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Jordan 500 stories


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crimsonfrog 2017.10.31
nice game likr the animation

raycis 2017.07.07
Jordan is great in this! So hot

Azizam 2017.06.23
A true classic! Loved all Jordan games!

SexyLady42 2017.03.13
This was a fun, short game. Would love to see another one from Brooke`s point of view.

ianjames 2017.03.12
great graphics will add to fav and play again

FallenAngel574 2017.02.19
Honestly love the Jordan 500 they are just great. Wished they had more though.

kaftos 2016.09.13
Great graphics but a little short also Jordan is hot and this game is better than Jordan 500:HCC

ivanmr5 2016.09.02
fantastic game, one appointment, it would must be a bit longer

stach56 2016.07.08
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

latinagr 2016.02.01
Cool Game Jordan can be yours wet dream


pussy1234 2015.12.28
Great quality and loved the graphics. Wasn`t too long, wasn`t too short

Rocco86 2015.10.27
Good graphics but a very short story.

SubOrdinate 2015.10.15
Girl is really hot, good game.

Chairman1966 2015.09.22
Nice fun erotic game.
wish there were more options to choose.
i liked it.

matkiller64 2015.09.02
very good game with good graphics

jaxed44 2015.08.17
Cool.Awesome graphics and lots of fun.I`ll have to play this one again.

haggar 2015.07.21
the full game was nice this a bit short

johnnny204 2015.07.14
short game but i liked it. i punished her friend by wearing the kinky outfit

nutz104 2015.06.28
Hot game with sexy models.

DanBilserian 2015.06.13
Another good story from Jordan 500`s

ivanmen 2015.04.23
very good game,good story

Thespearz 2015.04.21
The graphics of the girl on this is great, keep up the good work

flightbuy550 2015.04.17
great game. animations could be better though

cameronw 2015.02.11
Fun and sexy game. You will not be disappointed

adityabh21 2015.01.23
that girl is treally quiet something they both are hot

xslayermkdx 2015.01.23
nice girl nice options i like jordan you need to cr8 another episode more people or places involved a little longer

Staatsfeind126 2014.11.14
This game is so awesome! I really enjoyed it!

smartcool 2014.11.08
the graphics is fine and i like how you decide what you want to do!

zantha 2014.10.28
These Jordan 500 games make me feel so deliciously dirty!

Aksana 2014.09.23
Great game Awesome graphics. Fun to play

Raio10 2014.09.17
another great game by lesson of passion team those guys get better with each game that comes out.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.08.19
This game was great, the graphics were great too

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Good game, hot scenario. Jordan Rocks. Gorgeous rendering.

goldbear3 2014.07.21
This is my favorite game. it has all of the best elements and the hottest girl

mangyfucker 2014.07.20
I love the game and even better graphics!

bitz94 2014.07.13
Short & Nice game. Graphics quality is undoubtedly very good.

leonardluc 2014.06.17
really enjoyed the game, especially earning all that money through sex

ayush98 2014.06.08
great time management. love it

koudog 2014.05.11
I wish there were more options but was stil good

gapesix 2014.05.07
great game different e,dings many choices your are very free to do many thinks with our jordan great

TroyLancea 2014.04.23
great game very hot love it!

Drko 2014.04.19
very long and interesting game

matth421s 2014.04.14
a nice game. shame it is so short

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
shame its so short - nice idea and visuals

rand181 2014.03.25
This game is a lot of fun, but it is too short.

atmnwilliams69 2014.03.19
Absolutely love this game wish it wasn`t so short

Rindevar 2014.03.03
So short, but I guess it`s intended for a single episode of Jordan`s saga. I do wish they tie them all together. Remember, Jordan HCC is so difficult....

wardk88 2014.03.02
I would cum inside her too

snowblinder09 2014.03.02
I really enjoy playing all the Jordan 500 games

shixblix 2014.02.11
good graphics but a very short and simple storyline

duke51 2014.01.25
Tried some times and the high of mine is 965, but it`s very nice story anyway. Good graphics and pretty sluts, hahaha !

renjixxx 2014.01.25
Many choices that`s great. Maybe a little short, but a very good game

ilovemyselfalot 2013.12.20
Nice graphics and a hot girl.. Damn, Jordan is so sexy!!!

sida988 2013.12.14
very much seducing and intimative i liked it alot

aljohn22 2013.12.12
The first game was great but this one was just to short and lacked because of it. Jordan still looks great in this game

joker00 2013.12.04
Love this game nice storyline nice graphics

u02bgs 2013.11.29
Now if Only Jordan could be recreated in real life! All you guys out there lets work towards a 3d anime printer whats say!!!

johndark 2013.11.20
wow! just wow! superb raphic and good game play, great animation

Fab Baf 2013.11.18
very enjoyable and great graphics

skr369 2013.11.17
exciting game..sexy Jordan graphics are great

bobem2534 2013.10.23
The game is all right. The big problem is that the sex mechanic is pretty annoying compared to other lessons of passion games. Also the reward for winning is pretty dull.

nu01 2013.10.04
That`s Jordan. She is so hot. Like to have more games with her.

jerrylw 2013.09.20
was a good game tho a little short. could have a few more options but great graphics

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

whore123 2013.09.17
Love the whole Jordan series, especially this one!

whore123 2013.09.16
I always get less money than Brooke, please help me!

maklksh 2013.08.31
superb game with superb graphics

sweetheart6462 2013.08.21
this game was way to short but very interesting wish i had more ending instead of one

Clash66 2013.07.28
Very sexy, I really enjoy the Jordan series

demon16182 2013.07.27
Great Graphics, I enjoyed it. Please make more with her!

powerranger123 2013.07.16
good game but as great jordon 500 hcc was

Andrea81 2013.07.14
I absolutely love the Jordan series of games, Being a short, this one wasn`t quite as enthralling as the first, but it`s definitely worth checking out as a continuation of her story.

pain141 2013.07.12
jordan the best sex ever
keep it coming

grazr28 2013.07.09
good game with motivation to play again

Hyozanryu 2013.07.08
its a really nice game with some competition

inehea 2013.06.30
awesome game almost cummed

snipes69 2013.06.25
HI please make some more games with jordan I think she is the best girl of the games. Thanks!

treu 2013.06.23
This is a nice extension to Jordan 500. Not as interesting but fun nonetheless. Animation is just as nice.

hot_n_wet28 2013.05.25
graphics are awesome but game play could have been better

lilly654 2013.05.23
this is a awesome game! i love it

oyesohno 2013.05.19
This was a ver good game, i really iked it.

DiegoJAyala 2013.05.11
Ah, Jordan. I think I love you.

VeNNoM 2013.04.15
Ah another Jordan game, Have to love it for that alone, but, good game regardless.

bolo098 2013.04.07
I think this is my 5th time playing this game lol

bolo098 2013.04.07
great game needs another part

bolo098 2013.04.07
great game should of been longer though

chandra1986 2013.04.01
The animations are great, but i dont know if i played in my old desktop.
well, i think this game should be played on computer.
Playforceone, better if you guys create same game but in lower graphic quality

Sir_Loins 2013.03.23
Oh My Jordan is a HOTTIE!

gartal 2013.03.20
amazing game an the girls amazing

yogesh83 2013.03.15
great game should have another part

luckydrum 2013.03.04
Exciting and quick. really nice.

Babelover100 2013.03.04
Great new game, I love the graphics

a715jjr5 2013.02.15
greta game -- many ways to paly

Iwantcarrot 2013.02.10
the blonde girl is so hot ;)

kpjr278 2013.02.07
Pretty hot add on to Jordan 500! I liked the punishment aspect for the loser.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

suzhaku88 2013.01.25
Was there only one punishment for Jordan? That`s all I was able to get.

sexeractive 2013.01.24
that was pretty fun, i like the challenges and the dual meter

k1tteh 2013.01.20
Great game, the girl was hot

CB54 2013.01.16
Jordan`s the BEST; great animation, great sex, great game.

markfred 2013.01.07
enjoyed the game a lot...nice story...liked the graphics

zantha 2013.01.07
Was there only one punishment for Jordan? That`s all I was able to get.

shivers1 2012.12.31
hat game is great - like other our games. 90 % and waitnig for another

vikeefucker 2012.12.31
I am stuck in the hot wife story

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
great game had good graphic and animation

EmerikQ 2012.12.18
Good game, lovely girl who like to feel cum on her legs... and I like to watch that :D :D :D :D

nmosha 2012.12.08
yes more sex animations neeed on this one

skullzfreak30 2012.12.08
the game needs more sex animations not just picture but dont take this as an offence to the creators ok ,. the game only needs sex animations

ivcosic3 2012.12.08
Game was nice but Jordan is very hottttt!!

MV2150 2012.12.06
Well layered, and not to shabby on the imaging, either. n_n A well deserved high score from me.

Long Dick 2012.12.04
Good game,have played it several times.

Act132 2012.11.23
the girl is hot and the graphics were good

Ferdi 2012.11.20
nice anmation good game i like it ))))) 6+

zach101 2012.11.19
grate graphics and animation, not bad for a free game

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


virtualpervet 2012.11.10
simple and fun - good game

bismarkstorms 2012.11.10
This one looks great too. Can`t wait to get into it, your games are all so hot!

ganjahtreu 2012.11.09
There is definitely a glitch with the deep throat. I do love that this is sort of a sequel to Jordan 500 though. Other "punishments" for Brooke should include a three way, straight lesbian, strap on, even a scenario involving the mafia boss from Jordan 500 HCC. Jordan could challenge Brooke to find and seduce him.

Anatik 2012.10.25
omg she looks like my girlfriend ;) love it

Dadetheos 2012.10.25
This was a nice game, simple sex, just a lack of sound

Connolly101 2012.10.24
good game with nice anmation

hanibal194 2012.10.23
nice animation and many choice but ending is not great

BFLP 2012.10.21
Fantastic game with nice graphics, but the game could be longer. ;)

derrabe77 2012.10.21
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

JaK3sT 2012.10.15
its a very good sim, and the girl is super hot. hoping to make mor games like this one

Francis81 2012.10.15
This is so hot! Great story, great graphic. Very amazing. Pleaze, make a part 2 off that story

thomas564 2012.10.15
Jordan is very hot as always, great graphics too. Overall just a great game.

diegofc19 2012.10.13
This was a ver good game, i really iked it.

Jenks21 2012.10.11
awesome game, love the Jordan series

pavrisha 2012.10.07
Great game interesting adventure

pavrisha 2012.10.07
Great game, nice graphics!

