Love the depth of Character in this game

Angelegh 2011.05.23
great game really enjoyed it alot

Skarn62 2011.05.22
Ok, it`(s not a game, & i don`t unterstand the "Hot" clearely indicated.
It`s in fact a great interactive novel with a realy good scenario, Nice graphics & musics.

Hard to find the 6 ending of this novel.

iceman426 2011.05.21
i thought that it was a good game except for the censoring

Math76 2011.05.19
good game very good graphic !

Sunlordx4x 2011.05.19
I Completely LOVED this game it was so Perfect!

aljoke 2011.05.16
ok thats very goood game

mikejones 2011.05.14
cant wait to play the game, thanks for a free game!:D

vxviper 2011.05.14
i wonder why you want to download this game

nicbag 2011.05.13
how can you download this game

Penis222 2011.05.13
Great Sim Date game!
Highly recommended!
So i think downloading it is ok :)

kidre3 2011.05.08
i wonder why you have to download it?

negroseven 2011.05.03
i dont know why people talk about censiring, i couldnt see anything to be censored o.0 it just make a storyline but u cant keep going until new release =(

frasian 2011.05.01
extremely hot girls! worth the download imo

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

arulegong 2011.04.28
This is amazing! I love the graphic + the game. It is very nice. :)

cumhard 2011.04.28
i like this game but dont like the censors

Dragon77 2011.04.27
good storyline but dont like censors

surken 2011.04.24
The censoring is upsetting, but the game itself is fun, and it has a good storyline.

Cipher 2011.04.21
fun game, it`s not a very sex games, but it has a great storyline

mattman862 2011.04.20
The censoring just ruins it for me

biatch87 2011.04.17
awesome game, i love it, everything is perfect

najib101 2011.04.16
not very impressing game kinda sad tho

jorcer 2011.04.15
Would be much better if the sensoring ways removed. Other than that it is a fun game

dyoiram 2011.04.14
nice game and good graphics

vtheghost 2011.04.13
Good game, except for the censoring

Range12120 2011.04.12
Can`t wait for full game(that will actually have the sexy scenes) o come out. (Yes it will be free.)

damanboy 2011.04.12
Do I really have to download? Is the game good?

Sathiriel 2011.04.11

I`ve started the game 30 minutes ago and no real story, nos sexy scenes, juste some blah-blah uselss...

rudiwowor 2011.04.10
i like this game! worth to download..

wonderlust 2011.04.10
Very interesting game. Worth the download

bryan9754 2011.04.09
even though u gotta wait, its still nice

marcgenesis 2011.04.07
an interesting game and a good story line i liked it much

bbq888 2011.04.06
nice game, but too much dialog for my liking.

taposh 2011.04.06
not bad its fun,but not too sexy

primus21 2011.04.06
I thought this was a fun game

Innocent 2011.04.04
the plot and graphics of this game is fantastic!!

luannepearl 2011.04.02
i really love watching japanese girls nude :)

bickbak 2011.04.01
T.T i love this game :3 still wish there was hentai in it but... i think we all knew why that`s a bad idea PS:thank you for shearing this with us

timeless35 2011.04.01
I like this game its kinda form

spirit27 2011.03.31
might not have any sex scenes but has a great story

sachinthirumurugan 2011.03.30
sexy baby .........what a boobs .......like it

Popsickle 2011.03.29
one of my favorite games on thsi site. girls are really hot and game is entertaining to say the least

SquallLion 2011.03.29
it`s not a sex game
but great storyline

rikis944 2011.03.27
Did have sex scenes in this game ?

narussa 2011.03.27
its a really nice game in my opinion ;D glad you guys put it up here

nitnelav03 2011.03.27
hottest girls ever such a great game

horny22 2011.03.26
i can`t seem to download the game properly, please help me

cool_boy11 2011.03.24
cant wait to play the game, thanks for a free game!:D

bambi123 2011.03.24
haha good game, nice anime like graphics.

Tranquille 2011.03.22
I think it`s worth to wait till the game downloaded, the story quite interesting and graphics were simple and not heavy, pretty good game

hasil 2011.03.22
A good game is accompanied by images and animations are nice too

Legault 2011.03.21
over all i loved the game. the wait worth it. but...how is this a dateing game? and whats up with being pushed off the roof

Yondura 2011.03.20
This game takes a while to download but is well worth the wait

The_Who 2011.03.20
Downloading the game is a bit f a drag, but it`s okay to play.

Magicwand40 2011.03.19
Love the game , but I don`t like that you need to download it

0904038 2011.03.19
really great game, don`t particularly like downloading games, but this one was well worth it

laplacesdemon21 2011.03.19
It takes a while to download.but It`s a nice game

cazzocazzo 2011.03.19
wonderfu story, but no action at all.

benzjay 2011.03.17
this game was very huge size but the game was great.... i like it

areuwithme 2011.03.17
game is ok, like the games where the chicks look like chicks intstead of cartoons

T M 2011.03.17
I don`t like games I have to download on to my computer from another site.

loverboy117 2011.03.17
hottest girls ever such a great game

krazy 2011.03.16
good game an a fairly quick download

Harxel 2011.03.15
is a petty, would be better if it could be played online

kanine 2011.03.13
nice game. download was a little long and there was quite abit of clicking

kalbs 2011.03.11
wow this game is huge over 100Mb that`s why you need to download it

cccman 2011.03.10
Great game, especially the last scenes...

jay50 2011.03.08
up to now there were only online games on playforceone. As i dont want to download i gave a low score. would be better to sumbmit a online version

nathanxx 2011.03.05
wow... this game is big.. am need long time to finish download..

nathanxx 2011.03.05
nice game... i really like this..

deathblows 2011.03.01
When will the next chapter available? Still waiting

goldenerik 2011.02.28
Wow, I can`t believe they actually made a playable version. It always seemed to me like a pipe dream, something that`s talked about but never actually realized. Glad to see the little guys make it in the end!

