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Jordan 500: HCC


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foxdoom 2019.06.04
any sequel in the jordanverse?

fblackfox 2019.05.22
This game was great it reminds me what i want to do in my life...rn

SurfdudeRich 2019.04.10
I like you can play as a girl. Bit repetitive, but graphics are really hot. Overall very good game!

Badman.SP 2018.12.18
It was a great game in my opinion if i could give one piece of advice make it more smooth gameplay wise i had the feeling sometimes i was just repeating the events.rnA little bit more sex would be increasing the fun.rnBut very nice "strategy game".

PDWolf 2018.10.15
This is the best game from PFO!

glukos37 2018.10.03
This game was great, I liked the endings, and took some time off my hands.

tomskovgaard 2018.10.03
great game - wish it was longer :)

sumval 2018.08.02
definitivamente va a mis favoritos monton de horas de diversion

james.daws 2018.07.27
One of my favorite games, have played many times. Lots of complexity, an engaging plot, and many different ways to approach the story, along with very well designed graphics and gameplay.

mostergrand 2018.07.08
amazing, loved the sexy and hot complexity


mostergrand 2018.07.08
sexy graphics we like it...

mostergrand 2018.07.08
Another good game with grood graphic

mostergrand 2018.07.08
keep going your greate work

mostergrand 2018.07.07
i love the rpg feel of this game

Peglynn 2018.05.28
I started playing then my internet messed up. My progress was not saved. Darn it. I was clicking right along. Lol

supertrucker 2018.05.18
This is a game that demands a lot of time to play. It would be nice if there was a little help menu to speed the game up a touch.

Arjen 2018.04.24
best game i played so far

banditmain 2018.04.16
its soooooo fun to playrn

willtry 2018.04.10
Not-so-much playable anymore as the pop-up ad for your new lopgold game "living with a nympho" covers the whole area where you are supposed to click for progression in-game. rnrnBad design of the pop-up - you now have to scroll the window up to see the picture and read dialogue and then back down to press the button. I am using chrome/win10.

Rals069 2018.04.07
Nice gme.love the graphics and story.

bigdickbitch 2018.03.30
I love this game its a great game.rn

crimsonfrog 2018.02.17
fun game to play nice hottie

cr7cr7cr 2018.02.07
entertaining Game fun to play

shooter7999 2018.01.30
Probably one of my favourites. This one, the second part, or an extension, phenomenal.rnStoryline, graphics, clothes especially. Jordan is one stylish hottie.

WarchiefDD 2018.01.06
This game is fun to play. And pretty easy when you understand what to do.

lolkidmaster55 2017.12.16
The animation and graphic is good

Bieler98 2017.11.25
Very nice game, if only the start would be more self explanatory....

Imogen 2017.11.17
Love this game! Nice and long, and plenty of fun options! hard to get the black allure though.

tomgochi 2017.10.31
Old game but still very appreciated. Cute girls and long story. But old graphics though

crimsonfrog 2017.10.29
good game just take too long

crimsonfrog 2017.10.27
this is a good game still trying to find all endings

Cloudpiroth 2017.10.24
One of my favorite games of all time. I can play this over and over and play it completely different each time.

azakah15 2017.10.16
OMG that is so good!!!! NC characters and quality

hi2049 2017.10.12
Initial gameplay is a little slow and tedious but after a quick playthrough messing up everything just to experiment and find what doesn`t work the game becomes much faster. rnThanks to the other posters on tips to get started!

hi2049 2017.10.12
Really sexy gamernHave attractive graphicsrnBut hv confusion of which to choose in starting between biology class or a partyrnGirls are also sexy

hi2049 2017.10.12
Great game, takes a while but satisfying to get to all the endings.

hi2049 2017.10.12
best game on here hands down.

AstridFolcard 2017.09.22
Can you give us choices on customers? So you can see a business man and a bored housewife, for example. Then you get a bit more strategy

Bicudo_SA 2017.09.06
Long but fun game with very smooth mechanics

tluciotti74 2017.09.06
Not a huge fan of the day by day games where you spend most days just trying to build stats. The graphics are above average

dropgunx4 2017.09.05
These games honestly aren`t my favorite, but this one was really fun

dropgunx4 2017.08.30
If it weren`t for the different endings in this game, I`d say it was just average. But the endings make it worth playing through a few times

arnorich11 2017.08.28
Long and funny game, if you like yhe ``genre``.

Rainhard52 2017.08.16
Strong focus on gameplay rather than sex scenes and i absolutely love it

marcus747 2017.08.13
I played this game to death when it first came out! Now I find there`s not enough actual sex scenes, but still enjoyable nonetheless.

JK1922 2017.08.07
It`s a pretty fun game, though it gets repetitive near the end

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Interesting story. Kind of sad, but you definitely get involved in the characters emotion. While at the same time, she is sexy as hell!

KitCarsen 2017.07.12
Great graphics, great story with numerous paths/options.

Ademix100 2017.07.02
Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeaahhhhhhhhhrnIts a very good sex game

MonteJack 2017.07.02
I love this game. Jordan is so sexy, but I would put some more sexy clothes and probably sex toys in this game.

LX0809 2017.06.29
it`s a wonderful game. It`s addictive and care. I guess I won`t be able to stop trying to pass it again and again.

Azizam 2017.06.22
A true classic, still playing it after all this years!

AJ@2 2017.06.18
One of the best adventure game, got Endings 1 & 2, 2 more to go

Tigermaster 2017.04.25
Wish the mail order stuff was more consistent, especially dresses. But overall really good.

MissSelea 2017.04.15
This game is really long, without any quality scenes

PFO@@ 2017.04.12
i played 30 days ,didnt find any real sex !!..still girl is hotaf

joisub 2017.03.26
Really great game, Love all the options and some progression not just a one track story line.

SexyLady42 2017.03.13
This was a fun game. You had plenty of time to really advance in the game.

Bimbo850 2017.02.26
i like this game,it`s verry interesting but it`s verry short,,,,

shogom 2017.02.18
ys. that`s what i am talking about...good stuff.

Tyranno 2017.02.14
I loved the game. Wished I can have options for Jordon for hair with skin colors and so on

Ramses93 2017.02.12
Looks amazing and sexy and is one of the best games on the site

abjbreal 2017.02.11
very good game but stuck at a point

KlausVip 2017.02.01
one of the best games on the site

jerrey987 2017.01.16
ahad a fun time playing this game

ssgtpyro 2016.12.15
ok stupid question but the game screen is bigger than my computer screen is there a way to change the size of the play screen so I can see it all at once

blackflesh 2016.12.09
I really liked this one. It was great.

cwan222 2016.12.09
felt kinda boring for me. 100 days is kinda too long after a while nothing happens for like 50 days

IceTeaFoot 2016.10.05
reat game. These get better every time a new one comes out

mwodatch 2016.09.16
great game good ending and story

kaftos 2016.09.07
No i dont like this game..No objective,kinda boring story,almost no sex scenes...

AegisFrost 2016.08.12
Jordan is AMAZING! And the length of the game was perfect to me

pfo.com 2016.08.08
Very good game, but somehow longlasting

BrorsanW 2016.07.05
Looks amazing and sexy and is one of the best games on the site with it`s fun and interesting story and gameplay!

billthornton6996 2016.07.03
This game is awesome. Love the depth. Wish they made more like this that were free.

Jwilson 2016.06.27
Its not my favorite thing in the world but Its something that can get you off pretty quick.

stach56 2016.06.23
love the game and very good graphics

KEV_in 2016.06.16
One of my favorite games absolutely! It was so long that i enjoyed playing it, storyline was great and the options that you had chance to choose. I love it! Have to play all the endings for sure!

JapanSeven 2016.06.11
Very poor story... It has no sex scenes, you play it without an objective.

crimeslime 2016.06.10
very intricate game, hard to figure out all the endings

sembei13 2016.06.02
a really nice game where you have to learn a bit of its mechanics to complete. Maybe a little bit repetitive on some path with not that much characters development... But I enjoyed it & will replay for all endings/paths

Jlexa-aJlexa 2016.05.15
Very good game with good animation

Dremeldude 2016.05.11
One of the first games I ever played like this, and I still replay it years later.

james.rai 2016.05.07
I found it boring and there`s not much action

ADITYA1 2016.05.06
wow fucking hot game i like it

souli81 2016.04.25
Woah, awesome game with a nice story line...love it :)

GarthNyx 2016.04.22
It is a diferent kind of playstyle than what other games offer but still very good

FeRoX518 2016.04.15
i really like the variety of the game
id love to see more sequels of it :D

Sylphrena 2016.03.30
Shame their isn`t a sequel, love this game. When I stuffed up the VIP (Very Important Prostitute bit though...)

Dicastro 2016.02.23
itrue love ending wasnt bad.

lookin_4 2016.02.22
Great game & even more fun played multiple times

jessy555 2016.02.20
still my fav for replay..always different...hope you make similar game play

Thanatos197 2016.02.15
Good Game, I really like the formatting. Do wish there was sound.

latinagr 2016.01.29
It`s very good game and it will be perfect if it has more sexy scenes and a bit more time to enjoyed it will be fine

afgh001 2016.01.29
It is a classic, good old game. It needs renovating, more animations, sound. It can be developped into a new instant classic game. We miss Jordan.

daedalus123 2016.01.22
it was good, but I enjoyed others more

JeffMcCrunkle 2016.01.08
I don`t think I liked it. I guess I prefer the virtual date games. I kind of felt like I was playing a board game. Too much random chance, not enough plot.

droopy1988 2016.01.03
graphics are great would like to see more sex scenes and see her be able to date more.

sauron666 2015.12.31
Very well done, love the non-linear gameplay. These pseudo-RPG games are great, would love to see even more of them.

jlrudge 2015.12.30
i`ve tried a few times to get this came but can`t manage to stay with it long enough. I`m sure its great once you get into it though

jordy21 2015.12.27
great graphics and amazing sex scenes

buzzndawgs 2015.12.27
Feels a bit clunky at times, but the sex scenes make it all very worth it!

gavinman08 2015.12.24
great game, great graphics. story was good.

kk61298 2015.12.16
its a very sexy erotic and ice game with bold rphics and anyone will love to play it

word126 2015.12.14
I wish there were more animations

jettrojettro 2015.12.13
The animation is simple, maybe because its kind of old? but the graphic still good, loved it. The game is still challenging though, 3 tries for me to have perfect status.

Nelis87 2015.12.05
One of the best replayable games

butyouarentbucky 2015.11.30
Good game but I never get to finish it

cumfukme 2015.11.28
so hard to play this at parts

Natural1st 2015.11.27
storyline is good, and so the girls :v

Nelis87 2015.11.26
Love this type of game and jordan.
Is there another game about her comming out?

TheLeegend123 2015.11.16
hottest games ever on this earth

GemLord 2015.11.08
Kool game , love the options but could use a update.