Twister19 2012.10.04
wow she`s sexy. fun little game

daddynemz 2012.09.29
Liked it but kind boring

Jokke1 2012.09.25
Very good graphics with a really sexy girl !!! A very hot game

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Short game, but still fun. Hope more Jordan games are coming.

Cyraxel 2012.09.22
I love the options it makes for a great adventure

seawasp35 2012.09.20
cool game, but its lacking in some areas.

potato0000 2012.09.04
this game was too short

QweenieQween 2012.08.31
I thought the game was perfectly balance with graphics, story line, interactive options. After the guy cums I thought I saw a choice option but it disappeared before I could read what the options were let alone actually make a choice in that scene, but other then that it was lots of fun!

hennockrules 2012.08.28
Oh my gosh this game makes me SOOOOOO horny

valyrian 2012.08.26
jordan is soo hot and stupid it`s amazing

mapcabra2 2012.08.23
really hot girl i want tofind a girl like her in real live

grave 2012.08.21
love the graphicsof tis game

grave 2012.08.21
Great game, nice graphics!

aidenko 2012.08.14
nice game! i want this girl

dj-geo 2012.08.13
Great Game A Little On The Short Side Though

dhruboPassion 2012.08.12
The game was a bit easy, however the girl was hot...waiting to see her in more action future...:)

manyk85 2012.08.12
Short and sweet, I like it.

kevin4550 2012.08.07
good game, i like the storie and the gameplay.

gobias 2012.08.03
Short and very easy, but still very good. Anything with the Jordan character is always welcome.

Daniel_Martin 2012.08.02
Jordan looked amazing as usual. It was a little short, but I definitely liked it.

We should have a game with Jordan and the Mafia boss from Jordan 500 HCC.

lesbolover4567 2012.07.31
i love all the secens and story!!!!!!!!

Nastycookie 2012.07.24
easy and hot girl, nice game

headdude 2012.07.20
Good game, Good scenes...maybe make the animation better.

thefishman 2012.07.17
awesome game. lot o fun/ but too short

banes 2012.07.17
Good game. Too short though.

sfalke 2012.07.16
Nice game. Hot girl. But it is a little bit easy.

Deeek 2012.07.09
I wish they would do more games like this one I really like it.

crugh2112 2012.07.08
Hot game! Now I am trying to put together 500 bucks...wink!

fredastaire 2012.06.29
I like the format of this game alot, but the game should go on significantly longer. Jordan is beautifully drawn, and I really like the dialogue options in which she is really sincerely friendly and supportive of her somewhat bumbling customer. He doesn`t make an impression on me as a believable corporate character. The line about the sexual pleasure will be so great that he`ll "...be singing the Lion King song in six languages," is one of the standouts as one one of the worst lines ever in so- called adult games, which often are grossly contaminated with puerile, dull, stupid, and grammatically poor dialogue. Someone please hire a genuine erotic fiction writer.

Killa00 2012.06.27
4 stars definitively good graphics and story.

otto08151 2012.06.25
like this game, hot girls, cool graphics

proc71 2012.06.21
Cool.Awesome graphics and lots of fun.I`ll have to play this one again.

lackstar 2012.06.17
amazin game an the girls amazing

Hitcher 2012.06.15
Graphic - cool
animation - frail
gameplay - medium

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.14
I like the fact that any choice you are asked to make has a great response....at least that was what happened on my first experience. Going to play again and see if I can get the other endings. School uniform is sweeet!

hoptita 2012.06.11
i like this game, nice girl

Nappo 2012.06.11
very complex gameplay. not boting after hours

rippap 2012.06.09
I like the graphics and the girl is so HOT. I like this game

chris_avril 2012.06.08
Nice game. It was cool. graphics were good.

veryhardcock 2012.06.08
i def be coming back for more that hot sexy blonde babe with big boobs sucked my cock like a pro.

veryhardcock 2012.06.08
relly liked the game so much sex and nice 2 fuck a sexy big boobs blonde babe

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.01
lovely game and i like the good created persons. just there misses only sounds of the women when they are having sex

redrick123 2012.06.01
i like this game.... hahaha!!!

Ketan Badjatya 2012.05.31
the game is sooo nice........

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
i would fuck her so badly. great addition to her story

pusshound 2012.05.30
Nice game. Easy and quick play. The girls are hot. The sex scenes are good but could use some more close-ups. Audio would also be a plus. Worth a play.

Cjuzii 2012.05.28
nice graphics, hot looking girls

assassin1 2012.05.27
very great gameplay and graphics but easy

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

bahamut86 2012.05.24
nice game and grafic and penitence too ;)

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game and grafic, good story

ReinoGol 2012.05.21
Great graphic..fantastic game

MummyLove 2012.05.11
I have 695$, like the graphics and animation game

KiDLiStEnSCuDi 2012.05.11
it was the perfect length but audio would be appreciated

KOBK 2012.05.09
This game was perfect. Just the right lenght. Hoping to have a brunett option in the future.

Gray Warden 2012.05.07
like the graphics and animation game 2 easy

pemb1980 2012.05.07
Great game hot women a little short but other than that hot.

dyl1570 2012.05.03
A shorter game but great graphics and Jordan is so hot!

Lutorz27 2012.05.02
good game with hot scenes and girls . a little short but graphics are simply beautiful

TanmoyDas 2012.04.28
A little short, but it was a fun. Looking forward to more Jordan games.

chingari 2012.04.27
Jordan is one of my favorite characters on this site.:) great game.

Killij117 2012.04.24
Short game, but pretty good.

andreas_86 2012.04.22
jordan is very hot blonde. sexy body babe. perfect... i have $500 n more for girl like that... nice job

darknmysterious 2012.04.22
fun game...but disappointed with the length (twss)

bigbellend7 2012.04.20
The game is a little short and the endings rather poor. Good in the fact that you have to think it through

Mercer1190 2012.04.17
kick ass game love the graphics and ending.... i hope they make more and next time a litle longer

pu74m4dr3 2012.04.13
noce gamplay..got 2 endings...wanna find out more..great game

persian_gunner 2012.04.12
This girl is soooooo hot, I like how it is simple during the sex options, I just wish there was sound that accompanied the animation

publictit 2012.04.08
Not long enough imo, still worth playing. Good to see Jordan 500 again

bobytt 2012.04.06
It was ok game, but nothing special.

dubhgilla 2012.04.05
Really happy to see you made an adventure out of Jordan 500.

Kid fancy 2012.04.02
nice graphics but a little short.

farkas 2012.03.30
Good graphics, short story game but interestings endings.

haha42 2012.03.28
Nice game. Could need some more details, possibilitys and stuff, but in my opinion the best rpg on this side xD

John G 2012.03.27
Another "Jordan" game that could benefit from sound and video.

CoMIYC69 2012.03.23
Very cool great graphics...pretty easy game play but too short...love to see more like this

anggimp 2012.03.22
5 thumbs up,,,for this game,,,,

chrono206 2012.03.21
fun game , great endings , needs sounds though

rooiewillem 2012.03.18
lovely game and i like the good created persons. just there misses only sounds of the women when they are having sex

glukos37 2012.03.18
good game with hot scenes and girls . a little short but graphics are simply beautiful.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

sexy_hippier 2012.03.11
nice game. how about we see brooke having sex too?

leibestandarte 2012.03.11
wunderbarrrrr!!! try many actions and find them fun.

madman1954 2012.03.09
good game....not hard to play with differant ending....as always....Jordan is HOT!

talibum 2012.03.06
Nice game. endings are underwhelming though

unlimited 2012.03.04
nice game with various endings. like to play all endings

stud2025 2012.02.25
Fun Game. Just a little short. How about a part 2 with the wife.

John G 2012.02.23
Love the rivalry between the girls.

star 2012.02.22
good game,interesting story.

dylan42 2012.02.20
good game with hot scenes and girls . a little short but graphics are simply beautiful.

iisonroids 2012.02.20
The girls are crazy hot and the great graphics just make it better.

conawins 2012.02.18
good game very nice pics easy to play

thelric 2012.02.12
Easy game, but with great reward pics.

Raldensto 2012.02.08
I like that the gameplay in this game is very different from the other Jordan game on this site. Vareity is good. And I`m glad that you can make quite a few choices during the game.

marcel1970 2012.02.08
i do like to play the Jordan 500 stories...shame not all parts can be played for free... :(

PIG0721 2012.02.07
although d game is short, bt it is awesome

PIG0721 2012.02.07
WOW THE BEST game in site imo

ph3nixx 2012.02.06
Jordan will always be hot...too bad a bit short though

RedDragon6969 2012.01.30
I loved the graphics but the game was way too easy to beat. Heck, it took me six tries, after I won the first four endings, to get the loosing ending. I just couldn`t loose, so when I finally did loose it felt like winning. If this was your plan all along, then I have to say it is a brilliant concept for a game. Ha ha, try to loose in order to win! There is your next idea. Hey, why not a game in this style but with a space or wild west feel ok? That would be different. Thank you for all the great games but, I wish most were longer. Have a great time making and testing new games or, put games on here for us to test!

John G 2012.01.25
Love the competition that goes on here.

PlayforceoneMN 2012.01.20
WOW THE BEST game in site imo

Renath 2012.01.19
Jordan 500, to my eyes, is the third of the girl who make me like to play all your game Kelly and Chritine are the 2 first this game is very beautiful with so interesting animations and so wonderful graphics. I like it much .

mrmmg123 2012.01.18
fun game...but disappointed with the length (twss)

johnnylush 2012.01.16
Short game...not a lot of options. Nice graphics. Sound missing? Overall great.

Cikrdal 2012.01.15
a cool hot game but ashame it`s short

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a cool short game but its hot

timoow16 2012.01.13
Great game. Good graphics. Easy to control.

bristol08 2012.01.12
first game i played great game made me jizz. she is sooooooooo hot i wanna fuck her soooooo bad

layne16 2012.01.11
Good game, graphics, enjoyed the storyline.

Guillaume 2012.01.10
The story was too short, and the interaction wasn`t all that great. Honest game.

giora89 2012.01.08
as expected, but with new things

jaelatru 2012.01.08
good game, but his story is very weak,
could be better

bprince 2012.01.07
Great. Hot babe. It would be great if there were more stories.

hungman84 2012.01.06
this was a sexy story. i liked the sex options how you could do what you wanted.

samkin 2012.01.05
Short but great game, fun to try and find the combinations

Speedy2000 2012.01.05
Great game and graphics.

mafsuas-3 2012.01.03
Short Story with differnt ways. I like it.

wolfdragon9 2011.12.30
great game a little to short cant wait for another

Julieyy 2011.12.24
wow!this`s great..if it`s longer

mike97 2011.12.24
This game was amazing. I love this game

John G 2011.12.23
Really like the competition between the two it`s humorous. Still would like some sound.