Lucianobe 2011.02.27
Verry good game, but not so many sex or passion in like the other games

Horunda 2011.02.26
Nice one, excellent job guys!

dragonj 2011.02.25
nice game. had a little trouble downloading it. but i managed. good job.

silver12 2011.02.25
this game looks interesting

t dub24 2011.02.24
the gameplay was amazing thanks a lot!!

thetbman 2011.02.23
No negative comments about this game... everything`s great...

Kiwih 2011.02.21
Woah perfect !!!I Love it thanks

khalidakhtar 2011.02.21
great game, although its like reading a novel but still enjoyed it

castilho 2011.02.18
Nice game, nice girls.......enjoyed playing!!!

peter11 2011.02.16
AWESOME! dont know why but i loved it

jupat 2011.02.16
omg this is so good...when is ch 2 gona come out?

dundun10 2011.02.15
Looks great I`ll give it a go.

Ace_The_Face 2011.02.15
Clap Clap* Wonderful Game

Garouken 2011.02.14
this look amazing, downlaoding now!

chris8822p 2011.02.12
wow good game the graphics are nice and the music is really good

bense88 2011.02.11
great game great graphics what more can you demand

jimmyswizzle 2011.02.11
It`s amazing what can snowball from a single bad-taste joke on 4Chan. Genuinely well written and strangely captivating storyline. But, especially as it`s download only, it should be made clear from the start it`s an interactive novel rather than a game, and that this is only the first act of what I think will be 4, so don`t count on getting any kind of resolution. Hugely promising though.

paragon117 2011.02.10
Really interesting game with great graphics, really enjoyed it!!!!

tobivip1983 2011.02.09
well the graphics are nice but i want the full game plz

fvckezt 2011.02.09
how to downlod this game???

Kiljaedan 2011.02.08
sorry u didn`t get me i told you the next release will be the full release and it will not be any act 2 or 3 or 4 they said that it will come out as full already. And it will be very long game if you want to finish all the endings for all characters

jerkstore211 2011.02.08
hope the second part comes out soon

Kiljaedan 2011.02.08
oh this will be so impresive when the game will finally comes out this pag e will redirect you to act 1 only i heard that the full game will come out in this yrar sometimes later

HardExp 2011.02.07
wow this game impressed me:O everyone should try it

noodlemeister 2011.02.03
Intresting game, very good graphics and story.

randy06 2011.02.03
good game if i can get into it

jker210 2011.02.03
This game is actually quite good in my opinion, it was fun, although im suck in the part where you have sex with the girl, I think that my clicking thing is broken for this game...

youcanwinnar 2011.02.03
The game was of great quality and it was fun to play. The gameplay and graphics were good. Looking forward to the next part

jenjen7272 2011.02.03
super hot wish i could play this game all day

deathblows 2011.02.03
Nice one. Looking forward for the next part

inman 2011.02.01
interesting story, music and effects way to loud, but looking forwarard to part two

DarkRanta 2011.02.01
very good game. the story is fantastic and the graphics are great, too. i like that it is so long, not like the other games. FANTASTIC WORK!!!!

az89 2011.02.01
is there any sequel? i hope there will have sex scene

encikputra 2011.01.31
editor`s choices are good. and good job for the creator!

e21li 2011.01.31
this is a great game it pull you in the story and become one with it. the graphics was great the music was suitable for the theme all in all i think their should a act 2,3,4... i will confess the download was a little off but im glad that i decide to do it anyway. now it is a read base game so if you dont like reading dont play it .

barney_61 2011.01.30
editor`s choices are good

aqib286 2011.01.30
nice game to play every once and while

e21li 2011.01.29
great game i stuck a couple of time but it make it more fun for me
the animation is little slow

koendie1234 2011.01.28
sorry no downloads for me.

onon 2011.01.28
download but no thanks
i cant trust sites and i dont even trust my trusted sites

The Doctor 2011.01.28
Sorry, but I don`t DO downloads from unfamiliar sites. Even sites I know had better have a good, clearly stated reason why I should download something.

sexroulette 2011.01.27
so awesome, its a great game i love it

DRJoo 2011.01.26
great game ,,, very good story lines and great ends

Kires 2011.01.25
this is hot!! awesome game ;o

Diesel123 2011.01.24
There Wasnt Enough Sex i wish It has a lot more brutal

Elfe 2011.01.22
The story of this game is not so bad, but at the end, it doesn`t fit here... I`m expecting little more sex... Moreover, after 1 hour it`s becoming a little bit boring because not enough decision to take and too much text to read. Let`s find something else.

midena1 2011.01.20
This game is amazing and going to play it again.