Leuther 2015.11.05
best game for all ya players out there!!

xslayermkdx 2015.10.12
will be nice if they create extension from jordan 500 or tori 500 more from the type like living with temptation or eleanor with more options or locations or more short game smal part of the story like the one exist or the one with eleanor i hope you will consider this options girl are nice story also

Volleyballbabe19x 2015.09.25
best game on here hands down.

coolking1122 2015.09.19
The audio is a`ight though the animation could be better.

jacob11947 2015.09.06
Can anyone tell me how could I gain more reputation? it is hard to get that...

megold1 2015.09.01
Takes a while to earn that cash. I am horny now!

theslurpel 2015.08.30
I like the game and the graphics and animation were pretty good but i think a little improvment on animation could be good.

hamster2219 2015.08.28
Very well done, nice story overall but could use more sex scenes.

KerzeG 2015.08.25
Awesome game. One of my top 5 for sure. Has a great storyline.

jacob11947 2015.08.19
how should I earn more cash in this game? anyone knows?

WilliamHBonnie2 2015.08.17
This is without a doubt my favorite LOP Game

alanwake 2015.08.15
lesser act, but quite better storyline, perfect...

twotouch 2015.08.14
very nice game good story line not art work

mrnobody 2015.08.02
this is a goood game but pretty hard

bsod620 2015.07.27
The mouse cursor freezes and won`t let you click on items to continue.

johnwick 2015.07.24
good game girls are sexy

johnwick 2015.07.24
good game so much to do

johnnny204 2015.07.14
i like how you have to work your way up from c class to a class and the graphics are amazing. my only complaint is it gets repetative

Rage153 2015.07.13
I like this game very much, and the quality is very good :)

Speed2000 2015.07.09
i spend good tie with this game !!

tututu100 2015.06.30
Very very good game, at the and gets pretty repetitive but thats all.

velka_pica 2015.06.27
good game and have only 100 days ...

ajcasino 2015.06.22
Personal best of $43,333 and 12,147 rep with 115 self defense and 101 looks. Got into Platinum Club before 75 days. If you get your looks over 35 early you can access strip club and get 5000 rep fast you can meet Katrina before that 80 days. So many ways to do this.

balyking 2015.06.18
Really fun and challenging game! Incredibly well made.

DanBilserian 2015.06.13
Good game with such and interesting story and great graphics

rastafarians 2015.06.08
I like the quality of the graphics But I wish the story picked up faster.

rastafarians 2015.06.08
these games get more detail the more i play i love it

snh69 2015.06.06
Idea of playing as the hot girl really is a great twist for a game.

passionrob 2015.05.31
Fantastic game great graphics wonderful content

wezel87 2015.05.31
A nice game. A great story an very good graphics..
It looks realy goog!

Nice job! :)

leandro1421 2015.05.28
It was an average game.....Visuals were good but was pretty boring.....plus no aydio at all :(

MasterPlg 2015.05.25
First game i`ve played on this side and i love it.

haroldgoodwinson 2015.05.16
Great game but does require planning

TopGun1980 2015.05.14
the gameplay can turn into boring an not interesting but great graphics

reeper246 2015.05.11
i think this game is sexy kinky

fergal 2015.04.27
A bit tricky, but worth putting some time into!

sak 1092 2015.04.25
Great game with adorable girls but could use some sound or video.

Thespearz 2015.04.21
Such a great game, the graphics are pretty damn good, should make a second game

Zeblast 2015.04.01
A very nice game with good graphics. Loved the characters and the options.

Mccloud93 2015.03.29
This game is great. I like the many options and endings. Always a repeat play.

Lokesh Reddy 2015.03.29
best game everseen............................

willemalm123 2015.03.27
this game is great, but it is really hard!

Jaat boy 2015.03.27
nice game and good graphics tooo

awilson 2015.03.22
Very well done game, if you enjoy it I also recommend Asking for More Elenor.

nimhr 2015.03.20
i like the concept, good game, i recommend it

mallepapa 2015.03.14
hot game I would totaly fuck her

water000 2015.03.10
Great game, just wish they`ll release the remastered version

bachhuyanh 2015.03.01
Good game, great graphics, i like it

mochabear415 2015.02.28
Definitely in my top 10 in this site its just a lot of fun. I love these sort of games!

Lassiii 2015.02.21
the game is quiet awesome but lacks sexuall content

majoa 2015.02.17
I didn`t like the repetitiveness of the game, maybe an option could be added to see or skip the sex scenes?

aki777 2015.02.15
This game looks really interresting. I will try is asap.

hardyhar 2015.02.15
Fun game but wish it was a little more obvious how to succeed.

hotlela 2015.02.13
Interesting game, but to short, and what`s all about driving?

Ryota 2015.02.11
a great long term game. :)

Agonoize 2015.02.06
is a good game with good graphics, i like it

pera90 2015.02.03
This is in my oppinion the best game here...:)

hentai 01 2015.01.29
Great game. These get better every time a new one comes out

hentai 01 2015.01.23
I think it`s too long without a save option

xslayermkdx 2015.01.22
nice game you can consider another extension definitely or another short game like Eleanor

hentai 01 2015.01.21
It`s a very good game. So addicted :)

ac4p_1 2015.01.14
Still one of my favorite games here

peazomango 2015.01.13
Not bad but a little repetitive sometimes!

STMahlberg 2015.01.02
I absolutely love this game. It has been my favorite so far but I do agree with others, the game it too short. It would be nice to have a selectable option for how many days you can play.

shera044 2015.01.02
I want to watch all punishments...

Archaon 2015.01.01
good game but jordan can drive to other places ?

Stouter96 2014.12.30
Jordan is beautiful!! but the game is kind of difficult for me

edu1377 2014.12.24
one of my favorites game in here

mavgunnery21 2014.12.22
such an amazing game. wish it wasn`t short

Monster911 2014.12.22
A very good game, I can`t stop playing it. Nice. :P

Bradders_95 2014.12.22
fun and the graphics are great

Thrawn4 2014.12.20
Lacks more sex scenes and 100 days seem short to me, but overall it`s good

juha1975 2014.12.16
I´m sure that this game is my favorite game. I loved it!

herbiex 2014.12.13
Jordan is soooooooooo hottttttttttttttttt
better animation

Alorine 2014.12.12
It`s a very good game, one of my favourites games on this site, i like it very much

RysOnoKon 2014.12.12
i`ve played this, i`m not even sure how many times... great storyline, and just.. really fun

SDGPModz 2014.12.12
Great Graphics and Girls.

inhindsight 2014.12.08
They need to make more free games like this!

c00ksterbullet 2014.12.08
too long ofa game andkinda slow not what im looking for in a porn game

peterdns 2014.12.04
Good graphics and story. And not so linear.

peterdns 2014.12.04
I played this game long time ago. That`s how I find this website again, remeber for the game name.

Brian2015 2014.11.25
I love this game Always fun and story is really well done. It is a very fun game and it is fun trying out different scenarios and finding different endings.

Bogda3993 2014.11.19
Such a great game. It`s beautifull

Petri33 2014.11.15
This is awesome old game, but take long time to play end :)

Valkyrie Cain 2014.11.11
I love the Graphics on this game, especially the animations.

landon316 2014.11.11
jordan games are always the best even though they take forever

Kixx 2014.11.04
my go to game.so many pluses

baginss 2014.10.31
Nice game.
A bit repetitive but overall a good way to waste some time.

tigeroya 2014.10.27
keep going your greate work

johnsterbaby 2014.10.27
This is a super great game.

almightyphone 2014.10.20
great game love the animations

Johno51 2014.10.18
Great game, takes a while but satisfying to get to all the endings.

Glde8er77 2014.10.17
Love this game. Play it all the time. Like being able to dress up Jordan in different outfits.

Ironman1165 2014.10.16
Great storyline and graphics and all around good game

Powermad 2014.10.13
it could use better graphics

Justme22 2014.10.01
simple but very entertaining. the best of the "old school".

kriss2 2014.09.23
good game, but ends quickly

mariositio1 2014.09.22
great game. so hot and interest

Aksana 2014.09.17
great game. Great graphics with many endings. Fun to play. Really awesome

crimsonfrog1 2014.09.16
I really love this game, graphics r awesome, I have played every ending

Snakedude 2014.09.13
I like the game.its graphic is quite nice .

akshit11 2014.09.12
this game is nice girl is cute but i need someone indian

tudresse 2014.09.12
I finished the game thrice and tried selecting all possible endings. But nothing happened. I have disabled my pop-up blocker (able to get the endings for similar games) but unable to view any of the endings. Any help will do.

ru2l8 2014.09.12
I like the quality of the graphics But I wish the story picked up faster.

king@@ 2014.09.12
got bored to fast not fun :(

Ian888 2014.09.08
this was a really fun one to play i liked it

darkhelmet342 2014.09.08
great concept for a game. Loved it

madmike03 2014.09.01
Great game. Awesome Graphics. I can`t wait for a sequel or updates to the current game.

BrandedX 2014.08.29
Pretty good gameplay. Nice art (not overly explicit though).

5ailordan 2014.08.27
Love the comic book style the game is presented in. Decent graphics & storyline is great, it keeps you entertained while having lots of choices for you make.

tolge 2014.08.21
This is one of my most favorite game . I have play it so many time. Until I get bored, but at another time...I miss this game, and play it again. What an awesome game. Please create more like this. Really enjoy it.

old_player 2014.08.19
so hard, can i get the walkthrough link? help

pseeker1234 2014.08.18
Jordan is Gorgeous. Love being able to dress her up, although i would rather dress her down. Don`t know how to get 5 ending, i have gotten 3 of them. Great Game Good Graphics.

androsjy 2014.08.15
I hv try but only able to get ending 1,3 &5. May I know how to get endings for 2 & 4 ? Thanks

fucker raju 2014.08.13
what a great game. I wish to fuck her

j3rre 2014.08.13
Simple game with a simple story and awesome graphics.

Jbryan 2014.08.03
I love this game, Will play it every day!

portopaok 2014.07.31
One of the best games you can find on the internet.

Leonheart22 2014.07.30
This is a great game, it can be a little linear but it has amazing graphics and good endings :)

elchachie 2014.07.27
its another great game. Good quality

stoad69 2014.07.24
Awesome graphics and game. I would recommend this game to anyone.

the1 2014.07.23
couldnt stop playing, awesome

Akong 2014.07.23
very good game..
played for at least 10 times..

traffic_x1 2014.07.19
Really great game, i can`t imagine the time they must have put into this game...

Can`t wait for more...

jg007gill 2014.07.19
awesome game, really enjoyed it

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.17
Interesting Game, but it takes some time to go on. But once you have the point, its fun! :)

lamot 2014.07.16
Good graphics, gameplay involves lots of grinding, altogether a good game to spend half an hour or so on.

topkek 2014.07.15
A bit too long, can get boring after only 10 days or so. I`d play again though.

aducracks 2014.07.12
This game is great. I like the many options and endings. Always a repeat play.

bitz94 2014.07.11
I like the story a lot as well as the graphic quality of this game.

tanpro1411 2014.07.06
this game is so entertaining

mangaz 2014.07.05
boring but good if you want a long game

ohantom2850 2014.07.04
Has to be in my fav. More story, less sex. Awesome game.