SPIKKELTRIL 2011.12.19
The gameplay and graphics are amazing

letsseego 2011.12.17
Game was short but pretty good the girls in it are hot. really easy got all the endings :D

cutefro19 2011.12.10
Nice game but the plot is shady..

pfone2011 2011.12.09
Too bad you can`t choose the girl you play with in this one. It could have been even more fun.

some1n 2011.12.08
The jordan 500 games are excellent but i think it would be even better with improved sound.

Spud 2011.12.06
The gameplay and graphics are amazing! I love the hot Jordan!

-Crank- 2011.12.03
Ive never seen such a hot girl

dewamaulana 2011.12.01
i freakin love this
animation- quite nice but some part durin sex are not shown completely, meh
storyline- nice one. added bonus for the punishment for her friend afterwards.
rate 8/10.

joun 2011.11.30
Awesome game sexy scenes. I loved the tits on the women.

passionman 2011.11.27
my fav game love this add on

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

croteck 2011.11.25
his game feels like a waste of time, it doesn`t make me like jordan 500 anymore, and the only rewards are a bunch of pictures. the sex scenes are also extremely tedious

croteck 2011.11.25
this is a very sexy game i like

creature 2011.11.20
fun to play wish had shown the anal sex

raghavan 2011.11.19
This game is awesome................nice graphics...

btsom 2011.11.19
love the game one of the best to play

doomdragon22 2011.11.19
hehe nice funny game. totally enjoyed the story

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
Pity no sound but very good game more ends so will check it out again

HarSlan 2011.11.16
Very good game...Fun to play...Nice girls and good endings

justin_rhodes 2011.11.15
Interesting, but not as good as the RPG featuring Jordan. Had my problems with that game too, but sexy girl, sexy situation, I don`t have a lot to complain about.

barcan123 2011.11.15
I love it, very good storyline and sexscenes, the girl is so hot, I just wish there was sound

Krueger 2011.11.13
Awesome graphics. I played it for all prizes. But Jordan got just one punishment. I would like to see her doing a blowjob or something. Nvm, the game is actually my favourite.

Kline 2011.11.11
jordan rocks, keep making them

sexyguy774 2011.11.11
Nice game... girl is sooooo sexxxyyyyy... need to increase scenes in the game...

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

ioska12 2011.11.10
woow coool I love this game

hoyk12345 2011.11.04
nice game with great graphics

revaldo 2011.11.04
love this game. very, very sexy.

Cockoon 2011.10.30
I liked it, the only bad thing was the "click here" mechanic I think it`s a little anti-climatic for this kind of game, I`m looking forward to more J-500 stories.

Bartzyboy 2011.10.29
Really Great Detail to the game

rock_002 2011.10.27
nice sex scene...but not a good story

nightbird 2011.10.27
there is not enough action, but girls are hot

tdaynis 2011.10.27
good graphics..........sexy jordan.........nice gameplay!

nas2cole 2011.10.26
They should make more games like this, this is great!

Lucretia 2011.10.26
Nice graphics, game could`ve been longer

d_lover 2011.10.25
tht ws a really sexy game, man shee is hot

M_A_K_O 2011.10.23
I hope the sex part can be better.

AngelStorm747 2011.10.18
A nice shortwhile story, outstanding graphics and a how Jordan seduces the guy...

thono 2011.10.17
easy game, great graphics

TBar39 2011.10.14
Great artwork (as usual), and loved the punishments at the end...nice range of action positions also.

Paulyp1993 2011.10.14
This Game was Amazing :) Nothing else you can really saya bout it

playboy21 2011.10.13
the game is too short. i wish the game is much more smoother too.

mimixxx 2011.10.12
It`s a real sexy game - good graphics

Aragog64 2011.10.11
Nice. Very beautifull dolls.

fROGster 2011.10.11
Cool game and sexy animations

lazybones22 2011.10.10
i like the spinoff of the other game. good idea.

heplay 2011.10.09
I hope the sex part can be better.

lita2extremeladder 2011.10.07
game is great...way too short

Uniquejujus 2011.10.06
This girl is soooooo hot,but the game way too short...

mitsu22 2011.10.06
great game. Animations were a little wacky though

bigbubba97 2011.10.02
This game was really hot.

moseswalker 2011.09.30
Very hot, lot`s of options.

moseswalker 2011.09.30
Just played my first one, but liked it. Looking forward to more.

wakop 2011.09.29
good game with some very hot scenes

jonatior 2011.09.26
the girl is really hot and sexy

Slipmeister 2011.09.25
little short but plenty of variety

playboy1982 2011.09.24
kinda short and dull,but the graphics are sweet!

loba24 2011.09.22
this is a very sexy game i like

Mikheas 2011.09.22
Excellent game, please keep it up. Jordan is so gorgeous, there should be a series only for her. Ha!

jovi 2011.09.20
sexy girls and great fuck

Teodore 2011.09.19
lovly i like the style of the Game tha grafik is ok but the story is great

animeloverx 2011.09.19
I Liked This Game Very Much.!! Very Realistic.!!

DreamTim 2011.09.18
this game is very good. I like it

Seyenne 2011.09.18
Really Good Game! Nice looking Girls and the all familiar Lesson of Passion Interface.

kk77 2011.09.18
this is my fav game, the only thing, it should have sounds, it would be awesome

Valiare 2011.09.16
I love how simple the game is. It`s got good graphics and the gameplay`s pretty great. An all around good game.

piskerg 2011.09.15
jordan 500 ruls. nice game

datboy 2011.09.15
the graphics are great hope they make part 2

drubie4 2011.09.14
easy but nice choices to make along the way, sexy jordan strikes again

Decstarr 2011.09.13
Its fun, but I never earned that much for a single client in the original game

yfgckim 2011.09.13
This game`s graphic is great and I am stuck on it

dednik 2011.09.12
top game with good graphic ,

blimey 2011.09.12
Great game - agree that sound would improve it though

decconan 2011.09.12
i hope it wiil be story 2, story 3, and more.

sexxyjessie 2011.09.11
This game was great. I am so used to playing as the male. This game was a nice change.

iwantcunt 2011.09.10
I Liked This Game Very Much.!! Very Realistic.!!

elishacuthbert 2011.09.10
I was able to find 5 diff pics.
Brooke`s Punishment

Jordan`s Punishment

rated 2011.09.09
Lack of sound is a problem. The premise is interesting and should perhaps be expanded on in the future

papaBR 2011.09.09
Great game, love the simplicity of it

genai 2011.09.08
good game, hot girl and nice animation... :)

bartaerts1976 2011.09.08
love this game and a very hot girl what does a man want more

alibeik 2011.09.08
wow i was inside the game

doesan 2011.09.08
Definitely could use some sounds

BarbieSlut 2011.09.06
this absloutely is my kind of sexgame, very cool and very hot graphics!

sempah 2011.09.06
Amazing work; you did a great job with the simulation part, although once you hit the "skillcap" the game gets kind of repetitive. I know Tori500 is the current sequel to this but you should consider doing more simulation-style games!

raeme 2011.09.03
good very detailed loved the scence nice work ;)

ttoonnyy54321 2011.09.03
Good game. Thank you for making another buitiful game

txcowboy0026 2011.09.03
done it again, created a great game of options and the graphics are great

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Another nice game, looks great.

fuckdemon 2011.09.02
what a great game, very cool, i want to be that man

gustaveglans 2011.08.31
bitchy story, some variation in the story line, average graphics

markimarek 2011.08.29
hmmm ... nice story, hot girls but too short ;(

botaku 2011.08.28
This was a good game, but a bit too short. The graphics are nice and I loved the story.

pkripper37 2011.08.27
way too short for such a good series.

Musterknabe 2011.08.25
Hm... I played the Jordan 500 game a few times... this one carries the story on, I really like that! But its a bit short!

baleine 2011.08.21
That game is hot, with a little of psychology. The graphics are realistic.

perheiro 2011.08.21
If I was an old woman I would yell "BINGO". Not being an old woman I`ll just yell "BRAVO" well done start to finish.

elliebaby 2011.08.20
great game! more like this?!xx

holmes1701 2011.08.20
great game and love the end punishments. Awesome

kapo 2011.08.20
Jordan 500!!! such an amazing game!!! i love the graphics too.

imahornybeast 2011.08.19
the first game tt got me hooked on this site....sexy

stitcherz 2011.08.19
Very simple and straight forward game.

maccio 2011.08.18
This girl is soooooo hot, I like how it is simple during the sex options, I just wish there was sound that accompanied the animation


sexyboi 2011.08.17
this girl is sooooooooooooooooooo hot

Arkaide 2011.08.16
not as extensive as HCC but still a good shorty

sharkboy 2011.08.16
this game had great graphics

kurac 2011.08.13
This girl is so hot, J enjoy in playing this game, animation is very good.

kurac 2011.08.13
The graphic is very good.

mattm8r 2011.08.12
fun not to easy not to hard like it

mike99009 2011.08.10
i love this game it is awesome!

spokxx 2011.08.09
very hot game with good graphics
and those chicks - awesome

Hong Gil Dong 2011.08.05
Wow, I like the girl so much!!!! It is very nice game!!!

dreadwolf 2011.08.04
game play, animations and graphics are great
is there a way to get a threesome

Sollie 2011.08.03
great game... loving the ending!

dionna244 2011.08.03
good story great graphics

kortex 2011.08.02
good game, i liked it....and the girls are smoking hot

paerarru 2011.08.02
Love it! Easy to play but fun. And Jordan is freaking hot.

Jimithepest 2011.07.31
I just wish there were more scenarios. others great game. had me cumming bac for more

dar103 2011.07.31
Too short, but good graphics

hello123456 2011.07.28
How to win in the game , try a few times and loose them all

Herrushingu 2011.07.26
Great Game. This girl is so hot, i love it :)

Silver2018 2011.07.26
ending was really suprising with the options, great game

NeRo826 2011.07.26
loved the game great sex but i think u should make games more hard u know

wwf316 2011.07.25
I love the animations, great game like every game!

Liltommytucker 2011.07.20
Just need more Jordan stuff, it`s mas good as the premier content on Tori if not better

thedoob 2011.07.20
Love this game...really fun and sexy!! I want more Jordan games!!!!!