Kiljaedan 2011.01.20
hey people this will be a very great game when it will be finally out this here is only act one partially and i think that it will be a vast experience to win it

kuhaku 2011.01.18
great game the best in a lot of time

adytza9621 2011.01.18
nice game i love it...nice graphic nad great gamplay

kalbs 2011.01.18
game does not work for me. why need to download?

smilinjym 2011.01.18
While the game itself is romantic and enjoyable (sort of) it does not fit in with what I have come to expect from play force one. If you want a game filled with exciting sex...this is not it.

vincs72 2011.01.16
what does it means in Japonese?

kenny85 2011.01.16
the game is soooo fucking long man
theres sooo much talkin n it just .....
man dont play dis as far as i am it sukx

snozzo 2011.01.16
i`m not opposed to downloading from sites i know about but a site i`ve never been to... I don`t risk my computer for a game demo

Nigurath 2011.01.15
Yes, it`s a pity that we have to dowload the game

Kuppz90 2011.01.14
Kinda crap we need to download but its a good game tho ;D

kenny85 2011.01.13
why do we need to download it sucks im not downloading a game to just play once then delete it right after

shatcake 2011.01.12
its a good game but have to download it :( and no screwing scenes./... untill like part 3 i think

gibbo24 2011.01.10
good game but so longgggggg

onloone 2011.01.09
game does not work for me. graphic wise first impression is not bad.

silver12 2011.01.09
This game wasn`t working for me

natsuki 2011.01.06
love the girls and good game

lvcvcb 2011.01.06
Long dating sim, lovely characters

cjeffrey89 2011.01.06
very interesting game but it takes all day to play

helianemaine22 2011.01.06
its all act 1 no sex or something

Devilz 2011.01.05
Im going to play this game all day I swear

pabloescobar 2011.01.05
my internet is really slow so I wonder if this game is worth downloading?

trojan1999 2011.01.05
i can`t play this game!!!!!!

badboy2196 2011.01.03
this game isnt too bad, but i was looking for it to have some kind of erotic content and so far have found none. its a nice little romantic date game with well drawn animation and complex well thought out characters. only downside i could see was that i was expecting some level of nudity or erotic content and was disappointed when i didnt come across any!

cxttxc1 2011.01.02
The gameplay is fun and the graphics are good keep it coming.

bengilc 2011.01.02
it is good storyline but there was not enough action. not worth the download.

wisejohn63 2011.01.02
I can`t seem to be able to open this game to play.

yugene 2011.01.01
I can`t wait until this is finished, it has real depth and emotion in, i hope you update the site leoniser when this is updated!

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

Sovrano 2010.12.31
Good game! very nice scene!

Niemy 2010.12.31
I must ask why i have to download ? i never had that before on any others, anyone know why?

bluelighter 2010.12.30
Great game it just took a while for it to get going.

markg0232 2010.12.30
i have to say this game isnt that great

Miller1675 2010.12.30
great game, sadlly the download is its true downfall

xksnack 2010.12.29
alright game even though you have to download

ninjamasta00 2010.12.29
I think ive played this before. Very nice graphics and interesting storyline

lilmedicboy 2010.12.28
If I`m not mistaking their working on a full version of this game elsewhere
I think we have to download since its a full game and not just a flash

omgwtfhaxerz 2010.12.28
Why do we need to download?

Mr.Saxobeat 2010.12.28
i don`t want to download this game.....can we play online

ron79 2010.12.27
game is okay, but don`t like manga

devil#1 2010.12.27
i have to agree with dubidu this game isn`t that great

dubidu 2010.12.27
i don`t like this one.. best games are still the lesson of passion ones.. i would LOVE to play Tori500.. :D

unicorn 2010.12.27
why download i want to play ? but the story is fine

flying 2010.12.27
cant we play this game online?

dorimi11 2010.12.26
Eh, sufficient story and enjoyably simple, but the download is a pain...

reibekaese 2010.12.26
the story is great but there isn´t a full-version!? :(

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.26
As everyone`s said, downloading is a pain, it`s not yet finished, but I guess it has some potential, will revisited when complete

Stevie B 2010.12.25
ok game were is the next part to this game and were the sex in this game wtf

none 2010.12.25
So why can`t this game be flash? Other then that no complaints, pretty damn exciting

Zenodius 2010.12.23
really exelent game good graphics and the storyline is exelent

Hunter123 2010.12.23
It was a GREAT storyline.
The graphics were amazing.

Tom Taylor 2010.12.23
boring download game. can`t it play like usual? why need to download?

shadowkiller591 2010.12.22
is there any sex at all in this? or is it just like a long storyline?

cicciociccio 2010.12.22
Downdload game is not a pratical way.

RiesenKopf 2010.12.22
Do you call this amusement? This is the waste of time. First: one has to download it and install. Second: you have no possibility to play it, but to click click click after reading another dialogue. My finger hurted me when I just turned it off... The waste of time! If you want to have a test in reading then check it out )))

gotpwned 2010.12.21
good game and graphics are also fine

eviler01 2010.12.21
can`t this game play like usual? why need to download?

Baril04 2010.12.21
I don`t like the fact that you have to download the game to play, but i try it anyway.
The story is original and interesting but there is no action.. I`ve complete the game after many hours and there is no action it`s just a king of long story....

Softbullit 2010.12.21
Maybe this is a nice game for underaged boys... But not a game for this site though. Endless clicking and not and repeat not an satisfactory ending... (No SEX)

Greywolf38 2010.12.20
Interesting game and the graphics were cool!