TimmyTime21 2014.06.30
a bit slow. and if they had more nudity after the intro, that would make it better.

meli56 2014.06.30
nice grapics , COOL!! i like it

MJT 2014.06.28
great game graphics
i like it so much

Sandrena 2014.06.27
I like this game a lot its so nice, awesome and sexy

ghoost 2014.06.26
sexy graphics we like it...

johndutch 2014.06.24
wish i can fuck her ass

Hugeboobslover 2014.06.22
How do u drive the car??

Keke1992 2014.06.15
I`m so stuck in this game, like how do you actually find clients and get the money before the deadline.

a.h 2014.06.12
i love adventure game but its a little hard for me to figure out

raving maniac 2014.06.11
Im stuck on the first section after the club

raving maniac 2014.06.11
the story line is intriguing, but that was a pretty quick decision in the beginning

Romaxa 2014.06.09
nice animation good gameplay

joepervert 2014.06.08
makes me want to get gold.
needs # of day selection
100 for max stats is to easy

vares 2014.06.01
I can`t wait for the new version ,

EVILMASTER 2014.05.30
so far i played this game is NICE. with 3D graphic

just4online 2014.05.30
so much fun - takes a while to get it going but well worth it in the end -

sillybilly456 2014.05.29
I`ve always liked this game. One of the best

docock 2014.05.26
someone call the cops!!! this game disturbed the peace in my pants!!!!

CrisR7C 2014.05.25
Hot babe
Awesome game

komando12 2014.05.25
very hot game i play it all the time!

rickhunter1 2014.05.25
Really enjoyed the gameplay and the animations were great. Lots of options to choose from.

xTonyDude 2014.05.25
I really enjoyed this game and she was hot, great graphics too.

Tealism 2014.05.24
I love this game, is there more games like this one?

Dutchman2 2014.05.23
Great game, love the different options, perhaps more sexual encounters

nveliyath 2014.05.23
Almost impossible to do this without a walkthrough, honestly. Difficulty could be toned down SLIGHTLY, or some in-game hints thrown in?

rafaeldxs 2014.05.20
the game is great, the best i ever played

SlimShady99 2014.05.18
Interesting game, but not as sexy as some others

raiha024 2014.05.16
definitely a great game... challenging and fun...

Raio10 2014.05.11
this is my favorite game so far i recommend everyone on here should play this at least once or twice as this is an amazing game.

Teseo1321 2014.05.11
Great story, great game, I love this game

CuntWetties 2014.05.10

CuntWetties 2014.05.10

CuntWetties 2014.05.10

CuntWetties 2014.05.10

CuntWetties 2014.05.10

CuntWetties 2014.05.10

paul221 2014.05.10
beste playforceone game ever

vortex82 2014.05.07
An actual good game... with scenes and a story that makes sense

julio1980 2014.05.07
Great gamme. Nice storyline. Great graphics... Dificult tu start...

themaster69 2014.05.06
this game can take a lot of your time, but is very good, the graphics and history take the atention

Red559 2014.05.06
nice game good quality nice girls

josephmmaloney 2014.05.04
i think the sex could have been better

brawler1 2014.05.04
Best game I`ve played so far on here. Can play multiple times.

spain884 2014.05.02
Very good game. It was fun to try to max out all the stats.

Mashin 2014.05.02
I love the depth of this one. Plus, the girl is quite sexy. And the dressup part is good too.

LongZao 2014.05.01
Story line, easy to understand game play but not boring. This is a great game.

GamerWC 2014.04.30
Love the sex scenes, one of the best erotic games out there

schlottyj 2014.04.27
the graphics and the story line are really great. Could stand to add a bit more money earned

expatinthesouth 2014.04.26
i just need more .... so perfect

blondebreezy 2014.04.25
I really enjoyed the graphics and the different story lines you can follow! Stay classy and remember that!!!

ShdwVortex 2014.04.25
good game with great graphics

josele11 2014.04.24
100 days seems to be not enought for this awesome game, the "rpg" style (building stats) is kinda funny.

Dudemanrocks 2014.04.24
Excellent game. Enjoyed it a lot.

GamerWC 2014.04.23
The game is not as long as I expected but still its one of the best adult games I`ve ever played... I hope they make a "Part 2"

raiha024 2014.04.22
lpve the game.. quite long but good gameplay and graphics...

Drko 2014.04.19
very long and interesting game

carlos92 2014.04.18
wow, big game, good graphics also kind of hard

Senjin 2014.04.16
Fantastic game, great graphics and a nice story, a lot of fun.

Liggett78 2014.04.15
Like it neither to difficult nor to easy, it`s good fun

wyldogg 2014.04.14
the game is too short but is very good

veryhornydude69 2014.04.14
this game is awesome, i just wish they made it easier to get ur reputation up

disturbedhrt 2014.04.13
game play was repetitive with deacent graphics and a smooth gameplay

ojuego 2014.04.11
Nice one - though ti seems to me that there is hardly enough time to finalize the game. Don`t know if this is on purpose

ruyi 2014.04.05
i love this game best gameplay i have seen

coolkid3530 2014.04.04
great games she is really hot

funguy61 2014.04.04
I said in another post this games ok its hard getting your reputation up. Can anyone tell me how to do it faster I go to the strip club as soon as I can. I know you get 200 when the get raped buy the mob boss which I could barely stomach but until the chick that owns the nice club gives you 500. You can`t even see B list clients until you get 1000. And even after seeing B clients I could get her services up high enough for most B clients to pay the full amount So can someone tell me one how to get the reputation up faster, two get her services skills up faster. Also they have a few games like this with a female turning her in to a hooker this one and Eleanor and a couple others. I would like and think is a good idea have a guy follow him as he see`s escorts You could do the same with him watch his health make money to go to see them and take that story in different ways. Its a thought I would play it and if someone knows of a game like that let me know thanks

doctorx 2014.04.04
well i tried to play but its a bit of a challenge. but overall i don`t think 100 days will be enough to finish the game. next time if theres a game like this let there be a tutorial as a reminder.

jcox1021 2014.04.02
Great game. Takes awhile though

novapande 2014.04.02
Overall this is a great game, is has an interesting story and is very sexy.

DemonOfWarX 2014.04.01
Really sexy and hot action, i just wish it didn`t take so long

qwerty1* 2014.03.29
Would have been better if the game is more of hands on .

sxyboy 2014.03.28
i think 100 days were very less

didong 2014.03.26
good game but, kinda short for me

bondagebabe 2014.03.25
lucky she has a great life.

nomzamo100 2014.03.24
can someone tell me how to make a stunning profile pic?

droopy1988 2014.03.23
great game I could play for hours would love if the game went on and on. one hundred days is just not enough. would like it better if it was one thousand days.

Shadow1980 2014.03.23
Great game enjoyed it completely

droopy1988 2014.03.23
great game but to short would like to be ten years. she would be perfect wife

funguy61 2014.03.23
I wish the site listed stuff that may be in the game cause like I am turned of by rape or gender bender and I am not into interracial. It would be helpful rape bothers me so anyways I wish the site would put a categories or something so you know what you might not like. And please don`t get mad or judge me on what I like and don`t we all have turn on and offs. I respect yours and you should mine. Also this games ok the hardest part unless I missed something is getting a high reputation in a short time.

dacyl 2014.03.22
Amazing game, great grafics and a nice story, I really enjoyed playing it.

logan985 2014.03.21
i never thought id have so much fun with a rpg about a prostitue

Peachy-Bitch 2014.03.15
Great game, but could need more flesh.

pussi1 2014.03.15
This game is stupid. not enough nudity

GingerMon 2014.03.14
this game is amazing,but not up to the hype.

Prank 2014.03.12
its one of the sexy game of Play Force One. I likes to play it again & again. I hv played it at least 4or 5 times but now also do not feel bored playing this game

Prank 2014.03.12
Really sexy game
Have attractive graphics
But hv confusion of which to choose in starting between biology class or a party
Girls are also sexy

sexylonda 2014.03.07
very nic game great graphic

blabla2 2014.03.07
don`t like to play for girls

onthefirstpag 2014.03.06
had to use a walktrough to get to the end, amazing game

anti1990 2014.03.04
Good game, I just have difficulty getting a lot of money without spending up most of my time.

sensai24 2014.02.27
I wish you could control the scenes more. Good game though

ahmad25 2014.02.26
Greet game I love it :)

lester008 2014.02.25
like the game with kelly. hope part 2..

basi123 2014.02.24
great game with a great story line and great graphics

johnyrocker 2014.02.23
Thought this game was good very long.. Only problem takes ages to build up skills graphics was really good too.

qwert99 2014.02.20
kinda boring to me.... sorry

Aegis197 2014.02.19
not really into these kind of games but this one, god this one, i was in its thrall.

Test1234 2014.02.16
Another good game with grood graphic

sexymuktanilakhe 2014.02.13
i think it`s a great game: jordan 500:hcc
nice graphics and gameplay.

Subtone 2014.02.12
Really good game. I like that it`s from the females perspective. Missed a few things so good replay value too.

graciecute 2014.02.12
another great game by play force i love the picture

shixblix 2014.02.11
great game. great story, graphics. Only thing I can see that would make it better is to have it where we can see the action as interactive rather than just still clips.

IanMacD 2014.02.08
I love this game , the story is great and the artwork is amazing.

PrincessFernanda 2014.02.06
Like to see a couple levels of difficulty to give some variation to the play rather than having to play solely for the cash aspect.

glen69 2014.02.06
still the best game here if only it were longer with a bit more sex it would be a masterpiece

virginman23 2014.01.31
good game but hard because of the money that you have to use

nickjohnson 2014.01.30
fuck me hard wish it would saybthatttt

nickjohnson 2014.01.30
slutty ass chicks wish it was like this in real life

joofuchs 2014.01.27
what a Game!! wonderfull played often and have fun anytime

yairt97 2014.01.26
good game and the achievements addd a lot more to it

jsand4242 2014.01.26
game paused mid-way through. couldnt continue or move on.

tsps1977 2014.01.22
easiy the best free game and better than several of pay games just fun and hot

lucky313131 2014.01.22
Artwork is awesome, but freedom of choices for such a long game is lacking...

patrico 2014.01.22
Boring and repetitive while lacking scenes

TheOne678 2014.01.22
I love this game, I`ve played through at least 5 times. My favorite game so far

hopet 2014.01.19
overall good game storyline could have been better

SonSon 2014.01.18
I realy like this game, girl is real hot.. could be nice to have more freedom and more directions

blablabla123456 2014.01.18
A great game and jordan is sooo hot!!!

totalberliner 2014.01.18
one of the best games on here

Sareinji 2014.01.17
wow!! it`s a mix between Leisure suit Larry and The sims.... I love it

brianleung123 2014.01.17
Play Force One has the best Dating Sims out there. Keep up the good work.

xxqueenxx 2014.01.15
Good game. Good graphics.

kanpur 2014.01.14
jordan ............................................sooooooooooooooo sexy..

sexypokeman 2014.01.12
good game could be better but I enjoyed it.

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
This is a REALLY good game!Girls looks good and story is fine.

Marichka 2014.01.11
The best game on this site! A MUST play!

Manollo 2014.01.11
One of the best there is. But there should be nudity outside of the cut scenes.