SecretLife 2011.07.19
very quick game but great money ;)

cyclop 2011.07.17
its a great game, good story and animation

GloN 2011.07.17
I love the Jordan & Tori games...both awesome :)

rambo1234567 2011.07.17
waiting for next jordan stories. . . . . . ..punishments needs to be more embarassing

lolol66 2011.07.17
it`s easy game, I LOVE IT!

John G 2011.07.17
I love the Jordan games, the graphics are perfect

jackpot 2011.07.15
Nice game but too short. excellent graphic

Eddie 666 2011.07.13
nice graphics and a nice story, and damn she is hot even for a cartoon

thedoob 2011.07.13
Really enjoyed this game....Jordan is hot keep em coming!!!

ak_is_pro 2011.07.13
Fun Game.. pretty easy to play but fun none the less

dejuke 2011.07.12
Very nice. Especialy the girl :)

Sciakal 2011.07.11
i find it only now. Funny, but too easy game...

dowz 2011.07.11
great graphics. fun game. easy to play. will definitly play again

smokeyy69 2011.07.10
great game really enjoyed the story

hindrik64 2011.07.10
Jordan looks great, and the animation is nice too.

james7176 2011.07.10
I really like the joran 500 games this one is really good and so are the graphics.

icebruin 2011.07.10
Great graphics, fun game, but not the best of the Jordan 500 games. Still fun to play

InuAi_1 2011.07.09
I`m in love with the graphics for these games. BTW does anyone know how to actually win the bet?

JoeDiet 2011.07.09
Great game. Sexy School Girl is awesome.

ravitul 2011.07.09
Cool, adds an extra dimention to the original game

jake201 2011.07.07
excellent game.it is really nice graphic too

Weebacca 2011.07.05
Girls are very fuckable... damn so hot

zazaza2 2011.07.04
i love this girl
nice graphic too

Emilee1909 2011.07.02
I loved the game, the graphics are very good.

thans 2011.07.02
This is a great game. I like that you can fail before figuring out the best combo of choices

mzelmo 2011.07.01
i like this website but i reall really need my kelly

999mawk 2011.06.30
this games graphics are really good howecer the storyline isnt the best

m4t0n 2011.06.29
hots girls makes this game superb

Eddie 666 2011.06.29
yeah, good game, nice one, good graphics and a nice story

Furyious 2011.06.29
I cant wait until they make more of Jordan 500 stories.

Duilow 2011.06.29
Love the the first Jordan 500 with it`s unique play. I kind of feel like this downgraded the game, gameplay wise. but nonetheless good game

Rahul09 2011.06.28
awesome game but the girl needs to be exposed more.

retvx 2011.06.27
i love this story line.nice game!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I love these games, strictly from a woman`s perspective.

danidave 2011.06.23
love this game, could be more endings.

alexrol 2011.06.23
cool game , nice graphics and jordan is perfect

0341misfit 2011.06.22
its a win, win out come. fun game. the passsion and pressure bar seem useless though.

tmac20 2011.06.21
great graphics needs to be longer

John G 2011.06.20
Great and interesting variations to find.

John G 2011.06.20
Great story line and interesting.

powerpuff 2011.06.19
love it, could be more endings.

C.C. 2011.06.18
Great graphics but not the best game I`ve ever played.

Abuksu 2011.06.18
Excellent graphics, I think lost the previous story continuity has sequence with the late raised above

ltworf1 2011.06.18
I enjoyed this game. This would be fun inside the Jordan Game as a mini game. short and too the point

chrischaos 2011.06.18
A short game that was fun.

reaperbr666 2011.06.17
interesting choices this one.

sarnil 2011.06.17
Its a Great Game Nice Graphics and all girls are really beautiful

BDC 2011.06.16
Very good game, great graphics and story and a fair amount of re-playability

flintstoneflop 2011.06.16
Good solid game. Animations were alittle poor, but overall alot of fun

??????? 2011.06.15
this game is nice the graphic is good
sorry for my bad english

Jman 2011.06.15
I love how the girls look. They really look hot. I liked the choices in the end I just with there was more to the story.

zucriy 2011.06.14
Quick and simple, very nice gameplay. Wasn`t to much of a fan of the dry animations though.

malko1 2011.06.14
so far one of my favorites, really fun and hot

toribell231855 2011.06.13
amazing game i loved this it was absolutely fullfilling

SilasC 2011.06.12
I love jordan, the grafic is perfect

Ketzi666 2011.06.12
Really nice, greatly rendered!

V-Lex9 2011.06.11
Very good game! Really great animations.

JCtheMan 2011.06.11
dude this series is great!! love it!!

Ronnylogo 2011.06.07
To easy to play but good graphics

Greevos 2011.06.07
To short but great graphics and game play

Jaydog0120 2011.06.07
one of my favorite. wish there were more like it

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Both Jordan 500 games are great. Graphics are amazing and Jordan is probably the most beautiful character in all the games! The animation is a little choppy though.

tbone123 2011.06.06
i love this game they need to make a sequeal

blk 2011.06.06
nice game to short but funny

fadi11 2011.06.04
fabulous graphics with good story

monokini 2011.06.04
this game is very good and detailed. i love it

jhiarey 2011.06.04
noce gamplay..got 2 endings...wanna find out more..great game

murphda 2011.06.03
realy hot i love th endings great little touch.

dragonman1961 2011.06.03
she was hot and the game was easy but the sex needs to be so much more realistic

incredible 2011.06.01
This game is awesome, great game play and graphics.

TheGreenArcher1 2011.05.31
The game is a bit easy. But very sexy. I like decision choosing games. Especially if they`re erotic. :D

Mojache 2011.05.30
very enjoyable game, will be playing it again to try and get the other endings.

fucker101 2011.05.28
very good game they should make a second one maybe with more girls.

bigbuck11 2011.05.27
I`m having problems being able to progress in the game. I can`t seem to get my fuck skill up at all, most people in the park that have it as a requirement have it too high for me.

chloep 2011.05.26
hot game!i love jordan 500 sequel so much.so exciting

ILOGIK 2011.05.25
Great game its still one of my favorite games for this wesite and also the gameplay is increadibly good as the story also

johnnycash 2011.05.25
very nice graphic. zoe is smoking.

BlueGold 2011.05.24
we need more jordan games!! They are awsome

virus_man2k2 2011.05.24
Hot game. Too bad there`s no threesome ending.

sexycanI 2011.05.23
i love it..jordan 500 is so sexy..i like her...mmuahh

blackhairedblonde1 2011.05.18
i love the jordan 500 games! it gets to the point :]

Shadowford 2011.05.17
Anther sweet game to play. :)

ozpaqm 2011.05.17
I loved Jordan 500 and I also really liked this continuation I really hope they make more.

Laz000 2011.05.17
Nice animations bit short though

xxlordxx686 2011.05.14
I Like this series but too bad its too short and I love this blonde

Laisen 2011.05.13
Very good game! Really great animations.

alphaq72 2011.05.13

this game was awesome, i enjoyed playing it

patty23 2011.05.13
one of the best games i ever played and its interactive play is good tooooo.....................a very horny game

Abhishek02 2011.05.12
this one is awesome....i enjoyed it.....n played it again and again....

shakezulla17 2011.05.11
Short but good quality in graphics. Worth a play

2throwed4u 2011.05.09
good game bit short but nice scenes

Vee-Jay 2011.05.09
Yeah, with sound it would be a lot more interesting.

cbor 2011.05.08
good game, but there should be a sequel, maybe with more girls

yogi321 2011.05.08
good game
but too short

zips 2011.05.06
This game is so hot, and has a lot of different possibile endings. Plus short enough to play over and over to find them all. Jordan is awesome.

HiHoe 2011.05.06
jordan is so hot, more games from her please, game was a bit easy but other than that it was great

FFFighter 2011.05.06
I think the suckers kinda come out at random depending on what you do. IDK about some of you guys, but this game kept me guessing. about how much I could manage.

costareal 2011.05.05
game with one of best graphic i ever seen, and story also good

Skarn62 2011.05.05
great game, nice graphic, and original story

C.C. 2011.05.04
Hot girl. Not a bad game but nothing challenging.

azrael81 2011.05.04
Jordan continues! Great Job. I`m waiting for more of her adventures.

lexy-pooh 2011.05.04
I liked the game even though I didn`t do so good keeping the presssure down but othe than that its good

HAhartman 2011.05.03
love the game...the punishments are great to look at and the girl jordam damn

apfaff 2011.05.02
I have played this a bunch of times

dane987 2011.05.02
great game, great story... turnd me on badly

Gully101 2011.05.01
nice anmation good game really enjoyed it :)

Mr.Man 2011.05.01
this game was a beast really good graphics also very sexy

deathknive 2011.04.30
i wish i could animate like that :((

Adjie DW 2011.04.30
i very like this....!!! lol

Silhan 2011.04.29
good animation but it should be longer

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
this is the awesome game... and i like it...

charonos 2011.04.29
Hm, graphic is good, but game is too short and easy.

jada1913 2011.04.29
this game is really really really great

arulegong 2011.04.28
Great graphics. I like the graphics! :D

Ocram 2011.04.28
I like the graphic in this game but i could never finish this game lol

Ara 2011.04.27
Sexy games with hot girls, good graphics and fun. Not that good story line..

dannyboy1234 2011.04.26
great animations beautiful girls

RingTime 2011.04.25
animations were pretty good. I liked the girls.

meyo 2011.04.23
its a really great, i wish to see more with jordan 500

deevo 2011.04.23
A short and hot little game, but I hope the next game starring Jordan is a little longer and varied.

tomobo 2011.04.22
I think its a really great game

wabbithunta 2011.04.22
Any more of these games with Jordan, a good choice of sexual options and maybe add some sound to the scenes too? Disappointing "punishments" I`d thought they`d be better than just a screen shot of either of the girls in outfits. Still.. it was a fun game though.

amps00 2011.04.22
Great game, this is why we need more Jordan games

josueo 2011.04.21
great game, like it very much, especially the bedroom scenes. Graphics are outstanding, Jordans looks very hot. Hope there´ll be more stories soon :))

Jaydog0120 2011.04.21
Jordan is my 2nd favorite girl on here.
She is one i want to see more of

GR8284 2011.04.20
What can say but Hot, hot, hot
Jordan is just so damn fine

drools44 2011.04.20
Great game nice clear artful and realistic graphic. Much better quality than some other 3D games i.ve played. thank you

Romulus 2011.04.19
Good game wish there was more.

carterchase 2011.04.19
good game wish there was more to it though

reddeep 2011.04.18
Vicious, hot, original and beautiful. An excellent game, a little too repetitive, but that`s an obligation with this kind of game.

lugae90 2011.04.18
really great game, maybe there will be a part 2 ^^

pfdoej 2011.04.17
Nice one - I hope there`ll be part 2!

dylansz 2011.04.17
Great game and great body on Jordan!

tufstuf86 2011.04.16
I loved Jordan 500 and I also really liked this continuation I really hope they make more.

stryder_12 2011.04.15
This is one of my favorites.