JMD 2010.12.20
Hard to trust 3rd party site for download.. no thanks

sunnyweekend 2010.12.19
the game is borin g,bad graphics.Playforceone should not allowed this games on your side

BIP PIB 2010.12.19
it`s very long....
i don`t like these :D

punyu 2010.12.19
this game is freaking awesome..

mick149 2010.12.19
there is no chance that i am going to download a game sorry

kurtcuk 2010.12.18
i dont get this download part it doesnt work

sgt.colaVII 2010.12.18
Enjoyed it, really classy and good

figxray 2010.12.17
why have I to download this game to play, can`t it be like the others?

fracturelike 2010.12.17
well 4 those that do not like to download - surely understand but good games are big and "heavy" so here we have more than 160 megs... Online play would be a horror

fracturelike 2010.12.17
Thanks to kage5243 for great and detailed walk through. Getting bit too lazy to check everything by myslef

dinulbo 2010.12.17
Great game!
I really enjoy it!
Good idea the button "Click here".

ricardos 2010.12.16
i have already downloaded and i am really liking these game i am hoping to get the full version

countryboy91 2010.12.16
this game looks fun cant wait for it to download

RATC 2010.12.15
Damn... =( at the download

Groud 2010.12.15
i can`t wait for it to finish

jangrey 2010.12.15
aww i hate waiting for downloads

ramyar 2010.12.14
I like this game, its cool.

syngates 2010.12.13
Very good game with good graphic.

kage5243 2010.12.13
I liked this game really much here is a walkthrough for those looking for a perticular ending it tolk me 7 hour to get them all but it was worthit i hope they bring act 2 out soon

Emi Ibarazaki
Option 01 = Yeah, of corse.
Option 02 = Ask about the library
Option 03 = It`s a trap, it`s smarter to play defensively here.
Option 04 = I`m sorry, I didn`t mean to startle you.
Option 05 = She was cute.
Option 06 = Go talk with Hanako.
Option 07 = Yes.
Option 08 = Hey, come on. Cut me and lilly some slack...
Option 09 = Go for it.
Is Canival!

Hanako Ikezawa
Option 01 = Yeah, of corse.
Option 02 = Ask about the library.
Option 03 = It`s a trap, it`s smarter to play defensively here.
Option 04 = I`m sorry, I didn`t mean to startle you.
Option 05 = She was cute.
Option 06 = Go talk with Hanako.
Option 07 = Yes.
Option 08 = Hey, come on. Cut me and lilly some slack...
Option 09 = Take it easy.
Option 10 = Sorry, I`m not in very good condition.
Option 11 = I`ll go to the library.

Lilly Satou
Option 01 = Yeah, of corse.
Option 02 = Ask about the library.
Option 03 = It`s a trap, it`s smarter to play defensively here.
Option 04 = I`m sorry, I didn`t mean to startle you.
Option 05 = She was cute.
Option 06 = Go talk with Hanako.
Option 07 = Yes.
Option 08 = Hey, come on. Cut me and lilly some slack...
Option 09 = Take it easy.
Option 10 = Sorry, I`m not in very good condition.
Option 11 = I`ll go for a walk into town.
Promise of Time

Rin Tezuka
Option 01 = Yeah, of cource.
Option 02 = I think I got everything I need to know.
Option 03 = She has a point. Attack aggressively!
Option 04 = Hi! I`m new here. Hisao Nakai. We`re in the same class.
Option 05 = She was cute.
Option 06 = Read my book.
Option 07 = Yes.
Option 08 = Hey, come on. Cut me and lilly some slack...
Option 09 = Take it easy.
Option 10 = Sorry, I`m not in very good condition.
Option 11 = I`m interested in the art club.
Clouds in My Head

Shizune Hakamichi
Option 01 = Yeah, of cource.
Option 02 = Ask about Shizune`s deafness.
Option 03 = She has a point. Attack aggressively!
Option 04 = Hi! I`m new here. Hisao Nakai. We`re in the same class.
Option 05 = She was cute.
Option 06 = Wait for Shizune and Misha to come to a decision.
Option 07 = yes.
Option 08 = Don`t drag me into this! I`ve done my part!
Option 09 = Take it easy.
Option 10 = Try to dodge the subject.
Throwing Balls

The Last Ending
Option 01 = Yeah, of cource.
Option 02 = Ask about the library.
Option 03 = It`s a trap, it`s smarter to play defensively here.
Option 04 = I`m sorry, I didn`t mean to startle you.
Option 05 = She was cute.
Option 06 = Read my book.
Option 07 = Yes.
Option 08 = Don`t drag me into this! I`ve done my part!
Option 09 = Take it easy.
Option 10 = I don`t really want to talk about it.
The Deep End

HotSpot 2010.12.13
i like the game ^^ but its better when its in flash

long55 2010.12.13
I am so horney! I love games like these! like it

kidon 2010.12.13
Very nice game with good graphic.