Yarpen 2014.01.09
Any new updates on Jordan500 Reloaded?

Serntez 2014.01.09
Rather hard at the beginning. Good game but too few sex scenes are shown for the duration of the game in my opinion.

Galyenko 2014.01.08
Great game. I really enjoied it

joshuakane22 2014.01.07
graphic and the animation is very awesome

tairporn 2014.01.06
Hard at the beginning but epic :)

Torresso 2014.01.05
This game is amazing, good graphics & fun story

zack1 2014.01.04
nice game not to hard to play , but hot wifes story still the Best

FrostDragon 2014.01.03
How exactly do you go to the vip center...?

ForzaLazio1900 2014.01.02

nomadd 2013.12.31
very gooooddd, how I continue???

jammer 2013.12.31
Good game with good graffics, wish it had more life choices and ways ro work the storyline. A little monotonous by day 80 or so

TheMiixxedBarbiie 2013.12.28
i love this game makes me wet ;)

adsl 2013.12.25
i like this game. the pictures isgood

skull1997 2013.12.24
this is a very great game horny

ThenMust 2013.12.22
Better!! is not enough time play this game, really best!!!

dsa72409 2013.12.22
The original most awesome game that made me love this site.

braino 2013.12.20
I really love this game! Amazing!

JuggaloPat69 2013.12.19
good game, great graphics

X.man 2013.12.17
i can say nothing but : it was a great game !

herokyh 2013.12.15
Super game, only wish it was longer. Replay it is instead :)

Bezgreshen 2013.12.14
Fun game, found all of the endings. I just wish the special clothing items were not so random and I wish they could be purchased at some point. Ended game with over 30k but got the rose red top 3 times even after I purchased it.

thebestcrapule 2013.12.13
Nice game but couldn`t see the ending...

Michael44 2013.12.13
Not to bad at all, takes awhile to get going though.

pussypounder21 2013.12.05
I need help I keep getting beat up

pussypounder21 2013.12.05
I keep getting beat up help please

pussypounder21 2013.12.05
very complex game and amazing graphics

joker00 2013.12.04
one of the best game ever in this site i like it

derangedjarhead 2013.12.03
One of the best games on this site

alinnesalsa 2013.12.03
Great game and nice graphic, but i want more options of storyline...

Goromon 2013.12.03
good game, just wish there were more ways to "train" certain skills rather than gamble as to what you`ll get

eugenelister 2013.12.01
Way too much work for such a simple reward. It takes way too long

dieyson 2013.11.28
The best 100days off all games

Cheetah0104 2013.11.27
Great game and story line. Very fun and interesting.

andrewdejean 2013.11.27
I always have loved this game its challenging but offers some nice photos

edisonace 2013.11.26
the best game that I have ever played in this website. I strongly hope that more of such game could appear here. excellent story, music and picture with high flexibility. I love it

missingcase76 2013.11.26
Game is alright, but not all it`s hyped to be by the high rating. Sex scenes were lacking, though the game itself is pretty good.

Goodguy1990 2013.11.25
Very nice game 100 days is epic

Silver Cock 2013.11.25
This is a REALLY good game!

missingcase76 2013.11.25
Super game, only wish it was longer. Replay it is instead :)

w1drng22 2013.11.24
I didn`t get into the time/money aspect of the game. I just wasn`t my kind of thing. Haven`t got the time for it.

poulcrownsberg 2013.11.22
Help complete the game please

max2com 2013.11.22
yeah i like it... good game

trebor611 2013.11.21
This game takes forever but the quality of the game is very high. It`s very fun.

Snaproll 2013.11.21
As there any way to easily up your "fuck" rating?

Viciousvicar 2013.11.18
Great game, great visuals, nice story, need more games like it.

mazerswift 2013.11.18
very lnog but also very son :)

jaskunt 2013.11.17
Good game, but too long for my taste

Inchigo 2013.11.16
I didn`t enjoy this game the controls were too strange and I couldn`t figure out where I could go....layout needed to be more user friendly

Inchigo 2013.11.16
Great game but needs tobe longer

testg 2013.11.14
Kinda long. It wouldn`t be a problem if more sex scenes and situations happened. The girl deserves more money at the start - shes to hot for them nickels.

ilmilio 2013.11.14
awesome, please public some tiop guide,

dislash1009 2013.11.14
Jordan y very Sexy,,, THe game have good graphics and 3D models.

John G 2013.11.14
Finally won with 11 awards and $60,805!

lassi 2013.11.13
GAme is very intresting has nice graphics I love to play it :)

blackopsxxx 2013.11.12
This game is just so sexy............

sandy08 2013.11.12
Neat game hot girl, nice graphics...character generation cool.

tsunayim31 2013.11.11
very good game and hot women

tsunayim31 2013.11.11
nice game and great graphics! Messed up a bit in first playthrough so will need to give it another go :)

archer4593 2013.11.10
i miss some good porn scenes

omgorgemagi 2013.11.10
good game but take some time

James27049 2013.11.10
The game had great graphics, animation and a great story.

jojo12345 2013.11.09
awesome game could play it forever

madcat441 2013.11.08
Can`t get enough. Seriously. I`d pay to play this over and over again. Especially love the char creation part at the start.

ra0ul 2013.11.08
i was able to finish this game but only no platinum customers.

A1teiseN 2013.11.06
We need more games like this, good interaction and escenes.

Marckus101 2013.11.03
Great game with an abundant amount of content which allows for a lot of fantastic gameplay

kuboslaw2 2013.11.03
I love this game. Beautiful graphic, great model, great story!

MMMVA697 2013.11.02
Does anyone know if they are going to make any nore Kelly missions? I love those but im stuck after the velvet bar one. Also love this game, keep doing longer ones with hot girls

donkeyboy123 2013.10.30
Fantasic game! I wish it was longer though. The graphics are amazing

blueroses 2013.10.30
i think this game is my favorite

tmchant 2013.10.28
tooooo long man! good graphics...

Sammyboy27 2013.10.27
I wish there were more animations. great game other than that though

kex899 2013.10.25
game is very long still luv 2 play it. need more sex scenes

ateivisftw 2013.10.25
this game is really amazing.. maybe the best right here

exjackxo 2013.10.24
Quite a slow game play. But still one of my favourites.

lopjak 2013.10.22
This is a pretty good game overall. Jordan and the rest of the artwork is good, if not on par with things like Nite with Kelly or Christine and others, but still worth a look. The game is easy to to get into and learn how to get helpful bonuses and survive. However, there are too few life/path choices and you wind up with a fairly slow, if easy, grind. It`s a good one for those that like something simple to get through and try different endings, but it lacks depth. I`m guessing the premium version mot likely delivers where this one does not.

cmata147 2013.10.19
Good Graphics and the Story is Great I Like the girl she is Sexy

lusty-lesbian 2013.10.19
great game the graphics like all the games on here are amazing x

xninja 2013.10.17
great game love the story

Lomma 2013.10.17
A bit of a hassle to collect all the points, and the lack of any controlled animated sex scenes kinda makes it not worthwhile, but I like the whole RPG type system

sexylady100 2013.10.17
One of the best games. So hot!

hfdgdgf 2013.10.16
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

hornymike 2013.10.16
love to watch jordan turning from a smalltown girl into a high class hooker ..... best game so far

vjspring 2013.10.15
Fun game, bit repetitive but overall extremely hot and fun

johnsucker 2013.10.15
sexy game +chick makes me wet

cizar54 2013.10.15
I Loved it , although I didn`t get in the Platinum House

lcypher 2013.10.13
Very interesting jordan looks great and the rpg make it better

flinter 2013.10.12
this is the coolest game ever.

boinker106 2013.10.09
Good game, high replay value for this one!

robby(rob) 2013.10.09
a lot of fun to play
geat graphic . love it

123456789) 2013.10.09
Great game. love the amunt of cotent.

LOOOOOOOL 2013.10.08
guys i need some help her every time i click the girl to finish the game with the game ends how should i continue the game need someone who played it to tell me what to do

fuckmaster999 2013.10.08
one of the best games over here. truly awesome

LOOOOOOOL 2013.10.08
this is very good game but i need to know how i can continue it every time i close my browser it say start new game and continue button is none clickable plez anyhelp

titi006 2013.10.07
a pretty nice game, lenthy but i`ve managed to finish it and wow..thnks!

TheLegitTaco 2013.10.06
I`m really enjoying this game.

parona 2013.10.06
A really great game!!!
Very Interesting

anthonycrean 2013.10.06
good game,but graphics could be better...

nu01 2013.10.03
excellent game, love games like this. Great!

khanhkevin 2013.10.03
Yes . I love this game . Awesome Girl and good story . Thx !!!

Awesome99 2013.10.02
Its really fun but its really long too.

LordBaldur 2013.09.29
Well... this is actually... Insane... I love that game...

Alterpunk94 2013.09.28
i really like this game its so fantastic

antileinad 2013.09.25
Great game, graphics could be a little better.

Stari1960 2013.09.24
Great game! Girls look awesome :D but some music would be nice too ;)

slutmaja 2013.09.23
very great game, i love graphics and story

dntquit 2013.09.22
I enjoyed this game very much, I have played it many times and will continue to play it.

yaga 2013.09.21
Great game, agree that the graphics are some of the best for a free game. Takes awhile to get going so have a little patience

lcarb 2013.09.20
story is really nice, would like a bit more of adult content.... maybe a pic for each customer?

bonesaw 2013.09.20
good game, wish there could be more choices

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

gamersaddiction 2013.09.17
cool game good graphics interesting game loved it

necr0000 2013.09.16
very entertaining game, cool storyline as well, funny items :p

noissp 2013.09.15
it`s awesome, one of my favorite game, but it takes alot time to play

AxelKool 2013.09.13
It`s awesome, lots of fun and very interest gameplay

JBmanly69 2013.09.12
This game is going to take some time to build up the experience. Keep at it, I will!

nosa 2013.09.11
Very good game, excelent graphics

dragoons7 2013.09.10
is there anyway to full screen this game?

spooee 2013.09.08
Am I missing something or is there a knack to getting the black allure stockings?? Cant see them anywhere, had my look at 96 but needed the stockings to get it to 100!

dor24 2013.09.08
great game realy loved it!

gasitalo 2013.09.06
Please MADE FREE FOR ALL "Jordan 500 Reload"

runner80 2013.09.06
Try this game guys... easy and fun game play here... graphic also very nice.

fauzan kamil 2013.09.04
i like the girl the grapich and animation

pradish 2013.09.01
game concept is nice............my penis is enlarging while playing with this sluts...........

JordanPlay 2013.09.01
Is the Jordan500 going to be only allowed for Gold users only? Please make it for public like the first Jordan500!

nandonanditos09 2013.08.28
Nice nice game and very interesting

Yarpen 2013.08.27
Waitin for Jordan 500 Lopgold, hope will be asome:)

bee555 2013.08.25
twisted story and differents ending, good game

skullkruncher125 2013.08.25
i love this game it has a really good story, plus the chick is hot as well as the graphics are amazing!!!

asdf1212 2013.08.24
very good graphis.......i love the game

everby 2013.08.22
Best game for me so far :)

Deluxe_24 2013.08.21
Very good games and girls, great graphics,

waldder 2013.08.20
one of the best games on this site!

notyboy007 2013.08.20
Great Game with different possibilities. Though a bit challenging but cool graphics and gameplay

nakarams 2013.08.19
I really enjoy this game, it`s awesome

supesluttymodel 2013.08.19
great game very challenging and excellent graphics!