BUFFY 2011.04.15
niccccccccccceeeeeee one of my fovorites like herrr

NADOSH 2011.04.15
mm .. not bad ..
but a litle action ..

southpole2306 2011.04.15
great game characters look awesome as always

olivia069 2011.04.15
this game was a lot of fun and the graphics are great

jzazatio 2011.04.14
It is a very kool game. But needs to be a bit longer.

Arbaal 2011.04.14
Nice game, but bit too short. If u add thiskind concept to full "500"-game then it would be much better

blazecraz1 2011.04.13
good game. i never seem to lose lol

nax14 2011.04.13
great game. i simply loved it

crabs 2011.04.12
Beautiful Graphics, nice and to the point (action). Couple of grammar errors.

bandy@ 2011.04.11
I like the game,like the graphics, like the story line,

Snake-8 2011.04.10
not bad i prefer the full 500 game though compared to this

sebbe212 2011.04.10
nice game but the ending is to few

Dukester0 2011.04.09
The shy guy is a different angle than other games.

dino8732 2011.04.09
good game but is too short

dino8732 2011.04.09
this girl is very good looking

muffinlover666 2011.04.09
Fun to see Jordan in action again

glockenspeal 2011.04.08
love the game, love the graphics, love the story line, hell i don`t think there`s a fualt to this game

qwe23 2011.04.08
very good game, great graphics

C. C. 2011.04.07
I agree with others. Too short. Could use a few more challenges and a few more actions.

eren 2011.04.07
realy good game the sexiest flash game I played

jj02687 2011.04.07
so far the game is quite predictable but generally is good.

illianis 2011.04.07
What an awesome game. Best game ever

hot_wolf 2011.04.07
I love Jordan whatever the game

zetronx 2011.04.06
For me this is the best game on this site. too bad tori 500 is not available for free, but hey, youve got to make money too right

vincentvalentine14 2011.04.06
Best game i have played in a long time

3rdson 2011.04.06
bice graphics the girls r super hot. better animation than some others too. i like this one alot...just a bit too short maybe?

kyaminaj 2011.04.05
sexy game made me super horny

reper 2011.04.05
i love the jordan 500 game, hope they can make more of them, and longer stories

djokerzt 2011.04.04
nice game.... with nice animation and i like it...

supertene 2011.04.04
great game and sound....the girl is awesome^^

Immerhin 2011.04.03
This girl is soooooo hot, I like how it is simple during the sex options

ddt111 2011.04.03
very good grahics and the sound is also good

Garcian 2011.04.02
awesome game, please make more!!!

Google 2011.04.02
this is a verry nice game

hunts628 2011.04.02
Its a little short, but the muiti-ending thing helps. of course those are just pics

hentai1337 2011.04.01
good game, with good graphics

rob 2011.03.31
Good but short game, sexy girl, great sex scenes

mamboruk 2011.03.31
This game is the greatest!!!! So many things to do! So many choices!!!

NINJA_ASSASIN 2011.03.31
its a good game and it has really good graphics comparing to most other games this is better

kolsons87 2011.03.31
Every thing about that game was great girls her boobs graphics and the sex!!!!!!

atoril 2011.03.31
This girl is soooooo hot, I like how it is simple during the sex options

jayphab 2011.03.30
Jordon is pretty hot, but the games is a little too simple

lolzfff 2011.03.30
love the storyline and is really great

kanf 2011.03.30
Good game with an interesting storyline. A pitty it is so short :)

AragornI 2011.03.30
Lessons of passions rocks!!!
Jordan is my favorite despite this one is little bit short!

gohawks29 2011.03.30
Good game - not as much fun as the regualr Jordan 500 though - still awesome work!

Energyx 2011.03.30
I like her stockings. I like girls who are wearing high heels and stockings.. :)

mildcrush95 2011.03.30
Jordan is hot.
The sex scenes are a little bit off but overall its still a good game

kangaroo 2011.03.29
good game, many end and stuff to buy...animation are not amazing

advokata 2011.03.29
Perfect.. just perfect! Great game :)

Mandingo 2011.03.29
Really enjoy this game. It`s really entertaining.

slick143 2011.03.29
This girl so hot, I like how it is simple during the sex options
but the man sholud have been more willing therefore the wolud hav been more sex scences

bobdafische1 2011.03.28
sick as game great graphics

SpacePuppy42 2011.03.28
Great looking gal but a little to simple of play.

dactylspondee 2011.03.27
Fun and short. Good stuff. Better if you`ve played Jordan 500 before.

kendricka 2011.03.26
Very nice concept and great animation good games:)

darklust 2011.03.25
If only it was a longer play

cj13598 2011.03.25
Really good game...needs a little work with the graphics but other than that really good

yoko12 2011.03.25
Great Jordan nice graphic but fuck should improve and too short =)

tubs 2011.03.25
you need more games like this. its awsome.

Ironman 2011.03.24
love this game need more like this

warriorspirit 2011.03.24
never fails to dissapoint

Gallardo 2011.03.23
That girl is so hooot, good game

poc 2011.03.23
Hello... um, not really. it`s my secoNd party.

priceless 2011.03.23
great graphics, sex animations need alittle work overall short and sweet nice game

troybolton 2011.03.23
As usual, the graphic is fantastic. But, as was mentioned by other - the animation of sex is bad. It should be more fluent, more realistic.
You got the big + for non linear outcome. I mean that for winning each game you will need different combination - repeating the same won`t work.
The ending was nice, but I would prefer to give artworks as bonus to game (as in Passion Hotel) and the endings like a some scene (as in most of your games).
Finally, it is a detail, but you can place some note about the mechanic. I don`t understand too much what is the connection between passion pleasure and the outcome. Sometimes I win with both high, sometimes I loose. The same with high one and low two. Or just say that it is not so important - for example because the game is not linear. It`s not something bad, just a bit confusing.
Also game is not long, but this is also not a big problem if we assume, that you are working on Kellys comeback form voyage and it will be something bigger than usual.
Anyway - very good game!

BLacKDr4GoN 2011.03.23
One of the great game out there, waiting for more game come out like this with longer storyline and more exotic sex scene, thanks.

imustlose 2011.03.23
Jordan is great. hope better next time

kullii 2011.03.22
Eh, eh, Jordan is so amazing. And I won the bet with Brooke ;)

bigdick2000 2011.03.22
This girl is soooooo hot, I like how it is simple during the sex options, I just wish there was sound that accompanied the animation

bigdick2000 2011.03.22
graphics and Jordon hot as usual,keep up the good work guys.

bigdick2000 2011.03.22
awesome game the girl was HOT, nice

Lisababi 2011.03.22
Pretty good, kind of awkward but okay!

raptortech97 2011.03.22
A high quality game, though a bit on the short side. I really like how there are so many options available.

ranmagh01 2011.03.22
Not much graphics to speak of. Okay storyline, but could have been better with more action.

Harshit_bhutani 2011.03.21
nice stotry setup and nice graphics

missing sound effects

johanv39 2011.03.21
love this game , the graphics are great

Actionjackson 2011.03.21
Nice and simple. Good graphics. Hope to see more of the Jordan series.

grandmoff19346 2011.03.21
I liked this game better than Jordan 500. There`s a lot more sex with a lot less story :)

nniffar 2011.03.21
very nice and simple story

Benoit07 2011.03.21
Needs to actually do something in the punishment scenes...

japie9 2011.03.21
Nice short little game. I like the ending. You can lose or you can win.

loshmee 2011.03.21
i just love jordan 500 games. I wish there was more of them ! Great game, great interactions, both girls are reaaaally sexy and beautiful..

frezze 2011.03.20
good qualty
i like this game
This game is very extraordinary

cidermeister 2011.03.20
really good graphics, nice simple gameplay. sound required

Arcan 2011.03.20
great game, Jordan is so hot. Good job!

syeh 2011.03.20
great graphic and great storyline

noviuser 2011.03.20
Nice graphics and interesting to do stuff we want girls doing to us:)

old_ironside78 2011.03.20
Again another great game by Lessons of Passion. But it s a little too short.

silvfer 2011.03.19
a fun game but needs more thoughts

chokopat 2011.03.19
really loves this game its fucking good

ranisz 2011.03.19
quiet good but I think it is a bit to short

Shooterboi 2011.03.19
good game. jordan is as sexy and hot as usual

Boy1 2011.03.19
Good game all in all, bit short, not sure if its worth playing a few times to get other endings, beat the other girls easy enough on 1st attempt so guess its done. Let me know if there are other endings worth getting.

kruten 2011.03.19
great game, but very short and just one guy, but jordan game allways hell lot of fun!

guozijian 2011.03.19
good game and very exciting with good graphics

Blonzel 2011.03.18
This is a really good game.

sexylesbian 2011.03.18
Very good animation and graphics. It was an enjoyable game to play.

chickenabc 2011.03.18
VEry Fun but its abit short

supermario123 2011.03.18
i love this game it needs mroe depth and endings though

althor 2011.03.18
A good game with great graphics but a little too short and too easy. And no real ending.

Yomommaagent 2011.03.18
Too short and only one person? There has been better.

Gack23 2011.03.18
Wow thats really great, i love the idea with the bet and the Punishment at End

tomswan 2011.03.18
love the jordan500 games, great action

kingt 2011.03.18
great game, jordan is so hot. but its a little bit too short

stieven 2011.03.18
Jordan is one of the hottest!

chiefathletics 2011.03.18
Wish it was a little longer

areuwithme 2011.03.17
this game isn`t long enough it should give more options

NickChaser 2011.03.17
The game was awesome!!
The graphics and options were great!
But it would be better if there were sex sounds :-D

zzfuck651 2011.03.17
This game gets too repetative and the sex scenes are annoying.

loverboy117 2011.03.17
interesting game i love it

woody159 2011.03.17
A little short, but pretty good, i wanna see what happens with all suits or if u lose

chuck152 2011.03.17
damn that girl is hot, good game

gambo 2011.03.16
the girl in this is really sexy, but i have a hard time trying to make money in this game when i play, how do you make money?

zolkesh2 2011.03.16
this is the best looking game i have played so far and it works well

johnsmith1212 2011.03.15
Great games, a little confsing at the beggining

valaar 2011.03.15
This is a great game, one of the best of ever

amirul890 2011.03.14
this game is good ! not bad not bad at all

nielynator 2011.03.13
never tought drawned girls cood be that sexy

sirdeaner 2011.03.12
fantastic game, could be better with sound.

girl1 2011.03.12
the game should be longer

silver12 2011.03.11
Jordan is hot, I could see her naked all the time

ws1000oryx 2011.03.11
great game, only a bit to short

marcelino21 2011.03.11
muito bom jogo espero mais...