AngelKruger 2010.12.12
This should be in a "read a novel" section and in no way should be confused for a game. Even if you don`t read the text and just continuously click to get past the text, expect to spend the first ten minutes just clicking "next" then make some menial decision, continuously click for another 10 minutes, make another lame decision, repeat until the credits roll. A picture book is the best description, may as well be in kindle format under "G" section.

akzm37 2010.12.12
good graphic great story i love it

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

ozorne_6 2010.12.11
after reading comments made by other players, I deceided to shelf this game for a time. I do believe in a progression and it`s quite a tease at times to reach it. But with no conclusion at hand I personaly find it pointles and frustrating to be left out in the cold. Looking forward to hear about a follow-up.

boky 2010.12.11
geam is very hot and great :DD

boky 2010.12.11
game is really hot and great

guisir46 2010.12.11
why have I to download this game to play, can`t it be like the others?

planter 2010.12.10
Is their a flash version? I don`t want to download it

BBW522 2010.12.09
I am so horney! I love games like these!

bas 2010.12.08
good game, to bad you have to download it first

az89 2010.12.08
i`ve played this game and got 2 ending with 4 girls. when will the full version release? still i wonder if this game just the usual dating game or it have sex scene just like the other games in this site?

Julius 2010.12.08
because its free i try download this game

skeletor22 2010.12.08
Needs more sex scenes, and the animation could use some work. Would like to of scene more of a story line aswell

skynet420 2010.12.07
this game is alright. i wish there was more sex scenes

zippyfan 2010.12.07
Where the hell is the sex! I have been playing this game for over an hour man! I had a boner when I was playing this game! Do you know where it went? It went away because of the stupid monotone. Don`t really like this game I guess.

Brocks 2010.12.07
Not just a fuck game, a game with a great history, i liked, a new style maybe? ;d

guitarbum242 2010.12.06
is more of a story than a game,, a little borring i think

gapoll 2010.12.06
it5 takes so long to play what a kuk game

Elfe 2010.12.06
Well... This is not really a dating game because there is no decision to be taken by player. There is also no sex in it. Don`t know why it is here!

jay50 2010.12.06
i want to know why this "game" is here? because is not a game but an interactive story more over there is not sex action in it.
despit of this, the story is ok, sad but ok.

kessie51 2010.12.05
The most long-winded, mind-numbingly boring thing (I can`t call it a game), you can imagine... It certainly doesn`t belong here - in fact the only suitable place for it is probably the bin...
Don`t even bother.

bearcatrb 2010.12.05
Is this just supposed to be a comic book? I hit enter a bunch of times to read the chapters, but never played anything.

pepiekubiertos 2010.12.05
good graphics, confusing storyline, long download time.. and I find out its only a demo. what a waste.

Mihaus 2010.12.04
Is there anything interactive in this game. I quit after several minutes of dumb forward clicking

BenWolf18 2010.12.04
Bad game, terrible grahic. Not played!!

DrDirtyone 2010.12.03
My Idea of a game is having to do something, perhaps an objective. The only thing this game required me to do was hit the fricken return key a miilion times to skip the totally crappy dialogue. THIS IS BY FAR THE WORSE GAME ON THIS SITE.

DrDirtyone 2010.12.03
This game sucked big time. Way boring and too much bull shit dialogue

TornadoXIII 2010.12.02
Great game, love the artwork and the amount of work gone into it really adds to the charm. Recommended!

adridiza 2010.12.02
the graphic is not bad...
but about the game mode is not good..
and about animation is ... not very good

121 2010.12.02
Nice graphic, but I don`t like this game. So sorry... this is more like a comic then a game. Too much to read.

nonemus 2010.12.01
Is there a way to port this into a flash game?

Macster 2010.12.01
I found this game very enjoyable, but then again I am a sucker for strong story lines. Can`t wait for the sequal. People are right, there is no T&A in this version but I did enjoy this game immensely. Graphics was okay. Not much in the way of user controls for this one. I think at the most there was like 11 questions depending on which path you ended up on. Other than that, an awesome story line like I said before. Thanks for making this available, PF1. :)

Ps. For the skeptics, I found 0 viruses, spamware in this download. I autta to know, I downloaded it onto my machine. Try it you may just like it, or not! LOL!

godenfisher 2010.11.30
oh, i want to make a date with such a girl in this game .

pantekkau 2010.11.30
fantastic game fantastic story

freakinflash 2010.11.30
nice game... hot girl in game...could have added more girls

2Twin2 2010.11.30
This is a very interesting game and deep as well. It is closer to being an interactive story however, but I found it extremely good and wish it would have lasted longer than the several hours it did. It is a story which certainly leaves much left to come. I am kind of surprised it is offered free because it is much more in depth than most of the more shallow games; and if there are more levels to come I want to know.

chiefton 2010.11.29
Please no more download games

coc121 2010.11.29
A truly boring game, do NOT waste your time downloading this.

bbguhh 2010.11.29
Can see why some people enjoyed this, just not for me

bimbip199108 2010.11.28
awesome game, i love it, everything is perfect

silverade 2010.11.28
This isnt a bad game at all, considering its only flash game

aussie1082 2010.11.28
As other here, i have concerns about having to download the game to play it and the file size for a demo essentially is a little strange. pitty

zeretet 2010.11.28
this game si intereeresting and very hot

buddy12127 2010.11.28
man i hear it is a good game but i don`t want to risk downloading it.

adrianonn 2010.11.28
There is nothing sexy in this download version. I thought it will be a sexy moment instead it turns out crap and a dull message says this is just part of the full version. Truly lame!

Emrg 2010.11.28
Because this game is 169mb and this is just act 1.I never seen a online game over 30mb

gizzmo309 2010.11.28
i must ask why i have to download ? i never had that before on any others, anyone know why?