Duragon31 2013.08.18
challenging game - nice graphics - different possibilities are nice too

Dimismann 2013.08.17
Very nice game. graphics are amazing, and story is captivating

meg911 2013.08.15
i like it hope can we play such amazing game

airgear123 2013.08.13
Nice nice game and very interesting except the limited days

resolute49 2013.08.12
Best I`ve played here so far. Definitely worth several replays.

antoniodjss5 2013.08.12
It`s okay. A bit difficult to balance stats though.

manfred12 2013.08.12
The game is too really easy to play, and I have a grat fun time played

narutou122 2013.08.11
this game have good graphics

JordanPlay 2013.08.11
I really do hope they decide to make another free version like this game! Best game that I tried so far!

chairav 2013.08.10
great game yess, but a bitt too long for a flash game!!!

MsTBN 2013.08.10
This type of game is the best they need to make more

Drniko1950 2013.08.07
Very interesting concept, love it!

Javier57 2013.08.05
Jordan 500 : "Continue" is working. Just pick "Logout" before quit and i think do not delete cookies.

aleg 2013.08.05
one of my top favorites. Got all the endings a year ago. Really good sim. there are few of them that are good in the whole genre overall.

danny90 2013.08.04
good game...nice story and grafics, vry sexy girls!

TSUNAYIM34 2013.08.03
good game ... but 100 points is not enough

hunghornylatino 2013.07.31
awesome game :) they should make more games like this . definitely a favorite

burhan5253 2013.07.31
very good game ............. it was good to play game like this because these games make you feel happy

Javier57 2013.07.31
I am sorry.

Used to work for me but not yet.

Javier57 2013.07.30
About Jori500 is posible continue, save is automatic. If you not delete cookies or history navigation data are safe until next time.

wheelman182 2013.07.29
wait... I thought it said I could save my progress and pick up where I left off. but then it doesnt let me continue. hmmm

osamabinEBIN 2013.07.28
very good, great graphics and very addicting

himat 2013.07.28
awsome game . most of exotic game

Dimismann 2013.07.28
Hi! good game, verry sexy girl! ;-)

ad1021 2013.07.28
Another great game!
The game feels like reality.
like always the graphics are just fantastic

swimmerboy299 2013.07.26
This has to be one of the best sexual games ever. Long enough to enjoy but not boring, great concept, and lot`s of possible endings to work with . The best game ever.

smartsex 2013.07.23
amazing, loved the sexy and hot complexity

TeaserTongue 2013.07.21
Again very cute girls , as in all your games.

I would love to see a game featuring Brooke as she obviously seems to be an escort, too.
Would it be possible to update this game to your current standards of interactivity with the models?

Maybe add a mini-game which you could a) play to get better money and reputation results or b) skip to get the standard rep and money results?

matricule14 2013.07.20
Another good game with good graphics

omar99 2013.07.14
good game perfect pictures

omar99 2013.07.14
nice pictures and good story

omar99 2013.07.14
good game perfect graphics

Andrea81 2013.07.14
I love the Jordan series. The stories are great and immersive and it`s nice to find games that appear geared towards the women for once. I rated this 90 but would go to 100 if the sex scenes were more interactive.

Jack123123 2013.07.12
awesome game :) they should make more games like this

lope 2013.07.11
Story of the game is good and played it twice!

minas 2013.07.10
could we have more games like this please???:)

Hyozanryu 2013.07.08
Its start good but after a time it goes into i farming game

dejv2249 2013.07.05
An instant classic, wish there were more games of this type.
i agree about the items being a bit too expensive but its definitly worth the time and effort playing it :D

eliteeagle 2013.07.04
Really nice game, but is a bit difficult

dumbasslol 2013.07.04
This game is amazing very nice software for 2002.

DelilahO 2013.07.04
Good game, hot girls, could have more interaction?

killer123! 2013.07.03
its animation is good and im stuck in level4

killer123! 2013.07.03
it has good graphics and animation is also good

rockhard1985 2013.07.01
This was a great game, loved the graphics, and wish there could be more stuff to buy after you bought nearly everything you can.

kane22 2013.06.28
great game, nothing more to say!

rajesh4ualltime 2013.06.26
I am unable to play can any of u suggest how to play

soliderboy23 2013.06.24
Awesome game i love it :D

treu 2013.06.23
This is a great sim with enough time to develop the character and keep the game interesting.

girlxxx1993 2013.06.22
amazing game! i really enjoy to live the life of an escort.! thanks p.f.o. i expect more like this

brianwhitely 2013.06.22
it has good graphics, which make up taking a moment to get used to it

Tuor 2013.06.21
Its the best sexy game iv ever played!

ajed472 2013.06.19
I wish they would show more of the sex scenes instead of just the description

naughtyman1212 2013.06.19
I loved the game it was amazing

naughtyman1212 2013.06.19
the game was fun might want to play it again

mssgppd 2013.06.18
Very good game, I like story

smartie002 2013.06.17
very awesome game great graphics and awesome storyline

zxcvbb 2013.06.17
anither great game by ggreat develoers

normi 2013.06.16
one of the best games here

Nikhil1011 2013.06.16
adore this game, wish there were more like it

Nikhil1011 2013.06.16
i like the girl, she is very sexy

Nikhil1011 2013.06.16
the graphics is good, i enjoy it

shadowstorm 2013.06.14
awesome game it could use some more options like being able to chose how big her can be when getting breast augmentation

shadowstorm 2013.06.14
this game is sweet but i would like it to have more days.

shadowstorm 2013.06.14
hay can anyone give me some tips on how i can make money faster.

ultimatesex 2013.06.14
Incredible graphics! Wish there were more sex scenes

iambeast 2013.06.12
The graphic is good and I enjoy it

ldjlkjlsakjldskj 2013.06.10
i really love this chick shes super sexy i just wish we got to see more of her then having to work for it

bernas56 2013.06.10
love the game and very good graphics

lonely266 2013.06.10
Great game and nice graphic... more option for another action..

jackassmother 2013.06.09
wish there was more scenes

asslover2345 2013.06.09
love the game....wish if there was more options

Carbon171 2013.06.08
The game was good but a little short and it needs more scenes

ivioo313 2013.06.07
A bit too short and too linear. Needs to be more diversified.

numdegased 2013.06.06
It is a great game, and the graphics look great. I don`t personally enjoy games that throw you into an open world like this, but I know they`re good nonetheless.

Belgram 2013.06.06
hot hot hot, nothing more to say. Incedible story, nice turnovers

arsenalperfetto 2013.06.06
hmm , so amazing
graphic should be repair ..
but no problem , nice game

LickyLizzard 2013.06.04
Great game loved the graphics game play and idea (story line)behind the whole game. Instant turn on!!!!!

luiskong7 2013.06.04
nice graphics and great gameplay.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

socrat207 2013.06.02
nice graphics, i like this game

hxpsk0 2013.06.01
nice game and graphics...loved it....

SaucyMinx 2013.06.01
Ughhh , what are the qualifications to get into the platinum club?

DrkoKralj 2013.06.01
good game but it`s just to short

Davos 2013.05.31
love this game but could be longer

sexymeandme 2013.05.31
its a good game but there is no love scene?

shaggy629 2013.05.31
dont like these type of games , maybe because i cant get the hang of them :-(

fettan 2013.05.30
very good game and hot women

Thorgoden 2013.05.30
Great game with good story and fun to play.
Would have wanted some more time to develop skills before it ended and to make the story longer, but great anyway.

dark-minded 2013.05.28
Great game, one of my favorites

sooperboy6 2013.05.28
awsome game.i just loved it.i wish that the game was longer.excellent gaming graphics though

planetkillerxi 2013.05.27
One of the most intriguing games done in flash and has some "Benefits"

HwdKiller 2013.05.27
Loved the game too bad it`s not longer

jzmack 2013.05.26
Leonizer did a great job with this game. I just wish he would have added in more storyline as the game is monotonous after day 30

pokefan 2013.05.26
I dint really enjoy it, it looked great tho.

Lazzern 2013.05.26
This is the best game I`ve ever played. Great graphics, long story with many endings. Love it.

pabstcaptain 2013.05.24
adore this game wish there were more like it

sexybitch300 2013.05.23
i really like this game
i like th econcept very sexy

Richi412 2013.05.23
it`s g8 game but making money it`s to hard

denster1991 2013.05.22
great gameplay good artistic designing of the characters

rawadrawad 2013.05.20
Best game on this site i liked it very much the girls are sexy nice story

rawadrawad 2013.05.20
Very tall and hard to play.

hairycleaner 2013.05.19
really, really like this game

gasmanO1 2013.05.18
going through the intro b4 the game will give you extra boost in stats. choose your path wisely

JordanPlay 2013.05.17
Loved the game i think its one of the best one on the website and i hope they contiue to make games similar like this one!

rence17 2013.05.16
Nice game,very addictive

Weegie91 2013.05.16
Nice game and great graphics! Messed up a bit in first playthrough so will need to give it another go :)

iraisht 2013.05.15
love this game but it would be better if there were add ons to the game and we didnt have a limit

gwazz 2013.05.14
great fun its different every time I play it

gasmanO1 2013.05.14
i like the quest based games
a walkthrough would be nice

bubs 2013.05.13
A classic. The only thing that can make this game better is animation.

getsomeman 2013.05.09
I freaking love this game...Every Single Day.

gwazz 2013.05.09
great game interesting to play [when you get boob job graphics should show it

sergant11 2013.05.07
Great Game and good Graphics and Gameplay as usual.

Love it ;)

venrus 2013.05.06
ok questions
1. how u get a car
2. wat r the bad endings

fffback 2013.05.05
Needs more sex!!! The chix are super hot though

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.04
I forward to hearing new ver from you

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.04
That`s game very good. Like for your game

babugee 2013.05.04
good game full of fun but needs more animations

jedi4242 2013.05.03
really difficult, but fun

gwazz 2013.05.02
great game but why all the hints incomments for a different game?????

sri.babe 2013.05.02
Epic game!!!
Nothing can beat this!!

delfman4 2013.04.30
one of the best games i have played so far

vannav2 2013.04.30
I absolutely love thus game played it multiple times.

lord_brutius 2013.04.29
good game ... but 100 points is not enough

dhurp 2013.04.28
Seriously, this is one of the best games.

ashish411 2013.04.28
gud animation a gud tympass

FunkyBuddha1 2013.04.25
Seriously hot, played over and over

ash3562 2013.04.25
i want more games like that it is so sexy i can play them for hours

stfunigga 2013.04.24
best shit ever nice graphics as well

mattoe 2013.04.24
Wow, very challenging game, but also more fun.

fapmaster 2013.04.22
Tough Game, Amazing Story and Graphics though

king564x 2013.04.21
I really like this one but its tough

jdmid 2013.04.16
one of the best games around.

addaxe115 2013.04.15
I love it , but it is hard... nice one

kallan 2013.04.15
I really enjoyed playing this game

john13 2013.04.15
very long and hard to make money

JoeJoK17 2013.04.13
I love it, but it is hard to get into the platinum club

mark24 2013.04.12
beatiful games.....wonderful

michaeltowell 2013.04.10
wooooooowwww this is an awesome game, i love it, its too hot did i say i loved it?