Sammael 2011.03.11
just a little bit to short

ManKyYen 2011.03.11
Maybe add this mini game into actual jordan 500 instead of making it a separate game

Brownkr79 2011.03.10
fun, but predictable. compliment the hell out of him, and you will win. And the "dare rewards" are nothing to be happy about getting.

reards 2011.03.10
dirty girl wish she was my girlfriend good graphics

Daveyod 2011.03.10
so much fun, great gameplay and awesome action scenes, the dialog could use refining but a pretty damn good game

month 2011.03.10
That was a good one. Heh.. I think I will lose once on purpose!

marcelino21 2011.03.09
nice animation good game i like it

LightningRevenant 2011.03.09
i love this games....it`s on my favorite games list

BKnucklehead 2011.03.08
very good game. i play it offen i like the multiple routes to the end including that Jordan can lose

Silveralpha 2011.03.08
I like the idea behind these games but they don`t feel like a finished product. Obscene detail is paid to the heroines but anything outside of the Jordan & her token big-boob`d Asian friend bubble looks general. ...and tbh, Jordan is pretty darn general as well. she has or lot of untapped potential.

garrett92 2011.03.08
great graphic, but everything just needs to long... slow like ******* this game

WolfWarrior 2011.03.08
Really original plot but short and plain.

HotGuy19 2011.03.08
awesome game, doesn`t need any changes whatsoever

rukai 2011.03.07
I like the idea behind these games but they don`t feel like a finished product. Obscene detail is paid to the heroines but anything outside of the Jordan & her token big-boob`d Asian friend bubble looks general. ...and tbh, Jordan is pretty darn general as well. she has or lot of untapped potential.

thanks for the effort and for sharing it with us.

Baril04 2011.03.07
This one is really hot and the girl is so sexy
I really love lesson of passion games

pavel203 2011.03.07
Very good game
I just wish the endings were interactive

weedsmoker1st 2011.03.07
good game..ending is nice

equationbarrington 2011.03.07
Could be longer but it was a good game nonetheless.

brownhawk54 2011.03.06
pretty cool really like graphics

wolfinn2 2011.03.05
nice blonde quick plot a nice game

mayor 2011.03.05
The game is good, but the first part is better

deathz 2011.03.05
This is a very good game and the girl is very hot

fameasser 2011.03.05
good game..ending is nice

ashyia 2011.03.05
this is a great game, short easy ans so hot

onetwothree 2011.03.04
This game is very simple, doesn`t leave you at a loss for what do like some of the others

pegasus2301 2011.03.04
for one of the first games I played on here, it was quite good and very enjoyable. Graphics were very good. Overall I look forward to playing more games

Nicodemus 2011.03.04
bit too short but good graphics

fameasser 2011.03.04
lovely game that was..enjoyed

qazse 2011.03.04
game with awesome graphics... but too short

wolfje 2011.03.04
Good game, not too easy. Just love the different endings. Bit easy for my taste though.

ichigo_k95 2011.03.04
good graphics, more power to you man!!

nathanael 2011.03.04
the graphic is better than other game

Hardheart 2011.03.04
fun, easy... kind of simple,

gargletron 2011.03.04
The graphics on these keep getting better and better. Leonizer is awesome.

Invictuss 2011.03.04
the gameplay wasnt bad for this one the female graphics were good though i think the graphics on the male end could have been better and having sound would have been nice as well

ducaling 2011.03.03
this game is great, just a little slow

Siantlark 2011.03.03
Good game the girl is really hot.

amitbe84 2011.03.03
not a very good dame but grafics nice

hardtnmale25 2011.03.02
Jordan is definitely my favorite

rob 2011.03.02
Great game, nice graphics, hot girls

LowlifeADE 2011.03.02
Good game, but a little bit too short!

dragonlordess 2011.03.02
i really like jordan500 games if only the premium wasn`t one you had to pay for.

Galamasorion 2011.03.02
Wow thats really great, i love the idea with the bet and the Punishment at End

TestBoy 2011.03.02
Nice game! But a little bit too short!

bigd1174 2011.03.01
i love this game the graphics are great and the story line is good

Brownkr79 2011.03.01
fun, easy... kind of simple, have chosen every ending, and have lost

hasil 2011.03.01
I love this game. This game is the graphics so good and I enjoyed it

apoorv 2011.02.28
this is the most amazing hooker one can ever get ! great game

wheelie28 2011.02.28
absolutely amazing. love it!

hookupman123 2011.02.28
The graphics are awesome and Jordan is so hot. Love the choice of punishments at the end as well.

Maxk 2011.02.28
Nice pictures at the ending, but new punishments when you lost would be great.

nothingtolose 2011.02.28
nice game, interesting story but too short.

fluffydadragon 2011.02.28
this game is great
this is like my fifth time playing

toja112 2011.02.28
very nice and of course hot!!

m12345 2011.02.27
i love yhis game great graphivs

oregon02 2011.02.27
always a pleasure to see jordan again...

funnydoc2 2011.02.27
Deng. I like these kinds of games.

hobrough 2011.02.27
jordan 500 very sexy and hope for more games in the jordan 500 series

tryingitout 2011.02.27
i love the game and I have found all of the endings but i wish there were more sex scenes

eng551 2011.02.26
hot chicks like ending one of better games

ski9072 2011.02.26
Ummm, HOT babe, ok action, no sound, a good solid C

zadon 2011.02.26
Great game interesting adventure.

manchasd 2011.02.26
one of the best game on lop

mattmsand 2011.02.25
really love the outfits, at least 5 different ones, both girls are stunning.

Ishtarfey 2011.02.25
very good game. i play it offen i like the multiple routes to the end including that Jordan can lose.

sergiosoer 2011.02.25
e sex parts are a bit to well unsexy and I got a glitch in the deepthroat part but exept that its good

J1995s 2011.02.25
Amazing graphics and gameplay
Brooke and Jordan are really hot!

598 2011.02.24
adding sounds would make it better :D

coolstorybro 2011.02.24
Good graphics. story lacking abit. bit other then that. great game.

Jaxom 2011.02.24
That is realy cool game!!! Not very simple, many endings...

awesome graphics...

deathfather 2011.02.24
one of the best games on here. very hot!!!!!!

shotkalla22 2011.02.24
all i know is jordan wouldnt have had to try so hard with me i woulda fucked the shit out of here and her sexy body

mr.brightside 2011.02.23
could be less button pressing

vladek983 2011.02.23
Jordan is sooo hot...too bad the scenes are not better, and it`s not a bit longer.

chitti 2011.02.23
the gameplay and graphics are just great.

nexuss 2011.02.23
wow this game is beatiful, have a great ghrafic. sorry for my english i am italian xD

benwit54 2011.02.23
great, but Jordan always lose !

ppcoyo 2011.02.23
Nice graphics!!!
Really original plot but short and plain.

pinned 2011.02.22
really GOOD game, i love this type of game and this graphic

flyman21 2011.02.22
I am stuck once i get in the bed room what do I do next?

dragonj 2011.02.22
very nice game liked the animations.

Titansteel 2011.02.22
I like this game! It has nice graphics and a funny story!

Nightfire 2011.02.21
All I can say is I can`t wait for the next one.

waterselement 2011.02.21
good game. wish there were more options.

thechamp24 2011.02.21
good story great gramphics hot girl

durex10 2011.02.21
graphics are incredible but Jordan is more incredible!

jonneyd68 2011.02.21
nice game with great picturs

branson1 2011.02.20
having some problems with this one will keep trying

khalidakhtar 2011.02.20
kool game with nice storyline and graphics..

fx401 2011.02.19
Stunning graphics and nice gameplay. Loved the story, wish there were more Jordan games!

jrob2685 2011.02.19
great game and graphics, i love Jordan!

bigdaddy1234 2011.02.18
the game will not load completely

vaxter87 2011.02.18
the game was a bit short. but i like it overall

prezes47 2011.02.17
Very nice game. Graphics as always great, and story is good.

theinquisitor 2011.02.17
Something I had always wanted from the original Jordan 500. Great job!

renat 2011.02.17
very short but it a nice game

renat 2011.02.17
Excelent game vinth awesome graphics.

renat 2011.02.17
Another top game keep it up.

tototiti 2011.02.17
gamplay is very esay and the story is well made

playforceone31 2011.02.17
just wondering.. is it possible to have less points than the other girl?

r_jay 2011.02.16
Fun game. Graphics good and some strategy involved to score high.

kahrahzay 2011.02.16
Great game, loved graphics. And the different endings are fantastic. I think it could use more animation though.

biofrank 2011.02.16
nice game and beuty girl

karthik 2011.02.15
really awesome and sexy...jordan makes me horny..

x0203046 2011.02.15
really beautiful game
Even do is a really short game with all the different choices it make it really interested

mosozoso 2011.02.15
abit too short but i did like the idea, again the minigames areabit repetetive

alecs00 2011.02.15
very short but is a nice game

Shea88 2011.02.15
i really love this game and this graphic

aggio64 2011.02.15
really beautiful game, the girl is very nice

mike27sant 2011.02.15
jordan is a very sexy game

stelth90 2011.02.15
Instead of making a story off Tori 500 Should of made a part 2 to the game

maddog20111 2011.02.14
awesome game but i wish it was longer

ctommy 2011.02.14
-Very nice. Being able to vary the positions helps. The timing on the clock is a little slow, but the idea is good.

Lucyluis1 2011.02.14
woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i like it.....!!!

Benninator69 2011.02.13
i love how this game has so many different endings

carljustice 2011.02.13
very enjoyable. good animations.

chainxxx 2011.02.13
as usual great game. graphics was nice although a little too short.

mutualfun 2011.02.12
interesting, the idea almost the same with the "Lesson of Passion" only this time u control the girl instead

rasputin_ky 2011.02.12
Wow, pretty hot game. I wish the cut scenes in Jordan500 HCC were this hot

Tails21x 2011.02.12
this is a very nice game but i think its a little too short i wish it gives more modes for example short game 100 days long game 200 days and sand box unlimited days that would be nice but i love the game

MRoDRISCOLL 2011.02.12
Its a good looking game but the animation seem kinda off...but im sure itll get better :)

dunckjosh 2011.02.12
kinda short and i wish the ending was better, but still a fun game

Dastardly 2011.02.11
I would enjoy the Lessons of Passion games better if the English was better.