ICE Dude 2010.11.27
im not one to take a chance on downloading a game

tiein 2010.11.27
Oddly enjoyable. Quirky and fun!

Emrg 2010.11.27
Nobody knows.Act 1 developed at 2007 but still there is no release date

az89 2010.11.27
when will the full version come out?

monerick 2010.11.27
hello everybody,
i want to know why this "game" is here? because is not a game but an interactive story more over there is not sex action in it.
despit of this, the story is ok, sad but ok.

zeretet 2010.11.27
very interesting and sexy game

Bothead 2010.11.27
The game is ok, but I got bored quickly.

Zedasiobud 2010.11.26
Not worth Downloading if you wanna see anything.

fmeyen 2010.11.26
Won`t download a game just to play. Forget about!

dragonguardian13 2010.11.25
this game was so ridiculously long that i didn`t even read anything i just clicked as fast as i could. 45minutes later i gave up partially because i reached muscle failure in my finger and mostly because i was bored.

pqh1000 2010.11.25
man this game is hot and sexy i recommend everyone play it

pqh1000 2010.11.25
man this game is hot and sexy it gave me a boner

pqh1000 2010.11.25
this game is pretty damn good

pqh1000 2010.11.25
man this game is hot and sexy

az89 2010.11.25
i wish there`re some sex scene in this game

Eds 2010.11.25
Can`t we play this online?

colts 2010.11.25
the graphics are the best.

dsvjr19 2010.11.24
Other than having to download it to play it this game was awesome

blackout2099 2010.11.24
y on earth do we need 2 download but other than that great game

EndlessEcho 2010.11.24
Hmm... This game looks good but I found it to be a little different. Unique but cool!

Password123 2010.11.24
Awww downloading sucks :(

marvigo 2010.11.24
y dose i have to load like on a multiply internet explore ~!?!?

Derp 2010.11.24
also this game has been in dev since 2007, on the dev site it says there will be no updates, i.e. act2, etc. they will just relese the full game when it is completed. also on the site it says the release date is not set or TBA

Derp 2010.11.24
as far as bishoujo-style visual novels go, this has an interesting and unique story.

Katawa Shoujo (disability girls, or cripple girls) not many storys use disabled people as the protagonist, or supporting characters, which made this a nice change.

cant wait for the full version to be released

sophia2435 2010.11.23
i say it is pretty good but if only it bad some achen in it like i don`t know maybe sex but beside that it is really good i liked it.

sentaiblue 2010.11.23
A nice game good story wish it had some sex other words its a good game

anab 2010.11.23
good graphics game

Pwlkane 2010.11.22
Not exactly a game but well worth the download.
I`ve spent hours going through it, to see the different outcomes.
And I`ll play it over and over just for the hell of it.

Feelyn 2010.11.22
Sweet Graphics.I want more of them

freederm 2010.11.22
nice game - shown about having to download it

haikal 2010.11.22
this is also a good game!!!!! i like it

rael 2010.11.22
umm nice game not lot of action but its a cool game only on thing why we need to download?.

schpoon 2010.11.21
More of an interactive story, but I liked it enough to play through most of the endings. Hooray for skip mode

koah 2010.11.21
hello where is part 2 ..3 and 4 ???

Naymenes 2010.11.21
i did not enjoy this at all. i thought there was way to much talk, and not enough action. not worth the download..

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
I liked it, a bit simple, but highly recommended

iggi3132 2010.11.21
I don`t like to download-games.

adrianonn 2010.11.21
Its such a big file and need a large amount of time to download it.

noname1 2010.11.21
this is one of the worst game ........

butterfinger 2010.11.20
Perhaps I would play it if there is an online version...

buddy12127 2010.11.20
I really don`t like to download

lucasjoe 2010.11.20
this game is so dmn hard that i could barely understand it.....wth is this?

Berem 2010.11.20
I liked it, a bit simple, but highly recommended

Jada 2010.11.19
An interesting game from a very I can say" Unique" gameplay perspective I enjoyed it immensly granted it is only act one so far I hope it continues to grow. As for any sex it`s nice that it does`nt pop out fast and very realistic too from my perspective.After all being a new student things just take time and the character development is close if not dead on for any "new student" in a school. You make decisions as the story progresses all in all 7 days is Act 1.Now as for sex one has to remember this story is opening up (and I hope continues to do so) The art work is excellent story is well thought out and portayed to the player in a linear accurate fasion no popping around and not always asking for input unlike so many other games of similar make. As for the challenged characters I like them all and the fact that they like the RL people do carry forward with life as they have it in a positive fashion and determination to live and deal with thier abilities.I`ve only got 74% completed so far and 3 girls really yet to unlock Hanako,Emi,&Rin. Also most of the story is wound together so you can "skip" through the majority of the story you`ve unlocked on the common thread which is a major time saver for wanting to unlock other characters.That alone is a sweet thing to do and saves so much time working your way to where you last left off on a different character. if you DL to play it is well worth the time to play and is highly addictive (you`ve been warned). I recommend this game for those that like these types of games on the rise. I hope they come out with a new one in a few months to carry forward the line. One more thing do remember there are no perfect people even if you are not challenged in a way physical or mental this story is about living with the life you got dealt not about pity this is a hand up story not one about handouts.

askagainlater 2010.11.19
i dont l.ike having to download

askagainlater 2010.11.19
very interesting game, easy to get hooked on it

jrlampard 2010.11.19
good game, the history is just unique, characters pretty good... only complaint too much text and that is the demo... so you don`t get much action

Hspawn46 2010.11.18
A big archive to download, ok will try it

Keilso 2010.11.18
Tried to download nothing doing

markos41 2010.11.18
Only got through 3 days, cool story that really shows people with handicaps continuing their lives, but I didn`t want to find out if there even is porn in this game since the girls are a little too young for me and handicapped, so I stopped playing.

niko31 2010.11.18
This game is very sad and different

jhnguyen242 2010.11.17
this was a ok game was pretty sad though

Apac20 2010.11.17
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

cheese101 2010.11.17
the links aren`t working for me,does anybody else have that problem/a solution?