T1995 2013.04.07
damn this is one hot game

lalelu 2013.04.06
i have to say this game was quite fun. although the endings and in game choice options could be a bit more varied

Noizekickz 2013.04.05
and again a really nice game ! can play for hours !

Jp0n33 2013.04.04
Love this game! There is so much in it and so many ways to play! Pretty great!

gartal 2013.04.03
This game is great. So addicting. Eventually got all 5 endings. Ending 5 is so easy, he`ll take you no matter what.

A hint- after you get your total combat up to fifty, keep going in and out of stripclub to fight and gain Reputation. I get 40 combat and spent $200 on knife.

To get Politicians build rep fast (see above) and dress well. Towards the end I would exit out if I dont get Politicians and start again from last save.

One negative, I do not see any point in integrity; paying the crime boss and not complying just makes you lose money and Face points.

Rohan27 2013.04.01
i cant get in the club, please help

Puschtekuche 2013.04.01
nice graphic, good story, ... worth playing!

§ 2013.03.31
i think the game is better with more days

regis1234 2013.03.31
i want moe games like that it is so sexy

Grimm_Dogg68 2013.03.27
an alright game not really what i was expectiong though

Dave719 2013.03.24
Different and appealing, to keep you wanting more.

monster45 2013.03.21
favorite game and it rlly awesome

THEBIGB 2013.03.20
this was a very good game, i enjoyed it very much

schwarzjonah 2013.03.20
i love this game. the graphics are realy nice.

chrisa 2013.03.18
Great game, one of my favorites

talkingplus81 2013.03.18
I think it is a good game because if the great animation

fg_imisfit 2013.03.16
great game, love the ending

fireman19 2013.03.14
I love the quality of this game

Subripper 2013.03.13
My key to success is to go to the club and take self-defense classes until 100 as the class B and A customers can be quite violent.

webbroxs 2013.03.12
great game and good quality of work was put into this

mindatplay 2013.03.11
Fun to play, even if it`s easy.

sexybitch12313 2013.03.10
I really like this game but maybe more option and more choice would be greatest

AXE8686 2013.03.06
good fun with this game and entertainment

mskmrh 2013.03.05
hottie blondie just great at fuck

ubernova 2013.03.03
fun game but really repeats a lot

PooForYou 2013.03.01
Played this game a while ago, still like it!

luckydrum 2013.02.28
I simply can`t give up playing Jordan 500: HCC

DavidBoy6 2013.02.25
I`m not that much into tattoos but that sure was hot :O

dondotta 2013.02.25
Great game nice graphics very sexy

49fp 2013.02.25
Advanced users don`t get experience points as you do going though regular route. Why do it? How do you get blowjob with love acheivement?

vikasv 2013.02.24
what a cool story of game , great graphic and so many enjoyable things i love it..

Nakedboobs 2013.02.23
I don`t really like this game!

abhinavk68 2013.02.23
Very sexy game and good game.

jerkyman 2013.02.23
wow this game is better than i expected! i will play long time!

prime-x 2013.02.22
great graphics, but needs work

Jarlaxle69 2013.02.22
Long play time, but very challenging and good visuals.

Buddah1000 2013.02.21
Man i love these editors choice games, they really are the best with graphics and gameplay.

anubys 2013.02.21
the game keeps you in front of your laptop for 30-40 min.

Esteves 2013.02.21
It is a very entertaining game. Nice girl. Cool story. I really like it.

Sadly it has just a few sex moments.

azzadrood 2013.02.20
A very easy game , i had enjoyed it

Darkspace5150 2013.02.19
Played through a dozen times never gets boring

CryoXWolfLai 2013.02.17
I like this game. Its a different spin on how other games are usually take and it gives a great amount of playing time. If you want a game with a different approach to things give this one a try!

naotochan 2013.02.16
this game is a GREAT game but I think it could be EVEN better if it had :

more event
more nudity
more body customization (boobs, tattoos, jewelry, hair cut etc...)

jae 2013.02.13
I love playing this game because we can have sex in it and the girl we play with is hot

jae 2013.02.13
I love playing this game

Vanquish2k12 2013.02.13
The graphics and way the girls look on this are great

buckeyejacketnut 2013.02.12
I like this one a lot, it`s actually really fun to level up your character. The only complaint I have is the love scenes aren`t as numerous or as detailed as I would like. Also, this game is a long one, so look elsewhere if you`re looking for a quickie.

Master_Joe 2013.02.12
Verfy nice game again. bring more of this please

vetis36 2013.02.12
Briliant game and wonderful graphics

PauloSB 2013.02.11
adorei este jogo super excitante

Dullknifex 2013.02.11
Very nice game, just hard enought :)

gartal 2013.02.11
Awsome game but a bit long to reach all ending

asslover3425 2013.02.10
very sexy and nice graphics

poweruser97 2013.02.09
Awesome game, but was expecting more sex aniamtion, but overall ill play again for sure.

lonesttarr 2013.02.06
i like everything about this game EXCEPT the driving nonsense

kpjr278 2013.02.06
I liked the RPG element to this game, definitely will replay!

Leodred312 2013.02.03
everything is fine except the limited days

simon.108 2013.02.02
very great game, Jordan is teh most beautiful whore hwe is the best guy ever

Kabraxhis 2013.01.30
Awesome game. Realy liked those animation. It took me some time to learn how to play it but I think I will play it again soon.

winz 2013.01.29
shame you dont get to see much of Jordan`s sex scenes though

winz 2013.01.29
good game
would give it 8.5/10

sexy102 2013.01.27
This game has great animations

kieron968 2013.01.26
graphics and gameplay are great

JoshJosh82 2013.01.25
Great Game and good Graphics and Gameplay as usual.

Love it ;)

SexCravingEllie 2013.01.25
One of the best games lesson of passion has ever made.

Gordn3 2013.01.24
Excellent game , nice graphics and a cool character system.

Vermouth 2013.01.24
This game is good. But not my type because I am not patient. But the graphics are good. And the story line is also telling the real situation that is often happening in real life, which is the problem every girl encounter.

CB54 2013.01.24
Very sexy girls, engaging story line; not a lot of sex.

king5 2013.01.20
Awsome game but a bit long to reach all ending

ClarkCosta 2013.01.20
I would give this game a 7/10

Jinkan 2013.01.20
Too less of money but sublim game! And thank the hospital!

GORU 2013.01.19
Excellent game, thanks for the developer.

jdango 2013.01.18
ere`s one problem that i forgot
i had the same problem with the highschool romance game

after i beat the game and decide for an ending parnter the ending doesn`t appear
no new tab or anything opens
i just get reroutet to the main menu

if anyone had the same problem or knows a solution please tell

cole457 2013.01.14
this is a great game with nice graphics and great detail. i enjoy the character system. the car driving is alright but i think could be better

asslover342 2013.01.13
great game the graphics arent bad too

feanor25 2013.01.12
great game, wish they make another one like this.... :)

darkomeleta 2013.01.12
we need more games with jordan 500

Zee850 2013.01.10
Yet another awesome game with dazzling graphics. Try and play all of the games by Love of Passion , I am sure you all will enjoy them!

bladewrc 2013.01.09
I love it, good graphics and a cool character system

neogogeta 2013.01.09
nice graphic and animation

grba1 2013.01.08
Nicely done and very fun game, can`t wait for another playthrought.... your definetively going in the right directions with you games

Yarpen 2013.01.07
Best ever, more like this one and tori:)

pericka 2013.01.07
very good game...sexy and hot

Sparklex 2013.01.05
its was great, lengthy, good graphics and overall, awesome

CB54 2013.01.04
Great graphics and story line; not much animation. Overall, I`d play it again!

scopeman 2013.01.04
Really love this one. She is gorgeous, nice story . Goes to my favourites

Marschel88 2013.01.04
1 hour play is a little bit long

Orikan 2013.01.04
This game is nice, but it`s too bad we have to do it all again to see the other endings.

jurben 2013.01.03
nice game with good graphics

Petri 2013.01.03
One of my favorite games!

leroydidit 2013.01.02
love the graphics in the game

boubou67 2013.01.01
very great game, Jordan is teh most beautiful whore

lldeoj 2013.01.01
this game is number 1 ...
I think this game could be update ... for example ... a new shop ( for rich girl) ... like Tori 500
Tori 500 is a very nice game to.

elixxx 2013.01.01
this is one great game, out of all of them i like this one the best
graphics always exceed my expectations

elixxx 2013.01.01
this is one great game, out of all of them i like this one the best

superslayer 2012.12.29
its like the xxx version of the sims! superb.

manox3464 2012.12.27
INCREDIBLE! so hot, this must be the 10th time i have played. best game on the site

dummi1 2012.12.27
loved it 9/10 points from me

jemoeder 2012.12.26
great game, very good graphics

djohnguy 2012.12.21
very good game. with great graphics.love it

maxime1406 2012.12.20
nice game diffrent ending and many choice of career adopt it

Buick 2012.12.20
Very entertaining and very long. Could use more real story branching though, it plays out linearly.

thecocker 2012.12.19
i want to fu.. that girl with big breasts

CaptainHammer 2012.12.18
This is a phenomenal concept! Would love to be able to get all achievements in one go, but I guess that`s just more reason to keep playing!

MDona 2012.12.17

Epic game, playing it over and over.

sunny singh 2012.12.17
tih was a fucking incredibal game of ma ife

itsmylife 2012.12.17
liked the game too bad the ending was off

gartal 2012.12.16
wow it is one of the beat games ever nice graphics and good story hot girls but less money you know

divox 2012.12.16
The game is fucking incredible!

EmerikQ 2012.12.14
Great graphic... but... not sound... a little bit slow game

Sadikul 2012.12.13
Enjoyable, spent a lot of time on this.

z1945 2012.12.13
love the game just wish it was longer

thekert 2012.12.12
Finally, came here looking for a game like this and took a long time to find it. and way better graphics than i expected

HotAllan 2012.12.12
No coments, the best of *-*

F_C_Devil 2012.12.09
Thats game is really good, the graphics are great but it broke the fun a little that you cant see a little animation when you are doing things with a client.

vincevinny 2012.12.09
hordan is so hot im stuck trying to get into private club

Poepol! 2012.12.09
Epic game, playing it over and over.

victimentia 2012.12.08
very nice game, hot as fuck!

mohmoh 2012.12.07
i played it and play it and play it .......never forget jordan

scrubby 2012.12.07
I like this game. Good storyboard and graphics. Why the game stop at 100 days. it`s too short to keep every bonus to wear Kelly. The game lack of good animations, there are so mecanic.

rabbi2651 2012.12.06
the graphics and the story line are really great. Could stand to add a bit more money earned

wsfhary 2012.12.05
cool graphics so sexy love it can play it all the time

Long Dick 2012.12.04
Liked the game but getting hurt takes to many days from you and makes it very hard to get a good score. Needs to be changed a little.