Rob10 2011.02.11
great graphics. looks best when shes being done from behind.

Mixmax 2011.02.11
Great animations, it is a bit short though

sublimedjack 2011.02.11
love this game great addition to the series

sexy8620 2011.02.11
Great game, hot girl, but too short. I wish I had a sexperience like this. It turned me on! Can`t wait for another like this.

m4lv1n 2011.02.10
good game good graphics but too short

humptypkt 2011.02.10
Great game, good graphics

renat 2011.02.10
liche this game. good good game.

renat 2011.02.10
muito bom jogo esperando por mais...

renat 2011.02.10
this is ome of mi favorite game

renat 2011.02.10

nazere 2011.02.10
Its a good looking game but the animation seem kinda off...but im sure itll get better :)

xtatic 2011.02.10
cannot load the game... is the website overloaded ?

ventitre 2011.02.10
WHOA now is very fast and better great job

Sledgehummer 2011.02.10
This is one of my favorite game.

dramafree 2011.02.09
this was so muc fun and it was kinky

WallyWerewolf 2011.02.09
I like this game because you can`t lose. That`s all I need in a porn game.

gabyac18 2011.02.09
Nice game. I`m waiting for the next one. Keep it Up!

akoto 2011.02.09
It was hot but clicking the mouse again and again is a bit tiring.. hahaha..

tintin1989 2011.02.09
great game, just abit slow.

bace32 2011.02.08
Good game. Wish it was longer and had a few more choices

Anomander 2011.02.08
good game, wish it could be a bit longer though

jerkstore211 2011.02.08
I didn`t think Jordan`s friend was an escort too. Just though she had to pay off the mafia boss with sex.

thelumpa 2011.02.08
very nice game, i like the girls in this one

forousuario 2011.02.08
great sequel!!! Very attractive e so sexy.

thomloch 2011.02.08
100% a hot game made me want to fuck

sosfa 2011.02.07
so cool! I like this game

gemini_kid 2011.02.07
amazing graphics i`ll want to play again

zippotech 2011.02.07
I enjoyed it alot realist lol

achubbykid 2011.02.07
great great graphics and gameplay

scrip 2011.02.07
i really enjoy playing this game

DarkDansta 2011.02.07
Very entertaining game! wish there were sounds though

sxiren 2011.02.07
That was so cool, I just want to thoroughly dry her.

Salander 2011.02.07
great game, the sex scenes are a bit sluggish though

oath319 2011.02.07
good game, great graphics keep em comin

4nik8 2011.02.06
Ok game not great by any means. The sex scenes could have been a lot better.

ddkmail 2011.02.06
great challenge. love the gilrls in this series.

frits1977 2011.02.06
Very, very good game with beautiful girl! I like this game!!!

3vil 2011.02.06
amazing game cant wait till the next one

Hehehe3467 2011.02.06
I like how you can make the choices from the girls point ov view.

atldc9 2011.02.06
Really like the graphics, it`s nice wish it was longer with more options.

Kopeleto 2011.02.06
Really a good game ! I can`t wait for the next storie ! If there will be another one !?

wassa 2011.02.06
one of the better jordan 500 games, really worth playing it!!

jackman2011 2011.02.06
Its a funny game. Please more animation.

gradandrei2006 2011.02.06
I think it is the best part of jorden collection.

bulbo123 2011.02.05
the quality of the graphics was amazing, probably more animation in the game may look it more natural

Mando66 2011.02.05
ha, it is funny how realistic this game is compared to today`s news. Great game!

who90 2011.02.05
I have to say really like this game though some of the action seem to take really long.

es 2011.02.05
Really nice game, very sexy

sassynaughty 2011.02.05
very nice.,where could i get more of this ?

az89 2011.02.05
don`t like it. the action seem freeze and it make the game became too long and bored

rtyhd 2011.02.05
very nice picture and beautiful lady

yankees267 2011.02.05
over a 100 $ for doing it once?!

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very, very good game with beautiful girl! I like this game!!!

ixxer 2011.02.04
Really good game. Perhaps a bit short, but awesome graphics.

akcool007 2011.02.04
Fun game as always just seemed like it loaded a little slowly between choices

darkwind8 2011.02.04
Good game. It loaded the choices a bit slow. But the story was very good.

YuriAkamura 2011.02.04
Enjoyed it !
Maybe more options / choices considering the partner would have been nice

hunted 2011.02.04
This girl is so hot but the game is too short, too slow, not challenging

dante29 2011.02.04
very nice game.but very long story

nirt2020 2011.02.04
its a realy good game and it is worthy of the efort

Squirrel918 2011.02.04
Fun game as always just seemed like it loaded a little slowly between choices

noodlemeister 2011.02.03
Definatly a sexy game. Good animations and everything

Cyanide 2011.02.03
Jordan`s definitely hot...

warburton19 2011.02.03
amazing game cant wait till the next one

Dukan 2011.02.03
It is an interesting game when you read Jordan 500 and it gets better.

jenjen7272 2011.02.03
best game of the year i swear and the graphic look so real

capetti 2011.02.03
Nice, nice. But it is the same complaint: great graphics but what about animation. Would have like to see a few more choice options though.

foskett 2011.02.03
not bad i prefer the full 500 game though compared to this

gradandrei2006 2011.02.02
The idea is actually not that bad. But it feels it is more about the dick than the cute girl.

GoGetter 2011.02.02
it got me so wet you have to play it

GoGetter 2011.02.02
I love this game you have to play it

nickr209 2011.02.02
great got me horny nd das what matters

Shax 2011.02.02
Awesome game, with hot graphics and decent animation. A definite +10

u2man69 2011.02.02
Good, but kind of short and the sex scenes take too long.

islandchick268 2011.02.02
i love the grapics gameplay could be a bit longer overall pretty good

sincere 2011.02.02
This game is great! The graphics are excellent and its an interesting story line. I like how at the end I get to dress up the other girl as a school girl, kinky.

wankingbastard 2011.02.02
Like te fact that you got to play as a girl and got to seduce the a guy. A plus that it was not so hard too. I prefere it when the games are easy.

mediclang 2011.02.02
The story was too short, and the interaction wasn`t all that fgreat. I liked the first J500 mroe.

Apac20 2011.02.02
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.....and yes she is hot and sexy as hell

veir25 2011.02.02
Very good game. I hope they keep coming out with games like this.

redcobra 2011.02.02
This ones pretty good. I like how your choices affect the exact amount of money you get. Pretty good reward too. Excellent graaphics as always

Runic 2011.02.02
During the first sex scene after you change position, putting the click here button in front of the girl is probably not a great idea, outside of that good game.

fkf,fq 2011.02.02
Any short game and variants of development of a plot isn`t enough

Boykoff 2011.02.01

That is realy cool game!!! Not very simple or diffeclt, many endings...

And wery hot

Ahmad1577 2011.02.01
Good graphic,animation and the gameplay

Ollie 2011.02.01
Good game, graphics are great. Should be a little quicker on the clicking for the sex, takes ages if you are replaying in order to see different "punishment" endings

baba1689 2011.02.01
is this game suppose to be played by girls?why are we contolling her actions instead of the guys?it spoilt the fun for me :(

Darco666 2011.02.01
not as good as i expected to be hoest

khelanos 2011.02.01
very nice graphics and a realy nice girl

charan83 2011.02.01
like the game, nice graphics. the klicking should be a bit faster though.

albert_over 2011.02.01
ohhh...i love jordan 500 games~the graphic is so nice

henman 2011.02.01
...a cool sequel of the tories 500 games...much pleasure...

bigjohn503 2011.02.01
this would have been a great game if not for the slow clicks

kilowun 2011.01.31
the clicking of the sex scenes could be improved

staggerlee 2011.01.31
Fantastic game - great graphics; animations could be better...

Eyrie 2011.01.31
Awesome job, great graphics.

lovelykiddy 2011.01.31
Good game :) the "Click Here" buttons were just too slow and made the sex scenes kinda boring for me though.. I`m glad they`re making more games for Jordan 500.. Hopefully, all of these will be implemented into the full game and make it even better

Towy 2011.01.31
love these games, am looking forward to the next one

Lesbian555 2011.01.31
Good game i really like it

Witchblade 2011.01.31
Very good game ! I like it

dannydanny 2011.01.31
magnificent game! great story and animation

devil989 2011.01.30

Very Nice Game, Very Hot But Doing Sex not that Exciting...

lovethelesbian 2011.01.30
wish it was longer but good game overall

triplex 2011.01.30
Great graphics but needs better conversations and options. Foursome with the other two would be fun.

elchico12 2011.01.30
not very good, original is much better, this one was dont too quickly

gojoblo 2011.01.30
it should have some interaction between the two girls!

idk12321 2011.01.30
I liked the graphics except i thought the animation needs improvement

Endziuxxx 2011.01.30
Rather good, but something is missing. Maybe add this mini game into actual jordan 500 instead of making it a separate game, i think it would be more appropriate. The animation, dialogue, and game-play is good and somewhat unique, but it just doesn`t do as much on at it`s own as it could do being in the original "jordan 500".. standing on it`s own it`s just another mediocre game..
ps. please consider making tori 500 for free, because i`m dieing to play, but can`t due the fact that it`s impossible to pay from my country

Sovereign 2011.01.30
very fun game i had just played jordan 500 hcc when i found this, the animation is good and the graphics are sexy good game

butterfly girl 2011.01.30
bit slow but good . The ending could of been better

richb_3 2011.01.30
good game a few nice pairs of tits sex scenes so-so but over all not bad

aqib286 2011.01.30
nice game but it could be improved

iggi3132 2011.01.30
realy nice preview to the main game

rayloren1948 2011.01.30
I like it good rewards and lots of options in the game. Some animations from other games seemed better but still good over all.