ElysiumShield 2010.11.17
Well as others said this is a novel not so much a game. Not bad though I use linux and it worked fine.

Bonnierider 2010.11.17
Very nice game, I want play more

sentaiblue 2010.11.16
the game is ok i wish it was more parts to it only a demo

mattbro 2010.11.16
The download link didnt work for me. How can I play this game? :-(

m2surf 2010.11.16
az89 said it right. Why need to download? Come on... My wife uses this cpu too.

houyee3 2010.11.16
damn... this is hot!! awesome game (:

Kotton24 2010.11.16
i guess its a good game by the way it looks, but havent played it dont like to download games to my pc

eralph67 2010.11.16
Results may be ok but very complicated to get into. Graphics are sophomoric and do not do much for the imagination. Keep plugging away but get ideas from Keeley and LOP B.

Emrg 2010.11.16
1)Important if you want sex scenes dont play this game thare is no sex scenes.This game is a romantic novel with pitcures but anyway i love it

2)Later version probly added some sex scenes but i cant imagine a boy who can easyly be hearth attack how can he do sex with other girls.He be heart attack starting of game at a little roamantic moment

tessie 2010.11.16
on linux, simply can`t play this game...

Nergal 2010.11.16
Sad that there`s only the 1. Act. Hope there comes more sometime. Great Potential but way to less decisions I think...

dylan4u 2010.11.16
do we really need to download this game before i play??

az89 2010.11.15
i`m not quite satisfied with this game. that`s it? after stroll from the festival and went to sleep, the game`s end just like that

aditya1993 2010.11.15
Tired of reading,of reading,of reading............

hash19 2010.11.15
to much reading, no fucking or things like that, I just got sick of this reading

Jim 2010.11.15
First off this is a visual novel, if you are looking for a MnF type game then don`t bother, you will just be disappointed. There is no hentai yet, but an 18+ version is coming, and based on the story so far will be very unique. This is an absolutely fabulous game.

Sandman_20 2010.11.15
A really great game...
nice girls!!

likeme 2010.11.15
A linux version. NIce. Will try.

randy06 2010.11.14
should have some good sex with bnoth girls or a few more and see who is the greastes sex partner

nacho5555 2010.11.14
this game is good for people that actually like a well developed story however its just a demo so no sex was kinda a let down but hopefully when the full game releases it will have some. For the people saying that they will wait for an online version, sorry but this game probably won`t have one.

Mirri 2010.11.14
Man I`m tempted to multiaccount to give this game multiple 100% ratings.
But I have to warn you, since this is a (very extensive) teaser/introduction/demo to the real game coming out in the distant future there is no h involved.

adrianonn 2010.11.14
Nice dating simulation game, perfect and good game

almonde2009 2010.11.14
game has acceptable graphics though it is still nothing special

Mslooj 2010.11.14
Didn`t understand it; didn`t like it.

mikeblack 2010.11.14
not sex game but is a good game, soo why is this game here?

johnyboy49 2010.11.13
is it just me or does this site just continuously post shit games, like theres no real animation games, just like watching paper fuck itself

Apac20 2010.11.13
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Reduan 2010.11.13
Well for less demanding players this game have nothing to offer. But it IS FIRST PART. It`s not finished yet.

If You like playing an interesting story than this is right choice:
As a boy who got serius hearth disease you are enrolling mid term on a special school for kids with serius disabilities (eg. blindness, missed limbs, mute... ). There you meet girls and must have occassional choice. It make difference for which girl will be interested in you. First act is ending only with making friens with one pair of the possible girls (the girls are divided into pairs of close friends).

PS: It`s about first love and interesting with it`s idea of not to be some "hero" but seriusly ill boy who must learn to get over his own disability. Try to imagine what would you do, in his place...

Stevie B 2010.11.13
to much reading no fucking or things like that i just got sick of this reading

Roedebard 2010.11.13
A shipload of text over a few anime images with rare decision points. This is not a game but a clicking comic. A game would need more interaction. Nevertheless the story is interesting. The combination image could vary more.

alowan 2010.11.13
jeu sympa sans pour autant etre transcendant :)

lobo2453 2010.11.13
didn`t really understand this game. I don`t really get the gist of the game, and what about dating. didn`t see any sex scenes...were there any at all?

Taranaith 2010.11.13
I do not want to download anything without knowing that it is safe. This really is a big let down.

popcorn2002 2010.11.13
awesome game, i love it, everything is perfect

teteine 2010.11.13
yeah right like i m gonna dowload it .... make it online

loadedgunx24 2010.11.13
yeah... not gonna download anything. thanks though

twettybirdlol 2010.11.13
hey good game so awesome keep goin

Luzi 2010.11.13
yep, that game was really boring, additionally to the really stupid download.. i think i`ll never more download a game, playing online is much better

ocandela 2010.11.13
i`d rather not download from sites thatI don`t know.