Dosha 2012.12.03
I cannot even how many times i have been played this game,Its soo cool,sexy and i like erotic rpg games

Karolingas 2012.11.28
incredible game, highly recommended to everyone whos eager for lust and sexual expierence :)

Zach169 2012.11.27

casillasvvbb 2012.11.27
love the game wana play the next version of this game

GordonRogers 2012.11.27
very good game works well and nice intro love the multiple endings wish there was more cind of wonder what would of hapened if she had faliled completly

redfoxx 2012.11.26
Seeing as how Jordan was voted the hottest girl I would love to see a follow-up adventure with her in the future. Just a thought ;)

iram 2012.11.25
incredible game, highly recommended

notes1 2012.11.25
really a good game but the interactions of characters could be made more realistic in the future games .. the graphic is really good .. really enjoyed it :) .. thnx LOP

Tyesh 2012.11.25
The graphics and storyline were great but isn`t there going to be another game for kelly for individual players that want a personal connection with the PC

BlackFist 2012.11.24
One of the best games here

alexireaper 2012.11.24
nice graphics. pretty cool :D

madmikenmolly 2012.11.24
A rather good game- however, the sex is too far in between. I`d like to see more graphic representations of the sexual act itself.

wolfiee 2012.11.23
good game, great graphics and scenery

RomeoHeat 2012.11.23
I haven`t played this all the way through yet, but it is top notch!

WHodges 2012.11.22
good game, only complaint is how hard it can be to gain rep and money. other than that, 8/10.

bigpeet92 2012.11.22
not many sex scene`s but it`s nice because it`s different from al the other games

BestPilotInTheWorld 2012.11.19
Very cool game this is... i like the story, the game play... it is one of my favourites

manchasd 2012.11.19
i love the game wana play the next version of this game

luckygun 2012.11.16
i loved this game, i want to play next part or next version of thiss.
i also wabt to add this in favourite but i do not know the way to add?

dunken122 2012.11.15
I love the the idea of the game, and how much control you have, it also has nice graphics so all around its a good game!

crashj 2012.11.15
THis game rocks, can play over and over

kaiser_ray 2012.11.14
the best game ever i can`t stop playing it

MB78 2012.11.13
HOT, I definitely enjoyed the sex scenes.

mastermiro 2012.11.13
Fantastic game and rly fun to play

NK240 2012.11.13
The best game i played here love it

hitsushi 2012.11.13
i think the story is good... Nice graph too

joe3434 2012.11.12
i really like this game and the story and i like the gameplay

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Wow what can I say? Very interesting game. Character creation, working, options, choices, Top notch out of the ordinary.

dragionms112 2012.11.11
boring game not enoph sex ok grafics not the best didnt like the game at all :(

bismarkstorms 2012.11.10
This is a fantastic game. I like how much freedom and control you have to make your way through it. Please keep making more like this one.

zchs1988 2012.11.10
It was a good game everything was good except for the fact that I had to scroll down to click continue, because for some reason the mouse cursor changes if it is too close to the bottom.

nr47 2012.11.09
It`s good because it has loads of options and decisions to make.

futureyankeepg 2012.11.08
I love it, nice graphics and a cool character system

rayllove 2012.11.07
Sexy and Good Graphics i like it :)

hunterbonx 2012.11.05
Great game and excellent graphics

zoobida 2012.11.05
Nice game but more sex scenes :D

Walkingcock 2012.11.05
Amazing. Good game and graphics

Aabernathy 2012.11.04
Without a doubt one of the best games on this site, love it.

derajkceb 2012.11.02
this game is really arousing. this is the first game i play every time i log on

stansmith 2012.11.02
just started playing it yesterday great graphics something i`d play more then once in the future

10of79 2012.11.02
THis is one of my favourite games as you have some choice in stragy, graphics and gameplay are good too

Empiq 2012.11.02
Nice game but more sex scenes :D

Flobing 2012.11.01
Good game, I just have difficulty getting a lot of money without spending up most of my time.

pheralfire 2012.11.01
game was fun once you get the hang of it

andy001 2012.10.31
nice game and quite long as well

Flobing 2012.10.31
Good gameplay, what you need to do certain jobs makes sense.

masterking 2012.10.29
great game it is one of my best

TGxViiperzx 2012.10.29
Small talk :
- But you defended me so chivalrously...
- About that CD you lent me... "Eyes Set To Kill"
- I need to ask - why the pink glasses?

Gossips about friends :
- I saw you talking with Ted, yesterday.
- It looks like Angelica and Mr.Steve... You know
- Why did you break things up with what`s his name?

About Emily :
- So... Nice tatoos, by the way
- Always the perfect student... How Do you do it?

About date :
- Emily, you can`t just give up on men!
- *Stare deeply into her eyes*

Ask her for a date

Buy item :
- Spiked Wrist Band 30$
- Blindfold 70$

Hmm, I could get used to this

That you are not who you pretend to be
Smart, sexy, sensitive, I could go on
I don`t know, I just feel that we... connect

Give Spiked Wrist Band to Emily

Touch her legs

Kiss her

Remove her shirt

Lick a salt
Drink a tequila
Bite a lemon

Squeeze the lemon on her breasts

Let her pick it up

Touch her boobs

Touch her there

Move your hand there

Give her a blindfold

Kiss shoulder

Kiss belly

Kiss her just above the skirt

Lower her skirt

Remove panties

Remove your pants

Ask her gently to suck you off

Remove your dick from Emily`s mouth

On her face

1 stop at the start
2 stop at her home
3 touch her boobs
4 screw up with the tequila
5 dont take the cock out her mouth and then select leave
6 cum inside the condom
7 cum on her boobs
8 cum in her face

Ceaxy 2012.10.29
good game...nice graphics

Dexterous 2012.10.28
HOT, I definitely enjoyed the sex scenes.

roughrider 2012.10.27
one hell of an amazing game

FrAb 2012.10.27
I like that game. I think that the girl looks wonderful!

It was a good choice to remove the car from the game, I think that it was annoying to drive around all the time.

Bu is there really anybody who likes the "Pink flower Shirt" or the "Pantera Top"? The "Sporty Bra" is also quite ugly ...

sau01 2012.10.26
mmm... nice... recomended

Dadetheos 2012.10.25
This game was great, I liked the endings, and took some time off my hands.

zhihanchew12345 2012.10.24
This game is simply too short for me, as the girls are somehow too hot!

spazytex 2012.10.24
maybe add the sex scenes.

ColtEhr 2012.10.24
This has become my favorite game. She is very hot and there are many different ways that you can play this game.

zimzan 2012.10.23
i love this game. nice graphic.

djsquad 2012.10.23
playing with a character is good, nice graphics and played it much

razvan 2012.10.22
verry lovel girl y like the girl good n lovel game verry cool

razvan 2012.10.22
v erry sweet girl good grafic she whant to be a star bat she end to work in a special club lovel game

Theosopher 2012.10.22
Music is good . Like the moans of pleasure. The build up of the moans may add to the build up of excitement. Orgasmic ultimately!

shlomi606 2012.10.22
jordan is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gfizzle 2012.10.22
Good game but way too short.... Should have an unlimited version where you aren`t limited to just the 100 days.

TrussingTwo7 2012.10.20
great game, great story: good game

jacob97 2012.10.20
It`s very hard to make a lot of money in this game but if you do a few things its eazy.

woody300 2012.10.19
Very nice "strategy game". A little bit more sex would be increasing the fun. The gameplay balanced i think, but in the sometimes it gets a little boring, because not a lot of things happen (more story breaks please). But fun all in all.

Jacksons 2012.10.19
This must be on of the best games i`ve played ever! And Jordan looks really hot in the outfits :)!

Bigmyth 2012.10.18
This game is awesome, what more to say?

dante58 2012.10.17
Awesome game....can play it for hours....addictive....!!!! ;)

Squid117 2012.10.16
AMAZING havent seen anything better yet

pimpin_impala69 2012.10.13
Awesome game! can play it for hours! Hope there doing a 2nd one!!

imperatrix 2012.10.13
This game is one of my favorite. Very nice gameplay.))

loveulikesg 2012.10.13
awsome graphics lovve this game!

branman59x 2012.10.13
That was a great game. loved the rpg efect

Big Hun 2012.10.12
i expect better, low action, but the graphic is nice.

NK240 2012.10.11
It would be great if there was more time

NK240 2012.10.11
I love this game grat graphic cute girl

xyre1990 2012.10.11
A very good game, the graphics are incredible!

Cashalot 2012.10.10
Cool game, maybe a bit too long and with not too much skin on it lol

sephiroth2099 2012.10.09
Great RPG feel to the game - not sure what cars you can drive (it tells you in a hint at the beginning)

jterha7 2012.10.06
Wish it was more than 100 days! And in regard to previous comments you can get your self defense higher than 100 by training in the gym! And if you buy a weapon you get a weapon bonus! So you can beat unsatisfied customers!

russian1 2012.10.06
love this game ,so complex

moltres 2012.10.06
Awesome game i wish if there would be more than 100 days

jterha7 2012.10.06
How do you get a car in this game??? Other than that this is a superb game!

Stoid 2012.10.04
Very good game, great story. Loved how you could get bonuses at beginning. Would be nice if there was an open ended version to follow after the 100 days.

nssd702502 2012.10.04
Great game. hope there`s more like this to come.

gabon 2012.09.30
This game is my favorite now i need to play one more time

Joeballs 2012.09.30
holy carp i love this game must be in my top 10 porn games.

jeff stone 2012.09.29
This game is so cool and addictive.like it........

Phisd 2012.09.29
This game is awesome, i love the graphics!

firemedic0013 2012.09.27
Great game! Good story line and great graphics.

marchixxx 2012.09.26
it ok .... graphics it good but the story nop very good.

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Great basic game, sex scenes need a bit more animation and options, but still think its the best free game online.

jrocks 2012.09.23
easy enough to play but long enough to keep you occupied and interested in the story without getting too repetitive as many of these games do

BrainstormInterlude 2012.09.23
Great RPG feel to the game - not sure what cars you can drive (it tells you in a hint at the beginning) Could have more animated scenes though.

DaFool 2012.09.23
best game ive found on this site so far

kevinsankar 2012.09.22
the game is extremely good

gavial 2012.09.21
Great game. Can`t help but playing it again and again.

lucifer lucy 2012.09.21
great game sexy girl love ittttttttt

rocky anto 2012.09.18
awesome game....tricky and amazing!!!

zaniterius1991 2012.09.18
the graphics could use improvement

harmann 2012.09.18
a good story and beautiful graphics i love this game!

derda 2012.09.17
Played one of the first versions, great game, playing it again

livinglifesince1998 2012.09.17
this is a great game with a good story line

Vaginete 2012.09.16
This game is so cool and addictive.

corncola 2012.09.16
great game and nice graphics

e6 2012.09.15
i thought haveing sex with that guy you would pass the test i was not right

jimbob1234 2012.09.15
best game on the website I think

Souls at Zero 2012.09.14
I love this game ... please make more games like this ...

shy69fan 2012.09.13
There isn`t much to do. Just click and watch.

delmorian 2012.09.12
game is ok, but could be a bit more interactive

chimerelefay 2012.09.12
Good graphics, but it was a little bit hard to understand

jahe 2012.09.11
good game
a lot of conversation,a lot of scene
definitly not a boring game

Peloquin73 2012.09.09
excellent game, you actually have to think about what you are doing.

mzdonny 2012.09.09
This game is great. I like to play. like real sex. I would recommend it to friends

robbielennon 2012.09.09
Excellent game, thought it was a bit hard, but ended up as a nice surprise.