AD8 2011.01.30
good game bit annoying having to redo the game to earn another pic the gap should unlock gallery styles

recovery 2011.01.30
the girl is hott but the sex scenes need improvements , hope for more jordan 500 series

lips 2011.01.29
the sex scenes seem like they need more movement.

lips 2011.01.29
i love the games where your in the girl`s head.

mickeal 2011.01.29
good game shame they cant upgrade other version

gothalo 2011.01.29
nice game, jordan is so hot! a bit short game

clador 2011.01.29
the girl is hot, the game is nice, great job overall

dirtygamer83 2011.01.29
good game, too short, needs more options

secblaze 2011.01.28
nice game, nothing compared to the great jordan 500

J Creezy 2011.01.28
It was kinda nice to see a side story to Jordan 500. As previously stated, the animation is quite choppy. I`d like to see a crossover perhaps with Tori or any other character assuming they`re all in the same universe.

billside 2011.01.28
Great game could be a little longer though

frostee 2011.01.28
nice graphics
very nice game
could have made the sex scenes slightly longer though

shadeaod 2011.01.28
it was okay. very limited. jordan looks gorgeous as always. and always love the centrefold shots. but the game itself was farely dull. much like the client i suppose

redviking 2011.01.28
good game good graphics but too short

raunak96 2011.01.28
oooo... horny game.. i got all d endings!

ilikeappes 2011.01.27
Great graphics! However, the interactive scenes move too slowly (ex: "click here"s). For that reason, I lost interest in the story...

dabomb 2011.01.27
Jordan is soooo sexy! wish there were a bit more animations

hersh2450 2011.01.27
Good game, both girls were amazing. Love LoP games they are the best

fuckbot 2011.01.27
this site is the greatest on the net!!!!! god himself made it!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kuppz90 2011.01.27
What an amazing game! :) Loving it

nathanblake 2011.01.27
jordan is easiely the hottest character on this whole site love this game need more!

Christine 2011.01.27
I love this game so much.
And Jordan is so hot I wish she was my lesbian partner.

castilho 2011.01.27
Very nice hot chick............

tanis798 2011.01.27
hot graphics but i thought gameplay needed a little more variety

Lord_of_Chaos109 2011.01.27
The graphics in this game are so good, Jordan is really hot

1NT0X 2011.01.27
very nice quality, not too hard, bit short and would be much nicer if the motions were more fluent

Zakume 2011.01.27
Nice, could be a bit longer and bet animation though.

storm 2011.01.27
good, good game
nice to play

giannispaokara 2011.01.27
very good game! fantastic graphics but a little slow

JonTheSuperman 2011.01.26
Jordan could seduce a dead guy back to life.

richardlt 2011.01.26
good game with great graphics

Ray_man 2011.01.26
Good game, Jordan is a nice girl. Only the game is to short.

Morpheus 2011.01.26
good game but very short indeed.

hash19 2011.01.26
another VERY nice LOP game. As ever, nice graphics and nice girls. But the gameplay is a little bit slow, and the animations could be more fluent. But: Good Job!

MolemanTux 2011.01.26
As expected, a good game...
A little short to my taste...

xronik 2011.01.26
I expected ???????????????? from this game!!!

yy2 2011.01.26
Thanks for fixing the deepthroat glitch.

Hotfly 2011.01.26
wonderful game but i would like to see more visible fuck and more of her pussy

Goshkata 2011.01.26
i like the gameplay and the graphic and the girl too.

asheme 2011.01.25
I expected a little more about the game. Graphics are cool, Jordan is hot, but animation its a little slow in sex scenes. In general, was a good game, small, but good

mike3661 2011.01.25
i wish there was more to do during the sex scenes otherwise i found it kind of boring

eros00 2011.01.25
nice simple game with very nice graphics

davidex69 2011.01.25
i like this game..very nice...=)=)

djjerks 2011.01.25
Great graphics, sexy girl, could be longer with less button pressing

trencin 2011.01.25
short but nice game, good graphic, all nice :-)

Pornoholic 2011.01.25
Sexy =) shame though, I wish it was longer.

gimmino77 2011.01.25
the game is very good. the animation is very nice and realistic, and a interesting storyline

horsti12345 2011.01.25
nice graphics again; just want mor costumers or opportunities in storygame

krb42 2011.01.25
good simple sex scenes, nice use of options to change pressure

fmeyen 2011.01.25
Nice graphics in a boring game. I don`t like slow and full of "click" games. Sorry!

gradandrei2006 2011.01.25
Nice game has a few bugs hope

hayden1 2011.01.25
Sound effects would have been a nice added feature.

bardad 2011.01.24
A little on the short side, but the choices were fun, if a little obvious.

notyet1234 2011.01.24
this is interesting i like the outfit

captamer42 2011.01.24
Sound effects would have been a nice added feature.

rmlong1974 2011.01.24
Good graphics, like the ability to choose options. ending not quite what i expected overall good game though

simbag 2011.01.24
The movements are a lot slower and expressions are not correct in the scenes...

z-master 2011.01.24
gameplay is a little bit slow - but the game is fun

looner 2011.01.24
the reactions r slow, and this Jordan does not look like the Original Jordan.

navnuc 2011.01.24
nice to have choices will try different ones next time

razerus 2011.01.24
I`ve always enjoyed the Jordan 500 series...but this one seems a bit short. Graphics are wonderful, but the control is a bit slow. To end a certain action sequence actually becomes a chore. Hope more storyline will come out of this series.

themoda 2011.01.24
very good game! fantastic graphics but a litlembit slow

WARDOG77 2011.01.24
Could use some better controls and it seems like the older games were longer and had more plot

Cios 2011.01.24
Great game, albeit taking a bit long to load at times.

mjohn 2011.01.24
Awesome game, really interesting!!

maximini 2011.01.24
Very good but not easy!!!!!!!!

Madelene 2011.01.24
I agree about the click buttons to be really slow, but when playing it the first time, and second time, that is all OK with me. Gives me time to actually enjoy the scene. See the details and the actual parts of the game - not only the meter and the click button. I love these types of games and I really look forward to seeing and playing more of these in the future. Thank you for sharing this game with us. :-)

MegaMasterBlaster 2011.01.24
It was a good game but to sadly it was to short

seratu 2011.01.24
Nice game. I also like the punishment idea for the other chick

capetti 2011.01.24
Really cool. Nice graphics as usual, but the animation is a bit of a pity. I like the premise of the story, but I wonder if Jordan can loose... What would be her punishment?

Bombastic 2011.01.24
Nice game, but needs sound during gameplay. Nice simple controls.

p-toons 2011.01.24
great optic. more please.

Towy 2011.01.24
Not bad at all, love the pics at the end, lest hope there are more of these

tky3k 2011.01.24
good graphics, nice story, bit on the short and easy side

Wilyam 2011.01.23
I like it... could use a little more but not much

brandamhong 2011.01.23
Another new great game.Good!

lieannj 2011.01.23
good graphics , good game, nice characters...

wishwash 2011.01.23
Good graphics but would be better with sound

wayne762005 2011.01.23
great game...challenge and storyline were good graphic and details awesome..keep up the good work

nickthedck 2011.01.23
Hmm, normally in adult sex games the girl has sex with a very buff and manly man, not more of a shy insecure guy. But hey makes it more realistic and I have no complaints:)

123sasasa 2011.01.23
this new a-b system is nice

razorkitten 2011.01.23
nice game but i`m more of the hard fast monster men

aragorn90 2011.01.23
nice attachmant to jordan 500. Remembers me to play jordan500 once again.

lughbelenos 2011.01.23
good quality but a little slow, story line to short.

cicciociccio 2011.01.23
Interesting, good graphic, the animation should be more detailed.

dajasand 2011.01.23
interesting plot great game play great graphics i really enjoy these types of games

kongking 2011.01.23
Nice graphics, a bit slow gameplay

Luthorcrow 2011.01.23
I really didn`t like this game. Their games have become less interactive as each new one comes out. The story is boring and the worst part is there really aren`t any interesting divergent paths or endings to there is no repalyablity.

Overall this one was boring.

jackman2011 2011.01.23
nice game. Girls are hot.

The_Guy 2011.01.23
i was kind of disappointed considering how much i liked jordan 500. the animation was really choppy and the sex wasn`t all that great

i did like the dialogue, though

BDC 2011.01.23
Good graphics, could have done with some sound, but otherwise a good game

gulldench 2011.01.23
game is jumpy and slow but fun al least

dzix 2011.01.23
the animation used to be better

milakk 2011.01.23
Nice graphics great game overall

nalasttop 2011.01.23
decent scenes but not really much of a game, limited choices to make and a bit short i think.

kasun1987 2011.01.23
it was a great game... enjoyed it very much

13commander 2011.01.23
good animations and nice music

lowback 2011.01.23
great game, but seems little too laggy to me

robert_tm 2011.01.23
Good Graphic, good Story, hot Girls .... all is Great and i like it

snoopy666 2011.01.23
very nice game, looking forward to the next part

abashantix 2011.01.23
this girl is hot but slow

branknock 2011.01.23
Good graphic`s. Click too slow, not a bad story line, can not wait for more.

kdogg 2011.01.23
gameplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great.

spirek 2011.01.23
The game is preety OK, i liked playing it.

bronzecin69 2011.01.23
Not bad game true shy guy responses

nightbliss 2011.01.23
Interesting idea. Could use more variation as well as fluid animation to go with the awesome graphics.

mattbro 2011.01.23
I liked the ability to choose a punishment! thats hot!

clouseau 2011.01.23
Great game! There are really a lot of directions. Jordan`s choices have real impact. The punishments/rewards in the end are a bit meh.

alucard12 2011.01.22
it iS a wicked game that is hot and sexy makes my head turn

Alex24 2011.01.22
pretty nice game ,to be continued

Fireball9084 2011.01.22
This is the best game ever and it has nice animation.

Ranma 2011.01.22
The animation still needs work, but it is a short little game. About what I expect out of LOP.

randy06 2011.01.22
yes another great game and well done but more action and like to have a comp betweeen both girls like u do both and see who gets the best score

bichemha 2011.01.22
good game but id like more stuff to do

xRedEnyo 2011.01.22
Was a good game enjoyed it good expansion of Jordan 500 need to make more of them with more rewards other than pictures. But overall a good game

apostolis_kt 2011.01.22
Graphics are great, but only only one click interaction is a bit boring.

bootypirate72 2011.01.22
Awesome new game. Good graphics, cant wait for more.

kpyrinikos 2011.01.22
Good Graphic, good Story, hot Girls, the click is very slow ad the moves too

Zonkko01 2011.01.22
Good Graphic, good Story, hot Girls .... all is Great and i like it!!!

long55 2011.01.22
awesome game the girl was HOT, nice

gomnek 2011.01.22
good graphics but to simple

Towy 2011.01.22
a nice easy game with good results, enjoyed the pics at the end

tom90 2011.01.22
it is very good but it is really too short and too easy to get all the options.

DIm0nIKyS 2011.01.22
Awesome game But it`s too short

tmfd 2011.01.22
Awesome, what an amazing game..

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