Sunflower1 2010.11.13
post more game like this pls!!!

vitali 2010.11.13
really boring. I ve never seen such long stories at the game. I canot read it and never finish. I give up and uninstall. Loss of time.

golfbot 2010.11.13
If you can`t play on line I`m not playing. Will noy download!

tadasas 2010.11.12
boring game... dont play it

jckiller32 2010.11.12
its safe to download guys but its really to long and boring i don`t roccomend it

thebouchon 2010.11.12
i try this game ... i dont like it ...

monkeymaster132 2010.11.12
i dont want to go downloading games from websites i dont know about... sorry.

ccmn 2010.11.12
Fantastic game, fantastic girls!

andy.a101 2010.11.12
Don`t fancy downloading this one - no option for on line?

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Hotfly 2010.11.12
This game doesn`t deserve the name game. Nothing but clickin`.Never ever played such a bad game an what on earth is to be erotic there? After more than an hour of clicking - I didn`t bother to read the rubbish after 5 minutes - still not so much as a bra.... Please pfo-team, remove this from your server. This is rubbish.

gabor1 2010.11.12
This is one of the worst game ever. I played 2 days, only 2 choices but about thousand of clicks. 5%. It doesnt worth the brandwith for download.

sadfdf 2010.11.12
great game i love the scenes

jpkr 2010.11.12
Will wait for the online version so I don`t have to download it.

fmeyen 2010.11.12
Just sharing the same opinion. I will not download such a game. Waiting for an online option.

paranoid 2010.11.12
I share the opinion of most ppl here. I`m not willing to download 170MB of I don`t even know what...

jerryonly83 2010.11.12
waiting for the online one

retros1 2010.11.12
Why download??? It`s not good...

mitch65 2010.11.12
Waiting on the online version !

Reggie77 2010.11.12
I wanna play online only. So I can`t play the game!!! Sorry

gradandrei2006 2010.11.12
cant wait to play the game

kopillog 2010.11.12
Sorry, I play online games because I don`t want to download anything. This game is a total failure in my opinion.

SetsunaKai444 2010.11.12
Love it
Still waiting for the full version though where the adult materials will be present :D

thecook 2010.11.12
I share the opinion,why downloding a file where I doesn´t know what I get!

cryspy 2010.11.12
up to now there were only online games on playforceone. As i dont want to download i gave a low score. would be better to sumbmit a online version.

mrcoolerz 2010.11.12
cant wait to play the game, thanks for a free game!:D

star 2010.11.12
i won`t download a game, which from a website i never hear before.

Apac20 2010.11.11
good graphica and audio ..again game could have been longer , maybe adding another woman
i realize many men like lesbian scenes ...
another suggestion for the game designers ...maybe have a woman`s game designer for a serial
soap opera type game..with both male and female interaction
more college type games but longer character interaction

ravenman 2010.11.11
I won`t download a game from some site I have never heard of.

lughbelenos 2010.11.11
not to shure a bijoujo as it`s place on this type of site, more like a graphic novel not realy a game.

eralph67 2010.11.11
suggest improving the graphics and speeding up the overall content.

bshdaddy1 2010.11.11
i have to agree with xyzzy i`am not going to down load that big of a file from a site that i don`t know

Ricoh124 2010.11.11
Excellent concept. Too little choice between pages of dialogue. Good variations but would prefer more options to change story development and focus on certain choices.

azurizo 2010.11.11
did download it.. it is good storyline.. but too long imho.. and less choice to interact with them.
overall i would say 75%

Xyzzy 2010.11.11
Sorry, but I am absolutely NOT going to download a 170 Meg executable file from a foreign website I`ve never heard of before. NFW!

Rob-63 2010.11.11
Perhaps I would play it if it was an online version, don`t fancy downloading it.

djgc 2010.11.11
it seems a good galgame; instead of a sex game.

Kedar 2010.11.11
This is only clicking and clicking, not more. Boring, boring and boring. Of course - not sex :(

realbored 2010.11.11
Only got through 3 days, cool story that really shows people with handicaps continuing their lives, but I didn`t want to find out if there even is porn in this game since the girls are a little too young for me and handicapped, so I stopped playing.

T M 2010.11.11
I am not going to play any game I have to download from the virus-net. Boooooo!

Damianos 2010.11.11
The big download and the boring gameplay isn`t worth it.

Valiac 2010.11.11
It`s an excellent content, but if you want sex or nudity then don`t donwlod it because there isn`t any

cooldt11235 2010.11.11
is there any sex in this game, cause for now it just seems like a huge story

Ethrac 2010.11.11
Enormous game.Needs online play.

illogical 2010.11.11
don`t like downloadables.

max29 2010.11.11
awesome game, i love it, everything is perfect

ohmyrada 2010.11.11
Lol i thought i could play this game Gme ;_;
Oh Well Gotta DL.

smirnofje 2010.11.11
why download i want to play this game online

storm 2010.11.11
Noooooooooooo why we need to download......

dadomax 2010.11.11
i don`t want to download this game.....can we play online

thedevil911 2010.11.11
wow this game is huge over 100Mb that`s why you need to download it

az89 2010.11.11
can`t this game play like usual? why need to download?

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