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.08
What can i say....these Games here are....THE BEST. Thank you ;)

kreigan 2012.09.07
this Game is the best if it only did not end on the 100 day

yopyo3812 2012.09.06
awesome !!! i cant stop to play !!!:-)

yopyo3812 2012.09.06
one of my best LOP game, juste need more interactive sex scene... otherwise GG!!!

asasasas 2012.09.04
good game and the achievements addd a lot more to it

j1an51 2012.09.03
awesome graphics love this game

Jezzek 2012.09.03
I´m Playing this Game again and again. It´s perfekt relaxation.

2b4ever 2012.09.03
uhhhh Lesson of Passion next generation^^
I love it, nice graphics and a cool character system
the idea of putting a beginnig story up front to decide your startskillbonus is really cool.
i think the selfdefence is also a great idea to keep the main money earning from becoming too boring.
the only thing i don`t think is really necessary is the car driving, it`s quite annoying and buying new cars is too expensive at the beginning and isn`t really worth the money imo^^

still it`s one hell of a flash game.
worth every second of waiting for it^^

minhdo 2012.09.02
excellent game ! we can choose our own adventure ! but i cant get the ending :(

JaysonZet 2012.09.02
This is one of my favourite. Long, catchy and with sexy girls. I love main character :)

portalhome 2012.09.02
sooo nice and sexy i wish there could be more of these games

Joe9ty 2012.09.02
Very good game, although would have preferred it if the game was more open ended, rather than being fixed to 100 days. Otherwise very enjoyable.

sexyfrank 2012.08.31
I think it`s too long without a save option

eaglestrike98 2012.08.31
great storyline, im hooked

Drakcon 2012.08.29
Great game can`t get enough of it

harmsedition 2012.08.28
i played through this like 10 times and loved it

FIXYUSRB 2012.08.28
J love this game,great grapichs,just..i want more time,more than 100 days..BTV great game :D :)

VIP303 2012.08.27
the graphic is very goood

ThyCrimson 2012.08.27
One of my favorite games. :) It is hard to accumulate money at first, but it gets easy later on. Nevertheless a great flash game. :D

Dewillion 2012.08.26
Phew ... worn out! Erotic game with RPG elements - it is something! Continue next time.

Aket133 2012.08.25
It was a great game in my opinion if i could give one piece of advice make it more smooth gameplay wise i had the feeling sometimes i was just repeating the events. I mean like more continuity
And i love the artwork!

saquib.khan966 2012.08.25
love this game one of my favorites

Wallace99 2012.08.25
New to playforce Love the games

anthonywow 2012.08.24
It`s Nice game.... I am already play 4 times... But why i can see the ending??

Shammy 2012.08.22
nice graphic and cool characters, really enjoy this game

mendragor 2012.08.22
sooo nice and sexy i wish there could be more of these games

BloodLustKid 2012.08.21
This game is very addicting and time consuming. I`d play it all day if I could.

jloc 2012.08.20
I love the quality of this game

Twiddis 2012.08.19
The game is pretty addicting. I remember sinking like two or three hours into this game. It`s a fun way to kill time. Building your character`s skills is really fun, and the different storyline situations are pretty interesting to play through.

neodantedemon 2012.08.19
i really did love this game. though it was great a good game to pass the time one.

trinadad 2012.08.18
i think this is a splendid game with many great features.

HUngrypunkr 2012.08.18
This game is amazing one of the best ive played

qzfanat 2012.08.17
Played many times. Why there is no ending after i click on "show me my ending"?

toyota123 2012.08.15
Seductive game, iam addicted to the game. I feel as if myself a slut.
I want to buy all the hidden dresses. But not successful all time.
Though I got some of those hidden dresses for 5000, i need to know if any one got all the hidden dresses and how?

pasat 2012.08.15
cool game! many insteresting variants

lockdown 2012.08.15
very good story. the best game i`ve played on this site

zafara 2012.08.14
This is a great game for what it`s worth, really addicting to try and max out all of the stats and very difficult on the first try, it takes some time to get used to but after you get into a good day rotation it`s really nice. I`d advise buying a bed as soon as possible to give you more time each day! Deffo a favourite of mine

satelitic 2012.08.14
this one is the most complex by far

ablenitro711 2012.08.13
this game is cool. like it very much

slapp 2012.08.12
sooo nice and sexy i wish there could be more of these games

aidenko 2012.08.12
cool game! many insteresting variants

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
speachless i like hows it put you in the game EA SPORTS GA need more games like this one come on :(

CTSharp13 2012.08.11
love how the options in this game are limitless, never know how it will end

codered234 2012.08.09
this game really has some awsome graphics and animations to it

flamered 2012.08.09
Kelly is good. The game is wonderful

luka v. 2012.08.08
great game i reached all the endings

ticedaice 2012.08.06
takes some time, but very nice

companyon 2012.08.06
love this game played may times

jaybot21 2012.08.06
This is a really good flash game. Its different and never the same which makes users want to keep playing and playing.

seruin 2012.08.06
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

Phoenix2886 2012.08.05
I rather enjoy this game. I would like to see more content

khawkins9561 2012.08.05
the best game played over and over

khawkins9561 2012.08.05
verry good love the girls

Troyking11 2012.08.05
A save/reload function would be great so you don`t have to restart the whole game because of random fights and user mistakes.

Troyking11 2012.08.05
I love this game, but I wish it was longer. I`d like there to be even more customization (e.g. hair colour, length, etc.)

Also I was wondering if there were any cheats for money or extra days?

kebabas 2012.08.03
Great ant lots time consuming game. I got addictive :)

gobias 2012.08.03
This game, plus the Tori 500 game, are two of my all time favorites. This game is much more advanced and has much more replay value than those tedious games where one incorrect choice immediately sends you to a bad ending screen. There should be more games like this.

Daniel_Martin 2012.08.02
Amazing game, I`ve already played twice.

I do wish you could keep playing after the 100 days though.

lesbolover4567 2012.07.31
i love the rpg feel of this game

alguem123 2012.07.29
one of he best games ever, good graphics and story

bambarbio 2012.07.29
Thats are really great game with nice graphic.

Eon 2012.07.29
the game is cool but i dont like that she canged her hair color i, and i like when you donate blood you get more money then when you donate on the tori game

mmthedestroyer 2012.07.29
good game, good plot, nice graphics

badb0ys009 2012.07.29
Long but I like it. Sex scenes is hot. great game and graphics could use some sound .

baritone21 2012.07.28
cool game, I would have liked more hot scenes though

vin87cent 2012.07.28
great game and graphics could use some sound

riplead 2012.07.27
Love the animation in this. Dialogue`s getting better each time.

riverrock 2012.07.27
the options at the end are brilliant. Please more games involving asian ladies

riverrock 2012.07.27
when will the next lop come out?

Xyzzy 2012.07.26
I am amazed (probably at myself) by how well this game holds up over time. There are very few games I play over and over, let alone more than once. This is one game I keep coming back to again and again. Thanks for the great job on this game.

badb0ys009 2012.07.26
it ok .... graphics it good but the story nop very good.

MasamuneZeroX 2012.07.24
I love this game wish they had a downloadable version

soterrivera 2012.07.24
great game with great graphics i sure wish y could fuck her

ayushk45 2012.07.23
Super long but I like it. Sex scenes could be better/longer and clearer but overall great stuff here.

kitopshisubnida 2012.07.23
There`s a reason why this game is rated over 90%. Excellent graphics, great gameplay, and just an awesome game overall

PFOseen 2012.07.23
Nice game play...graphics....any sequel to this? :)

BladeMaster 2012.07.23
This is by far the best game on the site.

Victor_Gah 2012.07.23
so interactive content, i like it so much

rockyfear 2012.07.22
Very interesting game, I like characters and story. Graphics as always awesome. Good job!

mAltoid 2012.07.21
The graphics in the game are excellent and the character system is very unique. Would recommend to users to play the games each time, trying new methods each time, as you learn new stuff each time.

rajkash14 2012.07.20
nice game need to improve on sex part,i mean need to put more sex scene,game should be for unlimited days.

gr0mek 2012.07.20
i come back to it over and over. it`s so addictive, yet at the end not enough; more...

hornyteen15 2012.07.19
A very good game, but it can take a long time to complete

andrewscott 2012.07.18
Love this game play it all the time

Invinc 2012.07.18
Amazing replay value. It really reminds me of those highly addictive Dating Sims.

It does get a bit repetitive and leave you wanting more though.

stevie 2012.07.17
Excellent game!Great graphics and animations are awesome...

headdude 2012.07.17
Almost perfect game...cant wait to see more from Jordan

thelumpage 2012.07.17
great game, lotta options and long

afgh000 2012.07.16
Absolutely one of the best games... Try to collect all those sexy dresses! :)

AnonG 2012.07.15
Cool game but 100 days is litle short I think and I would like to see more choices.

shadowlars 2012.07.14
very good game my favourite game on this site i like it very much

jane1993 2012.07.13
Absolutely love this game, just wish Tori 500 was available on here as well...

white woolf 2012.07.12

angie1 2012.07.11
I love it, nice graphics a really good game

timotimo12 2012.07.11
Its my favourite game on the site

touriste 2012.07.10
i like the graphic,the animation but 100 days it`s so short

babugee 2012.07.08
animations were not there for me, these should be improved

jt9962 2012.07.07
one of the best games on this site, more interactivity would be nice with no time limit though

shiathzu 2012.07.05
Definitely worth playing, I`ve gotten all of the endings and I`m very satisfied with the game! Graphics are amazing and so is the concept.

tdchase 2012.07.04
fun game. I`ll probably play this a few more times.

papadoc 2012.07.03
Quite long, too bad it is impossible not to have all trophies in a single game.

But a really great game!

toni_84 2012.07.02
I love this game. It`s long, with so many options and so funny. The worst it`s that you cant`t save your game.

elton.alex 2012.07.02
Great game can`t stop playing

akramkok5 2012.06.29
An interesting game. There is a great story. descent graphics. great threesome

maddaCH 2012.06.28
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

BritneySpears 2012.06.27
Nice game ,I like it so much =)

ninewirez 2012.06.27
Interesting game. Thanks!

mustaine7 2012.06.26
Very hot, great gameplay. The multiple endings and outfits make replay a must

moutheater 2012.06.25
would definately like to see a sequal to this

Nemesisub 2012.06.24
lovely games...it reminds me what i want to do in my life...

eagledblue85 2012.06.23
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation
good game

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